New Activities for Both Women and Men

As we see more and more changes in our society, we see how gender role s are changing.  Many Women and Girls are now doing activities that were once considered “Male Only”! Women are accomplishing on a very high level.  Men and boys are getting more in more in tune with their femininity.  These are matches made in heaven for a person that advocates for gender role reversal and the empowerment of women!

The following is some advice from Pennysue to a man that was looking into feminizing himself.  She gives some great insight as to what Male Feminization really is, that is males being pretty and feminine, as well as docile, however, they are MALE!


Sorry I do not know anyone in your area at the current time. I am in Pennsylvania and know of many people who are interested in this but nothing close to your area. In response to your questions. I have no desire to ever become masculine, I am a tall well educated women who loves to be all female and dress always in nice clothes and have long styled hair. Although I am no longer the sleek figured woman I was in college, I have put on some weight since giving birth to my sons but most of it is in my chest and thighs. I really carry the extra weight rather well on my 5″11″ frame and still look good in a 2 piece swimsuit and really like the more voluminous look and don’t really think most men care for the skinny women that are put out in the media. You asked about my husband, our doctor says she does not think he will lose the use of his male member, she believes that if he would have lost function it would have already happened when he was on high doses of hormones. Now he is only on a maintenance dose and although he does not get aroused easily, it is still functioning and fun to have around. Their is a possibility that he could lose all function of his manhood, his testicles are probably 1/3 their original size but the other part is still about the same although it does appear to be smaller due to the redistribution of fat to his hips and thighs and rounding of his figure. However even if he did lose the use of his member, I would never want him to have it changed or removed. I am interested in feminine men and feminizing men not making them sex changed. He is my best friend, lover and soul mate and we will be together forever. Now a couple questions for you, are you single? and what have you done to feminize yourself or have you done anything to start?? It may be easier to find a women to help you along if you are already starting the process by yourself. There are many choices out there, you can buy female hormones from overseas companies without a prescription and they will definitely change your body. It is not a quick easy method or inexpensive but it does work. You would need a testosterone suppressing drug and then the female hormones along with them. Many have success with them others are only partly satisfied with results. However you don’t need drugs to be feminized, a lot of it is in the way you apply yourself or feel. Start dressing with feminine items, plus hair, nails, accessories. Go to a saloon and tell them you would like a nice practical women’s cut, they won’t mind and they might even help you find someone to give you a hand in feminization. If you are indeed a straight man, tell them that you are tell them that you just want to be more feminine looking. Good luck, but please have a plan and get started with it, you will not regret it.



Yes, as we can see, the world is changing and so are gender roles.  How much it changes will be determined by women!  If they want control, they will have it…men are submitting at a very high rate!




Boys are so cute when they wear skirts and especially young boys with white tights!  So dainty and feminine, as the New Age Male should be!


Independent Women are seeing the Great benefits of a Male Wife!





Females in Control…Men being Pretty!

Today’s posting will focus on the changes occurring in society.  I will post a few excerpts from some profiles to show the willingness of many men to take on their New Age Role as Feminine Helpers, and also point out the strong and independent Women that are changing society!  This first post is from a man that is really hoping for the New Age to become Mainstream:

I adore dominant females who are into crossdressing their male subs. Love to wear tights, pantyhose & leggings. Just wondering if there are any dominant females in the area that might be willing to allow me the privilege of worshipping and pleasuring them. I recently had the good fortune of having a relationship with the most incredible woman. She actually enjoyed playing the dominant role and opened my eyes to a whole new world of “grown up fun”. She actually dressed me up in her clothes and complimented me on how good I looked in her dress and black pantyhose. Was she the only one out there that is truly into this fetish? I suppose she “ruined” me for “vanilla” sex. The excitement & arousal sensations of being feminized by a woman was absolutely out of this world! I only hope that there are more open-minded women like her out there. Please, for all you guys out there…refrain from sending “dick pics” to me. I’m not into dudes, that’s just not “my thing”. So thanks in advance.

What a Delight to hear from a man that knows his proper place. How many of our Female Readers would like to have a pretty man like this at their disposal?

Man                                                          Woman


A Posting here from a woman that loves Femme Men.  We need to see more women that are experiencing the great benefits of having feminine men in their lives!

OMG a group full of sissies, how great is that. My name is Miss Christina. I’m on the other side of the equation here. I am biologically female and completely and utterly fascinated by gurls. I own My jessiegirl who is also on this group, but this is still new to me. I’m very interested to hear about others insights and interests.

Thank you Otter for starting this group 🙂 and I for one got to see you all dressed up a couple of weekends ago and you were delicious.


Here is a video from a Taiwanese Middle school.  Boys are learning that their future is to be Feminine!

And another post from a woman that likes her men in panties!

