The New Age Male Needs to Look Good for Women!

Today’s posting involves the subject of how the New Age Male needs to present himself in the growing World of Female Control.  As it was in the past that women were required to look good for their men, now the times are changing, and men and boys need to learn that their goal needs to be to look Pretty and Sweet for their women.

Many of you might be aware that now evidence is showing that 30% of men are now shaving their legs.  Another 22% plus are trimming their leg hair.  This is wonderful progress.  As a man that is completely clean shaven, I can attest that many women seem to enjoy seeing a Clean and Shaven man!  Hopefully, this leads to more men and boys wearing pantyhose and tights, to me an “essential” in male feminization!

The video below of the “Catch Queen” is a great example of how a man should be exercising, and especially the clothing that a man should wear to exercise in.  Leotards and tights need to become the “Required” Exercise wear for all males.

Male Femininity is Growing.  For it to become the dominant position for males, Females need to encourage it!   Would be very interesting to hear from woman on how they would like to see the males in their lives to present themselves!



Girlfriends that encourage their men to be feminine seem to be quite happy in their relationships!




Men in bikinis are so cute.  I love how his nails match his bikini.  Also, observe the skinny, weak arms.  In the future, women will be physically stronger than men,  women will be the protectors, and male violence ill be reduced!





Women are so proud to show off their pretty boyfriends or husbands!



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