Females in Control…Men being Pretty!

Today’s posting will focus on the changes occurring in society.  I will post a few excerpts from some profiles to show the willingness of many men to take on their New Age Role as Feminine Helpers, and also point out the strong and independent Women that are changing society!  This first post is from a man that is really hoping for the New Age to become Mainstream:

I adore dominant females who are into crossdressing their male subs. Love to wear tights, pantyhose & leggings. Just wondering if there are any dominant females in the area that might be willing to allow me the privilege of worshipping and pleasuring them. I recently had the good fortune of having a relationship with the most incredible woman. She actually enjoyed playing the dominant role and opened my eyes to a whole new world of “grown up fun”. She actually dressed me up in her clothes and complimented me on how good I looked in her dress and black pantyhose. Was she the only one out there that is truly into this fetish? I suppose she “ruined” me for “vanilla” sex. The excitement & arousal sensations of being feminized by a woman was absolutely out of this world! I only hope that there are more open-minded women like her out there. Please, for all you guys out there…refrain from sending “dick pics” to me. I’m not into dudes, that’s just not “my thing”. So thanks in advance.

What a Delight to hear from a man that knows his proper place. How many of our Female Readers would like to have a pretty man like this at their disposal?

Man                                                          Woman


A Posting here from a woman that loves Femme Men.  We need to see more women that are experiencing the great benefits of having feminine men in their lives!

OMG a group full of sissies, how great is that. My name is Miss Christina. I’m on the other side of the equation here. I am biologically female and completely and utterly fascinated by gurls. I own My jessiegirl who is also on this group, but this is still new to me. I’m very interested to hear about others insights and interests.

Thank you Otter for starting this group 🙂 and I for one got to see you all dressed up a couple of weekends ago and you were delicious.


Here is a video from a Taiwanese Middle school.  Boys are learning that their future is to be Feminine!

And another post from a woman that likes her men in panties!

I absolutely love my “boy” in panties!!! Love buying/trying new styles .. My favorite so far are the open bottom/crotchless ones – easy access to my other favorite parts 😉 my favorite materials are sheer fabrics, satin, lace and we are excited to try latex soon! I love how my sissy’s hard cock feels under the various fabrics .. How the panties hug my gurl’s sexy ass 🙂 Throughout the week, my panty wearing sissy sends me photos or descriptions of the panties that she picked out or I assigned to be worn .. I love hearing how they feel on my gurl .. How happy they make her feel .. And how connected the panties keep her to me! So I guess you can say I am an admirer .. A very enthusiastic one! ❤️

Here is a video that really gets the point across.  He is so adorable in hos pink dress, with stockings, as a man should be!

Here is a wonderful video outlining what the New Age Male is to be.  How many Champion Girls want to have a pretty boyfriend like this?

The Future is indeed FEMALE!!!

As Women take away the men’s pants, the boys will become pretty and feminine, as well as Docile!


Many Women will never consider wearing dresses, skirts and nylons, they will become Men’s Wear!


Men will come to accept their New Role!






One thought on “Females in Control…Men being Pretty!

  1. Dearest Ladies,
    My female name is Michelle and I am totally in the feminization of males. I keep myself feminized and I Love it more then anything!! I truly believe that males are here to serve Women and what better way to serve than to be feminine? The problem I’ve encountered is finding Women who enjoy feminising men. What can I do? How and where can I go to meet Women who love feminising males, as it should be? Please email me back if you have any suggestions. OXOX. Femforever love,Michelle.


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