The Year of The Dominant Woman?

As we start off 2018, I am posting a Letter from the latest version of Petticoat Discipline Quarterly.  This is just yet another example of how some women are taking control, and just how pretty and feminine husbands can be.  The question is, will there be more relationships like this in 2018?   If so, will more women step forward and feminize the males in their lives!  Time will tell!

girlsrule1990 — The future is Female

from Claire


Dear Helga,

This past December we were able to have a full office Christmas party as opposed to the little gathering last year at my house. So of course our favorite Mrs.Clause returned to duty, only this year with real breasts. Instead of recounting the office party to you from me or Brenda, I’m sending you a letter from our newest sales rep, I’ll call her “D”. She had won the services provided by Brenda for an extended weekend. I asked her to expand her original letter and asked if I may send it in to you. She was flattered. (Brenda’s recount of the weekend will be published next month, thus making a two part letter this time). It should have been sent a while ago but I’ve been a little behind in other things.


Dear Claire,

Sixty days ago, I had started drafting a letter to you vastly different than what you’re about to read. When the opportunity came for me to transfer into sales from finance, I was a bit unnerved as your staff has achieved a reputation unequaled throughout any branch. The company policy granting a year to return to prior position was the safety net that, sadly, I was considering for reasons outside the actual functions of the job.

According to you and my sales mentor, my numbers were fully within expectations, with my sales poised for growth. Something existed within most of the staff I couldn’t put my finger on, made me feel unaccepted in the ranks. The bits of conversation I’d walk in on that abruptly changed once I entered the room. A couple holiday weekends that were obvious get-togethers with some but ‘were nothing’ as I asked about them. Not even a whisper of what the event was. It may have been immature but I’ll admit to a bit of jealousy. I understood they’ve been together for years as a team, but the cold shoulders were haunting me. The Christmas party shed light on all of that.

You coming in with Mrs. Clause was without doubt the most humorous thing I’ve ever seen of any manager. Watching you play the role of Santa, with the bonus checks, year end ‘awards’ and such, just great fun. And Mrs. Clause tending our refreshments was divine. The first part of the party, I was a distance from her and did not recognize her as anyone within the department. Or within the company for that matter. A certain feature stood out beyond the attire. Her legs. My god those legs. But something wasn’t quite right.

As Penny walked near, I asked who she was. Her answer floored me as she said ‘He’s with Claire.’

Excuse me… ‘He’??

Instantly, I said ‘There’s no way anything with legs like that has a penis between them’, to which she said ‘I assure you, under that skirt is a penis. Completely non functioning due to hormones, atrophy and recent surgery. Call it a display only model. And when I say non functioning, I mean in 3 ways. Probably well encased under those pantyhose and it looks like a padded panty girdle tonight. The shape of his behind has always been lacking. May even have a corset-bra on but he’s been getting close to not needing shapewear lately.’

It was amazing to hear how much detail she seemed to know about him(?) however, with the tone of her voice, I couldn’t definitely say she’s putting me on.

I gave her the only reply I could muster: ‘No way’. Mulling over the detailed answer she just gave, I said to her ‘You sure have an intimate knowledge of him. If all of that is true…’

She added Oh it’s real. Sorry if it sounds like I’m showing off. Those legs you like have been in heels 5 days a week and in prescription pantyhose every day for over 4 years now. And the last 2 years on hormones and diet have put the shape in shapely. He started at about size 18. Now down to a 12. If he doesn’t make it to a 10 by valentines day, he goes to Cassie for a weekend.

Mulling over what she’d told me, I had to return to something: ‘Back to something else you said. What did you mean by ‘3 ways?’. The medical details were sad and extreme. What should have been a fairly well kept secret were fully explained to me. How many people know all this? And for his part, wouldn’t most men be depressed and somewhat recluse. Not this ‘guy’. And it seemed Penny knew all. Why?

In a hushed voice she said that if I was a bit open minded, come as her guest to the ‘after party party’. Looking at her to tell me more, she explained the serving permit is only good until 9pm. The party breaks up quickly when beverages are cut off, but a little get-together happens in the conference room. I wasn’t about to turn down a chance to get accepted to any social circle of hers. But what else would I be getting into? The bigger question was ‘Who else is coming to the after party party?’

