21st Century Realities

Just starting off this posting with some remarks that are both evident, and what might be controversial!  Please remember, this Blog is about the Empowerment of Women and the Feminization of men and boys.  It is about a “Power Reversal” that is looking at taking power away from men and Women becoming the Stronger and Dominant sex.  Take notice, I did not say “giving” power to Women.  If Women are going to have the Power, they will need to Take it!  That is also why when a person that is Male is Ultra Feminine, I do not use the Female pronoun of she or her, because that person is male and therefore a he or him.  In the reality of Gender Role Reversal, if we would encourage males to be feminine and then call them girls or women, what are we doing other than enforcing the traditional stereotypes of weak and feminine females and strong and masculine males????   On the otherhand, if we encourage Male Femininity, and Strong and independent Women and Girls, then the Role Reversal that we are longing for might become a reality!

I would Love to hear what others think about these points that I have made.  Today’s Blog will reinforce the Gender Role Reversal that so many of us crave!

“Candy Is A Complaint male…


“I can’t believe you couldn’t even do one rep with this weight! Wow, I’m so much stronger than you, honey!

I can’t believe you couldn’t even do one rep with this weight! Wow, I’m so much stronger than you, honey!

“I love smelling my Alpha’s musk while she works out. Really gets my clitty hard.

“ Cassandra Martin
Females stonger

Men are voluntarily in many cases becoming Feminine and Pretty!   Others are being encouraged to give up their masculinity and embrace femininity!   What an Awesome Reversal of Roles!

interesting setting for this gurl’s pic….

I really like to see the feminine men NOT wearing Fake Breasts, thereby reinforcing the fact that they are indeed Feminine men!

just found tanya’s page here…lovely gurl

Men need to realize on their Wedding Day, they will be wearing a Bridal gown, and will be vowing to Love, Honor and OBEY!

dreaming of her sissy wedding one day….

And of course, he needs to be ready for the Wedding Night!

i’ve posted this before but i love her expression here…you just know she has the cutest little clitty caged under her pretty panties here….

Many Women do want to see their men in revealing and tight clothing as well!

cute gurl on a boat….

Things are surely changing for the once “Mighty Male”!

nice shot of my gurl felicity……

no pouting missy….

cutie in pigtails…..

Who agrees with me?

when are you coming to bed honey?

Making Males Useful!!!

Michaela Hayes

Sunday for Sissies! ;-)

“Demure Submissive Domestic Bliss

Boy Behavior Has A Way Of Improving When Wrapped In Pretty Clothes!

Modern Engagement Pictures Are Prettier!

If you can smile pretty enough, Mistress might get you a magazine cover like Pretty Sissy Monthly!

BunBun The Playgirl Bunny Lives To Entertain!


To Quote a Real Woman…..

RadicalFeminist Wrote:
I can not stress enough the time has come for all males to put on their knees and taught to serve females. As a society we risk our destruction as long as any male is allowed to behave as a macho jerk. The time has come to rise up, take over and put males in their proper place.

And another Comment from a mother that has done some feminizing of males….

As a mother, I am pleased to see that there are many other mothers who have initiated feminist and feminist education in their children. Children can also enjoy, and they make of cheerful fabrics and colors in their daily dress. As many times I have said, there are many machista mothers, when they disappear or mentalise, the men will be feminine.

I agree that most men should be eradicated, and we only accept those who embrace femininity. This would be a wonderful world where we would govern and you would serve us and would be sperm producers with your feminized DNA.





2 thoughts on “21st Century Realities

  1. I like your efforts to encourage gender role reversal with male femininity and strong independent women.
    BTW I like captions about iDecide concept too. 😉


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