The Blueprint for Strong Women to Create their Own Sissy!

This is a Follow Up from Ms. Marge Paige’s April 5, 2021 Posting on this Blog! For those that have not read her first Posting, here is the Link:

The Posting for today is actually coming from one of our Members from the Forum. Ms. Margo (Madam) Paige. Female Supremacist and Strong Advocate for male Feminization! This is so Wonderful to have a Strong Woman put a Blueprint together in order o help other Women Take Control of their Life, and put their men in their proper Feminine Place! As Female Empowerment grows, and male embrace their new status in The New Age Lifestyle, life for everyone will be much Better!

From Madam Paige’s Pinterest Page:

Madam Paige – Female Supremacist and Successful Business Woman

As a firm believer in female superiority, I find extreme pleasure emasculating cute boys into delightful, obedient, fashionably & femininely dressed sissies.

Here is the brief Message Ms. Paige wrote to me when she sent the File:

I must say, as a firm believer in the New Age Lifestyle, I got quite carried away with this project knowing the importance of emasculation for our cause.
Hope you enjoy the lessons, Hope that many women will employ them.
All my best,
Ms. Margo Paige

The Use of Fashion for Emasculation

By Margo Paige

Several months ago Patti interviewed me about my views on female superiority and the need for expanded emasculation of males for the New Age Lifestyle. I’ve gotten many positive responses from both females and the lesser sex on my beliefs. So now, to encourage more women to exert their control over the males in their lives, and speed up the takeover of the New Age Lifestyle, I have put together a guide on emasculation through fashion.

Eventually emasculating femininity development will begin from birth for all males with their mothers in control of their dressing and activities. But for now, for young males in their late teens and early 20s who haven’t quite experienced true sissification, emasculation will most likely need to come from strong women looking for males to turn into their girlfriends and potentially their sissy wives.

So if you’re this strong New Age Lifestyle woman on the prowl, imagine you find yourself attracted to a cute boy in his early 20s. You begin taking him out on dates, and because he’s so enamored with a mature lady of your stature, he can’t say no to any of your requests. So you exert your Lady-in-Control (LIC) power. The power to turn this cute boy into your loving and obedient sissy by taking the following steps:

Step 1 – PJ’s
Step 2 – Panties
Step 3 – Make him hairless
Step 4 – Unisex Clothes
Step 5 – Carrying his purse
Step 6 – Becoming a House boy
Step 7 – Putting him into Girly shorts to show off his shaved legs
End of Stage One!
Step 8 – Give him a Spa Day!
Step 9 – Get him his first bra!
Step 10 – Keep him “Gurly”!
Step 11 – Enroll him in Ballet!
Step 12 – Make him Colorful!
Step 13 – Keep him Sissy Sweet!
Step 14 – Put him in High Heels!
Step 15 – Fancier shorts for your Sissy1
Step 16 – Fancy Pants for Sissy!
Step 17 – Working as a Sissy!
Step 18 – The Casual Sissy!
Step 19 – Punishing your Sissy!
Step 20 – Realizing his new Role as a Sissy in a Female Led World!
Step 21 – Time to put your Sissy into a skirt & tights!
Step 22 – Treating your Sissy to a “Fun Day”!
Step 23 – Dressing your Sissy for Colder weather!
Step 24 – Properly Serving your Superior Woman!
Step 25 – Increasing his Heel Height Again!
Step 26 – Keeping him Ultra Feminine!
Step 27 – Making him your Sissy ‘wife”!
Step 28 – Make him Ultra Feminine and Vulnerable to have your “Way” with him!
Step 29 – Make him extra “elegant” and Feminine to Show Off tom your Friends!
Step 30 – Make him the Ultra Effeminate male (Sissy)!
Step 31 – He is now becoming a “Natural” Sissy!
Step 32 – Bringing your Pretty Sissy some flowers! All Sissies like flowers!
Step 33 – Acceptance of being a New Age man (Sissy) in The Female Led World!
Female POWER is Growing!

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society! Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 376 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

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Where Will 2022 Take us? Female Control is the Future! What About the males?

As we are now in the year 2022, the Question is “Where are we heading? the Posts on this Blog in 2021 were Quite “Eye Opening”! The series that we started in June of “When the Female Conquers the male” has demonstrated just how Assertive Women can be! We witnessed in these Posts how a shy, and prissy Girl ended up Taking Control of her Life and Transforming herself into an Ultra Successful Woman! Kirsty has become the “Perfect” Example of what a Determined Woman can do. From a shy, submissive young Girl who married a Strong athletic man, she has now Advanced so far in her Company as a Middle manager and has men working for her! In the meantime, her “Prince Charming”, Ray has gone from a macho Rugby Player who had such “Pride in his manliness” to a Full Time Sissy that now works at a Beauty salon! Ray who now goes by the name Sissy Rachel is not allowed to wear Trousers, which he and his Friends had always said the They (the men) should always were the Trousers and the Women should be “eye candy”. In Fact, when they were out at the pubs, they would “Rate” the Women based on their “eye candy” level. Well, look who is now the “eye candy”! This is TRUE Female Power! In 2022 we will see more and more of Women taking Control and putting men and boys in their Proper Place, as Feminine “helpers” to the Strong Females! The World is Changing, and the future will be Female Led!

Once the Woman makes the Decision, the male clothing Needs to go away!

The following is an exchange of Emails with a Strong Woman from around 7 years ago. This is what we are seeing more and more of today! Women that have taken the initiative in Feminizing their males are living Happy lives, and the men and boys that they have Feminized now Love their New Lifestyle!

     I saw your posting on the Voy Forum about Petticoat Discipline, and I was wondering if you would be interested in corresponding?   I am a Huge Advocate of Male Feminization and the Empowerment of Women and Girls, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the subject.

Hello Patti, 

Well, a little about myself first.   I am 43 and the div mom of one son. 16, that is more a daughter now.  Prior to my son, I had no experience with feminizing males, but quickly realized that I loved seeing my son become more feminine, regardless of his wishes. I have recently found a bf that I intend to have in skirts.  He is 26 and already somewhat effeminate in looks, but all man in bed, lol.  So far I have him shaved, in panties 24/7 and sleeping in nighties. My thoughts are to take it slow, but never a step back.  I think my ultimate goal is to have a very feminine, live at home housewife. Any suggestions? 


Hi Cheryl!
   Thank you so much for responding…You sound AWESOME!!!
    As I had stated, I am a Huge advocate of Male Feminization and the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  I think Society would be much better off if Males were Totally Feminized and kept in Skirts and dresses, while also encouraging them to be “Soft & Gentle”…NOT Developing muscle, but actually being Weaker than their Female spouses or Mates.  My thought is that if Males were kept in this state, and Lose the “Macho” Bullshit, Women would be much better off, and in all actuality, Men and Boys would be much better off as well, being Feminine and Sweet.
    I have been fortunate enough to correspond with some very Strong Feminist Women that subscribe to my beliefs, and also some men that are now living as Wives to their Female spouses.  I APPLAUD you with what you are doing with your boyfriend…hopefully it won’t be long until he is walked down the aisle in his Ultra Feminine Bridal Gown and Promises to Love, Honor and OBEY you!!!  It seems that the “New Age” Independent Woman’s “Status Symbol” is quickly becoming a Feminized Male at her side….FANTASTIC!!!
    At what age did you start Feminizing your son?  Does he go to school as a “Gurl”, or does he present as a feminine Boy at school.   What do you think of having him date some “Tomboyish” Girls that would be insistent that they Wear the Pants while he is Skirted?
     As for your boyfriend…keep on Track with what you are doing.  Do you have him painting his nails and wearing makeup yet?   Are his ears pierced?  Is he ready for Feminine Slacks and Tops, or are you going to push him right into Skirts and dresses?    I would think at this point, either pantyhose or tights are a Must, as well as a camisole. With Males, Nylons are very Important because it Forces them to have to be Dainty….LOL!!!!
     Would love to hear more.  Are you in the Position to be the Breadwinner in the Family that he can be a True Submissive Housewife?   With your son, have you thought about enrolling him into Ballet?
     Sorry that I have so many Questions…Feminizing Males is an Obsession for me!!!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Patti, 

You do sound enthusiastic ! I first put my son in panties when he was 12.  Nighties quickly followed.  He dressed completely for the first time on “his” 14th birthday.  Every present was for Alison, none for Alex. I was concerned that as he entered puberty that he would develop more as a male.  I used small doses of female hormones to limit that, without emasculating him sexually.  To stop muscular development, I got him excused from PE at school and entered him in a girls aerobics class twice a week in the evenings.  I have restricted him doing anything that would develop much muscle.  I do all the lifting at home and am much stronger than he is. He was having a lot of trouble at school so we moved and I started home schooling last summer.  It;s been only skirts and dresses for him since, not even girls jeans or shorts.  As for dating, you hit exactly what I want, a strong girl that will encourage, even demand, his femininity. I’ve rattled on enough for now.  I’ll tell you about Pat next time. 

Kisses, Cheryl

Hi Patti, 

I hadn’t thought of the benefits of girls sporting events, but it is certainly something I would like to do.  I like the idea of Alison meeting a stronger and dominate girl .  She is pretty smart for a male, but I doubt she’ll ever be able to compete in a woman’s world. As for Pat, soon to be Patricia, yes I am stronger than he is now.  Although I am not muscle bound I do some strength training and stay fit.  I always beat him in tennis and have to be careful not to make it too humiliating. I like some of your views and do see males becoming more feminine as their status changes.  I think those changes are already well underway as females are already better educated and show better management skills.  The old glass ceiling has some pretty big cracks in it already.  While I still prefer skirts, many of the women that work for me wear nothing but pants.  I’ve joked with them about that.  They replied that they’d like to see some pretty legs at work too, just not theirs. 

More later 


Hi Cheryl!

     Just had to send you this Video….with you being a Mother, this is a Boy wearing his New Dress that his mother bought him!!!!   FANTASTIC!!
     I Hope that Alison is just as Pretty as Brittany!


NOTE” The Video I sent her is no longer available, but it was of Brittany Smith, his photo is in the Place of the Video!

Hi Patti, 

Yes, Britney is a lovely girl and should certainly be in dresses ! Alison is younger, so even cuter.  I love keeping him in dresses as well.

Oh My God….He…He is adorable!!!   You have done a Wonderful Job with him…he will make such a Lovely Male Wife to some Strong Woman!!!

I Wish you the same success with Pat!!!!


Thanks Patti.

 I have almost literally had to fight a few guys off when we go out.  That really scares him, but it is kind of fun..  Though pleasing a real man may be part of being a sissy, I want him as a mommies gurl for now.  Also, he needs to become a wife to a Strong Feminist Woman! As for Pat. I know he’ll never be as pretty as Alison, we started to0 late.   But I know that I can make him an ideal wife for me. 


Women have been Feminizing men and boys for many years. It has always been a thing done on the “QT”. Today, it is becoming more “Open”, and the Goal of The New Age Lifestyle is to make it commonplace!

Here is another Email I received back in February of 2013. It is interesting to see how the “back & forth” go, and the Great Progress that has been made since then, which was nine years ago! As Women Demand males be Feminine, the Growth in Role Reversed relationships increase! NOTE that this was in reference to my Old Blog that was Deleted!

Hi there,
We haven’t been introduced. I’m Marie. I sometimes look into your blog Male Femininity and Gender Role Reversal and I was particularly interested in the following item:
“The following is a story posted back in 2003 from a Friend of mine that I have lost contact with.  He is a Very Nice Feminine Man, and the last time I had contact with him, he was Married to a Masculine Woman, whom he took her name.  he is a Housewife to her, and is always dressed in either a Skirt or a Dress!   YES…Role Reversal is happening!!!”
You also describe him elsewhere in your blog. I don’t know how to evaluate a lot of the stories on your blog, a lot of them seem like crazy fantasy, sorry for saying so. But the material associated with this man somehow rings kind of true. What strikes me is how similar his story is to mine. 
I am in a completely role reversed relationship with my wife. She is a strong, tough, hard-driving businesswoman with very short hair. For work she wears basically men’s clothes except no tie. She never wears makeup or jewelry and always wears flat men’s shoes. She has always been like this ever since a young age when she was an extreme tomboy. I am the total opposite. I am a bit smaller than she is, and have always had a shy and gentle and nurturing type of personality and always have been drawn to feminine activities and interests. I started crossdressing as a teenager and going to drag clubs as soon as I was old enough. That’s where I met my wife, who enjoyed interacting with all the feminine men. She asked me to dance one evening, and then took me for coffee and dessert. Since that first moment she courted me very aggressively. I was used to being chased by male admirers but this was something new and very exciting.
We dated for some months. She always wore men’s clothes, and I always wore a dress. She always picked me up, opened doors for me, paid the check, etc. At the time I still worked in male form, but I always wore a dress and makeup when I saw her. When she asked me to marry her she bought a ring and got down on one knee to propose. After we got engaged I quit my job and threw out all my male and unisex clothes. We had a small wedding where I wore a traditional white wedding dress and she wore men’s clothes. Like the other man you talked about in your blog, I changed my last name to hers and now I am a full time housewife. Like the other man you talked about in your blog, I too always wear a dress, not always dressy or fancy unless I’m going out,  most of the time for daytime a simple print housedress and apron for doing housework. Sometimes I wear a skirt and blouse or top, once in a great while a skirt suit, but most of the time I wear a dress. I never wear pants and don’t even own a pair at the moment. I don’t feel right in pants, I don’t like them, and she doesn’t like me in them. We are very happy together. She is the breadwinner and head of household and we both like it that way. We are not too social and keep mostly to ourselves but we do go out some and generally present to the world as a lesbian couple. Until couples like us become more common, that’s easier for people to process. We are both somewhat religious and go to church every Sunday, to a gay friendly metropolitan community church where there’s no problem with acceptance. I always wear a pretty but modest dress to church and my wife wears a tie.
You said you lost contact with the other man who was in a role reversal relationship. That’s too bad because it sounds like he and I would have a lot to talk about. If you happen to find him again, please let me know.

Hi Marie!

—Hi!—     I am so Happy that you contacted me!  It is a Delight to hear your story!  
—Thanks for responding! This lifestyle is a bit lonely and I don’t get a chance to talk or email many people about it.–
Yes, your story is very similar to Patty’s story.  The last contact I had with Patty, was several years ago, and at that time he was living as a Male Housewife. Cam, his Female Husband does not allow Patty to wear Slacks of any kind.  
—I’m not sure if my “female husband” as you call it would “prohibit me” from wearing slacks, but she probably wouldn’t like it much if I did. I guess the question does not really come up since I don’t own any slacks and never wear them. As I said in my first email, I wear a dress most of the time and a skirt and top the rest of the time.—-
She is a Very Butch Woman, that was once living a Lesbian Lifestyle, that she really did not Like or Feel comfortable in…what she wanted was a Very Feminine Man!  
—My wife was never a lesbian and never went out with women or wanted to. Because of her appearance and clothing and mannerisms, everyone has always assumed she was a lesbian though.—-
once they met, it did not take long for the Sparks to ignite, and she proposed to him rather Quickly!   
—With us it was a few months.—
As with you, Patty wore a Very Feminine Bridal Gown when they got married, and he had a Crossdressing Friend as his Maid of Honor, wearing a Pretty and Feminine Gown!   Cam wore a Tux, and had one of her Female Friends as “Best Woman”, and she also wore a Tux.  
—I would have loved to have had a male bridesmaid and a “best woman” at our wedding but we didn’t. It was discreet and private and only the legally required number of witnesses who were people from the chapel not people we knew.—
The Lifestyle is Completely Role Reversed.  
—That’s us too. She works, I stay home cooking and cleaning. She wears pants, I wear dresses. She likes sports and tools and cars, I like clothes and jewelry and home furnishings. —-
As well as always wearing Dresses and skirts, Cam insists that Patty Always wears nylons as well…this causes Patty some “Issues” while doing hi housework, but he does comply with Cam’s wishes.
—My wife does not insist that I wear nylons but I generally do. If I’m going out, I always have nylons on. Like today we went to church and I put nylons on. I’m still in my dress for church, and I’m still wearing the pantyhose too. If I put pantyhose and a nice dress on in the morning, then chances are I’ll stay in those clothes all day. If I know I’m staying in all day sometimes I’ll be barelegged to do housework but not always. Besides looking prettier, I find pantyhose also give me nice support. I can see why Patty can have “issues” with pantyhose doing housework since pantyhose are easily damaged so I can see where he is coming from.—- .for as Unbelievable as some of this sounds, you need to realize that there is certainly a “Stealth” Program of male Feminization happening.  Even though I do not have permission to share some of these Photos, I have see numerous Before and After Photos of Feminized Men and Boys…It IS happening, and a lot of it is happening through some Feminist Organizations.   
—I’ve never noticed anything like this going on.—
It seems that there is a percentage of people that actually do Live the Gender Reversed culture…as you do.  
–I’ve seen no evidence unless you count the increasing number of househusbands out there but even that is often temporary as in caused by recession. Also crucially those househusbands are not wearing dresses or taking their wives’ names.—
It is indeed growing, but it is a Secretive Culture.  It will become More Mainstream as people realize that Many people do not want to live in their Society Dictated Roles, 
—I guess we can only hope.—
but these people are Truly Heterosexual, and want to stay that way.  A number of them had tried Homosexuality, and were not comfortable in it.
—Well it’s interesting you bring that up. I never really identified as homosexual but I did date men anyway because it was the only way I could be who I was and still be with another person. In our relationship, my wife uses an artificial “part” and in that respect I submit to her and it is Fantastic!    

  If you would like to correspond more, that would be Fine with me…I do correspond with a number of people on this subject.  Believe me, there are a lot more people than you and your wife that are living this Lifestyle!
—I would love to get to know some of them. Please pass my name to Patty if you still have any way to email him.–     So Glad to Meet You!!
–Likewise and thanks for the blog.— Patti

This is Patty and Cam, the Role Reversed Couple that Marie was referring to!

The Changes that we will see will happen ONLY if Women Push the Issue! If Women insist that their males be Feminine, the males Will Comply! Women will Rule the Roost IF they Want to!

We Grew the Forum by 302 Members in 2021!!! There are Over 120 Women that are Members of the Forum! The New Age of Female Control is at our Fingertips! How much Progress will we make in 2022?

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society! Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 370 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

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Last Post of 2021 and a Photo Summary of Progress!

Today’s Posting will mostly be in photos! As they say, a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words! Well with what we have seen in 2021 in the Advancement of Womankind, and the Emasculation of men and boys, one has to wonder just how Quickly Women and Girls will be running everything! We have seen so many men embrace their Femininity, many with the Encouragement of their Mothers and Wives. Women and Girls are accomplishing in numbers that have not been seen before as once “male Only” areas of sports such as American tackle football have seen record numbers of Girls and Women participating, while the numbers for boys is falling off! We are seeing books being published on Amazon by mothers that are advocating for Tights Punishment and Petticoat Discipline for both their sons and husbands! Many Girls no longer wear dresses or skirts while many men and boys are relishing their Femininity, and pushing the limits. The Women and Girls almost seem “smug” in seeing the males give up on what is their one physical trait that has always made them the “Superior” gender, and that is their physical strength! We have seen on the Postings this year on this Blog how a once Strong and athletic man has been reduced to a Totally submissive and Pretty “house Sissy”, at the beck and call of is Superior Wife and her “partner”! This is just the “tip of the iceberg” as we move forward! Womankind is Advancing, and male masculinity is in retreat! The New Age Lifestyle is Growing, and Women and Girls are Taking their Rightful Leadership Roles, and putting men and boys in their New Roles of “house Sissies” and “eye Candy”! The Empowerment of Females is on the Rise, and the males are in retreat! How long will it be until Women are in Full Control?

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society! Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 340 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

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When the Female Conquers the male – Part 7 – Samantha’s Story!

This is now the seventh Posting in this series. We started with the initial Posting about Ray/Rachel, and what Kirsty did to change her life and Ray’s for the better! The Link to that Post is here:

Then we had the Two Part series on Kirsty’s story, and how she went from being a Docile and Submissive Girl, to Wife to now the Strong and Independent Breadwinning Woman that she is today as a Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company! That Link to the Two Postings is here:

After that we had the first part of Katharine’s Story which highlighted her growing up and establishing her own Successful Business. That Link is here:

We then continued with Katharine’s Story of growing her Business, meeting Kirsty and taking over Rachel’s Feminization and changing his Diet! That Link is here:

Then we had the “Ultimate” example of Totally Reversing the Gender Roles in a marriage. That was the Combination Posting of Kirsty and Katharine and the Strength Competition. That Link is here:

This contains an image of: {{ pinTitle }}
This is the Outfit that Samantha assisted Rachel with for his Strength Competition against Kirsty & Katharine!

Today’s Posting is going to Feature Samantha! If you recall in the last posting in this series, Samantha is the Woman that brought Rachel to the gym, after she helped him with his corset and sanitary pad, as well as making him up Ultra Feminine and Pretty to go to the Strength Competition! Samantha is one of Katharine’s Loyal Employees, and is also Rachel’s boss! She has been mentored by Katharine for several years, and now is also being mentored by Kirsty into The New Age Lifestyle, and the Great Benefits for Successful Women in having a Sissy!

Samantha’s Beginnings:

 I’ve always been a girlie girl and have always loved feminine things. I grew up with a pink bedroom, pretty dresses and used to play mummy with my dolls. I was an only child and have always been very close to my mum in particular. My dad was very much a traditional father leaving my up bringing to my mum whilst he worked in a production plant. As I grew up my mum set up her own small business selling cosmetics door to door which she was really good at. Being close to my mum I always tried to copy what she did and think that’s why I did my international beauty therapy diploma. I always felt safe and secure growing up and being an only child I was very much spoiled. My mum was the main decision maker with my dad pretty much happy to follow her ideas. He has always wanted the quiet life leaving my mum’s strength of character to make the decisions. As mentioned I was a girlie girl so growing up I played with dolls and prams and being a homemaker. I went to an all girls school so all my friends were girls. The only contact I had with boys was through my friend’s brothers. When I became a teenager I became much more interested in fashion and loved to go shopping with my friends. I did play sports at school including hockey and soccer. I also liked to horse ride as most young girls did in my day. I was never ultra competitive it was more about me trying to prove to myself I could take part in activities and get better at them by practicing. My mum drummed it into me from a young age you only get out of things what you put into them so I have never been frightened of hard work. I loved wearing pretty dresses and started practicing wearing makeup when I was only 9 years old. My mum’s business always meant there was lots of products to try. Growing up I knew I wanted to get in involved with fashion. I was always interested and good at art so I was pretty certain I would find something I liked to do and would be good at doing it.

Samantha’s Opinion of boys

As mentioned I didn’t have a lot to do with boys growing up and generally found them weird. It was more a social pressure of my girlfriend’s talking about boys and going out with them that persuaded me that I should do it. My first boyfriend was 3 years older than me and I was 16 from memory. I found boys strange and really not attractive. They were stupid, immature, always daring each other to do draft things and to be honest they didn’t smell very nice or take care of their appearance. I had my doubts back then that I would find a man to fit my description of Prince charming for the reasons I have given.  I was never attracted to macho men. They disgusted me to be completely honest.

NOTE: Samantha from an early age as a teenager seems to have not really been attracted to the “macho” man type of male. This is very interesting in the Fact that in her mind, boys were not attractive! One of the Concepts of The New Age Lifestyle is to have men and boys be more “In Tune” with their appearance. In the New Age of Female Control, it is Important that the males look Pretty for Women!

A “macho man” like this was not someone that was attractive in Samantha’s eyes!

How Samantha likes to dress and her Relationship with Stephanie

As a young girl I loved wearing pretty dresses and was always encouraged to do so by my mum. As a teenager it wasn’t always cool to be in a dress so I would wear short skirts and pantyhose with crop tops. At that age, I was also now starting to go to parties and wondered about other things, and this was how Stephanie and I started to relate on a Closer level.

Stephanie and I were school friends from Age 8. She wasn’t my best friend but was the life and sole of a group of friends. She was always funny and incredibly positive and people were naturally drawn to her. When we were 18 she and I went to a party together and knowing it wouldn’t finish until late we decided I would stay over at her parents house which was just down the road from the party. The evening was pretty boring actually and Stephanie and I ended up talking most of the night and after a few drinks she told me she was gay and that boys were of no interest to her. I was fascinated and remember asking her lots of questions about when she had found out and if she had had any girl/girl relationships. So she knew things were different for her when she was only 12/13 and over the past few years had shared some casual relationships mainly with some older women who she met at a local gay bar. So whilst she hadn’t exactly fallen in love she knew it was women who excited her and now she felt experienced enough to start telling others about it.
I think she detected by my questioning I was more than having polite conversation and was actually considering what my own sexuality was. Anyway after we got back from the party we chatted some more with Stephanie’s parents away for the weekend. Finally she asked me if I found her attractive and if so would I consider making out with her there and then. Oh Patti I was very excited but a bit scared but Stephanie made it so easy for me. We had an amazing night and with the experience she had gained she gave me a completely unforgettable time.

In the morning I think we both felt a little strange having been close school friends for over 10 years and suddenly fucking each other in a rampant night of lesbian sex. I think we both realized that it changed our relationship from young school mates to lesbian lovers. So naturally we both cooled off waiting to see how the other one reacted only for me to find out a few weeks later that Stephanie had met a much older woman and had started a full blown relationship. I felt incredibly empty and came to the conclusion that Stephanie was way more experienced than me and wanted a lot more than I could give her. From there we really didn’t see much of each other and I moved on thinking perhaps I just needed more time with boys to find my feet so to speak. So I had a few very forgettable dates before finally stumbling upon Scott. Meanwhile Stephanie had several long term lesbian affairs and it wasn’t until by chance I joined her pilates class that our paths crossed again.

This is Scott

Samantha’s Path Forward

 I was sensible, responsible and grown up. Drink and drugs weren’t my scene. I wanted to do a job that I enjoyed rather than one to make me rich. Once my mum had made a success of her cosmetics business it was quite natural for me to get involved. With my background in art and fashion I had been experimenting with makeup since age 9/10 and had become quite good at creating a variety of looks. So after school I researched meaningful qualifications in beauty and came up with the international beauty therapy diploma which was recognized throughout the world. I loved it with beauty becoming a real passion of mine. I wanted to learn and gain experience from others in the working environment.

 My mum encouraged me to be independent and to think for myself. Because I didn’t have a regular boyfriend or relationship it was easy for me to do. I started full time work when I was 21 after finishing my diploma but I was doing part time work from age 16.

 I met Katharine at my job interview 5 years ago. I was so impressed with her philosophy and attitude and I was thrilled when she offered me a job in her salon. Katharine has been a tremendous influence on me. I have so admired how she conducts herself, runs such a successful business and she is totally committed to our clients. During this time she has shown me how to balance strength with compassion and in particular how to deal with men. She has shown me how to run a successful business and even how to manage my own Sissy! Without doubt there are tremendous opportunities for women to be successful and control their own lives. They can control the relationships they have with men and bring about whatever changes they want to ensure that they make all the important decisions. I have seen the advantages of having a pretty sissy doing all the running around the house allowing women the chance on to concentrate on their careers and relationships.

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Here is Rachel, whom Samantha is In Charge of when at work! (A once macho man)

 I had lacked the self confidence to think that I could manage a business but since meeting Katharine everything has changed! Without doubt my confidence has increased beyond recognition since working for Katharine. My ability to interact with customers and staff is the main difference and this has come from watching how Katharine does it. She has encouraged me to get involved in the business in every way including dealing with suppliers and making sure I am on top of stock control and finance. Of more recent times giving me Sissy Rachel to manage has been a tremendous experience which I have enjoyed so much. It is hard to imagine coming from my background, to see a man embrace his Femininity and be so Docile and Pretty! To be absolutely honest I thought Sissy Rachel was some kind of a wind up but I should have known better after all Katharine doesn’t do wind ups. My first thoughts were how would the salon and it’s customers cope with having a male crossdresser parading around and would it make us a laughing stock but after Katharine showed me Rachel’s photographs I was stunned and so wanted to meet him!

 He looked amazing but I couldn’t get over how subservient he was in front of Kirsty, Katharine and now me. He did whatever he was instructed to do including lovely little curtseys and kept his pretty head bowed in front of us at all times. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself when he first called me Miss Samantha and it was at this point that I realized we could mold Rachel into being a big attraction for the Salon and our female clients. The other girls in the salon were much more cautious of Sissy Rachel. They are all very young girls with different degrees of self confidence and whilst dealing with mainly female clients was one thing dealing with a female impersonator was another. It would be fair to say that they were shocked by both his appearance and manor after all having a 6ft beautifully made up Sissy gracefully walking around in high heels and pantyhose is not a very normal scenario. However I was so proud of the girls for how quickly they accepted him when they realized that he was no threat to anyone and in fact could be such great fun to work with. The fact he called each one of them Miss also gave them the steer that they were in charge of the relationship. Really it was easy for Sissy to fall in line with me in the Salon. As mentioned he was so subservient and looked so good it was easy to manage him. The way he would blush every time we either teased him or got him to do something only females did gave me confidence to deal with him. I also saw the disciplinary angle that Katharine and Kirsty had with him and knew I could fall back on that if ever it was needed.

For the first few days in the Salon I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he went about his job. It was clear he loved being in the salon and wasn’t intimidated by the essence of providing beauty services. He listened carefully to the training we gave him and didn’t hesitate to pitch in and have a go. I still couldn’t believe he did his own makeup and that he had self trained to such a high standard. His knowledge and skills were way above most women’s and he must have spent hours practicing and watching you tube videos. It’s been a very positive move for all of us. Before sissy Rachel joined us Katharine wanted us to dress as femininely as possible and display some of the makeup products we marketed. As all women will know this is quite hard work constantly checking yourself in the mirror and wearing skirts/dresses with heels. With Sissy joining us Katharine has moved to a uniform with two variants one being trousers and an apron which looks very professional but is easy to wear and the other being a short pink/red dress with pantyhose and heels. Katharine gave all of us the choice and naturally we went for the trouser/apron look but Sissy has to wear the dress which he looks gorgeous in. (NOTE: In her salons, Katharine has decided that All male employees Must wear the short pink/red dress with pantyhose and heels, No trousers for her male employees!) All the girls now wear simple makeup e.g. foundation, mascaras, eyeliner and lip balm whilst Rachel is all glammed up with smokey eyes, false lashes and red lipstick and gloss. He has become such the focal point being tall, slim with his corset, flirtatiously dressed with painted nails and over the top make up that he is the true eye candy allowing the rest of us to relax.

Samantha Managing Rachel

I thought there would be some trepidation with the customers however the women embraced him immediately. They wanted to know who the tall glamorous new girl was only to be told he was actually a Sissy who was the former husband of Katharine’s new partner. They were fascinated to know more and it wasn’t long before they all engaged directly with Sissy asking him all sorts of embarrassing questions.

