How the Future is Shaping Up!!!!

The number of Girls and Women now playing Tackle Football is at a record high! In the meantime, boys are Not signing up for playing Tackle Football in the numbers that signed up in previous years! Girls are continuing to Achieve, while boys are becoming more Complacent, which will Lead to a more Female Controlled Future!

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '" Monthly Online Dance Class WHAT DAY WOULD YOU TAKE PART? TCAN MY MYBOY BOY CAN'
More boys are signing up for Dance Class though!!!!!
May be an image of 3 people, people playing football and people standing
More and more Girls are Signing up for Tackle Football!
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More boys are Insisting on wearing skirts these days!
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Female Coach with her Female Team!
May be an image of 3 people, people playing musical instruments and people standing
Boys are enjoying wearing Cute leotards and dainty skirts!
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Girls being Coached by Women, because Women are Taking Control of Sports and Asserting themselves!

There is a Nice Contrast to the Above photo, and this one below. Women are Taking Control, entering the once “male Only” areas of Society, meanwhile, as the Women are increasingly becoming the Breadwinners and “Head of Household”, males are becoming “wives”, and in their new duties, they are caring for the children and looking Pretty for the Female Breadwinners!

Meanwhile, a Glimpse of the future male, at home, taking care of the Children while Women are the Breadwinners!
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football and food
Coach Leads Her Team onto the Field!
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More and more boys are signing up for ballet!
May be an image of text that says 'SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD SO SHE DID. MINNESOTA PRIDE * ROMEN'S TACKLE FOSTBALL PRIDE 72 PRIDE 7 OF WOMEN'S RIDE TACKLE FOOTBALI RECRUITING FOR 2021 SEASON! PRACTICES SUN & THURS 7PM IN CRYSTAL AND ROSEMOUNT 6 GAMES 3home/3 away April-June 2021 Travel other states the midwest CHECK OUT A PRACTICE THIS WEEK! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. We teach you all you need know, Contact or 12-867-3977 for more information. 2021'
Looking for More Girls to Sign up!
Boys are learning their New Role in the New Age Lifestyle! No More macho boys!!!!
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Quarterbacking Her Team!
Little Nicholas Loves wearing Pretty skirts and makeup!
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Dressing as a “Jock” would!
May be an image of 2 people
More boys are asking to get their nails painted!
May be an image of one or more people, people standing and people playing sports
A Tiring Practice!
Boys are Loving wearing their Pretty skirts and makeup and of course silky pantyhose!!
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football, people standing and grass
Boys are Enjoying wearing Pretty Skirts and blouses, with their silky tights and little heels!
May be an image of 3 people, people standing and text that says 'ELITE 2'
Women are Encouraging Young Girls to Compete!
As Young Girls are playing football, young boys need to be wearing dresses and being Pretty and Feminine for the Strong Girls!
May be an image of child, football, ball and grass
Girls are experiencing Contact Sports and Enjoying it!
Boys now are realizing that their Role is now to look Pretty for the Successful and Stronger Girls!
May be an image of child, standing and outerwear
Ready for Practice!

No photo description available.
The Times are Changing, and Mothers are supporting the Change!

Could this Advertisement really be Coming True very soon?

Making sure that boys look Pretty and Sweet for those Special Occasions!

As Women Take Control, boys will be in dresses and skirts, and Very Well Behaved!!
No more Football for boys……but Ballet is now Required!

Here is an article from the latest edition of PDQ. The Future is surely Shaping Up to be Female Controlled!!!


My boyfriend Jake came over one day to help me with my yard work. I must say it was a sunny day and I was getting over a broken marriage and Jake had come into my life by accident. I do mean accident, you see he had hit my car in the shopping mall parking lot. He left a note on my car that he would have it fixed for me. I called his phone and he did come right over. He did have my car fixed and again came to see how the shop had done on my car. As he looked at it he stooped and I saw some pink silk showing under his back waist band. I did not say anything at first but did notice that he had big muscles and I asked if he worked out to get so strong. He said he worked out three days a week. I then asked how he got the pretty pink panties. He grabbed the back of his shirt to pull it down. I smiled and said don’t worry it is Okay.

The next few days went by slow and I thought a lot about Jake and his undies. Jake called me some time later and asked if he could come over and talk, of course I said yes. During the time after I first noticed his panties I had gone on line and found your website. When Jake came over I flirted with the ideal of petticoating him. He sat on my couch and told me that he had a hard time since the last time we had been together with what I saw and wanted to explain. I told him it would be alright for him to tell me. I also told him I had a open mind about things. He went on to tell me that his wife had passed away two years ago and since she had used petticoating to keep him in line he had went on to discipline himself when he had done something he knew was wrong. He also said he was sorry for hitting my car and that was the reason he had worn the panties for seven days.

Our relationship grew rather swiftly from there. I told him that Harry had passed also and that I had no real friends in the area and I would like to be his friend. We were married seven months later and he wore a pink chiffon dress with some very pretty pink panties. I wore the black dress and he knelt at the alter and promised to be my servant and sissy forever. The justice of the peace said you are now husband and wife I took Sara’s hand and told him/her to rise and follow me. I walked to the car and she opened my door and walked back to the passengers door and got in we drove into our wonderful life.

Jake is all man when I want him to be and all woman when I want him to be. He wears panties 24/7. I introduced Jake to my mother who I had already told about our life as sissy and wife. He was dressed in a pair of tight jeans (women’s of course) and a tee top that had a small bow on the front. Mother loved it when he curtseyed and kissed her hand. She told him to come in as we walked in I found my two sisters waiting to meet my sweet sissy. They both fell in love with him right off.

Jenny told us that she was thinking of making her husband Brad her sissy slave and after seeing Jake she was going to do it. Mother took Sara which is the only name she calls him now, to the kitchen to help with lunch. Alice asked me all about how I had found Jake/Sara I told her and she said she wanted a sissy of her own. Alice, two years later, married Sandy. Sue had Brad dressed as a fairy princess in a few months after he met Jake and I at a family reunion. We all live close to each other now and share our sissies on a few occasions.


And another article from PDQ. Female Control and male Feminization is Growing. In the New Age Lifestyle, Women and Girls are making the Decisions, while men and boys are being emasculated and made to be the Best they can be, feminine “helpers” to the Stronger sex!

A TEENAGE SISSYfrom Danielle

Dear Auntie Helga,

My name is Danielle, and I am a 17 year old “girl” living in Northern New Jersey. The reason why I quote “girl” is because I’m really genetically still a boy. I have the appearance of a normal teenage girl because my mother had put me on hormones for a couple of years in my late childhood. Why? It’s because it was part of her punishment for me, which is to live my life as a girl. My mother wants me to write this letter to you. Here is how it all started.

It happened around 3 years ago when I was 12 years old. My mother was a single parent (she divorced my father when I was 2 years old) and raised me and my two older sisters, Jessie and Stephanie. My mother wasn’t very happy with me for several reasons. First of all, my grades were steadily decreasing from Bs to Ds. Second, she didn’t approve of my friends, and said they were too immature for their age. Third, and most important of all, she disapproved of me harassing my older sisters (who were 15 and 16 years old at the time) and all the innocent, kind girls in my classroom.

On a Friday, my mother was called to the school. Apparently, I was called to the office for throwing my lunch at two of the most popular girls in my grade, Kelly and Lindsey. They began crying and I was sent to the principal’s office. My mom was furious at me. My principal (who was female) wanted to talk with my mother in private outside. They had been talking for about 20 minutes, and then they finally came back in. I asked what my punishment was. Strangely enough, my principal said she wouldn’t be giving me my punishment. I was surprised; she even gave me an early dismissal from school. Mom shook hands with my principal then dragged me to the car. I found out later that apparently my principal mentioned your site and petticoat punishment to my mom.

I was nervous. No punishment, early dismissal, something didn’t seem right at all. When we got home, mom dragged me by the ear on the way to the door. When we got inside the house, mother told me to follow her upstairs. She brought me to her bedroom and laid me down on her bed. She then pulled my pants down and started spanking me. The pain was awful. My bottom was red and burning by the time she was done. I soon fell asleep shortly as mom went downstairs to make early dinner. Soon after, my sisters come home. Mom wanted to talk with them in private. I had a strange feeling about it. After she was done talking, mom served dinner. My eyes were a little teary from the spanking. Jessie and Stephanie noticed and started calling me “sissy” and “little girl”. I was going to hit them, but then my mom pushed me on the sofa and spanked me again, twice as hard this time. Jessie and Stephanie laughed.

At the dinner table, I expected a big dinner, but instead, my mother served us all salads instead. I wanted to ask her for steak, but I didn’t feel like talking. After that, I was told to get ready for bed immediately. I did so, quickly falling asleep in my bed. The next morning, I was wakened up by Stephanie and told to get dressed. She handed me a pair of pink panties, an old training bra, a mini skirt and a yellow blouse. She said if I refused to wear it, she would be allowed to spank me. I followed her orders. Everything was so tight. I felt every bit of my manhood break while wearing the girl clothes. She then handed me a blonde wig to wear. It was so troublesome to have long hair.

As I went downstairs, my mom commented on how pretty I looked and held up a mirror in her hands. I was embarrassed. I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth. Then mom was going to take me shopping. As we walked out the door, Trey, my 27 year old cousin came to our house and said he was going to do some renovating, a request by my mom. He then went inside. Mom and Jessie then took me to the mall to get girls clothes. I bought panties and training bras, tight girl jeans, shirts and shoes. After we came home, I ran to my room to hide, but as soon as I walked in, it was entirely pink. I had new furniture, a new bed, and now a new wardrobe. Everything from that point changed.

A month later, my mom ordered a package. It came in the mail and told me to open it. I did so, only to find female hormones. I was dumbfounded. She gave me a terrifying glance. She said I would be taking these for a year. I was scared. The pills had a strange effect on me. I didn’t feel very masculine at all. I felt weak. My masculinity was slowly beginning to crumble. The next thing I knew, I was becoming friendlier with Kelly and Lindsey at school, and ended up becoming best friends. My mom also had laser hair removal for my leg hairs, facial hair, arms, and pits. Everything seemed to be going great. My grades at school were increasing, my popularity increased, and best of all, I felt happier. It was also a good thing no one thought of me as a boy dressed as a girl, and my old friends didn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve also grown used to girls clothes, like wearing a bra, panties (including thongs), leggings (which are pretty tight) and girls shoes and dresses. I was still trying to get used to using the ladies restroom though, but I eventually got used to sitting down on the toilet instead.

Two years had gone by. I was now 14 years old and very feminine. My blonde hair had grown long, my body had become an hour glass figure, my hips, thighs and butt became bigger, rounder and smoother. My voice became higher pitch. My face was now more feminine. My skin was smooth and silky. I also grew C cup breasts. I still had my penis though. My behaviors and thoughts became more feminine, I have a manicure and wear light make up. Stephanie was in college now, and Jessie was a senior. I had been transferred to a new school, enrolled as a girl. I made a bunch of new friends. I soon found myself sinking in with the popular crowd. As I walk down the hallway, I can see boys from the corner of my eye looking at my butt as I walk by. In class too, I can see boys staring at some things they really shouldn’t be looking at. Now I realize that boys can be perverted, and see us girls as play things. I found this very offensive. By this time, I’ve experienced how hard it can be to be a girl sometimes, I just wish other boys can experience this and know what it feels like.

I’m now in high school. I’m in the cheerleading squad now. I shop at stores like Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. My outfits are usually a tank top, black leggings and UGG boots, a style very popular in northern US. Honestly, I feel happier as a girl. I feel more confident and stronger than as a boy. I’ve had 3 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends so far. I’m seen at school as a bisexual, none the less, I’m still very popular. It feels incredible to be a girl! I thank my mother, Jessie and Stephanie for feminizing me! And thank you Auntie Helga so much! If it weren’t for you and your site, I wouldn’t be what I am today, a young, beautiful teenage girl!


Thank you for your letter Danielle. You are very welcome dear, you seem to have adjusted very well to your petticoating. I don’t necessarily advocate hormones but each parent has to make this decision for themselves.

Auntie Helga

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The Radical Feminist Interviews sissy Brenda!

It is such a Pleasure for me to do this Posting! This is the First, in what I hope will develop into more Postings from people that are members of our Forum! This is an Interview that Chris, The Radical Feminist did with Brenda. Brenda has been struggling with his Femininity for quite sometime, and due to the Encouragement from Chris, he is now Accepting himself for who he is, a Feminine male that enjoys his femininity!


Brenda, when did you realize you were a Sissy?

It was a recent realization. I have been crossdressing for twenty years. At first I thought this meant I was homosexual. I did sleep with a few men at this point in my life, but never fell in love with any of them, and eventually lost interest. My interest was really in femininity and especially women’s clothes. During my twenties I often went on shopping trips for new girly clothes with female friends, and so my collection of feminine garments started to grow. During my thirties I really developed my crossdressing side and for a period, apart from when I was at work and had to wear a boring uniform of trousers and black shirt, I was always in a dress or skirt and blouse. I had intended to phase out my “masculine” clothes altogether, but haven’t been able to find a job where I could be able to dress in a dress. Therefore when winter kicked in, and its a little bit more effort to dress femininely in public, then being stuck in the same job meant that depression kicked in. When one is depressed you are not your true self, and one does not take care of yourself properly. 

This depression was also caused by a friendship with a close female friend ending. She had always enjoyed and encouraged my crossdressing. I fell in love with her, and loved being able to dress femininely in her company. I wanted to take it further, I shared a couple of letters from the site to see if she would be interested, and even started sending her photos of me curtsying for her, but she only wanted me as a friend. Also, the political tensions of 2016 caused a rift in our our friendship. By 2018 the rift was too big to heal. So my crossdressing side disappeared for a while, being depressed and not having a woman to get dressed up for. Only through my recent conversation with you, Chris, did I realize that being able to dress for a woman is an essential part of what it means to be a modern 21st Century Man, or Sissy as its otherwise known.

I think I’ve known subconsciously for a long time that I’m a Sissy, but never truly acknowledged it. It is a very hard thing for a man to truly admit to himself. Its not what we’re taught that men should be. Even when you’re a long time crossdresser like me, with numerous pink dresses and tops, its still a difficult psychological hurdle to overcome.

My crossdressing side re-emerged at the beginning of this Corona Virus lockdown. I was messaging with a female friend and she mentioned ribbons. This triggered something in me. As she knows about my crossdressing side, I do not keep it secret, especially from friends, then I soon started getting dressed up and taking selfies, giving her a little fashion show of an evening. So I started posting on the forum again, after not being active there since falling into depression. When I started conversing with you, Chris, you asked if I was Transgender, or a Sissy. I don’t think anyone’s asked me that directly before. I’ve never wanted to transition, and am not about copying modern women – if I did that then I’d be wearing leggings or trousers all the time! So as I prefer to wear pink dresses, heels, tights, panties, bras, slips, and love to be able to do so in honor of a woman, then well what else could I do but answer: I AM A SISSY. And it makes me very happy to admit this to myself and also share the joy of my realization with the World.

Brenda in his kitchen!

Tell me more about your childhood. Were you a secret sissy who would steal mummy’s panties or were you a nasty boy trying to hide that deep down you were a sissy?

My elder brother was the errant trouble maker, so I was always the angel child in comparison. A boy version of Lisa Simpson really, always getting good grades and doing my homework diligently. My Mum is not a particularly feminine dresser and was never into girly stuff, so I was never tempted by her clothes. Whilst visiting one of my auntie’s and uncle’s house one summer, I was sleeping in my cousin’s bedroom. She was sleeping in her sister’s room whilst I was there. One night, whilst everyone else was asleep I tried on a couple of her skirts that were laying on the floor of her room. I was simply curious about what it would feel like to wear them, having never done so before. I found them to be comfortable to wear and whilst looking in the mirror thought to myself “I look good in these! I’d like to wear skirts more!” This totally shocked me. I went into denial. For the rest of the week I was staying there I forbid myself to try them on again.

But the idea had been placed in my head and refused to go away. I used to do drawings of men in skirts and dresses, but would always destroy them after completion for fear of them being seen by anyone. A couple of years later I had a summer romance with a girl visiting from overseas. I briefly talked about why can’t boy’s wear skirts, and quickly put on one of her skirts. She looked at me weird. I slipped them off immediately. 

“Skirts are for girls,” she said.

“Why?” I responded.

“Because they just are.”

I’ve never been a person that accepts arbitrary rules that have no logical reason. My Mum always hated gender stereotyping with a passion and would tell me or my brother off quite harshly if we ever said something like “but that’s for girls!” if she wanted us to try out sewing or cooking, for example. Once she sent me to school in a pink t-shirt, saying if anyone mocks me then just say “boys can wear pink too!”

Mum has always said that she thought she should have been a man, and once she said that if I had similar type feelings then that is okay to have. I don’t think she realized I would ever take her words quite so literally by becoming a crossdresser, but she has come to accept this side of my self, after the initial shock of seeing a photo of me crossdressed on Facebook, quite a few years after I had left my home in a provincial city and moved to the capital.

Brenda relaxing outside his home

Sounds like you had the typical sissy “childhood moment” of trying on your cousin’s skirts. What types of fantasy do you have about crossdressing and being a sissy? Have you ever fantasized about trying on your cousin’s skirts again and this time getting caught by her?

I’ve never felt that I should be ashamed about my crossdressing. It is still a difficult thing to do publicly though, because it is breaking the taboos about what a man should be and wear. Therefore when I started wearing skirts fairly regularly in my 20s I tried to be as open and honest about it as possible. By posting photos of me crossdressed on Facebook and other sites, I got rid of the fear of “being caught” or “being found out.” So I’ve not had fantasies about getting caught by my family, because they’ve all known ages.

I’ve found that when I’m not crossdressing, I fantasize about it all the time. When I do crossdress, then I don’t need to fantasize about it, because I’m living it. Although I do still think about how wonderful it would be to find a woman that enjoyed and preferred me being dressed in dresses and heels, instead of being put off by it, and make me her wife. Like all sissies, I presume, I would love to be able to be a bride one day, all dressed up in a gorgeous gown whilst marrying a powerful woman wearing a tuxedo. Then being her wife and curtsying in a pretty dress for her everyday when she got home from work, bringing a big smile to her face.

But women are currently not sexually attracted to sissies. My attempts to date women always failed. I did not conceal my crossdressing when using dating apps. I did not want to be a liar and conceal a large part of my personality. So I never got anywhere and stopped wasting my time. My fantasies about being a wife will remain mere wishful imaginings. This is why I would like to see a gender role reversed world. It would suit me just fine. I believe I would be an excellent wife for a woman.

You mentioned being a wife to a powerful woman. What would your ideal female husband be, and what would your daily life be as a male wife to a powerful woman?

My ideal female husband would be athletic, lively, humorous, preferable tall because I am also tall, well read and very intelligent, wants to be a mum but is okay with not being the primary caregiver, and with a good career with a high salary that could support a family. I would not care what job sector she worked in, as long as she was passionate about it and loved doing it. She would be attracted to me wearing feminine attire and ask me never to wear trousers again on our marriage day. My feminine attire would then be a symbol of my love and respect for her.

As a male wife I would imagine my daily routine to be something like this:

Wake up before my female husband, have a quick shower and then make her tea or coffee before waking the two children, one girl aged 7 and a boy aged 5. Get dressed up and make breakfast whilst she showers. Have breakfast with her and the two children. Tell her she’s my hero, and that she’s a powerful women as she leaves for work, so she feels especially confident when she gets to work. I’d drop the kids off at school and then do a little grocery shopping if necessary. I’d head home and clean the house as necessary and then prepare tonight’s dinner for my female husband and the kids. Assuming all my household duties were complete, in the afternoon I’d practice the piano, or perhaps meet up with some other male wives, before heading to pick up the children from school. Back at home I’d play with the children before finishing off dinner, so its ready when my darling female husband got back from work. I’d change outfits, so she sees me in a different outfit from the morning, put on some perfume and curtsy for her when she comes through the front door. We’d have dinner. She’d tell me about her day, getting whatever stress she had off her chest. The children would tell us about their day in school. I’d put the children to sleep whilst my female husband relaxed. Afterwards, maybe I’d give her a massage or foot rub if she needed it, and then snuggle on the sofa watching a good movie. I’d keep reminding her she’s my hero, and she’s so powerful and confident. She’d keep reminding me I’m a great sissy wife.

Brenda doing his chores!

Wonderful, you are a perfect model for the future of men. You mentioned children, I’m curious as to what parenting practices would your female husband and you use? Would she be the one to decide and discipline the children, or do you see your input being considered?

We would be a team, but of course she would be the “team leader,” so the final decision would be hers. But a wise & intelligent leader does seek the opinions of her team before reaching her final decision.

I’ve noticed that these days it is rare for the father to be the enforcer of discipline. Long gone are the days when children would fear the belt of their father when he came home from work if they were badly behaved. So I would envision the same matriarchal enforcement if I were a happily married male wife with children.

Brenda is Comfortable in his Femininity!

Quick follow on, you mentioned a daughter and son, would they be raised to be gender neutral or even have a strict gender-reversed rules for clothing, toys, and hobbies?

If such a beautiful situation did come to pass in my real life, then I would imagine that it would be natural for my son to copy what daddy does, and want to wear dresses as well; and for my daughter to copy how her mother dressed. That would be cool!

However, I wouldn’t want to force my son to feel like he has to be sissy and become a wife just because his father is. I believe I would be very happy living as a male wife, and so he’d see that happiness and so follow in my footsteps and find a powerful female husband to love and support later in his life. 

I would encourage and support my daughter to be just as powerful and confident as her mother. I would not want to deny her the experiences of femininity, as that is a positive aspect in everyone’s lives, so I don’t think I would want to raise a daughter strictly role reversed.

I would want both my children to experience the richness of life in all its diversity, inhibited by presumptions about what they should or should not do because of the arbitrary unwritten rules of a society.

Having said all this, these would be my opinions, and my female husband would get to have the final word, and then I’d curtsy.

Lovely, you really are going to be a great role model for sissy male wives. Outside of taking care of your home and the kids, do you see yourself adopting any sissy wife hobbies?

Thanks for saying that! Cooking, raising children and taking care of the home would probably keep me busy enough. I already have quite a few hobbies: music, art, poetry. I would describe these as gender neutral hobbies, as they are neither masculine or feminine. I would not want to stop practicing these, as I’m a very creative person. However, who knows what changes would happen to my life if I did find a woman who was willing to make me her male wife. Its not impossible that I might want to start learning how to make dresses of my own, and for my children.

