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Hello to all the Loyal Followers and Readers of this Blog!   I decided to create a Forum for our Blog in the hope that we could embark on some Discussions on the Empowerment of Women and Girls and  the Femininization of men and boys.  Gender Role Reversal is something that is increasingly becoming more common in Society, and I am hoping that we can get others to join in on the Topics and Issues.


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Some Photos for Today!

'We Can Do It!' [Rosie the Riveter], a poster produced by Westinghouse for the US War Production Co-Ordinating Committee, c.1942-43; 'Rosie the Riveter--the strong, competent woman dressed in overalls and bandanna--was introduced as a symbol of patriotic womanhood'. (World Digital Library)

A Nice Girl with her Pretty boyfriend!

A Confident Woman!

So Nice to see boys showing off the pretty legs!

There is just “something” about a Confident Woman in a suit!


So nice when brothers dress up so Prettily!

Isn't it so sweet? My wonderful little brother wants to be a girl, just like his big brother!

Female Confidence….So Invigorating!!!!

Source: Pintrest  Year: N/A  Short hair was a signifier of the mannish lesbian. This woman also has a more masculine style of clothing.

Women that are Pioneering the Future of Society, and the Results of their Work!

The Type of Women that will make these Changes are Strong and Assertive Women.  Confident in their own abilities, and knowing what they want from their men!

Female Bodybuilding 2017! Strong women! Muscular women ...

It is becoming More Common to see Women not only being Stronger, but also, to now see them in a Completely “Muscular” Way.  It is no longer uncommon, to see Women with big biceps!

Hail, Womaniya! - LOL: Life Of Leo

The stereotypical View of a Woman being a Very thin and Delicate creature is now Outdated!

Fun: Michelle Brent - known among bodybuilders as Woman ...

A very Strong Woman - Females Photo (30877152) - Fanpop

Women are Winning in Business!  Many are now Out-earning their male counterparts!

Strong business woman stock photo. Image of arrogance ...






Strong Women are indeed Changing Society.  As you look around, more and more Women are now the Breadwinners, and more men are Accepting that they are the “male wives”, taking care of the home and the kids!  Many men are now voluntarily accepting their new Role in the relationships, and becoming the “helpers” to their Bread-winning spouses.  The Women of these hubbies are very Thankful for their maturity in accepting the traditional housewife (husband) Role, and these relationships are symbolized by the Great Love that these spouses have for each other.  The Roles are reversed, but it works for these couples!

So many of these men are doing their best to take care of the house, and in some cases the kids, and in addition, to many of the Wife’s Requests, are doing their best to look nice and Attractive for their Assertive Women.  This is what was expected 60 years ago and beyond for Women to do, when the men were the bread-winners, so now that the Women are the Bread-winners, what is Wrong with this?????  NOTHING!!!!   Male Femininity is Growing, and in most cases, this is a Very Good thing for both Womankind and the Society in general!



As you can see in this series of photos, all these feminine men have a smile on their face.  They are happy to be Wanted, and very happy to be able to be pretty for their Bread-winning Wives.  The Women Enjoy have their Pretty men take care of the home, while they are out making the money!


Many mothers are seeing that their sons want to be Pretty, and therefore, they are supporting them in any way they can.  These are just a few examples.  These boys are so Lucky to have mothers that Love them and allow them to be who they want to be!



Skirts are for men and women


The following two postings are from the March & April editions of PDQ.   This is something that has been a Growing Trend, Women, mothers, helping their sons embrace their Femininity!


Dear Helga,

I’ve worked as a saleswoman in women’s retail every since I graduated from high school about 20 years ago, and a lot of that time I’ve specialized in lingerie, and oh, the stories I could tell. One of the open secrets in the business is how much women’s lingerie is purchased by men for themselves! A day doesn’t go by that I don’t see a man pursuing the panties or slips or bras or stockings etc., with that look in his eyes that tells me that, no matter what he says, he’s not shopping for a wife or girlfriend, but for himself. I learned early on how to tease these men into spending hundreds. Occasionally, we get wives with their husbands shopping for lingerie for the men, but that isn’t very common, and a very small number of times I’ve dealt with women who are in the store with a boyfriend and their husband, buying panties for the hubby. Wow.

But those are tales for another time. You see, I also sometimes work in the girls clothes section, and I wanted to write about something that has just started happening in the past couple of years, and it seemed what I had to say might be of interest to you and maybe your readers. What I’m talking about now are women who are with a son and are shopping for panties and other girls clothes for their boy.

I can’t remember that ever happening until a few years ago, and even now it doesn’t happen a lot, but maybe just once a week or so that I’ve become aware of. It’s amazing how much I learn about them when I serve them, because usually they are quite comfortable telling about what’s going on. Usually, but certainly not always, they are single moms, and the boys are almost always in the 7-10 years old range, but a few women with teenage boys have shown up too. I’ll describe a few of these customers.

The ones I like to serve the most involve women with sons who simply want to be girls. Just last week, for example, I saw a woman shopping while holding the hand of a boy who looked to be about 8. She was looking at blouses and holding them up to the boy to check the fit. When I went over to ask them if they needed any help, she smiled, said yes, and then told her son to tell “the nice saleslady’ why they were there. I could see that the boy was quite shy, and was clinging to his mother more like a preschooler than a boy his age, and I could also see that he was effeminate for a boy his age and with his long hair and soft rather pretty features I was already thinking that he probably was sometimes mistaken for a girl. It took some urging on her part, but finally the boy whispered, then with more urging said a little more clearly, that the reason they were there was because he didn’t want to be a boy anymore, he wanted to be a girl. His mother then told me that it seemed he had always felt that way, but that it had taken her until very recently to really accept the truth of the situation. So now, they were shopping for the first time for girls clothes for him.

I led them to some changing rooms, and over the next hour or so brought them piles of panties and skirts and blouses and dresses for him to try on. What was so sweet about it was seeing him look at himself in the mirror each time he tried on something new. It was clear that he really loved seeing how he looked in just about everything. He’d look at himself, and smile, and twirl while looking, and pull up his skirts or dresses to look again at the panties he tried on. His mother could sense how thrilled he was, and she was just beaming as well. I think they ended up buying about a dozen pairs of panties, maybe five skirts, a dozen blouses, and four or five dresses, and when we were done, they just left his boys clothes for me to throw away and he left the store wearing one of his new outfits, and I doubt that anyone seeing him realized that the pretty girl they were seeing was really a boy. I was left feeling wonderful myself, about helping a boy look so pretty and feel so happy.

Since you focus more on petticoat discipline, which is a term I had never heard of until a couple of years ago, I guess I should also describe one of the times I’ve helped women who have brought their sons into the store to be punished by being put into girls clothes. I can’t say that this has happened very much, but when it does it’s pretty memorable. The first time, it was a woman whose son was thirteen. Now that is really unusual, to see a woman shopping with a boy that age. Especially because the boy held his mother’s hand and they were in the teen girls section looking at bras. When I approached them, I could see that his eyes looked like he had been crying. I hung back for a few minutes and overheard him quietly but almost constantly begging his mother not to make him wear a bra and promising over and over that he’d be good and that she didn’t need to do that to him.

Needless to say, I could barely believe what I was hearing. I guess I should explain that he was dressed in a light jacket and pants and a shirt, except that when I finally went up to them to offer to help, I could see that the shirt was really a blouse and the navy blue pants zipped up the side and had no pockets. When I went up to them I could see actual traces of tears on his cheeks, and his mother very directly and matter of fact told me that he had been disobedient at home and had been doing poorly in school to and so she was petticoat punishing him (yes, she used that term). When I got out my tape measure and suggested we go to a changing room, she said it was OK to measure him right there and made him take off his jacket. As I put the tape around his chest I noticed a couple of girls nearby who were staring and giggling at what they were seeing, but then, after I picked out a couple of padded training bras in his size, we did go to a changing room for him to try them on. When we got into the changing room he again started to plead with his mother again, but now he was saying he’d be good about wearing a bra at home if only she wouldn’t make him wear one when they left the store. In fact, he never really stopped begging even while trying on the bras, and when he did that I was also able to see that he was wearing panties underneath his girls pants. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that when they finished, having purchased three padded bras for him to wear, she did make him wear one out of the store underneath his blouse and she wouldn’t let him put his jacket on over it.

As I said, I have a lot more stories I can tell that are like these and about some of the men I’ve sold lingerie to, but these should give a sense of some of the more interesting customers I’ve had recently, and I hope you find them interesting, even if you’re not as surprised as I’ve been about them.


Thank you for your letter Cheryl. What a delightful letter and such fascinating experiences you’ve had in this field. I would love to hear more, whatever you wish to share, if you can find the time. I know how much my visitors enjoy reading about those mothers that felt petticoating was right for their sons, that must have given you a special feeling to witness and assist.




Dear Helga,

As I mentioned in my earlier letter, in my work as a saleswoman in the women’s and girl’s clothes department of a large department store, it does seem as if, while still not an every day kind of thing, it is becoming more common to have customers who are women who are buying girls clothes to petticoat their sons. In fact, I’ve had a couple of really interesting instances just in the past two weeks.

The first involves what I’ll call a case of “woke” petticoating. One afternoon a couple of weeks ago I saw a couple of women shopping in the girls clothes section with what turned out to be their seven-year-old son. When I helped them, I learned that the women were married to each other, and they were very progressive in terms of their views on gender and gender identity, and it had been their goal to raise their son Dana (a name they said they chose because it was gender ambiguous) in a “gender open” way. So, instead of referring to Dana as “he”, they called Dana “they”, and had tried to avoid encouraging Dana to be at all boyish. In fact, when I first saw them shopping, I thought Dana was a girl (I’ll call Dana “he” only because using “they” can get confusing). Dana had long, fairly girlish hair, and although it wasn’t in a pony tail or braids or anything like that, it was cut into a girlish style. And his clothes were sort of, but not completely, girlish: regular running shoes, but with pink socks, some blue shorts that were more girlish than boyish in style, and a pink pullover top. I only learned that Dana was really a boy when one of his moms told me that Dana was “boy bodied” (that’s the term they used instead of calling him a boy).

Anyway, what the two moms also told me was that they wanted Dana to experience the whole “spectrum” of gender identities so that Dana could eventually decide for himself on his gender. But what maybe was most interesting about this is that the moms had been homeschooling Dana, but had very recently enrolled him in a very small, private, very progressive, school, where the philosophy of the school matched their views on gender. What that meant, in part, was that all of the “boy bodied” students were taught that anything masculine or boyish is bad, and had to spend half of each month wearing the kinds of clothes that we generally think of as girls clothes. And so, the three of them were shopping for some appropriate clothes for him for school: panties, skirts, blouses, dresses, and girl’s sweaters. A bit surprisingly, I think, Dana wasn’t too pleased with this, and a couple of times said that he would rather wear boys clothes and that he was a boy, not a girl. Needless to say, Dana’s moms were pretty direct in admonishing him when he said that. They rather sternly reminded him that “There’s no such thing as boys and girls. There’s just some people who are more boyish and some who are more girlish, and he might end up as either one or somewhere in the middle.” But they also made it very clear to him that he would be leaving the store wearing some of the clothes they were buying and would be wearing those clothes to school that week. When they left, Dana was wearing some new panties, pink tights, a red skirt, and a very frilly white blouse that buttoned up in back, and had a pink ribbon in his hair. In other words, he then looked completely like a girl.

Then, just yesterday, I had a pretty interesting petticoat discipline customer, which is what reminded me to write to you again. The woman was a very petite, gray-haired, attractive in a school marmish sort of way, older lady who was shopping with her ten-year-old grandson. He was bigger than his grandmother, but was obviously almost terrified of disobeying her, and she was intent on using petticoat discipline on him. When I first went over to help them, she was firmly holding one of his hands in hers while looking through panties with the other, and he was just standing there with his head hanging down and eyes lidded, looking almost as if he was about to cry and his eyes were red as if he actually had been crying within the past few minutes.

Because this happened so recently, I can remember almost all of our exact conversation as I helped them, so maybe I can describe what happened in that way.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

The woman smiled at me, and looked at her grandson and squeezed his hand more tightly. “Tell the nice saleswoman why we’re here, Ryan” she said.

The poor boy could barely look at me he was so embarrassed. “Tell her” his grandmother said, rather sternly this time.

“We’re … buying girls clothes for me” he finally said in a very soft voice.

“And tell her why we’re doing that” his grandmother said.

“Because I’m, uh, I’m being punished for not doing my chores and for trying to bully my younger sister into doing some of my chores for me.”

Then, with some tears starting to actually form in his eyes, he turned to his grandmother and said “Please, grams. Please. I’ve learned my lesson. Really I have. Please don’t make me wear panties. Please.”

Ryan’s grandmother seemed intent on making the whole experience as shameful as possible for him and when he said this her reply was to look at me and laugh and then she said “Ryan! if you think that there is any chance that you are going to get away without being put into panties, you’re sadly mistaken. And not just panties. I guess you don’t get it yet. With this nice woman’s help, I’m going to pick out a pretty dress for you to wear too, and you’re going to wear it home. So now then. Are you going to give me any more trouble, or are you going to be a good boy and wear the pretty clothes that I tell you to wear?”

Ryan looked completely dejected and defeated, and quietly said that he would be a good boy for her. I was just standing there while all this took place, with astonishment at how controlling this small older woman could be with her grandson. I then helped them figure out the right size panties for him and brought them a sampling of different colors and kinds, and the grandmother made Ryan himself pick out six pairs, after holding each pair up against him and commenting on how they would look and feel when he wore them. We then went into a changing room and I brought them a variety of dresses for Ryan to try on, and after his grandmother had selected two of them (and picked one of those, a very pretty and certainly very feminine yellow and white sundress) for him to wear home, we all walked over to the sleepwear section and Ryan’s grandmother picked out a pink nightgown and a pair of Disney princess girls pajamas for him to wear at night.

“That’s right, Ryan” she said, as she picked those out. “THIS is what you’ll be wearing over your panties at night for the next few weeks at least. What do you say, Ryan?”

Ryan actually did start to cry at that point, as he came to realize how much he was going to be petticoated, but all he said was, “I understand Grammy. Thank you.”

As she paid for the items, Ryan’s grandmother asked me if I had many other customers like her who were buying clothes to petticoat their boys. I told her that, quite honestly, although she was far from the first, it wasn’t very common. She kind of tsk tsked when I said that, and told me that she had been encouraging Ryan’s mother to petticoat him for years, and that as far as she was concerned, the world would be a much better place if more boys were properly petticoated while they were growing up. Of course, as the two of them then left the store, there were other customers staring at them, but Ryan, now wearing the yellow dress, simply held his grandmother’s hand and looked down. But his eyes by that time were pretty red again from crying, as were his cheeks with the redness of the shame he was feeling. But I have to say that I’m starting to think that his grandmother was right about how much better things would be if petticoat discipline were used more than it is.

Best wishes

Thank you for your letter Cheryl. We remember you and your previous letter published last month, this one is also quite special, I really appreciate you sharing these experiences with us.

Interesting instances indeed, both show the power of petticoating on young boys and go to illustrate how effective it can be. The lesbian couple working to encourage gender fluidity in their child, most positive and a wonderful example of petticoating for shaping a life of femininity for him.

The other with the grandmother, outstanding to say the least, a perfect example of petticoat discipline, using girls clothes to teach him a lesson in respect for his sister, who no doubt will be highly amused when they return from shopping. For you this must have been quite the experience, to watch, to listen and to be involved in helping her purchase the clothes.

Thank you again for considering us and for sharing these truly delightful examples of petticoating.


On this second letter, I do want to interject my thoughts on the first part about Dana.  Some of you might not Agree with my thoughts here, however, I think they are Important.  I applaud Cheryl for calling Dana what he is, a boy.  For those of us that Truly support Gender Role Reversal, and the Empowerment of Women, it is Imperative that these Feminized boys be called what they are…boys!  That really makes this next Comment and Assumption more Critical.  The mothers are there shopping for clothes for Dana, who was recently enrolled in a very Private school.  This school is Requiring two weeks each month that the boys will be wearing clothes that is traditionally Female; ie, skirts, dresses, tights, blouses, hair ribbons and so forth.   Assuming that this program is executed “fairly”, that might mean that the Girls would be attending  those same two weeks dressed as in clothing that is traditionally boy’s clothing, ie; jeans, jerseys, sneakers, sweatsocks, etc.  What better way to indoctrinate boys and Girls into Gender Role Reversal than this?  PLEASE, in the Comment section, I would Love to know what you readers think of this School and it’s policies!

The Beauty of the Feminized male!

Aubrey is a Very pretty husband and father!


Another pretty man that is so happy to be able to embrace his Femininity!

Femboi's Daddy: Photo

CD with sexy bulge.


Former Soldier!

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Look at his legs!   When the GentleWomen’s Clubs start to appear, men like this will be the pretty male waitresses!

Ashley Lovelace : Photo

While formerly macho men are now Embracing their Femininity, and relishing the experience of being Pretty, many Women and Girls are invading the Once Male Only Activities!

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Will a woman ever play in the major leagues?

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  1. Wow. Such a display of power while She was pinning Him.


  2. looks like she pinned him earlier in the match too.


  3. Love the last photo. Her forearms are thicker than his arms and her calfs are thicker than his legs. She’s all muscle, strength and determination, he’s skinny, soft and languid. Girls work hard at the gym while boys play with My Little Pony. It’s the new order.


  4. In the second photo you can see her thighs are twice as strong as his.



  1. It doesn’t look like the guy stood much of a chance in this match. The woman looks so much stronger than him. At least he didn’t back down to her.


