Female Football is Growing!

More and more women and girls are playing the once traditionally male sport of football.  Women’s and girl’s leagues are popping up all over!  An excerpt:


Continuing a trend since the mid-1980s, football is by far the most favorite sport in the United States. According to the Harris Poll, when you couple both NCAA and NFL football, it is considered the top sport by 46 percent of all fans 18 and over.  So it would make sense, then, that girls would want to get in on all the excitement. And not just by watching and cheering.  But by starting their own girls’ youth football leagues.
Women’s football teams have existed in various forms since the mid-1900s. Eventually girls started to play on their boys’ high school and college teams, often as kickers. If a football outlet didn’t exist, some girls who wanted to be football players took their athleticism elsewhere and became stars in other sports. (Hint: The WNBA.)
That isn’t necessary anymore. Now girls’ football leagues are popping up. And girls are playing with greater frequency on boys’ teams.
And now a high school in Ottawa, Canada has a co-ed football team.  You read that correctly: the coach actively recruited girls to play football.
We applaud the efforts of the adults and kids who have started these leagues. If you are interested in starting a girls’ league in your area, please contact us and we’ll help you get in touch with someone who can give you encouragement and a roadmap to success.
If you already have a league and we don’t have you listed, please let us know you are out there!
In the meanwhile, check out these leagues and look through our lineup of articles covering news and trends in girls’ youth football.
Utah Girls Tackle Football
Georgia Girls Tackle Football
Indiana Girls Tackle Football League


Your inaugural girls football state champions: Herriman Mustangs
Jun 22, 2017 09:50AM ● Published by Greg James
The girls football team for Herriman High School gets ready for its state championship contest. (Greg James/City Journals)

By Greg James |  gregj@mycityjournals.com

The state of Utah has its first-ever high school girls football state champion.

On May 27, the Herriman Mustangs completed a 14-0 victory over Bingham to capture the state title. The Utah Girls Tackle Football League also crowned champions in its junior high division and fifth- and sixth-grade divisions. In both younger divisions Canyons area teams defeated West Jordan.

“We have 210 girls signed up this season,” league President Crystal Sacco said. “We more than doubled our numbers. The first year we only had about 60. Our volunteers talked it up and we recruited. The league is still learning, and we have had some things to change, but it has been so successful.”

The UGTFL high school division included teams from West Jordan/Copper Hills, Riverton, Canyons, West Granite, Herriman and Bingham.

In the championship game, Herriman dominated offensively, moving the ball down the field with relative ease, but Bingham came up with key stops when it needed to. Despite its tenacious defense, the Miners were unable to stop the Mustang tailback Sam Gordon when it counted. She followed the blocking of an offensive line made up of three sisters; Kalo, Laso and Vea Latu.

“It is my first time to play,” Herriman senior Laso Latu said. “I love my team and how they give me confidence.”.

Herriman scored two first-half touchdowns. Gordon scampered 25 yards for the first score and later followed a block on the left side for a 6-yard score. The Mustangs held on for a victory.

“It feels fantastic to be the first-ever state champion,” Mustangs head coach Brent Gordon said. “We had a really talented group of girls. We started out teaching fundamentals, and the girls from day one were making the big hits and good blocks. It was our strategy to follow those big blockers. The whole season they were solid.”

The league leadership realizes this is new to most players. They decided early on to make the league more basic.

“Unlike the boys teams that practice six days a week for hours each day, we only do two hours twice a week,” Brent Gordon said. “We try to keep it simple. Football provides opportunity for all the girls. Skill players can play and so can bigger girls that can shine. It gives self-confidence for all of the girls.”

Many girls have had the opportunity to compete against the boys, but Sacco said as the boys get older they become naturally stronger.

“This league gives the girls a chance to play,” Sacco said. “Some of these girls are tough. I do not think they realize it until they get the chance.”

League officials plan to expand the league. Sacco said next year they intend on opening teams in other areas. They have a connection with local women’s professional teams like the Falconz and Blitz. With sponsorship money, the league has given opportunities to girls who could not afford to play.

“The league as a whole is young,” Brent Gordon said. “It started three years ago, and those fifth- and sixth-graders then are now heading into high school now. I have parents tell me they are football families and all of the boys play. Now the girls are not left out. Brothers are cheering and teaching the game to their sisters. At the dinner table they can break it down, and the girl’s status in her family has elevated.”

Look at these tough football playing girls!





While girls are playing football, more and more mothers are encouraging their sons to express their femininity in Womanless Pageants and other “Girly” Activities….AWESOME!!!!!

Look at these Lovely boys…way too delicate to be playing a rough sport like football!!!  What is really amazing, is that several of these boys did play football until their mother’s decided boys needed to be pretty and sweet!  What a great service these mothers are doing to promote male femininity!





Did u=you notice that not only are these boys dressed in the most dainty of dresses, but they are all also wearing delicate nylons with dainty shoes.  It is becoming more and more apparent who the “Weaker” sex actually is!

This is the “Mission” for TRUE Feminist Women…Female Accomplishment accompanied with Male Feminization, which will result into Female Control!





8 thoughts on “Female Football is Growing!

    1. Yes it is. Hopefully more mothers will encourage their daughters to play football, basketball, baseball, wrestling and so forth, while encouraging their sons NOT to play sports, but to compete in Womanless Beauty pageants. More mothers also need to enroll their boys into ballet! It will be so delightful when we start seeing boy cheerleading squads for the Girl’s Sports teams…then we will be arriving in the New World Order!

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      1. Patti… it would be great if Females from FLR marriages would have evenings set aside where multi-generations of Women and Girls would have sports viewing together while feminized husbettes and or sons would be kept from viewing allowed only when Females desired snacks/refreshments setting example of how homelife and society should proceed as a norm.

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  1. I AGREE 100%. While women are perhaps watching the WNBA with their friends, the husbands and sons should be properly attired in either skirts or dresses, serving the women. The Female Led Society will have a TOTAL reversal of gender Roles. Men and boys will be required to be pretty and feminine at ALL times.

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  2. On the playing fields, the boys will move their pompoms, dressed in short miniskirts that will reveal their panties with lace. Women spectators will erupt in ridicule when they raise the male skirts.

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    1. Not only that, but the Females will also be quite muscular, while the men and boys are weak and docile. Females will rule over the New Age Male with an Iron Fist. Oh how ironic that the once Macho Male kept women and girls under his feet…now it will be the males in the high heels, and quite submissive and docile! Revenge is so Sweet, is it not??? LOL

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      1. The revenge of the women will be terrible. The males will be sexually objectified, and their life will be spent in a permanent struggle to avoid the anxious hands of women, who in the new world will touch men constantly, in their thighs, asses, genitals. The change of roles will have put them in skirts, that women will be in charge of being short, and the new accessibility will allow strong new sex to control the males through harassment (QUID PRO QUO)

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