Another Exclusive Story from a Female Dominant Family!

Today’s posting is yet another exclusive story I received from the Family of Christine and Amy (Scott).  If you have been following the Blog, you would be aware that Amy is the husband of Christine.  Christine is the Breadwinner, and Amy I her male wife.  Amy’s sister, Sarah, is married to John (Joanne).  John was once trying to be  a “Macho Man”, but Sarah cut him down to size, with the help and encouragement of John’s sister, Denise.  Today, Joanne is the lovely male wife of Sarah.  Sarah is the Breadwinner, and Joanne is a Stay at home “Mom”.  It is also nice to not that both Amy and Joanne were castrated, I know in Joanne’s case it was by a Female Doctor, and I suspect that to be the same case for Amy…..for Female Empowerment, is that not a Wonderful Statement?

The New Age of STRONG Females Taking Control!!

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STRONG Women are Awesome!

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A Strong Woman….Is she starring at a Pretty man….checking him out?

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Love seeing Strong Women in Pants, being “Butch”!

A “Cutie” like him?

Take him out in public and show him off! Men in dresses are adorable!

Hi Patti,

Denise asked me to write you about my first salon trip. We talked it over and thought it might be better if I wrote further about my transformation and gave my feelings about what I have blossomed into. I am sorry I didn’t to this sooner but, it has been a hectic couple of months.

I don’t really remember my Father but, from what I heard, about him, it must have had a big effect on me. From my earliest memories, I never thought I wanted to be like him. Between that, and having a dominant Mother and older sister, I grew to accept that men aren’t equal to women, they are in fact inferior. This was further enhanced by the fact that my sister, Denise, realized early in life that she is a lesbian and Mother never dated a man again. So, I had no male role models in my life.

My chores, growing up were to do the dishes, vacuum and dust the house, do the laundry and iron. Mother also taught me to cook. I was a very introverted kid and didn’t have many friends, other those I shared with Denise. To “save” money, I was encouraged to keep my hair on the long side. More than once, I was encouraged to dress up with Denise and her friends.

After Mother died, Denise became my guardian and boss. She met Jennifer and they became very close. While Mother left us some money, it was tight so I ended getting some of Denise’s pants and tops to wear. They were pretty unisex but, I still got hassled. I assumed all of the household duties. The other kids started calling me sissy. While I knew it was true, it still bothered me. I started to over compensate by becoming overly macho. I played sports but wasn’t very good. But, it stopped the hassling and I actually made some male friends.

I dated mostly weak girls and when they really got to know me, and realized that I wasn’t the strong macho type of man they thought I was, they lost interest. For as much as women say they wanted a guy who had a softer side, when they found me they went the other way. The word got around and my Senior year of high school, I couldn’t get a date. The more frustrated I got, about not being able to get a date, the more I over compensated. Denise had had enough and told me to drop my façade, which I didn’t.

At Denise’s suggestion, I went to my Senior Prom with Jennifer. She rented me my tuxedo and I didn’t see it until the day of the prom. It was powder blue, satin and definitely cut for a woman. When I tried to object, she told me that I have three choices. I could wear the tuxedo, wear Jennifer’s prom dress or move out when I turned 18 in a month. I settled on the tuxedo.

The tuxedo, the way it was cut and the tightness of the pants, presented a problem. Denise handed me a thong, a waist whittler (to give me a figure) and a camisole to wear underneath. That worked as I no longer had any panty lines, my waist was small enough now to easily button the pants and my coat. The camisole, helped my shirt to lay like it was supposed to. She also used her curling iron to give my straight flat hair some body.

At the dance the guys, even my friends, just looked at me and either shook their heads or gave me a look of disdain. The girls thought I looked good and some wished their boyfriends looked as good. A couple actually suggested that next time I try and not be so flat chested. I actually had a better time than I thought I would.

The next week, I was back to my old self because I started getting lots of nasty comments about what I wore to the dance. One guy hassled me so much, that I decked him. I got suspended for the next week. Because I had a week off, Denise increased my chores around the house. I knew better to say no, so I just said yes.

By the end of the summer, Jennifer had moved in with us. Now I had two dominant women to “boss” me around. We got to know Jennifer’s family and they sort of adopted us. Jennifer kept trying to set her sisterSarah and I up. Sarah thought I was too macho for her. Finally, she said yes and, as they say, the rest is history. I had never met anyone like her before. Just one look from her made me melt. She had almost all of my façade stripped away by our first date. I knew she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She started feeling the same way.

When she proposed, my whole façade had been stripped away and I found that I was a much happier person. But she put some conditions on her proposal.

