The Gradual Changes are here!!!!

Starting off with a quote from PennySue, and how women can easily feminize the males in their lives.  It can be a gradual transformation, then leading to complete male feminization.  Lovely to see in action!  So nice to see a man so hairless, and with no muscle development!   The perfect boytoy for a strong woman!

Men like to wear them because they are better and more comfortable. my husband and sons all wear them all of the time because that is what I bought for them. men also like to wear them because it is a taboo that they can get away with easily. many would like to be feminized by a female and would just love to have to wear women’s clothing and underwear at a wife’s or girlfriends demand or suggestion. Please girls try it on your mates or sons. young boys love soft panties and are easily convinced to wear girls clothing all of the time. My sons love them and won’t even think about going back to boys stuff.

Getting men and boys into pantyhose or stockings is a great way to help calm them down.  By wearing delicate clothing, the boys need to be more docile!

Also nice to know that while men and boys are learning to be pretty and sweet….Women and girls are becoming Stronger and more Dominant!

As boys and men are becoming Pretty…Women are excelling in sports!


More from PennySue:

Best way
It may not be the best way for punishment, but more females should feminize their husbands, Bf or sons. I have completely feminized my husband and 3 sons we all love it and think it is fantastic. I have helped others feminize their males and most really like it afterward. Many a guy would actually loved to have it happen to then and many who do not now about it actually like it after trying. It is the way for the future for all open minded strong females. My husband has the looks, style and clothes of a complete female at all times. He really loves it along with our 3 sons. I am currently helping some friends feminize their males. Many are out there who have done it, but it is just that so many of them are so good at it that many pass full time. Often the feminized male looks more like a real women because there is more attention applied to detail and looks. This is especially true in younger males and boys.

A Question from Doris:

Can one train boys to prefer to dress this way?

Doris, Many males can be made to dress this way and many actually love it. Young boys love soft silky nighties and soft panties and will not want to go back to the dull male stuff. Also many older males would like to give it a try but are just to afraid to get it started. suggest to your husband or Boyfriend that he try some panties or such and see what happens. he might suprise you, many would like to try it, but it may be necessary to suggest it more than just once. many a male would like for his mate to control him in some way and this is a great way to try it out. feminization of males leads to a greater outlook on the relationship and a much better understanding between the sexes. Try it, please, if you do not give it a try, you will probably regreat it later. My husband loves it and he now has the total look of a beautifull blonde women, he can pass for one anywhere and no one would suspect any difference. My three sons now look like 3 pretty little girls and we all get along just great. I have also helped mothers use it on their sons who were giving them trouble and always causing problems. You take a young boy 7- 13 or so, let him grow his hair out some and give him a girl makeover, you will be surprised my his total change in attitude and behavior. Some need to be started off slowly but it usually works. It gives many of them a total fresh start at things, that may have been causing them problems in their previous lifestyle and many do all right with feminization. I believe it is the way of the future. Plus many boys and young males actually make better looking girls then many real girls do. there really are a lot more of them out there then you realize.


More from PennySue:

I think all men should try to wear women’s clothing or be made to at least rty it sometime. I just recently helped a new aquaintance get set up in women’s styles and clothing for a more permanent basis. this is a man in his 40s, straight married but likes dressing up, his wife goes along with it and asked me to help them out. He does not look anything like a woman, but has med long hair and loves to wear female clothing. We got him to now wear a women’s work uniform for work in his appliance repair business. he now wears a women’s style shirt, pants along with padded bra and fanny. along with his new women’s styled hair, makeup and eyebrows. he now goes to work everyday like this and has had very little problems with anyone giving him much grief over it. At home he dresses in more casual women’s clothing and often goes out with his wife in skirts and pantsuits and enjoys dressing like a women even though he would never really have much chance as passing as one when most people would give him more then a casual look or talk. He is really very happy dressing like this and has really become a new person and really doesn’t mind talking about it with others who he might strike up a conversation with. More people should feel as confident in their selves as this guy does.



8 thoughts on “The Gradual Changes are here!!!!

  1. When I married my “husband”, Amy, most of the foundation had already been laid. “He” had been raised by his dominant Mother and two older sisters and was encouraged to embrace femininity from an early age. When Amy was 5, her older sister was getting her ears pierced and she wanted to get hers done too. She wore longish hair growing up and started coloring/highlighting it when she was 15. All through High School she had a very androgynous look and manner about her. She kept her body hairless and even started electrolysis because she hated having facial hair.

    Amy started Cosmetology School right out of High School and that is where we met. At that time, she was being “mistaken” for a female much of the time. When we decided to get married I told her, in no uncertain terms, that she was expected to transition and become a 1950’s housewife. This is a role that she has totally embraced.

    Before we got married, Amy was right on the edge and I gave her the little push she needed to finally become the woman she is today.

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    1. Hi Christine! How wonderful to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying the blog, and I appreciate you sharing your story. As a person that advocates for Gender Role Reversal, and the Empowerment of Women and the Feminization of men, I delight in hearing about yet another man that is living the lifestyle of a 1950’s woman. The Role reversal in these situations is AWESOME! If you don’t mind, I would love to hear more! Does Amy describe himself as a feminine man, or a woman? The reason I ask is that in the Role Reversal society that I envision, Feminine men would be that…Feminine men, and not necessarily identify as the Stronger Female Sex. I am assuming from your posting that both you and Amy are hairdressers. Do you work at the same salon? Are you his boss a work? Do you require him to always wear a dress or skirt? Do you at the salon help mothers with boys that are entered into Womanless pageants? I know…so many questions, it is just that sharing this growing trend is important to let others know that they are not alone in encouraging both male femininity and female empowerment! Hope to hear back from you soon! Patti


      1. Hi Patti,

        Amy spent her high school years as a feminine male. It was a role that she embraced and was encouraged by her family and friends. By the time we met, she was definitely more girl than boy. But, she still struggled with her identity. When we started dating, I told her that I only wanted to see the girl inside her come out. When we decided to get married, I told her that it would only be if she started to transition.

