As the World Turns…..to Female Control!

Today’s Posting will as always center on Gender Role Reversal, and the Reality that Women are making some Great Strides in the Feminization of their men and boys.  I will Quote from a couple of other boards from Women that are in the process of Advancing the Cause of Womankind, for Power and male submission.

Uhm … Mistress … i don’t understand why it is ridicilous, please? This is my best sissy dress and i took really care for my make-up as well…?
But please, could You put me into my chastity cage again…? i feel a little bit naked down there … with only...

The first post is from Katrina and some of the Great Progress she has made with her hubbette!  What I really like about her approach is that she is revealing him as a feminine man.  If Women are to Take Control, this is a very Important aspect of the transformation.  I also Love that she is exposing other Women to the Great Benefits of having a feminine man in her life, and using that as an example of what can be accomplished.  Here is her post:

Katrina says
13th September 2018 at 3:23 am
Hi Lady Alexa! I returned home today after a 22 day stay in the hospital. I had to return because of an infection and other complications from the auto accident I was in. So happy to be home!
My friend Donna watched over and led Selina while I was gone, or as Donna said, she was “Sissy sitting”. Selina greeted me wearing the Sissie lingerie set from the Birch Place Shop that Donna purchased. Selina was absolutely adorable! Donna had taken her to the salon she goes to and had them do Selina’s hair, makeup, nails, brows, etc. for my return home! Selina was so pretty, docile, and feminine! My friends that visited me were impressed with how feminized Selina has become.
My precious husband, or as I am going to start calling her, my “hubette” is happy to have me home! I will explain more about what Donna was able to accomplish in my absence soon. She did put Selina into chastity and I have not removed it….not sure when or if I will! She also has a butt plug in most of the time.
Selina is living full time as a feminized male and working as such as well! I will be focusing on removing the last traces and signs of masculinity from my cute hubette in the upcoming days and weeks!
I am glad to be back on the blog and will soon be posting regularly.


Katrina says
15th September 2018 at 7:15 pm
Thank you Lady Alexa! Yes, Selina was in good hands with Donna. Everything that took place was either initiated or agreed upon by me of course. Donna does love having Selina be ultra feminine often bordering on sissification so I gave her some leeway. Now that I am home and on the mend the goal is to get into a regular routine and Selina living life as a feminized, subservient male. As Cathy Peterson does with her husband the attitude is….this is our life, I am in charge, your job is to obey and submit to me. Our marriage has changed so much in nearly 5 months and all for the better! I love having a cute hubette!



More of what is happening with Women’s encouragement:

My son last week started year two at school. During year one in the summer term, he decided he wanted to wear a dress. I and my husband said yes we have no problem with him wearing a dress. He loves it even though his school friends ask him why. That is fine because kids are curious and I can tell you after the novelty they soon weren’t bothered at all. I also want to say at any time he can choose to change as he has a spare shorts and tee-shirt in his bag.

Now that my youngest who also is a boy started school last week has also asked to wear a dress, he asked we said yes. Now both my boys wear dresses at school.”

I am cool with my son wearing a dress

Great mother she is not alone there are many boys now being raised to be gender creative/fluid and smart empowered mothers are leading the way to make this mainstream.


One Strong Woman


True change happens behind the scenes and not in the headlines. Too many people are naive to Herstory and the struggles women have faced since the beginning of time. We had to fight for every inch of freedom we have today, and don’t be fooled we are just as close to losing all these freedoms and being return to male property as we are to achieving Femtopia. For everyone on this forum this is a critical time period in Herstory. LGBTQ and women rights are forever linked, the nasty alpha males who are against our cause are always planning and working on taking away all the freedoms we have achieved over the last century. Let me be clear this is not about politics the donkey is no more the friend of our liberties than the elephant. The so called feminist leaders are false prophets who are only focus on their own power and not true feminist liberty for all women. The system is stacked against us and we have to be willing to radically change the system to work for us. Some people believe in equality and it would be great if it had any chance of working, maybe someday it will. Until then we have a choice take complete control and rule over males making them the weaker feminine gender or accept our fate forever as the property of alpha males. Never forget if we lose this war women will never again have any chance of freedom. It’s our turn to lead and maybe in a few millennium of true female rule – we will be enlighten enough to form a true equality based society.

My personal mission is always evolving and it has become clear that I need to start mentoring the next generation of radical feminist to move the ball further down the field than I could alone. Over the last decade I have been preparing for the next chapter in my life, while I will always champion the cause of mothers using petticoating this alone will not achieve the next step. The good news is this does not need to be my focus any more, there are millions of brave amazing mothers already happily using petticoating and those numbers are growing! My role forward is to mentor the next generation of brave warrior girls who will someday be the leaders of Femtopia.

Chris the Radical Feminist

Love those Muscles

I operate in the corporate world and I can say the toxic macho male has been castrated by the feminist movement started in the 1970’s and is in its last throes, our office consists of over 20 employees and only 3 are male. They are kept together in one office and really are frightened scared little babies. When we pass in the corridor they keep their eyes lowered and rarely speak, our VP of operations is a strong woman Kelly who has expressed anger over the slightest thing wrong they do as we girls hear her voice and look and smile to each other, Mad Men days are long gone and not coming back, movements like “MeToo” and the laws passed will further move the males out of corporate business once and for all…as to RF comment about fighting for rights well we are witnessing the last eruption of toxic male response to the inevitable change taking place and they can’t stop it. We women are moving the boys out of their seats of power and wearing the pants now. You have to be alert enough to see it but its happening day by day, this is the woman’s century, keep the faith sisters!


They were hired to the lowest paid positions and are pathetic trying to keep pace with their female coworkers, I think there because of quota concerns. Best of all they’re all in their 40’s and 50’s as we are mostly 20’s to 40 and truthfully can’t stand them. They are afraid and in constant fear of being let go as I heard Jay literally crying in Kelly’s office when he begged for another chance and was given as I think she likes to make him cry so we can all hear. Shaun is a wimp who never speaks and scared of us as we are loud and have fun as girls. Kelly has some of us strictly watch their break and lunch times. Some of the young girls are so hot but they know don’t even look at her or else, so they are finished in corporate environment and this is everywhere I’ve seen for many years talking about the road ahead its a smooth one for us ladies and wimpy men…as to petticoating they probably would if told to save their jobs Ha Ha

Heidi, thanks for sharing. Yes in many companies women are taking over there are still too many males in power but their days are numbered. My focus moving forward is to prepare the next generation to seize the opportunities we have provided and make sure they take full control.


09-11-2018, 02:12 PM
As I said this is something I started planning more than a decade ago. At the time I had no idea this would be the path forward. We have made such great progress over the last few years and momentum is starting to build that makes changing my focus now the right next step. What has made this possible is the power of the internet and the tireless sacrifice by the amazing women (especially mothers) who I have the pleasure of calling friends. A few years ago the demand for my services was out of control and there was no way to keep up, thanks to awesome moms I helped we formed the first mommy council from that a dozen more mommy councils have formed and more are coming. The goal of the mommy councils is to inform and assist mothers raising strong warrior girls and prissy princess sons. The council vary with size; some are small with only 3 or 4 mothers others have close to 50 members. We have councils all across the world now and several in the US. During this period of time I have become friends with dozen other women like myself who are champions of petticoating. Over the years I have made time when possible to mentor high school and college age young women. This has been a passion of mine even as a child to help open the eyes of other women. Over the summer I started working with amazing young warrior named Kendal who reminds me of a young radical feminist ready to take on the world. Thanks to this experience we are creating the Warrior Girl Organization, think girl scouts for radical feminist (Sorry no cookies sales) instead our focus will be on building the true female leaders of tomorrow. Kendal has already recruited 2 female classmates for the group and we are working on getting others involved with plans to start meeting soon. The best part is each mommy council will be working on forming their own Warrior Girls. The future is female!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

The perfect babysitter!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

An adorable pretty boy!

Related image


Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football


“ tockthewatchdog:
“america please import this concept
they are not “androgynous girls”
they are nonbinary. they self-identify as genderless. their fans refer to them as meishaonian, or “handsome youths.”
the band is called FFC-Acrush,...

“The Future Looks Beautiful!
Strong Women need to Feminize the males in their lives!




The Women are Winning AND Taking Control!

It is a shame when some people do not understand what you tell them.  We witness this over and over again as we continue to document different situations of men and boys being  Feminine and pretty, and then I get E-Mails asking if it is Real???   I also get E-Mails from people that are “Offended” that I point out Feminine males, and they are telling me that they are females.  Now I do not want to get anyone upset, however, the purpose of this Blog is to show off and document different instances of Gender Role Reversal.  That is why I point out the Strong, Athletic and Independent Women, as well as the Soft, docile and feminine men.  If all these males that are submissive and feminine were to be Females, would that not destroy the purpose of this Blog?  I have advocated most of my life for Women to be Strong and Powerful, not Weak and Submissive.  On the otherhand, I have indeed advocated and encouraged males to be pretty and sweet, docile and submissive for the purpose of Serving the Stronger Female Sex.  That, in a “Nutshell” is what this Blog is about.  I hope that is what our Followers are looking for.  I Welcome ALL STRONG Women and Girls that want the same, and I encourage them to Comment on the Postings.  I also ask the same of the Feminine and Sweet men to do as well.  I hope you all understand the purpose of the Blog.

I THANK All the Followers of the Blog, and I hope the postings that I do are both Informative And Entertaining!

I really want to Focus today on Women that have Taken Control of their men through Pegging.  I will have excerpts from other Forums from Women that are engaged in this Lifestyle, and how they have used that in feminizing their husbands and boyfriends!

This is a Thread from PDQ’s Forum.  The first posting is from Chris, the Radical Feminist:

Her look tells me that She will be wearing the pants….I Hope she encourages men and boys to look pretty in dresses and skirts for her pleasure!
Love the picture. But is it really equal rights when the strapon is much bigger than any male could ever hope to be. Maybe its more female empowerment showing the helpless male what he could never achieve. As a strong empowered female nothing is better than pegging, it’s a super fucking high to take a virgin male pussy.


Then that is followed by a male’s response:

tanjatherusticgirl: “ Take a look at my archive here: https://tanjatherusticgirl.tumblr.com/archive ” So nice to know that this is what husbands and fathers are now looking like!

Oh Mz RadFem… You are SO right in that the pegging with such ostentatious size of strap-on impresses upon the male girl just how inferior their once bragged about male anatomy is in comparison to Woman’s now well-endowed empowerment. Soon all males shall generally come to accept their physical attributes as ‘puny’ and this will also carry over to all aspects of inferior male girl self-image.

Than another male response:

tanjatherusticgirl: “ Take a look at my archive here: https://tanjatherusticgirl.tumblr.com/archive ” No more Macho!!! LOL

As usual you’re correct RF, loving the term ‘male pussy’ (blush).

What male wouldn’t be humiliated, intimidated and secretly excited when having his member (no matter what size) compared to the Females!
Naked and compared even the most old fashioned type of’ macho’ would be totally humbled.

Then a response by the radical Feminist:

Women with short hair, wearing pants and being Tough are the future!

Yes there is nothing better than virgin male pussy. The look on the helpless male face just curious enough to try it but scared out of their mind. Making them suck on telling them to get it nice or wet or it will hurt more. Teasing their pussy taking things nice and slow and then punishing them – destroying their masculinity with ever thrust.

Female Empowerment Rocks!

Another male response:

With the Rise of Gentlewomen’s clubs, male pole dancers will be in demand!

That is so powerful what you say there RF.

You can almost imagine the poor unwitting male wondering to himself how he got himself into this situation as the Female gently pulls aside his panties and he feels her first light probing he must have such mixed feelings at this point (please excuse the pun).

I love how you make him take it in his mouth under the pretense that it’ll make it easier if it’s wet (and what virgin wouldn’t accept that), I can see just how powerful an image of dominance it would be as he does this.

I never realized just how useful a tool the Strap-On is for a Female!

You really do have much to teach RF, I honestly hope other Females read this and take note!

Another male response:

tanjatherusticgirl: “You can find another pics of me here: https://tanjatherusticgirl.tumblr.com/archive ” Dresses, nylons and heels will keep your man in line!

Ms RadicalFeminist

Have you seen the reactions of Female Masters when they put on their Femineses. They do helicopters, they practice thrust and generally feel empowered by the femines.

(Femines=female power penis)

Being penetrated, made to simulate a BJ on your knees whilst the Female Master towers above you. What more could signify the end of the patriarchy than that. The main stream shows this as the Female Master in the generic stocking and garter belt and a naked sissy. I have always thought this wrong. Female Masters in what ever they like, if that’s jeans and a shirt, fine. The sissy is the one in the sexy lingerie and make up waiting to succumb to their fate as a mere toy.

A response from another Dominant Woman:

bicepquadgirls: “ https://instagram.com/sheila_sue/ Sheila Barden ” Confident and In Charge Woman!

Yes I definitely love the strapon! The look on my slaves face always looks scared and adorable. I love to make eye contact with him while he’s sucking on it! Such a power rush!

Then an Approval from the Radical Feminist:

djscpa524: “ thecrossfit: “More about she emmtall 😍 Follow on Instagram 👍 ” Unbelievable amazing body ” The New Age of Woman!

Powerful rush indeed its the best drug there is – female empowerment rules.


Yes, using a strapon is quite powerful. My close friend Lisa and I begin using them in college tricking many unexpected college boys back to our room for a huge surprise. Its a very powerful device, Lisa is really into this life style and has completely transformed her male toy into a helpless sissy. Its funny you mentioned teaching other females. Lisa has held pegging parties for other women, I got to attend and participate there is something magically about watching other women celebrate putting a male in his place.


Another male response:

Feminine and Submissive, as men should be!

Oh Mz Rad Fem…. the scenes of such total sex role-reversal You have seen, initiated and taught to Women must have thrilled and awakened their journey into Female Masterdom beyond imagination! What a stark realization for the male girl sex to be put into such retraining., seeing and knowing Females via ‘pegging’ are far more adept and accomplished at using the male than its pitiful sub-sex ever performed with its inadequate sexual equipment. No male could ever again possibly see itself as adept as a strap-on wielding Female. This is the final straw that destroys all false notion of male girl importance, power and sexual potency.

Another response from the Radical Feminist:

The New Age Woman!

Nicely put, yes this is female empowerment at its best. Most of the women in the room had never pegged a male before and brought along their very unexpecting husbands and boyfriends. Lisa and I had the pleasure of instructing these women on how to properly use a male. We gave each other high fives as the women assumed the female master role and took their male’s pussy for the first time.


Another male response:

He would be so Awesome as a male waitress in a Gentlewoman’s Club!

Wow, Madam! Please tell us more about the pegging parties that your friend Lisa organizes. Do the males resist or run away or do they all submit to the pegging? How do the women react during and after the pegging? How many women attend these parties?


A response from the Radical Feminist:

She Calls the Shots!

Hmm, curious sissies want to know? Lisa has had 3 or maybe 4 of these parties. I was only able to attend the first one and the one she recently had. The first one was quite memorable. Three Women in addition to Lisa and myself attended. The one woman had previously pegged her husband a few times. He ended up being the most reluctant, mostly because he was taken in front of people and cried quite a bit. He kind of refused at first so she lit into him and told him assume the position sissy boy. He wore male clothes to the party but had sexy panties underneath. The other two were virgin males and we gave them a little sedative to keep them calm, both were a bit confused at first and when the first woman started pegging her sissy they become alarmed. We helped the other two get their males ready and watched joyfully as they become female masters. Both women were a bit uneasy at first Lisa instructed them how to do it right when going slow is the right approach and when force and fast needs to be done. By the time the party was over they were very much enjoying experiences and have returned for the follow up parties.

Another male response:

Love when men are so Dainty and Vulnerable!

Gosh Ms RadicalFeminist, yourself and your other Female Master Lisa are truly showing the way.

Not only are these birth defectives taken to a Female Masters discussion, they are then stripped and demeaned in the most sexual role reversal possible.

I and many sissies reading this thread admire you both considerably and hope these parties will expand and catch on!

Another gushing male response:

“ dwon6:
Take a look at my archive here:
The Submissive and dainty male is the Future!

Incredible account of established and knowledgeable Female Masters spreading and enlightening novice Females in assuming Their proper future position of Supremacy over the truly weaker male girl sex!

Another response from the Radical Feminist:

One Tough Woman!

Thanks for the praise. I strongly believe most women would find pleasure in assuming the strong female master role. Too many women even today fall for the traditional weak women role. Whenever possible I love helping these kind of women empower themselves and joyfully watch as their inner master take over. Lisa, is already planning more parties and trying to get more first time women to attend so we can spread the word far and wide.

The best part of these parties is seeing the changes in the women and their sissies from party to party. At the first party the women were timed and the males were your typical guys drinking bear, legs spread wide without a care in the world. Now flash forward to the latest party and the dynamics are completely changed. The women are dressed in comfortable clothes and clearly in charge. The two males who were first pegged were in complete fem, their outfits clearly showing the style and control their wives have now. The first male (G) was wearing a very tight short mini dress and 6 inch heels. His legs were amazing and completely hairless, his wife bragged about him spending hours getting them waxed. His hair and makeup were done at a salon. The other male (F) was decked out in a tight hobble skirt and 6 inch heels, his wife has recently put him into corsets and changed his diet. No more meat or manly food allowed, he is now kept on a nice fem vegan diet, not allowed to go to the gym or workout any more. Both males still work as men with their paychecks going to their wives account. With no access to money they no longer allowed to waste time drinking beer and hanging out with their buddies. The female are in complete control and the males no they have no choice accept obey.

Another male response:

“Better pucker, sucker…
Monica is the epitome of Male Femininity! He is perhaps the most beautiful man around! I just adore his femininity!

