The New World!

I really love what I see with more and more girls and women playing sports.  It is awesome to see women and girls competing and being strong.  What is even better, is the number of men and boys that are feminizing themselves!   I think the women need to give the males a push toward even more feminization.  The posts today are going to contrast the two sexes, and I hope the trends I present will continue!


The following is once again, a woman and a man!


Here is a posting from a Modern man out to eat with his wife.   This needs to become more common!

Out to eat..My Short Mini Dress
Tuesday, Both our birthday. I promised a night out, it was both our birthdays ( yeah, the same day ). Red Lobster the destination. I Took a lot of time getting ready, I wanted to be perfect. The new multi blade razor had my skin super smooth, Liquid make up, lashes, all in perfection, I had gotten one of those mag mirrors. Choosing a new mini dress that came half down my thighs, even no panties. Two inch heels and hair just touching my shoulders. Bracelets on my wrists and one nice ring. I was ready for last night. She never dressed a lot, but tonight was for me she said.. Waiting till about 9 pm, I started the car, absolutely comfortable. We arrived and soon at a table in the rear. I had a couple of beers before leaving and the need for a restroom called. She said “go ahead”, so alone I found my way. That finished, I primped by the mirror and returned to the table. I ordered lobster and steak ( medium )… In a soft voice, not distinct. Everything went perfect, I added I was so comfortable I was up for anything. I had no problem and felt good in my mini and strappy heels. This one evening she was worried about getting older, a bummer, so home was our next destination. I backed in the drive and the “super light” came on, I was still relaxed so that did not matter. This morning I am again dressed nice, on the swing of the front porch, I chose a skimpy flared shirt and crop top. I feel great, still relaxed. It has been a long time getting to this level. Evening walks past cars and people helped I guess. Now getting worth it. I have other things ordered to express myself, some just barely there. That is not the way to dress if you want to blend in, but night walking would be powerful. When I walk down the street it is knowing its a long walk back and I am far away that gets me. After all nothing can be done … Wow… I encourage all you girls to relax and feel the breeze…. Wow again…
Love, ….. Brenda…

The following sets of photos will have the Women on top, then the man.  It is so nice to see the New World Order unfolding!

















Would love to hear the thoughts of women and men on this New World Order of Female Control and male feminization!



6 thoughts on “The New World!

  1. The man will be dressed in short skirts and raised to his high heels, surrounded by strong and arrogant women. His vulnerability will be manifest, and women would enjoy themselves by checking how pretty their panties (total humiliation) are.

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  2. That would be so awesome to see wouldn’t it? Just imagine, a Woman’s Bar with most of the clientele being “Butch” women, All the waitresses would be males, dressed in the most revealing outfits, and prancing around in high heels, as the women totally dominate and humiliate the once mighty males. I think that would be fantastic!

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    1. Absolutely Patti… most exciting would be for groups of young Women demanding continually further feminized behavior out of males who show interest in dating them or being dismissed from the relationship, showing other young Females how easily male girls can be created from nearly any male.

      The results once seen would convince more and more of Their Sisters that this is the inevitable coming norm!

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  3. It will take the determination of women to make this a reality. If we had a bunch of strong women like Chris, the Radical Feminist, then this could happen quickly. Women need to take control and feminize the men and boys in their lives!

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  4. Your beautiful pics and descriptions are always so much encouraging, Patti. Back to my earliet childhood I dreamed of a female led society with gender roles completely reversed. Maybe you remember: My wife is keeping me in skirts and dresses 24/7. She is the man in the marriage now, unrestrictedly. Retired from work, I am so happy and proud to be her cute and obedient housewife forever. And we always looking for friends who also live in this wonderful lifestyle. That is the future of female-male relationships.

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    1. Hi Monika! It is always such a delight to know that their are more and more Female – Male relationships like yours. It is really high time that women TAKE Control, and feminize the men and boys in their lives. Men are to be pretty, submissive and Obedient helpers to strong and independent women. What a Joy it is to see so many males in skirts and dresses! The Future is Female, and males better get use to being Pretty and Sweet!

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