As Women Take Control!

Here are some letters about Women taking control of their lives by feminizing their males!   This is a practice that needs to continue to grow!


Hello Susan,

Thank you for your interesting and wonderful publication. I’m not sure if my story is relevant to your publication, but here it is. I’m in my late 30s and noticed two years ago that I was developing some noticeable veins on my legs. My legs were also feeling tired at the end of the day. My mother has experienced some significant leg problems so I was concerned. My doctor didn’t seem very concerned. He told me to get more exercise. My wife and I already walk regularly.  Like many doctors, I think he’s only concerned with treating something when it becomes a problem.

I did some research on the web and decided that support panty-hose might help. I got up some courage and bought a pair of Leggs Sheer Energy—a brand I had seen my wife purchase—at a supermarket. I mixed the hose in with some other groceries. The cashier didn’t give my purchase any notice. I didn’t want to freak out my wife so I decided to give the hose a trial run without telling her. If they helped, I would find a way to tell her.

I was amazed at how great the hose felt the first morning I put them on and at the end of the day, my legs felt great. I wore them to work every day for the rest of the week. At the end of the week I was sold on support hose as the answer to my problems. I spent all Saturday thinking about how to tell her. On Sunday afternoon we had a long talk. I hoped she would suggest I try hose but she never did. Finally I told her I had found a solution but it was a bit out of the mainstream. I carefully explained to her that I had experimented with support hose and found them beneficial.

To my surprise, my wife told me that was a wonderful solution. She asked me a bunch of questions, wanting to know what I liked about wearing hose and how much they helped. She then told me I should be wearing them everyday and not just to work. I was amazed, as I was expecting a negative reaction. She told me to put them on so she could see how they looked on me. She remarked that they looked very good on me despite my leg hair. I wore them the rest of the day and when we went for our walk, she insisted I keep my shorts on and wear the sandals I normally wear. I was apprehensive but followed her lead. We drove to the supermarket after our walk and bought several more pairs for me.

A lot of changes have taken place over the past two years. With my wife’s encouragement, I now wear pantyhose every day. I also shave my legs. I’ve never been a macho kind of guy. I think most women would say I’m sweet and kind. My wife has always taken the lead in our marriage, but over the past two years she has taken even more of a lead. She has taken over our finances and only rarely cooks. I do most of the cooking now and all the dishes. I’m also doing more of the housework. The washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and broom are now mine and mine only.

The change was gradual. My wife started suggesting that I do more of the household jobs and over time they just became my jobs. If I don’t do them, they don’t get done and my wife chastises me. I’m also spending a lot more time at home, particularly in the summer as it’s too hot to wear hose under jeans and I don’t think my male friends would appreciate my fashion choice. My wife has encouraged this and says she much prefers having me at home.

I’ve also noticed a change in how other women treat me. My wife told all her friends and family that I now wear panty-hose. I think some of them find it odd and just ignore me. Others politely tease me, compliment me on my legs, and include me in conversations about fashion. The men for the most part ignore me. At family gatherings, I now find myself helping the women with the food and sitting with the women and girls while the men and boys play softball. Some of my wife’s friends and female family members have told my wife—in front of me—that she’s done a great job training me. At the last family gathering, after I had helped to clean up and brought my wife a coke, my mother-in-law remarked that I was a very good wife to her daughter. Everyone laughed. I took it in stride though and thanked my mother-in-law for the compliment then took a seat next to my wife.
Thanks again for your wonderful publication. Let me know if you would like more detail.


Here is some Great Advice from a Strong Woman!


Dear Susan:

I thoroughly enjoyed the letter from Julie posted in your June 3 edition regarding the techniques used to keep her petticoated husband in his place. I do have a few thoughts on her ideas.

Without a doubt forced chastity is essential in feminising most males. Their inability to function as a male without the consent of the partner serves to make them docile, feminine, and obedient. My little sissy stays in his CB2000 24 hours a day, and gets only occasional release when it is well-earned. Imagine how the poor dear must feel when around others (especially real males) knowing how truly impotent he is.

