The Continuing March to Female Domination!

Here is a post from Suzie, a mother that started feminizing her sin back in the 80’s.  Today, her son is a feminized male wife, staying at home raising the kids while his female husband is the Breadwinner.  Do delightful to see women working with one another in creating the better world that is to come.  Also, Look for the added Link to my Forum that is in the introduction.  Would really like to revitalize that forum with New Age Women and men…..supporting each other in the New Age of Fe ale Control and Male Feminization!

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I agree with Pennysue, My young son used to be quite troublesome and misbehave. When he was just 3-4 years old, I used to dress him up in his older sisters old cloths, He hated it and really was mad at first. My daughter was 14 years older then him and after she left for college and my husband left, I started dressing him up more and more whenever he became unruly. By the time he was 7 he became more used to it and I really enjoyed dressing him up. This was the early eighties and it wasn’t uncommon for guys to wear curly perms, so I started curling his hair. Just short at first but it looked so cute I let it grow out longer. By the time he was 9 he had a beautiful head of long curls down to his shoulder blades. He looked just so cute with the long curls and blondish hair that everyone was always mistaking him for a girl, even when he was dressed as a boy. Up until this time, He always wore boys clothing to school, but the other boys would make fun of him and he usually just played with girls and was accepted by them as one of their own. The summer when he was 9 I started to dress him up almost all of the time as a girl and we went on vacation that summer and he dressed entirely in girls clothing all summer long. Come fall when it was time to go back to school, I wanted to go out and get him some new boy clothing for school, because he had outgrown most of his old boys stuff. When we went to the stores he did not want to even look at the boys stuff, he wanted to get all of his stuff in the girls department. After some tough moments and many tears we went and bought him all girls slacks, shirts, socks and underwear for school. He wanted to wear dresses and skirts too, but I told him he could not wear them to school, but we bought him a couple of dresses and skirts that he could wear at other times. He wore girls slacks, jeans and tops all year at school and no one ever complained to us about it at all. I always made sure his school outfits always looked pretty neutral, but he usually wore girls sneakers with pink trim and jackets and coats that always looked very girlish. Underneath he usually wore pink or lacy panties. For his tenth birthday he wanted his ears pierced so we went out and had them done. He really looked much more like a girl then many of his female classmates. He just started going by Bobbi instead of Robert or Bobby and things went pretty smooth. By the time he was 13, when he was ready for school that year he went out and got guys clothing and accessories, plus he got his hair cut so it was just down below his ears, but even though he was trying to look more like a guy he still looked very much like a young girl. Over the next few years he made a gradual transition to almost all guys stuff but he did start wearing his hair in a long ponytail and still had both male underwear and panties in his dresser drawer. He still was often mistaken for a girl. When he left college at 22 he was a quiet very shy young man and went out into the work force and became a successful technician. For at least 6-7 years he seemed very happy and able to cope with life, but always seemed a little out of place. At 28 he married a woman 9 years older then he, and when I first visited them, I noticed he was again becoming very much more feminine looking.

Bobby seemed very happy with his new wife Betsey, but it was pretty evident that she was a very dominate and controlling person. Although a very beautiful girl she was 5’10” and a size 18 and really was much bigger then him with his 5’5″ frame and 130#. I noticed when I did some of my laundry at his house before I left that their laundry basket had her large size women’s clothing plus many size small women’s jeans, blouses, nightgown and undies that were apparently his but they were apparently keeping him in male mode while I was there. 10 months later I went to visit them for a long weekend, Bobby met me at the door, he looked like a young woman and I did not hardly recognize him. His hair was again longer, permed and highlighted, he was wearing jeans and a baggy tee shirt, but he looked more like a woman then he had ever before. His hair was nice, his eyebrows were shaped, his face was smooth and I was sure he was wearing lite makeup. I told him he looked great and gave him a hug, it was then that I noticed he was wearing a bra. I continued on that weekend and complimented him on his looks and he was much more comfortable about being dressed as a women and we had a great weekend together. A little over a year ago they had a baby boy. I went to see them a few months ago. Bobbi is doing great, he looks fabulous and is happier then I have ever seen him. He has been taking care of the Baby and staying at home while his wife went back to work. He has been on hormones for a little over 2 years and I have noticed that he is indeed becoming to look much more like a woman. He has small breasts and definitely developed a more womanishly looking figure. He does not want to become a woman, he just wants to keep his features and appearance more soft looking to remain a more feminine looking person. They want to have one more child soon and open their own business, they seemed to be very happy and I love them all deeply.

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A Post from my Forum from Sandra, in response to a question as to how a man can get his wife to help with his feminization!
How does one get their wife to encourage male
>femininity? I mean if the wife expects traditional
>male behavior/ attitudes and has conservative
>background, how can one go about getting the wife to
>modify her expectations and even encourage her partner
>to become feminine?
My experience has been to move ahead with my feminization slowly, which includes being increasingly submissive and obedient to my wife; doing the house work, cleaning, shopping, laundry, dishes etc. I make a point of asking her to let me do these tasks, and discourage her helping. Just assume the role and I have noticed that her protests have become milder, and we are openly discussing my feminization now. I thought as I put on my lipstick this morning, that just about a year ago she said she couldn’t tollerate my wearing lipstick. So I started with cherry chapstick, then a transparent nude color, now I wear pretty much any lipstick I want, and she recognizes it is part of my feminity, and doesn’t object. Haven’t tried bright red, yet, but that isn’t my style, I am just trying to be an attractive woman at home

Dee I thought you meant go for a spin in your new car

The Women that are achieving deserve men and boys that are Pretty and Submissive!


Young fit lady (20 years old)

Fit teen girl (16 years old)

9 thoughts on “The Continuing March to Female Domination!

  1. Some very lovely feminized Gurls indeed! It was so nice to finally marry my Mistress last July. She started training me, got us n the lifestyle July 2015. She’s very dominant and has trained me/ feminized me well. It’s always ongoing tho. Stephie

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    1. No Patti I’ve always been submissive , especially to women/ girls when in relationships, I’d never heard of FLR/Femdom until Mistress K ( femdompartner) on this site , she decided to join some of these blogs to see if she could help other Dominant women , maybe even learn something new she introduced me to it, wanted me to try it, demanded … ( Femdom/FLR) I’d never cross dressed before either but she insisted in my feminization.. she was right , I ended up loving it, the emasculation, public humiliations were hard at first but they were for my own good and now I’ve even like them in a way because my Mistress likes to do it, empowering she says. Love being her sissy wife! I do everything a stay at home wife does and more. Its also the only way I’m allowed to have sex with my Mistress now that we are married, rarely was allowed penetration anyway. Now when unlocked, allowed a release it’s by her strap on taking me with good pounding or she lets me rub my clit through my panties while watching giggling… I’m very happy in this life

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      1. That is just awesome Stephie! More and more Women are taking Control, and that s Good. I think it is essential that a Woman feminizes the males in her life. The Feminization crushes their egos, and makes it easier for the Woman to dominate.

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