Brenda is Comfortable in his Femininity!

Do you see yourself joining a group for male wives, and what do you see as the biggest challenge for a man who is becoming a male sissy wife?

Hypothetically, if I became a male wife then it would be logical to join a group of other like minded souls. 

The biggest challenge is finding a woman that would actually want to have a male wife. Women are not interested, even though their lives would be much improved by having a sissy partner. From my own conversations with female friends about crossdressing and so forth, they are always keen on encouraging a boy or man’s femininity if he starts to express it, finding it only natural that he would want to dress that way; understanding that it is more fun to wear a dress and offers a lot more creativity than boring boy clothes. However, although they do this, and respect me for being brave enough to wear a dress and express my femininity, they are not interested in dating: me or anyone else that crossdresses. Even though they all wear trousers most of the time and would get very angry if a man said they would only date women who exclusively wore skirts & dresses. The female friends I have who have sons, would certainly not want them to become sissies like me. I find this frustrating and very odd, given they are feminists and believe in equality and diversity.

I hope this changes over the next decade. If women want more power & status then they’ll need a loving partner to support them, in the same way that men that wanted power & status back in our grandparents day needed to have a wife to take care of the home and children. I believe that women have always have had a great deal of power at their disposal, but have not been accustomed to utilising it. This is of course changing rapidly as we see more & more women taking powerful roles in Western societies. We’re going in the right direction, but for things to really be improved and for us to see a radical reversal of gender roles, then women should change what they want and expect from a man. Once enough women demand that they will only date men that are willing to become their sissy male wives, then I believe most men would fall in line rather quickly, given that so many men will do almost anything for sex. 

So if you’re a woman reading this interview, please do consider dating a male sissy, as your life will be much improved. I can’t vouch for other sissies, but I myself love to make a woman feel more powerful and confident, listen to her needs and give her tips or advice for dealing with bratty men or bitchy women that she’ll confront in her career, and just generally make her feel like she’s the centre of attention and has my devotion. The few times where I have been able to wear a pretty dress for female friends, cook them a dinner and then have a lovely evening together listening to her, frequently reminding her she’s powerful & confident, have always been beautiful occasions. It always brings a big smile to a female friend’s face when I curtsy for them, and makes me feel really special, so it would be even more amazing to be able to do this for a woman I was in a relationship with.

Great answer, other than being a sissy wife would you ever consider becoming a sissy maid or sissy secretary?


Its great to be a sissy for my female friends every now and then. I do this with their permission, but because I asked, so ultimately it is my choice.

Many white men’s masturbatory fantasies about maids, petticoating, and especially baby fetishes which I find repulsive, taken to their logical conclusion are about being a slave. Slavery is a real life perversion, being that it removes a person’s fundamental liberties and is therefore anti-human. Slavery should not be fetishised, even if someone has masochistic tendencies. People with African roots never have such warped fetishes, I’ve noticed, and for obvious reasons. This is the long term pyschological damage that having been colonisers and slave owners has done to the collective white male pysche over the generations. Therefore as we redefine gender roles in the 21st Century, we should not seek to replicate a maleficent system. 

When I helped organise a weekly nightclub many years ago, a wise drag queen told me that the problem with being The Dominant one in a sub/dom sadomasochistic relationship is that The Dom has to always be giving commands and taking responsibility for their submissive, who is constantly in need of attention, like a baby. It soon becomes an annoying chore to always have to be telling someone what to do all the time.

Redefining gender roles so that it becomes mainstream for men to embrace femininity and their sweet and cute side is prevented from progressing by sub/dom sadomasochistic mentalities. We do not want to create a world where men are forced into femininity without a choice. If that were to happen, then essentially women would become slave owners. The long term affect of that would mean pyschological damage to women of future generations. We don’t want that. More importantly, there would be a backlash against it so harsh and many times more potent and competent than the backlash that Trump represents, that we could well see the progress of feminism reversed.

I would like to help create a world where men are free to choose to become sissies, but not where that has the connotation of humiliation or somehow being subhuman, a slave.

It is perfectly natural for a man to have a strong feminine side that makes him want to look pretty, but also be able to do so in honor of a woman. And that really has nothing to do with the fantasies that men have about being maids or secretaries.

What advice would you give a male who may think he is a sissy or curious about being one?

To be a sissy is nothing to be ashamed about. Many sissies will question why they have this desire. The truth is there is no adequate answer to something like that. If you want to do something, then that is reason enough. And if you’re curious about something so simple as wanting to try on a pretty dress, then there is nothing to stop you except your own mindset.

To be a sissy is not humiliating. To be able to accept that you want to please women and make them happy by being as feminine as possible for them is truly a great thing to do. So why should anyone feel as if that is humiliating? It is a perfect natural human tendency, and just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you don’t have that option in your life.

If you’re a man that wants to be a sissy, then the first step is getting used to wearing a skirt. Just do this at home at first. Get used to how to wear it. It’s easy to order “women’s clothes” off the internet these days, so you won’t have the awkwardness of buying a skirt in a clothes shop.

After you’ve got one skirt, you’ll want more. Trust me! And that’s great. There’s nothing like the creativity and fun that comes with picking out feminine garments to wear. There’s nothing like the excitement of waiting for a new dress to arrive in the post!

If you’re a man that’s curious about being a sissy, then you are already on the first steps to becoming one. All men are sissies at heart, really. So if you’re curious then you’re in the process of becoming a much more enlightened and energised human being.

Do you want to be the kind of man that always brings a smile to your beloved woman’s face? Do you want to make her life just that little bit more pleasurable and relaxing through your feminine presence and total lack of male ego? Then you’re a sissy, just like me. You too can be just as happy as I am when I say out loud: “I am a Sissy!” Give it go, trust me, you’ll love it too!

Brenda realizes the Importance of Curtseying to Women, and I am sure that Chris Appreciated that!

Another great answer! You mentioned getting used to wearing skirts as an important part of becoming a sissy. What are your favourite types of outfits?

My most favourite type of outfit is a pink dress, 10 denier tights and high heels. 

Pink is symbolically important to a sissy like me, for obvious reasons. Luckily pink also really suits my complexion, so that’s handy! Dresses come in many different styles and types, that’s part of the reason I love feminine clothing, it is so varied and diverse. So one can have many dresses all in the same shade of colour, but they will all have their unique qualities. I recently acquired a pink and white polka dot 50s style swing dress; it’s really quite lush to wear. Polka dots are also a favourite.

Tights help keep one warm when wearing a dress, but I prefer them to be tan so the casual onlooker doesn’t realise you are wearing tights at first. Tights also really help a feminine posture, so that’s a bonus as well!

High heels make anyone’s legs look more feminine. I have long legs so I like to show them off. So I generally wear short skirts and dresses because of that. It is always a fabulous complement when a woman is a little bit envious of my legs. And high heels just really complete an outfit. A female singer I once worked with told me that she always felt more important when she was wearing high heels. I agree!

I also prefer dancing in high heels. Some women reading this may not believe me when I say that, but I find that high heels keep you on your toes, and having played basketball a lot in my teenage years, its kind of similar to when the coaches said “always stand on the balls of your feet, so you’re ready for action.” 

Unfortunately I’m not a 24/7 crossdressing sissy. There’s a stark contrast between my feminine and boring boy clothes. My few boy clothes I treat like crap. My dresses and skirts and blouses and heels, I respect these clothes, keep them neat and tidy, ensuring they will last.

If people reading this are interested in seeing what I look like, they should check my pinterest lookbook:

Lovely answer. Before we wrap up, is there anything else you want the readers to know about you or what it is like to be a sissy?

The true realisation that I was a sissy came with a moment of clarity about what being a sissy actually means. One cannot have a realisation that you are something without knowing fully what the root of its philosophy is.

The root of being is sissy a not the feminine clothes, the frilly lace or pink dresses, but actually making women happy. Getting to curtsy for them whilst wearing a pretty dress with their permission, is just a beautiful bonus.

Realising I was a sissy, and that my purpose was making women happy, I started putting this into practice as much as I can. Therefore I have learnt three easy steps that men can apply to their lives that will make the women in their lives happier. Men don’t have to follow these steps whilst wearing a pink dress, but their happiness will be greatly increased if they do so.

1. Listen. Actually listen. When she starts talking just listen. Engage with what she is saying, but not verbally unless necessary. Keep eye contact, show that you are listening. If she stops, respond assuredly and ask her to continue. You know she has more to say and needs to say it.

2. Tell her she is powerful and confident. Keep reminding her she is powerful and confident. She’s a woman so she is naturally powerful and confident, but life is more complex for women than men, so it isn’t always obvious to women that they are powerful and confident. So just keep reminding her she’s confident and powerful in the same way I’m repeating the phrase powerful and confident in these sentences. Make these words your mantra for her.

3. Clean everything in the house without her expecting you to. Women have very low expectations for men and their ability to keep a house hygienic to their satisfaction. If you prove them wrong, by making her house as hygienic as you possibly can, then she will be dazzled beyond compare. Especially if you do this without her demanding that you do so.  

This is the Message that Brenda sent me after sending me the Interview File:

I have emailed the interview and a selection of photos fir Patti to choose from.

I’m ever so happy to have the interview go up on the blog!

My plan is that by spring I will be wearing women’s clothes all the time.

I more or less already am… the final hurdle of ditching all my trousers and only wearinf tights and dresses, at home and in public, is now inevitable!

I’m very happy to have made this plan and look forward my positive feminine sissy energy with you both as I continue this joyful journey.

Much love,


The World is changing. Brenda and Chris have really documented how the perceptions need to change. It does no one any harm, if men and boys want to be feminine and pretty! It does no one any harm if Women and Girls want to dress “masculine” and do “masculine” activities! We are all human beings!

The Changes are happening before our very eyes!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception last April. We are now up to 103 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

I Thought Women were Too Delicate to Play Football!!!

As time goes on, More and more Lies from the male Establishment are proven Wrong! This Post will be dedicated to Women and Girls playing Football, as the Women’s Professional Football League begins it season!

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, football and outdoor
Contact Football by Strong Women!
Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, shoes, football and outdoor
Very Aggressive Play by Women!
Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, football and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports and football, text that says 'UNLEASH THE REBEL IN You RIK NOCA EBEL SPORTS WFA WOMEN'S FOOTBALL'
Females are Becoming Strong Rebels!!!!
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor, text that says 'Cinetonar WFA A WOMEN'S FOOTBALL Secret 11 HEILI STRONG ENOUGH FOR A MAN BUT MADE FOR A WOMAN'

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports and outdoor, text that says 'Women's Football Alliance sticking with the best... KT TAPE SIZZLE TRAIN LONGER FINISH STRONGER'

Image may contain: one or more people and people playing sports, text that says 'BORN TO PLAY 8 18 BOSTON WONEN'S FOUTORIL ENEGADES TIME TO FINISH'
Image may contain: one or more people and football

Image may contain: outdoor and nature
Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, football and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, football and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, football and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, football and outdoor

The New Style for Strong Women and Girls!

Tough Girl!
Strong as a Rebel!
Confident Woman!
Handsome Woman!
On Her way to pick up her Pretty boy???
Masculine Women are so Awesome!

Another Handsome Woman!
Is She cruising around looking for Pretty men?

As Women are Competing and being more Assertive, men and boys are learning their New Role in the New Age Lifestyle!

The Way things should be!
A Strong Woman needs a Pretty man!

We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.

Gloria Steinem, b. 1934, feminist pioneer, human rights activist, journalist and author  

The Future is Female!

The Properly Dressed male!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
The Proper attire for when a male exercises! He most Look Attractive for any Female Onlookers!
Looking so Cute in a Pretty dress and open toed shoes!
men look Great when wearing a sweater dress!
Always nice for a man to show off his pretty legs!
Young men wearing mini dresses are so Cute!
So nice to see your man in a short dress and shiny pantyhose!
A Cute man in a flowery skirt and sexy stockings and heels!
Colin Cremin

Colin Cremin – Professor Univerity of Auckland

Colin aka Ciara

On July 27th, 2015, Colin Cremin overcame a lifetime of fear and repression and came to work dressed as a woman called Ciara. Wearing full makeup, a blouse, a black skirt, and pantyhose, Cremin walked down the steps of a lecture theater in front of a hundred seated students and, without comment, gave her lecture as usual. In her book ‘Man-Made Woman: The Dialectics of Cross-Dressing’, Cremin charts her personal journey as a male-to-female cross-dresser in the ever-changing world of gender politics.

Another Lovely man!

The Below photo Proves that the Concept of this Blog is viable! I would point out, that Nick and Bianca currently have their original bodies, yet they have Role Reversed, and are raising a Happy Family. It would be my Desire that they stay as a feminine man and a masculine Woman! This is what The New Age Lifestyle would look like, and YES, it is indeed possible!

Women Feminizing men – The New Age Lifestyle!

A Testimony from a man that has been Feminized, from Lady Alexa’s Blog!

Jennifer says

26th May 2019 at 6:13 pm

I have never cared for the term forced feminization, a man can’t be forced to be feminine but from my own experiences he can be seductively encouraged to cross dress just as you have successfully persuaded Alice to fully dress as a woman. Obviously there is a lot of eroticism in this lifestyle but for a man to be feminine he has to accept he has a feminine side and work towards bringing out the woman in him. How we dress has a lot to do with this, while it is fun to dress like a tart or wear sissy things like maid’s dresses it doesn’t bring out the woman in us the way wearing attractive skirts and blouses or pretty dresses does. When you take the eroticism out of the cross dressing it becomes emotional and even spiritual and this is where we realize it is more than just the clothes and having a woman to guide us and treat us as an equal is where our feminization really takes hold.

I firmly believe my feminine side has made me a better person, it has given me cause to be much more aware and concerned about women’s issues such as the me too movement, abuse, inequality in the work place and that women are taken for granted by powerful men. I can’t thank my wife enough for bringing me into her world as much as she has and if every woman did this the world would be a better place. I love your blog Lady Alexa, you are emphasizing the importance of men to be softer and more sensitive and nothing does it more than being a girl with a girl.

A Women’s Perspective on Feminizing her husband!

Cathy Laura Peterson says

26th May 2019 at 10:24 pm

Hi there Alexa, from your ‘American FLR-Sister” Cathy – I certainly agree that as wives we’re not talking about some kind of true transgender matters for our hubbies, but rather exploring this new, creative, expressive, more submissive, quieter, “open” dimension to our longstanding traditional husband-wife relationship. For Mike/Michelle and I, FLR is exactly as you described: a simple proposition that says, “Why can’t my husband grow out and style his hair?” “Why can’t I help him try things like nail polish and jewelry?” “Wouldn’t it be fun to help/allow him to literally try/experience the fun things I love about being a woman?” “Who’s to say he can’t wear some fun-sexy lingerie?” “Maybe he’d really enjoy wearing a dress, or a skirt and blouse, around our house.” “It could be fun and freeing for him to experience wearing make-up and shaving himself silky smooth all over.” And what if these were linked directly to off-loading lots of his traditional ‘male’ responsibilities to ME – so I’ll manage the finances, run our weekly household schedules, plan our trips and vacations, and “female lead our relationship” – and he can relax and settle into a more calm, low-key place of simply “following my lead in our relationship”. No shame, no coercion, no humiliation, nothing against his will, his decisions. An empty nest with lots of freedom and privacy and all kinds of TIME afforded me the opportunity to slowly slide him along to MY way of FLR thinking. The upside offer to him was “hey, you can sit back, relax, take it easy, leave everything to me, and your days and weeks will have zero stress, no problems to shoulder, no pressures at work. Just get up each day, follow my lead, take care of our home, make some meals, do laundry, clean and tidy up, turn off the TV and sports and instead read some books with me, sup some tea or wine, listen to some classical music, slow down the whole pace of life – and do ALL this in an entirely new daily lifestyle where your traditional husband/male role, ‘look’, and ‘feel’ is gone and you go through your days 100% dressing and feeling like me. We started very slow, just a few things, didn’t rush the process of my personalized FLR plan, and little by little in step-by-step increments my sweet husband got comfortable with this at each stage. NO real costs in each, but LOTS of tangible benefits for him to enjoy. Being called “Michelle” slowly got more comfortable and fit with how he dressed and looked. 6 going on 7 years later, I’d NEVER go back, and he admits he also very much likes our FLR lifestyle. Life is so completely lovely now with my Mikey/Michelle and our established routines, both here at home and all kinds of different times and settings out in public together – in the right settings. Such a great way to spend married life after the boys are grown and gone with their own families.

Lady Alexa says

27th May 2019 at 10:12 am

Yes great comments Cathy. I didn’t really cover female leadership in depth in this post but, of course, this is a significant element and one of the important reasons to feminize a husband. It allows him to relax and accept our leadership

Jennifer says

29th May 2019 at 3:26 pm

Cathy I enjoyed you post very much, FLR’s and feminized males go hand in hand for both to be successful. It is a natural combination especially when a woman is better at making important decisions concerning finances and such and leaving the male to do the mundane household chores that women hate doing. Showing that we can happily take on chores that most men feel is beneath them serves two purposes, it gives my wife lots of free time to pursue other interests making her happier and gives me more of an insight into what is generally expected of a wife. Of course for me there is a fun side in that I can do some of it in my maid’s dress but I am just as happy doing it in anything feminine.

Katrina says

9th June 2019 at 1:29 pm

“Why can’t biological males live as, what is considered by society, as a female?” That, is exactly how mine and my husband, Selina’s marriage is. Selina is a male biologically living full time as a woman. We have been living a FLR lifestyle for 13+ months with Selina having gone full time last September. I have shared much of our story in earlier posts but we had lived in a traditional male/female marriage for 20+ years before embarking on this new journey. My husband was a stereotypical male who acted as if the man should be the leader and I was brought up the same way. I knew he occasionally crossdressed and we experimented in forced feminization which was very unfulfilling to me as the end game for him was to get sexual pleasure so I ended up refusing to play his bedroom games. It wasn’t until he showed me one of your blog entries that I opened up to the idea of living a FLR lifestyle with forced/encouraged feminization that benefitted me and put my needs, wants, and desires first. I agreed to try this as a “trial”. I continued reading your blog and other online stories of this lifestyle and decided I wanted it. Unlike Cathy and her husband Mike/Michelle whose marriage I greatly admire, I knew if this was going to work things would have to progress rapidly from the start. My husband was very excited when I agreed to try this….I’m sure he had expectations as to how things would work out…and I believe he was caught off guard at how I instantly took control and established my leadership. I encouraged/established/at times forced his feminization making sure he knew in no uncertain terms how things were going to be. He quickly learned his feminization was going to be on my terms, not his. I learned that exposure to other women was a great way to punish him, make him more submissive, and insure he lived by my rules. Fast forward to today and our marriage is wonderful. I am the leader, Selina lives full time as a woman, works at a company that embraces diversity, does the household chores, engages in hobbies/activities that I enjoy, follows my lead, and everday becomes more like a woman. I have thought about, but haven’t put her on hormones. She did get implants about 6 weeks ago but has and always will have her male equipment which I refer to as her cute princess. She doesn’t pass 100% but through voice training, waist training, and continually learning female mannerisms blends very well in public. Her male ego still rears its ugly head at times but I have ways of dealing with that! We do things together like going to the salon for manis/pedis, getting out hair done, working out together in female classes where she has been accepted, going to movies, plays, craft fairs, walks through the park, concerts, shopping and more shopping, and anything I want to do. She is the perfect husband, girlfriend, companion, and submissive feminized mate! This lifestyle is wonderful and I would and have encouraged other women to strongly consider and try it. As I share this early Sunday morning while I sip on my morning coffee reading a book my Selina is doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and will prepare breakfast soon. She is wearing a matching pink satin bra and panty set, 4″ pink heels, a cute white apron with pink roses, pink hair ribbons. For years in our marriage she wanted, badgered, pleaded with me to wear only lingerie around the house so this is how I have her dress. Life is grand living a FLR life with a sweet, submissive, feminized husband!

Lady Alexa says

9th June 2019 at 4:24 pm

Hello Katrina, and what a wonderful comment to receive. You’ve described exactly what I’ve been trying to promote ever since starting my blog. FLR and ‘forced’ feminization has to be more than just a male sex game. It is a lifestyle that works for both. Many males don’t seem to get the point that they should be careful what they wish for. You’ve gone so much further than me. It was wonderful to read.

Katrina says

12th June 2019 at 11:53 am

We don’t have the same restrictions as you Lady Alexa,, no family near us, and once I learned Selina’s place of employment embraced diversity and LGBTQ people I decided to push/encourage her to living full time. The HR staff was wonderful and helped pave the way for a smooth transition which helped immensely. There have been many changes and challenges for myself as well. I had to unlearn years of thinking that men were the leaders of relationships and women are followers and submissive to men. Your blog and most notably a series of books by a woman who lives a FLR lifestyle with her feminized husband have assisted greatly in my transformation. It has been a journey for both of us and has tremendously improved our marriage. Most of Selina’s friends as a male have drifted away which is good. One married friend accepts her for who she has become and another single friend has as well. He has actually confided in me that he is intruiged by ourown relationship and would love to find a woman who embraces a FLR lifestyle. There are more men out there than we know who would love to submit to a loving female who wants to lead the relationship. My friend Jackie is slowly feminizing her husband and changing the dynamic of their marriage. I love helping her evolve into a strong/alpha female and watch/encourage/participte in the feminization of her husband Kelsi. One huge step for Jackie was introducing Kelsi to his 23 year old daughter who is a very strong, self assured young woman. She is all for the new relationship Jackie is implementing and embraces the feminization of her dad. The world is changing and women are learning that being leaders in relationships is beneficial to them and the males they lead. I am so proud and happy for Jackie and what she has accomplished in her marriage! There is much more to my story and myself, Jackie, my good friend Donna, and a few other women are taking charge of their marriages/relationships, leading and feminizing their men, and living awesome empowered lives. I will continue sharing my journey in a FLR lifestyle with my girly husband Selina.

The Changes are happening before our very eyes!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception last April. We are now up to 98 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!

Changing men and boys for the Better!

Today we will focus on how many Women are changing their men and boys for the better! The more Feminine the male, the better for the Woman and Womankind! As Female Power grows, many men and boys will need to fill the “void” that is left from the Women achieving. Looking Pretty and Feminine is what men and boys need to be In tune with. Successful Women deserve to have Pretty males in their lives!

