When the Female Conquers the male!!! Part 1 – When a Woman Decides to Take Charge and initiates Change for the Better!

Today’s Posting is the first in a Series of what the New Age Lifestyle is all about. This series will give insights into how a Woman can Take Charge of her marriage, and Feminize and convert her once “macho” man into a very Pretty and Obedient sissy. This is what Female Empowerment is All about! Reversing the Gender Roles, and establishing the Female as the “Head of Household” through Feminization and Female Power! This is a “Blueprint: of what is possible today, and more and more Women are realizing that the Best relationships they can have with men, is by feminizing the men, and they (the Women) Take Full Control!!

This is the story of Kirsty and Ray (Rachel). As we document the journey, keep in mind, it takes a certain amount of Strength for a person to Take initiative and make Changes that go “against the grain” of Society! Determined Women are indeed doing this in more and more cases, and it is so Delightful to see. One of the Purposes of this Posting is to Encourage other Women that might have their doubts about what is Possible, IF they are Determined to make Changes in their Life for the Better!

Here is Kirsty’s story:

Hello Everyone! My name is Kirsty and my sissy partner is called Rachel. He is now well trained and presents himself full-time as my feminized gurlfriend. The key to his obedience is keeping his little cockette in chastity. He has lists of daily duties to serve me and my various girlfriends. His feminine presentation has really improved. His makeup skills are really excellent.

I met my husband Ray ( a name I never use now or even like hearing) when we were both young and to be quite honest, naive. We got together during college and really supported each other as we tried to find our way in the big bad world. We both had sheltered backgrounds and I was an only child. Ray had a very dominant mother and a gentle father who sadly passed away just before he left school.

Rachel and I first started our relationship in our last year of college. As mentioned he was an only child with a dominant mother and no male role model following the death of his father when he was still at school. He was shy with girls but did like the company of his more boisterous mates that he had connections with through his sport. 

It was during this time that Rachel told me about his desire to use makeup and make himself look pretty. 

As I previously mentioned I didn’t really mind but wondered if it stopped at just makeup or was a precursor to crossdressing which did turn out to be the case.

When you first met Rachel, what kind of man was he? 

He was kind, thoughtful and considerate but competitive. He was better alone rather than being in other male company

You said he played Sports, what Sports did he play?

He played Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Cycling, Golf and Tennis

I haven’t got many photos of Rachel playing sport but did find a couple that may be ok. One is a cricket photo and the other is from his Rugby days leaping for the ball. It is interesting to notice how much his body has slimmed down and changed shape since then ( I must say for the better)

The Rough & Tough Game of Rugby! Truly a traditional “man’s game”. Ray is the one grabbing the ball! So macho!

Did he have many masculine pursuits before his Feminization?

He loved watching sport but doesn’t have time to do it anymore! I instructed Rachel to provide for you a List of Duties that he is to perform. You will see that he no longer has time for such things as watching sports! Sissies are here to Serve their Females, not to pursue male sports!

The List: (This is so AWESOME for a Woman to Control her man in this Fashion!!!)

Non specific day jobs
Make sure Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine have a regular supply of tea and coffee throughout the day.

Preparing and cooking Breakfast and Evening Dinner 

Special consideration and planning to be given for Evening Meal for Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine at weekends

Clear up after each meal and ensure everything is washed up

 Take post to Miss Kirsty for her review then check back to see if follow up required

Check if there is any administration I can do to help Miss Kirsty with her work.

Run bath for Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine

Evening drink for Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine

Day Specific

General shopping required by Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine – Monday

Make any hair or Salon appointments – Monday

Food shopping – Tuesday

Downstairs cleaning – Wednesday

Washing clothes – Wednesday

Washing Miss Kirsty’s bedding – Thursday

Upstairs cleaning – Thursday

Washing all our underwear by hand – Thursday

Ironing – Friday Morning

Check the garden for jobs including grass cutting and weeding flower beds – Friday

Pay Bills that have been approved by Miss Kirsty – Friday

Check with Miss Kirsty to see if she requires me to perform Pedicure or Manicure – Friday evening

Check Miss Kirsty’s bedroom so it is ready for Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine and see if she requires makeup help Friday/Saturday

Check with Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine for any additional jobs required in the following week – Sunday evening

Present suggested food menu to Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine for next 7 days – Sunday


Check with Miss Kirsty and Miss Katharine that all daily tasks have been completed to their satisfaction

Check all tasks off a wall chart so nothing is forgotten

Check with weekend Guest that everything was performed to a high standard

To review the task list each month to add anything additional.

The man on the left is Ray, now Rachel, from his days playing cricket! Pretty macho man! After seeing the Above List of Duties, you can see that Ray, now Rachel has No Time for masculine pursuits!

At what point did you know that he liked to crossdress?

After 18 months of going out together and just as we started to get serious he told me that he liked to try different makeup looks and make himself look pretty.

I was a bit shocked at first but didn’t really mind as I thought it was no more than a bit of harmless fun. I asked him if it was just makeup or did he want to wear women’s clothing. He was embarrassed by my question and said it was only makeup.

Well of course I had to see what he looked like so when we got back home I sent him upstairs and told him to help himself to my basket of spare makeup products that I kept in the bedroom. He took about 30 mins before returning looking suitably embarrassed with his pink cheeks, blue eyeshadow, mascara and red lipstick. His application was actually pretty good but of course it was too much and over the top. 

I did respect his honesty in telling me just as we were thinking of settling down but in a funny way his makeup sessions did make him more subservient. So after we got married the balance of power began to turn in my favor each time he did his makeup.

So I knew Ray (who I will now call Rachel) was bordering on being a crossdresser when we got married. As mentioned it never really bothered me as an occasional thing. However over the years I’ve seen an increased sophistication with his looks and he did finally confess that he wanted to try on some clothes. It started with a few of my old things but they never really fit him properly. I did catch him wearing my panties once which I was cross about. I told him to get his own which he duly did making a purchase online. A little aside, when Ray was growing up, his mother is a very strong Woman, and all along she wanted to have a daughter. She told me the story of how she entered Ray into a baby competition as he was so Cute! He won a prize, but the judges thought he was a little Girl so the prize was a pink hairbrush and a pink bodysuit! I know Rachel has always looked up to his mum. He has often mentioned that his mum liked him to have long hair and to make sure that it was washed every day! Another significant Female influence in his early life was his primary school teacher, who by the sound of it was another very Strong Woman. Ray looked up to her and he did tell me that she always applied her red lipstick in class just before lunchtime. This fascinated Ray who also remembers her painting her nails in class. I think this goes to show the impact that Strong and Dominant Women can have on young boys!

So many times in a marriage, the more Dominant spouse is the one that earns the higher Income. Money is Power! Who was earning the higher Income when you got married?

In the beginning, Rachel was earning more than me. He had a job working on a production line, checking the Quality of Widgets! It was a completely boring job, and did not pay well, but it was more than what I earned at my clerical job. The trouble was that his job prospects were maxed out and be didn’t have the drive to do anything about it! We were quite hard up with his dead end job just ticking over and my traditional female admin job was not paying very well. The change came when I decided we needed to do something and I applied for a sales job with my existing employer in pharmaceuticals. I knew nothing about the products or anything to do with Sales, but I Pushed myself forward, unlike Rachel, and I made a Success of it! Rachel was shocked when I got the job  but didn’t realize that I worked extremely hard to get it with my macho manager to be. I played up to him in my interviews and he offered me the job in front of several more qualified candidates. I took the job quickly and started to earn good commissions and so became the main bread winner. This made Rachel feel a little insecure and once again a power shift had taken place.

I was working longer and longer hours and would often come back late to find Rachel waiting for me looking pretty with his makeup applied. I noticed he was getting better at applying it and even started to create a smoky eye look. I encouraged him to try some different more exotic looks and bought him new eyeshadow pallets, eyeliner gel pens and lipsticks for his birthday and Christmas. It was a few months after this when one weekend he asked whether I minded if he tried on some of my old clothes.

I sorted some things out for him but they didn’t really fit, so I bought him a cheap wig, a blouse and skirt and a summer dress from a charity shop to try out. This really opened the flood gates to his dressing. Our relationship changed once again with Rachel being agreeable to anything I suggested as the last traits of his masculinity were disappearing in front of me. At this point, I encouraged him to dress more often and insisted that all his male underwear be replaced with panties. I also insisted that he kept his toenails painted at all times. Somewhat surprisingly I met little resistance to these changes, but unknown to Rachel, this was just the start! What a Thrill it was to see my man emasculated! 

At this stage I got Rachel to take over all the domestic chores under my guidance and control and insisted he was always dressed as Rachel in heels and dresses when he did his jobs.

Meanwhile my career in pharmaceutical sales was taking off and I started to travel more and more with work. This left plenty of time for Rachel to dress at home in private which I was happy for him to do as long as he undertook more of the domestic jobs. It started with cleaning, but I quickly added washing, ironing and food shopping. This required quite a bit of my time to make sure he did it how I wanted it to be done but each time I made him present himself as Rachel to make sure he made the connection between crossdressing and doing domestic jobs. Before you ask I didn’t make him go food shopping dressed at first but he did have to wear panties, have his toenails painted and wore pantyhose under his male clothing. Overall, our lives together were good. Rachel was very caring to me, thoughtful and I enjoyed living with him, particularly now that he does all the house work, cooking, washing and Ironing. He is more like a sister/best friend to me rather than my husband. The Big change came when I was Promoted at work! We celebrated with a night out at a quiet restaurant where I told him that things were going to change permanently! The changes included him moving out of my bedroom and into the spare room. I told him that he needed to decorate it into his own Femininely themed room, with a vanity unit and soft furnishings. It was then that I introduced him to his chastity devise and instructed him that he was to wear it at all times, unless I gave him permission to remove it, which was necessary, because I was the Lone keyholder! That was the ultimate “key” moment! Previously, after each dress up session he would climax and then rebalance his hormones, and quickly wanted to resume his male role. Chastity stopped all of that and kept him longing to remain feminine!

The only times that irritated me was when his old sports mates came on the scene. I was able to keep these meet ups to a minimum and found by giving Rachel plenty of jobs to do there was no time for the macho  drinking sessions. I also encouraged him to spend weekends en femme to avoid any outside temptations. Any attempt he made to meet up with his previous macho friends was stopped immediately which he generally accepted, although once I did have to threaten to post a picture of him on Facebook all dolled up to the nines. That ended that foolishness! But the dilemma I had was needing to control his little cockette so he remained passive and subservient but this then meant no sex for me. Our sex life was pretty vanilla but I didn’t have a lot to compare it too. I did notice that Rachel got extra randy after applying his makeup so that was quite welcome. I didn’t however realize how small his cockette  (which by the way is safely locked up now) was compared to others, but when I found out everything changed. A Solution had to be come upon!!!!

So I started researching Female Led Relationships which had steered me to encouraging him to be Rachel full time and to gradually increasing my control and influence over him. This is when the final stage of control occurred. I got him to quit his job and become my full time sissy. I included the condition that he must dress full time as Rachel. He was a little anxious about this, but to be honest, I gave him no choice. He either moved out with no job or he stayed with me as a kept sissy! The only money coming in was through my bank account and I got our savings all transferred into an account in my name Only!!! Of course, there was no real choice for him to make. I had Complete Control of the finances! So, as you stated in your question, the one that Controls the Money has the Power! I have the Power!

One of the Resources I found in my researching FLR was Mistress Rebecca. I speak separately to Mistress Rebecca (Becky to me) when I need her help and encouragement with Rachel. In fact it has been life changing for me befriending Becky. We chatted on line everyday and found out that we had both had early Lesbian relationships in our lives.  I became so excited thinking about a girl on girl relationship that I joined a gay dating website and met Katharine my live in lover. As I think I have already mentioned Katharine has her own business and owns a number of beauty salons. She is a very strong woman and readily embraced Rachel as my sissy husband. Since Katharine moved in with us a couple of months ago she has started to take over Rachel’s training and has him working in one of her salons 3 days a week. Meanwhile Katharine and I are really in love with each other and she has helped me realize that I don’t need macho males in my life anymore. I know Katharine appreciates having Rachel do all our domestic jobs leaving us to concentrate on our careers and spending time with each other. She says she has an ultimate plan for Rachel but wants to keep it a secret at the moment

This is one of the early pictures of Rachel. Quite a Contrast from the previous pictures of him playing rugby and cricket. This is much more appropriate for the New Age man. He looks soo Adorable in his short dress, and his delicate pantyhose and heels. His makeup is superb. This is what a man should look like in the New Age Lifestyle!

Two things I picked up from articles I have been reading on FLR were the need for Rachel to get something out of this so he enjoys his service to me and Katharine and secondly to have agreed upon punishments if required.

It is fair to say Rachel has had his ups and downs with how our relationship has developed and there have been times when I’ve had to stamp on his remaining male ego however he loves the clothes, makeup and doing the domestics but he has struggled with our relationship change and me having lover’s coming to stay overnight. He really didn’t have a choice however when he realized that I was changing my life style and either he came along for the ride (excuse the pun) or he could leave with no job or money.

In terms of punishment Rachel clearly understands what I will accept and what I will not and if he crosses the line there has to be a consequence. The chastity cage was introduced after I found sticky messes in his panties. He is now happy to keep this on full time although I have to say it is shriveling up his little cockette. Generally I embarrass him as punishment e.g. I made him call up 2 charity shops and ask if they had female tops, scarfs and belts available. When they said yes he had to explain that he is a Crossdresser and wants the name of a member of staff that could help him when he arrived at the shop


 I would love to have seen his pink cheeks!!!!

Our relationship is perfect for me and Rachel is embracing his new role. He needs help and support from time to time which I can help with to some degree. I have encouraged him to raise his online profile and we have found an online mistress who also gives him support as well. We have gone through several key stages including 

1. Chastity which has greatly improved his concentration and servitude. 

2. Moving him into his own bedroom which he has redecorated and made into his own gurlie room (including female only wardrobe, makeup and vanity unit, pink decor etc)

3. Giving up his job which was really mundane and repetitive so that he can concentrate on looking after the house and everything I need

4. Being full time Rachel with the only exception being to visit doctors or other official institutions

5. He has to wear makeup all the time and take care of his hygiene daily ( full body dehair) and needs to be available for my inspection by 7am every morning

6. He has to carry out all his domestic duties to comply with a daily task list ( I will send you a copy) Previously posted!

7. I make all major financial decisions and authorize bill payments which Rachel then makes. He has budgets for the household which he has to stick too unless authorized by me

.8. He has his own budget for hygiene, make up and clothes which he cannot exceed. If he wants something special he needs to show me first and then explore charity shops before being allowed to purchase new

9. Of more recent times as he has gotten better at presenting himself, he goes shopping as Rachel. This has been a big success and his confidence has grown.