  2. When you put together a man and a woman of the same weight the woman will always look so much stronger. Add to that the fact that her muscle is more efficent and more resistant and all the other invisible advantages like flexibility, and the man stands no chance.

  3. I am a youth wrestler from Germany and i contact her for a wrestling trainings fight and she is really interested.

  4. This girl is a very big muscular wrestler and i see many of her videos and she handle guys very big guys too and some of the guys can not stand her not more than 20 seconds.
    Very impressive to see when she control guys with her upper body and they can not go out of this.

Rate the degree of female dominance over the male in each of these picture from on a score of 1-10 then let us compare our numbers email me at rondvorkin@aol.com I’ll start with the second to last picture. That fearless muscular girl wrestler has him. She is about to make him a one armed wrestler. I rate it a 10

It’s a New Day boys….Embrace your New Role!


Is it True? A Reader’s Question!

For today, I decided to elaborate on an E-Mail that I received from a husband that was told to check out the Blog by his wife.  This is just an example of some of the E-Mails I do receive, and what is so nice about it, is that it gives a chance to present the evidence of the Changes that are occurring in our Society.  Gender Role Reversal is indeed happening, and the photos that I post are Clear evidence of how many men and boys are embracing Femininity, while many Women and Girls are pursuing Activities that were ONLY for men, just 50 years ago.

I remember about 40 years ago, the Coach of the Miami Dolphins being asked in an interview what were some of the Changes that he has witnessed in all his years in Coaching.  His response was that he couldn’t get use to the guys wearing earrings, and at times spending so much time searching for them!  Just imagine his thoughts today….men being frustrated by “runs’ in their pantyhose, or men making sure their makeup was just right, or that their purse matched their shoes and their outfit!!!!

Or how about a Cute young man like this having on a Cute outfit to Greet his Breadwinning wife coming home from work!


Or in the “New Age” of Female Control, as Feminist Women push the Gender Boundaries, many boys are finding out their mothers are encouraging a “New Style” for their sons!

Making sue your man in watching his Figure and insisting that he wears Form Hugging clothing is Very Important in getting him “Objectified”, as men had done to Women in the past!

While the men and boys are being Pretty, and are on Diets to Control their Pretty Figures to attract a Strong Woman, Women are Conquering the once “Male Only” Domains of Sports!

Project: MS Template 2017-2018

High School Teen Suits Up As Team's First Female Football ...

Women padding up to play American football | News Local

Birmingham Lions | 7 good reasons to #BeALION

So, how are Women making these Changes?   Well, the Truth be told, many men and boys will adapt to Feminization very easily.  Here is an E-mail from a friend of mine that unfortunately we got “Out of Touch”.  He was once a Very Macho man, that was Out of Control, and then his Wife, now Mistress, decided that things had to Change.  Here are some of those changes.  Keep in mind, in 2007, he went into a tantram and punched holes in the walls of their kitchen….things have now changed quite dramatically!

Hi Patti,
Thank you! Yes Thanksgiving was great. There were people there I didn’t know but no one made issue of me. I cooked along side of Mistress and her sisters. We made all the regular Thanksgiving fare and then I had made Devil cranberries (they are made with
chipotle peppers, jalapenos and onion, and whiskey glazed sweet potatoes and apples.
The guys watched the Miami and Dallas as well, I only caught glances of it as I was busy.I served them beer and shots through out the day. The meal was awesome.
Mistress, Rhonda and Mistress’s sister Sandy played a mean trick on me, but I had such a great time I couldn’t get mad, After dinner they wanted to play cards, just us girls and Louis. Well I don’t drink much anymore a glass of beer or a glass of wine here and there. Well they started doing tequila shots and Mistress told me I could have a shot of two. Well they were double shots, and by the third I was getting pretty ripped.
They took me out under the guise of getting more booze, I found the thought exciting and safe to go into a 7-11 and buy a bottle or two in a place where no one knew me; but they took me to a Indian Casino called Augustine’s. I was a big baby I guess, and didn’t want to go in, but between them and the shots I allowed myself to be dragged out of the truck. At first I was upset, but after a bit and no one making any comments I relaxed and started to have fun. I played penny slots and had a few more shots. We ate dinner at the casino restaurant .
The waitresses were very nice to me, both of them were very beautiful, the one had incredible breasts, and in my relaxed state I told her I was jealous of them. Mistress heard me and made a big deal about my secret desire to have breasts; she even teased me all day yesterday about it; but I had an awesome time. The only downside I was badly hungover yesterday, Mistress had no mercy on me.
Mistress took pictures of everyone, and I hope to send you one. Mistress won’t show faces. She should be processing them this coming week. I thought she was going to have me wear the new pencil skirt; but instead I wore a mid thigh black pleated skirt, blouse and thigh highs, heels and a diamond necklace and earrings. Pink panties and bra. At some point I took off the heels and stockings.
When Mistress first took control as I told you it was more a Mistress / slave thing. She did put me in panties as part of the control factor. Mistress wrote a story about it, but it like most of her stuff is part fact part fiction. I know for us the change over from BDSM to a role reversal life style was an extremely emotional time; filled with both excitement, fear, resistance and of course surrender.
I will most likely send her story, and then clear up the fictional parts. The journey is a long one, never ending really.

Hi Michael!

I am so Glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Glad that you were Playing cards with the Girls, rather than watching Football with the guys…although you said the guys were “Nice”, I think it might have been tough for you to watch a Football game with the guys were you were in a skirt and stockings!!

It sounds like Mistress, Rhonda and Sandy had a “Plan” for you! Sounds as if you lost all you inhibitions!!! I have to ask, do you wear a wig, or is your own hair Feminine? Were you wearing makeup, or was it apparent that you were a Guy in a pretty skirt and top? It is a Delight that the waitresses were Nice to you…I am assuming they knew you were a Male?

I Bet you looked so Cute in your short Skirt and blouse! Diamond earring and necklace?….sounds like Mistress Spoils her Pretty Boy!!!LOL I would LOVE to see a picture….I am sure you look Great!!!

Yes, it is a never ending Journey that men like us are on…but it is a Journey worth taking. I came across some Good Stories, I am attaching the link to one of them so you can read it if you are interested. I like that this is supposedly a “Real Life Situation”. I really do believe there are more men like us then most people would think. I just look forward to the day that we can be “Open” with our Femininity…and have other Men Embrace their Femininity, and have the Women take Control…that to me will be a better world!


Your Friend!


Well that is where the rub comes in; I think I am clearly a man in a dress, but Mistress says no. Not that it really matters at this point. My hair is short but Mistress has it cut uni-sex. I can comb it back or with bangs. I don’t wear wigs, but do wear lipstick and blush. Sometimes both toe and fingernail polish but at home. Thanksgiving I was full on fem. Yes the waitress knew I was male, but they were nice, I think they found it interesting they kept coming back.

I found a story I wrote and posted on Experience Project sometime back. I will paste it here as for some reason I cannot attach files from this computer and I took my laptop in to have it set up for karaoke. We will read the stories I really enjoy them.

Changed Man

Posted May 19th, 2010 at 8:14AM
I have been married for 20 years and for 18 years was the dominant person in our household, I am a guy I worked long hours six days a week. If I wasn’t working I hung out with friends drinking and partying, my wife was welcome to come along or not it was up to her. She hated most of my friends as we were really a rude, crude, and rough group. When I was home I was working on my car and drinking beer with my next door neighbor. I honestly never realized that my wife was unhappy, I assumed that she had her own life and was as busy living it as I was, and as Ron White once said “I was wrong”.

After 18 years my wife was looking for ideas on how to make me pay attention to her and stumbled on a site called frock.nu, this site is dedicated to transforming husbands into obedient male maids. They also give women training courses on how to get control and keep it “forced Feminization”. Now just like what you’re thinking, if someone told me a man could be turned into a maid without him wanting to I would of laughed. “I am not laughing”. This is a true story and I am currently living the life I am going to share with you.

Now I have to admit I was an easy victim, my wife had a niece that was a party girl and partied with me a lot. She called me and said she was throwing a New Years Eve party and would we come, and being me I said yes. My wife and I showed up the a packed house and the party was already raging, ice cold beer, tequila shots everywhere you turned, My wife kissed me and said to party my ass off she’d make sure I got home safe. Well after New years had passed, I passed out, I remember the count down by Dick Clark he had just had his stroke, and that was about all I remember. I woke up feeling like I had running a long hard race, not really hung over, and when I tried to get out of bed I found I was shackled hand and foot to the four corners of my California King. I started yelling “what the F— Was going on, and to let me the F—up or else. I was in no mood for this whatever it was. My wife came in and sit down on the edge of the bed and calmly asked me to stop yelling and listen to her, I kept yelling, until she told me to stop or she would leave me there til I stopped, I stopped almost instantly. She told me she was going to talk and I would listen, if I interrupted her, she would leave and try again in a couple of hours, I threatened her with bodily harm, and she left the room, when she came back I was in pain with the need to pee and begged her to let me up, instead she helped me without letting me loose. She asked me if I was ready to listen and I was.

She started out by saying she had put up with being ignored for all these years, and that was going to change, she told me that I was going to learn to serve her and obey her every command without question. I think I told her to go to hell in a hand basket, anyway she left. When she returned she started again, and told me, I had no choice in what was going to happen over the next few days, I told her I would lose my job, and she said no, she had called and said I was very sick and she had told my boss I would most likely be out for a week maybe longer. I think I went a little crazy, yelling about kidnapping, divorce, and she left. When she came back her niece was with her, they grabbed my head and pinched my nose, I never saw the ball gag til it was too late, not that I was able to prevent what was about to happen; they gagged me, so my wife could continue without being interrupted. She told that I was no longer going to be the man, I was going to become her maid, slave, and sex whore.

I fought the shackles until I was completely exhausted, and they just watched me, once I stopped they unshackled one leg, and I thought thank god it’s over, and then they slid the pink lacy panties on and again shackled my leg, then other leg I tried to fight but lost and received a hard slap in the face for resisting, next to my horror came the camera and some photos, what made it worse was as scared and mad as I was my pecker was rock hard, and then a bra more photos. Then my wife told me from here on out if I resisted at all she would call my friends over and send photos to work, she asked me if I understood, when I didn’t answer she said you know I hate your friends so if they disown you I could care less, and she said I make more than double what your job pays you, we will be just fine without your money, I nodded my understanding. I was planning revenge every second. They then released one arm and slipped a teddy over it and then the other arm, once they had it pulled down in place more photos. I wasn’t a hairy guy, but as they pulled the teddy down and it lay on my skin I realized they had removed all my hair. I also realized I was still aroused, and the panties actually felt good, I was disgusted with myself, ashamed, and so aroused it hurt. While I was doing this to myself they had left, I was surprised as I hadn’t noticed.

When they returned they put make up on my face and of course more photos, and then came a manicure, pedicure, polish, and they fixed up my hair, and more photos. This time she showed me the photos from the digital camera, I was shocked I was actually pretty cute. She told me I was going to make a pretty maid. She told me the next part would be hard on both of us, and kind of giggled and said that her niece was excited about it; and really I am too she said. They left me to worry and wonder about what was next.

When they came back her niece came in first and set up a video camera, and then she came in wearing strap-on, I panicked, and started to fight the shackles again knowing full well I could not get free, my wife took out her cell and started dealing she said I going to call mike first, I froze…She calmly set down and told me, I needed to realize my life as a man was over, and I needed to accept that. She said they were going to roll me over, I won’t go into how they managed it, but I never had more than two limbs free at the same time. Once I was in position she came to me with her strap-on an inch from my face. She said after the first year of our marriage, she almost never got laid, well I was going to see what she was missing and I would enjoy it all the time from now on. She told me she was going to remove the gag and I was going to ask her to let me suck her cock, and then I was going to suck like the whore I was to become, and if I yelled, refused or resisted the calls would be made to my friends, I remember thinking it was only rubber no big deal, accept I was still very aroused. As she removed the gag I heard her niece turn on the video camera, my wife didn’t say a word she just wiggled her strap-on, I knew why they waited too turn on the video she wanted it to look like I just asked to suck it without any threats, but I didn’t have a choice, “May I suck your cock’, She surprised me “No not yet, are you going to be my whore?” I said “Yes”, she said “yes what?” My mind raced as I wasn’t sure what she wanted then it hit me “yes Mistress” and she said “open wide, whore” and pushed it all the way in until I gagged and then face fucked me for what seemed like an hour, she pulled out and without a word climbed on the bed and shove my legs apart and roughly shove it in my ass, “GOD! it hurt, but I came almost instantly, and she began to move in and out, her niece came up and just shoved her cock in my mouth. I don’t know how long they used me, later they cleaned me up and left.

By the end of the week I was no longer her husband, I was her maid and slave, and still am. I am writing this after all my household duties are done, and changed into my brown mini skirt, cream top, cream fishnet stocking and brown shoes. I have on my matching undies of white satin and lace, I want to look pretty for Mistress……..

Yes I think the Thanksgiving was preplanned start to finish. Mistress is pushing a bit more for me to go out, and I think she feels your communications help her case. I do find it comforting to know someone else is in a similar situation in real life.

I wore my tights today while I raked leaves under my shorts, and then once in the house I switched to my new black skirt, and tights with a blue spaghetti strap satin top while I did my house work. I think my neighbor may have caught me but not sure. I was loading the washer, and he knocked on the back door. The washer is about 5′ in front of the door and the curtain is quite sheer. I jump and yelled just a moment and ran and changed. He didn’t say anything but kept looking at my feet the whole time we were talking. I had slipped on a pair of Levis and a tee shirt, but kept the tights on. It is scary, but once the neighborhood knows then……..


Mistress is asking a favor of you, everyone who is privy to our role reversal treats me as a woman, and she is asking that you refer to me as Michelle, and not Michael.

New computers are always great we rotate ours about every 2 years oldest one out and buy a new one. We have two desk tops and a laptop for home and the Mistress has a laptop for work.
It is wonderful to hear your girlfriend is embracing your feminine life style. I am sure she has good taste, and you will look all sexy and girly after Christmas. I am sure Mistress will be getting me something sexy and or slutty. Mistress is such a guy when it comes to how I am to dress. I am sure I will get some household stuff to.

But Christmas isn’t a big deal for us as we pretty much buy want we want during the year. We are of course having a Christmas party on December 17th.

I just got back from the gym, and was thinking about your comments about seeing more fem guys in the future. Looking around the gym, almost every guy there had earrings at least, some wearing mid drift shirts, and short shorts, I was in my light blue gym short, and my new black tights, Mistress said not wearing them wasn’t an option. I have to agree I think as more women are exposed to feminized males they will desire to have one, or two, maybe three.

I have been busy working on a menu for our coming party and doing the invitations, also Mistress upgraded my karaoke system and we have had people over singing in the evenings. Jason one of my best friends and his boyfriend were over last night, and they are aware of our lifestyle, it was nice hanging out in my pink dress, polished nails, and bare feet. Being able to relax and just be myself; singing and serving my guests like a good wife should.

Tonight is no visitors, and I am cooking a chicken marinated in mango, garlic and Chiles, with mango papaya salsa, homemade chips and acorn squash baked with agave nectar, butter and cinnamon; and of course a margarita to wash it down with.

I read all those stories you sent, that may very well be the stories for many young boys in the near future, and I do believe girls will happily accept the feminized boys into the group, as most do with gay males now.

Well I need to run I’ve got to start the squash baking.

Hi Michelle!!!

Please let Mistress know that I think it is Wonderful that she wants me to refer to you as Michelle! She is In Control and I think that is a Delight for you and her. So Many Women NEED to understand what Mistress understands, and that is that ALL us Men need to be Feminized and then Dress to Please our Strong and Independent Women. we males are now the “Weaker” and Docile Partners. With the Rise of Women, we men need to understand that we are to be “Looked” at by Women for Their Pleasure!! I think your relationship is Wonderful!!

I also think it is a delight that you are observing ,men and boys being more Feminine. I really believe it is just a matter of time until it becomes Common to see men and boys in skirts and dresses. The Evidence is Growing that more and more men are opting for a Feminine Lifestyle, and more and more Women are Accepting and Encouraging this trend! Yaay!!! Are you enjoying your Tights? I LOVE the Fact that Mistress is leaving you No Choice. I take it that she continues to wear Pants almost exclusively…while she is insisting on you being more and more Feminine??

With you wearing a dress and such in front of guests, is that something New, or have you been doing that for a while? Was Jason one of the guys from your Macho past? think it must be a thrill to be wearing skirts and dresses in front of people more and more. I take it that Rhonda and the other women at Thanksgiving really liked seeing you in your short skirts and stockings!!

You are such a Good Wife. I love that you are doing the Cooking and the housework. remember when we Men Forced women to do these tasks while we were the “Head” of the House? It is Lovely to see that women are reversing that. You are truly a Role model!!

When you go to watch Female Sports like the Sparks…what do you wear and what does Mistress wear? Are you in a “Feminine Personna? I am attaching a ink to another Story, I hope you and Mistress Enjoy it. Also I am attaching some photos for you and mistress…I hope you like them!


Your Friend!


Hi Patti,
Thanks for complying with Mistress’s wishes.

The guy/girl in the other email is very fem, his legs are incredible. Do you know if he has taken hormones? As his face is very fem as well, even though he still has a male cut to it. I gather when you say stay male you mean keep his package.

I managed to get the flu. and have been out of sorts for a couple of days, My fever broke last night, and I feel much more perking this morning. I have lots to do, fell behind in the house work and other stuff.

