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Hello Everyone!   For many that remember my last Blog, Male Femininity and Gender Role Reversal, I am now back.  It is so delightful to see how the Gender Role Reversal Movement is growing.  Female Empowerment is increasing, and thanks to many wonderful and intelligent women and girls, male feminization is flourishing.!



Women are taking their rightful place in society, which has been denied to them for centuries.  Males have from the beginning of time kept females under their thumb through strength and clothing, as well as brainwashing and denial of education.  That is now changing, as many women are seeking traditionally male dominated fields and activities.  Seeing Strong and intelligent women take control of society is invigorating.    The once “mighty male” is now seeing that his “rule” is coming to an end, and woman and girls are taking control.


The most dramatic change has been coming in the world of football, where record numbers of women are now playing the sport.  Females need to Lead this movement of Female “Masculinization” and Male Feminization.  As women take control of Business, Government and Politics, as well as education, males will be subjected to the same injustices that have been inflicted on women for eons, only this time, it will be the females in control, and they will be more gentle and kind, but Gender Role Reversal must be accomplished.   Male will be mush better off in this “New Age” Lifestyle.  Men and boys will be doing their best to look pretty for their women, and to be good and obedient sissies, whish is the new term for the modern male.



The modern man will be attired in skirts and dresses, and always wearing dainty nylons and delicate footwear.  Makeup and jewelry needs to be worn a all times so he looks acceptable to his woman.  The males will be in what has been termed “traditionally feminine” professions and occupations.  The most desired occupation for a man is to be his woman’s housewife, as all independent women need a good male wife.



Modern boys will always be looking for a strong girl who will want to make him her wife.


The new world is arriving.  Strong and dominant women need to take the lead and enforce male feminization at every level.  The future of womankind is dependent on the Will of Women to control the future.


Will love to hear what others think about the new world that awaits!



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