Women in Command!!!

Today’s posting has to do with what more and more women are accomplishing with their males.  What a delight to see Female Empowerment coming on strong, and the feminization of men and boys accelerating!  Yes…the New World Order is coming!  The following is some comments from a similar blog about Female Control:  Keep in mind…If a woman wants a man or boy to be feminine, then that is what he will be!!!

saffy roberta says:
3rd November 2017 at 10:56 am
How fascinating to have come across this blog by chance (I will certainly be following – thank You Lady Alexa for providing it), and particularly this post. I can relate very much from my personal point of view, being a sissy with noticeable breast growth.
In short, I’m in a relationship with my wonderful Female partner. She knew from the outset I crossdressed – that was part of the appeal for Her – and after 18 months together I’m now fully smooth all over and regularly dressed head to toe as a girl when (W)we’re together. She understands I have a feminine mindset and encourages me to express this – for Her it’s a welcome trait, and will often treat me to a new dress, lipstick or suchlike. With Her encouragement I have even started venturing out and socialising as a girl – something I hope will only increase in frequency.
As with Your explanation regarding Your Alice, my partner does not want me to take hormones or have surgery – for exactly the same reasons, but again She too adores the thought of me with natural boobs rather than breast forms. Despite being quite slim, I already had some fatty tissue about my chest due possibly to relaxed muscle tone. In my past attempts to fit in with the idea of malehood I used to exercise my chest you see.
Without betraying (O)our intimacy too much, She pays particular attention to my boobs, massaging, tweaking and sucking my nipples and chest area. This has resulted in me becoming very sensitive their, and I now find my chest is very much a primary erogenous zone – so much so I miss it if She doesn’t pay attention there…
I now have definite growth, somewhere between an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ cup, and in the case of some bras can almost fill them naturally. I do get embarrassed about my boobs at times and am very conscious of and strive to conceal them when in boi-mode, but when naked they are quite pronounced and my Partner loves them, which ultimately is what matters. She will often sneak behind me and cup them with Her hands, which always gives me a delicious mixture of light humiliation and arousal.
If I may be daring enough to offer some advice to Dominant Women looking to induce non-chemical and non-surgical – breast growth in Their feminised male, I can’t recommend this method enough. It’s also helpful for the sissy who fights against herself and doesn’t really want boobs, as a sissy will submit to almost anything during intimacy, so despite herself will be unable to resist wanting You to play with and fondle her there in moments of passion.
Lady Alexa says:
3rd November 2017 at 2:42 pm
Well thank you saffy roberta, it’s always nice to hear about other women like me who prefer their men feminised. I also like to cup Alice’s breasts and I look forward to them being larger, she does possibly have almost an A cup through gym work alone. They do now show through her tee shirst but her nipples are small. I want them much bigger too. All of my friends in the femdom scene area met males who already enjoyed crossdressing unlike in our case. Nice to read about your own story, thanks for letting us all know. lady Alexa
saffy says:
3rd November 2017 at 3:46 pm
You’re more than welcome Lady Alexa, and thank You for entertaining my post and responding. In my eagerness I seem to have posted it twice (for some reason I can only view my original comment by following Your reply which I was notified of via email) – so apologies for that!
My partner definitely prefers feminised men – She enjoys having the male side of the equation too, but likes my body smooth and feminine, so yes that includes Her liking and enjoyment of my breast development, although (W)we are not fantasists and also have to balance this with a vanilla lifestyle, more’s the pity! I think given the choice (W)we would both want for me to more fully embrace my womanhood, and I am fascinated by and dream about one day having fully formed large breasts – even though the thought scares me too… Being a sissy is full of such bitter-sweet feelings like this.
I’m pleased You want Alice with bigger breaths as they’re of course more overtly feminine that way and do more to assuage her maleness. My find it easy to conceal my developing boobs in baggier clothes, but tighter fitting garments make it much harder, and there are times when I’m very self-conscious about them. You may notice this trait in Alice if her boobs continue to grow, and it’s not one I have an easy answer to – so please let me know if You find one that doesn’t involve binding or similar!!
I have not yet caught up on all Your posts, being new as I am, but I gather then Alice was different from Your Femdom friends in that she was not herself a crossdresser to begin with? How intriguing! My guess would be then that You found some spark in her that initially delighted somehow – perhaps even in ‘just’ pleasing You, and things snowballed from there. I can see I will be delightedly catching up!
For my part I hope my own feminisation continues. I’m very, very submissive and while not in a bona fide FLR I would gladly hand the reins to my partner and quite happily assume the traditionally female role fully and completely.
Lady Alexa says:
3rd November 2017 at 10:17 pm
Your partner sounds like me. I want my Alice to have male urges but otherwise feminine. We also have to balance an outward vanilla appearance with what I really want I guess you’ll see that from my previous posts