10. He has a period every 5 weeks lasting 7 days. This has a complete schedule of things to do but basically involves wearing panty pads, tampons, strawberry jam a corset and drinking a lot of water to simulate bloating and being uncomfortable! I will give you more information on this

Hi Patti, here is Rachel’s period plan that he put together with my help and his on line mistress Miss Rebecca. He has now been doing this for 4 months and doesn’t complain at all now. His food intake really falls off during the week because of his corset and the water he takes on board. I believe all men should do something similar to this to understand what we as Strong Females have to go through

Here is Rachel’s Period information which he put together for Miss Rebecca!

Miss Rebecca, I have gone through my period planning with Miss Kirsty and come up with the following: –

1. I will purchase my own tampons and panty pads tomorrow -with no other shopping. The brand’s you suggested Miss Rebecca are readily available here.

2. My period will start on Friday and as requested Miss Rebecca will last for 7 days

3. The first 4 days will be heavy and the last 3 light

4. I will take off my chastity device for the first four days but put it back on after that time. There will be no masturbation during that time or a severe penalty will be applied

5. I am not circumcised Miss Rebecca but will pull back my foreskin for the period of my seven days and use an old red lipstick to cover the head at all times.

6. For the first 4 days, day and night, I will wear one of the heavy pads in my panties… changed as needed… When I go out, I will need to take an extra in my purse and make sure I change it at least once.

7.On days, 5, 6 and 7, I will switch to the lighter pad. 

8. I will wear a tampon in my bum for 12 hours a day and will change it each time I visit the bathroom

9. I will apply a red jam around my cockette to simulate the feeling of having a period

10. I will increase my water intake over the 7 days to 6 litres (1.5 US gallon) per day always taking a large proportion of this around meal time

11. In addition I will wear my corset for all 7 days including night time except on days 6 and 7 when I will be permitted to take it off for bed

12. I have marked my calendar up for the rest of 2021 having my period regularly every 4th week.

13. I am not permitted to have sexual contact of any type during these 7 days without specific permission from Miss Kirsty.

Miss Kirsty has insisted that she will police me and at anytime of day or night ask for an inspection of my underwear and red cockette head. Any failure will lead to punishment.

I hope this meets your approval Miss Rebecca

11. He has to be honest with retail staff about being a sissy crossdresser if it involves receiving personal service.

I did mention to you, that I sometimes have him help me as my Personal Assistant with work. When those times occur, I insist that he has to dress as a proper PA. The following picture is one of his PA outfits for when he is assisting me.

Does his Family know that he is now Feminized?

He is an only child and his dad died sometime ago. His mum knows and is quite happy she now has a daughter. Between you and me I think his mum always hoped for a daughter

Does your Family realize he is Feminized?

Yes they all know. My step sister thinks it’s sweet and loves to embarrass Rachel whenever she can. My Dad can’t understand it but my mum quite likes the fact that I’m in charge

Do your Friends all know that he is a Feminized male?

Yes my girlfriend’s know about my sissy and our joint friends do as well. Rachel has no need now for his old macho pals anymore!!

Does he own any male clothing?

He only has one set of male clothes for the times that he has to visit the doctor’s office or other Official Offices, but these are rare occasions!

When you have friends over, does Rachel make himself look extra Feminine?

Yes he spends a lot of time on his appearance and is constantly checking himself out in the mirror. He is always keen to refresh his lipstick after eating and drinking. I’ve even noticed that some of the men in our group of friends even check him out and yet they know that he is a male!

What do your Girlfriends think of your Role Reversed marriage?

My girlfriend’s love the idea of me having a sissy particularly now that I’m not reliant on him for sex anymore. I think they are jealous!

What is his typical day like?

Rachel’s alarm is set for 5:30am to give him time to shower, get dressed and apply his makeup. He generally has Katharine’s and my breakfasts ready in our bedroom by 7am ready for our inspection of his feminine look. After that he follows his daily task schedule which I sent you a copy of. Please note, now that he will be working three days a week in the Salon his “to do” list is going to be compressed, which will result in giving him no free time!

Do you play sports?

Yes. Katharine and I go to the gym, run, cycle, play golf and Tennis

What kind of exercising does Rachel do to maintain his figure?

He cycles, runs, gym and lots and lots of house work

Do you have him on a special Diet?

Yes. Rachel is on a limited diet and has lost over 20lbs in weight this year. Interestingly we have him on foods with high estrogen content including Soya, fruits such as Strawberries and Raspberries, Walnuts and Seeds, Green vegetables such as Broccoli, Beans and Cabbage. He also has lots of Lavender scented baths which stimulate breast growth!

Will he have a Dress Code that he will need to adhere to at his salon job?

Yes. He has to wear his company blouse, skirt and pantyhose with a minimum 3″ heel shoe. Makeup is stipulated of course and must include foundation, the business brand red lipstick and false eyelashes and eyeliner

What are Katharine’s thoughts on male Feminization?

Katharine is very supportive of Rachel and is taking over his training. She is a very strong woman and likes to dominate!

People sometimes contact me at the Blog and ask if this stuff is Real? YES, it is Real. It is happening! I will admit, we that believe in the New Age Lifestyle are a small group at this point, but male Feminization is Growing. Female Empowerment is happening in many cases because many males just don't have the "Drive"....remember the part early in their marriage when they were struggling financially, it was Kirsty that took the initiative, and applied for a job that Ray didn't think she would get. The Point being that Kirsty set herself some Goals, and then "dug in", and was determined to get the job, and then to get Promoted! In the meantime, Ray was content to be at a "dead end" job. Where would they be if as in the "Old days" Kirsty waited for her husband to take the initiative to better their lives? Would not be a Pretty Sight, would it? Women are Accomplishing, and it is Only Right then that they are the "Head of the Household", and that their men now become Sweet and Feminine, something Pretty for the Hard Working Woman to come home to, a clean house and some Good cooking, this is now the men's New Role, they are now the sissies for their Strong and Dominant Wives! (and their Wive's Girlfriend!!)

Remember this guy from the beginning of the Post?

Isn’t he a much better man wearing his pretty dress, heels and hose and made up to look Sweet for the Pleasure of his Strong Wife and her Strong Girlfriend?

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception of April 2020. We are now up to 187 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!


Jim Cole, another Friend from Facebook!

May be an image of indoor
Jim will be saying Goodbye to his macho activities!!!

Today’s Posting is going to Focus on a friend of mine from Facebook, his name is Jim Cole! At the Insistence of his Mistress (Wife), he was instructed to contact me and ask if I could Post his story. This is yet another Great Example of the POWER of Women! Jim is being Feminized, and his Mistress wants All the World to know that this once macho man, is now and will remain a Total Sissy! This is something that more Strong Women need to be doing with the males in their lives!!

No description available.
Here is the macho man Jim, mustache, deer head mounted on the wall…All man!!!

Hello friends, ladies I’m looking for help in building my confidence on dressing this way more in public. I am looking for comments, tips or tasks, things that I should complete and do that would make me feel more ladylike. You can send this or forward this so that others can comment. Hopefully I will hear from some of you nice ladies and friends’ Thank you for being friendly. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.

No description available.
It begins in the salon! So Delightful to see a man Emasculated!

My mistress is training me to be a full time sissy girl forever. And she and her girlfriend Tiffany want to give me permanent eyeliner and lip blushing so there will be no hiding my true self. This is what her girlfriend does for living. And she does a very nice job. My mistress had hers done and looks great. She wants your opinion and says they are doing it for me if enough people agree. So please comment.

Tiffany’s Business!

My mistress and Tiffany have said. That its so empowering to make a man into the sissies they really are, and to let them know that all eyes are on them now To knock away all of his manly ego, and make them into the sweet and gentle gurls that will obey our orders! It is so rewarding!! She says in a week or so my fate will be sealed and nobody will ever see me the same again.

No description available.
Jim looks so Cute in his skirt and Top!

Our thoughts and goals are to let the truth be known about who I really am. How I’ve always been this way since about 5 or 6 years old. How I’m sorry for deceiving them. And this is the real me. That I should live out the rest of my life, dressing and looking like a proper woman that I’ve always wanted to be. Their last real big goal after my photos and information has been exposed is to take all and any of my male clothes and throw them out, then dress me very feminine and take me to get acrylic nails and permanent eyeliner and lip blushing done like theirs. They say everyone will know after that, and people will see who I really am and how nice I can look as a woman.

No description available.
It is so Delightful to see a man lose his masculinity!

Sissified by my wife. Now she and her girlfriend said they are going to give me permanent eyeliner and lip blushing so I can’t ever go back to being to looking like a male again. And this is what her girlfriend does for a living.

No description available.
Men are so cute in their capri’s especially when wearing pantyhose as Jim is here!

This sissy girl is needing attention. And should be exposed to the public world. My girlfriend and her friend think I should get permanent makeup done. And said they are going to give me permanent eyeliner and lip blushing. And expose me to everyone, where there’s no more hiding my true self

No description available.
Keeping men in dresses and skirts is the New Age Lifestyle, and Jim is embracing it!

I really like some of my older photos of me. Hopefully I will get some other nice one’s taken this summer. A blast from the past. Jim Cole dressed as Joyce. Have any of you met her anywhere?

No description available.
More and more Women Want their men Feminine and Pretty, Jim is Complying!
No description available.
Jim, deep in thought about his Future?
No description available.
Jim, the macho man is Gone!!!! The Power of Women!!!!!
No description available.
Spending more time getting ready is a New Reality for Jim these days!
No description available.
The once macho hunter is now more concerned with the polish on his fingernails and getting runs in his pantyhose! Proper concerns, for a New Age man like Jim!
No description available.
Jim is now Always conscience of his looks!

Mistress said they love to see me taken out of my comfort zone, and rid of my male eg! The hiding should stop and I should let everyone know about the real person I am.

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception last April of 2020. We are now up to 170 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!


The Differences in Females and males in the New Age!

It is so Delightful to see so many men and boys embracing their femininity, and many Women are now encouraging their husbands, boyfriends and sons to be more Feminine and Pretty! It is truly a New Age! As men and boys are encouraged to be less violent and less competitive, it is Important that Women encourage their daughters to become more Competitive and Strong! There needs to be a “balance” in order for the Society to function, therefore, if the males are becoming more traditionally Feminine, the Females need to Fill the Void and Take on the Dominant Roles in Society!

May be an image of 1 person and standing
The New Age man is slim, delicate and Pretty!
May be an image of 21 people, people standing, people playing football and outdoors
Women’s Tackle Football is flourishing!
May be an image of Nina Jay
Men are learning that Women want to see their slim figures, wearing skin tight clothing!
May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors
It’s not just Women playing Tackle Football, Girls are playing in Record numbers!
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'No Sweetie, I'm not turning you into a girl. I'm letting the Sissy girl you are come out!'
Women are Taking Charge and feminizing their males
Shop Sandbags, Kettlebells, and Weighted Vests.
Strength and Power symbolize the New Age Female!
May be an image of 2 people, child and people standing
Women and Girls continue to encourage Womanless Beauty Pageants
May be an image of 1 person and indoor
Power and Confidence, evident in the New Age Female!
May be an image of one or more people, people standing and indoor
The New Age husband is a Sight to behold!
May be an image of one or more people and people playing football
Just Love seeing Strong Athletic Women competing!
May be an image of 1 person, standing and indoor
Don’t you Love his Pretty pink dress and pink nail polish?
May be an image of 1 person and standing
Building Muscle, as a Woman should do!
May be an image of 2 people, people standing and indoor
The Superior Female with her pretty boy!
May be an image of one or more people, indoor and text that says 'concept2'
Pumping Iron, a Priority for Women!
May be an image of 1 person and indoor
The kind of man that a Successful Woman wants to come home to!
May be an image of 1 person
Such Strength and Confidence! Women are Taking Charge and Control!
May be an image of 1 person, sitting, standing and indoor
The Proper Role of the New Age man!
May be an image of 1 person and outdoors
Does anyone still think that Women are the Weaker sex?
May be an image of 1 person and standing
Was you have your boy dressed, show him off!
How to Build Muscle – The Best 5 Hypertrophy Programs for Gains | BOXROX
Compare her arms and shoulders to the boy in the next photo!
May be an image of Nina Jay and standing
Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a cute boy showing off his legs in a tight mini skirt?

Some Wonderful Advise from Mistress Anne!

Mistress Anne Wrote:

Helen…. It seems we question a lot of things we do! I think there is a transition period where he will except his role and as he comes to terms with his new life changes will occur. Rest assured he will become feminine as you move forward.

As so many women I started this journey because I was tired of fighting for control, we were unhappy, and one of us needed to be dominant in our relationship, and steve tended to forget I was alive, which made me miserable. So I decided I was going to be the one. I am not going to go through years of how we got here as that is not the point of this post.

As I moved forward in taking control, I began to see serious changes in Steve, as Steve became my submissive he started to show feminine traits. I forced him into female clothing, and began to use him as a female in bed, and it shocked and frightened me when he quickly started to want it more and more. But I also began to notice he was becoming a wonderful person, caring, loving, attentive, and he actually began to enjoy                                         spending time with me. Still I was feared my husband was either gay or becoming gay. I felt guilty, and ashamed for what I had caused.

I contacted Mistress Anne; and told what had happened and how bad I felt, and was there a way to stop it. Mistress Anne’s response was to the point and very enlightening. She wrote: “So are you sure Steve likes men? Are you now a lesbian? Sounds to me like Steve is responding to your dominance, and surrendering his masculinity to you, as he should; and is normal in this type of relationship. Are you happy with the new person Steve is becoming? Is Steve happy? Do you want the man Steve back, or the caring loving person you are creating? If you want him back, just stop and he will begin to change back to the old Steve. If you continue; nature will take its course and Steve will become your wife, and loving companion. You have to understand Steve is not a toy he is your real life companion, and is living as your submissive, obedient, and loving wife, he will become that person. I recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy. Steve has started becoming your Stephanie, if you are happy and she is happy is there a problem?”

After reading Mistress Anne’s response I was relieved; I knew Steve did not find men attractive and I was certainly not a lesbian, and I realized that I did like the new Steve, and yes we were very happy. I realized I liked Steve in sexy little outfits, and I loved to see him on his knees with my strap-on in his mouth, and watch him lose control. The control and power I felt when I took him and drove my hard strap-on deep into him and he surrendered to me willing to do anything I wanted was fantastic. I realized I wanted Steve to real become my wife, and decided to quit holding back.

