The New World that Must happen!

Many women are now embracing male femininity.  This is a very Good thing and a turning point in human relations.  Male violence has been at the center of the decay of the culture since the beginning of time.  If society is going to change for the better, then women will need to push for this change.  Right now, men are in decline as far as their Power and their mannerisms are concerned.  Men have lost the respect for others that is so needed in a civilized society.  Women on the otherhand are gaining power and taking a larger segment of Earning Power in the overall society, ad whomever controls the money will control the society.


The Boy in the Dress Movement is a great start.  The more that women can encourage young boys to embrace their femininity, the quicker the changes in society will occur.  While encouraging boys to be feminine and to wear pretty clothing, women also need to emphasize to girls the importance of competition, and the need to be strong and independent.  Reversing the gender Roles will be the cornerstone to Female Empowerment and Control.



As you can see from the two photos, the first picture is the first step…getting a boy into a dress.  The second picture is more the direction that we can then go.  Look at his painted nails, and the brighter dress he is wearing. The hairclip and light makeup are a great enhancement.  Boys really are quite pretty, and this needs to be encouraged.




Womanless Pageants need to be increased, and as more women get onto Schoolboards and such, this movement can and needs to be pushed.  The pretty dresses, the pantyhose and heels, and the general need to look pretty in these pageants is an essential way to get boys use to their new future.  Once boys are exposed to femininity, they will embrace being sweet and pretty, but first, the male Ego needs to be destroyed, then the violence and arrogance that goes along with that ego will no longer be a driving force for males to embrace masculine interests and behaviors.




The stronger and pants wearing girls will be able to assert themselves as the dominant gender.  While boys are being pretty and sweet, girls will be competing and taking the lead academically and physically.  Strong girls will be able to set the tone of what gender relations will be.  Female Power is the Key to a brighter future, and within that context, women and girls need to take control, and make men and boys become the docile helpers that they need to be, with pleasing females as their goal.


4 thoughts on “The New World that Must happen!

  1. It will be up to the women for this to happen. Many men and boys want to be feminine but societal pressures prevent them at times. If women and girls encourage male femininity, then this will happen. Lets hope so!

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  2. Can boys wear feminine clothing?
    Here is one thing that I can say about this very thing.
    In the 1960’s as a young boy I was mistaken as a girl even in grade school, and was even forced to be in a musical play as a leading role as a girl.
    My mother made me a homemade witches costume for Halloween when I was in the first grade. My own grandmother did dress me up to look like a girl a few times.
    I was in another musical play as the leading role in our school play as Laurey Williams at the age of 14.
    Also I was invited to also perform on stage to do the very same role in our local preforming arts groups production of the same play as Laurey Williams too at the same age of 14.
    I just wrote about this Can boys wear feminine clothing? just now.
    By the way I was Little Buttercup in the musical play in grade school.

    I would also like to know why in my school years I was also forced to take courses for girls only back in the 1960’s.
    Now if it okay for a boy or man to wear ether a dress or skirt then are males to also wear makeup and the same undergarments too? is that okay?
    Thank You

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  3. To do this, mothers and School Councils must adopt and implement the strict obligation of skirts for boys, so that from a young age they can be introduced to Male Femininity. The girls on their side will have ample freedom to choose their pants, long or short depending on the time of year. In the first years of the change of regulation on the skirts, the boys are very confused and self-conscious, in addition the girls will increase their confidence and make fun of the boys, of their legs that were previously hidden under their pants and now they are exposed, and they will want To know if it is true that the boys have also been forced to wear panties under their skirts. The boys will feel very embarrassed at such an indignity to the masculine sex, until then superior. They will fight with all their might to prevent the girls from lifting their skirts, but the task will be impossible. The whole school will become a hostile terrain for the boys, and the possibility of going there one day and getting their panties hidden will be impossible mission.

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