Female Leadership and Male’s Realizing their Proper Place


It is always a delight for me to see when women take control and feminize the men and boys in their lives.  After all the years of mistreatment of women by men it is so wonderful to see that women take the Lead, and put men in a subservient position by feminization.  Female supremacy is becoming dominant.  More men and boys are now wearing dresses and skirts, and this must be encouraged in order to create a better society.  Women need to assure that boys are no longer playing competitive sports, but rather assure boys are in Boy Pageants and Ballet Classes.  In the meantime, girls need to be encouraged to play competitive sports and be assertive and strong.

The following is a group of postings from a Demale forum.  Please understand, as a person that is a long time advocate of Gender Role Reversal, I do not support males have sex changes……what I do support and encourage is that males are totally feminized, but they remain male.  In my opinion, that assures that Females are Strong and dominant.  If we feminize males and make them ultra prissy then have their sex changed to female, we just reinforce the traditional gender roles, which I would love to see reversed.  I would really appreciate what others think about that concept.


Here are the Postings:

Date Posted: 10:33:58 04/02/12 Mon
Author: Ester
Subject: Successful Demaling

I have just run across this forum and find it quite informative. I am the mother of a boy who has been completely and successfully demaled.
Justin, now Justine was just 6 years old when his useless father left us. Justine became quite depressed and started to get a little unruly. My doctor who is also my GYN and my best and sometimes intimate friend from college has been taking care of Justine since birth. When Justine was eight I told her, Marion of my issues with him since his father left. She asked me if I had ever considered feminizing him as a means of making him a better person. Of course I had thought about putting him in girls clothes as a form of discipline but Marion suggested there were other steps I could take that would be more lasting and permanent. We discussed her suggestions and the net week I took Justine to her for his regular check up. When Justine was on the examination table in a gown she gave him a full physical including a digital rectal and a testicular and breast x-ray and exam. When completed she gave him an injection which she told him was a strong medication to calm him down. She also prescribed pills which were testosterone blockers and a low dose female hormone. Marion then suggested to me in front of Justine that perhaps he should be started into panties and girls nightwear. Of course he had no visualization of what we were discussing.
The next day I purchased several pair of girls panties and a few very fem nighties for him. Well that first night when I put a nightie on him he of course objected but I told him what Marion had said and he must obey. The next morning when he saw the panties in his drawer with no male shorts he started to whimper a little but as he put them on I told him it was for his own good. It was also quite obvious that the injection from the previous day had a nice calming effect as he accepted what I told him when I explained he would be wearing nighties to bed and panties ever day. In a months time I took him back to Marion for a follow up visit. She was quite pleased when she told me his blood tests indicated a nice presence of female hormones and almost a complete absence of male hormones. She then explained to Justine that he would not be going through puberty like most boys and would not experience the nasty habits which go with it.
By the time Justine was twelve his breasts were really developing quite nicely and his testicles and penis development had been substantially suppressed. It was also obvious Justine was enjoying approaching her teen years as a girl and had become a lovely daughter. She is now 13 and Marion has scheduled an appointment to remove what is left of Justine’s testes. Of course his tiny penis must remain as the skin from it will be used to create her vagina when she has complete SRS when she is 18.
I would be most happy to answer any question if posted on this forum.

In reply to: patti ‘s message, Re: Successful Demaling on 07:06:08 04/03/12 Tue

> It is wonderful to see what some mothers are doing in
> creating a better Society for us all. Was your
> husband, Justine’s father a macho Man?
> Is Marion actively involved with you and Justine, as
> with hanging around each other and such?
> Thank You for being a pioneer in the Trend of Male
> Femininity!
> Patti

Hi Patti.
Justine’s father was just a jerk and a heavy drinker. Macho, yes but in a very negative context. He was just not a nice person and thought the world revolved around him.
Yes, Marion is quite active in Justine’s development as she is her doctor. Yes, Marion and I do have a very close relationship.
I hope this answers your questions.

I do not want anyone to get the wrong impression. What is happening to Justine, her treatment and ongoing transition is medically ethical and proper. Justine all along her journey has been under the treatment and guidance of Dr. Marion, a Doctor with GYN and Pediatric credentials and also a licensed Psychologist. Perhaps this is the reason her transition has been so smooth and successful. In no way would I ever do or recommend a treatment of a child that is not deemed medically beneficial to both their physical well being and mental state.
I trust this answers some questions many mother may have.

Dana, thanks for your compliments, they are always appreciated. Now, let me see if I can answer your question.
Justine,s testes are scheduled to be removed in May, on her birthday. Marion her doctor says it is a simple operation and will be done under local anesthetic in her office. Of course she insists I observe and she will be assisted by her nurse.
Justine now weighs just under 95 pounds and is 5″ tall, quite slender and her hips are becoming quite feminine as well as he budding breasts. She has been in an “A” cup for several months and by the way she is developing I suspect she will be a full “B” cup within a few months. She has beautiful green eyes and shoulder length bronze hair.
Justine was an active and in my opinion an overly aggressive sports playing boy, playing both hockey and soccer.
At first he had difficulty and tried to rebel which resulted in some good spankings but the female hormones took effect and made him less aggressive and certainly calmed her down. I could tell not only was she going through physical changes but also mental changes and was more and more accepting of her budding femininity.
Justine did not even notice his testies were becoming useless and stunted. Of course I frequently praised her on her nice some appearance even in slacks.
Actually, with the help of Marion her transition was quite smooth, from pants to panties and dresses within a few months. I did enroll her in a private school as a girl when she was 10. The head mistress knew all about her and was more than cooperative.