I was a little surprised to read Julie’s comments on the ineffectiveness of spanking. Perhaps the problem was that her spanking of her hubbie was treated as play as opposed to discipline. It seems that the application of the back of a hairbrush is very effective when applied vigorously. Of course, corner time following the spanking is an important part of the process.

Finally, I will add that I believe taking a petticoated male out in public is an important step that shouldn’t be forgotten. I realize it is often not practical to have a petticoated husband appear en femme at the mall or the supermarket, particularly if they cannot pass easily as a real woman. However, I have found that a trip to the local alternative lifestyle bar on a regular basis is very useful. Seeing my little petticoated sissy chatting with Sapphic women as well as feminine males and females while on his best feminine behavior does wonders for his attitude.


The proper way that boys need to be raised!

From Kirstan

Dear Susan,
First off I would like to say thank you for a wonderful website, When I first took a look at your site after the urging of my sister , I
found the strength to make a choice for my little child that was for the most good…a change that needed to me made. What a difference a week has made in my 11 year old boy, who is now treated like an 8 year old girl.
My sister told me of your site and then introduced me to a wonderful lady that took my son in for a week, and made it possible for me to have a caring young child who listens to Mommy. She took my son Cody (now Katy for the most part), and changed his behavior from a rough and loud boy to a delightful little girl. After dropping him off, and I do admit it was a little tricky to do, he first asked to use the bathroom so I kissed him and left him with his new Aunt Sara,and from what I was told she quickly put him in his place: he recieved a sound spanking ( which I could not do ) and she removed all his boy clothes, and gave him a bath, and had him dress in a pretty little pink night gown just as any little girl would love to wear. He did want to fight it a bit, but recieved another spanking, this time on his bare bottom, which brought on the tears of a little boy. I was told that he then quickly did as he was told and started to learn his new rules for his stay with Aunt Sara.
The next morning she put him into a cute little blue and pink print dress, with a frilly petticoat to make the skirt of the dress very puffy, and cute ankle socks and white mary janes. Then she informed my new little girl that she would go by the name of Katy for her stay, and would have to behave like an 8 year old girl at all times. As my little one, now a girl, was sitting, she was told to stand, and she was instructed to ask Aunt Sara if her dress was ok, and told to turn around to make sure the dress was fitting right and the skirt of the dress lay properly. Some of the instruction that day was just as any little girl would be told: how to sit, walk and talk, and what to play with as far as toys and games were concerned.
The same went on for the second day. By the fourth day my new little girl was going with her Aunt to stores and to the park for play time. And on the fifth day I was blessed with a beautiful lunch with my new little girl, and it was so wonderful to be called Mommy. I have since then removed all boy things from his former boyish bedroom, and replaced them with frilly sheer curtains and cute bed clothes. And in Katy’s new closet is a wonderful collection of the prettiest little girl dresses. I now home-school my little angel, and my sister and I have never been so happy. I should add my sister has a wonderful little girl named Rachel, who is very happy to see that her annoying and boisterous cousin is now a little girl who she can boss around as she likes.
Aunt Sara sounds very like Aunt Leslie who has written a letter which can be found on the General Correspondence page. Perhaps this is an American practice; maiden aunts who believe in petticoat punishment and training, and take the burden off the shoulders of the mothers, who are often at their wit’s end. I have not heard of any similar practice on this side of the Atlantic.
The boy seems to have adapted to his new status very quickly, and one must suspect that he already harboured a secret desire to be petticoated. The growth of home schooling by the way is a very telling sign of how atrocious American (and British) education has become over the last thirty or forty years. I really think the only long term solution is to close all the teachers’ colleges and departments of education, withdraw all government funding of schools and universities, and simply start again.

Here is an example of Petticoat Discipline as a Public Service!

