An Exclusive for our Blog! Christine & Amy!!

In our posting for today, we have an exclusive story by two of our followers.  The story I will post is in Amy’s own words.  Amy was formerly known as Scott, and was born in 1990.  Their story is one of how the “New Age Lifestyle” is indeed developing for some people.  It shows that Gender Role Reversal and Female Empowerment is indeed happening, and the people involved are very happy and content.  Through the exchange of E-Mails, I have had the pleasure of corresponding with both Christine and Amy, and I must say that they are delightful people and I am Thankful that they have shared with me, and support the “New Age Lifestyle”.  Great Role Models for others!



Hi Patti,

Christine asked me to give you a short summary on how I got to where I am today. The stuff in my early life comes from what my Mother, sisters and friends have told me. So, here goes:

I was born in July, 1990 as Scott Joseph Wagner. My Father left my Mother and 2 older sisters, Sarah and Jennifer, when I was 2. Needless to say, I don’t remember him, though I did meet him once about 10 years ago. My Mother never dated and I didn’t have any male role models in my life.

Growing up, I idolized my sisters. They, and my Mom, were my role models. I don’t remember the first time I put on a dress. Sarah and Jennifer thought it was fun to dress me up and I became their younger sister. Mother had no problem with it and thought I looked cute.

It was no big deal for me to put on a dress. It seemed as normal as putting on a pair of jeans. There were a couple of times that Mother wanted to cut my hair and I had a fit. In fact, I think I cared more about my hair than my sisters did. One time, when I was 4, I asked my Mother to curl my hair for me. I loved it and kept my hair curly thereafter.

When I was 5, Jennifer (7) wanted to get her ears pierced before school started. If Jennifer was getting her ears pierced, then I wanted mine done too. Mother tried to talk me out of it but, I persisted. Soon I was wearing gold studs in my ear lobes.

By this time, my hair was almost half way down my back. Mother wanted to cut it before I started Kindergarten but I threw a fit. We ended up compromising by getting it cut to just below my shoulders. I wore a ponytail and I got some kidding by the other kids. But, I didn’t care.

Most of my friends, growing up, were girls, though I did play boys’ soccer and joined the Scouts. Most of the time I would be in my boy mode. But, I did enjoy becoming Amy, a name that was given to me by Sarah and stuck, when I was playing with my friends and/or sisters. When I was Amy, I was constantly being corrected if I acted like a boy at all.

By the time I was 10, I could subconsciously switch between boy and girl mode without even thinking. On many weekends, and some of our family vacations, I would be Amy fulltime. Mother never discouraged me about being in boy mode. But it seemed strange that almost every time I wanted to do boyish things, Mother and/or my sisters would have me do something more fun as Amy.

When I was 12, I spent the whole summer as Amy. I had wanted to go to the Boy Scout camp and my family was going to visit my Aunt and cousins in Hawaii for the summer. Hawaii sounded more fun than Boy Scout Camp. My sisters thought it would be great if I spent the whole time as Amy. My Aunt and cousins had already met and loved Amy. So, I said okay.

To prep for the summer, I shaved my legs and pits, got my eyebrows done, got my hair cut into a very feminine layered cut with side bangs. I kept getting my sister’s hand me downs so I had plenty of clothes. But Mother took me, in my girl clothes to buy bras, panties, swim suits and shoes. She wanted me to feel the experience of shopping as a girl with her Mother. But, this wasn’t the first time I went shopping as Amy. My sisters used to “drag” me to the Mall.

It was a great summer and one lasting effect it had on me. I hated having hair on my body and have kept it hairless since. I started swimming in school which was a good excuse for keeping hairless. Also, it helped me keep a slim swimmer’s body.

Most everyone assumed that I was gay. Entering High School, I had no boy friends but plenty of girlfriends. I was invited plenty of all girl parties because they looked me as one of them. When Sarah and Jennifer had slumber parties, I was invited to attend as Amy. It was there that I developed an interest in doing hair. The girls did my hair and I learned to do theirs.

It was at one of these parties that I got my first set of hair highlights. I was 15 and Jennifer said that I was in serious need of highlights. I sat in a chair and they put a cap over my head. They took turns pulling little strands of hair through the cap using a hook. They put bleach on my hair and a plastic cap over my head. Half an hour later my hair was rinsed and the cap was removed. They washed my hair again and rolled my hair on rollers. I ended up sleeping in the rollers and it was the next morning before I actually saw the results. I loved the way my hair looked and haven’t seen my natural hair color since.

I am not sure why but, I stopped wearing earrings when I was 11. My holes closed and when I was 15 I had them redone.

During High School, I dated several different girls. They all were very strong Dominant girls. They all liked me looking the part of the Feminized male. It became normal for me to dress and act this way. I was constantly being corrected if I did anything remotely masculine. This started with my Mother and sisters and now were my girlfriends too.

I hated having to shave my face. For my 17th birthday, my Mother arraigned sessions of laser and electrolysis for me. It took almost a year but, I haven’t had to shave since. I started wearing subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, makeup. My eyebrows were trimmed and shaped. My choice of earrings were small hoops. I kept my hair highlighted and cut in a layered unisex cut, think of Carl in the “Walking Dead”. I wore tight pants and loose shirts, both very unisex. I had many pairs of boots with heels that I loved to wear.

