What a Wonderful New World!

It is such a delight to see so many men and boys embracing their Femininity and being pretty in skirts and dresses!  At the same time, I just Adore the women that are playing what were formerly “Male Only” sports!  The reversal in activities is so precious, and I hope we see more and more of it in the future!





While these women are battling it out on the field, it is nice to see men and boys doing their best to be pretty and sweet!

Responses from males such as the following gives me great hope that our future will be quite different from the past.  This man is responding to a photo that a woman had of her husband…

Dani says:

I love the picture. It’s very cute. My Mistress prefers me to be smooth but the triangle is very nice, good job. My Mistress takes me to the mall and gas my eyebrows ” threaded ” it doesn’t take long and lasts a long time. Being a 40 something feminized husband I have shoulder length strawberry blonde hair wig ( as you seen from the wedding picture I sent you). Anyway keep up the good work on Alice it took me awhile to accept what I am but now I absolutely love a girls night in on the weekends. Curtsey!


Women that Take Control are so Awesome!!


Mothers that encourage their sons to embrace femininity are the Leaders of tomorrow!


Such a delight when mothers direct their sons into being pretty and feminine.  Someday they will marry a strong women that will keep him as her pretty wife!




Boys that are kept in ultra short skirts and pantyhose are so well behaved and docile, just what a strong women needs to have on her arm!


Can you just imagine, at this wedding a tomboy catching the garter and putting on his pantyhosed encased legs?   Wouldn’t that be so delicious to see/  Woman in pants lifting the boys skirts so all her friends can see his legs and maybe a glimpse of his panties?


Men are experiencing femininity more and more.  What a welcome sight!






And here is a posting from a man on what he does to be more feminine.  What a delight that men are striving for Femininity!

Here are a few things I’ve done. Some may already have been mentioned, but others have not.

I have long hair. I get it colored to get rid of the grey. I will sometimes be lazy and just wear it down. I often wear it in a ponytail. I often use a colored hair tie. I occasionally put it in a high ponytail, particularly if it is a very hot day. I used to put it in a bun when showering at the gym (I now mostly shower at home). I may even have panties or a thong on when changing at the gym.

I sometimes wear women’s trouser socks. I also sometimes wear a woman’s unisex (or almost unisex; you can tell if you look closely) top. Like Amber said about the yoga pants, I’ve occasionally worn a woman’s tank top as well.

Once I wore a denim jacket. Yes, it was a woman’s jacket. I have worn women’s boots with heels too (usually with long pants) if the weather was for snow or heavy rains.

Speaking of shoes, I regularly wear a shoe with a 2 inch block heel to Sabbath services. And it’s not like I can hide, I’m almost always called up to the pulpit to help with part of the service. I’m usually wearing unisex shoes. Sometimes I found them in the men’s section, but sometimes in the woman’s section.

I get myself waxed regularly. Despite being hairless (or lightly haired if I’m approaching my next waxing session), I’m in short sleeve shirts much of the year, shorts in the warmer months, and in shorts and short sleeve shirt all year at the gym. I also trim and thin out my eyebrows to a more unisex look.

In the cooler months, I’ve worn tights under my pants in lieu of socks.

I try to keep my nails long for a guy. I have worn clear nail polish. In the winter my nails get brittle. In two different years my nail split so far that I had to go to the nail salon and have a gel nail put on to protect my broken nail.


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