I asked Samantha her thoughts on Rachel having a “period’, and this is what her observation was:

We all had a hard time understanding how a sissy could have a period however when Kirsty and Katharine explained the process to me it made a lot of sense to give him a full feminine experience as well as getting him to lose weight by bloating him with water for a week. The young girls in the Salon thought it was funny but cute as well so we decided to make a feature of it by marking up the Salon calendar which week it was with red stars. It’s lovely that we all know and can remind Rachel to change his tampon and pad during his heavy days.

I asked Samantha if any of the Clients after seeing Rachel were interested in Feminizing their males, and this is her response:

Well it certainly created a lot of interest from customers who have surprisingly wanted to hear about it directly from Rachel before asking Katharine and Kirsty more information. There is one lady who is in her mid thirties who has mentioned her husband likes to wear panties when they are fooling around and is keen to make this a more permanent arrangement and there is a mum in her early 30s who has asked Katharine about petticoat punishment for her unruly son. There is one lady in her 50s who told us her husband likes to crossdress and wants to take advantage of him. I know Katharine and Kirsty have arranged to meet up with her to chat through tactics.

NOTE: With managing Rachel and witnessing how a macho man can be transformed into a Beautiful, Docile and Obedient Sissy, Samantha has decided that she needs a Sissy of her own! Even though she has been dating Scott, she is “bored” with him and now she and Stephanie have indulged themselves in a Loving relationship! Their Goal now is to have a “House Sissy” of their own, similar to Kirsty and Katharine having their “House Sissy” Rachel!!!

What was the “trigger” for you wanting to Feminize Scott into Francesca?

 Well as mentioned Scott was a gentle man whose company I enjoy and whilst it suited me to have a male partner whilst I sorted out my sexuality, now I have found Stephanie I have no interest in having a physical relationship with him at all. However I like having him around and thought it would be nice to see how he responded to some feminization so with the help of some panties, pantyhose and nail varnish we gave it a try. As was the case with Rachel he actually got quite excited and didn’t really complain or try to get himself out of the scenario and so Francesca was born. He did make one last attempt to keep his masculinity but with the help of Katharine and Kirsty we got this sorted out quite quickly. To initiate this, I told him that I was trying to spice our sex life up a bit as I was getting bored with what had become a routine. I teased him into trying panties which he willingly did to please me only to find it made him “erect and leaky”. He was embarrassed and tried to hide it from me but he couldn’t go more than a minute before having an orgasm which was no good for me but clearly showed his body liked the silky clothes and pretty colors of his painted toes. From there I added pantyhose and took a few secret photos to record his progress just in case we had any silliness later. At first he thought it was a sexy game but as I pushed on with replacing all his boy pants with girly panties and then insisting he wore pantyhose he realized that I was making some serious changes to his lifestyle. Up till then it was only an odd mutter but we did reach a showdown when he refused to go any further. I sent him away for a few days to consider if he wanted me in his life anymore or not and gave him my terms. Of course after a few days his hormones clicked in and he wanted sex so returned to say he would cooperate I think he still thought it was a game but that all changed when Stephanie came into my life and we moved Francesca out of my bedroom. With Katharine and Kirsty’s help we got him into chastity and started pushing on with his feminization which became full-time at weekends.

How Samantha is going about creating her own Sissy!

Hi Patti!

I am making great progress with Scott thank you.  Following your advice I have made his sexual advances conditional on his wearing panties the following day. I am slowly disposing of his man shorts and have sat him down to browse the internet looking and deciding on his panty preferences! I was going to order them on line but thought it was better to take him to the shops so he could touch and feel them and make his colour choices. It was great fun Patti but I couldn’t resist getting Scott to take them up to the cashier to pay for them. Needless to say that wiped the smile off his face but the choice he had was for me to buy them and tell the cashier they were for Scott. He was so embarrassed and it was lovely to see the young girl who serve him have a big smile on her face as she took each pair and scanned the label before folding them and putting them into a bag for him.
When we go to bed I now make him wash his privates and put a new pair on. He has to give me a twirl to show me how they fit. Unknown to him I am taking pictures of him thinking they might come in useful as we move forward with his sissy development.
I hope you approve Patti
Samantha x

Turning to Scott, seeing him buy his own panties (with his own money)  was a thrill. I’ve removed all but one pair of his boy shorts just in case he goes to the doctors. He doesn’t pass any comments now about wearing them and seems perfectly happy. I have bought him some pantyhose ready for next weekend but have started revving him up for then by turning off the sex for the week. He  is getting frustrated and wants to keep touching me in bed but I have told him he will have to wait until the weekend. Katharine has suggested I consider chastity at an early stage but will see how excited I can get him on Friday/Saturday.
Shaving him is an interesting idea. He has asked me to do it so there is the perfect opportunity to have a reciprocal arrangement. We could extend this to his legs and underarms as well. We do waxing at the salon so I could easily do it for him in the first place. Interesting idea!!
There is no doubt having Sissy in and around the Salon is a great example to all of us what can be achieved. Seeing Kirsty and Katharine manipulate him is inspirational.
Take care Samantha x

Hi Patti,
Well needless to say Scott was as horny as hell by the weekend having been deprived of any sexual contact all week. On Saturday morning when we were chatting in bed, I asked him if he was serious about wanting me to shave off all my pubic hair. He was very keen for me to do this so I agreed on one condition.
The condition was he should do the same but in order to be completely fair he should also do his legs and underarms just as I was expected to do. He hesitated for the first time as he absorbed my request. I had anticipated his main objection being that it was more difficult for men and he couldn’t reach or see exactly what he was doing. I agreed with him so proposed I would show him how to do it. He was taken aback with my quick response but I thought he needed some further persuasion so suggested he put his trust in my hands and let me show him what I do for a living.
He nervously agreed so I got to work on him. After washing and trimming all his pubes I gave him a lovely soft and gentle shave. He became very sexually excited as I handled his penis a sure sign he was up for anything with his hormones pumping. It took a while to get him all cleaned up and shaved twice  but he looked so cute afterwards. His leg and arm hair now looked ridiculous so I decided I would remove it by using soft wax strips. He had no idea what he was in for but soon found out. He did nothing but complain about it hurting but I gave him no sympathy at all reminding him he expected me to be hairless and now he knew what was involved. Being the first time it took a while to get him totally hair free and then suggested he had a soothing lavender bath to help him relax. 
He readily agreed but I noticed as I ran his bath  that he kept feeling his lovely smooth skin and looking at himself in the mirror. After his bath he smelt so much nicer so I offered to give him a Moisturizing massage. Of course he loved that and totally relaxed as my hands got to work on him. He wanted me to moisturize his private areas but I didn’t want any accidents at this stage so told him to do it himself which he duly did. After a while I noticed he was so relaxed that he had fallen asleep and realized he was completely at my mercy. I couldn’t resist Patti so I decided to paint his toenails with the salon red polish that I always keep by my bedside. I needed to be quick and gentle as I didn’t want to wake him but I needn’t have worried because he didn’t disturb for about an hour. By that stage he had a beautiful red pedicure with a lovely glittery top coat that made his feet look so pretty.
When he woke up he didn’t notice until he sat up from the bed. He was in shock and demanded to know what I was thinking of. Well it was time to spell it out to him. It went something like this
Firstly a few weeks ago he willingly put on a pare of my pink panties. Then he bought several pairs of his own panties which he paid for himself, then he agreed to have all his pubes removed followed by professional waxing of his arms and legs so wasn’t it now inevitable that he would want a pedicure to show off his pretty legs and feet. 
Honestly Patti he didn’t know what to say.
Unknown to him at this stage I also had taken loads of photos of his new body to add to my collection. After he calmed down I wanted to enjoy and share his excitement so suggested we go back to bed for some fun. This was what he had been waiting for and all thoughts of his anger and embarrassment subsided as he moved towards the bed. As he pulled the covers back there in front of him was a new package containing his own neutral support sheer pantyhose. He was opened mouthed as I quickly jumped into bed in only my t shirt and shorts. He demanded to know what was going on so firmly I suggested that if he wanted sex that he had better put his pantyhose on and get into bed with me. He really didn’t know what to do but I knew his hormones were on overdrive. He opened the packet and looked at the these precious items. I became impatient and told him to just put them on as I was losing interest. He looked at me resigned to his fate as I jumped out of bed gave him his pink panties and helped him put his pantyhose on. 
He looked gorgeous Patti with his lovely smooth shinny legs and pretty red sparkling toes and his pink blushing cheeks. I had the camera at the ready which I don’t think he even noticed. What he couldn’t fail to notice or could I was the great big hard on he had as he was clearly turned on.
He didn’t last 2 minutes before gushing his full load all over the place again to his further embarrassment. To drive it home I had commented that he seemed very excited with his new appearance.
Scott was pretty quiet for the rest of the day before deciding he wanted to get dressed but I was having none of it. I told him he needed to keep his panties and pantyhose on for the rest of the day so he understood what women were expected to do. Meanwhile I remembered your point Patti and got dressed into my Jeans and a T shirt just as Scott would normally do. A complete role reversal
On Sunday he asked me how he could remove his nail polish. I told him where I keep the remover but unknown to him I had hidden it before hand. After we both looked I told him he would need to buy some on Monday on his way into work. The thought of turning up to site with pretty sparkly red nails and nail polish remover shook him to his core. I left it with him.
Monday evening he came home with the remover but didn’t say a word. He still hadn’t taken it off this morning as I think he has got used to seeing his pretty toes.
I’m having great fun Patti
Samantha x

Hi Patti,
I understand from Kirsty you have been on a weeks vacation. I hope you had a good break.
Well there is a lot to catch up here since we last communicated including Pilates with Sissy and the evolution of Scott into Francesca ( his middle name is Francis)
So last week I took Sissy to my pilates group that is led by Stephanie. Stephanie and I used to go to school together so we know each other well. I had pre warned her about Sissy who she was very excited to meet. 
Sissy and I had changed back in the Salon. I decided to wear simple shorts and a T shirt and tied my hair up and took all of my makeup off whilst sissy put on his pink unitard. I suggested he brush his long hair out and set it with a bit of spray to keep it under control. I also suggested he redid his makeup using a very light foundation in case he perspired but insisted he smoked out his eyes with false lashes and applied his hot pink metallic lipstick to complete his most feminine look.

Stephanie had also played the part wearing very neutral clothing and tied back hair which made Sissy’s look really stand out. Sissy had presumed he was going to tuck but after your previous comments I was having non of that. It left him with a lovely bulge that was not only noticeable but you could actually see the outline of his chastity cage. Stephanie couldn’t take her eyes of Sissy and was so complimentary towards him and his look. I insisted Sissy introduce himself properly and told Stephanie all about his change from macho man to crossdresser to pretty full time sissy. Oh Patti he was so embarrassed telling Stephanie his story whilst holding his pretty painted red nails over his chastity bulge.
Stephanie was thrilled and asked Sissy all sorts of questions on how he had transformed into such a pretty Sissy but her eyes kept coming back to his bulge. I couldn’t resist Patti so jumped in and made sissy explain about being in full time chastity with Kirsty being the key holder and then suggested he show Stephanie how it works and what it looks like. Stephanie clapped her hands and was so excited to see but Sissy wasn’t so. He really didn’t want to do it and I realized this was an important point in my relationship with him, so I glared across at Sissy and said “please don’t let me down Sissy I expect you to do as I say”. Amazingly Patti he did as he was told and lowered his leggings revealing his pretty pink panties with a silky ribbon on the front. He then looked up at me firstly and then Stephanie secondly before lowering his panties to reveal his tiny cockette all fastened up in its steel cage. Stephanie squealed in delight and asked Sissy how long he had been totally shaving. He told her for over 6 months now. Stephanie wanted to look how it was clamped together and reached out and grabbed the steel outer cage to see it fixed back to the steel ring around his tiny testicles. She gently swing it from side to side as his testis swung as well. Sissy was beetroot in color watching another pretty young girl playing with his tiny penis. Stephanie wasn’t finished when she noticed that sissy’s cage was covered in his sticky juices and took great delight in asking Sissy if he was very excited at joining the class. She gave him a tissue to avoid it staining his panties or his leggings. 
Just after sissy had regained his composure and got himself sorted out the other 10 girls arrived. They are aged between 20-30 and are a very young class. Stephanie immediately introduced Sissy Rachel to the whole group and then to Sissy’s alarm asked him to tell the group about his background in crossdressing and how he was now a full time Sissy working as a beautician in Katharine’s salon and doing all the household jobs for Kirsty and Katharine whilst making sure he was pretty and feminine at all times. Sissy was so humiliated but didn’t question Stephanie’s request and told the whole story. Some of the very young girls couldn’t hold back and started giggling but I noticed all the class were enthralled at checking sissy out and looking at his bulge. Sissy wasn’t going to mention it of course so Stephanie told everyone he was in full-time chastity to ensure good behavior and to make sure he had no accidents in his pretty pink panties. The girls were beside themselves and at one stage I thought Sissy might be crying but I moved forward to reassure him and Stephanie started our class.
Sissy relaxed a lot afterwards and seemed to enjoy the stretching exercises. The other girls chatted to him and he seemed to enjoy the attention he was receiving.
Stephanie called me later to say how much she had enjoyed Sissy joining the class and how fascinated she was with the whole sissy mindset. She wants me to bring him to different classes each week so she can introduce him to all her clients which sounds a great idea. Our next class is tomorrow.
Patti – I have so much to tell you but I have to get back to work. I will send another email when I get chance about Francesca (Scott)
Samantha x

Hi Patti,
To bring you up to date on Scott, the following week after getting him shaved, painting his nails and getting him into pantyhose I once again cut off his route to intercourse making excuses about being tired and getting up early for work.
It was so interesting to observe his reaction to the weekend events. Firstly he didn’t touch his red pedicure despite buying some nail varnish remover then I noticed he took a couple of baths during the week which he never normally does preferring showers as a rule. I found evidence of some very short hairs on the bottom of the bath clearly indicating he had been shaving himself again and also he was using my lavender bath salts. Finally he had hand washed all his panties and mine as well hanging them out to dry on the indoor clothes rack.
Despite cutting off the sex I was confident he was masturbating at least once a day judging my the increased use of tissues in the bedroom. He was clearly on heat from all that went on at the weekend so I needed to devise a plan to capitalize on his activities for the following weekend.
So on Friday I told Scott I was working late at the Salon and asked him if he would come down to meet me there at around 6pm so we could get something to eat. When he arrived I was busy tidying up the Salon and carrying out a quick stock check for the weekend. I suggested he took a seat whilst I finished off. What he didn’t know was I had left a trap in the form of some nail varnish remover in the work station he was sitting at and without a seconds thought he took his shoes and socks off and started to try and remove his red varnish. Unknown to Scott, Katharine was in the back office and came out to witness the whole scene and immediately commented what a pretty color his toes were. Scott was dumb struck and froze not knowing what to say or do.

Katharine of course went to town and asked Scott how long he had been into pedicures and what was his favorite colors. He couldn’t get the words out before Katharine suggested that I help Scott and refresh his pedicure there and then which of course I jumped too before he could say anything. Within 25 minutes he had glossy hot pink nails with Katharine watching intently. Katharine then suggested that whilst his top coat was drying that I should attend to his finger nails which made Scott really nervous. He was clearly intimidated by Katharine. I relaxed him and told him not to worry and that I wouldn’t give him bright red nails but Katharine insisted he should try a French manicure to smarten up his hands. Scott had no idea what she was talking about but his attention quickly turned to Katharine’s observation that he had hairless legs and how long had he been shaving them. He tried to explain it was my idea but I was having none of that and reminded him he had bought 5 sets of panties himself and then suggested we both remove all our body hair. Scott was mortified but that was nothing as Katharine jumped in and suggested we could resolve our differences by him showing Katharine what underwear he had on now. After all if I was making things up he would have his boy shorts on. Scott went bright red and refused to cooperate but it was my time now. I ordered him to stand up and undo his trousers saying it was totally out of order to call me a liar in front of my boss. He looked at me with desperate eyes and then Katharine but realised quickly he was trapped. He undid his belt buckle and fastener releasing his trousers and exposing his pretty pink panties with a gorgeous pink bow on the front. Katharine wasn’t finished and suspected this was a great turn on for him so insisted he showed us his panties in contact with his penis and sure enough there was a large damp spot showing. He hung his head in shame and was beaten.
He sat back down again whilst I carried on with his nails and Katharine pulled up a chair to talk to him. She quietly told him off for trying to hide his desire for femininity behind me and suggested there needed to be a few changes in his attitude and approach. Firstly from now on he would call me Miss Samantha and her Miss Katharine. Secondly he would book a Friday evening paid for appointment with me at the Salon for a pedicure and manicure which could not be removed over the weekend and thirdly when requested by either Katharine, Kirsty or myself he should show us his pink panties. At this point Katharine stood up and took some pictures on her phone of his pretty toes and feet and his manicure and suggested he didn’t want to think where she might post them if he didn’t obey.
Oh Patti, he was in total shock and couldn’t get a single word out. 
Katharine then dropped the bombshell and told me it was time Scott was put into chastity in order to control his hormones. She suggested I talk to Rachel to find out the best beginners cockette cage and make sure he was ready for inspection at next Friday’s pedicure/manicure. 
By this time I had finished his French manicure which transformed his hands completely. Scott still couldn’t take anything in but caught site of his white nail tips and pink/clear polish and looked on in amazement.
I went up to the appointment register to book in next Friday’s appointment but Katharine stopped me and said we couldn’t put Scott’s name in for his treatments. In Katharine’s words Scott is to masculine but then we tried to think of an appropriate feminine name. One idea was Scottie but when Katharine found out his middle name was Francis, Francesca was born.
Well Patti since that eventful evening everything had changed. I use the name Francesca all the time we are together, he has attended 2 appointments in the Salon for pedicures and manicures wearing his pantyhose and keeps his French nails until Monday morning. This has stopped him going out with his mates. His chastity device which Sissy helped him source will arrive next week and Katharine has a panty inspection every Friday evening.
With the weekend at home Francesca is doing washing and other housework which gives me time to go out shopping and meet up with my friends. I wear very casual clothes at home and little or no makeup. I do get dressed up when I go out but Francesca does not really see me being a woman anymore.
I allow him sex on either Saturday or Sunday and one other ejaculation during the week. I’m having to trust him at the moment Patti until I get him locked up. 
I still don’t think he has got his head around the changes we’ve made and imagine he thinks this is a temporary arrangement but with the photos we have there is no going back to the way things were.
Katharine has suggested that once he is caged and comfortable we can try feminizing him properly with corset, clothes and makeup but for now I’m incredibly happy how things have worked out and can’t thank Katharine enough. She is a natural at this.
Let me know what you think Patti
Samantha xx

Hi Patti,
To answer your questions
As mentioned Stephanie and I go a long way back. She is one of life’s enthusiasts and is naturally inquisitive and funny. I told her all about sissy well before the class knowing she would be very excited to meet him. Stephanie is gay and currently doesn’t have a partner although that won’t last long as she is so extravert and gorgeous. She is incredibly flexible and strong and without doubt would be stronger than Sissy. I’m not so sure about myself but are looking forward to the strength competition.
The pilates group wore a mixture of things but needless to say none of them were glamed up. Everyone wore trainers ( sneakers) with Sissy’s being pink of course with sparkly sequins. See attached photo of something similar.
It’s strange feeling so empowered emasculating a sissy. I love Sissy Rachel to bits but watching him turn beetroot red trying to hide his chastity bulge through his pink unitard with his long red nails was just so thrilling. Neither Stephanie or I could imagine the power rush we had and were very careful not to give sissy the easy way out by rushing things. Just leaving uncomfortable pauses after asking him such specific questions on his chastity cage just made him melt with humiliation. The idea of tying a pink bow around something so small is incredibly appealing and Stephanie has already said she will want Sissy to show it to the other girls in class.
Reflecting on sissy exposing his pink panties and chastity cage to Stephanie, I think you are right Patti I must have intimidated him somewhat for him to comply so easily. I think the fact he works with me and under my guidance did make it easy for me to give him instructions and expect him to obey.
You are correct Patti, it did not escape Stephanie or I that being still in our 20s we had such dominance over this much older previous macho man that Kirsty has tamed into such a delicate feminine sissy. Stephanie just couldn’t resist using her thumb and forefinger to grasp the chastity cage and gently swing it from side to side. I was speechless and gasped at the total emasculation of sissy. Both Stephanie and I couldn’t resist laughing and giggling for the next few minutes.
I’m going out with Stephanie on Friday evening for a girls night out to talk more about it. I’m sure she will be joining the forum very soon.
I’m glad you told me Patti about Sissy flipping girls skirts when he was younger. I’ll make sure he gets payback but think we will do it by him showing women what he wears beneath his skirts/dresses. I really enjoyed getting him to explain his change from crossdresser to full time Sissy and it leads perfectly into talking about chastity and exposing his pink panties.

So onto sissy’s second palettes class again we got changed at the Salon. This time I wore very casual clothing including a T shirt and some lose fitting leggings. Sissy wore his unitard as previously only this time he asked me if he could tuck his cockette. I decided to crush this idea there and then and asked him why. He said he found it embarrassing that Stephanie and the other girls could see his chastity bulge. I listened sympathetically before pointing out to him the reality of the situation. It went something like this ” Rachel you are a beautiful feminine sissy and should be proud of it. You are not a woman and it would be completely dishonest of you to pretend to be one. You have made your choices in life and turned your back on supporting Miss Kirsty when she needed you and chose to be her kept Sissy doing everything she and Miss Katharine demand of you. Accept who and what you are and don’t let any of us down” Oh Patti he bowed his head and apologized to me there and then. After telling him I would not hear anymore about it, I suggested he tried the sample of fire engine red lipstick we had received from a supplier before we headed off. 
Patti he looked amazing with his chastity bulge for everyone to see, silver smoky eyes, black eyeliner, false lashes and glossy red lips and red acrylic nails heading off to his pilates class!!!!!

We arrived early and I could tell Sissy was nervous getting out of the car. Stephanie greeted us at the door and was in raptures at sissy’s appearance. She must have told him at least 5 times how pretty he looked bearing in mind both Stephanie and I were completely understated in T shirts and lose fitting pants and most importantly no makeup.
I felt I needed to stamp my authority over sissy to remind him never to ask again about tucking and so suggested that once again he show Miss Stephanie his panties and chastity cage. Stephanie of course was excited and immediately came closer to sissy waiting to inspect his goods. Sissy struggled at first to pull his tight leggings down due to his long nails so Stephanie as quick as a flash helped him inch them down. What a sight Patti here was Sissy all beautifully made up with his leggings down to his knees with two 27 year old girls looking at his chastity bulge contained in his pale blue panties with a little blue bow.
Stephanie was in absolute giggles but I was concerned about Sissy’s mental state with the rest of the class due to arrive. He struggled with his long nails to pull his leggings up so I suggested he went to the girls room to sort himself out. Stephanie couldn’t stop giggling and it was incredibly infectious but she calmed down as the rest of the class entered. I went to check on Sissy who was carefully wiping his eye with a tissue trying not to smudge his makeup. Unbelievably he then opened his small purse and pulled out his red lipstick and gloss to reapply another coat. He seemed pulled together so came out to meet the rest of the class.
This group I guess we’re all young mothers in there 30s. Stephanie had obviously already told all of them about sissy and wasted no time asking Sissy to introduce himself and give the obligatory explanation on how he became a full time pansy. It’s strange because I wondered if these young mum’s might think he was a pervert or worse but they all accepted him and complimented him on his feminine looks. After that the lesson got back to normal and finished about 45 minutes later.
A couple of the mum’s wanted to talk to me about Sissy and wanted to know how Kirsty had managed to change him for the better. Patti there is definite interest in feminizing men. 
Oh don’t worry I told them about the forum and blog and suggested we catch up next week.
Must go to bed now Patti but wanted to share this with you
Samantha x

Hi Patti,
I thought I should start a new trail as there is so much going on. I will try to answer all your previous questions as well as give you an update on Sissy and Francesca however if I do miss something important please let me know.
Like Kirsty and Katharine I also understand Sissy’s vulnerability and do care for him so much. It is a strange feeling being so protective of him but also wanting to embarrass and humiliate him at every stage.
Regarding Sissy’s comments on being physically stronger than all the other girls well he’s in for a shock as far as Stephanie goes. She is so fit and her muscles are so developed following years of strength and conditioning work. She is amazing because to look at her she is so pretty and feminine. It is encouraging to see the younger girls working in the salon do take their fitness seriously and seem to have healthy lifestyles. I think it is both a generational thing and the ethos of the business combined with the example Katharine sets. Sissy better watch out as the young girls continue to develop their minds and bodies!
My own strength is improving with Stephanie promising to help me going forward. I have signed up at her gym so that we can exercise together. Francesca is your average male in that he is about 5ft 10″ and quite stocky. He used to play football (soccer) at school and in college but it was more a social thing that he did with his friends. He does not play much sport now. I have met most of his friends and they are not to bad although tend to be loud when together and drink too much that’s for sure. Francesca is not ultra competitive except when it comes down to supporting his football team Manchester United. He is an absolute fanatical supporter which gets way too much for me. Referring back to your question on his unitard, you are quite correct in observing it is a matching 2 piece so strictly speaking calling it a unitard is incorrect. I think we made a good choice however as it allows for much easier access for panty and chastity inspections😄

I will definitely be getting Stephanie to help me with Francesca. She told me on Friday night that she loved meeting Sissy and adored carrying out his panty and chastity inspection. She was amazed to find him so sexually turned on and all sticky. She thought it was so delightful to see him looking so pretty and heavily made up for a pilates lesson and the final straw being his long red glossy nails that prevented him from pulling down his own leggings for the panty inspection. Stephanie is such an extravert she will be a great asset to put both Sissy and Francesca in some really embarrassing positions.
Going forward Patti Stephanie wants Sissy to rotate between all 4 of her classes so that he gets exposure to some 40 women and a few men who also attend. She’s already had some calls from other class members asking when they will get chance to meet the Sissy. The plan is for him to have to explain himself in front of each group initially and then give little updates on his activities since the last meeting. Stephanie is also keen to get the girls to ask for a panty inspection each time as well.
So onto developments with Francesca well it’s been a turbulent few days really for him. Because I was having a girls night out with Stephanie on Friday we changed his pedicure/manicure evening to Thursday. This meant bringing his appointment forward from 6pm when the last of the customers have left to 5pm. I didn’t tell him the Salon would still be busy thinking it might scare him off so when he arrived he looked panic stricken. I was still busy with one of my regular ladies so came over to the front desk to greet him. One of our trainee girls called Alison was already talking to him when I interrupted and without hesitation speaking much louder than normal asked Alison if she could give Scott his manicure and pedicure. Oh Patti he was so embarrassed as he sensed the whole Salon was listening. I couldn’t resist and told Alison to let Scott chose what shade of red he wanted for his pedicure but stated he must have a French manicure. Francesca just starred at me first with anger in his eyes quickly changing to defeatism. Alison who is only 18 just smiled and took him to her work station. I went back to my client and then heard Alison ask Francesca to remove his pantyhose so she could clean off his existing varnish. Oh Patti he was mortified and I thought at first he was going to run out of the salon but he just looked at me before he sat back down again and tried to work out how he was going to remove his pantyhose without removing his trousers and exposing his panties. He asked if he could use the restroom which was quick thinking and Alison showed him the way. The mistake was he had taken his shoes off exposing not only his tights but also his pretty pink toenails. He was gone for sometime and with me now finished with my client I went to find him. I knocked on the door and asked him to come out. After a brief conversation he opened the door and told me he didn’t want to come out and expose his pretty feet. I was firm with him Patti and told him not only to go back to Alison who was waiting for him but to walk slowly to make sure there were no accidents. Well eventually he did it just like a good Sissy. Alison was very good and chatted to him and told him he had very pretty feet. After she removed the existing varnish she got him to follow her to the color selection board and went through all the reds available. There was still a number of clients just paying up before leaving the Salon and they took great interest in the conversation. One lady even offered her opinion on what would look best! Oh how cute it was to watch Francesca being totally emasculated by a combination of young and older women. Anyway he finally settled on OPI Big Apple Red and Alison took him back to get started.
It was nearly 6:15pm when Alison had finished and Francesca’s nails looked so pretty. Everything had gone so well when Katharine walked in and immediately came over to have a look at what Alison had done. She was glowing with compliments of both Alison’s work and how pretty Francesca nails were. She doesn’t miss a trick Patti and suggested like a good little sissy he put his pantyhose back on. I had fetched them from the restroom and gave them to him whilst still in the chair. 
Katharine sensed his panic and potential to disobey so she walked up to him and said Francesca be a good little sissy and remove your trousers and put these back on. He was completely corned and decided just to get it over with. Of course it exposed his waxed legs and pretty white panties with a little ribbon bow. Alison had never seen anything like it and had her hand over her mouth taking it all in. He quickly pulled his trousers over his pantyhose having carefully smoothed them out with his very feminine French manicured nails.

Just to finish off his embarrassment he paid Alison for his manicure/pedicure and gave her a nice £5 tip which was lovely. 
We closed the Salon up and headed home for some dinner. Francesca was so quiet and didn’t say a word. I did notice like any young girl who had just had a manicure he was admiring his pretty fingers. I broke the ice by saying how lovely his hands looked but he wasn’t ready to say anything yet.
When we got home I suggested he fixed us a salad bowl whilst I went and changed into my shorts and T shirt. I sensed we were going to have a heart to heart chat so I decided to stay quiet and listen carefully to what he had to say.
Well Francesca surprised me first off telling me he really loved me. He then told me he had never been so embarrassed in his life exposing his pantyhose, panties and painted nails. He continued that he couldn’t understand why I was pushing him into feminine things but would try to understand. I didn’t immediately respond but then suggested we made ourselves comfortable and have a chat.
I told him that I loved him also but I was not going to accept his assertion that I was feminizing him. I told him to look at the facts:–

he agreed to try on my panties in the first place-

he then went panty shopping with me and bought a number of pairs of his own-

he wanted me to shave all over so much so he agreed to be shaved/waxed-

whilst having some fun he let me paint his nails.

He had 5 days to remove the nail polish but decided to not only leave it on but also encase his smooth legs in pantyhose and even go to work in them.-

he then came down to the salon and quite openly exposed his pretty nails in front of my boss and didn’t object to me giving him a fresh manicure and pedicure-

he then proceeded to show my boss his pretty panties who exposed the fact that he was very excited to do it based on the wet patch by his little cockette-

finally he willingly came down to the Salon for his regular nail appointment wearing his pantyhose and panties knowing full well he would have to take them off in the Salon
And then to cap it all off he was admiring his nails all the way home  before putting his sandals on when he got back so he could admire his red pedicure. 
I couldn’t resist Patti I had to say it ” why can’t you admit to yourself and me you like feminine things and it turns you on” 
It was time for an ultimatum, either admit to me now you want to wear women’s clothing and we can work to find a solution or pack your bags and move out.