That night Steve put on her sexy pink chemise with matching panties as I requested and after some foreplay I push her down and told her to suck my cock, Steve hesitated a little, as she caught the change; I had never referred to her in the female term, or to my strap-on as a cock before, and I began to caress her ass, I asked her if she wanted my cock inside her, at first she didn’t respond, and I told her I wanted her to ask, no beg me to fuck her, I know by now she realized there was a real change happening, and later she told me she was afraid, but she did beg me put my cock inside her, I made her beg several times before I pulled her panties off and rolled her over. I shoved her legs apart so hard she cried out a little and fucked her hard and long. While I was riding her I pulled her head up by her hair, and whispered do you surrender everything to me? she almost yelled “yes’, Are you a man, “no” are you ready to become my wife “yes” oh yes”. After we were done I asked if she was happy living like this and she kissed me and said very. Steve is now Desiree, I named her for her desire for me. Desiree is not my slave, but my loving wife, and nasty lover.

I wrote this because I know others have to be going through what I did, and are wondering if they are right or if they are lesbian, or is he gay. I wanted to share what I learned that no; you are a couple in love, and lust, and you have the opportunity to be very, very happy.   

Vivienne’s Story!

   A Story from Vivianne – a Male Crossdresser:  0807080011

I was at a 7-11 store enfemme when a woman walked into the store, and saw me, and the look on her face was priceless, when she finally regained her composure, she ran over to me and grabbed my hands in hers, and said please tell me your not gay, (I was surprised) I told her that I was not gay, and that I loved women only, she started to jump up and down, and said good I always have been attracted to feminine males. she told me that even though she was into body building herself, she have always wanted a feminine male that was not into body building. She kept telling me that I was hot looking, and sexy, and she even told me that I was the most beautiful looking woman she has ever met. (I dont think I am beautiful). She told me that she wants to undress me and have her way with me, then put me back in my dress and reapply my makeup. I know that this sounds too good to be true, but I have a witness to all of this womans behavior, the 7-11 cashier.
I am still in shock.http://www.crossdressers.com/forums/images/smilies/shocked.gif however I like what happened, it made my day.http://www.tamaracroft.co.uk/Smilies/Big%20grin.gif

what was I wearing? etc.

I was wearing a western cowgirl dress, it is red with black leather over the shoulders then at about the second buttonhole the leather is cut in 1/4 inch danglies that are about 3 inches long, the hem of the skirt part of the dress is triple layered ruffles. the dress comes to my knee’s. I was wearing a dolly parton wig and 2″ pumps, with suntan pantyhose.

we did exchanged ph #’s

I will take her up on her offer, I do notice she is so excited and nervous she is out of control.

I met her again this morning at the same 7-11, she was very sweet, then she asked me if she could touch me, I said yes go ahead, she then put her hands on my sides and then rubbed up and down my sides and then touched my breasts. then told me again I was the most beautiful woman she has seen.
she said lets go out, and I said ok, when do you want to go out, I could not get her to commit, she then said I have to get back to work. I do not know what is going on with her, I think she might be nervous, she told me to meet her tomorow morning.
I was wearing a black and white sweater dress this morning when I met her again.


I went out with the bodybuilder woman, she was very nice,and we had a good time. as far as a relationship goes, it will not happen, the chemistry is not there, however we can be good friends, and it was very nice to be out with a very accepting woman.

As we become accustomed to the Reversed Gender Roles, Society will start to realize the Great Benefits of the Role Reversed Society!

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception last April of 2020. We are now up to 168 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!


Sissies are Delightful!!

Today’s Posting will Focus on the Delight of seeing more and more men and boys being Feminized, and becoming the New Age males (Sissies) that many Dominant Women and Girls prefer!

Dajah Scott medical fund, organized by Richard Daniel
Strong and Athletic Women want to come home to Pretty men and boys!
More more men are Embracing their Femininity!

Boys Transformed Into Girls in Womanless Beauty Pageant

Womanless beauty pageant is a special event in which boys are dressed as girls and made to compete in a beauty contest. In this pageant, the girls transform the boys into beautiful girls and teach them feminine manners and body movements. Theses types of beauty pageant are usually held in schools and colleges of United States, mostly for charity and awareness programs. 

Mothers are Encouraging their sons to compete in Womanless Beauty Pageants!
Mothers go “Way Out” buying pretty dresses and high heels for their sons!
May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors
While the boys are being Pretty, more and more Girls are playing Sports!

No New Posts
In Sweden, Feminist mothers are enrolling their sons into ballet!
May be an image of text that says 'Boys' Basics'
It is a “New Day” for boys!!!
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Mom. You were right. I HAVE had fun having a whole day of girl time, and I' m really glad you said that I had to spend the day in panties and a dress doing girl things with you. Can can we do it again -all day tomorrow?'
Boys are Embracing their Femininity in record numbers!
May be an image of 1 person, playing football and grass
Women are Taking Over the “traditional” male Activities!
Mothers are so Proud of their Sissy sons in their pretty dresses!
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football and grass
5th & 6th Grade Girls are playing Football in Record numbers!
Boys are learning to wear pretty dresses and high heels!
May be a cartoon of 1 person, child, standing and text that says 'GIRLS BOYS Dominant Submissive Independent Passive Active Dependent Logical Emotionol Smart Weak-minded Decisive Indecisive Worldly Domesticated Careers Housework Leadership Obedience Sports Dolls Trousers Skirts'
The “New Age” is Female Led!
May be an image of 1 person, biceps, standing, activewear and indoor
Muscular Women are Enjoying their Power over men!
Boys are learning early to look Pretty & Sweet!
He is so Beautiful in that dress!
May be an image of 2 people and people playing football
Women are Serious about playing Football!
More men are Serious about their Outfits!
May be an image of 1 person and outdoors
Building Muscle is paramount to some Women!
Boys look so Cute in their dresses when next to a pants wearing Girl!
May be an image of 2 people, people standing and grass
Mothers are Encouraging their daughters to play Football!
He is so Adorable with his shaved legs and pink dress!
May be an image of 2 people, people standing and outdoors
Moms and Daughters Embracing Football!
The Pants Wearing Girls are Enjoying seeing the boys in dresses!
May be an image of 1 person, standing, playing football and grass
With the Support of their Mothers, Girls are ready to Take on the World!
Some boys are realizing their New Role!
May be an image of 2 people, people playing football, people standing and grass
Strong and Independent Girls are the Future!
Boys are learning how to Look Pretty for Women!
How Women's Gridiron Foundation Is Growing Girls' Football
Girls are learning at a young age how to Compete!
Mother is Proud of her Pretty son!
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football, people standing and grass
Girls are learning Sport(Wo)manship & Commaradarie!
Boys are learning Grace & Charm!
May be an image of one or more people and people standing
The Future Leaders!
It is so Delightful to see the two Women wearing pants, while the frightened boy is so Adorable in his pretty dress and makeup, holding onto to his pretty purse! Just as a New Age male should be!
The New Age of man!
Debut triunfal de yucatecas en su aventura en Estados Unidos para jugar futbol americano
The New Age of Woman!
The Future is now Arriving!
The Best Gymnastics Abs Workouts to Build Strength and Power for CrossFit Athletes | BOXROX
She is In Charge!
The New Age man!
May be an image of one or more people, people standing, people playing football and grass
The New Age is here!
Men are learning their New Role of submission!
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football, people standing and outdoors
The Future is Bright for Girls!
Pretty & Docile, the new Goals of males!
May be an image of 7 people, people playing football, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'NIGHTHAMKS 37 NIGH NIGHT THAWKS 23'
The Triumph of Women!
“The Future Is Female”
#FemaleSuperiority #FemDom #FLR
Women are Winning!
Where a man belongs!
Women in Control!

From Xdress,com Website Blog:


Hello dear readers! It’s long overdue that we discuss all the lovely benefits of dating an Xdresser, and what we bring to the table that other men do not. So let’s get right into it. 
First of all, it goes without saying that the men who xdress love to shop! This automatically makes us more enjoyable company than the men that just sit on a bench when they go to the mall / clothing stores with their significant other. For me, shopping is not only incredibly fun, it’s also a form of stress relief. To unapologetically shop in the women’s clothing section, alongside your wife or girlfriend is an experience that could only be described as euphoric. I have done this a number of times with my girlfriend and it is quite simply a very intimate experience to share together, especially when shopping for lingerie. Picking things out for each other, recommending items and just enjoying what is considered to be a feminine activity is something that can strengthen any relationship. 

Start your man out in some sexy panties!

Next, xdressers are generally more empathetic compared to other men. We understand the amount of effort it takes to look pretty, what it takes to pull off an outfit and the difficulty in wearing heels on a night out. We also tend to be more in tune with our feminine side, which makes us able to convey our emotions in a much more sensitive way. For example, I recall being quite dismissive and having a “it’s not a big deal” attitude when discussing problems  before I became an Xdresser. However, my attitude could not be more opposite now when I have discussions. Coming from a place of love, understanding and compassion is my general guideline now. In short, I feel xdressing has made me a much better person for this reason alone. 
Also, xdressers are just more fun to be around! The majority of people live in an all or nothing world, where they follow social constructs and guidelines as if their lives depend on it. The inherent courage it takes to even be a xdresser means we generally look at situations in life with a unique perspective. We are comfortable with standing out and breaking the norms, which takes a serious amount of gumption. One could argue we are more “manly” than your average jeans and t-shirt wearing man, as we do not fear criticism like those who try so hard to fit in. Bold is the perfect term for xdressers, because there is nothing more bold than a man in heels and lipstick that doesn’t care if everyone is staring at them. 

So Sweet and Feminine!

Lastly, an xdresser is an amazing lover! They will more often than not, devote more than the average man to a relationship, as we value intimacy and commitment above all else. At least, that’s how it is for me. We also love spending time with our significant other doing all sorts of activities other men would scoff at. Such activities include mani/pedis, facials, massages, or any other essential self care activity! I am sure all of us here can attest to how incredible it is sharing these experiences with our SO and not feeling guilty for it. After all, what woman wouldn’t want a man they can share almost every part of their lives with? 
All in all, I truly think xdressing is wonderful thing. Embracing femininity is a balancing act that will vastly improve your relationships, as people begin to be drawn to your balanced and harmonious energy. So, what do you think? Has xdressing made you more fun? Have your relationships improved? Let me know in the comments! 


You should date a XDresser because they are more in tune with their feelings than others. We have more compassion and are better listeners and are not afraid of being vulnerable to others. We share a passion for femininity that helps boost your SO’s confidence as it does your own!SCOTT MAY 05, 2021

The fabrics have a calming effect on me! I often come home take off my male clothes and slip into something more comfortable so to speak. Although i wear panties every day when i get home i may want to relax in a bodysuit or bra panty set with stockings heels and silk robe
Definitely has an effect
My under dressing also gives me confidence during the day and even calms me down during a heated moment when I remember what I wearing underneath and the color of my nail polish on my toes 😉

Get ur lingerie on


So happy for those who can share with SOSTEVIE APRIL 23, 2021

I agree very much with your blog. Being able to wear this stunning underwear had quite the effect on me. The soft fabric cannot be compared with my average underwear. I just love the way it fits and the way it lets me feel special. My wife very much appreciates me wearing the Xdress lingerie. For me it is super fun to browse through the website and it very liberating to be able to dress how I feel and to be able to share it with her. I am very happy I discovered Xdress and love all the lingerie I now have in my drawer!STEVEN APRIL 22, 2021

Nathan, well done. My girlfriend and I go shopping together and it is incredibly fun. The funny thing is that individually we don’t like shopping, but together makes it a great experience. We enjoy picking things out for each other.
The other thing that I want to mention in your comment, “For example, I recall being quite dismissive and having a “it’s not a big deal” attitude when discussing problems before I became an Xdresser. However, my attitude could not be more opposite now when I have discussions. Coming from a place of love, understanding and compassion is my general guideline now. In short, I feel xdressing has made me a much better person for this reason alone.”
This goes to the point of my last blog regarding masculine and feminine energy. Once you shifted your energy, you also shifted your behaviour. Xdress has been such a great place to fulfill that feminine energy. I know that my girlfriend enjoys when that energy comes through, and we connect on a different level, and just enjoy everything together. First pedicure ever!WB APRIL 20, 2021

Very nice blog and I agree that XDressers have more fun! Shopping is a great way to spend time together but getting home and wearing it with each other is way more fun! We do massages together, waxing together, mani/pedi’s together and it is very liberating and so much fun.SCOTT APRIL 19, 2021

Anthony great post, I think u have what we all want. A spouse you can share your passion for life and lingerie with. I too agree with a lot in the post. Lingerie men have a sensitive side for sure. As for sharing this love with your spouse that is the best. It creates such intimacy and closeness! You get to share vs hide the experience.

I think on this often! One of the things I enjoy about wearing lingerie is that it adorns the make frame with pretty sext fabrics which creates an incredible picture and i like beautiful bodies. The masculine adorned in feminine cloth is erotic and naughty to me . I enjoy it

So happy for u

Get ur lingerie onSTEVIE APRIL 16, 2021

love cd am a cross dresser myselfPHILIP APRIL 16, 2021

I absolutely agree with your post. I am not a full xdresser but satin and lingerie have long been my pleasure. Having my wife select lingerie for me while I am selecting for her is an amazing experience!! My wife has seen me in panties for years and she love laying in bed and feeling the satin on my select areas. She will select items out for me in the evenings and now even packs her favorites when we travel. In Vegas pre COVID we went to an adult store and purchased matching white panties and bra, needless to say it was a mind blowing evening. She now asks me to go with her for a manicure and pedi before get aways or as part of a date. I was a bit nervous the first time but now I now that it allows me to spend time with her and just relax for an hour. My wife loves to shop, she likes looking at almost everything. She doesn’t have to purchase something but just views it as fun. I enjoy looking through her size and selecting items I want to see on her or just new styles for her to try. It is actually a good time and it makes her feel better about herself as well. My wife is amazing, sexy, funny and the love of my life. We have been married for 24 years and I never have had any thought of flirting with someone else or wanting something more. I am not at all attracted to other men and don’t feel bad dressing in sexy feminine lingerie. We are so close to each other and experience everything together including any style of sex you can imagine. All of this has kept us looking and feeling young. We married young and have continued to grow together. Xdress satin panties and lingerie have been a big part of our life. I wish you would have matching white satin lingerie set for husband and wife. I also have been in search of some pastel or light yellow bra and panty set.ANTHONY APRIL 16, 2021

Join us at the Forum: The Link below will get you to the Forum. The Forum has continued to grow since it’s inception last April of 2020. We are now up to 159 members, and we have experienced numerous “Guest” visitors. I am asking all the Dominant Women that come to the Blog to at least check out the Forum. The Forum has a separate WOMEN’S ONLY Section which I moderate consistently. If we are to have a FEMALE Controlled World, it will ONLY happen if WOMEN push for it! The FLR is attainable, PLEASE, All the Women that read this Blog, we need you at the Forum. Even though I am the Moderator, I really would like to see the Forum Dominated and Controlled by FLR thinking Women. The Future is FEMALE! Help Womankind establish their Dominance, and help in the huge task of creating a Better, Submissive and Obedient Feminized man and boy! Please join the Cause!


