The Changes that are Here in 2019!

Today’s Posting will highlight what is happening in Sweden, where Feminist Women have been able to Take Control of much of the Education system, and other parts of the government.  This could possibly be the first country that we will see what Total Gender Role Reversal will look like.  The start of it is very Promising for those that Advocate for Gender Role Reversal and Female Empowerment.

Here is a photo from a Prestigious Swedish School that is now run by Feminist Women.  YES, these are boys!   So Cute in their pretty ballet tutu’s and tights with dainty slippers!

[Image: 4243b8bb48a50a7034b5ada6ad3d40c7.jpg]

While boys are Required to take ballet and Etiquette classes, the Girls are excelling in Sports, being in Sweden, Hockey!

Image result for Girls playing Ice Hockey

Image result for Girls playing Ice Hockey

Image result for Girls playing Ice Hockey

Here are some of the Details about the Swedish situation:

Radical Feminist: (Chris)

Since we have a number of new members it would be a good time to share my experiences and views on female empowerment and petticoating. For the last 25+ years I have worked with some of the best and most amazing mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other advocates of Gynarchy. My family has a long history dating back more than a century of encouraging the empowerment of women and supporting mothers who are raising strong warrior girls and docile prissy princess (boys).

These brave mothers are pioneers changing the world and setting the course for a truly Gynarchy society. I personally help mentored a number of amazing young warrior girls who will be the leaders of this new world order. These tough hardnosed women clearly see the faults of the past patriarchal based society and the need to destroy the remnants of it. Each day I speak to more and more women (especially mothers) who see the true evil of toxic masculinity. For too long we accept boys will be boys, and girls need to be soft and pretty.

Today more mothers realize they are the key to really changing things. A growing movement led by these mothers and empowered women running governments and schools are taking action. There is a growing gender neutral/fluid agenda. Where girls are now the ones raised to be strong leaders focus on education, more schools are dropping boy sports programs and investigating the money into sports and education program for girls only. This movement has been growing strong for the last several decades focused on empowering girls, now the focus is on raising more docile feminine boys. What was once unimaginable just a few years ago has gone mainstream. Schools holding annual boy beauty pageants, mandatory ballet classes for boys and even feminine etiquette where boys learn to be proper little princesses and chastised for even the smallest unlady like behaviors.
Radical Feminist Run Schools Taking Action

This picture is from a prestigious private school in Sweden. The school used to have a world class boy sports program and all male governance board. A few years ago two radical feminist join the board. First pushing for the elimination of the strict dress code for girls and then lifting the ban on girl sports. Within a few short years the feminist gained more power until they have complete control of the board. They quickly activated eliminating all boy sports program replacing them with mandatory ballet classes, this year they were bolder adding a feminine etiquette class. This school in Sweden is not unique all over the world female empowerment is happening.

Yet another Great Step to the New World Order.  These boys look delightful in their pretty tutus and tights…so Delicate, as boys should be.   It is Wonderful to hear that the Girl’s Sports Teams are excelling and winning!!!  Just think how Empowering this must be for the Girl’s, only several year’s ago they were having to adhere to what was probably a very restrictive dress code with them in skirts probably all the time, and now look where they are!!!   They get to see boys running around in skirts, and get to perhaps flip those skirts….Wouldn’t that be so Satisfying for the Radical Feminist Women?   it is so Delightful when the shoe is now on the other foot!

FEMALE POWER is Awesome and Growing.  Men and boys belong in skirts and looking Pretty for the Strong Females!!

Thanks Patti, its always nice to chat with a like minded soul. Yes, the shoe (or ballet slipper) is really on the other foot. The etiquette classes are really hitting home, they are using the same material the girls used to follow. This includes learning proper feminine mannerisms, sewing dresses, knitting and ironing. One of my favorite comments has been how the girls love that the boys now have to knit patches onto the girl’s hockey jersey for each goal scored.



Thank you for sharing that last piece of information about the boys having to knit patches onto the Girl’s hockey jerseys!  That is so Impressive to have the boys put into that subservient position, and especially at a young age.
I know you and I had chatted about two years ago about the Swedish schools, and at that time weren’t the boys required to wear a skirt once a month?   Maybe is Mis-remember that…..but I thought that was the case.  If so, is that still the situation that the boys and Girls have Reversed Roles days once a month?
The reason I think that is significant is because that would mean that the boys would be required to wear a skirt a minimum of 9 times a year, yet a Warrior Girl that does not like wearing skirts would Never be required to wear a skirt….just another example of how Radical Feminist are dealing out a “Payback” to the once Dominant males!

I LOVE seeing Women and Girls being Empowered while men and boys are having their Egos CRUSHED, and they become Docile Pansies!

What do others think….If this is indeed the situation?


One of Our Loyal Blog Supporters: WhyGuys

Wonderfully insightful comments – as are so many of yours from your own site –  “NEW AGE LIFESTYLE”!

Particularly like that you picked up on the young males who who would have previously been the ones to get athletic accolades are now merely restricted and mandated to perform such feminine activities as craft skills to make awards for young Female Masters’ athletic prowess impressing upon the young male girl their only means of worth is to hone the feminine skills they once forced so unnaturally upon the superior Female Sex…

Yes, Patti we have talked in the past about similar Swedish schools. Those schools were for younger elementary age kids. The one school adopted a pilot program requiring the boys to do feminine activities and dress once a month, since then the program has expanded to include required feminine classes twice a week. The boys are not specifically required to wear skirts, thou its highly encouraged and many boys do wear them often. The other school is heavily influenced by mothers raising their sons as hens (gender creative/fluid). In the beginning it was just two mothers who were determined to convince others. Though play dates and other group activities they convince other mothers to raise their sons as hens. The mothers are super strict making the hens play with dolls, do ballet and only wear dresses even to school. It is my understanding that the hen movement is very popular and it common for each school to have at least a few hen pupils. Most Swedish schools have some kind of gender neutral programs where both genders are treated the same and encouraged to do cross gender activities.

The school with the ballerina boys is equivalent to a US middle school. When time permits I have examples of other schools all over the world with similar programs, there are a lot more boys learning ballet in tutus and tights then you can imagine. Few more fun details about this school, the boys’ sports program were only canceled two years ago, most of the ballerina boys were members of those teams and several were specifically recruited to the school because of their sports ability. The boy’s program was mismanaged and almost bankrupted the school. Once the all female board took over it was clear the boy’s program had to be dropped. There was a huge uproar over this and some of the boys left for other schools, most end up staying with no idea the agenda the new board had planned. Between the ballet and etiquette classes the boys are required to wear tutus or skirts at least 2 hours each day. The rules for the etiquette classes is the same out dated ones the girls used to follow. The board made sure the boys have to change in the gym area and then walk back past the girls’ sports teams for their ballet or etiquette classes.

Alexvyaz, another Loyal flower of our Blog:
I wonder what rules are for the etiquette classes?
The etiquette classes are quire strict and the girls used to hate them. The rules in a nutshell are first skirts are required for class. At the start of class all boys are required to kneel and wait for the teacher. She would then measure each boy’s skirt length, in the past for the girls this was to ensure the skirts were long enough this is now flipped to ensure the boy’s skirts a several inches above the knee. After the measurements the boys are required to curtsy. During the class they are not permitted to speak unless directed by the teacher. The activities for the class including sewing, knitting, cooking, ironing and playing feminine games. All mannerism during the class from sitting, talking softly must be feminine, they have tea parties were the brats must serve each other and the teachers and daintily held the tea cups other activities including proper posture while sitting, walking around with a book on their head and table manners for proper young ladies.


Alex… great work in isolating these passages!   Especially the last quote about the male girls having to pass by the young Women’s Sports Teams.   Oh how enervating to the male ego and EMPOWERING to the Females image of the true complete and eternal correction of sex roles, behaviour and fashion in the Coming Age of Female Supremacy!
  The Etiquette Class rules are awesome.  Especially knowing that the changes have occurred recently, and that some of these boys were enrolled in this school for their athletic abilities.  What a wonderful reversal of Fortunes!!!  Knowing how so many athletic males are so “Macho” and “Arrogant”, the reality now being that they are dressed in these short skirts and having to act so docile is a Dream for those of us that have advocated so long for Gender Role Reversal!
I know in an earlier posting, you stated that the boys were required to walk past the Girls when they were on their way to Etiquette Class or was that for their ballet classes?  No matter, the fact that they are required to wear skirts for etiquette class, and tutu’s for ballet really Drives the point home for these Girls, that I am imagining are very athletic, that they are the ones that are Indeed not only Wearing the Pants, but also being In Charge!  They must be realizing, even though they are Middle School age, that they are the ones that will be In Control, and the boys will be required to be Pretty for the Girl’s amusement!

What a Wonderful School!

These Women need to a applauded for what they are doing to Advance Female Empowerment!


Do you know how many inches above the knee must the boy skirt be?
Are boys required to curtsy together or by one?
Usually two to three inches. Yes the boys are required at the begging and end of classes. Usually they curtsy together as in the picture they are all about to curtsy in their pretty tutus and tights. Through out the classes the boys are tested on curtsying and their other feminine mannerisms. These tests are done as individuals and held every few months. While not required, many of the boys are wearing skirts full time even at home. This is particularly true with the younger boys enrolled the last few years.


No question the girls fully understand the are the superior ones now. The school kind of drills this home with leadership classes for the girls. They are being taught that males can’t be trusted and it up to them to fix their mistakes and run things now. On the flip side some of the boys thought this was kind of joke at first and didn’t really understand until they were standing in front of the whole school in tutus and tights.


What a great way to allow boys to explore their feminine side, there are so many positives here, it’s only a shame that you cannot really see any of the Girls reactions to this sight!

It really must be so empowering for the Girls to witness this, especially as the group of boys is of a mixed age range, it’s one thing for boys to be seen wearing skirts to school as it can be seen as an actual leveller but for boys to be seen in something (and please excuse the phrase) as ‘girlie’ as a tutu would be a total game changer. You can only imagine the effect it would have on the younger girls at the school to come across not only boys of their own age but also older boys dressed like this and for the first time realizing that all males can be vulnerable.
The whole idea of a group of younger girls teasing the older boys is truly amusing, I mean how can any male dressed in only tights and a a frilly tutu have any authority left in the eyes of any Girl, this would be a truly empowering moment for them all.

What a great step forward in empowering Girls and also for boys to be released from having to act ‘macho’ and for them to get to enjoy wearing  pretty things without guilt.

Saz, you hit the nail on the head. This is the point of the program to establish the new order of things with the girls on top and the boys expected to be soft and pretty. All the girls very much enjoy seeing the boys in skirts and tutus. This is especially true for sisters/brothers who attend the school, they have literally been completely gender switched with the girls once having to wear the hated tutus now getting to see their brothers turned into ballerinas.

The pictures are from the boys first ballet recital which was attended by the entire school staff, female board and the students’ parents. One mother who I have been chatting with said the experienced of seeing her oldest in a tutu fundamentally changed her views on petticoating. She very much enjoyed seeing her husband’s reaction saying all the color went out of his face as he watched his once athletic son prance around in a tutu and curtsy. After the recital on the car ride home she proudly announced to her husband and two younger sons, that since they would be enrolled in the school in a few years that she had decided to enroll them into ballet classes immediately. At first this didn’t go over to well with the father or two younger boys, the women laid down the hammer and a few days later both boys were wearing pink tutus attending their first ballet class.

The world is changing before our eyes, still much work to do but we are winning the war!


What do you mean “out the classes”? Who testing the boys?
They want to wear skirts full time or their mothers made them do it?
As I mentioned in the other responds some mothers have been inspired by the experience dressing their sons at home and even starting the younger ones on the path to femininity. No petticoats are required for school at home thou the mothers are expanding their sons wardrobe to include frilly dresses and petticoats.

The testing is done at class thou the boys are encourage to practice at home. The mother I mentioned in the other post who put her two younger sons into ballet too. Is working on having feminine etiquette setup in the younger boy school.


Mistress Tiffany:
A new milestone achieved…
Wow i am so happy to see the bright future of us women and to see boys learning to be docile and sensitive creatures…gone r d days wen men were in and bread winners….

Future is female definetly

Yes a great milestone. As I stated many times before we are at a key tipping point as a society. The walls of patriarchal society are falling apart and our job is to destroy them to the point they can never be build again. More than ever we need to stay focus and double (or more likely triple) are efforts.