I had a guy contact me on Tribe, and basically demanded that I tell Mistress he wanted to meet us, and have sex with me while she watched. I tried to explain that while we are in a role reversal relationship I am not gay, and Mistress has never asked or seemed interested in that type of thing as we are married. He said I was submissive and therefore I was gay, and anything else anyone wanted. Well in the end I told him I would pass along his PMs to Mistress which I did. Mistress was not happy in the slightest. Mistress wasn’t very nice in her response to him. First with the fact he assumed she wanted a gay husband, second that she would share me, and third that he dared to demand anything from me or her.

Mistress is very self controlled, and seldom allows herself to get ugly, and almost never gets involved in my internet discussions, as she thinks it is good for me to meet others in similar situations and like me to feel free to discuss our life openly. But I think she enjoyed dropping the hammer on this one.

Our Christmas party is on the 17th. I have pretty much got the menu in order, Roasted turkey, and I picked up a huge pork loin, spicy cranberries, sweet potato and apples in the honey whiskey, pecan glaze along with the usual fare of mashed potato, stuffing, deviled eggs. The guests are already invited just those involved in the lifestyle.

We have gone to two meatless days each week Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today with the cold weather I am making homemade baked potato soup, and salad for dinner, then a hot whiskey tottie, and a foot massage before bed. “Giggles” get Mistress in a romantic mood!

I do love it when we are out and we see girls with their guys and the girl is being aggressive, patting the guys behind or like yesterday the girl pushed the guy against a car and kissed him roughly as her hand roamed all over him. Things like that make me realize men have truly started to lose the masculine role. You can only wonder what happens behind closed doors.

Hi Michelle!

I am sorry to hear that you had the flu….Glad that you are felling better now! no Problem with complying with Mistress’s wishes…I really do Appreciate the Control she has over you especially after you were such a Macho Guy at one point. It is so Delightful to see Women taking their Proper Place and Feminizing us guys!!

As for Kyoko…as far as I know, he does not take hormones, which I think reinforces my contention that men can be Quite Feminine when they work at it. I do not know if he takes Male hormone Blockers or not…but you do assume correctly that he will not have his penis and testes removed…he enjoys being a Male!! which now brings up the subject of the “Pig” that was making Demands on you and Mistress. To me, this the Exactly the type of male that needs to be Forcefully, if necessary Feminized. He does Not understand that being Feminine has nothing to de with being Gay. In Fact, as the Situation at Penn State and Syracuse shows, it is Masculine Men that are the Gay ones, not us Feminine Man. The Drag Queens are what gives these people the impression that Feminine Man are gay, but in all the research I have done over the years, the Vast majority of Feminine Men and Boys are heterosexual…and as far as I am concerned, that is how it should be.

I am glad that your preparation for the December 17th party seems to be going well. You are Quite the Male Wife, and would think that Mistress is Very Proud of you. I hope that the people that are coming will appreciate your Efforts…I am sure they will. I would also think that you will be wearing Very Pretty Outfit and will Look Stunning!

I clicked on the Link that you sent…will have to take time to Explore it. It looks Great! It seems that more and more women are realizing the Great Benefits of them being in Control and having us men being Submissive. I just Hope that these women will Encourage and Support The Feminization of Men and Boys. i especially think it is Crucial that mothers start Feminizing their sons from an Early age and teach them to be Docile and Pretty for the Young Girls. I would really like to see ALL Competitive Sports be Eliminated for Boys, and still have the programs, but be for Girls. Boys as Cheerleaders and Twirlers would be a much better activity for males. the days of male power are over, and it is only Proper that we encourage boys to no longer develop physical Strength…afterall, that is what has led to such abuse of women in the past. On the other hand, I do believe that women and girls should be encouraged to be physically Strong in order to Protect our Culture and the “Feminine Males”….. Truly believe that women can handle Physical Strength better than men can. Would be interested in what you and Mistress think about that statement!

Your friend!

That site I sent is a pro feminist site, they believe women should rule the world and men should take their rightful subservient place at the feet of women. They don’t push feminization, but I know from correspondence with them that feminization is a tool they believe helps to control a willful male. I believe once a male is dominated the nature next step is to feminize him. But women just like men find certain things attractive, not all women find sissies sexy.

Yes I have found it to be true most think that men in dresses are gay. I lost a good friend who you’d think would understand as he is a slave to his wife/Mistress. He came on to me, and when I told him I wasn’t gay he got ugly, and I told him that he was coming on to me, not the other way around. He told me he wasn’t gay, and I told him pitching or catching your still in the game. That was the last time we spoke. Men are terrible creatures and visually stimulated. so when they see a short skirt, and creamy white thighs, or a submissive nature. Well you know the story.

I think as we move forward it may prove to be problematic as non-feminized males well try and take advantage of the feminized males. I know for me I am submissive to my wife/Husband but not to anyone else; unless Mistress tells me to be so towards another woman. Occasionally she does loan me to a friend who is part of our circle. Not for sex, but to help with household chores or serving a party. To answer your next question no never as a female.

Muscles and women, I agree that women need to be somewhat physically dominant, but I think there is a fine line; at least for now. I think woman get much of their power and control from their femininity. Men are drawn to the trim sexy bodies, and surrender to a woman. If the woman challenges them in a manly fashion the men may wrap themselves in their macho defenses. Later as men become more feminine I think that may change. I think for me being taken by my sexy wife was an important part of my humiliation, and her ability to control me in the early stages of our new relationship. Now I am both well trained and content with my life, and I no longer a struggle with the need to be macho.

It is hard for me to explain, but men are stronger physically, but are complete weaklings mentally and emotionally when it comes to relationships; not to mention that our sexual desires and needs control much of our thinking, and make us vulnerable to women’s control. I will ask Mistress as to her opinion on this.

As for Kyoko , I was wondering because men have pre-dominant traits, such as leg and thigh shape, and not to mention most men have naturally flat butts. She/He has incredible legs, thighs and a very nice rump. They are very naturally feminine. I know as I have worked out many hours to try and get that look. Also men tend to have shoulders wider then their hips while women tend to be the same size, or their shoulders are smaller then the hip width. Either way he is a prime example of a feminized male.

I know Mistress is proud of my change and of the way I maintain our home. She takes delight in letting people know I am home cleaning and cooking. Making the point to let people know when they comment on the house that it is all my hard work. Awhile back one of our clueless couples were over and commented on how clean and organized the house was, and he said that I would make someone a good wife when Mistress told them that I took care of the house. I could only wonder what he’d think if he knew.

Well it is 7:30am here and time to wake my sleeping beauty. Someone has to bring home the bacon.

Hi Michelle!

Sorry it has been a while since I responded…it has been a Very Busy Week! Had to be away at a Meeting for three days and then tried to catch up the last two days! Finally catching a break tonight!

I guess you have been busy preparing for the party tomorrow. I hope all is going well with the Cooking and Cleaning and preparation. Hope mistress has a Very Nice Outfit for you to wear tomorrow…it is important that you be the Prettiest Boy there!! LOL

I think it must be Exciting when Mistress has you Clean or Serve for her female Friends. it must be titillating to be serving a Women while you are feminine or at least in that Submissive posture, after being a masculine Man. As for the Problem with the macho Men versus us Sissies…Yes, i think that is something that will need to be addressed by Women. I really think that women need to Control the Situation and use Feminization on a Wide Scale to “tame” us Males. It seems that many males only know “Force”…and if that is what it will take, then women will need to go that avenue…it would be much better if we men just Accepted our Feminization on our own, but what will be will be!

It will be wonderful to hear how your Party goes. I hope everything is falling in place for you as we get closer and closer to Christmas!

Take care!


Hi Patti
No problem with the slow response I myself have been extremely busy. Holidays can be a very stressful time. I have Mistress’s 3 gifts bought, and the house is in full Christmas mode.

The party was incredible as always, Mistress and I are great hosts, or so we are told. we are both social animals, and I am finding myself quickly becoming more comfortable and able to better enjoy myself.. The food was eaten, and Mistress and I received a number of rave reviews. Main food of course was the 12lb pork loin marinaded for 36 hours in a mango, guava, chipotle sauce, and the glazed with a sweeter version of the marinade as I grilled it over an open fire.

Jason and his boyfriend Mike was there and my new karaoke system was waiting to be given it’s first big test. I love to sing, and so do they and we started belting out songs an before long the house was full of wannabe singers. I sing both girl and boy songs and Jason and I sing a couple of duets. As people left the party move inside completely, and we kept singing and people danced and drank, it was after midnight before the last guest said good night.

It was too cold to be dressed in a mini, so I wore a calf length black skirt, pink long sleeve blouse, pink tights and black heels. It was simple but very fem, and I know Mistress found it hot as we made crazy love after everyone was gone.

Last night we had dinner out at a steakhouse called Lonestar, always great food and service. But we talked about you…yes you. As we sit Mistress commented on how you seem to be on the right track, and the changes in younger women seem to be supporting the coming revolution. So many of the female customers and waitresses were very tall and very broad and stocky built, but still sexy and not fat just man size. I joked that it gives us men hope to be just as sexy and pretty as they are, and Mistress said “you better look in the mirror sweets, you have a better body then any of them.” It made me feel incredible, and made me blush about ten shades. She said when next we go there again, I should dress up and show off. That’s scary as hell.

As I told you before I take the trash out in the mornings in my nightie, and now I am wearing my pink fuzzy slippers out during the day to get the mail and stuff. I have been thinking about, and talking with Mistress. I told her that I am not comfortable going out as a girl, you know wig, and lots of make up; but maybe we could go somewhere and I could try not wearing heavy makeup, and just maybe some mascara, fix my hair, and wearing jewelry, and nice feminine clothes. What is your opinion on that? It’s a big step for me, and I would like to maybe go up north to the bay area for the first outing.

Today and tomorrow are prep days we are going to Mistress’s sister’s again, and I am in charge of the meat. I have a large bone in ham that I smoked for 12 hours yesterday and today I will glaze it so it will only need warming Christmas, The turkey and stuffing will be oven ready, and the prime rib will marinade until time to hit the grill Christmas day. I cried when Sandy called and asked me if I would do all the meat as I was a better cook then all the other girls.

It is so very funny to me…The excitement, and warm comfort I get from cooking and cleaning, and being a part of this. I realize it is very important to me to win Mistress’s approval as well as others.

Anyway laundry is calling me..


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(From Lady Alexa FLR Blog)
If you’re a man reading this with excitement, be careful what you wish for. In a real FLR, you will be the one who primarily cooks, cleans, irons, washes and does the housework. Maybe staying home with the kids, if they’re still young. He may even still work on top of all this. Welcome to the previous world for women. It’s your lifestyle now.

Meanwhile, the woman goes to work. Her job is the most important. She has financial control. She determines the financial priorities for the household and makes sure the bills are paid.

No problem here. Still looks like a guy just as women in pants still look like women. A skirt is a great alternative to pants for guys...

Once the male takes on the traditional ‘housewife’ role in a successful female led relationship, the previous male/female norms have to change. Now it’s the man who has to look pretty, attractive and sexy for his woman. The traditional housewife role remains, but it is now the man who performs it.
When the female leader returns home after a day in the office, she should expect a clean and tidy home, a meal and a pretty husband waiting expectantly for her.
‘Forced’ feminization is not necessarily part of an FLR. In the more basic versions a man will just ensure he looks attractive, but as a male. At the other end of the scale, where Alice and I are, I believe that feminization and/or male exposure are fundamental.
I personally prefer men to look and act like females. I want my husband to be a girl with a male clitty. It’s not just the look, but the female personality and thinking that goes with it. Encouraged feminization softens the male and changes his character. It removes all the nasty effects of masculinity and replaces it with a gentle feminine character.

So in our FLR, my clothing choice for my husband is female and girly. Take at look at my LadyAlexaFLR Tumblr account to see what I’d really like my man to look like.
Men can’t be macho while wearing a pretty pleated mini skirt or naked with a pink ribbon tied around their shaved clitty.

Appropriate clothing for husbands
Feminization and exposure helps in them to accept and understand their place in the relationship.

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Here are some insights that I received from a Woman that went by “Whitte” from one of the Sites I had on Gender Role Reversal:

2011-09-29 01:02:03
Pattiann, you are so correct, the men need to realize their new place in the grand scheme of things and that is assuming the traditional feminine role, and because of that fact they must learn to be more feminine in every thing they do. And it falls on us as women and mothers to teach our boys at a very early age to be feminine and to be submissive to females at all times. We need to stress on both the boys and the girls that females are superior and dominant and males are inferior. If this was done, the world would be a better place and both males and females would be much happier.

2011-09-29 01:08:03
Yes, it is a natural force, i truly believe that the proper role of the female is to be dominant and the male submissive. And because of that fact, we need to start our children out early by teaching them their roles in life, we need to have a complete role reversal and teach our boys to be subservient to all females, and teach all little girls that boys are inferior and exist only to serve them. You must admit, the world would be a better place and I’m convinced that both males and females would be happier people.

2011-09-29 01:18:00
Good for you, Morrie. More women should do that, you”d be surprised how many men would be receptive to it. About the fact you might have a boy, if you do I’d highly recommend bringing him totally as a girl. Teach him to be feminine in every way. I’m sure he and you would be much happier for it. If more of us brought our boys up as girls, the world would be a better place. I’ve known boys who were feminized like that and they are every happy and content.

2011-09-29 01:27:04
Now can you explain to me why you would have to wait until Halloween to dress as you please? What exactly is wrong with a boy wearing a dress or a skirt or for that matter any and all so-called feminine attire? There is nothing at all wrong with a boy being feminine and assuming the female role, most boys would be happier for doing it. A few short years from now women will be in charge of virtually all management roles, so men and boys need to get used to assuming a subservient role and learn to behave in a feminine manner. From now on mothers need to teach their boys to be feminine and to obey their female counterparts, and girls at a young age need to be taught that boys are inferior to them and they are there to serve them in any way they deem fit. That will eventually mean that boys and men will assume female dress and act like today’s females. That being said, the quicker we start feminizing our boys, the better.

2011-09-29 01:35:29
Do you agree that it would be a good idea if all mothers brought up their boys in exactly the same way as if he were a girl, teach him to be feminine, to dress and act like a girl? I believe these boys would be happier later in life and without question they would make better citizens. Females are becoming the dominant sex, so that means that the males must assume the female role, so they might as well be taught to be girls from the time they are small. A great many boys and young men even now would be happier in a subservient or feminine role, but they’ve been taught to be men, although it goes again their mental and emotional state of mind. Please let me know your opinion of this. Thank you.

2011-09-29 11:24:55
We, as parents, have a responsibility to femininize our sons, after all it’s not their fault that they had the bad luck to be born male. They should be raised as girls from day one, they would be happier and more content for it, and hey, the world would be a better place. Again, as a mother of two boys who are now completely feminized, I can recommend doing this to every parent of a male child, please don’t let them grow up to be like the men that are around us today, give them a better future. When they are grown women, they’ll thank you for it.

2011-10-01 16:00:19
Hi, Patti, good to hear from you. My “boys” are ages 5 and 7. Both are very content and happy little girls, delightful children, at least from a mothers point of view. The answer to your question is – no, I’m was so lucky because they have never shown any masculinity whatsoever in their personalities. That was always my biggest fear. But I immersed them totally into femininity from the day they were born and I think that it the key. They claim our persona is determined 50% by nature and 50% by nurture, and in my case I appear to have been blessed by the fact that nurture has been dominant over nature. Of course they were both given female names – Lori Louise is 7 and Catherine Elizabeth is 5. Lori is in school now and that was a potential problem that had to be solved, but understanding teachers have made allowances for the private use of washroom facilities for her, to which I am so grateful and relieved. Catherine will not be going to school under next autumn, and I’ve had the same discussion with the teachers for her. Personally, I’d highly recommend this to any and all mothers. Again, I’ve been so lucky to have understanding people around me to assist and answer my many questions, but I’m just so happy that and pleased with the everything that has happened and look forward to seeing my beautiful daughters grow up (but hopefully they’ll stay little for a while longer, if you know what I mean). Thank you for your interest, Patti, and please keep in contact.

2011-10-02 16:48:34
Thank you, Pattiann, for your support, it really does mean a lot to me. No, fortunately there is no male figure in our lives, the girls’ father left 3 months before Cathy was born, a typical man, but we won’t get into that here. And as far as girls go, I truly believe they should be brought up in a manner that would be more typical of raising a boy, however, being girls, I believe they can and should be able to enjoy the pleasures of being feminine. A girl, and a women, can handle this much better than a male, with a male it’s one thing or the other, they don’t seem to have the emotionally capacity that girls do. The girls can be feminine and still enjoy sports and other things deemed by society’s narrow view as masculine. But we must stress to them that they are to be dominant at all times with their interactions with males, that really and truly males are inferior to females in so, so many ways. This attitude seem to be coming a trend, both in America and Europe, and if we keep it up and advise our friends and daughters that this is indeed the way of the future, then it’s a foregone conclusion that the world will be a much better place in years to come. Pattiann, please keep in touch, no doubt there will rough spots for us in the future but with people like yourself around to give encouragement, I’m sure we’ll get through. And I’m going to check out Eunice’s posting right now, it’ll be so interesting to hear how she managed to successfully feminize her husband. I just love the whole concept of that.

