As the World Changes!!!

Once again, it is such a Delight to see how Male Femininity continues to grow and prosper.  What is really even more Delightful, is the emergence of Strong and Independent women and girls that are taking their rightful place as the superior gender, and requiring boys and men to be feminine.  It will be so fantastic when the average girl is physically stronger than the average boy…then male feminization will be put into High Gear!  As always, samples of this New World Order will follow!

First up, from my Friend Chris, the Radical Feminist:
Balleria Boys
Love this picture, only got a few high level details right now. This is an elementary school that used to have a very prestigious boy sports program that used to forbid girls from participating. In recent years feminist minded women have taken over and made radical changes to the programs, now its girls who are only allowed to play sports while the boys are required to participate in more feminine activities such as ballet.

What a delight to see these boys dancing in their leotards, tights and tutus, while knowing that they are no longer allowed to play competitive sports, while the girls are now encouraged to play competitive sports!   YAY Sweden!!  Do you take notice of the young girl on the left, dressed in pants and a shirt checking out the boys legs in their tutus and tights?

Many Women are figuring it out…Feminized Men are the best spouses!

The NEW AGE Male is becoming more common in public.  This beautiful man is so cute in his mini skirt, pretty nylon encased legs in high heels, as he stand by the pantyhose rack in a department store.  Hopefully, his girlfriend is in the hardware department picking up some tools to get some work done, while he is looking pretty for her!

Men wearing short shorts with pantyhose, so that their “bulge” could be visible for women’s enjoyment needs to become more commonplace!

Seeing groups of men with women, as the men show off their pretty legs in skirts and shorts with pantyhose!

As more women realize that it is best to keep men and boys in skirts, the world will become a better place!

Keeping men and boys in dresses and skirts needs to be the MAJOR Goal of ALL Feminist Women!

Keeping men in skirts and nylons is essential in changing the world to FEMALE Control!

The GOAL for Women to change their men…..

As More and more Women are now the Breadwinners…men need to learn that their place is now to look pretty and cute for their supporting spouses.  Every strong and Independent woman deserves to have a pretty man at her side!

Now some thoughts from a Real Woman, and some responses:

Posted by pennysue on 2005-06-15 02:48:29
i think all men should try to wear womens clothing or be made to at least rty it sometime. i just recently helped a new aquaintence get set up in womens stlyes and clothing for a more permanent basis. this is a man in his 40s, straight married but likes dressing up, his wife goes along with it and asked me to help them out. He does not look anything like a woman, but has med long hair and loves to wear female clothing. We got him to now wear a womens work uniform for work in his appliance repair business. he now wears a womens style shirt, pants along with padded bra and fanny. along with his new womens styled hair, makeup and eyebrows. he now goes to work everyday like this and has had very little problems with anyone giving him much grief over it. At home he dresses in more casual womens clothing and often goes out with his wife in skirts and pantsuits and enjoys dressing like a women even though he would never really have much chance as passing as one when most people would give him more then a casual look or talk. He is really very happy dressing like this and has really become a new person and really doesn’t mind talking about it with others who he might stike up a conversation with. More people should feel as confident in their selves as this guy does.

Posted by Doris on 2006-05-11 12:09:15
Penny Sue! You are so wonderful! I too belive all males should receive a course in feminization on a compulsory basis during High School. If it would be required, we would have a LOT of contented compliant males. Everyone knows they would love it, so why don’t they!

Of Course…The STRONGER Sex will enjoy the pretty “Eye Candy” that is there for their Enjoyment!


Who’s wearing the pants now????  FEMALE Power is Growing…Male Egos are being Destroyed!!   The NEW World Order!




2 thoughts on “As the World Changes!!!

  1. The young girl on the left, dressed in pants and a shirt checking out the boys legs in their tutus and tights,and in the not too distant future, she will delight looking at the beautiful bare legs of her friends, dressed in short miniskirts that at least careless will give her the chance to see her pretty lace panties

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