New Realities in the New Age!

Today’s posting will focus on the differences of the sexes in the New Age.  Women are becoming Stronger and Superior, and males continue on their road to feminization and submissiveness.  These posts will emphasize what is actually happening.  First video is Women Boxing.  These are Very Tough Women!

This is a wonderful reality.  Just 40 years ago, women were barely competing in these types of activities, now it is becoming mainstream!

Females are doing a great job of claiming their Right to be strong and dominant!

While Women are doing the Competing, Men and boys are now competing in other areas!   The Womanless Pageants continue to grow!   All Women need to be encouraging their males to compete in these events.  Boys and men look so Pretty in their feminine dress and heels…being submissive!


Once a male starts being feminine, and feeling the sensation on panties and nylons on his shaved legs, most become “hooked”.  Women can then impose their Will, and the New Age Grows!  The following video really emphasizes just how pretty a boy can be.  As Women demand that men and boys look pretty for them, the number of pretty and feminine boys will grow!

Here is a Link to a fictional story, but in my mind a very interesting Look Forward to what we can achieve:


It is becoming evident hat the culture is changing and Females will be in Control.  The following photos will reinforce the coming reality!













I guess you get the point!   So much for Male Dominance!   With Women taking the Lead, Men and boys will need to be Pretty, Docile and Submissive!   Female Power is Awesome!


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