Not just husbands and boyfriends, but if a mother or aunt wants a feminine son or nephew, the boys will follow through and be molded to that feminine image.  Personally, I like the thought of boys in tights or pantyhose.  To me, the delicate fabric forces the boy to become docile…a Good thing!

In some instances, Women are opening schools and dance studios catering to feminine activities for boys, such as ballet!  Also, Womanless Pageants are flourishing!

Dr. M.Walcott says:
14th October 2017 at 10:44 am
Dear Alexa,
I am a qualified and practicing counsellor for the past twenty plus years. In the course of my work, I come across several aspects of inter personal relations, often hidden from public view. I have been fortunate to guide, encourage many many couples to arrive at a mutually acceptable but loving lifestyle far removed from what we perceive as normal. One trend I have observed recently is the increasing number of wives who have taken on the leadership role in their marriage. In fact one one of my lady clients recommended your blog to me.
I have read your blog recently and as a student of human interaction started from the beginning. After my study, at least two readings, I am convinced that unlike many other blogs yours is a narration of a true real life marriage. I am fascinated at how your and Alice life has evolved. Pardon my unsolicited advice , but I wish to share my opinion on where you are and perhaps wish to be.
Based upon my experience, women are better suited for leadership and decision making than men. A male mind is narrow and often misses the bigger picture. It is conditioned by stereotypes. How often do you have a man yell that he can’t find an object lying close to him, because he does not look for it, but only looks where he thinks it ought to be? It is no surprise that in advanced countries, more political and economic leadership positions are occupied by women. A female mind can multitask, observe better and often has a wider and more long term perspective. I am not saying male minds are useless. They are simply better suited for tasks requiring sharp focus (scientific research), quick results (surgery, military operations). Women are better at strategizing and men at executing. Our past history has conditioned men to think they are the natural head of the family, but more often than not, they are cleverly manipulated into doing what their wives tell them to do. A wise wife offers her husband two or more choices in a manner that he ends up doing what she wants; thinking all along that he is the decision maker. I don’t blame the poor dears. It is the testosterone that makes them do so.
In your own life, based upon your blog, you seem to have reached a plateau in terms of feminizing Alice. I suspect you would like to progress further , but hesitate because you love her and do not want to bully or force her. You are also sensitive to public reaction as is Alice on your plans to pierce her ears, give Alice breast implants etc. The irony is that you know Alice is willing but both of you hesitate.
In this situation, I have often advised couples as follows. Public memory and interest is short. What may appear shocking at first sight is soon accepted as normal. People move on . A few of my lady clients have dressed their men in women clothing for office parties saying it was a dare or they wanted to come in a fancy dress costume. Exposing a man publicly a few times, saying it was because he lost a bet, he did it as a lark or any other reason can help soften and acclaamatize him. Make Alice wear clip on ear rings a few times in public. Even go so far as to allow her to remove it mid way, but make sure it goes back before you return home. Very soon the embarrassment would have waned.
Males as I said before like to believe that are the ones deciding not knowing that the more agile female brain guides them unknowingly. Most women know that the best way to get their husband’s do a task is to present two options, one much more unattractive than the other. The blunt male mind invariably opts for The less unattractive choice which was the intended choice all along. Your blog too reflects this reality. Early in your new lifestyle Alice had acquiesced to having her ears pierced as you had allowed her this option instead of breast inserts. You should represent her the choice again and no doubt the result will be the same.
Another common habit among men is procrastination and laziness. They will often hunt for ways to postpone actions. Delay can be a precursor to avoid the task totally, hoping it will not be required or that some one else will do the work. In your own blog, sadly you allowed the initiative to slip away. Alice was ready but you were perhaps too soft and temporary postponement has led to ear piercing shelved almost indefinitely. Leadership requires firmness and decisiveness.
Finally , no two lives are the same. We often attach undue importance to public opinion. You and Alice are living your own life and both of you should keep your happiness paramount. Alice in my opinion has accepted and is willing to be guided further along her path of feminization, if it will make you happy. Now the onus is on you to decide How far. More than Alice, I suspect it is you Lady Alexa who is worried about public perception and reaction. If as I have read from your blog you truly want Alice to have pierced ears, breast implants and live full timeboth at home and outside as a female the onus is on you. That is what FLR is all about. Alice I think will be quite happy to follow you as long as she knows she is making you happy and you are there for her. After all is she not the wife in your relationship?
Sorry if I have written too much, but I do feel you are unfairly laying the burden of your fear upon Alice.
All said your narrative is fascinating and do continue to share you life with us. You may be pleased to know that I do recommend your blog to some wives who wish to embark upon a similar journey.
Dr. M.Walcott