1. I was to sign a pre-nuptial that said, since I didn’t bring anything into this marriage, if we split I got nothing.
2. I was to change my last name to Sarah’s.
3. That while we could discuss things, Sarah’s decision was to be final.
4. Since Sarah needed to be able to plan out any pregnancy, I was to store my sperm and get a vasectomy. Any pregnancy would be through artificial semination.
5. I was expected to do all of the duties of a house husband.

I ended up wearing the same tuxedo, that I wore for the prom, except that it was white. This time, I had no problem accepting what I was to wear because Sarah told me to. Jennifer and Christine were Sarah’s Bridesmaids and Amy, Sarah’s “brother/sister”, was my “Best Man”. She was wearing a matching tuxedo except hers was lavender and she wasn’t flat chested.

After our honeymoon, I was at the urologist’s getting my vasectomy. After I healed, and for the next 6 months, it was non-stop sex. But Sarah tied it to me performing and being good for her. I didn’t care, I was in heaven. Not many guys get all of the sex, whenever they want.

The night, when she handed me that bottle of Nair for Men, I knew my life to change dramatically. At this point, there was nothing I wouldn’t do for Sarah. I never said a word and 10 minutes later I was hairless. She rewarded me with the best sex yet and I passed out.

The next morning, I found myself locked in a chastity device. I was surprised but quickly came to accept it. She handed me my new panties. I was hoping that just putting them on and throwing away my old, guy, underpants would get the device off me. I was wrong. Being denied sex now, was like the bottom had fallen away. I grew more and more frustrated and became much more attentive to Sarah’s needs hoping that she would relieve me.

She took me shopping and we changed out my whole wardrobe with bright or pastel colors. At first, I was a bit self-conscious but, quickly accepted them. I did get lots of compliments from the women I knew. The guys I knew stopped calling and soon I had no male friends.

Sarah’s salon had an esthetician who also did laser hair removal and electrolysis. Erica needed some legal help so, Sarah worked out a trade with her. Sarah would handle her legal problems and Erica would do my facial hair removal. She booked me a series of appointments to have my beard removed and a facial afterwards. It took over 6 months but I don’t ever have to shave my face again. I also started getting regular mani/pedis but, no polish. After a month, they talked me into getting clear polish.

My Mother’s side of the family started turning gray when they were in their early 20’s. I was no exception. When Sarah saw that I was starting to get my first gray hairs, she sent me to get my hair colored.

Before I got married to Sarah, I had never been in a salon. Either Mom or Denise would trim my hair so I had no need to go in. I was getting used to, and actually enjoying, going in on a regular basis. This was different though. My stylist, Mindy, took me to her chair. She knew that I was nervous and calmed me down and got me to relax. She put a cape around me, checked my hair color and went to the back to mix my color. There was a woman, Grace, in her mid-30’s, sitting next to me having her color processed. She told me that getting your hair colored was no big thing. Her husband has been getting his colored for 3 years now. We talked until Mindy came back with a bowl and a brush.

She quickly sectioned my hair and started applying the color. When she finished, she put a plastic cap over my head and told me I had to process for the next 45 minutes. I went over for my mani/pedi, Grace was sitting next to me and we talked some more. Because of how I was dressed, white pants and a paisley button up shirt, she thought I was gay. I told her I wasn’t and that this is how my wife wanted me to dress. She told me that she thought I was brave and that more men should dress like this and take care of themselves. Grace was finished before I was and we decided to meet later for coffee.

When my color was finished, Mindy shampooed me and took me back to her chair. She turned me away from the mirror and, as per Sarah’s instructions, cut my hair. When she finished blow drying my hair, she turned me around. The color hadn’t changed that much but it was much richer. She had cut my hair in layers and gave me a side part and side sweeping bangs. It looked very unisex and I loved it. I made my next appointment in 3 weeks to have my roots touched up.

I met Grace at Starbucks with her friend Beth. They both loved my hair. They were both stay at home Moms and they would get together when their kids are in school. We became good friends and they invited me to join their Buncko group as one of their members just moved out of the area. Being with them seemed so easy and natural. I accepted and their next meeting would be the following week.

Sarah loved how my hair turned out. She rewarded me that night by introducing me to prostrate stimulation. She didn’t let me cum but, the sensations were the most I have ever felt. A week later she did let me cum, without touching my penis, and I was hooked.

Sarah approved of me playing Bunco with the girls. In fact, she thought they would be a good influence on me. She did tell me that I had to answer any questions they asked and do anything the suggested.

Amy and I got to be very close. She became my mentor, so to speak, and helped me accept the changes that were happening to me. We would often get together for coffee and/or lunch. Sarah gave me a generous allowance for me and to run our home on. She was now expecting me to buy my own clothes. Amy loved to take me shopping.

