Continuing with Male Feminization!

Today’s posting will focus on what many men are doing to feminize themselves, and also what woman are doing to feminize the males in their lives.  As male femininity grows, more Women need to “Take the bull by the horns”, and get their males into pretty skirts and dresses, in order for Womankind to prosper!

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The Future for men and boys is to be Pretty and Sweet for their Strong Female Protectors!


Mock 'Petticoat' magazine cover... created to accompany one of my stories.

Here is a posting and exchange about males being taken to the salon:

have you ever taken your sissy to the salon?
by Loves2submit 2 months ago
was wondering does anyone take their sissy or feminized male to nail salon for acrylics or matching medi-pedis? Along with that do you have them grow their hair out? If so have taken them to a hair salon & picked out a feminine hairstyle for them? If so what ?
I’ve always dreamed of being sat down not knowing what is picked out for my fate!
Currently have been growing my hair out & getting different bob styles. Now going for a long bob! Once to me shoulders I’ll be able to have the real fun of layers or rollers etc .
This was me from last salon day, what color should i go to ? Was thinking of a chestnut or rich chocolate brunette but can’t make up my mind.. I’ve always loved the look of highlights , especially chunky 😉


My Mistress used to take me every other week. And yes I did not get my hair cut in three years other to take off some split ends and even it up a little. This included several permanents and a few changes in color.


I’ve been taken to the nail salon by Mistress whenever we are on vacation. My nail colors are suggested for me most of the time but sometimes I’m given the choice. I have toenails polished all the time and unfortunately can’t have fingernails polished with my work so limit that to vacations only. After 1.5 years of painted toenails, it’s weird seeing them without polish when I’m changing colors.


yes, both in male clothes and fully en femme.
2 months ago Reply more


i meant to add that i was the one taken to salons for nails, both accompanied a Mistressnn, and alone, under orders from a Mistress. In both accompanied and unaccompanied situations were done in both male clothes and fully en Femme.


@Loves2submit no hair style – i wear wigs. i have been taken to salons for a makeover and nails – long painted nails, usually pink, and matching pedicure. i even had a makeover when dressed as a male, very humiliating. When made over while dressed as a male i had no wig, but a corset, panties and stockings under my pants. No socks so my stockings and ankle bracelet showed, and i had to use a rest room to remove my stockings and then again to put them back on. I also had to put on long dangling earings and perfume after a being fully made-up.

Being “made” to wear hair curlers, get a facial, sit under the dryer and get a mani pedi would be amazing, especially if it was side by side with another sissy getting femmed up, or the hairdresser is a more experienced sissy
about 1 month ago Reply more


When I was younger one of my girlfriends took me to a salon to get my nails done before a planned 3-day weekend of being dressed fem — manicure and pedicure. She had already made the arrangements before we arrived with her favorite person and all three of the ladies working in the salon knew the plan and kept asking me embarrassing questions about what I was going to be wearing, doing, etc.

mymmmmasquerade: “fedomsissy: “ ” well tonight I thought… ”


EJ Johnson and Morgan Stewart from #RKOBH


And here is a posting about Women and Girls taking part in feminizing boys:


How a Daughter Could Help
by Sissy_Renee_DC about 1 year ago
I was wondering about the family dynamic when a boy is being feminized and there’s a female sibling in the home. Could the boy be a living dolly for his sister? Imagine how popular she might be, inviting her friends over to dress him up in diapers and pink onesies, babydoll outfits and such, feeding him with a bottle and spooning baby food into him. This practice could teach the real girls control and responsibility while the little sissy learns dependence and submission.


I know from much fiction that that is a popular narrative, especially if it’s a younger sister getting to feminize her once older brother. Plus, it’s good for girls to interact with others their age. They can play dress up, but also hopefully she’ll eventually be considered “one of the girls”.
about 1 year ago Reply more


Mommy in law to dommy in law and an aunty or two who get panties on you? A step sister who becomes a sissy sitter or a daughter in law along with her girl scout troop, having a show and tell about a sissy fairy tale? Womanless pageants, mom’s beauty shop and helping an aunt with her Avon or Mary Kay cosmetics tea parties along with a daughters girl scout troop make over are all situations a sissy may find herself being feminized by a group of girls and women. When women help girls feminize a sissy, perhaps mother daughter tag teams may be formed along with aunts, cousins, cheer leaders, sororities with a pledge of pantywaists or a group of giggling girl scouts baby sitters. Having a group of females facilitate the feminization may address a social convention.

I know a mother who really wanted a daughter when she was pregnant.Like most people both her and her husband were waiting until birth to find out the sex of the baby since there are truly no real surprises in life.So she used to dress her baby in girls clothes and she only wore pink colors.Would push her girl around in a stroller.When the baby became old enough to know the difference she sadly started dressing her her young child as a boy.
About the age of 5 she looked into her room and say him looking into her panty drawer.She said to her young boy that’s just fine.The next day she had a present for him.It was girls cotton white panties that didn’t look that much different than his boys briefs.
8 months ago Reply more


When my father and brothers where gone . She would dress me up in her clothes teach me about makeup hair how to walk and talk. Love to talk about
6 months ago Reply more


Sounds like Paradise to me. Or at least the way things should be. Can I sign up?

It is surely time that women Pretty up their boys!    Keeping men and boys in cute skirts and dresses, with makeup, and an emphasis on being docile and pretty will pave the road for Female Control, and the advancement of Womankind!

Hair Raising! | by Mystical Becky

Hanes Alive Pantyhose

Jeroy Balmores.

Our GOAL!!!

Mothers Need to continue for Boy’s Beauty Pageants!

And while the men and boys are being encouraged to be Pretty and Sweet……Girls and Women need to be developing their strength, and being the “Strong Leaders and Protectors!

Gridiron Victoria Madeline Kop tackling Jordan Di Mizio

Gridiron Victoria: Temikka Beeston

Bliss Love

Gridiron Victoria

Can’t you just hear these women saying…..Look at the cute Cheerleaders!   I LOVE seeing boys in shorts skirts jumping up and down waving their cute pompoms!!!!

MVP #95 Richelle Cranston Geelong Bucs celebrates 20-12 win vs undefeated Northern Lady Raiders in VicBowl 2015 Oct 31'15

The Future is Coming!



One thought on “Continuing with Male Feminization!

  1. I can relate having two older sisters that took part in feminizing me. They started when I was young and wearing a dress and having long curly hair became no big deal for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. But, I just wonder how I would have turned out is I had a Father figure and/or older brothers in my life growing up.


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