I absolutely love my “boy” in panties!!! Love buying/trying new styles .. My favorite so far are the open bottom/crotchless ones – easy access to my other favorite parts 😉 my favorite materials are sheer fabrics, satin, lace and we are excited to try latex soon! I love how my sissy’s hard cock feels under the various fabrics .. How the panties hug my gurl’s sexy ass 🙂 Throughout the week, my panty wearing sissy sends me photos or descriptions of the panties that she picked out or I assigned to be worn .. I love hearing how they feel on my gurl .. How happy they make her feel .. And how connected the panties keep her to me! So I guess you can say I am an admirer .. A very enthusiastic one! ❤️

Here is a video that really gets the point across.  He is so adorable in hos pink dress, with stockings, as a man should be!

Here is a wonderful video outlining what the New Age Male is to be.  How many Champion Girls want to have a pretty boyfriend like this?

The Future is indeed FEMALE!!!

As Women take away the men’s pants, the boys will become pretty and feminine, as well as Docile!


Many Women will never consider wearing dresses, skirts and nylons, they will become Men’s Wear!


Men will come to accept their New Role!






The New Age Produces a Different Outlook

In today’s posting, it once again focuses on the realities that are present.  The first video is from a Summer Camp in Japan.  When you watch it, it leaves no doubt that these beautiful creatures are males.  In Japan, from my understanding, the majority of young women are looking for “pretty, non-threatening” males.  In this video, these boys would then indeed be great catches to be male wives for successful Japanese girls.

Crossdressing in Japan is going more and more “Mainstream”.  Seeing Pretty men running around in dainty outfits is so enlightening!

Interesting also what is going on in Japanese Schools.  Will this practice catch on in other countries as well?

Here is the latest video form Catch Queen.  I find him to be very much on the cutting edge.  He is a great example of Male Femininity!

Women that embrace their boyfriend’s or husband’s crossdressing are experiencing great relationships.  Helping a man be in touch with his femininity is a very good thing!

Much evidence in today’s posting about the great benefits of male feminization! As we progress further into the 21st century, male femininity will continue to grow!


Seeing males in Pretty clothing is a growing trend!


As the trend continues, boys and men will become more feminine!


Skirts, dresses, nylons and dainty shoes will become more common clothing for boys and men!


Men and women with matching outfits could become the “norm”!


Eventually, Total Gender Role Reversal could become reality!

New Realities in the New Age!

Today’s posting will focus on the differences of the sexes in the New Age.  Women are becoming Stronger and Superior, and males continue on their road to feminization and submissiveness.  These posts will emphasize what is actually happening.  First video is Women Boxing.  These are Very Tough Women!

This is a wonderful reality.  Just 40 years ago, women were barely competing in these types of activities, now it is becoming mainstream!

Females are doing a great job of claiming their Right to be strong and dominant!

While Women are doing the Competing, Men and boys are now competing in other areas!   The Womanless Pageants continue to grow!   All Women need to be encouraging their males to compete in these events.  Boys and men look so Pretty in their feminine dress and heels…being submissive!


Once a male starts being feminine, and feeling the sensation on panties and nylons on his shaved legs, most become “hooked”.  Women can then impose their Will, and the New Age Grows!  The following video really emphasizes just how pretty a boy can be.  As Women demand that men and boys look pretty for them, the number of pretty and feminine boys will grow!

Here is a Link to a fictional story, but in my mind a very interesting Look Forward to what we can achieve:


It is becoming evident hat the culture is changing and Females will be in Control.  The following photos will reinforce the coming reality!













I guess you get the point!   So much for Male Dominance!   With Women taking the Lead, Men and boys will need to be Pretty, Docile and Submissive!   Female Power is Awesome!


Always Nice to Know that the Feminine Person is indeed Male!

As a person that has always advocated for Male Femininity, I find it incredible important that people realize that the feminine person that is being presented is indeed Male.  To me, Gender Role Reversal and the Empowerment of Women does not occur if the ultra feminine and docile person is changed into a Female.  In my mind, Womankind benefits when the male is presented in the traditionally Feminine, submissive persona, and likewise, that is why I like seeing women as a more “Masculine” posture…wearing pants and being Strong!  The following Video is showing indeed a very pretty Male:

At Halloween, it is a great way to get your man into some feminine and sweet.  The Feminine male is an awesome sight.  Women that want to have control need to encourage their men to be pretty and feminine.

Here is another tidbit of wisdom from Pennysue:

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-11 16:36:44

I have completely feminized my husband and sons, they all live a girls full time. We all enjoy it and love it. A women can be much more successful in feminizing her guy if she does it in a loving but firm way. Don’t rush it, have a plan and follow it. Many do not want to do it at the beginning, or are just tooo afraid to admit to it. but in reality many would like to at least give it a try. Start them of slowly and watch how it may progresses. I have helped others feminize their males and it is a growing trend today. many young mothers are now raising their sons as girls and I believe it will continue to grow and make for a better place for all to live.