Jenny Maid, A Friend from Facebook

Today’s Posting is going to be a Feature on a Good Friend of mine from Facebook. He is a Lovely example of the New Age Lifestyle, and his Wife really Enjoys Dominating him, and making him as feminine as can be! This is what so many of us are looking for as the New Age of Female Empowerment flourishes, and more and more men find themselves as the feminine “helpers” to Strong Women! We first made contact back in May of 2019!

5/5/19, 1:33 PM

Hi Jenny!

You Look so Adorable! I hope your wife encourages your Male Femininity! You are so Cute in your pink dress and white tights!

Thank you for the message. She is very encouraging with my girl side sometimes more than she should be.

Jenny Serving his Wife and her Friends!

No description available.
A “Controlled” husband is the Best husband!

It is your Wife that cuffs you and gags you…correct?

That is correct

She must be such an Awesome Woman! Is she the one that Feminized you?

She is my mistress

When did you start with your femininity?

My mother used to have me try on dresses to see if they would fit my cousin.

She stopped when I was 10

I just Love when you do the postings about Serving Women!!! Are they friends of your Mistress?

Yes they are friends of hers. And friends of mine. I have a few different women friends that my wife allows me to serve

That is so Awesome. These Women like seeing you in your dresses and skirts, and being submissive to them?

They seem to. They enjoy the cooking and cleaning too

One calls me “bitch” all the time

Okay. It is just a Delight to see more Women being Assertive and feminizing their men and boys, it is something I really like seeing, I Hate male arrogance!

Well I will keep putting on my dresses and hope others do the same

So your Mistress has become quite Dominant?

She has worked her way there

You know I also LOVE seeing you in your regular Female clothing. You are a very Pretty sissy!

Thank you I love going out as the woman too

Jenny is so Pretty in his Cute dress!

Was there a time that you were a macho man?

Of course. Had to put on front. Worked out rode a motorcycle

May be an image of child and standing
What a Great Role Model for other men and boys to learn to be Pretty in public!

Does your Mistress and her Friends usually wear slacks, or do they like being Girly?

My wife is very girly. The other women always wear pants. My wife does as well when we go out. Said it should be seen that she is in charge. So I am typically in a 👗 dress while 3 to 4 other women are in pants.

No description available.
While the Women wear the pants, Jenny is in a dress!

Absolutely!!! Females need to Feminize us and keep us in our Proper Subservient and Feminine Place!! I just LOVE seeing that, you in your skirt and All the Women in Pants! That send such a Strong Message of Female Power!

Yes those girls love it as well

As they should!

My wife enjoyed seeing me that way when she took the pic with them

That is Awesome, the Women really Need to rub it in to us that they are now In Charge and wearing the Pants!

This was in front of her friends at one of their houses

I LOVE it! Especially as she is Standing over you in her jeans, she looks so Dominant! Her Friends must have LOVED seeing a once mighty male getting Dominated by a Strong Woman!

The friends house we were over has a daughter in college and she was home and brought friends over to see the Sissy! They loved it and took lots of pics

Oh my God. That is so AWESOME!!! Younger Women need to understand the importance of feminizing men and boys! Were All the younger Women wearing slacks as well?

No description available.
Jenny had to go to the store to get items for the gathering!

I was the only one in a dress

AWESOME!!!!!! It is so nice to see males Totally emasculated in front of Women!

Does she allow you to just present as a “regular” feminine woman?

That is how we typically go out. As regular girls

May be an image of Jenny Maid and smiling
Jenny in one of his pretty dresses!

So you were Serving a Group of Women that day?

A group

Serving All Women, how many were you serving? And how do they Treat you while serving them?

There was my wife and six of her friends. All women. They treated me like a servant. Gave me orders. The more they drank the more they asked me to do. Took other pics too

The Women, and I assume they were all wearing slacks while you were in your Frilly dress?

Yes they were

I had to great the women at the door as they arrived. Not all knew about the sissy. The college girls had me stand with their textbook on my head and walk. They had quite a few drinks by then

Jenny that is so Delightful. I really LOVE the photos where you can see one of the Women in their jeans and socks, while there you are, the male, in your frilly dress, tights and high heels! What a Victory for Womankind and Female Dominance!

The College Women must have had a Blast! I hope it ignited a desire in them to Feminize other men!

I know they sent the pics to friends because they said no one would ever believe them

So they were some that did not know they were going to see a sissy that day?

The women who didn’t know got over their shock quickly and my Wife has sent me to clean for them too

Yup none of the college girls did nor another neighbor

AWESOME!!! It is so Important that Women learn about male Feminization and the Great Benefits for them in feminizing males!

That in itself is Awesome. What a Thrill it must have been for those College Women, I guess around 20 years old, seeing a male that in the past would have been a Dominant figure over them, now a complete submissive sissy at their beck & call! They must have felt Empowered with that!

lol they got bossy after a few drinks

LOL. I am sure they do! Did any of the Women flip your skirt, or pinch your hiney? Or make you feel like a sex object?

lol not really

But my Wife does have me lift my skirt to show them what frilly panties I have on

That’s Great!

One said no woman would ever wear anything like that

That is what is Really Enlightening@! That we males are even more Prissy than the Women! That is where the TRUE Female Power and Dominance becomes so Relevant!

Jenny, you are such a fantastic man…sissy! I really, really Admire you!

Love seeing my story and pics out there

May be an image of Jenny Maid and smiling
Proper Work-Out attire for the New Age man!
May be an image of 7 people, including Jenny Maid and people standing
Jenny “Out and About” with other New Age men!
May be an image of 1 person, standing, outerwear and text that says 'KOHL'S'
Jenny out shopping!
May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outerwear
On his shopping trip!
May be an image of Jenny Maid, standing and text that says 'HONK! IF YOu LIKE My PINK DRESS'
So Awesome how creative Lisa is in exposing Jenny!
May be an image of Jenny Maid and text that says 'COVER GIRL- December 2017 Jenny Maid Rachel's Cover Girls rachelwilliston.com'
Another milestone for Jenny!
May be an image of Jenny Maid, hair and text that says '� 3 YEARS AGO After party time, Hopefully they like my outfit and my willingness to please'
Jenny is such a “Trailblazer” for male Femininity!
May be an image of Jenny Maid and smiling
Jenny on his way out to Dinner!
May be an image of Jenny Maid
Another one of his pretty dresses!
May be an image of Jenny Maid and smiling
Just Love how he matches his outfits so Perfectly!
May be an image of Jenny Maid and smiling
The New Age male…so Pretty and Feminine!
May be an image of Jenny Maid and smiling
Jenny is so Pretty and Feminine, as a man should be!
May be an image of Jenny Maid and smiling
Jenny out buying some makeup!
No photo description available.
There needs to be more Graduates to the Training Class!
May be an image of Jenny Maid
This needs to become commonplace for men to dress like this!
May be an image of 38 people, including Jenny Maid and people smiling
There is no Doubt, the New Age Lifestyle is Growing!
No photo description available.
Jenny is so Beautiful in his bikini!
May be an image of Jenny Maid and smiling
Male submissiveness needs to be Encouraged!
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Jenny from a few years ago!

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Women that Like their men to be Feminine and Sweet!

More and more Women are enjoying the Great Benefits of feminized men and boys. This i Post will emphasize the feminization of men and boys by Women!

Isn’t he so Lovely in his pretty dress?
Men are so Compliant when in a dress!

Here is an example from PDQ, in a series of Postings of how some Women are feminizing their males!

Dear Auntie Helga,

I can’t believe I’m writing to you, but I’m worried about a situation involving my son and it’s the kind of situation it seems you might know a lot about, so i hope you don’t mind my writing.

My wife and I have two children, a 10-year-old daughter Jenny and an 8-year-old son Jaime. As I’m writing this, Jenny and Jaime are in Jenny’s bedroom playing together. Jaime is wearing panties, a skirt, and a blouse, and his long hair is in braids tied at the ends with two pink ribbons. If you saw them, it would never occur to you that Jaime wasn’t a girl, which is the problem I’m writing about. I guess this situation is partly my fault, but it’s been one of those cases where things happened very gradually and I just never knew when or how to stop it. This is how it’s happened.

When the pandemic quarantine started where we live, Jaime already had longish hair for a boy and was due for a haircut. But any chance of going to a barber changed when we quarantined, and even four months later we didn’t want to take a chance of catching the virus, so even though by then his hair had really gotten quite girlishly long we didn’t have it cut. One evening his hair was getting in his eyes so Valerie, my wife, decided to put some bobby pins in it. Jaime whined that boys don’t have bobby pins in their hair, but Val paid little attention to his complaint and put them in, telling him that he needed something to hold his hair back from his face, and she also made the obvious point that no one would see him except us so it was no big deal. I should probably also explain that in our family Val pretty much makes all the decisions about the kids, and she does not appreciate it if one of the kids disagrees with one of her decisions, and that goes doubly for how she reacts if I disagree with her, so I almost never even question anything she decides.

So that’s how it all started. After that, for a few days, Val put bobbie pins in Jaime’s hair and he stopped complaining about it. Then, about a week later, along with a couple of bobbie pins, Val used a couple of Jenny’s red barrette’s to help hold his hair back. Again, Jaime complained that boys don’t wear barrettes in their hair, and even I asked Val if that was really necessary, but she just somewhat angrily said that barrettes worked better than just bobbie pins and that Jaime and I needed to be quiet about it, and she also said that we were just being silly because it wasn’t as if wearing barrettes would actually make Jaime a girl.

For a couple of weeks, that’s how things were, with Val putting barrettes in Jaime’s hair every day, or sometimes telling me to do it. In looking back, I realize that’s when I probably should have been more forceful in stopping things, but I didn’t, and I think that the fact that I was now sometimes the one who was making him look more girlish made Jaime pretty much give up on trying to resist what was being done to him.

Nothing really changed for another few weeks, and then one morning, Val decided that Jaime’s hair had gotten so long that she needed to do something more, so she brushed it into two pigtail braids, each one tied at the end with a small pink ribbon. Jaime didn’t dare complain to his mother, but he did come crying to me, asking me to ask Val not to make him wear his hair that way. I nervously suggested to Val that maybe this was too much, but she angrily told me she didn’t want to discuss it. I realized my best approach was to help Jaime accept things, so I pointed out to him that Native American braves often wore their hair in braids, so it was OK for a boy to wear them. And just like with the barrettes, it wasn’t long before Val had appointed me to be the one who brushed Jaime’s hair and put it into braids or pigtails or a pony tail each morning, and I always had to make sure I used pretty ribbons to finish (the couple of times when I used plain elastics, Val made clear she wasn’t pleased). Sometimes I also used one of Jenny’s hair bands too to help hold Jaime’s hair in place in front.

As the weeks passed, Jaime’s hair continued to get longer of course, until he was begging us to cut it for him because it was getting in his eyes in front. I was relieved when Val agreed to do it, but then, what she did was to cut the hair in front into very girlish bangs. Again, I probably should have put my foot down then, because Jaime was pretty upset with how he looked with bangs and with his hair in braids or a pony tail tied with ribbons, but we all thought the pandemic would end soon, so I told Jaime to try to not let it bother him for the time being.

As you know, though, the pandemic dragged on and on, so when summer ended, instead of the kids going to school they had to do school remotely from home. And we were fearful of taking the kids to a barber or hair dresser, so Jaime continued to grow his hair and to have to wear it in a girlish style. But that was nothing really compared to what came next. Soon after the end of summer, Jaime came to me in tears and told me that his mom had decided he had to start wearing his sister’s hand-me-dowm panties! Well I decided that was too much, so I confronted Val about it, but that conversation didn’t go the way I thought it would. Val rather sternly reminded me that we were not in good financial shape and had to save money wherever we could, and that one obvious way to do that was to put off buying Jaime any new clothes, and instead have him start to wear his sister’s old clothes. I asked her if that meant that she was going to make Jaime wear some of Jenny’s other clothes that she had outgrown, meaning blouses and skirts and so on, and Val said yes, that was what she had decided. I knew that trying to demand that she change her mind would not work at all, but I did beg her not to do that to Jaime, that maybe it would be OK if he wore panties but I pleaded with her not to put him in other girls clothes. To my surprise and relief, Val relented, at least a bit, and we agreed that Jaime would wear panties all the tme and would sleep in some of Jenny’s old pajamas and nightgowns, but he wouldn’t have to wear blouses or skirts or dresses, at least for the time being. I thanked Val for being so understanding and went off to tell Jaime what had been decided. He was still pretty upset about it all, but I pointed out to him that he wasn’t spending any time with any of his friends, so it really wouldn’t matter what he wore.

Well, that was about three months ago now, and as you can probably guess, during that time Val decided that Jaime would wear hand-me-downs from his sister all the time, meaning he has had to dress as a girl all day and night every day. When his mom put him into skirts and dresses I had a talk with him, and reminded him that wearing girls clothes didn’t make him a girl, so he should try to just make the best of it and not let it bother him. He tearfully agreed to try. And he has tried, and seems to have succeeded.

Which brings me to what is concerning me now. What seems to have happened is that he’s been becoming really girlish as he’s spent week after week dressed as a girl, almost as if the clothes really are turning him into a girl. It isn’t just that he’s stopped complaining about having to wear panties and skirts and blouses, what has become obvious is that he quite likes wearing pretty clothes and he likes having long girlish hair. Jenny has even started referring to Jaime has her little sister. I’m worried now that when the time does come for the kids to start going to school in person again, that Jaime will have become so deeply immersed to feeling and looking like a girl that it might be hard for me to then make him go back to being the boy that he used to be.

So that’s my current dilemma, and there are not many people I can talk to about the problem, so I thought you might be able to offer some insights or advice.

Thanks for reading this

Thank you for your letter Tom. I can understand how you could be concerned bout your wife’s feminization of your son. I appreciate the background information and if I might start by making an observation, your glorious wife seems to be in charge be it panties for your son, or other issues in the relationship while you are submissive to her, would you agree? As for him going back to school, that will be a challenging decision and one Val will likely make and you will agree to her wishes because that’s who you are, that’s a good thing. As for Jamie’s school wear, it may be that the school is gender-fluid and he could could come as a girl. You could show him that being feminine is a good thing by joining him in panties and other pretty clothes, ask Val how she would feel about that.

Auntie Helga

The New Age of boyhood?


Dear Auntie Helga,

(In response to my advice and suggestions Tom discussed with his wife about his son’s petticoating and the result of that conversation I’m sure you will appreciate.)

Well, I did it. Last night, after the kids went to be, I worked up the nerve to have a talk with Val.

