Male Femininity Can be Achieved!


Are these women trying to get a “look” at a pretty man in a sexy mini dress?   Seems that more women are looking to have pretty and feminine males in their lives!


The following is a quote from Lady A, a wonderful woman that has feminized her husband.  It is really the Reality that many women need to understand.  A feminized man or boy is a treasure, and should be made to be pretty and delicate for the women or girl’s pleasure!

Remember, girlie husbands and partners are sex objects. Alpha Ladies need to be able to look at their girlie husband’s legs, see their knickers, see their not so privates and to view them as sexual objects and possessions. Feminized husbands and partners are there to be looked at, admired and groped.


Along with wonderful women such as Lady A, there is also a reality that we need to understand.  Female Power and Dominance is growing.  Many detractors will say that men cannot be feminized against their will, and that males are  superior.  However, look at how the culture has changed in japan.  75 years ago, the Japanese culture was that of an extremely Macho Male Culture.  Women were “Property” and Male Dominance was Complete.  Fast forward a mere 75 years and you now see a culture that has a significant percentage of men and boys desiring to be feminine, pretty and physically “weak”.  On the other hand, you have young successful Japanese women seeking males that are pretty, feminine and weaker than themselves!  Look at the following video of a young Japanese man…he is adorable, and quite feminine!

Here is another Japanese man looking adorable in his one piece swimsuit, pantyhose and heels, as a man should be!

And yet another Japanese man expressing his femininity!   It is awesome to see men being so pretty and feminine.

And yet another beautiful and feminine man!   Are there any Macho men left in Japan???

Here is a comment from another dominant woman that has feminized her husband.  I think it is very revealing in the 21st century how women are not only taking the lead in society, but also accelerating the feminization of men and boys.  Making males be pretty and dainty, while controlling them through the use of restrictive and dainty clothing is exhilarating!   Female Power is awesome and growing!

Karen Foxall says:

Lady A, you’ve moved so much faster and further in developing Alice than I have with my Joanna I hesitate to even make a suggestion to you! I was surprised however to read your comments on making Alice shave. I always found shaving Jojo difficult, temporary and unsatisfactory.

Have you considered intimate full-body waxing for Alice? The benefits are enormous.

Full body waxing helps make a man more aware of female body maintenance and care discipline. Jojo loves the soft, smooth feel of her body and now regularly exfoliates and moisturizes like a regular female – something she never did before

Also it familiarizes her with those intimate bodily intrusions and examinations we women have always put up with and which men never have. Jojo now willingly accepts (and enjoys) the intimate ministrations of an efficient professional. She says that it makes her feel more vulnerable and submissive

I also think it’s good for her to have a couple of hours “me-time” when her sole concern is her appearance and making herself attractive for me.

Fourthly (and this may appeal to you) I know that Jo finds the explicit and undignified bodily positions and poses she has to adopt to be quite humiliating. You may enjoy seeing Alice treated this way too.

I know waxing can be quite painful but we have always tolerated pain and discomfort for beauty haven’t we? and, well, tough! To be honest I don’t really care.

Finally, and best of all, Alice will have beautifully smooth and soft skin that lasts for weeks. Indeed after several years of regular waxing Jojo has more or less permanently smooth, feminine skin with almost no body hair. She looks so cute and I love her oiling us both up before I cuddle up to her and make love to her.

I’m afraid it doesn’t solve the problem of facial hair but it is a thoroughly feminine and transforming experience I’m sure you’d love for Alice



Men and boys need to understand that their lives will now be directed by Strong and Independent Women that have a Feminist Agenda that includes the Empowerment of All Women, and the Feminization of all men and boys!  The New World Order is arriving!


Young males that learn to show off their pretty legs in mini skirts while wearing dainty nylons will attract the New Age Woman!


Mothers that are encouraging their sons to wear dresses are on the “Cutting Edge” of the Movement!



With Female encouragement. Most boys will not only look pretty and dainty, but will embrace the feminine lifestyle.  As mothers do not sign consent forms for their sons to play competitive sports, they will need to be encouraged to adopt the feminine and prissy lifestyle that the New Age Male is destined for!



While mothers refuse to allow their sons to play competitive sports, there needs to be a HUGE increase in boys being enrolled into ballet!



While mothers are encouraging this femininity in boys, they will need to be encouraging their daughters to excel in school, and play competitive sports!


USA Hockey National Women's Festival





3 thoughts on “Male Femininity Can be Achieved!

  1. I’m in total agreement that most men need to be feminized, only Alpha males should remain “male”. Lack of physical activity and more girls showing superiority over their male siblings as well as boyfriends is leading more and more young boys to seek out their “softer” side. As noted, Japan is leading the way for the new society of feminized males, proud to go out in public as a pretty feminized boy. Gender differences are fading fast in Japan as most girls are now in control of their male counterparts and are helping them to achieve a new feminine life. In America there is a large movement of young girls turning to black men as most are Alpha males, and young white and Asian boys accept that they are inferior to these much more masculine black men. Some believe that in the near future, almost all white and Asian males will be feminized and serving either strong superior Alpha women or Alpha black men. Many of these boys have already begun their journey, starting on feminine hormones and T-blockers so that they can look even more feminine, dressing and acting as “girly” as they can. Strong women love to see those boys who have already accepted their new selves and are publicly displaying that female persona. So many beautiful young “sissy” bois out there already!! Don’t be left behind my young friends, start your path to femininity as soon as you can, become the pretty girl you long to be! Find a strong female to guide you to your new self, become her submissve, adore her, try your best to emulate her, because that’s who you need to become…..

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    1. Hi Deedee! You are so correct. I especially like seeing what is going on in Japan. As I understand it, many of the young women are taking an interest in developing their strength, and insisting that their boyfriends are not only dressing prettily, with makeup and such, but that they are actually physically stronger than their boyfriends. Also insisting that their boyfriends be very thin and docile. What a delight to see the once macho warrior males now being so submissive and weaker than their female counterparts!


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