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The post today is a little different, in the sense that I am posting a story from Fictionmania written by Misty.  Misty is a wonderful writer, and I love the insights that are shown in this story, and the possible future that it portrays.  I would encourage everyone that is an advocate of Gender Role Reversal to visit Misty’s Page on Fictionmania.  There are over 50 Great stories that I think you would enjoy!

by: Missy
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Future view of boys and how fashions might change in short order.
Cultural Change

“ Gender stereotypes by Eves-Rib
The new world order of a female led society is around the corner.

Channing hopped out of the car and made his way over to the other group
of boys waiting for the bus. This was the first day of school and his
first day at Hardin High. He had been eager all summer to go to high
school. Planning and dreaming about it, he had almost driven me crazy
with requests about what he could wear and how important it was that he
fit in with the rest of the students. I had to shake my head, he was so
different than his older sisters. They had not bothered at all with
appearance, as long as they adopted the standard ‘uniform’ for teenage
girls. But I guess a lot had changed over the past three years. It
tickled me that the boys and girls, so intently interested in the
opposite sex, separated into their own clumps at almost every
opportunity, boys huddled on one side of the street and girls on the
other as they waited for the bus. Most parents hung back either in their
cars or standing in their own group at the far end of the lane. We wanted
to be sure the bus was on time and that our kids made it on their
journey, but we tried to give our kids some space. As I looked at the
students, I could see what Channing was worried about, as almost
everybody wore what had been decided as the cool look for that year. He
certainly had adopted the clothes that defined his friends. The
interesting part was how different the dress code was for the boys and
girls. Also, it surprised me that the students talked about individuality
so much, but they all dressed so similar.

Although both groups had a typical preferred attire, there was little
variation within a group but a wide gap between the sexes. One group
stood there, almost slouching as they exchanged soft conversation and
took sideways glances at the ones across the street. Their look was
simple. They all wore jeans, perhaps some in a dark wash, and others in a
lighter hue but all wore jeans. The styles were either boot cut, straight
leg, or slim. Thank goodness the baggy look favored for so long had gone
away. The jeans were paired with a t-shirt or plain top and a hoodie.
Colors were the only variable, with a few wearing bright colors or prints
but the majority favored solid, dark combinations. Shoes were limited to
sandals or sneakers. They held their notebooks in their arms or stuffed
into backpacks. What struck me was how relaxed and comfortable their
uniform was. I mean, they wore nothing that required a sacrifice for

Across the street, the look was entirely different. Here you could see
that fashion was much more important. It extended to how they did their
hair and especially for the older ones included some makeup. Although
again, the overall look suggested a uniform rather than wide
individuality. The basic outfit centered on a skirt with a coordinating
top; one or two wore dresses but they were older students. Nobody on this
side of the street settled for pants. This year the fashion had swung
back to wearing hose with the skirts. These were more frequently
patterned and in a color that went with the skirt, but I knew some would
be wearing nude shades at some point. The majority went with pantyhose
but I knew a few were brave enough to try stockings which required some
sort of underwear with garters. Shoes were definitely fancier than the
ones worn in the group across the street. They were all dress shoes, some
even had modest 2-3 inch heels, a trend that had just taken off in the
past year or so. I liked to think it was related to the return to hose.
These outfits were generally accessorized to the utmost, with lots of
unique jewelry, belts, and especially purses. The increase in accessories
seem to correspond strongly with age, as seniors liked to wear rings,
earrings, necklaces and bracelets at all times. Maybe because as juniors,
they had all gotten pretty class rings at the end of the school year. It
seemed most coordinated their jewelry with this important item.

Along with fashion driven clothes, their hair was styled with bangs being
an almost universal look. Use of makeup was more optional, but almost all
had on some type of lip gloss or color as well as mascara. Eye shadow
seemed pretty common too, but only the oldest wore eyeliner, foundation
and blush. The other noticeable aspect on this side of the street, was
how they talked more, even if it was hushed whispers. I could tell they
all had their eyes focused across the street and could only surmise much
of the talk was about the opposite sex.

Watching the students, reminded me of how important I felt when I dressed
like this for school. And how worried I had been that my look would be
accepted by the others in school. I also remembered the hushed whispers
as I talked about which boys were cutest and how we might get them to
talk to us. Now I knew, that the boys were also trying to figure out how
to talk to us and that most barely recognized how much effort we had
spent on our clothes, hair, and makeup. To them, just that we were girls
was enough to excite them and make them nervous. I could only shake my
head in disbelieve at these memories. Had it really been that long ago?
As much as some things were the same, others had shifted radically. How
had the changes occurred so fast?

