Always Nice to Know that the Feminine Person is indeed Male!

As a person that has always advocated for Male Femininity, I find it incredible important that people realize that the feminine person that is being presented is indeed Male.  To me, Gender Role Reversal and the Empowerment of Women does not occur if the ultra feminine and docile person is changed into a Female.  In my mind, Womankind benefits when the male is presented in the traditionally Feminine, submissive persona, and likewise, that is why I like seeing women as a more “Masculine” posture…wearing pants and being Strong!  The following Video is showing indeed a very pretty Male:

At Halloween, it is a great way to get your man into some feminine and sweet.  The Feminine male is an awesome sight.  Women that want to have control need to encourage their men to be pretty and feminine.

Here is another tidbit of wisdom from Pennysue:

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-11 16:36:44

I have completely feminized my husband and sons, they all live a girls full time. We all enjoy it and love it. A women can be much more successful in feminizing her guy if she does it in a loving but firm way. Don’t rush it, have a plan and follow it. Many do not want to do it at the beginning, or are just tooo afraid to admit to it. but in reality many would like to at least give it a try. Start them of slowly and watch how it may progresses. I have helped others feminize their males and it is a growing trend today. many young mothers are now raising their sons as girls and I believe it will continue to grow and make for a better place for all to live.

The Evidence continues to grow that Male Femininity is growing and becoming more accepted.  Are Women ready for the exchange of Power?  Will Women become the major Breadwinners and Protectors?  Many Men and Boys are ready to be Pretty and Sweet…are Women and girls ready to Take the lead?


Strong Women…do you want a Pretty and delicate Man?


Boys in tights and skirts with girls encouraging that concept?


Suddenly Fem has numerous dresses and accessories for your pretty Man!


This husband (Melanie) now knows his proper place!


Tonya, another husband that knows where he stands!


It seems that this young man, Riley is ready for the Female Dominated Future!   Isn’t he an adorable for all young men?

One thought on “Always Nice to Know that the Feminine Person is indeed Male!

  1. I agree that when feminine person is changed into a female it isn’t gender ROLE reversal. It’s just GENDER reversal. Gender role reversal is when male wears the dresses and woman wears the pants in all senses.

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