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Hello Everyone.  As many of you may recall, a couple of months ago, I did an exclusive posting about Christine and Amy Wilson.  Christine is a Strong, Independent Woman, and Amy, formerly Scott, is her male wife.  Amy and I have been staying in touch, and he shared some thoughts with me about his sister Sarah, and her husband John.  Sarah is a very Strong and Independent Woman, and John is her male wife.  What is really delightful about this relationship is that John, unlike Scott, once played football, soccer and wrestled.  Sarah knew, through John’s sister, that John was really submissive, and she brought out the best in John, and they are now living a beautiful Female Led marriage.  The most important element of all this is that in both cases, Amy (Scott) and John, they will remain male.  For the Cause of Gender Role Reversal, and the Empowerment of Women, this is crucial, that more and more males are now the pretty, submissive partners, in Female Dominated and Controlled relationships and marriages!

Making you My #femwife

“Big mature muscles
41 years old female bodybuilder
All posts about Helle here

Here is their story:

Hi Patti,

Here is the story of how John and I got together and his journey to where he is today. While this is a very compressed rendition of John and my journey through our marriage, I hope it isn’t too long. If you would like me to expand on any of these points, please let me know. I am going to write my thoughts and then have him include his own and I will put them all together.

I am the oldest of 3, 2 girls and 1 almost girl. Our Father left us when I was six. I barely remember him, Amy (Scott) and Jennifer don’t remember him at all. Mother was/is a very strong independent woman and Father couldn’t accept it. After 3 kids and 8 years, he up and left giving up all of his parental rights.

Our Mother raised Jennifer and me to also be strong, Dominant, independent women. In some ways, I feel sorry for Scott (Amy) growing up. He was indoctrinated, from a very early age, that women/girls are superior to men/boys. He was very much an introvert and didn’t have many friends. Jennifer and I used that to bring him into our circle and pretend to be a girl. By the time he was 5 or 6, he enjoyed our “girl” time together and actually asked to spend more time as Amy. He had no chance.

I finished high school at 17, college at 20 and law school when I was 22. I was immediately recruited by one of the top law firms in San Francisco. A very large part of their practice dealt with sexual harassment and women’s rights. I made partner when I was 25. After my 2nd daughter, Elizabeth, was born in 2016, I quit the firm and started my own business. I work as a consultant for businesses and groups who want to empower women. While I have to travel quite a bit, I am making a lot more money and my time is more flexible.

I have always been drawn to weak boys/men. But, I never found the right one. Jennifer, our middle sister, knew from the time she was 13 that she was a lesbian. In 2006 she met Denise and they clicked. Both have strong personalities but, they found a way to complement each other. After 12 years together, they are planning to get married in July.

John is Denise’s younger brother. She tried for years to set us up. All I saw was his outward demeanor which was someone trying to be overly macho. She kept telling me that wasn’t the real him and that John was every bit as weak and submissive as I was strong and Dominant.

I finally agreed and we went on our first date. Immediately he put up this, “I am very macho” façade. I told him to cut out that crap and he immediately changed to this humble man. The rest of the evening went so well that I asked him out again. As we spent more time together, the more the façade fell away, exposing John’s true self. That is with me, he reverted back to his old self when we weren’t together. I knew that, with time, I could strip it away all together.

After a year, I asked John to marry me and he said yes. I gave him a list of conditions that had to be met, or was expected, before or as a result of us getting married.

1. John was to sign a pre-nuptial that said, since he didn’t bring anything into this marriage, if we split he got nothing.
2. John was to change his last name to mine.
3. That while we could discuss things, my decision was to be final.
4. Since I needed to be able to plan out any pregnancy, John was to store his sperm and get a vasectomy. Any pregnancy would be through artificial semination.
5. John was expected to do all of the duties of a house husband.

John accepted those and we were married on June 16, 2012.