What a great start for the family, would love to have seen the boys faces when they went shopping for their pink tutu’s, lol.
It’s really satisfying to know that the Girls in the school are getting the upper hand over the boys, percentage wise some of those boys must have tormented a Girl at some point and what better way for payback than for them to see their former tormentors prancing and dancing around with their pink tutu’s bouncing up and down to reveal their little leotard clad bottoms. There is no come back from this and future wives of these boys will no doubt get to see the pictures of their husbands in their finest ballet clothes, how much easier for them to then continue dressing up their man!  Big Grin the future is certainly bright over there!
Saz, yes the tutu and ballet slippers are really on the other foot now. The sister/brother groups have definitively change dynamics with the girls now being the sports stars and their brother turned into ballerinas.

The family mentioned is not unique in Sweden in many ways they are turning into a model for the 21 century female run world. The interesting thing is the mother never thought about petticoating until last year. At first she was a little skeptical and thought it was just funny to see her oldest in a tutu. Over time she talked to other parents and school administration and become a huge advocate for the program. She has told me many times that the program opened her and the other moms eyes to new world where boys are boys no longer has to exists. All three of her sons played on travel hockey teams which were very expense and required a lot of personal time taking the kids to practice and traveling to games. Now she finds talking them to their ballet classes to be the most pleasant thing. Her two younger sons were not happy at all about shopping for tutus and dresses. They first few months were rough which just convince the mother more she was doing the right thing. At the start of this school year she only brought all three sons skirts and dresses for school and purged all their boy clothes. She even signed the two younger ones up for figure skating classes. Jokingly telling me I paid a lot of money to teach them to skate so were going to put their skating skills to good use.


  As a Frugal person, I think this mother is Very Smart….not letting the money spent on learning how to skate go to waste by having her boys now in Figure Skating, and I am assuming as Feminine Figure Skaters, not “traditional male” Figure Skaters.  The only problem moneywise is that the cute Skater dresses can be expensive, and they will go through a lot of pairs of tights!!  LOL…Wonderful!
Were you able to get some perspective from the mothers of the Girls that are on the hockey teams, and I would be assuming perhaps basketball and wrestling teams?  It is so Delightful to hear about the mother’s perspective on their now feminine and pretty sons, but it would also be enlightening to hear from both the mothers of the “Warrior” Girls , and if possible, some comments from the Warrior Girls themselves with what is happening.

This is such a Bright Spot for Gender Role Reversal and the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  It will be interesting to know if these schools have proms or dances, and how the boys and Girls are attired for those events.  Back in the day, Girls were Required to wear dresses  and skirts to certain events…would be nice to see how the Feminist Led School is addressing these events.


Yes, the mother has the two younger brats wearing traditional feminine skating dresses. She has really taken a focus on the two younger ones (3rd and 5th grades). The older son has always been more passive while the younger ones were more arrogant and aggressive. The mother keeps telling me how a whole new world has open to her that she wished she know about before; instead of having to put up with the years of male arrogance in her house. Now she has taken complete control, her husband tried to protest things early on, but she put her foot down especially when he was not positive about the two younger ones quitting hockey and signing up for figure skating.

Yes, the mother is quite frugal, most of the dresses and skating outfits have been purchased second hand. She is really into the petticoating and has organized playdates with other mothers. Even with the cost of the skate dresses and tights she is actually spending half the money as before. The hockey equipment and travel expense was outrageous.

Not sure about school dances, will have to ask about that. In the other response I mentioned the conversations I had with one of the girl hockey mothers.

Algoriano (Another Loyal follower of our Blog)
Hello Chris:
Can I know what was the reaction of the girls classmates of those boys to see them come to school with their skirts and dresses? Happy year of gender reversion
Because of the language barrier I only had regular communication with the one mother mentioned before and via a proxy native speaker one of the mothers who has a girl hockey player who is slowly starting to petticoat her son.

The Mother has told me the boys have gotten complements when out about how pretty they look this is from both women and girls. A few times when she taken the two younger one’s figure skating some girls there have laughed and pointed at them. Couple even stopped by and ask if they were boys and didn’t they used to play on the hockey team? The mother was not shy explaining why they were dressed and making the boys curtsy to the girls. The girls laughed saying well they certainly look too cute to play hockey anymore.

Via the proxy, I only had a couple emails exchanges with the other mother/daughter. The daughter is a super tomboy and already played hockey and not into girly stuff at all. The boy used to be very arrogant and naughty. The mother attended the school ballet recital with her son who is only in 2nd grade. Seeing the other boys in tutus open her eyes and with daughter’s encouragement is thinking about petticoating. So far she only made him wear dresses at home and still on the fence about petticoating Via the proxy I made arrangement for both mothers to meet which is planned soon. No doubt once these two mother become friends she will fully embrace petticoating.


Has the school noticed a decrease in bullying, suspensions, fighting, etc. since the board became all female? Hopefully the existing programs are just the start.
Good question, I know the school has a pretty strict no fighting policy. The fact they got a bunch of 12 to 15 year old boys into tutus and skirts means they are not afraid to use effective discipline. I doubt too many boys test the females in charge.


 I love how the boys are made to curtsy to the Girls as it should be, and how (not sure if humiliating is the correct word here) humiliating it must be for the boys to be told that they look cute especially if the girls were younger, lol.
Please keep up the good work and keeping everybody informed, the more open we are about things like this the better  Wink
So, More Girls are Wearing Pants!
And they are enjoying seeing the boys being Sweet and Pretty!
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Such a Vulnerable boy!
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Proud mom with her gender swapping children from a womanless pageant. The boy is so darling that she probably considered a more permanent swap for him, no?
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I went to a formal occasion a month ago and wanted to wear a full skirt formal gown with a hoop petticoat underneath. My mom asked ‘Monica, is it outside?’ (yep…). ‘Did you check the weather forecast?’ I said ‘yeah,...
He’s Adorable!
It started as harmless fun, dressing in my wife's clothes, but then she kept adding more and more on to our little game and now, here I am, married to her brother.
feminization: “ I like this dress! She could do my household today! ;-) ”
Women like this Appreciate the Pretty men.  It is nice for them to see a pretty man prancing around for their (Woman’s) pleasure!
Push-ups and pull-ups have saved my mass and strength.. real talk. Life has only allowed me 3ish days a week in the gym so beginning my workouts with those two have become a staple. I’m telling y’all.. DONT neglect the basics ☝️ oh and planks for them abs too 😉

More of the Future that is Coming????

Is this what we will see more of in 2019?

He looks so cute in his skirt.  Even though she seems to be apprehensive, she does look quite confident in her slacks!

Gender bending

This Girl looks like she is quite confident in her pants!

It will be a Delight to see more Womanless Pageant Events, and hopefully with more Women on School Boards, more Gender Reversal Days in Schools as well as “Boy in a Dress Days!

Image result for %2Bboys wearing skorts

Don’t you agree that it was probably his mother that suggested the fancy tights?

Boy in the dress


I think the Boys in the Boy in the Dress that are wearing either tights or pantyhose are surely being encouraged by either their mothers or sisters!

Having men and boys in feminine clothing but presenting as Feminine males will be an awesome Right Step in the Empowerment of Women and the Compliance of men and boys to the Will of Women!

Posted in Men wearing girl’s or women’s clothes on 2005-06-15 02:48:29
i think all men should try to wear women’s clothing or be made to at least try it sometime. i just recently helped a new aquaintence get set up in women’s styles and clothing for a more permanent basis. this is a man in his 40s, straight married but likes dressing up, his wife goes along with it and asked me to help them out. He does not look anything like a woman, but has med long hair and loves to wear female clothing. We got him to now wear a women’s work uniform for work in his appliance repair business. he now wears a women’s style shirt, pants along with padded bra and fanny. along with his new women’s styled hair, makeup and eyebrows. he now goes to work everyday like this and has had very little problems with anyone giving him much grief over it. At home he dresses in more casual women’s clothing and often goes out with his wife in skirts and pantsuits and enjoys dressing like a women even though he would never really have much chance as passing as one when most people would give him more then a casual look or talk. He is really very happy dressing like this and has really become a new person and really doesn’t mind talking about it with others who he might strike up a conversation with. More people should feel as confident in their selves as this guy does.

Found another photo from the archive (2014) | Robin L | Flickr

Posted in crossdressing – Girls in trousers – boys in dresses? on 2005-02-10 19:27:17
Many guys love to wear women’s clothing and many others are just too afraid to give it a try but would like too. Many straight guy love it and there is nothing wrong with it. my husband and sons all dress as females and we love it and i prefer it that way. Go ahead and wear what you like if you don’t u will regret it later. just cause you want to wear girl cloths does not mean your gay. many guys love it and go for it. thanks. many guys should be feminized some, it is the way it should be. please give it a try even more. Grow your hair, wear panties and a bra, live life for you not someone else. Most people won’t even notice or care. many girls would love to feminize a guy. look around you might find one.

Posted in Cosmetics for guyz? Hot or Not? on 2005-01-17 01:01:12
Cosmetics for guys is great. Many men today need to feminized by a loving partner or mother and makeup is being used today by many males. My husband lives and dresses as a women today at my request and instruction, he looks great and our sons are also being raised a girls. Many more men would like to be feminized but need a strong women to stand behind them and help them do it and encourage them so they don’t feel gay or weird. My experience with feminized men is that many are straight, but like the womanishly looks and pleasures. My friends and I all prefer fem men and they make the best lovers and companions.

Brittany is one of the most beautiful young men on the internet!

893 best images about Crossdressing

Many men in India are being Feminized by their Successful Female spouses!

Ash Chand Most Beautiful Indian Crossdresser

Male Femininity is indeed Growing!

Mostly a unisex outfit, but with one accessory that could be considered feminine, the tights.

More mothers are enjoying having pretty sons!

Looking Good for your Woman needs to become a man’s priority!

1017 ALYX 9SM Menswear Spring Summer 2019 Paris

1017 ALYX 9SM Menswear Spring Summer 2019 Paris

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Feminine Male Model! Eric Voullosky, male model

Eric Voullosky, male model

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Crossdressing is Asia is Growing Strongly!

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Look at Ren. Look at him. He’s beautiful

Look at Ren. Look at him. He's beautiful

Boys do like being Pretty!

Girly boy

Being a hairdresser for 30 years you hear a lot, see a lot and experience your guest’s lives through their stories. This is Daniella….after my time with him yesterday….I am changed

Being a hairdresser for 30 years you hear a lot, see a lot and experience your guest’s lives through their stories.  This is Daniella....after my time with her yesterday....I am changed.  #transkids #proud #transfriendlybusiness #trangender #lgbtfriendly #thisisme #onelove #family #love #loveislove #justlove #unconditionallove #herfavoritecolorispink #thoseshoestho #salonlife #beautifullife #sofortunate #jeffreyrichardsalon #jrsalongr #jeffreyrichard #wealthystreet #uptowngr  Swipe left for more

Being a hairdresser for 30 years you hear a lot, see a lot and experience your guest’s lives through their stories.  This is Daniella....after my time with her yesterday....I am changed.  #transkids #proud #transfriendlybusiness #trangender #lgbtfriendly #thisisme #onelove #family #love #loveislove #justlove #unconditionallove #herfavoritecolorispink #thoseshoestho #salonlife #beautifullife #sofortunate #jeffreyrichardsalon #jrsalongr #jeffreyrichard #wealthystreet #uptowngr  Swipe left for more

eing a hairdresser for 30 years you hear a lot, see a lot and experience your guest’s lives through their stories.  This is

Mommy’s Darling boy!

More mothers if you notice, they are wearing pants, are encouraging their sons into femininity and even enrolling them in ballet!  Can you blame her.  He looks so cute in his tutu and white tights and dainty slippers!


ound these #cuties walking home from school today #handinhand. Scooped them up for a grocery run. 🤝❤ #proudmomm

“My eight-year-old transgender daughter came out to the world yesterday. I couldn’t be more proud! I'm currently in the hospital so we had out coming out party here. 🎉🎈🏳️‍🌈 She told me: “My name is Jo! I know it's a lot to explain. You thought my name was Job, but now I have changed my name. I erased the B. The reason I did this is because I'M A GIRL! There was a mix-up in my mom's uterus and I came out looking like a boy, but I'm really am transgender girl. Today we had a coming out party a

17 mentions J’aime, 0 commentaires - Ryley Copans (@thegaythey) sur Instagram : "Some more behind the scenes with one of my favorite nuggets  Trans Folks Share What Question 3…"

Very first dance class. #transgender #tapdance #jazzdance #fouryearsold #igkids #pixelkids #proudmama #dancelife #lincolnthebrave

And sometimes a boy needs to be compelled to do what his mother wants!

