The Dynamics of Change!

Today’s posting will focus on the changes that are happening everyday in society.  I get a lot of questions about “Is this for Real?”   Yes, this is for real.  Is it everywhere….No.  Are dynamics changing…Yes.   I do not “doctor” any photos.  The photos I get are in the public domain, and I do my best to verify whether the person in the photo is a male or a female.  Gender Role Reversal is indeed happening.  The biggest question to be answered is “Do Women want this change to happen?”  If the Women want it to happen, it Will!

The young 12 year old girl, football player, in this photo was “pushed” off her football team because the boys protested her being on it.  If Women would go to the Youth Sports clubs, and protest back, suggesting a Law Suit, this girl would be on the team.  If Women are steadfast, then Females will Exceed.  Sime of these same mothers could also insist that their schools have Womanless Pageants on a regular basis, and “Switch days” at least once a month.

Image result for girls playing baseball

Many Girls are playing baseball, and that is Good!

Image result for girls playing baseball

Image result for girls playing baseball
Encouraging Girls to play Football will be a huge step in Gender Role Reversal!
Image result for girls playing baseball
Related image
Related image
Image result for girls playing baseball
Image result for girls playing baseball
Image result for girls playing baseball
Image result for girls playing baseball
So we can see that Great Progress has been made with Women and Girls now playing Football!  Competitive Sports are a “Key” to Gender Role Reversal.  Which will Lead to men and boys in a very Submissive and Feminine Posture!  As our Cute young man pictured below!
What is really amazing is some of the Events going on in Japan  Here is an article which articulates the great advantages of Women that date and marry crossdressing men.

The upside of dating a man who’s hobby is joso, or cross-dressing as a woman【Interview】

Tokyo makeup artist tells us why having a joso-loving lover makes the relationship “twice as fun.”

Some people might find the most surprising thing about 35-yer-old Megumi Okamoto and her boyfriend Akira to be the 11-year age gap between the two of them. But that hasn’t stopped the two from falling happily in love, nor has the fact that Akira’s hobby is joso, or dressing as a woman.

▼ Akira and Megumi

Our Japanese-language reporter Go Hattori (who’s no stranger to slipping on women’s clothing) recently sat down with the couple, who’re planning to get married soon, to talk about their unique relationship.

Go: “First off, how did you meet each other?”

Megumi: “We met at the event Rarunai, which is a big gathering for joso enthusiasts. He left a deep impression on me by performing a pole dance as Yuna, his joso persona, while wearing a ranodesru backpack.”

Akira: “It’s actually the same randoseru that I used when I was in elementary school. It’ always had a lot of sentimental value to me, but now it feels even more special because it’s part of the reason I met Megumi.”

Go: “So what do you call each other?”

Megumi: “Well, I usually use his legal name, Akira.”

Akira: “Same for me. Her name is Megumi Okamoto, so I call her Megumi.”

Go: “Do you ever get into arguments?”

Megumi and Akira: “Yes, we do!”

Akira: “We have the exact same sort of fights you’d expect from a man and woman who’re dating.”

Megumi: “We’re partners romantically and professionally/ [Megumi owns the Tokyo makeup studio Raar, which specializes in joso services, and Akira now works there as well]. So before busy joso events, we argue about work. Arguments are something you can’t entirely avoid between coworkers, or between men and women.”

Go: “So when you’re not fighting, where do you go on dates?”

Akira: “Recently, we went to Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture to see the wisteria, since they were in bloom. Naturally, I dressed as a woman. We also sometimes go on cosplay dates.”

Megumi: “A lot of the time, when we go out, we have ‘dress up dates,’ where I get spruced up too and we take pictures of each other.”

Go: “Do you go on girlish dates? Does it feel like you’re two women who’re friends would go to for fun?”

Megumi: “You could say that when you’re dating a man who cross-dresses, you get to enjoy the date two times. You can enjoy it feeling like you’re out with your boyfriend, and then you can enjoy it again feeling like you’re with a female friend. It’s really a good deal, because you get to have twice as much fun!”

Go: “What are some of the other good things about dating a guy who dresses as a woman?”

Megumi: “Through my work, I deal with a lot of men who dress as women, and as a whole they’re very clean and hygienic. It’s like they have a highly developed concept of beauty. Also, they have an understanding, and are perceptive, of subtle aspects of a woman’s psychology.”

Akira: “For example, if she’s wearing a different style of makeup than she usually does, or a shorter skirt, I think ‘She wants to look cute, so she feels like today is a special day.’”

Megumi: “Also, and maybe I’m just saying this because of my age, but if you’re a woman who’s really putting a of time and effort into your job, I strongly recommend a gentle, responsible man who cross-dresses. We divide up the chores, and I do the cleaning and laundry. He does the cooking and tracks our expenses, down to the exact yen, for both our household and business. That lets me concentrate on the makeup work itself.”

Go: “It sounds like you two are a really great match.”

