Yes…It is happening!

I receive a good amount of E-Mails asking if the postings on my blog are “Real”!   Well, I do my best to try to confirm the postings, and the photos are surely Real.  So, the answer is YES, Male Feminization and Female Empowerment is indeed happening.  Is it common yet, No, that will be up tp the Strong Women, IF that is what they want.  Males that are being feminized are pretty mush helpless to stop it, if that is what the woman wants, it will indeed happen.  Today’s posting will reflect on that Fact:

This is a post from a similar Blog, Toni has been feminized by his wife….is it not Delightful?

Toni says:
17th November 2017 at 9:13 pm
My wife has used hormones and breast enlargement crème on my breast for over two years now. i went from being flat chested to being a 36C – D cup breast size. She also used nipple stretchers on my small nipples. They now protrude over 1 inch in length but the do droop a little. During my yearly check up my family doctor said i have may have gynecomastia and questioned me if I was bothered by it at all. I stated that I didn’t realize anything wrong and just felt it was from getting older and less in shape. He stated that most men would be bothered by it. I repeated I wasn’t and a few times my wife stated I needed a bra and laughed. But truly my breast are very noticeable especially in the summer when wearing a T-shirt and my nipples are always noticeable. I have had stares and comments made by strangers, friends and relatives. If they only knew this was done on purpose by my wife who wants me as feminized as possible. I am also hairless and shaved in my pubic area. All that is left is a small triangle above my small male clit. The hormones have shrunk my penis from a normal male size to a very small size about 2 1/2 inches. Erect its about 3 1/2 inches now. During sex with my wife I wear a strap on to please her. Having breast and being a male is humiliating at times especially when we are on vacation at the beach or a hotel pool. The stares I get are very humiliating. Believe it or not most comments are made by females. BTW when dressed I usually wear a bra and in the summer the straps are very noticeable under my T-shirts. My wife loves the embarrassment and humiliation that I am put through. She started feminizing and taking control of me when she realized how much I stared at large breasted females and that bothered her a lot. My wife is a 34B and I am now larger then she is. And she always says to me “How do you feel being stared at all the time like you use to stare at those large breasted woman”? I just lower my head and say I understand how those women must have felt being stared at all the time.



Here is a posting from a UK mother.  More and more mothers are now encouraging their sons to wear skirts and dresses, and notice the number of girls that turned to wearing pants!

Subject: Time for change

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Date Posted: 11/27/17 Mon 22:38