Looking at Channing I could tell he was really nervous. He had laid out
his clothes last night, going over and over his choices till he had to go
to bed. The only way I could get him to pick one outfit was to suggest he
decide on his clothes for the entire week, that way he could wear all of
his new ones so it wasn’t just about today. We had spent the last month,
shopping and looking to be sure we had the cutest and latest styles. He
had wanted to push the envelope constantly, insisting he be allowed to
wear outfits that I felt were a bit too fashionable for someone his age.
But we had been able to work it all out, and as I saw him in the group I
could tell that he had judged correctly what would be the preferred look
this school year. Even though he had on the same look as his peers, I
could see his nerves rising to the surface. There were telltale signs in
his movements and stance. I could also see his eyes dart toward Rebecca.
She was a neighbor girl, a junior, who he had a serious crush on. If I
hadn’t known her since she was little, I would have been hard pressed to
pick her out since she had adopted the current outfit of her age group. I
just hopped Channing wouldn’t get his feelings hurt this year, as it was
unlikely she would notice him or be as interested in him as he was in
her. Again, I could sympathize with Channing as I had a big crush on a
boy older than me in high school too. I just hoped his experience was
better, although it taught me a lot about respecting myself.

Despite these thoughts, my main interest was in how the fashions had
swung so quickly. I guess it all started with the how the High Fashion
Industry looked to expand their market and parlayed interest in a new
area with an investment in professional sports leagues. Some trend
watcher for the fashion industry had noticed how teen boys had been
dressing for the past decade. Although many still wore jeans, a majority
had begun to wear shorts almost exclusively. They even wore them in the
winter, despite the cold, by pairing them with heavy coats and hooded
sweatshirts. This attraction to shorts was largely driven by sports,
especially professional sports. The heroes for many boys were basketball
and soccer professionals, so they emulated them by wearing the long baggy
workout or game shorts. If not athletic shorts, they wore baggy styles
with a multitude of pockets. Both kinds were worn in sizes several times
bigger than needed, extended to the knees or beyond and being very, very
loose. The voluminous expanse of cloth made the shorts sort of swirl or
drape around the body giving a particular look. The shorts were paired
with tees, hoodies, sports socks, sneakers, slip-on sandals, and often
compression undershorts. All of these clothes were also featured by their
sports heroes, so the link was easy to understand.

What the fashion professionals saw was an opportunity to slip in designs
that would open this niche market to them and their products. So first of
all they linked in to the pro leagues, finding and signing the top stars
to lucrative contracts. They also inked their teams, and in some cases
like soccer, their whole leagues. Once they had the bell cows, so to
speak, then they began to alter the uniforms to work in fashion flair.
Flair that could be marketed to teen boys. They had done similar things
many years ago with girls and young women by focusing on actresses and
singers. I know I followed certain singers when I was a teenager. But
this linkage was easier as girls were already aware of fashion trends.
They hoped to do the same with boys, thus increasing their market size.
They also knew that once they had someone clued into fashion, it was
easier to keep them buying designer items most of their adult life.

The first modifications they made to the shorts were to add some
decorative touches, such as pin-striping, color patterns, or embroidered
images. Many of these were associated with the team name or mascot, but
they also introduced other images or colors that would be marketable
beyond the team recognition. Concurrently, they modified the fit. A first
step was to make the shorts fit tightly from the waist down to just below
the crotch, so they hugged the body. The legs would then flare out in the
typical loose style which was common. Other alterations included lowering
the crotch and shortening the legs, adding a zipper to the waist (common
in the tight fitting style), shortening the legs alone, and adding a
center flap in front and back (this extra fabric was not attached to the
legs and could be shorter or longer than the legs). The changes in short
designs were usually paired with changes in the jersey. The most common
being to extend the length of the jersey, which was then worn outside of
the short (this required league approval), so that it resembled a tunic
or modifying the shoulder straps, for example making them skinny and
adjustable for length. More times than not, a long tunic top was paired
with shorts featuring short legs. The new styles were usually introduced
for special games or events resulting in more than a dozen new uniform
looks per year per team. The variety of styles reinforced the idea of
change in appearance being positive. The process produced results almost
immediately, transferring to teen boys almost seamlessly.