I am the youngest with Denise being my older sister. Over the years, my Mother and sister both became strong, dominant women. Our Father was an abuser. He would hit Mother at least once a month. She put up with it to shield his wrath from us. I have been told that when I was about 2, Mother caught him molesting and fondling Denise, who was on 4 at the time. When Mom tried to stop him, he pushed her down. Mom got up, found a fire place poker and hit him with it. He came at her and she hit him again breaking his arm and skull.

He ended up going to prison and had done to him, what he was trying to do to us. He blamed Mother for everything that happened to him. When he got out 14 years later, he tracked us down and killed Mom. He went back to prison for life.

Since we had no living relatives, the court awarded Denise, who was 18, guardianship over me. Both Mom and Denise always reminded me what a weak person I was and encouraged it. I got tired of being called a wimp at school so I started acting “macho” and playing football, wrestling and soccer. As I strengthened my façade, the less I was being called a wimp. But, while I dated, I didn’t have very many 2nd dates. The girls saw right through me and didn’t want a wimpy boyfriend.

After high school, I went to the local Community College not knowing what wanted to do. Denise was going to school, working and supporting me. To save money, I was given some of her old clothes to wear. If I tried to object, she simply said that I was free to leave at any time. So more than once I would wear her old pants, shorts or tops.

When she set me up with Sarah, I thought, at least it will get her off my back for a while. When I met Sarah, I tried to put on my macho personality but, one look from her made it melt away. I knew immediately that, she knew, I was a very weak submissive guy. I also knew that with time, she would mold me into my true personality, which didn’t bother me at all.

When she asked me to marry her and gave me the conditions and expectations, I enthusiastically said yes. It felt so right that changing my name and signing the pre-nuptial was no big deal for me.

John easily assumed the role of house husband. It was his responsibility to keep the house clean and do the laundry, maintenance the outside of the house, have breakfast ready for me before I left for work and dinner ready when I came home. He also did all of the shopping for food. The rest of the time was his time to do what he wanted to do.

For the first 6 months, I used sex to train and control John. I rewarded him for doing little things like rubbing my feet or my shoulders. Then I gave him a list of the tasks I wanted him to do each day. If he completed the tasks well, he was rewarded for his good behavior and attitude. With John, it took less than a month before just the sight of the list made him all excited. I also taught him how to pleasure me using only his fingers and tongue.

Soon he was totally hooked and I decided to see how far I could “push” him. One evening, I told John what a nice job he had done today. But, I hated hair on men, and simply handed him a bottle of Nair for Men. He never said a word, went into the bathroom and 10 minutes later came back hairless from his eyebrow down to his toes.

I rewarded him with the best sex he ever had. He was exhausted and fell asleep right away. I locked a chastity device on to him and went to sleep holding him in my arms. By locking him in a chastity device, I was taking ownership of his penis. His penis was now mine.

The next morning, he realized that he was locked up. He asked why and I simply said because I want you this way. I told him that he wouldn’t be unlocked unless he was a very good boy and did everything I said, without question. He started to object and I shut him down my simply saying, “You have two choices. Either going along with your new life or leave with just your clothes”. I handed him a pair of panties to put on and told him that he was to get rid of his old guy undershorts. He immediately lowered his head in submission and said, “Yes Mam”.

Becoming a house husband wasn’t that big of a deal. When I was living with Denise, I took care of most of the domestic chores. I always liked having a clean house and to cook. When Sarah used sex as an incentive to do a good job, so much the better. My thinking was keep her happy and I will get more sex. It got to the point where just the thought of chores for the day would get me hard and turned on.

I knew that I would do anything for her. When she handed me the bottle of Nair for Men, I knew, without her saying a word what had to be done. There wasn’t any thought of questioning her, I just knew I had to do it.

What she rewarded me with was the best, and most exhausting sex that I have ever had. When I woke up, I was wearing a chastity device. I had seen pictures of them but had never seen, or worn, one before. I had no problems being locked in her chastity device. I found the idea and allure of chastity to be very satisfying. I now longer owned my penis, it was her toy that just happened to be attached to my body. It existed for no one else’s pleasure but her own. Thinking back about my chastity, it made it much easier to accept my new lifestyle and sexuality.