Yes, it does take a bit of getting used to. It seems invasive the first time (it did for me). But by my second experience I was howling like a little girl and my partner at the time (a much older woman) had a glow that made me feel, for the first time, like I was emotionally complementing and completing someone. I felt an ultimate form of satisfaction, and was so grateful for being exposed to this wonderful sensation. Pegging is about truly letting go of any predispositions and putting yourself in the hands of someone else.

It helps to be really glam – garters, stockings, heels, a wig, opera gloves – whatever makes you feel like you want to be looked at and made the object of an aggressive desire.

Check out some videos – Mistress Cybil Troy, Lady Asmondrea, among others – so you know what to expect before you try it for the first time.

Another male response:

“Proud of the changes she made to the sign outside..
The Changes are happening. So nice to see the Feminization of males accelerating!

Amazing unfolding of sex-role reversal events…. that such incredible turnabout was adopted from but one single demonstration of the proper relationship between the sexes would seem to prove Females’ ultimate superiority and destroys the millennia of male myth. Once examples like these are made aware to the general population of Women, more and more shall initiate similar change until unstoppable Female predominance will be by far the established norm. Please keep us alerted to the continuing changes in the budding Female Masters You’ve aided creating.

Oh to hear the further adventures of such proud accomplished Women You’ve enlightened leading commanding fulfilled lives over previously ‘beer drinking, leg spread wide’ false macho buffoons now femininely skirted and laced daintily and timidly serving the proud strong Women who in great satisfaction and amusement order them about as is the due of their FEMALE MASTERS….

Accepted definitely… an addiction very likely and it may also come one believes a ‘tipping point’ in the future where the Female Sex finding the amusement and satisfaction of the power it offers an increasing activity considered a norm in Female-male sexual relations…. when that occurs the feminization of the male girl sex shall accelerate as never known before and sex-roles will reverse never to return to the false ones endured over the last few millennia.


FEMINIZING Men is a Trend that is gaining momentum.  One of the Trailblazers for this Movement was PennySue.  The following are a couple of her thoughts.  Great advice for Women today:

Men have to start to realize that there are a lot of women out there who would like to feminize them. Many guys would love this and are only afraid that they might be labeled as gay if they wear women’s items. just because you like to wear a dress or panties does not mean your gay. Just like it does not mean a woman is gay because she wears pants. Girly men are the best, they make the best companions and lovers. The world needs more feminine men and it will be a better place to be. Girls try to feminize your guys, at least partially, you won’t regret it.

Yes it is alright, there are many men and boys out there who would love to wear girls items but are afraid of what others will say. the feminization of males is what this world needs today. Many a straight man would wear them if they were not afraid of being labeled as gay. A feminine man is not usually a gay man there is a difference. My husband and sons all dress as girl and I love it.

Sorry I do not know anyone in your area at the current time. I am in Pennsylvania and know of many people who are interested in this but nothing close to your area. In response to your questions. I have no desire to ever become masculine, I am a tall well educated women who loves to be all female and dress always in nice clothes and have long styled hair. Although I am no longer the sleek figured woman I was in college, I have put on some weight since giving birth to my sons but most of it is in my chest and thighs. I really carry the extra weight rather well on my 5″11″ frame and still look good in a 2 piece swimsuit and really like the more voluptous look and don’t really think most men care for the skinny women that are put out in the media. You asked about my husband, our docter says she does not think he will lose the use of his male member, she believes that if he would have lost function it would have already happened when he was on high doses of hormones. Now he is only on a maintenence dose and although he does not get arroused easily, it is still functioning and fun to have arround. Their is a possibility that he could lose all function of his manhood, his testicles are probably 1/3 their original size but the other part is still about the same although it does appear to be smaller due to the redistribution of fat to his hips and thighs and rounding of his figure. However even if he did lose the use of his member, I would never want him to have it changed or removed. I am interested in feminine men and feminizing men not making them sex changed. He is my best friend, lover and soul mate and we will be together forever. Now a couple questions for you, are you single? and what have you done to feminize yourself or have you done anything to start?? It may be easier to find a women to help you along if you are already starting the process by yourself. There are many choices out there, you can buy female hormones from overseas companies without a prescription and they will definitely change your body. It is not a quick easy method or inexpensive but it does work. You would need a testesterone suppressing drug and then the female hormones along with them. Many have success with them others are only partly satisfied with results. However you don’t need drugs to be feminized, a lot of it is in the way you apply yourself or feel. Start dressing with feminine items, plus hair, nails, accessories. Go to a saloon and tell them you would like a nice practical women’s cut, they won’t mind and they might even help you find someone to give you a hand in feminization. If you are indeed a straight man, tell them that you are tell them that you just want to be more feminine looking. Good luck, but please have a plan and get started with it, you will not regret it.

Strong Women are realizing the Benefits of Feminine men and boys!

WOMEN are Making a Statement:

Well Said!

Love seeing a Strong Woman intimidate a male!

Men are now the ones that are being “Objectified”, and they Need to be Pretty, Feminine and Obedient to WOMEN!

Pay-Back for the Cruel and Unfair Male Behaviors of the Past in their treatment of Woman is now coming due.  Just a “Peak” at the Changes that are happening:

“Months Of Chastity, Petticoatting, and Corporal Punishment Are Just The Beginning Of his Training!
Throw away ALL his male clothing, then put him in dresses!

“No bloomers…
Men are indeed learning their place!

“Maid to Lounge, or…?
He knows his place!

“Pink Punters LGBT Venue
Encouraging Sissies to go out in their prettiest outfits reinforces Female Dominance!

Starting them off young will assure a Female Led Future!

Encouraging boys to wear tights and look nice is very important!

New Age mothers are dressing their sons in very cute clothing! It is a delight to see boys being Pretty!

“ A lovely Gurly BoyGirl preparing for a Miss Crossdresser ‘Womanless’ Beauty Pageant
It’s a wonderful way to bring out femininity with boys at a young age
Mothers enrolling their sons into Womanless Pageants is essential in...

“Celebration of male-Femininity: a Crossdresser ‘Womanless’ Beauty Pageant
The #1 New Age Male Activity!

The Role Model for all New Age boys!

Strong Women like this need to put men and boys in their proper roles, dressed in the daintiest of skirts and dresses, submissive to the Strong Women that will then protect them!


Another Exclusive Story from a Female Dominant Family!

Today’s posting is yet another exclusive story I received from the Family of Christine and Amy (Scott).  If you have been following the Blog, you would be aware that Amy is the husband of Christine.  Christine is the Breadwinner, and Amy I her male wife.  Amy’s sister, Sarah, is married to John (Joanne).  John was once trying to be  a “Macho Man”, but Sarah cut him down to size, with the help and encouragement of John’s sister, Denise.  Today, Joanne is the lovely male wife of Sarah.  Sarah is the Breadwinner, and Joanne is a Stay at home “Mom”.  It is also nice to not that both Amy and Joanne were castrated, I know in Joanne’s case it was by a Female Doctor, and I suspect that to be the same case for Amy…..for Female Empowerment, is that not a Wonderful Statement?

The New Age of STRONG Females Taking Control!!

“Ripped Girls 🔥🔥🔥🔥
STRONG Women are Awesome!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

A Strong Woman….Is she starring at a Pretty man….checking him out?

“ instagram: @jesse.blaire ׀׀ tumblr: theycallme-jb
Top Surgery Fundraiser  ׀׀ Art
“ nonbinary and proud™
” ”
Love seeing Strong Women in Pants, being “Butch”!

A “Cutie” like him?

Take him out in public and show him off! Men in dresses are adorable!

Hi Patti,

Denise asked me to write you about my first salon trip. We talked it over and thought it might be better if I wrote further about my transformation and gave my feelings about what I have blossomed into. I am sorry I didn’t to this sooner but, it has been a hectic couple of months.

I don’t really remember my Father but, from what I heard, about him, it must have had a big effect on me. From my earliest memories, I never thought I wanted to be like him. Between that, and having a dominant Mother and older sister, I grew to accept that men aren’t equal to women, they are in fact inferior. This was further enhanced by the fact that my sister, Denise, realized early in life that she is a lesbian and Mother never dated a man again. So, I had no male role models in my life.

My chores, growing up were to do the dishes, vacuum and dust the house, do the laundry and iron. Mother also taught me to cook. I was a very introverted kid and didn’t have many friends, other those I shared with Denise. To “save” money, I was encouraged to keep my hair on the long side. More than once, I was encouraged to dress up with Denise and her friends.

After Mother died, Denise became my guardian and boss. She met Jennifer and they became very close. While Mother left us some money, it was tight so I ended getting some of Denise’s pants and tops to wear. They were pretty unisex but, I still got hassled. I assumed all of the household duties. The other kids started calling me sissy. While I knew it was true, it still bothered me. I started to over compensate by becoming overly macho. I played sports but wasn’t very good. But, it stopped the hassling and I actually made some male friends.

I dated mostly weak girls and when they really got to know me, and realized that I wasn’t the strong macho type of man they thought I was, they lost interest. For as much as women say they wanted a guy who had a softer side, when they found me they went the other way. The word got around and my Senior year of high school, I couldn’t get a date. The more frustrated I got, about not being able to get a date, the more I over compensated. Denise had had enough and told me to drop my façade, which I didn’t.

At Denise’s suggestion, I went to my Senior Prom with Jennifer. She rented me my tuxedo and I didn’t see it until the day of the prom. It was powder blue, satin and definitely cut for a woman. When I tried to object, she told me that I have three choices. I could wear the tuxedo, wear Jennifer’s prom dress or move out when I turned 18 in a month. I settled on the tuxedo.

The tuxedo, the way it was cut and the tightness of the pants, presented a problem. Denise handed me a thong, a waist whittler (to give me a figure) and a camisole to wear underneath. That worked as I no longer had any panty lines, my waist was small enough now to easily button the pants and my coat. The camisole, helped my shirt to lay like it was supposed to. She also used her curling iron to give my straight flat hair some body.

At the dance the guys, even my friends, just looked at me and either shook their heads or gave me a look of disdain. The girls thought I looked good and some wished their boyfriends looked as good. A couple actually suggested that next time I try and not be so flat chested. I actually had a better time than I thought I would.

The next week, I was back to my old self because I started getting lots of nasty comments about what I wore to the dance. One guy hassled me so much, that I decked him. I got suspended for the next week. Because I had a week off, Denise increased my chores around the house. I knew better to say no, so I just said yes.

By the end of the summer, Jennifer had moved in with us. Now I had two dominant women to “boss” me around. We got to know Jennifer’s family and they sort of adopted us. Jennifer kept trying to set her sisterSarah and I up. Sarah thought I was too macho for her. Finally, she said yes and, as they say, the rest is history. I had never met anyone like her before. Just one look from her made me melt. She had almost all of my façade stripped away by our first date. I knew she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She started feeling the same way.

When she proposed, my whole façade had been stripped away and I found that I was a much happier person. But she put some conditions on her proposal.

1. I was to sign a pre-nuptial that said, since I didn’t bring anything into this marriage, if we split I got nothing.
2. I was to change my last name to Sarah’s.
3. That while we could discuss things, Sarah’s decision was to be final.
4. Since Sarah needed to be able to plan out any pregnancy, I was to store my sperm and get a vasectomy. Any pregnancy would be through artificial semination.
5. I was expected to do all of the duties of a house husband.

I ended up wearing the same tuxedo, that I wore for the prom, except that it was white. This time, I had no problem accepting what I was to wear because Sarah told me to. Jennifer and Christine were Sarah’s Bridesmaids and Amy, Sarah’s “brother/sister”, was my “Best Man”. She was wearing a matching tuxedo except hers was lavender and she wasn’t flat chested.

After our honeymoon, I was at the urologist’s getting my vasectomy. After I healed, and for the next 6 months, it was non-stop sex. But Sarah tied it to me performing and being good for her. I didn’t care, I was in heaven. Not many guys get all of the sex, whenever they want.

The night, when she handed me that bottle of Nair for Men, I knew my life to change dramatically. At this point, there was nothing I wouldn’t do for Sarah. I never said a word and 10 minutes later I was hairless. She rewarded me with the best sex yet and I passed out.

The next morning, I found myself locked in a chastity device. I was surprised but quickly came to accept it. She handed me my new panties. I was hoping that just putting them on and throwing away my old, guy, underpants would get the device off me. I was wrong. Being denied sex now, was like the bottom had fallen away. I grew more and more frustrated and became much more attentive to Sarah’s needs hoping that she would relieve me.

She took me shopping and we changed out my whole wardrobe with bright or pastel colors. At first, I was a bit self-conscious but, quickly accepted them. I did get lots of compliments from the women I knew. The guys I knew stopped calling and soon I had no male friends.

Sarah’s salon had an esthetician who also did laser hair removal and electrolysis. Erica needed some legal help so, Sarah worked out a trade with her. Sarah would handle her legal problems and Erica would do my facial hair removal. She booked me a series of appointments to have my beard removed and a facial afterwards. It took over 6 months but I don’t ever have to shave my face again. I also started getting regular mani/pedis but, no polish. After a month, they talked me into getting clear polish.

My Mother’s side of the family started turning gray when they were in their early 20’s. I was no exception. When Sarah saw that I was starting to get my first gray hairs, she sent me to get my hair colored.

Before I got married to Sarah, I had never been in a salon. Either Mom or Denise would trim my hair so I had no need to go in. I was getting used to, and actually enjoying, going in on a regular basis. This was different though. My stylist, Mindy, took me to her chair. She knew that I was nervous and calmed me down and got me to relax. She put a cape around me, checked my hair color and went to the back to mix my color. There was a woman, Grace, in her mid-30’s, sitting next to me having her color processed. She told me that getting your hair colored was no big thing. Her husband has been getting his colored for 3 years now. We talked until Mindy came back with a bowl and a brush.

She quickly sectioned my hair and started applying the color. When she finished, she put a plastic cap over my head and told me I had to process for the next 45 minutes. I went over for my mani/pedi, Grace was sitting next to me and we talked some more. Because of how I was dressed, white pants and a paisley button up shirt, she thought I was gay. I told her I wasn’t and that this is how my wife wanted me to dress. She told me that she thought I was brave and that more men should dress like this and take care of themselves. Grace was finished before I was and we decided to meet later for coffee.

When my color was finished, Mindy shampooed me and took me back to her chair. She turned me away from the mirror and, as per Sarah’s instructions, cut my hair. When she finished blow drying my hair, she turned me around. The color hadn’t changed that much but it was much richer. She had cut my hair in layers and gave me a side part and side sweeping bangs. It looked very unisex and I loved it. I made my next appointment in 3 weeks to have my roots touched up.

I met Grace at Starbucks with her friend Beth. They both loved my hair. They were both stay at home Moms and they would get together when their kids are in school. We became good friends and they invited me to join their Buncko group as one of their members just moved out of the area. Being with them seemed so easy and natural. I accepted and their next meeting would be the following week.

Sarah loved how my hair turned out. She rewarded me that night by introducing me to prostrate stimulation. She didn’t let me cum but, the sensations were the most I have ever felt. A week later she did let me cum, without touching my penis, and I was hooked.

Sarah approved of me playing Bunco with the girls. In fact, she thought they would be a good influence on me. She did tell me that I had to answer any questions they asked and do anything the suggested.

Amy and I got to be very close. She became my mentor, so to speak, and helped me accept the changes that were happening to me. We would often get together for coffee and/or lunch. Sarah gave me a generous allowance for me and to run our home on. She was now expecting me to buy my own clothes. Amy loved to take me shopping.

The day of the Bunco game came. There were 3 tables, for 12 players, and I was the only “guy”. Most thought I was gay. When I told them, I wasn’t they wanted to know more about me and why I dressed like I did. I told them everything and when I mentioned my chastity device, they wanted to see it. I showed them and I became non-threatening to them. By the start of the 2nd game, I was just one of the girls.

The Bunco game led to invites to join a book club, a yoga and Pilates group and another card group. Sarah was thrilled that I made so many new friends. To reward me, she stimulated my prostrate and let me cum.

This time though, when I finished, she told me to lay on my side with my knees tucked up against my chest. I could feel her put lots of lube inside me. She told me to relax and to breath normally. I felt her slowly insert something inside me that was rubbing on my prostate. Once in, she told me to spend the next 10-20 minutes just relaxing and breathing. She then explained how I was to breath in and out – clenching my sphincter muscles on the inhale and relaxing on the exhale. As I did this, the sensations built just like she was stimulating my prostate. Soon I achieved climax. From then on, Sarah rewarded me by letting me use my new little toy.

All of this that Sarah did for/to me I thought was to make me a better person and husband. I was convinced that she wasn’t trying to change me into an Amy. I discussed this with my new friends and they disagreed with me. They all thought it was just a matter of time before I was wearing a dress. They said that I would know if Sarah had me get my ears pierced and start wearing something other than clear nail polish.

Sure enough a week later, I get my list and I was to have me ears pierced, my eyebrows arched and colored nail polish. I went for my usual appointments for my hair removal and mani/pedi. But, I thought I don’t want to be a woman and didn’t get colored nail polish, my eyebrows arched or my ears pierced. When I came home Sarah wasn’t happy. She asked why I disobeyed her and I told her that I didn’t want to be a woman. She just laughed and said I will never be a woman but I will be living as a woman like Amy soon. She told me I had two choices. I could accept it and the punishment that will come with disobeying her or I could leave with just my clothes.

I handed her the ruler and asked her to punish me. That is when I knew that my final little piece of independence was gone for good. I had fully submitted to Sarah. The next day, I was back at the salon getting my eyebrows severely arched, two piercings in each earlobe and I had them give me 1/4” extensions on my finger nails and shiny black polish for both my fingers and toes.

When I got home, Sarah was very happy, she knew that she had me. She told me that it wasn’t fair that only she got her period. She handed me a bag with a box of super extra absorbent tampons, an enema bottle and a bottle of V8 juice. When she started her period, I would start mine. I was to clean myself out, insert 2 – 3 oz of V8 juice and then the tampon. I was to keep it in until Sarah had to change hers.