As the night wore on, I struck up as many conversations as possible with Mrs. Clause, Brad. He was always attentive to my drinks, snacks and general comfort during the party. Not just to me, but to mostly women. When I looked closer at some things, the makeup and nails were perfectly done. But my eyes gravitated to those legs. Oh those terrific legs. Can you tell I’m envious? And to think his ‘girls’ were real, this wasn’t anything I’d ever been exposed to.

As I was able to take in closer looks, there are hints of male that proved Penny right. I noticed that compared to my fellow associates, I was the only one this distracted by him. It looked like old friendships when many of the staff talked with him. Even more specifically, it was the people I felt were shunning me. Also, the guys there seemed to avoid him as much as possible. It became time for the after party party and I’d taken note of who was in attendance. Were these also personal invites from Penny? It was the women that seemed to have their own little clique.

Mrs. Clause served us each a beverage and as I took one more close look, Penny said to me ‘Now you know who wears the bra in that household’. I’m sorry Claire, I had to look. Yes, his ‘girls’ were bigger.

At the private party, you know how it went and I looked so forward to having Brad provide me the pampering weekend come February. As I left the after party party, seeing your husband had changed clothes and was dressed as a maid and cleaning up from the party, my head was swimming. I stopped at the restroom before leaving. Entering the stall next to me was a familiar pair of feet. The toes were that of Mrs. Clause, and painted nicely I do say. The unmistakable sound of lingerie being pulled down and the tinkle told me that Penny knew in detail Brad had to sit to pee. Amazing. I let him get out before I went to my car.

I took a close look at the charm bracelet you handed me and tried to figure which charm belonged to who in the office. And what will I be adding to it? Another fleeting thought was ‘Don’t most companies have something like a softball team or perhaps winter volleyball? How long has this gone on?’

Your 3 ring binder with the title ‘proper care and many uses of a sissymaid’ provided much distraction during the drive home. I do thank you for the warning you gave me when handing it to me. Although your warning served more as a curiosity primer than a warning. Having it in the front seat next to me, I would glance at it several times on the way, thinking I’d take in a few pages before going to sleep. I set it on the counter with my keys, when the long day and adult beverages took their toll on me. I was fast asleep within minutes of getting out of my clothes, not even opening the binder.

The next morning I started with my usual jog, but the rain had me cutting it in half. I was soaked and cold by the time I got back to my place, dropping my clothes into the tub and donning a robe. After the coffee was made, I grabbed the book and started at page one.

Several cups later, I read the last page, looked at the clock and it was 1:30pm. I had consumed the best part of the day in that book. Many letters you and your husband had written and submitted to a web site mentioned. All of which I read more than once and spent considerable time on said site. The letters to you from some of MY WORK ASSOCIATES telling you the details of what they did with him seemed rather drastic. And another trend was they took place on every 3 day weekend the company observes. Is this the gatherings I felt left out of? Each letter had a picture that will stay on my mind for some time. Every one of them were from that group I couldn’t seem to fit in with. Now I knew the bond they shared among themselves.

I set the book on the couch and did the chores one does on the weekend, 5 hours later than normal. On my mind was if your husband was here now, it wouldn’t matter as he’d be doing my chores. I’d probably indulge in that book again.

A couple hours and finishing my laundry late, I did succumb to the book again and searched other web sites related to such. There was more than I could even hope to remember. And your voice asking me if I was sure I’d want to do this? It was my call. Any warning would fall short of my imagination. Many things I’d never heard of. Ball-boards and Figging and things I couldn’t dream up. Yet I was reading up on them as if there were to be a test. My conclusion was this guy likes wearing women’s clothing and my work associates like to take out aggression on him. It was the most distracted day I’ve ever had, yet the most conflicted too. Was I going to be able to do this? And do it to the level of the others?

Come Monday, I asked each one of the people named in the book how they felt about it, what they wish they’d done, or hadn’t for that matter. One answer gave me a bit of a reality check as she told me of the neighbors asking her about the drag queen maid knocking at her door. That must have been in the beginning because now, Brad wouldn’t be spotted as a drag queen.

Penny told me of losing her boyfriend due to him, but it sounded more like she used Brad to get rid of him. Recently losing my fianceé, I have no tight relationships that will be tested through this.

