The New Reality!

A lot of photos on this post!   A Picture is worth a thousand words.   You make the judgement.  Who is becoming Stronger, and who is becoming Weaker!

Determined Woman!

Submissive Man!

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The “Weaker” Female….LOL

The “Stronger” male….That is so Funny!!!

NEWEST Tia Tizzianni TRANSFORMATION - 19yo Luze Please comment and let us know what you think. If you love her maybe you should BE her. Why shouldn’t you be transformed and trained to be ultra...

Female Power!

“Helena Falk

Male Submissiveness!

Some Thoughts from PennySue:

Posted in Girls Crossdressing Guys on 2004-12-08 04:32:14
Girls, every man or boy should have the chance to dress up as woman for at least a few days or more. Or they should be forced to. Women would not believe how this has an effect on them and many will like it and want to do it again and again. Fact that many females are finding out. Feminizing men or boys, at least partially is the way to go to have a serious relationship that should last with you able to call a lot of the shots. Even better completely feminized males usually make commitment and better lovers and companions. Sissie boys are the way of the future and will help make things better worldwide. My husband and sons are and it is not only fascinating but they all enjoy it and we are very happy.

Posted in The Perfect Boy (girls only, please) on 2004-12-07 06:22:14
The perfect boy is a Feminine boy. All three of my sons and husband have become completely feminized and live and look the part of female all of the time. The boys are much better temperment now that they have been living the role of girls for over two years now. They in fact enjoy it and the oldest one does not want anything to do with his old guys clothing and hairstyles. They love their dad who has now became a Beautiful Blonde bombshell from just the pantie wearing man when I first met him as he was Shortly before we were married.

Posted in Boys dress up on 2004-12-07 06:14:56

My husband and three sons are completely feminized and live and look the part of female all the time. More mothers should feminize their sons and try to with their husbands. it would give the world a better feeling of what is really happening in this world. My husband made the transformation from just a pantie wearing man to a full fledged Blond beauty and regularly gets hit on by men who want to pick him up. He is the one who wanted to feminize the boys and it has been working out just great. They are all great and I love having 4 sissies, with me in control of everything.

A Man like this will not be abusing Women!

We need more Male Beauty Pageants with Girls in pants escorting the Pretty Boys in their cute dresses!

1616878031693945 | by The Radical Feminist

You see who wears the pants in this relationship

Role Reversal Days in Schools are Great!

I'd carry his books for him!

With over 4 month's of male blockers and female hormones,this former Skater boy,just doesn't have the energy he used to have to skate board, and since his tiny micropenis has been locked in a pretty Penis chastity,he doesn't mind wearing a skirt. His sissy boyfriend has only been on " the vitamins" for 3 months, so he still thinks he's a good Skater boy.little does he know

Pink is not my fav color, but his looks cute. looks like a boy who the girls will have fun with!

Style Guide — agenderootd: Laurin ae/aer

Moms with their sons!

3 pictures of Wes.

This one has his sister with him as well, he is the cheerleader, his sister has on the football jersey!

Proud mom with her gender swapping children from a womanless pageant. The boy is so darling that she probably considered a more permanent swap for him, no?

There's nothing more proud than a mom who's talked her little boy into putting on lipstick and a dress. Just look at those smiles!

Sister helped his brother to look beautiful for the contest.

A proud mother of her beautiful son.

The New Age Boy!

Boy In Girls Dress – Review 2017

EvansBalleriaBoys002 | by The Radical Feminist | School Gender Switch 01 - Tutus for Boys - Jeans for Girls.

Girls in pants carrying the pretty boys dressed in their tutus and tights!!! | Carrying Pretty Boys | Docile Little Ballerina Boys being carried by the stronger girls wearing pants. The girls made sure to lift the boys so their pretty panties are put on display.  Whether Society is Ready Or Not, This is the Future that coming soon!


While Boys are Looking Pretty and Feminine….More and more Girls are Competing!!

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image





3 thoughts on “The New Reality!

  1. Feminised children wearing skirts at school will be submissive and quiet. Their new condition will put them in an unfavorable position with respect to the girls, who will use their superiority to subdue the boys. Sometimes they will also have fun betting on the color of the boys’ panties, and they will pick them up to see if they are embarrassed.

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  2. Patti… there is one picture here with which i must take issue!

    WHY did you post the properly feminized male girl student on a sex-reversal day at school carrying an ALGEBRA BOOK?



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