Even before I said anything, she told me that if I was planning to complain again about her feminization of Jaime that she didn’t want to hear what I had to say. I immediately assured her that was not what I had to say, that on the contrary, I wanted to apologize abjectly and fully for ever having questioned her authority or her decisions about Jaime. In fact, I guess you could say that I begged for her forgiveness and promised never to do anything like that again. She told me that it was fortunate for our relationship that I had decided to apologize and to acknowledge her authority in this way, because she had been angrier with me that I probably realized for having disagreed with her on those different occasions regarding her feminization of Jaime.

But she also belittled me, telling me that we both knew what a pathetically weak man I am, saying that we both knew there was never any chance that I would be able to really change her mind about feminizing Jaime, and then she laughed while saying that the best thing I could do for Jaime would be to be supportive of his transition into living as a girl. All I could say in response was “yes dear”.

We then talked about what would happen when Jaime returned to school, and I made clear that I understood that he would be returning as a girl rather than as a boy. Val’s response to that was “Well, of course”, and then she said she had already taken care of that problem. Val is friends with the woman who is principal of the school, and the two of them had apparently recently talked about Jaime and the principal said that having Jaime return as a girl would not be a problem at all, and that in fact, there was at least one other boy at the school who would be returning as a girl, and the principal knew of a third boy who was being feminized during the pandemic and might be returning as a girl as well.

I wasn’t sure how to broach your idea with Val that it might help Jaime if I were to begin wearing panties and dresses too, but then it turned out I didn’t have to. After discussing the school situation, and in as polite and respectful a manner as possible, I did ask Val why it was that she had decided to feminize Jaime. I didn’t mean the question to be confrontational in the least, but Val was not pleased by it, to say the least. She said, quite angrily, that she had already made it clear to me that I was not to question her authority in any way, and that it was none of my business why she made the decisions that she made.

Her anger actually frightened me, and given my lack of sleep and the fragile emotional state I was in already, I’m afraid I lost control and started weeping and apologizing and begging again for forgiveness as I literally fell to the floor at her feet. As I started to recover my composure, Val told me I was a pathetic excuse for a man, and that I no longer deserved to have the privilege of dressing completely like a man, and then she told me to go upstairs and to put on a pair of her panties. As I stood up, she continued by saying that she would be ordering panties for me and that from then on, I would wear panties at all times and that she would decide later whether to feminize me the way that she did Jaime, and she made it clear that if that was what she decided to do, that was what would happen.

And so, as I’m writing this, I’m doing so while wearing a pair of Val’s panties and I’m quite anxious about what the next few weeks might bring. But I do know that I will have to be exceptionally compliant and obedient to try to avoid another one of Val’s outbursts of anger.


Thank you for continuing to keep me informed of your situation and I am pleased to hear how well you followed my advice. You are very fortunate to have such strong confident wife and by showing her the respect and obedience she rightly deserves I can see a wonderful and special family being developed as you and your son learn to serve the two special women that control your lives.

Auntie Helga

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Some Mothers like to see how Pretty they can make their sons!


Hello Helga,

As I think my husband Tom has told you, yesterday a few days ago he showed me the emails that he has sent to you telling you about the way I’ve petticoated and feminized our son Jaime. In a way, I think it was very typical of Tom that he would seek out advice about what he (as a man whose wife was putting their son into panties and skirts and blouses and who obviously was intent on feminizing the boy and making him live as a girl) should do. What a sadly unmanly weakling Tom is. Instead of taking a stand and really trying to stop me from putting Jaime into panties, he simply accepted that whatever I decided was how things would be. Pathetic. And as a result, Jaime is now living as a girl. But that’s just who Tom is.

As Tom eventually realized, it was my goal all along to completely feminize Jaime. I was simply tired of dealing with his boyish behaviors and so it seemed to me that the sooner I started making him live as a girl, the better. This way, he will not just look like a girl, but will feel like a girl and will think of himself as a girl, before he reaches the age when he’ll have to start taking female hormones so that he can pass through puberty more as a girl than as a boy.

Even though that was my goal from the start, I started slowly by just putting Jaime into panties because I was not one hundred percent sure how Tom would react to me petticoating our son to that extent. I shouldn’t have worried, given that I have always dominated Tom, but still I thought there was some small chance he would be more manly and would really try to stop me from petticoating Jaime. But as you’ve learned, he didn’t. Once Tom was so easily convinced to go along with my putting Jaime into panties, I knew that the rest would be easy. And it was. Tom barely kicked up anything more than the tiniest of fusses when I put Jaime into dresses, and even that was obviously just for show, as he knew that my decision to petticoat and feminize Jaime was final.

In addition to how feminine Jaime has become, and how submissive Tom has been, what has really pleased me is seeing our daughter Jenny bloom as a strong and commanding girl, as she started to really take on the role of an authoritative figure in Jaime’s, and now Tom’s, lives. It’s wonderful the way she commands the two of them now, without any hesitation, knowing that whatever she tells them to do they will do. Again, I wasn’t sure how she would react to seeing her brother petticoated, but from the beginning it was obvious that she thought that what I was doing to Jaime was great, and she’s really enjoyed helping me turn her brother into her submissive and obedient younger sissy “sister”.

I suppose that experience was what prepared Jenny to adapt so quickly to Tom being petticoated too. A few days ago, when Jenny and Jaime first saw Tom in panties, bra, and a dress, I made it clear that Jenny now held a position of authority over Tom. Jenny immediately began treating Tom as her inferior, as someone she could boss around and dominate, while Tom began to be submissive to Jenny’s authority. It really pleased me, for example, to observe the two of them this afternoon when Jenny told her father to straighten up her room. When he reported back that he was done, Jenny went in to inspect his work, and when she saw that he had not put her shoes in exactly the order she wanted them in her closet, she gave him a stern verbal reprimand. Tom apologized profusely, fixing his work, and promising to make that mistake again. Jenny told him “you’d better not” ! She also then told him that from then on, she expected him to curtsey for her whenever he entered or exited a room that she was in, and must call her “Miss Jenny”. Tom did as he was told, curtseying as he said that he understood and thanking her for the lesson.

So now my household consists of two females, and two submissive petticoated sissies! I’m not sure when exactly it will be, but I suspect that Tom already knows that the day when I will put him on female hormones is not that far in the future. But he was never much of a man anyway, so this does seem like a rather appropriate fate for him, don’t you think? And I must say that there has not been a moment when I regretted my decision to petticoat Jaime, and the fact that it has led to Tom being petticoated as well has worked out wonderfully (at least for Jenny and me).

Thank you for giving Tom such perfect advice!

Best wishes

Thank you for your letter Val. What an authoritative approach to petticoating your submissive husband and son, and what a wonderful example for Jenny. As readers have been following along Tom’s emails to me I felt like this was the time to share of the other side of the coin. I know we would all appreciate and update occasionally.

Female Control!
Females are now In Charge!
The more we see feminine men in public, the more Acceptance will follow!
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As Mothers Encourage their sons to compete in Beauty Pageants….
WFA International Welcomes Costa Rica | Women's Football Alliance
Women and Girls are playing Tackle Football!
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Women are Building Strength and Muscle!
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Men are learning to Watch their Figures and be Pretty!
This Murray businesswoman tackles business deals and wide receivers | Murray Journal
Women are becoming Physically Strong and Dominant!
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While men are concentrating on their Appearance and looking as Pretty as possible!

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An Interview with Ms. Margo Paige – Female Supremacist!

Today’s Posting is featuring one of the members of our Forum, Ms. Margo Paige. She is a Female Supremacist, and an avid believer in the emasculation of men and boys, thus making them useful components of the Female Led World that is coming! She is known on Pinterest as “Madam Paige”, and this is the summary of her Page,

“As a firm believer in female superiority, I find extreme pleasure in feminizing cute boys into delightful, fashionable and very submissive sissies.”

Some may believe that this is all “Fantasy’, but it is up to the reader to determine. The point is though, this is what Dominant Women of today are envisioning. The World is indeed changing, and many Women are realizing that the feminized male is the “Perfect Spouse”. As Women become more Successful and Assertive, they do not want a macho man telling them that men are the “Dominant” gender, Women want that Dominance to lie within themselves, and have cute males as their partners and “helpers”!

So on with the Questions!!

The New Attitude of Dominant Women and their outlook on the New Age man!

When did you embrace the concept of feminizing men and turning them into sissies?

Since my teenage years I’ve long embraced the belief that women are superior to men. We’re smarter. We’re much more refined when it comes to culture and the arts. We eat healthier. We understand the need to be fashionably dressed. We’re emotionally tougher. We make wiser decisions. We’re very astute when it comes to business.

I guess you could say I’m bisexual, but my heterosexual side told me that I still wanted the companionship and obedient love of a submissive sissy. Over the years I’ve had many relationships with men, but there just wasn’t something satisfying about them. They assumed they were going to be the boss, the Alpha, but that was contradictory to my mindset. A mindset that told me that I am the strong one, the leader –the kind of thinking that more and more women are taking and putting into effect. 

The other thing that powered my emasculating thoughts is the turnoff of those hairy bodies, macho egos and drab male clothing. Yuck. I craved a soft, tender male I could totally control, dominate, love and turn into my perfect companion, and perhaps even my spouse. Let me start by saying the cutie I would be looking for would be a spouse that would be, not only totally under my control, but be soft and slender and effeminately- attired in female clothing.

The sissy I envision would not be a drag queen wearing outrageous makeup and clothing. Not a transvestite wearing gaudy dresses and heels trying to pass as a woman. Not a transsexual looking to change his sex. But a sissy, an effeminate submissive male who would wear nothing but women’s slacks, dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, undergarments, hosiery and shoes. A sissy who would be totally hairless from his eye lashes down. A sissy who would beautify his skin and wear light makeup to enhance his feminine persona. A sissy who would be shorter than me and always have to look up at me towering above him in my heels.

Like the wives men desired in the 50s and 60s, my sissy misster would be a trophy cutie on my arm for date nights and at social events. At home, while I was at work making the money, he would need to be sure everything is tidy and clean. Prepare meals. Do laundry. Go shopping. Attend to my wardrobe. Be a very welcoming hostess to my guests. And always cater to my sexual desires. Do I want a sissy boy, an effeminate little thing that I’d have dress in women’s jumpsuits, slacks, pants suits and an occasional skirt? Or a sissy girl, an extra feminine cutie who’d always mince around clad in nothing but dresses and skirts? Either would suit my desires. I might even take both under my control. Hmmm. Now that would be a dream to have both a sissy boy and sissy girl attending to all my needs! 

I can imagine one day proudly hearing my sissy say this to another New Age Woman: 

“I am so grateful to Ms. Paige, my Mommy. She taught me how to enjoy and love the humiliation, the feminization and emasculation. I’ve developed into her devoted sissy. She doesn’t just own me; she has total control over my life and emasculation destiny. I love her too much to ever disobey or disrespect her in any way. Women know what’s best, and Ms. Paige knows what’s best for me, and I love her for that!”

A pretty outfit for showing off your trophy sissy to your lady friends

Have you always been a Strong, Assertive Woman?

I learned early from my mother that women should never take a back seat to males. She was a powerful attorney. I mean MEAN. She hardly ever lost a case. She was always in command. I loved my daddy, but mom was truly the head of our household and the ultimate decision-maker. She inspired me so much. She showed and taught me that women could do anything we want. So I knew from early on, that one day I was also going to be a commanding bitch boss at work like my mother, and then go home and be the strong loving head of my household that flowed with femininity. But my spouse would not just be an obedient husband, but be my effeminately dressed sissy wife. He was going to be my sissy showcase – the type of pretty spouse that would shout to the world that males are definitely inferior to females, and as such need to dress in effeminate attire befitting their submissive stature in the New Age Lifestyle.  

Ms. Paige likes to show off her Sissy Sammi!

Tell me about your business. Are all your managers female, and if you had male employees, what positions would they hold?

I am the CEO of Paige Fashion, a conglomerate of media, design, retail operations and video and photo production studios dealing with the fashion industry. Originally, we focused our operations on just female fashion. As such, females held all management positions and they mainly had females working under their supervision. For the New Age Lifestyle, males to be employed by us will mainly be receptionists, secretaries, executive assistants, wardrobe assistants and hair/makeup stylists. To showcase our belief in female superiority, the sissies we will hire will have to be well dressed, well mannered and very effeminate. 

Sissies make great secretaries and we have everything you need to get your sissy ready for an emasculating day at work!

How many sissies would you employ, and what would their dress code be?

To fill our needs I would imagine having a sissy receptionist, 8 sissy secretaries/errand girls, three executive assistant sissy secretaries, one sissy dressing room attendant and two sissy hair and makeup stylists. To help us fill future needs, I also imagine hiring a variety of sissy interns for various positions. And while casual attire may be becoming more normal in the workplace, especially for us women, casual attire will not something our sissy employees will be allowed to wear in the office area. Dresses, skirts and skirt suits will be mandatory, and they will need to be a conservative in color, such as black, navy, gray or brown. If wearing a blouse, we recommend white, cream, light blue, pink…whatever best presents a soft feminine look. Blouses with Peter Pan collars or pussy bows are very acceptable. Nylon hosiery is a must. So are closed-toe heels, no sandals! Nails must be well manicured and painted with beige-tone or light pink polish. Jewelry should also be conservative – for example, pearl studs instead of dangling earrings. Finally, our sissies hair should be well groomed and worn in a conservative cut, such as a bob, a pixie cut or soft layered. Sissies working in the photo and video studios may be allowed to dress a little more casual, but they’ll only be allowed to wear skirts or dresses. No pants for these pansies until they’re off work. 

Dress Code for male employees
Dress Code for male employees
Dress Code for male employees
Dress Code for male employees
Dress Code for male employees
Dress Code for male employees
Dress Code for male employees

How are you influencing other Female Supremacists and Feminists in accelerating male emasculation and female control?

For starters, my sissy spouse will be an absolute showcase model of what feminization can bring to women. He’ll be kept sissy slim. His hair is well coifed with a blonde tint for his pixie cut. (I prefer short a women’s hairstyle because, after all, I want people to realize that my spouse is a sissy.) His skin will be hairless, soft and pretty as body moisturizers and facial creams will be a mandatory daily requirement. He will always wear light makeup and lipstick. He will always be femininely dressed in very stylish clothing and shoes. He will present an adorable image to all the ladies I introduce him to. But more than that, his manners, politeness and obedience will be just the things Female Supremacists and Feminists want from the lesser sex. So having a cute, obedient sissy on my arm will be one way I influence other feminists. The other way will be our new My Paige Boy line of sissy fashions that we’ll promote in various ways including advertising, public relations, social media, sissy fashion shows and appearances on female talk shows. Our sissy models will be extremely pretty boys chosen to set women’s hearts afire with emasculation possibilities for their own sissies. 