Megumi: “I think that if you’re a woman who doesn’t think of yourself as classically or stereotypically feminine, a guy who cross-dresses is a great match for you, and so considering dating one would be a good move.”

Of course, that leaves the question of where to meet such a guy, but Megumi has an answer for that as well.

On May 27, Raar will be co-hosting an event dubbed the Lovely Girls’ Party for Joso Men and Women Who Love Joso Men, which is being held at the Tropical Lounge in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood. Admission is 6,000 yen (US$56) for joso participants, and 4,000 yen for women, with further details available through the official Raar Twitter account.

Event information
Lovely Girls’ Party for Joso Men and Women Who Love Joso Men / 女装男子と女装男子好きな女子の素敵な女子会
Venue: Tropical Lounge / トロピカルラウンジ
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 2-9-3, Sankei 59 Building, 4th floor
東京都新宿区歌舞伎町2-9-3 三経59ビル4階
May 27, 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

Oh Look Girls! He’s Blushing! How Pretty!

This is a Great way to start your man into Femininity.  The following are some posts from another Blog, which is centered on Female Superiority, and how some Women are Feminizing their men:
Katie says:
3rd May 2018 at 4:05 am
It started after our first date. She said she wanted to be the dominant one. She was at least six inches taller. I totally agreed. I spent the night. She removed all my body hair and I was wearing panties. They were not her size, so she must have be planning this for awhile.
I now go by Katie Lynn. I wear panties and hose all the time. Dresses and skirts around the house. Women’s slacks, shorts, and tops in public Some women’s shoes.
Selina says:
29th April 2018 at 1:33 pm
Dear Lady Alexa,
I have been trying to introduce my wife to the FLR lifestyle the past few months with mixed results. She was brought up and taught to think that males were in charge and females followed their lead so it’s been challenging for her to embrace this kind of life. At times she gets into it then she pulls back. I think she looks at it as a game I want to play and not as the life I want to live. I strive to serve her so she can see how wonderful that would make her life. I am being patient and let her know how wonderful it is the times she does take charge.
After reading this entry I asked her if I could read it to her. I gave her a long back and foot massage then she agreed. After reading it her she asked me to read it again. During that reading she stopped me many times asking questions. When we finished she was silent for close to a minute then asked, Is this what you really want?
After enthusiastically saying yes, she slowly asked again….is THIS what you REALLY want? After again saying yes she said, Ok I’ll give this serious thought. She told me not to bring it up again until she was ready to talk about it. I was ecstatic and thanked her agreeing to her condition.
On April 25th she told me during dinner she was ready to discuss things. She started by asking again if I truly wanted to live a FLR lifestyle and I said yes I definitely do. She said she had read your entire blog and many other sites and a few books on FLR and was intrigued by the idea. She said many of the ideas and ways women benefitted from FLR were appealing. She said that she would like to do a 3 month “trial period” before committing to doing it long term. She was in the process of drawing up a contract that we would both sign on the 30th and start it on May 1st. I was/am so excited she agreed and can’t wait to sign her contract and start our 90 day trial! She told me this will not be a game and is going to be the real thing. I excitedly said I understood.
Last night we were watching a show and she asked me to make her dinner. I politely declined and she responded, Ok then I’m telling, not asking you to make me dinner! I obediently got up and did it for her.
Tomorrow night at 10pm she is going to go over the contract she made and we will both sign it. I am beyond excited but nervous at the same time.
I will let you know how it goes and am hoping the 3 months turns into a permanent lifestyle for us!

Hi Lady Alexa! This is Katrina, Selina’s wife and I’d like to share how things are going from my perspective. First off, thank you so much for your wonderful blog! I have read every entry and some more than once. I consider you my mentor for our newly developing FLR!

When my husband first mentioned trying a FLR I was not interested. He insisted he read this blog entry to me and finally I agreed, more to humor him than anything. After hearing it, I was intrigued and had him read it again, stopping him numerous times to ask questions. Something about it struck a chord in me and I told him I would consider it. I dove into your blog and between that and a series of books I found on Amazon about a wife who made her husband a full time maid, decided to why not give this a try.

Having him take over the household chores and my sexual needs being first and foremost were the big draws for me. I was leery of the feminization aspect as previous forays into this were basically him being “forced” to dress up, pretend to be submissive to me, get his rocks off, then return to normal. A couple doing that and I didn’t participate anymore. Its been many years since we discussed the subject. Reading your blog and the books has enlightened me that feminization on my terms, not his will enhance my authority and increase his submissiveness. I have already probably taken him further than he imagined and the saying, Be careful what you wish for you just might get it, applies to him. I just love your term “encouraged feminization” and encouraging him/her I am!

This is still new and different to me but I am eager to learn and willing to be in charge, for MY sake. Having lived my life thinking men are the decision makers and in charge will be changed quickly. Our marriage has been the same way until now. I am highly motivated to embrace this newfound way of life! One change I’ve made is to change this from a contract to “Katrina’s Rules”. Follow my rules or pay the price I tell him!