The Evidence continues to grow that Male Femininity is growing and becoming more accepted.  Are Women ready for the exchange of Power?  Will Women become the major Breadwinners and Protectors?  Many Men and Boys are ready to be Pretty and Sweet…are Women and girls ready to Take the lead?


Strong Women…do you want a Pretty and delicate Man?


Boys in tights and skirts with girls encouraging that concept?


Suddenly Fem has numerous dresses and accessories for your pretty Man!


This husband (Melanie) now knows his proper place!


Tonya, another husband that knows where he stands!


It seems that this young man, Riley is ready for the Female Dominated Future!   Isn’t he an adorable for all young men?

The Mature Feminine Male!

Today’s posting will be centered on the fact that many older men are really wanting to express their femininity.  What I really find delightful about this, is the fact that when many of these men were boys, they lived in an age where women and girls were Required to wear dresses and skirts, even if they wished not to.  With that in mind, I can be amused when seeing a man being “forced” by his wife to wear skirts and dresses.  It is always a pleasure for me to read accounts of women that have feminized their husbands requiring that they now wear skirts and dresses on a regular basis.  “Revenge” can be so sweet!!!


Seeing mature men now prancing around in nylons and lingerie is astounding.

Here is a posting form a wonderful lady that I had the pleasure of corresponding with about ten years ago.  Pennysue was a wonderful lady that was a great advocate of male feminization.  Unfortunately, she was killed in an auto accident in 2007.  Here is one of her postings:

Mikki, you are one lucky guy to have had a mother who introduced you to femininity, many more mothers should do the same for their sons. My sons dress as girls and we all love the way they looks and act. Your wife is lucky to have a feminine man like you and it will be a growing trend in the future, fem men and boys is where it should be. They act better and become better companions and lovers. I remember I got interested in this a long time ago when on vacation and I complimented a mother on the nice well mannered 4 young girls she had and how cute they were. After talking to her for a while she told me that only one was a girl and the other 3 were her sons. She asked me to figure out which one was the girl but I couldn’t tell. The boys were 7, 8 and 13 and made the cutest looking girls. Ever since I have been interested in Feminine men and boys and my own husband has been completely feminized by me. I often help others fem their males and I love doing it. Girls give your guy or sons some incentive to give it a try, you will like it. Take a troubled boy and put him in a dress and a girls hairstyle and many will actually learn to like it and prefer it over their old styles. I met a woman whose father was just recently put into a nursing home. He has dressed as a woman for over 45 years and looks just like many of the women he now lives with at the home. He has the old lady perm and wears dresses all of the time and at eighty-one considers himself a female and is loved by  everyone at the home. This lady’s brother also dresses and lives as a woman. He is 45 and looks like a respectable lady that anyone might be interested in conversing with, with his exceptional talking and communication skills. No one would know THAT HE IS MALE UNTIL HE TELLS THEM. They have been around a long time just most people just don’t realize that they are indeed males. Many times the She males look much better then the actual women and many are hit on by men all of the time.

The pants wearing women will really enjoy the “New Age”  Keeping men in skirts and lingerie is how women will exert their total control!


The New Age woman can start her man in pantyhose by purchasing him “Men’s Pantyhose” from Activskin!


It won’t be long until we see a decent percentage of Male Wives.  As women continue to succeed, males will need to be feminized!


There can be No Doubt, who will be wearing the pants in the future, and who will be wearing the skirts!


The Age of the Dominant Male is Over!   Long Live Female Dominance and superiority!   Men and boys are to be for the pleasure of women and girls.  Males new goal is to look pretty and sweet for women!


It starts with Mothers and other Women!

My posting for today is going to center on some correspondences I had years ago with a women named Whitte.  She was active for a very short time on Mister Poll, responding to one of my Polls.  Even though we only conversed briefly, she had some very insightful postings that women can really base their own perceptions on with how the new Female Led Society will prevail.

Always a pleasure to see a boy encouraged to be Feminine!


I will post her thoughts here:

Posted in Gender Role Reversal on 2011-09-29 01:02:03

Pattiann, you are so correct, the men need to realize their new place in the grand scheme of things and that is assuming the traditional feminine role, and because of that fact they must learn to be more feminine in every thing they do. And it falls on us as women and mothers to teach our boys at a very early age to be feminine and to be submissive to females at all times. We need to stress on both the boys and the girls that females are superior and dominant and males are inferior. If this was done, the world would be a better place and both males and females would be much happier.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal on 2011-09-29 01:08:03

Yes, it is a natural force, i truly believe that the proper role of the female is to be dominant and the male submissive. And because of that fact, we need to start our children out early by teaching them their roles in life, we need to have a complete role reversal and teach our boys to be subservient to all females, and teach all little girls that boys are inferior and exist only to serve them. You must admit, the world would be a better place and I’m convinced that both males and females would be happier people.