And the Changes are not just going on the male side….Girls are shedding their femininity and taking on a “Tougher” Look!

uz se apaga...💡 #transboys #ftm #lgbt🌈 #transformation #orgull

uz se apaga...💡 #transboys #ftm #lgbt🌈 #transformation #orgull

Ashlyn when he was 11 ready for his first day of school dressed as a boy

ú decides cómo vivir tu vida💪💖💖 #fuerzatrans#voluntad#destino#lgtbiq #infanciatrans#transboy#vidalibre

Paul ⚡ (@paul.psz) • Photos et vidéos Instagram

appy Birthday to my boy Miyako!! He's 10 years old today.  This selfie is post-foodfight from his epic party over the holiday weekend.  As


What will a New Year Bring????

Today’s Posting will look at how Relationships and Roles are Changing.  The Question remains, what will the Future bring?  Will more Women decide to Feminize the men and boys in their lives?  Will more Girls participate in once traditionally “male only” activities such as Football and Boxing?   Will more mothers take their sons out of Competitive sports and enroll them into ballet and Beauty Pageants?  A New Year brings new Possibilities.  It will be very interesting what our Readers think on these questions.  replies  on this posting are encouraged!   Speak up and let us know what you want to see in the future!

Church of Steinem

School newsletter coverage of the elaborate womanless pageant held at Florence Middle School (MS) in 2010 (2 of 2). Many photos of this event are in circulation, but there were once many more. A professional photographer covered the pageant, and she once had hundreds of shots (including some of the “girls” preparing backstage) posted on a Smugmug page that has since disappeared. Note also that a DVD was once sold by the school – I have found at least one WBP fan who bought a copy.

Bois on stage.

Natasha Belle says
20th December 2018 at 11:56 am
‘My quandary is this: I want my feminized husband to be as female looking as possible, but also to remain biologically male underneath.’
‘I want a fully feminized husband with the attributes of a girl in all ways but one: her ‘clitty’ must function as a male’s in bed.’
As always a very interesting and thought provoking post. It seems to me as if the two quotes above are the critical ones so yes, I understand your position on hormones as we’ve commented previously.
I’ve had good results using a gaff the best ones being home made using the waistband from tights and the top of a sock. Combine this with learning how to push my balls back up through the channels they dropped down from and careful tucking gives a pretty flat front. It worked so well that in Ibiza with some lady friends this year I was wearing the same bikini panties as they were and got told to put a top on or face a fine by the police. However there is a downside, long-term tucking seems to reduce sperm production and may be a factor in penis shrinkage. In my case a quite welcome event but not for you two I think.
You have mentioned herbals for breast development before which will also cause these issues, additionally they are a very expensive way of doing what medical hormones do.
So may I humbly suggest getting Alice to tuck and contain except when you want his equipment available 24/7. It hurts a bit to start with but that quickly goes away if it’s done right and is, in my opinion, simply down to the change in position. There are also non-slip bikinis intended for surfers, divers and the like, dropping a panty size or two will also help.
In my experience resolving the ‘bottom’ issue will make accepting breasts a lot easier. Before hormones I had been massaging my boobs in the shower and playing with my nipples, they had developed beautiful sensitivity and the only difference on hormones is the areola grew and darkened. If Alice gets that far I think you will be pushing at an open door to get her implants.

Teen fashions in the mid-2020's

Maria says
21st December 2018 at 2:42 am
Dear Lady Alexa,
I quite sympathize with your dilemma. Wanting Alice to function as a male whilst looking and be having female is an interesting dilemma.
I am sure that you have now conditioned and trained Alice to think and emote as a female. The most important part is to get her accept her role which is to please you as your girly husband.
Rather than her body you should nowconcentrate on her mind and heart. Alice can become more feminine only with real breasts. Her lower body i.e. flirty must continue to function. Breast augmentation and implants are the only solution.
Given the encouraged and loving nature of your relationship, Alice has to willingly accept or even volunteer or ask for implants.
The way forward is to psychologically condition her. Try to express your disappointment at her lack of boobs. Compare her unfavorably to other girlie husbands who have well developed tits. Add that you are kind in not wanting hormones nor considering castration or any other procedure. Hint that she can please you by getting implants. Be subtle but express your emotion of disappointment and sadness that despite your best efforts Alice has not developed her boobs. Make her feel guilty and ashamed. Over time her resistance will wane. Instead of discussing if, start talking about the size you would like her tits to be. Once the topic shifts, she will perhaps be pleading with you to consider size 32 as against your wish for large 36C cups.
At this point, let her win the argument, but shift ground to where and when the implants can be got. Make her research the places and find out options. Slowly get her to become a willing participant and let her feel ownership of the decision.
It may take 6 months to a year. However success is almost guaranteed.
I know this because I am a qualified psychologist. I have worked with other women who have used my technique to castrate or even have their husbands undergo orcheotomy!
Some men have consulted me on getting breast augmentation or waist reduction for their wives.
The UK may not be a conducive place for getting breast augmentation or implants for a male! The regulations and procedures are too stringent. Try Europe, especially Netherlands or Eastern Europe , Hungary or Poland. Another place is Brazil , but its far.
I enjoy your blog both personally and as a professional consultant.
Dr. M. Petit

Another man succumbing to Feminization!

My first day in makeup



My wife had discovered my submissive side long before we were married. On our wedding night she played the groom, fucking me with a strap on after dressing me in white lingerie she had bought me as a wedding gift. I was soon to find out that she didn’t seem to mind others learning about our relationship.

We had been married less than a month. She had me bent over the bed in the pink teddy she had me sleep in, the panties down around my knees. She had a strap on over her jeans and had just finished lubing my ass and was getting ready to fuck me when she heard a knock and the door. “Who is it” she yelled, and I heard her mother’s voice answer. “Its unlocked, we’re in the bedroom.” My wife yelled back as she quickly held me down on the bed as I instinctively tried to get up.

Within moments my mother in law stepped in the room. “Oh my!” she exclaimed as she saw me. “Hi Mom” My wife smiled, “I had promised my sweet slut a good work out with my strap on. I hope you don’t mind. You can stay and watch if you like.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and tried again to get up. “Stay there bitch, and stick your ass up in the air” I heard my wife growl.

Realizing my mother in law had already seen me, knew what her daughter was going to do to me, and that there wasn’t much I could do about it, I arched my back and stuck my ass up toward my wife’s dildo. Holding my hips tightly, my wife worked the head of her dildo between my cheeks. Once it pushed inside she paused a moment, then tightening her grip on my hips pushed the dildo completely into my ass with one long, fast hard stroke, her hips slapping loudly against my cheeks.

I squealed loudly, and jumped and wiggled. My wife continued to fuck me hard and deep and fast. She was literally pounding my ass. She had never fucked me that hard before and I knew she was “showing off” for her mother. I grunted and squealed and squirmed on the bed. Trapped between the bed and her body I really didn’t have anywhere to go. I heard my mother in law giggle and say “He really does seem to squirm and wiggle a lot doesn’t he?”. My wife just chuckled and fucked me hard, finishing up with around a dozen deep hard strokes.

When she finished she didn’t even pull her dildo out of my ass. She just unfastened the harness and took it off, leaving it sticking out of my well fucked ass as I remained bent over the bed. She told me she and her mother were going to have a cup of coffee and once I had cleaned everything up and put the toys away I could join them there.

It took me longer to clean up than usual. I dawdled. Delayed. Dreading facing her mother again. Finally I couldn’t delay any longer and walked into the kitchen deeply embarrassed. My wife smiled and poured me a cup of coffee. She said she and her mother had been talking about what just happened. “Turns out” she laughed, “My mother enjoyed it. She didn’t have any idea that I had married a sweet sissy bottom” I blushed furiously at that description made in front of her mother but she just smiled and continued, “But she can see why I would. We have decided that she should try it, and if she enjoys it as much as I think she will I will share you with her. Now, go change into the lingerie you wore on our wedding night and come back here wearing that and with the middle size strap on.” I just stared at her, then my mother in law, then back to her. “Do it” she snapped and I quickly scurried off to the bedroom.

I was back quickly, in my white wedding lingerie, strap on and harness and lube. At my wife’s instructions I knelt before my mother in law, strapped the dildo around her hips, sucked it for a few minutes, looked up at my mother in law and said, “I am a sissy who loves to be fucked by women. Would you please fuck my sissy ass.” My mother in law laughed, reached down to put her hand on the side of my face and said, “Of course sweety, you asked so nicely.” My wife burst out laughing and told me to bend across the table.

She had her mother pull my panties down, run her hands over my hips and bottom, instructed her who to lube me, watching as she pushed two, then three fingers into my ass. All the time she was telling me that she was going to enjoy this. She had never actually seen me getting fucked. That she liked it was happening over our kitchen table. Every time I ate dinner there I would remember the humiliation of asking her mother to fuck my “sissy ass”.

By now her mother was ready and I could feel the head of the dildo pushing against my ass. She was hesitant and slowly worked it in. Even when it was fully in she moved slowly. It didn’t take long and she got more confident, or maybe just more aroused. In any event soon she was fucking me in long deep strokes. Not as hard as her daughter just had, but a good through fucking. Particularly right after the hard one my wife had given me.

She enjoyed it. Fucked me much longer than my wife had, longer than I had ever been fucked before. I think she only stopped because she was getting tired. Once again I was sent off to change and clean up and clean the dildo. Before I was dismissed my wife made it clear that I was to submit to her mother whenever and however she wanted. She could come to our house and use me, or she could call and tell me to go to her house. “Yes Ma’am” I replied before being dismissed. I walked off to the bedroom my mind whirling with what had just happened and quickly fantasizing about what would be happening in the future, already imagining kneeling between my mother in laws legs, tongue pleasing her pussy to “thank” her for fucking my sissy ass.

More Women Taking Control!

Gender role reversal

As more Girls are Signing up for Football!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Girls playing Football….boys going to school in skirts!

Tokyo Correctional Academy


In my blog females always rule and males are always sissies.


Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

From Boy To Girl

So Empowering for Women that have taken on the “Macho” Roles!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

while men are being Cheerleaders!

It is so nice to realize that many men that played football years ago, are now running around in cute skirts and dresses!

I love it when my wife sits in front of the TV every weekend watching sports. It makes me feel so special to take care of her and the house while she relaxes.

Male enjoying being stepford wife

How many Women want a pretty, Delicate man in their lives?

Do Athletic Women prefer a soft and pretty man?

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Women coming home after a hard day at work or on the field, to man like this:


Femme Side

Perfect boy to girl, she's beautiful!

Boys Will Be Girls in pink #crossdressers

“so hot -

“ kerrydawg:
A T Wives wedding night can be a really hot event!…..Paula xxx



Gentlemen, put on your dresses and high heels, grab your purses and head to the future.

Trans Fashion


relationship goals

Role Reversal

Boys can be Gurls

This is what happens when Women decide that their males will be Feminine.  To end the post, a few Comments:

Posted in Gender Role Reversal Part 2 on 2005-01-03 21:21:32
My wife has now feminized both my son and me over the past few years. It all started over me wearing women’s underwear when we first started going out together and I confided in her that I was fond of women’s clothing. After we were married i told her that I would like to wear some other women’s items and she was not very happy about it at first then reluctantly agreed to let me try a few items. Then she kind of took over and wanted me to try more and more things. I eventually started wearing full women’s attire after the second year of marriage. I now have long Blonde hair that she colored and styled on a regular basis, along with eyebrow arcing, double pierced ears and body waxing. I wear a complete body shaper most of the time along with synthetic breasts and full makeup. I really loved dressing as a female and have been enjoying it for years now, but , just last year she started acting more like a man and cut her own long hair and quite wearing makeup and even tries to hide her own bossoms. She now dresses mostly like a man and has even talked to a doctor about having her breasts removed, I really liked it when we both dressed as females, now I am the women and she is the man. I still love her very much and will comply with her but I wish she would not want to have her beautiful round firm breasts removed to be more mannish. I love her and she is the boss and I will do whatever he says but I don’t want to lose my beautiful wife and my sons mother. It has been worrisome but I hope she decides not to go for the total mannish look, because I think she will still look like a women because of her soft features and nice round bottom. I love us both being a female but loved her being in charge.

Posted by enon on 2004-12-28 16:11:39

After seeing my dear mom, feminize my trouble causing brother some when we were growing up, I have successfully feminized my own 3 sons. My husband although reluctantly agreed at times, believes they are all much better as girls then before. All 3 dress as girls full time. The oldest now 17 has since 10, although I started him out gradually he has learned to enjoy it and become a much better student and person as a feminized male. Although most know he is indeed a boy, he completely looks like a girl and most accept him as one all of the time. The 2 younger ones started when they were 4 and 5 and it was very easy to get them to go along with it and today at 11 and 12, they look, dress and even wear skirts or dresses to school. The teachers know they are boys, but it has not caused many problems and all just accepted them as girls. Most people just think we are raising 4 daughters and it has not been a problem with others or neighbors. I would have liked for my husband too to become more feminine, but he has only agreed to a few minor things, but has on occasion dressed up for me and does wear his hair in a longer style which we both like.

