Who’s In Charge Now???

Today’s posting will Focus on what is happening at an ever increasing pace.  Females TAKING Control, Wearing the Pants, and Insisting that their men and boys become Pretty and Sweet, and wear dresses and skirts for the pleasure of themselves and other Woman……Sounds a lot like how things were 50 years ago, only in Reverse!

I chose this picture because of the masculine these 2 women hold in this picture.

Many Woman, and mothers, are very interested in having Sissy Men at their side.  Here is a story from PDQ about a Mother and son, and how they changed their lifestyle.  This kind of thing is happening more and more.  Woman are indeed Taking Control, and men are submitting to their “Inferior” status.  Female Led Society is Growing!

from Sissymaid Allison


Dear Auntie Helga,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you after seeing your email address on the website petticoated.com. For the last couple of years I looked at a few times a month and even read some letters two and three times. I just turned 19 last month so I’m hoping to be old enough to learn more about sissies and Mistresses. It’s only me and my mom at home which means we are very close. I think I know more about women than most guys my age having an open minded mom like I do. This summer we went to the Pride Parade for the first time which opened our eyes up on everything related to those with different lifestyles.

My mom told me on the way home she liked the whole day so I asked what she liked of the different lifestyles. To my surprise she liked the guys who dressed like girls and especially the sissymaids or anyone in a maid uniform. Then she asked the same question with my answer quite similar to hers. We agreed to talk about it more a few days later with both of us needing sleep from a long crazy day. It was a Thursday as I recall after dinner when my mom brought up the subject of the parade again. We started to talk about it and some of the people we saw. Then without me paying attention my mom asked me if I ever wanted to wear women’s clothing or a maid uniform. I had not thought about it for me but admitted reading about those who do on Auntie Helga’s website.

My mom and I looked through some pictures and read some letters together. We laughed at some things as they related more to us. My mom looked at me letting me know if I wanted to try it she was willing to help me. I didn’t say much as I thought about the parade and how much fun my mom had talking with some of the feminine guys. My mom was good about it leaving me to think before pushing me into something new. I asked her what she had in mind so she mentioned a particular sissy we saw in the parade and how much she liked that look. We talked about it with me eager to learn more but not knowing a thing about what to ask or how to go about trying any part of it. My mom could tell I was interested but had no idea about the clothing part of it. She went to get her tape measure to take some measurements while talking about what she had in mind. I wasn’t sure but trusted my mom with it anyways.

Over the next few days we went shopping to look at everything I would need to be my mom’s sissymaid. She educated me on styles, fabrics and the look she wanted to create with me. Each day we brought home a few things getting closer to having it all. We also talked about my sissymaid role and my mom’s role as my Mistress with her telling me how much fun it could be if we both agreed. It sounded like something we both were willing to try which was nice we both agreed on it without anyone pushing too much or pushing back to much.

On the fourth day we went to look at dresses which was letting me know it was real and was getting close to happening. We ended up looking at 4 used sissy dresses a woman was selling in my size. It was the first time I saw so much lace and frills on a dress. The women talked and before long my mom handed me the dresses to carry out to the car. My mom was pleased with the quality and the price she paid so off we went to the shoe store. We looked at high heels nothing I knew anything about but my mom educated me once again. She bought two pairs of high heels in my size she advised. It all seemed so strange t o go shopping for women’s clothing with my mom.

There was one final stop before we went home for dinner only this time I was blushing. You might think everything else would have made me blush and it did a little. We were inside an adult store with my mom showing me chastity devices and talking with the girl behind the counter. I was blushing while they talked size, style and effectiveness. My mom said that small one to the girl and we went to pay for it. On the way home my mom talked to me about all we bought and how it was close to what we saw in the parade. I asked her what about the chastity thing and how did she know about them. Well a couple of letters talked about them and while she was in a washroom at the parade my mom talked with a woman who had her own sissy.