Posted by morrie on 2004-12-06 07:05:55

I have made my husband a feminine male. I came home from a three day weekend (a day early) and found him sleeping in bed with one of my Bras, panties and nightgown on. Also he had a dress and stuff laid out that he must have been wearing earlier before bed time. He is a heavy sleeper, So I took several very cute pictures of him before I woke him up. He was really upset and kind of freaked out some. I outweigh him by about 40 pounds and he really is no match for me strength wise, so I decided I would have some fun with him. I told him to leave the stuff on and the next morning I told him I was going to hold the pictures against him unless he agreed to be my slave or servant when ever I wanted. He was just in the process of looking for a new job because he was downsized and only had 3 days left on his old job. I had just returned that weekend from receiving and inheritance that left us in pretty good shape with finances. He has very thick full hair which he wore just a little longer than shoulder length usually pulled strait back into a ponytail. The next week end I told him I was going to give him a haircut with some style to it that we could use when he dresses for me, but he would be able to just comb it out for regular times. Plus I told him he really needed it trimmed up and I was going to give him a conditioning treatment and just a touch of color to highlight it some. I used to be a beautician, so I really already had a plan. I had him dressed up in some old blouse, skirt stockings and such. I made sure that he was in a room without any mirrors so I could work on him for a while without him seeing exactly what I was doing. I cut it in a very Feminine style, something like all the sexy stars used to wear in the 50s-60s. Something like Marylin Monroe. A little longer on top with kind of a rounder bouffet style on top with a little length on the sides with a tapered down to back of neck. Next I used processing which I removed all of the color and then made it Platinum Blonde, which is when he thought I was just conditioning and lightly coloring it. It came out great and it was just the way I wanted it, He kind of looked like a cross between Carol Channing and Doris Day. Just like he stepped out of the 60’s. I told him to go check it out in the bathroom and see how he liked it. At this point he was suspicious that it was not really what I told him that it was going to be. He about freaked out when he saw it and even cried. He asked how could he ever go out in public with like that, and begged me to fix it up. I told him he better get used to it for a while, because I planned on him keeping it that way for a while unless maybe he just wanted me to send out the pictures I had of him to all his family, friends and people he used to work with at the office. I told him I bet his mother would love to have a picture of him the way it is now too. He just stared into the mirror and shaking his head. He tried to see if he could comb it down some, but I spent such a long time shaping layering and cutting it just so that it hardly changed even after he tried to comb it out some. I just left him be for a while and went out into the other room to make some lunch. When I came back in later with a sandwich, we talked for a while and I asked him how he liked dressing up and if he liked the clothes he had on. He said he was just always kind of interested in girls clothing when he was a kid, but just within the past year had started trying on some of my stuff and it was just something that excited him and he had to try and try again. I told him that I was fine with him trying on my stuff and he should have just asked me about it. He said he thought that the clothing he had on was alright, but begged me to change the hair. I told him NO and he was my servant and was here to do as I say. I gave him a big hug and told him I was going to put some makeup on him and we were going to go drive down the coast and spend a few days at my parents summer beach house which was vacant and we would talk about all this. He new I meant it and complied and I shaped up his eyebrows a little and put on some makeup and at 32 he really looked like a very attractive women from the 1960s. He resisted a little but I had the bags packed and he put on some sunglasses and we went out and I drove him down the coast. I told him he was out of work now, we didn’t need the money so he should give this a try and I was not going to give him any other options, he always thought it would be nice to have a month or so off before starting a new job.. We got to the house and everything went pretty good, we talked, he got dressed for bed in a very sexy short silky yellow gown and he really looked nice and he even has nice looking legs, which I made him shave before we left the house. He was quiet but we made love and with him up there on top of me with the blond hair and makeup it was just so exhilerating that it was probably the best we had had in some time. He told me he loved me and we went to sleep, He didn’t know that I already had plans for tomorrow. I told him we were going to a spa and would be out shopping for some new stuff for him later in the day. I told him that a old friend of my I met from Beautician school worked down near here at one of those Body Illusions Spas, that men go to be made-over as women and usually get pictures, spend the day and go out shopping or meet other people. He didn’t want to go, but I told him he must and it wouldn’t really take that long because his hair was already and that would save a lot of time and it would only take an hour or two. He was sad but agreed to comply. We arrived and my friend met us an was amazed at how good he looked and said he only need some body work and already looked great as a women. He is rather slight build, so they gave him a body corset that had the padded butt and hips plus clinched the waist and pushed up the excess chest to form some cleavage along with the padding below from the form. They did the works, body wax bikini line, facial and gave him a quick course in acting and walking the part. his voice is mild enough as long as he did not shout it sounds just fine. he actually started to get along with the girls making him over and did seem to enjoy it but was somewhat embarrassed. They gave him the Platinum Blonde Harlot look with a long slinky white dress with bright red lipstick and accessories and had a photo shot of him in many different poses in that, plus fit him with an adorable 1 piece swimsuit that looks simply fabulous with the body supporting built right in. Then they gave him a real nice look in a real nice sexy looking pants and blouse outfit with tight fitting pants that accentuated his new round bottom. they set him up with a padded bra to go along with us for when he didn’t wear the complete body clincher and a pack of two padded hip and but panties. We went out for lunch at a restaurant and the waiter was really facinated by his looks and complimented HER on her nice outfit and hair. We went shopping and picked up a couple of casual outfits, but still very feminine looking and a dress and skirt and blouses. Plus underwear, pantyhose, shoes, purse and stopped and got his ears pierced to. He looked better than all the women we saw that day and several men oogled him when we went by. We stopped by the lounge near the beach house the next day and he wore the swimsuit and enjoyed the pool with me and said with the suit on he was a much better swimmer with the built in floats with the chest. he actually said he enjoyed himself but was still worried about the hair and how it would look when he tried to go out as a man. I told him flat out not to worry about it because when we got home I was getting rid of his guy clothes and he was going to be my girl. He fussed some but new it didn’t do any good so just mopped a little and continued on. That was a little over 3 years ago and today I still have him dressed as a women full time, he takes care of the house, i go out and work, plus he started a internet business which he is actually doing ok with and enjoying staying at home. He goes wherever he pleases dressed as a woman, goes by Lori now instead of Larry. Seems quite happy with everything and still today goes as a Blonde, but I toned it down some now so it is a more modern style and a rich champagne color, which he is very happy with and really loves his hair. We tried it as a pale red and as light auburn, but we both agreed on the Blonde shade it is today. Sex life is great, No kids, but maybe some day, he has had some electrolysis and we are considering maybe a breast job, but he really likes the look and his family found out and it has been now real problem, his mother came down for a few days and that went all right. a few of our friends dropped us out of the social circle, but several still hang out and we have made a couple of new ones, who we have told, flat out that he is my husband and they know but just consider him and treat him as a women. My sister comes over and sees us regularly and they have even gone out shopping a few times together. I made my real dream man and I love him being a sissy, we have talked about if we should have children and if a boy, we would probably dress him in various attire, both girls and boys and just see what would turn out. Any Questions please leave me a reply.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal on 2011-09-29 01:18:00