Sarah soon introduced me to her new dildo. She was slow and gentle. After just a few times, I was hooked. Sarah pegging me became a regular part of our play time together. Most of the time though, I was kept caged and learned to just enjoy the sensations that being pegged brought me.

My new friends liked my new look and one even gave me a bottle of tinted moisturizer to help even out my complexion. That soon led to getting an invite to a Mary Kay party. I was shown how to apply different makeup products and what went with what. I went home with, a “starter kit” of cosmetics for almost $500. Sarah saw me wearing blue eye shadow and just said it looked nice. I started wearing make up every day, I learned to love It and felt self-conscious when I went out without any on.

Sarah sat me down and told me that now would be a good time for her to get pregnant. She told me that I had 9 months to fully adopt being a woman, like Amy had. Like her, I will never be a woman but, I wouldn’t be a sissy either. But, I would become the primary care giver for our child(ren). A week later, Sarah went through invitro fertilization and we were pregnant. She stopped her period but I didn’t.

We had already talked and I knew I was going to be the baby’s Mother/care giver. She told me that since I was going to become a Mother, by the time the baby was born I was to be living as a female fulltime. I was expected to start wearing more and more feminine clothes. Sometimes I would go shopping with Sarah and sometimes with my friends. I slowly started to amass a very nice wardrobe. One problem I had was that wearing my chastity device, I couldn’t really wear any tight pants. I asked Sarah about it and she said that she trusted me now and that I could take it off. But, I had to understand that any transgression, on my part, would lead to having it strapped back on.

Amy showed me how to tape me back so that nothing showed when I was wearing pants and jeans. She also showed me how to walk in high heels. She and I went shopping with some of my friends and they had great fun having me try on all sorts of different clothes. I ended up buying 3 pair of women’s pants, a skirt, 2 tops, shoes and two new bras and matching panties. When my ears finally healed up, I had a great time looking for earrings.

At my friends’ suggestions, the next time I went in to have my roots touched up, I had Mindy to highlight my hair. I also had her cut my sweeping bangs to whimsy front bangs and re-cut my layers. She used her curling iron to give me beachy waves. This time when she was finished, there was no mistaking my hair to be anything other than feminine.

As each change happened, I could feel myself changing. I loved who I was becoming. Sarah, Amy and my friends, all said that I had become a much happier person. Amy told me that being surrounded by women/girls growing up, made it much easier for her to become who she is now. Now I can understand. For the most part, my only friends and family have been females. There have been a couple of times we have gone to dinner parties. Sometime during the party, the men and women would form their own groups. I was looked down on if I tried to mingle with the men but, the women totally accepted me.

By the time Susan was born, I had fully embraced being female. I wore dresses and skirts almost as much as pants. Acting like a woman became second nature for me. Everyone made sure that I blended in with the other women. I was not allowed to even think about being a sissy.

The Other women, I played Bunco and cards with, all wanted to be kept up with what was happening to me. While they were more than interested in my changes, what piqued their curiosity the most was when I brought up the topic of receiving anal sex. Most of them, at one time or another, have had their husbands/boyfriends ask them about anal sex. No one else had done it before and they had many questions like does it hurt, how does it feel, etc.

I answered their questions as truthful as I could. Three of them ending up trying it. One thought it hurt too much and was uncomfortable. The two others are willing to try it again,

I spend a lot of time talking with my “sister-in-law” Amy. She had already gone through what I was going through now. Amy was the one who brought up the subject of me being castrated. She told me how more satisfying her life has been since she had it done. I was getting tired of getting erections and having to tape myself before wearing tight pants. When Sarah said yes, I had it done. A few weeks later, after talking with my Psychiatrist, I was laying on the Urologists table with my legs up in the stirrups. She asked me if I was sure and I said yes. She gave me a local anesthesia because I wanted to watch those things getting cut off. I see her cutting and I could feel a sensation of something happening but when I heard the first testicle hit the pan, I was so happy. Soon it was over and I knew that Amy was right, it did make my life better. It is a decision that I have never regretted.

Shortly after my operation, I started getting hot flashes, like women do when going through menopause. I went to see my regular Dr. She said that with women, they give them hormones to help reduce their symptoms. In my case, she didn’t want to give me testosterone because that would be defeating the purpose for my castration. Since I was working with a psychiatrist, who gave me approval for my castration, she gave me a prescription for some very mild birth control pills. She said that it would help take the edge off my hot flashes.

Many say that their sex drive is diminished when they have this done or start HRT. For me, I didn’t notice much difference at all. Sarah’s made sure that she kept me stimulated with her dildo. When I was able to start estrogen for real, my sexual drive took off.

At Amy’s suggestion, I started wearing a waist training corset. After 8 months my waist shrunk from 32” to 29”. My friends accept what I had become and even encouraged me. My HRT started to work. I started growing little mounds under my breasts, my waist continued to get little smaller, I was down to 27”, and my hips a bit wider 37”. I became much more emotional and my feminine thinking has increased. Like Amy, I will never be able to have SRS but, I really don’t care. I am happy the way I am. Sarah said we could talk about implants later.

Being a Mother has been the most fulfilling thing I have done in my life. From the time I first held Susan, I knew that being a Mother was my calling. By then, it seemed so natural to go out wearing a dress or skirt.

My friends, with small kids, were such great help and inspiration for me. I became part of a group that shared babysitting so that the Mothers could get away occasionally. We were lucky in that Sarah’s Mother loves taking care of her grand daughters so Sarah and I can get away.

Two years later, when Elizabeth was born. I found out that raising two daughters wasn’t that much harder than having just the one. Sarah would help some but, like most Mothers, the majority of the work and responsibility is left to me.

Sarah and my relationship changed. I was about as a girly girl that you could find. I love anything feminine. I couldn’t ever imagine going back to being a male. I love being a stay at home Mother and housewife. Sarah is the head of the house but, she gives me a great deal of latitude to make my own decisions.

Sarah, on the other hand, has changed almost as much as I have. She has always gone to the gym to keep in shape. It was there she meet, Kathleen. Kathleen is a female body builder and trainer. Sarah told her that she would like to have defined muscles and Kathleen offered to train her.

4 years later, she has become very toned and even muscular. She has completely stopped wearing dresses and skirts and wears men’s clothes because they fit her better now. She came home one night sporting a new short pixie cut. She has stopped shaving her legs and pits and wears no makeup or jewelry. I asked her if she was trying to become a male and she said, “Hell no! I just like this look”. The girls both call me Mommy but, Elizabeth has started calling Sarah Daddy, which bothered her a bit.

Sarah is now 6 months pregnant with Christine and Amy’s baby, they are also having a girl. She has had to start wearing maternity clothes which she says she is doing just because she loves her “sister´ Amy. Maybe it’s the increase in hormonal levels but, Sarah has started acting a bit more feminine. The other day, She put on a pair of earrings for the first time in at least a year.

Ever since Sarah put that chastity device on me, She and everyone else started calling me Joanne. I haven’t been called John almost 6 years now. But, for whatever reason, I never legally changed my name to Joanne, I did legally change my last name after we got married. So, on June 6, 2018, I officially, and legally, became Joanne Louise Wagner, female. At Sarah’s suggestion, we got remarried as two lesbians, with my new name of the Marriage License. This time I wore the dress and she wore the tux.

With my castration, corset training, exercise and almost 3 years on HRT, I have developed, and held, 36-27-37 measurements. Unfortunately, I was only able to develop a very small B cup. At first, I thought, just give it time. But they stopped growing. My friends kept telling that having small breasts is actually a blessing. Clothes fit better, there is no back pain that larger breasts can give you and men won’t ogle you as much. My friend Lucy didn’t think that the last one was a problem but then, she is divorced and on the hunt for another man.

But, I became very self-conscious about my small bust. At first, I started wearing push-up bras to give me some extra cleavage. Soon that wasn’t enough so I switched to VS’s Very Sexy line which added a full cup. Then it was their Very Obsessed Line which added 1 ½ cups and finally their Bombshell line which adds 2 full cups. While I am dressed, I look at myself and are very happy with what I see. But, when I get undressed, I became depressed again.

While she really didn’t need to, Amy had her implants removed. She has started increased hormones to mimic Sarah’s levels. She is hoping that she will be breast feeding their new baby as soon as she is born.. She was a C up and said that after she is done breast feeding, she is going to have the implants reinserted. But, this time, she said she wants a D cup.

After we were remarried, Sarah gave me a small envelope as her gift to me. I opened it and inside was an appointment card, for the next day, for one of the best plastic surgeons in the area. We went to the consultation and he discussed my options. I chose to go with the silicone implants, with the cohesive skin and a full C cup.

Two weeks later, I got my implants. It took a week before I felt “normal” again. Then I had to get rid of all of my old bras and buy new ones. My friends were right in that some of my tops just didn’t fit right any more, so it has been clothes shopping. Sarah joked I have spent more money on new clothes and lingerie than she did on my implants. Last weekend, we all went to the beach for the day. For the first time, I liked the way my bikini top fit me.

“art by Juan Puyal, dialogue by me
As it should be!



Here is a Very Pretty man named Monica.  He is indeed male, and he intends to stay a male.  This is how the Wonderful Movement of Gender Role Reversal is happening.  More and more men are embracing their Femininity, while Women are taking on the Roles of Leadership and Providers.  These Women do indeed deserve to come home to a Clean house and a Pretty man!

He would be so Awesome as a male waitress in a Gentlewoman’s Club!

It is quite interesting to see how these Strong Women have taken to adult males, and have totally feminized them, and molded them into being the Role Models for the New Age man.  It is also interesting to see such Movements as “The Boy in a Dress” and Womanless Pageants growing more and more in popularity.  At the same time, there are now a record number of Girls playing Football and other Once “Male Only” sports.

Girls now have their own Youth Football League!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Boys are being Encouraged to be Feminine!

See the source image

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

See the source image

Strong and Dominant Female Football Players

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Feminine, and weak Pretty Boys looking for Strong Woman!

pretty crossdressers sex at:https://crossdresser-xxx.tumblr.com/

Women Competing and being Strong is a Fantastic Change in Power!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football


Men in Sexy Dresses and silky nylons are a Delight!

black crossdresser at:https://crossdresser-xxx.tumblr.com/

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

See the source image

Take away their masculinity, and boys and men become the prissiest of the Prissies!  Females are indeed Taking Control…..Boys better get use to being “Sex Objects” for the Stronger Girls!

What Women Want and are Encouraging!

Candice Lewis

♡ Toni ♡


“ samantherijane:
“ mymmmmasquerade:
“ hellohotbeef:
“Studmuffin 😍
Where is that Jane…I have been waiting…and getting all these glances…
I said a long wait…..ha ha ha!
Well…these guys keep offering to spot me….
A Confident...

The New Age of Womankind!

Just LOVE a Strong Woman!


My wedding of my dreams
Journal Entry | 15 Comments · 6 Love It | over 5 years ago

This isn’t a story it is true. See pictures in profile.
About a year ago my Mistress made me a happy sissy by saying she wanted me to be her sissy husband. Well on June 1, 2013 she gave me the wedding of my dreams. She said i could be the bride. I had to get a wedding dress and found my dress on ebay custom made and it came out perfect. When the day came it was soo incredibly hectic. Including me bringing red stockings to my wedding instead of white! Thank goodness we didn’t live far away lol!
My dress laced up in the back like a corset so once i was in it there was no way out. A true bondage dress lol. For all the preparations the ceremony was over in 11mins lol. The bridesmaids came up the isle with Shania Twain’s “Man I feel like a woman”. I came up the isle with my best friend giving me away and “Barbie Girl” by Aqua playing. I had a beautiful bouquet and 6 inch heels and i was the happiest sissy bride one could be especially when I knelt before my Mistress and she locked the collar on and placed my lovely wedding ring on me. The reception was amazing we had incredible food and a amazing cake! We had our closest friends attend and that made it even more special. I even had the pink garter removed from me 🙂
After the reception we retired to the dungeon for some play. I was finally released from my dress and stripped down to my bridal lingerie and the Mistress had Lovely Goddess Indigo bind me to a St Andrew’s cross and give me some impact play and some nice flogging too. Then Mistress finished me off and blasted me off to sub space. Wow what a session!
Thank you Mistress Maria i am so happy to be your sissy husband and making me your sissy bride and the happiest and luckiest sissy alive!

“Ein schönes kurzes „Brautkleid“
It will be so Awesome when most men will be getting married wearing a Bridal gown!tdistance116:
What a Cute Man! So Adorable!


Ladies what would you do if you found your boyfriend or husband wearing your pantyhose?


Answered Apr 20, 2017


I can tell you what my wife did.
She stopped wearing pantyhose soon after we got married. I used to like it when she wore pantyhose, so I was disappointed. But she generally prefers to wear pants or shorts now. She doesn’t like wearing tight fitting clothing in general.
I on the other hand prefer to wear compression pants and leggings. They help my legs with fatigue and keep my muscles warm.
Anyway, I decided to try pantyhose one day, because I figured they were similar to compression leggings. Well my wife decided that if I was going to wear them, I was going to need to wear them properly. She had me pick out a maid dress, since I’m the one who cleans the house. She works full-time, I work part-time. Then she had me wear the pantyhose with the dress, which she calls my uniform and said it was the 21st century. She was the one out working and it was my turn to wear the pantyhose.
I asked her why the dress?
She said why not? Was there something wrong with dresses?
I couldn’t answer no, she still wears them on occasion. Besides, the dress was more practical with the pantyhose. Wearing shorts, or some other type of pant over them usually causes the waistband to bind over more. Mainly because they push in on the waistline.
So now when she’s home, she basically takes it easy and lounges around on the couch, on her ipad.
I meanwhile clean up around the house in my “uniform”
At first, she teased me and would say things like, keep your stockings straight. Or don’t get you pantyhose in a twist. Or I want to take a shower, get your fricken pantyhose out of the way…since they were hanging in the bathroom.
Now its just an expected routine for me to wear my “uniform” while I clean up.
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Claire Halter, Married to a Crossdresser of my own making
Answered Feb 2, 2017

As the wife of a crossdresser I can assure you that they really do make the best husbands.
Now my husband was not a crossdresser when we got married and it was my fault that he became one and we both followed this white rabbit down the hole together. He really enjoys it and I love him so much and enjoy all our time together no matter how he dresses.
Top reasons crossdressers make better husbands:
Men who crossdress are most certainly straight as gay men are not interested in dating a man in female clothing and underwear.
Because they are more in touch with their feminine side they make better and more attentive lovers as well as calmer more caring partners all round.
Because they like to look good in female clothing, they take better care of their bodies and are generally smoother, better trimmed less or no body hair, cleaner, smell much nicer and take better care of all clothing and fabrics in general.
Because they can wash their own lingerie and underwear, you can trust them to wash yours as well and know it will be done properly and returned to the draws in pristine condition.
A man wearing a bra and panties under his work clothes is far less likely to be willing to get undressed with the slutty sexetary in the photocopy room at work for fear she just laughs her head off at him and tells everyone what she found under his clothes. Not that I worry about my hubby ever being that kind of man anyway.
A couple who plays together, stays together and if you can both enjoy the experience together then its just one more thing helping to hold your marriage together.
Others may have a different opinion to myself but both my husband and myself believe that clothing is clothing and no fabric or fibre ever made, grown or stollen from an animal is gender specific.
If the material the clothing is made from is not gender specific then how can you call it female clothing? The same material in the clothing could have just as easily been turned into a rope, bed sheet, bath towl or door mat.
Its time the whole world woke up and let people wear clothing they like and not put gender labels on the world we live in.

Boys Will Be Girls : Photo


How some Women are Training their men!

CLOTHES AND WEIGHT _ Very Important that Women insist on their men being Slim and Trim!

I have lost almost 60 lbs by just doing a very low carb diet, keeping my carb intake below 40 grams per day. I am required by Mistress to keep a log of everything I consume, along with its carb count.

Whenever I go over 40 grams of carbs in a day, I am corseted in a steel boned longline corset the following day while She is at work. Along with my cage, this keeps me from wanking and eating very effectively.

When She first got the corseting idea, I thought it really kinky and loved it – that was until I learned just how tightly She wants it laced up and the length of time that I am required to be laced.

The corset feels really sexy in the morning when I’m first laced up. I wear bra and heels and fantasize about being a PLayboy bunny as I strut around the house with my heels clicking on the floor. That’s all great for about 1/2 hour and then I realize how difficult it is to breathe when sitting down. After 4-5 hours, it is extremely uncomfortable and if I tinker with the places, she is able to tell by the way She ties it behind my back.

What seemed like FUNishment has become real punishment and now, I keep my carb count very low and I’m back losing the weight that I need to fit into my nicer dresses and skirts!

Wives Husband Hobble-Maid.

Sissy Exposure : Photo



I am a retired, caged sissy and my wife/Mistress works. She lays out my lingerie each morning before going to work. Recently, She was called out of town on business unexpectedly and text me to tell me that her sister had my key and would be “stopping by to check on me”! I had no idea that anyone else knew about my feminine side or that I was caged, so when the knock on the door came, I opened it attired in my bra, camisole, nylons heels, panties, wig and cage. Lori came in without saying anything, looked me up and down and told me to walk across the room and to model for her, which I did. She approached me and grabbed my cage and tugged it to see if it was tight and commented how little control I have over my life anymore; that I am now serving both my Mistress and her! She told me to lock my hands together behind my back and then, unbuttoning to top fe buttons of her blouse, she told me how she had seen me appreciating her breasts and she asked if I was jealous.

Of course, I am very jealous and told her so and with that, she had me kneel down and then she re-buttoned her blouse, bade me goodbye and then she left me there kneeling, humiliated and drooling.

That was more than 2 weeks ago and Mistress has said nothing of the incident until today when She asked me if I would like to serve both Her and Lori this weekend. I asked Her why she told Lori about my plight and She simply said, “Because I wanted to! What about it?” So I accepted my plight and am awaiting instructions.