Sorry I have not replied to the latest questions but my household has been going through a bit of trauma at the moment.
A couple of weeks ago my ex showed up on my door step after many years of absence. He was actually begging me to take him back and promised me he had totally reformed and had not had a drink for over a year. When he saw Justine he could not contain himself and actually started to cry asking why I had feminized her. Of course my answer was, “because I was determined that Justine was not going to turn out to be an arrogant drinking male like her father”. Of course he was shocked but still begged to come back under any conditions I wanted to impose. Well, I am working on those conditions and I am sure you all know what they will be. I will try to keep this board posted.

I have had some very interesting happenings over the past several weeks, one of which had caused me to be reluctant to further postings here. Either someone called the authorities or this site is being monitored.
I had a visit from CFS questioning me on Justine and why she is being transitioned. They strongly hinted at possible abuse. However after they interviewed Dr. Marion and Justine’s psychologist I believe the situation is resolved for now at least.
With respect to previous questions:
Justine, after a very short period at the beginning she accepted her new self. Of course many talks with Dr. Marion and sessions with her psychologist smoothed the process. Justine now enjoys being a girl and loves to go shopping with me and insists on the most feminine of clothes. I am so pleased.
My husband is another story. He has had two visits with Dr. Marion and he has reluctantly agreed to a course of treatment. He has started on a quite potent prescription of hormones and testosterone blockers. He has also potentially agreed to castration at a later date. He is now wearing feminine clothing every day and actually he looks quite precious, like a devout sissy male in a dress. However, with the hormones and a rigid exercise routine I expect he will become more presentable. In the mean time I am just delighting in the embarrassment and humiliation he is going through. I consider it pay back.

I just felt I should update you ladies on progress in my home.
Justine had her “little” operation last week and everything went just fine. Dr. Marion did it under a local so Justine was awake through the whole 30 minutes. She suffered no pain or distress when it was done and since. She is thrilled and so am I. She has been asking why she must wait until she is eighteen to have complete GRS. Dr. Marion is looking into possible alternatives.
My husband is another story. He is absolutely devastated and has begged me not to have him castrated. He already has signed a consent and he is scheduled for the first week of June. Since his procedure will be more extensive, complete removal of his scrotum, he will be spending the night in the clinic. My, he is the picture of humiliation these days. He does not look at all feminine but like a sissy man in female clothes, but that is all he now has. He has accepted that he must do all the household shopping and errands even though he hates it and actually cries when he come in from the humiliation of being out and about. After his castration I have agreed to allow him breast implants and Dr. Marrion has him on a significant dose of hormones and testosterone blockers. He has become quite docile and very obedient.

I find the forgoing offensive and quite inappropriate.
I am not a sex pervert nor am I demaling my son and husband for any sexual turn on or sexual purpose. I am just a loving mother doing what I feel is proper for my son and his father.


The below is a comment form another woman that apparently believes in male feminization!

Date Posted: 23:31:10 05/22/13 Wed
Author: dommom16 (Glad and curious (to Esther))
Subject: Re: Update
In reply to: Ester ‘s message, Update on 16:40:13 05/16/12 Wed

Very happy to hear that your son went through things so well. And I am quite glad that your hubby is just hating it. BUT that is the way it should be! IF he was conformed earlier, he may have been as excited and accepting as your son is.

But since the Dr. used a local, were you with him the whole time. Was it all business? Did you and the doctor share any proud moment once it was done? What was your conversation?

I know it must feel very empowering and joyful at the same time. And (trying to ask properly here) are the unwanted “items” disposed of or did you keep them? Sorry to ask this way, but I was always curious what a Demale Mother would do in this case.

Either way I am very glad that things are shaping up the way the SHOULD be for all the Women in your life. Congratulations!


The results in what males can and should become are as follows:


He looks so much better in his pretty dress!


This beautiful young man was once a high school baseball player!


This young man is from Europe…isn’t he beautiful?


AS Women see how wonderful life will be with them in control, more males will be totally feminized and put on “Display” for the entertainment of women and girls!


It is only appropriate, that many men be controlled by women by feminization.  How can this be so “Wrong”, when it is a fact that men had controlled women for centuries through the use of clothing and domination?  Payback can be humiliating!



As “Gentlewomen’s Clubs” become established for Independent and Successful women, more and more young men will be required to be pretty and sweet, serving the superior, dominant gender!



2 thoughts on “Female Leadership and Male’s Realizing their Proper Place

  1. Yes. I hope it will not be long until we see these Clubs emerge. Afterall, The female controlled society will need to have it’s entertainment. Males will be the “property” of women. Very important for all males to be pretty and feminine for the superior women.

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