Good for you, Morrie. More women should do that, you would be surprised how many men would be receptive to it. About the fact you might have a boy, if you do I’d highly recommend bringing him totally as a girl. Teach him to be feminine in every way. I’m sure he and you would be much happier for it. If more of us brought our boys up as girls, the world would be a better place. I’ve known boys who were feminized like that and they are every happy and content.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal on 2011-09-29 01:27:04

Now can you explain to me why you would have to wait until Halloween to dress as you please? What exactly is wrong with a boy wearing a dress or a skirt or for that matter any and all so-called feminine attire? There is nothing at all wrong with a boy being feminine and assuming the female role, most boys would be happier for doing it. A few short years from now women will be in charge of virtually all management roles, so men and boys need to get used to assuming a subservient role and learn to behave in a feminine manner. From now on mothers need to teach their boys to be feminine and to obey their female counterparts, and girls at a young age need to be taught that boys are inferior to them and they are there to serve them in any way they deem fit. That will eventually mean that boys and men will assume female dress and act like today’s females. That being said, the quicker we start feminizing our boys, the better.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal on 2011-09-29 01:35:29

Do you agree that it would be a good idea if all mothers brought up their boys in exactly the same way as if he were a girl, teach him to be feminine, to dress and act like a girl? I believe these boys would be happier later in life and without question they would make better citizens. Females are becoming the dominant sex, so that means that the males must assume the female role, so they might as well be taught to be girls from the time they are small. A great many boys and young men even now would be happier in a subservient or feminine role, but they’ve been taught to be men, although it goes again their mental and emotional state of mind. Please let me know your opinion of this. Thank you.

Posted by Pattiann on 2011-09-30 16:54:10

Hello Again Whitte

Bringing boys up to be Feminine is the Way of the 21st Century. Preventing boys from playing Competitive Sports and developing muscles, and then encouraging them to be Pretty and Traditionally Feminine is the Way of the Future. I am Including a Web Address to my Group on the Experience Project on Encouraging Male Femininity. I hope that you will check it out and join in with some of your thoughts and Experiences! Patti

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2011-09-29 11:24:55

We, as parents, have a responsibility to feminize our sons, after all it’s not their fault that they had the bad luck to be born male. They should be raised as girls from day one, they would be happier and more content for it, and hey, the world would be a better place. Again, as a mother of two boys who are now completely feminized, I can recommend doing this to every parent of a male child, please don’t let them grow up to be like the men that are around us today, give them a better future. When they are grown women, they’ll thank you for it.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2011-10-01 16:00:19