2011-10-02 16:48:34
Thank you, Pattiann, for your support, it really does mean a lot to me. No, fortunately there is no male figure in our lives, the girls’ father left 3 months before Cathy was born, a typical man, but we won’t get into that here. And as far as girls go, I truly believe they should be brought up in a manner that would be more typical of raising a boy, however, being girls, I believe they can and should be able to enjoy the pleasures of being feminine. A girl, and a women, can handle this much better than a male, with a male it’s one thing or the other, they don’t seem to have the emotionally capacity that girls do. The girls can be feminine and still enjoy sports and other things deemed by society’s narrow view as masculine. But we must stress to them that they are to be dominant at all times with their interactions with males, that really and truly males are inferior to females in so, so many ways. This attitude seem to be coming a trend, both in America and Europe, and if we keep it up and advise our friends and daughters that this is indeed the way of the future, then it’s a foregone conclusion that the world will be a much better place in years to come. Pattiann, please keep in touch, no doubt there will rough spots for us in the future but with people like yourself around to give encouragement, I’m sure we’ll get through. And I’m going to check out Eunice’s posting right now, it’ll be so interesting to hear how she managed to successfully feminize her husband. I just love the whole concept of that.

Here is the story from Eunice that Whitte referred to:

2004-12-30 16:04:10
Message I am new to these polls and was really thrilled to see this one. Back in the 70s, my mom feminized my 3 brothers and my Dad. I was the only girl in the family and my mom took it upon me to help her. I was about 12 and my older brother was about 14 and my 2 little brothers were 5 and 6. Mom had for a year or so always punished my brothers by making them dress up in dresses for punishment, for several years before starting them on the feminine stuff full time. Especially my older brother, he had to wear dresses many times for a day or two sometimes a little longer whenever he got into trouble. He hated it but mom would not let him back down. Later she confided with me that for about a year and a half before she wanted them to go girl, she started letting their hair grow out and encouraged my Dad to let his hair grow longer. She always said that if he did not straighten up she would make him a girl permanently. Finally one summer, she told him that he was so bad that he was going to have to dress as a girl for most of the summer or she was going to send him to live with his grandparents, which he did not like. One day she took him over to a friends house and he came back with his long below shoulder length hair cut in a layered cut with puffy girl bangs, curled and styled in a very girlish way. Plus he was wearing a green dress, pantyhose, bra and panties. He looked very much like a girl and we did not recognize him when we saw him. She took pictures of him and he left to his room in dismay. My 2 little brothers laughed at him but they did not laugh long when mom pulled out some new dresses for them and told them they were going to get their hair done the next day. The next day, her friend gave them both little girls curly perms, they were just one mass of curly hair, They had shoulder length curls and were both dressed in Blue lacy dresses and panties. My dad thought it was great and I later learned that he told my mom he wanted to let her feminize him and he became a very womanishly looking man. This was in the seventies and she eventually had his hair cut and permed in a long curly style and it just kept getting Blonder and blonder. She made him wear dresses and skirts at home most of the time and often did his makeup, nails and hair and they would go out for an evening. My mom always had long lovely hair and my own was a good 18-20″ long, one day she said we should go out and get a new style, so we went out and she convinced me (although reluctantly) to have mine cut very short. It was about 3-4″ long when they were done and I thought it look terrible. She loved it and told me to go sit down because she was next. She had the girl cut off all of her hair. It was about a 1″ or 1 1/2″ on top and tapered down to nothing on sides and back, it was a shock. It was cut like a mans hair and mom wanted it to look that way, but mom was a very shapely women and she even looked very beautiful with hardly any hair. Dad hated our haircuts but mom told him that it did not matter what he thought, she was the boss and he was her women and he better learn to like it. Mom was a lawyer and after the haircut always wore very manish style business suits but with her very nice shape, she still always looked very nice. This did seem to bother her some and no matter how much she tried to dress down, her figure always made her look very womanishly. She wanted me to wear slacks and shirts all of the time and I did mostly, then she let me go back to longer hair and pick out my own styles. Dad always dressed as a women after that and he was constantly groomed, and styled however she wished. He mostly wore a body shaper or a padded bra and brief, but he always dressed as a women until he died a few years ago from cancer, very unexpectedly. Mom has since met a man abut 10 years younger then her and is now getting him to dress as a women for her most of the time. I am now a married mother of one and my husband dresses in both men’s and women’s clothing, but his crowning glory is his long natural wavy hair, which he normally wore just long and pulled back wherever he went. Just recently I convinced him to let me cut and layer the top with nice full bangs and I now get him to wear it in a high ponytail and with the full bangs it really looks great and very womanishly. Although he does not always look the part of a women because he is 6’3″ and broad shoulders. He dresses in many unisex styles and with the feminine looking hair, he still gets called mam many times when we are out. He is fair skinned and his facial hair is on the weak side, so i use a lite concealer on his beard and lightly apply makeup to him sometimes. We have been married for almost 7 years and have a little boy, who I dress in both boys and girls stuff, but we are both leaning to dressing him as a girl full time. With his long hair and big blue eyes, he looks like a girl no matter how he is dressed. My husband has finally agreed to let me streak his long brown hair with golden highlights and we are going to get his ears pierced. He would like to dress as a women full time but because of his size he does not always look the part, I told him to dress the way he likes and not to worry about it. My oldest brother has been marred for 6 years to a very dominating woman who keeps him under her control and he continues to live as a women all of the time. My 2 younger brothers, both still dress as women full time. One is married to a lovely big beautiful girl who loves his feminine styles. The other would like to become a woman full time and complete the whole thing with surgery, he already has been on hormones and has breast surgery. He has a girlfriend now but he has often went out with guys and has told me that he would like to someday be married to a guy after he is a woman completely. My family is not your ordinary group of people, but overall we are very close and mostly happy with our lives. My bothers are all proof that one can be directed into this lifestyle and that it is not something that just happens but one can be guided into. I love my husband and love it when he is all made out as a women and goes to bed in a pink nightgown with his hair all tied back or in curlers. We think more people should consider femininization.

The New Age of Man…..Created by The New Age Women!

Mine cross dress 98 by LinaAir on deviantART


Carly-blue dress

my little obsession : Photo

From one of the Female Followers of Lady Alexa’s Blog:

Katrina says

The FLR Selina and I live is close to your 10 steps with a few differences. When we started our FLR one of my main goals was to feminize my husband as quick as I could and strip away his masculinity at the same time. In regards to step 4, that meant replacing the macho activities/hobbies which included going out with the guys, watching wrestling, MMA, and hockey, holing up in the man cave surfing the internet ( often times porn as I discovered) and not lifting a finger to help out around the house. I replaced these bad habits with makeup lessons, voice training, shopping, practicing female mannerisms, doing yoga and working out with me at all female workout classes, shopping, going to the salon, going to movies, plays, craft shows, and other woman oriented activities. There was pushback but I held my ground as feminization and removing masculinity were crucial to successfully implementing a FLR lifestyle. As I’ve stated in other responses on previous topics, Selina led me to your blog, said she wanted to live a FLR, but didn’t realize how I would embrace it and got more than she bargained for. Also, Step 2, taking over the household chores helped fill the time void of losing her “male privelage” and the macho activities. As 2019 entered the holiday season, two of Selina’s old friends reached out to us and expressed a desire to rekindle the friendship. We had them over and they stated they accepted the life Selina is now living and actually admired her be brave enough to live as a woman. This goes into Step 7, how public we choose the FLR to be. Selina has been living fulltime as a woman and other than a select few people who know we live a FLR. most people think she is a man choosing to live as a woman. As we talked and I felt comfortable her friends were sincere, I shared our true relationship with them. They were respectful and supportive of it and asked if Selina could go out with them sometime to watch a game. I agreed and shortly after the three of them attended a hockey game. I typically don’t choose Selina’s attire as she knows what I like her to wear and has developed a keen sense of style. Selina wanted to wear jeans, boots, and a sweater but I insisted she wear a dress and heels as many women attend games dressed up. We went to the salon and had a girly day getting our hair done, nails, and facials. I chose a red bodycon dress that went to just above her knees, black 3″ heels, a black sweater, and nice accessories. Underneath she wore a matching black satin bra and panty set. She looked hot! She was so nervous about going out without me but her friends assured me they would take good care of her. The night turned out to be a success and she has twice since gone out with them. Her friends have been total gentlemen and respectful of Selina. I am slowly allowing her to incorporate some of her old hobbies and activities into her life while closely monitoring whether any masculinity is trying to sneak back in. In regards to Step 8, I have pretty much set the boundaries, but, have never and will not put Selina in a situation that threatens her safety or well being. Selina has totally bought into our FLR lifestyle and has become a confident, self assured feminized male at work and outside the home while knowing I am in charge at home even though she has liberties and earned privileges over time. Ours is a wonderful marriage!

Katrina says
9th February 2020 at 3:21 pm
Thank you Joy! If someone had told me a few years ago my husband and I would be living a FLR lifestyle and he as a completely feminized male living 24/7 as a woman I would have calked them crazy. Thanks to reading this blog and learning what a real life FLR could be, our lives and marriage have completely changed for the better. I love my “wife” very much and she has evolved into an amazing partner, lover (always on my terms), and human being! I truly believe that in the next 20 years that women will be the leaders…politically, in business, and at home. Feminization of my husband works for us and is such an amazing way to live our lives!



Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and outdoor


Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and text


Women Making Progress with their Sissies!

The New Age is Coming upon us!   More and More Women are Competing in Contact Sports while more and more men and boys are finding themselves in Cute dresses, Makeup, nylons and high heels.  The Long Awaited Reversal of the Sexual Roles is becoming a Reality.  Today’s Posting will show Evidence of this statement!

Today’s Women and Girls are doin what just 50 years ago were Male Only Activities.  Look at these Strong Women and Girls!

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, outdoor

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people playing sports and outdoor


Image may contain: 24 people, people smiling, people playing sports and outdoor

Strong Women are Supporting each other in becoming More Assertive and Stronger!  Female Confidence is Growing!


While these Women are Competing, Getting Stronger and More Assertive, Look at what is happening with the men!

“sissy forced feminization, submissive weak boy turn into real sissy faggot
The New Age!






Many Women are Leading the Way in Feminizing their husbands!

Here is One Example:

My wedding night. My wife and I live a FLR (female led relationship). We’ve pretty much lived a role reversal lifestyle since we met. She found me on a dating site and made the first move. She contacted me and then asked me out to lunch. We dated for just over 2 years and then she proposed to me. I said yes immediately.
Unlike most cross dressers who start very young, I was in my early 40’s before I put on that first pair of panties. My wife LOVES it and takes me shopping all the time.
Afew weeks after she proposed, I asked her if I could be a bride for our wedding. We’re very private and nobody knows about our lifestyle. She wanted us to be married in traditional clothing but she told me that if I wanted to wear a wedding dress we could do that privately after the ceremony. So we started shopping for a wedding dress for me. It had to be relatively cheap/affordable so we started shopping at thrift stores. We did eventually find one that fit me pretty good. It was $75.
So after the ceremony and after all the guests went home, we hopped in the car and went home ourselves. She helped me get all dressed up. White thigh highs, white garter belt, white heels, bra, breast pads, and the dress. She spent about 30-45 minutes putting makeup on me. Then a brunette wig.


Here are a Few Postings from a Feminine man, Feminized by his wife, and how his life has changed at the hands of his Dominant wife!

My wife is an incredibly dominant female. She never expressed these desires during our marriage, only hinted at them (I rebuffed those subtle hints), which was probably the reason that we grew distant.
When we grew apart I ended up having an affair and that is when things changed drastically. As a condition of remaining married to my wife, we morphed from a vanilla marriage into a female-led femdom relationship.
Since that time my wife has feminized me and thoroughly embraced her dominant side, oftentimes placing me in strict bondage as well as making me her virtual slave. It is a very different relationship than I was ever used to, although I consented as I had no wish for a divorce.
In addition to the bondage, I have been introduced to S&M as well as pegging and humiliation. I have been placed in chastity as well. Thankfully my wife has no desire (yet) to cuckold me, she is quite happy having me as her personal servant.

Yes, my wife forced me after I had an affair and she discovered it.
My choices at the time were to agree to a female-led femdom marriage or face a divorce where I would likely have to start life over.
I chose to stay married to my wife, and after locking me into chastity, she discarded all of my male clothing and replaced it with female clothes. Five inch (or higher) stiletto heels, nylons, panties, skirts, dresses and blouses are my new wardrobe. My high heels are locked onto my feet every day to ensure that I am unable to remove them.

Here ae some Posts from Sarah Wagner, she is a Dominant Woman that has Feminized both her brother and her husband.  Sarah is a Friend of this Blog, we had done an Exclusive posting on her and her family a couple of years ago.

Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Updated Sep 11
Yes some women like men to be sissies. Yes they tend to be very Dominant and their “boyfriend/husband” tend to be very weak. A sissy is a guy who acts, dresses, etc. overly feminine. Almost anyone who see them knows they are men in dresses.
My sister and I started to feminize our brother at a very young age, 4 or 5. We always encouraged him to act like a girl and never like a sissy. As a result, he is living as a woman now with a very Dominant wife. I did the same thing with my husband. He is now living as a female and not a sissy. Neither one was ever given the option of being a sissy.
Making a man/boy a sissy might be a good way of tearing them down. But, in my opinion, they need to be built back up with the confidence of being female. The best male to female transition is one where they just blend into the background.
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 7, 2018
I locked my husband in a chastity device after we were married. I gave him the choice of accepting it or leaving. He wore it almost continuously for over a year. By then, he was “trained” to be completely submissive to me and to be able to cum without touching his penis, through anal stimulation. It was a bittersweet moment for him when I released him. He got to enjoy wearing it but, he also wanted to start wearing tight women’s pants. I no longer had to “threaten” him as he became completely submissive and was well on the road to living as a female.
Sarah Wagner
Answered Jul 4, 2018
Strictly speaking, this isn’t normal or the norm. But, that doesn’t make is wrong. After we got married, my husbanded became feminized. He started having fantasies about being pegged, so I made his fantasy come true. I had him start dressing in a provocative way and start acting promiscuous. I started him wearing prostrate simulators, tampons and/or butt plugs. Then I started pegging him with my dildo. He has learned to love and crave being pegged. I love the control that it gives me over him.
Go ahead and try it, what do you have to lose?

Managing a sissy
Dear Susan
My name is Millie Martin. I am 68 years old. I have silver gray hair and blue eyes. I stand five foot two inches tall, and weigh 110 pounds. Given my age and diminutive stature, people often mistake me for a kindly little old lady. They don’t know that in my professional life men literally tremble with fear and embarrassment before me. To them I am “Mistress Martinet”, their correctional governess.
I have a wide circle of women friends who are subjecting their males to petticoat discipline and sissy training. My job is to enforce the program. If a woman needs a little extra help with her male, I am available to come and smarten him up. Customarily, governesses live in the households where they work. I operate differently. I make house calls. My visits rarely last more than a couple of hours, although I have been known to return for as many as three days in a row to make sure the miscreant has learned his lesson.
I wear tasteful, conservative clothing, normally a dark, skirted suit and a soft blouse with high neck and long sleeves. Such attire projects the businesslike image I require. I do bring along a bibbed apron because sometimes the job gets a bit messy. Before any visit, I get a full report from the woman in charge. We agree just what we will accomplish at any given session. I also keep comprehensive files on all my sissies, so I’m rarely surprised by a sissy’s behavior.
I don’t mind if the mistress is to be present at my sessions. After all, she is my client and so has a right to see the service she is getting. However, most of the mistresses prefer to leave me alone with their sissy, wishing not to distract or interfere. They know I will be giving them a full report afterward. Whether present for my session with their sissy or not, many of the mistresses look forward to my visits almost as much as their sissies dread them.
Often, particularly with first-timers, the sissy is not present to greet me when I arrive. I feel I can be more effective if he does not actually meet me until I have had a chance to get comfortable, and to confer with his mistress. Several mistresses have told me that their sissies become terribly nervous just to hear the doorbell ring when they know I am scheduled to arrive. This reaction is both charming and useful. An intimidated sissy is a pretty sight, and sissies must be intimidated to be properly disciplined. I love the thought of a fluttering little man anticipating my arrival. One mistress likes to have her sissy on his knees, next to his pink-quilted bed, literally praying for forgiveness, before I arrive.
I prefer my sessions to take place in a formal setting – the living room or a study, perhaps. I feel these locations emphasize to the sissy the seriousness of the matter. After I have made myself comfortable, the sissy is fetched or summoned by his mistress. This is the moment I enjoy most of all. Before I have even said a word, much less actually done anything, the sissy stands before me with downcast gaze and a look of utter defeat on his face.
Normally the sissies will be dressed as a little girl would be for a party, which really makes the poor little lambs squirm and wriggle in their soft, lacy dresses and underwear. He knows I am observing him, standing there in his juvenile, effeminate dress, and he blushes with shame. I particularly enjoy seeing larger men because they seem to shrivel with embarrassment before me, a woman so much smaller than they. They know there is no place to hide and nothing to do to avoid the distress of the session to come.
Most sissies know enough to curtsey and say their how-do-you-do’s. Some have to be prompted to do so. I insist on a dainty, smartly executed curtsey – neither a quick little bob nor an elaborate dip. I also require a sweet smile. Many a sissy has spent an agonizing several minutes doing his curtseys again and again until I was satisfied. The sissies are told that an inability to curtsey properly the first time means additional punishment. This advisement makes some of them quite nervous and even more inept. I sometimes have to hide a smile as they stumble about, so desperate to please. They really are terribly sweet.
As much as I adore seeing my sissies in their distraught, embarrassed condition at the start of a session, I realize that a punishment session cannot succeed unless a sissy releases his nervousness and trusts me as he would his own mother. He must become the little sissy he really is. My job is to help him surrender. He is a child, fretful and fidgety. I am an adult, reassuring him with calmness, control, and caring. I never raise my voice, and never use coarse or abusive language. I can be formal, even severe, but more often I am tender and nurturing. I believe the contrast between my gentle manner, and my harsh punishment, makes me seem to be all the more powerful to my sissies.
After the session, a sissy will recall with mighty embarrassment that he babyishly accepted his punishment without question. He will remember that a tiny woman reduced him to infantile dependence without so much as a whimper of resistance from him. It is partly a subconscious anticipation of this shameful capitulation that makes a sissy so nervous at the start. He dreads the moment, all too soon to arrive, when he will fully surrender to me.
To emphasize his childish dependence on me, I talk to a sissy as I would to a young child. I use simple, babyish words, a sympathetic tone, and an exaggerated inflection. Sometimes I employ hand signals as I speak, emphasizing to the sissy that in my view he will have difficulty grasping even the simplest concepts. He needs to understand just how little he does understand.
It is not enough for me to just treat him as a young child. He must respond in kind; he must become a young child. For example, I might sit him down on a rug, pop a dummy in his mouth, and make him shake a plastic baby’s rattle. Most of all, he must assume a sweet, innocent expression. I coo encouragement, kiss him softly, and gently correct him until he is the picture of a little baby, now quivering more with docile expectancy than with fear.
Now it is time for his confession.
“Mommy tells me her darling babykins has been a naughty little thing,” I inform him. “You look so sweet now that I just can hardly imagine it. But I’m sure Mommy is telling the truth, isn’t She?”
“Yes, Mistress Martinet”, comes the inevitable reply.
“We can’t have naughty baby sissies in Mommy’s house, can we?”
“No, Mistress Martinet”.
“Well then perhaps you can tell me how you’ve been naughty?”
This is the signal for him to confess his sins, completely and without regard for the consequences. The sissy is told to stand, and the game-playing atmosphere dissolves. This is one of the rare times in their lives when sissies need to talk a lot, prattling on to reveal every aspect of their misdeeds. Most sissies have difficulty achieving the requisite childlike enthusiasm. I interrogate them insistently until they realize there is no point in holding anything back. Again and again I summarize their admissions and make them repeat my words. Then I coax and cajole still more admissions from them. Finally, they must repeat everything, so that I have a final, complete confession.
I will not dwell on my actual punishment methods, as they vary widely with the requirements of my clients. Suffice to say that every session ends with the sissy standing very contritely in the corner, face to the wall, as I review his progress with his mistress and schedule our next appointment. The sissy can hear every word of our conversation, and well he should, for this, too, helps in his training. I often see the tell-tale sign of ears burning red with embarrassment as the sissy hears himself discussed like the little child he is. He comes out of his corner only to curtsey good-bye to me. Usually this curtsey is superior to the one he afforded me on my arrival. I reward him with a hug and nice wet kiss on his forehead, after which he is sent back to his corner for more penance.
I can report that most sissies really do improve under my tutelage. Occasionally, they do so well that my services are no longer required. But I am in no danger of running out of sissies to discipline. Word of my service has spread, evidently to good effect, because I am quite busy. It seems more and more women these days are imposing sissy discipline on their males, and they know I am always available when a little extra is needed.
Thank you for an inspiring magazine,
(A letter from pdq from many years ago)
Putting Males in Dresses is Awesome!