Women are buying their men sexy lingerie!
Although some men may have balked, they do Like the silky feeling of lingerie!
Confident Women will tell men what they should wear!

Here is a Posting from Sara, from the PDQ Site, and how she encourages her husband Kyle/Heather:

Hey now, what’s evil about putting my husband in dresses? I think most of us here would agree that I’m doing him a favor, lol. I’m not sure Kyle always agrees though!

And those sites, OMG! Wow, wow, wow, wow….   I had no idea a site like TheSissyStore was out there. I spent like 2 hours last night looking through that catalog. Amazing. Not to mention, unless I’m mistaken, a lot of their models are trans, right? So sexy and beautiful…  You’re right, a bit pricey. But Kyle and I do pretty well. Well enough that I’m not going to hesitate to whip out my credit card and get one. Just one, but definitely getting one. Oh, and at least a couple of pairs of panties. I just got lost looking at those. And when I noticed that you could get them specially modified to allow a little extra <ahem…> access….  Oh wow….

So now I’m having trouble choosing. I think that my favorite dresses that I would consider for Kyle are 1. Pretty Ribbons Uniform;  2. Sissy Christina; 3. Baby Bows Dress; 4. Thumbelina. Right now I think that Thumbelina is my favorite. Love the sleeve design, how the skirt sits on the flared petticoats, and the sash in the back. Also, just the right length so that I can see his cute pantied butt as he wiggles around the house in it. Of course, I also really love the Dolly, but that’s more sleepwear than dress. But I think I’m probably going to pick up one dress and a couple of new pairs of panties (with modification!). Dear god, I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me, just thinking about. 

You know, it’s funny because I’ve never really called Kyle a sissy, either to his face or behind his back, because I always felt that the term was loaded with negativity in our society and I always wanted Kyle’s feminine side to be something he wasn’t ashamed of and maybe even came to be proud of. But once I get him in this dress, I think that his masculinity may take a big hit, and ‘sissy’ may be the only term that really fits!

Here is the Thumbelina dress and bag she got Kyle:

Thumbelina Dress
Thumbelina Bag
Thumbelina Bag
The New Age of Female Control!
Be careful what you ask for!
So Nice when a Woman Takes Control of her man!

Here is a Posting from an actual male CEO and his realization of the Changing World of Female Dominance:

Hi, I am new to this blog and the more I learn about Female Supremacy the more I believe this is the future. A woman runs IBM a Woman runs GM, a woman ran the Federal Reserve. Women are smarter, more results focused, more process focused, more collaborative, more nurturing, simply better at everything than males. I am a CEO and very competitive and aggressive but the reality is the future is Female and those that don’t embrace that fact will get left behind and suffer.  Why shouldn’t a boy be pretty and chaste and obedient to show respect to the woman who is smarter, faster better, making more money?  It’s natural and right to obey and serve.

Another Posting from him, a Changed man!

This morning my wife came home to find me bending over unloading the dishwasher wearing polka dot panties and a shirt.  She walked over, gave me a passionate kiss and minutes later we were making love.  After she stood up, smacked me several times on my naked butt and told me to put my panties back on.  This is very different than the man I once was who was fired from a company because I made fun of career, and particularly mocked a woman who was dressed in a fine business suit.  I still often fight obedience and submission but my wife is teaching me that when I obey and serve I get rewards.  To Ms. RadFem’s point, yes all males are brats it’s in our DNA and we need (yes need) all women to take control of all men.  All males should be in chastity and panties.  If a woman wants her property to have muscles and a certain physique that’s fine because she will still have total control over him and he will still wear panties, skirts, stockings, heels and be at her beck and call 24/7.  Women need to gain confidence and take control.  It will be better for everyone.  If I can change anyone can.  Although I still need my wife to hold me accountable for my backtalk and resistance, I am hopeful (yet very scared) that one day she will take me over her knee.  True obedience only starts when the male property does what it is told even when it doesn’t want to.

Men have such long legs!!!

Here is some GREAT Wisdom from Lady Alexa, from her Blog!

An FLR Lifestyle and A Feminized Husband

25th January 2019 by Lady Alexa 71 Comments

When you’re leading an FLR Lifestyle with your very own feminized husband, you sometimes just need to sit back and relax. It’s not always about the next stage of development, but about enjoying what you have.

A female-led relationship and a feminized husband is a truly wonderful lifestyle, but here in the real world it’s the foundation rather than a single focus. I’m not sure everyone understands this point. You have to get on with real life too.

My Feminized Husband, My Housewife

I do have several ideas for Alice’s improvement in my head. That said, I haven’t increased her feminization recently. I have returned to her wearing a wig at times. I can’t decide whether I prefer it or not, but there are occasions when I want her looking like a proper girl.

I wish she had real hair, but male pattern baldness has intervened of course. Still, I think she’s looking pretty passable these days in a wig – with her face obscured. Without it, she’s not so feminine.

I do insist on mini skirts of course, it’s important for her to expose a lot of her body. I bought her a set of padded bras which give her a nice A cup size. I think they look pretty good and give her the more natural feminine look I’m after for her.

My Feminized Husband – My Secretary

As many of you know, Alice works from home for her company. That is very useful as it means she is feminized more often. She has another role beyond earning income for my household: my personal secretary.

This means she does all the technical and support work for this blog and for my books. She designs all the book covers, web site design and layout, the blog photos and editing and she proof reads my work. Not that she’s so good at proof reading sometimes as I keep spotting mistakes.

Another “leggy” man!

Here is a Response to Lady Alexa on her Posting:

Kathy Peterson says

26th January 2019 at 2:34 pm

I love your thoughtful reflection, Alexa, on how we women think about and approach our own style-touches on the FLR that fits us and our spouse best. For me, coming up on 7 years (next month) of our empty-nest FLR privacy and freedom, I really enjoy having this very feminine, relaxed, kind, quiet, demure, and passive-submissive husband who’s image to me is entirely female in every way. Mikey/Mary works for his longtime employer 20 hours a week remotely from our home – and wouldn’t the firm be surprised to know that all those contracts and research reports are completed by a very feminine businesswoman?! who fills the rest of her/his week doing laundry, cleaning our home, gardening, and making most of my meals. And “passing” has become so good the last 3-4 years that we go out a LOT each week as two gal-friends.

A man that serves Women!

More Comments to Lady Alexa:

Nicola says

26th January 2019 at 8:35 pm

I think the housewife look is great as it’s more “everyday” and that is a more usual look for the majority of woman. The C cups are great for around the house if not yet for outside. I’m glad you’re planning a trip outside in a dress or a skirt, and understand the difficulties. I’d start Alice of more gently, with a pair of slacks, a plain blouse, and maybe that lovely pink cardie she’s wearing.Reply

  • Gillian says9th April 2019 at 7:57 pmI found that the first public outing went quite well when she was dressed in girly jeans, a soft chiffon blouse and low heels. Make up and hair are very important in this….she will feel so conflicted….she knows that she has to look as girly and fem as possible in order not to feel humiliated at being “read”…..but there’s a part of her that wants to run away and hide. The contradiction usually resolves itself when time is taken to make sure she looks as fem as possible….without overstating it. When nobody notices it will be such a huge relief…and make far easier the next time.
A man in is Bridal lingerie!

Here is a Posting form a Woman on the Xdress Site:

DECEMBER 01, 2020


When I first started getting close with and learning about my SO, he was very upfront with me about liking lingerie. When we began dating, I made a purchase for him from XD and was pleasantly surprised at seeing him in it. The blue satin panties had enough room to fit everything perfectly and as a woman, I found they had a naughty sex appeal and his confidence and comfort in them, soared.

As a fan of RuPaul, men wearing women’s clothing was not a stretch for me and I actually found many of the gurls to be incredibly sexy, confident and beautiful.  I asked my SO if he would ever consider dressing up for me, either at home or for out on the town.  At first, he thought it might be fun to try once, so we went shopping and found a pretty, thigh length shift dress with a tiny black and white circle design on it.  That evening he allowed me to put makeup on him, he chose bold red under garments and put on his new dress.  His salt and pepper hair matched the color of the dress he wore, which added to the sex appeal.  Being the amazing chef he is, he spent the evening prepping the most delicious lamb chop meal paired with the perfect wine.  The rest of the evening was spent with wine, music and wonderful conversation followed by the admiration of a beautiful pink satin nighty he wore.

To my chagrin, that dress was returned the following week, and though my enjoyment of the evening was brought up on occasion, my SO pulled back from the idea of dressing up like this for me again.  I would bring it up on a bimonthly basis and was always met with a little bit of pushback.  I eventually took this to mean he was not interested in trying this again.  Months passed and I put the idea out of my mind, respecting his choice and enjoying the satin and lace undies he wore daily.

As October rolled around, we started discussing Halloween and possible costumes or outfits we could wear as a couple.  The idea of going out to supper dressed as ‘girlfriends’ came up.  This was the first time in a long while the subject had resurfaced, and I was interested to know if he was entertaining the idea for me or for himself.   Through discussion, I discovered it was for me and I truly did not want that – I wanted it to be for both of us if it were to happen.  Halloween came and went, and we decided to just enjoy an evening of conversation and connection.

The following week, we began texting (we live a couple of hours apart) and he asked me what I thought of the lavender French Maids outfit on the XD site.  Knowing he has a black and white one, I suggested he wear it for his house cleaning that morning.  He put on his hot pink cheeky satin and lace bra and panties from XD and his black and white French Maids outfit, along with some lipstick.  As I received some photos of how pretty he looked, I asked him what I would call him if he were female.  His response was not immediate, though it didn’t take long for him to tell me what it would be.  After our discussion, he spent the morning having coffee and cleaning the house with this pretty look.  He told me he has never felt so free!  

We had a long discussion about how difficult it has been for him to share these two special pieces of himself – wanting to wear women’s overwear and coming up with a female name.  I feel privileged and blessed to be the one he shared this with.  Though it has only been a few weeks since this occurred, it has definitely helped our relationship to grow stronger.  I’m looking forward to enjoying this together!

Is there something more you could be sharing with your significant other?  Feeling free is an amazing blessing you should afford for yourself!

Lots of Satiny Hugs!


18 COM

Some men just Love to be Pretty!

More Responses to Lady Alexa:

Sheila says

22nd February 2019 at 12:42 am

Hello Alexa and others,
I continue to look for new ideas but agree that this is a slow process once we agree to the basics. He accepts that I will occasionally dress him more or less feminine depending on my mood and that is OK. I wanted to comment that I have enjoyed following these blogs and thinking of new paths. One that I had not tried before was to decide to rename him with a feminine name. I sometimes use pet names anyway, so after reading that so many are giving their husband a feminine name, I decided to do it. Hi middle initial is ‘S’ and I have always liked the name Sarah so it was an easy choice for me. Getting him used to it, may take a little more time but I decided to do it so in time, all good things will come.

I am now calling him Sarah, including in public. Exceptions are around family and some friends. As many of you know, I expect to slip up sometimes and use his female name when might not have planned. Guess it will happen and we will deal with it then. I also intend to have him start using Sarah on magazine subscriptions, most mail that is not of legal nature, etc. Then my plan is to look into legally changing his middle name. This is to be a bit more time consuming since it involves drivers license, passport, etc. As I said, all good things will come.

Thanks for the idea.


Don’t you just Love his tights!

More from TA and her SO: SEPTEMBER 03, 2020


As a woman, if you had told me a year and a half ago my SO would be wearing sexy satin and lacey bras, panties, and accessories, I would have said you were nuts. Meeting my SO changed all of that.  I knew going into this relationship he enjoyed wearing lace and satin and I was fine with exploring what that would be like.  In the back of my mind, I did question if this attire would be a simple phase or if it was something that would be ongoing … for both of us.  

I wondered if I was ok with it because I really liked him and wanted it to work – would that acceptance and enjoyment fizzle after a short time of being together?  Would his ‘exploration’, which was fairly new, last?  Or would he realize this wasn’t for him but was in fact a phase?  I had no clue how this would go as it was all so new for me. I did, however, hope that it would work the same for both of us!

Just over a year into our relationship, I couldn’t imagine enjoying the look and feel of the satin and lace on his body any more than I do.  

A few weeks ago I was in the kitchen making a rhubarb crisp – his favorite summer dessert – when he disappeared.  I assumed he was off to work in his home office or read a book.  Only minutes later, he reappeared wearing my favorite lingerie – his blue glossy and lace panties with matching bra, garter, stockings, and lipstick and I love the confidence it brings out in him.  Depending on what he chooses to wear, I see different energy in him.  This was incredibly sexy … and he joined me in completing the crisp!

It’s actually a little strange to see him in briefs when he does wear them!  Perhaps when he does it’s a little hint that we need to go shopping. ; )

I absolutely love going shopping with my SO – either online at XDress or in person at the malls.  I do wish XDress had an outlet where we live so we could go in and experience the shopping in person.  I think we both love the personal attention we receive when the salesperson realizes it’s my SO we’re shopping for and not me!  We had an amazing experience with one saleslady who was so supportive and assisted us in finding what we were looking for.  She let us know we are not the only people shopping for lingerie ‘for him’ (though that doesn’t matter to us AT ALL!)  We love the merchandise from XD because everything fits well.

The most recent purchase added to the collection is matching satin nighties.  I like the idea of matching and wearing lingerie for him to enjoy as well.  It feels good to have this kind of connection with my SO.  I’m grateful he discussed this with me prior to us dating – it gave me time to process the idea and a better understanding of why he does it, and the opportunity to grow with him.  It’s really fantastic to go through new experiences with him.  We continue to grow and explore in this area and I love every bit of it!

Lots of Satiny Hugs!


A Well Trained husband!

Another Response to Lady Alexa. This is Very Encouraging to here of the number of men that are being Feminized by their Women!

Katrina says

26th February 2019 at 3:00 pm

Hi Lady Alexa! It’s been quite awhile since I commented on your blog…life has been hectic since I returned to work in October after my accident and recovery. Although I haven’t increased Selina’s feminization much since then, we are firmly entrenched in our FLR lifestyle and Selina continues to live fulltime as a feminized male. It’s been 10 months since we started this journey and it’s been wonderful having an obedient, submissive husband! Two things that really helped in feminizing Selina were the voice lessons I had her take and waist training with a corset. Although she doesn’t pass completely these two things help her blend really well. The next step, and something I have thought long and hard about is implants. She will be getting them in April and they will be proportionate to her body.

I have found at times that Selina’s male ego will sneak back and try to assert itself, but I have been able to put a stop to it. As you have stated many times Lady A, once you make progress or reach a new level with your feminized hubby, never regress back! A dose of public humiliation or exposure to women always helps to keep that nasty male ego in check.

I do have a surprise in store for Selina in a few weeks. My cousin who we haven’t seen in over 12 years will be on a business trip near us. She is a lesbian and Selina used to give her a hard time and say nasty things to her. Rachel and her partner Erica are going to spend a couple nights at our house and Selina will be on full display for them! I will fill you in on how it goes.

My friend Jackie is making slow but steady progress in feminizing her husband. She has taken him out in public dressed a few times when they’ve been out of town. I am proud of her for all the progress she’s made. My friend Donna, who is divorced, has had a boyfriend for a few months and has quickly feminized him. Donna is really into sissification and has really gone all in on making him ultra feminine. The three of us are planning an overnight with our feminized men which will be fun!

One of the women I work with has shown great interest in our FLR, so I told her the details of our marriage and she wants to take charge in her marriage and feminize her husband. I will be helping her and she has started reading your blog and other FLR materials. It’s exciting knowing I’m helping to change how some women approach their marriage!

Thanks Lady A for your blog and all you’ve done to help me change my marriage for the better! Life with a feminized, submissive, obedient husband is wonderful!

Such a Pretty male Bride!

Here is how one Wife keeps her husband In Line!

My wife knows that discussing my submissive status with other women increases my humiliation and embarrassment.  She is fine with women who ignore us, but give her the chance to talk and she will.  

I often have to explain that petty coating me is her method of disciplining me for all the years  I acted superior.  Many women are receptive and say that it would be great to have their boyfriend, brother, or husband feel like a submissive girl for just one day.  Susan loves to tell them that every women who enjoyed seeing me in tow like a little sissy should consider doing some petty coating of  their own.  If they did,  it won’t be long before many men will be feminized either in the privacy of their homes or in public like trophy wives on display for the amusement of females.         

All it takes is just one time and most men will never act the same around females. Most women agree with her saying they would love to be the boss and wear the pants. She loves to tell the story of how the nuns in grade school punished boys by putting bows in their hair and making them sit with the girls.  After all the girls teased him at recess and lunch on the girls schoolyard, you had a boy who never again would be a problem in class or with girls.

Pretty and Submissive, as a man should be!

A Comment I made on Lady Alexa’s Blog:

Patti says

31st December 2020 at 8:54 pm

Hi Katrina!

It is so Wonderful what you have done with your husband, and what the your Friends have done with their husbands and boyfriends. FLR are the Future WITH Feminized men at their beck and call! It would be so Awesome if you and your Friends could visit my Blog sometime and Forum, and give some Advice to the other Women that are looking to Feminize their males.
Lady Alexa is such a Great Role Model and Inspiration to all of us that are trying to Create The New Age Lifestyle of Female Empowerment and Control, with Feminized males as the Helpers of the Superior Women and Girls!

The blog is called “The New Age Lifestyle” and it is here on WordPress. I do Feature some Posts from Lady Alexa as Inspiration, but it would be so Delightful to have the Voices of other Dominant Women on the Forum! The Link to the Forum can be found on the blog.

Would Love to have your Guidance available for Women that are “on the fence” about male Feminization!


These are some Photos from Lady Alexa’s tumblr Page on how she likes her men to look!

Lady A likes her men in dresses!
This is the Look that is Expected by Lady A on men!
Lady A is Consistent in her Expectations!
She likes her men “Sexy”!
Take notice she likes her men showing their legs in Sexy nylons!
Her Latest Book available on Amazon!
Lady A’s Books are Awesome!
She Loves the long legs on sissies!
Making men Vulnerable & Dependent is one of her Goals!
She Does want her sissy’s “Equipment” to Work!!
This is her husband!

Putting my husband into tiny pretty mini skirts was the best thing I have ever done. Not only more attractive, but so much more compliant too. I like compliant.

It’s difficult for her to be anything other than submissive in a pretty skirt and stockings. Don’t you think my husband looks pretty here?


New Age Lifestyle Forum

The Follow up from the April 18, 2020 Posting – Female – male Relationships!

Happy New Year to All! This follow up was to happen a lot earlier than now, but as I am reassessing the Blog and the Forum going into the New Year, I wanted to follow through on this Exclusive information, Letter exchange from over 20 years ago, and an insight to some of the “Private” societies that have existed, where the Females are in Total Control, and the males are pretty and feminine “helpers” to their Strong Women! This is the type of Society that so many of us long for!

I have not been in touch with John/Joan in many years. I waited a long period of Time to Post this, even though I was given permission to Share it. Sometimes, I do not want to take the chance of someone getting “hate” mail because they do not understand some things….I have experienced this myself many times over the years. Many people do contact me at times wondering if what I post is True. To the Best of my knowledge, it is! I can not always share some things that I know about, but if I post it, to the Best of my knowledge, that information is accurate! I Hope this is a Post that will start your year off Right!

Beautiful Couple, Female in jeans, the male in his dress!

September 2, 1997

Sorry I did not answer your letter sooner. When I received it, Jerry and I were on vacation for a few weeks.

I will try to answer all your questions. As for the Dominant Woman viewpoint, let me answer that by telling you about our small close group. Jerry is part owner of a Lesbian Night Club Bar. As such, she, along with another Woman are the people in charge and is also a Captain in the army reserve, and as such is comfortable issuing orders that must be obeyed. I first met Jerry when another boy, a friend I grew up with who is a transsexual took me dressed as a woman that night to Jerry’s Club. He, now a she (Linda) introduced me to Jerry since he was dating a friend of Jerry’s , another Lesbian called Midge, who drives a bus. I told Jerry that evening that I was on Female hormones. She was fascinated by this and wanted to hear more. Jerry asked me for a date, provided I would go as a woman. I will never forget that first date with Jerry. I spent two hours getting ready that night. I remember I wore a black hi leg panty with pretty lace along the edges and a matching black push up bra. My stockings were sheer black pantyhose with a control top. I also wore a waist cincher since my dress was a pretty black slip dress with spaghetti straps. The dress was the clinging kind and came to about three inches above the knee. My shoes were black leather pumps with four inch heels. My evening purse was black trimmed with Rhinestones. I wore a pretty three layered necklace. Since my ears were already pierced, I had a three ring earring with a large dangling heart. On my right hand I wore a silver bracelet with cute little hearts dangling. I made sure to wear my best perfume “Opium” and put extra lip gloss over my lipstick. I wore false eyelashes with mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. My makeup was a light base with powder and a nice blush for accents. My hair was done in an upsweep with little strands coming down the sides. My nails were shaped and polished with a dark red color. The door bell rang at 7:30 and as I passed the front hall mirror, I checked myself and opened the door and there stood Jerry looking very handsome in a sport jacket and pants, all 165 pounds of solid muscle! Jerry took me to dinner that night and later we went to a Lesbian Bar in Greenwich Village. We sat in a booth side by side, and after the drinks came I could feel her hand on my legs, gently moving up to you know where! Her eyes were on my developing breasts all night. She suggested we go to her apartment for a night cap. I knew if I said yes what it would lead to. So I said yes after looking into her eyes. After pouring me a drink and putting on some romantic records, she started to lower the straps on my dress and unhook my bra. The next thing I knew she was licking my breasts which started that tingling sensation in me. She saw I was becoming heated and was starting to pant and moan. She then told me to take my clothes off except for my panties and meet her in the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom, Jerry was standing there completely nude, flexing her gorgeous muscles. On her waist she had a dildo harness with the biggest dildo I ever saw dangling in the middle. To tell the truth, I was really frightened at the thought that this would be used to penetrate me. I started to cry and explained to her that I was a virgin. Jerry assured me in soothing words that she would be gentle with me. Then with a very authoritarian voice that I knew would brook no nonsense, she told me to kneel before her and suck the dildo. Jerry explained to me that by doing this I would get used to how it felt and that it would not feel so strange in me. After about five to ten minutes of sucking and licking I began to feel comfortable with it. She then ordered me into bed in a crouching position. The nest thing I saw her do was to put some sort of jell on the dildo and rub it up and down. She then got into bed behind me and pulled my panty down. She then started to apply the jell to my anus and rubbed it in. The next thing I knew I began to feel the dildo start to penetrate me. At first I cried out with the pain but Jerry said when it is fully in me, it would not be bad and that I would enjoy it. She was so right! While jerry was pumping me, I realized that I was happy and wanted to give myself to a Dominant Woman like Jerry. After making love, she told me to go into the bathroom and douche myself. Never having done this before, she explained how to do it with the throw away bottle. When I got home that night, I realized what happened to me and Jerry. By my waering a dress and Jerry in pants, it first signified who would be in control. My sucking her dildo was meant not to only humiliate me, but to give her a feeling of Dominance. When she fucked me with the dildo, and heard my moans of pain and joy, and heard me cry out to fuck me again and again, this was the Final Proof to her that she was in complete Control! The douche, although it was further humiliation by her, did clean out all the jell and was refreshing. By the way, I now douche after sexual intercourse all the time!

