The Future looks Brighter and Brighter!


Women are Taking their Rightful Place in Sports and Leadership!


Strong women like the three pictured above are making great strides for womankind.  Hopefully, there will be some pretty, feminine men that will be at their side supporting them!



Women are making such a great difference.  Many men and boys want to be pretty and feminine, while more and more women want to take on the traditionally male activities!


It is high time that women put men and boys into their proper NEW 21st Century Role!!!

Afterall……Boys are so Pretty…aren’t they?



Here is a great story from the latest Petticoat Discipline Quarterly.  What a delight to see more and more women taking control of their husbands, and also to see that Female Doctors are very intrigued with male feminization!  It is high time that society understands that most men and boys need to be feminized, and become helpers to Women and girls!   Here is Wendy’s story:

from Wendy


Dear Helga,

I would just like to share that the progress made with my sissy maid has been way beyond my wildest expectations. Aside from the total service I get from her here at home, we have become a more loving couple outside the home as well. She is so considerate when we are out that my friends constantly say that they only wish they were in my shoes. I really enjoy having the perfect husband, and my latest story will tell another benefit I have taken advantage of.

I have to be about the most fertile woman there is, resulting in two unplanned pregnancies, one in college while on the pill and another while married a couple years ago. I terminated both pregnancies early and I’ve always in the back of my mind, regardless of birth control methods, short of having my tubes tied left me always wondering when the next accident will happen.

For years I have asked, begged, and bribed my husband ( now my sissy maid ) to no avail to have a vasectomy, he has always said there is no way and there will never be way for her to be cut on there. My gynecologist had recommended the procedure and I have shared with her that was not an option. While at my checkup, I mentioned that I now believe she might be ready for her vasectomy, and she said wow what do you think might have changed her mind. I didn’t say a word about her now being petticoated, but I just felt it was time now. She then said she has a good friend in the building that is a urologist and she is excellent with reluctant husbands. She said let me give her a call. She then called her and she said sure have her come up now and she would schedule the procedure. I thanked her and headed for the elevator.

When I arrived, I was shown into her office after a couple of minutes sat down to schedule an appointment. She immediately put me at ease when she said she and her nurse were very good at handling a nervous husband and explained that even the most reluctant man on their protocol are never a problem. I asked her what was her protocol that made it so easy. She explained that the procedure is best done first thing Friday morning and husbands usually miss only one day of work, and after eight ejaculations a sample is returned to check if there is a sperm count.

To help the patient relax she would give me two Valium tablets, one at bed time, and one at 5am for the 7am procedure. The patient will be very relaxed when they arrive and once in the chair he would be given a twilight medication drip, and once on the drip all your worries are over, the patient won’t be changing their mind. The procedure would only take about a half an hour to 45 minutes, and once off the drip they are ready to go home in no time. Also wear a jock strap or underwear that offers support. When the patient gets home sit with some ice on their lap and if there is any discomfort give them some Advil. She then asked if I would like to schedule a time for the procedure to which I said absolutely and scheduled the appointment for Friday next week. She then said he will have to sign the forms as well, and gave me the paperwork and a packet with 2 Valium tablets. I then told her that I would have him shaved and well prepared, and she said I’ll see you next Friday.

Sunday is always such a good sissymaid day with her dressed in one of her French sissymaid outfits, and after being served breakfast in bed, drawing my bath and helping with my dressing, I was reading the paper while she was straightening up and making the bed. I rang the summoning bell and she walked into the room, bowed her head, curtsied, and said yes mommy, how may I help you? I then said missy make arrangements to be off work or do some work from home next Friday, I’ve made you an appointment for you to have a vasectomy at 7am. There are permission forms on my desk I would like you to sign them right away. She bowed her head, curtsied, and said yes mommy right away, and walked straight to my office and signed the forms. I almost dropped the newspaper I was reading, my sissy didn’t hesitate for a second.

I didn’t even mention her appointment until Wednesday when I said started to wonder if she might be having second thoughts and I said oh by the way don’t forget about your appointment Friday, and she said I’m sorry I forgot to mention that I’ve already made arrangements to be off work Friday. I then said missy I’m so happy you are doing this for me, you won’t be sorry, you will be rewarded in the bedroom, and she said so am I, I love being your sissy and serving you. Well, the feeling of empowerment and control has made my life and her new life so enjoyable.

