The Path we are Traveling!

Today’s posting will feature stories and insights as to where we are heading with Male Femininity!  The first posting, which is from a similar forum is from Leanne a mother of a 12 year old boy.  It would be very interesting to know how many of our Readers and Followers have had similar experiences.

Boy Wear Dress Petticoat Story

Date Posted: 18:49:12 01/17/17 Tue
Author: Leanne
Subject: Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl
In reply to: Amanda ‘s message, “My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl” on 10:56:04 06/28/16 Tue

Our situation has been a bit parallel to yours, but not exactly. I knew my son was interested in girls things from the time he was little. I more or less discouraged it, but when he was almost twelve I caught him in a somewhat similar situation. We had some long talks about it and I started to encourage him into experimenting with some makeup and trying different looks. we were both surprised how really pretty he looked so after some really fun shopping trips we started a basic girls wardrobe. I also did a bunch of internet searches and found a site that sells herbal male hormone suppressant and also female hormone enhancers. in the past year, they have ended the embarrassing erection problem, and now has given him a really sweet skin softness along with minimal growth in height and male physical attributes. I haven’t insisted that he wear skirts and dresses exclusively, however I do want him to wear heels at home to help develop more graceful movements. last year I had my beautician give him a cute pixie/shag hairdo that we agreed would grow out very nicely. Now you need to realize that my child must go to school every day and we don’t push this issue a lot in that venue, as you all might understand. We have some books on modeling and fashion and he’s just thrilled with how he’s been able to present when we go out now. We live in a large metropolitan area, so it’s not a problem to go to a different suburb for shopping, eating out, and such. What I’m really thrilled about is that it’s like I’ve really got a daughter now and her grades at school have now gone up to a 3.0 from a 2.1. Yes, it’s true that his personality and mannerisms are getting more and more naturally feminine, and to be honest, I’m really thrilled. What’s also really neat is that even while dressed in his boy mode, which is rather androgynous he’s been addressed as a girl so many times. He doesn’t ever correct them either. Anyway, at this time I have no clear idea where all this is going to go, but there we are.

Leanne C.

Date Posted: 14:12:08 02/02/17 Thu
Author: Corey
Subject: Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl
In reply to: Leanne ‘s message, “Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl” on 18:49:12 01/17/17 Tue

Hi Leanne: I love what you are doing, especially the herbal supplements and the idea of getting him used to heels. Hopefully he enjoys legwear too, I certainly did when I was his age.

If he is about 12, he is not too young to visit a transformation-type studio (most big cities have one or a few) where he can meet some other people and learn in a classroom-type environment things like feminine mannerisms, etc. That might be a fun thing to do when he has some time off from school.

Hopefully he has some pretty and silky lingerie to wear around the house. I had to settle for my mother’s 1960s peignoirs and her pantyhose, but I wore them all every change I got.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Date Posted: 21:32:18 02/15/17 Wed
Author: Leanne (:-))
Subject: Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl
In reply to: Corey ‘s message, “Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl” on 14:12:08 02/02/17 Thu

Corey: My son is really getting comfortable with becoming more feminine, and You know? I think I like it. although most girls his age and the ones he pals around with never wear stockings as such. Also the idea of lingerie is really not their thing like you mentioned, He now wears girl’s pajamas and robes like his friends wear. The only thing is that I’ve been having him wear a waste cincher to bed every night and told him this will get him a narrow waste just like a girl. I’m also encouraging him in his feminine manners and mannerisms. He’s getting really quite pretty, and I know he really enjoys it. My beautician likes to encourage him as well, and tells him what a pretty girl he can be. The herbals are also seeming to work. Just tonight, he showed me his breast buds and we measured his hip size and he’s widened a whole inch, and soft there too. I also bought him a pair of Aldo four inch heel black pumps to wear around the house and when we go out to special places. I’ve taught him to practice wearing them while balancing a book on his head and keeping his knees together and feet parallel when walking. On weekends he wears stick on nails and I recommend this for all feminine boys in that they also encourage very feminine hand gestures. Yes, I’m encouraging him and I think he loves it as much as I love watching him becoming so fem. There’s a small group of girls he hangs around with and the whole bunch are always talking about clothes, makeup and boys. This is so neat to see him becoming like a sweet young lady.


Date Posted: 12:49:26 03/14/17 Tue
Author: Corey
Subject: Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl
In reply to: Leanne ‘s message, “Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl” on 21:32:18 02/15/17 Wed

Hi Leanne: Thanks for the wonderful post. I love the cincher, it’s a great idea.

