Female Taking Control…Males Submitting!

I am starting out this posting by pasting the Header from a very good friend of mine, the “Radical Feminist” that has dedicated many years of effort to empowering women and girls, and feminizing men and boys.  As the New World Order unfolds, it will be women such as Chris that is leading the revolution!


This blog is dedicated to the creation of a female control society run by women who believe in the mass feminization of all males. Our goal is to create the perfect femtopia society, similar to the 1950’s with one big exception the gender roles are 100% reversed.

if you are serious about this subject and want to learn more message me here

Chris and woman like her will be the True Leaders of the Movement to Empower Women and Girls, in the meantime, man and boys will need to be their prettiest Best for the Breadwinning and dominant woman in their lives!

Modern Men of the 21st Century:

Men are the ones that now belong in the kitchen!

Showing off your “boy” in public, in the frilliest of dresses, and daintiest of shoes is what the New Age Women are now doing!

What is so delightful about this photo is that there is No Doubt that this is a feminine man.  I think for Gender Role Reversal to be Effective, and to truly Empower Women, it must be known that the “weak and feminine” person is indeed male.  With no “fake breasts” and no wig, there is no doubt that this is indeed a feminine man, in need of a Strong Woman to direct him!

Keeping men in skirts, heels and nylons, and having them wear makeup and jewelry, while carrying dainty purses will ensure that women will receive No Pushback by the “Once Mighty Males” that mistreated women for so long!

Women, and especially mothers need to encourage their sons to enter Womanless Pageants.  It is very important that women insist that boys learn femininity at an early age, many will automatically be drawn to the feminine, making the future for Girls much better, as they will be in Control!



And don’t forget, “The Boy in a Dress” Movement!

Who’s Wearing the Pants now????

Womankind will Prosper!   Men and Boys will learn their proper place in the New World Order!



6 thoughts on “Female Taking Control…Males Submitting!

  1. Hello,

    I’m not a troll and I’m fine with whatever will save the planet. If this is what’s needed I support it. I can tell you that my wife has been making the important decisions and I rely heavily on her judgment. As to feminization, she might be for it eventually and I could get used to it if it happened gradually. My question is this. Are the pictures and posts genuine and is this a bona fide movement whose time is come? Obviously the fact I signed up for your emails means I find it interesting.

    Thanks so much.



    1. Hi Ted! YES, the photos and stories are real. In the case of the stories, they are Real as far as I can verify. The photos are surely real. Boys really are quite pretty when put into dresses and skirts! The Future is surely changing!


      1. I apologise for the delay, I only now saw your reply. I have tried to argue against a female controlled world with logic and I keep coming up short. Obviously it shatters a paradigm held on to for millennia but I have to agree it’s making more and more sense to me and I’m willing to support it. I’m tired of all the war and violence. It’s time to let women take control, men have showed us how NOT to run things. I’m ready to swallow my male pride and ego and step aside for a peaceful world, even if (gulp) it means being feminized.


  2. Patti…..

    You are on a roll!

    Of perfect ROLE REVERSAL for the sexes!

    Love your mentioning baseballs and soccer balls are being taken away from youthful and teen boys use.

    And that instead BALL-GOWNS are the proper venue for male activity!

    Also adore your new division of household duties proper for the sexes…

    And how the male should be appropriately MAID to dress while performing them.

    BRA-vo, Patti, BRA-vo!!!

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  3. Let us embrace our feminine future ! I think all born males should be part of this wonderful revolution. We love our strong, androgynous female partners who are taking the lead. Being the weaker sex, cute and vulnerable, we will know our place in relationship, marriage, family and Society. Supporting the women who lead us, we might feel so much beloved and protected. Thanks, Patti, for your wonderful insights !

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  4. I love the image of the woman and the man sitting, she wearing pants and the male a miniskirt, and her hand rests on the naked knee of the male, as a sign of possession.

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