What caught the fashion industry off-guard was how receptive the consumer
was to changes that might have been deemed ‘feminine’ before. Some
designers intentionally added traditional female looks to their uniform
lines just to evaluate the potential for sales in the public market. A
couple of modifications tried early on, were to move the waist zipper to
the side and to widen the front flap so that it resembled a skirt,
essentially becoming a girl’s style skort. Both changes were received
positively by boy customers. Other feminine changes such as shortening
the legs to a three inch inseam or less usually required combining the
change with an attached undergarment. Boys had long worn ‘compression
shorts’ under their regular loose shorts, so the idea of an attached
longer leg, tight fitting Lycra-spandex under-short was readily accepted
and became a best seller. That allowed fashion designers to add flare to
that part of the garment as well. The under-short soon feature bright
colors, varied trims or mesh panels. Eventually the pairing of a very
short inseam, 1-inch, for the outer legs, with an equally short
undergarment leg became accepted as well. The last modification was to
just replace the outer short with a flared skirt. Boys seemed to have no
problems with this design as long as the attached undergarment was there.
Soon it became commonplace to see a wide variety of styles, colors, and
fashions for boys ‘shorts’, many of which looked more like skirts. The
final step was to just extend the jersey tunic to mid-thigh and pair it
with a coordinated compression under-short. Despite being essentially a
shift-style dress, designs like this sold well too.

Compression shorts weren’t the only underwear item that fashion designers
produced. They saw how well they sold and rapidly introduced other items
as part of an integrated look. Boys were now used to tops that featured
straps of various widths and styles, so pairing a camisole-like under
shirt of the same Lycra-spandex material with the under shorts became
widely accepted. So did adding a smaller brief to wear under the
compression short. These were little more than a bikini or even thong
style modified to cover male genitals. The designers were very ingenious
in these products, eventually selling the concept that a built in molded
cup or more popular, a ‘safety pad’ in the crotch was practical. This
style featured a foam molded cup in front with padding, leaving a center
space for a boy’s penis, so it could be tucked between the legs inside
the pad and kept out of harm’s way. The design created a smooth, rounded
mound in front, more or less making all boys crotch areas look similar.
Padding was soon added to other garments, allowing boys to appear with
rounder buttocks, wider hips and even a more projecting chest. It was
amazing how far the concept was taken and accepted by the consumers, as
long as their sports heroes endorsed them. Many of the changes had
progressed to the point where the stars didn’t actually wear them but
encouraged boys to wear them in commercials and because the stars wore
similar items the new fashions still flourished.

Because of all this promotion, I found myself looking at Channing
similarly dressed this morning. He had fully adopted the newer looks, and
had been determined to wear them to school. So over the summer, despite
my resistance to some of the more style-forward fashions and our
arguments about them, he had worn me down so I compromised in almost
every area. He had insisted that he wanted completely matching lingerie,
although he called them ‘under-gear’. So underneath his clothes, he had
on a string bikini, featuring a thick safety pad, a shaper brief with
satin honeycomb patterned panel in front and around each leg and rounded
buttock padding, a camisole with similar satin panels across the bust to
highlight the padding that gave him the twin cone-shape projections that
were in vogue this fall, and a short chemise slip. They were all in a
soft pastel called honey blush, a golden almost glowing color. Channing
had also insisted he be allowed to wear the sheerest stockings attached
by short garters to his brief. They were an almost iridescent silver with
a ribbed pattern. I argued they were impractical for school, but he
nearly had a fit as he was sure most boys would be wearing such hosiery.
Amazingly he was right. Every boy at the stop was wearing some type,
although pantyhose were common and a few stuck with the more opaque
tights style that had been popular last season.