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-29 13:58:30

Enon, You go girl. You sound like a great mother, I too have feminized my 3 sons along with my husband who all live as females. You should have been more demanding with your husband, if he agreed to part of the feminizing he probably deep down would like to do it more, but may need just a more demanding role on your part to go farther with it. If all 3 sons are feminized, I would continue on him and make him more also. My husband is and it was at my firm demands and guidance, that he has become as female as most girls. It is very exhilerating and we both love it now and it has been the most for our on personal relationship. I would love to meet you and your 3 sons, so my own sons could see even more males like themselves. I know a lot of mothers who have feminized their males but would always love to meet more.

Posted by eunice on 2004-12-30 16:04:10

Message I am new to these polls and was really thrilled to see this one. Back in the 70s, my mom feminized my 3 brothers and my Dad. I was the only girl in the family and my mom took it upon me to help her. I was about 12 and my older brother was about 14 and my 2 little brothers were 5 and 6. Mom had for a year or so always punished my brothers by making them dress up in dresses for punishment, for several years before starting them on the feminine stuff full time. Especially my older brother, he had to wear dresses many times for a day or two sometimes a little longer whenever he got into trouble. He hated it but mom would not let him back down. Later she confided with me that for about a year and a half before she wanted them to go girl, she started letting their hair grow out and encouraged my Dad to let his hair grow longer. She always said that if he did not straighten up she would make him a girl permanently. Finally one summer, she told him that he was so bad that he was going to have to dress as a girl for most of the summer or she was going to send him to live with his grandparents, which he did not like. One day she took him over to a friends house and he came back with his long below shoulder length hair cut in a layered cut with poofy girl bangs, curled and styled in a very girlish way. Plus he was wearing a green dress, pantyhose, bra and panties. He looked very much like a girl and we did not recognize him when we saw him. She took pictures of him and he left to his room in dismay. My 2 little brothers laughed at him but they did not laugh long when mom pulled out some new dresses for them and told them they were going to get their hair done the next day. The next day, her friend gave them both little girls curly perms, they were just one mass of curly hair, They had shoulder length curls and were both dressed in Blue lacy dresses and panties. My dad thought it was great and I later learned that he told my mom he wanted to let her feminize him and he became a very womanishly looking man. This was in the seventies and she eventually had his hair cut and permed in a long curly style and it just kept getting Blonder and blonder. She made him wear dresses and skirts at home most of the time and often did his makeup, nails and hair and they would go out for an evening. My mom always had long lovely hair and my own was a good 18-20″ long, one day she said we should go out and get a new style, so we went out and she convinced me (although reluctantly) to have mine cut very short. It was about 3-4″ long when they were done and I thought it look terrible. She loved it and told me to go sit down because she was next. She had the girl cut off all of her hair. It was about a 1″ or 1 1/2″ on top and tapered down to nothing on sides and back, it was a shock. It was cut like a mans hair and mom wanted it to look that way, but mom was a very shapely women and she even looked very beautiful with hardly any hair. Dad hated our haircuts but mom told him that it did not matter what he thought, she was the boss and he was her women and he better learn to like it. Mom was a lawyer and after the haircut always wore very manish style business suits but with her very ncie shape, she still always looked very nice. This did seem to bother her some and no matter how much she tried to dress down, her figure always made her look very womanishly. She wanted me to wear slacks and shirts all of the time and I did mostly, then she let me go back to longer hair and pick out my own styles. Dad always dressed as a women after that and he was constantly groomed, and styled however she wished. He mostly wore a body shaper or a padded bra and brief, but he always dressed as a women until he died a few years ago from cancer, very unexpectedly. Mom has since met a man abut 10 years younger then her and is now getting him to dress as a women for her most of the time. I am now a married mother of one and my husband dresses in both men’s and women’s clothing, but his crowning glory is his long natural wavy hair, which he normally wore just long and pulled back wherever he went. Just recently I convinced him to let me cut and layer the top with nice full bangs and I now get him to wear it in a high ponytail and with the full bangs it really looks great and very womanishly. Although he does not always look the part of a women because he is 6’3″ and broad shoulders. He dresses in many unisex styles and with the feminine looking hair, he still gets called mam many times when we are out. He is fair skinned and his facial hair is on the weak side, so i use a lite concealer on his beard and lightly apply makeup to him sometimes. We have been married for almost 7 years and have a little boy, who I dress in both boys and girls stuff, but we are both leaning to dressing him as a girl full time. With his long hair and big blue eyes, he looks like a girl no matter how he is dressed. My husband has finally agreed to let me streak his long brown hair with golden highlights and we are going to get his ears pierced. He would like to dress as a women full time but because of his size he does not always look the part, I told him to dress the way he likes and not to worry about it. My odest brother has been marred for 6 years to a very dominating woman who keeps him under her control and he continues to live as a women all of the time. My 2 younger brothers, both still dress as women full time. One is married to a lovley, big beautiful girl who loves his feminine styles. The other would like to become a woman full time and complete the whole thing with surgery, he already has been on hormones and has breast surgery. He has a girlfriend now but he has often went out with guys and has told me that he would like to someday be married to a guy after he is a woman completely. My family is not your ordinary group of people, but overall we are very close and mostly happy with our lives. My bothers are all proof that one can be directed into this lifestyle and that it is not something that just happens but one can be guided into. I love my husband and love it when he is all made out as a women and goes to bed in a pink nightgown with his hair all tied back or in curlers. We think more people should consider feminization.

Posted by enrony on 2005-01-01 04:13:48

This is an very interesting subject to me. I am a 15 year old boy who along with my little brother has been feminized by my mother. I was almost 10 when she started, but it was very mild at the beginning and at first just accepted it. Later when she started getting more demanding on our looks and getting more girlish clothing I started to complain and resist but she just made me wear dresses and skirts and had my long hair cut and curled in a very feminate way. After having to wear the frilly nighties and underwear and the lacy girls clothing for months. I actually had to admit that I really learned to like them. When I told my mom that I really preferred to be a girl, She was so happy and we went out and got even more items. At 13 I started wearing a padded bra, makeup, had both ears pierced and had my hair lightened. Most of the kids at school know I am a boy, but all of them just treat me as a girl. I have a girlfriend who is almost a year older then me and she loves the way I look and we enjoy going out, we do each others hair regularly, go shopping for clothes and hang out at the mall or beach a lot. I have long blonde hair, weigh about 125#,5’7″ and mom has been giving me hormones for over a year. I would really like to grow my own breasts, but the hormones have not caused any change there, but I have noticed some changes in my waist and thighs. I seem to be developing a girls figure but without any breast growth. My little brother is now 8 and he has been in girls items exclusively since he was 3, everyone assumes he is just a little girl and no one has ever doubted it. He has long slightly wavy hair and mom always has it in braids or pig tails. He was 3 when she started dressing him as a girl so he really never knew any difference and is quite content at being Mommy’s little girl. I love being a girlyboy and along with my brother, 14 year old sister, Mom and Dad we are a very close family and get along great. Dad loves us being feminine and although he has occasionally dressed up for Mom does not wear any female items and always dresses like a man. Mom has tried to convince him to go female with us but he has not agreed to any of it. I love looking like a girl and it is a real invigorating feeling going out and being called one and accepted as one everyday, I love it. I wish I knew more males who have done it, other then my brother I have only met one guy who lives as a girl and I hear that there are others out there like me, I have not met any others but would like to. I wish there were more moms like mine, because I think more boys could benefit from being girls and I love this life style.



Women Making Changes


It is a Delight to see more and more Women Taking Control and putting their husbands, boyfriends and sons into pretty skirts and dresses.  The Best way to Control a male is to Feminize him.  Today we will Focus on some Great Progress Women are making in this area!

Many Moms are taking their sons out of Sports, and enrolling them into Womanless Beauty Pageants, and in some cases, “Boy Pageants”!

Wives Feminizing husbands – The New Age Lifestyle

While toe boys are being put into cute dresses and makeup….more Girls are playing Football!

Related image

And Hockey!

Image result for girls playing hockey

And Wrestling!

Image result for Youth Girls wrestling

Men are learning that they need to be Pretty and Docile, wearing cute dresses and sexy nylons!

Here is a Letter from 1978 from Penthouse Letters Magazine.  Women have been working on Feminizing men for quite some time!

This first Letter is from the March 1978 Edition of Penthouse,
it is entitled , “The empress’s new clothes”.
My experiences with women’s clothes began a couple of years
ago, after my wife and I had married. One day, when my wife went
out shopping, I got an urge to go into her dresser and try on some
of her underwear. At first, it was just pantyhose, but as time went
on, I had to try panties and then bras; it was very exciting to wear
them. Everything was going well until my wife started noticing runs
in her pantyhose (I would get carried away at times) thet weren’t
there when she last wore them. She also began to look quizzically at
the traces of come in her panties. She must have suspected
something a little out of the ordinary. She didn’t tell me of her
discovery; she wanted to catch me in the act. One day she told me
that she was going to go shopping and left the house and drove off.
I waited a couple of minutes and went to the bedroom to slip into
something more comfortable (her sundry undies)and then went into the
living room to relax and do my nails. Suddenly, the door opened,
and my wife stood there with a a not-so-surprised expression on her
face. I could have shot in my panties. She stepped inside and said
her suspicion had been confirmed.
she assured me that she wasn’t mad and even said I looked cute
and demure. At that she went to the closet and removed her
prettiest dress and told me to put it on. She zipped me up and to
my delight, the dress fit surprisingly well. Then came some makeup,
a pair of shoes, and a pocketbook. That’s when she said, “let’s go
shopping!” I didn’t know what to say to that. Then she threatened
to tell the neighbors if I didn’t comply; so I had no choice but to
go. We went to Sears, where she insisted that I try on a dress she
picked out. I have to admit that it felt strange to be in a women’s
dressing room. I must have made a convincing woman, since I was
able to get into the dressing room, although at the entrance there
was a stern, matronly guard who eyed me suspiciously. I quickly
learned to affect a credible (I think), if somewhat clumsy and
exaggerated, nice swing of hips and ass. My wife must have done a
good job of arranging my shoulder length hair, and I’m sure that the
pink ribbon bolstered my feminine image.
A few weeks passed, and Christmas arrived. What a surprise I
had when I opened my first gift. There was a pair of latex falsies
(fabulous falsies) in my stocking! As I continued unwrapping, I was
elated to find such surprises as a pair of four-inch, knock-me-down-
and-fuck-me pumps, bras, panties, pantyhose, eye shadow, mascara,
lipstick, nail polish, a skirt, a blouse, even a rhinestone tiara,
which I couldn’t wait to flaunt on that “special occasion.” I was
so overwhelmed that I just hugged and kissed my wife for several
minutes. She asked me what I was waiting for and told me to get
dressed and made up. I remained in my new clothes all that day, all
the while listening to her telling me that I was quite pretty as a
girl. That night we had the most fantastic lovemaking session of
our lives. She told me that if wearing women’s clothing turned me
on so much, she didn’t mind at all.
A week later New Year’s Eve came, and so did her domination.
She had me make a resolution to keep my toenails polished and to
wear panties with pantyhose under my clothes everyday. On many
occasions I have had to change into a dress or a skirt and heels
when I get home from work. I’ve also had to polish my fingernails
and put on makeup at a moment’s notice. I am so lucky to have such
an understanding wife. One day she said that she would like to
bring a friend to “show off her girl.” That will be an exquisite
ordeal for me! – name and address withheld.

Adorable gurl. He’s done this before!!!


Here is a mother helping her son be pretty!

Linda – posted on 04/23/2017

I caught my Son last year wearing my panties. He was very shocked when I told him I could see them protruding above his pants. But I calmed him down and told him he has nothing to worry about. And that its quite normal and that a lot of boys his age do it in secret. I gave him several pairs of ladies panties and asked him if he wants to go any further and wear other girls clothes. He said no at time and were satisfied just with the underwear. A few weeks later he begged me to dress him up totally as a young woman.
I did so and even did his makeup. But it has remained a secret with just me and him. No one else ever needs to know. If I didn’t know about this he would have done it all in complete shame and isolation. so he has been able to do this without sneaking into my knicker drawer or stealing from anybody else bedroom.
This will not turn him into a woman or make him gay or weird. He is actually 100 % straight. Its just something he has to do. I think its a very interesting hobby.
So please talk to him about his situation it is a nice situation and not a problem. Please go with him on this journey and let him go as far as he wants. Produce him with the clothes he desires.

The Submissive Role is being given to the boys, while the Girls are getting more Dominant and Stronger!