This is so embarrassing and humiliating for me but I have no choice in the matter. Has any other sissy been exposed this way to your sister-in-law?

“Oh Look Girls!
He’s Blushing!
How Pretty!
Very Important to show off your feminine male to other Women and Girls!


Do lesbians feel attracted to men who crossdress?

Vicky Prest, Lesbian woman in a committed long term relationship
Answered Aug 22, 2017

I never used to be…
Until I started watching Rupaul’s Drag Race.
I identify as a full blown lesbian. However many a night my girlfriend and I can be found drooling at the TV at many of the contestants on Rupaul.
I was never a big fan of the drag queen scene as it just didn’t interest me that much. Possibly because the scene I’d come across was rather crude and more for fun than glamour. But then I discovered a whole new breed of drag that was a true art form and I was hooked!
Rupaul is so sexy to me (as a woman) that I can’t stand it. She’s just gorgeous! She is my lesbian wet dream and I love her mouth and teeth and the way she speaks. I find it incredibly sexy.

As a guy, I’m not bothered.
However, I found myself perving on the contestants even when they were boys, which was a rather strange experience for me!
I think it’s because they are just so spectacular and command such admiration when they are on stage that some of that comes off in their personality out of drag. Plus, they often carry feminine features and gestures which as a lesbian, is something that I am attracted to.
Chas Bono was on the show stating that he is secure in his heterosexuality to say that he found Courtney Act incredibly attractive. She looks more like a woman than I do!

I think it’s ok to be attracted to people that gender bend or push boundaries through art or entertainment or personal interest or if they identify as a gender that is different from the one they were assigned at birth.
I am attracted to transgender people (women, men and in between) and although I wrestled with my attraction to trans guys as I didn’t think I am bisexual, I found a peace with it.
As Chas said, I am secure enough in my homosexuality that I can find my Rupaul girls hotter than hell! In and out of drag.

Caleigh Grace
Answered Sat


I would say, initially, yes. When you see a person in fancy attire, looking all done up, you’re impressed. Thus, they could feel attracted to a cross-dressing man with a face full of makeup, wearing a dress and heels, etc. However, I don’t think that’d be enough in the long term. They wouldn’t look as feminine if they dressed more casual. I don’t think that attraction could last if there wasn’t very apparent femininity at all times. So, maybe if they see the cross-dressing man in a bar, they might turn their head. I don’t see how that’d apply to any other situation, though.


Answered Mar 16, 2017

It depends, generaly cosplayers. I am a lesbian and I one time I saw a crossdressing cosplayer that looked so amasing that I orgasmed from just looking at him

Kyoko; The Cheerleader

“She has helped him become The Perfect Husband
New Age Women know what they want!

“Das war ein schönes Essen….aber jetzt will ich Deinen Kitzler spüren….
Woman in pants while male is in the skirt…The Future is here!

Cute Schoolsissy

Starting off Young!   Womanless Pageants, Boy in The Dress, anything it takes!!!

I found this photo on Facebook a few years go, and since originally sharing it online, I've seen many naysayers protesting "no WAY is that a boy!" Well, I found my way back to the relative's Facebook page where I found it, located his Mom's Facebook, and found roughly contemporary "boy" pics of him, one of which can be seen in the little inset. Clearly the same person.


I found this photo on Facebook a few years go, and since originally sharing it online, I’ve seen many naysayers protesting “no WAY is that a boy!” Well, I found my way back to the relative’s Facebook page where I found it, located his Mom’s Facebook, and found roughly contemporary “boy” pics of him, one of which can be seen in the little inset. Clearly the same person

The Role Model for all New Age boys!

Recent middle school WBP held just before Xmas 2015!

Image result for best womanless beauty images

I love the way I look mom, but could I wear heels please? They don't have to be real high, just enough to make me feel more like a girl. Of course, I wouldn't complain if all you could find were a pair of stiletto heels, I'm sure I'd feel really girly in them!

It is so nice to see Who is now playing the Sports, and Who is wearing dresses and pantyhose!!!


While the boys are playing “Dress Up”, Girls are Competing and getting STRONGER!!!

Image result for Girls Playing Tackle Football

Related image

Related image


Remember 9 year old football sensation Sam Gordon who became the first female football player to grace the Wheaties box? She earned the nickname “sweet feet” for her incredible skill on the field making her a mini-celebrity overnight. It seems her football talent has been inspiring many other girls because her home state of Utah has reportedly just become the first state to launch an all-female tackle football league for young girls.

The Utah Girls Tackle Football league has been in operation since March 2015, and was created by league president Crystal Sacco. The UGTFL is becoming quite the attraction in Utah, and their popularity was evident by how quickly they filled registration.

All 50 spots were filled in less than a week of sign-ups starting, and so far the league has 4 teams in order to keep costs down. They are supported by sponsors Celtic Bank and Riddell.

Sam Gordon played a huge part in the creation of this league as she has become their biggest draw card. Her father Brent Gordon is the co-founder of the league and told the Huffington Post he wasn’t sure whether girls would actually join or not.


“To be honest, I was nervous about how many girls would sign up. So I was super happy at the response. The best part was hearing from parents who approached me to tell me how grateful they were that we started this league,” he added in a statement. “Their daughters had been begging them to play tackle football, but parents were concerned about letting them play with the boys. That’s what this league is all about: fulfilling the dreams of girls who want to play football,” he said.
All coaches in the league are to be certified to handle concussion and other areas so that concerns about safety are not an issue. This is a great initiative for girls who may love football and play with the boys when they are younger, but at a certain age they must stop and often it is for safety reasons.
Now with their own league (In Utah, at least) they have a level playing field and no one to tell them they don’t belong.
Crystal hopes the UGTFL will inspire other girls and organizers to follow in her footsteps.
“It’s our hope that this league can serve as an inspiration and model for similar girls tackle football leagues across the nation,” she said.
As for the girls themselves, they are stoked, especially Sam who is now 12, to be able to play a sport without gender discrimination.


“I think it’s super exciting that we’re finally doing an all-girls tackle football league cause I know there are so many girls out there that would really enjoy doing this, but there was never an all-girls team,” she said.
The director of development for USA Football, one of the league’s sponsors, says the ultimate goal is to see woman’s tackle football played at the pro level.
Oh and for the record, this ain’t no wimpy football league, there is proper tackling going on. No flag football here for these girls!
For us it’s exciting to see a group of parents and girls create a solution to a problem. Rather than try to break down the existing system that is in place and works well primarily for boys who end up turning pro, this girls league could be the start of a movement to groom future pro female football players at a level that is professional and supported by some major sponsors.
With people like Sam Gordon on the roster, we have no doubt this is just the start. To the Utah Girls Tackle Football League, here’s what we say to you: Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose!

Image result for Girls Playing Tackle Football

So…..boys are becoming Pretty…and Girls are becoming STRONG!   The Future is FEMALE!

Get use to the skirts, makeup and PomPoms boys!!!!   LOL

What the Future is starting to look like!

Women are achieving, and what is really interesting is seeing what young girls are doing, as well as what young boys are doing.  The future will be much different than what many would think.  I get many E-mails asking if what I post is “Real”.  YES, what I post is what I find on the internet, and it is actual.  It is hard to believe that what we see today would have been a pure “Fiction 50 years ago, however, that is when much of the Gender Role Reversal started.  The photos today will speak for themselves.

Here is an excerpt from another Blog with my friend Chris making her comments on what she wants to see the future to be:

Andrea F. Wrote:
I am all for the complete gender role reversal to happen faster. Males have been screwing society up for a very long time. They need to be sissified at a very young age and kept in silks and satins. Lots and lots of lace. Being completely hairless and made to paint their nails. Using only feminine smelling soaps and deodorants. Being made to submit to women. Suck the macho and masculine right out of them. Replace it with only feminine silky items and dresses. No pants for them. They sure can’t handle things anymore.

More mothers are raising their sons as princesses. This is still a small percent of mothers but they are growing more and more each day. It will probably take another 20 or so years, but the idea of petticoating will become main stream and seeing brats wearing dresses and playing with dolls will be the norm.


Knowing that you have been helping women achieve their goals of feminizing their sons and raising their daughters to be strong and independent, the proof being of the beauty pagent photos you have posted it brings to mind a question. These women who so passionately and publically have dressed their sons as girls, are they dominant in their relationship with their husbands? It seems to me they are strong enough to resist any complaints or resistance from their husbands who are likely to be submissive anyway and if this is the case it sets a good example for both son and daughter on how to behave.

Most of the mothers I work with are single or in lesbian relationships. The few that do still have husbands are very dominate over them and some do make their husbands live full time as sissies. More and more women are fed up with males and no longer afraid to seek out female lovers. I believe we may someday see the lesbian couple as the normal family and males being more used as maids or sperm donors.


More Girls Playing Football


Look at the Cute Boy, in his Cute dress, holding out his skirt.  Love his pigtails!

All sizes | Boy-In-Pigtails-and-Taught- | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Girls are getting Stronger!!!


Many New Age Girls will want to have Pretty Boyfriends!  A boy that will know how to care for the children, while she is the Breadwinner!

Team Sports are becoming more important to Girls!


While boys are now competing in Beauty Pageants!

653440041 | by The Radical Feminist

And many Moms are helping their sons turn away from sports, and become Pretty and Sweet!

5345354543554545 | by The Radical Feminist

All sizes | Overwhelmed Pagent Boy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Do you think these Girls like seeing the boys in cute dresses and makeup?


Afterall, don’t these Girl Football players deserve to have some cute boy Cheerleaders in their little skirts, shaking their pompoms?

Strong empowered mothers are no longer afraid to instill feminine behavior into their sons. You may recognize some of the pictures from a womanless pageant that have been floating around for a few years. After entering her son into multiple pageants this embolden mother took things further turning her little brat into a sweet feminine princess.

This is the story behind the above photo:

Strong empowered mothers are no longer afraid to instill feminine behavior into their sons. You may recognize some of the pictures from a womanless pageant that have been floating around for a few years. After entering her son into multiple pageants this embolden mother took things further turning her little brat into a sweet feminine princess

The world is changing and traditional gender roles are being flipped on their head. As girls continue to take over the sports arena, boys are finding themselves being pushed towards traditional feminine activities including ballet recitals and beauty pageants.

The world is changing and traditional gender roles are being flipped on their head. As girls continue to take over the sports arena, boys are finding themselves being pushed towards traditional feminine activities including ballet recitals and beauty pageants.

Girls are putting on the Pads!!!


While boys are putting on the dresses!

And many Independent Moms are encouraging their son’s femininity!


Womanless Ruse

Bratty Beauty Queen



Desmond to Desiree




Little brat turned into a beauty queen.


Do you really think any of these Girls would be competing as Prissy Pageant Contestants?

Most of the Tomboys I know, Hate to wear skirts, nylons, high heels and such…guess that is now for the boys!


Boys are being beaten by Girls in many competitions!  I guess boys are more suited to be pretty and sweet!  Can’t you just hear her saying to a boy, go put on your cute pink dress and tights….don’t forget your purse!

Girls are Getting STRONGER!!!


Like this little fellow!


Or a whole Group of boys!!!!

EvansBalleriaBoys006 | by The Radical Feminist

Girls Beating Boys!



Boys are now doing “Other” things…so that they don’t get hurt!

https://flic.kr/p/Ud5Ud6 | Balleria Boys Curtsy | Instead of gym classes these boys spent months learning ballet and performed perfect curtsy at the end of their recital.

Ballerina Boys Curtsy

Instead of gym classes these boys spent months learning ballet and performed perfect curtsy at the end of their recital.

https://flic.kr/p/SVHd9J | School Gender Switch 02 - Tutus for Boys - Jeans for Girls.

True Petticoating: Swedish School Requires Boys to Take Ballet

Received a lot of positive feedback from the story “The Queen and his Court”. While this is a work of fiction the events are very much influenced by strong feminist women and girls who are changing the world. Like Clark Elementary many schools have been taken over by radical feminists who in addition to believing in the empowerment of women, strongly support the benefits of petticoating boys.

The pictures attached showcase the progress from one such private school in Sweden. The school adopted a gender neutral uniform policy a couple years ago. At first only the girls took advantage of the new policy shedding away skirts for the comfort of pants. Once the dress code was in place the school leaders got bolder changing the school activities policies to restrict boys from being allowed to play sports (For Safety Reasons). In its place boys were now required to take ballet and other dance classes. At first some of the boys protested, the female leaders were not having it and took the necessary action.

Much to dismay of the boys they were required to attend ballet classes in appropriate feminine attire. The school put on two recitals this year with the boys wearing prissy dance dresses, tights and hair accessories. Since the first recital it has become more common for boys to wear kilts to school. With the success of the ballet recitals the female leaders are already planning future recitals, fashion shows and beauty pageants for the boy students.

Note – Special Thanks to the teachers and mothers who gave permission for this story and pictures.

https://flic.kr/p/SVHduy | School Gender Switch 01 - Tutus for Boys - Jeans for Girls.
And while many boys are experiencing the “Boy in the Dress” Movement…
A record number of Girls and Women are now Wrestling!
The Roles are Reversing!
From Boy To Girl
So, after seeing the photos, is there any denying that Society is Changing?


Who’s In Charge Now???

Today’s posting will Focus on what is happening at an ever increasing pace.  Females TAKING Control, Wearing the Pants, and Insisting that their men and boys become Pretty and Sweet, and wear dresses and skirts for the pleasure of themselves and other Woman……Sounds a lot like how things were 50 years ago, only in Reverse!

I chose this picture because of the masculine these 2 women hold in this picture.

Many Woman, and mothers, are very interested in having Sissy Men at their side.  Here is a story from PDQ about a Mother and son, and how they changed their lifestyle.  This kind of thing is happening more and more.  Woman are indeed Taking Control, and men are submitting to their “Inferior” status.  Female Led Society is Growing!

from Sissymaid Allison


Dear Auntie Helga,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you after seeing your email address on the website petticoated.com. For the last couple of years I looked at a few times a month and even read some letters two and three times. I just turned 19 last month so I’m hoping to be old enough to learn more about sissies and Mistresses. It’s only me and my mom at home which means we are very close. I think I know more about women than most guys my age having an open minded mom like I do. This summer we went to the Pride Parade for the first time which opened our eyes up on everything related to those with different lifestyles.

My mom told me on the way home she liked the whole day so I asked what she liked of the different lifestyles. To my surprise she liked the guys who dressed like girls and especially the sissymaids or anyone in a maid uniform. Then she asked the same question with my answer quite similar to hers. We agreed to talk about it more a few days later with both of us needing sleep from a long crazy day. It was a Thursday as I recall after dinner when my mom brought up the subject of the parade again. We started to talk about it and some of the people we saw. Then without me paying attention my mom asked me if I ever wanted to wear women’s clothing or a maid uniform. I had not thought about it for me but admitted reading about those who do on Auntie Helga’s website.

My mom and I looked through some pictures and read some letters together. We laughed at some things as they related more to us. My mom looked at me letting me know if I wanted to try it she was willing to help me. I didn’t say much as I thought about the parade and how much fun my mom had talking with some of the feminine guys. My mom was good about it leaving me to think before pushing me into something new. I asked her what she had in mind so she mentioned a particular sissy we saw in the parade and how much she liked that look. We talked about it with me eager to learn more but not knowing a thing about what to ask or how to go about trying any part of it. My mom could tell I was interested but had no idea about the clothing part of it. She went to get her tape measure to take some measurements while talking about what she had in mind. I wasn’t sure but trusted my mom with it anyways.

Over the next few days we went shopping to look at everything I would need to be my mom’s sissymaid. She educated me on styles, fabrics and the look she wanted to create with me. Each day we brought home a few things getting closer to having it all. We also talked about my sissymaid role and my mom’s role as my Mistress with her telling me how much fun it could be if we both agreed. It sounded like something we both were willing to try which was nice we both agreed on it without anyone pushing too much or pushing back to much.

On the fourth day we went to look at dresses which was letting me know it was real and was getting close to happening. We ended up looking at 4 used sissy dresses a woman was selling in my size. It was the first time I saw so much lace and frills on a dress. The women talked and before long my mom handed me the dresses to carry out to the car. My mom was pleased with the quality and the price she paid so off we went to the shoe store. We looked at high heels nothing I knew anything about but my mom educated me once again. She bought two pairs of high heels in my size she advised. It all seemed so strange t o go shopping for women’s clothing with my mom.

There was one final stop before we went home for dinner only this time I was blushing. You might think everything else would have made me blush and it did a little. We were inside an adult store with my mom showing me chastity devices and talking with the girl behind the counter. I was blushing while they talked size, style and effectiveness. My mom said that small one to the girl and we went to pay for it. On the way home my mom talked to me about all we bought and how it was close to what we saw in the parade. I asked her what about the chastity thing and how did she know about them. Well a couple of letters talked about them and while she was in a washroom at the parade my mom talked with a woman who had her own sissy.

So we arrived at home with my mom working on dinner she sent me to have a bath handing me a razor to shave myself. I asked what to shave and my mom told me everything except my head like the other sissies. It was getting real by now but I agreed to play my part so my mom could play hers. We had a deal and I wasn’t going to let her down even though I wanted to a couple of times. My mom called to see if I wanted help so I let her in to check my shaving job. With a few spots I couldn’t reach well my mom took care of them. Leaving the door open my mom went to get the chastity device and a bag of frozen peas which I didn’t see at first. The shining device sat on the counter while my mom put the peas on my pubic area. Well frozen anything on my penis made it shrink and me jump. My mom smiled holding the peas on my penis and balls until I begged her to take it away. She gave me the device and I put it on changing the rings until finding the right size. My mom put the peas on my penis once again to make it shrivel before sliding the chastity device over my penis and locking it in place. I looked down to see not much of a penis locked behind stainless steel. My mom laughed telling me she thought it was cute. My mom asked me if I was all ready to be her sissymaid and I said I thought so.

