What the Future is looking like!

Here is a posting from a Genetic Girl, that likes to dress in a masculine manner:

As a somewhat androgynous woman I appreciate your blog. I’m pan and often insecure about my attraction to men because I feel like they won’t be attracted to me… So it means a lot to see a man-run blog that appreciates women who aren’t femme.

(In search of advice) As someone who prefers non traditional gender presentations, when I meet someone, they’re skeptical that I’m actually attracted to them. We end up friends, which is nice. But to the non traditional presenting ladies: what did/would it take for a guy to convince you that he was genuinely interested in you? What would he have to say / do to remove your doubt? Most girls I meet have been jaded by past experiences. What would it take to convince you to give him a chance?

I thought about this for a sec, I wasn’t sure how to answer besides “I find ‘em hot!” now that I think a better question is why DON’T more guys like them? I think society just tells us what to like and what not to like and it varies by culture and time period, I guess I’m just immune to society’s standards. lol

Of course, all the photos above are of women.  Isn’t it wonderful seeing women being so strong and In Control?  Is it not right that these women would like a pretty and feminine, submissive and obedient man?  The Future is Female….the following photos will be men and their proper place in the New Female Led World!

The photo below is of a former Army Soldier!   He is so much better like this, isn’t he?

So….Who’s the Stronger sex now????

FEMALE Power is AWESOME.  Male Femininity is the Future!

3 thoughts on “What the Future is looking like!

  1. Putting the males in skirts is fundamental for the rise of women. Dressing skirts will make men vulnerable, their reactions will be slower, they will be more submissive. Wearing short skirts will give women the chance to see their bare legs, and also the unsettling possibility for men to have their panties seen.

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  2. Patti… so inevitable! So many males shall succumb to their proper feminization with little fight. Yet even more thrilling for the world’s future Female Masters shall be the reticent males who fight the process only to find themselves screaming and tearfully crying in newly trained high-pitched girlish voices and kicking their slim shapely unmuscled nylon-clad legs and high-heeled feet before the Stronger Female sex, who shall forever see the weaker males ultimate dainty and ladylike state!!!

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