Sarah told me why she had put it on me, it made perfect sense to me. She didn’t have to give me the choice of leaving it on or taking it off and leaving. Sarah had complete control over me and I loved it.

The next several months brought big changes for John. I had him give most of his clothes away and we went shopping for new clothes. From then on, he almost always wore bright colors or soft pastels. Of course, he wore nothing but panties and a camisole or tank top from then on.

John started weekly salon appointments for mani/pedis, waxing, electrolysis for his beard and facials. I noticed that he was getting a bit of premature gray hair and told him to have that taken care of at his next appointment. While there, the stylist suggested trimming his shoulder length hair. She cut it in layers and it looked much better.

Over the next few weeks, I gave him instructions to have his eyebrows touched up, get his ears pierced and get some color polish on his nails. When I saw that he still had clear polish on his nails and his ears weren’t pierced, He said he was too scared to do that. I told him that he wasn’t to question my wishes. He said he was sorry and I asked him if he should be punished? He just lowered his gaze and simply said, “Yes Mam”.

I had him get a ruler and ask me to punish him. This is the first time I had to do this and I wanted to make an impression. He handed me the ruler, lowered his pants and laid over my knees. By the 5th swat, he was crying and I gave him 5 more. I then held him and reassured him that this was for his own good. That has been the one and only time I have had to punish him. The next day, he had two holes in each ear and was wearing shiny black polish.

As these changes were taking place, he started losing his male friends. He filled his down time going to the gym, shopping, he joined a book club and he took some cooking classes. He met and made friends with several different women. They all assumed that he was gay and never felt threatened. He ended up getting invited to join a Bunco and a card group. I wasn’t threatened because I knew he was locked away.

His attitude completely changed. The macho façade was completely gone and he started to develop a softer persona. He could carry on conversations with the women, sharing his thoughts of things that mattered to them. They would offer suggestions things like different color nail polishes, how to wear his hair. They actually suggested that he try some tinted moisturizer to even out his complexion. At their suggestion, the next time he had to have his roots touched up, he asked for highlights.

When I started dating Sarah, I didn’t know how dramatically my life would change. But, it has changed for the better. I am finally living as I was meant to be. Any thought of not being submissive, to Sarah, was stripped away when I had to hand her the ruler and ask to be punished. I made sure that was the one and only time I ever questioned her authority over me. But, she did give me a certain amount of freedom to do what I wanted in my free time, to develop a new circle of friends, how to dress, etc.

Even though my new friends knew I was married, most assumed that I was gay. I was very unthreatening to them and became “one of the girls”. The first time I really knew I was accepted was when I was invited to a Mary Kay party. I had already been wearing tinted moisturizer and was ready to try something else.

Over the next several months, I saw John become this very happy person. He never questioned my decisions. In the evenings, he would tell me about what he had done that day. One evening, I noticed he was wearing eye shadow and mascara. He told me about the Mary Kay party he went to and how his friends told him that he would look good with a little more makeup. I told him he looked wonderful and dropped it at that.

John would still service me but, he was denied and I could see his frustrations increase. When he was aroused he became a slightly different person. He became more attentive and more in tune with my emotions, desires, needs and was much more loving. I found that denying him orgasms kept him in this state constantly. After the two weeks of chastity, he became a different person. I rewarded him by stimulating his prostrate and draining/milking him. He started wearing a prostrate stimulator all of the time.

It was a quick step from milking him and having him accept being penetrated by my dildo. His penis had not been inside me, since his chastity began and wouldn’t ever be again. He learned to accept, and came to crave, being pegged and being able to cum without touching his penis. I told him that it wasn’t fair that I was the only one to get a period. So, when I started my period, John started his using V8 juice and a super tampon.