So we arrived at home with my mom working on dinner she sent me to have a bath handing me a razor to shave myself. I asked what to shave and my mom told me everything except my head like the other sissies. It was getting real by now but I agreed to play my part so my mom could play hers. We had a deal and I wasn’t going to let her down even though I wanted to a couple of times. My mom called to see if I wanted help so I let her in to check my shaving job. With a few spots I couldn’t reach well my mom took care of them. Leaving the door open my mom went to get the chastity device and a bag of frozen peas which I didn’t see at first. The shining device sat on the counter while my mom put the peas on my pubic area. Well frozen anything on my penis made it shrink and me jump. My mom smiled holding the peas on my penis and balls until I begged her to take it away. She gave me the device and I put it on changing the rings until finding the right size. My mom put the peas on my penis once again to make it shrivel before sliding the chastity device over my penis and locking it in place. I looked down to see not much of a penis locked behind stainless steel. My mom laughed telling me she thought it was cute. My mom asked me if I was all ready to be her sissymaid and I said I thought so.

We went to the living room where I saw everything we bought over the week. I didn’t have to do anything while my mom started to dress me from top to bottom. It all felt very odd from panties to stockings and bra to heels. Before long I was all dressed in a pink lace covered sissy dress trying to stand in high heels for the very first time. My mom looked me over telling me how sweet I looked and hinting I be in the parade next year. We went to have dinner with me having troubles with my new high heels. For the rest of the night we talked about what I was wearing and how it would play a part in who I was becoming. Little did I know to be a sissymaid it wasn’t just about clothes. My mom taught me to call her Mistress and as the next few days passed I learned more about what a Mistress expects from her virgin sissymaid. My mom made sure I only wore my new clothes and nothing else from my previous life. At night I slept in baby doll nighties and by day I wore only sissy dresses.

After the first week my walking in heels got better and so did my understanding of what it was like to be my mom’s sissymaid. My mom started to experiment with her role as my Mistress wearing black skirts and high heels around the house. Once in a while she would slap me with her walking stick to let me know she was my Mistress. The other night while we had dinner I thought it was time to let my Mistress know I had fulfilled my side of the deal and wanted to take a break from sissymaid life. It was then I learned my mom had become a real Mistress. She looked at me laughing telling me there was no break as her sissymaid. I thought she was kidding a little but I was wrong. My Mistress had been reading and talking to other Mistresses about training a son to be her sissymaid.

I knew then I was going to spend a long time as her sissymaid after reading about other who had the same fate. My Mistress agreed to be fair to me and not take advantage of me like some we read about as long as I agreed to be her sissymaid and do what she demanded. What choice did I have I thought to myself shaking my head yes to her. Mistress pointed out we made a deal before starting I would be her sissymaid and she be my Mistress. I remembered that conversation and remembered how we both agreed without any pushing each other into it. Having said that I learned how quickly my mom became a Mistress. I spend my days looking after the cleaning and laundry while learning to cook and sew for my Mistress. She on the other hand spends more time with her girlfriends and shopping for me lately.

Auntie Helga when I first read some of the letters on your website I didn’t think they were true. It didn’t make sense to me mothers or wives would turn their men into sissymaids and the men and boys liked it. When my mom and I went to the Pride parade it started to make more sense. I thought it was boys and men wanting to be sissymaids which puzzled me. Then after actually seeing them in a parade I realized some liked it and some were there because of strong women like their mothers or wives.

In my case my mom is thrilled I am her sissymaid more than I am. My mom is so much happier with me and life in general even when we had a great relationship before the Pride parade. I mean if we weren’t so close why would a mother and son go to a Pride parade. My mom continues to show me her dominant side and we talk about our roles every day. One thing my mom demanded was me not asking about making changes, take off the chastity device or ending my life as her sissymaid. She made it quite clear I am her sissymaid period and will continue to be until she decides otherwise. After hearing my mom show me who is really the boss I have accepted her position as Mistress and mine as sissymaid.

Thank you for having such a great website help sissymaids like me understand our roles in life.

Sissymaid Allison

Thank you for your letter Sissymaid Allison. Your natural curiosity about sissies tells me that you are at heart a sissy and personally, I love sissies, it would seem your mother does as well, lucky for you. The Pride Parades are perfect for opening minds and showing people that it is okay to express yourself, I am so happy for you both that you have this opportunity to share something truly unique.