From T.R.
I am by nature a very submissive man, and am now the live-in housemaid of a very dominant lady.We started out as girlfriend – boyfriend, but as we grew to really know each other, our true colors began to show. Early on in our unique relationship, she tossed out all of my male undergarments. When at home, I am always dressed in feminine attire; even when we have guests. When I go out or to work, I dress as a typical male, except for the lacy pink panties and matching bra Ihave to wear, as well as pretty pink socks. One reason she decided on this was my bad driving habits. Although I am very easy going and submissive by nature, once behind the  the wheel of my Pontiac Firebird, I am an aggressive devil. That is…I was, before she put me in pink panties.
Now, the fear of going to jail in panties and bra has made me a safe and courteous driver.
Yes, petticoating dampens down all the immature silliness of males, and here is something that I never thought of – petticoat discipline as a cure for selfish and discourteous driving, which is so prevalent amongst the male sex. Female drivers have always had a much lower accident rate than males, and I point out to my lady readers that by making your hubby wear pretty pink panties you may be saving his life, and the lives of others.

This is yet another example of what women can do with their men!

From Tess
Dear Susan,
I am a forty-five year old woman who stumbled across your site a few weeks ago and at first I thought most of the things mentioned there were just fantasies of some of your readers. How wrong I was!!  I have been married to a man who was extremely difficult to handle and was nasty to me verbally at times.  As far-fetched as it sounded I decided to try something on him to help him understand how hard I worked around the house, and how much time it took to keep things in order. He was always making little comments like, ‘What have you been doing all day, watching TV?’ I challenged him to spend two days in my shoes to see what it was like.
I remembered your site and I decided to try something that I knew probably wouldn’t work, but was worth a try. I told him I wanted him to wear a dress just to make it seem more realistic. Supprise!, He actually agreed to it and I stopped by a second hand clothing store and got him a pretty pink dress that fitted his small frame perfectly. When he put it on his whole demeanor changed, and I detected a softness that I had never seen before.  I was really enthused, and I decided to push my luck and after several weeks of going very slow I now have him in nylon panties! He sleeps in nighties now, and is a changed man.
I knew he had changed too easily, and he finally confessed to me that he once dressed in his mother’s clothes many time when he was young.  He wears panties all the time now, even to work under his clothes. He comes home and dresses in one of the many female outfits that I have bought him. He has a blonde wig and I do his make-up. I have ordered some very expensive and very large breast inserts that should arrive soon.  What amazes me most is the change in his attitude. No woman could wish for a sweeter ‘wife’.
All the best,
You are a very good example for my other female readers, and of course you have discovered that petticoat discipline is most effective and salutory when the ‘victim’ enjoys it – then you can guarantee that you will have the most caring and attentive ‘wife’ in the world. Keep going, and try a nice lacy girdle and some full petticoats.

More Common Sense from a Smart Woman!

