Molding the Future!

Today will have some features on what is happening with males and females in the way they are exploring different lifestyles.  It is nice to see the reversing in roles that is happening at a more intense level.  The first feature is from a letter in the latest edition of PDQ.  Putting boys in their Proper Places is essential in creating the New World Order of Female Control!


(From Janus Vol 6 No 5)
Contributed by Peter Farrer

Dear Editor,
Ever since I was a girl I have liked seeing boys dressed in girls’ clothes, and I enjoy the letters you have in ‘]anus’ about petticoating boys for punishment, and to make them demure and submissive. I am sure petticoating would prepare boys very well to be good husbands for the modern type of girl.
The letter from Mrs. S.M. headed ‘Girlish Boy in Frills’ describes the right way to keep boys in their place. Frocks and kilts are ideal for naughty boys, and when I was young – quite a while ago – they were used as a punishment. My next-door neighbour’s son Paul was dressed in girls’ things to keep him well-behaved when I was a schoolgirl. His mother brought him up alone and was very strict: she put him in skirts when she considered he needed correction, and he was as polite and well-behaved as could be. My mother and I used to go round there for a cup of tea and a chat sometimes, and young Paul, who was about twelve, a bit younger than me, was often wearing girls’ clothes during our visits.
One costume I liked to see him in was a short velvet frock with a lacy collar and a white pinafore, and he really looked very sweet in it. He wore corsets too, his mother told us it helped to keep him from getting too boisterous and rowdy and stopped him slouching, as boys tend to do. He had a very nice figure, and looked very slim and girlish in his petticoat costume, and he did wear a petticoat under his dress too, as I could see when he moved about or sat down.
Being brought up in this way in frocks and girls’ things, Paul was as quiet and docile as any girl, and I loved to see him dressed up and behaving so nicely. His mother kept him strictly under control and a word from her was enough to nip any naughtiness in the bud, although I did see him in tears once or twice after she had given him a good spanking. We lost touch with them when I was about fourteen as we moved to another town, but I did hear years afterwards that he was married to a lady with her own business and she was very much the dominant partner there and at home, which I am sure he was ideally suited to from his petticoat training in boyhood.
Another letter a few months ago mentioned that a boy dressed in his sister’s clothes was put into curlers before being petticoated, as part of his punishment, and this reminded me of the time when I was a young assistant working in a hairdresser’s. One of our customers, a pleasant, well-spoken lady, sometimes brought her young son James with her, and he was dressed in a silky blouse and short velvet trousers, or sometimes a pleated kilt, with knee-length white stockings and ankle-strap shoes.
He was always polite, and obviously well brought up and obedient. His hair was fair and almost shoulder-length, which was most unusual for those days, and one day his mother brought him in to have it permed into ringlets. It took quite a time, but James sat very patiently while his hair was done, and when they left the shop he looked delightfully girlish with his pretty curls. I often saw him afterwards when he came to the shop with his mother, and he was always very nicely behaved as well as being charmingly dressed. Keeping him in curls and girlish dress obviously had an excellent effect, and he was as nice a boy as anyone could wish to meet.
I am convinced that petticoat discipline has great value when it comes to controlling and taming the young male, and the boy who is regularly petticoated will grow up nicely docile and as amenable as any girl would wish. As the letters on this subject show, dressing a boy in girlish things is the ideal way of keeping him obedient and demure, and petticoats, corsets, frills and curls would make some of today’s badly brought up and ill-mannered boys sing a much more pleasing tune. I wonder if other ‘Janus’ readers share my views.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs G.W. (Stoke)
Here is another excellent letter from ‘Janus’ attesting to the value of petticoats, corsets, frills and curls in disciplining young boys – and, I am very glad to see, James had his hair permed into ringlets. There would be no other style which would make him feel quite to sissy, or which would be quite so effective in keeping him under control. It is a pity that Jane (see Letter 1) did not choose ringlets for her hubby’s perm during the punishment session that she describes.