As We can all see, the Times they are a Changing!!!  The rest of this Posting will be Photos of Women and men, one after the other so we can see the Evidence of what is happening!

“Teen biceps
18 years old girl
View more here
Awesome young Woman!

So invigorating to Feminize a man!

Time for the Women to Wear the pants and Take Control!

his legs are to Die For!



“Girl Biceps Rock!
A Woman In Charge!


Pretty young man!

Image may contain: one or more people and text


“Elena Rago
LOVE Strong Women!




“Girl Biceps Rock!

Would LOVE seeing her put a man in his proper Place!

“more mid-century lingerie
Waiting for his Mistress?

“ Kristen Nun
Kristen is a CrossFit athlete and fitness model from New Jersey, U.S. She’s a respected athlete among her fellow CrossFit competitors and fans, thanks to her achievements in the sport. Kristen was also a skilled soccer player...



Gender Role Reversal is here to Stay!

The New Age!

The “New Age” of Womankind!

“Come On Ladies, Lock Up Your Hubby Today!”

“Grab Your Copy Today!”

“Taken From My Bdsmlr Blog”

A Delight when Woman Take Control!


Women’s Football is Starting it’s Season!


Women’s Professional Football continues to Grow.  More and more Women are joining teams, as more and more Girls are now playing on Youth and High School Teams.  Women and Girls playing football is a Great Accomplishment…invading what was once a male Only sport!  

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Many Young Girls are now playing Football!

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Image may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 1 person

They will Grow up to Play in the Women’s Big League!

Image may contain: one or more people, football, text and outdoor

As Women Compete…men are looking Pretty!




How Women are Changing their men!

from Polly
Dear Auntie Helga,

I find your website very interesting. Although I’m not sure my experience I’ve had this last 2 years will fit in with other letters. Well, neither myself or my wife of 10 years both 32 have had any interest in cross dressing. We don’t have anything against men wearing woman’s clothes, but we certainly have never agreed to someone ever being enforced into it.

My wife Catherine has never purchased anything online and has never allowed me to. She has a strong ethic that she believes in supporting the local economy. Although it sometimes is quite expensive and uneconomical it wasn’t a problem until a couple of years ago. We live in a small Welsh village 8 miles away from the nearest small town. Anywhere else is as she says is too far away and is not classed as local. In this small town centre only 2 stores actually sell clothes. The large one had closed 2 years before, leaving just the one selling ladies and children’s only. I said to Catherine at the time that I will have to buy my clothes online in future as their is no where local that sells men’s wear anymore. But she immediately disagreed. She replied with that it’s her that’s earns all the money and it will be her that decides where her hard earned cash is spent. She also reminded me that all the local businesses support her and she does the same for them. I foolishly then claimed that its mostly you businesses women sticking together in a sisterly way. She gave me that look. So I apologised and said I didn’t mean it.

A young lady called Laura who was 17 lived with us. Still does. We treat her as though she is our daughter although at the time she had only lived with us for just over a year. She thought my statement was wrong and that some of her friends were men and that I shouldn’t question her ethics on her local politics. I then apologised to her as well.

I didn’t bother shopping for a while for clothes as I didn’t have anywhere to look. However Catherine kept disposing of any of my clothes that started to look old or worn out. Later on that summer I was running low on almost nearly everything. So I asked Catherine what she wanted me to do. (She had already confiscated my debit card). She told me that she will take me shopping to the store just like we’ve always done. But they don’t sell men’s In our town anymore I protested. The next day she took me to the town centre and told me to stop worrying.

When we arrived at the ladies store I just hoped that their would be at least a small section of men’s or even some unisex outfits. But we could only see female clothing. I asked a lady assistant if by any chance they did sell men’s clothes somewhere off display as I didn’t have anywhere else to go. She shook her head and said no. So I asked her and begged her if she could order any so I could pick them up another time. Her reply was well we can but when she told us of the additional cost Catherine just said no chance!

This put a large smile on the ladies face. She explained to my wife that since the other store has closed that she has noticed that some women now buy extra Knickers and the second size is usually larger than the other. With the larger size being more plain with less or no lace. I know they are discreetly putting their men in panties she said while looking at me. She also told us that a lot of men’s briefs are technically Knickers now anyway as they don’t always have a fly anymore. She also stated that they prefer to call their clothes unisex where men are concerned. We don’t want to leave men out she said with a smile.

Catherine then told her that she only buys from local stores. So as I felt I was getting sucked into a feminine wonder world I asked if she sells second hand clothes for charities. She informed me that they did but haven’t got anything that will fit me. She asked Catherine if she had a problem with me wearing ladies trousers. She to my surprise shook her head to indicate a no. The sales lady then said to me see if your wife hasn’t got a problem I don’t see why you can’t wear them. With a shake in her shoulders but glint in her eyes. My wife was starting to adopt the ladies attitude and told me that it’s the 21st century. She explained to me that I should stop letting my masculine side conflict with my feminine side. I said I didn’t have a feminine one. So the store lady disagreed with me. She said she was 100% with Catherine. At this moment I panicked and stormed out of the shop. On our way back home Catherine told me how rude she thought I was and told me I will have to apologise the next time we go back.

We received a phone call from the store later that week informing us some second hand clothes for charity were given to the store that might fit me. I thought I was at last in look hopefully even getting some clothes at reduced price. As soon as we arrived I apologised to the same lady who accepted it. She allowed me to use a changing room and Catherine came in with me. When I tried the second hand men’s clothes on I told her that the clothes fitted me. They didn’t quite they were a little too large. I was just afraid of what would happen when they found out the clothes were unsuitable.

My wife and the sales lady disagreed with me and stated the clothes are no use to me. The sales girl then measured me and just told me to stay in the changing room and let her and my other half sort the problem out. After about 10 minutes the sales girl came back with 2 pairs of trousers that she said may fit me. My wife came into the changing room with me. She told me they were unisex ones. I tried them on. They were fine around the waist but were a little baggy around the hips. Catherine fastened them up. The store lady said with a smile they fit very well. As the trousers sort of fitted but not as I liked they were a little different to what I was used to. However I accepted thinking they were unisex. I then asked the lady what size or they she said size 12. They are ladies are they?. The lady smiled and Catherine told me to shut up and just be satisfied. My wife then purchased some clothes for herself and we left. We went grocery shopping on our way home. No one in other stores seamed to notice I was wearing ladies trousers. It did give me a little confidence. When we arrived home Laura told me my leggings were classy and stylish and she thought they looked good on me. Curiously she asked me what size are they I said medium I think. But Catherine said size 12 this embarrassed me as that can only be women’s. Laura just said that’s OK.

I wore both pairs of trousers for a week. It felt weird knowing I was wearing female clothing even though it was only trousers that didn’t look too feminine. But then I thought I must stand up for myself and show her that I won’t be standing for this. However the only stand I made was constantly complaining about the trousers. This I found later to be a big mistake. She eventually with Laura drove me again to the store. Walking onto the store I could tell by their body language that things weren’t going to go my way. I foolishly told the girl at the customer services that the trousers didn’t fit me. And nervously said they were not right for me. She laughed at me. My wife suddenly got very angry with me and asked if Julie was there. ( she was the lady who we had previously dealt with).

She came out and asked me what the problem was. I asked her if I can exchange the trousers for some jeans I had seen. As the jeans to me looked as though they could be men’s. I just explained to her that I don’t like the way the trousers are baggy around my hips and are too short for my liking. She agreed after speaking to the manager that I could but only if I spend over £200. I just tried the jeans on but they looked a little girlish to my surprise when I was wearing them. Laura nodded to me to show her approval. However I said ladies trousers don’t suit me. Catherine then dragged me into the changing room and removed them. She then told me how pathetic and unreasonable I was. I was just sat in the changing room for ages sulking not knowing what to do. Then my wife and Julie eventually came to me. I couldn’t see what they had on them but with all the bags it was apparent that she had spent well over £200.

Julie said as you don’t like trousers try on these. What I said? Catherine used so much room up in the changing cubicle with the bags that I could hardly move. She squeezed me into a corner. Shoved herself towards my legs then told me to lift my legs up one at a time. I couldn’t see what she was doing but did as she said. She then pulled something up my legs what I thought was leggings. To my shocking surprise it was a blue knee length skirt. She pulled the zip up and fastened the button. I just couldn’t believe it. She looked at me and said don’t you dare complain how it fits. It fits your waist perfect and that’s all that matters in a skirt.

Julie and Laura came to us and they both agreed the skirt looks good on me. When I looked at Julie with a shock she told me that a lot of people are wearing skirts again now. What even men I replied. Her response was that I should be grateful that I have a wife that is so generous and supportive. Also that the clothes I used to wear are dull and boring. Being masculine all the time is so out of date now she added. The girls agreed with her. I asked Catherine then if she had bought any trousers for me in all that shopping. She then told me that I will not be having any as they have caused too many arguments. Julie then said you will feel cooler in summer anyway in a skirt. She then took my shirt off. My wife threw it in the bin. While Julia put another one on what Catherine had just bought. As Julie was fastening the buttons she told me that the buttons are on the left. She explained that all their trendy shirts do fasten on the left so I must get used to it. The sales lady then said you also will need to change into some nice proper shoes what she has bought you. They were ladies court shoes with a not too high heel. It was very embarrassing and strange walking out of the shop to the car dressed in this way.

When we arrived home I were not allowed to go upstairs until my wife and Laura had removed the remaining what they called grubby and boring clothing. When I did get to see my wardrobe a few hours later it was just full of skirts, blouses, dresses. In the drawers was Knickers and tights. 2 nighties. A handbag. I then asked my partner if she always wanted me to be a woman. She shouted at me and said no I just want you to respect me for what I am and what I believe in. Catherine then told me to remove my underwear it’s the only out of date rubbish you have left. She removed them herself and destroyed them. She told me to half lay on the bed forwards with my feet suspended out. I did as I were told to as I could hear Pamela my wife’s friend talking to Laura in the next room. As the door was slightly open I did not want to attract their attention.

I could then feel something soft being pulled up my legs. I couldn’t see what she was pulling up. It felt even softer when she had pulled all way up until I were wearing what ever she had put me in. Too afraid to ask or look I just stood up and let my skirt cover whatever. Then suddenly the girls in next room started to giggle loudly. They started singing – Down in a hiding place where the candles flicker was a boy who had just been put in Knickers. This was the most embarrassing moment of my life. They all came into the room and humiliated me at first but then they complimented on how I looked. I was then told the only thing to change then will be my attitude.

I decided there and then to surrender and accept my new situation as the way going forward. But I were too afraid to go out and kept indoors the next 2 days. When Catherine and Laura decided we were all going out for lunch and shopping. I said I couldn’t dressed up as a woman. My wife said why not? Because I will look as a man in a dress. I replied to her. So what she said. I started to beg to her to not do this to me. She opened the front door and was just about to force me out to the car when Laura came up with an idea. Feeling sorry for me. She said well as he doesn’t want to be seen as a man why don’t you let me change his hair and make up his face. Catherine said we haven’t got time for this. She said I looked OK and modern then she grabbed me and forcefully marched me to the car. Laura helped her and told me to do just do what she said while apologising.

That day was awful walking round town in a dress and pantyhose. Everyone was looking and laughing at me. We had lunch in the restaurant when two girls aged about 10 asked me if I was a man or a woman. Laughed at my failure to respond then advised me to wear makeup in future before walking off amused by my embarrassment. We arrived back again at the ladies store. Laura again wanting to help offered to take me into a changing room and apply my face with makeup to at least allow me to look as a lady to help relieve my anxiety. My wife said no, ladies first, we will do our shopping first then come back to you. While they left me on my own. I noticed the lady manager on her own checking stock. I approached her and asked her if she minded me having a word with her. She smiled and said no how can I help? I then asked her if their will be any chance in future of them selling men’s clothes or even unisex. As there’s no other store in this area and you only sell children’s and women’s. She explained that they are not in the market for selling men’s only clothes and that all clothes they sell are unisex as far as she is concerned. She also added that as my partner is happy with what I now wear I haven’t got a problem.

The girls then came back with several more bags full of ladies clothes. They smiled at me and told me I’m a very lucky lady. They had just bought several more dresses, blouses, skirts and even more Lacey Knickers. Not to mention 3 Lacey camisoles. They were all for me. When we got back home after another embarrassing day. Laura said to me you can go out as a man in a dress (sissy) or in makeup with boobs and hopefully pass as a woman. She explained she would help me if I chose the less embarrassing latter. However I also knew that if I took up Laura’s offer I would be just slipping further into this feminine world that strange enough neither myself or my partner actually wanted me in.

Later that evening Catherine and I were due to go out for a evening meal together. So I nervously asked Laura if she would help. She smiled and said no problem. She took me to her own dressing table. First she unzipped my dress took my arms out of the sleeve. She then left the room came back 5 minutes later and advised me not to look. I did glance through the mirror and noticed her coming towards me holding a blue padded push up bra. I panicked and said that wouldn’t fit me. She came at me quite unusually for her forcefully. She quickly inserted the straps over my wrists. Then pulled it back up round my back and shoulders. Fastening the clips. This felt really weird. She said “see that wasn’t too bad was it? Was it?? Do I really need to go out with one of these on I panicked. No Laura replied. But if you want to be seen as a lady rather than a man in a dress then you need to have some boobs and wear makeup. I think a padded bra is the best way to achieve it.

I put my dress back in place and noticed how my chest looked so feminine. She then applied me with a heavy foundation before the lipstick, mascara and all the rest. An hour later she had completely finished. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe how much she had turned me into a beautiful woman. I then began to panic as I wasn’t sure Catherine would approve. Laura said don’t worry she must know by now that you haven’t moved for ages and she has noticed your not in your room. So I think she has guessed what we’ve been doing.

We both went downstairs and came face to face with her. Cath was surprised on how well Laura had done. But looked at my with slight disapproval. So you want to be a girl do you? She asked. No I replied I just don’t like that image as a man in drag all time when we go out. I’m only kidding she said with a smirk. So are you now ready to go out like that in the real world? Are you ready then she asked again. Yes as ready as what I’ll ever be. I answered. Are you ready for this then? Ready for what I replied. Then she opened the door and in the next room only 2 yards away was my parents both looking at my in the face.

My father didn’t recognise me. The blank expression on his face indicated he thought I was a lady friend of one of us. However mother knew it was me after a second. Mothers always do. She looked at me confused and bewildered. She said please tell me it’s for charity or some other genuine reason. I were too stunned to talk. My wife exposing me in this way was all too much. The girls explained it all honestly why I was in this situation. However after calling me a wimp and a sissy they left. Not on good terms.

