The Reversals are Happening!!!


What a wonderful sight to see so many men and boys embracing their femininity, and doing their best to look pretty and feminine.  Many women and girls are also now embracing the great benefits of male feminization and the empowerment of women.  The New World Order of Female Control and Male submission is happening more and more.  Below is a great video, from Germany.  It is so precious to see the man in the mini skirt with pantyhose and open toes shoes, while the women are wearing slacks.  This is something that needs to be encouraged in anyway possible!

As more and more women gain control of School Boards, this is an example of what can be achieved.  Look at these young men…they are so cute in their pretty dresses, makeup and mannerisms.  Male Femininity is growing!

And while men and boys are looking pretty and sweet, Girls and women are achieving in the “Once Male” sports arenas!   Love seeing girls pinning boys in wrestling!!!

And another pinning of a boy!!!

Nice to see young boys like Alex getting the support of his mother.  For us that advocate for Gender Role Reversal, I think it is extremely important that males that are feminine are known as male, this will help empower Females into Strength and leadership.  If males become females, that does nothing for the Gender Role Reversal Movement!

What a delight to know that there are now numerous men out and about in their skirts and dress,  Wearing high heels and makeup,  Carrying purses and being deliciously feminine.  For the New Age of Female Power and Control, voluntary male feminization is a welcome part of our great movement!

The following video is so awesome.  Boys being encouraged to wear dresses to break societal norms.  More women need to encourage this type of outing!

Encouraging men and boys to throw off their male clothing, and embrace skirts and dresses, pantyhose and tights, high heels and makeup, will create the world many of us are longing for.  Male Beauty needs to be encouraged.  Male violence needs to be a thing of the past, but women and girls will need to fill the role of Protector and Provider!

And a posting from a woman encouraging all men to discard their male underwear and wear panties!  If women do this, most men will comply!

More Women Than You Realize Like Men Wearing Panties

I am a woman who enjoys seeing men wearing panties. Mens underwear is boring and does not come in very many styles, fabrics or colors. I feel sorry for guys because they have such few choices in underwear, however for those men who have choosen to wear womans panties I commend you for wearing panties.

Mens underwear is not very flattering to a mans body, they just sort of hang there, however womans underwear is meant to be flattering and whether a woman like myself is wearing them or a man is wearing them womans underwear is meant to fit snug, hug every curve, feel good against your skin and be a joy to wear and to see. I know exactly why you men enjoy wearing panties, panties feel so good against your body and men look so hot wearing panties, a nice shapely butt in tight panties and lets not forget about that hard thing in the front pressing against the fabric of a pair of panties.

I know I am not the only woman who appreciates a man in panties, don’t worry guys there are more woman like me out there who appreciate a guy wearing panties and understand why you wear panties. I have turned so many of my boyfriends into panty wearers and I know they are still wearing panties, once you slip a pair on you will wear them forever. I have enjoyed each and every one of my boyfriends reactions to slipping on panties, seeing the look on a guys face as he slides on panties for the first time is such a turn on. I have met many other woman who enjoy men wearing panties and many couples who enjoy wearing panties together. Its always nice to see other couples wearing panties and enjoying the pleasure panties bring to both men and women, always reminds me of the fun I have had with past boyfriends wearing panties and with my current boyfriend.

You would be surprised at just how many women are curious when you start talking to them about a man wearing panties, maybe its because its coming from another female and they hear me expressing how I enjoy it, as I mentioned most other women I have talked with are curious and not turned off by it, they ask lots of questions and you can tell they are a bit overly excited about it. The main reason why men think its hard to find a woman who into men wearing panties or find it hard to tell a wife or girlfriend that they enjoy wearing panties is because women tend to keep things they are turned on by to themselves, they are more timid and shy about such things and its hard to get them to talk about it. For men they are very open to what they enjoy about there partner or what they enjoy having a women doing them to the, where as us woman its sort of a mystery as to what turns us on or what we enjoy having men do to us.

I apologize for us woman being such a mystery especially when it comes to sexual likes and turn ons. However many woman are much more kinkier and have wilder sexual thoughts, turn ons, fantasies than most men, but most woman just don’t show that side of them. So when it comes to women who like men wearing panties sorry guys but you just cannot tell which of us women are into men wearing panties and which are not, I wish we could give you some sort of sign so that you will know we are into you wearing panties. However we are out there, it might take patience and time to find us but we are out there. I am sure for any man its a dream come true to be able to wear panties in front of a women, why so many men struggle with finding a women into men wearing panties is hard for me to comprehend since I have always enjoyed seeing a guy wearing panties. I know it comes down to the fear of rejection, so many men never get to enjoy what its like to wear without fear and enjoy the pleasure of wearing in front of a woman.