In 2013, looking ahead, I realized that the following May/June would be a good time to have a baby. Through invitro fertilization, I became pregnant with our first child. Susan was born in May and John assumed the role of “Mother”. We both pumped our breasts but, I was the only one to get milk out.

John quickly made friends with several other new Mothers and began to socialize with them. At this point he had no male friends, only “girlfriends”. He started acting so girly and it didn’t surprise me when he asked about wearing women’s pants. I told him that was fine. He almost always wore some makeup, nail polish, different earrings and his hair was cut in a somewhat feminine style.

I was nervous, at first, about wearing makeup. But, with the help and encouragement of my friends, I became used to it and loved it. Sarah would give me suggestions on what she thought would look good on me.

Being in chastity was harder than I thought it would be. I became frustrated and would pay more attention to Sarah’s needs, hoping for relief. That relief didn’t come until she started playing with my butt hole. The first time she just drained me, which just increased my frustration. She built me up and didn’t let me release. Then the 4th time, she milked my prostrate and let me cum. It was the first, of many times I came without touching myself. She gave me a prostrate stimulator to start wearing all of the time.

The first time she used her dildo on me, she was slow and patient. She opened me up to sensations that I never had dreamed of. After a couple of sessions, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of it. I even started wearing butt plugs during our off time.

Starting my period, with hers, soon became 2nd nature for me. I didn’t stop my period when Sarah got pregnant. When Susan was born, I was the first to feed her. Sarah and I both “pumped” our breasts and it was her milk that I was giving our daughter. While I didn’t get any milk when I pumped, I did get little mounds of breast growth. Sarah had me start wearing a bra.

I had got to know some others who were also “New Mothers”. I developed friendships that exist today. I never hit it off with their husbands/boyfriends but, I was accepted as “one of the girls”. As I spent more time with them, I could feel their influences rubbing off on me. They invited me to yoga and Pilates. I was in a group of women and I was the only “guy”. I found myself loosening up and following their moves and demeanors. We would get together for coffee, lunch or just shopping. They were constantly pointing out what they thought I would like or what would look good on me. They also gave me subtle hints on how to act, walk, gestor, etc. Emulating them became 2nd nature for me and Sarah noticed the change in me.

It was before one of these shopping trips that I asked Sarah about buying some women’s pants. I was though, afraid that the bulge, from my chastity device wouldn’t look good. I asked Sarah about removing the device. After all, I had freely submitted to her and her wishes. That, it had been over a year and I had no desire to try and get an erection any longer. She said yes on two conditions. First that I would continue to sit when I pee. The other one was that I keep myself tucked at all times. Of course, I said yes.

The next day I went shopping with some of my friends and they had great fun having me try on all sorts of different clothes. I ended up buying 3 pair of women’s pants, a skirt, 2 tops, shoes and two new bras and matching panties.

John has been a great “Mother” to both of our girls. He had become so comfortable in his girly mode that he would go out wearing a skirt or dress. He always wore a bra, many times padded, now. It was hard to tell that he was ever male. Right before Elizabeth was born, John came to me and asked to be castrated. I asked why and he said he was tired of tucking and he hated getting erections. He talked with a therapist and was referred to a Urologist. Shortly thereafter, he had no more testicles.

He was all healed up when Elizabeth was born. He immediately took up the challenge of raising both of our daughters. The big change, though, was that he asked me about getting rid of his male clothes and start dressing in women’s cloths only. I thought why not, he was almost already there now.

He recently got approval to start hormone therapy. I told him that he could but, that he will never have SRS surgery. He agreed and has been on hormones for 3 months now. June 6 he has a court date to legally change his name to Joanne Louise Wagner.

Being a Mother to our girls has been the most fulfilling thing I have done in my life. From the time I first fed Susan, I knew that being a Mother was my calling. It started to seem so natural to start going out wearing a dress or skirt. At Amy’s suggestion, I started wearing a waist training corset. After a year, my waist shrunk from 32” to 28”. My friends accept what I had become and even encouraged me.

