The Feminist Influence Men & Boys

It is becoming more and more apparent of the influence that Strong feminists are having on men and boys.  I was recently at a youth basketball game, and the one team was All girls, except for one boys.  The opposing team was All boys.  Now these kids were about ten years old.  The team that was almost all girls beat the All boys team decidedly.  The team with the one boy was quite dominant and assertive, even aggressive.  The one boy on the team was one of the least capable plyers on the team.  The girls was not only well skilled, but overall they were mush more aggressive and probably physically stronger than most of the boys.  For people that are looking forward to a gender Role Reversed society, this was an awesome experience to witness.  I think it would be so fantastic for some of the strong feminist women to start demanding that the All Girls sports teams should be supported with All Male cheerleading squads!   This could be a delightful future for women and girls.


The following photos will illustrate just what progress some women are making in creating this New World Order of Female Leadership!5b471998f40e137f9feb349dc3d3c67f





Now that is just an example of how many women are coaxing their sons into dresses and skirts.  As Women Take Control, boys will need to understand that their greatest purpose will be to look pretty and desirable to women and girls.  Boys will need to be encouraged to be “skinny” and cute, not looking to build muscle and strength, that will be the sole domain of girls and women.  The end result will be some of the following examples:




Take notice, it is not only the dresses and skirts that these men are wearing, but also the dainty shoes and nylons.  Taking away a man’s masculinity requires that he is put into the most vulnerable of situations.  The short skirts that would easily be able to be flipped to show off a man’s dainty undies, the nylons that require him to be more dainty so as not to ruin the garment, the dainty and unsteady shoes that require him to have to mince!   This is what men have done to women for centuries…how does it feel for the men to now have that shoe on the other foot?”  For that matter, how do are female readers feel about controlling males in this fashion?




Are we ready for female Control and Male Feminization?

5 thoughts on “The Feminist Influence Men & Boys

  1. I think that we are ready for gender role reversal future. 😉
    It would be nice if all girls sports teams were supported by all male cheerleading squads.


    1. Hi Alex! Wouldn’t that be so delightful to see? A bunch of young boys with mini skirts on, shaking their pom-poms while the tomboys are competing, and then hopefully, flipping the boy’s skirts and taking on the Leader position!

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  2. patti… so glad you re-started blogging, and hope that it may continue smoothly. Believe me I can realize only vaguely how much time and research it must take on your part
    Particularly love when you chronicle focusing upon the growing cadre of empowered Females and Their enlightened view on molding the future Gynarchy in which Woman’s primacy shall shatter and reverse all the false sexual hierarchy of the past. It must be so exciting, enlightening, fulfilling and yes even amusing to our burgeoning Female Masters acquiring control over Their lives and all important affairs in a world, and when you’ve shown Female delight in seeing the once very haughty male sex discovering being male really means being inferior in all ways to the Female, and in that awareness must accept ALL the implications inherent in that truth. And yes, the Ascendant Female is seeing that shall inevitably include not only permanent subordinate status for the male, but also the feminine roles, nature, psyche, and even dress foolishly and incorrectly once forced upon FEMALES.

    In the past, males had to enact a massive number of bogus constructs and rules to hold Females down. Strangely, with even a small semblance of equalizing the playing field – WOMAN’s NATURAL SUPERIORITY IN ALL AREAS AND AT ALL LEVELS HAS BEEN MADE EVIDENT!

    And Women are so going to enjoy and to press Their growing advantage, the male sex have no hopes of any respite from further and further feminization and minimalized influence as they girlishly and adoring learn the male girls’ place is to be mere pretty, yielding, dainty, demure, ladylike and submissively obedient spectators to their Female Masters’ miraculous accomplishments…

    But don’t fret, my sister male girls. No, we’ll never be able to compete against Females ever again…. but at least perhaps if we pretty ourselves up and if we put on those 5-inch heels and slip into that tight sexy little black satin dress our Female Master likes seeing on us, and we have Her favorite dinner waiting for Her when she comes home from the office, and greet Her with a perfectly executed maidenly curtsey…


    ( *sigh* that would so make being merely a male almost worthwhile )

    whyguys (and as Females ascend, asking the question makes more and more sense!)

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  3. “Taking away a man’s masculinity requires that he is put into the most vulnerable of situations. The short skirts that would easily be able to be flipped to show off a man’s dainty undies”
    That is the fundamental point of the reversal of roles. Women leaders in pants will have the males at their mercy from school, where until then the girls were wearing skirts, and the young males teased them by lifting their skirts. Now the shift has changed, and the girls will chase the boys to lift their skirts and expose their pretty pink panties.

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