(From Janus Vol 6 No 5)
Contributed by Peter Farrer

Dear Editor,
Ever since I was a girl I have liked seeing boys dressed in girls’ clothes, and I enjoy the letters you have in ‘]anus’ about petticoating boys for punishment, and to make them demure and submissive. I am sure petticoating would prepare boys very well to be good husbands for the modern type of girl.
The letter from Mrs. S.M. headed ‘Girlish Boy in Frills’ describes the right way to keep boys in their place. Frocks and kilts are ideal for naughty boys, and when I was young – quite a while ago – they were used as a punishment. My next-door neighbour’s son Paul was dressed in girls’ things to keep him well-behaved when I was a schoolgirl.  His mother brought him up alone and was very strict: she put him in skirts when she considered he needed correction, and he was as polite and well-behaved as could be. My mother and I used to go round there for a cup of tea and a chat sometimes, and young Paul, who was about twelve, a bit younger than me, was often wearing girls’ clothes during our visits.
One costume I liked to see him in was a short velvet frock with a lacy collar and a white pinafore, and he really looked very sweet in it. He wore corsets too, his mother told us it helped to keep him from getting too boisterous and rowdy and stopped him slouching, as boys tend to do. He had a very nice figure, and looked very slim and girlish in his petticoat costume, and he did wear a petticoat under his dress too, as I could see when he moved about or sat down.
Being brought up in this way in frocks and girls’ things, Paul was as quiet and docile as any girl, and I loved to see him dressed up and behaving so nicely. His mother kept him strictly under control and a word from her was enough to nip any naughtiness in the bud, although I did see him in tears once or twice after she had given him a good spanking. We lost touch with them when I was about fourteen as we moved to another town, but I did hear years afterwards that he was married to a lady with her own business and she was very much the dominant partner there and at home, which I am sure he was ideally suited to from his petticoat training in boyhood.
Another letter a few months ago mentioned that a boy dressed in his sister’s clothes was put into curlers before being petticoated, as part of his punishment, and this reminded me of the time when I was a young assistant working in a hairdresser’s. One of our customers, a pleasant, well-spoken lady, sometimes brought her young son James with her, and he was dressed in a silky blouse and short velvet trousers, or sometimes a pleated kilt, with knee-length white stockings and ankle-strap shoes.
He was always polite, and obviously well brought up and obedient. His hair was fair and almost shoulder-length, which was most unusual for those days, and one day his mother brought him in to have it permed into ringlets. It took quite a time, but James sat very patiently while his hair was done, and when they left the shop he looked delightfully girlish with his pretty curls. I often saw him afterwards when he came to the shop with his mother, and he was always very nicely behaved as well as being charmingly dressed. Keeping him in curls and girlish dress obviously had an excellent effect, and he was as nice a boy as anyone could wish to meet.
I am convinced that petticoat discipline has great value when it comes to controlling and taming the young male, and the boy who is regularly petticoated will grow up nicely docile and as amenable as any girl would wish. As the letters on this subject show, dressing a boy in girlish things is the ideal way of keeping him obedient and demure, and petticoats, corsets, frills and curls would make some of today’s badly brought up and ill-mannered boys sing a much more pleasing tune. I wonder if other ‘Janus’ readers share my views.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs G.W. (Stoke)

More evidence of the benefits of Feminine Male spouses!

From Champagne
Dear Susan,
I just read the letter from Charles, telling the experience of he and his wife, and how with love and a soft touch, she showed him  a life of submissive and loving behavior. I am in a relationship with a submissive transgendered male.  I have never been happier.  I could not believe how excited I got, the first time we slept together, she in a nightgown.  The softness and the sensual feeling that I  experienced has doubled every moment we are together.

I also love to see her in a dress, although we don’t go out in public with her dressed,  for  obvious reasons, although it would not bother me at all. When we are with other couples or singles in the same situation, she will dress.  There is also a wonderful feeling that there is a litle mystery here, and we always seem to have a smile on our faces.
Susan, I will leave you with this observation..My women friends wonder where all the terrific men are? Well, if they were just more open, they would not have to look so very far. I feel I have to best of both worlds…I am blessed…
How I wish that other women could see the advantages of a submissive partner as clearly as you! Still, my male readers should keep their spirits up. ‘Petticoat Discipline Monthly’s readership is still growing – we passed over 50,000 visitors last month. And I should add that a ‘visitor’ spends more than half an hour at the site, so that it is a true measure of circulation. The numbers of basic ‘hits’ is well over 100,000 per week.

A great example of what needs to become commonplace!