I am very encouraged to hear how well your mom has taken to her new role as your Mistress, she obviously has given this a great deal of thought. You serving her is going to make her life so much easier, giving her more free time to do as pleases. I love her choice of wardrobe, keep in mind that this is as much about her as it is you and will change her as well.

Auntie Helga

Many men are indeed embracing a New Age Style.  It is nice seeing men and boys being Pretty, while Women and Girls are Achieving!

While men like the one above are looking “Cute”, Women like this seem to really Enjoy the Reversal in Roles!

Carter the Body

Keeping the Sissy Male in short skirts, high heels, nylons and having him carry a purse is a good way to exert control!

Hello Sissy

Although in many cases, the man has asked to be Feminized, the really Smart Woman have Taken Total Control, and now many of these men are the sole “property” of their Female spouses!!

Here are some postings from another Blog on this subject.  Salina is the husband!

Katrina says
29th May 2018 at 10:58 am
This is true in our situation Lady Alexa. Selina came to me with the idea of a FLR, I know she wanted some mild feminization on her terms, but has gotten much more than she expected or desired. Although her protests have ceased through punishment and humiliation, I can still see in her eyes and body language that complete acquiescence hasn’t taken place. That makes the process that much more enjoyable to me. Selina was on vacation from work last week and with holiday yesterday has been in a feminized state for 9 consecutive days! She is becoming more obedient and submissive but I still have progress to make. Living our lives by my rules and on my terms is a wonderful change in our marriage!

Lady Alexa says
30th May 2018 at 8:23 am
Sound similar to us Katrina
Katrina says
31st May 2018 at 11:51 am
I look at you as my FLR mentor so I try to emulate what you’re doing. One of my goals is to have my husband living full time in a feminized state as quickly as possible. The company he works for is very progressive and accepting of transgender people which excites me. He may be coming out at work soon which will pave the way for living fulltime as my feminized subservient husband! Thank you again Lady Alexa for your wonderful blog!

Selina says
9th May 2018 at 6:52 am
Hi Lady Alexa, being new to the FLR life, I am learning so much from reading your blog and the responses to your posts. What started as a contract between Selina and myself has been changed to Katrina’s Rules. We start and end each day with Selina reading my rules out loud. Selina must abide by my rules or face consequences. I do believe she is surprised at how much I’ve embraced feminizing her. The key is it’s feminization by my terms, not hers and it’s so exciting to me thinking that I’ve gone from grudgingly being willing to try this to wanting to feminize her completely. I now understand that the more I feminize her the more she will comply with whatever I desire.
For 20+ years of marriage things were on my husband’s terms, I followed his lead, I did the vast majority of the housework, he controlled the finances, sex was primarily for his satisfaction and on his terms, he did what he wanted in his free time, etc. This has changed and everything is now on my terms, to satisfy my wants and needs. I need to learn and improve my leadership skills and will do so. This new way of looking at and living life is so exciting!
Tomorrow I am having my two closest friends over to meet Selina and fill them in on our new lifestyle. Her feminization will be escalated and I have a couple humiliating things planned. I do this out of love and to reinforce our new life and her compliance.
Thank you again Lady Alexa for your blog and for opening my mind to how wonderful my life can be! Katrina

Katrina says

Hi Lady Alexa, the evening my friends Donna and Jackie came over was a huge success. I’ll share a few of the highlights. Selina was busy doing laundry when the doorbell rang. She was wearing bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, heels, full makeup, (makeup lessons are in her immediate future!), and two pretty bows in her hair. I have her wear lingerie because she was always wanting me to wear lingerie around the house. The look of fear in her eyes was priceless when I told her to answer the door.

Donna and Jackie were very surprised at first but once I explained our new life wanted to hear more. Selina served drinks and snacks as they asked me many questions. Donna is divorced and very well off from the settlement. She offered me $3000 to purchase clothes, shoes, wigs, makeup, etc in exchange for 2 days per week of Selina’s cleaning services. Having known her my entire life I completely trust Donna. I made Selina get on her knees and ask Donna for the privilege of serving her. Jackie is newly married and was much more quiet than Donna but took great interest in everything.