So Boyishly Feminine!

Are all the Managers at Paige Fashion Female Supremacists? Do they have sissies as husbands, boyfriends and sons? What is your vision for males in the future?

Absolutely. All managers at Paige Fashion are Female Supremacists. Running a successful business requires teamwork. And at Paige Fashion that means strong-minded women, female supremacists who envision and work toward the same female superiority goals of the New Age Lifestyle. As such, unless managers are lesbians (which is perfectly acceptable), the males in their lives would be emasculated sissies, from effeminate spouses to girly boyfriends to cutely dressed and timid sissy sons.  With my vision, the New Age Lifestyle for all males will be femininity for fashion with lady-like manners and respectful obedience always shown toward all women. 

I can surely understand that Ms. Phillips would be so pleased with Patti! He is so Adorable and Feminine in his flowered dress. It is so Delightful to see a man so emasculated!
It is so Delightful that Women are enjoying the emasculation of men and boys!
Ms. Fontaine must be very Proud of her sissy son!

What are your thoughts on womanless pageants in school?

One day if our males progress enough in their femininity development, beauty and style of dress, a sissy beauty pageant might be delightful. Better yet, instead of a female prom queen, students would elect a sissy prom queen. Imagine how delightful it would be to see a petite, cute sissy boy in his prom dress dancing with his tall high school girlfriend dressed in a tux. That is so New Age!

Showing off his pretty legs, preferably in nylons is a MUST! Girls need to be able to “Objectify” the New Age boy! His “Worth” needs to be in his “Look”!

What are you thoughts on encouraging Female Sports Teams while simultaneously coordinating a movement to abolish all male competitive sports? If so, as a company, would you sponsor any female teams?

I’ve always supported women’s sports. The athletic abilities shown by females, and the dramatic victories we’ve seen them accomplish have been awe-inspiring to so many females growing up. And now as we enter the New Age Lifestyle, we’ll be seeing a huge increase in the number of females playing sports. More importantly, we’ll be seeing huge increase in the popularity of woman’s sports with events sold out and TV ratings skyrocketing. Why? Because female fans will be buying the tickets and in control of the TV. We will watch what we want, and control what our sissies can and cannot watch on TV or their e-device. Plus, men’s sports will gradually go away because mothers will no longer be allowing their sons to play sports. Instead, their boys will be enrolled in ballet schools for feminine exercise and competition – competition to see who will be chosen to dance and star in the next big Sissy Ballet Performance.

As to sponsorship, I’m sure we’ll find a way to advertise our women’s fashion items on broadcasts of female events. And I’m sure we’ll find a way to promote our My Paige Boy line of sissy fashions by sponsoring Sissy Ballet Performances at theaters across the land. 

Emasculating Exciting!

Jamie Simmonds Sidelined for 2021 Season | BOXROX

Contrasting the Female Athletes with the Sissies!

So Sissy Sweet!

May be an image of 1 person

Osos Rivas Football Team – Women’s Football Team!

Seeing as that women had very few rights for centuries, what are your thoughts on taking away voting and property ownership rights from males? 

These are legal matters that need to be determined and voted on by the females we will be electing into office. However, I would imagine that even without new legislation, males won’t have a say on who gets elected, because our submissive obedient males, if allowed to vote, will vote for whomever we tell them to. Property rights is another matter, but of little concern. The real estate market will be totally controlled by women. And when buying property, even if a woman is married, she need only put her name on the deed. Meaning the only way a sissy could obtain the property would be if his wife died and left him the property in her will because she loved her sissy spouse very much.  

Sending your Sissy off to work!

In order to maintain order in society, what is your vision for future military and police force needs?

Minimal. Women will be running all the nations in the world, not selfish, power-hungry and violent males of past ages. We know when to take and when to give. We know how get along with our neighbors. So global conflicts won’t be happening which will be a true reflection of a gentler, more humane New Age Lifestyle. If any military needs arise, I’m sure our female troops can handle those needs. Same goes for the needs of police forces. Males will be brought up as effeminate, well-behaved and polite sissies. Violence and crime will never be a part of their psyche. Sure there will still will be crimes, speeding tickets to issue, accidents to investigate – all things that can be handled by minimized squads of female officers. The world will be much more peaceful and loving!

It’s time to turn boys and men into girly subservient sissies, serving us ladies

One final question: How would you develop a trophy sissy spouse for entering the New Age Lifestyle? 

First of all you have to find the right boy. If I was in my 30’s, I’d look for a cutie anywhere from 18- to early 20s in age. He’d be nice and slim and shorter than me (it’s important to have a sissy always look up to you!). To prevent any resistance from my lucky boy, his transformation would be gradual getting him more and more comfortable with every step up in his femininity development. To keep this short, I’ll just tell you how I’d work on his appearance:

Silky pajamas provide a great start. Since they have pants, he’ll accept wearing them and gradually get to love the feel. Next, surprise him and throw out all his underwear and replace them with silky panties. 

Outerwear starts next. Women’s slacks, blouses, sweaters with a unisex look, but all have female brand labels. Side zipper pants are preferable. With no or very small pockets on his pants, a purse will be a needed accessory for him. At this stage women’s loafers become standard footwear and nylons become everyday hosiery.

Then its time bring out even more sissy in his looks. Pants now are cut ankle high to display his nylon-covered legs visible above his cute women’s flats. Blouses get a little silkier and lacier. Dress him like this on the day you take him to your beauty salon for a full body wax followed by a styling of his hair into a pixie cut with a slight blonde tint.  Make sure you have him apply some light lipstick before you leave the salon. Skin moistures and facial creams will be used every day. 

Now we push the accelerator. Ballet flats with cute bows on the toes and kitten heels become worn more and more with very feminine-looking slacks and shorts. Pussy-bow blouses find their way into sissy’s wardrobe, as do other lovely, silky and lacey tops. Eye makeup and lipstick are expected to be applied, and nails to be polished. He’ll have several purses and handbags to go with his outfits. Now’s the time to put him in a kilt-like skirt suit with black tights or nylons encased in raised-heel pumps. 

It’s up to you now on whether you want to keep dressing him like this as your sissy boy spouse, or make dresses and skirts a part of his everyday wardrobe as your sissy girl spouse. Either way, you’ll have a trophy sissy on your arm and in your bed for total New Age Lifestyle pleasure.  

Sissy Progression!
Sissy Progression
Sissy Progression
Sissy Progression
Sissy Progression

I really LOVE this Vision from Ms. Paige! This is indeed the New Age Lifestyle. Effeminate males, totally emasculated, but nevertheless, males! As Women continue to be Empowered, this will be how Society stays “balanced”. I think she has a Fantastic Vision for the future of Womankind!

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Progress in the New Age Lifestyle!

May be an image of 2 people, people standing, brick wall and text that says 'Happy mothers mo day 2021'
This is a Challenge to All Feminist Women!!

We are surely seeing the World Change! Female Empowerment and male Feminization is growing at a Brisk Pace! The following is a Post from a husband from years ago on another board:

Date Posted:18:30:58 09/29/13 Sun

My partner and I have been following Editas post and the responses that have followed with great interest.
We are finding ourselves following a similar path, my partner being the dominant force in our relationship. And the person encouraging me to adopt more feminine persona.
We are both in our mid thirties age- wise and a similar size, and we both work in healthcare. She is quite open that it was my non-stereotype look that drew her to me. I’m actually quite slight in build and far from tall, dark and handsome .Since we have been together, what started in jest has become more profound and serious. She originally would buy presents of lingerie for me ,laughing it off as ‘ challenging the traditions’ .However, in the spirit of things I would occasionally wear them .If I’m honest, the things she bought felt amazing on, and actually looked cute. Natalie encouraged me to abandon my ‘male underwear’ more and more. So pretty much I wear panties and stockings every day, and yes I have grown to love how they feel ,how they look. More men should do this, you will take more pride in your appearance, you will make more of an effort, and you do feel better for it. And perhaps as a side effect, you may well drop some of that ‘macho BS’
Two years ago, things became more defined. Natalie became more insistent and persuasive regarding our situation. Given that I had abandoned my male underwear ,which naturally included socks, and wore pantyhose most days. She began to drop hints about perhaps taking the next step and wearing a dress/ heels. It seemed reasonable, I mean. If you are wearing pantyhose, its about how your legs appear ,and lets face it ,lace-up business shoes do not add anything. She teased me about perhaps mirroring each other in how we looked. Given how long I had been wearing lingerie for now, this didn’t seem entirely unreasonable and could well be fun. What was a trial has become more regular and frequent. Logically, all the preparation including choosing a wig, it seemed a lot to do for for one event, and both of us really enjoy it( High heels again have such an impact on how I see myself well, that along with a wig!) So what was a supposed experiment ,we have consolidated a number of times ,and yes, We both love it.
Nat has been quite frank over the last year suggesting that I accept her view of things and make this more permanent. To this end I have begun to take a supplement which may help give me more curves. Nat is quite insistent this is a prelude to prescribed hormones ,and my being 24/7 female. I was never wholly averse to abandoning my masculinity ,but I’m not sure I ever imagined I would be where I am now .Nat is definitively leading in this. Is this the way of the future for many of us? Should more and more males accept their declining role and embrace the feminine? We are hoping to chat with others who also are pursuing this path in the hope of joining network of like minded women. So that we can encourage this new way.

Girls are Outperforming boys in almost all areas!
'Strong Is The New Pretty' For These Young Girls, And It's ...
Strong Young Girls are the Future!
Boys are understanding that they are better off being Pretty and Feminine!
He is so much Cuter in his dress!
So much Prettier in his bra and poanties!

More and more boys want to wear pretty clothing!

Boys are so much better behaved when wearing dresses!

So Amusing when Women Feminize and Train their males!
female muscles - very strong muscular woman........giant ...
Women are becoming Stronger Na d Stronger!

Women are Taking Control and putting men in the Proper, Feminine Place!
May be an image of 1 person, biceps and standing
Strong Women deserve to have pretty sissy boyfriends!
So Pretty and dainty in his nylons and lingerie!
40 Super Muscular Women | KLYKER.COM
One STRONG Woman!
He is just so Cute and Demure!
Flexabella | Muscle Girl World
Just LOVE her Biceps!
His legs are so Pretty in his heels and hose!
Lenda Murray
Love her Biceps!

Cute and Submissive, as a man should be!

Weaknesses Destroying Abs Workouts for CrossFit Lovers | BOXROX
We Know who the Weaker sex is!!!!
Eye Candy for Woman!
May be an image of 1 person and indoor
Emasculating men is so Invigorating!

Where a man belongs…Serving Women!

So Awesome as men lose their testosterone, it is a Great time to emasculate them!

Female Control in the Future!

Always a Good Idea to Lock him into his dresses!
Boston Renegade Adrienne Smith's mission to empower, inspire the next generation of women in football
Women are taking over the once “male Only” Activities!
The Feminized man learns to become Docile and Obedient!
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Now, my lovely husband, I'm sure you can get a better job.'
Women making their men Better through Feminization!
May be an image of 1 person, standing and text that says 'You don't mind if I have myself a little grope of what's under your skirt do you sissy ? Your girlfriend told me that I could treat you like my bitch while you're over here cleaning my house for me and your little penis might be hard in your black satin panties..'
Now that Women are Taking their Proper Place, the men become their Property!
May be an image of 1 person, standing and text that says 'WICKED. Skirts for Men'
Change the World for the Better….Feminize men!
May be an image of 1 person, standing, flower and text that says 'Dress your son as a girl for mother's day 2021'
Start thinking Now of what kind of dress or skirt your son should wear!

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How the Future is Shaping Up!!!!

The number of Girls and Women now playing Tackle Football is at a record high! In the meantime, boys are Not signing up for playing Tackle Football in the numbers that signed up in previous years! Girls are continuing to Achieve, while boys are becoming more Complacent, which will Lead to a more Female Controlled Future!

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '" Monthly Online Dance Class WHAT DAY WOULD YOU TAKE PART? TCAN MY MYBOY BOY CAN'
More boys are signing up for Dance Class though!!!!!
May be an image of 3 people, people playing football and people standing
More and more Girls are Signing up for Tackle Football!
No photo description available.
More boys are Insisting on wearing skirts these days!
May be an image of 1 person and food
Female Coach with her Female Team!
May be an image of 3 people, people playing musical instruments and people standing
Boys are enjoying wearing Cute leotards and dainty skirts!
May be an image of 1 person, standing and food
Girls being Coached by Women, because Women are Taking Control of Sports and Asserting themselves!

There is a Nice Contrast to the Above photo, and this one below. Women are Taking Control, entering the once “male Only” areas of Society, meanwhile, as the Women are increasingly becoming the Breadwinners and “Head of Household”, males are becoming “wives”, and in their new duties, they are caring for the children and looking Pretty for the Female Breadwinners!

Meanwhile, a Glimpse of the future male, at home, taking care of the Children while Women are the Breadwinners!
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football and food
Coach Leads Her Team onto the Field!
May be an image of 1 person
More and more boys are signing up for ballet!
May be an image of text that says 'SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD SO SHE DID. MINNESOTA PRIDE * ROMEN'S TACKLE FOSTBALL PRIDE 72 PRIDE 7 OF WOMEN'S RIDE TACKLE FOOTBALI RECRUITING FOR 2021 SEASON! PRACTICES SUN & THURS 7PM IN CRYSTAL AND ROSEMOUNT 6 GAMES 3home/3 away April-June 2021 Travel other states the midwest CHECK OUT A PRACTICE THIS WEEK! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. We teach you all you need know, Contact carolyngmnpridefootbal.com or 12-867-3977 for more information. 2021'
Looking for More Girls to Sign up!
Boys are learning their New Role in the New Age Lifestyle! No More macho boys!!!!
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football and grass
Quarterbacking Her Team!
Little Nicholas Loves wearing Pretty skirts and makeup!
May be an image of 1 person and standing
Dressing as a “Jock” would!
May be an image of 2 people
More boys are asking to get their nails painted!
May be an image of one or more people, people standing and people playing sports
A Tiring Practice!
Boys are Loving wearing their Pretty skirts and makeup and of course silky pantyhose!!
May be an image of one or more people, people playing football, people standing and grass
Boys are Enjoying wearing Pretty Skirts and blouses, with their silky tights and little heels!
May be an image of 3 people, people standing and text that says 'ELITE 2'
Women are Encouraging Young Girls to Compete!
As Young Girls are playing football, young boys need to be wearing dresses and being Pretty and Feminine for the Strong Girls!
May be an image of child, football, ball and grass
Girls are experiencing Contact Sports and Enjoying it!
Boys now are realizing that their Role is now to look Pretty for the Successful and Stronger Girls!
May be an image of child, standing and outerwear
Ready for Practice!