We went to the living room where I saw everything we bought over the week. I didn’t have to do anything while my mom started to dress me from top to bottom. It all felt very odd from panties to stockings and bra to heels. Before long I was all dressed in a pink lace covered sissy dress trying to stand in high heels for the very first time. My mom looked me over telling me how sweet I looked and hinting I be in the parade next year. We went to have dinner with me having troubles with my new high heels. For the rest of the night we talked about what I was wearing and how it would play a part in who I was becoming. Little did I know to be a sissymaid it wasn’t just about clothes. My mom taught me to call her Mistress and as the next few days passed I learned more about what a Mistress expects from her virgin sissymaid. My mom made sure I only wore my new clothes and nothing else from my previous life. At night I slept in baby doll nighties and by day I wore only sissy dresses.

After the first week my walking in heels got better and so did my understanding of what it was like to be my mom’s sissymaid. My mom started to experiment with her role as my Mistress wearing black skirts and high heels around the house. Once in a while she would slap me with her walking stick to let me know she was my Mistress. The other night while we had dinner I thought it was time to let my Mistress know I had fulfilled my side of the deal and wanted to take a break from sissymaid life. It was then I learned my mom had become a real Mistress. She looked at me laughing telling me there was no break as her sissymaid. I thought she was kidding a little but I was wrong. My Mistress had been reading and talking to other Mistresses about training a son to be her sissymaid.

I knew then I was going to spend a long time as her sissymaid after reading about other who had the same fate. My Mistress agreed to be fair to me and not take advantage of me like some we read about as long as I agreed to be her sissymaid and do what she demanded. What choice did I have I thought to myself shaking my head yes to her. Mistress pointed out we made a deal before starting I would be her sissymaid and she be my Mistress. I remembered that conversation and remembered how we both agreed without any pushing each other into it. Having said that I learned how quickly my mom became a Mistress. I spend my days looking after the cleaning and laundry while learning to cook and sew for my Mistress. She on the other hand spends more time with her girlfriends and shopping for me lately.

Auntie Helga when I first read some of the letters on your website I didn’t think they were true. It didn’t make sense to me mothers or wives would turn their men into sissymaids and the men and boys liked it. When my mom and I went to the Pride parade it started to make more sense. I thought it was boys and men wanting to be sissymaids which puzzled me. Then after actually seeing them in a parade I realized some liked it and some were there because of strong women like their mothers or wives.

In my case my mom is thrilled I am her sissymaid more than I am. My mom is so much happier with me and life in general even when we had a great relationship before the Pride parade. I mean if we weren’t so close why would a mother and son go to a Pride parade. My mom continues to show me her dominant side and we talk about our roles every day. One thing my mom demanded was me not asking about making changes, take off the chastity device or ending my life as her sissymaid. She made it quite clear I am her sissymaid period and will continue to be until she decides otherwise. After hearing my mom show me who is really the boss I have accepted her position as Mistress and mine as sissymaid.

Thank you for having such a great website help sissymaids like me understand our roles in life.

Sissymaid Allison

Thank you for your letter Sissymaid Allison. Your natural curiosity about sissies tells me that you are at heart a sissy and personally, I love sissies, it would seem your mother does as well, lucky for you. The Pride Parades are perfect for opening minds and showing people that it is okay to express yourself, I am so happy for you both that you have this opportunity to share something truly unique.

I am very encouraged to hear how well your mom has taken to her new role as your Mistress, she obviously has given this a great deal of thought. You serving her is going to make her life so much easier, giving her more free time to do as pleases. I love her choice of wardrobe, keep in mind that this is as much about her as it is you and will change her as well.

Auntie Helga

Many men are indeed embracing a New Age Style.  It is nice seeing men and boys being Pretty, while Women and Girls are Achieving!

While men like the one above are looking “Cute”, Women like this seem to really Enjoy the Reversal in Roles!

Carter the Body

Keeping the Sissy Male in short skirts, high heels, nylons and having him carry a purse is a good way to exert control!

Hello Sissy

Although in many cases, the man has asked to be Feminized, the really Smart Woman have Taken Total Control, and now many of these men are the sole “property” of their Female spouses!!

Here are some postings from another Blog on this subject.  Salina is the husband!

Katrina says
29th May 2018 at 10:58 am
This is true in our situation Lady Alexa. Selina came to me with the idea of a FLR, I know she wanted some mild feminization on her terms, but has gotten much more than she expected or desired. Although her protests have ceased through punishment and humiliation, I can still see in her eyes and body language that complete acquiescence hasn’t taken place. That makes the process that much more enjoyable to me. Selina was on vacation from work last week and with holiday yesterday has been in a feminized state for 9 consecutive days! She is becoming more obedient and submissive but I still have progress to make. Living our lives by my rules and on my terms is a wonderful change in our marriage!

Lady Alexa says
30th May 2018 at 8:23 am
Sound similar to us Katrina
Katrina says
31st May 2018 at 11:51 am
I look at you as my FLR mentor so I try to emulate what you’re doing. One of my goals is to have my husband living full time in a feminized state as quickly as possible. The company he works for is very progressive and accepting of transgender people which excites me. He may be coming out at work soon which will pave the way for living fulltime as my feminized subservient husband! Thank you again Lady Alexa for your wonderful blog!

Selina says
9th May 2018 at 6:52 am
Hi Lady Alexa, being new to the FLR life, I am learning so much from reading your blog and the responses to your posts. What started as a contract between Selina and myself has been changed to Katrina’s Rules. We start and end each day with Selina reading my rules out loud. Selina must abide by my rules or face consequences. I do believe she is surprised at how much I’ve embraced feminizing her. The key is it’s feminization by my terms, not hers and it’s so exciting to me thinking that I’ve gone from grudgingly being willing to try this to wanting to feminize her completely. I now understand that the more I feminize her the more she will comply with whatever I desire.
For 20+ years of marriage things were on my husband’s terms, I followed his lead, I did the vast majority of the housework, he controlled the finances, sex was primarily for his satisfaction and on his terms, he did what he wanted in his free time, etc. This has changed and everything is now on my terms, to satisfy my wants and needs. I need to learn and improve my leadership skills and will do so. This new way of looking at and living life is so exciting!
Tomorrow I am having my two closest friends over to meet Selina and fill them in on our new lifestyle. Her feminization will be escalated and I have a couple humiliating things planned. I do this out of love and to reinforce our new life and her compliance.
Thank you again Lady Alexa for your blog and for opening my mind to how wonderful my life can be! Katrina

Katrina says

Hi Lady Alexa, the evening my friends Donna and Jackie came over was a huge success. I’ll share a few of the highlights. Selina was busy doing laundry when the doorbell rang. She was wearing bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, heels, full makeup, (makeup lessons are in her immediate future!), and two pretty bows in her hair. I have her wear lingerie because she was always wanting me to wear lingerie around the house. The look of fear in her eyes was priceless when I told her to answer the door.

Donna and Jackie were very surprised at first but once I explained our new life wanted to hear more. Selina served drinks and snacks as they asked me many questions. Donna is divorced and very well off from the settlement. She offered me $3000 to purchase clothes, shoes, wigs, makeup, etc in exchange for 2 days per week of Selina’s cleaning services. Having known her my entire life I completely trust Donna. I made Selina get on her knees and ask Donna for the privilege of serving her. Jackie is newly married and was much more quiet than Donna but took great interest in everything.

When I told the girls that Selina gives great foot massages they both wanted one. I had Selina suck and kiss their toes as part of it. I had Selina remove her panties and we discussed what I should call her winky, which was erect the entire time. I decided on calling it ” My cute princess”. We also decided to call her “Precious” or “Blossom” While Jackie was getting her foot rub Donna found a website that sells maid dresses and all kinds of sissy clothes and bought two maid uniforms for Selina to wear while serving at her house. Donna made her beg to wear the uniforms while serving her.

Donna and I scheduled our shopping excursion with Selina and Jackie told me she wants to learn more about about FLR. I told her to start by reading your blog and we are getting together to discuss this in a few days.

What a fun night we had! As Selina and I got ready for bed I could tell she was overwhelmed by the events of the evening. We discussed our new relationship and she expressed fear and concern about how fast things were moving and where they might be headed. She practically begged me to not make her go shopping or serve Donna. I told her that I am doing everything out of love and to teach her obedience. I told her that feminizing her excites me and that I don’t know how far it will eventually go, but it’s completely my decision. Living full time as a woman just might be her future. The night ended with Selina satisfying me to 3 orgasms. After I made her beg me to let her stroke her cute princess. I gave her a pair of my pink satin panties and had her read my rules as she brought herself off. It was the first orgasm I allowed her since starting our FLR while I have had multiple orgasms every day.

This new power I have in our marriage is like an unquenchable thirst. I am excited about where this is going and so loving my new feminized subservient husband!

Katrina says
16th May 2018 at 12:33 pm
All day yesterday I felt like maybe I was pushing things too fast/soon on my husband. I took time to read a number of your old entries and realized that in order for this to become our new lifestyle, I must keep moving forward and not give up any gained ground. Her male ego could easily come back and attempt to reverse some of the wonderful progress I have made. Selina was so obedient and seemed resigned to her fate, but inside her mind could be planning to rebel. I do think she is enjoying a lot of this even though things have escalated at a rapid pace. We are entering out third week of our new life and I am planning some things that will push things even further. My friend Donna and I are working out the details of the shopping excursion this weekend which are sure to make my husband very uncomfortable.
I am learning so much from your blog Lady Alexa, thank you!!

Katrina says

Thank you Mistress K! The 3 weeks of living in our new FLR have been an eye opening and wonderful experience! My husband is quickly learning that this is not a game, how to serve me, and that his feminization is on my terms.
I am learning how to be a better leader and experienced mistresses like you and Lady Alexa help and teach me. I am not sure about chastity because its so fun to see Selina’s arousal when serving me and during the feminization process. I am open to the idea.
I am trying to instill in her the idea that serving me, pleasing me, being obedient at all times, being feminized on my terms is it’s own reward. Last night during our bedtime routine I told her that this is going to be permanent and not a 90 day trial. I could tell she wanted to protest but her response was, yes Maam as you wish. We had our first shopping trip over the weekend and it was so much fun! I am building a new wardrobe for her and there were some humiliating moments as well! She has the week off from work and there is much to do in the house and more training in store.
This is the life!

Katrina says
4th June 2018 at 1:23 pm
With the start of June and our second month living a FLR, my focus is on increasing my husband’s feminization and removing masculinity from her. My husband is a big sports fan and this past weekend would have been spent watching basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, and other sports. Instead, her weekend consisted of household duties, a trip to the salon to have her hair done and a mani/pedi, shopping for more clothes and shoes with her first bra fitting, and my friends Donna and Jackie coming over Saturday night for an evening of servitude and humiliation. Sunday was spent doing more household duties, makeup lessons, walking practice, and voice feminization lessons. No sports at all, LOL!! Our house has never been cleaner and more orderly!
Selina is going to work more feminine than ever and we have a meeting on Wednesday with the head of HR to discuss her transitioning to working as a woman. The company is committed to diversity and believes people being themselves leads to a happier and more productive employee. The woman from HR is excited to assist Selina in becoming her ” true self”
So not only am I increasing her feminization but just as importantly removing masculinity from her. I am considering hormones but have not reached a final decision on that yet. June is going to be an exciting month in our marriage!

Katrina says
5th June 2018 at 12:50 pm
I’m still undecided on hormones Lady Alexa. I am considering implants as well. I just love the thought of completely feminizing Selina. I have her on a strict diet, am doing waist training with a corset, and feminizing her voice will be a big step in the process. I am working towards her living full time as a woman and plan to achieve it this month.
Her “cute princess” being in a state of arousal when while cleaning, serving, etc is a way to insure her obedience and humiliate her. When my friends were over we had a contest to see who could decorate her princess the best. Selina also served us wearing a “Gillian” maid uniform that Donna purchased from The Birch Place online. She was such a cute sissy in it and she wore it most of the day Sunday.
On another note, my friend Jackie is warming to the idea of feminizing her husband and has actually gotten him to wear panties a few times. Donna and I am encouraging her to continue moving forward. She is seeing the benefits I’ve received from making Selina my sissy housewife.
Life is wonderful!!

Katrina says
10th June 2018 at 7:00 pm
Thanks for the replies Mistress K and Jenn. You both make good points about keeping the husband male, but sissified. Hormones would definitely change that and I am leaning towards implants for Selina. I also enjoy her arousal while being feminized. Our meeting at her work went very well and it looks like a 2-3 month process to have her working completely as a woman. The company is very accepting and wants to insure she transitions smoothly and is accepted by her co workers. We are working on voice feminization, makeup lessons, and female mannerisms. One of the most rewarding aspects of my being the leader of our marriage is for 20+ years my husband bought me alot of lingerie and frequently hounded me about wearing only lingerie around the house. Now he is being made to wear only lingerie at home and also when I have my friends over. I love seeing my husband dressed in the way he always wanted to have me dress.

Many Women are now Taking on the Macho Image!


It is Only Right, that men and boys are Prettied up to Attract such a STRONG WOMAN!

Almost a Girly Girl

Women are becoming much more Comfortable wearing Pants!

And more and more men are adjusting to their New Role!

Isn't he gorgeous

It is becoming more Obvious, who is In Charge!

Should I Pay for a Date Simply Because I Am the Stud?

What a Great Feeling it must be for Women that were “Forced” to wear “Prissy clothing” by men, to now see the men in the Daintiest of outfits, and being Submissive to the now Stronger Women!

Monica Talbot

Women in Pants!

Pinning this for pants fitting ideas

Nice that men are becoming so Seductive!

Cathy Vermaak

So…..The World is Changing!   Time will reveal the Future!

Start your own maid service! ;-)

Get him into a Maid’s dress, with seamed nylons!!!

Cute Maid in PIIIINK!! :-)

Show him off to other Women and Girls!


The “Perfect” Hubbette!?

Petra tried to focus on the simple task, cleaning and drying the mugs, and push from her mind Mistress’ inspection. Mistress was always thorough when checking on her chores, but today it seemed to be taking an...

Remember the days when your husband insisted that you wear a dress?  Paybacks are “Hell”!!!


Once he’s Feminized, Life is Better!

Have him Serve you and your Friends!

Your Friends will be so Envious!

Never having to put up with a man’s Macho Crap ever again!!!

Michaela Hayes


New Age Girl!

Strong Females

New Age Boy!

Even Frankenstein is like us



Another “New Age Lifestyle Blog” Exclusive!

Hello Everyone.  As many of you may recall, a couple of months ago, I did an exclusive posting about Christine and Amy Wilson.  Christine is a Strong, Independent Woman, and Amy, formerly Scott, is her male wife.  Amy and I have been staying in touch, and he shared some thoughts with me about his sister Sarah, and her husband John.  Sarah is a very Strong and Independent Woman, and John is her male wife.  What is really delightful about this relationship is that John, unlike Scott, once played football, soccer and wrestled.  Sarah knew, through John’s sister, that John was really submissive, and she brought out the best in John, and they are now living a beautiful Female Led marriage.  The most important element of all this is that in both cases, Amy (Scott) and John, they will remain male.  For the Cause of Gender Role Reversal, and the Empowerment of Women, this is crucial, that more and more males are now the pretty, submissive partners, in Female Dominated and Controlled relationships and marriages!

Making you My #femwife

“Big mature muscles
41 years old female bodybuilder
All posts about Helle here

Here is their story:

Hi Patti,

Here is the story of how John and I got together and his journey to where he is today. While this is a very compressed rendition of John and my journey through our marriage, I hope it isn’t too long. If you would like me to expand on any of these points, please let me know. I am going to write my thoughts and then have him include his own and I will put them all together.

I am the oldest of 3, 2 girls and 1 almost girl. Our Father left us when I was six. I barely remember him, Amy (Scott) and Jennifer don’t remember him at all. Mother was/is a very strong independent woman and Father couldn’t accept it. After 3 kids and 8 years, he up and left giving up all of his parental rights.

Our Mother raised Jennifer and me to also be strong, Dominant, independent women. In some ways, I feel sorry for Scott (Amy) growing up. He was indoctrinated, from a very early age, that women/girls are superior to men/boys. He was very much an introvert and didn’t have many friends. Jennifer and I used that to bring him into our circle and pretend to be a girl. By the time he was 5 or 6, he enjoyed our “girl” time together and actually asked to spend more time as Amy. He had no chance.

I finished high school at 17, college at 20 and law school when I was 22. I was immediately recruited by one of the top law firms in San Francisco. A very large part of their practice dealt with sexual harassment and women’s rights. I made partner when I was 25. After my 2nd daughter, Elizabeth, was born in 2016, I quit the firm and started my own business. I work as a consultant for businesses and groups who want to empower women. While I have to travel quite a bit, I am making a lot more money and my time is more flexible.

I have always been drawn to weak boys/men. But, I never found the right one. Jennifer, our middle sister, knew from the time she was 13 that she was a lesbian. In 2006 she met Denise and they clicked. Both have strong personalities but, they found a way to complement each other. After 12 years together, they are planning to get married in July.

John is Denise’s younger brother. She tried for years to set us up. All I saw was his outward demeanor which was someone trying to be overly macho. She kept telling me that wasn’t the real him and that John was every bit as weak and submissive as I was strong and Dominant.

I finally agreed and we went on our first date. Immediately he put up this, “I am very macho” façade. I told him to cut out that crap and he immediately changed to this humble man. The rest of the evening went so well that I asked him out again. As we spent more time together, the more the façade fell away, exposing John’s true self. That is with me, he reverted back to his old self when we weren’t together. I knew that, with time, I could strip it away all together.

After a year, I asked John to marry me and he said yes. I gave him a list of conditions that had to be met, or was expected, before or as a result of us getting married.

1. John was to sign a pre-nuptial that said, since he didn’t bring anything into this marriage, if we split he got nothing.
2. John was to change his last name to mine.
3. That while we could discuss things, my decision was to be final.
4. Since I needed to be able to plan out any pregnancy, John was to store his sperm and get a vasectomy. Any pregnancy would be through artificial semination.
5. John was expected to do all of the duties of a house husband.