The day of the Bunco game came. There were 3 tables, for 12 players, and I was the only “guy”. Most thought I was gay. When I told them, I wasn’t they wanted to know more about me and why I dressed like I did. I told them everything and when I mentioned my chastity device, they wanted to see it. I showed them and I became non-threatening to them. By the start of the 2nd game, I was just one of the girls.

The Bunco game led to invites to join a book club, a yoga and Pilates group and another card group. Sarah was thrilled that I made so many new friends. To reward me, she stimulated my prostrate and let me cum.

This time though, when I finished, she told me to lay on my side with my knees tucked up against my chest. I could feel her put lots of lube inside me. She told me to relax and to breath normally. I felt her slowly insert something inside me that was rubbing on my prostate. Once in, she told me to spend the next 10-20 minutes just relaxing and breathing. She then explained how I was to breath in and out – clenching my sphincter muscles on the inhale and relaxing on the exhale. As I did this, the sensations built just like she was stimulating my prostate. Soon I achieved climax. From then on, Sarah rewarded me by letting me use my new little toy.

All of this that Sarah did for/to me I thought was to make me a better person and husband. I was convinced that she wasn’t trying to change me into an Amy. I discussed this with my new friends and they disagreed with me. They all thought it was just a matter of time before I was wearing a dress. They said that I would know if Sarah had me get my ears pierced and start wearing something other than clear nail polish.

Sure enough a week later, I get my list and I was to have me ears pierced, my eyebrows arched and colored nail polish. I went for my usual appointments for my hair removal and mani/pedi. But, I thought I don’t want to be a woman and didn’t get colored nail polish, my eyebrows arched or my ears pierced. When I came home Sarah wasn’t happy. She asked why I disobeyed her and I told her that I didn’t want to be a woman. She just laughed and said I will never be a woman but I will be living as a woman like Amy soon. She told me I had two choices. I could accept it and the punishment that will come with disobeying her or I could leave with just my clothes.

I handed her the ruler and asked her to punish me. That is when I knew that my final little piece of independence was gone for good. I had fully submitted to Sarah. The next day, I was back at the salon getting my eyebrows severely arched, two piercings in each earlobe and I had them give me 1/4” extensions on my finger nails and shiny black polish for both my fingers and toes.

When I got home, Sarah was very happy, she knew that she had me. She told me that it wasn’t fair that only she got her period. She handed me a bag with a box of super extra absorbent tampons, an enema bottle and a bottle of V8 juice. When she started her period, I would start mine. I was to clean myself out, insert 2 – 3 oz of V8 juice and then the tampon. I was to keep it in until Sarah had to change hers.

Sarah soon introduced me to her new dildo. She was slow and gentle. After just a few times, I was hooked. Sarah pegging me became a regular part of our play time together. Most of the time though, I was kept caged and learned to just enjoy the sensations that being pegged brought me.

My new friends liked my new look and one even gave me a bottle of tinted moisturizer to help even out my complexion. That soon led to getting an invite to a Mary Kay party. I was shown how to apply different makeup products and what went with what. I went home with, a “starter kit” of cosmetics for almost $500. Sarah saw me wearing blue eye shadow and just said it looked nice. I started wearing make up every day, I learned to love It and felt self-conscious when I went out without any on.

Sarah sat me down and told me that now would be a good time for her to get pregnant. She told me that I had 9 months to fully adopt being a woman, like Amy had. Like her, I will never be a woman but, I wouldn’t be a sissy either. But, I would become the primary care giver for our child(ren). A week later, Sarah went through invitro fertilization and we were pregnant. She stopped her period but I didn’t.

We had already talked and I knew I was going to be the baby’s Mother/care giver. She told me that since I was going to become a Mother, by the time the baby was born I was to be living as a female fulltime. I was expected to start wearing more and more feminine clothes. Sometimes I would go shopping with Sarah and sometimes with my friends. I slowly started to amass a very nice wardrobe. One problem I had was that wearing my chastity device, I couldn’t really wear any tight pants. I asked Sarah about it and she said that she trusted me now and that I could take it off. But, I had to understand that any transgression, on my part, would lead to having it strapped back on.

Amy showed me how to tape me back so that nothing showed when I was wearing pants and jeans. She also showed me how to walk in high heels. She and I went shopping with some of my friends and they had great fun having me try on all sorts of different clothes. I ended up buying 3 pair of women’s pants, a skirt, 2 tops, shoes and two new bras and matching panties. When my ears finally healed up, I had a great time looking for earrings.