There is hope for all men who wear panties to wear panties in front of a woman, whether you are single or have a wife or girlfriend. Telling your wife or girlfriend I am sure is a very fearful and nervous thing but its all about how you bring it up, its surprising how many men my boyfriend and I have talked to who have successfully told there wife or girlfriend that they enjoy wearing panties, some of which got up the courage to tell there wife or girlfriend because of a conversation with me and my boyfriend and suggestions we gave to tell her. Not all women are going to be ok with men wearing panties, however as said you will be surprised at just how many are curious about it and would be totally fine with a man wearing panties.

Its all about how you bring it up so that they understand why you enjoy wearing them, don’t leave them wondering why you wear them, us women are known for overreacting and over thinking things, don’t give your wife or girlfriend the chance to overreact or over think, let her know why you enjoy them, let her know its not something that changes who you are or that is going to effect your relationship. You never know the woman you have spent years and years with hiding your love of wearing panties from might have just been totally ok with it all this time. A great community me and my boyfriend hang out at a lot is its a great place to meet others and get advice, we chat there often and respond to questions others have asked. Its an awesome community for men wearing panties, we love hanging out there together and often visit it alone also, not sure who visits more often me or my boyfriend. Sometimes a girl cannot get enough of seeing you guys in all those different panties.

The Boys and men are indeed becoming feminine!!!!




The Feminist Influence Men & Boys

It is becoming more and more apparent of the influence that Strong feminists are having on men and boys.  I was recently at a youth basketball game, and the one team was All girls, except for one boys.  The opposing team was All boys.  Now these kids were about ten years old.  The team that was almost all girls beat the All boys team decidedly.  The team with the one boy was quite dominant and assertive, even aggressive.  The one boy on the team was one of the least capable plyers on the team.  The girls was not only well skilled, but overall they were mush more aggressive and probably physically stronger than most of the boys.  For people that are looking forward to a gender Role Reversed society, this was an awesome experience to witness.  I think it would be so fantastic for some of the strong feminist women to start demanding that the All Girls sports teams should be supported with All Male cheerleading squads!   This could be a delightful future for women and girls.


The following photos will illustrate just what progress some women are making in creating this New World Order of Female Leadership!5b471998f40e137f9feb349dc3d3c67f





Now that is just an example of how many women are coaxing their sons into dresses and skirts.  As Women Take Control, boys will need to understand that their greatest purpose will be to look pretty and desirable to women and girls.  Boys will need to be encouraged to be “skinny” and cute, not looking to build muscle and strength, that will be the sole domain of girls and women.  The end result will be some of the following examples:




Take notice, it is not only the dresses and skirts that these men are wearing, but also the dainty shoes and nylons.  Taking away a man’s masculinity requires that he is put into the most vulnerable of situations.  The short skirts that would easily be able to be flipped to show off a man’s dainty undies, the nylons that require him to be more dainty so as not to ruin the garment, the dainty and unsteady shoes that require him to have to mince!   This is what men have done to women for centuries…how does it feel for the men to now have that shoe on the other foot?”  For that matter, how do are female readers feel about controlling males in this fashion?




Are we ready for female Control and Male Feminization?

Women Taking Control!

More and more women are now taking control of their lives, and encouraging the males in their lives to become pretty and feminine.  The New and Powerful woman is taking matters into their own hands and creating a better, Female Led Society through Female Empowerment and Male Feminization.  For men and boys, this means Goodbye to Macho behaviors and hello to skirts and dresses!

New Age Women!





Don’t these strong women deserve a Pretty and Obedient Male???

Men and Boys need to understand that their value is to look pretty and desirable for women!

Some mothers are taking it upon themselves to create this New World Order!  Some more thoughts from Pennysue!

My husband is completely feminized by me and looks completely like a woman. He is straight and there are a lot of others out there like him. he has been on hormones to look more womanishly and has even had surgery to increase his breast size but he only likes women and has never considered a man. we are also raising our 3 sons as girls and like them all feminized. They make the cutest little girls.

I think all men or boys should wear dresses or skirts. many guys would love to try them but are to afraid what others might think. the feminization of males in todays society is where it should become a more noticeable trend in the next few years. My husband and sons are all feminized and I have helped others feminize their males. Most actually end up liking it very much and I wish more women would consider helping their males and sons become more girlish.