Hi, Patti, good to hear from you. My “boys” are ages 5 and 7. Both are very content and happy little girls, delightful children, at least from a mothers point of view. The answer to your question is – no, I’m was so lucky because they have never shown any masculinity whatsoever in their personalities. That was always my biggest fear. But I immersed them totally into femininity from the day they were born and I think that it the key. They claim our persona is determined 50% by nature and 50% by nurture, and in my case I appear to have been blessed by the fact that nurture has been dominant over nature. Of course they were both given female names – Lori Louise is 7 and Catherine Elizabeth is 5. Lori is in school now and that was a potential problem that had to be solved, but understanding teachers have made allowances for the private use of washroom facilities for her, to which I am so grateful and relieved. Catherine will not be going to school under next autumn, and I’ve had the same discussion with the teachers for her. Personally, I’d highly recommend this to any and all mothers. Again, I’ve been so lucky to have understanding people around me to assist and answer my many questions, but I’m just so happy that and pleased with the everything that has happened and look forward to seeing my beautiful daughters grow up (but hopefully they’ll stay little for a while longer, if you know what I mean). Thank you for your interest, Patti, and please keep in contact.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2011-10-02 16:48:34

Thank you, Pattiann, for your support, it really does mean a lot to me. No, fortunately there is no male figure in our lives, the girls’ father left 3 months before Cathy was born, a typical man, but we won’t get into that here. And as far as girls go, I truly believe they should be brought up in a manner that would be more typical of raising a boy, however, being girls, I believe they can and should be able to enjoy the pleasures of being feminine. A girl, and a women, can handle this much better than a male, with a male it’s one thing or the other, they don’t seem to have the emotionally capacity that girls do. The girls can be feminine and still enjoy sports and other things deemed by society’s narrow view as masculine. But we must stress to them that they are to be dominant at all times with their interactions with males, that really and truly males are inferior to females in so, so many ways. This attitude seem to be coming a trend, both in America and Europe, and if we keep it up and advise our friends and daughters that this is indeed the way of the future, then it’s a foregone conclusion that the world will be a much better place in years to come. Pattiann, please keep in touch, no doubt there will rough spots for us in the future but with people like yourself around to give encouragement, I’m sure we’ll get through. And I’m going to check out Eunice’s posting right now, it’ll be so interesting to hear how she managed to successfully feminize her husband. I just love the whole concept of that.

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2011-10-02 20:25:40

Again Pattiann, thank your for invaluable support. I wasn’t aware that you were born male, but am so happy that you are now one of us and I say welcome. My girls are such a complete joy to me, it pains me to think that under different circumstances they might have had to live their lives out as something less than a feminine being. It really is so wonderful being a woman and I know that you would agree wholeheartedly. We must continue to encourage our friends, family, sons and daughters, to join us and guide them in their journey to femininity, although I’m sure it can be a hard trip some times, the end result in every case will be worth it. Patti, we must be there for one another always. Patti, please keep monitoring this website, it comforts me to know that there is a kindred spirit out there close at hand.


Unfortunately, at this point, I have had no further correspondence with Whitte.  I do not know if it was because she realized I was male, but I have not been able to have correspondence going forward.

Take notice in this photo, the boy is the cheerleaders, his sister has the football jersey on and the mother is wearing slacks!


Getting a boy to wear pantyhose or tights is a great stride.  Once a boy feels the sensation on his legs, the majority become “hooked” on the feeling!


Taking boys out of competitive sports, and immersing them into hair care and other “feminine” activities, will create a better, docile and compliant male that will be a great spouse for an independent woman!


The final goal needs to be to create a pretty male wife for an independent and successful woman to come home to!


In the end, Women will Prevail!   Womankind will prosper, and all will be better off!


Strong, Sports playing women will be going home to their pretty male wife who will always be making himself pretty for his woman!


Female Leadership and Male’s Realizing their Proper Place


It is always a delight for me to see when women take control and feminize the men and boys in their lives.  After all the years of mistreatment of women by men it is so wonderful to see that women take the Lead, and put men in a subservient position by feminization.  Female supremacy is becoming dominant.  More men and boys are now wearing dresses and skirts, and this must be encouraged in order to create a better society.  Women need to assure that boys are no longer playing competitive sports, but rather assure boys are in Boy Pageants and Ballet Classes.  In the meantime, girls need to be encouraged to play competitive sports and be assertive and strong.

The following is a group of postings from a Demale forum.  Please understand, as a person that is a long time advocate of Gender Role Reversal, I do not support males have sex changes……what I do support and encourage is that males are totally feminized, but they remain male.  In my opinion, that assures that Females are Strong and dominant.  If we feminize males and make them ultra prissy then have their sex changed to female, we just reinforce the traditional gender roles, which I would love to see reversed.  I would really appreciate what others think about that concept.


