Alpha Females and Submissive males!!!

Today’s posting will feature some Strong Women that are making a difference in Female perceptions, along with the males that are knowing their proper place in the New World Order.  As more Women accomplish, it seems that there are even more men and boys being Feminized…AWESOME!!!

First Up is a very athletic Women that is the Quarterback of one of the Women’s Pro Football teams.  She is also a former Marine..just and Awesome Woman!

Player Spotlight: Renee Langlais, QB, Atlanta Phoenix
April 4, 2018 WFA Staff
Name: Renee Langlais
Nickname: Quarterblack

Contact for Media Inquiry
Experience Playing: 7
Height: 5’8, Weight : 175
Age: 33
Birthday: 05/22/1984
Birthplace: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
High School: Lemon Bay High School
College: American Military University, Lincoln Trail and Kennesaw State University
Occupation: Retired US Marine Corps, 11 years
Favorite Players: Danny Amendola, Julio Jones, Aaron Rodgers
Hobbies: Lifting weights and customizing shoes
Passions: Helping animals
College Sports: Basketball and Softball
Other Sports: Soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, football, mountain biking and track
Girlfriend Amanda Braddy
Pets: 6 dogs, a ferret, two parakeets and a duck. Also, we have 3 foster dogs.
Follow Her on Social Media:
Instagram: @RenQB12
Facebook: Renee.Langlais.9

Two Truths & a LIE:
— I served in the Marine Corps for eleven years
— I don’t like animals
— I played football with the boys up until age 14

In Her Own Words:
I have always loved football as long as I can remember. I would always destroy most of the boys in Middle School and would be picked first most of the time. I played tackle football with the boys through my 8th grade year. I played quarterback and wide receiver and have loved football ever since. Always played flag and the second I found a women’s tackle team … it’s been a wrap since then.
I played sports since I was about 4-years-old. My father coached me and my brother.
I played with the boys up until age 14. I played soccer, basketball, softball, baseball and AAU basketball. When I entered high school I went down to one sport which was basketball. I was on the Varsity team as a Freshman and lettered all four years.
When the high school season was over it was right into AAU. I received a scholarship to play basketball in Illinois and ended up also walking onto the softball team. After a year in college, I got bored and was looking for something different. It was a few years after 9/11 and it was almost like I had a calling so I drove to Indiana and talked to a Marine Corps recruiter. I signed on the dot that day and two weeks later I was off to Parris Island for boot camp. I spent 11 years as an intelligence analyst and deployed four times — three times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. I spent time in Okinawa, Thailand, Iwo Jima and the Philippines. In 2014, after eleven years of service I was medically retired.

These Woman look Awesome, do they not?

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As these Woman set great examples for Girls, it is nice to see how some mothers are also influencing their kids, and going in the direction of Gender Role Reversal.

Some Advise to mothers from an Alpha Woman:

I have completely feminized my husband and sons and we all enjoy it and they love being girls. More mothers should try it with their sons, the world would be a better place. I love to take a young rebellious boy and help his mother or sisters feminize him. It usually works out rather well and I have seen the results in many cases.


Boys looks so much prettier in those cute little cheerleader skirts than yucky girls. Let the girls play football and let the boys be pretty cheerleaders.

Encouraging Womenless Beauty Pageants, Role Reversal Days in Schools, and Boy’s Pageants is making a huge difference in reversing the Power structure between the sexes!

What a Delight seeing Women and Girls competing, while boys are prancing around in dresses, stockings and high heels!


Explore womenincommand's photos on Flickr. womenincommand has uploaded 128 photos to Flickr.

I'm Solange Sissy and I'm Solange Tiffanye

boy runner up

One of the Fantastic Changes gong on is that of Woman and Girls Competing in Sports.  Groups of Women, Team mates, working together and doing what was once a “Male Dominated” activity, while men are now getting together to go out together for “Gurl’s Nights out”…dressed to impress!