I went into some detail on this because as you will see, it applies to others!

The Eulenspiegel Society is where we met three other couples of similar persuasion, and became close friends. I am enclosing a copy of the latest calendar so you can see the type of activities they sponsor. In my first letter, I mentioned that I met Jerry there which technically is not true. I heard about it through Linda, and asked Jerry to go with me after our first date. We attend the Dominant Women/Submissive men meetings each month. At each meeting there is a guest speaker with props, ie. Professional Dominatrix demonstrating the use of chains, whips, etc. Another meeting would feature a speaker on spanking, use of a dildo, which Jerry finds especially interesting. After the formal part of the meeting is over we have what we call a Circle. This entails everyone sitting on a chair in a big circle. The Moderator goes around to each person and asks that person to tell about their fantasies or fetishes. At one of these meetings we met Margaret and Jeff. Margaret is President of a Division of a large conglomerate. Jeff, at that time, was employed as a secretary to a Fashion Designer, a man. We also met Sarah and Mike. Sarah is a Manager of a Super Market, part of a National Chain, and Mike was a cashier in her store. We also met Betty and Ralph. Betty is a High Powered Investment Banker, and Ralph was a Receptionist at a large New York hotel.

We all had things in common. The men all wanted to dress as Woman. The Women all had more important jobs than the men, and felt comfortable exercising authority, and above all, felt a Strong Urge to Dominate! You asked if there is any Forced Feminization of males. There is none in my Group, nor do I know of any in other Groups at this Eulenspiegel Society. The five couples who we socialize with also tend to help and reinforce one another. For example, Margaret wanted to marry Jeff but could not see herself living with a man outside the house and a woman inside. Linda and I spoke to Jeff and said if he truly loved Margaret he should a a woman full time and take hormones. Jeff agreed but said how can he dress as a woman with his present boss, who is a man. This presented a problem. I spoke to Jerry about it, and she mentioned it to Betty. Betty inquired around to some of her Female Executive friends. Betty found one Woman who fired three female secretaries in one year, She said she would have no objections hiring Jeff as her secretary, provided he could pass as a woman. After Linda and I convinced Jeff to blossom into a very feminine form that most natural Women would envy. Today Jeff is happily married to Margaret and loves his new job as secretary to a Dominant Female Executive. Sarah and Mike had no initial problems, since she was his boss on the job, it was no problem to get him a job at another store as a woman. Betty and Ralph had a similar problem to that of Margaret and Jeff. This time Jeff joined me and Linda in talking to Ralph, He agreed to start taking Female hormones but where could he get a job. Jerry and Margaret spoke to Betty about it and she suggested if Ralph took a Word Processing Class, she would get him a job as a woman in her firm. Ralph went to Secretarial School and he is now working happily as a woman in the Clerical Department at Betty’s Firm.

Jerry and Midge being Butch Lesbians always dress “mannish”. Betty, Margaret and Sarah alternate at the Office between pant suits and dresses although they prefer pant suits because of the image it creates of Authority. When we go to one another’s homes or apartments, the Woman are Always dressed in pants and the men, of course are all in dresses! At these dinners, we gurls go into the kitchen and help get dinner started and set the table. After dinner, the Women usually sit in the Living room or Den and drink and talk about business or sports. We gurls are in the kitchen washing dishes and talking about more Feminine subjects such as new style dresses, hairstyles, cosmetics, etc.

Jerry and Midge are into weightlifting. Betty, Margaret and Sarah like to play basketball and softball. We gurls, myself, Linda, Jeff, now Ann, Mike, now Liza, Ralph, now Rhonda like volleyball when we can get a court. We gurls usually meet once a month at one another’s home and talk about Feminine things. At these get togethers, since we know each other intimately, we discuss our married lives and “womanly” problems. It was at one of these meetings that we discovered our mates all wanted us to suck their dildos before intercourse. To answer one of your questions, I think this is the Dominant Woman’s true feelings coming out. For our part, we gurls all want to look our prettiest for our Woman, and please them by keeping a good home and performing our wifely duties in bed. to give you an examples, Rhonda, formerly Ralph, said when he needs sex he prepares a candle light dinner and dresses in white panties and white bra with a black negligee. When Betty gets home and sees her, her hands are all over him, and you know what happens next! Ann, formerly Jeff, when feeling horny likes to put the dildo on the night table so Margaret can see it when she comes into the bedroom to change from her work clothes.

I must relate one incident that I guess we gurls all fear and hope never happens to us. One night Midge came home late, she apparently was drinking heavy after work with some of her fellow bus drivers and Linda was waiting up for her very worried, Linda apparently said the wrong thing to Midge because the next thing, Midge hit him and sent him sprawling. He got up and ran to the bedroom crying and locked the door. He called me, his best friend and I told Jerry who was luckily at home. Jerry and I drove over to Linda’s apartment. Jerry calmed Down Midge, while I ran into the bedroom to hug and quiet Linda, who was really frightened and sobbing heavily. Linda weighs 115 pounds and is 5’4″. Midge is about 180 pounds and really built Strongly. The next day, Midge took Linda out to dinner and apologized for her behavior.

I know of no Lesbian mothers feminizing their sons. There are about 75 to 100 members in the Domonant Women’s Group.

I have been a hairdresser since 21 years of age. Jerry has been macho since college where she was Captain of her basketball team and earned letters for Wrestling, Track and Softball.

P.S. The wedding date is November 15th. Linda is my Maid of Honor. Ann, Liza and Rhonda will be Bride’s Maids. Midge will be Best Woman. Margaret, Sarah and Betty will be Ushers.

Another Couple with the Women in slacks and the male in a dress
Wouldn’t he make a Great Pole Dancer in a Lesbian Night Club?
He would be a Great waitress in a Lesbian Night Club, just the way he holds out his skirt would probably Amuse the :Butch” Women!
Another Pretty husband!
How many Women like having their hubbie’s Chastity Devise visible under his dress?
A Pretty man waiting for a Strong Woman?
So Nice to show off your man in a Frilly Outfit!
Appropriate outfit for him to do his housework in!
Some Women prefer their men to wear Stockings & Garters rather than pantyhose!
Whatever the Woman decides, the males Must comply!
When having your Friends over, it is best to dress hubbie in Frillies!
Another Pretty husband!
Always Good to have him in short skirts with nylons to show off his Beautiful legs!
Ready to Love, Honor and OBEY his Female Master!
So Happy to be wearing Dresses!
As men age, they Lose Testosterone. Great Time for a Wife to Feminize her man!
Masculine Woman are so Handsome…they need Feminine men at their sides!
It is now the man that needs to be Pretty to Attract a Successful Woman!
Boys are Learning the New World Order as more and more Sports Teams are being populated by Girls!
Where we are heading!!!
Why Women wearing Pants is so Important!!!!
The Way it should be!
Lady Alexa is AWESOME!!! Be sure to visit her Blog!!!!!
Women that Take Control are the Pioneers of the New Age Lifestyle!
The Proper Way to raise boys!
Girls are now dressing for Comfort!
Love seeing Girls in “masculine” Mode!
A Very Handsome Young Woman!
Another Very Handsome Young Woman!
What a Great Looking Woman, so Confident and Secure!
These Women look like they want to “check out” the Pretty sissies!

When Women TAKE Control!

Today’s Posting will Focus on when Women Take Control of their husbands and Families. As more Women become the Breadwinners, the dynamics in marriages are Changing. More and more Mothers are also realizing the Great Benefits of having “Sissy Sons”, especially some Hard Core Feminists, that are Training the young males for their futures as male wives for Strong Women!

A Beautiful husband doing Yoga with his Wife!

The Following is a series of correspondences with a Woman that i have had the pleasure to know, her name is Marsha. (This was from 8 years ago) Some have asked about when I publish series like this, and I want you all to know that the permission to share was given, or I would not post them. Marsha and her Organization are Wonderful examples of Female Empowerment, where we have some disagreement is that I really think that Women and Girls should adopt more “masculine” traits, especially in the area of Physical strength, but I think we can all Agree, Female Empowerment is happening in different ways!

HI Patti;

Feminizing males must begin in the cradle, as I have done with my Daniela. Boys must never be allowed to pick up nasty masculine behavior. They must be trained from birth to be the sweet, docile creatures that women were expected to be in the male dominated society. However we must avoid having our daughters becoming masculine. Girls must learn to be strong, independent women, but they need not look like men. As for the workforce. There was a time when strong muscles were needed, but now with machines doing the heavy work, any woman can perform any job. Men who work should be regulated to what was once called traditional women’s jobs. In my office my secretary is a male.


The attached picture is of a child who grew up to be a world leader. Isn’t he adorable in his satin dress, and feathered hat. In case you have not guessed who it is by now. It is President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt when he was 3 years old. Original picture is on display in the Roosevelt home in Hyde Park, NY.

In many countries now women serve in the military. In some of those countries women are even trained to be used in combat. then there is the use of drones, remote control planes and tanks etc.. How much strength is needed to operate them? Some males might be allowed into the military, but all non commissioned, and commissioned officers would be women. Of course the police would be all female.

The book is “Regiment of Women” by Berger. In it the author describes a totally reversed society, where men dress and function as women, and women dress and function as men.

Hi Marsha!    Was going through some old messages, and I thought you might Enjoy this! Hope you are doing Well! Patti

Hi Patti;

The pics of Jenny (Jeremy) show an adorable girl. It only goes to prove my point that the demale process should begin in the cradle. I had no problem getting my Daniela into dresses since that was all she wore from birth. It was not until she had to go to school that she had to wear pants. She complained so much about not being able to wear her pretty dresses to school, but at least her pants are girls jeans with pretty butterflies, or flowers on them.

You asked about my secretary. He is not a demale but he is a submissive transvestite. I do allow him to come to work in a skirt.

Hi Marsha!

      I believe you are so Correct in the Raising of Males to be Pretty and Feminine and to get them into Dresses and Skirts Immediately…I Applaud you for that.  I Only Hope that yo are able to Influence other Women to Pursue this Practice!      May I ask…Are you part of a Demale Group?    would love to be able to do more to help the Demale Cause.  I Hope that my Blog helps to bring Women and Girls the knowledge that not Only is the Feminization of men and Boys Alright…it is Preferred!      Thank you for sharing that your Secretary is a Male Submissive Transvestite.  I would consider myself in that camp as well.  I think it is Delightful that he wears a Skirt to work.  Does he wear a Skirt often to work?  When he does, does he wear Heels and Nylons and make a Feminine Presentation?      I am going to attach some photos that I hope you will Enjoy!   It is Wonderful that i have met you…another Wonderful Woman that is Making a Great Change for a Better Society.  I hope your Male Wife and Feminize Son Appreciate the Great honor you have bestowed on them by Feminizing them…and i Hope your Daughters Delight in the Great revelation you have revealed to them! 


Hi Patti;

To begin with I am not in a DEMALE group. In fact I had never heard of DEMALE until I accidentally discovered the site. However I am a member of a similar group which is even more secretive then The Demale Society since we do not have a web site. Bobbi’s mother is one of the founders. She brought me into the group.

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was rather traditional. Bobbi, and Daniela did all the cooking and serving. After dinner the girls and I went to watch television while the sissies cleaned up. I did have a couple of guests over for dinner. Bobbi’s mother, and my girlfriend Joan. Joan is an interesting woman with some interesting ideas. You should get to know her. She is a Female Supremest, among other things.

Yes I have seen your latest blog.

Hi Patti;

The link is missing from this E=Mail. I have shown your blog site to both my mother in law, Gloria, and to Joan. They may contact you.

(E-Mail from Gloria)

Hello Patti;

My daughter in law, Marsha, showed me your blog site, and suggested I contact you. She said you might be interested in L.A.S.S., (Ladies And Sissified Sons). Our little group was started in 1969. It was originally a support group for women who had been raped, and had a child resulting from the rape. seven of us had baby boys, we decided that we would insure that our sons would never become the kind of men who raped us. Dr. Linda Michaels, the psychologist who ran the support group, was a feminist. She told us that the only sure way to do this was to raise them to be sissies. She provided us with female hormones and blocker. Being an M.D., she also performed the castrations.

Hi Patti;

I just read the Courtney/Curtis piece in your blog. What a sweet girl/boy she is. Personally I think that most boys wish they were girls. It is only the Judeo/Christian male dominated religious training, and social standards, along with peer pressure that prevents them.

By the way has Joan contacted you yet?

(E-Mail from Joan)

Hi Patti;

My friend Marsha showed me your site, and suggested I contact you. She told me that she already told you I am a Female Supremist, and not a Feminist. As I am sure you already know Feminists want women to be equal to men in all endeavors. What I want is for women to be superior to men in everything. If I had my way women would rule the world in a worldwide Matriarchy. Men would have no rights, and only those privileges women wished to allow them. However I also believe that those males who were feminized as boys, live as girls, and are unable to function as men though still inferior to women, are superior to men. I consider them to be a third gender. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Hi Joanne!     

THANK YOU so much for the Lovely Note!  Yes, Marsha and i have been corresponding, and it has been Quite Intriguing!  I am so Happy to have come across her, you and Gloria…I APPLAUD all three of you and I would Love to be able to assist in the Movement of Female Control and Male Submission.  That is the reason for my Blog, to Hopefully Encourage Women to Feminize the Males in their lives in order to make them Better.  When the World has a Large percentage of Feminized Males, I truly Believe the World will be a Better place to live.  Women Nee to TKE the Power away from the Males, and put Men and Boys in their Proper, Feminine Place.  Many will argue that this is Brainwashing, and Abusive, but these are the same people that think Nothing of doing that same thing to Women and Girls??????       I LOVE your Outlook of Total Female Control in respect to Macho Men, and i think we would both agree that Feminine Men are the preferred status of where Males should be.  I actually Wrote Two Books for reluctant press on what i would love to see the world become…Both of the Previews for those books are Linked on my Blog…the first one is called “The Experiment”, and the other is called “Modern Girl Publishers”.  Both deal with the Concept of gender Role Reversal, and the Complete Submission of the males into becoming Feminine “Trophies” for the Women.  This is the kind of World I would like to see.  No More Male Competitive Sports…No more strength Building by Males.  Males should be Brought up as Feminine, Docile creatures, directed into looking Pretty, and learning Domestic activities, to become Good, Obedient male Wives for the Independent and strong Females.  Would Love to know some of your thoughts on that Concept!      Would also be interested on your thoughts of the Women’s Rights Movement as it is today.  My general thoughts on it is that it does not really look out for Women’s Rights, but is a “Tool” by the Liberal Establishment to actually Control Women even more.  I actually think that a Conservative Outlook, with the Roles reversed…Females being in Power, both Physically and intellectually…..this being accomplished by raising Boys as the Traditional Girls, and girls as traditi0nal Boys, then Controlling the Curriculum for Boys and Girls into Girls doing math, Science and technology, while Boys were Encouraged into doing art, Home Ec and Personal care areas would go along way in getting to these Goals.      I know i am going on here…Hope to hear more from you.  I Applaud You and the other women in your Group.  If you would be willing to share, I would be very interested on knowing how many males you and your Group have Feminized over the years.  Adult males and Young males.  I believe the Movement is Growing at a Brisk [pace, and that would be because of wonderful Woman as yourself! Thank You so much for you Nice Note! 


Hi Patti;

Yes I do believe that the present Women’s Rights Movement is a tool of the Liberal Democratic Party. I do not believe in abortion, and in my idea of a future Matriarchy abortions would not be necessary. If all procreation was by artificial insemination there would be no unwanted, or unplanned pregnancies. Only when a woman wanted a baby would she have herself impregnated. I would eliminate racial discrimination by using sperm from various races in the process. Eventually everyone would be a mix of all the races, and one can not discriminate against ones own race. There would be no religious persecution since everyone would worship the same Mother Goddess. There would be no wars since there would be one world wide central government. Everyone would speak a common language.

I want you to picture the world before the Women’s Rights movement, before Women’s Lib, before Women’s suffrage. Now I want you to reverse the gender roles. Males have no political rights, no property rights, and are subject to their mothers, and sisters. There would be no marriage between women, and men. however two women may marry each other. Males would be feminized, some completely, the rest superficially. Prior to puberty the most feminine boys would be castrated, and put on female hormones so that when they went through puberty they would develop a very small penis, and breasts. The rest of the males would have a partial penectomy leaving enough for urination, but not enough for penetration. This will prevent female/male intercourse. Another benefit of this is without the ability to penetrate a woman with his penis, there can be no rapes. After puberty they will be milked of sperm using machines like the ones used to milk cows on dairy farms. Once he has supplies sufficient sperm, his testicles no longer needed will be removed, and he will be put on female hormones. This does not mean that women will be deprived of sexual pleasure. Just ask any lesbian a penis is not necessary for her climax. As long as a male has a tongue he can provide a woman with her pleasure. Since there is no chance of pregnancy, there will be no laws, or rules regarding incest. Males can be used by any related female for her pleasure, and related women can be lesbian lovers, even marry each other.

As for education. females will have the same levels of education available today. Males will have only a primary education. For the first three grades they will learn to read, write, and do basic math. For the rest of their education they will learn to function in the job their mother, or in her absence their nearest female relative wishes for them.

Hi Marsha!   

    Yes, Curtis is surely a Sweetheart!   Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see a Whole Society with Pretty, Non-Threatening males such as Curtis?  Because of the Outlook for Society that I have…I think it it Precious that the School that Jenn is sending him to has Two Short haired “Tough” Tomboys as well.  At seven years old, it is all Premature…but picture 10 years from now one of those Tomboys with the Pretty Feminine Curtis as her “boifriend”…He being Sweet, Demure and overtly Feminine, and her being Athletic and in Command!   What a Beautiful Future that would be!      Joan has contacted me, and I need to take time to write an appropriate response.  I Love her Outlook on Female Supremacy…especially in respect to Macho Males…and yet her Opinion that Sissy males are superior to the Macho Male…… take from that that she would Support Forced Feminization of Males in order to make them Better…which is something that I TOTALLY Agree with1   What is your thoughts on Force Feminization?      I Hope that you continually have Bobbi and Danielle outfit in Feminine Skirts and Dresses.  I really believe that is the BEST Way for an Independent Woman to maintain Control over the males in her life.  Out of curiosity, you said that Bobbi and Danielle made and served Dinner on thanksgiving…would you mind sharing what kind of Outfits you had them wear for your Company?      Even though you said you Male Secretary was not Demaled, but rather is a Submissive Crossdresser, when he came for the job was he attired in Feminine clothing, or was that something you were able to direct him towards?  I know I ask a lot of questions, but I do use the information that I gather to help Frame the Blog into the reality that is actually Occurring.  I continually Hope Women will realize the Great Opportunity they have in gaining Control of their lives, but in a Productive Society, there has to be a Female and male Component, i just want to see the Female being the Dominant and Controlling part of that Equation, because I feel that will Create a Better Society overall.      Hope to hear from you again! Thank You so Much for your Correspondence. 

Your Friend, 


Hi Patti;

I have never given forced feminization a thought. Having started Danielle from the cradle, there was no need to force her. Until the time she had to start school her entire wardrobe consisted of dresses. The closest she comes to dressing like a boy is for school, and then it is girls jeans with pretty flowers and butterflies on them. As for Bobbi, she does not have a single item of male clothing in her wardrobe. for the cooking, and preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner both Bobbi, and Danielle wore skirts, and blouses. Just before our guests arrived they changed, Bobbi into a cocktail dress, and Danielle into a party dress. Clothing that is appropriate for the occasion. There are no maids uniforms, or special sissy clothes in my home. Except for the role reversal we are a normal family. As far as our neighbors know we are a lesbian couple with three daughters.

When my secretary applied for the job he was dressed male. One day I caught him on his coffee break reading a transvestite magazine. I asked him if he was one, he said yes. Then I told him that if my clients do not object, I would have no problem if he came to work enfemme. Besides he has a nice body, and wears sexy miniskirts. he can turn me on.

Hi Marsha!    

  You are such a Delight!!!  The way that you have gone about conducting your Life has to be an Inspiration to other Independent Women and Girls.  Your Daughters must be Very Proud of You!!   Even though I have not been able to conduct my life in the same way as you are able to conduct yours, you have become a Great Inspiration to me.  The way that you have Taken Control over the two males in your Family, is a “Model” for how Female Empowerment and a Loving Family Life Can Occur.  Women are great Leaders, and they can ominate the Male without being Violent and Abusive, a Trait that has Eluded many a male in the past in relationships with Women and Girls.      Just out of curiosity, and I do not mean to Intrude….are you a Lawyer?  I have read numerous articles on Role Reversal and in numerous cases, the Woman was a Lawyer…it seems that Female Lawyers are Well Equipped into instituting Role Reversal.  Another curiosity is, when your males are dressed in their skirts and dresses, do you Require them to wear either Nylons or Tights?  The reason I ask that Question, is that in my experiences, the Delicateness of Nylons seem to Force the Males to be more Docile, especially if they are under Threat of Consequences if they run or ruin their nylons.       I applaud you that Bobbi owns No Male Clothing…what a Great Accomplishment.   Not to try to take any of that Credit away from you, but is this something that Gloria had instituted with Bobbi?  The Greatest Fact in all this experience is that there are at least Two Generations of you women that are Feminizing the men and boys, and I would Hope that this will be continued with your Daughters……are they showing Signs of wanting to Feminize any Boys that they know?     Your Male Secretary sounds so Sweet!!!  After you made him aware that he was allowed to dress in skirts or dresses while working, has he mainly worn skirts or dresses, or does he still wear Male clothing, or has he Opted for Female Slacks?   I would assume that he wears makeup and Jewelry, as well as carries a purse?   What have your clients thought about your Secretary, or do they have no Opinion?     As I write my Blog, would you allow me to share Discreetly a few aspects of your Situation?   Mainly that you have a Feminized spouse and son, and a Feminine Male Secretary….NO Names would be mentioned, just an account that this Lifestyle does Truly exist.  If that is not okay, I surely would understand.  As you know, (I Think), my Blog is designed to show Women that Role Reversal does indeed exist and it is a Favorable Lifestyle that would provide Great Benefits to Women and Girls, an ironically to men and boys as well! As always, I appreciate you taking your time to correspond with me.  I look forward to hearing more from you! Thanks You for being my Friend! 