More mothers are encouraging their sons to participate in “Boy in the Dress Events”

And Reverse Gender Days!


Here is a posting from a friend of mine, that unfortunately I have lost contact with.  His name is Patty.  Here is his experience with dating a masculine Woman.

Oct 13, 2002

Hi all,

I want to share with all of you a wonderful
experience I recently had. I went on a totally role-reversed
date with a wonderful masculine woman, and I posted two
photos from the date in the Photos Section of the group,
in an album called “Patti(2)’s Role Reversed Photos.” I blurred
her face somewhat to protect her privacy.

I met this woman, (Call her “F.”), through a mutual acquaintance from
the Queen Mary (a tg club in Southern California), and we emailed
back and forth a few times, until she asked me out and I happily
accepted. F. is a woman with a very strong masculine side, and
she is very attracted to feminine boys in dresses. We agreed
to meet for coffee at a bookstore/cafe in West Los Angeles.
When the day came, I went crazy trying to decide what to wear.
I tried on several skirts and dresses, and I fussed endlessly
over my hair and makeup. I *so* wanted to look as pretty as
possible for her. Even though I was truly agonizing, it also
gave me a huge thrill to think of how I was obsessing over my
dress, my hair, and my makeup, while SHE would doubtless spend
about two minutes throwing on a pair of pants. Indeed, when
we met, she was in jeans and a denim jacket, with no makeup.
She had a wonderful butch swagger about her. I was in a nice
black dress from Jones NY, black pumps, and tan nylons, with
full makeup and jewelry of course (you can see all this in the
pictures I posted). She immediately took charge of the date,
opening doors for me, guiding me possessively with her hand, and
holding my chair out for me. She paid for the coffee and snacks,
waiting in line while I sat prettily. At one point while she
was in line, I pulled out a compact mirror to check my makeup and
fluff my hair a bit. She caught me doing it and flashed me a huge
smile! When she came back, we talked for a couple of hours. She
did most of the talking, while I listened attentively. She told
me many times how pretty I was, and I caught her several times
staring at my legs. I was on cloud nine. When I went to
the ladies’ room to freshen up, she fondled my fanny as I passed
by her!!! When the date was over she hugged me and gave me
a gentle kiss. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward
to the next date. She has asked me out to dinner, and of
course I have accepted!! I hope you all enjoyed this account,
and the photos. Let me know what you think!!

Hi all,Some months ago I went on a role-reversed date with a masculine
woman and I posted pics from the date, in the Photos Area,
under an album called “Patti(2)’s Role-Reversed Pics.” Those
pics are still there–they are the first two, with me in a
black dress and my date in jeans. Now I have gone on two more
role-reversed dates, and I have posted the pics in the same
album. The first three new pics are from a wonderful date
I had with the same masculine woman as before. As you can
see, I am in a lovely print dress with a pretty sheer half-jacket
on top, with sheer tan hose and black pumps. She is in black jeans
and a sweatshirt. We had such a great time! She opened doors
for me, held my chair for me, and made me feel so cherished,
special, and protected. She has been working out and has
developed some pretty impressive biceps, which she loved bragging
to me about. I was suitably impressed, of course. The second
set of 2 pictures is of me on a date with a different masculine
woman, a very macho Latino. She is in the computer field.
You can see in the pics that I am in a black cocktail dress with
little flounces at the hem, and she is in black pants and a black
jacket. She was extremely aggressive, verbally, physically,
and sexually. In the second picture you can see her kissing me,
and you can tell how dominant she is and how submissive I am.
I was in HEAVEN. She led when we danced, she opened doors
for me, and she was not shy about copping a feel when she wanted
to. The whole time she literally caressed me with her eyes–I
felt completely objectified, but I really liked it. She talked
to me a lot about wanting to start a business, and how she
wanted to work hard and make a lot of money. She asked me
about my ambitions in life, and I said “housewife.” She
absolutely LOVED that. She asked if I would change my name
to hers if we ever got married, and I said OF COURSE, which
she also loved. You would not believe how absolutely masculine
and dominant this woman was. At one point we were having a
discussion about something, and I expressed some concern, and she said “Don’t worry your pretty head about that, darling”–
then she kissed me hard on the mouth before I could even answer.
Amazing. It all felt so natural and so right. This is the
way things should be.

Let’s get use to men in skirts!
Singin' and dancin'
Objectifying men is now a Major Goal of some Feminist Women!
Samantha Oliver - Yahoo Image Search results
Many Dominant Women are now Taking Total Control of the husbands and boyfriends through “Pegging”….really letting the males know who is in charge. Not only pegging, but also putting their men on very restrictive diets to improve their Figures!!!    what a Wonderful Reversal of Roles!   Here are a few excerpts from Strong Women:
Hmm, curious sissies want to know? Lisa has had 3 or maybe 4 of these parties. I was only able to attend the first one and the one she recently had. The first one was quite memorable. 3 Women in addition to Lisa and myself attended. The one woman had previously pegged her husband a few times. He end up being the most reluctant mostly because he was taken in front of people and cried quite a bit. He kind of refused at first so she lit into him and told him assume the position sissy boy. He wore males clothes to the party but had sexy panties underneath. The other two were virgin males and we gave them a little sedative to keep them come, both were a bit confused at first and when the first woman started pegging her sissy they become alarmed. We helped the other two get their males ready and watched joyfully as they become female masters. Both women were a bit uneasy at first Lisa instructed them how to do it right when going slow is the right approach and when force and fast needs to be done. By the time the party was over they were very much enjoying experiences and have returned for the follow up parties.

Thanks for the praise. I strongly believe most women would find pleasure in assuming the strong female master role. Too many women even today fall for the traditional weak women role. Whenever possible I love helping these kind of women empower themselves and joyfully watch as their inner master take over. Lisa, is already planning more parties and trying to get more first time women to attend so we can spread the word far and wide.

The best part of these parties is seeing the changes in the women and their sissies from party to party. At the first party the women were timed and the males were your typical guys drinking bear, legs spread wide without a care in the world. Now flash forward to the latest party and the dynamics are completely changed. The women are dressed in comfortable clothes and clearly in charge. The two males who were first pegged were in complete fem, their outfits clearly showing the style and control their wives have now. The first male (G) was wearing a very tight short mini dress and 6 inch heels. His legs were amazing and completely hairless, his wife bragged about him spending hours getting them waxed. His hair and makeup were done at a salon. The other male (F) was decked out in a tight hobble skirt and 6 inch heels, his wife has recently put him into corsets and changed his diet. No more meat or manly food allowed, he is now kept on a nice fem vegan diet, not allowed to go to the gym or workout any more. Both males still work as men with their paychecks going to their wives account. With no access to money they no longer allowed to waste time drinking beer and hanging out with their buddies. The female are in complete control and the males no they have no choice accept obey.


Mommy loves frills and wants to ensure her little brat never forget he is a prissy princess now.

Explore womenincommand's photos on Flickr. womenincommand has uploaded 128 photos to Flickr.

So nice to compare this picture below, a very Pretty boy to the picture under it…a Girl!

Image result for Youth Girls wrestling

Changing the Dynamics is Awesome!

Alexander City Middle School (AL) 2015 pageant

certain males/husbands, especially in marriage, are increasingly being considered ideal for fulfilling a more appropriate role to Women of today and future

Boys are now being enrolled in Ballet Classes at record levels!

While Girls are playing Football in Record numbers!

Image result for Youth Girls Playing Football

Image result for Youth Girls Playing Football

Image result for Youth Girls Playing Football

Don’t you think that these Girls would enjoy seeing the boys prancing around in their tutus and tights?



In Sweden, Gender Role Reversal is highly Encouraged!

Free swedish boy

We know who is now wearing the Pants!
Biology and culture - teens by Eves-Rib
Gender Role Reversal Examples
Beautiful girl in a black linen floral tie from mrFarneyatelier
At Home Dressed Formal In Suit Shirt And Tie
In her office at work.
Woman looking very dapper in men's suit.
Dog Breath

Beautiful Men!



As more men are embracing their Femininity, it is so nice to see how they are dressing, and trying to look attractive.  More Women are now able to find a pretty boy to be her submissive male wife!  It is only appropriate, that men and boys are now learning to look Pretty and Feminine to attract a Strong Woman to marry them!


onlymonica: “ After recital celebration. This is a dress I altered from a long gown. I added the satin bodice for some accent. ”

Lisa Johanna

Linda Zoe


onlymonica: “Quiet afternoon, shielding myself from the sun in my reflective swimsuit. ”

And sometimes, you just have to keep dreaming….


It's true: Youth is wasted on the young!

Philip Bunce says he splits his time fifty-fifty between his two personalities Philip and Pippa

P.C. Air's transgender flight attendants

Nothing wrong with flats, you might combine it with a pencil skirt and a nice jacket like so.

Mmmmm.. delicious!

Image result for Michalina Manios

Crossdressers Abound

elegant boy


Aubrey Frost

We're having a switch sex dance at school and mom took me shopping and helped me get ready. I love the way my dress and lingerie feel, maybe I can talk my girlfriend into switching with me; I'll bet wearing a wedding gown would be heavenly!


Welcome new princesses

Welcome new princesses

Wife total in control, poor husband doe not know what to think or do!

got married and now am the wife and she the man ,, what happen to my sexy lil wife she was so nice now she tell me what to do ,, on my kness all the time now ,, oh i love it

Marriage, Children and Cross-dressing

Strong Women will be insisting that their men wear pretty Bridal Gowns when they get married.  Of course, within the vows, the man will Promise to Love, Honor and OBEY!!!George you make me crazy, you're so sexy with this skirt, frilly blouse so !!! Not to mention when you walk in heels mmmmhhhh as swaying your hips !!! Please Jodi your colleagues are watching us and laughing !!! Sure Georgina, everyone knows that you are my Sissy secretary !!! And everyone knows how important it is to embarrass a Sissy !!! I see you're excited, because we do not go into my office and you do what any good secretary, knows he has to please his boss !!! (Chloe Sissi)

A beautiful and glamorous TV bride.


Pretty traps

Wedding dress

Jeniffer´s wedding dress Crossdresser Photos | Pictures of Crossdresser Tube Members

bridal lingerie , corset, panties, belts by Rafia T on Flickr. bridal lingerie , corset, panties, belts

The Controlled and Feminized male is a Happy male!

Sissy in the city!

S10 (360)

S10 (404)

maidthisway: “ yes mark you can walk home now ”

Elliot with girlfriend Sarah


Kim Petras - a boy becomes a girl (15 pics)

Aubrey Frost, Gorgeous!....<3




Good choice.

S3 (83)

All these men will be serving Women like this:

The Superior Female!

Today’s posting will concentrate on the Superiority of Women, and men and boys becoming the docile “sissies” that Women will need as wives and helpers!

The Strong and Confident Woman feels more Comfortable wearing the Pants!

Ig: @puertoricaninja

Here is a posting from a Strong Women describing her relationship with her sissy wife:

Judy says
June 25, 2013 at 2:21 am
I keep my sissy dressed enfemme at all times. He must do everything as a girl, or face strict punishment. I have a little game I play with him when we make love. First he has to entertain me by doing a strip tease stopping when he is down to his wasp waist corset, nylons, high heel pumps, and chastity belt. Then starting at my feet he licks, and kisses his way up my body. Only after he has licked me to multiple orgasms as a lesbian lover, will I strap on a dildo, and rape him.

Many Women today are looking for cute sissy boys like this:

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, shoes and indoor

Here is a posting from Rose about her relationship with her sissy!

There CAN be forced feminization. We were in college and one night I called my boy friend. I told him I needed him. He didn’t want to come which was exactly what I wanted. I asked until he came When we came I acted mysteriously upset and we cuddled until he got excited. It was easy then to make him change into my girdle, bra and nylons. I let him c– then forbid his taking off the clothes. I gave him fresh panties and told him to return in them tomorrow same time. Very quickly, he enjoyed this. I made him advance to women’s outer attire, and kept on until he’d beg for it. Then I sent him to my beautician in a dress. I think that’s forced.

As Women are putting men and boys in skirts and dresses, many Women are now wearing very Masculine pants and other manly clothing!

Boys that have been introduced to femininity at an early age, usually learn to embrace their femininity.  The following is Melanie’s story and how his mom introduced him to femininity!

Brat To Beauty Queen. Bad boy to good girl.

