The Beauty of Male Femininity!

Men that are in touch with the femininity is something precious.  As we see more and more everyday, men and boys are relishing the joys of nylons, skirts, dresses, makeup and high heels.  Many women are now embracing this “New Age” Male.

Here is an excerpt from one such woman:


A lovely young Femme-male …

I have received this picture from “my dear Femme-male Girlfriend Patricia who shares my passion for refined male-femininity in all its glorious and sometimes arousing expressions.”

Some comments: 

I love seeing the young Femme-male putting on stockings, with the elegant high-heeled sandals waiting to be put on as well. How delightful will it be seeing her in a dress, in every way a lovely young girl. When she were my girl, I would suggest her wearing fully fashioned stocking that will be held up by a garter belt. I like the framing of her crotch that way. By the way, I would learn her that she should always wear her panties or string over the suspenders, for obvious reasons … Most of the time, you see in pictures ladies wearing the knickers in the wrong way, under the suspenders. When you think about this, you will know this is the wrong way …


Conditioning a Femme-male into refined femininity

When I’m training a Femme-male to express her femininity, dressing her is an important aspect of ‘setting’ her way of thinking and her opinions. Aiding her into her journey to become a perfect Femme-male to be adored, lingerie, dresses, skirts and heels are my friends. All these have an effect on a Femme-male and will bring her into the desired state. They limit her speed, her maneuverability, they make her constant aware of herself and how she appears to others. They can make her feel vulnerable and submissive. When her clothes are pink, they make her feel sexy like a doll. So I dress my Femme-males in what pleases me and what I think will contribute to their conditioning into the Femmes they wish to become. I have always in mind that she will be a delightful muse and courtesan for the Seigneur and/or Lady in her life …

Isabelle, Superior Lady and Mentor

Lady Isabelle educates young girls, mature women and Femme-males in all aspects of refined femininity to become the seductive muse and courtesan of distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. Her clients have high requirements and often very specific essential conditions. Lady Isabelle adores Femininity in all its glorious expressions by girls, women and Feminized males.


Seeing more and more men enjoying the silky feeling of a leotard and pantyhose is a delight.  It is very important that New Age males look attractive for successful females.  Being a Pretty Male is very important in this New World Order!



The New Age is arriving!  Men are getting to be feminine and pretty, while women are getting to enjoy them!  Many men need to understand that they need to “display” their bodies for the pleasure of women!










Strong Women deserve to have Feminine and Pretty men at their side!  Female Power is growing….Feminized men and boys need to increase in number! The Women will EXPECT it!!!

You would Not want to Disappoint a Strong Woman would you???




5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Male Femininity!

  1. In some aspects it has been progressing for some time & has now been noticed more frequently. Lets not forget women in general ,rule with certainly anyway! My story is i was raised by my two aunts from age 6 ,i was taught feminine mannerisms & respect,at age 9 they noticed quickly i already possess a fem narure ,& thought it would be best to raise & promote who i actually was inside. Of course as a young male ,appearance wasnt the issue,till middle school,& honestly had very little trouble being a pretty fem ,of course i had more female friends & did have my share of confusion from others,but my expression as a female stood out,i went on to highschool ,then college,at which point,i won 1st place in a leg contest,which made a few,females upset,but they accepted me as one of the girls ,further education on appearance of course was shared by my female friends,often salon visits,tanning,makeup,the norm. It wasnt till my last year of college i recieved breast augmentation surgery,i had already been on years of meds . I majored in fashion business & advertising,& constantly thought about the ending surgery & how it would effect me financially as well as starting a career,after much support from my aunts & friends , i was ready !
    I made,the final steps & i was over joyed & confirmed . I recently married a beautiful woman that had been my friend since college,she loved me for many reasons ,but she knew she wanted me.
    I never was really attracted to men,were they cute,yes,but a woman /woman relationship is what i desired,due to many reasons .but my life partner, she is dominate & i will always be submissive based on my upbringing .
    We do have & from what i have noticed is women aquire best of both worlds when it comes to feminized male or if they are already feminine in some manner
    But i believe if your male or female doesnt matter ,you can achieve who you really are
    It is the point that a certain percentage of people,judge those trying to be who they are & they are just unhappy eith them selves generally & some are just uneducated
    So yes i fully support this new world change..not just because in general ,but the world maybe a better place soon.
    So you tough guys out there,yes ..its ok to have & feel feelings. & if your wife wants to offer you a new path in life,take it . Its hard work being a woman true,but its worth every sec of eternity.
    There is,alot of men out there that privately wonder or submit to their wives,girlfriends, its just the humiliation that gets in the way of their male ego
    In my opnion ..
    So guys! Try it! I promise you ,most of you wont regret it, maybe,beg for it after you have tried it . But ladies rule & bravo to the ones,that are transforming your guys
    Everyone,is different of course ,so open minds are better than closed ones

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  2. Thank you Veronica!

    Beautiful exposition of the need for more and more males to accept explore, seek out and accept feminiztion … even those who might learn it at the hands of the swiftly increasing percentage of Females who are discovering it is now evident THEY the Female Sex who shall control the reversal of the sexes as once believed to be.


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