The best answer to me was from ******** saying ‘After the chores, the two of you go shopping. It’s like having a good female friend with you that will carry your bags and hold the door open for you. A gentleman in a dress. Conversation so good you’ll have to remind yourself it’s a guy.

In the weeks between the party and mid February, I had researched everything I could about sissy maids, petticoating, and other things I’d read in the binder. This girl from the mid-west was getting an education.

Not much in the way of courage enough to execute some of the treatments I read in the book, even though there’s been plenty of offers from the clique to help me out. The tight circle of associates has been opened to me. And to think the letter of resignation I was about to write, has turned into this. I’ll surely follow up with how the results of his training helps this July.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your sissy husband.

Thank you for your letter Claire, what a unique insight into how people react when presented with the opportunity to be served by an trained sissymaid such as your husband. A very positive and pleasurable experience for D as it would be for any strong confident woman.


Love His Nails and his pretty Makeup!

This is how a young man should look when his Breadwinner Wife comes home from a hard day’s work!

“ What a cutie. Good girl. She even has the nice pink plug on the night table.
Mistress Bambi.
The Nightly Nightie - Tuesday, January 2, 2018i’m going to skip the heels tonight. Last night’s experiment of sleeping in some...

Elimination of boys playing competitive sports, and being enrolled into Beauty Pageants, a New Trend in 2018?

Baseball Star Turned into Pageant Queen | | Flickr

The New Look for Male Shoppers in 2018?


More Jobs for Men in 2018?

jenni-sissy: “MORE pretty captions for sissies! ”

Great start getting men into skirts and stockings!  The Submissive male is quite a pretty sight when dressed appropriately!

THE LORD OUTFIT Bonsoir tout le monde . Me revoici avec un nouveau look, et oui c’est un british style à la manière des lords anglais un brin dandy style que j affectionne particulière…

Males can look so seductive when properly feminized!

Having Males dressed very feminine, but still showing their Maleness could be the New Trend in 2018!


Hello Sissy

Petticoated Boy

While the males are being feminized, and encouraged to be pretty and submissive, it is nice to see women, especially young women becoming Strong and Assertive!

Young biceps (20 years old girl)


Teen girl biceps (19 yo)

Strong teen girl abs (19 yo)

Great muscle development
20 years old girl


So who is wearing the pants and becoming the Stronger Sex in 2018?

Just how is Society Changing…Look at this posting from a Very Active Board on Male Feminization and Feale Empowerment.  It starts with the Female View, followed by a Male’s followup!

12-28-2017, 09:10 PM
(08-26-2016, 10:58 PM)
RadicalFeminist Wrote:
Yes boys are lucky to have smart empowered mothers who are no longer hung up on gender roles. Things are even better for girls where no one blinks and eye when girls play sports. Before long boys will be the cute ones in dresses happily playing with dolls while girls excel at being the sports stars.

OH RADICAL! Why do You belittle future male girls merely because we just are “happily playing with dolls”? Such feminine role-play shall be necessary teaching important male girl SEX ROLE LIFE SKILLS with their ‘kendra’ fashion and household action figure dressed in feminine gowns for parties, house or maids’ dress for husbette home chores and even occasional cheer-male skirt to show his girlish appreciation as BARB, SKIPPER and other Female dolls excel at sports just like Women in real life.


Beauty Pageants for Boys | | Flickr


2 thoughts on “The Year of The Dominant Woman?

  1. Patti… some thanks has to be given to you as one helping to chronicle and enlighten all on the inevitable changes to follow. Heck… you may at times be almost as capable as a Female (well… as much as any of we pathetic male girls might possibly be…)


  2. Thanks Whyguys! It is a delight showing the world how Empowered women are becoming, and how emasculated we males are becoming. Once Women take total control, we males will be required to ALWAYS be in skirts and dresses and tending the fires at home while the women are the Breadwinners and Dominants in society! Wouldn’t it be Great though if we could get together, Put on our most feminine dresses and go see a Female Football game together. Between the Tough Women competing, and all the Strong Tomboys in the stands surrounding us Feminine Males…they would surely show us our Proper Place! To ALL Strong Females….Keep doing what you are doing. Males Need to be Feminized and made submissive!

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