Here are the Postings:

Date Posted: 10:33:58 04/02/12 Mon
Author: Ester
Subject: Successful Demaling

I have just run across this forum and find it quite informative. I am the mother of a boy who has been completely and successfully demaled.
Justin, now Justine was just 6 years old when his useless father left us. Justine became quite depressed and started to get a little unruly. My doctor who is also my GYN and my best and sometimes intimate friend from college has been taking care of Justine since birth. When Justine was eight I told her, Marion of my issues with him since his father left. She asked me if I had ever considered feminizing him as a means of making him a better person. Of course I had thought about putting him in girls clothes as a form of discipline but Marion suggested there were other steps I could take that would be more lasting and permanent. We discussed her suggestions and the net week I took Justine to her for his regular check up. When Justine was on the examination table in a gown she gave him a full physical including a digital rectal and a testicular and breast x-ray and exam. When completed she gave him an injection which she told him was a strong medication to calm him down. She also prescribed pills which were testosterone blockers and a low dose female hormone. Marion then suggested to me in front of Justine that perhaps he should be started into panties and girls nightwear. Of course he had no visualization of what we were discussing.
The next day I purchased several pair of girls panties and a few very fem nighties for him. Well that first night when I put a nightie on him he of course objected but I told him what Marion had said and he must obey. The next morning when he saw the panties in his drawer with no male shorts he started to whimper a little but as he put them on I told him it was for his own good. It was also quite obvious that the injection from the previous day had a nice calming effect as he accepted what I told him when I explained he would be wearing nighties to bed and panties ever day. In a months time I took him back to Marion for a follow up visit. She was quite pleased when she told me his blood tests indicated a nice presence of female hormones and almost a complete absence of male hormones. She then explained to Justine that he would not be going through puberty like most boys and would not experience the nasty habits which go with it.
By the time Justine was twelve his breasts were really developing quite nicely and his testicles and penis development had been substantially suppressed. It was also obvious Justine was enjoying approaching her teen years as a girl and had become a lovely daughter. She is now 13 and Marion has scheduled an appointment to remove what is left of Justine’s testes. Of course his tiny penis must remain as the skin from it will be used to create her vagina when she has complete SRS when she is 18.
I would be most happy to answer any question if posted on this forum.

In reply to: patti ‘s message, Re: Successful Demaling on 07:06:08 04/03/12 Tue

> It is wonderful to see what some mothers are doing in
> creating a better Society for us all. Was your
> husband, Justine’s father a macho Man?
> Is Marion actively involved with you and Justine, as
> with hanging around each other and such?
> Thank You for being a pioneer in the Trend of Male
> Femininity!
> Patti

Hi Patti.
Justine’s father was just a jerk and a heavy drinker. Macho, yes but in a very negative context. He was just not a nice person and thought the world revolved around him.
Yes, Marion is quite active in Justine’s development as she is her doctor. Yes, Marion and I do have a very close relationship.
I hope this answers your questions.

I do not want anyone to get the wrong impression. What is happening to Justine, her treatment and ongoing transition is medically ethical and proper. Justine all along her journey has been under the treatment and guidance of Dr. Marion, a Doctor with GYN and Pediatric credentials and also a licensed Psychologist. Perhaps this is the reason her transition has been so smooth and successful. In no way would I ever do or recommend a treatment of a child that is not deemed medically beneficial to both their physical well being and mental state.
I trust this answers some questions many mother may have.

Dana, thanks for your compliments, they are always appreciated. Now, let me see if I can answer your question.
Justine,s testes are scheduled to be removed in May, on her birthday. Marion her doctor says it is a simple operation and will be done under local anesthetic in her office. Of course she insists I observe and she will be assisted by her nurse.
Justine now weighs just under 95 pounds and is 5″ tall, quite slender and her hips are becoming quite feminine as well as he budding breasts. She has been in an “A” cup for several months and by the way she is developing I suspect she will be a full “B” cup within a few months. She has beautiful green eyes and shoulder length bronze hair.
Justine was an active and in my opinion an overly aggressive sports playing boy, playing both hockey and soccer.
At first he had difficulty and tried to rebel which resulted in some good spankings but the female hormones took effect and made him less aggressive and certainly calmed her down. I could tell not only was she going through physical changes but also mental changes and was more and more accepting of her budding femininity.
Justine did not even notice his testies were becoming useless and stunted. Of course I frequently praised her on her nice some appearance even in slacks.
Actually, with the help of Marion her transition was quite smooth, from pants to panties and dresses within a few months. I did enroll her in a private school as a girl when she was 10. The head mistress knew all about her and was more than cooperative.

Sorry I have not replied to the latest questions but my household has been going through a bit of trauma at the moment.
A couple of weeks ago my ex showed up on my door step after many years of absence. He was actually begging me to take him back and promised me he had totally reformed and had not had a drink for over a year. When he saw Justine he could not contain himself and actually started to cry asking why I had feminized her. Of course my answer was, “because I was determined that Justine was not going to turn out to be an arrogant drinking male like her father”. Of course he was shocked but still begged to come back under any conditions I wanted to impose. Well, I am working on those conditions and I am sure you all know what they will be. I will try to keep this board posted.