Melanie says
May 30, 2011 at 1:45 am
I was a regular boy until the age of 9. I was in cub scouts and for mother’s day we had a “mother and daughter” evening. At first I was reluctant, but my mother was determined to go and win the prize for the “best daughter”. The calendar meant we had plenty of time to prepare. My mom went around to a mother of a girl in my class (Jenni) to “borrow” some old clothes. when she returned with all these dresses and panties for me to try on. Once I was dressed up, we had a “fashion parade” where I was presented to all on show.I was very embarrassed, but my mom inspired me to keep going. She attacked my room and anything “boy” in the room was taken to the spare room. All my blue sheets were changed to pink sheets and the only boy thing in my wardrobe were my school uniforms. It was about 3 months before mother’s day and every night I slept in girls panties and pink nighties. When I got home from school each day I was forced to change into my girl uniform for the first week or so, but then i willingly changed into my girl’s clothes after each day of school and only played with my new best friend Jenni. Jenni taught me how to be a girl and we spent hours doing all sorts of girly stuff.
The big night game and I was awarded the “best girl” much to my squeals of delight. Just after that I cried when my mom decided to convert me back to a boy, but I refused so I was forced to burn all my girly things. I was hooked on being a girl so I would borrow Jenni’s clothes and she would give me her clothes to wear. It was our little secret.
I have kept it secret ever since and every girl I have dated has been my size so I can fit into her clothes. The first thing I do after I start dating these girls is to go completely en-femme in their clothes. Fortunately, I now work from home and my partner travels so just after she leaves, I slip into the dirty clothes basket! Whenever she travels away I go completely en-femme for the entire time she is away. I was lucky when she came home early one trip and found me so after she blew up at me, we had a little chat and now I am completely en-femme 100% of the time and are now in transition. I was immediately moved to the spare room and have been forbidden to enter her pleasuredom as a male, but our lesbian love life is second to none!

Many men are now learning that their real value is to look pretty for Women!

The Destruction of the Male Ego is Essential in gaining control!

Double the Feminization Fun
June 11, 2016 By Femdom Curator 1 Comment
When a woman begins feminizing a malesub or a slave sharing it with a female friend may make the task easier and more fun.

Artist: HunnyB
If you male is resisting being turned into a sissy he will find it harder to the wills of two dominant women. On the fun side you have someone to share your laughter as who introduce the sissified male to each unwelcome surprise.
You can compete is telling your sissy what humiliating experiences he’ll be facing. You shared amusement will shame the sissy.
Shaming a sissy is an essential part of his feminization. His masculine ego must be crushed.

submissive-shauna: “ sissy-sex-life: “sissy forced feminization, submissive weak boy turn into real sissy faggot ” Yes ”

Women that are Taking Control!

Dominant Wife’s Petticoat Discipline
May 21, 2016 By Female Led Relationships Editor 15 Comments
Wife Controls Husband with Petticoating

A woman’s story:
I make my husband wear women’s clothes on a regular basis. It started out one day before we were married. One day I asked him to buy a pair of pantyhose for me when he had already agreed to go to the grocery store. He said “No, I can’t do that.” I asked him why not, and he said “it would be too embarrassing.” This perplexed me, but at the same time a light went on in my head. So, later that night when we were kissing and stuff I told him he needs to become more comfortable with girly things and that I wanted him to try some things on for me “just for fun.” He said it was a “STUPID” idea. I said if he wanted to have sex we were going to have a little fashion show first, and I let him know I was serious. His horniness prevailed over his stubbornness, and when he donned a pair panties and a bra, I was surprised to see a sudden change: he became quiet, meek, the opposite of his usual macho attitude. When I caressed him through the panties and got him hard very fast, I teased him, “see, you like it!” He was beet red and stammering, vanquished- putty in my hands. Needless to say, the rest of the evening went MY way.
Ever since then, I have learned to manage his attitude and moods, and frankly dominate him, by making him wear various articles of feminine attire often- maybe a skirt or dress when we are home alone, panties and/or bra under his male clothes sometimes, nighties to bed from time to time. I vary it so he doesn’t get used to any particular routine. He used to balk at it, and I would just threaten NO SEX (that is powerful); I also use guilt trips like “can’t you do this one little thing for me, or are you too selfish?” While he may have latent fetishistic feelings, his conscious reaction is embarrassment, humiliation, swallowing his male “pride” and surrender to a more powerful force.
It is fun to take him shopping- he is mortified when he thinks a store clerk might know the clothes are for him. Another interesting thing is to make him wear a bra under a thin white shirt and a sweater when we go out. I threaten to confiscate the sweater if he misbehaves. He doesn’t.
I worked to awaken in him an association between female clothing and sexual pleasure, along with the meekness and submissiveness. I wanted it to be a lifestyle. At first, it was rocky; he would call it my “silly game” and try to trivialize it. Eventually, he learned to acquiesce to my brand of “petticoating” (a term I learned from the internet). That term, and the practice itself, has apparently been around for a long time.
It has been a success. He admits that I have taken him down a road where he cannot turn back. I have tightened the screws recently by introducing corporal punishment.

susan9316 says
February 27, 2013 at 7:48 pm
To me this is a wonderful story. Susan is my femme name and i envy your sissy husband. Each step in feminization is just a bit more transforming. Submission to you through corporal punishment probably feels just right. I know for me it began with a pair of panties and I have progressed from there, as my male sense of self steadily gives way to a new delight in myself as a sissy male, more and more embracing of the reality of my femininity. I can understand why your husband knows he has reached a place where he cannot go back. Petticoat discipline or a sweet new reality. After awhile they are the same.

Anonymous says
December 28, 2015 at 8:50 am
I love the way my wife dominates and controls me. She keeps me dressed in frilly dresses and petticoats. She also likes to put me in pleated skirts. I sit on her lap and she fondles me. She especially likes to feel my legs., which I find quite stimulating.

Felicity says
June 18, 2016 at 3:38 pm
Good story!
Love the part where she makes him wear a bra under his white shirt and sweater, whilst out in public, with his constant awareness, excitement and anxiety of his femininity and that she has the power to expose him, if he misbehaves, at any given time.
Off course, she would make him wear a very vivid color or black bra, (frilly, lacy or satin) that would definitely show up under his white shirt.
Perhaps, she would also touch and feel the outline his bra cups, straps and band over his man clothes to make him more aware of his vulnerability.
Love it.
All men should be made to wear a bra! LOL
Isn’t that making your man wear a bra, the most feminine garment, the best part in a female led relationship?

Jeanette says
June 12, 2017 at 5:54 am
I liked the story too.
Sending your man out wearing a bra ? here’s tip, sew a couple of stitches between the Bra and his Shirt you will know if he has tried to remove his bra.
Have him wear crotch less panties, he cant forget who is in charge as he will feel uncomfortable all day long or have him wear a pair of your old knickers (nylon or Silk) with very loose elastic! they will continually slip down his buttocks all day too.

Good luck girls x

Pricilla says
October 10, 2018 at 5:23 pm
My wife started having me cross dress by telling me that she didn’t have time to do the laundry and had me wear her panties because I didn’t have any clean under shorts. After a few days of wearing her panties I started to object so she said I was going to be punished and would have to wear her nighties to bed. After wearing her panties and nighties for about a week, she decided that we needed to go shopping and get me my own panties and nighties. I objected, when she told the sales lady that we were buying panties and nighties for me, she said that I needed another punishment. After shopping for my new langerie, she said we were going to a department store to get me a whole new outfit since I could not be nice enough to let her have some fun buying me some new things. She said if I continued to be disagreeable she would really teach me a lesson. I knew she was really angry with me so I told her whatever she wanted me to do would be fine. We ended up in the women’s department of a department store where she started looking at very feminine and frilly blouses. She kept asking me if I liked different ones. After saying I didn’t like them I began to see how angry she was getting with me so I told her that I liked the next one that she picked out. It was pink with fluffy short sleeves and had lots of lace on it. She was very pleased with me when I said that I liked it. Then she said we would need to find a cute skirt to go with it and some cute shoes and a purse that would look nice with it. I was horrified but knew I better not say a word. She found a cute skirt that came about 3 inches above my knee. It was plaid and had pleats all around it. It reminded me of a skirt that girls wore to Catholic schools. She had me try on the blouse and skirt and said I looked adorable in it. Next thing I new, we were in the shoe department where she found me a pair of really cute Mary Jane style shoes. Next was my purse, which she said I would need to carry all my things in. As she bought me all these things she told each sales girl that they were for me. I was sooo humiliated that I could not speak. As we were leaving the store we passed through the cosmetics department. She stopped to talk to the sales clerk for a minute. After she spoke to the women, she told me to sit on the stool that was next to the counter. She proceded to get some lipstick from the counter and as she started to put it on me she told me that my wife explained to her how I wanted to bring my feminine side out and that I just bought a really cute skirt and blouse. She applied the hot pink lipstick to my lips and then told me to look in the mirror to see how nice it looked. I was shocked how bright it was. My wife told the clerk we would take it and she told me to pay the nice lady for it. She then said fairly loud, we need to hurry and get me home so I could put my new skirt and blouse on, so we would not be late to meet her girlfriend for dinner. I was very nervous and could not believe she was taking me out to dinner to meet with her friend Dianne. I have been wearing women’s clothes ever since.
Recently my wife started having me wear women’s slacks and not to feminine blouses with women’s flats and hose to work. My wife said that eventually she wants me to wear dresses and skirts all the time, including to work. I am sure this is my new life, which I am beginning to enjoy.

From the Miss Engineering Male Pageant! (Women Need to Insist on More and More Male Beauty Contests!)

Transformation of 2016 Ms Eng'g candidate.

Transformation of 2017 Ms Eng'g candidate.

Transformation of 2017 Ms Eng'g candidate.

Transitioning from a Bratty Boy to a Pretty Sissy is Awesome!

crossoverdress: “Holly @ Dress Me Up ”

Image result for pretty boys in dresses

Hopefully we will start to see Gentlewomen’s Clubs, featuring Feminized males in cute bunny outfits, all for the pleasure of Women!

The FUTURE Belongs to STRONG Females!   

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Related image

Related image

Don’t these STRONG Athletes deserve to have pretty sissy boys as their partners?

Related image

Related image

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Football for boys is ending…..this is the male Future!

Britney Smith

Britney Smith

Britney Smith

We are seeing how Prissy dress, and delicate nylons are now for boys, while Cleats and Sweat socks are for Girls!

Britney Smith

Britney Smith

Petticoated Boy

Britney Smith

Wearing Clothes that you Like, or Your Woman Likes you to Wear!

Today’s posting is going to chronicle how some Women love wearing “Masculine” clothing, and how some men and boys like wearing skirts and dresses.  This is a concept that continues to grow.  Is it actually crossdressing, or just being yourself?

Related image


What should I do to help my daughter with boyish interests? She likes playing Minecraft with her brother and has no interest in the dolls I got her. I fear she shows signs of being gay. As her father, how do I stop it?
Dorothy Hockenberry, You don’t need a reason to help someone.
Updated Sat
If there was ever a question meant for me, this is it.
I was just like your daughter and you are just like my mother. I hated dolls, I hated dresses, I hated doing my hair, and I hated most “girly” activities. I loved jeans, I loved “boy” toys, I loved digging in the dirt, and I loved exploring the woods. My mother was also dead certain that I was gay.
She did her “best” to change who I was into who she thought I should be. She refused to buy me any toys that were “boy” toys, she bought me dresses and girly clothes, she got me pink lacy things for my room. She constantly criticized me for “walking like a boy”, “eating like a boy”, “sitting like a boy”, “sleeping like a boy”.
I couldn’t be what she wanted. It was the complete opposite of who I was. I hated wearing dresses, dolls and most “girl” toys were mind numbingly dull and boring. I didn’t see the point of waggling my hips to seem more dainty and “girlish” when a fast stride would get me to my destination faster. It didn’t make any sense.
I didn’t realize that my mother thought I was gay and was trying to “hate the gay away” until I was older. Back then I just thought she hated me and believe me, it certainly felt that way. I just wanted her to love me for who I was inside, to love me for me. But everything I did, the things I wanted to play with, the things I wanted to do, the things I wanted to read, or even the musical instrument I wanted to play, were always somehow wrong. I always knew she was deeply disappointed with what she got as a daughter.
After I became a teenager, my mother started to get irritated that I had no real interest in make-up or boys. She started asking me if I were gay and she would inform me that I would end up as a lonely spinster. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer when I was an older teen, she didn’t let up. Her final gift to me was a box full of make up and a pair of gold Mickey Mouse earrings. She couldn’t accept me for who I was, even at the end of her life.
Now the ironic thing is is that I’m not gay. I have no sexual interest in women at all. I’m just a woman who prefers pants over dresses, red over pink, Transformers over Barbie, no make-up to make-up, and video games over fashion. Not only that but, I have a wonderful husband with whom I’ve been married for over nineteen years. He loves me just the way I am.
Even after all these years, I am still angry and hurt over what my mother did to me. She made me hate myself, feel like I was never good enough, and that I was worthless as a person. It’s taken me years of support and therapy to undo what she did. All that suffering and pain. And all because I wasn’t who she thought I should be.
How do you stop your daughter from liking “boy” things? You can’t. Not without damaging your daughter and poisoning your relationship with her.
How can you stop your daughter from being gay? You can’t. She either is or she isn’t. Only she will know for sure. What a child plays with or wears or acts like is not an indication of whether the child is gay or not.
I can recommend that you love your daughter and support her in her interests, even if you would rather her be playing with dolls. Show her love if she turns out to be straight or if she turns out to be gay. Show her that you love her for who she is, not for who you want her to be.
Personally, I wouldn’t raise my own two daughters any other way.
24.6k Views · View Upvoters · View Sharers


Image result for girls wrestling




As a man, do you wear skirts/dresses/tights in public? What is the experience like? What reactions do you get? Do people actually care?
Paul Tebbe
Answered Thu

I love wearing skirts and dresses in public. At first it was very tough going out in public wearing a skirt and pantyhose. I felt like everyone was staring at me and judging me. But I kept doing it, and got use to wearing them. Some people comment and lots give second looks but most mins their own business or try to avoid acknowledging the fact I have a skirt on. Kids are the worst. They laugh and comment out loud all the time. Or they ask their parents why a man has a dress on. I can’t imagine my life without wearing skirts and pantyhose

Do girls like to see men in tights?
Amy Oakes, Dressmaker, Fashion Designer and Artist. at Aeon Infinitas (2009-present)
Answered Apr 24

Ohhh the festival i was at in the weekend… so many hot man butts in tights…. It was one of those events where you could wear any costume that made you happy. Some guys wore dresses. Some wore full drag. Some just wore underpants. Some wore rainbow spandex onesies.
I think its amazing when both men and women can express their inner selves through fashion without being judged! Why can’t the whole world be like this!