His outerwear was coordinated, of course to match his new ‘under-gear’.
His top, truly a blouse, was a long-sleeve, whisper light nylon in a
sheer silver that matched his hose. I had argued very strongly against
this style as too provocative for school, but he matched my arguments
with the modesty conveyed by his chemise. Plus he countered, the silver,
gold, and black were his schools colors. In truth, since boys had no bust
to speak of, the sheer top did not really reveal much other than his
lingerie. The skirt was a short, very tight style that only went down an
inch or so past his stocking top and featured a pleated detail at the
rear hem. The Lycra-like material meant that the skirt clung to his
curves mostly generated by the padding in his brief. I warned him it
would be difficult to sit and walk with such a mini-style but he seemed
not to care. He actually reminded me it was like in my day, where girls
openly wore corset-style tops and let their bra straps and thong show.
This was as close as he came to admitting that the new fashions for boys
were more similar to previous women’s wear than not. Again, I conceded to
his wishes. He did agree to a more modest shoe, it was a cute loafer
style with only a 2 ½ inch heel. Once he had bought his favorite in
black, he wore it for days around the house to be sure he could walk
without any wobbling or false steps. Of course, he needed a purse that
matched. He had shopped relentless to find one that was a matt black,
with an intricate gold pattern that looked remarkably like the honeycomb
details of his lingerie. I wasn’t sure he really needed one, but honestly
he had no pockets and refused the idea of a backpack, so there was little
other choice. He had spent countless hours and more than a few dollars to
finish his outfits with jewelry accessories, although he did limit them
to earrings, simple bangle bracelets, a matching necklace, with a single
ring on each hand. Today, his jewelry all featured a honeycomb design.
Not only did his colors match his new school, but the honeycomb was a
direct link to the wasp that served as a school mascot. The effort he put
into this outfit totally surprised me, and he matched it with the similar
thoroughness for nine others; he had insisted he couldn’t wear the same
thing more than twice a month.

The transformation of boys’ clothes down this fashion path was also
accompanied by a change in the personal grooming. When I was a teen, most
guys seemed to barely bathe and appeared to prefer showing off whatever
scraggly beard they could grow on their face. Their hair was frequently
not combed or cut so short that brushing was not necessary. I remember my
best girlfriend remarking one year that they looked more like cave men
than high schoolers. Now, those trends had been totally replaced. Not
only were faces kept completely shaved, but body hair removal had become
wide spread too. Of course not all boys followed this trend, as it
required much more time and effort. But once Channing saw that his
favorite soccer star had embraced this look, he insisted that being hairy
was not for him. He even saved the money he earned over the summer baby-
sitting, so that he could get waxed just before school started. Although
he never mentioned it to me, I heard his conversation at the salon when I
picked him up afterwards and it was clear that he had included waxing of
his private area, which I assume meant he was smooth allover. Again, I
chuckled inwardly as developing pubic hair had been a significant marker
when I was young. Now, many boys preferred to sport an entirely smooth
look that actually made them look years younger.

Again, Channing’s commitment to this new fashion constantly amazed me.
In contrast to his desire for smooth hairless skin, he insisted that he
must keep his hair at least shoulder length and we had been to this same
salon countless times over the summer until he had just the right cut,
color, and high-lights. He kept it perfectly shampooed and used a wide
variety of styling products and even begged me to let him use my curling
iron, so the ends would curl under to frame his face. It all seemed so
extreme to me, but since women’s fashions had moved away from elaborate
hair-dos, I relented. I mean I didn’t even use my curling iron any more
anyway. I did demand he restrict his cosmetics to lipstick, eye shadow,
mascara, and nail polish. He was way too young for foundation or eye
liner. He agreed and practiced using them seemingly endlessly until I had
to admit he looked very attractive. Channing was lucky in that he had
full lips and big open eyes. He acquired a range of colors so that he had
a lipstick and eye shadow palate for each of his outfits. Today he wore a
matching nude lip and nail color with just hint of rose and a shimmery
gold shadow that was perfect companion to his other golden items. As he
stood there with the other boys, I felt proud seeing how nice he looked.
I had at first been a little embarrassed by how different he looked than
how I grew up seeing boys. However, once I realized it was a very poplar
trend, I adjusted to seeing him with what I would have called a feminized

As the bus roared up to the stop, the kids began to shift toward the
opening door. As if by mental telepathy, the two groups merged into one
line. Usually two or three of each sex were clustered together in the
line and Channing was no different. He remained close to his best friend
Jonathon, as the line inched forward. But as the line formed up, a tall
brunette girl stepped in right behind him. It was Rebecca. She moved
closer to him and sort of leaned his way and I could see her make a
comment. Channing turned and then when he saw who it was, he both smiled
and blushed a little. He nervously played with the hem of his skirt and
then moved a hand to sweep back some hair off his face. He answered her
and I could see as his mouth moved that he was saying thank you. I guess
she complemented him on his look. As she continued to speak, she reached
out her long fingers, to move the offending lock of hair where it had
fallen over one eye. Channing’s eyes were locked on to her, as he
nervously bit down on his lower lip, while his right hand tugged at the
top of his stocking where the garter was attached. Rebecca nonchalantly
took his spiral notebooks from his left hand and put them with hers and
then placed her hand on his back as he began to climb the stairs into the
bus. At this point, he paused and glanced quickly my way. A huge smile
crossed his face. He mouthed the words thanks Mom, as he wiggled his
fingers in a small half-wave. I responded the same as he disappeared into
the bus. I saw he and Rebecca sit together on a bench seat and then the
bus drove on.