        She started therapy, then hormones. She had a bad reaction to taking the Spiro so she had to stop. She was given the option to be castrated, which she was. She identifies as a woman and has been living her life that way for the last almost 8 years.

        After Amy graduated from Cosmetology school and got her license, she worked at Fantastic Sam’s for about 6 months until we got married. After we got married, she reduced her time to 1 day a week and otherwise was a stay at home housewife. I was recruited by L’Oreal to be a trainer, so we haven’t worked together. Though, she has sat in on many of my classes, especially when I have to travel. Amy picks out her own clothes. The only thing that I require is that she always look her best. Most of the time, except maybe when we go camping, she has to be wearing makeup and have her hair coiffed at all times.

        Over the years, I have helped mothers with boys to get a more feminine look. It was interesting, there were two women who were having behavioral problems with their sons. One had me do a water perm saying that if he didn’t start behaving the next time would be for real. The other had me do a roller set and makeup.

        A week later, the Mother of one who got the water perm was back. It turned out that her liked his hair that way. I gave him a loose wave perm. They were back a month later saying he wanted it tighter. He wore his hair this way for over 2 years.

        I also had one other Mother bring her 13 year old “son” in because he thought he might be transgender. It was the start of summer vacation and they were going to the East coast for the summer. John wanted to spend the summer as Jessie. I highlighted her hair and cut her layers. She had her eyebrows done, got a mani/pedi and her ears pierced. The next time I saw her, after summer, she came in as Jessie and has been ever since.

        I hope I wasn’t too long.

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      2. Hi Christine!
        No, you were not too long at all. As a supporter of Male Femininity, it is always a Joy to hear about men and boys being feminized, and especially when it is a younger boy, learning just how much they enjoy their femininity. I am not quite sure where you might be on the “Spectrum” of Gender Role Reversal, but for me it is so exhilarating to see especially a “Problem” boy, being feminized. It is my belief that many boys that are overly “macho” actually Crave the feminine. So when you shared the stories here about the two mothers with problem boys, it was surely a delight to hear how they addressed the issue. I really believe a major percentage of boys, If encouraged, would embrace femininity.
        On the other hand to this equation, and what I would really love to hear your perspective on, is the encouragement of girls to be more assertive and Strong. In my opinion, for Gender Role Reversal to become a reality, girls will need to take on a more assertive role, while the boys are being encouraged to be dainty and pretty. I would love seeing boys decked out in pretty dresses and taking ballet, playing in their baby blue painted bedrooms, with Princess Canopy beds, doing their nails and practicing makeup, while girls are out playing baseball and football, and generally roughhousing! Quite the opposite of the stereotypical Girl – Boy Culture.
        Thank you for sharing. If you have more time to comment, I would really love to hear your thoughts. You are not too long in relating your experiences!


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      3. Patti,

        I agree with much you have written. I believe that all men and boys could learn from a good dose of femininity. If the likes of Harvey Weinstein and others had experienced femininity growing up, they probably wouldn’t have the problems they do now. Would I want all men to be reduced to the stereotypical sissy, the answer is no. But, those who are “owned” by Dominant women probably should become sissies.

        Girls/Women today are being given opportunities and responsibilities that were unheard of just 20 years ago. More women are graduating from college than men. More are being promoted into Management positions. I predict that in the next 20 years, women will be the main bread winners and men will assume become more of the role of househusbands. Men will want to look nicer and younger for their wives. They will be encouraged to have a more and more feminine demeanor. Young girls will be raised like young men were 50 years ago to be successful. Young men will be encouraged to embrace more of a domestic role.

        I heard on the news today that a woman, who had an uterus transplant, gave birth to a healthy baby. Will it be just a matter of time before it will be routine for men to have uterus transplants and carry their children to term?

        Amy and I were both raised by strong Dominant Mothers. In Amy’s case she subtly bent his psyche to accept and embrace femininity and submissiveness. In my case, my Mother raised me to be a strong, Dominant and independent woman.

        I have known and seen women who are trying to be men. In many cases they are actually over compensating because they feel that they are too feminine. For me, I love my femininity. I have always been very much a girly girl, which is one of the reasons that I love cosmetology.

        I see myself more like the character Lagertha, from the show the Vikings. She is a strong Dominant shield maiden that is, other than when she is fighting, very feminine, sexy and sensual. I believe that women can be both strong and feminine if they so desire.

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  2. The beautiful man, dressed in his short flying skirt, surrounded by sexually active women who eat it with his eyes, and if they have a chance they will slide their hands under the skirt of the submissive man, who will let them do it with a smile.

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    1. Thank you Valentines Day 1996! The Goal here is actually to educate and empower women and men on what is possible. There is a reality that some males prefer to be pretty and feminine, while many women want to be In Charge and take on a more assertive nature. My point is that Strong Women and Feminine Men make a great relationship…Role Reversed, but both being happy! Thank you for participating!


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