No photo description available.
The Times are Changing, and Mothers are supporting the Change!

Could this Advertisement really be Coming True very soon?

Making sure that boys look Pretty and Sweet for those Special Occasions!

As Women Take Control, boys will be in dresses and skirts, and Very Well Behaved!!
No more Football for boys……but Ballet is now Required!

Here is an article from the latest edition of PDQ. The Future is surely Shaping Up to be Female Controlled!!!


My boyfriend Jake came over one day to help me with my yard work. I must say it was a sunny day and I was getting over a broken marriage and Jake had come into my life by accident. I do mean accident, you see he had hit my car in the shopping mall parking lot. He left a note on my car that he would have it fixed for me. I called his phone and he did come right over. He did have my car fixed and again came to see how the shop had done on my car. As he looked at it he stooped and I saw some pink silk showing under his back waist band. I did not say anything at first but did notice that he had big muscles and I asked if he worked out to get so strong. He said he worked out three days a week. I then asked how he got the pretty pink panties. He grabbed the back of his shirt to pull it down. I smiled and said don’t worry it is Okay.

The next few days went by slow and I thought a lot about Jake and his undies. Jake called me some time later and asked if he could come over and talk, of course I said yes. During the time after I first noticed his panties I had gone on line and found your website. When Jake came over I flirted with the ideal of petticoating him. He sat on my couch and told me that he had a hard time since the last time we had been together with what I saw and wanted to explain. I told him it would be alright for him to tell me. I also told him I had a open mind about things. He went on to tell me that his wife had passed away two years ago and since she had used petticoating to keep him in line he had went on to discipline himself when he had done something he knew was wrong. He also said he was sorry for hitting my car and that was the reason he had worn the panties for seven days.

Our relationship grew rather swiftly from there. I told him that Harry had passed also and that I had no real friends in the area and I would like to be his friend. We were married seven months later and he wore a pink chiffon dress with some very pretty pink panties. I wore the black dress and he knelt at the alter and promised to be my servant and sissy forever. The justice of the peace said you are now husband and wife I took Sara’s hand and told him/her to rise and follow me. I walked to the car and she opened my door and walked back to the passengers door and got in we drove into our wonderful life.

Jake is all man when I want him to be and all woman when I want him to be. He wears panties 24/7. I introduced Jake to my mother who I had already told about our life as sissy and wife. He was dressed in a pair of tight jeans (women’s of course) and a tee top that had a small bow on the front. Mother loved it when he curtseyed and kissed her hand. She told him to come in as we walked in I found my two sisters waiting to meet my sweet sissy. They both fell in love with him right off.

Jenny told us that she was thinking of making her husband Brad her sissy slave and after seeing Jake she was going to do it. Mother took Sara which is the only name she calls him now, to the kitchen to help with lunch. Alice asked me all about how I had found Jake/Sara I told her and she said she wanted a sissy of her own. Alice, two years later, married Sandy. Sue had Brad dressed as a fairy princess in a few months after he met Jake and I at a family reunion. We all live close to each other now and share our sissies on a few occasions.


And another article from PDQ. Female Control and male Feminization is Growing. In the New Age Lifestyle, Women and Girls are making the Decisions, while men and boys are being emasculated and made to be the Best they can be, feminine “helpers” to the Stronger sex!

A TEENAGE SISSYfrom Danielle

Dear Auntie Helga,

My name is Danielle, and I am a 17 year old “girl” living in Northern New Jersey. The reason why I quote “girl” is because I’m really genetically still a boy. I have the appearance of a normal teenage girl because my mother had put me on hormones for a couple of years in my late childhood. Why? It’s because it was part of her punishment for me, which is to live my life as a girl. My mother wants me to write this letter to you. Here is how it all started.

It happened around 3 years ago when I was 12 years old. My mother was a single parent (she divorced my father when I was 2 years old) and raised me and my two older sisters, Jessie and Stephanie. My mother wasn’t very happy with me for several reasons. First of all, my grades were steadily decreasing from Bs to Ds. Second, she didn’t approve of my friends, and said they were too immature for their age. Third, and most important of all, she disapproved of me harassing my older sisters (who were 15 and 16 years old at the time) and all the innocent, kind girls in my classroom.

On a Friday, my mother was called to the school. Apparently, I was called to the office for throwing my lunch at two of the most popular girls in my grade, Kelly and Lindsey. They began crying and I was sent to the principal’s office. My mom was furious at me. My principal (who was female) wanted to talk with my mother in private outside. They had been talking for about 20 minutes, and then they finally came back in. I asked what my punishment was. Strangely enough, my principal said she wouldn’t be giving me my punishment. I was surprised; she even gave me an early dismissal from school. Mom shook hands with my principal then dragged me to the car. I found out later that apparently my principal mentioned your site and petticoat punishment to my mom.

I was nervous. No punishment, early dismissal, something didn’t seem right at all. When we got home, mom dragged me by the ear on the way to the door. When we got inside the house, mother told me to follow her upstairs. She brought me to her bedroom and laid me down on her bed. She then pulled my pants down and started spanking me. The pain was awful. My bottom was red and burning by the time she was done. I soon fell asleep shortly as mom went downstairs to make early dinner. Soon after, my sisters come home. Mom wanted to talk with them in private. I had a strange feeling about it. After she was done talking, mom served dinner. My eyes were a little teary from the spanking. Jessie and Stephanie noticed and started calling me “sissy” and “little girl”. I was going to hit them, but then my mom pushed me on the sofa and spanked me again, twice as hard this time. Jessie and Stephanie laughed.

At the dinner table, I expected a big dinner, but instead, my mother served us all salads instead. I wanted to ask her for steak, but I didn’t feel like talking. After that, I was told to get ready for bed immediately. I did so, quickly falling asleep in my bed. The next morning, I was wakened up by Stephanie and told to get dressed. She handed me a pair of pink panties, an old training bra, a mini skirt and a yellow blouse. She said if I refused to wear it, she would be allowed to spank me. I followed her orders. Everything was so tight. I felt every bit of my manhood break while wearing the girl clothes. She then handed me a blonde wig to wear. It was so troublesome to have long hair.

As I went downstairs, my mom commented on how pretty I looked and held up a mirror in her hands. I was embarrassed. I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth. Then mom was going to take me shopping. As we walked out the door, Trey, my 27 year old cousin came to our house and said he was going to do some renovating, a request by my mom. He then went inside. Mom and Jessie then took me to the mall to get girls clothes. I bought panties and training bras, tight girl jeans, shirts and shoes. After we came home, I ran to my room to hide, but as soon as I walked in, it was entirely pink. I had new furniture, a new bed, and now a new wardrobe. Everything from that point changed.

A month later, my mom ordered a package. It came in the mail and told me to open it. I did so, only to find female hormones. I was dumbfounded. She gave me a terrifying glance. She said I would be taking these for a year. I was scared. The pills had a strange effect on me. I didn’t feel very masculine at all. I felt weak. My masculinity was slowly beginning to crumble. The next thing I knew, I was becoming friendlier with Kelly and Lindsey at school, and ended up becoming best friends. My mom also had laser hair removal for my leg hairs, facial hair, arms, and pits. Everything seemed to be going great. My grades at school were increasing, my popularity increased, and best of all, I felt happier. It was also a good thing no one thought of me as a boy dressed as a girl, and my old friends didn’t want anything to do with me. I’ve also grown used to girls clothes, like wearing a bra, panties (including thongs), leggings (which are pretty tight) and girls shoes and dresses. I was still trying to get used to using the ladies restroom though, but I eventually got used to sitting down on the toilet instead.

Two years had gone by. I was now 14 years old and very feminine. My blonde hair had grown long, my body had become an hour glass figure, my hips, thighs and butt became bigger, rounder and smoother. My voice became higher pitch. My face was now more feminine. My skin was smooth and silky. I also grew C cup breasts. I still had my penis though. My behaviors and thoughts became more feminine, I have a manicure and wear light make up. Stephanie was in college now, and Jessie was a senior. I had been transferred to a new school, enrolled as a girl. I made a bunch of new friends. I soon found myself sinking in with the popular crowd. As I walk down the hallway, I can see boys from the corner of my eye looking at my butt as I walk by. In class too, I can see boys staring at some things they really shouldn’t be looking at. Now I realize that boys can be perverted, and see us girls as play things. I found this very offensive. By this time, I’ve experienced how hard it can be to be a girl sometimes, I just wish other boys can experience this and know what it feels like.

I’m now in high school. I’m in the cheerleading squad now. I shop at stores like Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. My outfits are usually a tank top, black leggings and UGG boots, a style very popular in northern US. Honestly, I feel happier as a girl. I feel more confident and stronger than as a boy. I’ve had 3 boyfriends and 2 girlfriends so far. I’m seen at school as a bisexual, none the less, I’m still very popular. It feels incredible to be a girl! I thank my mother, Jessie and Stephanie for feminizing me! And thank you Auntie Helga so much! If it weren’t for you and your site, I wouldn’t be what I am today, a young, beautiful teenage girl!


Thank you for your letter Danielle. You are very welcome dear, you seem to have adjusted very well to your petticoating. I don’t necessarily advocate hormones but each parent has to make this decision for themselves.

Auntie Helga

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The Radical Feminist Interviews sissy Brenda!

It is such a Pleasure for me to do this Posting! This is the First, in what I hope will develop into more Postings from people that are members of our Forum! This is an Interview that Chris, The Radical Feminist did with Brenda. Brenda has been struggling with his Femininity for quite sometime, and due to the Encouragement from Chris, he is now Accepting himself for who he is, a Feminine male that enjoys his femininity!


Brenda, when did you realize you were a Sissy?

It was a recent realization. I have been crossdressing for twenty years. At first I thought this meant I was homosexual. I did sleep with a few men at this point in my life, but never fell in love with any of them, and eventually lost interest. My interest was really in femininity and especially women’s clothes. During my twenties I often went on shopping trips for new girly clothes with female friends, and so my collection of feminine garments started to grow. During my thirties I really developed my crossdressing side and for a period, apart from when I was at work and had to wear a boring uniform of trousers and black shirt, I was always in a dress or skirt and blouse. I had intended to phase out my “masculine” clothes altogether, but haven’t been able to find a job where I could be able to dress in a dress. Therefore when winter kicked in, and its a little bit more effort to dress femininely in public, then being stuck in the same job meant that depression kicked in. When one is depressed you are not your true self, and one does not take care of yourself properly. 

This depression was also caused by a friendship with a close female friend ending. She had always enjoyed and encouraged my crossdressing. I fell in love with her, and loved being able to dress femininely in her company. I wanted to take it further, I shared a couple of letters from the petticoated.com site to see if she would be interested, and even started sending her photos of me curtsying for her, but she only wanted me as a friend. Also, the political tensions of 2016 caused a rift in our our friendship. By 2018 the rift was too big to heal. So my crossdressing side disappeared for a while, being depressed and not having a woman to get dressed up for. Only through my recent conversation with you, Chris, did I realize that being able to dress for a woman is an essential part of what it means to be a modern 21st Century Man, or Sissy as its otherwise known.

I think I’ve known subconsciously for a long time that I’m a Sissy, but never truly acknowledged it. It is a very hard thing for a man to truly admit to himself. Its not what we’re taught that men should be. Even when you’re a long time crossdresser like me, with numerous pink dresses and tops, its still a difficult psychological hurdle to overcome.

My crossdressing side re-emerged at the beginning of this Corona Virus lockdown. I was messaging with a female friend and she mentioned ribbons. This triggered something in me. As she knows about my crossdressing side, I do not keep it secret, especially from friends, then I soon started getting dressed up and taking selfies, giving her a little fashion show of an evening. So I started posting on the petticoated.com forum again, after not being active there since falling into depression. When I started conversing with you, Chris, you asked if I was Transgender, or a Sissy. I don’t think anyone’s asked me that directly before. I’ve never wanted to transition, and am not about copying modern women – if I did that then I’d be wearing leggings or trousers all the time! So as I prefer to wear pink dresses, heels, tights, panties, bras, slips, and love to be able to do so in honor of a woman, then well what else could I do but answer: I AM A SISSY. And it makes me very happy to admit this to myself and also share the joy of my realization with the World.

Brenda in his kitchen!

Tell me more about your childhood. Were you a secret sissy who would steal mummy’s panties or were you a nasty boy trying to hide that deep down you were a sissy?

My elder brother was the errant trouble maker, so I was always the angel child in comparison. A boy version of Lisa Simpson really, always getting good grades and doing my homework diligently. My Mum is not a particularly feminine dresser and was never into girly stuff, so I was never tempted by her clothes. Whilst visiting one of my auntie’s and uncle’s house one summer, I was sleeping in my cousin’s bedroom. She was sleeping in her sister’s room whilst I was there. One night, whilst everyone else was asleep I tried on a couple of her skirts that were laying on the floor of her room. I was simply curious about what it would feel like to wear them, having never done so before. I found them to be comfortable to wear and whilst looking in the mirror thought to myself “I look good in these! I’d like to wear skirts more!” This totally shocked me. I went into denial. For the rest of the week I was staying there I forbid myself to try them on again.

But the idea had been placed in my head and refused to go away. I used to do drawings of men in skirts and dresses, but would always destroy them after completion for fear of them being seen by anyone. A couple of years later I had a summer romance with a girl visiting from overseas. I briefly talked about why can’t boy’s wear skirts, and quickly put on one of her skirts. She looked at me weird. I slipped them off immediately. 

“Skirts are for girls,” she said.

“Why?” I responded.

“Because they just are.”

I’ve never been a person that accepts arbitrary rules that have no logical reason. My Mum always hated gender stereotyping with a passion and would tell me or my brother off quite harshly if we ever said something like “but that’s for girls!” if she wanted us to try out sewing or cooking, for example. Once she sent me to school in a pink t-shirt, saying if anyone mocks me then just say “boys can wear pink too!”

Mum has always said that she thought she should have been a man, and once she said that if I had similar type feelings then that is okay to have. I don’t think she realized I would ever take her words quite so literally by becoming a crossdresser, but she has come to accept this side of my self, after the initial shock of seeing a photo of me crossdressed on Facebook, quite a few years after I had left my home in a provincial city and moved to the capital.

Brenda relaxing outside his home

Sounds like you had the typical sissy “childhood moment” of trying on your cousin’s skirts. What types of fantasy do you have about crossdressing and being a sissy? Have you ever fantasized about trying on your cousin’s skirts again and this time getting caught by her?

I’ve never felt that I should be ashamed about my crossdressing. It is still a difficult thing to do publicly though, because it is breaking the taboos about what a man should be and wear. Therefore when I started wearing skirts fairly regularly in my 20s I tried to be as open and honest about it as possible. By posting photos of me crossdressed on Facebook and other sites, I got rid of the fear of “being caught” or “being found out.” So I’ve not had fantasies about getting caught by my family, because they’ve all known ages.