May be some of you are as lucky as I am and live near a school in the UK which has adopted the “genderless” school uniform concept.
The elementary school of my son has done so and now the boys are allowed to wear the skirt / dress uniform and the girls can wear pants as part of their uniform.
First I didn’t think much about these uniform changes, then in summer I talked to my sister whose daughter asked to be allowed to wear pants to school. My sister got the uniform pants for my niece, she told me that her daughter would probably never wear a skirt to school again. As we were talking my sister asked me if my son would ever wear a skirt uniform to school. I told her “no” as I just couldn’t picture him in skirts. He’s such a wild boy, always busy with boy’s stuff.
A couple of weeks later a friend of mine told me that she was going to send her son in the skirt uniform to school. I was really surprised and asked her for the reason of her decision. She told me that her son was a little wild rowdy and she thinks that having to wear the girl’s uniform would calm him down and probably make him a better student. I didn’t think much more about my friend’s decision until one day during summer break when I witnessed how disrespectful my little son was treating girls who were playing in our yard. He and his friends teased and bullied them to the point that they started to cry and ran away. The boys were so proud about their “achievement” and at that time the thoughts of my friend came back to my mind.
I decided that her idea was may be to that bad at all. I didn’t have the money to get new uniforms for my son but then I remembered that my niece who was on class ahead of my son was going to wear pants to school with the start of the new school year. I called my sister and asked her if I could have some of my nieces school uniform skirts and dresses. My sister was surprised when I told her about the son of my friend and that I was going to do the same with my son. She agreed to let me have the skirts and dresses and a day later I picked them up.
When my son came home in the evening, I had him take a shower and told him to wait in his room only in underwear. He did as told.
Then I informed my son about his future school uniform. His first reaction was “no way”. I told him to look inside his wardrobe. He did and his face turned dark-red when he realized that I had replaced all his school pants with skirts and dresses from his cousin. I told him to try on the first dress which he first denied but with a little “convincing” of my side, he finally put on the dress. To my surprise it fit quite well. Then I had him try the blouses and the skirts, everything fit him well. He didn’t say a word, but I sensed that he was very unhappy. While we were trying on the uniforms, my sister called and offered to let us have some of my nieces girl’s shoes to go with the uniform and I told her how happy I was for her support. Then I gave the phone to my son and told him to thank his aunt and his cousin for the uniforms. A hilarious moment watching him thanking his aunt for the skirt he was wearing.
The next days my son tried to talk me out of the idea of him wearing skirts to school. He argued that everybody would laugh at him and that he would be the only boy changing to the girl’s uniform, etc., etc. I told him the decision was final and that I had already informed the school about his uniform change. The more he protested, the more I liked the idea of him attending school in the girl’s uniform.
The first school day after the summer holidays came and after he had taken his shower I helped my son into his uniform. As it was quite cool and rainy on that day, I had him wear green tights with his red, green and white kilted skirt. After he was completely dressed I had him put on black girl’s flat shoes. Then I positioned him in front of our mirror in the hallway and asked him if it was really so bad. He said it was even worse and that he would be bullied by everyone now. He looked so cute in my nieces uniform, it was unbelievable. For that first day, I personally took him to school. We had to walk for about 15 minutes and on the way other students of the school joined us. Of course they were very surprised to see my son in skirt and tights instead of pants and he tried to explain that it was all my “fault” that he was wearing the girl’s uniform. Some boys giggled, most of the girls told him how brave he was and that they liked his new look. In front of the school I met my friend and her son who was also wearing the girl’s uniform. The boys just looked at each other, but then just stood there silently.
When the principal welcomed the students for the new school year she also talked about the uniform changes and said that 5 boys of the school were now wearing the skirt uniform while 29 girls had decided to change to pants. “See, I told you, you are not the only one!” I said to my son who just answered: “I hate the skirt and I hate these tights.” I told him to get used to them as that was what he was wearing every day from now on.
After the welcoming the students went back to their classes and I went home. In the afternoon I picked up my son and asked him how it was. In his class he really is the only boy who has changed into the skirt uniform. The other boys had made fun of them first but then were told to better shut up by the teachers. The girls had been quite friendly to my skirted boy.
When we arrived home he wanted to change into boy’s clothes immediately. I told him that he needed training wearing girl’s clothes and took him to his room. I allowed him to take off the school blouse and the kilted skirt. I told him to keep on the tights and then put him into a short jeans dress which I had gotten for him. He loudly protested but I told him that this was the dress of the day. “I can’t go out and play wearing this!” he cried, “how can I play soccer with the other boys in a stupid dress and tights?” I told him that he could play something else, but the dress was mandatory and to quit whining. When some of the boys wanted to pick him up to play he opted to stay inside. I told the boys he was not feeling well. A little later my sister and my niece came by and when they saw my son in his dress, they were surprised. My niece smiled and told him that his dress was “cute” and his face again turned dark-red. The worst for him was that my little niece was wearing pants. My sister asked how his first day in school was and he whispered “okay”. My niece told us that she saw him during recess and that my son and two of the other boys in skirts had just stood around in corners not doing much. “I can’t do much in a skirt” my son yelled. “This is stupid!”
Over the next days my son calmed down and I even didn’t have to help him into his uniform. My niece had taught him how to carefully put on tights and he now was even able to zip up his skirt in the back. As long as it was cool and rainy, I had him wear the tights. Then the summer weather came back and I thought it was too warm for tights. Instead I had him wear white ankle socks – and I gave him white girl’s panties (I called them “gender neutral” underwear) to wear under the skirt. Of course he protested again but again I did not leave him any other option. So he marched to school wearing girl’s panties. He carefully observed his skirt not flying up as he was afraid any of the boys would see his underwear. But in class he obviously didn’t concentrate on keeping his legs together and some of the other kids saw his panties. After a bit of teasing, things calmed down and the other kids were not interested in his underwear anymore. Things cooled down surprisingly quick. I had expected much more teasing, more bullying, but after about two weeks, the uniform was not a subject anymore. The kids accepted my son in the girl’s uniform quite fast. Of course this helped my son to relax and after a while he went to school as normal as he did last year, with the only difference that this year he is wearing the girl’s uniform.
By now, I have him wear white or blue tights with his uniform and I still have him wear skirts and dresses outside of school which he still doesn’t enjoy too much. But I also let him wear his regular boy’s clothes from time to time too. I made it a point that on Sundays he will always wear a nice dress or skirt with nice tights. On weekdays I decide from day to day if he can wear pants after school – or not.
In the meantime, two more boys wear the kilted skirt uniform to school occasionally, one of them attends the same class as my son. While this boy wears both, pants and skirts, I stayed with my decision that my son will only wear the skirt uniform. I just ordered more skirts for the next school year.
I am sure that more boys will try the girl’s uniform in the near future. One of my son’s friends was visiting my son and I overheard him asking my son about wearing the girl’s uniform. My son’s friend asked how it feels to wear tights and a skirt. My son didn’t answer the questions but told his friend to try it out himself. His friend wanted to know if my son would rather wear pants again and my son actually said that “he didn’t care”. Of course he only said this because he knows that he’ll be stuck with the skirt uniform and didn’t want to tell this to his friend. But I can also say that there are no more protests about the uniform or the girl’s clothes I have him wearing outside school. Not even on last Sunday, when I had him wear a red velvet dress with lace and white laced tights for the first time. Dressed like this he looked like boy from the early 20th century! So nice!!
Two more – very – important changes are my son’s achievements in school (which have significantly improved!) and his behaviour towards other girls. He quit the bullying and treats them with far more respect. Very often girl’s from his class visit him at our house now, they do homework together, they play together, etc. Even if he is wearing a skirt or dress and the girls wear pants, he doesn’t mind anymore. During his first days in skirts and dresses, the worst thing that could happen to him was having to be with girls wearing pants. He was always so embarrassed then. Not anymore. And the girls like my son a lot more since the start of this school year.
There has been a lot of criticism about my decision within my family an from other people. Boys should not wear girls clothes, my son would develop into a homosexual, etc., etc.,
But I think changing his uniform and part of his wardrobe was a real great idea and we all benefit from it. That’s why he will remain in skirts and dresses for a long time!

