What Women Want and are Encouraging!

Candice Lewis

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“ samantherijane:
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“Studmuffin 😍
Where is that Jane…I have been waiting…and getting all these glances…
I said a long wait…..ha ha ha!
Well…these guys keep offering to spot me….
A Confident...

The New Age of Womankind!

Just LOVE a Strong Woman!


My wedding of my dreams
Journal Entry | 15 Comments · 6 Love It | over 5 years ago

This isn’t a story it is true. See pictures in profile.
About a year ago my Mistress made me a happy sissy by saying she wanted me to be her sissy husband. Well on June 1, 2013 she gave me the wedding of my dreams. She said i could be the bride. I had to get a wedding dress and found my dress on ebay custom made and it came out perfect. When the day came it was soo incredibly hectic. Including me bringing red stockings to my wedding instead of white! Thank goodness we didn’t live far away lol!
My dress laced up in the back like a corset so once i was in it there was no way out. A true bondage dress lol. For all the preparations the ceremony was over in 11mins lol. The bridesmaids came up the isle with Shania Twain’s “Man I feel like a woman”. I came up the isle with my best friend giving me away and “Barbie Girl” by Aqua playing. I had a beautiful bouquet and 6 inch heels and i was the happiest sissy bride one could be especially when I knelt before my Mistress and she locked the collar on and placed my lovely wedding ring on me. The reception was amazing we had incredible food and a amazing cake! We had our closest friends attend and that made it even more special. I even had the pink garter removed from me 🙂
After the reception we retired to the dungeon for some play. I was finally released from my dress and stripped down to my bridal lingerie and the Mistress had Lovely Goddess Indigo bind me to a St Andrew’s cross and give me some impact play and some nice flogging too. Then Mistress finished me off and blasted me off to sub space. Wow what a session!
Thank you Mistress Maria i am so happy to be your sissy husband and making me your sissy bride and the happiest and luckiest sissy alive!

“Ein schönes kurzes „Brautkleid“
It will be so Awesome when most men will be getting married wearing a Bridal gown!tdistance116:
What a Cute Man! So Adorable!


Ladies what would you do if you found your boyfriend or husband wearing your pantyhose?


Answered Apr 20, 2017


I can tell you what my wife did.
She stopped wearing pantyhose soon after we got married. I used to like it when she wore pantyhose, so I was disappointed. But she generally prefers to wear pants or shorts now. She doesn’t like wearing tight fitting clothing in general.
I on the other hand prefer to wear compression pants and leggings. They help my legs with fatigue and keep my muscles warm.
Anyway, I decided to try pantyhose one day, because I figured they were similar to compression leggings. Well my wife decided that if I was going to wear them, I was going to need to wear them properly. She had me pick out a maid dress, since I’m the one who cleans the house. She works full-time, I work part-time. Then she had me wear the pantyhose with the dress, which she calls my uniform and said it was the 21st century. She was the one out working and it was my turn to wear the pantyhose.
I asked her why the dress?
She said why not? Was there something wrong with dresses?
I couldn’t answer no, she still wears them on occasion. Besides, the dress was more practical with the pantyhose. Wearing shorts, or some other type of pant over them usually causes the waistband to bind over more. Mainly because they push in on the waistline.
So now when she’s home, she basically takes it easy and lounges around on the couch, on her ipad.
I meanwhile clean up around the house in my “uniform”
At first, she teased me and would say things like, keep your stockings straight. Or don’t get you pantyhose in a twist. Or I want to take a shower, get your fricken pantyhose out of the way…since they were hanging in the bathroom.
Now its just an expected routine for me to wear my “uniform” while I clean up.
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Claire Halter, Married to a Crossdresser of my own making
Answered Feb 2, 2017

As the wife of a crossdresser I can assure you that they really do make the best husbands.
Now my husband was not a crossdresser when we got married and it was my fault that he became one and we both followed this white rabbit down the hole together. He really enjoys it and I love him so much and enjoy all our time together no matter how he dresses.
Top reasons crossdressers make better husbands:
Men who crossdress are most certainly straight as gay men are not interested in dating a man in female clothing and underwear.
Because they are more in touch with their feminine side they make better and more attentive lovers as well as calmer more caring partners all round.
Because they like to look good in female clothing, they take better care of their bodies and are generally smoother, better trimmed less or no body hair, cleaner, smell much nicer and take better care of all clothing and fabrics in general.
Because they can wash their own lingerie and underwear, you can trust them to wash yours as well and know it will be done properly and returned to the draws in pristine condition.
A man wearing a bra and panties under his work clothes is far less likely to be willing to get undressed with the slutty sexetary in the photocopy room at work for fear she just laughs her head off at him and tells everyone what she found under his clothes. Not that I worry about my hubby ever being that kind of man anyway.
A couple who plays together, stays together and if you can both enjoy the experience together then its just one more thing helping to hold your marriage together.
Others may have a different opinion to myself but both my husband and myself believe that clothing is clothing and no fabric or fibre ever made, grown or stollen from an animal is gender specific.
If the material the clothing is made from is not gender specific then how can you call it female clothing? The same material in the clothing could have just as easily been turned into a rope, bed sheet, bath towl or door mat.
Its time the whole world woke up and let people wear clothing they like and not put gender labels on the world we live in.