If your brother wants to do this but needs it for a excuse, you should convince him to become feminized, he sounds like a perfect candidate for it. many young males would love to become feminized preferably by girlfriends or mate but a sister will do. Be a creative but compassionate leader and encourage him to become the feminine male that he apparently wishes to be. so many males today would like to be girlish but are afraid to be listed as gay. You could have a lot of fun with this and I am sure he would enjoy it. if he has a girlfriend, get her involved with it too. if he does not have a girlfriend, find him a girl who would like to help you feminize him. It can be great for all involved. he will become a much more calmer and compassionate person and if he really is interested in girl things you all will benefit by helping him to express his feminine side in a way that shows encouragement and he will become a more friend then just a bothersome brother. My husband and sons all love to dress as girls and we get along just great.

My husband and sons all dress as girls at my instruction, they have learned to love it and we all get along great and it has made us a very close and loving family.

Men have to start to realize that there are a lot of women out there who would like to feminize them. Many guys would love this and are only afraid that they might be labeled as gay if they wear women’s items. just because you like to wear a dress or panties does not mean your gay. Just like it does not mean a woman is gay because she wears pants. Girly men are the best, they make the best companions and lovers. The world needs more feminine men and it will be a better place to be. Girls try to feminize your guys, at least partially, you won’t regret it.

Best way

It may not be the best way for punishment, but more females should feminize their husbands, Bf or sons. I have completely feminized my husband and 3 sons we all love it and think it is fantastic. I have helped others feminize their males and most really like it after wise. Many a guy would actually loved to have it happen to then and many who do not now about it actually like it after trying. It is the way for the future for all open minded strong females. My husband has the looks, style and clothes of a complete female at all times. He really loves it along with our 3 sons. I am currently helping some friends feminize their males. Many are out there who have done it, it is just that so many of them are so good at it that many pass full time. Often the feminized male looks more like a real women because there is more attention applied to detail and looks. This is especially true in younger males and boys.

The following is a response from a woman named Pamsy that has a feminine husband and son, and the son has a girlfriend that encourages his femininization!

My husband of over 20 years has become completely feminine. several years ago, he just started doing strange things all my himself. First he was wearing women’s underwear because he said he just liked them and they were so much better than men’s. Then one day I came home sick at 8 AM (I start work at 4AM) and I found him sleeping in my bed with one of my nighties on. He confessed that he was obsessed with women’s clothing and often would dress in mine when I was away. I was shocked but had thought something was up because I thought someone had been through my stuff and he had been acting strangely at times and been letting his hair grow long for over a year. We talked and I decided to let him go and he continued to dress up some at home and went out and bought a few clothes of his own, including nightgowns and complete dress outfits, slacks and makeup. Then he wanted me to start styling his hair for him and I refused and he went out and got it shaped, styled and highlighted at a saloon. It looked very girlish and I did not say too much, but he was obsessed with it. After a few weeks I told him it looked nice and I helped him with it some and he loved it. We got much closer as the result of his dressing up and he looked forward to me combing and setting his hair or braiding it and fixing it for me. I had to admit it, He was a much calmer and more loving and open person since doing this and we both enjoyed him dressing up and then going to bed and having great sexual relations after all this. It was really strange but I loved it when he was dressed up like that when we were in bed and our relationship grew like never before. That was several years ago, he has since been taking hormones that he bought from an overseas company (which I did not know of at first) and has become even more womanly. He did not grow breasts as he was hoping for but his skin, hair and features all soften out. He became a very calm an concerned and loving individual that he was not like before when was often a loud and abusive man before the hormones. He always checks regularly to see if he growing any breasts but I noticed only his nipples have swollen and become painful and he till does not have anything to go into the bra that he wears almost all of the time. I have noticed some fat distribution forming around his hips and thighs and although he does not have a women figure. He definitely is changing. He now wears women’s clothing most of the time and even when out or at work. He usually wears jeans and shirt but sometimes goes out in a skirt and really looks very womanish. He has also been working on feminizing our last son, who is the only one still at home. At 11 he was a very quite, seldom out and very private and sometimes withdrawn boy. Now he has his hair permed in a curly perm about 5 inches long and wears girls clothing almost exclusively too, He has become very outgoing and has made new friends, plus loves to go out with me and would really rather be a girl. He wears girl jeans and tops to school and would like to wear dresses and skirts when out but as of now has only went out in one a few times with us. He has a girlfriend who is one year older then him and she loves to play with his hair and I found that they went out to the Mall to look around and spend the day and she had put berets and ribbons in his curly hair and tried to get him to wear lipstick when they were at the mall. He did not but said he was going to next time, maybe even wear a skirt and blouse. He told me that he wanted to go get his ears pierced for Christmas and would like to get new earrings and girls glasses to replace the ones he now has. I plan on taking him out and getting it done and then having him dressed up with a little makeup on and having a family portrait of the 3 of us to let everyone now what is going on at our house and sending them out with the Christmas cards this year. That will give them something to talk about. My husband and son both seem to enjoy this and I am going to let them continue and be a loving and supportive wife and mother. We all seem happier and are getting along better then any time in our lives. Except for my oldest on and daughter who are out on their own no one has really objected or complained to us about it. I believe people should do what makes them happy.