The following answers are from Sarah Wagner.  If you remember, Sarah was part of the “Exclusive Postings” about her husband and brother, Joanne & Amy:

What should I do to make my husband a sissy? He is much interested and wants me to help him become a sissy.
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 25
First of all, you have to be okay with this. You will find that you will have to step up and assume the Dominant role in your marriage. Someone who wants to be a sissy tends to be very submissive.
I toyed with the idea of making my husband into a sissy. But, the more I thought of it, the more I knew that this just wouldn’t be right, Instead, I led him down a path of feminization to where he now blends in with other women. He will never be allowed to have SRS, but in every other way he is my wife now.
In your case, I suggest you test his resolve. Take him to Victoria’s Secret, probably early or late, to get him measured and fitted for bra and panty sets. They are very good and non-judgmental. They just want your money.
If he passes that, then his guy underwear is gone. Take him, or better yet, send him to a salon for some color, a more feminine cut and a mani/pedi with color polish. Have him get his ears pierced. Have him get a make over at someplace like the MAC counter, Sephora or Ulta. Take him shopping and have him try on all sorts of women’s clothes.
If you have got this far, he hasn’t balked at this and you are comfortable with your new husband, then the sky’s the limit and have fun.

‘Rock star’ boy goes to school dressed as female cheerleader because ‘girls are awesome’ – despite being teased and called ‘gay’ - Storytrender


How did you find out that you were a sissy?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Sep 3
When my brother and husband started their journey’s to womanhood, they were allowed to be sissies. It was my sister-in-law and my opinion that we wanted our “husbands” to become as feminine as possible and not just men in dresses. Sissies tend to have a low self-esteem. We wanted them to be confident feminine “men”.


I have a crush on a boy that looks like a girl, sounds like a girl, acts like a girl, and dresses like a girl. He is very obviously gay. What do I do?

boy with women's clothes
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Sep 3
Your friend sounds like my “brother”. Growing up, my sister and I would constantly dress him up. He got to the point, that he felt very comfortable wearing girl clothes and acting like a girl. At 14 he got his ears pierced and he started coloring/highlighting his hair at 15. By the time he graduated from high school, he was very androgynous, leaning more to the feminine side. He started Cosmetology school and met his future wife there. He has since transitioned and they are still happily married.
So if you have a crush on him, help him become a girl, if he wants to, and maybe try being a lesbian with him. If he is gay, then still be his friend because he will need all of the help and support he can get.
Good Luck

What shaving gear does men use to shave their arms and legs?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Aug 30
When my “brother” Amy and “husband” Joanne started shaving their legs and arm pits, they used an electric trimmer to remove the excess hair first. They then used a Venus razor and Skintimate Ultra Moisturizing shave cream. Even with exfoliating, they both developed shave bumps as the hair started to grow back. They then tried waxing and have been waxing since.

How old were you when you started wearing a bra?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Oct 22
For me it was 12, but then I was born a girl. My sister and I got our “brother” too try on his first bra when he was 13. We were having a slumber party and Scott wanted to hang out with us. We told him that he would have to look and act like one of the girls, not his first time, and since he was old enough to sport some breasts, we had him wear a bra. That was the first of many time there after.

Do women like men who are sissies?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 11

Yes some women like men to be sissies. Yes they tend to be very Dominant and their “boyfriend/husband” are very weak. A sissy is a guy who acts, dresses, etc. overly feminine. Almost anyone who see them knows they are men in dresses.
My sister and I started to feminize our brother at a very young age, 4 or 5. We always encouraged him to act like a girl and never like a sissy. As a result, he is living as a woman now with a very Dominant wife. I did the same thing with my husband. He is now living as a female and not a sissy. Neither one was ever given the option of being a sissy.
Making a man/boy a sissy might be a good way of tearing them down. But, in my opinion, they need to be built back up with the confidence of being female. The best male to female transition is one where they just blend into the background.


Do sales associates enjoy helping men buy bras and panties for them, or is it just an easy sale?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 6

I have a friend, Melanie, that is a manager for our local VS store. She says that there are two types of men who shop in VS. The first, and most common, are those who are actually buying for their wife/girlfriend. For the most part those are easy sales because the guys just want to get out of there.
The other men, like you are asking about, are “harder” sales. I say harder because they take more time, like women do, choosing and trying on what they want to buy. In both cases, the average man tends to spend more money than the average woman does. Because of this, Melanie’s Sales Associates “fight” over the men who come in and are eager to help them. VS has a policy of treating every customer, regardless of gender, the best they can and make them feel comfortable. The men buying bras and panties for themselves, especially the first time, spend more if they are made to feel comfortable. They lose the need to escape, start enjoying the experience and spend more.
Melanie started working for VS 20 years ago. She started in San Francisco and had some regular men customers then. Now she says that their monthly sales, of panties for men, is about 5% of their total sales. Melanie says that she expects to see sales to triple in the next 5 years.

What is it like to wear ladies clothing?
Sarah Wagner
Answered Sep 8
For me, I have always worn women’s clothes and, for the most part, they are just clothes. A few years ago, my “husband” Joanne told me that she now prefers women’s clothes over the men’s clothes she had been wearing. She likes that they are, as a rule, lighter, softer and more colorful.

Did you walk out of the lingerie store wearing your 1st bra after purchase?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Aug 30
I walked out of Penney’s wearing my first bra but, then I was a girl. When we took my brother and husband, to VS, for the first time, they wore theirs out too.

When cross-dressing, do you typically try to go for a bigger breasted look or more of a natural smaller breast look?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Aug 9
Both my brother and husband have been encouraged to blend in. Because of that, they have always gone for a more natural look.

How was your experience cross-dressing as a male in a skirt or dress without makeup or wig?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Aug 8
Before my husband actually started to transition, to test his obedience, I gave him a skirt to wear when we went shopping. He was reluctant at first but soon became comfortable wearing it. Yes he got some looks and stares but he soon got used to those too. Later he told me that when, not if, he wore a skirt in public again, he wanted to look more like a woman. I knew I had him there.

When you first started wearing a bra as a male, how did you feel?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Aug 7
My brother and husband had different experiences. My brother Scott, now Amy, had been dressing on and off for years. When he turned 15, my sister and I took him to Victorias’s Secret for his birthday. At first he was scared to death but, very quickly was put at ease by the Sales Associate while she measured and fitted him. He must have tried on 10 different bras and settled on 3, of which he wore one home. Of course he had to get matching panties. He told me later that wearing a bra just felt so right and he loved how they made him look.
I told my husband he had no choice. He could either go bra shopping, for him, with me or leave. I told him that from now on, he would be wearing bras and panties everyday from now on. He reluctantly came along and he was also scared to death. The Sales Associates did make him feel comfortable, it just took longer than with my brother. We ended up getting him 6 bras and 3 matching panties for each. At first, John dreaded having to wear a bra and panties all of the time. But, as time went by, the more he got used to them. After a month, he was cleaning out all drawers getting rid of his old guy underwear.

How does a guy make his figure look more like that one of a female in a natural way?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Aug 7
Both my brother and husband used a combination of diet, exercise and wearing a waist training corset to give them more of a feminine figure. My advice is, if there is a corset maker close to you, go and get fitted for a custom made corset. They are much more comfortable to wear, since they are made for your body, and will do a better job shrinking your waist.

How can I not be embarrassed in shopping for bras in public?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Aug 7
Remember that the Sales Associates goal is to have you leave your money with them. To do this most will make you feel at ease and help you select what is right for you. It took my husband less than 5 minutes to go from being scared to death to relaxing and enjoying the process.

What will it take for men to wear what they want in public, I mean bras, skirts, dresses or shorts?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 17
I think it is just a matter of time. If you think about it, thing are very different than just 30 years ago. It is not uncommon now to see men with their hair colored, wearing earrings, makeup, dressing very unisex. I think in the next 30 years, you will see a major shift in society. Women will take on more of the traditional masculine role and me will take on a more of a feminine role. Sometime in the near future they will intersect then continue to where the women become the men and the men become the women.
It is already happening now. I started my husband down the road to femininity 6 years ago. His role was to blend in and he has succeeded very well.

What’s your favorite thing about seeing your guy in your heels and lingerie?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 11
The first time that my husband accepted wearing high heels and lingerie, was the when I knew I had complete Dominance over him. The rest was easy.

Have you ever let your husband put on a Maxi-pad?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 11
My husband and I have synchronized periods. When I start mine, he starts his. He makes sure he is cleaned out, squirts 3 – 5 ounces of V8 juice inside him, followed by a tampon and a pad to protect against leaking.

How can I tell my sister that I want to try on her panties? We have a good relationship, and I will do anything to wear them.
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 11
Most girls/woman don’t like to have others wear their panties. Since you have a good relationship with your sister, tell her that you would like to start wearing panties and could she help you buy some for yourself.

What is it like for a guy to wear a chastity belt?
Sarah Wagner, Helped my brother and husband become women.
Answered Jul 7
I locked my husband in a chastity device after we were married. I gave him the choice of accepting it or leaving. He wore it almost continuously for over a year. By then, he was “trained” to be completely submissive to me and to be able to cum without touching his penis, through anal stimulation. It was a bittersweet moment for him when I released him. He got to enjoy wearing it but, he also wanted to start wearing tight women’s pants. I no longer had to “threaten” him as he became completely submissive and was well on the road to living as a female.

Do men wear pretty panties?
Sarah Wagner
Answered Jul 6
My brother and husband have been exclusively wearing VS panties for many years now. They both say they love the way they fit tight and they don’t realize that they are wearing they until they feel their pants rubbing next to the panties. They both love the hip huggers, cheekini and thongs.

Can a 14-year-old boy wear frilly socks and fluffy girl’s pajamas?
Sarah Wagner
Answered Jul 4
If they don’t mind the possibility of being bullied because they want to wear frilly socks, why not. AS far as what they wear to bed, who cares. Wear what makes you feel the most comfortable.

My husband wants to wear revealing dresses and wants to be pegged and treat as a promiscuous woman. Is this normal?
Sarah Wagner
Answered Jul 4
Strictly speaking, this isn’t normal or the norm. But, that doesn’t make is wrong. After we got married, my husbanded became feminized. He started having fantasies about being pegged, so I made his fantasy come true. I had him start dressing in a provocative way and start acting promiscuous. I started him wearing prostrate simulators, tampons and/or butt plugs. Then I started pegging him with my dildo. He has learned to love and crave being pegged. I love the control that it gives me over him.
Go ahead and try it, what do you have to lose?

Are there other men out there who like to wear soft, silky nightgowns, especially the long ones?
Sarah Wagner
Answered Jul 4
My husband likes to wear soft silky nightgowns, especially when we are playing around. But, he usually wears the shorter baby dolls because he does get twisted up in them when he sleeps.