I spent a lot of time talking with my “sister-in-law” Amy. She had already gone through what I was going through now. Amy is the one who really encouraged me to be castrated. She told me how more satisfying her life has been since she had it done. I got tired of getting erections and having to tape myself before wearing tight pants. When Sarah said yes, and I had it done, I was very happy. Amy was right, it did make my life better. It is a decision that I have never regretted. Many say that their sex drive is diminished when they have this done or start HRT. For me, I didn’t notice much difference at all. In fact, in many ways, it is better. I still crave Sarah’s dildo and have had thoughts of what it would be like to have a real man take me.

After Elizabeth was born, it just seemed more natural to start wearing women’s clothes. When Sarah gave her approval, I was ecstatic, which led to another shopping spree. The only things left from my old clothes are a couple of sweatshirts which have some sentimental value and Sarah said I could keep them.

My HRT has started to work. I have little mounds building up under my breasts, my waist has got little smaller, I am now down to 27”, and my hips a bit wider, I am now 37”. I am much more emotional and my feminine thinking has increased. Like Amy, I will never be able to have SRS but, I really don’t care. I am happy the way I am. After at least a year, Sarah said we could talk about implants.

I simply love my life now. I love raising our two daughters and being feminine. Sarah and my roles have changed over the years. I wear skirts and dresses all of the time and she rarely wears anything other than pants or shorts. I wear makeup all of the time and she rarely wears it. My curled, colored hair is down to my bra strap now, Sarah is wearing a short pixie cut. While I work to maintain my weight and keep slim, she has started to bulk up a bit by lifting weights. The roles of our life have definitely switched and I would have it no other way.


Please don't hate me


Just as she wanted him.

cutecrossdresserstac: transgender clothing male to female crossdresser


Making a man feminine is a delight.  More Women are realizing that the Best relationships with males are the ones where the Woman is in control, and the man is feminine and submissive!

20 years old fitness beauty
More of Kryss here

Veit Alex (left)

Teen biceps
16 years old girl
All posts about Karina here

As a follow-up, Sarah was gracious enough to elaborate on a couple questions I had.  The following are her comments on those issues:

Hi Patti,

Shortly after Susan was born, I got a request to give a talk on women in the law. That led to others that ranged from How to Inspire Girls to dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Work Place. A little over a year later, I was booked 100 days a year making as much as I did at the law firm. I have since expanded to 120 days a year so that while I do have to travel, I have much more time to spend with my family. John travels with me sometimes making it a short, long weekend. My Mother loves it when we leave the girls with her. My focus is strictly on empowering women to become the best they can. There is nothing in my presentations, nor will there be, about male feminization. That is not the time or place for that conversation. I have a had a few women, who knows about John/Joanne, ask me about male feminization. I give them any help and advice that I can. I have one friend that has just started on her husband. It’s going to be a much slower process than with John but I am sure she will get there.

I have always exercised at the gym. I met, and got to be friends with, a woman there who is very buff. She was training for a Martial Arts competition. While I thought I was in good shape, I couldn’t lift nearly what she could. I was a bit jealous because I always wanted to make sure I was stronger than John. I asked her to train me and we have trained together for a year now. My muscles are getting defined and I even have a bit of a 6 pack. I am now physically stronger than John. The other night, I had to open a jar for him.

John doesn’t always wear skirts and dresses, though he does a lot, especially when the weather is warm. I just found it easier to start wearing mainly pants. John and I are the same size so he now has many of my “old” outfits. I have also stopped wearing heels and polishing my nails. I still shave my legs, arm pits and brows waxed but, I wear very little makeup anymore. After spending almost an hour trying to get my hair curled just right, I got it cut short and I love it that way. I simply have to wash it, blow dry it a bit and I am good to go. While it used to take over an hour to get ready for work or going out, now I am in and out in less than 20 minutes. John/Joanne takes for ever.