I was taking a chance Patti but it was calculated. I don’t mind telling you that Stephanie and I are now in a relationship. This might come as quite a shock but I think I mentioned to you when we first chatted I was bisexual. Well meeting up with Stephanie has really lit my fire and we just clicked straight away. So how does this all work out? I’m not completely sure but I do love having Francesca around but he has become boring in bed. Stephanie is wild and such fun I can’t wait to see her. 
I’ve sent Francesca away for a couple of days to his parents to have a think but reminded him to be careful with his underwear and painted toenails but did let him remove his French manicure for now.
So there you have it Patti. I’m sorry about the length of my mail but wanted to let you know because you have been so supportive. I have copied in Katharine and Kirsty who already know about this.
Please let me know your thoughts?
Samantha xx

Hi Patti,
Thanks for your questions. I’ll have a look through them and come back to you soon.
I just wanted to update you on Francesca’s progress. Well after he returned we met up for a quiet drink and a chat. I decided to dress down in my Jeans and polo neck shirt and purposely wore no makeup. I think he was a bit taken aback that he was not coming around to my apartment as he would normally do and was certainly not used to seeing me out in a bar looking very Tom boyish. I think his hormones were pumping after us being apart for about a week.
After we chatted about his trip and his parents I asked him if he had come to any conclusion regarding my ultimatum and that he was ready to  admit he liked to crossdress and look feminine.
I could immediately tell he was very uncomfortable with my question but I decided to be quiet and let him do the talking. After a really awkward 30 seconds or so he said again that he did love me and would do whatever I wanted him to do so he could remain with me. I was having non of that Patti so calmly looked at him straight in the eye and said it was not what I wanted him to do, it was what the real Scott wanted to be. He wouldn’t look at me Patti and mumbled that he didn’t understand why I wanted him to wear feminine things.
Fortunately I had anticipated this reaction and had thought up a plan that would work to get him all dressed up and presented as Francesca.
So I turned to Scott and suggested the following. I said I believed he both enjoyed wearing his Panties, pantyhose and having his nails painted and further more he was sexually excited to do so. Therefore we would test out my theory and if I was proved correct I would lay down all the ground rules and decide what he would wear and when and further more give him a schedule of domestic duties he would have to carry out each day. I could tell Patti he was nervous and there again what could he say, so he agreed to be tested. I told him to come around to the apartment on the Friday evening so we could find out who was right.

So Friday evening arrived and he showed up at 6pm as arranged. I immediately sent him to the bathroom to soak in a lavender bath to get him relaxed and ready for his transformation. I took him a glass of wine so he could relax and I was delighted to see him in the bath using the lady shaver I had left out for him on his legs. They looked smooth already so deduced he was shaving regularly. I asked him if he wanted help with some of the tough spots on his back and around his chubby arse. He greatfully accepted and after finishing I suggested I did around his balls and cockette just to avoid accidents. I couldn’t help but notice his toenails were still beautifully red and shiny from his last pedicure with Alison. He hadn’t even attempted to remove it.
I gave him my pink toweling robe to dry himself on then some sweet smelling moisturizer to rejuvenate his skin. He was now putty in my hands and I was ready to create Francesca. I started by giving him his own pink panties to put on followed by some black fishnet pantyhose. I didn’t want to frighten him at this stage so didn’t offer him a corset. Instead I quickly fixed a pink padded bra which was one of the little presents I bought him. I then gave him a peach silky slip to wear over the top before giving him a short dark blue dress with a front zip and a waist tie to put on. The second little present I got him were a pair of B cup silicon boobs which Sissy gave me that he no longer used. He has now progressed to a C cup. He looked delicate and gorgeous Patti but I didn’t want him to see himself yet before I applied his makeup.
I sat him down and went to work with foundation, highlighter, blush and contour. His eyebrows will need some work at some stage to thin them down and create a beautiful high arch but they weren’t too bad for now with a bit of shaping and infilling with a pencil. I decided for his eyes to smoke them out with a little black eyeshadow before applying a lovely silver glitter to his lid and inner corner. To spice up his look I added liquid eyeliner and black pencil to his water line. I decided against false lashes at this stage and instead added dramatic mascara by Maybelline to lengthen and color his already beautiful long lashes. To finish the look I went for a liquid Matt red lip stain which matched his look perfectly. I then fitted a lovely white blonde wig which I styled and set with spray. A dab of perfume, some clip on earrings and a necklace and his face was done. I was dying to show him the result but wanted to give him a manicure to complete the look. I cheated and glued on some long French polish nails which quickly dried and feminized his hands perfectly. The only thing missing now was some peep toe Mary Jane heels which finished the look.
Oh Patti he looked amazing. We could improve a lot of small things in the future but for a first time transformation he looked beautiful.

I took him to the full length mirror in my bedroom slowly so he didn’t trip and then told him to open his eyes. He was in total shock at the sight of this beautiful feminine Sissy looking back at him. Neither of us spoke whilst he keep looking at himself, turning and posing all the time reveling in his appearance. I left him for a couple of minutes sensing he was quite excited with his new image and texted messages to both Stephanie and Katharine to let them know he was ready for inspection!
I returned and found him looking at his pretty nails and holding out his dainty encased leg and foot taking in his heels and red pedicure. I suggested we went downstairs and practiced his walking in the open plan room. I followed him down the steps as his hips swayed a little because of being thrust forward by the heels.
I asked him how he felt and he just acknowledged to feeling ok but my thoughts were something different. The way he was embracing his clothes and checking his makeup told me he was excited. I disappeared into the kitchen to get some more wine when there was a tap at the door. I opened it to find Stephanie there and she desperately wanted to meet Francesca. We went straight into the living room where he was still practicing walking in his heels. When he saw Stephanie he froze and went very flushed in the cheeks. It was time for me to introduce him to Stephanie which I duly did saying this was Francesca my former boyfriend. Stephanie had a little giggle and held out her hand to greet Francesca. He looked so dainty Patti with his limp wrist and pretty hand shaking the very self confident Stephanie’s hand. Of course Stephanie was away asking him lots of questions about when he knew that he liked to wear feminine things and does he do his own makeup and pedicures and manicures. He didn’t know what to say to Stephanie and I wasn’t going to help him. She told him he looked very pretty and wanted to know the name of the Matt lipstick he used. The door bell went next and I quickly opened the door to find both Katharine and Kirsty there. I asked them in and immediately took them in to see Stephanie and Francesca.
Katharine was great as she went over to him and said something like ” my my what a pretty Sissy you are Francesca” he was totally gob smacked Patti and didn’t know what to say. But now was the key moment.
I told Stephanie, Katharine and Kirsty that Francesca was trying to convince me that he wasn’t into crossdressing and that it was a figment of my imagination. Kirsty laughed and said you don’t look as good as that without wanting too. Katharine seemed puzzled and asked Francesca why he was shaving his legs, wearing panties and pantyhose and coming to the salon each week for a manicure and pedicure if he wasn’t into feminine ways. 

Stephanie then jumped in and asked if we could have a panty inspection to see if Francesca was excited. Francesca looked alarmed and looked pleadingly at me but I just shrugged my shoulders and reminded him we needed to find out once and for all whether he enjoyed dressing up or it was all my imagination. Stephanie leap forward and hitched Francesca short dress up and instructed him to hold it up. She then pulled his fishnets down to his knees and turned him around on his heels to expose a very damp patch just where his cockette was resting against his pink satin material. Stephanie wasn’t finished she gently eased his panties down to expose a flaccid cockette with a hanging stream of sticky fluid. I jumped in and aggressively asked Francesca what is then? I scooped some pre cum into my fingers and presented it in front of Francesca’s mouth and raised my eyebrow. He looked pleadingly at me before opening his red lips for me to deliver his little present to put into his mouth. Needless to say Patti he was mortified. 
I took a moment to take in the scene we had created, here was Francesca beautifully dressed in his fishnets and Mary Janes all prettily made up with pretty nails, his damp pink panties around his his knees and tasting his pre cum with 4 strong and dominant women all wearing trousers and no makeup surrounding him and humiliating him!!

Francesca looked totally defeated so I suggested he pulled up his knickers and fishnets and then fetched us all some drinks. He was going to take his heels off but I quickly put a stop to that. Whilst he was out of the room Katharine asked me if I had received his chastity cage yet. I had it in a box just on the table. She winked at me and said “it’s time”, Stephanie was so excited and asked if she could help fix it into place.
Francesca returned with 4 glasses and a newly opened bottle of wine. I suggested he should give us all a little curtsey but he didn’t know what I meant. Stephanie being the extravert leapt up to give him a demonstration and then held his hand to take him through the full motion. In the end he got it right so I suggested he should practice when he could for the rest of the evening.
It was time for me to let Francesca know how things were going to be from now on. It was an ideal opportunity in front of Stephanie, Katharine and Kirsty. 

So I asked Francesca to stand before me. He did as asked followed by a lovely curtsey. I asked him if he now accepted he liked to crossdress and present himself as feminine as he can. He bowed his head and nodded. Of course I didn’t accept that and said I wanted to hear it from him. He finally said he enjoyed wearing feminine underwear and having his toe nails painted. He went on to say he was amazed how feminine he looked with my help and would enjoy doing it again. I asked him if he wanted to live with me in the future and of course he said yes. I then told him I needed more control over his cockette to stop these sticky messes and gave him his 4th surprise package. He opened it to discover a pink plastic chastity cage. He put it straight down on the table and stood away from it. I scolded him immediately and said it wasn’t optional it was me or the cage. He bowed his head and nodded. Stephanie started clapping and looked at me as if to seek my permission to proceed. I nodded and up she jumped. She asked Francesca to lift her dress again whilst she pulled down his fishnets and panties. His little cockette was still glistening with sticky juices but Stephanie didn’t seem to mind. She seemed to know exactly how to fit it and admitted later that she had watched a video on how to fix a chastity cage on YouTube. After getting his balls through the ring she pulled the pink cage over his droopy cockette and fitted the 2 pieces together. As quick as you like the padlock was snapped shut and he was all locked up. We gave Stephanie a clap and she gave us a bow before presenting me with the key.
With that milestone out of the way I told him he would need to move his clothes out of my bedroom and into the spare room. He looked really puzzled so I told him I would explain more after he had done it. Katharine clapped her hands and said come on Francesca snap to it, you don’t want to annoy Miss Samantha! He looked very uncomfortable before disappearing upstairs. The 4 of us had such a giggle and Kirsty complimented me on my tactics and style. It was almost an hour later when Francesca reappeared looking very sheepishly at me. Stephanie reminded him to curtsey which he duly did. It was now time to tell him about Stephanie. I told him recently that I had found him very boring in bed and frankly was fed up of his selfish behaviour of seeking his own orgasms. From now on that was going to stop hence the reason for the Chastity cage. I told him that Stephanie and I were very much in love with each other and that we would be sleeping together from now on. Oh Patti he was absolutely stunned. He started to protest about firstly being made to dress like a girl and now his girlfriend was exchanging him for another woman in the bedroom.
Katharine made a tut tut noise and then delivered the final strike. She commanded Francesca to be quiet and look at the situation. Did he honestly think a Sissy boy like him dressed up to the nines in his pretty dress, make up and fishnets and sporting a tiny dribbling cockette in chastity was going to give Miss Samantha what she required in bed? He was silent and bowed his head. She followed up and said there are going to be a lot of changes ahead for you but understand Miss Samantha is in charge now and should he think about any descension she would personally post his pretty Sissy pictures all over social media as well as send them to the HR department of his construction company. 
He was beaten Patti, we had him under control. Kirsty then came up with an idea that Francesca should help Stephanie take her suitcase of clothes she had brought around and help her unpack in Miss Samantha’s bedroom. Stephanie thought this an amazing idea as she could show him her pretty panties and other underwear and clothing as it might give him some ideas.
So off they went upstairs. Katharine and Kirsty complimented me on my total emasculation of Francesca and said they were always available if I needed further support.
Well Patti what an evening/night. Stephanie and I made love on and off all night knowing our little Sissy was tucked up in his little box bedroom. 

Since that evening we have been pretty busy with our jobs but slowly we are getting Francesca up to speed with his domestic regime. I do have a new found admiration for Kirsty and Katharine who have Sissy so well organized. We have a long way to go with Francesca but we have started.
Sorry it’s taken me so long to bring you up to speed Patti but there was a lot to tell you and I didn’t want to miss anything out.
I know you will have questions Patti!!
Samantha xx

Hi Patti,
Let me start by apologizing for taking over 2 weeks to reply to your last email. Both Stephanie and I have been incredibly busy at home and with work at the Salon/ Pilates classes  and along with our training of Francesca I haven’t had the right amount of time to give you an update. I have started typing out emails only to have to leave them half finished before returning a few days later and finding them out of date.
Let me start by answering your questions.
The polyphenol diet is going well with Francesca already down from the 176lbs I reported last time to 169lbs. Katharine has explained the diet usually has an immediate effect as initial fat is burned up but it will slow down after a few weeks to something like a couple of pounds a week. You can already see it in Francesca face. Stephanie has got him doing a lot of stretching and butt exercises to help him improve his feminine posture but making sure his bottom doesn’t waste away.
Stephanie and I have now completed 2 strength classes with Laura. She is pushing us hard with Stephanie way ahead of me in capability. It wasn’t really a shock as Stephanie is incredibly fit already but the strength training is adding muscle. She already is well ahead of Katharine and Kirsty in terms of repetition work outs. It is much harder for me and will take sometime but it will be worth it I’m sure.

You mention us getting Alison our trainee to do both Francesca and Sissy’s nails. She is our first choice primarily because she has a real flair for the job and is so good at doing nail art. She is also very accommodating of Sissy boys and is very happy to chat with them making them feel very much at home and comfortable. However your point is well made in that Alison is watching with great interest these older men being feminized into docile eye candy for the amusement of strong women and is definitely taking more than a passing interest.
So the big news was yesterday afternoon Francesca, who had taken a few days off work in order to catch up with the house cleaning and bed changing/washing, went to get his weekend nails done at the Salon fully dressed as Francesca! We had been building up to this Patti over the last couple of weeks but he was adamant that he wasn’t going to do it. Both Stephanie and I had reasoned with him that it was inevitable and also made threats to post photos of his crossdressing on line but he still wasn’t having it and in effect dared us to do it. 

Stephanie didn’t hesitate and was about to upload his Francesca photos onto Facebook when I stopped her and said let’s have a think about it. So I spoke to Katharine who told us to hold fire and said she and Kirsty would come round to lend a hand. So on Thursday evening Katharine and Kirsty turned up with a bottle of wine at about 8:30pm. It was great timing as Francesca had got back in from work at about six, changed into his pretty short dress, heels, blonde wig and put his makeup on. I had been letting him do it himself recently in order that he got more and more practice but knowing Katharine and Kirsty were coming round I offered to help him create a more sophisticated evening look with shimmering silver eyeshadow, smoked out with black eyeliner and several coats of dramatic black mascara. I let him do his own lipstick but suggested a metallic red from urban decay would really suite him. It has become quite normal Patti for him to do his makeup each evening and he doesn’t complain. He doesn’t realize that both Stephanie and I catch him eyeing himself up in the mirror from time to time. So Thursday evening was not really anything unusual accept for my involvement. He didn’t realise at this stage that he was going to run into 4 determined women that were going to take him out of the closet and into the public eye.

So after he had finished tidying up from making and serving our evening dinner Stephanie suggested he should freshen up his look and join us for a glass of wine. He disappeared into the rest room to touch up his lipstick just as Katharine and Kirsty arrived. He looked a bit nervous but Kirsty broke the ice by saying how beautiful he looked and his white blonde hair really suited him. He blushed so much Patti.
Katharine began the conversation and asked Francesca how he was getting on with his Chastity cage. He was speechless and hadn’t expected to have to answer a question like that. We all remained silent waiting for a reply before he finally said it was ok but it did rub him from time to time. Kirsty jumped in and said Rachel used to have the same problem and then explained it could be that he needed a slightly smaller size cage to stop his little cockette moving around. To Francesca’s horror Stephanie jumped in and instructed Francesca to give us a chastity inspection. Again we all stopped talking and stared straight at his prettily made up face. Oh Patti he didn’t know what to do until I stood up and gently lifted his short skirt up exposing his pantyhose. I nudged his arm and told him to hold onto his skirt whilst I pulled his hose down to expose his powder blue satin panties with a lovely delicate blue bow. But that’s not all that caught our attention guess what? He had a big wet damp patch right where his cage was. Kirsty jumped in and said “my my Francesca” it looks like you have been getting very excited wearing your pretty things. His cheeks Patti went scarlet as he realized he had been fully exposed in front of all 4 of us. 
Stephanie asked him for an explanation of what had got him so excited. He just looked down at the floor unable to say a word. We paused and waited for a reply. He muttered something but we couldn’t tell what it was. I put my arm around him and whispered in his ear ” come on my sweet Sissy tell us how excited you feel all dressed up as Francesca” I thought he might actually cry Patti but he so gently and meekly said he found it sexually exciting to look so pretty and to wear such feminine clothing. We all smiled and Katharine asked him to lift his pretty face to look at her. As he did his jaw dropped when he saw Katharine had been videoing him through the entire emasculation process. Katharine added “now sweetie Francesca we have you looking very pretty in your dress and makeup, showing us your pantyhose, knickers and chastity with a big wet cummy patch admitting in your voice you are completely turned on by the whole scene”. She went on “now tomorrow you have booked a manicure and pedicure with Alison at 4pm (Francesca quickly jumped in and said 5pm) only for Katharine to say because he hadn’t been agreeable we had moved his appointment up earlier so that he could meet some more of the regular clients. She carried on to say you will come to the appointment in your best blue dress and we will hear no more about it and with that put her camera phone back in her purse.
Francesca’s eyes rapidly blinked as he stuttered for his words. Finally he was able to ask how was he to get to the Salon. I jumped in and told him there was a car park next to the salon and he could use that. He realized that left him about 200ft of open air to walk across before he found the relative safety of the Salon. Stephanie read his mind immediately and reassured him that he would be fine as long as he took his time and didn’t panic.

As Katharine and Kirsty were about to leave, Katharine did remind Francesca not to be late or have any second thoughts and gently taped her purse just to remind him what she might do.
So on Friday morning as I was getting ready for work, Stephanie reassured me she would be home by midday and would therefore supervise Francesca’s domestic jobs to make sure he was concentrated on what he needed to do but would also help him out with his appearance before he headed out for the Salon in the afternoon.
Well Patti girl power prevailed and sure enough Francesca arrived at the salon just before 4pm. All the staff were expecting him and I had arranged for Alison to greet him on arrival. He looked gorgeous with his flirtatious red lips and dramatic eye’s.

Alison instructed him to remove his pantyhose which of course he was now able to do without taking his pants off. She then proceeded to remove his existing polish  from his toes before trimming and filing his nails ready for application of his base coat. Alison then had such a sweet conversation with Francesca speaking much louder than usual so everyone in the Salon could hear asking him what what his color preference. He really didn’t know what to say Patti with the whole Salon listening. The silence was deafening until Francesca asked if Alison could make a suggestion. She suggested with it being Autumn he might want to move away from his normal bright red, pinks, oranges and blues and instead go for burgundies and other deep reds. He hesitated only for another lady customer at the next work station to suggest he went for the same deep plum color she was wearing. Then another lady having a manicure close by suggested a metallic brown would look good. Francesca was horrified, he was trying to keep a low profile and yet was becoming the main focal point of the whole Salon. In the end Alison brought a selection of colors around and finally Francesca selected the deep plum color. 
By now the other ladies in the Salon wanted to know more about Francesca and his crossdressing. As most of them knew Sissy well they knew what questions to ask including who does your makeup when is your next period and who has his chastity key. He was absolutely mortified Patti. Whilst his glossy top coat was drying on his beautiful shiny nails Alison wanted to know what type of manicure he would like and needless to say he got plenty of advice! I suggested that because he had a few days off from work he could have some false nails applied and suggested Alison show him and the other ladies the metallic
Autumn colors we had in stock. Well to cut a long story short he ended up with a metallic green squoval shaped which looked gorgeous on him. He really didn’t know what to do Patti and just went into his shell and said nothing. So here we are today Monday and his nails still look fabulous. Francesca is panicking on how he is going to remove them before Wednesday when he goes back to work. We haven’t told him they can be fairly easily removed using acetone. Interestingly as an aside he had several calls from his mates at the weekend asking if he fancied a drink. Stephanie giggled and suggested he should go and introduce Francesca to them!!! Needless to say he stayed in and did some additional cleaning we wanted doing!!
Just answering a few of your other questions. Yes he is in pantyhose pretty much full time. Stephanie keeps an eye on what he is wearing and she loves doing impromptu inspections. He has also found out that pantyhose don’t last forever so he has to go out shopping for replacements from time to time. Stephanie likes to go with him when she can and loves getting him to take them up to the cashier. She then engages in a conversation with him and the cashier’s saying things like “they will look good on you” and “your nail polish will still show through ok” and all sorts of embarrassing topics.
I have attached a couple of photos one of Scott when he used to play a bit of soccer ( he’s the one in the stripped shirt ) and a recent one as Francesca. I’m really pleased with how his look is coming along.
Both Stephanie and I are really enjoying feminizing Francesca. Stephanie is so enthusiastic that I have to slow her down a bit in order not to scare him off. We have introduced a training bra for him to wear which Stephanie loves to “twang” it from time to time. With the colder weather coming on Stephanie has instructed Francesca to start wearing it for work which has resulted in him wearing jumpers now to avoid it being seen. But Stephanie has been really mischievous recently and has bought him a Matt red lip stain which she insists he uses when he gets home. The problem is that it doesn’t come off completely despite using the best makeup remover so when he goes to work his lips are still faintly stained red. He’s got used to seeing it now so doesn’t realize but we have noticed people double taking on him when walking by. Goodness knows what they think of it at work!!!
You asked about the mummies group asking Stephanie and I about feminizing men. It really is a hot topic of conversation and in particular petticoating badly behaved boys. A number of mum’s are struggling with their young boys keeping any kind of discipline. In some cases the Dads aren’t around and in others the Dad’s are happy to follow what the mum’s want them to do. So really a perfect background to bring in some sort of feminization. Whilst non of the mum’s has started anything yet I don’t think it will be long once we have built their confidence up to try it. I’m thinking we could perhaps get the emasculation committee together for the first time to have a chat with some of the mommies. Stephanie has suggested we get Sissy to make teas and coffees for such a get together with him all glammed up to emphasize what is possible. What do you think Patti? Btw I have talked to Kirsty and Katharine about this and said I would mention it in our group emails.
Well Patti it’s taken me so long to get this lot written down I’m going to end it now so you get a reply.
Speak soon

Samantha xx

Looking to the Future!!

Stephanie and I are now a Couple! Stephanie is such an enthusiastic person and she fell in love with the idea of feminization when she saw what Katharine and Kirsty had done with Rachel. Also having a brother who had converted to full time sissy really helped!

As soon as we decided our relationship was blossoming and we could live together we had to have our own sissy. Sometimes I have to slow Stephanie down who would otherwise have Francesca completely feminized full-time. Francesca is losing weight quite steadily now and we are keen to make sure no fatty deposits get left around so Stephanie is keen to get him stretching and find his pelvic floor. As soon as we can get him into a pink leotard he will attend public lessons rather than at home with Stephanie at the moment. The New Age Lifestyle is definitely for both me and Stephanie. We believe women are so much stronger, harder working and much better organizers and should take the lead role. To make that sustainable we need to totally feminize men and in particular macho men make them pretty but physically weak. In the meantime we have to increase our physical strength so that we are no longer intimidated by them. Both Stephanie and I are weight training twice a week. We aren’t looking to become body builders exactly but our ultimate goal is to become stronger than both Francesca and Rachel!

 Stephanie is definitely stronger than Rachel is now and I am about the same as him based on his performance at the strength competition. It is a strange feeling having always been the weaker sex to suddenly have the tables turned. It is definitely empowering! Laura is awesome and her boxing team are inspirational. I’m sure as women realize that they no longer have to live in the male shadow they will come out fighting ( not literally!!)


Do you want to see Francesca working in a “traditionally” Female type of job?  Receptionist, Secretary, etc?

I think he would be perfect being a Receptionist at our Salon. Business is booming right now and Katharine is looking to expand the size of our Salons. Having some pretty eye candy answering the phones and welcoming clients is definitely in the plan.

Do you plan to have a “Strength Competition” between you and Stephanie vs. Scott when the time is Right?

 I think it’s essential Patti to really drive home our superiority in every way. We have to break his last bit of masculinity with him all dressed up as a pansy in front of strong and dominant women.

Is your Goal to have Francesca on constant Feminine Display like Rachel?

 Yes I think so. We will get him to finish his current job and then get him working at the Salon. I think having Rachel as a role model working alongside will be important for his development.

 What are your Overall thoughts on how the World should evolve in the next 10 years?  Where do you want to be in Life at that time?

Women should and I believe will take over more and more of the important roles in business and politics. I think we are seeing men becoming more emasculated each day and I’m confident we will see the blurring of the gender lines. More men will stay at home or do part time jobs to fit around their partners career so it will be quite natural for them to become more feminine and pretty for the more dominant partner. I think Stephanie and I will be right at the front of this change playing as big a part as we can to support other women who want to make the necessary changes in their lives.

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society! Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 332 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

To Contact Patti about Possible Postings Email at:

Stories of Mothers with The New Age Lifestyle Mindset, and how these Mothers are Changing Society for the Better!

The Next Post will be a Continuation in the Series of “When the Female Conquers the male”. That Post I am now gathering the information together, and it will Focus on Samantha, the young Woman that is the Manager of the Salon where Rachel works. Samantha is in essence Rachel’s Boss, and she will be sharing her thoughts on the Feminization of men and boys as well as her thoughts on The New Age Lifestyle! She is an “Accomplished” young Woman that has been “mentored” by Katharine, and is now in the “Process” of creating her very own “House Sissy”! This is a Posting that you will not want to miss!!!

Today’s Posting is going to be from my “Archives” of stories from Mothers over the years, and how they have encouraged their sons into Femininity! This is what I call “The New Age Lifestyle Mindset”, that even if they were not aware of it, they were “Pioneers” into the New Age Lifestyle of creating Better males through Feminization. These are from a number of years ago, and some of them I had had contact with, but then we fell “out of touch”! You can tell by these stories that Women have used Feminization to control males for many years, but it seems today that the “Practice” is growing at a more brisk rate!

Nothing a trip to the beauty parlor can’t fix

Dear Helga,

I can’t begin to tell you and your readers how surprised and delighted I was to find your marvelous web site. It almost took my breath away to realize after all these years that I am not alone.

My name is Barbara H., a mother and hairdresser from Cleveland Ohio. I would very much like to share with you and your readers what I previously thought were very unusual but effective methods of disciplining my troublesome son Mark. I have never written about what took place so many years ago and to be honest I have often wondered if I was correct in my practices, I can’t say I have not felt guilty from time to time even though I am very pleased with the outcome.

The time was the 1960’s and my young almost teenaged son was becoming quite a handful for a single mom. We had just moved to a new part of town leaving behind his school but not my job, it would just be a longer commute for me. Sadly in matter of months Mark was acting out in ways I could hardly believe. Fighting with his new classmates and back- talking me at ever opportunity, he really was pushing the boundaries with little or no respect for me his mother.

The last straw was when I received his first report card and discovered that he was failing in a number of subjects.

I knew I had to do something to show him that I meant business and would not tolerate his disrespect for me or his classmates and teachers.

When I was pregnant with my son my one heartfelt wish was that I would give birth to a precious baby girl instead of a baby boy. Without sounding totally heartless I must say that I was crushed with disappointment when he was born. It took me many years to accept the fact that I would be raising a boy instead of a girl, in fact when Mark was a baby and to just before starting school I would often dress him in adorable feminine baby dresses and treat him as if he were my beautiful daughter. I kept him in long hair and curls almost up until the day he started kindergarten.

He was my Melissa, and I tried to instill in him soft feminine qualities and teach him that just because he was a boy that didn’t mean he couldn’t wear pretty dresses and play beauty parlor with me and his many dolls.

My dream for Mark was that he would be happy living as a girl and become a hairdresser just like his mom, but my conscious got the best of me and I enrolled him as a boy in school. As painful as it was I put my dream on hold.

For years he was a sweet gentle boy and oh so feminine in appearance. Even when dressed as a boy people would mistake his pretty brown hair and delicate features for that of a cute little lady. The only friends I had and still have are the gals at the beauty shop where I work and all the ladies just love Mark to pieces, they adore it when he spends the day with me at the salon helping around the shop with the many chores.

With his sudden change in behavior the first and only remedy I could think of was to put him back in dresses and curls, the sooner the better. I was sure this would keep him in his room with his homework and out of trouble.

The day that I announced to him that I was going to keep him in dresses while he was home and that I expected him to behave accordingly, like an obedient daughter until his grades improved he was none too pleased.

Of course after he threw his tantrums I had no problem getting him into sweet smelling sudsy tub while I augmented his wardrobe with the appropriate clothing.

It was a Friday afternoon and I fully intended that his weekend would be spent in the most feminine attire I could find, and find I did. With the help of my very best friend Carla I was proud to inherited almost all of her daughters outgrown dresses, lingerie and shoes, which absolutely fit him to a tee.

He was powdered and perfumed and dressed in the most adorable pink and white flowered little girls dress imaginable, with all the trimmings. Sheer white tights over flounced pink panties, darling little girl white Mary Janes adorned with puffy lacy ankle socks. What a picture he made sitting at my vanity as I set his hair in my rollers.

Before setting his hair I gave him an unmistakably feminine haircut, a just below chin length bob slightly shorter in back tapering forward along his cheek line with adorable eyebrow length bangs. I felt with this haircut I could try numerous feminine hairdos on him. I could hardly wait to get him down to the salon where I could really show him off to all the girls. As far as they would know it was all his idea to play dress up, what was a mother to do if her little boy wanted to wear dresses and have his hair done like a little lady. I knew the gals at the salon would welcome him with open arms, and they did.

That first night as I was setting his hair I purposely chose my one inch brush rollers, and I set them as tightly as I could, anchoring more than 30 rollers in his set, held securely in place with pink plastic picks. He would have to get used to the smell of Dippity-Do setting lotion and Aqua Net hairspray in the coming months, not to mention the tight prickly brush rollers he would be sleeping in almost every night. This was a trial of womanhood he would come to know all to well as he struggled to comfortably place his head on his satin pillow.

After his hair was perfectly set in rollers I tied a sheer pink scarf over the curlers and cinched it up tight so that not one roller would be out of place in the morning. That night my darling Melissa was quite the little helper as we ironed and folded his new wardrobe before bedtime. The little dear would sleep with in my bed with me until I had time to redecorate his room more appropriately. He was absolutely darling as I dressed him in his pretty pink baby doll nightie and tucked him in nice and tight with one of his pretty dolls. I felt a little guilty as he whimpered and moaned asking me to take out the prickly rollers but I knew it was for his own good to experience the pain that beauty sometime demands.

True to my word I dressed him in yet another adorable little girls dress for his first of many trips to the beauty parlor to get his hair done. That first Saturday he was nervous to say the least as he was marched into to the beauty parlor only to be swarmed by my girlfriends, ooohing and aaahing at what a darling girl he made. They were told in advance that he wanted to be called Melissa and treated as if he had always been a girl.

