The New Age Male is becoming more common!

I LOVE seeing all the Male Femininity that is happening almost everywhere!   Seeing more and more men becoming househusbands, while their wives are the Breadwinners is awesome.  Watching more and more young girls playing football is delightful, although we surely need the feminist mothers to push their sons into becoming cheerleaders!!!   Here is a quote from a Feale Magazine rom the UK on Male Femininity:


From: Observer Woman Magazine (UK)
My comments: when I mentor a male like him, I will expect she will shave her legs and wear stockings. With a dress like this, legs have to be smooth and encased in fine stockings, preferably seamed and fully fashioned. Male-Femininity should be elegant where a detail is never just only a detail.


Here is another posting from a woman on the subject of male feminization:


Interesting observation for a lady with the intention to feminize her male “en-Femme”
“It’s surprising how little reluctance I get from women when during counseling I suggest enforced male chastity. Obviously, the prospects of rekindling sensual kissing and ramping up cunnilingus are pretty intriguing for women.
And most women do fine without penile penetration, for that’s widely associated with gooey male messes and little male stamina.
In fact, if there’s also a “size issue” about the spouse’s penis many women will ask me about permanent male chastity.”
This observation consensus with my opinion about feminization of a male: her penis should be treated as an obsolete thing. For her health, a twice-monthly prostate milking will be the only attention given to it. It’s an aspect included in my curriculum for feminization of a mentee in a bespoke education and training program.

Women that have feminized their males are enjoying a wonderful life.  The day of the macho male is over.  Males need to be looking pretty and being docile for the women in their lives!


Couple Play Outdoors
Isn’t it wonderful seeing this loving couple sharing playful her male-Femininity … yes, it’s her on the left, so refined “en-Femme”.
It’s a fine example how my mentoring can guide a couple into stylish Feminization and enjoy a much richer and varied spectrum of opportunities in their relationship. Once you have experienced the delights of a Feminized Male, your life will have changed forever – and there will be no way back.


As this New Age Grows, Masculine women will have a larger and larger demand for feminine men and boys.  Women like the one pictured below will want a pretty little male wife to have on her arm!



More women are taking on a stronger profile!



Males such as the following will be in increasing demand in the Female Controlled World that is growing!


Don’t you just LOVE how docile and submissive he is in that Mini dress, and his dainty legs encased in his pantyhose and open toed high heels!!!


And this lovely man in his dainty lingerie…as a man should be for his Female Master!


I really love seeing a young man like this, no bra, showing his complete male femininity, in his pretty short dress and the ever present dainty nylons!


Any photo of the Lovely Britney Smith is a delight.  His mother has done such a wonderful job with him by encouraging his femininity from and early age.  I am sure that he is going to make some strong women a Great Male Wife!   What a delightful Role Model!


And what a fantastic reality to see so many older males getting in touch with their femininity.  My hope is that more wives and girlfriends will encourage their men to give up their masculine ways and get in touch with their femininity.  As this man surely shows in in pretty dress and heels just how pretty men can be.  The dainty nylons once again are an important part in getting a man to be dainty and docile……..more women need to take advantage of this fact and feminize their males!

11 thoughts on “The New Age Male is becoming more common!

  1. It is very important to put the males in short skirts and panties underneath, so that they feel their vulnerability to the women in pants around. A small gust of wind can expose their delicate nylons to all women, hungry to see the males in shameful situations.

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  2. How exquisite a photographic collection of group of males being introduced to their inescapable feminization.

    “Couple Playing Outdoors” How telling that this scene implies symbolically the male as the more submissive and feminine sex in NATURE itself. The Female takes lead and the male must yield to Her bold advance and WO-MANIPULATION.

    “Male girl demurely kneeling” such a symbolic position of accepted male submission contemplating true role of docility of his proper place in the sexual hieraarchy.

    “Dainty Asian male” yielding in pose of feminine courtesan for pleasure of a Conquering Female- his skills are of the coquette to entice some Woman likely well-versed in martial art.

    “The male girl in red dress has no bra at the moment” – but he SHALL wear them most the rest of her life now that she has learned the true hierarchy of the sexes.

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  3. Now you bring up a point that I would like feedback on. Males wearing bras is indeed a good think. I have several bras that my girlfriend bought me, but they do not have cups. I really think that it must be made clear that the feminized male is indeed male, and therefore, I am against fake breasts on men and boys. I am wondering what others think on this. Also, the same goes for when a male is wearing a swimsuit, panties or leotard….my belief is to make everyone aware that the feminized creature they are looking at is indeed male. The other benefit, I think, is that women can “Gaze” and make comments on the boy’s bulges…similar to what men have done to women in the past with tight sweaters and such. Payback to the males is something I really like to see strong women inflict. Male humiliation at the hands of strong and independent women is a good thing!

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    1. Patti… cogent point! Of course males should never be equated with Females. However, if some Female Masters see it more ideal that the coercion of the male to appear what for millenia has been forced upon Women as a benchmark or example of changes of role Females demand, it should be acceptable – especially if the Female may eventually wish true permanent beast development of the male as both symbol and actual milestone of just how far sex-role reversal is advancing symbolically and in actuality.

      For many Females seeing males becoming ‘breast conscious’ instead of their old concern for ‘masculinity’ might be invigorating and empowering… or even merely plain amusing.

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  4. I fully control my husband but he is not like these sissy’s in these images. I still want a Man. The open worship on his knees in public such he would do for me with pride. I think there are some of us that want both sides of the fence, complete control and dominance over him but also a tough strong man for the rest of my family’s and my needs.


    1. It is always nice to get another view on Female control and domination. Thank you for the wonderful post! As an advocate for gender role reversal, I really do enjoy seeing men and boys feminized, however, your point is well taken and appreciated! Women in control is the wonderful End Result!

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      1. Thank you for your reply, I agree with you in so many ways, I feminize my sub in some ways, he is on his knees and serves me full time. I have had him buy panties and do have him wear them often. I also have him wear a butt plug with panties on under his shorts almost each weekend while he does the bathrooms and vacuuming etc.. So I feel we are on the same page in general.. Thanks, D

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      2. I am so happy to here that Dorinda! I really do believe the best way to CRUSH the male ego is through feminization. In my Role Reversed utopia, Women would be so much stronger than the men, and force them into Femininity and submissiveness…something like men have done to women for centuries! So Happy that you joined in our blog!

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  5. OMG….. I have memories of my mom’s nylons grinding on each other….. I am currently
    Cumming……. It happened again and again…


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