Hi Patti;

I am not a lawyer, but I do get referrals from a divorce lawyer. I do marriage counseling. You would be surprised how role reversal can save a marriage. Usually the husband is at fault, but once he has walked a mile in her three inch stilettos he sees the light. As for my secretary, Alice, as she prefers to be called, is quite passable, dresses appropriately for the office, and is adept with makeup. Unless I tell anyone who comes into the office that she is a he, they have no idea.

Bobbi dresses her age, tights are more for younger women. she wears nylons. Not because I require them but because she wants to wear them. Daniella usually wears tights, but when dressed up for a party, or special occasion she wears nylons. Women can get runs in their nylons every day so there is no threat, or punishment when it happens. Bobbi never had male clothing. Gloria raised her as a girl. she had to get male clothing for our legal wedding at city hall. They were given to goodwill right after the ceremony. We did have a second wedding ceremony attended by the members of L.A.S.S.. At that wedding we both wore matching wedding gowns. At that ceremony Gloria gave Bobbi away, and we were pronounced Woman and Wife.

Yes you may include us in your blog.

Hi Joanne!  

    It was wonderful to hear back from you.   I do Applaud the things that you are Pursuing in the way the World should be…even though I may not agree on Everything, I Love the premise and reasoning that you use…you are Truly a Remarkable Woman, and I feel it a privilege to correspond with you!      I have forwarded the response I made to Marsha, so you can see some of my Thoughts, and also perhaps, If possible, you can elaborate on some of the subjects we are discussing.  I LOVE the Goal you have for Males to be Feminized, Milked and put in a Position where they can not Inflict Violence on Women and Girls…I Applaud the Great Thoughts you have on this Subject.  With us living in the Western World, I feel this is a Goal that Can be Accomplished, however, I would be interested in knowing how you would Protect us Feminized Males and our Society in General from the Violent types of Males from the Mideast Regions and the Muslim Countries?  I am so much in Favor of Feminizing All males and making them Weak and Dependent on Independent Women, but I also believe that has to be a Masculine Aspect in Society to be Police Officers and Military…In my Vison, these positions should be Filled by “Masculine Women”…but  would Love to know some of your Outlooks.         I know you have stated that War would be eliminated in a Matriarchy, but I am interested to know your perspectives on how we get to that Desired Position.        Thank You so Much for your Correspondence.  Another curiosity I have, and I am not looking to Intrude, but do you have any Feminine males in your Life, as Marsha does? 

Your Friend,


Hi Patti;

In the Matriarchal Utopia I described there would be no wars so no need for a military. As for the police, they would be women, as all males would be meek, and dependent. How it would e achieved in countries following Islamic values I have no idea. All I was doing was describing my ideal society.

You asked if there any feminized males in my life. Yes there are three, the wife of my mother, and two sissy sisters, one of whom is the housekeeper for me, and my lesbian lover.

Hi Marsha!       I Bet the second Wedding Ceremony had to be a Delight.  Bobbi must have been Beautiful in his Wedding Gown?  What kind of Gown did he wear?  Was it a Mermaid Style, or an A Line?  Did he wear Dainty lingerie and a Garter?  I would Imaging that Gloria was so proud of her Pretty Son becoming the Wife of an Independent Woman!  Were there many people in attendance?  Mostly Women i would assume!      I think it is Precious that you are a Marriage Counselor!  What a great Position to be in to Encourage the Reversal of Gender Roles!   All with the Premise of Saving the marriage!!!!   Yaaay.  Do you actually Suggest some crossdressing as a way to get each of them to understand the other?  For people like us that want to see Gender Role Reversal, this is fantastic!     Alice must feel that he Died and went to Heaven, being able to dress as a Woman at work.  I would imagine that he must live most of his life in a feminine Personna?   What a Great experience for a male.  i hope that he appreciates his Femininity and the acceptance he receives from you!     You had mentioned that Danielle wears tights and pantyhose? when he is dressed up.  as a young person, does he Like the Silky Feeling of the nylons?  I have always Loved wearing Leotards and Tights or Pantyhose.  I think especially when a young boy tries silky clothes, he becomes hooked instanttly.  How wonderful it will be when Boys are obsessed with dressing Pretty and being feminine rather than playing Sports!      Thanks for the Nice response! Hope all is well with you and your family.  Thanks for sharing! 


Hi Patti;

Our second wedding took place in the converted loft building owned by L.A.S.S.. it is used for meetings, and parties. the attendees were all the members, and their families. So there was not a single pair of pants there. As I told you before we turn our boys into girls, but we do not turn our girls into boys. Our wedding gowns were strapless with full skirts. Joan was my best woman, and Bobbi had a maid of honor, and four bridesmaids, all feminized males. The ceremony was like any old fashioned wedding except I vowed to love and cherish, and Bobbi vowed to love, honor, and obey. At the end of the ceremony we were pronounced woman and wife instead of man and wife. The wedding cake had two brides on it instead of a bride and groom.

We have parties where ALL our daughters can get to know each other, and form friendships, and relationships that often lead to marriages. My girls will not have to have two weddings for the marriage to be legal. One of the members was just appointed to the bench. As a judge she can perform marriages and they are legal.

As for how Danielle feels about what she wears, I guess like any girl her age would. Remember she was raised as a girl all her life, So dressing like a girl is natural, and not a turn on.

In my practice I often recommend that the couple go off for a weekend where they reverse roles so each can get a better understanding of the others problems, and point of view. It does involve how they dress to enhance the experience. I find it can work wonders in saving a marriage.

As far as I am concerned Alice is my GIRL FRIDAY, and I treat HER accordingly.

Hi Joanne!

    Thank You so much for sharing.  The reason I asked you the Question about the Islamic world is because that is something I am asked often, as I advocate for men and boys being Pretty and docile. I LOVE your Outlook though…when men and boys are completely Feminized, the world will be so much better!!      It must have been a Joy for you…I am assuming that your mother was also a female Supremist!  To see her wife Feminized, as well as two Sissy Sisters, that must have been a real thrill for a female Supremist.  I think it is Delightful to see the Once Macho Male brought Down to his proper, Feminized Place!!!     In My Worldview, for what I would like to see, males would not have Voting Rights, or be ale to own Property.  Males would be Required to be Feminized, and be subservient to Women.  I would Like to see Girls and Women be more like Tomboys though…physically Stronger than Males.  It would be so Nice to see the males being like Traditional Females…..always Required to be Pretty for the woman’s Pleasure…a great World that would be! Thank you for your Correspondence! 


Hi Patti;

Yes my mother is a female supremest. She used artificial insemination to conceive my sissy sisters, I was the result of a rape. Not all the women who joined L.A.S.S. had sons from the rape.

As I told you I am a lesbian. My lover is as femme as I am. I find butches to be a turn off. The pics on your blog of the women’s football team show all of them to be butch. Have you ever seen the L.F.L. (Lingerie Football League) playing. The ladies in that league are all very feminine. Their uniforms consist as bikinis, shoulder pads, knee pads. and helmets. They play in indoor arenas so the weather is not a problem.

Hi Marsha!     

   Your second Wedding sounded Divine…How Lovely the Both of you must have Looked in your Pretty Gowns.  The Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids must have been so Cute!!!   Do you mind if I ask what types of Dresses they were wearing?  What Color?  Did they all wear nylons with their Dresses and High Heels?  Were all the Bridesmaids raised as Girls, or were they converted to being Feminine after once being “Regular Boys”?  The LASS sounds like an Incredible Organization that will Create a Better Society…and a Better male! It will be so Lovely when Danielle gets Married…Promising to Love, Honor and OBEY his Wife!   Male Wives will become more Prominent in the Future.  The Number of Males that Want to be Feminine seems to be Increasing everyday…I just received a message from a guy today that was asking me how he could start Feminizing himself…It is Wonderful to see!!       Because you mentioned about the Parties where all the Girls get together, do your Daughters have Pretty Gurlfriends?  You also mentioned that your GG Daughters do play sports, do they Prefer to wear Slacks or Skirts?  I know you had said at the Wedding for you and Bobbi, everyone was wearing Skirts, but I would be curious to know what the younger Girls within the Organization prefer to wear.  It seems to me that a lot of Young Girls today prefer wearing Slacks over Skirts, which in my Worldview is Nice to see the reversing of the Skirts and Pants between Girls and Boys.  The more Feminine the Male, the Better Behaved he will be, as far as I am concerned.     The Feminized Males that were Bobbi’s Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids, are they married to Independent women?  It is also curious to know if any of these Feminized males work or are they All Male Wives that are Homemakers?      Just so you know, I have also been conversing with Joanne…She is Awesome!  If there is anything I could do to help out the Cause of Female Empowerment  with my Blog, please let me know.  Is there any Feminist Blogs that deal with Male Feminization that you would be able to direct me to?  I think what you have done is Marvelous…the fact that you have participated in the Feminization of Men and Boys is a Service to Womankind!   It is Fantastic and you are a fantastic Woman.       Please Share my E-Mail Address and Blog with Any and All Women or Feminine Males that are in Support of the Cause of Male Femininization and the Empowerment of Women.  This is a Message and Movement that we Need to Accelerate! Thank You so Much for All you do!  Thanks for the Wonderful Correspondence! 

Your Friend,


Hi Patti;

Rita is on her college basketball team, and Carol is on a soccer team. when they play sports they dress accordingly. However for everyday wear they prefer dresses and skirts.

Bobbi’s maid of honor, and bridesmaids wore strapless dresses. Pink for the bridesmaids, and yellow for the maid of honor. All are now married. Bobbi was a bridesmaid at their weddings.

Usually when a woman opens her professional office, or her business it is necessary for her wife to work for her until there is enough income for her wife to stay home.

Hi Marsha!   

   Thank you for the Great Information.  It is such a Joy when I correspond with others with similar Views.  Bobbi and the other Feminized males seem to very much Enjoy their Femininity, and I really believe most men and boys will Delight in being Feminine!  It is Nice that the younger Women are being Involved with the Feminization of the Men and Boys.  The LASS Meeting must be fantastic, and the Future Weddings with the Female Judge will be Delicious!!!      The Males must have really Loved the Pretty Bridesmaid Dresses they had the Pleasure of wearing.  Women Taking Control and keeping males Submissive will create a Much better Society.  i really Appreciate you and the other women that are Involved in this.  i hope we will stay in contact.  Please feel free to share anything that could be of interest to my Blog Readers! Thanks so Much 


Hi Patti;

I think that the initial letter I sent you about my family might be of interest to your readers.

I have asked Gloria to tell you as much as she can about L.A.S.S. as she could without violating any of the rules. I do not know if she will or not, that is for her to decide.

(E-Mail from Gloria)

Hello Patti;

Once again I am contacting you at the behest of my daughter in law, Marsha. As I am one of the founding members of L.A.S.S., she thought I might be better able to tell you as much as I can about us without compromising our group.

In 1969, we were a group of fifteen pregnant single young women who had been raped, and were pregnant. We were in group therapy conducted by Dr. Michales, who was a lesbian, and a female supremest. She convinced us to form a group where our daughters would become strong, independent women, and our sons would never be able to ever rape a woman. With her help we set up the rules under which we would operate.

1)     To prevent any sons born of the rapes from ever becoming rapists, they would be totally feminized, castrated, and raised as girls.

2)     Any girls born of the rapes would be raised to be strong, independent women who would have control of their families.

3)     When our children are old enough to marry, our daughters will choose their wives from among the feminized sons.

4)     Our daughters will never have intercourse with men. Since their wives will not be able to produce sperm, impregnation will be by artificial insemination. This will also        serve to prevent children born out of incest. Lesbian relationships between our daughters, and using of wives for a woman’s oral pleasure is permitted.

5)     Membership would be limited to the original fifteen women, and their children. All future children born of members would become members at birth.

6)     The group shall be a matriarchy. The oldest woman from each family shall be on the governing board, and the oldest board member the leader.

It must be noted that seven of us had sons, the rest had daughters. None of us ever married, but some used artificial insemination to have more children. With the birth of a girl last month we are now in the fourth generation.

We meet once a week with all family members in attendance from the oldest to the youngest. Except for one meeting each month the meetings are for business, and an informal party. Once a month we hold a formal ball. This is so our daughters can get to know their future wives.

I might add that last year we obtained a charter from the Girl Scouts to have a troop where both our daughters, and feminized sons participate.

Hi Gloria!  

    I am so Thrilled that you are taking the Time to Correspond with me and Give me Insights into your Organization.  You Women are The GREATEST!!!   Just knowing that there are Organizations out there that are Empowering omen and Feminizing Males makes me Feel that there is some Hope for this World.  Lets Face it…had this Boy that just Killed the 26 People been Feminized, He would NOT have done this type of Destruction! What I am going to share with you, is a Posting on the Demale Training manual…and Example of what a Woman has done with her sons.  The thing that I do Not Agree with, is making them Gay…males should be ONLY at the Service to Women, and Gay male Activity should not be permitted!!!   That’s my opinion! Here is the initial Posting to this: 

Demale Society #51Testimonials Added 7/30/2009Subject: The Carson Family – Introduction

Demaling a boy can be done quickly or slowly. The best method depends a lot on the boy and the situation. Most of the time, doing it slowly is best, and the sneakiness of it a lot more fun, but sometimes the shock of doing it quickly is as effective and even more traumatic for a boy. The following story of the Carson family is a great example.

Ten-year-old Kevin Carson had gotten into a fight with Kathy Newlund, a girl at school, He had hit her so hard it bruised her face and knocked a tooth out of her mouth. His defense: on the day in question, she attacked him after school because he didnt let her see his answers during a math test. Besides, he explained she outweighed him by twenty pounds and he was just trying to defend himself against her, who everyone knew was one of the schools most notorious bullies.

Mandy, the boys mother had been waiting for an excuse to feminize him because he was becoming too willful as well as very mean to his little eight-year-old sister, Jennifer. Mandy Carson had been a member of our chapter for almost a year and had taken the slow road to asserting her control over her family. She hesitated demaling Kevin and his older brother, Cliff, because turning a boy into a sissy was such a foreign concept to what she had believed her entire life.
Mandy had always been attracted to the typical, manly type of male going back to her high school days when she was a cheerleader and her boyfriends were always the school jocks, and its why she married Arnold, a big, coarse linebacker. It took her a long time to realize that egotistical macho men like the football hero Arnie make poor husbands and boring lovers. Several of Mandys old school friends had married wimpy or even effeminate husbands, and most of them seemed so much happier than she was. She wondered what she was missing. So Mandy asked Alice Ashton to lunch, a former classmate who had married a very wimpy guy.

Mandy cried on her old friend’s shoulder saying she thought she had done everything right. She had been the cute, perky, mini-skirted blonde who had married the handsome ideal guy, but her marriage was anything but ideal. Arnie was dull and he did little to help out around the house. Plus, he had very little interest in the children unless it was something he was interested in too, like sports. He complained a lot about the kids, especially their two boys, Cliff and Kevin. Anyone would think hed be interested in his boys as his pride and joy, but he often hinted they were’nt masculine enough for him. Ignoring them or putting them down was typical of how he related to them. Jennifer, their eight-year-old little girl, was daddy’s little princess but he didn’t do much right with her either. He showed his love by buying her most anything she wanted and letting her eat junk food and candy instead of supporting Mand’ys desire for the kids to eat a healthy diet.

In turn, Alice told Mandy that after high school she was frustrated with the men she met. She then discovered the Demale Society, an organization that reshaped her views and helped her find the right kind of guy to marry. She had no interest in macho guys; her ideal was a mate interested in her needs and one she could boss around! She wanted to be the one in charge and make all the important family decisions.

Those concepts were alien to Mandy. She wondered what it would be like to be in charge of her own family and quickly realized it would make all the difference in her world. She started attending some of our Demale Society meetings and was taken aback by our female supremacy ideas. She learned why typical males are such poor mates.

Over time, she rethought her feelings, changed her opinion about what is and isn’t attractive in a male and concluded that sissies make the best partners. It did depress her she wondered why her mother or anyone else had never told her the truth about macho men when she was a little girl instead of pushing upon her all the fairytale bullshit about the ideal mate and traditional male-female stereotypes?

Alice eventually introduced Mandy to her two sons who are very sissified. She thought the boys looked more like girls than boys, and when she learned the boys were gay, she was sure she would never want that for her boys. But as she became more involved with our club and got to know more about Alice’s boys, she found them to be the sweetest, most loving children she had ever known. It didn’t take her long to decide that is exactly what she wanted for her own sons!

Learning these lessons so late in her life made her angry, and it didn’t take her long to start making changes in her own family. It was slow going. She started to take charge and was a lot happier in the process. Arnie was so into himself, he hardly noticed. Amazingly, he did let her make many of the family decisions probably because it made life easier for him.

The following is her family’s story at this stage of their development. Mandy has been increasing her control over their family for nearly a year at the start of this narrative, but then the fight Kevin had with that girl gave Mandy the chance to discipline him with petticoat punishment, and even her brute of a husband didn’t stand in her way since her husband considered a boy striking and hurting a girl something that boys never so under any circumstance.

It had taken Mandy a long time to understand and accept the Demale Society philosophy and then summon the courage to put it into practice, but once she decided to do it, she was in a rush to achieve her goal and thats why she decided the shock value of doing a quick demaling was the best way to do it.

After Kevin had so violated the girl, Mandy had little trouble convincing Arnie that the ideal way to punish a boy for such an offense would be to force him to be like a girl for a while. It would humiliate him out of ever doing something like that again. But what her husband did not know, is that putting the boy in girls clothes would not be a temporary punishment but a whole new way of life. Seeing his son dressed up like a girl made macho Arnie uncomfortable, but his wife assured him that it would make Kevin want to be all boy, maybe even the boy he had always wanted his son to be. Of course thats not what happened. Now here is the Carson family’s story from the viewpoint of Kevin, who is now fully petticoat disciplined at home at all times. Only when going outside, which isn’t very often, or when going to school, can he wear boys clothes, but even then, he must always wear a lace-edged camisole and nylon panties under those clothes.

There will be more to follow! You are all exceptional Women, and I Adore all of you for the Great Service you are doing!


Hi Patti;

I see you sent me mail addressed to Gloria. I do agree with you about servicing men. As Gloria has told you we do approve of lesbian relationships. Our wives provide us with our sexual pleasure as any other woman would. In other words not only do we turn our boys into girls, but lesbians.

Hi Patti;

I hope you got everything you wanted for X-Mas. This year I gave all my girls jewelry. For Bobbi I bought a CZ necklace, earring set. Rita got a CZ tennis bracelet, Carol got a cocktail ring, and for Daniella stud earrings, also CZ.

Hi Patti;

Gloria stopped by this morning with her presents for the girls. She gave them each $250., and will be taking them shopping for evening gowns to wear to the L.A.S.S., New Years Eve ball. It will also give the girls a chance to show off their new jewelry. Daniella is all giddy about it. this will be her first evening gown. She wants a strapless one. There is a fifteen year old young lady she has a teen age crush on. She moons over Dorothy’s picture and dreams of being her wife. Of course at fourteen she will have more such crushes before she is old enough to marry.

Hi Patti;

Happy New Year. We just got home from the ball. The girls wore their new ball gowns, and jewelry. I lent Daniela some of my jewelry to match her new stud earrings. She looked like a princess. Her gown is pink, it has a skin tight strapless bodice and a full ankle length skirt. She also wore strappy evening slippers with a three inch heel also in pink. It was her first formal ball. not that she hasn’t attended parties at L.A.S.S., but they were in the afternoon and would end at 10:00PM the ball went on till after midnight. I let her have some champaigne to toast the new year.

Hello Ladies!      Thank You all for your Correspondences in 2012.  I Hope we can continue with Corresponding and pursuing Female Empowerment and male Feminization in 2013!     

Wishing you all the Best in 2013.

(Response from Gloria)

Hello Patti;

Happy New Year. to you as well.

I would like to make a correction in the way you refer to our special daughters. We never use the male form of address for any of our daughters. Instead we have three forms of describing our daughters. Pre pubescent female daughters ate called girls. After puberty, and before reaching the legal age of adulthood they are our young ladies, then after reaching legal age they are women. Our special daughters, are always girls, since they can not have babies.

Hi Marsha!     

That sounds like it was such a Delight!!!   I am so Happy for Danielle!  You Must be so Proud of her!      Was she able to have a dance with the Girls that she has a Crush on?  The Beauty that must have emanated from her in the Pink Gown and Pink High Heels…It will be so Wonderful when a larger percentage of Young males find themselves in this Great situation….Much better than being a macho “Ass”!!!      You are such a Wonderful Woman and Mom…I Applaud you and your family! Happy New Year….a Year I hope will be a breakthrough for Male Feminization!! 


Hi Patti;

Yes Daniela was able to dance with the young lady she has a crush on. In fact she danced with all the young ladies who would turn sixteen and seventeen, except her sister. The New Years Ball also serves as the coming out party for all the girls who will turn fifteen in the new year. We have a ceremony that we follow. The young ladies, except for the sisters of the girl being introduced line up. One by one the girls who will turn fifteen are formally introduced to them. Not that they do not already know each other from playing together as children, and attending parties.

The Following Photos are examples of the Great Changes being made in males!!!

His First Dress!

Boys Transformed Into Beautiful Girls – All About Crossdresser

Womanless beauty pageant is a special event in which boys are dressed as girls and made to compete in a beauty contest. In this pageant, the girls transform the boys into beautiful girls and teach them feminine manners and body movements. Theses types of beauty pageant are usually held in schools and colleges of United States, mostly for charity and awareness programs. Here are some of the best boy to girl transformations as seen in Womanless Beauty Pageants. Facebook Comments

And isn’t this what “Eye Candy” for Strong Women should look like?