When I told the girls that Selina gives great foot massages they both wanted one. I had Selina suck and kiss their toes as part of it. I had Selina remove her panties and we discussed what I should call her winky, which was erect the entire time. I decided on calling it ” My cute princess”. We also decided to call her “Precious” or “Blossom” While Jackie was getting her foot rub Donna found a website that sells maid dresses and all kinds of sissy clothes and bought two maid uniforms for Selina to wear while serving at her house. Donna made her beg to wear the uniforms while serving her.

Donna and I scheduled our shopping excursion with Selina and Jackie told me she wants to learn more about about FLR. I told her to start by reading your blog and we are getting together to discuss this in a few days.

What a fun night we had! As Selina and I got ready for bed I could tell she was overwhelmed by the events of the evening. We discussed our new relationship and she expressed fear and concern about how fast things were moving and where they might be headed. She practically begged me to not make her go shopping or serve Donna. I told her that I am doing everything out of love and to teach her obedience. I told her that feminizing her excites me and that I don’t know how far it will eventually go, but it’s completely my decision. Living full time as a woman just might be her future. The night ended with Selina satisfying me to 3 orgasms. After I made her beg me to let her stroke her cute princess. I gave her a pair of my pink satin panties and had her read my rules as she brought herself off. It was the first orgasm I allowed her since starting our FLR while I have had multiple orgasms every day.

This new power I have in our marriage is like an unquenchable thirst. I am excited about where this is going and so loving my new feminized subservient husband!

Katrina says
16th May 2018 at 12:33 pm
All day yesterday I felt like maybe I was pushing things too fast/soon on my husband. I took time to read a number of your old entries and realized that in order for this to become our new lifestyle, I must keep moving forward and not give up any gained ground. Her male ego could easily come back and attempt to reverse some of the wonderful progress I have made. Selina was so obedient and seemed resigned to her fate, but inside her mind could be planning to rebel. I do think she is enjoying a lot of this even though things have escalated at a rapid pace. We are entering out third week of our new life and I am planning some things that will push things even further. My friend Donna and I are working out the details of the shopping excursion this weekend which are sure to make my husband very uncomfortable.
I am learning so much from your blog Lady Alexa, thank you!!

Katrina says

Thank you Mistress K! The 3 weeks of living in our new FLR have been an eye opening and wonderful experience! My husband is quickly learning that this is not a game, how to serve me, and that his feminization is on my terms.
I am learning how to be a better leader and experienced mistresses like you and Lady Alexa help and teach me. I am not sure about chastity because its so fun to see Selina’s arousal when serving me and during the feminization process. I am open to the idea.
I am trying to instill in her the idea that serving me, pleasing me, being obedient at all times, being feminized on my terms is it’s own reward. Last night during our bedtime routine I told her that this is going to be permanent and not a 90 day trial. I could tell she wanted to protest but her response was, yes Maam as you wish. We had our first shopping trip over the weekend and it was so much fun! I am building a new wardrobe for her and there were some humiliating moments as well! She has the week off from work and there is much to do in the house and more training in store.
This is the life!

Katrina says
4th June 2018 at 1:23 pm
With the start of June and our second month living a FLR, my focus is on increasing my husband’s feminization and removing masculinity from her. My husband is a big sports fan and this past weekend would have been spent watching basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, and other sports. Instead, her weekend consisted of household duties, a trip to the salon to have her hair done and a mani/pedi, shopping for more clothes and shoes with her first bra fitting, and my friends Donna and Jackie coming over Saturday night for an evening of servitude and humiliation. Sunday was spent doing more household duties, makeup lessons, walking practice, and voice feminization lessons. No sports at all, LOL!! Our house has never been cleaner and more orderly!
Selina is going to work more feminine than ever and we have a meeting on Wednesday with the head of HR to discuss her transitioning to working as a woman. The company is committed to diversity and believes people being themselves leads to a happier and more productive employee. The woman from HR is excited to assist Selina in becoming her ” true self”
So not only am I increasing her feminization but just as importantly removing masculinity from her. I am considering hormones but have not reached a final decision on that yet. June is going to be an exciting month in our marriage!