And more and more Woman are Wearing the Pants Now!!!

While Insisting that their men wear the dresses!

Asha says:
17th October 2017 at 7:20 pm
Hi Lady Alexa,
In my opinion, feminization, especially in the context of a loving FLR should be encouraged and facilitated. Forced feminization may only breed resentment and anger . It is the responsibility of the leader to find ways and push boundaries, at times creating situations that may be embarrassing or even humiliating but taken cumulatively increases acceptance and evolution of feminization. I believe this approach provides better results than bullying, coercion or corporal punishment of a recalcitrant male.
Mine is also a female led marriage where feminization is on going and increasing. My partner Susie, like Alice is usually compliant and cooperative. I have got her ears pierced and am now exploring breast inserts. Where I feel I have been lucky is in having a support system. My close friend is also in the process of feminizing her (formerly husband). We meet often and try to share notes, and work together.Susie was initially reluctant to pierce her ears, as was my friends partner. We hit upon the idea of the two of them getting used to wearing ear rings (we started with clip on studs) in public. Initially this was tried in cities where no one knew us. We were on a holiday and made ear rings mandatory at all times. Later we made them wear the rings at night, during dinners at darkly lit restaurants, followed by short errands outside the house. A few trips to the parlour wearing ear rings helped her get more used to being in public. Susie gradually got used to the ear rings and I later made it a rule that removal of ear rings was only allowed with my prior permission. From there it was not long before she realised the advantage of regular ear rings in her ears as compared to clip ons which sometimes tend to fall off and often left her ears sore. It really helped that most of the time she had company in my friends spouse. Together they were able to share the perceived embarrassment of wearing ear rings in public. In fact we even had both of them pierced at the same time.
Unfortunately my friend moved away recently. We had planned to follow a similar approach for breast inserts. Susie knows that inserts are certain, but she also knows that I will find a way to ease her path. Feminization can be done without coercion . All it takes is persistence, sensitivity and support along with determination. While I rack my brains on the means, Susie and I do share interesting chats on the side of her breast inserts I prefer her to be size 38, while she chooses a more modest 32. We may compromise, or I may even yield to her wish, as long as I know that she will soon sport two soft lumps of flesh that will jiggle on her chest as she moves and remind her of her feminity every moment.
Lady Alexa says:
18th October 2017 at 2:00 pm
Hello again Asha. It’s wonderful to hear from you again. You’ve made some excellent points. You were lucky to have a friend who was also feminising her husband. I do have friends I’ve met through this blog who live with feminised husbands but the husbands were willing participants who initiated the FLR. In my case, and yours, we initiated the FLR and feminisation of our husbands so the situation and the challenges are different. I suspect we are rarer in the world of forced fem and FLR. I like your approach. Alice does have clip ons which look like pierced earrings. I think the idea of getting her used to wearing them outside the home is key. It’s also a good thing for others to get used to it. I’m also growing her hair to help in the feminisation but also to make her future earrings less obvious. A double win I think. longer hair AND earrings. I may buy her some smaller clip ons,little rings, and make them mandatory on holidays and away from home. Great ideas, thanks Asha