John/Joanne has earned a great amount of latitude on running his life and our home. I given him an allowance each week which covers groceries, things for the girls, etc. Any money left he can either save it or spend it as he sees fit. He knows what I like but, he makes the decision on what to wear. He occasionally will wear panty hose or stockings. Mainly when it is cold or he is dressing up. He wears heels most of the time except, when it isn’t appropriate or wise. Wearing heels when we go camping would just be stupid…lol.

Joanne worships me and our girls. His place in our relationship/marriage has been cemented in place for a few years now. There is no need for me to dictate on what I want him to do, wear or how to act. He is very demure and puts his needs way behind that of me or our girls. He has accepted and truly embraces his life now. Sometimes, he is like Radar on Mash, where he knows what I want before I do. I told him that there would be no SRS and he accepts that. I am going to reward him by letting him get breast enhancement after he has grown what breasts he can with hormones.

While next week he will legally become Joanne Wagner, I will continue to address him in the masculine. Most of his friends have dropped the masculine pronouns in favor of female pronouns, I am not pushing the point.

Right now, I am being drawn between my business needs and my maternal feelings. I am now almost 5 months along with Christine and Amy’s baby. I have always loved being pregnant but, had never expected to be pregnant again. When Christine and Amy asked me, I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, say no. After giving birth to Susan and Elizabeth, John assumed the maternal role. Except for breast pumping, John took care of our girls. Yes I would help, similar to the way a man helps his wife. But, like women, the major responsibilities fell on John.

We are hoping that Amy will be able to produce enough milk to feed their new baby. He has been on elevated hormones since January. He will start pumping, to hopefully induce milk flow, just before the baby is due. I will stop working at the end of August and will resume in early November after the baby is born.

Take care,


The following are Great examples of Beautiful New Age Men!

Shelly Kimber

Alison St John

Senza titolo — loving-julia-valentina: Follow us at Julia’s...

Isn't he gorgeous

Monica Talbot

I know I've got a way to go to be a pretty lady but I also know that nothing's going to stop me. One day, I'll look just as pretty as any other woman.

Jonelle Brooks



She’s Beautiful

More and more Woman are wanting to just wear pants, and by putting their men and boys in skirts, the relationship changes for the better!

More Women are taking the initiative and feminizing their males!

don't pout, Darren, you'll being getting perms the rest of your life

Mother and pretty little son enjoying girly boi time at the salon for their weekly wash and set


Just like the first time mother took me to her salon. I was scared shitless. By the end of the day, I was begging mother to make another appointment for her son!

The stylist told the boi's how utterly femmey and sissy they both looked now. They blushed and thanked her

A grey bowl haircut, a perfect cut for a sissy especially when paired with gold hoop earrings. This sissy knows how cute he looks


Pretty in his white dress

STRONG Woman deserve to have Pretty, Submissive males at their side!

Virginia Sanchez

Espan 1

The World is indeed changing.  As more Women make the decision to feminize their men, the World will be driven by Women.  Men and boys will learn to become “Eye Candy”, and submissive “Helpers” to the Dominant Women.  The Future looks Bright for Womankind!











2 thoughts on “Another “New Age Lifestyle Blog” Exclusive!

  1. Wonderfull sharing and caring story on female led relationships . I to have gone down the path of feminization and becoming a full time housewife and am perffectley happy to fulfill the role for my husband. She has taken the same steps basicly as Sarah has with John and I feel I have been fortunate to have her guidance. Castration was a blessing in disguise and now I feel completely at ease no more tucking and taping and HRT has me developed very nicely and I soon hope to be locating and am looking forward to being nursed. Thank you for sharing what is still a subject that is not discussed muxh but is coming to the front more every day.

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  2. Absolutely darling! This is such a beautiful story. I wish the entire world would live this way.There is no better way to be.Females are Superior and all males should be feminized.Just wanted to share my sissy thoughts.Femforever girls 💋

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