John accepted those and we were married on June 16, 2012.

I am the youngest with Denise being my older sister. Over the years, my Mother and sister both became strong, dominant women. Our Father was an abuser. He would hit Mother at least once a month. She put up with it to shield his wrath from us. I have been told that when I was about 2, Mother caught him molesting and fondling Denise, who was on 4 at the time. When Mom tried to stop him, he pushed her down. Mom got up, found a fire place poker and hit him with it. He came at her and she hit him again breaking his arm and skull.

He ended up going to prison and had done to him, what he was trying to do to us. He blamed Mother for everything that happened to him. When he got out 14 years later, he tracked us down and killed Mom. He went back to prison for life.

Since we had no living relatives, the court awarded Denise, who was 18, guardianship over me. Both Mom and Denise always reminded me what a weak person I was and encouraged it. I got tired of being called a wimp at school so I started acting “macho” and playing football, wrestling and soccer. As I strengthened my façade, the less I was being called a wimp. But, while I dated, I didn’t have very many 2nd dates. The girls saw right through me and didn’t want a wimpy boyfriend.

After high school, I went to the local Community College not knowing what wanted to do. Denise was going to school, working and supporting me. To save money, I was given some of her old clothes to wear. If I tried to object, she simply said that I was free to leave at any time. So more than once I would wear her old pants, shorts or tops.

When she set me up with Sarah, I thought, at least it will get her off my back for a while. When I met Sarah, I tried to put on my macho personality but, one look from her made it melt away. I knew immediately that, she knew, I was a very weak submissive guy. I also knew that with time, she would mold me into my true personality, which didn’t bother me at all.

When she asked me to marry her and gave me the conditions and expectations, I enthusiastically said yes. It felt so right that changing my name and signing the pre-nuptial was no big deal for me.

John easily assumed the role of house husband. It was his responsibility to keep the house clean and do the laundry, maintenance the outside of the house, have breakfast ready for me before I left for work and dinner ready when I came home. He also did all of the shopping for food. The rest of the time was his time to do what he wanted to do.

For the first 6 months, I used sex to train and control John. I rewarded him for doing little things like rubbing my feet or my shoulders. Then I gave him a list of the tasks I wanted him to do each day. If he completed the tasks well, he was rewarded for his good behavior and attitude. With John, it took less than a month before just the sight of the list made him all excited. I also taught him how to pleasure me using only his fingers and tongue.

Soon he was totally hooked and I decided to see how far I could “push” him. One evening, I told John what a nice job he had done today. But, I hated hair on men, and simply handed him a bottle of Nair for Men. He never said a word, went into the bathroom and 10 minutes later came back hairless from his eyebrow down to his toes.

I rewarded him with the best sex he ever had. He was exhausted and fell asleep right away. I locked a chastity device on to him and went to sleep holding him in my arms. By locking him in a chastity device, I was taking ownership of his penis. His penis was now mine.

The next morning, he realized that he was locked up. He asked why and I simply said because I want you this way. I told him that he wouldn’t be unlocked unless he was a very good boy and did everything I said, without question. He started to object and I shut him down my simply saying, “You have two choices. Either going along with your new life or leave with just your clothes”. I handed him a pair of panties to put on and told him that he was to get rid of his old guy undershorts. He immediately lowered his head in submission and said, “Yes Mam”.

Becoming a house husband wasn’t that big of a deal. When I was living with Denise, I took care of most of the domestic chores. I always liked having a clean house and to cook. When Sarah used sex as an incentive to do a good job, so much the better. My thinking was keep her happy and I will get more sex. It got to the point where just the thought of chores for the day would get me hard and turned on.

I knew that I would do anything for her. When she handed me the bottle of Nair for Men, I knew, without her saying a word what had to be done. There wasn’t any thought of questioning her, I just knew I had to do it.

What she rewarded me with was the best, and most exhausting sex that I have ever had. When I woke up, I was wearing a chastity device. I had seen pictures of them but had never seen, or worn, one before. I had no problems being locked in her chastity device. I found the idea and allure of chastity to be very satisfying. I now longer owned my penis, it was her toy that just happened to be attached to my body. It existed for no one else’s pleasure but her own. Thinking back about my chastity, it made it much easier to accept my new lifestyle and sexuality.

Sarah told me why she had put it on me, it made perfect sense to me. She didn’t have to give me the choice of leaving it on or taking it off and leaving. Sarah had complete control over me and I loved it.

The next several months brought big changes for John. I had him give most of his clothes away and we went shopping for new clothes. From then on, he almost always wore bright colors or soft pastels. Of course, he wore nothing but panties and a camisole or tank top from then on.

John started weekly salon appointments for mani/pedis, waxing, electrolysis for his beard and facials. I noticed that he was getting a bit of premature gray hair and told him to have that taken care of at his next appointment. While there, the stylist suggested trimming his shoulder length hair. She cut it in layers and it looked much better.

Over the next few weeks, I gave him instructions to have his eyebrows touched up, get his ears pierced and get some color polish on his nails. When I saw that he still had clear polish on his nails and his ears weren’t pierced, He said he was too scared to do that. I told him that he wasn’t to question my wishes. He said he was sorry and I asked him if he should be punished? He just lowered his gaze and simply said, “Yes Mam”.

I had him get a ruler and ask me to punish him. This is the first time I had to do this and I wanted to make an impression. He handed me the ruler, lowered his pants and laid over my knees. By the 5th swat, he was crying and I gave him 5 more. I then held him and reassured him that this was for his own good. That has been the one and only time I have had to punish him. The next day, he had two holes in each ear and was wearing shiny black polish.

As these changes were taking place, he started losing his male friends. He filled his down time going to the gym, shopping, he joined a book club and he took some cooking classes. He met and made friends with several different women. They all assumed that he was gay and never felt threatened. He ended up getting invited to join a Bunco and a card group. I wasn’t threatened because I knew he was locked away.

His attitude completely changed. The macho façade was completely gone and he started to develop a softer persona. He could carry on conversations with the women, sharing his thoughts of things that mattered to them. They would offer suggestions things like different color nail polishes, how to wear his hair. They actually suggested that he try some tinted moisturizer to even out his complexion. At their suggestion, the next time he had to have his roots touched up, he asked for highlights.

When I started dating Sarah, I didn’t know how dramatically my life would change. But, it has changed for the better. I am finally living as I was meant to be. Any thought of not being submissive, to Sarah, was stripped away when I had to hand her the ruler and ask to be punished. I made sure that was the one and only time I ever questioned her authority over me. But, she did give me a certain amount of freedom to do what I wanted in my free time, to develop a new circle of friends, how to dress, etc.

Even though my new friends knew I was married, most assumed that I was gay. I was very unthreatening to them and became “one of the girls”. The first time I really knew I was accepted was when I was invited to a Mary Kay party. I had already been wearing tinted moisturizer and was ready to try something else.

Over the next several months, I saw John become this very happy person. He never questioned my decisions. In the evenings, he would tell me about what he had done that day. One evening, I noticed he was wearing eye shadow and mascara. He told me about the Mary Kay party he went to and how his friends told him that he would look good with a little more makeup. I told him he looked wonderful and dropped it at that.

John would still service me but, he was denied and I could see his frustrations increase. When he was aroused he became a slightly different person. He became more attentive and more in tune with my emotions, desires, needs and was much more loving. I found that denying him orgasms kept him in this state constantly. After the two weeks of chastity, he became a different person. I rewarded him by stimulating his prostrate and draining/milking him. He started wearing a prostrate stimulator all of the time.

It was a quick step from milking him and having him accept being penetrated by my dildo. His penis had not been inside me, since his chastity began and wouldn’t ever be again. He learned to accept, and came to crave, being pegged and being able to cum without touching his penis. I told him that it wasn’t fair that I was the only one to get a period. So, when I started my period, John started his using V8 juice and a super tampon.

In 2013, looking ahead, I realized that the following May/June would be a good time to have a baby. Through invitro fertilization, I became pregnant with our first child. Susan was born in May and John assumed the role of “Mother”. We both pumped our breasts but, I was the only one to get milk out.

John quickly made friends with several other new Mothers and began to socialize with them. At this point he had no male friends, only “girlfriends”. He started acting so girly and it didn’t surprise me when he asked about wearing women’s pants. I told him that was fine. He almost always wore some makeup, nail polish, different earrings and his hair was cut in a somewhat feminine style.

I was nervous, at first, about wearing makeup. But, with the help and encouragement of my friends, I became used to it and loved it. Sarah would give me suggestions on what she thought would look good on me.

Being in chastity was harder than I thought it would be. I became frustrated and would pay more attention to Sarah’s needs, hoping for relief. That relief didn’t come until she started playing with my butt hole. The first time she just drained me, which just increased my frustration. She built me up and didn’t let me release. Then the 4th time, she milked my prostrate and let me cum. It was the first, of many times I came without touching myself. She gave me a prostrate stimulator to start wearing all of the time.

The first time she used her dildo on me, she was slow and patient. She opened me up to sensations that I never had dreamed of. After a couple of sessions, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of it. I even started wearing butt plugs during our off time.

Starting my period, with hers, soon became 2nd nature for me. I didn’t stop my period when Sarah got pregnant. When Susan was born, I was the first to feed her. Sarah and I both “pumped” our breasts and it was her milk that I was giving our daughter. While I didn’t get any milk when I pumped, I did get little mounds of breast growth. Sarah had me start wearing a bra.

I had got to know some others who were also “New Mothers”. I developed friendships that exist today. I never hit it off with their husbands/boyfriends but, I was accepted as “one of the girls”. As I spent more time with them, I could feel their influences rubbing off on me. They invited me to yoga and Pilates. I was in a group of women and I was the only “guy”. I found myself loosening up and following their moves and demeanors. We would get together for coffee, lunch or just shopping. They were constantly pointing out what they thought I would like or what would look good on me. They also gave me subtle hints on how to act, walk, gestor, etc. Emulating them became 2nd nature for me and Sarah noticed the change in me.

It was before one of these shopping trips that I asked Sarah about buying some women’s pants. I was though, afraid that the bulge, from my chastity device wouldn’t look good. I asked Sarah about removing the device. After all, I had freely submitted to her and her wishes. That, it had been over a year and I had no desire to try and get an erection any longer. She said yes on two conditions. First that I would continue to sit when I pee. The other one was that I keep myself tucked at all times. Of course, I said yes.

The next day I went shopping with some of my friends and they had great fun having me try on all sorts of different clothes. I ended up buying 3 pair of women’s pants, a skirt, 2 tops, shoes and two new bras and matching panties.

John has been a great “Mother” to both of our girls. He had become so comfortable in his girly mode that he would go out wearing a skirt or dress. He always wore a bra, many times padded, now. It was hard to tell that he was ever male. Right before Elizabeth was born, John came to me and asked to be castrated. I asked why and he said he was tired of tucking and he hated getting erections. He talked with a therapist and was referred to a Urologist. Shortly thereafter, he had no more testicles.

He was all healed up when Elizabeth was born. He immediately took up the challenge of raising both of our daughters. The big change, though, was that he asked me about getting rid of his male clothes and start dressing in women’s cloths only. I thought why not, he was almost already there now.

He recently got approval to start hormone therapy. I told him that he could but, that he will never have SRS surgery. He agreed and has been on hormones for 3 months now. June 6 he has a court date to legally change his name to Joanne Louise Wagner.

Being a Mother to our girls has been the most fulfilling thing I have done in my life. From the time I first fed Susan, I knew that being a Mother was my calling. It started to seem so natural to start going out wearing a dress or skirt. At Amy’s suggestion, I started wearing a waist training corset. After a year, my waist shrunk from 32” to 28”. My friends accept what I had become and even encouraged me.

I spent a lot of time talking with my “sister-in-law” Amy. She had already gone through what I was going through now. Amy is the one who really encouraged me to be castrated. She told me how more satisfying her life has been since she had it done. I got tired of getting erections and having to tape myself before wearing tight pants. When Sarah said yes, and I had it done, I was very happy. Amy was right, it did make my life better. It is a decision that I have never regretted. Many say that their sex drive is diminished when they have this done or start HRT. For me, I didn’t notice much difference at all. In fact, in many ways, it is better. I still crave Sarah’s dildo and have had thoughts of what it would be like to have a real man take me.

After Elizabeth was born, it just seemed more natural to start wearing women’s clothes. When Sarah gave her approval, I was ecstatic, which led to another shopping spree. The only things left from my old clothes are a couple of sweatshirts which have some sentimental value and Sarah said I could keep them.

My HRT has started to work. I have little mounds building up under my breasts, my waist has got little smaller, I am now down to 27”, and my hips a bit wider, I am now 37”. I am much more emotional and my feminine thinking has increased. Like Amy, I will never be able to have SRS but, I really don’t care. I am happy the way I am. After at least a year, Sarah said we could talk about implants.

I simply love my life now. I love raising our two daughters and being feminine. Sarah and my roles have changed over the years. I wear skirts and dresses all of the time and she rarely wears anything other than pants or shorts. I wear makeup all of the time and she rarely wears it. My curled, colored hair is down to my bra strap now, Sarah is wearing a short pixie cut. While I work to maintain my weight and keep slim, she has started to bulk up a bit by lifting weights. The roles of our life have definitely switched and I would have it no other way.


Please don't hate me


Just as she wanted him.

cutecrossdresserstac: transgender clothing male to female crossdresser


Making a man feminine is a delight.  More Women are realizing that the Best relationships with males are the ones where the Woman is in control, and the man is feminine and submissive!

20 years old fitness beauty
More of Kryss here

Veit Alex (left)

Teen biceps
16 years old girl
All posts about Karina here

As a follow-up, Sarah was gracious enough to elaborate on a couple questions I had.  The following are her comments on those issues:

Hi Patti,

Shortly after Susan was born, I got a request to give a talk on women in the law. That led to others that ranged from How to Inspire Girls to dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Work Place. A little over a year later, I was booked 100 days a year making as much as I did at the law firm. I have since expanded to 120 days a year so that while I do have to travel, I have much more time to spend with my family. John travels with me sometimes making it a short, long weekend. My Mother loves it when we leave the girls with her. My focus is strictly on empowering women to become the best they can. There is nothing in my presentations, nor will there be, about male feminization. That is not the time or place for that conversation. I have a had a few women, who knows about John/Joanne, ask me about male feminization. I give them any help and advice that I can. I have one friend that has just started on her husband. It’s going to be a much slower process than with John but I am sure she will get there.

I have always exercised at the gym. I met, and got to be friends with, a woman there who is very buff. She was training for a Martial Arts competition. While I thought I was in good shape, I couldn’t lift nearly what she could. I was a bit jealous because I always wanted to make sure I was stronger than John. I asked her to train me and we have trained together for a year now. My muscles are getting defined and I even have a bit of a 6 pack. I am now physically stronger than John. The other night, I had to open a jar for him.

John doesn’t always wear skirts and dresses, though he does a lot, especially when the weather is warm. I just found it easier to start wearing mainly pants. John and I are the same size so he now has many of my “old” outfits. I have also stopped wearing heels and polishing my nails. I still shave my legs, arm pits and brows waxed but, I wear very little makeup anymore. After spending almost an hour trying to get my hair curled just right, I got it cut short and I love it that way. I simply have to wash it, blow dry it a bit and I am good to go. While it used to take over an hour to get ready for work or going out, now I am in and out in less than 20 minutes. John/Joanne takes for ever.

John/Joanne has earned a great amount of latitude on running his life and our home. I given him an allowance each week which covers groceries, things for the girls, etc. Any money left he can either save it or spend it as he sees fit. He knows what I like but, he makes the decision on what to wear. He occasionally will wear panty hose or stockings. Mainly when it is cold or he is dressing up. He wears heels most of the time except, when it isn’t appropriate or wise. Wearing heels when we go camping would just be stupid…lol.

Joanne worships me and our girls. His place in our relationship/marriage has been cemented in place for a few years now. There is no need for me to dictate on what I want him to do, wear or how to act. He is very demure and puts his needs way behind that of me or our girls. He has accepted and truly embraces his life now. Sometimes, he is like Radar on Mash, where he knows what I want before I do. I told him that there would be no SRS and he accepts that. I am going to reward him by letting him get breast enhancement after he has grown what breasts he can with hormones.

While next week he will legally become Joanne Wagner, I will continue to address him in the masculine. Most of his friends have dropped the masculine pronouns in favor of female pronouns, I am not pushing the point.

Right now, I am being drawn between my business needs and my maternal feelings. I am now almost 5 months along with Christine and Amy’s baby. I have always loved being pregnant but, had never expected to be pregnant again. When Christine and Amy asked me, I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, say no. After giving birth to Susan and Elizabeth, John assumed the maternal role. Except for breast pumping, John took care of our girls. Yes I would help, similar to the way a man helps his wife. But, like women, the major responsibilities fell on John.

We are hoping that Amy will be able to produce enough milk to feed their new baby. He has been on elevated hormones since January. He will start pumping, to hopefully induce milk flow, just before the baby is due. I will stop working at the end of August and will resume in early November after the baby is born.

Take care,


The following are Great examples of Beautiful New Age Men!

Shelly Kimber

Alison St John

Senza titolo — loving-julia-valentina: Follow us at Julia’s...

Isn't he gorgeous

Monica Talbot

I know I've got a way to go to be a pretty lady but I also know that nothing's going to stop me. One day, I'll look just as pretty as any other woman.

Jonelle Brooks



She’s Beautiful

More and more Woman are wanting to just wear pants, and by putting their men and boys in skirts, the relationship changes for the better!

More Women are taking the initiative and feminizing their males!

don't pout, Darren, you'll being getting perms the rest of your life

Mother and pretty little son enjoying girly boi time at the salon for their weekly wash and set


Just like the first time mother took me to her salon. I was scared shitless. By the end of the day, I was begging mother to make another appointment for her son!