Boys Will Be Girls : Photo


How some Women are Training their men!

CLOTHES AND WEIGHT _ Very Important that Women insist on their men being Slim and Trim!

I have lost almost 60 lbs by just doing a very low carb diet, keeping my carb intake below 40 grams per day. I am required by Mistress to keep a log of everything I consume, along with its carb count.

Whenever I go over 40 grams of carbs in a day, I am corseted in a steel boned longline corset the following day while She is at work. Along with my cage, this keeps me from wanking and eating very effectively.

When She first got the corseting idea, I thought it really kinky and loved it – that was until I learned just how tightly She wants it laced up and the length of time that I am required to be laced.

The corset feels really sexy in the morning when I’m first laced up. I wear bra and heels and fantasize about being a PLayboy bunny as I strut around the house with my heels clicking on the floor. That’s all great for about 1/2 hour and then I realize how difficult it is to breathe when sitting down. After 4-5 hours, it is extremely uncomfortable and if I tinker with the places, she is able to tell by the way She ties it behind my back.

What seemed like FUNishment has become real punishment and now, I keep my carb count very low and I’m back losing the weight that I need to fit into my nicer dresses and skirts!

Wives Husband Hobble-Maid.

Sissy Exposure : Photo



I am a retired, caged sissy and my wife/Mistress works. She lays out my lingerie each morning before going to work. Recently, She was called out of town on business unexpectedly and text me to tell me that her sister had my key and would be “stopping by to check on me”! I had no idea that anyone else knew about my feminine side or that I was caged, so when the knock on the door came, I opened it attired in my bra, camisole, nylons heels, panties, wig and cage. Lori came in without saying anything, looked me up and down and told me to walk across the room and to model for her, which I did. She approached me and grabbed my cage and tugged it to see if it was tight and commented how little control I have over my life anymore; that I am now serving both my Mistress and her! She told me to lock my hands together behind my back and then, unbuttoning to top fe buttons of her blouse, she told me how she had seen me appreciating her breasts and she asked if I was jealous.

Of course, I am very jealous and told her so and with that, she had me kneel down and then she re-buttoned her blouse, bade me goodbye and then she left me there kneeling, humiliated and drooling.

That was more than 2 weeks ago and Mistress has said nothing of the incident until today when She asked me if I would like to serve both Her and Lori this weekend. I asked Her why she told Lori about my plight and She simply said, “Because I wanted to! What about it?” So I accepted my plight and am awaiting instructions.

This is so embarrassing and humiliating for me but I have no choice in the matter. Has any other sissy been exposed this way to your sister-in-law?

“Oh Look Girls!
He’s Blushing!
How Pretty!
Very Important to show off your feminine male to other Women and Girls!


Do lesbians feel attracted to men who crossdress?

Vicky Prest, Lesbian woman in a committed long term relationship
Answered Aug 22, 2017

I never used to be…
Until I started watching Rupaul’s Drag Race.
I identify as a full blown lesbian. However many a night my girlfriend and I can be found drooling at the TV at many of the contestants on Rupaul.
I was never a big fan of the drag queen scene as it just didn’t interest me that much. Possibly because the scene I’d come across was rather crude and more for fun than glamour. But then I discovered a whole new breed of drag that was a true art form and I was hooked!
Rupaul is so sexy to me (as a woman) that I can’t stand it. She’s just gorgeous! She is my lesbian wet dream and I love her mouth and teeth and the way she speaks. I find it incredibly sexy.

As a guy, I’m not bothered.
However, I found myself perving on the contestants even when they were boys, which was a rather strange experience for me!
I think it’s because they are just so spectacular and command such admiration when they are on stage that some of that comes off in their personality out of drag. Plus, they often carry feminine features and gestures which as a lesbian, is something that I am attracted to.
Chas Bono was on the show stating that he is secure in his heterosexuality to say that he found Courtney Act incredibly attractive. She looks more like a woman than I do!

I think it’s ok to be attracted to people that gender bend or push boundaries through art or entertainment or personal interest or if they identify as a gender that is different from the one they were assigned at birth.
I am attracted to transgender people (women, men and in between) and although I wrestled with my attraction to trans guys as I didn’t think I am bisexual, I found a peace with it.
As Chas said, I am secure enough in my homosexuality that I can find my Rupaul girls hotter than hell! In and out of drag.

Caleigh Grace
Answered Sat


I would say, initially, yes. When you see a person in fancy attire, looking all done up, you’re impressed. Thus, they could feel attracted to a cross-dressing man with a face full of makeup, wearing a dress and heels, etc. However, I don’t think that’d be enough in the long term. They wouldn’t look as feminine if they dressed more casual. I don’t think that attraction could last if there wasn’t very apparent femininity at all times. So, maybe if they see the cross-dressing man in a bar, they might turn their head. I don’t see how that’d apply to any other situation, though.


