Macho Men need to understand the New Reality!

I got a reply from what was apparently a macho man the other day.  He thinks I am “Sick” and “whatever”.  I guess the truth is that he cannot accept what is happening.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, and that is why I use pictures to get my point across.  There is no denying that many women and girls are becoming strong and “mas culine”, while many, many men and boys are becoming Prissy and Feminine.     I guess the “New Age” is very frightening for some men.  It is delightful to know that many men and boys are being put into skirts and dresses, and the macho guys are just going to have to get use to it.   Hopefully they will find a great woman that will end up feminizing them, then they will understand that women are Taking Control!

Do you think that this Female Football player is maybe checking out a pretty male cheerleader???


You Bet!   What is going through her mind?  He has Great Legs, and I Love the ribbon in his hair.  So Glad that we women are in control, and men are being Pretty for our entertainment!


And what is going on in his mind…..I hope I don’t have a run in my pantyhose.  She is so “Hot”….Is my lipstick smudged?


These girls are wondering why they do not have Boys Cheering them on, afterall, some boys really want to be Cheerleaders!


It is surely becoming apparent that football is too “Rough” for many boys.  Many boys need to be encouraged to be pretty, and take up ballet and cheerleading!



Many women that detest wearing dresses are glad to see men that want to be feminine.  Many feminine women are also enjoying men that are feminine.  The World is indeed changing!



Boys, such as Kelly above, are even making videos that encourage other Teenage boys to get in touch with their femininity.  As Kelly says, he loves wearing skirts and being “Girly”.  Girly Boys need to be encouraged to be prissy and feminine!


The Girls in Sweden, pictured above, with the boys in tutus and tights, are learning that gender role reversal is Best.  In these schools, boys sports have been eliminated, and it is just girls playing sports.  The event above was staged with all the girls wearing jeans, while all the boys were in tutus and tights!


I think it must have been so cute, the boys worrying about running their tights, while the girls were confident and in Control!


Look at the Pure Joy on this woman’s face as she watches her son compete in the Womanless Pageant!  Does anyone believe that this young man is now wearing skirts and dresses?


So delightful to see men in skirts and nylons, while women are in pants!


Women do enjoy the feel of a man’s legs encased in nylons!


And the women do like more than the pretty male legs!!


FEMALE will make the Changes that they want.  Do Women Want to be in Control, with Feminine Men at their beck and call?


4 thoughts on “Macho Men need to understand the New Reality!

  1. If I did not see it with my own eyes, even very macho strong alpha men want a woman in control. Take for instance my husband, he is under my control and he loves it. I don’t think he would be happy without it. He has not been feminized to anywhere near this extent but I do make him wear woman’s panties from time to time when he goes to work.
    Control is very powerful over a man. It changes everything in a woman’s life. It even changes things like confidence in your relationship. You know he’s not going to leave you, you become an addiction to him, more, more, more.
    Now to make some others mad, it is about sex. His sexual desires, this is what and how it started for me. The trick is to control his sex but keep him interested. Its not about letting release, its about you making him feel the need but knowing he can not until you allow it. This can be days or weeks. It is a delicate balance. In a way you truly are leading him along by his penis, men seem to think non stop about this thing getting pleasured.
    A simplified explanation is you get him aroused but keep him there off and on day in and day out. If your interest is to feminize him you got it, to be an excellent lover and your orgasm provider you got it, financially secure you got it, house cleaner, etc. and so many other benefits.

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    1. Isn’t it a remarkable development, that for millenia the male based its sex’s superiority and ego on its penis – and now the Female has discovered by the simplest of controls of such inadequate organ She not only has gained supremacy, but also has proven by Her accomplishments SHE IS AND SHALL BE THE STRONGER SEX (and yes, sweet dainty males that does include physical strength… for in even that the Female shall prove eventually greater than him by far on the average!)

      May our Female Masters be kinder to us than we were to Them as we have to learn to deal with our shattered egos and appropriately reformed feminine self image and the permanent and proper ‘vaginal envy’ that shall surely follow.

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  2. Thank you Dorinda for your excellent input. It is my hope that more Dominant women will read my blog and let us know their thoughts on the new Age Female Controlled World that is developing. Your insights to controlling men are “Right On”. I truly believe that any woman could feminize any man by using his sex drive against him. What a delight the world will be when all the men and boys are knocking themselves out to be pretty for women that demand that they be pretty, while simultaneously demanding that they serve and obey the women in their lives. I am so happy to hear that you do have your man in panties….more women need to take your Lead! THANK YOU for the great input!

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  3. “It’s great to know that a lot of men and boys are being put on skirts and dresses, and the macho boys are going to have to get used to it.” They’re going to have to get used to their skirts and dresses, and to hold them down to keep the women from turning them around to take a look at the secrets they keep underneath. “

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