From Jeffrey

Dear Nanny Susan,
I just found your web site a few days ago, and within minutes after I discovered it, I knew I had found something that had the potential to change my family’s life.  My wife Jean and I have two boys, age 10 and 12.  We do not have the internet at home, so I excitedly printed several of the letters in your newsletter with your responses and took them home to my wife.  She is ecstatic, because she has always had an interest in what we now understand is referred to as ‘petticoat discipline’.  But she never followed up on most of her dream because she thought she was the only one in the world who believed this would be an effective method for raising and managing the males in her life.  I have now shown her much more of what you have provided on your web site, and she is eager to begin turning her dream into reality.
First, let me tell you a little about myself, so you will understand why I share my wife’s enthusiasm for everything we have learned from your site in the past few days about petticoat discipline.  When I was growing up, my mother felt that it was important to shelter me from other rough and tumble, boisterous, obnoxious boys.  She knew that by raising me as a sissified little boy, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with those boys, and would prefer to play with little girls, and do the things little girls liked to do.  She never dressed me in girls’ clothes, and I never had anything approaching a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, but she did keep me in decidedly sissified little boy clothes.
My mother was the undisputed decision maker in our family, and looking back, it is obvious to me that this is the reason why my parents have had such a long and happy marriage.  My father submitted to her way of raising me, and never attempted to have her do anything differently.
I was always a bedwetter (and still am), and as a schoolboy I also wet my pants frequently enough during the day to give my mother reason enough to put me back in diapers and rubber panties during the day as well as at night.  In addition to keeping my clothes dry, that had the effect of ensuring that all of the macho boys wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me.  But instead of resenting my mother, I found myself despising most boys and wishing they acted more like the girls who were my friends.  The few boys who were my friends were also considered sissies by the rest of the boys.  This situation continued throughout my school years, and as a result, although I am not a homosexual, I developed a very strong resentment of my own sex and a disdain for most of the attributes usually associated with males, and I came to have an equally strong identification with girls.  Consequently, when I met my future wife years later, I was more than willing to gladly accept her polite but firm demand that our relationship be one in which I was fully submissive to her.
In a sense, it was similar to what I had witnessed with my own parents, but Jean carried it much further, and I was quite content to let her be in charge of my life and to insist on several things as part of my wardrobe.  I had stopped wearing diapers, but still had accidents at night, and she insisted that I let her diaper me for bed every night. As soon as I started wearing diapers and rubber panties to bed again, I wished I had never stopped.
Jean also felt strongly that there should be no difference between males and females in the ‘foundations’ garments that they wear, and that ideally all men should wear the same lingerie as women.  Therefore, from start of our marriage, she has required that I wear a panty girdle and nylon panty hose under my slacks to work.  As soon as I arrive home, I am also required to don a bra.  (Jean would prefer to require that I wear a bra at work, too, but she is practical enough to recognise that it would jeopardise my employment. However, I do wear a bra on weekends and holidays.)  I am kept fully shaved and am hairless below the neck, and I must use the toilet in the same manner as women and girls.  Also, I am required to wear a thick pad in my girdle for the six days a month that are identified and marked on the calendar as my period.  Although I have a full-time job, it is understood that on the weekend, housekeeping chores are my responsibility.
As the boys began their school years, they have always understood that when they got older, each of them, like me, would wear a girdle, panty hose, and bra. But before now, she never entertained a serious notion of having them ever wear any form of girls’ outer clothing, let alone petticoats, pinafores, dresses, Mary Jane shoes, or ribbons in their hair.Instead, our boys wore very sissified little-boy clothes, some of which Jean made herself.  They have never worn trousers that have a fly front, and for special occasions, they wore Little Lord Fauntleroy-like outfits until two or three years ago.  As the boys approached school age, Jean made it clear that they would not be getting involved in football or other male-dominated sports, and I was in complete agreement with her.
I did not want them to turn out like the boys I had hated when I was growing up.  We made sure that the boys’ friends were girls or other sissy boys, and we were delighted that they developed an interest in dolls, playing house, learning to cook, and watching only innocent television shows that were oriented toward very young children.  We also taught them an appreciation for the theatre, music, dance, and art, and we enrolled Timothy in ballet lessons as soon as he was old enough
As Timothy, the older boy, grw older, he began to think that he had some influence over what he could and could not do.  More recently, he has had fights with increasing frequency with other boys who teased him, despite knowing that he was strictly forbidden to fight.  He has always been under strict orders to immediately come and tell us if another boy picks a fight with him, but he is never to fight back.  Giving him a bare bottom spanking on more than one occasion as punishment for disobeying us in this regard hasn’t seemed to work.