Asha says:
17th October 2017 at 10:22 pm
An addendum, Lady Alexa. I have written on this blog before, over a year ago. At that time I was pretty annoyed with Susie ( or Daisy as I used to call her). I had even given her an ultimatum threatening to pierce her septum if she wished me not to pierce her ears. I learnt (humbly, I confess) that bullying does not pay. I met no covert resistance, but I could see Susie shying away from me. I quickly changed tracks and was lucky to find another couple and this allowed Susie to find a companion and smoother her acceptance of piercing.
The reason I changed her name from Daisy to Susie is to easily allow me to convey my mood to her. Most often I call out Susie as I wish to convey a loving approach. I use the more formal Susan to convey displeasure or a command requiring immediate obedience. Susie can be whispered but a stern and loud call of “Susan” not only highlights her female status, even in public, but also sends a quick red flush of humiliation on her face.
SillyGirl says:
17th October 2017 at 11:52 pm
(big smile), that is a very interesting idea, Susie-Susan…
I love it, a whole different meaning/emotion in one word. I would love to be there when she hears. “SUSAN” in public.
Lady Alexa says:
18th October 2017 at 2:10 pm
Yes I also changed Alice’s name a couple of times until I settled on Alice. Her first names were too bimbo-ish when I really wanted a girl for a husband. So something more day to day fitted better. I have two names for my husband also but I use them differently. I use Alice usually when I’m talking about her to other femdom friends but girl the rest of the time. For example I’ll say “girl, could you get me a drink?” To show her I’m pleased I tell her she’s a “good girl” or a “pretty girl” and so on. It helps to show her that she’s a girl and also inferior in status but that our relationship is loving. I also use ‘girl’ in public and occasionally Alice. If I’m with family who don’t know about us then i use ‘dear’. Alexa x
Asha says:
18th October 2017 at 9:58 pm
Re naming and shaming, what has been your experience Lady Alexa? I observe that whenever I call out “Susan!” In public, the reaction never changes. She casts a furtive look around to see if anyone else has heard or observed. Even amongst close friends who are aware of our relationship, she turns crimson. A sheepish smile if there are people around is followed by quick obedience to any task or instruction. We have discussed her reaction and Susie tells me that after I call out Susan in public, her entire attention is focussed on me to ensure she is alert and eager to quickly pick up on what I expect her to do. Even when I whisper, she says it is the loudest voice she can hear, given her rapt attention and focus upon me. I do confess that I enjoy her feeling of humiliation and do not miss or spare her even in public. I do not believe in coercion, but will not miss any opportunity to rub in her status as my feminine submissive. Asha
Lady Alexa says:
21st October 2017 at 4:47 pm
My experience is identical to yours Asha, Alice’s face turns into one of acute embarrassment. I too confess to an immense enjoyment at seeing ‘the face’. I like to find ways to call her girl in public. My other experience is that no one has ever commented or appeared to notice. I think many have but decided not to be involved.