He learned last night what happens when rules are broken and I’ll have him tell you about it.

I am excited to live a FLR lifestyle and have already decided this will become a permanent way of life for us. When I tell him is up to me!

Right now, my cute sissy husband is wearing pink capri pants, a cute white top, white open toe sandals showing off her painted toenails. She is wearing pink satin matching bra and panties and some light makeup. She also has a pink bow in her hair. Her body hair was removed the first day so she’s smooth! She is working on a long list of household chores that will take her well into tomorrow. I made her cancel plans with friends to attend to my wants and needs! This is the life Lady Alexa! Thank you for opening my mind to a new way to live! Katrina

Former macho male turned into a docile submissive sissy. Is it a punishment or reward?

Cathy Petersonsays:

My husband “Mary” is the only girly-sissie at my house, but Lady Alexa’s rules are very close to what I have put in place: 1) Mary always obeys and does what I say, 2) Mary always calls me “Ma’am” or “Me dear”, 3) Mary does the sweetest little curtsies all throughout the day whether entering or departing a room, 4-5) Mary wears skirts and dresses probably 80% of the time, but also looks so demure-feminine-passive in casual female attire, BEST part is she now prefers to wear cute panties, bras all the time, and always a lacy/crepe/sheer nightie to bed, 6) We do have a 100% open-door policy throughout the house for me (and Mary) so I can come and go as I please, including all activities in the bathroom, 7) Mary is a great “homemaker” (I prefer that to housekeeper), 8) We love to chat at mealtimes, but I pick the topics, 9) it’s really amazing that my punishments are actually taking feminine time/things away from Mary, which she does not want to happen, so it’s very few and far between, and finally 10) Mary is always super silky smooth all over, and no need for any devices as she is tiny, soft, and flat in her panties under her maxi-pad everyday and with zero reactions/responses when dressed so it’s not an issue with us. In the end it’s like having the very best, perfect female roommate and our home is free from any disagreements, tensions, and/or confrontations ……. just me in charge leading this docile, cute, relaxed, kind, gentle feminine friend.


Hi Lady Alexa, being new to the FLR life, I am learning so much from reading your blog and the responses to your posts. What started as a contract between Selina and myself has been changed to Katrina’s Rules. We start and end each day with Selina reading my rules out loud. Selina must abide by my rules or face consequences. I do believe she is surprised at how much I’ve embraced feminizing her. The key is it’s feminization by my terms, not hers and it’s so exciting to me thinking that I’ve gone from grudgingly being willing to try this to wanting to feminize her completely. I now understand that the more I feminize her the more she will comply with whatever I desire.

For 20+ years of marriage things were on my husband’s terms, I followed his lead, I did the vast majority of the housework, he controlled the finances, sex was primarily for his satisfaction and on his terms, he did what he wanted in his free time, etc. This has changed and everything is now on my terms, to satisfy my wants and needs. I need to learn and improve my leadership skills and will do so. This new way of looking at and living life is so exciting!

Tomorrow I am having my two closest friends over to meet Selina and fill them in on our new lifestyle. Her feminization will be escalated and I have a couple humiliating things planned. I do this out of love and to reinforce our new life and her compliance.

Thank you again Lady Alexa for your blog and for opening my mind to how wonderful my life can be! Katrina

Some may be wondering, what can I do to help Women make these changes?   The following is a series of photos of what Women can do!

Getting your sons into skirts and dress, with makeup and nylons is the “Key”.  Take notice how these mothers did this with their sons for a Halloween.  I would believe that the boys found themselves in dresses and skirts many times after this initial event!

Take notice that Mom is in pants, with a very short haircut!

Notice how a young Woman is helping to Feminize the Boys…Very Important!

With the boys in Cheerleading outfits, the Pompoms are Very Important!

Getting the boys to pose in a Feminine Manner drives home a Point!

Having him show off some “Leg”, makes him realize that his appearance is Important!


Public Exposure is “Key”, especially if you cab get the feminized boy exposed in front of “Tomboys” or “Champion Girls”!

Getting them around other boys that are wearing skirts and dresses will really establish the Movement!

As these Women would say….”Who’s wearing the Pants now?”!!

Amp Addict

Amp Addict




2 thoughts on “The Dynamics of Change!

  1. WOW Patti…

    Selena’s story was totally thrilling! A narrative of a Female Master’s emergence from seemingly nowhere seems to prove the inner dominance Females have deep within once the pretense of ‘masculine’ power is presented as the falsity it is…. the chinks in the armour of males are finally being seen as the huge gashed openings they really are – AND THE FEMALE SEX IS MORE THAN READY TO REPLACE IT WITH A PRETTY PARTY DRESS AND/OR SERVANT GIRL’S UNIFORM!

    At last the little male girl sex has discovered the purpose it was MAID for…. *giggle*

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