After a couple of weeks they did come round and invited myself and Catherine round for a meal. My father had accepted me he however he didn’t see my as a woman or a sissy just a wimp for letting my partner dominate me in that way. But at least myself and him were OK. Mother however has a totally different opinion. She refuses to believe it’s my wife sticking to her shopping ethics. She strongly believes I’m a cross dresser. They are both wrong but I was just so pleased we were all back together. I hoped some of my family would buy me some men’s clothes for that following Christmas 2 years ago. As I did ask. I would have then had a genuine reason to wear them as it wouldn’t have offended Cath as it would have been a gift.

That Christmas I opened my presents to discover mum had bought me some perfume, a dress, a nightie, several pairs of Knickers and a lady shaver. No one bought me any clothes that men wear. My presents were even labeled sissy instead of my name.

Now over 2 years on Catherine has stuck religiously to her buying principles. However she has for the last few months now allowed me to wear ladies trousers that are bought from our local store as long as I don’t complain about them. Although I carried on wearing skirts and dresses for a while as I were enjoying the air circulation around my legs. In the summer months. She also now allows me to wear plain ladies Knickers instead of the more feminine floral and/or lace panties . She has always not allowed me to go to bed with wearing makeup. But doesn’t mind me having long hair. Has we can’t buy men’s pyjamas I still have to wear a nightie. When we go out together now I usually go out now as a man dressed as a woman without any makeup as I no longer care about other people’s gender issues. I even write my title now as MS rather than MR.

Sometimes Cath still does take me out fully made up if she wants me to go out with her on a girls night or outing which happens often. She then prefers me look like a woman instead of a sissy. She has actually still got some male clothes for me that are kept locked away. (Well even most of these are still actually girls but are as near to men’s as you can get) For when she wants us to go out and be recognised as man and wife. However this is only very occasionally.

Last week we went to a friend’s wedding. I was going to go in a suit and appear as a man as Catherine’s husband. I put it on and waited for my partner to get ready. When her best friend Pamela arrived at our house and told Catherine her husband David is not coming to the wedding. She shouted MEN, MEN!! Looked at me and said you’re all pathetic. She then decided that she wanted us all then to go as girls. So I were then forcefully marched to the bedroom. Stripped naked then put back in ladies lingerie. Pamela then knocked on the door and asked if everything was OK. I answered yes and she walked in. Even though she had seen me dressed as a woman several times before. It still embarrassed me her seeing me in this underwear. However she told me that the padded bra fitted me very well and was impressed. I was then slipped into a pair of brown pantyhose while Cath then placed me into a party frock. I had to put on a pair of the highest high heals I had ever worn. But managed to walk in OK as I’ve had plenty of practise in lower ones. I didn’t have Laura to give me a makeover however Pamela was willing to do me up instead. When she had finished I was wearing more than I’ve ever worn before. We grabbed our handbags and purses and left. We all enjoyed ourselves at the wedding and the party celebrations. Strange but I almost forgot I’m a man that night as almost the girls did.

A lot of people still say I’m a wimp or a sissy and I did loose all my male friends. But who cares if that is the case were they really my friends to start with? I have many more new lady friends now through Cath and Laura. who are much more interesting and fun. I know my marriage is now stronger than ever and that’s all that matters. As you and your readers know this is the benefit I’ve achieved obeying my wife. Well that’s it for now.

Ian/ Polly/ Sissy

from Polly
Dear Auntie Helga,

First let me thank you for publishing my first letter you published in the October 2019 issue. When I last wrote to you in April I was still clinging onto the hope my wife would get bored and allow me to finally purchase some men’s clothing from that new store in town. She won’t even let me even mention this place now let alone go there. She says she is never going to let me wear any men’s clothes ever again. Catherine explained that once I’m allowed to put trousers on I’ll become obsessed with them like all men do. She also thinks that then I’ll become more argumentative, with male masculine arrogance.

Well with your help Auntie Helga I have definitely learned that my marriage is much stronger when I obey. At all times even when it seems she is being unreasonable. I’m so used to dressing as a girl now that it comes second nature. I actually feal more secure both by looks and socially dressed as a woman. Even though I no longer care what people think when they see me looking like a man in a dress (sissy). I now have a lot of make-up on all the time. So I look like a girl rather than a sissy. And I don’t think it’s just the latest faze I’m going through. I’m even allowed to go to bed with her now still wearing make-up even when we make love. It doesn’t bother her anymore even calling me Nancy during the most intimate moments.

Well before this summer started I thought I had got every situation covered just right. I’m not even embarrassed anymore talking to my parents even when I’m done up to the most feminine Laura and my wife as made me. However their is one situation I still can’t get used to. Although I’m going to have to some how. It’s when we go on holiday and she makes me wear a all in one ladies swimsuit on the beech or by the pool. People stare at me for ages and make-up doesn’t help in this situation as my body shape is a giveaway. Cath kept telling me to lighten up and tried me one afternoon in a bikini on the beech but that still embarrassed me as much. Even young girls asked me if I was transgendered. I just told them no I have to do as I’m told. Leaving them with a confused look on their faces.

Just a couple of weeks ago I attended a family funeral. As sadly my cousins best friend had passed away. I was going to attend in a black dress with plenty of makeup on. I knew some family members were going to see me for the first time in a frock and high heels. That didn’t bother me as I knew they all heard how I dress now anyway. I was going to go in a black dress when Cath told me she wanted me to go in the black suit which I had not worn for ages.

This is the suit what I only ever wore when she wanted us to go out as man and wife which wasn’t very often. This worried me a little because the suit although it was a pantsuit style and if you looked at it properly you can see that both items to it are ladies’. So I thought do I go as a effeminate man in this outfit and brave it out or do I let someone doll me up and go as Nancy in it.

To my surprise when Catherine gave me the suit it no longer had trousers. It had been exchanged to a skirt, blouse and jacket. I asked her where were the trousers. She told me that she had exchanged them for a skirt as the trousers were slightly damaged. She also repeated that a skirt is much more me. Just after I put them on mother came in to see me. I asked her how I looked for the occasion. She chose some high heels and gave me some black tights to put on. Then for the first time she applied my makeup. She also explained to me that the deceased would have respected me for going as me as I wanted. We paid our respects and almost everyone accepted me as Nancy.

Again thanks for your valued advise Auntie Helga. So I will carry on obeying my wife. I promise also not to question her whatever she wants me to do in future. As we all know it is the best thing to keep our relationship strong.

Polly Nancy

Ready to Serve at the Gentlewomen’s Club!

The POWER Exchange is happening as Women take on the once Traditional male activities, and direct their males into their new Roles.  Here is one such example:

from Wendy
Dear Helga,

Since I have gradually implemented petticoat discipline into our lives about two years ago everything could not be better for myself and Tammy. She has become a wonderful sissy and serves me as she should. While I’m constantly looking for new avenues for reinforcement for her, I have been ultra conservative for fear of spoiling a good thing.

Awhile ago you mentioned humiliation as an excellent tool in the process of feminization. I have kept that in mind however never used it. Only once at our beginning when Tammy refused to wear a skirt l marched her into a VS store for a bra fitting and she was in a skirt as soon as we got home. My friend Shelly has used humiliation on her Barbie from the very start with fabulous results and swears by it. I have now decided to start Tammy with humiliation reinforcement.

While I was always very careful to keep our secret, my sister and her family, our doctors, Kelly at the VS store, and now Shelly are about the only ones that know about Tammy, and I’m sure there a few sales associates have a good idea about about my sissy. Well I’ve decided host a small New Year’s Eve dinner party and thought what could be a better time to have Tammy looking her feminine best with a trip to the salon where I go. I called the receptionist and booked an appointment for myself and Tammy early New Years Eve day. I told Tammy the day before that she had an appointment with me for the works at the salon where I have been going for years, and she said me too? and I said yes you need some work done.

The morning of our appointments I told Tammy she was to wear a bra and pantie set which surprised her because I had never put her in a bra outside the house, panties always but never a bra. I have been a regular at the salon for about 10 years and when we arrived the receptionist said hi Wendy you’re on the book for you and Tammy. I quietly said yes that’s right this is Tammy. She didn’t miss a beat and said great I have you with Suzie with whom I’m a regular and Tammy with Linda. Suzie and Linda knew right away what was going on and walked us towards the back of the salon and said what would you like for Tammy? I told Linda I would like Tammy to have a manicure with quarter inch acrylic nails finished in bright cherry red, a petty, and her eye brows done. Tammy at this point looked about the color of cherry red polish she was about to get. Linda took Tammy by the hand and said I’ll take good care of you and walked her behind a privacy partition.

I went to Suzie’s station and sat down thinking why have I waited so long for this humiliation reinforcement? Suzie sat down, smiling and said so how long has Tammy been your sissy? I told her about 2 years and she said wow don’t you love having a sissy and how did you do it? I told her it just started with a a pair of panties, bedroom games, reading Petticoating Discipline Quarterly and Put Him In Panties by Emily Masters, and once I started her she fell right in line and I had her in a bra, skirts, and nighties in no time. There was no going back and she is now feminized into my sissy that serves me. I then told her Tammy being hers today should have probably happened sooner.

Suzie said that they love doing sissies because they are so demure, obedient to their partners, and so submissive to work on. I asked are there a lot of sissies that come in, to which she said they get about one a week and she has 4 regulars. Suzie also said around Halloween they are swamped with guys that are perfect candidates to be feminized, and actually women have started their husbands and boyfriends to be feminized dressing them for Halloween parties as their sissy start.

The aesthetician had done me first and as Suzie did my nails she just had to ask, so who’s in charge in the bedroom? I told her that I’m in charge everywhere and sex is the way I want it, and believe me Tammy is one happy sissy, and we both couldn’t be happier in with our sex lives. Just then Linda came over and said while Tammy is getting her eyebrows done would you like her to have her ears pierced? I said oh yes! I’ve wanted her to have those done for quite sometime I hope she will cooperate. Linda said there won’t be any or problem Tammy has a set of nails on, getting her eyebrows done, and she’s wearing a bra, do you want gold or silver studs? We all laughed and I said go with the gold studs, Linda walked away and said done!

I couldn’t wait to see Tammy and when she was finished Linda said come on back and see what we have done. It was a wonderful surprise to seeing just how much more feminine Tammy looked with her eyebrows shaped, her stud earrings in. Her nails were just the right length and the brightest red with her toes to match. The three of us looking at my sissy was the perfect humiliation reinforcement, and I just had to say “Tammy you’re going to be extra careful putting on your stockings with your new nails”.

Linda said should we now count on Tammy to see us on a regular schedule? To which I said absolutely! She will now be on the same 3 week schedule as me. Suzie and Linda gave us our tickets and there’s no charge for the piercing Tammy now that you’re going to be a regular with me. Tammy and I tipped Suzie and Linda, settled our accounts with the receptionist while booking again in 3 weeks. When we got home Tammy slipped into a skirt and we started working on dinner for the party


Thank you for your letter Wendy. A fantastic training session, I imagine Tammy learned quite the lesson that day, humiliation can be very powerful. What super friends at the salon, such good sports and seem to really love teasing sissies. Also, how fascinating that they have done so many of them, and this is just one salon… the good news is spreading!


Boys are no longer worrying about playing football…they are worried about putting a run in their pantyhose!


Tawni Bonds TV

Sissy transvestite


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor petticoat discipline



By JP Murrieta Posted January 8, 2020 In General News, Press Releases

The Pintos Invite in Moriarty looks and sounds like any other wrestling tournament with pins and whistles, but this one is a little different… it’s an all-girls meet.
“It’s been a long time coming for them to finally have their own show, so it’s great and good to be a part of it,” said Miyamura wrestling coach Nate Sellers.
“It’s so exciting because my first tournament ever I had to wrestle all boys and it was terrifying and I lost every single one,” recalls Katelin Klepac. “It’s really exciting because now I get to watch our girls wrestle and this is our team and I get to see the girls wrestle and the girls compete and have a good time.”

Girls wrestling has more than doubled in New Mexico over the past two years. Over half a dozen programs took part in the recent Lady Pintos Invite and the wrestlers appreciate the enthusiasm for this growing sport.
“The excitement it can get and everyone yelling, being surrounded by the sound, you just love it,” described Aztec sophomore Princess Altsisi.
“It used to be just me and Princess on our team, but now we have more girls and females and as you look at other teams there are more females also,” said her teammate Makayla Munoz.
The New Mexico Activities Association sanctioned a girls wrestling division this season.
“Not a lot of states are sanctioned, so this being the first year we are sanctioned, having our own tournament, it’s really exciting knowing that we’re making that history,” said Moriarty junior Chelsea Stiverson.
“It started off very small wrestling boys and now they’re sanctioned, so it’s good to be a part of it,” said Sellers.

An exhibition event has been held each of the last two years in conjunction with the boys state tournament, but this February the girls will have their own division at the state tournament with medals awarded to the top three participants.
“I’m 36 years old and I remember only seeing a few girls wrestle at the time when I wrestled,” said Socorro coach Joel Partridge. “It’s nice to see the girls get their due.”
“We’ve had 1-2 girls the last couple years and each year it seems like a couple more come out and this year with getting sanctioned it’s been huge,” said Aztec coach Bryan Robison. “We’ve gone from two in our room to where now we have ten. It’s huge after they sanctioned it and we’re going to keep growing.”
“We only had 1-2 girls wrestling in a tournament where they would be counted as exhibitions because there weren’t any other girl wrestlers or they would have to wrestle the guys which guys strength beats girls strength, so seeing this it’s grown a lot to know we have each other as a fair strength,” added Stiverson.
New Mexico is the 18th state to sanction girls wrestling with the sport growing fast nationwide. The state championships will take place at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho on February 21-22, 2020.

While Girls are Wrestling….what are the boys doing??

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Naomi Watts son Samuel Kai Schreiber

And Charlize Theron is raising her son Jackson as a Girl!

Charlize Theron & Her Kids Show Off Their Halloween Spirit ...

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It’s becoming more Apparent who is In Charge now!

MtF transition

Can’t you hear Her saying…”Who’s Wearing the Pants Now Sissyboy?  And you’re NEVER pants again!


WOMEN are Conquering the men!!!

sissy dresses - Google Search

Real crossdressing ballerinas are all so beautiful


WOMEN are Now In Charge!


See the source image



See the source image

You will Love, Honor and OBEY!!!!

[Image: fcdee5994cc41a9e2c66acabedcdb5a9.jpg]

[Image: 11ae3ec7a1be70f1460839ba465de40b.jpg]

Boys who dream to be bride

S1 (322)

Maid for Transfetish


Mmmmm Just waiting for the wedding night


Boys dressed as girls

Sissy Wedding (Chloe Sissy)

Bridal Lingerie that my wife bought for me to wear at my wedding I love it

The Pinkness 3 by rocketXpert

note - this is only true if you are married to a white sissy with a tiny cock. Women who are married to black men -real man never have to worry about this




Female Control in the 2020’s!

Many Women are feeling the Power they have over their males.  More Women are Feminizing their husbands and boyfriends.  More Mothers are signing up their sons for Womanless Pageants, and the really “Radical” Feminists are enrolling their sons into ballet!  Things are surely Changing and Womankind is benefiting from these Changes!

More Women are wearing Slacks ALL the time, and Not wearing Skirts and Dresses!


butchisnotadirtyword: ““The public bathroom is a gauntlet every butch must run. As I entered the women’s room at the back of the McDonald’s, two elderly ladies were on their way out. One of them was struggling with her walker as her counterpart...

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The Future is Female!

Now that it is becoming apparent who is wearing the pants…what will these Women do with their males?  Jen has a Good Example:

from Jen

Dear Helga,

I am writing about feminizing my husband Art in order for him to deal with his natural breasts from Gynecomastia. Poor Art would not leave the house dressed as a man because he could no longer conceal his breasts. It took some convincing over time to show Art that if he was able to dress and pass as a woman he could go out with me like we used to be able to do. It wasn’t an easy process however week by week Art found less people paid any attention to him unlike when he was dressed as a man with breasts. The more I saw Art dressed as a woman when we went out the more it was time to have him dress that way at home as well. One thing lead to another when Art only dressed in women’s clothing.

Now as Art’s wife the thought of him as a sissymaid had never crossed my mind. With some training Art learned how to act more feminine which was necessary when we went out. The more I guided him the more he looked feminine which is when I began to read about feminine men. Slowly week by week Art was introduced to more and more feminine ways. Art had laser hair removal done. Art began to grow his hair longer along with his nails. These were all suggestions by me to help Art become more feminine.

One day it was time to give Art a woman’s name which is when Annabelle was born. Poor Annabelle did not like her new name however she got used to it after a few weeks. The example I gave her was what if when we were out that I called her Art by accident. The name Annabelle was to get me used to her feminine name as well. There were times Annabelle didn’t want to be feminine any longer so I had to convince her with a chastity device. I let her know it was designed to help her become more feminine with less thoughts of her penis. To my surprise it worked better than expected.

Slowly Annabelle was introduced to my girlfriends to see the reaction. Other than one of my girlfriends who wasn’t sure what she thought it went over great. Next was my mother who said on the phone when I told her “you did what”. My mother was surprised yet after she saw how well Annabelle kept the house everything was just fine.

Other than a few times a month Annabelle is happy as my sissymaid that is referred to as my wife. We don’t use the word sissymaid at home.