That first day as I removed the rollers from his hair I could hardly believe how thick and full of body his hair was.

That’s when I got the idea to give him a more grown up lady’s hairdo. Some of the other hairdressers gathered around as I teased, sprayed and backcombed his gorgeous hair until it stood straight up like a halo of cotton candy ready to be tamed into a perfectly adorable lady like bouffant. Slowly I pulled out and picked the curls until his unruly mass of hair started taking shape. This hairdo was really going to look cute on him and make him look a lot more grown up then he was.

Many of the women in the shop, stylists and patrons stopped what they were doing just to see this most lady like hairdo on this young girlish boy. Marks hair was now the pinnacle of femininity, a high rounded bouffant, layered in petal curls, with perfectly coiffed bangs. I asked him to cover his face as I began the almost endless process of spraying his final hairdo with clouds of the fragrant hard to hold hairspray. Mark choked as I lacquered his precious new hairdo into place.

It was the first of hundreds of hairdo’s I gratefully gave my now sweet feminine daughter. In fact Melissa is all grown up and she is a well-adjusted young woman who I am proud to say has become a wonderful hairdresser. At least once a week she will set and style my hair and just us girls will go out for a drink or two. Without petticoat discipline heaven knows where we would be today.

Many Thanks to you and your wonderful work,

Thank you so much for your letter Barbara. I am delighted for you to have such a beautiful child and for allowing him to express his femininity. Another great example of loving feminization.

  1. A Posting from SuzyQue:

I agree with Pennysue, My young son used to be quite troublesome and misbehave. When he was just 3-4 years old, I used to dress him up in his older sisters old cloths, He hated it and really was mad at first. My daughter was 14 years older then him and after she left for college and my husband left, I started dressing him up more and more whenever he became unruly. By the time he was 7 he became more used to it and I really enjoyed dressing him up. This was the early eighties and it wasn’t uncommon for guys to wear curly perms, so I started curling his hair. Just short at first but it looked so cute I let it grow out longer. By the time he was 9 he had a beautiful head of long curls down to his shoulder blades. He looked just so cute with the long curls and blondish hair that everyone was always mistaking him for a girl, even when he was dressed as a boy. Up until this time, He always wore boys clothing to school, but the other boys would make fun of him and he usually just played with girls and was accepted by them as one of their own. The summer when he was 9 I started to dress him up almost all of the time as a girl and we went on vacation that summer and he dressed entirely in girls clothing all summer long. Come fall when it was time to go back to school, I wanted to go out and get him some new boy clothing for school, because he had outgrown most of his old boys stuff. When we went to the stores he did not want to even look at the boys stuff, he wanted to get all of his stuff in the girls department. After some tough moments and many tears we went and bought him all girls slacks, shirts, socks and underwear for school. He wanted to wear dresses and skirts too, but I told him he could not wear them to school, but we bought him a couple of dresses and skirts that he could wear at other times. He wore girls slacks, jeans and tops all year at school and no one ever complained to us about it at all. I always made sure his school outfits always looked pretty neutral, but he usually wore girls sneakers with pink trim and jackets and coats that always looked very girlish. Underneath he usually wore pink or lacy panties. For his tenth birthday he wanted his ears pierced so we went out and had them done. He really looked much more like a girl then many of his female classmates. He just started going by Bobbi instead of Robert or Bobby and things went pretty smooth. By the time he was 13, when he was ready for school that year he went out and got guys clothing and accessories, plus he got his hair cut so it was just down below his ears, but even though he was trying to look more like a guy he still looked very much like a young girl. Over the next few years he made a gradual transition to almost all guys stuff but he did start wearing his hair in a long ponytail and still had both male underwear and panties in his dresser drawer. He still was often mistaken for a girl. When he left college at 22 he was a quiet very shy young man and went out into the work force and became a successful technician. For at least 6-7 years he seemed very happy and able to cope with life, but always seemed a little out of place. At 28 he married a woman 9 years older then he, and when I first visited them, I noticed he was again becoming very much more feminine looking.

Bobby seemed very happy with his new wife Betsey, but it was pretty evident that she was a very dominate and controlling person. Although a very beautiful girl she was 5’10” and a size 18 and really was much bigger then him with his 5’5″ frame and 130#. I noticed when I did some of my laundry at his house before I left that their laundry basket had her large size women’s clothing plus many size small women’s jeans, blouses, nightgown and undies that were apparently his but they were apparently keeping him in male mode while I was there. 10 months later I went to visit them for a long weekend, Bobby met me at the door, he looked like a young woman and I did not hardly recognize him. His hair was again longer, permed and highlighted, he was wearing jeans and a baggy tee shirt, but he looked more like a woman then he had ever before. His hair was nice, his eyebrows were shaped, his face was smooth and I was sure he was wearing lite makeup. I told him he looked great and gave him a hug, it was then that I noticed he was wearing a bra. I continued on that weekend and complimented him on his looks and he was much more comfortable about being dressed as a women and we had a great weekend together. A little over a year ago they had a baby boy. I went to see them a few months ago. Bobbi is doing great, he looks fabulous and is happier then I have ever seen him. He has been taking care of the Baby and staying at home while his wife went back to work. He has been on hormones for a little over 2 years and I have noticed that he is indeed becoming to look much more like a woman. He has small breasts and definitely developed a more womanishly looking figure. He does not want to become a woman, he just wants to keep his features and appearance more soft looking to remain a more feminine looking person. They want to have one more child soon and open their own business, they seemed to be very happy and I love them all deeply.

It is so Delightful when boys Embrace their Femininity!

Naomi Watts with her son Kai!

Exercising together!
Naomi and son Kai
Kai in his pretty skirt and tights!

Timmy’s New Life

Dear Helga,

I think this is a wonderful site and I am grateful that you are taking the time to spread the word about petticoat punishment. I would like to share with you some information on the transformation of my son from Timmy to Tammy.

After I was widowed as a young mother I was forced to move in with my Aunt Barbara who lived on a farm in New England and who thankfully was willing to take us in. I really didn’t know her well but knew she was well off and that she had raised a son, Francis, who was now away at an exclusive college.

My son Timmy, aged 10, and I were welcomed warmly. However Aunt Barbara made it clear that she had strong feelings about discipline, especially for disobedient little boys. That concerned me since I knew Timmy to be very headstrong and prone to doing all those things young boys do. The traumatic loss of my husband impacted me and, as a result, Timmy was out of control.

The first clue as to my Aunt’s ideas on discipline became clearer when I was shown to our new rooms. Timmy’s room previously belonged to Barbara’s son. It was decorated in a very feminine manner: white furniture, a canopy bed, ruffled curtains, etc. More to the point, the closets and drawers were full of girls clothing. The look of surprise on my face must have been obvious because Aunt Barbara said “I guess you aren’t familiar with petticoating?” and of course I wasn’t. Aunt Barbara then went into great detail on the process she used to successfully raise her son. She concluded that “I see a lot of the same behavior problem in your Timmy that I experienced in Francis. I tried everything and nothing worked till a friend educated me about petticoating. It seemed radical but I tried it and it worked wonders”.

I had to admit it was a radical approach but I was at wits end to find a way to reign in Timmy’s behavior. I also knew the first test was to soon come when Timmy was introduced to his new room. I called Timmy to come upstairs and once he saw his new room the expected result ensued: yelling, using coarse language, kicking things – all those behaviors that needed to be checked. A look at Aunt Barbara told me she was ready to proceed. So was I.

In a flash Aunt Barbara had Timmy over her knee and almost magically produced a hairbrush. A sound bare bottom paddling ensued and this had the desired effect of quieting the tantrum. A tearful and chastened Timmy was stood up and told in no uncertain terms that his behavior will be changed and that resistance would be met with punishment that would make the spanking he just received seem like a walk in the park.

We both then marched him down the hall to the bath where he was scrubbed in a scented bath. As I dried Timmy, Aunt Barbara carried out his old clothes and returned with what was to be his new outfit. On seeing the obviously frilly girls clothes Timmy again began a tantrum. This time I pulled him over my knee and administered a spanking as hard as any I had done before.

The desired effect was achieved. A whimpering Timmy was quickly put into flowered cotton panties, a vest, a cute frilly dress, knee high socks, and little ballet flats. In addition, Aunt Barbara produced some nail polish and applied this to Timmy’s fingers.

The result was amazing. Timmy (soon to be Tammy) became very docile and obedient. He behaved perfectly as Aunt Barbara returned him to his room and showed him his new wardrobe, his vanity table, his dolls, and his stuffed toys. Aunt Barbara told Timmy to choose two favorite dolls and to bring them with him downstairs. To my surprise he did so. The rest of the day was spent with Timmy learning to walk and sit properly in his dress and learning to play with his dolls. By bedtime Timmy had become quite at home in his new clothes. In fact, when he was put in his little baby doll nightgown to go to bed there was virtually no resistance.

This, of course, was only the beginning of Timmy’s new life. However, this letter is getting quite long and I’ll save any more details for a future letter.


Thank you for your letter Kristen. I’m thrilled that you shared your son’s story with us and we all hope that he continues to learn proper behavior from your loving guidance. We’d all love to hear from you again soon.


  • Marie’s experience with her 8 Year Old Son Ryan/Rene, with help from her 10 Year Old daughter Tanya:

Hello, I started looking online for information about boys who like to wear girl’s clothes and I found this forum and thought I’d relay my experience here. My son Ryan is eight years old and he had never shown any interest in girls clothing but then our washing machine broke. I’m a single mom with two kids, Ryan and his older sister Tanya (she’s ten) and I’m not mechanical so I can’t just fix the washer – I had to buy a new one. But I couldn’t afford one right away so for a while I was doing the laundry at the laundromat with Tanya’s help. This was about three months ago and during that period of time I was so busy with work and doing all the mother stuff for the kids (driving them all around everywhere, going to games and plays and school meetings and all the normal stuff us parents have to deal with) that I neglected to get the laundry done and one morning Ryan came downstairs in his birthday suit (we’re very open about nudity in our house after all it’s just me Tanya and Ryan – we don’t care about seeing each other naked) and he complained that he didn’t have any underwear to put on. I went and looked and his underwear drawer was empty. I looked through the wash and all his underpants were filthy with skid marks and the like so I got down a box of Tanya’s old clothes and gave Ryan a pair of plain white panties to put on. He protested at first saying they were for a girl and I said they were no different than his own underpants and he held them up and said “Yes they are look they have pretty trim around the waist, if anyone sees that they’ll know they’re for a girl.”
I told him it was all I had to give him to wear right now and that no one will see the panties’ waist trim and only me, him, and Tanya will know that he’s wearing panties. He grunted and sighed but he put them on and then we went and had breakfast. Tanya was surprised when she saw her brother in a pair of her old panties but I explained he was out of underpants and said that he could use her support so she said it was fine that he had nothing to worry about. After breakfast he put on his jeans and a t-shirt and went to school with the panties on under his jeans.
After school he played with his friends as he always does and he came home filthy dirty as he always does and as is the usual pattern I sent him to have a bath. After he was done with his bath he came to me and said that he had no clothes left that were clean. I checked his dresser and closet and I was astounded, he really didn’t have any clean clothing to wear. It’s true that he goes through clothes a lot quicker than Tanya but I didn’t realize that he had worn all his clean clothes since the last time I’d been to the laundromat. I didn’t know what to do, it’s true that we’re open about nudity in our house but that didn’t mean that Ryan wanted to be naked until I could get to the laundromat. I didn’t know what to do but I ended up getting the box of Tanya’s old clothes down and going through it. Ryan was the right size to wear her old things but Tanya is a very girlish girl, there’s no tomboy in her and over the years she’s always preferred frilly dresses skirts and tights. She was never a pants girl, she has never liked wearing pants for her it’s always been dresses and skirts and tights if needed so I didn’t know what to give Ryan to wear, there was nothing boyish in Tanya’s box of old clothes.
Well I sat down with him and we discussed it and I said that no one will know that he’s wearing a dress other than us – just our family: me Ryan and Tanya. Tanya joined in and told Ryan that it wasn’t such a big deal and that she promised not to laugh or to ever tell anyone. The result was that Ryan agreed to wear a dress and I laid Tanya’s old clothes out in the living room and Ryan chose the dress himself. He chose a really cute sky-blue flower print dress that had puffy shoulders and white lace trim in front and on the bottom. He said it didn’t really matter which dress it was, they were all very frilly and girlish and he picked up the blue flower print dress and said, “Fine I’ll wear this one.”
I gave him a clean pair of yellow panties that had a little pink bow in front and he blushed when he put them on. I then helped him into the dress and Tanya and I said that he looked great and had nothing to worry about. Personally, I LOVED the way he looked in the dress. I had never before thought of putting my son into a dress but now that he was standing before me dressed like a girl I LOVED it!! I didn’t make a big deal of it though. I let Ryan and Tanya sit together on the couch and watch TV while I made dinner. Ryan was perfectly happy and cheerful during dinner and afterwards he was very obedient and helped clean up the mess – a chore that he tries to get out of every single night. Seriously, I’ve had to struggle with him on a daily basis just to get him to help clean up after dinner but this night I asked only once and he helped out without a word of content. After dinner he and Tanya watched a movie – no homework because it was Friday night – and then it was time to get ready for bed. Ryan and Tanya brushed their teeth and Tanya put on her night gown and then I realized Ryan didn’t have any clean pajamas either, so I gave him a pretty white cotton nightgown with little pink flowers all over it and he put it on with barely a word about it.
He wore the nightgown during breakfast the next morning and I couldn’t help but notice not only how cute he was in it, but also how relaxed and comfortable he seemed. After breakfast he watched cartoons for a while in the nightgown and then we had to talk because I had to do the laundry, I needed Tanya’s help, and I wasn’t about to leave Ryan home alone and I couldn’t send him to a friends house in girls clothing.
We talked about it and Ryan actually agreed that he would be ok with wearing a dress outside so long as we go to a laundromat that wasn’t near our neighborhood – he of course didn’t want anyone to recognize him. Our house has a two car garage and I put the laundry baskets in the trunk of the car and Tanya and I got in the front and Ryan got in the back and he laid down flat on the car seat so the neighbors wouldn’t see him as we drove by and he stayed this way until we were on the highway – about ten minutes. Once we were on the highway he sat up and he was perfectly happy and cheery. I drove about 40 minutes away to another town and we fond a laundromat and both Tanya and Ryan were very helpful with getting the laundry done and Ryan to my surprise seemed to be perfectly comfortable in the dress he was wearing. People the laundromat seemed to stare at him because he has short hair and looks like a boy but on the way there I told Ryan that I was nervous about calling him Ryan in public because people would know he was a boy and he thought about it and just as we were getting off the highway he said “Why don’t you call me Rene, it’s close to Ryan.”
Tanya loved this idea and truthfully so did I. We agreed and immediately Tanya started thinking of things to say to Ryan but kept calling him Rene. I almost slipped up at the laundromat but remembered just in time to call him Rene. He forgot also a couple of times a few times and I had to repeat his new girl name three or four times before he realized I was addressing him.
When the laundry was all done we packed it into the car and I took out pants and a t-shirt and went to Ryan and said that I would help him back into his boy clothes now assuming that he couldn’t wait to get back into his pants but he absolutely shocked me and said, “Do I have to change? Can’t I wear the dress for now?”
It took me a moment to answer but I said “Sure sweetie you can wear the dress as much as you want” and I felt a surge of excitement go through me because secretly inside I was in love with how my son looked and behaved when in a dress. I put the pants and shirt in the backseat with Ryan in case he changed his mind and we went out to have lunch at a restaurant and Ryan was perfectly happy sitting at the table in his pretty dress. When he had to pee Tanya brought him to the girl’s bathroom and reminded him to sit down when he went. After lunch we walked down the street and found an ice cream place and I bought ice cream for all of us. Then we walked back to the car and drove home and again Ryan laid down flat on the back car seat while we drove through our neighborhood and he didn’t get up until the garage door was closed. Tanya and Ryan helped me bring the laundry in and we all worked together to get it put away and when we filled Ryan’s dresser and closet back up with his boy clothes he never once gave any sign of wanting to change into any of them, he just went through the motions while in the dress. When we were done we went and put Tanya’s clothes away and then mine and Ryan was a helpful little angle the entire time!!
Afterwards he and Tanya went and played in the backyard until about 5:30 or so and then they helped me make dinner. Ryan ate dinner in the dress and afterwards I sent them off to the bath together. After bathing Ryan had Tanya went into the living room and I had a nightgown ready for Tanya and boys PJ’s for Ryan and he looked at them and said, “I was hoping to wear the nightgown again, it was so soft and comfortable.”
Tanya giggled and I told Ryan he could wear Tanya’s old nightgowns to bed whenever he wanted and we went back to the box of her old clothes and this time I got out a pink nylon nightgown and gave it to Ryan and he put it on and I could see that he was in love with how great it felt. I gave him some pink panties and he put them on without a word of question or protest and he and Tanya settled on the couch for a bit of TV before bed.
The next morning Ryan came skipping into the kitchen in the pink nightgown and I think he was happier than I’d ever seen him before. He wore the pink nightgown until about 11:30 in the morning when two of his friends knocked on the door. He went running upstairs to his bedroom and for the first time since Friday afternoon he put boy clothes on, jeans and a t-shirt and he went off to play with his friends. When he came home hours later it was off to the bathtub with him and when he was done bathing he came and found me in the front sitting room where I was resting and reading a book. He was naked and he asked if he could look through the box of Tanya’s old clothes again. This time I brought the box to his bedroom and we spread all the clothes out on his bed and Tanya came in and helped him to decide which panties and dress he would wear for the evening. That night he again slept in the pink nylon nightgown and then the next morning was Monday and he had to go to school and he insisted on wearing panties under his jeans and I wondered what I had done to my son by having him wear panties that previous Friday. In my mind it was just supposed to be a one time thing but now two days later my son was refusing to wear his boys underpants! I didn’t ridicule him or anything though I supported and even encouraged him because I couldn’t get over how great he looked in panties and in a dress.
I know this is going on and on but I’m about done, I’m sorry but this is what it takes to tell this story. To wrap it up I want to say that when Ryan’s supply of Tanya’s old panties ran out he was very upset so I put him in a dress and brought him to a Target store and had him choose several packages of panties. I bought them and when we got home he put on a panty fashion show for me and Tanya!
This all happened just about three months ago and since then Ryan has been coming home, taking off his boy clothes and putting on Tanya’s old girl clothes and going by the name Rene. All the clothes that fit him from the box of Tanya’s old clothes now hang in his closet or sit folded in his dresser right along with his boy clothes and he wears what he calls his “new clothes” around home all the time and now that school is out and it’s summer he’s in girl’s clothing much more often than boys clothing and the three of us have been going on outings far away from our “hood” so Ryan can wear his new girls clothes out in public and be happy doing so and I AM LOVING EVEY SECOND OF IT!!! (So is Tanya – they even play with her Barbie dolls together now and she LOVES having a new little sister to play with!!)
I never imagined how much I would enjoy turning my little boy into a girl but it’s been about the best time of our lives so far and Ryan is happier than ever as a girl, much happier than he ever was as a boy.
So that’s my story, there’s much more I could tell if anyone’s interested, we’ve had lots of fun times the last three months taking Ryan around as a girl and as far as I’m concerned I’d like him to be a girl full time but that’s his decision not mine and there’s of course the pending issue of school coming up in a month and a half. I expect we will go back to him being a boy during school and a girl at home after school and on the weekends, I guess we’ll see.
As a closing note I want to say that if there are any mothers out there who have considered feminizing their sons but are reluctant to do so I strongly suggest you just go ahead and DO IT! Boys love it (at least mine does) and they behave better and they look so CUTE in their dresses and skirts! It happened quite by mistake that I ended up feminizing Ryan but it’s turned out to be the best thing ever for all three of us!!!

With much love,


More from Marie:

Hello Patti,

Thank you for your wonderful reply, you warmed my heart and made me feel even better about helping and encouraging Ryan to be Rene.

I am certainly interested in your book and will send you an email. If you want you are welcome to include my posts in your book.

Today was wonderful, Rene put on pink tights a pink mini-skirt and a white blouse with roses embroidered on the front in a pink outline design. Tanya’s old sandals fit him great so he wore blue plastic sandals with tiny pink flowers on the straps and Tanya also put on pink tights and a pink skirt and she wore a yellow blouse. They looked SO CUTE together!! We drove for fifty minutes to go see the new Harry Potter movie a few towns over where it would be very unlikely to run into anyone we know. The kids had a great time, we all loved the movie and Rene was like he was floating on air he was so happy to be going around in pink girl cloths! He tried tights out for the first time about two weeks ago and he immediately fell in love with them and has been wearing them a lot. I brought him out last week and got him several more pairs on top of what he got out of Tanya’s old clothing box.

Anyway, thanks for responding and I’ll email you.


I see there isn’t a lot going on in this forum but I have a feeling there’s a steady number of folks who check in here regularly anyway.

So for anyone who’s interested in my son’s new life as a girl I’ll just say that I don’t have the time to write out everything that’s been happening but I will quickly say that with it being summer Ryan is spending the vast majority of his time as Rene. I’m really quite fascinated and surprised by it! I mean, I LOVE him being a girl instead of a boy I just NEVER had any idea that he would blossom so quickly and willingly into girlhood, especially since this all started with a practical decision I made to provide him with some clean underwear. I think many moms on this forum made the decision themselves for their sons to be girls and found ways to get their sons to go along with it and enjoy it but my little boy simply decided that he wanted to be a girl once he found himself dressed like one. Certainly once I saw his desire I encouraged it so by some degree I did help make the decision for him because if I had denied him the chance to remain in dresses and skirts then he certainly would of continued on being a boy. But I made the choice to encourage him, (of course as I said before his older sister helped as well, maybe even more than me!) and now I have a son who wants to be a girl!

Anyway, I didn’t mean this to be long, we have a busy day tomorrow and I need to go to sleep but I just wanted to put a quick note that everything is going great, Ryan had been wearing girl clothes almost exclusively and telling his friends who are boys that he’s very busy with his family this summer and that they need to call before coming over. He has gotten together with his boy friends a few times – as Ryan of course – but he spends most of his time as Rene, with me and his sister and the girls whom I mentioned in an earlier post and he’s clearly happier being with us and being a girl then going out and being a boy with his school friends.
Which btw .. we’ve talked about school and he says he wants to be Ryan during the day and Rene in the afternoon / evening. I’m so happy I’m going to get have daughters at home even during the school year!

Ok that’s it, even if no one were to read and appreciate this, I’m happy the forum is here so I can have a place to talk about Ryan and express my joy over him wanting to be my second daughter!



Hello Rhonda,

It’s wonderful to hear that you are also going through a similar thing with your son. It’s too bad Rene and your boy couldn’t be friends, Ryan/Rene would LOVE to have a friend who was a boy but also liked to be girlish.

I thought I’d post a quick update, Rene is doing great! He doesn’t want the summer to end because he’s been able to wear girls clothing almost every single day; the only days he doesn’t is when he goes to do something with his boy friend’s from school. I did take the advice though from one of the earlier responses to my post about getting him some boyish looking girl clothes.

I was in a store getting some new things for myself – that’s a rare occasion! Rene and Tanya were with their friends (the girls I mentioned in an earlier post) and I decided to go look at the girls section just for fun but I had already decided not to buy anything else. Well, I got there and found a pair of girl’s jeans that were totally like boys jeans except they had some fancy stitching on the front and back pockets. There were also some plain t-shirts in light pastel colors so I went ahead and got a pair of the jeans and a light soft yellow t-shirt that has a much smaller trim around the sleeves and neck than the standard boy t-shirt and brought them home. I showed them to Rene and said that he could possibly wear them when he goes to play with the boys if he felt up to it. I said he could kind of subtly introduce the idea of him wearing girlish things to them.

He liked the idea and thanked me for the clothes and he wore them the next day when I had to work and a baby sitter we know very well but haven’t been using much since this all started came to be with the kids. She thought his clothes were cute and being a teenage girl she knew full well that they were for a girl and it wasn’t long before Ryan started telling her all about how he wants to be like a girl.

I came home from work to find him in a pink and yellow dress I got for him about a month or so ago! The babysitter told me that she asked Ryan why he was wearing girl’s clothes and she said that he got upset that she could tell that they were for a girl because they were very boyish and he thought no one would know and that he was really worried that the boys at school will know they’re for a girl and that he shouldn’t wear them around them. The babysitter (I feel funny always saying ‘The babysitter’, her name is Jessica) – Jessica told me how this lead to Ryan telling her that he’s done with being a boy and wants to be a girl from now on!

Jessica said she thought it was adorable but also saw that he was serious and she asked him if he wanted to wear something more feminine and said that he could if he wanted to so he ran off to his room and put the blue and pink dress on and apparently Jessica and he had a real heart to heart conversation about it.

One of the things Jessica talked to Ryan about was that just because she recognized his jeans and t-shirt as being for a girl it didn’t meant that his boy friends would. (That’s another thing that I feel funny about – saying boy friends – everyone thinks it to means something intimate but Ryan is only 8 yrs old so when I say boy friends I just mean his friends who are boys, there’s obviously nothing intimate meant by the phrase here.)

Anyway! – Jessica said that she thought it would be ok for him to wear the t-shirt and jeans around his boy friends because they most likely wouldn’t know the difference. She also talked to him about when he started feeling like he wanted to be like a girl which was something I hadn’t really broached with him yet. I haven’t been so sure why he took to girls clothing so quickly but as it turns out, he admitted to Jessica that he’s always been jealous of girls and what they get to wear and play with!!! I truthfully had NO idea!! Not until he asked to stay in a dress at the laundromat that one day. I feel like such a Clueless mom!! I was also a bit surprised to find out from Ryan later as we discussed this that he’s always looked up to Jessica and felt he really liked her – she’s been the babysitter for the kids since Ryan was four and Jessica was a very responsible 13 yr old. I knew she was good with kids and that Ryan and Tanya liked her but he expressed a stronger impression and bond with her than I had realized existed and he was glad that I had asked her to come over and baby sit because it had been a while since she had been here.

And the reason for that was because I’ve been shying away from letting anyone be with Ryan since this whole being a girl thing has come up. My friend and her daughters found out about Rene by a bit of a fluke but they’re totally supportive and Ryan has been spending most of the summer playing with his sister and those two girls. So I was apprehensive to let Jessica come over but I HAD to work and I HAD to find a baby sitter and Jessica is really the only baby sitter I want to trust my kids with. Other than parents of the kids friends of course – I’m just talking about a straight up stay at my house and take care of the kids while I’m at work baby sitter and Jessica is the only one I want, she knows the kids and she loves them and she’s great with them. But still I wasn’t sure how she would react to Ryan being Rene so I avoided calling her until I had to.

Well as seems to by my style I get going ad I don’t stop and this posting is already much longer than I intended but I realized I had to mention Jessica. My intention was just to say that Ryan wore the boyish girl clothes out with his boy friends but I realized I had to mention Jessica as she has now also played a part in what I personally consider to be this amazing ongoing story of my son becoming my daughter.

Other than one of the boy’s sister teasing him for wearing girls clothes when the boys weren’t around everything went fine when Ryan wore his girls jeans and t-shirt. This girl that teased him said that she won’t reveal to her brother and the other boys that Ryan was wearing girl’s jeans and t-shirt because she was impressed that he had the guts to do it. Ryan said that he asked her if it was really obvious and the girl (she’s twelve) said ‘only if you’re a girl or a sissy’ and this made Ryan feel uncomfortable so he started to walk away and she took his arm and said she was just joking and he could tell her the truth if he likes to wear girls things and Ryan said he didn’t like the energy she had, she was to intense and kind of scary so he yanked his arm away and told her to leave him alone and went back outside to play with the boys and the rest of the afternoon went without incident.

He was in a good mood when he came home, actually he was very excited that he got to wear girls things around the boys and get away with it but that girl had given him his first dose of teasing over wanting to be girlish and I think it affected him deeper than he’s shown me. I asked Ryan how it made him feel and he said he said it made him feel angry at her. But he said that it didn’t matter and he was going to wear the jeans and t-shirt again when he goes to play with his school friends. Then he actually said that maybe he’d wear them the first day of school but I cautioned him away from that. For right now, he’s doing school as a boy, we’ll see what developments come about in the future but for right now I feel it’s best for him to keep Rene out of the school, I don’t want him constantly getting teased for being girlish. I want him to try out this plan of being a boy at school and a girl at home and see how it goes. I don’t know what will happen in the future but for right now I think caution is a good idea. Ryan didn’t like being teased by that girl and I don’t want him coming home from school in tears.

Ok, that’s enough for now; I’ve gone on too much again. Thank you to everyone who’s responded to my posts. I love reading your responses and I love reading that you enjoy hearing about Ryan I mean Rene (-; and I love having somewhere that I can express my own feelings.

Love Marie

Hello it looks like my original thread has gone into the archives and I can’t add to it any more so I’m starting this new one because people have encouraged me to keep the forum up to date with the progress of my son Ryan who for – starting to get close to a year now – has been living as Rene.

I sent responses to some other postings and they took some time so I can’t really get into a full update right now, I really have to go to sleep soon. We have been so busy and I’ve been so tired at this time of night that I just haven’t had the energy to post an update but this forum remains in my mind and I want to keep putting updates here when I can. I like putting Rene’s story out to you – whoever is reading this forum – it’s good for me to take the time to express it in the written word.

Unfortunately to say everything that has occurred in the past week and a half would take me hours so I’ll just focus on a few quick things.

1st off, Rene is doing absolutely wonderful! He wishes that he could just go out and BE Rene and still be accepted by his friends as their new gurlfriend but Ryan knows his boy friends well and he knows that he would be ridiculed and shamed for becoming a girl – he stated this himself. So we’ve had a number of long talks about his “coming out” at school and the final answer is that none of us – neither Rene, Tanya, nor myself – are ready to deal with the consequences. So Rene has prepared himself to be a boy at school and a girl at home.

2nd There was reconciliation with the girl that called Rene a ‘sissy’. She actually came to our house and knocked on the door! I answered it and I looked at her quizzically because I was pretty sure I knew who she was – the sister of Ryan’s friend who had teased him for wearing girls jeans and t-shirt. Well I was right, it was the same girl and she asked if Ryan was home and I said,” Yes he is why?”

She said, “Well I kind of made fun of him the other day and I wanted to apologize.”

I found this very interesting and to be truthful, I didn’t fully trust her.

Ryan was inside dressed in a very cute pink top; a white ruffled skirt and white tights because it was a little chilly indoors that day. I didn’t think that presenting Rene was the right thing to do so I asked the girl to wait outside while I got Ryan.

I closed the door and went and told Ryan who was outside and what she wanted. Ryan’s first reaction was to tell her to go away. But I didn’t want to spoil an opportunity of acceptance if it was possibly true so I reminded Ryan that she said that she wanted to apologize. I said that I would help him get into some boy clothes and then he could go talk with her.

