Some of the Challenges!

Just wanted to point out in today’s posting why I have advocated for Gender Role Reversal, and the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  These are just some of the statistics that are available that confirm what many of us already know.  The premise of my advocacy has always been based on the fact that over the centuries, women were treated as second class citizens, by men.  Many people today do not even realize that in the U.S. women have had the right to vote for less than 100 years.  Many laws prior to the 19th century, allowed men to “beat” their wives, as well as have woman as “property”.  On top of all this is the fact that men even today, think Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer and others, have treated women in the most “unfavorable” of ways.

Consider these statistics from the FBI:  73.1 percent of all arrests in the U.S. during 2015 were of men.  only 26.9 percent were women.  We know that over 90% of violent crimes are committed by males.  Listen to this excerpt from a recent magazine: “The essence of corrupted maleness is the self-aggrandizing effort to subdue and control and exploit women for its own private desires.”   For men, it often means relying on their physical size and strength.  Around the world, men on average are nearly 5 inches taller than the women, and in a 1985 study found that men had an average of 40 percent more upper body muscle and 33 percent more lower body muscle than women.

So, how would we address these concerns, if someone TRULY wanted to help women?   Would it not be that women and girls be encouraged to be Stronger?   at the same time, would it not benefit women if boys and men were to be more feminine?  This is why I advocate for what I advocate for.  It is also why I post photos of strong women, and the evidence of many men being feminine, sweet and submissive.  Run away testosterone is the problem.  However, if Macho men and boys are encouraged to be feminine, it will help women not be Victims of Unruly male behavior.  Better yet, if a woman or girls is strong, and the male is not confident that he can overpower the female, it will end the problem instantly, because as we all know, most males a cowards when confronted with a formidable opponent!

A Male like this is surely Non-Threatening:

And encouraging boys to be in ballet and other Non-Competitive activities will help ensure less violence.  Doesn’t Brittney look Cute in his Dance Outfit?

Dressed In Sisters Dance Recital Outfit - Britney Smith

In the meantime, women and girls need to be more assertive, and “Take Charge”.  This is how women not only help prevent violence, but also Take Control of the culture.

I'm coming for you Holly & Misha watch out..

Women doing what was Once “Male Only” Occupations:


Carey Lohrenz female fighter pilot

IDF ladiesSave those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine  No more leaving the last round out because it is too hard to get in. And you will load them faster and easier, to maximize your shooting enjoyment.  loader does it all easily, painlessly, and perfectly reliably


Non-Threatening males in skirts and stockings are what many women are now realizing is a Good Thing!

Central Saint Martins - Dazed & Confused

Thin and “Weak” Males are the Future!

Manu Villasante by Juanchy García

Now this young man needs to realize that the holes in his pantyhose is Not what a woman wants to see!  LOL

As Men become more Feminine, they will also become “Eye Candy” for the Stronger Females!

Naughty and Nice – Vaunt Magazine

Naughty and Nice – Vaunt Magazine


It is nice when women keep their husbands pantied and pretty.  It makes for a Great marriage, as in the case of Elizabeth and Mary Jane (former soldier)  he is the one in the dress.

An inspirational cd couple

Starting Gender Role Reversal Early, in Schools with a Gender Switch Day is a Great way to get the Movement rolling Faster!

Kids are great at busting gender norms!

Women need to Encourage More and More Womanless Beauty Pageants!


How many are really loving being a gurl? Most of them is my guess.

19264577_10211543425094774_5228370757541328959_o | by The Radical Feminist

Frame from a YouTube video.


As Women take control of their men, some are now renewing their vows with their males appropriately attired!

Transvestite sissy bride

Male-Bride - A Glimpse of the Future … What Men will be Looking Like on their Wedding Day. As More Women Take Control, and More Men Desire to be the Feminine Male Wife….This will Become More & More...

The dream of many

As a Man should be!


Are Women ready to Embrace their Newfound Power?   Less Violence, More Female Control…Is the World ready?


2 thoughts on “Some of the Challenges!

  1. The new era will put men in the most unfavorable situations, in the worst jobs, with the worst studies, with no possibility of ascending in life. And their clothes will also be very unfavorable for the males. Both in normal life and in all jobs they must wear very short skirts, and their leaders will sexually harass them, others will laugh at them making them bend over so they can see their panties.

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