I’ve found that when I’m not crossdressing, I fantasize about it all the time. When I do crossdress, then I don’t need to fantasize about it, because I’m living it. Although I do still think about how wonderful it would be to find a woman that enjoyed and preferred me being dressed in dresses and heels, instead of being put off by it, and make me her wife. Like all sissies, I presume, I would love to be able to be a bride one day, all dressed up in a gorgeous gown whilst marrying a powerful woman wearing a tuxedo. Then being her wife and curtsying in a pretty dress for her everyday when she got home from work, bringing a big smile to her face.

But women are currently not sexually attracted to sissies. My attempts to date women always failed. I did not conceal my crossdressing when using dating apps. I did not want to be a liar and conceal a large part of my personality. So I never got anywhere and stopped wasting my time. My fantasies about being a wife will remain mere wishful imaginings. This is why I would like to see a gender role reversed world. It would suit me just fine. I believe I would be an excellent wife for a woman.

You mentioned being a wife to a powerful woman. What would your ideal female husband be, and what would your daily life be as a male wife to a powerful woman?

My ideal female husband would be athletic, lively, humorous, preferable tall because I am also tall, well read and very intelligent, wants to be a mum but is okay with not being the primary caregiver, and with a good career with a high salary that could support a family. I would not care what job sector she worked in, as long as she was passionate about it and loved doing it. She would be attracted to me wearing feminine attire and ask me never to wear trousers again on our marriage day. My feminine attire would then be a symbol of my love and respect for her.

As a male wife I would imagine my daily routine to be something like this:

Wake up before my female husband, have a quick shower and then make her tea or coffee before waking the two children, one girl aged 7 and a boy aged 5. Get dressed up and make breakfast whilst she showers. Have breakfast with her and the two children. Tell her she’s my hero, and that she’s a powerful women as she leaves for work, so she feels especially confident when she gets to work. I’d drop the kids off at school and then do a little grocery shopping if necessary. I’d head home and clean the house as necessary and then prepare tonight’s dinner for my female husband and the kids. Assuming all my household duties were complete, in the afternoon I’d practice the piano, or perhaps meet up with some other male wives, before heading to pick up the children from school. Back at home I’d play with the children before finishing off dinner, so its ready when my darling female husband got back from work. I’d change outfits, so she sees me in a different outfit from the morning, put on some perfume and curtsy for her when she comes through the front door. We’d have dinner. She’d tell me about her day, getting whatever stress she had off her chest. The children would tell us about their day in school. I’d put the children to sleep whilst my female husband relaxed. Afterwards, maybe I’d give her a massage or foot rub if she needed it, and then snuggle on the sofa watching a good movie. I’d keep reminding her she’s my hero, and she’s so powerful and confident. She’d keep reminding me I’m a great sissy wife.

Brenda doing his chores!

Wonderful, you are a perfect model for the future of men. You mentioned children, I’m curious as to what parenting practices would your female husband and you use? Would she be the one to decide and discipline the children, or do you see your input being considered?

We would be a team, but of course she would be the “team leader,” so the final decision would be hers. But a wise & intelligent leader does seek the opinions of her team before reaching her final decision.

I’ve noticed that these days it is rare for the father to be the enforcer of discipline. Long gone are the days when children would fear the belt of their father when he came home from work if they were badly behaved. So I would envision the same matriarchal enforcement if I were a happily married male wife with children.

Brenda is Comfortable in his Femininity!

Quick follow on, you mentioned a daughter and son, would they be raised to be gender neutral or even have a strict gender-reversed rules for clothing, toys, and hobbies?

If such a beautiful situation did come to pass in my real life, then I would imagine that it would be natural for my son to copy what daddy does, and want to wear dresses as well; and for my daughter to copy how her mother dressed. That would be cool!

However, I wouldn’t want to force my son to feel like he has to be sissy and become a wife just because his father is. I believe I would be very happy living as a male wife, and so he’d see that happiness and so follow in my footsteps and find a powerful female husband to love and support later in his life. 

I would encourage and support my daughter to be just as powerful and confident as her mother. I would not want to deny her the experiences of femininity, as that is a positive aspect in everyone’s lives, so I don’t think I would want to raise a daughter strictly role reversed.

I would want both my children to experience the richness of life in all its diversity, inhibited by presumptions about what they should or should not do because of the arbitrary unwritten rules of a society.

Having said all this, these would be my opinions, and my female husband would get to have the final word, and then I’d curtsy.

Lovely, you really are going to be a great role model for sissy male wives. Outside of taking care of your home and the kids, do you see yourself adopting any sissy wife hobbies?

Thanks for saying that! Cooking, raising children and taking care of the home would probably keep me busy enough. I already have quite a few hobbies: music, art, poetry. I would describe these as gender neutral hobbies, as they are neither masculine or feminine. I would not want to stop practicing these, as I’m a very creative person. However, who knows what changes would happen to my life if I did find a woman who was willing to make me her male wife. Its not impossible that I might want to start learning how to make dresses of my own, and for my children.

Brenda is Comfortable in his Femininity!

Do you see yourself joining a group for male wives, and what do you see as the biggest challenge for a man who is becoming a male sissy wife?

Hypothetically, if I became a male wife then it would be logical to join a group of other like minded souls. 

The biggest challenge is finding a woman that would actually want to have a male wife. Women are not interested, even though their lives would be much improved by having a sissy partner. From my own conversations with female friends about crossdressing and so forth, they are always keen on encouraging a boy or man’s femininity if he starts to express it, finding it only natural that he would want to dress that way; understanding that it is more fun to wear a dress and offers a lot more creativity than boring boy clothes. However, although they do this, and respect me for being brave enough to wear a dress and express my femininity, they are not interested in dating: me or anyone else that crossdresses. Even though they all wear trousers most of the time and would get very angry if a man said they would only date women who exclusively wore skirts & dresses. The female friends I have who have sons, would certainly not want them to become sissies like me. I find this frustrating and very odd, given they are feminists and believe in equality and diversity.

I hope this changes over the next decade. If women want more power & status then they’ll need a loving partner to support them, in the same way that men that wanted power & status back in our grandparents day needed to have a wife to take care of the home and children. I believe that women have always have had a great deal of power at their disposal, but have not been accustomed to utilising it. This is of course changing rapidly as we see more & more women taking powerful roles in Western societies. We’re going in the right direction, but for things to really be improved and for us to see a radical reversal of gender roles, then women should change what they want and expect from a man. Once enough women demand that they will only date men that are willing to become their sissy male wives, then I believe most men would fall in line rather quickly, given that so many men will do almost anything for sex. 

So if you’re a woman reading this interview, please do consider dating a male sissy, as your life will be much improved. I can’t vouch for other sissies, but I myself love to make a woman feel more powerful and confident, listen to her needs and give her tips or advice for dealing with bratty men or bitchy women that she’ll confront in her career, and just generally make her feel like she’s the centre of attention and has my devotion. The few times where I have been able to wear a pretty dress for female friends, cook them a dinner and then have a lovely evening together listening to her, frequently reminding her she’s powerful & confident, have always been beautiful occasions. It always brings a big smile to a female friend’s face when I curtsy for them, and makes me feel really special, so it would be even more amazing to be able to do this for a woman I was in a relationship with.

Great answer, other than being a sissy wife would you ever consider becoming a sissy maid or sissy secretary?


Its great to be a sissy for my female friends every now and then. I do this with their permission, but because I asked, so ultimately it is my choice.

Many white men’s masturbatory fantasies about maids, petticoating, and especially baby fetishes which I find repulsive, taken to their logical conclusion are about being a slave. Slavery is a real life perversion, being that it removes a person’s fundamental liberties and is therefore anti-human. Slavery should not be fetishised, even if someone has masochistic tendencies. People with African roots never have such warped fetishes, I’ve noticed, and for obvious reasons. This is the long term pyschological damage that having been colonisers and slave owners has done to the collective white male pysche over the generations. Therefore as we redefine gender roles in the 21st Century, we should not seek to replicate a maleficent system. 

When I helped organise a weekly nightclub many years ago, a wise drag queen told me that the problem with being The Dominant one in a sub/dom sadomasochistic relationship is that The Dom has to always be giving commands and taking responsibility for their submissive, who is constantly in need of attention, like a baby. It soon becomes an annoying chore to always have to be telling someone what to do all the time.

Redefining gender roles so that it becomes mainstream for men to embrace femininity and their sweet and cute side is prevented from progressing by sub/dom sadomasochistic mentalities. We do not want to create a world where men are forced into femininity without a choice. If that were to happen, then essentially women would become slave owners. The long term affect of that would mean pyschological damage to women of future generations. We don’t want that. More importantly, there would be a backlash against it so harsh and many times more potent and competent than the backlash that Trump represents, that we could well see the progress of feminism reversed.

I would like to help create a world where men are free to choose to become sissies, but not where that has the connotation of humiliation or somehow being subhuman, a slave.

It is perfectly natural for a man to have a strong feminine side that makes him want to look pretty, but also be able to do so in honor of a woman. And that really has nothing to do with the fantasies that men have about being maids or secretaries.

What advice would you give a male who may think he is a sissy or curious about being one?

To be a sissy is nothing to be ashamed about. Many sissies will question why they have this desire. The truth is there is no adequate answer to something like that. If you want to do something, then that is reason enough. And if you’re curious about something so simple as wanting to try on a pretty dress, then there is nothing to stop you except your own mindset.

To be a sissy is not humiliating. To be able to accept that you want to please women and make them happy by being as feminine as possible for them is truly a great thing to do. So why should anyone feel as if that is humiliating? It is a perfect natural human tendency, and just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you don’t have that option in your life.

If you’re a man that wants to be a sissy, then the first step is getting used to wearing a skirt. Just do this at home at first. Get used to how to wear it. It’s easy to order “women’s clothes” off the internet these days, so you won’t have the awkwardness of buying a skirt in a clothes shop.

After you’ve got one skirt, you’ll want more. Trust me! And that’s great. There’s nothing like the creativity and fun that comes with picking out feminine garments to wear. There’s nothing like the excitement of waiting for a new dress to arrive in the post!

If you’re a man that’s curious about being a sissy, then you are already on the first steps to becoming one. All men are sissies at heart, really. So if you’re curious then you’re in the process of becoming a much more enlightened and energised human being.

Do you want to be the kind of man that always brings a smile to your beloved woman’s face? Do you want to make her life just that little bit more pleasurable and relaxing through your feminine presence and total lack of male ego? Then you’re a sissy, just like me. You too can be just as happy as I am when I say out loud: “I am a Sissy!” Give it go, trust me, you’ll love it too!

Brenda realizes the Importance of Curtseying to Women, and I am sure that Chris Appreciated that!

Another great answer! You mentioned getting used to wearing skirts as an important part of becoming a sissy. What are your favourite types of outfits?

My most favourite type of outfit is a pink dress, 10 denier tights and high heels. 

Pink is symbolically important to a sissy like me, for obvious reasons. Luckily pink also really suits my complexion, so that’s handy! Dresses come in many different styles and types, that’s part of the reason I love feminine clothing, it is so varied and diverse. So one can have many dresses all in the same shade of colour, but they will all have their unique qualities. I recently acquired a pink and white polka dot 50s style swing dress; it’s really quite lush to wear. Polka dots are also a favourite.

Tights help keep one warm when wearing a dress, but I prefer them to be tan so the casual onlooker doesn’t realise you are wearing tights at first. Tights also really help a feminine posture, so that’s a bonus as well!

High heels make anyone’s legs look more feminine. I have long legs so I like to show them off. So I generally wear short skirts and dresses because of that. It is always a fabulous complement when a woman is a little bit envious of my legs. And high heels just really complete an outfit. A female singer I once worked with told me that she always felt more important when she was wearing high heels. I agree!

I also prefer dancing in high heels. Some women reading this may not believe me when I say that, but I find that high heels keep you on your toes, and having played basketball a lot in my teenage years, its kind of similar to when the coaches said “always stand on the balls of your feet, so you’re ready for action.” 

Unfortunately I’m not a 24/7 crossdressing sissy. There’s a stark contrast between my feminine and boring boy clothes. My few boy clothes I treat like crap. My dresses and skirts and blouses and heels, I respect these clothes, keep them neat and tidy, ensuring they will last.

If people reading this are interested in seeing what I look like, they should check my pinterest lookbook:  https://www.pinterest.co.uk/BrendatheCrossdresser/crossdressers-lookbook/

Lovely answer. Before we wrap up, is there anything else you want the readers to know about you or what it is like to be a sissy?

The true realisation that I was a sissy came with a moment of clarity about what being a sissy actually means. One cannot have a realisation that you are something without knowing fully what the root of its philosophy is.

The root of being is sissy a not the feminine clothes, the frilly lace or pink dresses, but actually making women happy. Getting to curtsy for them whilst wearing a pretty dress with their permission, is just a beautiful bonus.

Realising I was a sissy, and that my purpose was making women happy, I started putting this into practice as much as I can. Therefore I have learnt three easy steps that men can apply to their lives that will make the women in their lives happier. Men don’t have to follow these steps whilst wearing a pink dress, but their happiness will be greatly increased if they do so.

1. Listen. Actually listen. When she starts talking just listen. Engage with what she is saying, but not verbally unless necessary. Keep eye contact, show that you are listening. If she stops, respond assuredly and ask her to continue. You know she has more to say and needs to say it.

2. Tell her she is powerful and confident. Keep reminding her she is powerful and confident. She’s a woman so she is naturally powerful and confident, but life is more complex for women than men, so it isn’t always obvious to women that they are powerful and confident. So just keep reminding her she’s confident and powerful in the same way I’m repeating the phrase powerful and confident in these sentences. Make these words your mantra for her.

3. Clean everything in the house without her expecting you to. Women have very low expectations for men and their ability to keep a house hygienic to their satisfaction. If you prove them wrong, by making her house as hygienic as you possibly can, then she will be dazzled beyond compare. Especially if you do this without her demanding that you do so.  

This is the Message that Brenda sent me after sending me the Interview File:

I have emailed the interview and a selection of photos fir Patti to choose from.

I’m ever so happy to have the interview go up on the blog!

My plan is that by spring I will be wearing women’s clothes all the time.

I more or less already am… the final hurdle of ditching all my trousers and only wearinf tights and dresses, at home and in public, is now inevitable!

I’m very happy to have made this plan and look forward my positive feminine sissy energy with you both as I continue this joyful journey.

Much love,


The World is changing. Brenda and Chris have really documented how the perceptions need to change. It does no one any harm, if men and boys want to be feminine and pretty! It does no one any harm if Women and Girls want to dress “masculine” and do “masculine” activities! We are all human beings!

The Changes are happening before our very eyes!

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