I have had some very interesting happenings over the past several weeks, one of which had caused me to be reluctant to further postings here. Either someone called the authorities or this site is being monitored.
I had a visit from CFS questioning me on Justine and why she is being transitioned. They strongly hinted at possible abuse. However after they interviewed Dr. Marion and Justine’s psychologist I believe the situation is resolved for now at least.
With respect to previous questions:
Justine, after a very short period at the beginning she accepted her new self. Of course many talks with Dr. Marion and sessions with her psychologist smoothed the process. Justine now enjoys being a girl and loves to go shopping with me and insists on the most feminine of clothes. I am so pleased.
My husband is another story. He has had two visits with Dr. Marion and he has reluctantly agreed to a course of treatment. He has started on a quite potent prescription of hormones and testosterone blockers. He has also potentially agreed to castration at a later date. He is now wearing feminine clothing every day and actually he looks quite precious, like a devout sissy male in a dress. However, with the hormones and a rigid exercise routine I expect he will become more presentable. In the mean time I am just delighting in the embarrassment and humiliation he is going through. I consider it pay back.

I just felt I should update you ladies on progress in my home.
Justine had her “little” operation last week and everything went just fine. Dr. Marion did it under a local so Justine was awake through the whole 30 minutes. She suffered no pain or distress when it was done and since. She is thrilled and so am I. She has been asking why she must wait until she is eighteen to have complete GRS. Dr. Marion is looking into possible alternatives.
My husband is another story. He is absolutely devastated and has begged me not to have him castrated. He already has signed a consent and he is scheduled for the first week of June. Since his procedure will be more extensive, complete removal of his scrotum, he will be spending the night in the clinic. My, he is the picture of humiliation these days. He does not look at all feminine but like a sissy man in female clothes, but that is all he now has. He has accepted that he must do all the household shopping and errands even though he hates it and actually cries when he come in from the humiliation of being out and about. After his castration I have agreed to allow him breast implants and Dr. Marrion has him on a significant dose of hormones and testosterone blockers. He has become quite docile and very obedient.

I find the forgoing offensive and quite inappropriate.
I am not a sex pervert nor am I demaling my son and husband for any sexual turn on or sexual purpose. I am just a loving mother doing what I feel is proper for my son and his father.


The below is a comment form another woman that apparently believes in male feminization!

Date Posted: 23:31:10 05/22/13 Wed
Author: dommom16 (Glad and curious (to Esther))
Subject: Re: Update
In reply to: Ester ‘s message, Update on 16:40:13 05/16/12 Wed

Very happy to hear that your son went through things so well. And I am quite glad that your hubby is just hating it. BUT that is the way it should be! IF he was conformed earlier, he may have been as excited and accepting as your son is.

But since the Dr. used a local, were you with him the whole time. Was it all business? Did you and the doctor share any proud moment once it was done? What was your conversation?

I know it must feel very empowering and joyful at the same time. And (trying to ask properly here) are the unwanted “items” disposed of or did you keep them? Sorry to ask this way, but I was always curious what a Demale Mother would do in this case.

Either way I am very glad that things are shaping up the way the SHOULD be for all the Women in your life. Congratulations!


The results in what males can and should become are as follows:


He looks so much better in his pretty dress!


This beautiful young man was once a high school baseball player!


This young man is from Europe…isn’t he beautiful?


AS Women see how wonderful life will be with them in control, more males will be totally feminized and put on “Display” for the entertainment of women and girls!


It is only appropriate, that many men be controlled by women by feminization.  How can this be so “Wrong”, when it is a fact that men had controlled women for centuries through the use of clothing and domination?  Payback can be humiliating!



As “Gentlewomen’s Clubs” become established for Independent and Successful women, more and more young men will be required to be pretty and sweet, serving the superior, dominant gender!



The Pretty Males are Everywhere!

It is so delightful to see men and boys wanting to be feminine and pretty.  This first video is of a very Pretty man in his mini skirt, nylons and heels.  Men need to be encouraged to dress this way in order to be attractive to Women!

Many men in Japan are embracing femininity in a huge way.  What is helping that movement is that Japanese women are increasingly looking to have feminine, non-threatening men in their lives….Smart Women!  Kyoko is a very pretty man that can really show off his femininity.  To the best of my knowledge, he is a part of a “Profession” as a career.  What an adorable man!


Male Femininity is here to stay.  Many products are now being offered to men that were once for women only…Pantyhose and Tights, Lingerie, Face Lotions, etc.  As women demand that their men look nice for them, male femininity will continue to grow.



Ballet enrollment for boys is climbing!



Boy Pageants or Womanless Pageants are growing in popularity.



Men are enjoying the silkiness of feminine clothing, and the sexiness of high heels.



Crossdressing Conventions and Gatherings are increasing as well.  Male Femininity is Healthy and becoming more popular!