Katrina says
5th June 2018 at 12:50 pm
I’m still undecided on hormones Lady Alexa. I am considering implants as well. I just love the thought of completely feminizing Selina. I have her on a strict diet, am doing waist training with a corset, and feminizing her voice will be a big step in the process. I am working towards her living full time as a woman and plan to achieve it this month.
Her “cute princess” being in a state of arousal when while cleaning, serving, etc is a way to insure her obedience and humiliate her. When my friends were over we had a contest to see who could decorate her princess the best. Selina also served us wearing a “Gillian” maid uniform that Donna purchased from The Birch Place online. She was such a cute sissy in it and she wore it most of the day Sunday.
On another note, my friend Jackie is warming to the idea of feminizing her husband and has actually gotten him to wear panties a few times. Donna and I am encouraging her to continue moving forward. She is seeing the benefits I’ve received from making Selina my sissy housewife.
Life is wonderful!!

Katrina says
10th June 2018 at 7:00 pm
Thanks for the replies Mistress K and Jenn. You both make good points about keeping the husband male, but sissified. Hormones would definitely change that and I am leaning towards implants for Selina. I also enjoy her arousal while being feminized. Our meeting at her work went very well and it looks like a 2-3 month process to have her working completely as a woman. The company is very accepting and wants to insure she transitions smoothly and is accepted by her co workers. We are working on voice feminization, makeup lessons, and female mannerisms. One of the most rewarding aspects of my being the leader of our marriage is for 20+ years my husband bought me alot of lingerie and frequently hounded me about wearing only lingerie around the house. Now he is being made to wear only lingerie at home and also when I have my friends over. I love seeing my husband dressed in the way he always wanted to have me dress.

Many Women are now Taking on the Macho Image!


It is Only Right, that men and boys are Prettied up to Attract such a STRONG WOMAN!

Almost a Girly Girl

Women are becoming much more Comfortable wearing Pants!

And more and more men are adjusting to their New Role!

Isn't he gorgeous

It is becoming more Obvious, who is In Charge!

Should I Pay for a Date Simply Because I Am the Stud?

What a Great Feeling it must be for Women that were “Forced” to wear “Prissy clothing” by men, to now see the men in the Daintiest of outfits, and being Submissive to the now Stronger Women!

Monica Talbot

Women in Pants!

Pinning this for pants fitting ideas

Nice that men are becoming so Seductive!

Cathy Vermaak

So…..The World is Changing!   Time will reveal the Future!

Start your own maid service! ;-)

Get him into a Maid’s dress, with seamed nylons!!!

Cute Maid in PIIIINK!! :-)

Show him off to other Women and Girls!


The “Perfect” Hubbette!?

Petra tried to focus on the simple task, cleaning and drying the mugs, and push from her mind Mistress’ inspection. Mistress was always thorough when checking on her chores, but today it seemed to be taking an...

Remember the days when your husband insisted that you wear a dress?  Paybacks are “Hell”!!!


Once he’s Feminized, Life is Better!

Have him Serve you and your Friends!

Your Friends will be so Envious!

Never having to put up with a man’s Macho Crap ever again!!!

Michaela Hayes


New Age Girl!

Strong Females

New Age Boy!

Even Frankenstein is like us



3 thoughts on “Who’s In Charge Now???

  1. Oh Patti especially love your photos of the new male girl in her proper maid’s attire. such a crushing and crashing comedown from the past arrogant stance we thought ours merely because we were ‘male’.

    Now we must learn gracefully to accept we are MERELY male as we serve our superior Female Masters *whimper* daily as we curtsy before Them.

    ADORE your comment,
    “Never having to put up with a man’s MACHO CRAP ever again!!!”

    Sigh – suppose we’ll learn to put up with Woman’s demand we obey Their every command while daintily arrayed in our girlish MISSY CREPE forever hence….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love love love this!!!! Absolutely!!! I love being exposed and humiliated by my wife!!! Women should be the rulers of the world!! I happily embrace my role as bitch!!!


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