For those wives who have husbands with Gynecomastia let their breasts grow so you too can have a feminized husband. Oh sure they will go through periods of why me and some confusion but you know how easy it is to lead men. Most men respond to a dominant women with very little trouble.


Surely, many Women as the above would like seeing men and boys being the ones in the Dainty, Vulnerable clothing, which Women were forced to wear in the past.  Many of these Women would probably Not Object to Forcing males to wear the Dainty Skirts and Dresses in 2020!

A Strong Woman will make her male submit…..Such a Great Role Reversal!!!!

Afterall…Feminized men are Beautiful!

The “New Age” of Womankind!


Post image


his legs are to Die For!

So Cute and Vulnerable!


Pretty young man!

modern husband!




Women love looking up boy’s skirts!

Modern Day Women like looking up a Pretty man’s skirt!


A Mother with her Pretty sons!



The New Age!


One thing I think we know for sure…A Woman like this will Not be the “Property” of the New Age Man……but the new Age man is going to have to succumb to the New Age of Womankind!!

Love those Biceps!

Womanless Pageants & Female Encouragement of Male Femininity!

My husband wants to wear revealing dresses and wants to be pegged and treat as a promiscuous woman. Is this normal?

Sarah Wagner

Strictly speaking, this isn’t normal or the norm. But, that doesn’t make is wrong. After we got married, my husbanded became feminized. He started having fantasies about being pegged, so I made his fantasy come true. I had him start dressing in a provocative way and start acting promiscuous. I started him wearing prostrate simulators, tampons and/or butt plugs. Then I started pegging him with my dildo. He has learned to love and crave being pegged. I love the control that it gives me over him.
Go ahead and try it, what do you have to lose?
Holly Goust
As a husband in a Female lead relationship I can tell you it is definitely not wrong and actually fairly common. When my now wife and I were first dating I was wearing woman panties, I think this was one of the things that interested her, she had not met a cross dresser that she knew of. My wife insisted that I show her my closet which had lot’s of dresses and skirts. Rather than being turned off my wife was interested, and asked me to dress as I felt. Soon I was wearing corsets and garters, I love dressing as a girl, and while I am straight, I wanted to be pegged. My wife agreed if I agreed to Chasity, so that she would control my orgasms. since then we have had a fantastic marriage. My wife chooses what I will wear usually fairly androgynous, sometimes it is very provocative. I am in Chasity, have had complete electrolysis, so I’m totally smooth and since I am slight and thin, can pass as a woman.
Mike Bennett
I have a good friend whose wife and he belong to a swing group where they meet other couple for erotic meetings. He loves to cross dress and from what he has shared, has a strong fantasy, while dressed in private, to be treated as a woman sexually. His wife understands his desire and proceeds, with a strap on dildo, role plays as a man and penetrates her husband. They do this to satisfy both of their fantasies.





Boy, 14, banned from doing drag act in heels at school talent show
Lewis Bailey was distraught when teachers at his Dudley school denied him the chance to compete after he had practiced his lip-sync dance routine for weeks with the help of his family.

Lewis Bailey banned from performing drag act at school talent show


Before and after get ready for the beauty contest in their schools. They are very brave boys and are not afraid to social prejudices, just want a fun day.


Three strikes you’re out




Absolutely lovely - no one would ever think this is a boy!!


That is a child, stop.

Pin by Jenni Foster on young crossdressers


Femulate: It’s that time of year


What was your reaction when you wore a skirt for the first time?

Joanne Wagner, I became a woman with the help of my wife
Answered Dec 18
My first time wearing a skirt was about 7 months after I got married. My wife, and here sister, feminized their brother and now it was my turn. From shortly after we got married, Sarah was building me up to moment. I was already hairless from my eyebrows to my toes, I was wearing a bra and panties, make up, nail polish and earrings for my newly pierced ears. She laid out the skirt for me to put on, I didn’t resist. The first few times was just around the house. She then had me wear an A-line skirt, blouse and heels to go and get my hair done and to get fitted for my first corset.
I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. I had no problems except, that one Marilyn Monroe moment where a stiff wind tried to blow up my skirt.






Ladies got their hubbies dressed for neighborhood party. So cute!

Ladies got their hubbies dressed for neighborhood party.  So cute!


Forced Sissification — Every day



Two naughty boys

Do mothers help their sons with cross-dressing?

Answered Mar 29, 2018

I am going anonymous on this answer for obvious reasons.
My son crossdresses. He is 14 years old. I didn’t truly find out about until about two years ago, but I had suspected for some time. Quite literally, I came home early from work one day, and caught him in my things.
I freaked. So did he. Like I said, I had suspected for some time. There were little tell-tale signs: runs in my pantyhose, my underwear drawer askew, items missing. I never confronted him about it because I had no idea how to address it. Then I caught him red handed.
At first I forbid him to do it again. That, of course, didn’t work. Then, I put a deadbolt on my bedroom door, and kept it locked. He would walk two miles to our local Target, and buy things of his own. I would find them, and throw them away.
We had several long talks about it. I asked him if he was gay. I asked if he was bi, or transgendered. He assured me that he wasn’t. Well then, what was the deal? According to him, he simply liked wearing girl’s clothes. In particular, he had a huge fetish for pantyhose and high heels.
Finally, I took him to a psychiatrist. This lady was a family friend and, after just two sessions, she told me that there was nothing wrong with my son that I didn’t already know. He simply liked to wear girl’s clothes. He might grow out of it. Then again, he might not. Her suggestion? Buy him some clothes of his own, and let him wear them.
So, after much soul searching, that’s what I did. My son and I came to an agreement and a compromise. I allow him to dress on the weekends in full girl mode. For the rest of the week, he is a boy and, under no circumstances, does he ever go out in public. People are just too crazy.
To my great surprise, this could not have worked out better. My son enjoys his time as a girl the way most boys enjoy sports or video games. All I have to do is threaten him with no dressing, and he will do anything I ask.
His grades have improved dramatically, and now he’s making straight A’s. He does his chores without being told, and he never gives me a problem over it. Simply put, he’s almost a perfect child.
I would never recommend this type of thing to anyone else. If you are out there, raising a son of your own, you have to do what you think is right in your heart. Still, this arrangement works for us.
Not only is my son an ideal child during the week but, on the weekend, he becomes my ideal daughter and, if I am completely honest, I actually enjoy seeing him as a girl now. It may sound terrible, but it’s true. He looks wonderful as a girl, and it seems to make him completely happy.
How could I not be happy as well?
Robyn Ann Morgan
Jul 23, 2018 · 1 upvote
Mom caught me when I was 14 also. She was shocked at first but accepted. Got me my own stuff and I started home school

Gary Gynorski, studied Cross-Dressing Advice & Cross-Dressing Husband (1985)
Answered Feb 9
Yes. My mom caught me the first time I dressed. Her solution was to buy me my own wardrobe. I was to stay in my room. Mom would warn me when Dad was supposed to be home. I was 6.
Every year she bought me new clothes.
The rule about staying in my room lasted about 5 years. When I was 11 my dad was working so.e o/t. Mom called me for dinner that I should throw boy clothes over my regular clothes. Mom thought I would remove my boobs, I didn’t so mom unzipped me and I put my filled up tshirts on a chair. After dinner mom told me to put everything in and she re-zipped me, I went back to my room.
This worked well for both of us. This kept me out of mom’s hair and she always knew where I was located. Homework, chores etc were just a threat away if I was not prompt. She didn’t threaten to tell anyone, oh no it was much more devious…. She threatened to take my clothes. No dressing for 1 week young man… I was doing my chores as fast as I could.
I graduated HS and went into the military. My first leave my parents had a big party at their house. I was really hoping around, 20–30 couples and I was the center of attention. Mom took me aside and whispered in my ear that she had bought me some clothes and I could get dressed as soon t every one had left. I was in a much better mood the rest of the night.
Fast forward about 25 years or so. My dad had recently passed away, my wife and I were relaxing at home. My mom just walked in without knocking. There I was in a LBD fully dressed heels make-up wig. Mom told that she needed help balancing her checkbook. This was the first time mom ever saw me wearing heels. Her only comment was to ask my wife how I was able to walk in such high heels (5″). My wife said years of practice.
Once again, yes the best mother’s do help their sons with cross dressing.

Holly Goust
Updated Nov 13
I have 3 older sisters so it wasn’t cross dressing it was hand me downs 🙂 When I turned 13 I started dressing in skirts at home, my mom taught me to sew so by the time I was 15 I was sewing or modifying my sisters stuff for them and me. This was before on line shopping so Mom had to take me to a store to get shoes – of course strapy heels! And underwear – Girdle panties OMG!! When I was 16 I would go to school in girls jeans and was allowed to go out with my sisters to parties etc. dressed – typically mini skirts and blouse. I remember mom and I having our Sex discussion about boy’s 🙂 While I am straight I did wander a bit in my teens and 20’s

Jennifer Coldstream, Novelist and contract writer living in Scotland
Answered Apr 22, 2018
I do. My son has a small feminine wardrobe including girl’s school uniforms, dresses, shorts, microskirts, underwear with breast-forms and panties in both plain and very suggestive styles. He also has wigs, make-up, accessories and feminine shoes. If he wants to go out dressed as a girl, I spend thirty or forty minutes helping him look as convincing as possible before he sets off.

Suzie McDonald, Relaxed mom of two
Answered Nov 13
My son first expressed an interest in panties and bras when he began puberty so I bought him several sets as he was too embarrassed to buy them himself. He wore them frequently around the house and always slept in them and then progressed to wearing skirts and dresses. We would go shopping together and he had a complete feminine wardrobe plus makeup. He’s now in his 30s and still has two wardrobes to suit his needs.

Brady Calton, former Self Employed
Answered Mar 9
When I was a boy I loved wearing panties. My mother had no problems with it. One summer for two weeks when I was very young we did a social experiment where I put on the persona of a girl. I literally left any and all boys clothing at home and I went completely feminine . Panties , bikini (I was tiny and it went unnoticed) skirts, blouses, and even little training bras. With my longer hair I had at the time nobody caught on.
Kian Huskins, Actor (2004-present)
Answered Mon
Yes, my mom loves that I cross dress, because its the first time that we have something in common. She’s a massive fashion guru and always helps me to pick out outfits and such. When I was young she caught be trying on her clothes and she was over the moon. She started letting me wear some of her clothes from time to time and would buy me my own girl clothing for Christmas and Birthdays. We always go shopping together and she still teaches me a lot about fashion and make-up to this day. I’m so happy to have a mom like her, I just wish my dad was the same.

All sizes | He-is-a-Prissy-Princess-Now | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

As we Support the Feminization of Men and Boys, let’s also Support and Encourage the Strong Women and Girls that would want to perhaps make these pretty males their Obedient Wives!!!

Strong Women need Pretty men!

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, sky and outdoor

Play like a girl: 10-year-old Oakland girl helps bring her all-star football team to victory
By Sharon Song
Published November 25
FOX 11 Los Angeles

On Saturday, she showed up “beast mode,” made several tackles against her male opponents, and helped her team win in the East Bay Youth Football Conference all-star game at Tennyson High School in Hayward.
Not only was she the only girl on her team, she was the only female player in the game. And that did not hold her back or intimidate her in any way, according to her father. If anything, it fueled her. “I think she was empowered by it,” dad Darryl Poe told KTVU. “She likes to show what women can do.” The game marked the end of Mia’s first year with the San Leandro Crusaders. The rookie was one of six players from her team to make it on the all-star roster for the National team, which consisted of players from the Hayward Lancers, Union City Colts, Milpitas Knights, and San Jose Pal.
With the help from some girl power, the National won 13-to-6 against the American team, made up of all-stars from the San Ramon T-Birds, San Ramon Bears, Clayton Valley Jr. Eagles, and Martinez Bulldogs.
“She did great!” Darryl Poe said of his daughter, boasting, “She had a couple of tackles.”
Prior to putting on the football pads and helmet, for the past five years, Mia wore a cheerleading uniform for the Crusaders, where her big brother has also played.

Then one day, Mia told her family that she wanted to step off the sidelines and get on the field.
So with help from big brother, who practiced with her and prepare her for try-outs, Mia made the team. And once she started playing the game, there was no stopping her. She became a valuable asset to the team.
“For the San Leandro Crusaders, she was actually the only female that was able to play the whole season,” her dad explained.
So when she found out all of her hard work won her a spot on the all-star team, she was overjoyed. “She knows that she played her heart to get there,” said Poe. “When she heard her name on the roster for the all-star game, she was in shock, and she cried.”

It’s that passion that drives her on the field and in whatever she sets out to do. Her dad noted that his daughter, the football player, hasn’t shed the spirit of the cheerleader in her. For Mia, the two don’t cancel each other out.
“She loves interacting with the kids, with the other cheerleaders, even though she is a football payer,” explained Poe. “And if you ever watch her, you’ll actually see her cheering on the sidelines of her own game.”
He also explained that on the field, Mia plays aggressively and confidently but with compassion. “When she takes the other person down, she sincerely picks them up and helps out the other teammate,” Poe said.
Mia’s father admitted that he couldn’t help but worry that his daughter would get hurt out there on Saturday. But as she has demonstrated time and time again, she proved that she can hold her own.
He said he and his wife couldn’t be prouder. In fact, mom rushed the field after the game to celebrate their girl. Once dad caught up, he said to her, “Congratulations. You did an excellent job.”
And when asked what his daughter’s response was, the proud dad said she simply smiled.

See the source image

Looking at the above photo, how long will it be that Women will Encourage the boys to hang up their cleats, and trade them in for a Cute Cheerleading Uniform and Pompoms, then they will Cheer on the Girls Football Players!!!


See the source image

Over the years we have had many girls come out and play, some ending up playing high school football and some using their athletic skills to excel in Soccer and Track. This year we have 6 girls in total and 5 playing on the Bantam Team. These girls play tough, they play hurt and they play sometimes being underestimated. Their male team mates and coaches except them and treat them as equals on the field. These 6 and those who came before them have opened a door for football. The Steelheads hope to have more girls join in 2020


Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people playing sports, tree, grass, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 16 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature

As more Women and Girls TAKE Control, and do the Traditional Masculine Activities, they can also Encourage their males to be Pretty and Sweet….Enroll them into ballet and dance…..make sure the boys learn to be pretty Homemakers for the Strong Female Leaders of the Future!

Role Reversal in the Real World!

True Petticoating: Swedish School Requires Boys to Take Ballet


Men are doing a Great job of being Feminine and Cute.  Just look at this Pretty young man in his mini skirt and beautiful Figure and Face!

While more Women are playing Sports and taking on Assertive Activities! Like this Strong young Woman that plays Football!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

As men are wearing skirts, and watching their figures. Gender Role Reversal is happening before are very eyes!

Boys night out is surely Changing!

Women are NO Longer Playing Dress-up, but are now Competing!

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, football and outdoor


More and more Women are opting to wear slacks while they have their Cute boyfriends in skirts, dresses or Cute Rompers…showing off their pretty legs!

Young Girls playing Flag Football!


The Submissive and Sweet male is Awesome!

Is it Safe to assume that these Women don’t wear dresses?

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people playing sports and outdoor

But they might like seeing a Cute young man like this in his skirt!

So AWESOME seeing More and more Women playing Football!

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, football, stadium and outdoor

Especially while more and more men are being pretty and sweet in their Cute Dresses!

LOVE seeing these Women Compete in what was a Male Domain!

Especially while boys are wearing short skirts showing off their panties!

Aren’t these Women AWESOME?

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people playing sports and outdoor

Don’t you think they are Amused watching this cute man play with his stockings?

More Women are playing Football than ever before!

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, football and outdoor

While many men are embracing their Femininity!


Look how she has him in the Ultra Mini Dress, while her dress is down to her knees!

Pink on boys is so Sweet!

Learning to make a “Pose” to attract a Strong Woman!

Male Femininity is Growing!

Post image


Here is how a Woman named DeeDee changed her life for the better:

Once women discover the power they can have over men, the rest is easy!! I have found that most men willingly give control to their wives once the woman shows her superiority and dominance. If you have a husband who refuses and tries to be “macho” get a new one who will accept your power over him.
I was married for less than a year, bored with my husband in bed as he was not very well endowed, and even more bored with his attempt to show other men he was “macho”. I began his transformation in the bedroom, at first taking my panties and wrapping them around his little “stiffy” teasing him with them. Often, when I would peel my panties off I would tell him to smell how sexy they were, which he had no trouble doing. Shortly after that, I was teasing him into putting them on when I would take them off, and then I would rub him, telling him how sexy I felt when he wore my things. He almost always would climax in my panties and I would persuade him to finish our session between my legs. It wasn’t long before he readily accepted wearing my panties to bed. Then I encouraged him to wear them under his clothes to work and would call and tease him about being “caught” by the office girls. I got rid of his male underwear and had him wearing mine all the time. I got him to shave his body and grow his hair longer, telling him how much more I liked him this way. I now had him sleeping in my nighties and he began to allow me to play “dress-up” with him in bed, even make-up. He was so surprised at how feminine he actually looked when I finished, and I encouraged that thought by telling him what a pretty girl he would make. I told him how exciting it was to make love as two women and his main objective was to perform orally for me, after which I would “milk” him and tell him how much I loved my new “girl”. The “day after” our bedroom sessions, it became easy to convince him to keep his make-up and nighties on, sometimes all day. I quickly progressed him to blouses and skirts, telling him I loved that he was my “sissy” now. I was now in total control and started making him wear panties and camisoles under his work clothes, and continuing to call and tease him about getting caught by the office girls, and how cute they would think he was. I was now completely convinced to totally feminize him and began to supplement his Co-Q-10 with estrogen pills. I had him completely feminized on the weekends and had him totally submissive. He had now accepted that the only sexual relief he would get is if I milked him, and the only way he could please me was orally as another “woman”. His name is Charlie but I started calling him Charlene. As his body began to change from the hormones, I started him wearing a training bra at home and wearing a sport bra under his work clothes. Eventually I sat him down and explained the hormones and what I wanted from him, a complete subservient feminized sissy, if he didn’t agree he was free to leave. I now have an adorable housewife who has accepted his new life and actually loves serving me. He also loves being “girly”! His breast have grown to a small “B” cup and we have discussed an overseas trip for an implant operation. He is fully passable and we go out together as two females, and he gets all giddy when a real man hits on him. My Charlene is the perfect “wife”, you girls out there need to learn to control your lives and your men,….or should I say your “sissies”.