Ryan took like maybe thirty seconds to think about it and then he just got up without saying anything and walked out of the room. I followed after him wondering what he was up to and he went while still dressed as Rene in a pink top white skirt and tights – he opened the front door just slightly, just enough to peak out – and said, “What do you want?”

I wasn’t so sure about his choice of technique but I didn’t have time to do anything. The front door was pushed open and this girl stepped right into our house and saw Ryan fully dressed as a girl.

She gasped and said, “You do like being a girl!”

Ryan turned and went bolting to the stairs but he wasn’t watching where he was going and he tripped on the ottoman and went flailing to the ground. I rushed over to make sure my baby was OK and he was fine except that he was stunned from being “caught’ as Rene by a neighborhood kid and because he had tripped and fallen.

His friend’s sister – Gina is her name – came over and asked if he was Ok and I helped him get back up onto his feet and Gina said, “You look good in a skirt and tights. I’m sorry I made fun of you. If you like being a girl then I promise I won’t tell and I won’t tease you for it. I was just kind of surprised to see one of David’s friends -(that’s her brother who is one of Ryan’s boy friends)- going around in girls jeans and t-shirt. But really, I promise I won’t tell, I just wanted to know if it was true or not.”

I’m afraid I can’t go on with the story sorry, I’ll just say that in the end Rene ended up with a new girl friend who is encouraging him in his new feminine life so Rene now has one friend at her school who knows his “girl secret” and she fully supports him so I think this could be a very good asset to Rene in the long run.

I have much more I would love to tell about but I don’t have the time I’m sorry. I’ll write back as soon as I can.

Oh, BTW .. the discussion that occurred after my last posting – about whether ‘sissy’ should be considered an insult or not – I showed those responses to Rene and we have talked a lot about it and the other day after hearing the word sissy on television Rene stated: “Maybe I am a sissy now but I really don’t care. There’s nothing wrong with being sissy and if that’s what I am then fine. I’m proud of it.”

These were HIS words! – I am not paraphrasing or adding my own words in. This was what my son said and I wanted to share it with this forum.

Once again thank you for letting me talk about my new daughter. I really appreciate this place.

Love Marie.

Katherine’s New Daughters

Dear Helga,

     Well I did it! I finally did it and the world is still spinning. Last Friday Diane, my daughter, stayed home from school. We went shopping for girls’ panties for my sons. We found some very pretty sets on sale with panties and camisole. But my older son’s size included a matching training bra. Well, I had to get that as well. We came home before the boys got home from school and I replaced all of their old underwear with the new pretty things and waited. When they arrived home they were filthy, as I expected they would be, so I ordered them to strip in the kitchen and to get into clean clothes in their bedrooms.

It was not long before we heard the screams. When I got to their rooms they were busy accusing Diane of putting her underwear in their drawers. I took the panties from Danny and examined them. ‘No’, I said, ‘Diane does not wear briefs but you two do so they are yours’. ‘But they are girls’ panties. We are not wearing them!’ Danny exclaimed. ‘Oh yes you will’, I told them, ‘I am not going through another summer with both you in pain from heat rash! Now Diane and I do not have heat rash because we wear nylon panties so that is what you’re going to wear and with the camisole top’. Danny pulled out one of his training bras. ‘What do I need one of these for?’ he demanded. ‘Posture!’ I shouted, ‘and you will wear it when you’re home.’ Diane helped him get the bra on and adjusted it for him and added the camisole. Surprisingly he did not object as Diane fitted him for the bra.

I also did one other change to their wardrobe. I replaced their jeans with ones that button and zip to the left rather than to the right, as in male pants. They also had no back pockets and just an embroidered flower. The front pockets were a feminine crescent shape. The boys were a bit confused with the change but quickly got used to it. They played all day in these clothes. Though Danny was trying to get used to the restrictions of his bra.

When it came time for bed the boys usually slept in their underwear. But I had them take off the pretty things, saying they were too delicate to wear in bed, and had them get into lemon yellow long nylon night gowns with matching slippers and robes. It was with a bit of crying and stubbornness before they would wear the nightgowns but with Diane’s help they put them on. When we came back to their room, after we got into our nightgowns, they were surprised that our gowns were identical to theirs. Normally Diane and I would spend some time in my bedroom putting up our hair and doing our nails before coming down to the living room to watch some TV. But, since the boys were in identical nightgowns, I suggested we start a new tradition and that we all watch TV in my room while we get our hair put up and polish on our nails. Diane put my hair up in curlers and then turned to Danny and told him he was next. He turned beat red and looked at us but when he saw we were not teasing him he simply said, ‘no thank you’.

‘Very well’, I said, ‘but you’re going to learn to put up your hair so, Diane, show Danny how to put up Marty’s hair’. Marty sat in the chair and Diane proceeded to tell Danny how to roll up the hair. He caught on very quickly and soon Marty had a head full of curlers like Diane and me. We all praised how good Danny was at putting up our hair. With that he blushed and beamed with a pride in this girl thing.

The next day, Danny was astonished at how Marty’s hair turned out; it was very simple but definitely female. I think that Danny was a bit jealous of Marty and his curls. Even more so when Marty decided to help Diane set up for tea on the back porch. Danny was left to his own means of play without his brother. This was usually the other way around and Diane had no one to play with most of her life. So she was having great fun with Marty. At the tea party Diane and Marty had lots to talk about and now Danny was left out for the first time in his life.

That night Danny agreed to having his hair done up and his nails lacquered a pretty pink. Diane applied the polish and lengthened Danny’s bitten nails a bit. I told Diane joyfully that with the ‘boys’ now needing curlers as well we needed to get more for all of us. So we watched TV into the night with my three girls in their curlers and nightgowns in my bed. It was very precious.

The next morning was church but with the boys looking as they did we could not go to our old church. So I took them to a new one several miles away. The boys wore a white version of their new pants and I filled Danny’s bra with a bit of padding. Their tops were peach and sleeveless but the boys did not object to the clothes. I think they were looking at their hairstyle more than what they were wearing. I told them I had to add just one more item to their wardrobe and that was a hat. I told them if people saw them without a hat they would be upset, as girls had to be covered at this church, and even though they were not girls they might be taken for them and, well, they did not want to be noticed, did they?

My girls all looked beautiful and I wished Danny and Marty, who we call ‘M’, were in a dress and a bit of lipstick but I accepted what I had out of them as more than I ever thought I could do. After church, at their coffee hour, I met many of the ladies and their children. Diane fit in swimmingly but Danny and ‘M’ were having a hard time. No matter how hard they tried to talk to the boys their age they were ignored and while one or two of the older boys brought Danny fruit punch and wanted to hold hands, Danny was quite unused to this. Diane would have to explain it to him when we got home. All the girls on the other hand wanted to draw them into conversations and talk girl-talk, which the boys were never used to. Finally Diane rescued them and I learned the girls had invited them to a sing-along in two weeks. I had to laugh. ‘You know’, I said, ‘that is just for girls and mothers of girls’. ‘Oh’, said Danny. ‘That leaves us out’, he said a bit disappointingly. ‘The guys are having a camp-out that day’, Danny told me, ‘but we were not invited’, snapped Marty. Diane and I knew why but apparently it did not register with the boys.

On Monday the boys had to go to school and off came the nail polish and the curls were combed out but they still had panties on. To my surprise Danny had his bra on after being reassured that it did not show. They were both painfully aware that they would have to pee sitting down, as panties were not made for anything else. That was very nice for Diane and me; for once we would not have to endure the missed spots on the floor and the seat would not get pushed up. They were given chores that include cooking and cleaning and they did not object to their new tasks. Now every night we spend it in my room with all of us in nightgowns and Danny is learning new ways to put up our hair. Diane gave Danny a book on hairstyles and he is practicing on Diane and myself. However we did get him to pick out a cute style to try this Saturday. I have also suggested he might like to be blonde like Diane and myself, and he is thinking about it for after the school year. I have already decided to have him go blonde for our vacation, the same color I have my own done in. That will be nice.

On Saturday I moved out all the boys’ male clothes except for a few pants and tops for school. I have been buying dresses for the boys for 6 months now without having the courage to tell them. So they already have a good feminine wardrobe. Diane and I put all of the dresses and skirts in their closet (they have no pants except for their school clothes) and I waited for them to come home from school.

When they got home they refused to put on any of the clothes.

‘We are not going to be girls!’ they screamed. ‘No’, I said, ‘you’re not, but you will wear dresses and act like girls and look like girls. Now go and find a dress you like and put it for now’. Danny didn’t say a thing but went straight for an electric blue dress. Diane smiled, ‘that is one of my favorites’, she said, ‘but that requires a special petticoat. I’ll get it’. Marty, or ‘Em’, now began looking through all the pretty dresses we got for him.

I went down stairs and waited for what seemed like forever. They finally came down and there were three pretty girls all giggling and smiles until they saw me and then two of them began to frown. Danny was dressed in his electric blue dress with a full petticoat fluffing out from his skirt and a white pinafore with white open toed shoes with a 1-inch heel. Diane had braided his hair in two braids with large white bows on the ends. ‘Don’t you look pretty Danielle!’ I said. He blushed. ‘Come on now’, Diane said and he curtsied. ‘Oh my’, I said, ‘how nice’. Then Em poked his head around Diane’s skirts and he was dressed in a pink satin dress down to his knees with puffed sleeves and double strap black shoes and his hair was a mass of finger curls. I thought he would look so cute as a blonde. He had gold earrings on. Diane saw me look and said he wanted earrings like us so I had to find these clip-ons for now.

On Sunday I let the girls wear the same outfits and added gloves with a matching purse. But at the last moment Danny refused to go out. So Diane took him upstairs and when they came back down Danny was smiling and walking in 2-inch pumps and wearing a hat with a veil. I was taking quite a chance taking them to church in dresses since anyone discovering they were boys would be something I could not explain unlike when they were in pants. But my fears were quite unfounded. After the service they went straight for the gaggle of young girls and ignored the boys altogether. When we left it was with a fair amount of kissing from the new girls of mine. As we drove home Danny was very quiet and said only a few words noting that all the girls except him had pierced ears. I told him I had intended to get his ears pierced when they left school but he said nothing more.

We have established a routine now that when they get home from school they automatically take off their school shirt and pants and Diane inserts breast forms in Danny’s bra. Then he picks out a slip and dress and his high heel shoes. He has been doing very well walking in them so I promised him we would go and get him some higher heels to wear and he seems quite pleased about that. There is still quite a lot to teach the boys on how to act like girls but amazingly they are trying and, I think, looking forward to their vacation in dresses.

I finally took my kids out of school and informed them they would all be in dresses from now on. There was a bit of crying from my two newest girls, and Diane was not pleased when she found out she was also required to be in a dress every day from now on. Mainly they saw it as a loss of their boy friends. But I told them they had not played with boys for weeks. So I threw out the last of their pants and put them in pretty dresses with full petticoats.

There was one thing that I had to do with Danny. He was a teenager now and at his age he should have the beginning of breasts, ones that did not just fill in the bra. I had talked with my hair stylist and she was very sympathetic to my problem. She had lost a breast to cancer and now wore a prosthetic so she gave me the name of the company who did hers and I talked to them about Danny. Well, after a few weeks, I got back the breasts. They were a ‘B’ cup and perfectly weighted. I called Danny over and placed the glue on his chest and then carefully applied the prostheses to his chest; they were perfect and looked so real. They even became warm and they were resistant to water so she could take a shower or swim and not worry about taking them off for weeks. But now as a ‘B’ cup Danny did not fit into his training bras. So we gave them to Em who, to my surprise, was quite thrilled to have them because he could be just like us older girls. I thought to myself my boys are fighting over bras. Danny borrowed a bra from Diane and discovered he was a bit larger than her. She look a bit upset when she found out. We went shopping again for Danny to get bras to fit him. Naturally I went to Victoria’s Secret to get him the sexiest and the prettiest.

With the new bras Danny looked so cute, like a little princess in his dress. I could not wait to get him to the beauty shop. My friend Mary loved the prosthetics and I took off his bra to show her how smoothly they fit him. It was so hard to tell where the chest ended and the prosthetic began.

We we’re both in love with the breasts to Danny’s embarrassment, but I did detect a bit of pride in his praise as well. Boys can easily be turned when they see that they are praised for their pretty clothes and looks. I had considered having breast implants put in them but this is a better solution since it is less invasive than implants. And when or if they want them out they’ll be harder to remove. Still, if this new form does not work I will go ahead and get them done. Diane likes the permanence of implants over the prosthetic forms. Diane wanted to go back to her dark hair and Danny picked a strawberry blonde while Em chose a blonde much like mine.

The boys were very brave in getting their ears pierced. Of course they did not want to cry in front of girls until Diane told them she cried when we did it to her. Em did then cry a bit but not much and they soon had each ear lobe pierced twice. It had to be done of course and they will thank me, when they wear larger and heavier earrings. Mary also suggested they get their brows arched and she applied permanent eyelashes which went on one lash at a time.

They really looked so cute after it was done. I applied makeup to them and we went over to my mother’s. Mom was shocked when she saw Danny and Marty dressed up in dresses and cute hairstyles. But she was quite pleased at their looks and insisted they should stay as girls for the rest of their life. She will be coming to live with us and I am sure she will spoil our two new girls just as she did with Diane. Girls in our family she can relate to since she never had any boys and will enjoy a house of females. So I really hope they decide to stay females after Christmas. Mother took dozens of photos of my new girls especially when they were doing their nails or hair. Of course by Christmas it will be nearly a year in dresses and they will be in school in dresses so I hope they will find female friends to hang out with but, knowing Diane, she will make it happen.

It is really a Delight to see how male Feminization has accelerated over the years! The days of the “macho” male are waning, and more and more Women are now Breadwinners and athletes, and many do not want to put up with the “traditional” macho male behaviors! The World is Changing and The New Age Lifestyle is becoming more popular! Like anything else, it takes time to evolve, but we can see how it is surely growing!I

I received many Good Comments on the Side by Side photo Comparisons of boys and Girls on the last Post, so here are some more!

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society! Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 319 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

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How the Future is Lining Up! Females Accomplishing in areas that were “male Only” not too long ago!

Brand New: New Name, Logo, and Identity for Empower Women ...

Today’s Posting will be Focusing on Female Accomplishments and especially on what young Girls are accomplishing in an area that was once “boys ONLY”!! Tackle Football! It is Amazing how many Girls are now playing Tackle Football, and at the same time, boys participation in Tackle Football is actually dropping!!! What a Great indicator for The New Age Lifestyle! Today I will highlight some spectacular Girls and what they are accomplishing! We Need to Encourage Girls to be Strong and Assertive, as we move further down the Road in the New Age of Female Power!

While in Sweden, there is a Strong Movement to eliminate boy’s Sports and replace those activities with ballet for boys!!!

No New Posts
Are’nt the boys Adorable in their Pink tutus? Getting boys to be Less Assertive and Encouraging them to do “Cooperative’ Activities is one of the Goals of The New Age Lifestyle!
May be an image of 2 people, people playing football, people standing, grass and text that says 'MAYHEM 89 TIGERS 6'

We want to introduce you to a first year football player named Keyra. Good luck in your game this weekend. We will be cheering for you!! So glad Mayhem #89 found you.

Age: 12

Position(s) played: defensive tackle and offensive tackle

Jersey Number: 6

Grade: 7th

School/Team playing for: Tripp Tigers

Q: What other sports or hobbies are you interested in? A: Softball and cheering

Q: Who is your favorite football player and/or team? A: Josh Allen on the Buffalo Bills Josh Allen /Buffalo Bills

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced on the football field and how did you overcome it? A: Getting past a hard (player) and going for the person with the ball. I got tackled and jumped up and ran in front of the person with the ball and tackled them

Q: What advise would you give to a new football player that you have learned? A: Do your best and never give up.

May be an image of 1 person and playing football
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football and grass

Introducing Savannah just in time for playoffs! She will be playing Right Guard and Left Tackle this weekend for the Bonny Eagle Middle school varsity in the first round of playoffs!!


Jersey Number: 77

Grade: 7th

Number of years playing football: 3 Years

Q: What other sports or hobbies are you interested in? A: Softball

Q: Who is your favorite football player and/or team? A: Alicia Jeffords And Maine Mayhem and Boston Renegades

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced on the football field and how did you overcome it? A: Being worried of getting hurt and I overcame it by just pushing through and giving my all.

Q: What advise would you give to a new football player that you have learned? A: Don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you or how you play.

May be an image of one or more people, people playing football and grass

Meet Gabie, she plays guard for the Auburn Wreck. Do not underestimate this athlete because she will be quick to prove you wrong!!

Age: 13

Jersey Number: 76

Grade: 8th

Number of years playing football: 9

Q: What other sports or hobbies are you interested in? A: Jiu-jitsu, skiing, track and field, playing with her dogs, and being outside.

Q: Who is your favorite football player and/or team? A: Green Bay Packers/ Aaron Rodgers

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced on the football field and how did you overcome it? A: Being under estimated, I go on the field everyday and show them why I deserve to be there.

Q: What advise would you give to a new football player that you have learned? A: Put the work in. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

May be an image of 1 person, playing football and grass

Gabi plays Safety and Wide Receiver for the Lisbon Greyhounds. We love her answer for her favorite player! Keep working hard and proving your worth.

Age: 15

Jersey Number: 1

Grade: 10

Number of years playing football: 2

Q: What other sports or hobbies are you interested in? A: Wrestling

Q: Who is your favorite football player and/or team? A: Sarah Fuller

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced on the football field and how did you overcome it?

A: Breaking stereotypes. Hard work, proving to be an equal.

Q: What advise would you give to a new football player that you have learned?

A: Be as aggressive as possible and only cry in the locker room.

Let’s do some Youth Comparisons!!!!

May be an image of 1 person, playing football, standing and grass

Check out Ariana! She is in 8th grade and plays center and middle linebacker!


Jersey Number: 61

School/Team playing for: Dover, NH

Number of years playing football: 5

Q: What other sports or hobbies are you interested in? I love riding my bike ,long boarding and swimming

Q: Who is your favorite football player and/or team?

A: #11 Julian Edelman (even though he’s retired) and the New England Patriots of course!

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced on the football field?

A: Starting with a new team as an 8th grader not knowing any of the other players and being the only girl.

Q: What advise would you give to a new football player that you have learned?

A: Hard work pays off.

May be an image of 1 person, playing football, standing and text that says 'HAWKS 33'

Players Name: Madaline

Age: 11

Position(s) played: OL/DL/TE

Jersey Number: 33

Grade: 6

School/Team playing for: Marshwood

Number of years playing football: 6 years

Q: What other sports or hobbies are you interested in? A: Basketball, softball, helping out at the haunt, and dancing.

Q: Who is your favorite football player and/or team? A: Maine Mayhem

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced on the football field and how did you overcome it? A: The biggest challenge is going against kids bigger than me. I just keep working on my skills.

Q: What advise would you give to a new football player that you have learned? A: Try your hardest even when times are tough.

May be an image of child, football, standing and grass

Players Name: Niyah

Age: 10

Position(s) played: Linebacker, center, tight end

Jersey Number: 80

Grade: 5

School/Team playing for: Windham

Number of years playing football? 5

Q: What other sports or hobbies are you interested in? A: Wrestling & softball

Q: Who is your favorite football player and/or team? A: The Patriots

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have faced on the football field and how did you overcome it?

A: I got the wind knocked out of me but I got up and kept playing.

Q: What advise would you give to a new football player that you have learned?

A: Have fun and hit hard!

May be an image of one or more people and people playing football
May be an image of 2 people and people playing football

Crongrats to this athlete!! @officialdejahrondeau is doing big things, she was the first female to play QB in division 1 in New Hampshire. Help us cheer her and her team on, let’s go Hawks!!

Some More Comparisons!

The World is indeed Changing! More and more people are Embracing The New Age Lifestyle! As Girls continue to Accomplish and Break Down Barriers, boys are embracing their Femininity and Enjoying being “Pretty & Sweet”! The World does indeed seem to be going in the Direction of Female Control. Only Tome will Tell what the Future holds!

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 293 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

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When the Female Conquers the male – Part 6; Kirsty’s & Katharine’s Story – Part 3

This is now the sixth Posting in this series. We started with the initial Posting about Ray/Rachel, and what Kirsty did to change her life and Ray’s for the better! The Link to that Post is here:

Then we had the Two Part series on Kirsty’s story, and how she went from being a Docile and Submissive Girl, to Wife to now the Strong and Independent Breadwinning Woman that she is today as a Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company! That Link to the Two Postings is here:

After that we had the first part of Katharine’s Story which highlighted her growing up and establishing her own Successful Business. That Link is here:

We then continued with Katharine’s Story of growing her Business, meeting Kirsty and taking over Rachel’s Feminization and changing his Diet! That Link is here:

Today’s Posting is going to absolutely “Blow your Minds!” This is perhaps the “Ultimate” example of Totally Reversing the Gender Roles in a marriage. Keep in mind that when Kirsty and Ray got married, Ray was a Sports Playing, Weight Training, “Proud of his manliness” man. He was very Strong, lifting Kirsty up in his strong arms, and was also her “Protector”! He was “All man”! At that time, Kirsty was a “docile” and Feminine “Girly Girl” that was very happy to be married to her “Prince Charming”, and would have been content to be a Happy “homemaker”! What you will hear today is how Kirsty not only has Taken over the Financial and Decision Making elements of the relationship, but is now the physically Stronger person in the relationship. Katharine is now the “Alpha” and the “Protector” of Kirsty, and both Katharine and Kirsty are now the “Protectors” of Rachel!

What a Spectacular Difference over the years for Ray! From the Rough & Tough Cricket Player, to the Soft and Demure Sissy “eye candy” for the Strong and Dominant Kirsty & Katharine and their Female Friends!

What we have documented here for you is a “Set Up” that Kirsty and Katharine had planned to show Rachel that they were both physically stronger than him! Even though Rachel has been a Full Time “House Sissy” and Salon Worker, his contention was that even though he was a “Sissy”, he would still be Stronger than a Woman, because after all, he is a man! This is the male brain telling him that men are superior to Women!!! As we all know, in The New Age Lifestyle, the “Truth” is being “revealed”! What you will witness is the Great Determination of Kirsty and Katharine and the help of their Strength Trainer Laura! This narration will be coming from various Viewpoints from the people that participated and were there! Of course, the “Star” of the show is Rachel…the Only male present! Then we have Kirsty and Katharine, the Competition participants. We have Laura, the Strength Trainer and Boxer! Then we have Samantha, a Wonderful young Woman that is employed by Katharine at one of her salons, and someone that Katharine has been “mentoring”! To top it off, we have six of Laura’s Friends, whom are all Boxers, they were there to witness the “Destruction” of the once Proud manly man at the hands of his Strong Mistresses! This is a GREAT Accomplishment for Womankind, and a Superb example of what Strong Women can accomplish when they are determined to achieve their Goals!

Here we go!!!! Female Supremacy On Display!!!

Hi Patti
Well where do we start trying to describe this evenings events. I am still shaking with  excitement and joy of what transpired into this most thrilling of evenings.
Katharine and I arrived early so we could change into our boy shorts and blue T shirts. As you suggested Patti we took away as much of our femininity as possible so we had both removed our makeup and nail polishes. Laura was finishing with one of her classes so we watched from the sidelines.
Samantha had sent Katharine a message to say they would be leaving the Salon a few minutes late as they had run into a problem getting Rachel ready. I was intrigued but Samantha told Katharine everything was now fine and she would tell us later.

Unknown to Kirsty and Katharine, this is an Email I received from Samantha telling me what she was doing with Rachel!

Hi Patti,
Just a quick note as I am at work. Well the strength competition is on this evening after work. Katharine has asked me to look after Sissy today both in terms of his period and his makeup and nails. 
I have just finished his new Acrylics which are longer than his normal nail length. Just long enough to be really awkward in the gym ( and pulling down his unitard bottoms for a panty inspection)😁
I’ve managed to get a quick photo of his manicure so you can see.
I have him drinking so much water today and have told him he must not get dehydrated in the gym. I’m going to give his corset an extra tweak in a bit and understand Kirsty has changed over his chastity cage to the much larger lock. Of course he has no time for lunch!
We’ll let you know how it goes

She also Noted the following:

Sissy was in such great form on Wednesday at the Salon. He was so excited about his new Acrylic nails and pedicure and when he found out I was going to do his makeup in the afternoon he was as excited as a little school girl.

Here is an Email I received from Rachel while he was at the salon that day:

I think Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine want me to do more exercise as they have booked me to go to their gym after work today to carry out some strength assessment tests with Laura their facilitator. I’m not really sure what to expect but imagine Laura will be another strong and dominant woman so imagine I will have to introduce myself as a Sissy to her. Miss Katharine has been very kind to me this week understanding that I am on my period. She has booked me in for a manicure and pedicure this afternoon which is a bit strange as I only did my nails at the weekend however she has agreed to trial a new brand of acrylic nails and wants me to be the guinea pig. I am excited to see the results Patti

Here are Rachel’s Comments about the Events before going to the gym:

I wanted to briefly tell you about my visit to Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine’s gym recently. I am still in a state of shock really at the terrible humiliation I went through. The day had started so well with Miss Samantha spending time with me and insisting I had some new acrylic nails fitted. I was a bit taken aback that she choose longer nails than normal and then insisted they were red in color. I felt very conspicuous after she had finished them however they did make my hands look so very feminine. It has taken me a long time to get used to the extra length and I find it quite difficult picking things up and getting dressed with them. Anyway back to that fateful afternoon, Miss Samantha kindly offered to take me to the gym where I had agreed to meet Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine. Again she surprised me an hour before by telling me she had time to give me a makeover before I went. It did seem strange that she wanted to refresh my makeup to go to the gym but as she said I didn’t want to let Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine down. I do really enjoy having my makeup done by Miss Samantha, I feel very relaxed and know she will do a professional job. However I was quite shocked when she had finished as the look she had created for me was dramatic with heavily made up eyes and red lips. I did feel vulnerable and very much on show. Before I got changed into my pink unitard Miss Samantha said she wanted to tighten my corset a little to make sure I looked my best for the gym. I was a bit apprehensive about her doing this as it was already tight and because I was in the middle of my period I felt bloated with the huge amount of water Miss Samantha made me drink. She was adamant I couldn’t afford to get dehydrated at the gym particular as I had not eaten anything all day. Well she really pulled my cords very tight to the point where I could hardly breath. I started to panic a bit only to find I had a little accident in my panties. I was so embarrassed Patti and I felt so uncomfortable being totally restrained in my corset and very wet knickers containing my sanitary pad that had absorbed all my little accident. Miss Samantha was kind though as she helped me change my panties and pad. I was so relieved to have a spare set of panties in my purse otherwise I don’t know what I would have done. Miss Samantha had to help me change them and my pad because I couldn’t do anything with my new long Acrylic nails. I wasn’t really sure why but she also changed my tampon for me although it didn’t actually need doing. Miss Samantha quickly washed out my knickers and suggested I put them in a plastic bag and carry them back in my purse.

These are the Thoughts going through Samantha’s mind as she was preparing Rachel:

I love doing Sissy’s makeup as he loves to chat about everything and anything. He is obviously very relaxed watching his transformation into a pretty Sissy. The main thing in my mind was to create a fabulous glamorous look without making him look like a clown. It also crossed my mind he had no idea what he was in for. When asked if she enjoys tightening Rachel’s corset, this is Samantha’s response: Oh yes I love pulling him really tight. It feels like payback for Kirsty for his lack of support. Sissy doesn’t complain surprisingly but I do sense an anxiety to how constrained he is feeling. When asked if she was surprised that Rachel asked her to help him change his panties and sanitary pad, she responded: No not really I feel like Sissy and I are good friends and he trusts me. A female sissy relationship is nice as no one feels threatened. On seeing his shaved balls, Samantha’s thoughts: He looked sweet and very vulnerable but I also thought how pathetic it looked to have his chastity cage fitted around them. He can no longer be thought of as a man again but more as an effeminate pansy.

Laura finished her class and came over to see us. She is an amazing sight Patti, glistening with sweat and rippled with muscles. She was frightening to me so goodness knows what she would do to Rachel.
Rachel and Samantha arrived about 20 minutes later and oh my god Patti you should have seen him. He looked absolutely gorgeous but made up more for a party than a gym workout

This is the Comment that Katharine & Kirsty had:

Kirsty and I were extremely proud when Rachel walked into the gym. He looked like a high class hooker completely inappropriate for the gym but full of mystery and beauty

(Samantha took the photo after she had finished his makeup)

Samantha had really gone to town with dramatic black eyeliner, multiple coats of black mascara and a pink red lipstick and gloss. His acrylic nails were long and beautifully red. He had his sandals on which showed his matching toe nails carrying his sparkly sneakers.

His hair was flowing and had been set with a full can of spray I would think. He smelt so beautiful sweet with his Calvin Klein Eternity perfume. 

Rachel’s Comments as he arrived at the gym:

We drove to the gym and I was a bit shocked about what had just happened. On entering Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine were already talking to the instructor Miss Laura. I couldn’t help but notice everyone including Miss Samantha were all very much dressed down. I don’t think I have ever scene all my Mistresses without makeup. I felt even more noticeable looking through my heavily made up eyes. Miss Laura starred at me a lot and I wasn’t sure what she made of me. She was clearly physically very strong and not someone to be messed with.

Samantha’s thoughts as they walked into the gym:

They (Kirsty, Katharine & Laura) looked awesome, fit and healthy dressed neutrally and appropriately. It was such a comparison to the glamorous Sissy clearly drawing attention to his femininity for the benefit of his Mistresses. Laura was fearsome and clearly very fit. Nobody was going to mess with her.

I wouldn’t imagine many things shock Laura but the image of Rachel clearly did. We introduced her to Rachel and suggested he did his little curtsey for her followed by the most dainty handshake you have ever seen. Laura smiled and welcomed Rachel and couldn’t resist saying you are the Sissy fairy I’ve heard so much about! It was priceless Patti as Rachel blushed up for the first time.

Laura’s reaction to Rachel Curtseying to her and shaking her hand and then calling him a “Sissy Fairy”:

I really wasn’t expecting it but it just screamed at me what a subservient little pansy that stood before me. Really a pathetic genetic man that wanted to be painted and wrapped up in his perception of what pretty girls should look like. His limp hand shake was pathetic but just one sight of those nails made his hand look so dainty. To be honest I had no respect for him at all and therefore the Sissy Fairy name just seemed accurate. Katharine and Kirsty had explained his former macho lifestyle so I really embraced the idea of humiliating him in anyway I could.