George you make me crazy, you're so sexy with this skirt, frilly blouse so !!! Not to mention when you walk in heels mmmmhhhh as swaying your hips !!! Please Jodi your colleagues are watching us and laughing !!! Sure Georgina, everyone knows that you are my Sissy secretary !!! And everyone knows how important it is to embarrass a Sissy !!! I see you're excited, because we do not go into my office and you do what any good secretary, knows he has to please his boss !!! (Chloe Sissi)

Warrior Women want Pretty men waiting for them at home!

Callie Brownson - DC Divas of the Women's Football Alliance.

BAFA: Women's Sapphire Final - Touchdown Europe  The Birmingham Lions roared their way to the first ever Sapphire Series National Championship with an exhilarating 46-28 win over the Hertfordshire Tornadoes in the final.

Birmingham Lions and GB Women's American Football Players QB: Jo Kilby with Running backs Ruth Matta, Antoinette Morgan and Laura Moore ahead of the game against Sweden - September 2014

Can’t you just hear these Women saying to the men……hey beautiful! ….Pretty legs!……Love the way you shake it!


Of course, while the men are being pretty in cute skirts and dresses, Women are wearing the pants!

Kinky, Queer and Ds World | acd851cf-b223-44f3-ba8b-81c387f6c22a

Kinky, Queer and Ds World

Kinky, Queer and Ds World

Erika Linder

Image result for cool androgynous outfits

Pinterest: - ̗̀ @Pohvoro   ̖́- #hairstyles #hairstyle

I frickin love Ruby Rose! Dem tattoos are my weakness!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Those Women are showing that they are the ones in Control and they will NOT be wearing dresses anymore…but they want Cute little male “Tarts” prancing around in their little skirts and dresses on their Strong arms!


Blonde crossdresser

Hi aunt Bob, you look so good in red.

Femdom's Sissy's

So Who’s Wearing the Pants now?

653440001 | by The Radical Feminist | Carrying Pretty Boys | Docile Little Ballerina Boys being carried by the stronger girls wearing pants. The girls made sure to lift the boys so their pretty panties are put on display.  Whether Society is Ready Or Not, This is the Future that coming soon!

FEMALE POWER is Growing!!!!


5 thoughts on “Molding the Future!

  1. Patti – as usual some very powerful photos and drawings (of course that is of the FEMALES! the males are on the other hand properly titteringly meek, weak and feminine…)

    1. Particularly sweet and amusing was the male girl standing next to the Christmas tree. How didactic – future males shall be WEARING STOCKINGS for the holidays instead of hanging them by the chimney…

    2. Next delightful was the male in pink kneeling on the floor raising the diaphanous hem of his nighty’s skirt. The little dear might be thinking,

    “Oh this lump in my panties…. i wish it would go away and so not offend my Female Master… it’s SOO YUCKY! WHY did i ever think it was important back before i was properly trained???”

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I think if you are to become fully feminized by your female master one should eliminate the “bulge” in there panties to have a complete femine appearance since most will have implants or have HRT and grow breast they look a little awkward when they appear so femine otherwise


    1. Rhonda… that of course should be a decision made totally at the discretion of a male girl’s Female Master. This would be an especially impressing lesson to all males that Women are ultimately in charge and control of every aspect of the lowly male sex when and how They choose.


  3. Also have to love the photo near the end of the article of two proud smiling young Females in jeans and sweatpants flanking the seemingly bewildered male girl in yellow party gown. One can almost sense the little male lass thinking,

    “is this what it means being a boy…. why can’t i do sports things like THEY do? *snfffle* football, baseball, hockey… it’s NOT FAIR!”

    While one of the young Females are pondering…

    “Boys sure do looks so cute in their sissy dresses… I can’t wait until when I’m older and in high school to ask himto a promt… I’ll bet he’ll even be really more feminine and prettier when he’s learned how to use make-up and fill a bra!”

    While the other young Woman says to Herself – Lynda is probably having that prom fantasy again. NO WAY – I’m going to ask him out FIRST!

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