The stylist told the boi's how utterly femmey and sissy they both looked now. They blushed and thanked her

A grey bowl haircut, a perfect cut for a sissy especially when paired with gold hoop earrings. This sissy knows how cute he looks


Pretty in his white dress

STRONG Woman deserve to have Pretty, Submissive males at their side!

Virginia Sanchez

Espan 1

The World is indeed changing.  As more Women make the decision to feminize their men, the World will be driven by Women.  Men and boys will learn to become “Eye Candy”, and submissive “Helpers” to the Dominant Women.  The Future looks Bright for Womankind!











Wonderful Changes keep Happening as we March Toward Female Control and Male Submission!

Today’s focus will be once again on some Great accomplishments of Women and Girls.  as Women continue to exceed, it is a Delight to see men and boys becoming more and more feminine!   The Great Female Led World is coming!

One STRONG Woman!

Strong Women will Take Control and Feminize men!

Defeating Boys in Wrestling Is ‘Awesome,’ Girls State Champion Says


UPTOWN — On the Uplift Community High School wrestling team, 18-year-old Teshell Elverton spends most of her time beating the boys.
Elverton has been wrestling for the Uptown school’s team, which is made up of mostly boys, since her sophomore year.
Before a friend encouraged her to join the team, Elverton said she “had no idea girls could wrestle.” But it didn’t take long for her to be hooked on the sport. She pinned the first boy she wrestled in the first 15 seconds.
“I was like, ‘Yeah, this is what I want to do,'” Elverton said, adding that she “fell in love” with the sport then.
That victory was the first of many to come for Elverton, who now defeats boys in wrestling “a lot,” according to her coach, Rick Alboyd.
Mina Bloom says Elverton brushes off any negativity:

At one of the school’s tournaments, a different coach asked her if she’d like to join another league — one without boys. Eager to wrestle as often as possible, Elverton jumped at the chance to join the all-girls league, Team Illinois.
It was through this team that Elverton, who lives in Ashburn on the South Side, recently became a girls wrestling state champion. This month she won first place in the league’s state competition and fifth place in the Girls Folkstyle Nationals competition, held in Oklahoma City, Okla.
The senior practices for a


t least two hours a day and considers wrestling her life. In fact, she recently accepted a partial scholarship to wrestle for a women’s team at McKendree University in Lebanon, Ill.
“There are times when I’m like, ‘I want to be a normal girl for once,'” Elverton said. “I practice every day so there’s no point in getting my hair done or my nails polished. But the more I wrestle, the more I want to take it far.”
When Elverton’s not wrestling for Team Illinois, she’s grappling for Uplift’s team, where she mostly wrestles boys. She calls herself and her friend “trailblazers” because eight girls joined the predominately boys team her junior year after Elverton and her friend were the only girls on the team the year before.
She said wrestling boys made her feel “so scared” at first, but that the fear only motivated her.
“I don’t like conflict, that’s not my thing,” Elverton said. “But kicking a boy’s butt … that is awesome.”
But the “challenge” goes both ways, she said.
“Some guys are like, ‘I don’t want to wrestle her. She’s a girl,'” she said.
She also recalled a time when she beat a boy and his friends teased him, saying “You lost to a girl!”
“I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone [from wrestling]. He looked pretty sad,” she said.
Elverton’s family, while very supportive, aren’t sure what to make of her wrestling career, she said.
“My grandmother is like, ‘Why are you wrestling boys?’ She’s concerned for my safety. But it’s something I love to do,” she said.
Alboyd has been coaching wrestling at Uplift since the school started offering the sport eight years ago. He also coaches other sports like football.
He said Elverton is his first state wrestling champion since he started his coaching career in 1993 — boys included.
“My policy was for a while that [wrestling] is too tough on girls, but [Elverton] won me over,” he said.
“She’s disciplined, she listens and she’s smart. She uses her mind on the mat. I think she’s going to be great at the next level,” he said.
According to Alboyd, girls wrestling is growing in popularity.
“It’s moving so fast, it’s amazing,” he said.

FEMALE Wrestling is Expanding, and many boys are Losing to Girls!!!

Strong Women like this need to put men and boys in their proper roles, dressed in the daintiest of skirts and dresses, submissive to the Strong Women that will then protect them!


Illinois Girls Basketball Team Shines in All-Boys League
The Central Illinois Xpress has only lost two games this season against all-boys teams
Published at 1:57 PM CST on Jan 20, 2015
An Illinois girls basketball team has made its way to the top in an all-boys league, and as the wins stack up, they are also gaining national media attention for their success.
The Illinois Central Xpress is a team of nine girls aged 10 and 11 years old based in Springfield. They are the only all-girl team in the intramural league, and they’ve been playing together for four years. They were featured in a story on the Today show on Tuesday, just two days after the New York Times ran a profile on them.
Most of the time these girls beat the boys, as evidenced by their current record of 8-2 this season.
The team’s coach, Tariq Toran, prepares the girls for games the same way he prepares men’s teams, he told Today.
Girls Hoops Champs Cry Foul After Council Only Honors Boys
“I just wanted to teach them the right way to play basketball,” Toran was quoted on Today. “Not the separation from girls versus boys, just basketball being played in its purest form, and that’s the correct way.”
Toran is also an assistant coach for the men’s basketball team at Benedictine University at Springfield. He also used to be the assistant coach for the Springfield Xpress, a semi-pro men’s team, during the 2010-2012 seasons. His own daughter Kaleah, who is 10 years old, is on the Illinois Central Xpress team, according to Today.
His coaching technique has won the team many games, but it has also shaken up the league’s other players as the boys must accept defeat by the girls, who say some of their male opponents take it pretty hard.

Seems like boys need to give up Competitive sports and do something a little more suited for them…like ballet!!!

Or Cheerleading!!!

“Three cheers for cheerleaders!
Male Cheerleaders are Adorable!

Especially while Girls are playing Football!


‘Better Than Boys’: Girls Relish First National Baseball Tournament


Baseball For All founder Justine Siegal discusses the importance of providing opportunities to girls to play baseball and develop their skills.
KISSIMMEE, Fla. — “The girls here have good sportsmanship,” Grace DeVinney said as she plopped down on a wooden picnic bench, happy to steal a few minutes in the shade. “Better than boys.”
In about 90 minutes, DeVinney’s team, the Central Florida Rays, would face the Carolina Terminators in the championship game of the first all-girls national baseball tournament.
DeVinney, an 11-year-old from Longwood, Florida, is tall with big eyes and thick, shaggy hair that she refuses to pull back in a ponytail or tuck behind her ears. She has an easy way of carrying herself and a throwback vibe, like someone plucked her right off the set of “The Bad News Bears.”
Like nearly all the players at the tournament held at the Fortune Road Sports Complex, she is the only girl on her hometown baseball team. This week, she finally got a chance to play with and against other girls.
“When the girls lose, they don’t disrespect each other,” she said. “We don’t stomp, and we don’t let losing get to us. We’re just more competitive than the boys. When we lose, we get more pumped up and keep going at it.”
DeVinney knows a thing or two about watching boys lose. In May, she was part of an all-girls Baseball For All team that made headlines by winning a USSSA Tournament against all-boys teams in southern California.
Back home in Longwood, she helps her all-boys Dixie Youth Baseball team beat teams full of boys all the time. But she dreams of being able to play girls’ baseball full-time.
When the girls lose, they don’t disrespect each other. We don’t stomp, and we don’t let losing get to us. We’re just more competitive than the boys. When we lose, we get more pumped up and keep going at it.
Grace DeVinney
Justine Siegel hopes to make that dream a reality — not just for DeVinney, but for future generations of girls. The national tournament, a six-day event held in Kissimmee, Florida, is the brainchild of Siegel and her nonprofit, Baseball For All, which is dedicated to increasing opportunities for girls in the game. The event drew 12 teams of 10 13-year-olds from all over the country, as well as a group of 8- to 10-year-olds who participated in clinics and played in developmental games.
Over the course of the tournament, the girls got to work with a handful of mentors, including knuckleballer Chelsea Baker, who pitched batting practice for the Tampa Bay Rays last year, and Ghazaleh “Oz” Sailors, who just finished her college pitching career and inked a deal with the Virginia Marlins in the World Baseball League.
The girls got autographs and advice from former All-American Girls Professional Baseball League players Maybelle Blair and Shirley Burkovich and attended a clinic put on by MLB Director of Umpire Development Rich Rieker. The tournament was a crash course in baseball, its rules and its history put on by a woman who has spent most of her life around the game.
Siegel grew up playing baseball, went on to coach in both the men’s collegiate and professional ranks, and was the first woman to throw batting practice to an MLB team. She started Baseball For All in 1998 as a 23-year-old in Cleveland. For her “day job,” she’s the director of sports partnerships at Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society.
Over the years, Siegel has learned from every small tournament she has run, every parent who has yelled at her and every girl she has helped coach. She put all that knowledge into creating the tournament in Kissimmee, which she believes will be a turning point for girls in baseball.
“So much of what we do is just about the idea that once they see it, people will understand,” she said. “I’m optimistic that after seeing the success of this tournament, the national youth baseball organizations, like Little League, Dixie and PONY, will want to get involved and create a girls baseball program.”

Courtesy of Karen DeVinney
Grace DeVinney was part of an all-girls Baseball For All team that made headlines by winning a USSSA Tournament against all-boys teams in southern California.
Women played baseball in leagues and at colleges dating to the 1830s. The pro league made famous by the movie “A League Of Their Own” spanned 12 years, with more than 600 women playing pro ball. Girls fought for and won the right to play Little League more than 40 years ago. Yet girls are still fighting to play baseball.
“I have hundreds of stories — and I’m sure I could collect thousands — of girls being treated poorly,” Siegel said. “Being stuck in right field, being flatly told to quit. That’s the inherent discrimination the national baseball organizations need to step to.”
DeVinney knows all too well how tough it can be playing baseball as a young girl. She says she gets a fair shake on her current team, coached by her dad, but remembers the first team she played on, when she always batted last and got stuck in right field, even though she was far from the worst player on the team.
Others at the tournament talked about similarly disappointing experiences. A 10-year-old from Los Angeles — who once told her first-grade teacher she wanted to be the next Jackie Robinson — gets batted last in her Little League lineup, no matter how much she improves or how many boys she outplays. A mother from San Francisco finds the coaches in her daughter’s league tend to care more about getting their sons to all-star games than creating a good experience for all the kids.
For some girls, the path has been a little easier. Two of the tournament’s top players, the Carolina Terminators’ Taylor Bowen and the New Mexico Fusion’s Kendra Levesque, follow in the footsteps of older brothers.
Bowen, whose fastball tops out at about 68 mph, is not only the first girl to play on the Grifton Middle School baseball team in Grifton, North Carolina, but also the MVP last season, as a seventh grader. She hasn’t had any trouble fitting in in middle school, but she is not yet sure how welcoming people at the high school will be, though her brother earned all-county honors there.
Bowen likes striking out the boys — “It’s great when they go back and slam their helmet and cry,” she giggled — but she loved the chance to play alongside other girls, including Levesque, who was her teammate on Baseball For All’s Sparks team last year in Cooperstown.

Taylor Bowen and Kendra Levesque

Sarah Spain/espnW
Taylor Bowen pitches to Kendra Levesque at the Baseball For All girls tournament.
Levesque, who sports a long, thick braid and boasts a smile as big as her swing, won the Home Run Derby at the Cooperstown event by beating 104 boys. She’s also got an arm and hits nearly 70 on the gun. Levesque first played baseball at the age of 4, when her older brother needed her to fill in on his shorthanded team.
“It just clicked from there,” she said. “I started playing baseball and just never thought about playing softball. My brother’s always been supportive of me and pushed me the extra mile. I want to play at LSU or ASU.”
Her dad, Troy, said Levesque has always had plenty of support from coaches and will even try out for the high school team next year, as an eighth grader. The coach there coached her brother and has watched her play over the years.
“Boys get bigger and stronger, and she has to work twice as hard,” Troy said. “But if she keeps her work ethic the way she’s going, she can compete with any of those boys. She’s played with them for years, and she’s very competitive. She’ll fit right in.”
Troy encourages her to continue playing baseball, even when the boys’ parents try to push her into softball. “They say she needs to transfer to softball: because in Division 1, she’ll have no chance in baseball. But she’s a 4.0 student, and I tell her, ‘Follow your dreams, and you can always fall back on your education.'”
Siegel agrees that turning girls to softball for the sake of scholarships isn’t the right move, adding an 11-year-old’s life shouldn’t be based on the potential of a future scholarship. Siegel said the key to the future of girls’ baseball isn’t just to continue to push for acceptance on boys’ teams, but also to create more opportunities for leagues of their own.
“We’re already getting emails from parents who heard about this tournament and said, ‘Hey, I want to start a team. How can I do that?'” she said. “By having these tournaments and incentives, it’s a way to encourage girls to start a team, and then they have an opportunity to start a league. And those communities that are already ready for an all-girls league, we’ll be able to help them with that.”
Siegel anticipates that five years from now, there will be at least 100 girls’ teams across the country, with exponential growth every year. “Just because ‘baseball is for boys’ is the way it is now,” she said, “doesn’t mean it has to continue this way.”

In Thursday’s Baseball For All tournament title game, Bowen’s Terminators defeated DeVinney’s Rays for the gold medal. Afterward, competitors from the winning and losing teams took photos and signed souvenir bats for one another.
The loss stung, DeVinney said, but “we finally got to feel what it was like to play against a bunch of girls.”
Sarah Spain (follow her on Twitter @SarahSpain) is the co-host of Spain & Fitz on ESPN Radio, host of the That’s What She Said podcast, a SportsCenter reporter and an espnW columnist since 2010. She was a heptathlete at Cornell and is a lifelong Chicago sports fan.


It surely seems that Womankind is advancing, while the Once Mighty Males are Losing ground at a Record Pace!    What a Delight!  The following photos will reinforce the Facts!  FEMALE POWER is AWESOME!!!  Putting males in their Rightful Feminine Place is what the future holds!

The New Age Female!  Is she looking for a Cute boy??



Like this one??

“will I be waiting long Jane?
So nice when a woman takes her feminized man out in public and shows him off!

“ girlsrule1990:
“♀ Global Gynarchy Government ♀ flrjoy.com/
How may I support you Ma’am?
It is now time that Women wear the pants, and men and boys be required to be skirted and submissive!

Female Rule could Take away many “Rights” from the Once “Superior” male.  Can you imagine men not having the Right to Vote, or Own property?  How about men and boys being REQUIRED to wear skirts and dresses, and NOT allowed to wear pants!!!   How many Women would want that to happen?


Will the following be the Result of Female Control?

Sweet, Submissive and Male!

Taking him out and exposing him is a great way for the world to see the future for males

In the New Age, many Women will be visiting Gentlewomen’s Clubs to see scantily dressed males pole dancing and looking Pretty for the Amusement of Women!

Always a Delight to see a man in a short skirt, nylons and heels. Keeping him pretty and vulnerable needs to be the Goal of strong Women

Will men be able to resist the Dominance of the Stronger Women?


“Das war ein schönes Essen….aber jetzt will ich Deinen Kitzler spüren….
Woman in pants while male is in the skirt…The Future is here!

As she is on her way home, will he be ready for her?

Just LOVE Strong Woman that are In Charge!

Appropriately dressed, and with the house in order?

What a Cute Man! So Adorable!

“Demure Submissive Domestic Bliss
The Proper Place for a Male…Under Female Control!

Will your boy be ready when your friends come over?

As a man should be!

Because, these New Age Women are Happy to see who is now in Charge, and who it is to be Pretty and Sweet for their Enjoyment!


Beautiful. Handsome. Beautysome.

Scruffy Chic

Androgynous collections for kids and adults are on the rise.

So the Question must be asked….do men regret how they treated Women in the past?   Are they ready to beg for forgiveness?

Women are marching towards Dominance and Victory!

So, Who’s wearing the Pants now???


The Dynamics of Change!

Today’s posting will focus on the changes that are happening everyday in society.  I get a lot of questions about “Is this for Real?”   Yes, this is for real.  Is it everywhere….No.  Are dynamics changing…Yes.   I do not “doctor” any photos.  The photos I get are in the public domain, and I do my best to verify whether the person in the photo is a male or a female.  Gender Role Reversal is indeed happening.  The biggest question to be answered is “Do Women want this change to happen?”  If the Women want it to happen, it Will!

The young 12 year old girl, football player, in this photo was “pushed” off her football team because the boys protested her being on it.  If Women would go to the Youth Sports clubs, and protest back, suggesting a Law Suit, this girl would be on the team.  If Women are steadfast, then Females will Exceed.  Sime of these same mothers could also insist that their schools have Womanless Pageants on a regular basis, and “Switch days” at least once a month.

Image result for girls playing baseball

Many Girls are playing baseball, and that is Good!

Image result for girls playing baseball

Image result for girls playing baseball
Encouraging Girls to play Football will be a huge step in Gender Role Reversal!
Image result for girls playing baseball
Related image
Related image
Image result for girls playing baseball
Image result for girls playing baseball
Image result for girls playing baseball
Image result for girls playing baseball
So we can see that Great Progress has been made with Women and Girls now playing Football!  Competitive Sports are a “Key” to Gender Role Reversal.  Which will Lead to men and boys in a very Submissive and Feminine Posture!  As our Cute young man pictured below!
What is really amazing is some of the Events going on in Japan  Here is an article which articulates the great advantages of Women that date and marry crossdressing men.

The upside of dating a man who’s hobby is joso, or cross-dressing as a woman【Interview】

Tokyo makeup artist tells us why having a joso-loving lover makes the relationship “twice as fun.”

Some people might find the most surprising thing about 35-yer-old Megumi Okamoto and her boyfriend Akira to be the 11-year age gap between the two of them. But that hasn’t stopped the two from falling happily in love, nor has the fact that Akira’s hobby is joso, or dressing as a woman.