From an Alpha Female’s Point of View:

A feminized man is the best option available to girls today. try feminizing him down some, they are usually much better behaved and lots of them really love it. You don’t have to cut anything off. Just get him started on some panties, maybe a nightie or paying attention and playing with his hair. Most guys who try panties love them and don’t go back. I have completely feminized my husband and sons and it is great. They now wear the skirt and dresses too, and yes my husband has had guys try to look up his skirt, but only because they thought he was a girl. I have helped others feminize their males and am currently helping a friend set up her 3 sons and her husband will follow. Many men and boys love it. Note not GAY guys, leave them alone, I am talking about straight guys or young boys. They usually love it but it sometimes takes a plan and some convincing. My guys look great and we all love it.

In this photo, is it not a delight seeing all four men in pretty dress, dainty nylons and each is well made up!!

Gurls of the Swiss Gwhf, a nice trio, Daniela,Regina and..

The Truth is that many Women are now Feminizing their males, and the results are spectacular!

sissydonna: “siscuc: “ white wives for BBC its only fair ” Where Boys Will Be Girls ”

Feminine Husbands


This is my new life and I love it.

Strong Woman are embracing their Strength & Status!

Here is some advise from one Alpha Woman to another that is just getting started:


Many males can be made to dress this way and many actually love it. Young boys love soft silky nighties and soft panties and will not want to go back to the dull male stuff. Also many older males would like to give it a try but are just to afraid to get it started. suggest to your husband or Boyfriend that he try some panties or such and see what happens. he might surprise you, many would like to try it, but it may be necessary to suggest it more than just once. many a male would like for his mate to control him in some way and this is a great way to try it out. feminization of males leads to a greater outlook on the relationship and a much better understanding between the sexes. Try it, please, if you do not give it a try, you will probably regret it later. My husband loves it and he now has the total look of a beautiful blonde women, he can pass for one anywhere and no one would suspect any difference. My three sons now look like 3 pretty little girls and we all get along just great. I have also helped mothers use it on their sons who were giving them trouble and always causing problems. You take a young boy 7- 13 or so, let him grow his hair out some and give him a girl makeover, you will be surprised my his total change in attitude and behavior. Some need to be started off slowly but it usually works. It gives many of them a total fresh start at things, that may have been causing them problems in their previous lifestyle and many do all right with feminization. I believe it is the way of the future. Plus many boys and young males actually make better looking girls then many real girls do. there really are a lot more of them out there then you realize.

Great Britain Squad Announced | News | British American Football Association Birmingham Lions Women's American Football Team provide 16 players for First official National Squad

Women's Gridiron

Callie Brownson - DC Divas of the Women's Football Alliance.

And these Women will need Sweet males to be at their sides….The Training has started for the next Generation of Alpha Females!

Women are encouraging what needs to happen!

Brad 2:Brad said he'd do anything to win the pageant this year. My sister the beautician volunteered to make him over. I said glam him up, over the top girly. I was in shock when she finished up with the head scarf it gave this very beautiful girl a very girly look. Brad was ecstatic whe he saw himself .His personality changed. He walked and talked like a girl. His mannerisms everything was girly.I couldnt believe she is my son. He won the pageant but was sad it was sad it was over.

In the future, there will be no more football for boys!

womanless pageant

Pageant Dresses Instead Of Sports Cleats

Pageant Transformation

His mother had been secretly feeding him estrogen every night with his meal. It would only be a matter of time and he would soon be the girl she'd always dreamed of having.

Mom made son into a daughter and stay as daughter!


Beauty Pageants for boys



3 thoughts on “Alpha Females and Submissive males!!!

  1. Oh Patti – love your comment,

    “In the future, there will be no more football for boys! ”

    Can you imagine that two generations from now bold young Female athletic enthusiasts will be rolling their eyes to the sky when Their dainty, skirted, feminine and sissy male dates will ask them stupid questions about sports (of which the poor dears will KNOW NOTHING!) like “how many home run points do you get for a touchdown anyway?” or “It’s not FAIR! Why don’t they let the boys who are cheerleaders ever wear high heels?”

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