The Mature Feminine Male!

Today’s posting will be centered on the fact that many older men are really wanting to express their femininity.  What I really find delightful about this, is the fact that when many of these men were boys, they lived in an age where women and girls were Required to wear dresses and skirts, even if they wished not to.  With that in mind, I can be amused when seeing a man being “forced” by his wife to wear skirts and dresses.  It is always a pleasure for me to read accounts of women that have feminized their husbands requiring that they now wear skirts and dresses on a regular basis.  “Revenge” can be so sweet!!!


Seeing mature men now prancing around in nylons and lingerie is astounding.

Here is a posting form a wonderful lady that I had the pleasure of corresponding with about ten years ago.  Pennysue was a wonderful lady that was a great advocate of male feminization.  Unfortunately, she was killed in an auto accident in 2007.  Here is one of her postings:

Mikki, you are one lucky guy to have had a mother who introduced you to femininity, many more mothers should do the same for their sons. My sons dress as girls and we all love the way they looks and act. Your wife is lucky to have a feminine man like you and it will be a growing trend in the future, fem men and boys is where it should be. They act better and become better companions and lovers. I remember I got interested in this a long time ago when on vacation and I complimented a mother on the nice well mannered 4 young girls she had and how cute they were. After talking to her for a while she told me that only one was a girl and the other 3 were her sons. She asked me to figure out which one was the girl but I couldn’t tell. The boys were 7, 8 and 13 and made the cutest looking girls. Ever since I have been interested in Feminine men and boys and my own husband has been completely feminized by me. I often help others fem their males and I love doing it. Girls give your guy or sons some incentive to give it a try, you will like it. Take a troubled boy and put him in a dress and a girls hairstyle and many will actually learn to like it and prefer it over their old styles. I met a woman whose father was just recently put into a nursing home. He has dressed as a woman for over 45 years and looks just like many of the women he now lives with at the home. He has the old lady perm and wears dresses all of the time and at eighty-one considers himself a female and is loved by  everyone at the home. This lady’s brother also dresses and lives as a woman. He is 45 and looks like a respectable lady that anyone might be interested in conversing with, with his exceptional talking and communication skills. No one would know THAT HE IS MALE UNTIL HE TELLS THEM. They have been around a long time just most people just don’t realize that they are indeed males. Many times the She males look much better then the actual women and many are hit on by men all of the time.

The pants wearing women will really enjoy the “New Age”  Keeping men in skirts and lingerie is how women will exert their total control!


The New Age woman can start her man in pantyhose by purchasing him “Men’s Pantyhose” from Activskin!


It won’t be long until we see a decent percentage of Male Wives.  As women continue to succeed, males will need to be feminized!


There can be No Doubt, who will be wearing the pants in the future, and who will be wearing the skirts!


The Age of the Dominant Male is Over!   Long Live Female Dominance and superiority!   Men and boys are to be for the pleasure of women and girls.  Males new goal is to look pretty and sweet for women!


2 thoughts on “The Mature Feminine Male!

  1. I agree with your thoughts in this article. I’m of that age where growing as a young boy I became fascinated and jealous of ladies & girls fashion. So many options in clothes for Females. As puberty hit, I discovered nylon panties and my fetish for cross-dressing was born!

    It would be great to meet a Lady in the Bay Area whom I could share this passion with again. Shared this passion with all of the women I’ve dated since High School, a wife of 16 years, and my experience is if I’m open and honest about it, the women go along with it.

    Sissy Stacy


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