Subject: 80’s sissy-life


Happy boy-sissy
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Date Posted: 11/21/17 Tue 22:49

I love your stories.
My mommy over-ruled my father and disallowed me playing team-sports in the 80’s, and had me take figure-skating when I was about 8. It was a small class and they told me while I could wear boy-colors, I still had to practice while wearing the tan-color tights the little girls wore, and a blue leotard with very short shorts over the tights.
I didn’t get teased, which made me start really liking my outfit.
Mommy decided tights were good for a kid like me, and so they became normal for me to wear all winter, and even in summer under shorts sometimes.
I loved being her special boy, and my father learned to leave me to it. Mommy would make him real sad somehow if he fought it. So, he didn’t even raise a fuss when she had me in a ballet class by before my 10th birthday.
I went to a small private Montessori school and so I still didn’t get teased much, just a little bit by cousins and such.
Besides, I had all girl-friends by then, except for two boys, who were also raised “special” by their single-parent mother. I met them in ballet, and it was them that got the idea of dressing as girls one day.
We borrowed the very light-pink leotards and sheer tights they ballerina-girls wore and just dressed that way one afternoon at class.
Nobody minded! We were kinda surprised when they just had us stay dressed that way.
The two boys came to class the next time wearing pink, encouraged by their mommy, to dress like the girls, and they made me ask MY mommy to join them. And that’s how our dance class became all-girl!

4 thoughts on “Yes…It is happening!

  1. I love this story, because it establishes the base and the breeding ground for the change of gender roles. The girls have decided to wear pants, and the boys will gradually be forced to wear skirts, and worry that the wind does not raise so that the girls do not see their panties. That is the future of all the males

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  2. Quote: “…and my father learned to leave me to it. Mommy would make him real sad somehow if he fought it.”

    Is there some sex-role reversal the Mother may eventually have in mind for the father? Hmmmm…. amusing to contemplate!


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