Even more troublesome is the fact that Timothy has developed a strong tendency to try to assume a leadership role when he is playing with girls, and to act as if they should do as he says just because he is a boy.  Just three weeks ago, we found out that he had started spending time with two of the boys who had previously been teasing him and calling him a sissy.  He has admitted that they told him he could be their friend if he stopped wearing sissy clothes and taking ballet, and started doing things that they like to do.  For the first time Timothy appears to want to emulate the masculine lifestyle that we have tried so
hard to shield him from.
Because of these problems, Jean and I have become increasingly concerned that as Timothy enters his teenage years, he may become rebellious and attempt to resist our plans for him.  Although Gregory shows no signs of such behavior, he may eventually want to follow his brother’s lead.  We are desperate to prevent that from happening with either of our sons, and that is why it was so wonderful that I happened upon your web site. Jean has now discussed what we have learned with her sister, who is a divorced mother of three girls (age 13, 11, and 8).  Her sister, who has fully supported our approach to raising our boys, has been expressing an interest in home schooling her girls, but could not do so because of her job.  Jean has debated whether to make an offer to her sister that she be the home school teacher for both her sister’s girls and our boys, because we have become increasingly dissatisfied with the education they are receiving. But we never followed up on it until now.  With Timothy being influenced by boys we don’t want him to associate with, Jean and I have now decided that we should follow through on the home school offer to her sister.
When Jean related the information about petticoat discipline to her sister, both immediately recognised that a home school environment would enable us to establish our own school uniform, and that it would be possible for us to realise Jean’s dream of dressing our boys as girls. We have made the decision that we will definitely start home schooling our two boys and her sister’s three girls together as soon as we can obtain all the educational materials that will be needed.  Since Jean doesn’t work, she will drive the boys to her sister’s house (about a 25 minute drive), where a large room will be set up as the home school classroom.  Jean and her sister excitedly began talking about the uniform, and have tentatively decided that all but one day a week, all
five children will wear a white blouse and brightly colored jumper [in America this is a pinafore style of dress – Susan], white tights, and Mary Jane shoes.  The girls will wear their standard panties, while Timothy will continue to wear a panty girdle until he and his oldest cousin can be fitted with corsets.  Since she already wears a bra, he will start wearing a training bra right away.
The fifth day of each week will be dress-up day, when the boys will wear dresses with frilly lace and petticoats.  Since Gregory is still kept in diapers and rubber panties, he will be dressed as a baby girl, and will wear a pinafore that extends only slightly below his waist.  All three girls are ballet students, so on occasion the uniform of the day will be appropriate for ‘ballet day’.  Timothy will wear the tutu, pink tights and pink ballet slippers that his oldest cousin wore at her recital last year, while she and her sisters wear their tutus from this year (Timothy wears a leotard and tights in his ballet class, but he has never worn a tutu before).
I am also excited about our plans, because I am convinced it will help reorient Timothy’s thinking toward a proper submissive attitude toward girls.  As soon as we initiate our home school, it is our intention that the boys will be dressed as girls as much of the time as possible from that point on.  I really believe that they will eventually thank us, and will come to believe themselves that it is in their best interest in helping them to become better people.  By learning proper feminine behavior, it will soon become second nature for them.  Learning how to curtsey properly, and getting in the habit of curtseying in the proper situations, will be one of the first things they are taught.  Most importantly, we will make sure the boys learn beyond any doubt to be docile and submissive to their cousins, because we know the success of their future marriages will be so dependent on this.
I did not mean for this to be so long, and I realize that you are unable to respond to every message that is sent to you, but since we are new to petticoat discipline, we would really appreciate any suggestions you could give to make our transition to petticoating our boys as smooth as possible.  To assist in this, I have already agreed to my wife’s demand that I, too, will begin to wear skirts and dresses, and sometimes high heels at home.  Thank you so much for your web site and for any help you can give us.
It sounds as if you have things very thoroughly planned without my help. I would not have supported the idea of home schooling several years ago, but today I think it may be an urgent necessity, in order to somehow counteract the brain-stunting harm done by the flim-flam and tra-la-la of modern schooling. Children need a sound basis of fundamental knowlege, given to them with clear exposition, and objectively examined. Informed independent judgment is impossible without that knowlege base, which is why, I suspect, so many modern teachers oppose my sort of rational and clearly defined education theory. They prefer children to be in a state of placid ignorance, and consequently much more pliable to the (often politically driven) will of the teacher.
I am sure that Timothy and Gregory will learn proper respect and obedience towards girls, but make sure that all the children are given something like the rigorous and demanding schooling which obtained in Scottish schools of the 1950s, and which many parents would give anything for nowadays, if only it were available.