At my friends’ suggestions, the next time I went in to have my roots touched up, I had Mindy to highlight my hair. I also had her cut my sweeping bangs to whimsy front bangs and re-cut my layers. She used her curling iron to give me beachy waves. This time when she was finished, there was no mistaking my hair to be anything other than feminine.

As each change happened, I could feel myself changing. I loved who I was becoming. Sarah, Amy and my friends, all said that I had become a much happier person. Amy told me that being surrounded by women/girls growing up, made it much easier for her to become who she is now. Now I can understand. For the most part, my only friends and family have been females. There have been a couple of times we have gone to dinner parties. Sometime during the party, the men and women would form their own groups. I was looked down on if I tried to mingle with the men but, the women totally accepted me.

By the time Susan was born, I had fully embraced being female. I wore dresses and skirts almost as much as pants. Acting like a woman became second nature for me. Everyone made sure that I blended in with the other women. I was not allowed to even think about being a sissy.

The Other women, I played Bunco and cards with, all wanted to be kept up with what was happening to me. While they were more than interested in my changes, what piqued their curiosity the most was when I brought up the topic of receiving anal sex. Most of them, at one time or another, have had their husbands/boyfriends ask them about anal sex. No one else had done it before and they had many questions like does it hurt, how does it feel, etc.

I answered their questions as truthful as I could. Three of them ending up trying it. One thought it hurt too much and was uncomfortable. The two others are willing to try it again,

I spend a lot of time talking with my “sister-in-law” Amy. She had already gone through what I was going through now. Amy was the one who brought up the subject of me being castrated. She told me how more satisfying her life has been since she had it done. I was getting tired of getting erections and having to tape myself before wearing tight pants. When Sarah said yes, I had it done. A few weeks later, after talking with my Psychiatrist, I was laying on the Urologists table with my legs up in the stirrups. She asked me if I was sure and I said yes. She gave me a local anesthesia because I wanted to watch those things getting cut off. I see her cutting and I could feel a sensation of something happening but when I heard the first testicle hit the pan, I was so happy. Soon it was over and I knew that Amy was right, it did make my life better. It is a decision that I have never regretted.

Shortly after my operation, I started getting hot flashes, like women do when going through menopause. I went to see my regular Dr. She said that with women, they give them hormones to help reduce their symptoms. In my case, she didn’t want to give me testosterone because that would be defeating the purpose for my castration. Since I was working with a psychiatrist, who gave me approval for my castration, she gave me a prescription for some very mild birth control pills. She said that it would help take the edge off my hot flashes.

Many say that their sex drive is diminished when they have this done or start HRT. For me, I didn’t notice much difference at all. Sarah’s made sure that she kept me stimulated with her dildo. When I was able to start estrogen for real, my sexual drive took off.

At Amy’s suggestion, I started wearing a waist training corset. After 8 months my waist shrunk from 32” to 29”. My friends accept what I had become and even encouraged me. My HRT started to work. I started growing little mounds under my breasts, my waist continued to get little smaller, I was down to 27”, and my hips a bit wider 37”. I became much more emotional and my feminine thinking has increased. Like Amy, I will never be able to have SRS but, I really don’t care. I am happy the way I am. Sarah said we could talk about implants later.

Being a Mother has been the most fulfilling thing I have done in my life. From the time I first held Susan, I knew that being a Mother was my calling. By then, it seemed so natural to go out wearing a dress or skirt.

My friends, with small kids, were such great help and inspiration for me. I became part of a group that shared babysitting so that the Mothers could get away occasionally. We were lucky in that Sarah’s Mother loves taking care of her grand daughters so Sarah and I can get away.

Two years later, when Elizabeth was born. I found out that raising two daughters wasn’t that much harder than having just the one. Sarah would help some but, like most Mothers, the majority of the work and responsibility is left to me.

Sarah and my relationship changed. I was about as a girly girl that you could find. I love anything feminine. I couldn’t ever imagine going back to being a male. I love being a stay at home Mother and housewife. Sarah is the head of the house but, she gives me a great deal of latitude to make my own decisions.

Sarah, on the other hand, has changed almost as much as I have. She has always gone to the gym to keep in shape. It was there she meet, Kathleen. Kathleen is a female body builder and trainer. Sarah told her that she would like to have defined muscles and Kathleen offered to train her.

4 years later, she has become very toned and even muscular. She has completely stopped wearing dresses and skirts and wears men’s clothes because they fit her better now. She came home one night sporting a new short pixie cut. She has stopped shaving her legs and pits and wears no makeup or jewelry. I asked her if she was trying to become a male and she said, “Hell no! I just like this look”. The girls both call me Mommy but, Elizabeth has started calling Sarah Daddy, which bothered her a bit.