Thursday night at bed time I gave her her first Valium tablet to start her relaxing protocol, and at 5am had her a bubble bath waiting and gave her the next Valium tablet. After shaving her legs, armpits, pubic area, and her long bubble bath she was becoming quite relaxed as she dried off. I laid out a tee shirt, a pair of her pink lace bikini panties and a pair of loose fitting shorts. When she saw the panties she asked do I have to wear these? I then told her you wear them every day and you are going to the doctor and no one will know about the panties except the doctor and her nurse, and besides they are perfect for the support you need.

We arrived at the doctor’s office a little before 7am turned in the forms and she was immediately taken back and they asked if he had taken the Valium and I said oh yes he’s nice and relaxed. It was just a few minutes later the nurse came out and said he’s on his drip and the doctor will soon have him all taken care of. After about 40 minutes the nurse came out and said the doctor will see you now in her office. I went into her office and she said, well your wish has come true everything went very well, and he will be ready to go home as soon as the twilight medication wears off.

She then reminded me that I could still very easily become pregnant until he has at least 8 ejaculations and and be sure to use protection and even offered some Plan B packages. I said I didn’t need the Plan B, but I did ask if I could prostate milk him. She then asked if knew how to milk a prostate, to which I said oh yes, he gets milked regularly. She then said however you want to do it is fine, through sex or milking, just get us the eighth specimen to be sure. The nurse then came in and said he’s all set ready to go home, and by the way I loved his pink lace panties, what a great idea to put him in panties for support instead of boxers.

We went home, she put on a skirt, a bra, and a top and I got her some ice to put on her lap and I went to work. I called her a few times and everything had gone so smooth after the years of trying to get this done. When I got home she was as if there was wasn’t even a procedure done, in fact she was even in heels. We had a light dinner, and I told her that this weekend she was going to be milked every morning and evening starting tonight. She never objects to being milked and I now have a nice milking toy that I use on her that she rather enjoys. I have not as of yet, but she is more than ready to accept a strapon dildo whenever I want to start her on one.

The weekend went quite well with her being milked Friday night, Saturday morning and night, Sunday morning and night, Monday morning and night, and Tuesday morning I got a good sample to take to be checked. When I went into the doctors office to have the specimen checked, both the doctor and the nurse said my you’ve been a busy girl, is this really the eighth ejaculation so soon? To which I said yes it is. I gave the specimen to the nurse and the doctor invited me into her office while the nurse checked the specimen. She commented that how unusual to have a specimen back so soon and how this happened so quickly. I then asked is this a doctor patient conversation, to which she said absolutely it is.

I then asked if she was familiar with petticoating or feminizing a boyfriend or spouse to which she said she had heard of petticoating but wasn’t familiar with it. I then explained how I have made my husband my sissymaid and he serves me at home in a most feminine way. She couldn’t ask enough questions about our relationship saying your husband seems so masculine, to which I said he is outside the house and of course in the bedroom as well. He runs marathons, shoots in the 80s in golf, plays cards with his buddies outside the house. At home it is all FEM all the time, in fact I can’t remember the last time he wasn’t in a skirt or dress at home, along with a bra and panties. Outside the house the only fem clothing he wears is his panties, in fact the pink panties on vasectomy day were his not mine, and I do not embarrass him ever. We have the most loving ideal relationship and she loves serving me as my sissymaid, and without the petticoating there would have never been the vasectomy. She did say that he smelled very good and it was nice to do the procedure and see his legs shaved. At that point the nurse came back in and gave us the good news that my sissy is now sterile, and I was about to be late for work and her patients were backing up, so I thanked her and left her office.

Helga, our lives have become so complete since my sissy has been evolving in such a feminine way. He serves me so well, and you made so much of this possible.

Very Truly Yours

Thank you for your letter Wendy. Great to hear how much progress you’ve made with your sissy, congratulations on finally correcting that issue, really well done. I can sympathize with the need for proper birth control and this solves that once and for all.

Thank you as well for including the description of the procedure and conversation with the doctor, she seems a very charming and confident person, used to taking matters into her own hands, dominating her male patients into submission. Kudos to her.

I’m not sure how much I might have had to do with this but whatever small amount, it was my pleasure. I know many readers share your concern for maintaining their family structure without the worry of unintended pregnancies as well as preferring a sissy husband.






And here is another great example of what needs to happen in relationships between men and women.  Women need to take the control and tell the men and boys what they will be wearing!