Here are Katharine & Kirsty’s Comments about Rachel meeting Laura and Laura calling him a “Sissy Fairy”:

My thought was what on earth did Laura make of this delicate effeminate sissy whilst Kirsty wondered if Laura would give him her full strength handshake and make him jump. She was so obviously much stronger than him. It was priceless to see Laura call him a “Sissy Fairy” and you could see Rachel cower with her words. He was totally intimidated by Laura

These are Samantha’s Comments:

Clearly he was the pretty feminine eye candy whose appearance was for the benefit of the strong women. He was very obviously intimidated  and wanted to please Laura and Kirsty and Katharine. His hands are so feminine and his red Acrylics are there to draw attention to his femininity. Knowing how much he loves them is also most amusing and cements what a real Sissy he really is. In response to Laura calling him a “Sissy Fairy” she said: I tried to keep a straight face but couldn’t help but giggle. Laura clearly had him worked out and wasn’t going to beat around the bush. Rachel I think was frightened by the remark and wondered what Laura was going to do to him.

These are the Comments from Laura seeing Rachel for the first time!

Where do I start! Firstly I had a double take thinking Katharine was having a joke with me. He looked incredibly feminine but completely unsuitable for a gym workout. He was made up like a high class hooker and those red nails were amazing. I have all sorts come to my lessons including some women who think it is a fashion parade but I have never had a Sissy before. It would have been incredibly funny if his appearance hadn’t been done so professionally but after Katharine explained Samantha had worked on him for an hour I understood it. I was amazed that a man would firstly let somebody dress and make him up like that and secondly have the nerve to be seen out in public. Fair play to him he had some self confidence and an air of “look at me”. But honestly I was ready to take him down for impersonating what men would like women to look like. You mention his obvious bulge it was very prominent and it was only the sight of that that convinced me he was a man and not a woman.

Katharine then asked Samantha about the problems she had mentioned on the phone with Rachel suddenly staring at Samantha almost pleading with his eyes to say nothing. Well Samantha wasn’t going to let us down was she.
Samantha described that having finished Rachel’s make up she reminded him to go to the restroom and change his sanitary pad and tampon. Laura burst out laughing but Samantha wasn’t finished, after he returned she wanted to give his corset some extra tightening before he got into his pink unitard but it turned out Rachel had a bit of a panic when Samantha started and wet himself. Luckily the fresh pad did its job but it meant Rachel had to go and change his panties and put a new pad in which took him ages trying to cope with his new acrylics. Anyway they got it sorted and they were here now. 

Here is Samantha’s Comments on the situation:

His wetting accident during corset tightening was a shame and did shake him. I was perhaps a bit to vigorous with his cords puling him nice and tight to give him a lovely shape.
He really struggled to change his panties and sanitary pad with his long nails and it was lovely that he asked me to help him. He was completely exposed to me with his balls and chastity cage bobbing around whilst I secured his clean pad to his replacement panties. It was so cute that he carried a spare pair with him in his purse. 
On the journey to the gym he was very quiet as I  think for the first time he wondered what he was going to be doing. He kept checking the mirror to make sure his makeup was fine and couldn’t stop checking his new acrylics nails.
When we arrived he was a little nervous walking through the gym doors and hesitated when he saw Kirsty, Katharine and Laura all waiting for him. He couldn’t have helped notice his ultra glamorous look compared to the others being in shorts, T shirts and no makeup.

It was my turn Patti so I turned to Rachel and asked him which panties he had changed into and what had he done with the damp ones. He was horrified and said that he had a spare pair of pink ones he kept in his purse during his period. Whilst he changed Samantha had kindly washed his soiled ones out and put them in a waterproof bag. Samantha jumped in and said they are in your purse Sissy aren’t they? I had to do it Patti so asked Rachel to show his ruffled pink panties to Laura. Her eyes were popping out of her head at the sight.

When Samantha was asked if she was going to keep Rachel’s “little secret”, and also about his pink ruffled panties this was her response:

Oh no. There wasn’t going to be a chance that I didn’t spill the beans. We are all committed to his complete emasculation and we know secretly it excites him. As Laura burst out laughing this is what Samantha thought. It told me Laura was strong and was ready to really humiliate Sissy. He hoped desperately that I wasn’t going to mention the ruffled panties and had in fact tried to leave them at the Salon but I knew all the girls would want to see what a fairy he really is. Needless to say Sissy was horrified. As mentioned I knew Kirsty would want them on display. Laura I think was shocked just how far we had gone with Sissy’s feminization. I really think she lost any respect or sympathy she might have had for prissy Sissy. I found it thrilling and exciting.

Katharine and Kirsty’s thoughts on this Event of his ruffled pink panties:

Samantha really did this well and put Rachel on the back foot. This was of course news to both Kirsty and I so it took a moment to sink in. Kirsty was really disappointed we didn’t get Rachel to show off his ruffled pink panties but at least we got to see him hold them up and show off another silky set. Laura was lapping it up now and I detected she began to realize she could have some real fun with Rachel. It really couldn’t have worked out better with Rachel totally embarrassed blushing like a pretty bride in front of a very physically strong woman.

Laura’s Comments when Samantha shared about reminding him to go the restroom to change his sanitary pad and tampon and then getting his corset laced tighter then his ruffled pink panties:

Again I thought it was a joke at his expense but when the conversation continued I started to wonder if there was some truth to what she was saying. All the time though I thought surely no man would actually submit to wearing such obvious feminine hygiene items. I have to be honest I’m not sure how much I laughed at the time but since thinking about it I can’t stop giggling. Really Patti, when words like corset, panties, tampons sanitary pads were being handed around I was struggling to take it all in. To think he wet himself made me wonder if they would have a diaper just in case. I could have felt sorry for him if he was being bullied into it but it was quite clear he was very willing to be part of his own emasculation meant I had no sympathy at all. I didn’t know Samantha had to help him but I could tell his nails were going to be an issue. Tell me Patti what male in their own right would accept having long red acrylic nails fitted which are pretty permanent. Don’t you think he would have negotiated some stick on ones knowing they could be easily removed. Clearly he sees them as part of his identity. What a pansy he really is. Laura’s reaction about Rachel keeping an extra pair of panties in his purse: In all honesty I wondered how far Katharine and Kirsty have gone with this panty boi. It was the sort of conversation you would have with your 16 year old daughter not your middle age ex husband. When asked her thoughts on Kirsty telling him to show her (Laura) his pink panties, and asked if she (Laura) would ever wear such panties this is what she said: Clearly Kirsty was in humiliation mode so I wasn’t surprised. I don’t think me and pink ruffled panties are going to happen soon!

Rachel’s fears about his “accident”:

Miss Katharine wanted to know why we were late and I was so embarrassed when Miss Samantha told them of my accident. Miss Samantha is such an honest person but I had hoped my little secret could have been kept. 

Now it was Katharine’s turn, as she said Rachel I think we need a panty inspection please to reassure Laura you are clean and ready to come into the gym. Rachel was beside himself  but realized he had no option except of course he couldn’t pull his leggings down because of his beautiful red nails. Laura decided to get in the action and moved forward to pull them down just to Rachel’s knees. I moved alongside Rachel and Laura and reached down to see what we had. Firstly there were the pink panties with a pink bow on the front, then as I eased them down there was his thick sanitary pad until his new chastity cage came into view with the thick padlock. Laura was fascinated and immediately wanted to know who had the key. I explained I had the master but Samantha kept one in the Salon in case there was ever a problem or emergency. Katharine reached out and moved his Chastity cage to expose his tampon string dangling out from his bottom. We were there Patti total emasculation in front of the 4 of us. 
I looked up and saw tears welling up in Rachel’s eyes but I wasn’t going to be rushed. I said come come Rachel please don’t get upset you have to understand that we needed to reassure Laura you were fit to continue after your little accident. Why didn’t you go back at the Salon when Samantha got you to change your pad and tampon? He couldn’t reply Patti as a little tear drop ran down his cheek. Samantha came to the rescue with a clean tissue carefully drying his eye without smudging his mascara. Katharine pulled up his Panties and his leggings making sure his Chastity cage was sitting outside of his sanitary pad so it was most noticeable as a bulge. Laura spotted it immediately and winked at Katharine and I.

Laura’s response to Katharine’s suggestion of a Panty Inspection and her pulling down his pink leggings and Rachel crying:

I just had to see it. By now I was getting the idea of where Kirsty and Katharine had got to with his feminization. For the first time during this whole episode I was really enjoying myself and ready to have a good laugh at Rachel’s expense. It felt great to defrock such a pussy who was all made up and so pretty for the benefit of real women. It was at this point I started to understand the concept of the New Age Lifestyle. His pink panties were really ultra feminine but the bulge made it a confusing picture. Her reaction at seeing his sanitary pad, cage and tampon: Oh my god were there no ends to his total humiliation that Kirsty and Katharine wouldn’t go to. But he remained so docile and didn’t object in anyway. In fact he actually held his pink top up with his pretty hands so we could all get a good look. And then as Rachel started to cry, her thoughts: Well this was the final straw for me to confirm what a total sissy he really is.

Katharine and Kirsty’s thoughts on the Panty Inspection:

Kirsty wasn’t surprised at all as we had both discussed the possibility before he had arrived. Their thoughts on Laura pulling down his leggings: Laura was on a mission and had warmed to the task. There wasn’t a moment’s hesitation in her mind. She was going to dominate and intimidate. Rachel was struggling to take in what was happening and looked panicky as if everything was out of his control – which of course it was.

Samantha’s thoughts on the Panty Inspection:

Katharine instilled in me some time ago the value of Sissy panty inspections. In every case sissy always has a damp patch to demonstrate how pathetic he is and how much he enjoys being humiliated in front of strong women. Laura as mentioned had no respect for such a sissy panty pansy so it came very natural to her to join in the humiliation. Sissy was totally over powered and intimidated to the point of accepting his fate. On Kirsty pulling down his panties: Oh Patti it was delicious with Sissy holding up his top allowing all the girls to have a good look. It was also sweet in a way with Sissy also looking down on his own humiliation. On Katharine moving his cage and exposing his tampon: Well it had to be a massive part of his humiliation. I just loved it and knowing sissy he got very sticky being the focus of the attention. After all who would allow his mistress to insist on putting a tampon up your bum. I don’t think Laura could believe what she was seeing. The dangling string just looked so pathetic. Sissy had been welling up leading up to this but the laugh, giggles and total humiliation put him over the top.

Rachels’s feelings about the Panty Inspection:

Miss Kirsty looked quite cross with me but then horrors of horror I was subjected to a panty inspection to show Miss Laura I was in fact clean again. I won’t go into too much detail Patti but Miss Laura pulled down my leggings to expose my pink panties and then Miss Kirsty to my total shock pulled my panties down to allow all the women to inspect my chastity cage (which was new by the way Patti), sanitary pad and tampon. Miss Katharine actually handled my strapped together balls to allow Miss Laura to have a better look. I was mortified Patti, this was taking my humiliation to a whole different level. I was allowed to redress although found it nearly impossible to do because of my nails but I couldn’t help notice Miss Laura was looking at my protruding bulge which was so obvious now I couldn’t tuck and the fact my new cage had a much bigger locking mechanism. I felt so self conscious and tried my best to cover it up with my hands but I think she would have still noticed. I’m not sure Miss Laura had much sympathy for my dilemmas and I noticed she started calling me names like Pansy, Sissy and Fairy. I have got used to this now Patti but even so by such a fearsome woman as Miss Laura I felt intimidated and a little scared that she might slap me if I didn’t cooperate completely

Laura decided it was time to get Rachel’s assessment (the strength competition) started. We weren’t exactly sure how she was planning on doing this but we need not have worried. She picked up her clip board and turned to Rachel and said she had a questionnaire to complete first. So with the authority of a school head mistress she went through the following questions nice and loudly so all of us could here plus anyone else entering the gym.
Name – there was a silence. Laura looked up and glared at Rachel. She repeated what is your name sweetie? Rachel looked around at us before muttering “Rachel”. Laura getting irritated put her board down and went over next to Rachel and said ” I hope it’s not going to be like pulling teeth to answer these questions love, speak up. Rachel took a step back bowed his head and said loudly “Rachel”. Laura wasn’t finished she wanted to set the ground rules with him. ” I want your full name and title?” Rachel looked mortified and after starring at me said ” Sissy Rachel Rogers”. Laura continued with age, date of birth, address and then asked his gender. We all giggled and then patiently waited for Rachel to respond. Again he looked defeated, probably it only took 10 seconds for his reply but it seemed like an hour, he bowed his head and said ‘Sissy”. We all clapped at him getting the right answer. The next question was occupation. Again Rachel hesitated as we all starred at him. He finally responded beauty salon trainee before Katharine added “and” he looked forlornly at her and then responded “house sissy”. The questions were excellent and kept coming when it suddenly dawned on me that Laura had adapted them specifically for Rachel. She wanted to know if he had experienced any sudden weight loss which of course he answered yes, and then he had to give a reason!!! Oh Patti it was so tempting to step in but we didn’t and allowed a really uncomfortable silence to ensue until Rachel finally responded by saying his weight loss was necessary to give him a more flattering feminine shape to suit his Sissy lifestyle. We all smiled at this. Laura asked what sports he had played previously which brought up cricket and rugby and she wanted to know was it men’s or women’s which must again have hit his ego then she asked him about old injuries or former surgical procedures. He mentioned some old Rugby injuries but said no surgery. Laura stopped and looked up and approached Rachel and pointed at his boobs and said what about these? Rachel was horrified and immediately retorted they were not real. Of course the door was wide open to her next question, she asked him to describe what they were and what was their purpose? He bowed his head and said they were sissy breast forms that were required to give his chest a feminine shape. Laura asked if he had started on female hormones but Katharine jumped in and told Laura that Rachel was a Sissy as opposed to being Trans and that he remained a man but was dressed ultra femininely for women’s benefit to look at. She just nodded as Rachel’s body language continued to sink.

Here are Laura’s thoughts and Strategy on the Questions she was asking Rachel:

I have a standard questionnaire which I changed to make it as embarrassing as I could for him. Knowing there would be an audience to listen to the questions made it even more fun. I had to concentrate hard so I didn’t burst out laughing asking him to explain why he had false boobs in his bra pockets. As for when Rachel was hesitating to respond to her Questions, this was her thought: I wanted him to be clear that I was in charge and that I expected him to give me truthful direct answers to my questions. Now if you call that intimidation then absolutely. I couldn’t really see his eyes through all the mascara he had on but he did bow his head which showed me that he accepted that I was in charge. This is her thought when he answered that his name was “Sissy Rachel Rogers”: I mean Patti how humiliating is that to acknowledge he is a Sissy and to have an all girl name. Really I couldn’t have any respect for him after that what a complete pansy! On his Gender being “Sissy”: I had no idea how he was going to answer the question but I honestly felt he could feel the vibe coming from the rest of us that screamed Sissy. It was one of the funniest moments though! On his Occupation: Well legitimately he could say he was a beauty salon technician but that is only a small part of his overall role in life so the word Sissy had to be included somewhere. He probably is in heaven with both jobs and from what I understand from Katharine, Kirsty and Samantha he is good at both of them. I asked her if he was frightened when she walked up to him and asked him about his boobs: Oh yes. I got the impression he thought I might slap him or put him over my knee if he didn’t give me the answer I wanted. Your thoughts on Katharine’s explanation that Rachel is a pretty man that is to be Ultra Femininely dressed for the Pleasure of Women? Well it’s an interesting take and at first I was not completely sold on the idea of having a pretty man to look at however when you think about all the macho crap we have to deal with I started to consider. In fact Patti I don’t mind admitting it that I found Rachel quite attractive in a funny way. Not so much personality or physically but from the point of view of totally subservient and docile, offering no resistance and there to potentially please me. Talking to Kirsty and Katharine they told me about their pegging of him and I find that quite appealing i.e to fuck the pretty pansy. I’m thinking of asking Kirsty and Katharine if they would let me!!!

Laura’s Friends thoughts on Rachel and other men being a pretty man that is to be Ultra Femininely dressed for the Pleasure of Women

As for the other girls they had mixed views. Two of them are lesbian partners and they could relate to exactly what Katharine and Kirsty had done and liked the idea of having a Sissy maid about the house. Two others just thought he was a pathetic puffter that loved to wiggle his hips in his leotard and makeup. The final 2 were open minded but did enjoy and like contributing to his humiliation. They all excepted the context of him being “eye candy” to take the attention away from other women.

Samantha’s thoughts as Laura Questioned Rachel:

When asked if she saw “Fear” in Rachel when Laura met him: Oh yes absolutely. Laura is incredibly powerful and has a strong personality. Sissy was ultra subservient the minute he was in her company. He didn’t want to get on the wrong side of her. When Laura got “irritated” when Rachel hesitated to answer her Questions: He was terrified of her. She made it crystal clear he would answer her question or else. Interestingly I think the threat was mainly verbal but you couldn’t help see the physical intimidation as well. When Laura asked him his Gender: The only true answer he could give was Sissy!!! When he was asked his Occupation: I thought it was a clever answer aimed at moving attention away from his Sissy lifestyle but Katharine is far to smart to let that happen! As to Rachel’s weight loss: Well I know Katharine is a great believer in a high polyphenol diet for losing weight and watching sissy’s weight loss over the past 3 months has been very impressive. His facial feminine features have really been enhanced by his weight loss. It was lovely to hear him explain why he had shed the pounds and it was clear it was for Kirsty and Katharine’s benefit i.e. to see a more feminine house sissy maid. On his fake boobs: Sissy had recently gone from a B to C cup which really suits him. I could understand why Laura thought they were for real. Again it was lovely to see Sissy embarrassed talking about his attempt to look as feminine as he could. As to Katharine’s explanation of what Rachel is: I think Laura was surprised. I think all along she thought she was dealing with a crossdresser who wanted to transition and with Sissy looking so feminine I think she was trying to understand why he would want to remain a man. I love it that Sissy is clearly a man dressed as a very feminine Sissy

Katharine & Kirsty’s thoughts:

On Laura’s Questioning of Rachel: Laura is a very self confident woman who doesn’t take a step backwards. Rachel wasn’t exactly shaking but did have his head bowed and knew where he stood. When Laura got irritated at Rachel: Yes Rachel was intimidated. My memory was Laura was sweated up after her class and with her tight vest really looked the part. Their reaction when Laura asked him his Gender: Both Kirsty and I wondered what he was going to say. There was a deafening hush in the room whilst everyone waited for his answer. On his weight loss: I suppose we both wondered what answer he was going to give. Rachel generally is very honest but doesn’t always give you all the details. When Laura asked him about his “boobs”: It was funny to see Rachel almost hurt by the idea he had had a boob job ie as if how dare you suggest that. When Katharine explained what Rachel was. a man dressed ultra Feminine for the Pleasure of Women: Laura just nodded almost knowingly with what I had said!

Rachels’ thoughts:

Laura then turned to his previous gym experience which seemed to pick his interest up. She went through the 5 strength tests he would be undertaking asking him what numbers he achieved in the past. Of course Patti in his mind he was back in his old Rugby days but his body couldn’t be further away. He talked about Bench Pressing 200lbs, doing 30 push ups and dead lifting 250lbs. His macho behavior was on full show for us all to see. 
Laura, wrote everything down then commented that he seemed very confident in his strength ability. She was brilliant Patti at bringing him down to reality by then commenting how gorgeous his nails were and the fact they matched his pretty toe nails. This of course totally embarrassed him again. 

Kirsty & Katharine’s thoughts:

Their thoughts when Rachel said that he used to Bench Press 200 pounds: “Well you may have done that once a time sweetie but you certainly aren’t going to do that now!” Laura smirked and nodded in recognition but deep down you knew she knew he wouldn’t be doing that anytime soon! On him saying he would do 30 Push Ups: Laura just smiled and nodded trying to be impressed. On Rachel’s attitude while answering these Questions: He was bristling with pride and self confidence. I think this was a safety mechanism having felt so inadequate up to now in front of Laura. I don’t recall him making any remarks about women’s vulnerability though! When Laura commented on him being Confident in his strength: This was definitely Laura winding him up for the challenge. She was suggesting that if he was so strong he wouldn’t have any problems taking on these soft and delicate women! On Laura commenting on his pretty fingernails and matching toenails: It was such a take down for this pretty sissy just when he was beginning to feel like his old self. I can’t actually remember whether Laura was smiling but she did say it in a lovely and feminine way!

Samantha’s thoughts:

When Rachel had said that he bench Pressed 200 pounds: No way was prissy Sissy going to lift 200lbs. Kirsty told me he used to be very strong and would often pick her up when fooling around. If anybody was being lifted up now it was Sissy. Laura did smile when Sissy mentioned he used to lift these sort of weights but Laura kept her head down and jotted down the information onto her clipboard. When he said that he could do 30 Push Ups: Similar to the answer above but you did sense Laura was formulating a plan in her head as the trap was being set! On his attitude while answering these Questions: It was interesting to watch as I hadn’t seen this side of Sissy before. He was definitely showing off about his past exploits and whilst he didn’t specifically reference women he did let you know his personal bests were when he played Rugby with his mates. on Laura commenting on his Confidence of his Strength: Without doubt Laura had a plan all along to come up with a challenge that she could goad Sissy into accepting! When Laura complimented him on his pretty fingernails and matching toenails: I think he liked the compliment Patti. Sissy loves having painted nails and is always admiring his very feminine hands and toes. Laura noted this and looked upon him with some disdain. It almost felt like Laura and no respect for this weak sissy and she didn’t approve him impersonating a woman.

Laura’s thoughts:

When he stated that he use to Bench Press 200 pounds, and do 30 Push Ups and Dead Lifted 250 Pounds did you see “manliness” in his attitude?  Oh yes he wanted to tell all of us just how strong he had been and I detected an arrogance that suggested he was stronger than any of us. He is now so slim in the arms and shoulders it is hard to reconcile his boasts. Add to that his heavily made up face and long pretty fingers and somebody has got it wrong. You commented to him that he was Confident in his strength ability, then immediately complimented him on his matching nails, Was that Enjoyable to “toy” with him in such a manner? Well I wanted to massage his ego as I needed for him to accept the challenge but it was so easy to bring him back to the reality today by drawing attention to his long red Acrylic nails. As you looked at him, did you think that he had any chance at all of winning any of the 5 categories? None what so ever. Kirsty and Katharine have been working out with me a few months now and i have seen there physical strength improve right in front of me. I got Kirsty in particular to tell me about Rachel and what he could and couldn’t do physically around the house. As soon as I heard he needed Katharine’s help to move furniture I knew he was beaten. I heard a story that some man had helped him lift a box of wine into his car. I wonder if the man new he had a big bulge in his pretty pink panties!!!

Rachel’s thoughts:

Miss Laura then explained what exercises she was going to assess me against. She asked me if I had done them before and if so how good was I. From my Rugby days I used to spend a lot of time in the gym and was therefore very familiar with what was required. What I had no idea though Patti was how much strength I have lost since losing my weight. Just a quick update I am now down to 148lbs.

We became aware of others women’s voices as the gym door was opened and Laura excused herself to close the door. When she got there though she smiled and greeted her friends and colleagues from the women’s boxing club.
She quickly invited the 6 of them into the gym and said she wanted to introduce us. Oh Patti these were some tough looking women dressed very casually and all sweaty having just come from ringside training. Samantha managed to get a photo of them which we know you will love.
Laura introduced Katharine then me and finally Samantha leaving only Rachel. By this stage all of the girls had turned their attention to the ultra glam Rachel. Honestly Patti even I felt for Rachel at this point. Here he was all dolled up amongst 10 very strong women all staring at him. Laura said this is Rachel and I think it’s best if we get him to introduce himself and tell us why he is here.
Rachel didn’t know where to look with fear written across his face and his cheeks blushing away. He had no where to go so resigned himself to his fate he started his story. It was great Patti as he went into far too much detail telling the story just as he tells all the ladies in the Salon.
He went through his crossdressing, his marriage to me, his macho mates and then laughing at me when I told him about my job interview. Then he went into detail about me feminizing him, putting him in Chastity and kicking him out of the bedroom. He talked about Katharine, Samantha and working at the beauty salon and his role now as a Sissy maid. I think he just panicked and couldn’t stop.
I was watching the girls and they were open mouthed, smiling and looking at his large bulge in his pink unitard. Rachel was conscious of this and did try to cover it up by putting his pretty hands down right next to the bulge. It was priceless Patti.
 Samantha then jumped in and suggested that Sissy had done enough talking and just so the girls could absorb all the information, she asked them if they would like a Panty inspection! The girls were in hysterics and clapped and chanted as one “let’s see your knickers”. Oh my god Patti this was getting out of control and Rachel didn’t know what to do. 
I had to assume some control and stepped forward and whispered in his ear ” we can do this trust me” He looked badly shaken as the girls gathered around. He fumbled trying to grip the unitard but his nails got in the way, so I gently inched them down very slowly so they could all see his pink panties and the little bow at the front. They all started clapping and chanting ” we want more” so I couldn’t resist and pulled them down to his knees. What I didn’t see coming Patti was the huge damp patch imprinted within his pink panties. The girls gasped and shouted comments like ” what a naughty sissy” and “what a complete pansy” 
Rachel was tearing up again but this was a once in a lifetime chance to embarrass him so I got hold of his knickers and purposely pulled them down exposing his pad, chastity cage and tampon string. For a moment the room went silent as all the girls were trying to absorb the sight. Samantha who was helping Rachel with his tears explained Rachel was in the middle of his period hence all of the paraphernalia.

Laura’s thoughts:

I asked Laura how much her friend’s knew about Rachel before coming to the gym that day: Well I told them we had a Sissy coming to take on two of my women customers in a strength competition and that I would appreciate their support but they had no idea (neither did I) how convincing he was and how glamorous he would be looking. It really was a masterstroke getting Samantha to do his makeup! Are you and your Friends in Favor of male Feminization? As I mentioned I’m open to the suggestion and fancy pegging me a Sissy pansy like Rachel sometime. My two lesbian boxers definitely like the idea and 2 more could be persuaded but the other 2 would just love to totally humiliate them. To be fair they both have macho boyfriends but being boxers they don’t take any crap from them. I asked her how Invigorating it was to see such a Feminized man: Invigorating is probably a good word to use. Here he was the beautiful tall heavily made up Sissy in his pink outfit being extremely feminine and convincing with a great bulge sticking out in front of him. I think the girls could have got excited about his package only to find the bulge was the locking mechanism and cage with the tiniest little cockette dribbling pre cum all over the place. How absolutely pathetic! While Rachel was telling his story, her thoughts: I was trying to work out why he didn’t tuck it away because quite frankly he could have got away with his feminine look however Katharine explained that’s exactly why he wasn’t allowed to tuck so it was clear and obvious that he was a Sissy. The girls just found it hilarious and let Rachel know what a panty boi he really was. Those beautiful red nails trying to cover his padlocked cockette – WOW!!!!! Her thoughts on the second Panty Inspection: It was a priceless and was so humiliating for him. Having one inspection was just devastating but the second one in front of 10 strong and powerful women had to put him over the edge. The boxing team were in pack mentality and had an easy kill in front of them. Chanting “let’s see your knickers” must have been devastating to a Sissy. Talking to some of the girls again they really find it hard to believe that men like Rachel exist. They think it is the stuff of fiction but now they have seen it with their own eyes. They did quietly admit that it made a nice change for them to verbally harass a man albeit a Sissy rather than have to deal with the usual crap from men. They all agreed it was one of the reasons why they got into boxing so that they wouldn’t be intimidated anymore by men. when Kirsty pulled down his panties and exposed his “damp” spot: At first I thought he had wet himself again but when we saw it was a sticky clear fluid we knew otherwise. Clearly he gets turned on by the humiliation and embarrassment but I couldn’t figure it out. I know Samantha calls him Sissy but really his name should be Pansy. Going to the lengths he clearly has, to be willingly turned from a macho rugby player to a very feminine dolly bird shows incredible subservience and commitment particularly dealing with the fallout of his family and friends so I asked myself why does he sacrifice his former more comfortable life and the answer I believe is for the sexual excitement and thrill he feels when prancing about in panties, pantyhose, dresses, heels, false boobs, makeup and painted nails. As strong and dominant women we should find other Rachel’s and encourage them down the road of feminism. When her Friends saw his cage, sanitary pad and tampon: They simply couldn’t believe that a man would get himself in this position and then allow his tormentors to expose him so publicly. Either Kirsty has something on him or he is an effeminate pussy. Her and her Friends thoughts on Rachel having a monthly Period: It is insane to think he would agree to this. However men have no idea what women go through so I can understand why Kirsty introduced his period program. It’s genius really to put him a tight corset make him drink masses of water, starve him for a week wearing pads and tampons whilst locked in a cage it’s simply brilliant. If he wants to be ultra feminine he needs to take the rough with the smooth. What a wussy!

Samantha’s thoughts:

Her thoughts about Rachel when Laura’s Friends arrived: He was visibly shaken and intimidated by these very masculine women. They were so obviously full of energy and had no fear unlike Sissy. I asked Samantha if she had planned the Panty Inspection: No it wasn’t planned at all but after witnessing Laura’s inspection and the profound embarrassment it caused Sissy it was just something that had to happen. Her thoughts as Rachel was telling his story: I think it can be explained by how nervous and intimidated he felt. He just couldn’t stop talking. His bulge Patti was so noticeable nobody could miss it. He drew even more attention to it by trying to cover it up with his hands. But in trying to do this he completely confused his audience by displaying his male genitals surrounded by feminine clothing and pretty hands and nails. The girls really could see the funny side of what Sissy was doing. It brought about some mocking names with the majority centering around what a pansy he really is. Her thoughts when the Boxing Women started to chant, “Let’s see your knickers!”: He was totally powerless, completely docile. It was inevitable the girls would have their way. Sissy had no fight in him. As Kirsty started to Display his panties, and the Women chanted, “We want to see more”: He was putty in Kirsty’s hands. It was incredibly exhilarating Patti and exciting. I felt so good and Empowered, and it is certainly an experience I wanted to replicate. As Kirsty pulled his leggings down to his knees: It was an amazing sight but it didn’t surprise me at all. I’ve realized for sometime that Sissy loves everything feminine and the humiliation and embarrassment are all part of this. He can’t help it and because he is in chastity he just dribbles into his panties. As the Women said “What a complete pansy”: Well let’s be honest Patti he is a complete pansy. Hearing him being called out is kind of funny. It must be tough for this once Macho man to be called a sissy and a pansy but I love it. And as you would expect as a pansy he is going to cry when he gets exposed like this. Don’t worry though Patti this might sound cruel but we are there to pick him up once he is broken. It requires a change of panties and a spring clean of his chastity cage because he gets so sticky. As they then saw his cage, sanitary pad and tampon: They were shocked. I think they could understand Chastity but couldn’t work out how he thought he was having a period before realizing he was totally subservient to Kirsty. His tears were running down his pretty face but as the noise levels grew the tears really flowed.

Rachel’s thoughts:

About this time Miss Laura invited some of her boxing team who were coming back from the boxing gym to come into the room to meet everyone. Somehow I became the center of attention. Oh Patti I felt so on show wearing my pink unitard with a great big bulge fully on display with my face fully made up wearing perfume compared to the 10 strong and musclely women covered in sweat. They very quickly engaged in the idea of a strength competition and they made it very clear who they would be supporting. Patti I felt so intimidated and isolated and then out of the blue Miss Samantha suggested a panty inspection. The boxing team were like a pack of wolves and started to goad me and call me  names like panty gurl and pretty boi and before I knew it Miss Kirsty exposed my pink panties and then my cockette and chastity along with my tampon. Patti I was completely overwhelmed and became quite emotional at being ridiculed in this way.