I suppose I’m showing my age when I lean towards legwear and lingerie.

If he is over 12 he is perhaps a bit too old for princess dresses, but has he looked into Brolita? You two could have endless fun together. And it’s a great way for him to make friends.

The heels and posture exercises are great ideas. If he socializes mostly with girls, he is definitely on the right path. If he emulates them he will be fine. Involving your beautician will give him some encouragement and support.

Easter is coming up, hopefully he will get a special look and will enjoy the day.

You are doing the right thing by encouraging him and enjoying yourself along the way. Keep up the good work!

Date Posted: 18:32:37 03/21/17 Tue
Author: Leanne *for Corey (:-) YES!)
Subject: Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl
In reply to: Corey ‘s message, “Re: My Son is Now Dressing as a Girl” on 12:49:26 03/14/17 Tue

My child is now over 12, and is really in with the few girls he’s friends with. I think they are a really good influence on him as I over hear them talking about their girl issues, fashions, makeup and clothes. Not to mention their ideas of what’s cute and attractive in the way of expressions, body language and all. It’s so much like when I was that age. His mannerisms and attitudes have become more really feminine than i ever imagined they would be. I love it and It’s so much fun to now be going out into the city to shop for easter and just spring things. I also bought him/her a pair of very sexy open toe and backless mules with six inch heels on line just for practice wearing just at home for the purpose of muscle tone. It makes the other heels more comfortable now and even be able to run in them like a ballerina.
The herbal phyto estrogens are also working well in the fact that besides having very soft and smooth shin, she’s actually starting to actually develope breasts and softer and a little wider hips. The chincher is also helping to enhance a noticeably defined waste. she has also showing a noticeable wiggle in her walk probably due to the heels and practicing with a book on her head as she glides around the house. hair is now over her shoulders and she is so proud of it.
Well that’s where we are now and I have no regrets either.


274254203105634d32a32_k | by The Radical Feminist

Poster for the film Girls & Boys (that's girl, girl, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy and boy in the photo)

1550543558344046 | by The Radical Feminist

30931161940_815e699128_o(1) | | Flickr


As we can all see….Many boys are getting In Touch with their Femininity!   The Female Controlled  world of the future is starting, and the males are learning to look Pretty and Sweet to the New Breadwinners and Leaders!



5 thoughts on “The Path we are Traveling!

  1. Hi Patti,

    I should have written you sooner to say thank you for posting my story. I hope you got some positive feedback on it.

    To give you an update, Christine and I decided that we wanted a family. But, of course, I can’t get pregnant and she has no desire to become pregnant. We started looking for a surrogate and my sister, Sarah, volunteered. She already has two children and they plan on not having anymore, even though she liked being pregnant. We used Christine’s eggs and my stored sperm. We got the word almost 2 weeks ago that we are pregnant. The plan is that I will be the stay at home Mom. My endocrinologist has started me on an increased regiment of Estrogen and Progesterone to mimic Sarah’s hormone levels, during her pregnancy. I am also going to start wearing padding when she starts showing. A couple of weeks before the baby’s due date, October 12, I am going to start pumping to stimulate milk production. I am told that shouldn’t have any problems breast feeding.

    I haven’t had any morning sickness yet but, I am told as my hormone levels rise, I probably will.

    Thanks for what you do!


    On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 8:20 AM, The New Age Lifestyle wrote:

    > patti59 posted: “Today’s posting will feature stories and insights as to > where we are heading with Male Femininity! The first posting, which is > from a similar forum is from Leanne a mother of a 12 year old boy. It > would be very interesting to know how many of our Reader” >

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    1. Hi Amy! So nice to hear from you! Congratulations!!!! I can’s wait to hear more about yours and Christine’s baby and pregnancy! What a way we have come in Role Reversal and relationships! Here is a link that you and Christine might find encouraging about another women that has feminized her husband. What a delight to see more and more men and boys prancing around in cute skirts and dresses while women are the Breadwinners and Leaders!


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  2. The tables have changed, and the boys will look pretty and sweet with their short skirts and ties in their hair. Now the girls will take revenge, lifting the boys’ skirts and laughing at their shame by exposing their panties to everyone.

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  3. Thank you for continuing your support of feminized males I only wish this would have been available when I was young and confused fortunately I had a very understanding mother and older sister who got me started in the rite direction
    I am now a mature woman living the life I have always wanted

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  4. They all look so cute, glad to see they are being started young. I married my Gurl almost 2 years ago. We are in a Femdom relationship


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