The New Way of Thinking about Men & Boys

The world is certainly changing, and men and boys are getting to be more in touch with their femininity than ever before.  The below video is a great example of how some parents are encouraging their sons to do traditionally feminine activities.  These two boys were enrolled in Cheerleading.  They look awesome in the tights and dance outfits.  It is amazing just how pretty boys can be.

These parents are on the cutting edge of the 21st century New Age.  Won’t it be delightful when boys are cheerleading on a regular basis….only this time the competitors will be Girls!  More and more girls are now participating in competitive sports.  What a Great Role Reversal this is!



The below is a video of a wonderful young man that is on his school’s cheerleading squad.  What a great pioneer for our cause.  Hopefully mothers will see just how pretty their sons can be and encourage them to be cheerleaders!


Women will be the ones that can make these changes occur.  Many of us males want to be pretty and sweet and kept in dresses and skirts.  In the photo below, these three are all male!  Aren’t they beautiful?


Many males have really great legs and should be showing them off in mini skirts!


Many men go to crossdressing conventions so they can get dolled up and be feminine.  Will women encourage more of this and then insist that their men be pretty for their enjoyment?


Will athletic women like the ones below start demanding that their men are their to serve them, and to be their “helpers”….especially when the women are the breadwinners and stronger physically?




The skirted male is the future!   With the skirted male, are we going to see more assertive and physically stronger females?  I for one hope so!!!

3 thoughts on “The New Way of Thinking about Men & Boys

  1. Patti… you really must keep your blog on the final chapter of the Battle of the Sexes going!

    Cannot one hear the more boisterous young Women spectators rooting Their all-Female sports teams on and also teasing the weaker male sex cheerleaders in chants like…

    Boys… When you CHEER your “SIS-BOOM-BA’s”

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