Kirsty & Katharine’s thoughts:

When Laura’s Friends arrived, this is what they observed: He was shocked and shaken to be amongst such strong and dominant women. He looked like a dainty little girl out of his league with their physical confidence on display. On him telling his story: Oh Patti it was nervous energy he couldn’t stop talking. It was almost a defense mechanism to make him seem cooperative and part of the girls team. On him trying to hide his “bulge”: He doesn’t realize he’s doing it. It’s a natural defensive position but the irony of having his pretty nails trying to cover his bulge is priceless. When the Women chanted “Let’s see your knickers!”: It was wonderful seeing typical macho chanting being aimed at the delicate feminine man. He didn’t know what to do but went beetroot in color! As Kirsty was exposing Rachel’s panties, Katharine’s thoughts: I honestly believe he was in shock so he did nothing. Bizarrely he behaved as if he didn’t know what was going to be on show next and actually held his top up to give everyone a good look. The chanting was contagious and before you knew it we all joined in. It felt so empowering and put a shiver down my spine of payback to all those horrible men I had to deal with over the years including that macho idiot of a husband I had. As Kirsty pulled his leggings down to his knees: I was not shocked Patti, I know he gets turned on during extreme humiliation. What a complete wussy! As the Women said “What a complete pansy” were you amused? Oh yes it was so funny if not pathetic. He just was in a state of remote control. I honestly believe he had given up trying any type of self respect. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he had squirted his cummy. What Katharine observed in Laura’s friends as they saw Rachel’s cage, sanitary pad and tampon: Sheer disbelief and I reckon these girls have seen most things but not a Sissy like Rachel. Explaining Rachel’s Period: Samantha did this and the girls were just opened mouthed in disbelief but it was in front of them. He had tears trickling but he saved the full sob for later

Rachel was still crying so we quickly redressed him making sure his bulge remained proud and Laura suggested we start the strength assessment. Rachel seemed somewhat relieved that he was not the center of attention anymore or at least for the moment.
So Laura explained what the 5 exercises were going to be and reiterated it was the number of repetitions that were important. Laura then explained to the girls Rachel’s boast of what he used to achieve in the gym when he played Rugby but the girls weren’t buying any of that. They suggested a competition between Rachel and his 2 mistresses with their money being on Katharine and me.
I saw some competitive spirit in his eyes Patti at this suggestion and plucking up the courage I said I’m up for that. Katharine was right behind me and said ” count me in”
Laura ramped it up a bit by saying she knew the girls would be stronger than a Sissy and asked Rachel if he really want to take on his Mistresses. I think the total emotional experience he had just gone through brought the remaining macho instincts out and he said he bet he would win. One of the girls asked Rachel what he was prepared to bet but before he could answer I had the suggestion. If he beats both of us then he would be allowed a night out with the lads in his male clothing but if either of us won he would have a night out with his old mates dressed as Sissy Rachel.
Katharine looked at me and then winked as she absorbed the terms and realized this was our ultimate prize and his potential total emasculation. He hesitated so the girls started calling him Pansy, Sissy, Femboy, Prissy until finally he agreed.
Samantha handed Rachel his pink sparkly sneakers and suggested he put them on. He had a nightmare tying his shoe laces with his long nails so Samantha helped him.
Laura said she would judge us against each discipline individually and would declare either a win for Katharine and I or Rachel. Three category wins was enough to win the bet.
Laura had arranged the exercises in order of difficulty for Rachel due to his long dainty arms and pretty nails. Samantha gave him a bottle of water and suggested Rachel finish it off before he started, to make sure he was well hydrated. He did as he was told.

Laura’s Thoughts and Strategy:

When you explained to your Friends about Rachel’s previous comments on what he achieved at the gym, was that something you had pre-planned with your Friends to get him to try to assert his “manliness”? Oh yes I had to try and tap into his old macho character and put down the bait and wait for him to bite. The girls played their part as well by calling him a pussy and the like. What did you think when you “egged” him on to the competition, and he said that “he bet he could win!”? I had to try and keep a straight face after all what idiot would take on 10 super fit strong women looking like he did!! Did you pre-arrange for your Friends to call him “Pansy”, “Sissy”, Femboy” and “Prissy” to get him to agree to the competition? The girls are street wise and knew what the overall plan was. I left the rest up to them. What did you think when he was trying to put on his pink, sparkly sneakers with his longs nails?   Did your Friends get “Amusement” out of seeing that? It was comical to watch and you have to remember Patti this was in front of a group of boxers that are as Tomboyish as they come. A typical girls night out for us is Jeans, T shirts dock Martin boots and our hair all tied up with not a sign of make up or perfume. Rachel was everything that we were not and therefore subject to ridicule.

Kirsty & Katharine’s thoughts:

When Laura explained to her Friends Rachel’s boast of what he had achieved in the gym previously, how did the Women respond?  They were up for a fight so to speak so goaded him into accepting the challenge! When Rachel responded to Laura that he thought that he would Win the Competition, what went through your mind?  Did you notice the reaction of Laura’s friends at that point? We spoke about this Patti and admit we wondered if we had done the right thing. Was he still stronger than us? But one look at Laura and the girls we were up to the challenge. Your thoughts when the Women started calling him Pansy, Sissy, Femboy, Prissy and Pantyboy when he was hesitating on agreeing to the “Challenge”? I was surprised what words they used. They didn’t hold back and gave him nowhere to go but to accept the challenge.

Samantha’s thoughts:

When Laura explained to her Friends Rachel’s boast of what he had achieved in the gym previously, how did the Women respond? It was a red rag to the bulls. These are very competitive women and watching a Sissy claim he was strong and by inference better than them – just watch out. When Rachel responded to Laura that he thought that he would Win the Competition, what went through your mind?  Did you notice the reaction of Laura’s friends at that point? There was no chance of him winning. He was living in the past and not the present. I saw them looking him up and down trying to weigh him up but honestly Patti with him so slim, obviously lacking muscle mass and all glammed up they quickly worked out that they were onto a winner, the Women! Your thoughts when the Women started calling him Pansy, Sissy, Femboy, Prissy and Pantyboy when he was hesitating on agreeing to the “Challenge”? It was hilarious and clearly aimed at bringing out his former competitive spirit. It worked a treat. All those names are incredibly accurate as well.

Rachel’s Response:

Well somehow I agreed to competing against Miss Katharine and Miss Kirsty in a repetition competition. Once the pack of boxers had had a good look at me, they wanted to see the competition.

So Katharine went first and achieved 13 bench presses of the 100lbs. Next it was my turn and I equaled my personal best of 10. The girls were incredibly supportive of both of us and it really spurred us on. So Rachel went next and immediately realised his nails would make it difficult to grip the bar. The girls watched in silence as he started slowly. His long arms were very shaky and he began to struggle after only 3 completions. Laura told him he wasn’t straightening his arms fully so she would not count any lift without full extension. He was beaten Patti only completing 5 lifts.

Laura’s Observation:

He had 3 lifts disqualified but they weren’t even close to being acceptable. His arms just couldn’t lock out which is the whole point of the exercise. Typically this happens when people take on a weight that is too much for them. Did it surprise me well yes and no. The fact he is a man yes it did surprise me but looking at his slim arms and chest no it didn’t. I realized at this stage the competition was over and he was far weaker than I had expected him to be.

Samantha’s Observation:

When Katharine did 13 Bench Presses and Kirsty did 10, what were you thinking at that point? I thought it was amazing how strong they both were. I didn’t have any doubt they would win but I was also interested to see what Sissy could do. I was shocked how weak he really was. When Rachel could do Only 5 Bench Presses and was starting to shake at 3, did you think that the competition was already over? Yes this told all of the audience this was going to be a total humiliation.

Kirsty & Katharine’s thoughts:

On their Performance: Both Kirsty and I knew that we had done near or reached our personal bests. At least we hadn’t frozen under the circumstances and audience. We had to trust Laura now. On Rachel’s Performance: It was a great relief when we saw his shaky arms. We both knew that this was a sign he was in trouble. It felt great. The girls let him know about it in no uncertain circumstances.

Rachel’s thoughts: (This will go for the Total Competition)

I felt very shaky Patti and I’m sure it effected my performance in the exercises. My corset was also very restrictive and my long red nails got in the way but to cut a long story short both Miss Katharine and Miss Kirsty put up better numbers than me and I was declared the weakest.

The push ups produced a similar result with our 10 to his 2.

Laura’s Observation:

I could understand it if he still was 200lbs and he had simply lost strength but having lost 50lbs in weight he should have been able to approach 10 push ups. The girls could not relate in anyway to a genetic man being so weak and therefore vulnerable

Samantha’s thoughts:

When Katharine and Kirsty both did 10 Push Ups, What were you thinking? Again it was impressive and they looked so comfortable doing it. When Rachel could do only 2 Push Ups, did you realize that it was Over?   What was the reaction from Laura and her Friends? I thought he might do 5 or 6 but only 2 was so embarrassing for him. You have to remember he is only lifting 150+ lbs now not the 200lbs he used to do. The girls were stunned how weak he was after making out how strong he was in the past it opened him up to further ridicule.

Kirsty & Katharine’s thoughts:

Again, it was a great relief when we saw his shaky arms. We both knew he in trouble. It felt Great!!! The girls let him know about it in no uncertain circumstances.

His arms were shaking at this point and Laura sensed the competition could be over quickly so she moved onto the chin ups. Katharine did 8 and I did 7 which just left Rachel. His nails really were a problem gripping the bar as he tried to pull himself up but as hard as he tried he couldn’t manage even 1, we had beaten him. The girls went mad singing and clapping and fist bumping us. Rachel was in taters and I could see him welling up again.
Still now we were on for the clean sweep or as one of the girls said the “sissy sweep’. The last 2 exercises used a lot more leg strength which Rachel was better at but we still defeated him.

Laura’s Observations:

It wasn’t just that he couldn’t do one pull up but he wasn’t even close to doing one. It really was quite amusing watching him wriggle and swing trying to make some sort of impression without any effect. His arms are long but so dainty and having his long red fingernails wrapped over the bar really did emphasize what a feeble Pansy he really is.

Samantha’s thoughts:

When Katharine did 8 Chin Ups and Kirsty did 7 how Proud did you feel at their Strength Accomplishments? It was fantastic watching their athletic bodies being gracefully lifted up and down with apparent ease. As you all watched Rachel struggle and not be able to do even one Chin Up, How Empowering was that moment for you?   How did Laura and her Friends respond to seeing him so completely Defeated?  Could any of you believe that he was so “weak”? It was the ultimate humiliation that sissy couldn’t do even one Chin Up. He was wriggling like a fish on a line going absolutely nowhere. The girls couldn’t stop laughing and so of course they let him have it again calling him names like the pretty pansy ain’t so strong now and don’t smudge your lipstick pantyboy!

Kirsty & Katharine’s thoughts:

On their Performance: I was incredibly proud of Kirsty because this exercise had previously been difficult for her. On Rachel’s Performance: By now we were completely relaxed and were going to let him have it verbally. The girls were great and so supportive to us and a wall of noise to emasculate the Sissy. His performance was really pathetic!

Patti – here are the full results from the competition:

Katharine – FEMALE
100lbs Bench press repetitions – 13

Standard Push Ups – 10

Body weight Chin ups repetitions – 8

130lbs Deadlift Repetitions – 13

160lbs Barbell squat Repetitions – 15

Kirsty – FEMALE

100lbs Bench press repetitions – 10

Standard Push Ups – 10

Body weight Chin ups repetitions – 7

130lbs Deadlift Repetitions – 10

160lbs Barbell squat Repetitions – 12

Rachel – MALE

100lbs Bench press repetitions – 5

Standard Push Ups – 2

Body weight Chin ups repetitions – 0

130lbs Deadlift Repetitions – 9

160lbs Barbell squat Repetitions – 10

The girls went crazy to the extent that other people came in to see what was going on. Laura pronounced Katharine and I as the winners and Pussy Rachel the loser. 

Responses to Laura declaring “Pussy Rachel” as the Loser:

Katharine said, “It felt just so incredible and I was so proud of Kirsty for defeating the Pansy in every way.” Samantha said. “We all felt on top of the world but realized this should be the start of a journey rather than the end. Laura stated, “Well Patti he is a pussy and to be honest it was quite natural for us to call him that. Andrea if I remember right called him a big girls blouse which also seemed funny. The energy levels from the girls was high clearly indicating they had real fun emasculating a cream puff!”

Both Katharine and I were on incredible highs and wanted to savior the moment. Laura asked me if I wanted to say a few words to the girls or to the Sissy boi. This was my chance Patti, I thanked all the girls for their support and told them it was a victory for strong women over a previous macho man. I then turned to Rachel with her mascara running down her pretty face and asked him to think back to his ladish days when he sung his rugby songs aimed at degrading women. He didn’t respond but I wasn’t finished and sternly said ” do you remember?,” He bowed his head and said yes.  Well here was the chance now for him to give us another rendition of the song.

NOTE: I do not know if this was the song that he sung for the Women, but this was one of the songs that he told me that he sung. Very Demeaning to Women. Rachel did say that the song seemed so funny back then, but now he realizes how degrading it was!!

If I were the marrying kind, If I were a marrying kind, I thank the Lord I’m not sir, the kind of man that I would be would be a rugby prop sir, prop sir? ’cause I’d support a hooker and you’d support a hooker we’d all support a hooker together
we’d be alright in the middle of the night supporting hookers together.

The girls were in raptures as Rachel looked up at me with his eye makeup ruined. I nodded and said we are waiting. Oh Patti he started to sing but half way through it started weeping for all his worth. He was destroyed.
Well Patti it’s taken me ages to write this down and it might be in too much detail but I wanted to catch the whole event whilst it was fresh in my mind. Just to finish off we thanked Laura and the boxing girls for their help then the 4 of us headed back home dropping off Samantha at Stephanie’s flat. When we got back our plan had been to peg Rachel again but he was broken and we now needed to pick him up. We ran him a bath and Katharine helped him out of his corset. We did notice his pink panties were very wet and he had obviously been turned on by the sequence of events. I decided to unlock him so he could have a good wash and a soak. He removed his makeup and jumped in the bath. After a while I brought in a clean baby doll for him to change into. I got his normal Chastity cage and helped him lock it back into place. Katharine brought him up some warm milk and honey and we put him to bed.
Katharine and I had an incredible night of passion like I have never had before. We drifted off to sleep in each others arms totally exhausted but incredibly satisfied.
Oh Patti in case you are wondering Rachel was up dressed, made up and back to his domestics this morning. He is very quiet but also seems incredibly focused on what he is doing. I think his next pegging can wait until the weekend.
On final reflection Patti we did it. Rachel was completely broken last night and we now have the threat of showing him off to his macho mates. I’m not sure if we will do it but he is our special Sissy maid for the long term. Both Katharine and I think Samantha as well got such a buzz from the whole emasculation that I could never imagine before. But as Katharine said onwards and upwards there are still so many other humiliating and embarrassing situations to be discovered.
Also thank you Patti for your ideas some of which we incorporated. Your experience in these matters is wonderful.
Kirsty xx


As Strong Women, how did the 7 of you feel seeing such a Feminized Pansy that really had No Upper Body Strength?   Did it give you a Feeling of Empowerment?  Would you like to see more men being this weak and Feminine?

Interestingly it made some of the girls angry that a genetic male had let himself become so weak and effeminate and act like a prototypical helpless woman. Clare actually seemed very keen on pulling his panties down and give his arse a good spanking. You have to understand Patti our boxing group feel strong anyway and are not intimidated by men. This Jessie cupcake was really an amusement for them. I asked the girls afterwards what they thought about having more weak and feminine men and whilst there were several opinions we all agreed having a Sissy maid would be really helpful giving us all more free time but there all were unanimous there was no place for a sissy in their love lives although as I mentioned the idea of pegging a Sissy was discussed .

Which of your Friends came up with the phrase :”sissy sweep”?   That was AWESOME!!!    I am so Delighted to see Strong Women Totally Dominate a once macho and arrogant man!   It is so FANTASTIC!

That was Andrea, she is a real character and has a great sense of humor. Domination and humiliation are accurate terms and it was interesting to see the girls totally supporting Kirsty and Katharine even though they had never met them before. It’s powerful to see what a group of like-minded strong women can achieve when they come together.

 When Kirsty said that this was a Victory for Strong Women over a previous macho man, how did that make the 7 of you feel?

Oh it was a great little speech and we could all tell this had been personal for Kirsty. Listening to her account of living with her Sissy husband we all felt the great victory that it was

When Kirsty forced him to sing his old Rugby song that was so Demeaning to Women, what did the 7 of you think?  When he started to cry uncontrollably half way through his song, did you feel Invigorated as the Now Stronger Sex, and Relish the thought of such a weak and subdued man?   Is this something you would like to see repeated?

It’s funny we knew the song and have alternative lyrics based on being derogatory to macho men! It was so pathetic watching this effeminate man singing a song with a croaky voice blubbering like a baby with his mascara going everywhere. I think it did have a profound effect on the girls and demonstrated how weak most men are and how they can be made to look, act and behave as women are expected too. But not today!!! We all agreed that it would be fun to do again.

Seeing a once macho man’s “manliness” so Destroyed, do you think that Women could someday achieve a Female Led Society with men and boys being the “Feminine” helpers to the Stronger Females?

It’s what should happen Patti but we are a long way from achieving it. I do think men are slowly being feminized and with social media are more and more concerned with their appearance. We should help and encourage our men in this direction to blur the dividing line between the 2 sexes. Having Sissy maids is very appealing to take away boring domestic tasks and if they are going to do these then it’s seems their appearance should reflect what society expects them to look like e.g. pretty and dainty. So yes you can count me in on the idea!!

Additional Comments from Samantha (Interview):

Do you think that this is something that Women and Girls need to duplicate with their males?

If women want to totally emasculate there man then yes of course. They will be in total physical control as well as being mentally dominant.

With the Women now looking for the “Sissy Sweep”, How Proud of Womankind were you?   Do you believe that Women and Girls should be more Devoted to building Strength and muscle after seeing what can be accomplished?

I had so much adrenaline flowing I felt on top of the world. I felt incredibly proud what a group of strong women could achieve. Yes and before you ask I am signing up with Laura for weekly strength sessions

With knowing that Rachel was once a very strong man, and was condescending and bullied Girls and then Women in the past, and apparently at times “forced” himself onto Women, and ridiculed Women for being weak, How satisfying was this night for you and the other 9 Women?

It meant the world to me. We love sissy and think the world of him now, but we wouldn’t have gotten to this point without completely emasculating him and bringing him under control. Feminizing him and making him into a docile pretty pansy has been the “key”.

When  you shared all these events with Stephanie, Did that make her want to participate in emasculating men with you?

Stephanie was on board with emasculation of men already after having Sissy go to her classes. She just loves the idea of carrying out panty inspections. I’m noticing as well she gets incredibly turned on my doing it resulting in incredibly hot sex for me


When Kirsty gave her Statement that this was a Victory for all Strong Women over a previous macho man, How Proud were you feeling at being a New Age Woman?

I felt incredibly proud of how a group of strong women took control and completely emasculated a once macho man and turned him into an emotionally weak prissy pansy. It’s interesting but I’ve never had to deal with a macho man personally but I have been whistled at in the streets and had to deal with sexist comments. Simply put Patti I’m not prepared to put up with it anymore so look out macho men.

As Kirsty looked at the Defeated and Weak Rachel, with his makeup running down his Face and Demanded that he give a rendition of his Female Demeaning Rugby song, what were you thinking?   How were Laura and her Friends responding to this Demand?

It was the culmination of months of hard work to get to this ultimate act. Kirsty had set course for this moment and along with her female friends had brought this once arrogant lazy man to task and completely destroyed every macho thought in his pretty head. All the girls momentarily went quiet I think to see if Sissy was prepared to go this last step and fall on his sword. They need not have worried.

How badly was he crying when he stopped singing his Demeaning Song?  Was there anymore “taunting” of him by the Women at this point, or did they realize that he was Totally Destroyed at that point, and had some “mercy” on the once strong man?

He was sobbing and inconsolable at that moment. He was all alone and had been brought to task. Interestingly at this point all the girls stopped taunting Sissy and turned to congratulating Kirsty and Katharine. As boxers they knew they had won and it was now time to celebrate and leave the defeated opponent to lick his wounds.

Additional Comments from Kirsty & Katharine (Interview):

Do you think that this is something that Women and Girls need to duplicate with their males?

Without doubt from our side Patti

With the Women now looking for the “Sissy Sweep”, How Proud of Womankind were you?   Do you believe that Women and Girls should be more Devoted to building Strength and muscle after seeing what can be accomplished?

Wasn’t the term a Sissy sweep just so perfect and funny. In truth Patti we were incredibly proud of each other and from memory enjoyed hugging each other with our sweaty bodies. It’s taught us a lesson Patti. We always knew we were stronger mentally than men but had never considered doing it physically.

With knowing that Rachel was once a very strong man, and was condescending and bullied Girls and then Women in the past, and apparently at times “forced” himself onto Women, and ridiculed Women for being weak, How satisfying was this night for you and the other 9 Women?

Incredibly and then finding out that he liked to orgasm over my pretty Kirsty’s face oh boy it took any sympathy away for how defeated he might feel

When Kirsty gave her Statement that this was a Victory for all Strong Women over a previous macho man, How Proud were you feeling at being a New Age Woman?

Extremely and made me realize we had to do it again and again

 As Kirsty looked at the Defeated and Weak Rachel, with his makeup running down his Face and Demanded that he give a rendition of his Female Demeaning Rugby song, what were you thinking?   How were Laura and her Friends responding to this Demand?

It was a master stroke of yours Patti, now he knows what total defeat and humiliation feels like. The girls all piled in to really make him feel like a pathetic cry baby school girl being ridiculed by the much stronger sex.

How badly was he crying when he stopped singing his Demeaning Song?  Was there anymore “taunting” of him by the Women at this point, or did they realize that he was Totally Destroyed at that point, and had some “mercy” on the once strong man?

He was sobbing Patti and totally destroyed. No we all had achieved our objective and I think demonstrated that we women know how to win but still respect the vanquished loser. It’s a pity men don’t realize this.

Rachel’s Comments: How he now Accepts his New Role in The New Age Lifestyle of Female Control!:

 All the women celebrated and I was ridiculed again with name calling and wolf whistling. I felt very low Patty but the final part which hurt the most was when Miss Kirsty asked me to sing one of my old Rugby songs which was insulting to women. Looking back on it Patti this was me feeling the full wrath of her revenge. I felt so emotional and totally defeated and having now had time to reflect on events I realize I am a pansy Sissy for life and I am in the servitude of much stronger people than me. All I can do is try to please them and look as pretty as possible and accept that I’m going to be humiliated on a regular basis.

As you have read through this account of Events, as Strong Women, you now can see what is possible! From early upbringing, Girls have been encouraged to be “Pretty & Sweet”, and to Not develop muscular strength or be “Assertive”. They have always been directed into subservience to men and boys. Here we can see that things DO NOT have to be that way!!! What is Wrong with now Encouraging men and boys to be “Pretty & Sweet”. To give up their Aggressive behaviors and be the “Helpers” to the Stronger, Breadwinning Women and Girls? This is the Concept of The New Age Lifestyle! I Hope that this narrative has shown any Woman that reads it that the World can indeed be changed for the Better, under Female Leadership and Control! If you are Thinking about taking Control of your relationships, join us here at The New Age Lifestyle and make a Positive Difference for the future!

Here is an Additional “Treat”! Photos of the Lovely and “Delicate” Rachel next to the Strong Women. Isn’t this a Better Future for Society?

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 262 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

Much male Feminization is happening while Women are being Empowered!

The next Installment of “When the Female Conquers the male” will be coming shortly. I am currently working on that Posting, but this Posting has numerous Perspectives on the latest “Event”, and is taking quite a lot of time to put together. I believe that you will Not be disappointed when you read it later this month!

Many men today are learning how to be pretty “eye candy” for their Breadwinning and Strong Women!

Today’s Posting is an Insight into what is happening all around us. Male Femininity is growing rapidly alongside The Empowerment of Women and Girls. Each day, we are seeing more and more young boys often times with their mothers, they are carrying purses, wearing earrings, some are wearing pink shirts and I saw on young boy the other day in his Cute Pink Cowgirl boots! While I see this, I am also witnessing more and more Girls on the playgrounds playing basketball or on the soccer fields practicing soccer! The Role Reversal is happening right in front of our faces. Today I am going to highlights some experiences that have happened not only by Mothers, but also from a Father! Male Femininity is indeed being “Embraced”, and as time goes on, I believe we will continue to see the increase in feminine men and boys!

Here are some Postings from a Women named Sarah Vogel. This was from my Mister Poll Site from years ago. This is a Great Story. Keep in mind though, her husband was the one that started their son into Femininity, and he was using “chemicals”, which I am NOT in favor of, but I thought you would enjoy the Story. Also take note, her son is now with a Woman that Loves that he is Feminine, and she insists that he is usually in either skirts or dresses, Many Women today are Embracing Feminine men and boys!

It was my husband that started with the feminization of my boy… It seemed like he was growing normally, but then he started to look more and more like a female… When I discovered that his father was secretly giving him anti-testosterone medication and female hormones it was too late… My 15 year old son was already looking exactly like a girl of his age, it was like he went through the wrong puberty and of course I was both furious and shocked… But this whole experience established a closer relationship between me and my son… At first he didn’t like to be feminized, he was clearly confused and disturbed because of this.. But after a while I started to love his body more and more and I guess he also fell in love with his body…

Well my husband never really liked to be a man, he always thought that women have much better lives and are much happier but he always kept this as a secret because he was afraid of being rejected by us… This was slowly driving him to madness to the point he decided to give our son what he wanted for himself. My son is a straight boy and does not share the same frustrations as my husband… But since he experienced female puberty and developed the body of a girl we decided it was better for him to try living as a girl for a while and so far he is healthy and happy with his life, living as a girl made him more secure about himself but he still needs to express himself as a boy and he is often seen as a tomboy even though he is an actual boy… He wouldn’t be able to live as freely in public as a boy, he still lives as a boy among family members and close friends… But outside he lives as a girl.

Update on my son: I am convinced now that my husband did the right thing and we are together again now. A while back my son expressed the desire of becoming a man and getting a girlfriend however we managed to curb his boyish behavior and convince him to stay as a girl and thanks to that now he has a beautiful girlfriend to take care of him. His girlfriend said that she is into girls and that she didn’t like transgenders because they often don’t look quite the same as a biological girl however because of the early dosages my son actually looks like a perfectly fine young girl and now they are a happy couple.

He is 19 now. He still lives in our house but he will soon live with his girlfriend. His appearance is feminine, long hair, makeup and dresses. He isn’t very found of jewelry but he has some. Before he met his girlfriend he was always in pants but now she makes him go out in dresses and skirts and he is already getting used to them.

His semen does not have a sperm count high enough to make a woman pregnant through sex. But we might be able to extract some sperm from him to perform in vitro fertilization. My son did not think much about children, he was more concerned about his life because deep down he still had his boy mindset but with time he started to accept his new life and now he is very happy thanks to his girlfriend who also helped to make him find joy in living as a girl. And his girlfriend does want children. She is 23 years old and I think he does love her. I don’t think she is too bossy with him, she just wants him to remain girly.

Here is a Story from Chrissy Anne, and what his Wife has done to him. It is very encouraging to see Women actively Feminizing their husbands!

My wife is responsible for secretly administrating female hormones in the guise of my normal medicine routine. I had noticed that there were a couple of different pills she was giving me each morning other than my multi-vitamins. She told me that these were a new supplement that would help me lose weight I had been carrying around my gut for the last 3 years. She also tricked me into getting shots about every 2 weeks and by giving herself one too I never suspected her duplicity. Well needless to say I did seem to lose some weight around my waist the first month so I figured she knew what she was doing and just continued taking the meds until about the third month I began noticing I was feeling tired from my normal workout not to mention my chest felt sore constantly. My weight still was dropping around my waist and by now I was free of my poochy belly but my sore chest was seeming to swell around my nipples after the 4th month. Not only that but I found myself massaging my chest because of the tenderness almost every morning and evening while the swelling seemed to get worse. Now I was becoming really concerned as my nipples were so tender and puffy while their color was definitely a darker color red. I began taking real care to not bump my chest against anything by now as after the 5th month the areolas surrounding my nipples had nearly doubled in diameter as well as taking on a definite conical shape that was really showing through my work shirts now. My wife seemed uninterested in my chest when I asked her to look at it but instead pointed out my jeans were fitting poorly since I lost weight. In fact, I had noticed that the rear and thighs of my slacks had begun to stretch tightly to the point that I split the rear bending over at work today. At home, I realized my boxers were also split in the seat but my wife didn’t skip a beat as she handed me a pair of new slacks from her closet. I noticed they were women’s size 14 but when I started asking about why women’s slacks she pointed her finger at my chest and poked my right nipple with her finger causing me to gasp in pain. She seemed to be smiling from ear to ear as she watched me cover my chest from another poke. Then she opened her drawer pulling out some blue satin panties and a white sports bra tossing them my way. Puzzlement about why she gave me bra and panties didn’t help my feelings and realizing that my chest was the focus of her attention causing me to feel even more conscious about the changes. She indicated to put the panties on as well to see their fit and upon doing so was surprised how comfortable they were. I put the slacks on realizing how good they fit around my butt and thighs as well as my waist too which with my old ripped slacks had been a bit baggy lately forcing me to bunch up the excess just to cinch my waist. I suddenly felt very confused about what was going on and felt tears welling up in my eyes. Before I knew it I was bawling uncontrollably with heavy sobs racking my chest. I had never cried out loud like this but my emotions were raw and on edge now. Then my wife began chuckling under her breath at the sight of me and asked me what was wrong. Between sobs, I told her about my chest going through some kind of changes while my butt and thighs now had to bust my slacks at works. She unbuttoned my shirt revealing my chest. I was wiping away my tears as I looked down while she inspected the changes. Then matter of fact like she told me that it looked like I was growing breasts somehow. Somehow my cognitive dissonance had kept me from seeing the obvious but as she traced her nail around each swollen and puffy nipple I shuddered at the sensation as my nipples became hard and pointed outwards even more noticeably. Breasts were indeed developing atop my chest and with that realization, I knew that my butt and thighs too were of the feminine shape. She clucked her tongue at me as I felt my head spinning from shock.
Well, I guess you will need to put that bra on too so you don’t rub your nipples raw against your shirt. She helped me fit into the white sports bra tugging here and there until it was in place. Her smile was returning as she decided that I was in need of a new wardrobe. I still was dealing with my budding breasts and why this was happening. The bra did help cushion my tender nipples as well as supporting the developing breasts so that I now had curves where one my chest was flat. My shirt was actually making me more self-conscious of the changes but my wife said that I looked cute. My wife then looked me in the eyes and told me that she was the one responsible for these changes to my body. She told me that I was going to become a real woman but we still had many months of development to go through. This quite literally was not what I expected her to admit to but the fact that she plans on continuing her transformation of me was really unexpected. I wanted to tell her no way but for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her so. In fact, I realized I was secretly longing to see what happens next. The whole ordeal was terribly arousing too and so I tried masturbating like a man but again found myself unable to achieve an orgasm. Amanda returned with the hormone concoction in a syringe and she found my rear end quickly complying as if I was unable to control myself. In fact, I found that I never resisted her injections each time she stuck me over the next two months. I was actually anticipating my transformation by her hands.