The NEW Perspective!

Magazines are Changing as Well!

As The Worm Turns: 21st Century Boys' Fave Mag

Try my free feminization starter pack.... | Teen ...


Here is a Posting from a Crossdressing Website on Role Reversal:

I went grocery shopping yesterday. When I checked out I went to Libby’s line, even though it was the longest line in the store. That is because
I know her well and she is my favorite cashier. Evidently a lot of other people’s favorite too.

At the time I was wearing black tank top, with Victoria’s Secret “Pink” lettering front and back. On the bottom I was wearing my favorite little red shorts. When I got to the register, Libby commented on my outfit. She said: “Those shorts are so wild. Don’t bend over or you’ll get the girls all worked up”. I said: “I hope so”. She said: “Just simmer down now, you don’t want to go there”.

At that point the very attractive female customer behind me spoke up and said to Libby: “Don’t discourage him. I want him to bend over.” The other customer was a total stranger to me, however I suspect she may have been a friend of Libby’s. I suspected they were setting me up, just for fun. Libby is that way, playful at times, but never mean or cruel.

The stranger then said to me: “Why don’t you drop your car keys or something. I want to see you bend over and pick them up. If you don’t want to do it in here, then let’s do it out in the parking lot. I want a free show”. I didn’t answer her and I didn’t drop anything. Libby then said to me: “Now you know what it’s like for us women. You are now the prey rather than the predator. How do you like that role? How does it feel?” I said: “I’m lovin’ every minute of it. Call me a hearse, I think I just died and went to heaven”. Libby said to me “Oh, you’re impossible!” I paid for my stuff and left. Of course the other customer never caught me in the parking lot, because she was still unloading her cart when I left. That was my fun day yesterday.


And a Follow -up!

GF and I went shopping a while ago. I was all dolled up. wearing a dress and 2″ heels .
GF was wearing pants and a flannel shirt. she noticed guys were staring at us as we walked by.
then they started to follow us . so we ducked into Victoria secrets. they hung around for a few minutes
then left. So now I know what it means to be Prey. GF started to giggle, and said now you know.

Women Achieving!

Elisa Leondia Zamfirescu (1887-1973) was a Romanian engineer, one of the first women in the world to be qualified in this profession. She obtained her degree in 1912, four years after the very first female engineer, Alice Perry.
She was rejected by engineering schools in Bucharest on the basis of her gender; she therefore attended the Royal Academy of Technology in Berlin. After her studies, she worked for the Geological Institute of Romania, leading laboratories and participating in studies which identified new resources.


Women Need to Encourage boys to be Pretty like Britney





Changing the Gender Roles!

Jane Woodman on Instagram: “Easiest #WorldBookDay ever! @dwalliams The Boy In The Dress And Julia Donaldson’s The Smartest Giant In Town. They just wore each other’s…”

Mothers Flipping Gender Roles | by Chris Radical Feminist

Many Girls and Women are now playing Competitive Sports.  Also, with the Encouragement of some Radical Feminist Women, more am=nd more mothers are Encouraging their sons to be Pretty and Feminine.  The Future could be much different from the past!

Kendall Breland becomes first female football player to score a touchdown in Mississippi | Revelist

Charlotte demonstrating some awesome girl power playing boys little league baseball spring 2013 …

Charlotte demonstrating some awesome girl power playing boys little league baseball spring 2013 ...


Some GREAT Advice from a Strong Woman known as the “Radical Feminist”.  She is making Great Strides for Womankind, and looking to see a Society that is Completely Role Reversed!

My family has a long history of empowering females to free themselves from the traditional feminine role imposed upon us by the out dated patriarchal society. Over the last few centuries the female members of my family have been highly active in the feminist movement. We have done our part to better the lives of females helping them both emotionally and financially to empower themselves. Part of our contributions include educating mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other likeminded females on the benefits of petticoating and when possible actively helping them use petticoating to correct their macho little brats behavior.

My introduction to the “family business” occurred when I was nine years old. My aunt Donna picked me up from baseball game on her way to deliver some outfits to one of her customers. At the time I was only one of three girls who were brave enough to join the local boy’s little league. My aunt owned a children clothing store near the field and often picked me up when my mom worked late. She told me that she had to make a few deliveries and would pick up pizza for dinner. I loved spending time with Aunt and even today pizza is my favorite food. We were on the road for quite a while when we finally arrived at an old fashion looking home on Long Island. The house was huge and a lovely older woman greeted us at the door. She told us to sit in the large living room area. A few minutes later she returned with a couple cold drinks and s small child about 5 or 6 accompanied her. The young child was dressed in a long fancy party style dress and had long braided hair tied off with pink ribbons. The woman who was the child’s grandmother gestured towards the child and said “young lady, come properly greet our guests.” The child look scared to death and refused to enter the room. This made the woman very angry. She yelled at the child “come here right now young lady or else I will spank you”! The warning worked as the child gather her long dress and petticoats and slowly walked across the room. The woman whispered something into the child ear. The child’s face turned bright red, she turned and performed a dainty little curtsy.

The whole experience made me sick to my stomach; I hated seeing girls made to dress and act so prissy. On the ride home I made a comment to my aunt about the way the poor girl was dressed. Donna laughed and said “his name is Robin”. I did a double take and said “Did you say his name”? Donna smiled and said “yes, his name is Robin and his grandmother is petticoating him because he was disrespectful little boy”. I was blown away, never in my wildest dreams did imagine ever seeing a boy dressed so girly. I asked inquisitively what petticoating was. My aunt respond saying petticoating was an old practice used by mothers to punish misbehaving little boys by making them dress and behave like ultra-feminine little ladies. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; I started asking lot of questions. My aunt got annoyed “calm down girl, I will explain everything when we get home”. Over dinner Donna went into great detail about our family history of helping females and the numerous mothers who have visited her shop. That night I could hardly sleep and couldn’t stop thinking about the way little Robin was dressed and behaved. Donna told me over dinner that Robin had been a very bad little boy who got in trouble for breaking one of his grandmothers glass vases. This was last straw for his mother and grandmother who decided to petticoated him to deal with his over aggressive masculine behavior. Thanks to my Aunt Donna my eyes were open to a whole new world and this was just the beginning.

A few months later shortly after my 10th birthday; I got to experience the pivotal moment in my life which led me to becoming a radical feminist. After school and weekends I worked at my aunt’s shop. At first it was a lot of work, I got stuck moving boxes, packing merchandise and my favorite sweeping up the store. One Saturday morning my aunt picked me up early around 6 AM. I was bit grumpy until my aunt explained why we had to get up so early. A mother (Ms. Pearce) was bringing her 10 year old son Stephen in to be petticoated. The boy was a holly terror and repeatedly gotten in trouble at school for teasing and fighting with other kids. Ms. Pearce had enough of his little chauvinist attitude and was going to teach him a lesson he never forget. By the time we arrived at the store, I was on cloud nine and did a cartwheel (literally) in the parking lot. I could barely hold my excitement as we got the shop ready for Ms. Pearce visit. My aunt had me bring out several ultra-frilly dresses, petticoats, tights and panties from the back room for the big event. She walked me through what was going to happen and told to get ready for the time of my life.

Around 8 AM, Ms. Pearce (Joan) and Stephen arrived. Joan was smartly dressed in jeans and boots and came off as a strong willed and confident women. Stephen was dressed in a backwards baseball cap, sports jersey, dirty jeans and sneakers. As Joan walked into the back room with my aunt; Stephen stood up against the wall across from me. He looked really bored and annoyed to be there. After about 20 minutes he started getting antsy yelled to his mother “can we go yet, I’m going to miss the guys at the park”. Ms. Pearce scolded her son telling him “I told you are grounded for two week and will not be wasting time playing with those hooligans”. Stephen shrugged his shoulders and mouth a nasty comment (“bit***ch”) towards his mother. I laughed thinking to myself you going to pay for that later. While we waited, I measured Stephen up, even thou we were both the same age I was easily 2 inches taller than him and his long scruffy hair looked like it had not seen a brush in weeks. He grow more annoyed and looked over at me “stopped staring at me”; then pulled a Gameboy out of his pocket and started playing. Knowing that I could push his buttons, I walked over and reached for his game boy, he pulled back and shouted at me “go away, you are a stupid girl and wouldn’t understand how to play the game”. I reached for the game again and this time he pushed me. Ms. Pearce saw what was happening and walk over and smacked him across the face. This made Stephen really pissed and without thinking called his mother “a bit***ch”. That sent Ms. Pearce off, she grabbed Stephen by the collar pushing him towards the dressing room telling him “On you going to pay for that little comment; its time you learn what happens to disrespectful little brats”.

Once, in the dressing room, Stephen saw the frilly dress, tights and panties laid out. He looked at his mother and bolted for the door. Joan grabbed her defiant son dragging him back into the dressing room. Donna and I watched as Joan went to work, first removing all of Stephen boy clothes tossing them into a pile. She then forced her son into his panties and training bra, I could not help myself and laughed loudly. Joan smiled and asked “would you like to help dress Stephanie”. Oh yes, my aunt handed me the boy’s frilly petticoat and after his mother finished putting his tights on, I walked toward the defeated boy and happily pulled the petticoat up to his waist. While his mother fussed over his frilly petticoats. My aunt handed me the boy’s dress, it was perfect, the back-button dress was ultra-frilly with big puffy selves. Stephanie begged his mother to stop as I lowered the dress over his head and button him into the feminine garment finishing it off with a nicely tied sash. He begged his mother again “please mommy, don’t make me wear girl clothes.” Joan said “stop complaining young lady, you have no one to blame but yourself for this situation”. At this point Stephen pulled away from mother and ran out of the dressing room. As he was running he caught a glimpse of his reflection and started to frantically try to remove his dress, Joan scolded the boy and made him sit down. My aunt handed her a hairbrush and she started bruising out Stephen hair, he screamed as she pulled out the knots and then against his protest tied a large pink bow in his hair. When she was done, she warn Stephen to sit quietly on else they take a trip to the park to visit his friends. The humiliation on the boy’s face was priceless but his feminine nightmare was far from over. As Joan and poor Stephen pulled away Donna asked “did you have fun”? I responded strongly with hell yea. Donna then handed me Stephen’s Gameboy and said “here is a souvenir, I don’t think little Miss Stephanie will be allowed to play with these kind of toys anymore”. That night I had a ball playing with the Gameboy beating all of Steven’s top scores.

A few months later, Ms. Pearce invited Donna and me over to catch up. While Donna and Joan had talked often over the phone it was the first time either of us had the opportunity to visit in person. When we arrived Joan greeted us and invited us into the living room. Sitting in the middle of the room was little Miss Stephanie. He looked quite unhappy, Joan scolded her son “greet our guests young lady’s” The reluctant boy rose from his chair walked towards us and performed a dainty little curtsy. Joan informed her son “Very nicely down Stephanie you may resume playing with your dollies”. The boy curtsy to his mother and respond “yes mommy”. As he sat down he struggled to sit in his frilly green and white party dress, the multiple layers of petticoats underneath his dress were clearly designed to be uncomfortable and difficult to sit in. We all laughed at the helpless boy who was near tears, Joan commented “he really hates wearing dresses, it been three months now since he last wore boy clothes and has not quite accepted the fact that we will never wear pants again”! As Donna and Joan drank tea and caught each other up. I took a sit across from Stephanie and whipped out his once precious Gameboy. I turned the volume up, loud enough to get his attention. He quickly recognized the toy, while I remarked over beating all his high scores and how much fun the hottest new games were to play. You could see the longing for the toy in his eyes, before he could speak, Joan scolded him “now young lady do you need a spanking to remind you that sissy little boys are never allowed to play with such toys”, near tears he muffled no mommy, Good, Joan proclaimed “now play quietly with your dollies and if I see you glance at Chris’s toy even for a second you will be spanked in front of our guests”. I made a halfhearted apology to Ms. Pearce and said “I would turn down the game”, she smiled and said “no worries dear, please enjoy yourself”. So, for the next several hours, I happily played the game loud enough for Stephanie to hear, the poor boy struggled with all his will power to focus on playing with his dollies with tears of frustration dripping down his face. It was a picture perfect scene, the once macho boy wearing a fancy party dresses with ribbons tightly tied into his hair sitting across from the blissful tomboy decked out in jeans, sport jersey and baseball cap playing on a “Gameboy”!

As a radical feminist, I love seeing complete gender role reversal between girls and boys. Nothing is more enjoyable then witnessing once macho bratty boys having to gather the skirts of their frilly dresses and curtsy to their sisters or girl cousins. While the girls are dressed in sports jersey and jeans just laugh and tease the prissified boy. The boys just hold their heads low acknowledging the superior of the girls. After teasing the boys the girls run off to play leaving the boy to sit quietly and brush the hair of their dolls. This is the vision of the future radical feminist like me are helping make.

This is an excellent topic to discuss, as a radical feminist I want to see a female led society happen overnight. This simply will never happen quickly unless there is a really bad war or disease that only impacts males. If either of these occur fashion choices would be the least of our problems. A female led/gender reversed society has to be organic and grow over time. I firmly believe there will come a time when children will be raised as gender neutral or unisex, possible within the next 20 years. At this point we will see boys dressing and behaving more like girls. I could see a time when most children are treated gender neutral and do not have a gender defined until puberty.

The key to creating a female led society starts with women especially mothers, if boys are raised to embrace femininity and not humiliated they will accept wearing dresses and playing with dolls. IMHO mothers will recognize the value in raising girls to be strong, encourage them to play sports and focus on school. Boys on the other hand will become the focal point of mothers need to dress up their children, they will recognize the negatives with encouraging boys to be strong and play sports; instead they will push their sons into ballet and beauty pageants. At first, this maybe more of a baby, toddler phase where boys start to dress more like girls (pants, t-shirts) as they get older and kept in dresses when they are younger. Another key will be teenage girls, once they see the value of feminine guys they will push their boyfriends to dress up pretty, as adults I see males more navigating to feminine things as they have more free time and become stay at home dads/husbands.

Some say this is all a crazy idea and things will never change, I believe this people are fools, look around and see how much society has changed over the last 40 years. We now live in a time where girls are not just joining sports team but becoming the stars; while on the flip side schools are not holding annual boy beauty pageants where boys are put into fancy gowns and have their hair and makeup done. If you told someone in 1986 this would happen they thing you were crazy and that society had lost it minds. By 2046 women will have establish ourselves into the heart of society and may well be in charge, we will see in about 30 years.

Soft petticoating can be very effective when done right and the mother/wife has clear end goals in mind. One popular approach is to convince their male to dress up for Halloween or enter in a womanless pageant. Women can be very convincing and make suggestions that they need to practice before Halloween or the pageant. Get the male used to wearing feminine clothing, praise and reward them when they do. Most males only need a taste of their femininity to hook them and soft petticoating is good way to introduce them.

Quick, little post about two amazing mothers. Thanks to both mothers for giving permission for their story to be shared. Do not read if you are not comfortable about mothers using petticoating to turn their brats into good little princesses.

I have been talking to Jillian for more than a year. After a very bitter divorce, she quickly realized her son Anthony was growing into a nasty male like her ex-husband. She joined a few parenting forums on FB and got to know a few single mothers like herself with sons. Over time she was invited to one of the secret gender creative parenting groups.

She was quite taken back and even consider leaving the first day, the group center around raising feminine boys and the mother were very bold with their goals to eliminate their son’s toxic masculinity. Jillian was very uncomfortable at first by how openly these mothers were discussing petticoating (Typically they use the term gender creative/fluid instead of petticoating). She told me, I have no idea why I stayed in the group it was not for me, no way Anthony would willing wear a dress and play with dolls. He was just too much of a boy for any of that and the idea of forcing him seem wrong.

Yet, she was curious and before long started to warm up to the idea. She started more actively talking in the forum about her concerns even calling a few more embolden mothers out. This did not go over well at first and again she considers leaving the group. One of the mothers (Linda – Son Jaden) was vocal about messaged her and they begin debating the subject. Some of these early on discussions were heated, over time both women become good friends and today are best friends.

Jillian was still convinced Linda was beyond nuts and was shocked when she received a package that contained several girly dresses. It took a few more months before Jillian worked up the nerve before putting her son into his first dress. It was an amazing experience but Anthony was not happy and complained. Linda reassured Jillian this was normal, Linda son Jaden was resisted at first and still overwhelmed wearing frilly dresses. Jillian with Linda support stuck to her guns and before long Anthony was wearing dresses fulltime accept when going to school, during this time she also grown Anthony hair out and started giving him home perms. Over the summer both Jillian and Linda got a chance to meet in person and took their “boys” out for lots of girly fun including their first professional perms and makeover. Both mothers are now best friends now and begun discussing the next steps for their princesses even considering moving in together and socially transitioning them.

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