Monika Kaemmerer says:
16th October 2017 at 12:53 pm
Lady Alexa, thinking about holidays and vacation stays I can imagine that Alice could be somewhat more courageous. I think, far from home with our intolerant conservative surroundings we can implement an ideal modern female-male relationship, with female rule and a cute and obedient male girl as a subordniate, fully feminzed housewife. I remember a vacation stay in Britain some years ago when my wife was wearing the pants (as she always does), keeping me in skirts and dresses with very few exceptions (exceptions being women´s pants and tops naturally) and with me getting a feminine hairstyle and a pretty make-up at a beauty saloon. Some people were looking, others did not even notice. And we got no negative reactions. We had rented a cottage, so I could cook and clean, doing everything a normal housewife should do. We enjoyed it so much, and I am still dreaming how we can realize this wonderful lifestyle at home, once and forever. Of course, in our own four walls we can do it, and we really do so. But the problem remains to open up in public, especially in the small village where we are located.
It always turns me on when more people get notice of our female led marriage. It exites me when my wife is telling them that she is head of the household and relationship and has a cute and obedient housewife at home. Yes, we sissy hubbies, not really a “man” anymore, feel pride and in heaven to submit to this wonderful lifestyle. Regrettably a majority of our contemporanians would never understand or even accept it. That is what makes things so difficult in our social reality.
All we can do is to push the boundaries whereever and whenever we can risk it.
Let me keep my fingers crossed for everything you are looking forward to with Alice !
Curtsey, adoring you, Monika
collysis says:
16th October 2017 at 4:03 pm
Monika … what an amazing holiday asventure you had !!! What was it like in the salon? How feminine was the hairdo? Did you two go out at all or interact with others apaet from the salo ? It must have been a wonderful experience with memories to treasure and hopefully your better half took lots of photos to help you remember! X x x
Monika Kaemmerer says:
17th October 2017 at 1:43 am
Yes, Collysis, this has been a fantastic adventure during our vacations in Cornwall.
I got beautiful a beautiful curly hairstyle ( furtunately had my hair somewhat longer than usual, nearly down to my shoulders), and the beautician had o much fun to give me a beautiful makeover. For several days we went sightseeing around the countryside with me en-femme, and in the evening my wife took me out into nearby restaurants. Finishing our trip later in London we had an extended shopping spree for lingery, skirts and dresses for me.


Control his clothing. I believe this to be one of the most important areas to address in any FLR. There are three reasons for this is my mind. Firstly, it enforces his status level and ensures he wears clothing you enjoy seeing him in. Regarding status, people react to clothing as symbols of position and power or of lowly status. Different women employ different techniques here but the key is demonstration of the status differential. The woman is the General, the CEO, the Chief of Police. The man is the private, the admin assistant, the secretary, the domestic help. We therefore need to dress them differently. Many women like to keep their men naked at home and I also like this approach and adopt it or variations of it at times. However, in my case I prefer to feminise my husband and make him wear very revealing and very feminine clothing. Short skirts and dresses emphasise his status as a domestic assistant to me. Secondly being naked or being forced to wear feminine clothing makes the male more feminine which is a quality you need to instil in your man. It helps to strip away any nasty male traits. There are other ways to address this issue but clothing goes a long way to making this a reality. Finally, it’s just very pleasant to see a man in a skirt, dress or naked.


How special is this…making your husband hang his pantyhose in the yard, while he is in his pretty skirt suit and high heels!

Showing off your pretty man in his mini dress is awesome!

Kyoko…One of the Most Beautiful Men you will ever see!  A Great Role Model!

It’s time to make the changes in the relationship!!!  A Feminine man is a Great husband!


So we see who is now in charge AND Wearing the pants!


2 thoughts on “Women in Command!!!

  1. OMIGOSH! Patti, you are back full force and with a vengeance… well not as forceful as a Female, but that would be obvious. After all, Females are so superior, but at least when They accept and show it
    they see we dainty, docile and frail male girls do have enough energy and strength to squeal at Their exciting power and magnificence. Hope They don’t mind !!!

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  2. Just curious. Are the letters real or fiction? Is the New Age Lifestyle a real trend? Thanks,

    Ted ☺

    On Sun, Nov 12, 2017, 2:55 PM The New Age Lifestyle wrote:

    > patti59 posted: “Today’s posting has to do with what more and more women > are accomplishing with their males. What a delight to see Female > Empowerment coming on strong, and the feminization of men and boys > accelerating! Yes…the New World Order is coming! The following” >


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