The Future will be Different!

Today’s Posting will focus on how Society is changing. It is a Delight to see how things have changed over the last 50 years. In 1970, Girls were not allowed to do many things that are now common, playing Real Basketball, Softball, Wrestling and the huge increase in Girls now playing Football!

Here is an article about a very athletic 7th Grade Girl. Not only is she a Great football player, but she also competes in boxing, basketball and wrestling!

Tanner Berry: Passion for the Process

Tanner Berry is a 7th grade tackle football player for the Indy Steelers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tanner is a versatile athlete, playing at linebacker, running back, and tight end. She has been in the game since she was six years old. Encouragement from her brother and cousin drew Tanner to get involved in football and she is now in her sixth season. Tanner has received invitations to play in all-American games for football and also shines in her athleticism by competing in wrestling, boxing, and basketball.

The brotherhood and sisterhood of football is very meaningful to Tanner who has found support among many of her teammates. She also enjoys the physicality of the game as an outlet for any anger. Tanner believes that football “keeps you off the streets and helps make a future for yourself.” One of her goals is to be the first female to play in the NFL. It is also one of Tanner’s missions to support her city. She volunteers her time to two non-profit organizations, Tab Fresh Stop and The Ross Foundation.

Being underestimated because she is a girl has only fueled Tanner’s motivation to work harder. She has risen above challenges and developed a dedicated work ethic on and off the field. Her effort and drive to compete is undeniably showcased in her continual growth as an athlete! As Tanner follows her passion for football and gives back to her community, she creates a better world for future female football players while playing the game she loves.

While many boys are now getting in touch with their Feminine sides!

EverydayGirlDad on Instagram: “Look at this perfect human!”
It is so Cute how he holds his skirt out!
He is so Sweet and Innocent!
Young men look so Cute in dresses!

Maya Pears: Colorado Competitor

Maya Pears is a 7th grade tackle football player in Longmont, Colorado. She is in her 5th season of football and plays corner, safety, and wide receiver for the Longmont Falcons.

Football is in Maya’s family history. Her father and her uncle are former NFL players. Maya’s journey in football began when she was encouraged by her father to try a sport. When her dad offered football as an option, Maya was enthusiastic! She fell in love with the game. She started off with flag football in 2nd grade and then moved on to tackle in middle school.

Consistently the only girl on her team, Maya’s presence on the field is unexpected within her community. She has had to overcome negative comments and teasing. Maya feels pressure to work harder than everyone else to prove that she deserves a place on the field. She has not allowed the negativity to deter her. Fueled by her love for the game, Maya continues to compete and succeed.

Maya cherishes the energy and excitement of football. She is a skilled blocker and loves the physicality of the game. Her leadership abilities are evident on the field as she shares her football knowledge and understanding of plays. Maya has the goal of becoming the first female NFL player, and in a non-kicking position.

Through Maya’s determination to be great, her hard work towards her goals, and her strong support system, she will continue to shine in her passion for football. Maya encourages any girls who are interested in football to go for it!

“If you work hard enough at it, you can earn the respect of your coaches, teammates, and the parents watching. Be the hardest worker on and off the field. Surround yourself with mentors and friends that encourage and support you.”

Image may contain: 4 people, people playing sports and outdoor
Girls from the Utah Youth Football League

And some boys just Want to be Pretty!!

garçon se faisant maquillé par maman

Some of the Changes that are Occurring are being encouraged by Strong Mothers!

Here is a Story from the latest edition of PDQ. I do not necessarily encourage hormones, but this is the story. It is interesting to see that he is still going to the same school. More and more mothers are finding that Petticoating unruly boys really does change their behavior!

A TEENAGE SISSYfrom Danielle

Dear Auntie Helga,

My name is Danielle, and I am a 17 year old “girl” living in Northern New Jersey. The reason why I quote “girl” is because I’m really genetically still a boy. I have the appearance of a normal teenage girl because my mother had put me on hormones for a couple of years in my late childhood. Why? It’s because it was part of her punishment for me, which is to live my life as a girl. My mother wants me to write this letter to you. Here is how it all started.

It happened around 3 years ago when I was 12 years old. My mother was a single parent (she divorced my father when I was 2 years old) and raised me and my two older sisters, Jessie and Stephanie. My mother wasn’t very happy with me for several reasons. First of all, my grades were steadily decreasing from Bs to Ds. Second, she didn’t approve of my friends, and said they were too immature for their age. Third, and most important of all, she disapproved of me harassing my older sisters (who were 15 and 16 years old at the time) and all the innocent, kind girls in my classroom.

On a Friday, my mother was called to the school. Apparently, I was called to the office for throwing my lunch at two of the most popular girls in my grade, Kelly and Lindsey. They began crying and I was sent to the principal’s office. My mom was furious at me. My principal (who was female) wanted to talk with my mother in private outside. They had been talking for about 20 minutes, and then they finally came back in. I asked what my punishment was. Strangely enough, my principal said she wouldn’t be giving me my punishment. I was surprised; she even gave me an early dismissal from school. Mom shook hands with my principal then dragged me to the car. I found out later that apparently my principal mentioned your site and petticoat punishment to my mom.

I was nervous. No punishment, early dismissal, something didn’t seem right at all. When we got home, mom dragged me by the ear on the way to the door. When we got inside the house, mother told me to follow her upstairs. She brought me to her bedroom and laid me down on her bed. She then pulled my pants down and started spanking me. The pain was awful. My bottom was red and burning by the time she was done. I soon fell asleep shortly as mom went downstairs to make early dinner. Soon after, my sisters come home. Mom wanted to talk with them in private. I had a strange feeling about it. After she was done talking, mom served dinner. My eyes were a little teary from the spanking. Jessie and Stephanie noticed and started calling me “sissy” and “little girl”. I was going to hit them, but then my mom pushed me on the sofa and spanked me again, twice as hard this time. Jessie and Stephanie laughed.

At the dinner table, I expected a big dinner, but instead, my mother served us all salads instead. I wanted to ask her for steak, but I didn’t feel like talking. After that, I was told to get ready for bed immediately. I did so, quickly falling asleep in my bed. The next morning, I was wakened up by Stephanie and told to get dressed. She handed me a pair of pink panties, an old training bra, a mini skirt and a yellow blouse. She said if I refused to wear it, she would be allowed to spank me. I followed her orders. Everything was so tight. I felt every bit of my manhood break while wearing the girl clothes. She then handed me a blonde wig to wear. It was so troublesome to have long hair.

As I went downstairs, my mom commented on how pretty I looked and held up a mirror in her hands. I was embarrassed. I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth. Then mom was going to take me shopping. As we walked out the door, Trey, my 27 year old cousin came to our house and said he was going to do some renovating, a request by my mom. He then went inside. Mom and Jessie then took me to the mall to get girls clothes. I bought panties and training bras, tight girl jeans, shirts and shoes. After we came home, I ran to my room to hide, but as soon as I walked in, it was entirely pink. I had new furniture, a new bed, and now a new wardrobe. Everything from that point changed.

A month later, my mom ordered a package. It came in the mail and told me to open it. I did so, only to find female hormones. I was dumbfounded. She gave me a terrifying glance. She said I would be taking these for a year. I was scared. The pills had a strange effect on me. I didn’t feel very masculine at all. I felt weak. My masculinity was slowly beginning to crumble. The next thing I knew, I was becoming friendlier with Kelly and Lindsey at school, and ended up becoming best friends. My mom also had laser hair removal for my leg hairs, facial hair, arms, and pits. Everything seemed to be going great. My grades at school were increasing, my popularity increased, and best of all, I felt happier. It was also a good thing no one thought of me as a boy dressed as a girl, and my old friends didn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve also grown used to girls clothes, like wearing a bra, panties (including thongs), leggings (which are pretty tight) and girls shoes and dresses. I was still trying to get used to using the ladies restroom though, but I eventually got used to sitting down on the toilet instead.

Two years had gone by. I was now 14 years old and very feminine. My blonde hair had grown long, my body had become an hour glass figure, my hips, thighs and butt became bigger, rounder and smoother. My voice became higher pitch. My face was now more feminine. My skin was smooth and silky. I also grew C cup breasts. I still had my penis though. My behaviors and thoughts became more feminine, I have a manicure and wear light make up. Stephanie was in college now, and Jessie was a senior. I had been transferred to a new school, enrolled as a girl. I made a bunch of new friends. I soon found myself sinking in with the popular crowd. As I walk down the hallway, I can see boys from the corner of my eye looking at my butt as I walk by. In class too, I can see boys staring at some things they really shouldn’t be looking at. Now I realize that boys can be perverted, and see us girls as play things. I found this very offensive. By this time, I’ve experienced how hard it can be to be a girl sometimes, I just wish other boys can experience this and know what it feels like.

I’m now in high school. I’m in the cheerleading squad now. I shop at stores like Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. My outfits are usually a tank top, black leggings and UGG boots, a style very popular in northern US. Honestly, I feel happier as a girl. I feel more confident and stronger than as a boy. I’ve had 3 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends so far. I’m seen at school as a bisexual, none the less, I’m still very popular. It feels incredible to be a girl! I thank my mother, Jessie and Stephanie for feminizing me! And thank you Auntie Helga so much! If it weren’t for you and your site, I wouldn’t be what I am today, a young, beautiful teenage girl!


Thank you for your letter Danielle. You are very welcome dear, you seem to have adjusted very well to your petticoating. I don’t necessarily advocate hormones but each parent has to make this decision for themselves.

Auntie Helga


Boys participating in a Womanless Beauty Pageant!

Aren’t these boys Adorable in their Cute Dresses?

What more Women are finding in the “Perfect husband”!


Dear Helga,

For many years my husband and I have read and enjoyed the letters published in PDQ and I thought that I would write about our unique lifestyle. I have to say right from the beginning that Martin is straight – he does not want to be a woman and he does not feel anything towards men at all and our lifestyle is what we both want there is no enforcement against anyone’s will, he is not kept in enforced chastity and we are both faithful to each other.

I married Martin when he was just 16 years old and had just left school and started working in our office as a junior, which was just about thirty years ago and we have both been blissfully happy ever since. Since I am 12 years older than him and he was under 18, I had to see his mother, Mary to get permission for us to marry. From the time we first met, Mary and I have always been great friends and she was only too pleased to give her permission particularly as she was in a relationship with someone a little older than Martin, she wanted him to move in with her and she was hoping that Martin would find a place of his own and move out as she would have been embarrassed with them being so close in age under the same roof.

I was the girl in the office that all the young bucks fancied, but I was seen as far too bossy and stand offish. I have to admit I am rather dominant and I recognized very quickly after he started work that Martin was really quite subservient. Within two weeks of him starting he had moved into my house and was living in the small bedroom and ensuite in my converted attic and roughly a month after that we were married by special license. During those first two weeks Martin had revealed to me that he was a transvestite and loved to do housework – I couldn’t believe my luck, here was a boy who liked to be bossed around and enjoyed doing all those tasks which I found mind numbingly boring! All he needed was to do this dressed as a maid.

I encouraged him to dress up in all his finery when we got home from work and then he would do all the cleaning and cooking. At weekends he stayed in his little French maid’s uniform the whole time; washing and ironing, cooking and cleaning and waiting on me hand and foot without even being asked. I loved it! I have to say that he was always immaculately dressed and after I had shown him how to apply makeup properly – and sparingly, he did look surprisingly feminine. The only thing that bothered me was the length of time that he spent fussing over his uniform, it took him hours.

It was a typical French maid’s uniform: short black satin dress with white collar and cuffs, huge amounts of petticoats, white frilly knickers, black suspenders, seamed black stockings (which took him an age to get straight), and sky high stilettos. He also wore a decent black bra with an expensive pair of silicone breasts. I went into town and bought him two polyester work dresses; a grey one and a black and white waitress one from Alexandra’s. I also bought him a plain white full slip, packs of plain black, white and pink full bottomed nylon briefs, three white waitresses’ aprons, two striped ones, two little waitress caps, five pairs of tan tights, five pairs of black tights and a pair of flat black shoes.

I asked him to change right there and then, he went to go to his room but I said I wanted him to change in front of me which he did. I have never seen anyone so pleased to be given such ordinary working clothes, I honestly thought he was going to ejaculate on the spot he was so excited! I informed him that I wanted him in the grey in the mornings with flat shoes and a striped apron up until two o’clock and then to change into the black and white for the afternoon and evening with his heels. I wanted tights not stockings to be worn tan with the grey and black in the afternoon. I let him keep his bra and told him that he must wear the pants I gave him all the time from then on.

I went to his room that night and we made passionate love and he was hooked. That night he also told me that he liked to be punished – that is corporal punishment spanking etc. and he showed me a stack of magazines he had, mostly back numbers of Madame Magazine which I took and read all the relevant articles. After my research I came to the conclusion that firstly punishment should be just that, something to be avoided, to teach a lesson and properly earned. We discussed the various possibilities and decided to adopt a demerit system. He would receive a demerit for each fault and when he had reached 30, he would receive one stroke for each demerit on the Friday of that week, which meant that there could be almost another week in which demerits could be earned.

It was decided that I would keep a demerit book but that he would not know when, how many or for what he had earned them until after the punishment had been delivered and then he would need to copy out all the reasons from my book to his so as to try to learn how not to make the same mistakes again. He readily agreed to this and was in his element. He managed to rack up the whole 30 demerits by the first Friday and he was duly told to go to his room take off his tights pants and shoes and wait for me to join him.

I had got him to sew together some upholsterer’s webbing to form four strong loops which were simply looped through themselves onto the four corners of the bed and each threaded through a short piece of iron pipe he put his hands and feet through each of the loops and the pipe was slid down which acted as a lock and held him firmly spread-eagled on the bed. I had a long handled bath brush and administered all 30 of the strokes as hard as I could he cried and begged almost from the beginning but he had insisted that there was to be no safe words and that no mercy should be shown. His backside was black and blue and I left him for an hour unable to rub his poor bottom, by the time I had returned he had spent himself over his pillow which had been used to raise his bottom.

I can definitely say this worked, he was far more careful and it was a full six weeks before he had earned another of these dreadful punishments and he was trembling when I told him to prepare. I handed him a condom to put on so that we didn’t have any more accidents. I had also purchased a heavy leather two tailed tawse which I wanted to see the effects of.

We both decided that he should have a feminine name and we thought through some of the options, I suppose that Martina was the most obvious but I told him that it reminded me of his masculine self so we settled on Abigail, firstly because it would give him the same initials as me and secondly it can only be shortened to Abi and so that was agreed.

Helga I have gone on for long enough but I can write more about our lifestyle if you would like me to, particularly about our honeymoon and all the other holidays we have had since.

Amy B.

Thank you so much for writing about your most successful marriage and for being a regular reader. I would also love to read more and thank you for your offer. I must say the honeymoon does sound intriguing.


Here is what one Strong Woman does with her Sissy husband!

Amber says

9th November 2020 at 7:17 pm

I dress my sissy husband in a short schoolgirl type skirt with garters and stockings along with that a nice tight top with her large breast forms so she has no way to hide them as they are very obvious. With the skirt the stocking tops and garters are exposed when she is sitting on passenger side of the car and we will go through drive through for food. But we go to one for food another for drinks ,basically individual items at each one as to maximize the exposure. With her makeup and bright lipstick all made up she is a pretty sight to see.

Some examples of men that are Changing!

With mom's help, I'm just one of the girls. I've gone from a fourteen year old, BMX bike riding, tree climbing, sports loving boy into a pretty girl who loves dresses, doing her nails, learning to wear makeup, and thinking that Justin Beiber is totally hot!

The New Age of men!

The Making of the Sissies and FLR – The New Age!

The World has seen a Great Change in the last 30 to 40 years. More Women are deciding that they have had enough of the macho behaviors of men and boys, and many are encouraging change. In the meantime, Women have taken the “Bull by the Horn”, and they have invaded the once male domains! The changes are astonishing.

This Women is Quite Confident in her “Butch” Personna!

I will NEVER wear feminine clothing again…that is for the men!

Here is but one example of the New Age male: You notice how he is keeping his legs together so no one can look up his skirt, his legs are encased in dainty nylons, and his high heels show how delicate a creature he has become!

sissy photo of the week
He is thinking, Do I look alright? I hope my mascara isn’t smudged!

For the Once Dominant and masculine male, things have changed!

For the Upcoming, Dominant Woman, Life is Great being in Control!

Not at all concerned being Strong and Dominant!

They are now careful not to run their nylons, they make sure that their makeup is just right, and they always have to remember to grab their purses!

I Hope she likes my outfit…She told me to wear a mini dress!

For many Mothers, controlling unruly boys with Petticoat Discipline works wonders…here is a story from a Mother that has had Great Success with her once unruly boy:

Petticoating Worked Wonders with my Sonfrom Jackie

Dear Susan,

Hi my name is Jackie, and I would like to share my experience with the use of petticoat punishment on my son Michael. I think this is a
wonderful way of punishing unruly boys, and it worked wonders for my son. I suppose I should start at the beginning of why I started using petticoating, and then describe the results I have achieved. When my son was 3 years old his father (my husband) Jack passed away, this had a great impact on my son becuase he didnt have a strong father figure to support him and his sister Anne, and to discipline them. I tried my best but he was getting in to fights at school, looking up his sister’s dress, and being careless around the house, and by the time he was 12 I had run out of ideas. I tried spankings, taking away toys and privileges, but nothing worked.

Finally one day I was having lunch with a friend and she told me about an article discusing petticoat punishment she had read from the UK (we live in the USA), I had never heard about it, but I was desperate and asked her to drop the article off so I could read it. A few days later I read the article. I was a little skeptical, but decided I would give it a try the next time my son misbehaved.  One day my son was teasing his sister, who is a year younger than him. When my daughter came to me crying, I was so mad that I decided that instead of spanking I would use petticoating. I took him into her bedroom, looked in a drawer, and took out a pair of pink panties, white tights and a dress from his sister’s clothes, and told him to put them on.

He looked at me and started to fuss, but as soon as I told him that next time one of his friends was over I would talk about how nice he looked in Anne’s clothes, he began to cry and starting putting on the tights. After he was done I brought him a pair of fussy lace-trimmed ankle socks, and single strap, very shiny girls’ party shoes. I then took all his clothes out of his room and replaced them with tights I had bought (pink, yellow, red, white, and blue), some skirts (various colors), and pretty dresses mostly in flower patterns etc…than I told him if he didn’t behave then this is his punishment, and that I might even take him out to the store like this.

Next I brought him in the room where his sister was playing, and she started laughing and giggling at him when she saw his attire – he blushed with embarrassment at his thoroughly deserved comeuppance. I explained that this is how he was going to be punished in the future, and that she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. She understood, and I than made him play nicely with her and her dolls. Slowly petticoating worked its magic: every time he did something unacceptable, I dressed him tights, little girls’ ‘unmentionables’, and a dress.

By the time my son was 15 he was a well-behaved, obedient child! I owe it all to petticoating. He never again picked on his sister, or got in fights at school, because he knew what would happen. After I found this site I wanted every mother out there to know that it works, and works well. The embarrassment that my son felt was enought to make him think twice about doing no good. And for those of you worried that your son will turn out to be crazy, or anti-social, or gay, none of this happened to my son. He’s 17, has a girlfriend whom he dotes on, plays sports, and has many friends. For all you mothers with sons who are out of control try this out: you’ll be happy with the results!
Keep up the good work,

Congratulations Jackie, it sounds like your efforts have been a complete success. My best wishes to your whole family.


Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Sat Nov 7th in 64 cities across the US XENITH G Wilson WFA National Tryout Day Register at: htp:/ay'

As many of you are aware, I am Good Friends with “The Radical Feminist”….aka Chris! She is a Strong Advocate of male Feminization and the Empowerment of Women and Girls. She has done incredible work over the years, and I asked her if we could share one of the instances of her work from five years ago, and she agreed that it would be okay. The following is an exchange of E-Mails between me and Chris, and what one Woman has done with her family by taking control, and establishing a FLR.

Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 3:18 PM

Got a really good one for you, recently starting talking to a mom (Arlene) and dad (Joe). They are a couple in the mid-thirties who are now living fulltime as a gender reversed household. They have a 13 year old daughter, 9 and 6 year old sons. Two years ago they were a normal modern two working parent family until Joe lost his job and found himself as a stay at home dad/househusband. Arlene is a lawyer who has risen quickly to become a full partner. She has more than enough money and has everything in her name, Joe has no assets and only a small allowance he is allowed to spend each week on food and other things for the family. Arlene joined a feminist group shortly after her husband lost his job and really like the idea of her family become an example of a female led household. We have talked on and off for more than year and she was very skeptical of petticoating and did not believe it was right for her family. This all changed a few months ago when she decided her two sons Joe Jr (Age 9) and Carl (Age 6) needed an attitude adjustment. She discussed using petticoating on the youngest Carl after he got in trouble at school and her husband was against it. Arlene decided Joe needed his own attitude adjustment and started making him wear panties and nightgowns to bed, this is the same time she restricted the money her husband had access too. He was not happy but soon learn to accept that Arlene was in charge. She enlisted the help of her daughter Peyton (age 13) who was trill with her mother’s plans.

What’s really interesting is I am in contact with both Arlene and Joe. Recently I got a chance to meet both of them for lunch and Arlene laid out her plans, the look on Joe’s face was perfect he is not happy about the idea of his sons being petticoated but has no choice to accept Arlene in charge and he has no choice to do what she says. Arlene firmly believes in the superiority of women and has made it clear that her and Peyton are now in charge, Joe does not like this but again has no choice Peyton is given a larger allowance than Joe and must treat her as adult (equal to his authority). Peyton and Arlene recently went shopping for the boys Christmas dresses, Peyton had a ball picking out the boys outfits, over the top girly would be an understatement, Arlene even considering getting the boys hair permed for the holidays. She is a bit bold and often takes the boys out while dressed and will be attending three different Christmas parties with the boys in their Christmas dresses, the parties will be at one of her cousins house (who is aware of the boys being petticoated), a co-worked who has seen the boys dressed while out and local party at one of her neighbor’s house. Arlene plans to start home schooling the boys and putting them into dresses 24/7 after the holidays. You can really tell Joe does not like this, Arlene knows this and loves to rub in in his face at lunch she sense him being uncomfortable and said, watch yourself or you will be wearing skirts 24/7 too or maybe I just drop you in a dumpster somewhere, I can easily replace you with a nanny or maid.  Joe just kept quiet and said yes honey I will do as you say.