Answered Mar 16, 2017

It depends, generaly cosplayers. I am a lesbian and I one time I saw a crossdressing cosplayer that looked so amasing that I orgasmed from just looking at him

Kyoko; The Cheerleader

“She has helped him become The Perfect Husband
New Age Women know what they want!

“Das war ein schönes Essen….aber jetzt will ich Deinen Kitzler spüren….
Woman in pants while male is in the skirt…The Future is here!

Cute Schoolsissy

Starting off Young!   Womanless Pageants, Boy in The Dress, anything it takes!!!

I found this photo on Facebook a few years go, and since originally sharing it online, I've seen many naysayers protesting "no WAY is that a boy!" Well, I found my way back to the relative's Facebook page where I found it, located his Mom's Facebook, and found roughly contemporary "boy" pics of him, one of which can be seen in the little inset. Clearly the same person.


I found this photo on Facebook a few years go, and since originally sharing it online, I’ve seen many naysayers protesting “no WAY is that a boy!” Well, I found my way back to the relative’s Facebook page where I found it, located his Mom’s Facebook, and found roughly contemporary “boy” pics of him, one of which can be seen in the little inset. Clearly the same person

The Role Model for all New Age boys!

Recent middle school WBP held just before Xmas 2015!

Image result for best womanless beauty images

I love the way I look mom, but could I wear heels please? They don't have to be real high, just enough to make me feel more like a girl. Of course, I wouldn't complain if all you could find were a pair of stiletto heels, I'm sure I'd feel really girly in them!

It is so nice to see Who is now playing the Sports, and Who is wearing dresses and pantyhose!!!


While the boys are playing “Dress Up”, Girls are Competing and getting STRONGER!!!

Image result for Girls Playing Tackle Football

Related image

Related image


Remember 9 year old football sensation Sam Gordon who became the first female football player to grace the Wheaties box? She earned the nickname “sweet feet” for her incredible skill on the field making her a mini-celebrity overnight. It seems her football talent has been inspiring many other girls because her home state of Utah has reportedly just become the first state to launch an all-female tackle football league for young girls.

The Utah Girls Tackle Football league has been in operation since March 2015, and was created by league president Crystal Sacco. The UGTFL is becoming quite the attraction in Utah, and their popularity was evident by how quickly they filled registration.

All 50 spots were filled in less than a week of sign-ups starting, and so far the league has 4 teams in order to keep costs down. They are supported by sponsors Celtic Bank and Riddell.

Sam Gordon played a huge part in the creation of this league as she has become their biggest draw card. Her father Brent Gordon is the co-founder of the league and told the Huffington Post he wasn’t sure whether girls would actually join or not.


“To be honest, I was nervous about how many girls would sign up. So I was super happy at the response. The best part was hearing from parents who approached me to tell me how grateful they were that we started this league,” he added in a statement. “Their daughters had been begging them to play tackle football, but parents were concerned about letting them play with the boys. That’s what this league is all about: fulfilling the dreams of girls who want to play football,” he said.
All coaches in the league are to be certified to handle concussion and other areas so that concerns about safety are not an issue. This is a great initiative for girls who may love football and play with the boys when they are younger, but at a certain age they must stop and often it is for safety reasons.
Now with their own league (In Utah, at least) they have a level playing field and no one to tell them they don’t belong.
Crystal hopes the UGTFL will inspire other girls and organizers to follow in her footsteps.
“It’s our hope that this league can serve as an inspiration and model for similar girls tackle football leagues across the nation,” she said.
As for the girls themselves, they are stoked, especially Sam who is now 12, to be able to play a sport without gender discrimination.


“I think it’s super exciting that we’re finally doing an all-girls tackle football league cause I know there are so many girls out there that would really enjoy doing this, but there was never an all-girls team,” she said.
The director of development for USA Football, one of the league’s sponsors, says the ultimate goal is to see woman’s tackle football played at the pro level.
Oh and for the record, this ain’t no wimpy football league, there is proper tackling going on. No flag football here for these girls!
For us it’s exciting to see a group of parents and girls create a solution to a problem. Rather than try to break down the existing system that is in place and works well primarily for boys who end up turning pro, this girls league could be the start of a movement to groom future pro female football players at a level that is professional and supported by some major sponsors.
With people like Sam Gordon on the roster, we have no doubt this is just the start. To the Utah Girls Tackle Football League, here’s what we say to you: Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose!

Image result for Girls Playing Tackle Football

So…..boys are becoming Pretty…and Girls are becoming STRONG!   The Future is FEMALE!

Get use to the skirts, makeup and PomPoms boys!!!!   LOL

2 thoughts on “What Women Want and are Encouraging!

  1. I love your stories Patti! I really like the end of your post, with the strong girls playing football and the Pom-Poms kids in their short skirts showing off their pretty panties while cheering on their sports heroes


  2. Oh Patti… you wrote:

    “Get use to the skirts, makeup and PomPoms boys!!!! LOL”

    Well, many or most young males of the future shall not go the route of POMPOMS! Cheering would be MUCH too strenuous a display for members of the such weaker and girlish male sex. Our skirts might also get far too wrinkled and our makeup far too messed jumping around as if we acted so unladylike!

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