Women feminizing males is a growing Trend!

Message: I dare him to wear girl’s stuff!
Sent by: Gina
Sent on: 3/18/00
I was reading and got to thinking, My BF always wants me to dress sexy. He likes me to wear dresses and heels a lot. I think I will dare him to try it! It’s my turn to have some fun! What do you think?
Message: Sweet Revenge puts U in Power
Sent by: Jill28
Sent on: 3/19/00
I think it’s a great idea! Just tell him it’s time for a little payback. He should know what he is putting you through when he asks you to wear that stuff.
I did the same thing a couple of years back with my BF. Once I got him into an outfit for Halloween (for our costumes, we went as each other) the tables were turned. My sister helped me dress him up in a stretchy, slinky short red dress of mine with heels, stockings, lipstick, and way too much jewelry and perfume. We even taught him how to walk. With his longish hair done up with curls hanging down; he almost looked good. He was scared at first, but once he relaxed, we all had a lot of fun. It was a scream at the party! All of my girlfriends at the party fought over the chance to dance with him!
Problem was, after the party he didn’t want to take it off, so I got us all real drunk, and made him strip for us! It was hilarious! Never had such fun. He didn’t know how to take off half of it, since we had dressed him up. I won’t say what happened after that, but I will say that he got what was coming to him, and he knew it!
Now, whenever I want him to do something, I call him by his girl name and just start telling him what to do.
So I say; DO IT GINA! You’ll never have so much fun!
Message: I do what you are thinking
Sent by: MadameP
Sent on: 3/20/00
…and it’s worked out great! He wears lacy panties, garter belts, stockings, and heels (sometimes even a bra) in the bedroom. It’s a turn-on for me because he looks so cute and because he becomes sooo obedient. I now make him wear a pantie girdle and garter stockings (no socks over them) under his clothes when we go out. This he really doesn’t like but I make the rules. In the near future, we’ll be doing some lingerie shopping together.
It will be a real test of his compliance. By all means go for it!
Message: The best thing I ever did
Sent by: Pigtails
Sent on: 5/5/00
I started to dress up my BF a couple of years ago, whenever he didn’t pull his weight around the house. No dressing, no sex, I told him.
He is crazy for me (as I am for him), so he just accepted it. Now I make him meet me in bars dressed. Needless to say he now spends hours practicing his walk, his make-up, etc., ‘cos otherwise he looks ridiculous.
It has really improved our relationship, because he now understands so many things from the female point of view. And I never get criticized for being late because it took me so long to get ready!
Go for it!
The postings are expressed with a kind of American garishness, but they are nevertheless of great interest. This is from a women’s board, not a bulletin board for submissive males. It does show that there are women who are keen to petticoat their males, and make better use of them about the house. So for the lonely male readers of ‘Petticoat Discipline Monthly’, from whom I receive so many letters, don’t give up hope.