I was pleased both by how he seemed to catch the eye of the girl of his
crush and that he showed me he loved me. I knew he was growing up, but
now maybe for the first time, I was glad he had chosen to go forward in
his new life with a real sense of style and appreciation for his
appearance rather than just slug around in the large baggy shorts he had
worn in elementary and middle school. I expected that there would be more
challenges ahead but I was glad he at least looked pretty for his first
day of high school. As I headed back to my car I caught myself wishing
that I could convince his father to make similar changes so that he might
wear something to feature his nice legs other than the ugly shorts he
preferred. Maybe Channing would help me. I would love to run my hands up
his dad’s legs, once they were smooth and encased in a silky nylon
stocking. Yes, it was time he abandoned his old shorts as well.

The following are photos are boys, as Missy might be forseeing them becoming more common:

And these would be photos of the more modern girls that Misty forsees:

it me :0
tumblr: steammouse (feel free to stop for a chat)

Model: Amandine Renard

Model: Sara Cummings

A Comment from a Butch Woman from another Blog:

As a somewhat androgynous woman I appreciate your blog. I’m pan and often insecure about my attraction to men because I feel like they won’t be attracted to me… So it means a lot to see a man-run blog that appreciates women who aren’t femme.

Some Modern Men Out and About:

I love shopping!
I love to see you shopping.



“Kenneth’s exposure grows daily now There is no stopping it now

“is this a better spot to work from she wonders..showing more leg here for sure….

“This concrete is sooo cold, my bottom needs warming…

Males are surely learning their new Place in the New World Order!   It is really a delight to see men and boys being so Pretty and Sweet!


Now a posting from a woman on another Forum:

Posted in skirts who can wear them on 2004-12-06 18:08:15
Please Yes
My man loves to dress up for me at home and I have finally convinced him to go away for the weekend as a women with me. He already was into the hair thing so I gave him a perm and he has about one-third of the curls frosted blonde. He was already hooked on the girls panties full time, but I hope he enjoys this, because I would like him to continue doing it or just all out get rid of his mans clothing. I have already feminized him a lot the past few years and now my 2 sons and daughter all wear girls stuff, most of the time. They are 5 and 12 and enjoy dressing in girls stuff with encouragement from my 14 yr old daughter. They now wear their hair long and layered. The 12 year old wears girls jeans, blouses, shorts to school everyday and loves to wear skirts on weekends. He would like to start wearing makeup when out because his sister often fixes him up at home. He looks more like a girl than she does. The little one wears dresses and cute little girl outfits at the private Pre-school he goes to and the management does not have any problem with it, however they did let the other parents know that he is indeed a boy and really only one person viewed a complaint about it. He has cute little curly blonde hair with ribbons and bangs and just makes an adorable girl. They both play very well with both boys and girls and Ronni, (the oldest) has only had a few kids bother him about it. He says after trying both girl ways and clothing he is much happier in the role and no one would be able to pick him out of a group of girls, because he jut fits in so well. Now if I can convince my husband to go all the way with this, I think it will be fascinating and can’t wait for the Family Christmas Phot this year.

And a Comment from PennySue:

