The New Way of Thinking about Men & Boys

The world is certainly changing, and men and boys are getting to be more in touch with their femininity than ever before.  The below video is a great example of how some parents are encouraging their sons to do traditionally feminine activities.  These two boys were enrolled in Cheerleading.  They look awesome in the tights and dance outfits.  It is amazing just how pretty boys can be.

These parents are on the cutting edge of the 21st century New Age.  Won’t it be delightful when boys are cheerleading on a regular basis….only this time the competitors will be Girls!  More and more girls are now participating in competitive sports.  What a Great Role Reversal this is!



The below is a video of a wonderful young man that is on his school’s cheerleading squad.  What a great pioneer for our cause.  Hopefully mothers will see just how pretty their sons can be and encourage them to be cheerleaders!


Women will be the ones that can make these changes occur.  Many of us males want to be pretty and sweet and kept in dresses and skirts.  In the photo below, these three are all male!  Aren’t they beautiful?


Many males have really great legs and should be showing them off in mini skirts!


Many men go to crossdressing conventions so they can get dolled up and be feminine.  Will women encourage more of this and then insist that their men be pretty for their enjoyment?


Will athletic women like the ones below start demanding that their men are their to serve them, and to be their “helpers”….especially when the women are the breadwinners and stronger physically?




The skirted male is the future!   With the skirted male, are we going to see more assertive and physically stronger females?  I for one hope so!!!


The New Age Male Needs to Look Good for Women!

Today’s posting involves the subject of how the New Age Male needs to present himself in the growing World of Female Control.  As it was in the past that women were required to look good for their men, now the times are changing, and men and boys need to learn that their goal needs to be to look Pretty and Sweet for their women.

Many of you might be aware that now evidence is showing that 30% of men are now shaving their legs.  Another 22% plus are trimming their leg hair.  This is wonderful progress.  As a man that is completely clean shaven, I can attest that many women seem to enjoy seeing a Clean and Shaven man!  Hopefully, this leads to more men and boys wearing pantyhose and tights, to me an “essential” in male feminization!

The video below of the “Catch Queen” is a great example of how a man should be exercising, and especially the clothing that a man should wear to exercise in.  Leotards and tights need to become the “Required” Exercise wear for all males.

Male Femininity is Growing.  For it to become the dominant position for males, Females need to encourage it!   Would be very interesting to hear from woman on how they would like to see the males in their lives to present themselves!



Girlfriends that encourage their men to be feminine seem to be quite happy in their relationships!




Men in bikinis are so cute.  I love how his nails match his bikini.  Also, observe the skinny, weak arms.  In the future, women will be physically stronger than men,  women will be the protectors, and male violence ill be reduced!





Women are so proud to show off their pretty boyfriends or husbands!



The Feminine Male is Awesome!

Here is a Link to a video of a very pretty teenage boy.  It is a delight to see young men wanting to be pretty and feminine.  The question is, is there an Independent woman that wants to make him her wife?  Males are such wonderful wives for dominant women.


The New Age of Female Rule and supremacy must be coupled with male feminization.  A very good way for a woman to start is to get their boyfriend or husband some male lingerie.  The Male Lingerie business is growing.  Getting him into his first pair of panties is the goal.  After the panties, nylons and dresses will follow.  Pretty soon you will have your own little sissy boy, and you, the Woman will be wearing the pants in your relationship!  That is the way to a better society!



Here is the Goal for the Independent woman for her man!



Once he is in a dress, then it is time to show him off to your friends.  A great way to destroy the last vestiges of his Male Ego is to take him to w women’s sporting event, whether basketball, softball, soccer…the women will be competing, while your man is watching in his pretty dress or skirt!  Also, most women’s sporting events are attended by a large number of tomboys and strong women that wear only pants…your man will be totally at your mercy, and under your control….as it should be!



There will be no doubt who is in control!   Female Power continues to grow, while male femininity is thriving!  This is the moment for women to take what is rightfully theirs!  Women need to make this happen and teach their daughters the reality of the New Age!



The New World that Must happen!

Many women are now embracing male femininity.  This is a very Good thing and a turning point in human relations.  Male violence has been at the center of the decay of the culture since the beginning of time.  If society is going to change for the better, then women will need to push for this change.  Right now, men are in decline as far as their Power and their mannerisms are concerned.  Men have lost the respect for others that is so needed in a civilized society.  Women on the otherhand are gaining power and taking a larger segment of Earning Power in the overall society, ad whomever controls the money will control the society.


The Boy in the Dress Movement is a great start.  The more that women can encourage young boys to embrace their femininity, the quicker the changes in society will occur.  While encouraging boys to be feminine and to wear pretty clothing, women also need to emphasize to girls the importance of competition, and the need to be strong and independent.  Reversing the gender Roles will be the cornerstone to Female Empowerment and Control.



As you can see from the two photos, the first picture is the first step…getting a boy into a dress.  The second picture is more the direction that we can then go.  Look at his painted nails, and the brighter dress he is wearing. The hairclip and light makeup are a great enhancement.  Boys really are quite pretty, and this needs to be encouraged.




Womanless Pageants need to be increased, and as more women get onto Schoolboards and such, this movement can and needs to be pushed.  The pretty dresses, the pantyhose and heels, and the general need to look pretty in these pageants is an essential way to get boys use to their new future.  Once boys are exposed to femininity, they will embrace being sweet and pretty, but first, the male Ego needs to be destroyed, then the violence and arrogance that goes along with that ego will no longer be a driving force for males to embrace masculine interests and behaviors.




The stronger and pants wearing girls will be able to assert themselves as the dominant gender.  While boys are being pretty and sweet, girls will be competing and taking the lead academically and physically.  Strong girls will be able to set the tone of what gender relations will be.  Female Power is the Key to a brighter future, and within that context, women and girls need to take control, and make men and boys become the docile helpers that they need to be, with pleasing females as their goal.