From Mary Beth

Dear Susan,
We have been corresponding for so long, and I have enjoyed our exchanges of letters so much, that I would like to take the opportunity to tell all your readers about my family, its petticoating traditions, and the loving and successful disciplining of our grandson, Donald (or Dawn, which is his girl’s name).
Some may consider me an opinionated old woman irrevocable set in her ways, and if so, then so be it. Here is the story of my involvement in turning my teenage grandson into a compliant sissy, his relationship with the family, and, more importantly, with his girlfriend Heather.
First, a short history of my dedication to the practice of petticoating. I married into a family of Scottish decent who actively engaged in petticoating all male members of the family. I quite willing continued the practice with my husband and our three sons. I have been successfully in influencing my children to continue the practice with both their sons and daughters. Girls in this day and age require petticoating as much as their brothers, if they are to grow up to be proper young ladies.
The core of our family traditions is the ideal that the wife is both the mother responsible for the training of the children, and the keeper of the hearth whose duty is to enforce those traditions. Thus she is the undisputed head of the household. The husband also has duel responsibilities: first he must provide the means to ensure the family well-being, but more importantly he must provide total support for and obedience to his wife both in word and action.
Central to this is a strict dress code followed by young and old alike. When wearing traditional male attire at school or work, the male will wear a girl’s vest and panties at all times. For church or social gatherings the males of the family will wear formal Scottish attire. In addition to the panties and vest, a short slip or petticoat should be worn. At home they will wear either a girl’s kilt or some other style of skirt, together with a blouse or sweater. A full length slip will ensure an accidental bare midriff never occurs Girls will be similarly dressed, except they are expected to wear a dress for evening meals, and other suitable occasions. When in dresses they will wear nylons. Depending on age a bra will be worn at all times. A personal quirk of mine is, if possible, to dress the children in old fashioned bloomers. So much for my background.
In the summer of 2000 we lost our son, Donald’s father, in an accident. Prior to that time Donald, and his sisters Ann and Jill, were raised in the family tradition. Shortly after our loss Donald started to change, and by mid November he had completely rebelled, rejecting all tradition, and showing disrespect for his mother and sisters as well as any adult in a position of authority. He ran with an rowdy gang of peers, exhibiting all their values. Grace, his mother, called me and pleaded for me to intervene before it was too late. I agreed so long as they would move in with us for at least a year. I was also to be given complete control over my three grandchildren, with Grace fully supporting all my actions. She agreed. I needed some time to prepare and arranged for them to arrive about a week before Christmas.
I obtained the service of Mrs. Keith via my oldest son. She was completely experienced in our ways, having been with us when her mother was our children’s nanny and governess. As I have already mentioned, petticoating isn’t used as punishment – instead a strict form of diaper discipline is employed when necessary. Coming from a Scottish heritage we never throw anything of value away, but rather put things in storage for future need. I maintain a nursery for use by our younger grandchildren when visiting. We retrieved a youth sized crib and highchair from storage for Donald. I still had some toddler styled clothes from when our children needed disciplining which would fit Donald, so all that was required was replacing some elastic. On Mrs. Keith suggestion I had a soft flannel baby cuddle bag made, but it differed from the usual in that we added side zippers to the sleeves and sides, allowing us to immobilize his arms.
A week before Christmas Grace and family arrived. Donald was in fine form: not only did he ridicule some of his cousins who were present, but he openly challenged me by stating no one could force him to wear sissy girls’ clothes, and tradition be damned. That was all it took for Mrs. Keith to get involved. She took a very surprised young lad by the ear and marched him to the nursery. Grace and his sisters followed.
When he refused to undress as told, Mrs. Keith held him while his mother and sisters stripped him. He was carried over to the change table where I had a heavy baby print double diaper ready. With a little effort I pinned him into his diapers and pulled up a pair of pink vinyl bloomers. Between Mrs. Keith and I we got him into his sleeping bag. After tying the bottom and fastening the restraining zippers he was put in his crib. Mrs. Keith requested the rest of us to leave so she could come to an understanding with Donald. Several hours later, a slightly subdued Donald was brought down to dinner with the other young folks. Once in his high chair we made the mistake of releasing his arms, and he knocked the divided baby dish off the high chair tray.
That did it. I called his grandfather, my husband John. After restraining his arms John carried Donald back to his crib while Mrs. Keith cleaned up the mess and prepared a baby bottle of warm milk. Grace and I accompanied her while his sisters were invited to join us when they finished their dinner. Mrs. Keith sat down in a rocker John put Donald in her arms and she started to feed him. After a short battle of wills Donald gave up and started to nurse. He had finished his first bottle when his sisters arrived. While still holding him she had his sisters take turns feeding him a second bottle of warm milk. Donald offered even less resistance. When he was finished Mrs. Keith checked his diapers, and he needed changing.