Got to run, love to hear your thoughts, doesn’t this sound like the perfect family?

Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 10:03 PM

Yes, Arlene is awesome and poor little Joe knows he has no choice but to respect his wife’s wishes. She is in complete control now, a few years ago things were different Joe control the bank accounts and had a good playing job in sales. When he lost his job he took his time looking for new work and spent his days goofing off playing golf and drinking with his buddies. Arlene was furious and threated to kick him out unless he signed an agreement which gave her complete control off all assets and put their bank accounts, home and cars only in her name, she had a section in the agreement that gave her complete legal control of the children too. He literally signed complete control over to Arlene and knows she is serious do what she says or end up on the street penniless.
Arlene, main focus right now are the boys and making Joe not just accept but actively assist in their petticoating. She has made Joe put both boys into dresses several times, she told me she laughed her ass off watching Joe put panties and tights on Joe Jr. She had him put the boys into tutus too and then take them out to the grocery store. She told me Joe was just if not more humiliated then the boys were wearing tutus and tights walking through the grocery store. Arline has big plans for Joe and has decided to take him down the feminine road slowly she is going to savior every moment as he surrenders to her will.

Sunday, November 29, 2015 11:22 PM
Subject: Re: Mother Rules the House

Arlene is already ahead of you. I do not have time to go into full detail right now so I give you a quick summary. Arlene and I have been talking on and off for a while, a friend at her Feminist group suggested we talk and while Arlene liked the idea of petticoating she did not think it was for her. Both Peyton and her are tomboys and had no dresses available and she told me she could never see having the time to put the boys into frilly dresses and tights. We continue to talk on an off until she asked to meet me for lunch back a few months back. Her youngest Carl was starting to get out of control and her older boy Joe can be a bit sassy. She decided to buy a few dresses and thought she only use petticoating once or twice to scare the boys. Joe was against it but reluctantly agreed thinking it would only happen a few times. Well after she dressed Carl up and saw the reaction both Peyton (Who loved it) and Joe Jr who fall out of his chair seeing his brother in a dress. Over the summer she used petticoating on both Carl and Joe Jr. regularly. In the past all three of her kids played sports, mostly soccer but last year (2014) Joe Jr played on their local pop warner football team. When the new season started this year she decided that Joe Jr should quit the team and instead focus on his school work. He was not happy and went nuts when Peyton decided she want to try out for the team. This really sent Joe Jr off and Arlene decided to petticoat him when they went to sign Peyton up. She dressed the disrespectful boy in a frilly party dress, tied ribbons in his hair and made him carry a doll while she signed Peyton up. Peyton loved every minute of it and while Peyton tried out for the team poor Joe Jr had to hold his mommy hand wearing a dress and holding a doll. The coach and several of the other players were confused and kept looking at Arlene and the little girl holding her hand. One of the coaches asked where Joe Jr was and Arlene told them that he did not like football because it was too rough. Poor Joe just whimpered and hid his face. Joe Sr. had no idea this was happening and was not happy, made the mistake of questioning Arlene about it and she smacked him telling him she was in charge.  Joe Jr and Carl were both afraid of Arlene too and both towed the line focusing on their school work and doing whatever Arlene and Peyton said. Arlene decided for Peyton games and practices to not draw to much attention and only made both boys wear panties and tights under their boy clothes. For Halloween she got a little more bold and dressed Carl up as Dorothy and Joe Jr as a cheerleader. They got a lot of strange looks with the two boys dressed up for Halloween watching Peyton football game. A couple of the mothers even asked Arlene about it and she said her boys are just little princesses who liked dressing up.

There is so much more to tell that will have to wait until another time. I had a lovely talk with Arlene tonight and just got down emailing Joe. I never really dealt with a father before and its clear he loved Arlene and his kids and realize he has no choice, he often asks how he can become more accepting and is afraid that Arlene will put him into skirts.  Arlene has decided to wait on this since she once to focus on the boys Joe Sr. does wear panties 24/7 now which is something Peyton is aware of the often makes comments to her father that he is a little sissy.


More updates about Arlene will be coming soon. I had diner last night with them and Joe Sr was an adorable little househusband serving us food in his apron.

This is where the E-Mails ended. What happened after this is that the boys ended up completely Homeschooled, and Joe Sr. ended up totally Feminized. There were more parts that Chris had published on her Site that was deleted, and that was where that information was stored. The point being, once a Woman makes a decision to establish a FLR and household, it can be done, and the males will comply!

Young Girls are Enjoying the game of Football!

One Tough Girl!

While their older brothers look on!

A Very Pretty man!

More girls than ever are playing Football!

A team of their own: All-girls flag football team has quickly become formidable
Young Girls catching football
Young man in his frilly dress and dainty shoes!

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, sky, grass, outdoor and nature, text that says 'ALLO 59 31 ALLO 39'
These Girls won’t be doing any Cheerleading!

He probably won’t be playing any more baseball!

Many men are learning their New Place in the FLR!

Hoping he looks Good for his Breadwinning Wife!
No more pants for many of these men!

Some of these Dominant Women are insisting that their men wear very short skirts, so they can show them off to other Women!

Some Women enjoy seeing the tops of their husbands pantyhose!
Would make a Great Dancer at a GentleWoman’s Club!

No Matter what his age, put him into a skirt!

men have pretty legs!
He is so Sweet!
More boys are opting for dresses!
“ VₑₙᵤₛGᵢᵣₗ💗 ➠ 여자인💋
- I love myself as a woman!
🔗Facebook 🔗Instagram 🔗Pinterest 🔗Flickr 🔗Twitter
He needs to be a little careful with his skirt!
Girls can Enjoy seeing a Colorful Pretty boy!
Young vulnerable boys need a Strong Woman to protect them!
“ hosemy2legs:
“ DSC073350 by julie045 on Flickr.
this is how young guys should dress all the time
No, how most guys should dress
Boys look Cute in Skirt suits!
So Refreshing seeing feminized men in public!
So nice to see a man in a cute skirt and the Woman in pants!
Every Successful Woman deserve to have a boy maid!
Many Women are deciding that their men belong in short skirts or dresses!
Waiting for his Date! She is taking him out after her and her Friends are done playing some basketball!
Dresses and nylons…the New menswear!
If you are going to wear a skirts, always make sure that his is shorter than yours and show off his pretty nylon encased legs!
“Aaron Benvenuti
It’s nice to put him in fancy nylons!
Claire Watson
Show him off to your Friends!

The World is Changing Indeed!

The World is changing in many ways. The Male Femininity Movement is indeed growing, and the Female Empowerment Advocates are gaining everyday. This Posting will show some of the Different Changes that are occurring in Society!

China’s hottest new Boy Band is actually made up of five androgynous Girls!

China's hottest new boy band is actually made up of five androgynous girls

Women’s Tackle Football continues to Thrive!

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports and outdoor
OPEN FIELD - Official Trailer
Image may contain: 5 people

While this is going on, on Amazon, Mothers are writing books on how to Petticoat their sons!

Why I Turned My Son Into a Girl: And Why You Shoud, Too! by [Mary Martin]

Here is an excerpt from her book:

I was seriously at my wit’s end as to my son’s bad behavior. On the one hand, he was being a typical little boy. But when I discussed the problem with one of my friends, who also had a son a little older than my own child, she invited me over to her house for tea and some friendly parenting advice.

When I came over, I was shocked to learn that her boy used to be a little hell-raiser, too. As we sat in her living room though, she called to the kitchen—and an adorable little angel in a smart floral dress came promptly with a tray of tea a cookies for us.

“Good afternoon, dear. Could I offer you some tea?”

This lovely creature, I learned, was actually her son. But he was no longer a rambunctious little monster. In fact, he appeared to be a modest and dainty little girl. After pouring me my tea, he obediently stood by his mother’s side until he was excused.

“May I go to play with my dolls now, mommy?” he asked.

“Have you finished your homework?”

“Yes, mommy, of course,” he said.

His mother hugged him gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek before he skipped away with a genuine girlish glee. Of course, I was amazed and wondered how I could get my own son to be so obedient. The secret, I learned is that boys all secretly dream of being little girls. The source of their bad behavior and their sour temper is a frustration that they can’t be perfect little ladies dancing around in dresses.

……………..and a little later in the book:

My Perfect Little Girl ​
You might be wondering how you can transform someone who has always been a boy into a girl.  But let me give you an example of how my son has transitioned.  Before I decided to make him a girl, he was on his school’s football team.  Of course, he no longer plays football.  But he still likes to keep in touch with all his old friends and he attends all the games to root for them, as a cheer leader. ​The night before every game, we like to bake treats for the players to show them our support.  My son has become an excellent baker.  His favorite dessert is Apple Brown Betty, but he also likes to make strawberry shortcake cupcakes with little pink icing heats on top. 
The football team is called the Wildcats, so we also make kitty-cat shaped sugar cookies to pass out to the team.  When my son cheers for the boys, he wears the school’s uniform, which is a skirt and blouse, along with a cat-ear headband and whiskers painted on his face.  He is the team’s unofficial mascot.  A lot of the boys say that he is their good luck charm.  The school colors are blue and yellow, and to show his support for the team, as well as to be a little sporty, he wears yellow tights under his skirt instead of the standard navy blue or black.  It’s okay to let your hair down a little at a football game, after all.  It is just our little secret, but we also wear blue panties under our skirts on game day, too.

Why I Make My Son Wear Tights: A Mom's Guide to Petticoat Discipline by [Mary Martin]
Turning My Son into a Girl! by [Claire Lee]

Here is a photo of a cute young boy who is also enrolled into ballet.

Kween KeeKee
More Mothers Encouraging sons into Womanless Beauty Pageants!
No Wonder there are now Boy Beauty Pageants! They are so Lovely!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, text that says 'cla AYS NO YING!'
Some boys are really into looking Pretty
Sassalina Blue Childe (@sassalina.bluechilde) • Instagram photos and videos
Some boys really Love wearing their dresses!

While more and more boys are finding themselves in skirts and dresses and doing ballet, Girl’s Youth Football is Exploding!

Courtesy: Lisa McComb

14-year-old Logan girl prepares to play freshman football

SALT LAKE CITY — While living in Colorado in 2015, Sandra McComb approached her dad, Andrew, with a question.

“Dad, I want to play football,” the then 9-year old asked her father. “How do I play?”

Sandra grew up watching sports, especially football, before approaching her dad with her desire to play the game.

“I love watching football,” Sandra said. “I go to every high school game and watch the NFL games too.

“I wanted to play because my friends played, that’s what everyone did.”

Sandra, who is the youngest of three kids in the McComb family, has an older brother who participated in band and an older sister who dances. She would be the first of her siblings to try out and enjoy playing tackle football.

“You gotta support them in what they want to do and help encourage them with what they’re passionate about,” Sandra’s mom, Lisa McComb said.

After playing little league football as the only girl on a team of boys in Colorado, Sandra and her family moved to Logan after her fifth grade year.

Upon arriving in Utah, Andrew McComb said they looked into whether or not Sandra would be able to play with the boys here in Utah as well. “She said she wanted to play when we moved to Utah, so we just went to the rec center and signed her up,” he said. “They never said no, so we just let her play.”

Sandra has since played three seasons of tackle football in Logan, playing and starting on both the offensive and defensive line. Despite all the games Sandra has played, many of the other participants might not have even noticed. With a helmet and full pads on during games, Sandra’s parents said that most teams probably don’t even realize there’s a girl out there playing with all the boys.

When people do notice, they praise Sandra for having the courage to be different.

“I’m very proud of her for going out of the box and doing what she wants to do, even against most people’s opinions,” Andrew McComb said.

After completing her fourth season of little league football this past fall, Sandra plans on playing with the freshman team at Logan High School this next season. She is currently participating in workouts with other potential members of the freshman team. Workouts are held three nights a week for an hour each night, and Sandra is already one of the most faithful attendees.

Glen Halterman, who will participate as an assistant coach with the Logan High School freshman team this season, has coached Sandra the past two years in little league.

“She didn’t think she’d be able to play this year because she’s a girl,” Glen said. “She was pretty excited when she found out she could.”

Halterman wasn’t sure what it was going to be like having Sandra on his team when he began coaching the soon-to-be freshman during her seventh grade year.

“When I first got my roster and saw Sandra on there, I was curious to see how it was going to go,” he explained. “She’s stepped up and competed at a high level.

“She learns really well,” he added. “It seems like she’s always giving 100 percent, and I think the other kids feed off that.”

Sandra said she enjoys playing on both offense and defense, but really loves getting after the opposing team’s quarterback while playing defense.

“When I play defense, I was able to sack the quarterback a couple times,” she said. “That’s my favorite thing.”

Sandra, who also loves to play basketball and plans on trying out for the girls team at Logan High, said she wants to continue playing tackle football for as long as she can.

“I will try my hardest to go as far as I can with it,” she said. “There are times that I want to be done, but I push through it and keep going anyways because in the end it’ll be worth it.”

Regular practices for Sandra and the Logan High freshman team will begin this summer with games starting in August.

featuring Amirra from Texas,high school wide receiver & defensive back!Amirra is also known as “Rocket”! 🚀keep working, Amirra!

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports and outdoor

Utah Girls Football League

July 22  · Teamwork is the key to every big success. When everyone is equally dedicated and involved … Ohana Jr.High

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and outdoor

More Girls are Playing Tackle Football | NFL Football Operations

Many men and boys are learning that Male Femininity is actually a Good Thing, especially when a Women is fully supporting them!


Dear Miss Susan:

I would like to relate a bit of something that happened to me recently. I have been under petticoat training and discipline for about a year now.  My wonderful wife has taken the time and made the effort to feminise and civilise me in the most wonderful fashion.  Although I have always been interested in the sweet garments of the feminine gender, and have dressed up in private since I was a little boy, I have never felt like I could be honest and open about this to anyone.

However, sometime back, my wife and I were having some problems and in the process of getting some counseling it became obvious that if I wanted my marriage to continue I was going to have to ‘get honest’ and reveal my true self to her.  Of course, there shouldn’t be any secrets between a husband and wife but I had so much shame about this subject, that I was just too afraid of what she would think of me if I actually told her the truth about liking to wear panties and such.  I thought, ‘ Who would want a man who likes to dress up in girls’ clothes and panties?’  I supposed she would just laugh me out of the room (and out of her life).

Well, I finally did get honest and to my great surprise and joy, she was very interested and once she did some reading (I gave her your web site address along with some others), and understood that she could get me to do just about anything she told me to do if she would just put me in panties…I must say, she became very enthusiastic about the prospect.

Anyway about twelve months have now passed and, I must say, I am now really almost a different person.  She has changed my behavior so much I hardly recognise myself.  Using her lucid feminine logic, with corresponding rewards and punishments, she has tranformed me from your typical football watching macho American husband into a polite, considerate, and obedient gentle man.
 She does keep me in panties, of course, but these are only now a symbol of her dominance of me – a dominance I love and cherish.

I find that when I follow her orders and do her will, I become so much happier with myself and my life than the way it was when I was an uncontrolled male. I am no longer messy and slovenly.  I am very neat and tidy.  I am no longer rude in manner but rather polite and gentle, her ‘sweet boy’, as she says.

 She does not dress me in public, as she says this would humiliate her more than me. Rather, it is our little secret, such that if I want it to be kept, I must behave to her liking.  I say it is a secret but it is very obvious who is the ‘boss’ in our relationship.  Even her girlfriends have commented on how lucky she is to have a man like me around the house.  One even said, ‘I wish my husband was like that’.  I am very proud to have become the envy of her friends!

Anyway, what I have come to like even more than the wearing of my pretty feminine things, is the effect it has had on my mind, on my behavior, and on the way I perceive life.  The other day, I was out walking the dog along our road, a road that does not have any sidewalks, when this tradesman came around the corner in his pickup truck and durn near ran us over.  Frightened, I yelled for him to slow down! Well, being the macho man he was, he screeched the truck to a stop, slammed it in reverse, and backed up cursing me out.

 What surprises me is that in a calm and reasoned voice, I was able to handle the situation without jerking open the truck door and pulling him out for some fisticuffs.  He was still very angry with me but I was able to get my point across in a civilised and non-violent manner that he was going too fast for the situation.  He drove off still cursing me but the point is that I did not behave as the old male me would have done, and the two of us did not end up in the emergency room explaining to the police what happened.

I am now able to behave in a manner that a boy in panties should behave so that his wife is proud of him.  I am so grateful that I have been pantied and civilised.  I can’t believe I was so afraid to let her know the ‘real man’ that I am, a civilised, petticoated and pantied helpmate and partner for my wife.



I want to thank you for including my letter to you in your March issue of ‘Petticoat Discipline Monthly’. While my letter was nothing compared to the others published, nevertheless  I felt honored and proud to have the opportunity to express my limited views and support to your publication.
I believe the March issue was excellent and contained many articles worthy of being read. The article by the young man who explained how petticoating helped to calm him down and restrain his aggressive behavior was certainly worth reading.
Please keep up the good work, and again thanks much for being a small part of your effort.


I just read the letter from Charles, telling the experience of he and his wife, and how with love and a soft touch, she showed him  a life of submissive and loving behavior. I am in a relationship with a submissive transgendered male.  I have never been happier.  I could not believe how excited I got, the first time we slept together, she in a nightgown.  The softness and the sensual feeling that I  experienced has doubled every moment we are together.
I also love to see her in a dress, although we don’t go out in public with her dressed,  for  obvious reasons, although it would not bother me at all. When we are with other couples or singles in the same situation, she will dress.  There is also a wonderful feeling that there is a litle mystery here, and we always seem to have a smile on our faces.

Susan, I will leave you with this observation..My women friends wonder where all the terrific men are? Well, if they were just more open, they would not have to look so very far. I feel I have to best of both worlds…I am blessed…

How I wish that other women could see the advantages of a submissive partner as clearly as you! Still, my male readers should keep their spirits up. ‘Petticoat Discipline Monthly’s readership is still growing – we passed over 50,000 visitors last month. And I should add that a ‘visitor’ spends more than half an hour at the site, so that it is a true measure of circulation. The numbers of basic ‘hits’ is well over 100,000 per week. 

Tights Disciplinefrom Carol, and R. McL.


I have been reading some excellent accounts about introducing boys to the discipline and corrective powers of ladies’ tights. My own recent experience might interest readers. My son Jamie is 8, and about a year ago was small for his age. Our doctor thought swimming might be good, but for most of the year it is too cold where I live. So she tentatively suggested ballet lessons instead.

I decided to enrol him in a local ballet school, for the exercise, but I was also hoping that his ‘feminine’ traits would develop a bit. The ballet mistress was reluctant at first to accept Jamie into her all-girl ballet school, and expressed reservations about how he would cope on his own with no male support. She also stated that she felt Jamie should not have to wear a pair of tights since it might make him feel too self-conscious.

I made it clear to the ballet mistress that I wanted Jamie to wear tights from the outset. I reassured the ballet mistress that Jamie would not feel embarrassed having to wear tights, as I would make sure he got used to wearing tights by making him wear them at home, and under his trousers when he went to school. She seemed surprised by this, but said nothing.

I am delighted to inform you that now on Saturday mornings Jamie is instead dressed in a pair of his sister’s 70 denier black tights, a girls’ white leotard, and a pair of lovely soft ballet slippers, doing plies at the barre, and surrounded by around fifteen lovely little girls dressed in pink tights and white ballet dresses (he does not wear a dress of course).

When he gets home I make him change into a pair of my old tights, an old silk blouse, and a lovely soft girly cardigan. The change in him is wonderful to behold and he is now able to embrace his feminine side.

Then there are times when Women decide to Feminize their husbands and sons to make their lives better. One such exam[le is in the latest edition of PDQ, here is the letter:

Petticoating Saved my Husband’s Life
Dear Helga,

Thank you for your wonderful site. You are definitely a wonderful, caring person and have saved my husband’s life and our marriage.

I do not say this lightly at all. It is all true. My husband is a wonderful man and a wounded warrior. He proudly served our country during three deployments in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Let me start out by saying, Perry is a kind, loving, dear man. He is all man. Due to an injury on his first deployment to Iraq, Perry was robbed of his ability to have children, but not his ability to be sexual or intimate with me. He has always seen to my needs first, not as a requirement from me, but because he rarely thinks of himself first. Perry has always made sure things were done around the house before getting deployed and when he was home would clean and care for our home with meticulous care because he always told me that I deserve the best home he can provide.

All this changed when Perry returned from his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. Something happened there that he will not talk to me about. Perry was emotionally and psychologically traumatized to the point that he was medically retired from the military. Perry became withdrawn, sad, and finally suicidal. I had a good job working on the base he retired at and kept my job. With Perry’s retirement and my income, we made more than enough to live on. One day I came home from work and I knew that something was wrong the moment I walked through the front door. There was not the wonderful smell of food that usually greeted me or the sight of my husband doing some chore around the house that he loved. I went into the kitchen and found the man I loved with his competition pistol at his temple and he was about to pull the trigger. He was crying and I know he must not have heard me because he was talking to himself begging someone unseen person for forgiveness.

Helga, I was so scared for him at that moment. I ran out of the house, called my next door neighbor and friend, Shirley, then called the police. Perry surrendered the gun and was admitted to the veteran’s hospital in the next town. I was beside myself and I had to find a way to save my husband. This is where I found your site. I began to read about how petticoating men and boys calmed them down, so I wondered if it might help Perry to return to me from his nightmares of war.

I showed Shirley and her husband Bob your site and we all read articles. They both agreed that it was worth trying and helped me get my house ready for Perry’s return. After two months Perry was discharged from the hospital. I was made his sole guardian, since his mother was dead and he never knew his father. Shirley and Bob were waiting at the house for us as I drove Perry home and explained to him that I have made some changes, not to punish him but so that we both could be safe.

When we got home, Perry noticed the house was definitely more feminine with soft pinks, mauves, and purples (his favorite color). I asked Perry to go upstairs and get undressed and meet me in the bathroom, that I wanted to give him a bath. He looked at me curiously but complied without a word. As he undressed I drew a nice warm bath and filled it with fragrant bubble bath. I had him sit on the bed and I broke my plan to him. I told him, “Perry, I love you more than life and I almost lost you. I want you safe and with me.” I then kicked his male clothes out of the room and opened his closet full of dresses, blouses, skirts and other female garments. I then showed him his drawers which were full of satin panties, garters, bras, and ankle socks. Perry looked terrified. He started to cry and protest but I sat next to him and held him and told him that it was only as a trial, that the feeling of the garments might calm him down. Perry looked into my eyes and saw that I was serious and asked me what he was supposed to do.

