Female Power and Control in the 21st Century!



Here is a great story of a Role Reversed couple that I found on a Female Led Relationship Site.  This is how relationships are being transformed.  It is such a delight to see women taking control while men are being feminized and controlled by the women in their lives!

Boyfriend Maidservant

Butch Girlfriend & Femme Boyfriend

boyfriend-becomes-maidservant-femdomous-com<img id=”#image_1″ src=”http://www.femdomous.com/femdom-story/boyfriend%2Dbecomes%2Dmaidservant%2Dfemdomous%2Dcom%5Fimage.jpg” width=”505″ height=”416″ title=”Femdomous story of boyfriend who becomes a maidservant.” alt=”boyfriend-becomes-maidservant-femdomous-com”/>

Nina is an exceptional young woman. She is enrolled in advanced studies classes at a major technical institute. Her generous scholarships more than cover living costs.

For want of better words, Nina is a heterosexual butch girl. She is good at sports, repairs her car. Excellent in carpentry, plumbing and other functional skills.

Her boyfriend Tommy has a useless humanities degree. Luckily, he is an excellent copyeditor and helps many authors via the web. He pays his own way.

Nina and Tommy are matched opposites. She is clearheaded; he is subjective. Nina is a determined woman; Tommy waffles and frets about minor decisions. This difference is essential to their bond.

Tommy does not want to change his gender. but performing traditional “woman’s work” satisfies him. Nina hardly minds having a boyfriend wants to do all the cooking and cleaning. This enables her to focus on her studies. Invaluable, the classes are highly competitive.

The day she came home to find Tommy wearing a skirt and heels was a surprise. Nina’s innate stability made her take the change is stride. Imperturbability is one of her virtues.

After that, the role reversal became more pronounced. Tommy does not much care about his own orgasms. He loves performing cunnilingus. Nina momentarily felt a little selfish. Tommy was too happy for her to feel guilt.

Now she makes him even happier with a strap-on dildo. She is becoming steadily more dominant.

Nina is never mean to her sissy boyfriend. She loves him. She has come to see herself as head of the household. She enjoys living with a man who desires only to please her.

She has become used to her every wish being taken by Tommy as a command.

When Nina becomes impatient with Tommy, she often spanks him. This makes them more aware of their roles. The spankings make them both happier.

Neither uses the words Domme and slave. The have found their own niche.


As a Man should be in public!!



Strong Women are taking the Lead, while submissive men are accepting their proper place in this New Age!

Women are becoming more confident and in Control!



8/15/13 Dapper Q

The Women are making the Changes that need to happen!!



Men and boys are now understanding what their proper place is!!!








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