She had the girls watch closely while she diapered him telling them she expected them to help take care of him in the future. Donald was in tears by the time he was put to bed. He was not permitted to leave the nursery for the next three days. His sisters took great pleasure in being allowed to feed and change their brother. When the time came for Donald to rejoin the family he experienced another surprise. In addition to his diapers and bloomers he was dressed in a little girls’ training bra, ruffled tights, and a romper play suit. He tried to hide, and I put a walking harness and leash on him. With every step he took the little bells attached to harness tinkled, calling attention to him. When we joined the others, except for telling him how cute he looked no one paid attention to him, which was how they had been instructed, under threat of joining him in the nursery. The remainder of the week was uneventful. Donald either wore rompers or cute little girls’ dresses with matching bloomers.
I later learned that Donald’s unexpectedly meek attitude was in part do to his expectation of returning home after the Christmas vacation. We broke his bubble New Year’s Day when we told the children they were staying, and would be enrolled in the same school their father had attended. We gave them their uniforms, Donald expressed some relief because he would be wearing pants again. Then he almost had another crying spell when he learned he would be required to wear little girl-style training panties, vinyl lined rumba panties, and an onesie under his uniform. We had arranged for him to be excused from gym for this period: combining it with lunch time permitted him to return home at noon for lunch and changing if necessary. After school he resumed his diaper discipline. Much to my surprise he adjusted to his new state rather easily.
Starting a month after school began, we started his transition back into the family. We started by allowing him to join us for church wearing his regular kilts, but he still had to wear his school underwear. On returning home, he was permitted to wear his kilt, forgo a nap, and eat with the rest of the family instead of in his high chair. At bedtime he returned to the nursery. At two week intervals an additional day in big boys’ clothes was added, with the understanding that continued good behavior was expected, unless he wanted start all over again. By the time school ended he no longer needed to wear baby rompers or little girls’ dresses. I had found an old pattern for a one piece vest and bloomer combination. I had several made for Donald to wear instead of his training panties after school, when not wearing baby clothes. He was still required to remain in the nursery at night as a constant reminder.
We all went on a two month train and auto cross country trip for our vacation. As a final challenge Donald was to go as a young girl, Dawn, Jill was to be his twin sister, while Ann was the big sister. If he successfully completed the vacation as Dawn he would be free of the nursery. As a reminder he would still be required to wear a disposable diaper at night. Ann and Jill had also ended up wearing combo bloomers, as a result of teasing Donald about wearing them.
We made the first of many shopping trips with the three ‘girls’. In addition to buying them several pretty dresses to wear, we bought some casual play outfits. Mostly short tennis dresses, or tennis skirts and blouses. Ann wanted a couple of shortalls, and we bough two each. I am sure Ann later regretted her choice when we added elastic to the cuffs turning them into rompers. We finished the shopping trip with a visit to the beauty shop where all three had their hair styled appropriate to their assumed ages. Donald looked darling in bangs and a short pony tail.
With the exception of one slip when Donald tried to emerge, Dawn remained in complete control. The girls adopted John as their personal tour guide and confidant. Dawn started off rather shyly, but by the end of the vacation she had emerged as a charming outgoing young lady.
One notable event occurred while we were attending some Scottish games in Pennsylvania. We met a young couple who thought as we do, and practiced petticoating with their three active young children; two boys and a girl. All were wearing white cotton bloomers under their kilts. Grace made friends with them and learned the source of the children’s bloomers. The next day she ordered several pair for each of her children to be delivered at home in time for the new school year. Ann was quite unhappy at first, but a day in a disposable diaper changed her mind. Dawn and Jill willing accepted their mother’s decision.
On returning home the children started school wearing their new cotton bloomers. Ann and Jill experienced some teasing, which soon let up. One girl in Ann’s gym class, Heather Kelly, was quite supportive and they became good friends. Donald was quite pleased to wear bloomers instead of the training panties he wore last semester.
We soon noticed that he was spending all his time at home dressed as Dawn, so we restricted his time in dresses to three days a week, the other three days were spent dressed as Donald in skirts and blouses, although he was allowed to wear an unpadded training bra. The question of his attending extracurricular activities came up in early November.