The New World that is being created!









Male Femininity Can be Achieved!


Are these women trying to get a “look” at a pretty man in a sexy mini dress?   Seems that more women are looking to have pretty and feminine males in their lives!


The following is a quote from Lady A, a wonderful woman that has feminized her husband.  It is really the Reality that many women need to understand.  A feminized man or boy is a treasure, and should be made to be pretty and delicate for the women or girl’s pleasure!

Remember, girlie husbands and partners are sex objects. Alpha Ladies need to be able to look at their girlie husband’s legs, see their knickers, see their not so privates and to view them as sexual objects and possessions. Feminized husbands and partners are there to be looked at, admired and groped.


Along with wonderful women such as Lady A, there is also a reality that we need to understand.  Female Power and Dominance is growing.  Many detractors will say that men cannot be feminized against their will, and that males are  superior.  However, look at how the culture has changed in japan.  75 years ago, the Japanese culture was that of an extremely Macho Male Culture.  Women were “Property” and Male Dominance was Complete.  Fast forward a mere 75 years and you now see a culture that has a significant percentage of men and boys desiring to be feminine, pretty and physically “weak”.  On the other hand, you have young successful Japanese women seeking males that are pretty, feminine and weaker than themselves!  Look at the following video of a young Japanese man…he is adorable, and quite feminine!

Here is another Japanese man looking adorable in his one piece swimsuit, pantyhose and heels, as a man should be!

And yet another Japanese man expressing his femininity!   It is awesome to see men being so pretty and feminine.

And yet another beautiful and feminine man!   Are there any Macho men left in Japan???

Here is a comment from another dominant woman that has feminized her husband.  I think it is very revealing in the 21st century how women are not only taking the lead in society, but also accelerating the feminization of men and boys.  Making males be pretty and dainty, while controlling them through the use of restrictive and dainty clothing is exhilarating!   Female Power is awesome and growing!

Karen Foxall says:

Lady A, you’ve moved so much faster and further in developing Alice than I have with my Joanna I hesitate to even make a suggestion to you! I was surprised however to read your comments on making Alice shave. I always found shaving Jojo difficult, temporary and unsatisfactory.

Have you considered intimate full-body waxing for Alice? The benefits are enormous.

Full body waxing helps make a man more aware of female body maintenance and care discipline. Jojo loves the soft, smooth feel of her body and now regularly exfoliates and moisturizes like a regular female – something she never did before

Also it familiarizes her with those intimate bodily intrusions and examinations we women have always put up with and which men never have. Jojo now willingly accepts (and enjoys) the intimate ministrations of an efficient professional. She says that it makes her feel more vulnerable and submissive

I also think it’s good for her to have a couple of hours “me-time” when her sole concern is her appearance and making herself attractive for me.

Fourthly (and this may appeal to you) I know that Jo finds the explicit and undignified bodily positions and poses she has to adopt to be quite humiliating. You may enjoy seeing Alice treated this way too.

I know waxing can be quite painful but we have always tolerated pain and discomfort for beauty haven’t we? and, well, tough! To be honest I don’t really care.

Finally, and best of all, Alice will have beautifully smooth and soft skin that lasts for weeks. Indeed after several years of regular waxing Jojo has more or less permanently smooth, feminine skin with almost no body hair. She looks so cute and I love her oiling us both up before I cuddle up to her and make love to her.

I’m afraid it doesn’t solve the problem of facial hair but it is a thoroughly feminine and transforming experience I’m sure you’d love for Alice



Men and boys need to understand that their lives will now be directed by Strong and Independent Women that have a Feminist Agenda that includes the Empowerment of All Women, and the Feminization of all men and boys!  The New World Order is arriving!


Young males that learn to show off their pretty legs in mini skirts while wearing dainty nylons will attract the New Age Woman!


Mothers that are encouraging their sons to wear dresses are on the “Cutting Edge” of the Movement!



With Female encouragement. Most boys will not only look pretty and dainty, but will embrace the feminine lifestyle.  As mothers do not sign consent forms for their sons to play competitive sports, they will need to be encouraged to adopt the feminine and prissy lifestyle that the New Age Male is destined for!



While mothers refuse to allow their sons to play competitive sports, there needs to be a HUGE increase in boys being enrolled into ballet!



While mothers are encouraging this femininity in boys, they will need to be encouraging their daughters to excel in school, and play competitive sports!


USA Hockey National Women's Festival