The Stronger Sex!

Males have dominated females for centuries.  Through their physically superior strength, they have managed to make women submit to their will.  Over the centuries, men have pleasured themselves by having women dress in the most revealing, and vulnerable types of clothing.  Through their physical power, they have been able to keep women in their place.  Well……The world is changing.  The photos today will show the evidence of the Changes that are happening.  So the Question is….Who is the Stronger Sex?  and who will inflict their will on who??

A Strong Woman

lorena klijn | kick boxing shoot boxing tomboi eye candy

A Pretty and Delicate Man


Determined Woman

Flexing #femalemuscle #musclegirl #fbb #femalebodybuilder #femalebodybuilding

A Man that knows how to attract a Strong Woman

Felina's Secret

A Woman showing off her “Guns”!

qUPKxT7.jpg (1200×710)

A boy that knows how to show off his figure!

Stunning! a girl

A Woman on a Mission


A man that knows how to look pretty for his Woman

She looks like she is daring a male to confront her!

A man that knows his Proper Place!


A young Woman that knows what the future holds!

15027573_1270559373015600_3848639850396910466_n.jpg (768×960)

A young man that knows that the times are changing!


Woman are Motivated!

TIME TO EXERCISE - “I just can’t find the time to exercise, I’m so busy.’’ This is the common excuse of mo..

A man that knows that Woman are now in Charge!

Wicked Crossdressing

A Woman Enjoying her Superiority!

A man that is happy that their “Illusion” of strength is over!

Isn't he gorgeous

A young Woman that knows that more changes are coming!

This is the body I want to have for real!!

A man that knows that Resistance is Futile!

Sexiest Babes Crossdressing

And the following is a posting from PDQ on how some women are taking control.  More women need to take Deb’s approach!

from Sean


Dear Auntie Helga,

I am somewhat embarrassed to write to you after finding your email from Petticoat Quarterly Discipline yesterday on my girlfriend’s computer. Before I write about my situation please know I looked all over the internet for some idea of what my girlfriend wants of me. What I found was Discipline Quarterly had more information and was closer to explaining my own situation.

Here is what I mean. My girlfriend of 4 years pretty well runs our home life and has from the beginning. She also runs me like having a second mother and disciplines me like a mother. For example 2 years ago she was on my case over and over about leaving my underwear on the floor beside the bed. I know I should have picked them up and put them in the dirty wash. Well one day I came home to find all my underwear was gone. There was nothing in my drawer.

Deb came home with a bag of new underwear only they were all nylon panties in many colors. We had words but I ended up wearing them and I still wear panties every day. Life went on while I learned not to be lazy and with Deb keeping a close eye on me. It was not long after we were out and I made the mistake of commenting on a woman with large boobs. Okay I am a guy, I like large boobs.

A few days later Deb brought home a few bras and some large fake boobs telling me to wear them. I refused so sex stopped that day for 2 weeks when I finally gave in. Every day after that when I came home Deb handed me a bra and the fake boobs to put on while she watched. Auntie Helga did I feel stupid walking around the house with a pair of DDs on my chest? Yes I did and still do.

Deb bought me a couple of tank tops and tight sweaters to show off the fake boobs. It didn’t stop there with her insisting I wear a bra when we went out for coffee. The only savior was the drive thru and not inside a coffee shop or fast food location. Auntie Helga can you imagine me a guy walking in a coffee shop with a pair of DDs bulging through my jacket or in the summer without a jacket? The girls at the coffee shop can probably see my fake boobs which I try to hide when at the drive thru.

Deb pretends it is no big deal if someone sees my fake boobs making me pay for talking about the woman I first commented on which got me into this situation of wearing a bra. Deb bought me something each and every time I stepped out of line and if I refused to wear it she would either hit me with an old yard stick like my mother did years ago or cut me off of sex. So I am on my best behavior most of the time to avoid the beating and keep my sexual privileges.

The reason I am writing is I think Deb is going to make me a sissymaid. I thought BDSM but no and forced fem kind of but petticoating appears to be the direction Deb is taking. I don’t want to be a sissymaid, wear a sissy dress, have my penis in a chastity, wear women’s high heeled shoes or shave my legs. I don’t even want to wear a bra and panties but I have no choice with them. Deb is of Chinese descent but don’t let her size fool you about her ability to discipline me.

Auntie Helga should I ask Deb what her plans are or keep my mouth shut and hope it all goes away?


Thank you for your letter Sean. No need to be embarrassed, feel free to tell me anything. Of course your slovenly habits lead to your wearing panties and your fascination with breasts lead to your wearing a bra, do you see where this is going, she is reacting to your slovenly and misogynistic ways.

Now of course she has seen that you will cooperate by being petticoated its only natural she is going to take that to the next level. I suspect that if she in fact wants you to become her sissymaid, you will, you love her and want to make her happy. I also feel you should have a honest discussion with her and find out the facts.

Auntie Helga

The Future is Coming!

my first self made magazine cover

What used to be Radical, is the new Norm. Men are the weaker sex.

Starting them young…boys are so cute when doing ballet in leotards, tights, tutus and slippers!

EvansBalleriaBoys004 | by The Radical Feminist


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