These are Postings from a Good Friend of mine that was unfortunately killed in an auto accident back in 2007. She and her husband had feminized their three sons, and the husband was Feminized as well. Penny Sue was the Head of Household and the Breadwinner! This was Truly a New Age Lifestyle Family years before the Concept was established!

My husband and sons all wear their hair long and styled like girls. I enjoy the feminization of my males and we are a very loving and close family. My boys just love being mistaken for girls and love the fem look.

I think all men should try to wear Women’s clothing or be made to at least try it sometime. I just recently helped a new acquaintance get set up in women’s styles and clothing for a more permanent basis. this is a man in his 40s, straight married but likes dressing up, his wife goes along with it and asked me to help them out. He does not look anything like a woman, but has med long hair and loves to wear female clothing. We got him to now wear a women’s work uniform for work in his appliance repair business. he now wears a women’s style shirt, pants along with padded bra and fanny. along with his new women’s styled hair, makeup and eyebrows. he now goes to work everyday like this and has had very little problems with anyone giving him much grief over it. At home he dresses in more casual women’s clothing and often goes out with his wife in skirts and pantsuits and enjoys dressing like a women even though he would never really have much chance as passing as one when most people would give him more then a casual look or talk. He is really very happy dressing like this and has really become a new person and really doesn’t mind talking about it with others who he might strike up a conversation with. More people should feel as confident in their selves as this guy does.

My husband and sons all wear female clothing and I buy it for them all of the time. They now prefer it over the guys stuff. I’ve made my husband a complete sissy and he now loves to be feminine!

Many young boys would actually end up liking the idea of wearing a skirt. I have come across many young boys who when forced into this with discipline ended up liking it and often want to wear one at a later time. I encourage boys being dressed as girls, it is only fair.

There is nothing wrong about dressing up as a girl! Talk to your mothers or girlfriend, they might just be interested in feminizing you. The world needs more feminized males! If you want to be feminine, go for it by all means. Grow your hair and wear girls clothing all of the time, if you do not start now you will regret it later. Give it a try. I love to feminize guys and Feminine males MAKE THE BEST COMPANIONS.

Many guys love to wear women’s clothing and many others are just too afraid to give it a try but would like to. Many straight guys love it and there is nothing wrong with it. My husband and sons all dress as females and we love it and I prefer it that way. Go ahead and wear what you like if you don’t you will regret it later. Just because you want to wear girl’s cloths does not mean your gay. Many guys love it. Many guys should be feminized, it is the way it should be. Please give it a try. Grow your hair, wear panties and a bra, live life for you not someone else. Most people won’t even notice or care. Many girls would love to feminize a guy. Look around you might find one.

Cosmetics for guys is great. Many men today need to be feminized by a loving partner or mother and makeup is being used today by many males. My husband lives and dresses as a woman today at my request and instruction, He looks great and our sons are also being raised as gurls. Many more men would like to be feminized but need a strong woman to stand behind them and help them do it and encourage them so they don’t feel gay or weird. My experience with feminized men is that many are straight, but like the womanishly looks and pleasures. My friends and I all prefer fem men and they make the best lovers and companions.

There are many guys out there who would like for a girl to feminize them. Many guys would love to wear women’s or girls clothing but are afraid of what others might think. Really it does not make one gay, just because they want to wear female clothing or look like a girl or a woman. My husband has been completely feminized by me and we both enjoy it very much. We are now raising our 3 sons as gurls and I often help other mothers feminize their sons or husbands, or boyfriends. Many feminized men actually look better then the average women you would see on a regular day. My husband has a very feminine looking body from hormones and surgery, but is still a functioning man where it counts. No one except who we have told or are in close contact with actually know that he is a male and the ones that do know only know because we told them or knew him before the transformation. He is a fantastic looking shemale and is a completely straight man, but loves the look of a woman.

My husband is a straight man who dresses as a woman all of the time. Many people who find out that he is a male just assume he is gay. There are a lot of men who would love to do it but do not like being labeled gay or queer. He is completely feminized by me and we both enjoy it. I love to help others feminize their sons and husbands or boyfriends. They make much better lovers and are much more understanding to our feelings.

My husband enjoys dressing as a female and we both love it. I am the major breadwinner and he does most of the housework and takes care of the kids more then I do. He dresses as a woman all of the time, during housework, out shopping or socially. He works on an internet business from home so it has not caused any problems with his endeavors. I love his full female look from the Blonde hair down to his panties. More women should consider feminizing their males, I believe there will be a lot more of them in the near future.

My husband is completely feminized by me and looks completely like a woman. He is straight and there are a lot of others out there like him. He has been on hormones to look more womanishly and has even had surgery to increase his breast size but he only likes women and has never considered a man. We are also raising our 3 sons as gurls and like them all feminized. They make the cutest little gurls.

Yes all men should have the opportunity to wear a dress or skirt. My husband regularly wears a dress or skirt and we love it that way. I have completely feminized him over the years and he now looks like a complete woman. My 3 sons are all being raised like gurls by us and I regularly dress them in dresses and skirts and the older one loves to wear dresses but usually only wears slacks and shirts to school. He is a very feminine looking boy and makes a better looking girl then most of the girls in his school. He just loves to go out shopping for new outfits. He is so much like his dad that they are truly gifts from heaven. I love them all being feminine and they seem to be thriving with it.

My husband has been completely feminized by me and he too has been in several weddings. First at our own I wore a bridal dress and he wore a women’s blue pantsuit and white blouse. In his sisters wedding he was a bridesmaid and wore the same dress style as the other attendants. For his cousins wedding he wore a women’s pantsuit as a groomsman. For a good friend of ours wedding we were both bridesmaids and both wore dresses. He totally looks like a female and really no one fussed at any event but I know he was definitely the talk of the town after and during the receptions. Many who did not know that he was a male had no idea until someone brought it to their attention. He almost always wears a dress to any formal or important event we go to. When we went to a wedding just as guests last month, we both wore dresses and some people thought we we a lesbian couple. That caused quite a stir until the bride wanted to see our pictures of our 3 sons to show her friends. All three dress as girls all of the time and have long hair and were wearing dresses in the pictures. That was quite an event just talking about our sons to the people there. Some were offended but several thought we were raising 3 nice looking little kids and hoped us the best.

Many more males today are being feminized by their wives and girlfriends and it seems that it is working out rather well. Guys find a nice woman to feminize you and you will be together forever. Many men would love to try it but are just worried to get started because of what others will say or call them. My husband is now a shemale and he looks very much the part as a woman and does every day. My 3 sons are also dressed and being raised as gurls and we all love it and get along great with it. Women should try to feminize their males and sons and it will be an improvement for society.

All guys should be made to wear dresses and skirts at least once in their life. Many will find they actually like it very much. It does not mean that one is gay just because he wears a skirt or panties. Many men today are being feminized by women and it is becoming an increasing trend that will make for a more peaceful life. I have feminized my sons and husband and we all love it. You should consider it.

I am currently raising my 3 sons as gurls and they seem to be so content as gurls that I am so glad that I have decided to raise them as ones. More mothers should consider raising their sons as feminine boys, it is definitely a lifestyle that they can be directed into and it is not as some believe a feeling just born within certain people. I have helped others to raise their trouble rousing sons in a more feminine way and they seem to be doing better as feminized males.

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 259 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

Suzie’s Sissies – A Facebook Group Devoted to Female Supremacy!

May be an image of 1 person, hair and text that says 'I SAID GO PUT ON YOUR GIRLY CLOTHES. DON'T MAKE ME TELL YOU AGAIN SISSY! Strictly: Glamour'

Today’s posting is featuring the Facebook Group – Suzie’s Sissies! This Group is Devoted to Female Supremacy and male Feminization. They are always looking to be “Shared” on Facebook so that more people are able to gain knowledge of the Great Progress being made in Female Led Relationships!

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The New Age Lifestyle!

The next Posting, the first one for October will go back to our Series of “When the Female Conquers the male – Part 6, Which will be a “Joint” Posting of Kirsty & Katharine’s Story – Part 3. It will take Time to bring all the aspects of that post together, and you will Not want to miss that one! You will be Amazed at how thoroughly that Kirsty & Katharine have emasculated Rachel! Also, you will learn about the other Dominant Women that are joining the Cause of The New Age Lifestyle!

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Female Control is the Goal!
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Now that my sissy is fully trained I get my girlfriends to send their washing and ironing round for him to do. Remember it is always important to keep your gurl fully occupied at all times.'
You would be Surprised to see how many men have been Feminized by Strong Women!
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Men are now domestic servants to Head of Household Women!
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After he is done his chores, the New Age man needs to be Pretty and Feminine for his Strong Woman!
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The Feminine male “wife” is the New Role of men!
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Amazing how Mothers are persuading their sons into Femininity!
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Another Beautiful husband!
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This is a boy!
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As you see him without his wig!
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Dressed as a girl
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The following are Not from Suzie’s Sissies, but some Girl/boy Comparisons as we progress in the New Age Lifestyle! It is so nice to see Women and Girls being Assertive and Dominant, and men and boys becoming entrenched in their Femininity! The makings of a better, more Peaceful World!

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 248 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

When the Female Conquers the male – Part 5; Katharine’s Story – Part 2

Both Katharine and Kirsty “Fit” this description, and they are Encouraging other Women to “Embrace” the Concept!

This is now the fifth Posting in this series. We started with the initial Posting about Ray/Rachel, and what Kirsty did to change her life and Ray’s for the better! The Link to that Post is here:

Then we had the Two Part series on Kirsty’s story, and how she went from being a Docile and Submissive Girl, to Wife to now the Strong and Independent Breadwinning Woman that she is today as a Manager in a Pharmaceutical Company! That Link to the Two Postings is here:

After that we had the first part of Katharine’s Story which highlighted her growing up and establishing her own Successful Business. That Link is here:

Women Need to have the Confidence in themselves that both Katharine & Kirsty exhibit!

We left off in Part 1 of Katharine’s story with her and Kirsty having a Great night of “Lovemaking” after having a delightful dinner that was prepared and served by the ultra feminine Rachel. Katharine was “Amazed” at seeing the lovely Rachel in his pretty “sissy dress”, and even had the opportunity to do a “panty inspection” on their very first meeting! She was “ecstatic” to see pretty Rachel delicately lift the hem of his chiffon dress with his delicate pink painted fingernails, and expose his pretty pink panties to the Dominant Katharine! Kirsty decided to humiliate her former husband even more by going over and pulling down his panties to expose his shaven body and his “cockette” in it’s little cage! Katharine had to hold back her laughter at seeing this once macho man in his sissy dress, with his panties down and his shaven balls dangling from his chastity device…a Dominant Women’s “Dream”!

After the night’s events, Katharine was amazed and so incredibly surprised to see that this was indeed “Real”!!! She desperately wanted to believe Kirsty’s description of Rachel being a pretty sissy husband but not in her wildest dreams did she expect him to be so feminine, subservient and placid. She was basically pinching herself to think not only had she found such a gorgeous new lover who was available without apparent complication but also to have a pretty very feminine domestic husband who was absolutely no threat to her future relationship with Kirsty was an incredible bonus. This also opened up an Opportunity that she had been “mulling over” in her mind for quite sometime!

Just a bit of background, for sometime she had seen in the beauty business an increasing trend of products and treatments for men. After all few businesses want to exclude 50% of the population from being potential customers. In addition to this she thought that society is moving quite quickly into acceptance of a softer more gentle or even feminized male and so for a few years she had been carrying out research to better understand how beauty businesses like hers could position themselves to take advantage or even gently promote products and services for men. But how do you get fem curious men to come into beauty salons to see what they have to offer? This really was where she hatched the idea of employing gentle feminine men or potential sissy’s to be in the shop front demonstrating that we are open for business. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would find such a pretty and convincing Sissy like Rachel!!! She believes this demonstrates to men and even more importantly to Women what is possible with the correct guidance. She thinks it also makes men comfortable coming in for treatments like facials, manicures and pedicures knowing whatever there fear maybe they will not stand out in comparison to a beautiful, prettily dressed heavily made up Sissy like Rachel. So it only took her a couple of visits to see the potential to get Rachel’s weight down and his appearance refined a bit to be exactly what she was looking for. Just to bring the story up to date, our revenues are up 17% since Rachel started but surprisingly the majority of the increase is from new Women who have heard about Rachel and what to come and have a look and a chat. We are starting to see a few more men coming through the door as well but as expected this part of the business will take more time to grow.

Through her business she knew that there were a lot of feminine men out there and she had seen a few images of crossdresser’s but had never met one in the flesh so to speak of so meeting Rachel so beautifully presented in his Sissy dress and Barbie makeup was somewhat shocking. After a few minutes she was able to absorb not only this pretty sissy but also watch such servitude to Kirsty that her mind began racing as to the possibilities both personally for Kirsty and her to have with Rachel as their sissy maid. She thought what a wonderful thing for society we could do by changing the behavior so radically of macho men. Without doubt feminization of the male species has to be good for society overall. It won’t be necessary to turn all men into Sissy’s but some form of feminization will bring around a much more tolerant and less violent society. She is convinced that the earlier the feminization begins the better.

A Changeover in Feminization!!

After moving in with Kirsty and Rachel, she agreed with Kirsty that Katharine would take over the feminization training to give Kirsty a complete break from things. For her it was like having a new Barbie doll to play with so she relished what she could come up with. It did surprise her that Rachel didn’t fight back at any stage but talking to Kirsty she thinks that Kirsty had removed all his resistance before they met. On a few occasions she had come down hard on him when he threatened to revolt but underneath it all Rachel loves to make himself look pretty and therefore accepts his sissy lifestyle. At that point she decided to carry out some online research into sissification and read the account of a strong and powerful woman who had completely feminized her husband and said the 2 most critical steps were the introduction of chastity and pegging him from time to time. At first it didn’t sink in why she would do this but after further reading she understood that it was more about emasculating him by total role reversal rather than providing any sexual gratification. She talked to Kirsty about it and she really wasn’t sure that she was ready for it so she asked her if she could peg Rachel while allowing Kirsty to watch. Of course she agreed and so we did it. It was an amazing experience for all of us and I was surprised just how excited Kirsty got just watching. 

Here is part of our actual Interview:

Does your family know about Rachel?

My Sister Becky and my mum know so I presume my dad will know as well. I don’t have a lot to do with my brothers but know that they wouldn’t get it at all. In fact it might shock and scare them to think it could happen to them! Becky thought it was great and in fact is trying to arrange a visit to meet Rachel. She would be a great person for Rachel to meet being kind, complimentary, encouraging and confident. My mum being a traditionalist thought it was a bit strange but has expressed interest in meeting him.

Do all of your Employees know about Rachel?   If so, what is their general opinion of him?

Yes all the girls know about Rachel and a lot of them have met him when they have come to the main shop for meetings. Being mainly young girls they all love Rachel and listen carefully to hearing all the advantages of having Sissy “eye candy” for the customers to look at. It’s lovely all the girls who know him include him in all their conversations and invite him out for drinks ( he always declines but it is sweet to see how well they include him)

How many of your customers have talked or asked questions with you about Rachel?

All our regular customers are fascinated with Rachel and love to chat with him. I get asked lots of questions by practically all our customers about Rachel including where did I find such a pretty Sissy, does he do everything I ask of him, what domestic chores does he do at home, who does his makeup, does he wear a chastity cage, where did he learn to do manicures and pedicures etc.

What was it like on his first day at work…June 7th?   Did he try to Resist?

From memory Rachel was quite nervous on his first day. He was very shy and blushed a lot when introduced to the other girls. He didn’t exactly resist in anyway but did try to keep a low profile but we were not having any of that by getting him to meet and greet customers as they came through the door. We even got him to do his little curtsey which was so cute and the ladies absolutely loved it. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone blush so much in a day but it did get him acclimated quickly. The girls showed him the ropes and told him he could use the ladies room as long as he sat on the seat to do his business. Samantha my manager also showed him where he could touch up his makeup and how often she expected him to do it. He was physically and emotionally exhausted by the end of the day having worn his high heels all day.

Why did you decide to make his name tag “Sissy Rachel”?

 Well I think it’s important that our clients know who they are talking to so I  like all my girls to have their name badges on show. Rachel is no different but I also think it’s important that our customers know that Rachel is a man and therefore decided Sissy Rachel was the right compromise. Rachel was not keen on the idea worried about it being seen in public but we had a chat and he soon realized that he needed to be honest with everyone as to what he actually is. I decided to have it embroidered onto his salon dress just to avoid the temptation he might have to take it off when he was out of the salon.

It is really intriguing to see how Katharine has guided Rachel since taking over his Feminization. He was well on his way with Kirsty’s guidance, but Katharine managed to put him on an estrogen rich diet and has taken about 28 pounds off of him in several months. Her Goal for him is 140 pounds which will make him quite svelte! Along with his thinness comes a loss of muscle mass, so he is much more “refined” these days than in the past. To just see and understand the changes in Rachel I will post a photo of Ray/Rachel from his Rugby playing days, and then a couple of his recent photos so you can see the dramatic change in this once very strong and muscular man!

 Back to the Feminization of Rachel!!!!

She doesn’t remember the exact date but thinks that it was in early June that both Kirsty and she realized that Rachel had to be pegged to complete the power exchange. Rachel was very quiet and subdued but he clearly enjoyed the experience by depositing his little pool of cum on the bed spread. Katharine was quite gentle with him allowing him to get used to the phallus in his anus. It was so much fun to hear his little squeal when she finally penetrated him and both Kirsty and she knew at this point he was defeated. There was no doubt he was totally humiliated by both the experience and his reaction to being penetrated. Kirsty watched intently and got quite turned on by the whole scene. I don’t mind admitting Patti we had amazing sex that night after conquering the once macho man turned Sissy.

It’s funny but she didn’t give a thought to get Rachel to suck on her dildo. However as Noted in Kirsty’s Story Part 2 they put that right when Kirsty pegged him. We agreed that Rachel should practice his oral skills before Kirsty started which he did obediently by dropping to his knees in front of her with a resigned look all over his pretty face. It was lovely to see his luscious painted lips clamped around something so masculine doing his best to pleasure her. This was all part of completing the Power Exchange from the male to the Superior Females!

When asked how much convincing she had to do to get Kirsty to peg Rachel she mentioned that Kirsty was reluctant at first and she could understand that. After-all, Kirsty had been the girly girl married to her strong knight in shining armor for 12 years, but after Kirsty had seen Katharine do it and saw how docile and accepting Sissy Rachel was she was ready to move on with the final power shift and role reversal knowing that there would be no going back in their relationship. She now was the strong dominant woman and Rachel was the pretty subservient pansy.

Life as a House Sissy and Salon Worker!

Rachel works from Monday to Wednesday at the Salon. On working days he is all but dressed for work when he serves our breakfast i.e. he wears a satin gown over his bra, corset, panties, pantyhose and heels but doesn’t slip his salon dress on until just before he leaves to make sure he keeps it clean. He of course is made up for work. He wakes up at 5am to give him enough time to shower, do his hair and makeup and prepare our breakfasts. On the non Salon working days he wears summer dresses over his undies again with full makeup. In truth Patti he has to be ultra feminine at all times with both Kirsty and I forgetting what he looks like without his makeup on. I should mention that during his period week we have random panty inspections as well when he brings us our breakfast just to make sure he has the correct sanitary pad and tampon in place. His domestic chores are very extensive these days so he can be dressed in different ways. But it all starts with it having to be ultra feminine with no trousers or leggings allowed. When we get a power rush sometimes we ask him to put short skirts and satin tops on or for very special occasions his sissy dress for example when he is bringing us drinks and refreshments or doing the ironing. We also insist on high heels to be worn in the house so he gets used to wearing them full-time. Pantyhose, panties, bra, corset are obligatory

Consequences of past male behaviors and Strides for Womankind!

Rachel a former macho rugby player has always believed he is physically stronger than any woman. He used to lift weights and had according to Kirsty good muscle development. That has all changed now that we have been able to shed 50lbs from his arms, chest and thighs. He now supports a beautiful feminine figure with the help of a good tight corset. He still maintains privately that he is stronger than the women who lead his life but clearly is nervous knowing that he is not as strong as he used to be. To complete his emasculation Kirsty and I want to show him in a very public way that he is now the weakest and therefore daintiest of all of us in the household and that he needs to look to us to protect him. We also want to take the opportunity of humiliating this once macho “bull shitter” of a man who used to sing crude rugby songs that derided women and objectified them as nothing more than sex objects that could only be relied on to satisfy them after they had drunk enough beer and “backslapped” with his mates.

Nearly all of my friends are girlfriends so they quite obviously know all about Kirsty and Rachel. They are all incredibly supportive of what we are doing but I do suspect a few of them are cautiously observing and seeing how things are playing out. A couple of my closest friends do ask me some very pertinent questions about dealing with husband/partner issues and I have no doubt that they are more than a little interested in FLR and potential feminization.

Some advice from Katharine to other Women and Mothers!

I know not all women want to be dominant with their partners and some like to be subservient to the man in their life and that is fine as long as their life aspirations are truly met and they feel fulfilled. However if something is missing or they feel frustrated about the direction of their life then do something about it. Just look what Kirsty has achieved. Men and in particular macho men are insecure which is the opposite of what you think. The macho behavior is to give them self confidence and help disguise their frailties. Take control of their penis and everything else will fall into place for you to make the changes you want. It’s a lot easier than you might think as you have the tap to turn things on in the bedroom. Introduce him to some new exciting things like panties, ribbons and lace and watch how it excites him. Don’t forget take the photos, they will be key evidence at some stage and then link future sex to what you want him to do next. Remember the second biggest step after wearing panties is chastity and then you are in control. You can leave it at that if it gives you the freedom you want or you can press on with feminization to any point you want to stop or go all the way until you have your own Sissy maid. At this stage you are in complete control and can choose how you live your life. For mother’s with sons “petticoating” can be used for lots of reasons such as bringing discipline and control or can simply be used to change behavioral patterns bringing up a much gentler softer boy/man who fully respects young girls/women. I have no doubt society would be greatly improved if more women were in charge without male testosterone getting in the way. Mothers give it a try and you might be surprised by the reaction you get. Reducing pressure on young men to be alpha is completely desirable and offering them femininity once they overcome the initial surprise might be very acceptable to them.

Business Idea that I brought up to Katharine:

 Would there be a “Market” for “Male to Female Transformations” in any areas of where you have salons?

It’s a good question with more and more people coming out as Trans there has to be an opportunity for male to female transformations. Researching on line these services already exist but they tend to be hidden in back rooms of houses. My idea would be to offer m2f transformations during set hours. This would allow privacy but would also be in a main stream salon. Having Rachel meet and greet clients and then help them with their transformation should make them feel very comfortable.

Mentoring one of her Determined Employees! Samantha is a “Key” Employee for Katharine as well as a Friend!

Samantha is her own girl and will work out what she wants from her relationship with Scott. Having said that in a very short period of time she has got him into panties, pantyhose and painted his toenails. She asked me to witness him exposing his pretty toes in the Salon and it gave me chance to have a little chat with him. It resulted in him making pedicure and manicure appointments in the salon for the next few weeks. I will of course support Samantha in anyway I can with Scott’s emasculation.

Do you see yourself actively seeking to increase male Feminization in your salons?

Yes without a doubt I believe we are about to see an explosion of male feminization and I believe strong and dominant women can help bring this about by taking control of their lives.

This final Part of the Post is the culmination of Two Strong and Dominant Women that have Taken Full Control of a once very Strong and Athletic man, and imposing their Will upon this “Arrogant and Condescending” Bully, that now realizes the Great Power of Women! It is so Invigorating to see how Determined Women can make a man better through Feminization, and the Great Strides that this then achieves for Womankind!

More and More Women are realizing the Great Value of having a “House Sissy” at their beck and call!

The Following is Kirsty’s account of the “ultimate” Pegging of Rachel. They are establishing their Complete Dominance over him, and this account is very Detailed and Informative. For Women that are looking at Complete Domination of their men, this is a Great Blueprint to emulate. Just a Warning, this is a Very Detailed description of their Conquest of a very pretty Sissy!

Hi Patti,

Just a quick note about last nights activity with Rachel. The three of us had a wonderful afternoon shopping and we managed to get Rachel several new outfits including a bra and garter belt set. We were quite late getting back so ordered some food for home delivery. We were keen to get Rachel to try on some of his new things so suggested he went upstairs and change into his new very short red skirt and peplum top. Our plan Patti was to get him all dressed up ready for the food delivery boy who was due at 7:30pm. I took his picture when he came downstairs and as you will see he looked gorgeous. He clearly liked his appearance himself giving us lots of different twirls and checking himself out in the mirror. He was very relaxed whilst in the kitchen getting the table set for when the food arrived. When the doorbell went I asked Rachel to answer it and invite the young man in. Amazingly Rachel didn’t hesitate and brought the young teenager in. Katharine and I both had to smile when he caught site of Rachel in the full. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw his legs, body and pretty face.

So after food and chats Rachel got up to tidy away all of the plates and food containers whilst Katharine and I went to get our showers. I’m pretty sure Rachel knew what was coming being the last evening before his period starts. It has become the norm to give him his pegging and release before he starts his weekly cycle.

What Rachel didn’t know was for the first time we were both going to have him as much as anything to set the scene for his punishment after the strength competition assuming we beat him!!!

Katharine and I love to shower together and this evening was no different. After we came out we dried ourselves down and got changed into our leggings and exercise tops which we always wear. We love the pegging to be a sort of workout for us whilst having Rachel looking as feminine and pretty as can be. Whilst I was drying my hair Katharine put her dildo harness on and adjusted the straps to get it as comfortable as possible. Meanwhile when I had finished I opened the box of my new phallus and pulled a gorgeous 7″ cock and harness. Katharine was fascinated with it and compared the size to our normal dildo. It was about 1″ longer but quite a lot thicker and incredibly life like.

Well with us all set we called down to Rachel and asked him to come upstairs and put his new bra and garter set on. There was no doubt he knew what was happening but didn’t realize he was in for double pleasure.

Katharine and I knew it might take him a while to not only get his stockings on and clipped to his garter belt, but also knowing Rachel he would want to redo his makeup for the second time in the evening. He is a good Sissy and had obviously worked out that he would be providing oral services to a dildo so put his maroon red lip stain on. 

We were right and nearly 1 hour later he knocked on the door of our bedroom. Needless to say we hadn’t wasted that hour ourselves so momentarily we had to pull ourselves together before we invited him in. He looked stunning Patti and we had to get a photo of him (see below)

Rachel looked anxious when he saw the two of us dressed and supporting full erections waiting for him. He couldn’t take his eyes off the new 7″ penetrator as he approached us on the bed.

So without going into graphic detail Patti we started with him giving oral to Katharine’s penis whilst I put some lubrication all over his tight bud. I was pleased to see he had used his douche and was beautifully clean. We then swapped places so Katharine could start her Pegging whilst he had a close look at the new penetrator. It didn’t take long until Katharine was inside him and as usual he let out his little sissy cry. It was very noticeable that despite trying to take my phallus in his mouth he naturally pushed back against Katharine to take her full length. Katharine introduced a lovely slow pace as she pegged him whilst I held his face still in my hands and tried to gently push my big cock into his mouth. It was too thick for him to deep throat but I did hit his gag reflex. Meanwhile Katharine was now pegging him hard giving him the full length of the shaft and we both knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. With a little sissy whimper his cummy juices flooded out into the little container he was holding and he collapsed in a heap as he tried to recover from his sissygasm.

Katharine withdrew her phallus with a loud plop from his anus and summed me round to take my turn. Rachel was very aware and nervous about what was going to happen next so Katharine went round to comfort him and to hold his hand whilst I prepared to mount him. After adding lots more lubrication I placed the end of my dildo right against his bud and saw his sphincter muscle instantly contract. I had to go very steady as I didn’t want to damage him and eventually with a little pressure I was in. This time there was a more throaty grown from Rachel but slowly he pushed himself back stopping every few seconds to give his anus chance to get used to the increase in size. 

Katharine watched on intently and relieved Rachel of holding his cummy pot so he could concentrate on what he was doing. With one final push we were all the way in and Rachel was impaled onto my big cock. I very slowly started to withdraw it only to push it back in as far as it would go but Katharine wasn’t going to miss out on this so whilst holding his cummy pot in place ready to catch any secondary cum droplets through his chastity cage she reached in with her other hand and grasped Rachel’s chastity cage and swung it from side to side. Oh Patti he literally screamed and cum started flowing again into his little pot. I wanted to peg him a few more times but his whole body went limp so I knew it was time to let him down from his second sissygasm.

I slowly withdrew my penetrator but Rachel was so sensitive he pleaded with me to go very slowly. I was amazed because when it came out his anus remained wide open with his muscle wall in some sort of spasm. Katharine and I were fascinated watching this.

The final part was of course cummy time and there was lots of it. Katharine decided we should keep half of it for his breakfast strawberries but she got Rachel to open wide and she gently poured the remaining half into his pretty mouth. Rachel knows he is not permitted to swallow until I give the order but I wanted him to play with it in his mouth and to show Katharine and I how he move it around with his tongue.

Eventually I gave him the command to swallow and like a good little Sissy he did.

We dismissed Rachel from our room once he had put his panties back on and told him to have breakfast ready for us at about 8am.

We had an amazing night Patti, I don’t know what it is but pegging Rachel makes both of us incredibly randy and we were at it like rabbits until the early hours.

Now that is Complete Domination of a man by two Strong Women! You can see that Katharine and Kirsty are gradually working their way to TOTAL Domination over their Sissy boy Rachel. The once Strong, athletic. arrogant and condescending macho man is being put through his paces! He is Extremely Feminine at this point and has lost an enormous amount of muscle mass. He is turning into the Role Model of The New Age man! You will want to “stay tuned” for the next Posting in this series which will be a “Joint” Part 3 Posting for both Kirsty & Katharine! You have briefly been exposed to the “Strength Competition” which is what the next post will be devoted to. You have also been introduced in this Post to Samantha, she will play a major Role in the next Posting! Dominant Women everywhere, we ask that you join us in the Cause of The New Age Lifestyle where Women and Girls are Empowered while men and boys are put into their Proper Roles as submissive Sissies, here to Serve Womankind!

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society! Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception in April 2020. We are now up to 241 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

Female Supremacy is Coming! Be part of the Cause!