I applied hair removal cream all over his legs, chest, arms, and back then I trimmed and shaved his pubic hair while the hair removal cream did its job. I then led him to the shower and washed the cream off then led him into the garden tub and had him sit down. As I washed Perry with the fragrant soaps, Shirley and Bob came into the house and removed Perry’s male clothes. Shirley picked out a beautiful light purple satin dress, white satin panties with lace trim at the top and the legs, white anklets with purple lace fringe, a satin slip and petticoat, then a pair of white Mary Jane style shoes with a purple bow on the toes. The outfit was precious. I had even bought a wig with burgundy colored hair that went below his shoulders.

Shirley went back out into the hallway closing the door as I helped Perry from the tub and dried him off then powdered his body with a very feminine scented body powder (the powder he loves smelling on me) and had him wait while I went and returned with the satin panties and the specially ordered training bra. Perry began to cry as I put the garments on him and I held him close reassuring him that I love him and that this will help him. I then led him to the bedroom and Perry almost had a panic attack as he saw the dress and other garments. He tried to walk out of the room, but Bob and Shirley stood into the door and Perry resigned and sat on the bed in tears. My heart was breaking for the bravest man I know, but I was determined to save him from himself. I helped him to his feet and had him raise his arms then Shirley and I tugged the slip over him then the petticoat. his muscular body look dazzling in the shimmering garments. We had him sit down and I put the anklets on his feet and turned down the lace cuffs then slipped the shoes on his feet and buckled them on so they fit him comfortably.

Next, Shirley applied a little make up to his features to remove his masculine features, telling him how much he means to her and Bob. Shirley has a wonderful way of disarming people with her smile and Southern accent. She had Bob show Perry his satin panties as Shirley has helped Bob recover from his own nightmares as a police officer. I could tell that Perry was starting to relax and her began to fidget and move his legs feeling the slip and petticoat against his bare hairless skin. Satisfied with his make up, we helped Perry to his feet then slipped the dress onto his body and I zipped it up the back and buttoned it at the top. My heart began to beat faster as I became more excited seeing my hero dressed so splendidly. Shirley and I then put the wig on Perry (he always wears his hair in a military high and tight hair cut). What I saw before me was not a wounded warrior but a beautiful soul, radiating with love, and He was actually smiling. Shirley, Bob, and I took Perry to see his reflection and he was unable to recognize himself. Here it was I was standing next to and loving the most beautiful woman in the world.

I explained to Perry that this was only going to last for a couple of months. Shirley was going to stay with him while I was at work and then I would be with him the rest of the time. The change in Perry started a few days after the petticoat regimen began. I started noticing that the house was much tidier, the dishes that Perry cooked had more imagination and tasted better, and most of all Perry was able to actually relax. He no longer dove to the floor when he heard a loud sound thinking it was gunfire. He has started to open up to me and share his experiences from Afghanistan with me and we both cry together. Even our times of intimacy are sweeter and more satisfying for the both of us.

I want to make it clear to you and the rest of the readers, I did not petticoat Perry to humiliate him, demean him, transform him into a docile man, make him my slave, or punish him for philandering. Perry has always been and remains to this day committed to me and our marriage and has never strayed much less looked upon another woman with a wandering eye. I went to this measure because I was desperate to do anything to save his life and keep him with me because I love him so. I am not a dominant nor do I rule over Perry even though I have legal guardianship over him. But I do report that Perry is now down to one anti-depressant which helps him with anxiety instead of the three he was taking and the tranquilizers which were making him addicted.

After the time period that I set ended, Perry sat me down and asked if he could stay petticoated longer, to which I agreed. He asked if I would refer to him in the feminine and I agreed to that too. What is more amazing is Perry changed her name to Corissa, which means Grace in Greek. When I was offered a promotion at my job and it required us relocating, Corissa said she wanted to start there as a woman, with me and continue as my wife. I was truly touched and my love for my wounded warrior grew even more. That was 3 years ago when we started this.

Today Corissa lives 24/7 as a woman. She is still disabled and can’t hold a job but volunteers full time as a cook at a local homeless shelter. I still come home to the warm aroma’s of a freshly prepared dinner every evening, a meticulously clean and tidy house and yard. We live in a predominantly gay-friendly neighborhood, and all of our neighbors and friends think Corissa was born a woman until they get to know us. Corissa and I are still intimate and we have discovered that I am due to have our first child Corissa is so happy and has already put together and decorated the nursery and the baby is not due for another 20 weeks. We are so blessed.

The Blessed Wife of a Wounded Warrior
Chelsey M.

How long will it be until this sight becomes common?

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Being a hairdresser for 30 years you hear a lot, see a lot and experience your guest’s lives through their stories. This is Daniella....after my time with her yesterday....I am changed. #transkids #proud #transfriendlybusiness #trangender #lgbtfriendly #thisisme #onelove #family #love #loveislove #justlove #unconditionallove #herfavoritecolorispink #thoseshoestho #salonlife #beautifullife #sofortunate #jeffreyrichardsalon #jrsalongr #jeffreyrichard #wealthystreet #uptowngr Swipe left for more
While Young Girls are playing Football, young boys are going to the salon!
Anyone can wear a skirt and look great
Boys are getting use to wearing dresses!
Many men and boys are enjoying showing off their nylon encased legs!
More and more Women are appreciated feminine men!
Men become so Sweet when Feminized!

When Male Femininity is Realized!

This is a Post from Bella Luna, a Dominant Woman that has Feminized her husband!

And here is a response to the photo posted!

So true. I would love to support my wife even more. Even if she would want me becoming her maid I would say ‚yes

Marie-Christine Müller

 how lovely for her to come around she will learn the benefits of having a feminized male do the housework

Successful Career Women need Feminized male wives that keep their house spotless, while making sure that they keep a slim figure, a completely smooth and hairless body, and are Always dressed in a very feminine, preferably skirted clothing showing their total submissiveness to the Superior Female.
Yes, that would be wonderful

Today’s Posting is focusing on the Growth in the Feminine male persona!  It is becoming more commonplace to see Feminized men and boys in public.  What is really Exciting for those of us that have advocated for Male Femininity is that these men and boys are presenting as men and boys….Femininely!  As many of us here on the Blog are advocating for this male Femininity, and a Reversal in Gender Roles, it is Important to us that these Feminized males are identifying as male.  For the Superior Women that read our Blog, it is Important that the realization that the males are being “conquered”, for lack of a better term, by the once “inferior” Female.  This in essence, is what Gender Role Reversal and Female Empowerment is about!

You can imagine how Proud the Wife of this Pretty sissy must be to see him so daintily dressed!


Enthusiastic: Samuel, who goes by his middle name Kai, has an interest in movies and the performing arts, which is perhaps unsurprising given that his parents are both actors


While Cute boys like Kai are into theatre and such, many young Girls are now playing Football and other Contact Sports!

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Seeing men in stores shopping, especially for feminine clothing is an Awesome Sight indeed!


And while men like the Cute man above in his Frilly pink dress are spending their time shopping, more and more Strong Women are hitting the gym and developing their Strength!

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Here is a story from 2018 that backs up the assertion that Society is indeed changing in this direction.  This is from Japan.

Exploring Japan’s ‘genderless’ subculture

Updated 16th January 2018
Jennifer Robertson is a professor of anthropology and history of art at the University of Michigan.
In the narrow alleys of Tokyo’s ultra-trendy Harajuku district, a growing number of Japanese men who self-identify as “genderless” are boldly broadening their sartorial and cosmetic choices. With faces expertly made up, hair dyed and stylishly coifed, eyebrows plucked and painted, they sashay from one indie boutique to the next.
Harajuku has become a catwalk for jendaresu-kei (or “genderless style”). Although women who dress in a more stereotypically masculine way may also identify as “genderless,” in Japan, the term jendaresu-kei more commonly refers to biological males who are neither interested nor invested in looking like “suits.”
Some, like celebrity model Ryuchell, insist that they are neither cross-dressing nor, necessarily, gay. Nor are they transgender in the sense of having a gender identity that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.
Ryuchell (right) walking through the streets of Tokyo with his wife Peco.
Ryuchell (right) walking through the streets of Tokyo with his wife Peco.
What blogs and news stories on this genderless-male sensation often fail to articulate is that Ryuchell and his cohort have — whether consciously or not — separated sex (the biological body) from gender (the accessorized body). For them, a male body need not conform to a stereotypical manly appearance.
Matching colorfully patterned fabrics and fingernails with “kawaii” (cute) hats and purses, they signal a vibrant new masculine style. But they may also represent wider changes in the way male roles are perceived in Japanese society.
Feminine males and masculine females are common tropes in Japanese culture, usually in ritual or theatrical contexts involving cross-dressing. The onnagata (male players of women’s roles in classical Kabuki theater) and otokoyaku (female players of men’s roles in the Takarazuka Revue theater troupe) are famous outside the country for their gendered performances.
Off stage, Japan is home to hundreds of cross-dressing clubs (like Tokyo’s famous Elizabeth Club) that are aimed at middle-aged, white-collar and outwardly straight males. Members enter an environment that helps them transition from businessmen to stereotypically feminine personas for the purpose of stress release, among other things.

Blurring boundaries

These cross-dressing clubs and theater traditions still rely on mainstream conceptions of femininity and masculinity. But Japanese history is also filled with examples of pioneers who have blurred the distinction. A century ago, the spectacle of Westernized modern girls (or “moga”) strolling through Tokyo sporting short hair, slacks, culottes and flapper-like outfits, raised many an eyebrow. After all, most women wore kimonos in public.
Jeered on the streets and called “garçons” in the press, moga were dismissed as unfeminine. Criticisms were premised on a zero-sum view of sex and gender: If females were becoming more masculine, it meant that males were becoming feminized. Nevertheless, more broadminded urbanites, including artists, viewed the modern girls as avant-garde.
Today, moga would likely self-identify as genderless, in the sense that they rejected the traditional kimonos and chignons. And today’s genderless males also have historical counterparts in the Europeanized “high collar” (haikara) men from the turn of the 20th century.
Fussy about their appearance, these metrosexual dandies wore facial powder and carried scented handkerchiefs. Invoking a familiar zero-sum equation, critics claimed that the “high collars” spent more time beautifying themselves than women did.
Similar complaints were leveled against their more youthful contemporaries, the “beautiful youths” (bishonen) eulogized in popular illustrated magazines, their ambiguous gender and sexual orientations appealing to men and women of all ages.
More recently, the term “herbivore males” (soshoku danshi) was coined to describe young men who eschew machismo, are fastidious about their appearance, and treat females as friends, not sex objects. Conservative pundits accuse them of being unmanly cowards.

Changing expectations

The genderless males of today’s Harajuku district are either unaware of — or do not acknowledge — their predecessors. Instead, as Ryuchell explains, the inspiration for genderless style encompasses three modes of fashion: androgynous Korean pop groups; “visual kei,” a 1980s glam-rock genre featuring flamboyantly outfitted male performers; and the fashion of 1980s and 1990s America, which combined colorful clothing and accessories in unusual, eye-catching ways.
Like “herbivore” and “high collar” before it, genderless is becoming more than a buzzword. The trend of men eschewing Japan Inc’s navy blue suits is outlasting the fast cycles of the fashion industry. As a lifestyle, signs of genderlessness are also evident among men far removed from the Harajuku scene.
Ikumen (literally “child-rearing men”) may wear suits to work, but they are breaking with convention by insisting on spending more time at home with their children. This is partly thanks to the work of Fathering Japan, a non-profit organization that encourages men to become “smiling dads” who enjoy playing a more active role in their children’s upbringing.
The group’s increased visibility and growing network have gradually helped reduce the stigma around the role of house husband. In turn, zero-sum criticisms of role-blurring mavericks appear less and less frequently in the media.
To limit discussion of Japan’s genderless males to the Harajuku fashion scene is to ignore the velvet revolt against “suit masculinity” and all it signifies.
And here is a Post from Jenna, on this Forum that this article was posted, backing up what is happening in Japan.
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Have a sister who is raising a son while teaching in Japan.

They’ve lived there for 6 years, so her 10 year old son speaks the language fluently, and he goes to a progressive school in Tokyo.

He (and his little boy-friends) are quite very much encouraged to be gender-neutral, just like you are talking of, Patti. They wear tights (usually white) for gym class with sneakers and T-shirts, and while Tommy doesn’t wear skirts to school, he does wear neat little flare-legged shorts that look very pretty with solid-color pantyhose or tights when the weather is chilly. He plays soccer and is on the boys cheer squads for the other teams. At home, he and his friends are frequently encouraged to have girl-weekends; they have second closets, usually in the guest room, with their girl-time clothes. Other days they happily spend as fairly typical boys, but even then they are probably wearing cute patterned knee-socks, or a sparkly cap-sleeved shirt.

Many of these boys really seem to just flitter and dance right between the sexes. It’s just lovely to see.

It is a Delight to see men openly presenting themselves in Cute dresses, nylons, makeup and such!


Seeing men on the street in their dresses is such a Delight!


A Posting here from the Facebook Site, A crossdresser’s Wife is so Positive in it’s support, from Women, of Male Feminization.  This continues to Grow, and as you can see, Women are enjoying the Femininity of their men.

Just your everyday Wifey, madly in love with her Crossdressing Hubbie! Here to share some stories and insights! Offering acceptance and support to Crossdressers everywhere! Hoping to inspire others!

Here she is with her Beautiful hubbie!   She is wearing the slacks, he is in his skirt and patterned tights!


On their Site, they Encourage and Support other Couples that embrace male Femininity!

Time once again for another edition of “Togetherness Tuesday!” Every Tuesday, I’ve been highlighting Genderqueer loving couples. So, join me in welcoming & go give a follow our dear and beautiful friends, @natasha_gay09 and her wife, Katie! We had the enormous pleasure of meeting her in person at the first @genderahakeusa in Chicago! Natasha has become family since then 💗 When I asked Natasha for a brief description of their relationship, here’s what she had to say!
“Vincent-Natasha Gay and Katie Gay are true high school sweethearts, whose love transcends traditional binary gender roles! After being married in 2014, Vincent-Natasha came out as genderfluid in December of 2018 to Katie, and their love has only blossomed from there. Vincent-Natasha has become a model, activist, and interviewer; all while having a true love from an amazing supportive spouse. Check out more from them at @natasha_gay09 on Instagram, and reach out to them. They love hearing from everyone and offering a kind loving ear.” 🥰 Be sure to check out her page! So, if you’re a Queer loving couple, no matter how you identify, let us know & share it for all see! to Here’s the set up!💕 DM a pic of you and your loved one dressed! Face shots are encouraged, but not necessary! You must have at least 5 posts on your page dressed. Keeping it classy! While sexy attire is fun, explicit pics will not be posted! Be willing to share in supporting others! 💗 We’re all in this together! Dress on, my Lovelies! 😊💗✌️

Time once again for another edition of “Togetherness Tuesday!” Every Tuesday, I’ve been highlighting Genderqueer loving couples. So, join me in welcoming & go give a follow to the lovely, @Alisha92cd and her wife! When I asked Alisha for a brief description of their relationship, here’s what she had to say! .”My wife’s name is Sarah. She. always knew I liked to crossdresser, but about 5 months ago I told her I wanted to dress 90 percent of the time so she helped me. I’m a solicitor and she runs a fitness business. Our relationship is very sporadic, we tend to jump at everything! Last year we went on the tv series “A place in the sun” lol. I guess we are loud and out going! She helps me dress as Alisha and named me Alisha. She does my make up in return for a foot rub. We have a loving relationship and ideally want to make friends with other crossdressers/ trans and hopefully have parties in the future!” Such a fun couple! 🥰 So, if you’re a Queer loving couple, no matter how you identify, let us know & share it for all see! to Here’s the set up!💕 DM a pic of you and your loved one dressed! Face shots are encouraged, but not necessary! You must have at least 5 posts on your page dressed. Keeping it classy! While sexy attire is fun, explicit pics will not be posted! Be willing to share in supporting others! 💗 We’re all in this together! Dress on, my Lovelies!


Time once again for another edition of “Togetherness Tuesday!” Every Tuesday, I’ve been highlighting Genderqueer loving couples. So, join me in welcoming & go give a follow to the lovely, @chrissy.mano and her wife, Jomana! When I asked Chrissy for a brief description of their relationship, here’s what she had to say! .”We have been married for 8 years now and we have a 6 year old princess together 🤗 Since our 2nd date that we had in 2011, I have told my wife about my love for crossdressing and she didn’t give much thought into it, as she thought that it’s just a phase in my life that will go away. In 2015 my love for crossdressing got stronger and wanted to buy all my own stuff and my wife got bothered and we had a huge talk about it (communication is vital) and she supported me by buying makeup, clothes etc all for myself. My wife aswell supported me by giving my own time, space for myself whenever I needed which really helped us have a stronger relationships and bond. Today we both support each other than ever before, we are in a open relationship now, my wife admitted that even though she accepts me as a crossdresser she can’t fully accept Chrissy but she’s trying her best. What we are trying to say is that communication, love and support are the main keys to have a successful relationship of any kind ❤️” Love seeing their continued growth! 🥰 So, if you’re a Queer loving couple, no matter how you identify, let us know & share it for all see! to Here’s the set up!💕 DM a pic of you and your loved one dressed! Face shots are encouraged, but not necessary! You must have at least 5 posts on your page dressed. Keeping it classy! While sexy attire is fun, explicit pics will not be posted! Be willing to share in supporting others! 💗 We’re all in this together! Dress on, my Lovelies!

Time once again for another edition of “Togetherness Tuesday!” Every Tuesday, I’ve been highlighting Cross Dressing loving couples. So, join me in welcoming & go give a follow to lovey and her partner Nicky! When I asked Nell to give a brief description of her style and relationship, here’s what she had to say! “When I first met my partner Nicky, I hadn’t told anyone before that I dress in female clothes. Her loving and easy going personality made it very easy for me to open up about my Dressing! I like some very specific clothing and styles. I love the office girl/secretary look and I was concerned that Nicky would think it was “weird”. But, instead, she loved it! We love to dress in my gorgeous satin and sheer blouses. She also does a wicked job on my makeup too! I remember when I first told her about my dressing and she said “you can wear any of my clothes you like.” I knew I had a keeper right then! Happily married now and our dress up fun is only just beginning. If you havnt told your partner you dress yet, do it! Girls like us!” What an adorable pair!! 🥰 So, whether your partners feeling pretty in panties, or an individual making a difference in this world, let us know and share it for all to see! Visibility is the path to acceptance!! Here’s the set up!💕 DM a pic of you and your loved one dressed! Face shots are encouraged, but not necessary! You must have at least 5 posts on your page dressed. Keeping it classy! While sexy attire is fun, explicit pics will not be posted! Be willing to share in supporting others dressing! 💗 If you’re active in the community or have a talent with the aim of making difference, please DM with your suggestions! We’re all in this together! Dress on, my Lovelies!

Here is a Very Encouraging response she gave to a spouse of a Crossdresser!

Greetings and Salutations, my beautiful friends! Recently, I had the spouse of a CD reach out to me. She only recently learned of her husband’s crossdressing, and is supportive. She’s even helped him Dress and wants his happiness. Although, she remarked, she still has moments of conflict and confusion. Here’s what I had to say to her. 💗
“First of all, give yourself a full on pat on the back for being open to understanding this aspect of your husband! I absolutely think that’s awesome! You must love him very much. And he must love you equally so, in order to share this side of himself with you. This makes you a strong couple. And strong couples always communicate their feelings. And it’s also understandable that you may struggle with this being a new development for you. It’s ok to feel conflicted. Your husband probably felt conflicted himself for years, as to why he feels the need to be en Femme. Learning can sometimes be uncomfortable, because it may challenge previous held beliefs. And that’s ok. When you start feeling conflicted, talk to your husband. Explain your feelings, but also take time to examine why you’re having the feeling. Are you fearful of something? How can that fear be eased? This journey can be a beautiful one, if you chose it to be. You have an amazing opportunity to know your husband more deeply than any other human soul on this planet. That’s something worth exploring. And you’ll learn more about yourself in return. 💗 I hope you continue to support and encourage, but also take some time for yourself. You’re doing the best you can! That’s all anyone can ask! Be proud of yourself and your husband.” Just thought I’d share, in case anyone else needed to hear it. 💗 Stay healthy and Dress on, my Lovelies!!

Time once again for another edition of “Togetherness Tuesday!” Every Tuesday, I’ve been highlighting Cross Dressing loving couples. So, join me in welcoming & go give a follow to the lovely @rymes_with_kevin and his beautiful wife, Rebecca! When I asked Kevin for a brief description of their style and relationship, here’s what he had to say! “My wife and I live in Florida and are very happily married without kids. I was born a boy and have always loved to crossdress ever since I can remember as a very young person. I am currently working with a therapist to determine if I am truly transgender, genderfluid or gender queer, non-binary or just a straight male crossdresser. We go out together all the time dressed to the nine’s and other times I’m more androgynous and just wear gender-neutral or slightly feminine things with light makeup. We are both hard working professionals, my wife is a cis female and we met while she was taking ballet and I taking tap at a local adult dance studio in the town we live in.” Such a fabulous couple!! 💗🥰💗 So, whether your partners feeling pretty in panties, or an individual making a difference in this world, let us know and share it for all to see! Visibility is the path to acceptance!! Here’s the set up!💕 DM a pic of you and your loved one dressed! Face shots are encouraged, but not necessary! You must have at least 5 posts on your page dressed. Keeping it classy! While sexy attire is fun, explicit pics will not be posted! Be willing to share in supporting others dressing! 💗 If you’re active in the community or have a talent with the aim of making difference, please DM with your suggestions! We’re all in this together! Dress on, my Lovelies!

These photos really show the Progress being made in the Feminization of men.  Seeing men so daintily dressed, and made up, is but a glimpse of the future ahead!



In the New Age of Female Control…..this is the New Reality!

Samantha Claire
Samantha Claire, Feminized Servant to my Wife


Samantha Claire
Samantha Claire, High heels are part of my daily uniform.