The New Age Produces a Different Outlook

In today’s posting, it once again focuses on the realities that are present.  The first video is from a Summer Camp in Japan.  When you watch it, it leaves no doubt that these beautiful creatures are males.  In Japan, from my understanding, the majority of young women are looking for “pretty, non-threatening” males.  In this video, these boys would then indeed be great catches to be male wives for successful Japanese girls.

Crossdressing in Japan is going more and more “Mainstream”.  Seeing Pretty men running around in dainty outfits is so enlightening!

Interesting also what is going on in Japanese Schools.  Will this practice catch on in other countries as well?

Here is the latest video form Catch Queen.  I find him to be very much on the cutting edge.  He is a great example of Male Femininity!

Women that embrace their boyfriend’s or husband’s crossdressing are experiencing great relationships.  Helping a man be in touch with his femininity is a very good thing!

Much evidence in today’s posting about the great benefits of male feminization! As we progress further into the 21st century, male femininity will continue to grow!


Seeing males in Pretty clothing is a growing trend!


As the trend continues, boys and men will become more feminine!


Skirts, dresses, nylons and dainty shoes will become more common clothing for boys and men!


Men and women with matching outfits could become the “norm”!


Eventually, Total Gender Role Reversal could become reality!


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