After high school, I decided to go to Cosmetology school. My first day, I showed up dressed as a feminine male. Of course, everyone assumed that I was another gay student. I made several new girlfriends there.

But it was Christine that got my attention. She was beautiful, older and had a Dominant demeanor about her. A week after I started school, she asked me out to lunch. We hit it off and started dating.

It wasn’t long before she stated wanting me to make changes. I was still wearing men’s briefs. I put on a pair of my tight pants and you could see the lines of my briefs. Christine simply handed me a thong saying that it will look better under those pants. That was the last time I wore men’s underwear. It wasn’t long before I was wearing a bra fulltime too. She started experimenting with less subtle and more dramatic make up. When we were practicing doing mani/pedis, I ended up with red finger and toenails.

After about 4 months of dating, one morning she laid out a dress and a skirt blouse set. She said that the choice was mine but, I had to wear one of them to school. I chose the skirt and blouse. I caused a stir when I came to class but, most thought it looked cute. From that day on, I didn’t present myself as a feminine man any longer.

6 months after we met, Christine asked me to marry her. She put a couple of conditions on it. I had to start transitioning (including HRT), I had to get rid of all of my boy clothes and stuff, I had to take her last name and I was to wear a bridal gown when we got married. I thought about it for 30 seconds, I didn’t want to think I was easy, took a couple of garbage bags and filled them with all of my boy clothes and stuff. We were married 6 months later, with me wearing a long flowing off the shoulder white gown and Christine wearing a white tuxedo.

Later that week, we were at the Dark Garden coreset shop, in San Francisco, with me getting measured and fitted for several custom waist training corsets. When they arrived, for the next year and a half I was wearing one of the corsets 23/7. I went from a 32” waist to a 27” waist. Now I wear on a couple of times a week.

Christine finished school, got her license and started working for Loreal. She had several months training with Loreal before she started to demonstrate for them. When she finished with them, I had finished school and got my license. Christine’s job required her to do lots of overnight traveling. She made arraignments for me to go with her and assist her.

Christine, used to be a psychologist who helped trans kids. She contacted one of her former colleagues, made arrangements for me to meet her and I got my letter to start HRT. About 3 months after I started, I had a reaction to the Spirolactone that I was taking and the Dr. took me off it. I felt better but the estrogen couldn’t really do its job and after almost a year, total, I couldn’t see much of a change. The Dr. didn’t want to increase my estrogen because, of other potential problems. One option I was given was to have an orchiectomy.

The positives would be that I would start seeing faster feminization with less estrogen. On the downside, if there is one, was that it was irreversible. I chose to have it done. It was like a flood gate opened and I started seeing changes almost immediately. 6 month later, I was a full A cup and after a year I was a full B. My penis, which wasn’t that big to start with, shrunk to about 2” which made it very easy to tuck away when I was wearing a bathing suit. 2 years after my Orchiectomy, I had achieved a very feminine body. But, Christine thought I would look better it I had implants and now I am a full C cup.

After a couple of years traveling for her job, Christine got tired of it and went to work in one of the high-end salons here. After a year, she was booked out 4 weeks in advanced. I went to work at a Sam’s Fantastic hair. She decided that with both of us working, nothing got done at home. So, I quit my job and became a stay at home house wife.

After we had been married for 5 years, Christine thought I needed to find out what it was like to be with a man. She knew a very weak man, with large hands. She introduced Roger into our relationship. With my help, he was soon a cuckold servicing both of us and becoming feminized. What I didn’t know at the time was that she was building me up to a Superior woman, to a man anyway.

2 years ago, Christine told me that I had become every bit the woman that she thought I could be. She said it was time for me to try my own wings and she wanted a divorce. It was strange, I should have been devastated but, I wasn’t. I knew she was right. We were best friends and have kept close. This last summer I started dating this butch woman. Pat was great, we had fun but, I couldn’t stop thinking about Christine.

In September we went out for coffee and talked. She missed me as much as I missed her. We ended up getting remarried in October. I had been doing hair but now, I am back to being a housewife. Roger is no longer in the picture so it is just the two of us. We are talking about getting a surrogate to carry a baby for us. We would use one of Christine’s eggs and my stored sperm. We both want children. If possible, I will have my hormone regime changed to mimic a pregnant woman, wear padding like I was pregnant and hopefully be able to breast feed our baby.

There is zero male in me right now. Christine has asked me if I wanted to have my SRS. I told her that I am happy the way I am, for right now. It’s been years since I have been mistaken for a man. Emotionally I am 100% woman but, seeing my little penis puts it into perspective for me. It reminds me that I will never be 100% female, women will always be superior to me but, I feel superior to men.

I hope this gives you a better idea of who I have become.



YES, to those who have asked…This is “REAL”!!   More and more men and boys want to be Feminine, while more and more Women want to be assertive and In Control!



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  1. The male skirts must be short and with many petticoats to inflate them, so that men can not feel confident that our panties are not visible. Women will dominate us

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