Posted in dominant women on 2004-12-05 06:42:28
I married my own sissie boy, right after college we married. When i first started dating him i found out he liked wearing womens underwear fulltime and getting dressed up sometimes. I encouraged him and after a few months of marraige replaced all of his guy stuff with girls clothing. now it has been almost 10 years we even get along better than before. he stays at home and takes care of the kids and the house. For many years he wore his hair in a long spiral perm just recently i took him to my stylist and had a modern very Chic hairdo done on him. It is long on the top and tapered down the side like a wedge to the nape. plus the outer layer is frosted very lite blond and it looks great on him and he loves it too. Since the first few months of marraige he has passed as a women almost full time. I had his facial and body hair removed permanently, plus had permanent makeup tatooed to his eyelids, brows and lips. He looks great and most of the time wears synthetic breasts glued to him and they look great, even in the pool or under a nighty. We are talking about having a boob job done and will probably be doing that within the next few months. i dominate him and he loves it. He is 5’8″ and 155 lbs and I am 6’1″ and a curvacious 220. he waits on me hand and foot and every morning he draws my bath, shampoos my hair and blowdries it and applies body lotion to my entire body, plus about once a week he shaves all of my body hair and appies extra moistuizer. Then he lays out my clothes and helps me get dressed for work. He used to wear a maides uniform to work arround the house, now he mostly wears skirts and dresses. If i want Breakfast in Bed, it is there, if I want a back rub or sex he is ready and willing. He stays home with the 3 kids and I go to work. The girl that was doing his hair for him the past three years did not even know that he was indeed a male until i told her that he was my husband. She couldn’t believe it, because he looks so great. we get along really great and he is not only a sissie but a fantastic lover. Plus he lives to be ordered arround by me and we are both very happy. I just had to make one more subject to this story, the only time that we ever even had even a slight dissagreement was over our 3 sons, Jason is 7 and the twins are almost 5. Over the past 2 1/2 years he has completely feminized them too. At first i wasn’t sure if this is what we should do, but it has seemed to work out very well so far. At first he just started letting their hair grow out some and bought them girls panties, then one day he came home with Jason with the cutest little girls pixie cut. At first i was kinda shocked, but with his fair blond hair he just looked so cute, that we all loved it including Jason. After that he replaced almost all of their clothing with girls stuff. He had the twin boys hair, which is naturally curly cut in the most adorable full layered curly shag with the cutest bangs and berets. They look adorable and have the cutest curly hair and no one would ever suspect that they are boys. They wear dresses and very cute little girl outfits of lace and girl themes almost all of the time. Jason wears Girls jeans to school along with blouses, t shirts, sweaters, shorts and tights or stockings. He usually wears dresses or skirts on the weekends or if we go out somewhere. He really likes the girls clothing and loves to go to the store to help pick out new outfits with daddy. Maybe it is an inherited trait. A lot of the kids at school know that he is indeed a boy but usually just accept him as a girl and he seems to get along with almost all of them and there has been very little problems by all of this. The School sent over some case workers to check out the boys after they were informed what was going on, but after examining the boys and talking to them decided they were doing just fine and were very happy children with no evidence of any wrong doing going on. They did however suggest that we keep a school councelor available to talk to Jason and later the twins as they got older just to see if everything was going on at school alright. The school stated that they did not want Jason to come to school in a skirt or dress, but we had already decided against that at this time, even though Jason would prefer to have the choice to wear one when he wants to. When we went on vacation last summer the boys just romped arround at the pool in there cute little pink swimsuits and behaved very well. All of the guests in the area and the workers at the hotel said they had never seen such well behaved children and such cute little girls. Now however Jason is a little jealous of his brothers long curly hair and he would like to let his grow out some and try a new curlier style and is eagerly awaiting his next visit for a new shaping to let it grow out to a newer style. He just loves his dad and would rather spend his time with him than do anything else in the whole world. They are really truly very much alike in more ways than just there choices in styles. A docter has even approched us and talked about the future for the boys and said we should keep them monitered for any drastic changes in mood or actions. She even suggested that we may wish to put them on a early preteen hormonal treatment to help suppress some of the male characteristics before they come on, but I hope they have there fathers traits and build because he has never had a problem passing for female with his smaller physic and tendicies. I look at our Family Picture and just as any other person would I see 2 beautifull young women and 3 very pretty little girls. I guess i got more than I bargained for with my Sissie, I got 4 of them all for the price of one. We are happy and get along great and i hope everything stays just as smooth as it is right now. i will check back for any comments or suggestions later, so please, fell free to leave your comments, either Good or Bad, I would like to hear them. Thanks and god bless you all out there and especially the sissies.

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  1. Oh Patti…. how delightfully clever was Missy’s story “SHORTS”. A beautifully predictive view of how some aspects of the inevitable future full sex-role reversal shall play itself out for Female Masters and male girl underlings.

    Poor little male dears shall someday look in the mirror and see they’ve become the weaker, more feminine sex they always truly were intended.

    And how amusing seeing the enlightenment of Women (like Channing’s Mother) who having lived under false male control now contemplating feminization of the sex that once kept them as Females from empowerment:

    quote: “As I headed back to my car I caught myself wishing
    that I could convince his father to make similar changes so that he might
    wear something to feature his nice legs other than the ugly shorts he
    preferred. Maybe Channing would help me. I would love to run my hands up his dad’s legs, once they were smooth and encased in a silky nylon
    stocking. Yes, it was time he abandoned his old shorts as well.”

    Yes…. the future is going to be so much fun for tomorrow’s Female!!!!

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