Sarah is now 6 months pregnant with Christine and Amy’s baby, they are also having a girl. She has had to start wearing maternity clothes which she says she is doing just because she loves her “sister´ Amy. Maybe it’s the increase in hormonal levels but, Sarah has started acting a bit more feminine. The other day, She put on a pair of earrings for the first time in at least a year.

Ever since Sarah put that chastity device on me, She and everyone else started calling me Joanne. I haven’t been called John almost 6 years now. But, for whatever reason, I never legally changed my name to Joanne, I did legally change my last name after we got married. So, on June 6, 2018, I officially, and legally, became Joanne Louise Wagner, female. At Sarah’s suggestion, we got remarried as two lesbians, with my new name of the Marriage License. This time I wore the dress and she wore the tux.

With my castration, corset training, exercise and almost 3 years on HRT, I have developed, and held, 36-27-37 measurements. Unfortunately, I was only able to develop a very small B cup. At first, I thought, just give it time. But they stopped growing. My friends kept telling that having small breasts is actually a blessing. Clothes fit better, there is no back pain that larger breasts can give you and men won’t ogle you as much. My friend Lucy didn’t think that the last one was a problem but then, she is divorced and on the hunt for another man.

But, I became very self-conscious about my small bust. At first, I started wearing push-up bras to give me some extra cleavage. Soon that wasn’t enough so I switched to VS’s Very Sexy line which added a full cup. Then it was their Very Obsessed Line which added 1 ½ cups and finally their Bombshell line which adds 2 full cups. While I am dressed, I look at myself and are very happy with what I see. But, when I get undressed, I became depressed again.

While she really didn’t need to, Amy had her implants removed. She has started increased hormones to mimic Sarah’s levels. She is hoping that she will be breast feeding their new baby as soon as she is born.. She was a C up and said that after she is done breast feeding, she is going to have the implants reinserted. But, this time, she said she wants a D cup.

After we were remarried, Sarah gave me a small envelope as her gift to me. I opened it and inside was an appointment card, for the next day, for one of the best plastic surgeons in the area. We went to the consultation and he discussed my options. I chose to go with the silicone implants, with the cohesive skin and a full C cup.

Two weeks later, I got my implants. It took a week before I felt “normal” again. Then I had to get rid of all of my old bras and buy new ones. My friends were right in that some of my tops just didn’t fit right any more, so it has been clothes shopping. Sarah joked I have spent more money on new clothes and lingerie than she did on my implants. Last weekend, we all went to the beach for the day. For the first time, I liked the way my bikini top fit me.

“art by Juan Puyal, dialogue by me
As it should be!



Here is a Very Pretty man named Monica.  He is indeed male, and he intends to stay a male.  This is how the Wonderful Movement of Gender Role Reversal is happening.  More and more men are embracing their Femininity, while Women are taking on the Roles of Leadership and Providers.  These Women do indeed deserve to come home to a Clean house and a Pretty man!

He would be so Awesome as a male waitress in a Gentlewoman’s Club!

It is quite interesting to see how these Strong Women have taken to adult males, and have totally feminized them, and molded them into being the Role Models for the New Age man.  It is also interesting to see such Movements as “The Boy in a Dress” and Womanless Pageants growing more and more in popularity.  At the same time, there are now a record number of Girls playing Football and other Once “Male Only” sports.

Girls now have their own Youth Football League!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Boys are being Encouraged to be Feminine!

See the source image

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

See the source image

Strong and Dominant Female Football Players

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Feminine, and weak Pretty Boys looking for Strong Woman!

pretty crossdressers sex at:

Women Competing and being Strong is a Fantastic Change in Power!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football


Men in Sexy Dresses and silky nylons are a Delight!

black crossdresser at:

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

See the source image

Take away their masculinity, and boys and men become the prissiest of the Prissies!  Females are indeed Taking Control…..Boys better get use to being “Sex Objects” for the Stronger Girls!

5 thoughts on “Another Exclusive Story from a Female Dominant Family!

  1. LOVE the picture of ‘Monica’! It shows that now the male girl is made to follow even the template of being the Playboy Bunny to the expectations and empowerment of the Female Masters of the world. Service, curtsy, entertainment…. these are all the future male must accept if she is even to be a part of Woman’s life as She carries on the world’s important work.

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  2. I have a strong woman taking over my life and dress style, loving the feelings of submission and humility can’t wait to be shown to her friends and family, serve as required.

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    1. It is always a Delight when a Women takes Control and Feminizes the males in her life. It is Good to be shown off t other Strong Women. Women need to understand the Importance of Feminine men and boys!


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