John suggested we buy him some regular boys’ clothes, as he would need to wear them when he went away to college anyway. Grace agreed, so long as he as he wore a complete set of girls’ lingerie under his boys’ wear. John took him shopping for a suit, and two sports jacket and slacks. Grace and I then took ‘Dawn’ shopping for lingerie. We really went all out, whenever possible everything was white nylon, the exceptions were a long-legged panty girdle and nylon stockings. Later I specially ordered two pair of white long-legged nylon sateen bloomers. When he was all dressed up you would never guess what he was wearing unless he took off his jacket, but if he did the outline of his bra and mini slip were unmistakable, which is exactly what Grace wanted.
Dating wasn’t an option until Christmas when Heather (she was in three of his classes as well as Ann’s gym class), invited him and Ann to a party at her house. After much coaxing from Ann, Donald agreed, but at a price. If he had to wear a panty girdle so should she. Grace wasn’t sure, but upon the good advice of a friend, you Susan, Grace took Ann shopping for two panty girdles, and one more for Donald. We met Heather before the party as her family attends the same church. She seemed like a charming girl, but a bit shy.
From what little we saw when we picked them up after the party, Heather was anything but shy. She took possession of Donald from the time he arrived, and she never left his side the entire evening, on several occasions taking advantage of the mistletoe to kiss him. As we departed Heather asked her mother if Donald and Ann could go with them to a play. She agreed if Grace did. Everyone agreed! Heather asked Donald if he would wear the kilts he wore to church, and he shyly said he would if she wanted him to. On the way home Grace reminded him that he would have to wear all the same lingerie he had on, even if he wore kilts. He didn’t offer any objection. I would have felt better if I knew Heather was dressed the same as Ann and Donald.
The week following Christmas Donald and Heather had several dates. On all but one occasion Donald wore kilts, always on Heather’s request, and she was a little put out on the one time he didn’t. Things were moving a little too fast for my comfort. I wanted a way to introduce the concept of petticoating to Patty Kelly, Heather’s mother. As luck would have it, she was as concerned as I was.
Patty, Grace, John and I had a long talk. I not only introduced her to the idea of petticoating, but ended up telling her about Donald/Dawn. As a result Heather is now required to wear bloomers all the time. She is also required to wear a panty girdle any time she and Donald go out on a date. Patty stayed for dinner, and had the opportunity to meet Dawn, and she was impressed, but agreed that was not the right time for Heather to get to know Dawn. Several weeks ago Heather was allowed to find out that in addition to skirts and sweaters Donald also wore nylons and a bra. Her response was simple – she wants Donald to wear them all the time. Donald couldn’t been more pleased, as it was another reason for him to dress the way he has now learned to like best.
I have included Heather in the children’s sewing classes, The present project is a jumper with a full circle skirt. Each will decorate their skirt with a favored animal, Heather a unicorn, and Donald the winged horse, Pegasus. They needed some accessories to go with them. We went shopping, and Heather insisted Donald wear a fully padded bra with his skirt and sweater. That confident young lady has certainly taken over, and I thoroughly approve. We went to a shop specializing in square dance costumes. They all selected their own peasant blouses, full petticoats, and multi-layered ruffled bloomers. I really wasn’t surprised that Donald’s and Heather’s were identical.
This last weekend Heather had a birthday dinner and slumber party for the four of them. Heather got to meet Dawn for the first time, and her reaction could have been predicted. She wants to see more of Dawn so she can get to know her better. When it comes to her and Donald, I don’t think anything would faze her.
When it came to sleeping over, we tried to throw road blocks in their way to no avail, short of forbidding it if nothing else worked. We come up with the following conditions that would ensure their good behavior: under their long nightgowns they would each wear a thick double diaper, pink vinyl bloomers, and a second pair of sissy bloomers we had made for each of them. We even embroidered their names on the diapers and sissy bloomers. They survived the night with their modesty intact, and are now planning their next sleep over.
I am looking forward to the future when Heather truly becomes a part of the family I have no doubt that she will continue our family tradition, to the benefit of both Donald and any children they may have.
My very best wishes,

Mary Beth
It really is a pleasure to have a letter from Mary Beth telling of the training of her grand-son, and his courting by Heather, who sounds like an ideal addition to a family where the petticoating and submission of the male members is a long-standing tradition. This is not as strange as it may appear to my readers, as traditions of feminine authority, and the petticoat training of male children especially, do certainly occur – most commonly in the United States for some reason, and particularly in the older families of New England and the South.
Mary Beth and her husband John have made some outstanding contributions to ‘Petticoat Discipline Monthly’ over a long period of time.

Women are In Control.  Male Feminization is gaining in popularity!  The future is Bright for Womankind!!






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