▼ Akira and Megumi

Our Japanese-language reporter Go Hattori (who’s no stranger to slipping on women’s clothing) recently sat down with the couple, who’re planning to get married soon, to talk about their unique relationship.

Go: “First off, how did you meet each other?”

Megumi: “We met at the event Rarunai, which is a big gathering for joso enthusiasts. He left a deep impression on me by performing a pole dance as Yuna, his joso persona, while wearing a ranodesru backpack.”

Akira: “It’s actually the same randoseru that I used when I was in elementary school. It’ always had a lot of sentimental value to me, but now it feels even more special because it’s part of the reason I met Megumi.”

Go: “So what do you call each other?”

Megumi: “Well, I usually use his legal name, Akira.”

Akira: “Same for me. Her name is Megumi Okamoto, so I call her Megumi.”

Go: “Do you ever get into arguments?”

Megumi and Akira: “Yes, we do!”

Akira: “We have the exact same sort of fights you’d expect from a man and woman who’re dating.”

Megumi: “We’re partners romantically and professionally/ [Megumi owns the Tokyo makeup studio Raar, which specializes in joso services, and Akira now works there as well]. So before busy joso events, we argue about work. Arguments are something you can’t entirely avoid between coworkers, or between men and women.”

Go: “So when you’re not fighting, where do you go on dates?”

Akira: “Recently, we went to Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture to see the wisteria, since they were in bloom. Naturally, I dressed as a woman. We also sometimes go on cosplay dates.”

Megumi: “A lot of the time, when we go out, we have ‘dress up dates,’ where I get spruced up too and we take pictures of each other.”

Go: “Do you go on girlish dates? Does it feel like you’re two women who’re friends would go to for fun?”

Megumi: “You could say that when you’re dating a man who cross-dresses, you get to enjoy the date two times. You can enjoy it feeling like you’re out with your boyfriend, and then you can enjoy it again feeling like you’re with a female friend. It’s really a good deal, because you get to have twice as much fun!”

Go: “What are some of the other good things about dating a guy who dresses as a woman?”

Megumi: “Through my work, I deal with a lot of men who dress as women, and as a whole they’re very clean and hygienic. It’s like they have a highly developed concept of beauty. Also, they have an understanding, and are perceptive, of subtle aspects of a woman’s psychology.”

Akira: “For example, if she’s wearing a different style of makeup than she usually does, or a shorter skirt, I think ‘She wants to look cute, so she feels like today is a special day.’”

Megumi: “Also, and maybe I’m just saying this because of my age, but if you’re a woman who’s really putting a of time and effort into your job, I strongly recommend a gentle, responsible man who cross-dresses. We divide up the chores, and I do the cleaning and laundry. He does the cooking and tracks our expenses, down to the exact yen, for both our household and business. That lets me concentrate on the makeup work itself.”

Go: “It sounds like you two are a really great match.”

Megumi: “I think that if you’re a woman who doesn’t think of yourself as classically or stereotypically feminine, a guy who cross-dresses is a great match for you, and so considering dating one would be a good move.”

Of course, that leaves the question of where to meet such a guy, but Megumi has an answer for that as well.

On May 27, Raar will be co-hosting an event dubbed the Lovely Girls’ Party for Joso Men and Women Who Love Joso Men, which is being held at the Tropical Lounge in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood. Admission is 6,000 yen (US$56) for joso participants, and 4,000 yen for women, with further details available through the official Raar Twitter account.

Event information
Lovely Girls’ Party for Joso Men and Women Who Love Joso Men / 女装男子と女装男子好きな女子の素敵な女子会
Venue: Tropical Lounge / トロピカルラウンジ
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 2-9-3, Sankei 59 Building, 4th floor
東京都新宿区歌舞伎町2-9-3 三経59ビル4階
May 27, 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

Oh Look Girls! He’s Blushing! How Pretty! https://surrenderedhusband.tumblr.com/post/172239458346/oh-look-girls-hes-blushing-how-pretty

This is a Great way to start your man into Femininity.  The following are some posts from another Blog, which is centered on Female Superiority, and how some Women are Feminizing their men:
Katie says:
3rd May 2018 at 4:05 am
It started after our first date. She said she wanted to be the dominant one. She was at least six inches taller. I totally agreed. I spent the night. She removed all my body hair and I was wearing panties. They were not her size, so she must have be planning this for awhile.
I now go by Katie Lynn. I wear panties and hose all the time. Dresses and skirts around the house. Women’s slacks, shorts, and tops in public Some women’s shoes.
Selina says:
29th April 2018 at 1:33 pm
Dear Lady Alexa,
I have been trying to introduce my wife to the FLR lifestyle the past few months with mixed results. She was brought up and taught to think that males were in charge and females followed their lead so it’s been challenging for her to embrace this kind of life. At times she gets into it then she pulls back. I think she looks at it as a game I want to play and not as the life I want to live. I strive to serve her so she can see how wonderful that would make her life. I am being patient and let her know how wonderful it is the times she does take charge.
After reading this entry I asked her if I could read it to her. I gave her a long back and foot massage then she agreed. After reading it her she asked me to read it again. During that reading she stopped me many times asking questions. When we finished she was silent for close to a minute then asked, Is this what you really want?
After enthusiastically saying yes, she slowly asked again….is THIS what you REALLY want? After again saying yes she said, Ok I’ll give this serious thought. She told me not to bring it up again until she was ready to talk about it. I was ecstatic and thanked her agreeing to her condition.
On April 25th she told me during dinner she was ready to discuss things. She started by asking again if I truly wanted to live a FLR lifestyle and I said yes I definitely do. She said she had read your entire blog and many other sites and a few books on FLR and was intrigued by the idea. She said many of the ideas and ways women benefitted from FLR were appealing. She said that she would like to do a 3 month “trial period” before committing to doing it long term. She was in the process of drawing up a contract that we would both sign on the 30th and start it on May 1st. I was/am so excited she agreed and can’t wait to sign her contract and start our 90 day trial! She told me this will not be a game and is going to be the real thing. I excitedly said I understood.
Last night we were watching a show and she asked me to make her dinner. I politely declined and she responded, Ok then I’m telling, not asking you to make me dinner! I obediently got up and did it for her.
Tomorrow night at 10pm she is going to go over the contract she made and we will both sign it. I am beyond excited but nervous at the same time.
I will let you know how it goes and am hoping the 3 months turns into a permanent lifestyle for us!

Hi Lady Alexa! This is Katrina, Selina’s wife and I’d like to share how things are going from my perspective. First off, thank you so much for your wonderful blog! I have read every entry and some more than once. I consider you my mentor for our newly developing FLR!

When my husband first mentioned trying a FLR I was not interested. He insisted he read this blog entry to me and finally I agreed, more to humor him than anything. After hearing it, I was intrigued and had him read it again, stopping him numerous times to ask questions. Something about it struck a chord in me and I told him I would consider it. I dove into your blog and between that and a series of books I found on Amazon about a wife who made her husband a full time maid, decided to why not give this a try.

Having him take over the household chores and my sexual needs being first and foremost were the big draws for me. I was leery of the feminization aspect as previous forays into this were basically him being “forced” to dress up, pretend to be submissive to me, get his rocks off, then return to normal. A couple doing that and I didn’t participate anymore. Its been many years since we discussed the subject. Reading your blog and the books has enlightened me that feminization on my terms, not his will enhance my authority and increase his submissiveness. I have already probably taken him further than he imagined and the saying, Be careful what you wish for you just might get it, applies to him. I just love your term “encouraged feminization” and encouraging him/her I am!

This is still new and different to me but I am eager to learn and willing to be in charge, for MY sake. Having lived my life thinking men are the decision makers and in charge will be changed quickly. Our marriage has been the same way until now. I am highly motivated to embrace this newfound way of life! One change I’ve made is to change this from a contract to “Katrina’s Rules”. Follow my rules or pay the price I tell him!

He learned last night what happens when rules are broken and I’ll have him tell you about it.

I am excited to live a FLR lifestyle and have already decided this will become a permanent way of life for us. When I tell him is up to me!

Right now, my cute sissy husband is wearing pink capri pants, a cute white top, white open toe sandals showing off her painted toenails. She is wearing pink satin matching bra and panties and some light makeup. She also has a pink bow in her hair. Her body hair was removed the first day so she’s smooth! She is working on a long list of household chores that will take her well into tomorrow. I made her cancel plans with friends to attend to my wants and needs! This is the life Lady Alexa! Thank you for opening my mind to a new way to live! Katrina

Former macho male turned into a docile submissive sissy. Is it a punishment or reward?

Cathy Petersonsays:

My husband “Mary” is the only girly-sissie at my house, but Lady Alexa’s rules are very close to what I have put in place: 1) Mary always obeys and does what I say, 2) Mary always calls me “Ma’am” or “Me dear”, 3) Mary does the sweetest little curtsies all throughout the day whether entering or departing a room, 4-5) Mary wears skirts and dresses probably 80% of the time, but also looks so demure-feminine-passive in casual female attire, BEST part is she now prefers to wear cute panties, bras all the time, and always a lacy/crepe/sheer nightie to bed, 6) We do have a 100% open-door policy throughout the house for me (and Mary) so I can come and go as I please, including all activities in the bathroom, 7) Mary is a great “homemaker” (I prefer that to housekeeper), 8) We love to chat at mealtimes, but I pick the topics, 9) it’s really amazing that my punishments are actually taking feminine time/things away from Mary, which she does not want to happen, so it’s very few and far between, and finally 10) Mary is always super silky smooth all over, and no need for any devices as she is tiny, soft, and flat in her panties under her maxi-pad everyday and with zero reactions/responses when dressed so it’s not an issue with us. In the end it’s like having the very best, perfect female roommate and our home is free from any disagreements, tensions, and/or confrontations ……. just me in charge leading this docile, cute, relaxed, kind, gentle feminine friend.


Hi Lady Alexa, being new to the FLR life, I am learning so much from reading your blog and the responses to your posts. What started as a contract between Selina and myself has been changed to Katrina’s Rules. We start and end each day with Selina reading my rules out loud. Selina must abide by my rules or face consequences. I do believe she is surprised at how much I’ve embraced feminizing her. The key is it’s feminization by my terms, not hers and it’s so exciting to me thinking that I’ve gone from grudgingly being willing to try this to wanting to feminize her completely. I now understand that the more I feminize her the more she will comply with whatever I desire.

For 20+ years of marriage things were on my husband’s terms, I followed his lead, I did the vast majority of the housework, he controlled the finances, sex was primarily for his satisfaction and on his terms, he did what he wanted in his free time, etc. This has changed and everything is now on my terms, to satisfy my wants and needs. I need to learn and improve my leadership skills and will do so. This new way of looking at and living life is so exciting!

Tomorrow I am having my two closest friends over to meet Selina and fill them in on our new lifestyle. Her feminization will be escalated and I have a couple humiliating things planned. I do this out of love and to reinforce our new life and her compliance.

Thank you again Lady Alexa for your blog and for opening my mind to how wonderful my life can be! Katrina

Some may be wondering, what can I do to help Women make these changes?   The following is a series of photos of what Women can do!

Getting your sons into skirts and dress, with makeup and nylons is the “Key”.  Take notice how these mothers did this with their sons for a Halloween.  I would believe that the boys found themselves in dresses and skirts many times after this initial event!

Take notice that Mom is in pants, with a very short haircut!

Notice how a young Woman is helping to Feminize the Boys…Very Important!

With the boys in Cheerleading outfits, the Pompoms are Very Important!

Getting the boys to pose in a Feminine Manner drives home a Point!

Having him show off some “Leg”, makes him realize that his appearance is Important!


Public Exposure is “Key”, especially if you cab get the feminized boy exposed in front of “Tomboys” or “Champion Girls”!

Getting them around other boys that are wearing skirts and dresses will really establish the Movement!

As these Women would say….”Who’s wearing the Pants now?”!!

Amp Addict

Amp Addict




Molding the Future!

Today will have some features on what is happening with males and females in the way they are exploring different lifestyles.  It is nice to see the reversing in roles that is happening at a more intense level.  The first feature is from a letter in the latest edition of PDQ.  Putting boys in their Proper Places is essential in creating the New World Order of Female Control!


(From Janus Vol 6 No 5)
Contributed by Peter Farrer

Dear Editor,
Ever since I was a girl I have liked seeing boys dressed in girls’ clothes, and I enjoy the letters you have in ‘]anus’ about petticoating boys for punishment, and to make them demure and submissive. I am sure petticoating would prepare boys very well to be good husbands for the modern type of girl.
The letter from Mrs. S.M. headed ‘Girlish Boy in Frills’ describes the right way to keep boys in their place. Frocks and kilts are ideal for naughty boys, and when I was young – quite a while ago – they were used as a punishment. My next-door neighbour’s son Paul was dressed in girls’ things to keep him well-behaved when I was a schoolgirl. His mother brought him up alone and was very strict: she put him in skirts when she considered he needed correction, and he was as polite and well-behaved as could be. My mother and I used to go round there for a cup of tea and a chat sometimes, and young Paul, who was about twelve, a bit younger than me, was often wearing girls’ clothes during our visits.
One costume I liked to see him in was a short velvet frock with a lacy collar and a white pinafore, and he really looked very sweet in it. He wore corsets too, his mother told us it helped to keep him from getting too boisterous and rowdy and stopped him slouching, as boys tend to do. He had a very nice figure, and looked very slim and girlish in his petticoat costume, and he did wear a petticoat under his dress too, as I could see when he moved about or sat down.
Being brought up in this way in frocks and girls’ things, Paul was as quiet and docile as any girl, and I loved to see him dressed up and behaving so nicely. His mother kept him strictly under control and a word from her was enough to nip any naughtiness in the bud, although I did see him in tears once or twice after she had given him a good spanking. We lost touch with them when I was about fourteen as we moved to another town, but I did hear years afterwards that he was married to a lady with her own business and she was very much the dominant partner there and at home, which I am sure he was ideally suited to from his petticoat training in boyhood.
Another letter a few months ago mentioned that a boy dressed in his sister’s clothes was put into curlers before being petticoated, as part of his punishment, and this reminded me of the time when I was a young assistant working in a hairdresser’s. One of our customers, a pleasant, well-spoken lady, sometimes brought her young son James with her, and he was dressed in a silky blouse and short velvet trousers, or sometimes a pleated kilt, with knee-length white stockings and ankle-strap shoes.
He was always polite, and obviously well brought up and obedient. His hair was fair and almost shoulder-length, which was most unusual for those days, and one day his mother brought him in to have it permed into ringlets. It took quite a time, but James sat very patiently while his hair was done, and when they left the shop he looked delightfully girlish with his pretty curls. I often saw him afterwards when he came to the shop with his mother, and he was always very nicely behaved as well as being charmingly dressed. Keeping him in curls and girlish dress obviously had an excellent effect, and he was as nice a boy as anyone could wish to meet.
I am convinced that petticoat discipline has great value when it comes to controlling and taming the young male, and the boy who is regularly petticoated will grow up nicely docile and as amenable as any girl would wish. As the letters on this subject show, dressing a boy in girlish things is the ideal way of keeping him obedient and demure, and petticoats, corsets, frills and curls would make some of today’s badly brought up and ill-mannered boys sing a much more pleasing tune. I wonder if other ‘Janus’ readers share my views.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs G.W. (Stoke)
Here is another excellent letter from ‘Janus’ attesting to the value of petticoats, corsets, frills and curls in disciplining young boys – and, I am very glad to see, James had his hair permed into ringlets. There would be no other style which would make him feel quite to sissy, or which would be quite so effective in keeping him under control. It is a pity that Jane (see Letter 1) did not choose ringlets for her hubby’s perm during the punishment session that she describes.

George you make me crazy, you're so sexy with this skirt, frilly blouse so !!! Not to mention when you walk in heels mmmmhhhh as swaying your hips !!! Please Jodi your colleagues are watching us and laughing !!! Sure Georgina, everyone knows that you are my Sissy secretary !!! And everyone knows how important it is to embarrass a Sissy !!! I see you're excited, because we do not go into my office and you do what any good secretary, knows he has to please his boss !!! (Chloe Sissi)

Warrior Women want Pretty men waiting for them at home!

Callie Brownson - DC Divas of the Women's Football Alliance. www.wfafootball.com http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nflfemale

BAFA: Women's Sapphire Final - Touchdown Europe  The Birmingham Lions roared their way to the first ever Sapphire Series National Championship with an exhilarating 46-28 win over the Hertfordshire Tornadoes in the final.

Birmingham Lions and GB Women's American Football Players QB: Jo Kilby with Running backs Ruth Matta, Antoinette Morgan and Laura Moore ahead of the game against Sweden - September 2014

Can’t you just hear these Women saying to the men……hey beautiful! ….Pretty legs!……Love the way you shake it!


Of course, while the men are being pretty in cute skirts and dresses, Women are wearing the pants!

Kinky, Queer and Ds World

https://flic.kr/p/TePEsm | acd851cf-b223-44f3-ba8b-81c387f6c22a

Kinky, Queer and Ds World

Kinky, Queer and Ds World

Erika Linder

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I frickin love Ruby Rose! Dem tattoos are my weakness!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Those Women are showing that they are the ones in Control and they will NOT be wearing dresses anymore…but they want Cute little male “Tarts” prancing around in their little skirts and dresses on their Strong arms!


Blonde crossdresser

Hi aunt Bob, you look so good in red.

Femdom's Sissy's

So Who’s Wearing the Pants now?

653440001 | by The Radical Feminist

https://flic.kr/p/TvvgPj | Carrying Pretty Boys | Docile Little Ballerina Boys being carried by the stronger girls wearing pants. The girls made sure to lift the boys so their pretty panties are put on display.  Whether Society is Ready Or Not, This is the Future that coming soon!

FEMALE POWER is Growing!!!!