A Strong Woman that has Control!


(From Ms Bland)

Dear Susan,
I just love your site and look forward to the new stories and letters every month. I now feel I must tell your readers of my family.
My husband was petticoated by his mother and grandmother from a very early age, and I continue to do the same to him. He is obedient, an excellent provider, and also a most efficient housemaid. But more about him in another letter.
My son, who is now 15, has been petticoated since he got out of diapers. Actually he has never been totally out of diapers, as I have used them as a means of additional punishment all his life, and he is still put into them if I deem it necessary.
Winston, my son, never wore a pair of pants or slacks until he went to school, and even then I kept him in girls’ slacks and blouses until grade 4. In the evenings and on weekends I kept him in little girl rompers for going out in, and little girl dresses around the house. Of course he always wore Mary Jane shoes. If he misbehaved or complained I put a dress and tights on him when we went out. It only took one or two outings before his complaints stopped and his behavior improved. Also, as I planned on corseting him when he reached 12 years old, I started him in a panty girdle at age 10. For dress occasions and Sunday School  I kept him in panties, white tights, black velvet shorts that laced up the back, and a white blouse with ruffles on the front and cuffs, and black patent T-Bar shoes with little heels. His little panty girdle gave him a nice smooth and quite feminine appearance. Of course I received many disapproving remarks, but the compliments on his appearance and behavior were far more frequent.
When Winston was 12 I had him fitted for a corset that laced up the back. He hated it when the corsetiere teased him about soon having a girly figure, and how perky his little breasts were as they were lifted up by the corset. I also had her fit him with a little training bra to wear with the corset. He was so humiliated.
At this time he was ready for secondary school, so I bought him some boys’ slacks, shirts and shoes, but he had to change as soon as he got home. Of course, he still wore panties and tights under his slacks.
Well, today he is 15 and is the most obedient son anyone could ask for. He  is now a real sissy and quite feminised. He is allowed boys outerwear for school, but at home his is in tights and a dress. Thanks to the corseting he has a 24 inch waist, and in his panties and tights I do not have to worry about him getting some innocent girl into trouble. Next year, when he is 16, I plan on enrolling him in hairdressing school, and also a dressmaking school.
Even today I am still amazed at the results of his petticoating, however he still needs to be remained of his status at times, and I find a little dose of public humiliation does wonders. He actually passes as a girl when out, so to bring him back into line I will refer to him as Winston instead of his sissy name, Winifred. He immediately turns red with shame and humiliation.
I just know that someday, just like his father, he is going to make some woman a wonderful, faithful, and obedient husband.
Ms. Bland
Winston sounds like he has undergone very thorough petticoat training, and I am certain he will be an excellent husband for some lucky girl who can accept his petticoating needs. Ms Bland sounds as if she has her family firmly under her control, and I hope that she will write again, giving more detail regarding her husband, both in his present role, and his childhood experiences.

The True Reality!

Boyfriend Caught Out
from Angie
Dear Susan:
My boyfriend always thought he was so macho and could order me around, until I caught him reading some of your letters and threatened to tell his friends if he didn’t submit to wearing feminine clothes for me.  He now wears slips, panties, and bras, and because I want him to feel fully feminine I make him serve my girlfriends and myself when we get together, and make him do the housework.  We now refer to him as ‘her’ and ‘she’, and I make her dress like a girl when we go shopping, and out to dinner. With a little bit of care ‘she’ is not unconvincing.
She now wears a wig and has wardrobe of panties, bras, skirts, blouses, pantyhose, nighties and makeup. She is now completely submissive to me, and I prefer living with the woman I made her into, over the man she thought she was.  Thank you for your website, and your ideas on how to handle emasculating these easily manipulated creatures.
Thank you Angie, of course your boyfriend must have been attracted to the thought of being taken in hand and petticoated by you and your girlfriends, so he is probably happier than ever. There is nothing wrong with that of course!


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