The Feminine Male is Awesome!

Here is a Link to a video of a very pretty teenage boy.  It is a delight to see young men wanting to be pretty and feminine.  The question is, is there an Independent woman that wants to make him her wife?  Males are such wonderful wives for dominant women.


The New Age of Female Rule and supremacy must be coupled with male feminization.  A very good way for a woman to start is to get their boyfriend or husband some male lingerie.  The Male Lingerie business is growing.  Getting him into his first pair of panties is the goal.  After the panties, nylons and dresses will follow.  Pretty soon you will have your own little sissy boy, and you, the Woman will be wearing the pants in your relationship!  That is the way to a better society!



Here is the Goal for the Independent woman for her man!



Once he is in a dress, then it is time to show him off to your friends.  A great way to destroy the last vestiges of his Male Ego is to take him to w women’s sporting event, whether basketball, softball, soccer…the women will be competing, while your man is watching in his pretty dress or skirt!  Also, most women’s sporting events are attended by a large number of tomboys and strong women that wear only pants…your man will be totally at your mercy, and under your control….as it should be!



There will be no doubt who is in control!   Female Power continues to grow, while male femininity is thriving!  This is the moment for women to take what is rightfully theirs!  Women need to make this happen and teach their daughters the reality of the New Age!



6 thoughts on “The Feminine Male is Awesome!

  1. Isn’t that a great way to crush a male’s ego? Women that are serious about taking control need to be prepared to put their males into humiliating circumstances that assures that the woman has complete control.

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    1. YOU’VE got it right Patti, as you summarized near the end of the article:

      “your man will be totally at your mercy, and under your control….as it should be! “

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