Why does my girlfriend want me to wear her panties and bras?
Sarah Wagner
Answered Jul 2
There could be many answers to this question. It could be as simple as just a fun diversion in the bedroom to seeing how much control she can get over you. Have you shown her an interest in what she is wearing and is this something that you want to do? It is harmless and who knows, you may go to enjoy it. My husband and I have developed a lesbian relationship over the years and he loves wearing lingerie.

Should men just start wearing bras and panties?
Sarah Wagner
Answered Jul 2
A very big yes for me! Many men, like my husband, are growing man boobs. They just look, and feel, better if they were supported. I have know several men who regularly were bras, and matching panties.
I decided to get my husband into a bra and panties. I “made” him go to VS and get measured and try on his first bra (38B)/panty set. It was a very humbling experience for him but, the sales associates soon made him feel comfortable. His attitude has completely changed. He has become less aggressive and more attentive to me. It took almost a month before he completely accepted them as a normal part of his attire. Now he has more than I do.
I am a firm believer that the more men are subjected to feminization, the happier they will be and the better our society will be. My friend Patti has a blog, The New Age Lifestyle you might want to look at.

Can boys wear girls clothes and lingerie?
Sarah Wagner
Answered Jun 25
Yes they can! My sister and I, with our Mother’s approval, used to dress our younger brother up all of the time. After a while it became 2nd nature to him and he even started wearing panties on a regular basis.



6 months ago my husband of 4 years (partner of 9) came out to me as trans male to female. While I have always loved my husband and found him attractive I consider Kylie a total upgrade from Kyle….

6 months ago my husband of 4 years (partner of 9) came out to me as trans male to female. While I have always loved my husband and found him attractive I consider Kylie a total upgrade from Kyle....

Women are Loving seeing their men being Pretty and Feminine……It is Truly becoming a Woman’s World!

Image result for girls wrestling

Related image

Image result for girls wrestling

Image result for girls wrestling

Female Dominance & Male Feminization

Today’s posting is going to point out many changes that are occurring in Society!  Many men and boys are finding themselves in pretty skirts and dresses, while more and more Women and Girls are getting involved in “Masculine” activities!   Surely a Delight to see!

Girl’s Football Leagues continue to Grow!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Related image

Related image

Many Women are now developing their Muscles and cutting their hair short, creating a “Tough” Look!

LOVE her Biceps!

“100% raw built off of consistency, negative energy, & being gay af 🤷‍♂️
One Tough Woman!

One Tough Woman!


And the men and boys are learning their New Role…..

El rincón de Anel

Some Mothers are teaching their sons how pretty they can be!


four-year-old CJ after dressing himself to run to the store. At the time this photo was taken, I was comfortable with his Spider-Man shirt and uncomfortable with everything else he was wearing. Now, I’m comfortable with everything he’s wearing in the photo EXCEPT the Spider-Man shirt. If you’re uncomfortable with your kid’s outfit or gender expression today, you may not be in four years. Evolutions take time. . . . . .

#fbf to four-year-old CJ after dressing himself to run to the store. At the time this photo was taken, I was comfortable with his Spider-Man shirt and uncomfortable with everything else he was wearing. Now, I’m comfortable with everything he’s wearing in the photo EXCEPT the Spider-Man shirt. If you’re uncomfortable with your kid’s outfit or gender expression today, you may not be in four years. Evolutions take time. . . . . . #gendernonconforming #parenthood #gendernonbinary #parenting #genderf

Ein jahr liegt zwischen den Bildern, dies ist das letzte Bild von Finn bevor er zu Sophia wurde und sie ihren seelenfrieden fand. Ja ich vermisse meinen Finn und manchmal überkommt mich ein Gefühl der Angst, ob das alles so richtig ist. Doch dann schau ich mir die Bilder von Sophia an und sage hell yes ! Dieses strahlende Gesicht ist es Wert  kämpfen, sie zu stärken und ihr zu versichern, egal wieviele Steine  der Weg noch haben wird, Ich bin an ihrer Seite und wir bauen aus den Steinen ein Berg

And while many boys are now enjoying wearing pretty skirts and dress….more Girls are signing up for Football!!!

Related image

Related image

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

How many of these “Tough” Football playing Girls like seeing boys in Cute little skirts?

An ulta opened by my house this week and i’ve been there twice already. my life is now complete. 💄✨ . . . . . . .

an ulta opened by my house this week and i’ve been there twice already. my life is now complete. 💄✨ . . . . . . . #thesupercoops #gendernonconforming #pridewonthide #happypride #genderfluid #beyondthebinary #transkids #lgbt #lgbtq #babydrag #babydragqueen #dragqueen #queen #nonbinary #rainbow  #kinderdrag #boyswearmakeup #pride #ulta #anastasiabeverlyhills  #nyxcosmetics

an ulta opened by my house this week and i’ve been there twice already. my life is now complete. 💄✨ . . . . . . . #thesupercoops #gendernonconforming #pridewonthide #happypride #genderfluid #beyondthebinary #transkids #lgbt #lgbtq #babydrag #babydragqueen #dragqueen #queen #nonbinary #rainbow  #kinderdrag #boyswearmakeup #pride #ulta #anastasiabeverlyhills  #nyxcosmetics

Many Girls prefer wearing pants and having a “mannish” image!

Sam Carey, 13, said: 'I’ve known from a young age that I was different and, as I have a close relationship with my family, I felt confident to tell my parents'

Alex Sheppard, 16, felt since he was around nine or ten that he did not fit his gender. He was hysterical at the thought of starting female puberty

Kye MacKin, 17, said: 'At primary and secondary schools I was laughed at. Puberty felt wrong. I was very unhappy; I’ve tried to kill myself many times.' He said it was 'liberating' to be at a prom where he could wear what he wanted

So now more men are Accepting their New Role as Pretty “Helpers” to the Strong Females!

“NOTE: I will block anyone who takes my pictures and reposts them on their site as their original content. If you like something I post, please reblog it from this site. I love when people do that. Thanks.
Monica, your legs are to die...

Hai em trai mặc váy cô dâu để cho chị gái làm


sissy maid cleaning is never finished

Monica Galvez

bettany tv

I told you that you would look good in my clothes brian

My Little space for Gurls in Lingerie & sexy pics





The World is Changing Indeed!

As the World Turns…..to Female Control!

Today’s Posting will as always center on Gender Role Reversal, and the Reality that Women are making some Great Strides in the Feminization of their men and boys.  I will Quote from a couple of other boards from Women that are in the process of Advancing the Cause of Womankind, for Power and male submission.

Uhm … Mistress … i don’t understand why it is ridicilous, please? This is my best sissy dress and i took really care for my make-up as well…?
But please, could You put me into my chastity cage again…? i feel a little bit naked down there … with only...

The first post is from Katrina and some of the Great Progress she has made with her hubbette!  What I really like about her approach is that she is revealing him as a feminine man.  If Women are to Take Control, this is a very Important aspect of the transformation.  I also Love that she is exposing other Women to the Great Benefits of having a feminine man in her life, and using that as an example of what can be accomplished.  Here is her post:

Katrina says
13th September 2018 at 3:23 am
Hi Lady Alexa! I returned home today after a 22 day stay in the hospital. I had to return because of an infection and other complications from the auto accident I was in. So happy to be home!
My friend Donna watched over and led Selina while I was gone, or as Donna said, she was “Sissy sitting”. Selina greeted me wearing the Sissie lingerie set from the Birch Place Shop that Donna purchased. Selina was absolutely adorable! Donna had taken her to the salon she goes to and had them do Selina’s hair, makeup, nails, brows, etc. for my return home! Selina was so pretty, docile, and feminine! My friends that visited me were impressed with how feminized Selina has become.
My precious husband, or as I am going to start calling her, my “hubette” is happy to have me home! I will explain more about what Donna was able to accomplish in my absence soon. She did put Selina into chastity and I have not removed it….not sure when or if I will! She also has a butt plug in most of the time.
Selina is living full time as a feminized male and working as such as well! I will be focusing on removing the last traces and signs of masculinity from my cute hubette in the upcoming days and weeks!
I am glad to be back on the blog and will soon be posting regularly.


Katrina says
15th September 2018 at 7:15 pm
Thank you Lady Alexa! Yes, Selina was in good hands with Donna. Everything that took place was either initiated or agreed upon by me of course. Donna does love having Selina be ultra feminine often bordering on sissification so I gave her some leeway. Now that I am home and on the mend the goal is to get into a regular routine and Selina living life as a feminized, subservient male. As Cathy Peterson does with her husband the attitude is….this is our life, I am in charge, your job is to obey and submit to me. Our marriage has changed so much in nearly 5 months and all for the better! I love having a cute hubette!



More of what is happening with Women’s encouragement:

My son last week started year two at school. During year one in the summer term, he decided he wanted to wear a dress. I and my husband said yes we have no problem with him wearing a dress. He loves it even though his school friends ask him why. That is fine because kids are curious and I can tell you after the novelty they soon weren’t bothered at all. I also want to say at any time he can choose to change as he has a spare shorts and tee-shirt in his bag.

Now that my youngest who also is a boy started school last week has also asked to wear a dress, he asked we said yes. Now both my boys wear dresses at school.”

I am cool with my son wearing a dress

Great mother she is not alone there are many boys now being raised to be gender creative/fluid and smart empowered mothers are leading the way to make this mainstream.


One Strong Woman


True change happens behind the scenes and not in the headlines. Too many people are naive to Herstory and the struggles women have faced since the beginning of time. We had to fight for every inch of freedom we have today, and don’t be fooled we are just as close to losing all these freedoms and being return to male property as we are to achieving Femtopia. For everyone on this forum this is a critical time period in Herstory. LGBTQ and women rights are forever linked, the nasty alpha males who are against our cause are always planning and working on taking away all the freedoms we have achieved over the last century. Let me be clear this is not about politics the donkey is no more the friend of our liberties than the elephant. The so called feminist leaders are false prophets who are only focus on their own power and not true feminist liberty for all women. The system is stacked against us and we have to be willing to radically change the system to work for us. Some people believe in equality and it would be great if it had any chance of working, maybe someday it will. Until then we have a choice take complete control and rule over males making them the weaker feminine gender or accept our fate forever as the property of alpha males. Never forget if we lose this war women will never again have any chance of freedom. It’s our turn to lead and maybe in a few millennium of true female rule – we will be enlighten enough to form a true equality based society.

My personal mission is always evolving and it has become clear that I need to start mentoring the next generation of radical feminist to move the ball further down the field than I could alone. Over the last decade I have been preparing for the next chapter in my life, while I will always champion the cause of mothers using petticoating this alone will not achieve the next step. The good news is this does not need to be my focus any more, there are millions of brave amazing mothers already happily using petticoating and those numbers are growing! My role forward is to mentor the next generation of brave warrior girls who will someday be the leaders of Femtopia.

Chris the Radical Feminist

Love those Muscles

I operate in the corporate world and I can say the toxic macho male has been castrated by the feminist movement started in the 1970’s and is in its last throes, our office consists of over 20 employees and only 3 are male. They are kept together in one office and really are frightened scared little babies. When we pass in the corridor they keep their eyes lowered and rarely speak, our VP of operations is a strong woman Kelly who has expressed anger over the slightest thing wrong they do as we girls hear her voice and look and smile to each other, Mad Men days are long gone and not coming back, movements like “MeToo” and the laws passed will further move the males out of corporate business once and for all…as to RF comment about fighting for rights well we are witnessing the last eruption of toxic male response to the inevitable change taking place and they can’t stop it. We women are moving the boys out of their seats of power and wearing the pants now. You have to be alert enough to see it but its happening day by day, this is the woman’s century, keep the faith sisters!


They were hired to the lowest paid positions and are pathetic trying to keep pace with their female coworkers, I think there because of quota concerns. Best of all they’re all in their 40’s and 50’s as we are mostly 20’s to 40 and truthfully can’t stand them. They are afraid and in constant fear of being let go as I heard Jay literally crying in Kelly’s office when he begged for another chance and was given as I think she likes to make him cry so we can all hear. Shaun is a wimp who never speaks and scared of us as we are loud and have fun as girls. Kelly has some of us strictly watch their break and lunch times. Some of the young girls are so hot but they know don’t even look at her or else, so they are finished in corporate environment and this is everywhere I’ve seen for many years talking about the road ahead its a smooth one for us ladies and wimpy men…as to petticoating they probably would if told to save their jobs Ha Ha

Heidi, thanks for sharing. Yes in many companies women are taking over there are still too many males in power but their days are numbered. My focus moving forward is to prepare the next generation to seize the opportunities we have provided and make sure they take full control.


09-11-2018, 02:12 PM
As I said this is something I started planning more than a decade ago. At the time I had no idea this would be the path forward. We have made such great progress over the last few years and momentum is starting to build that makes changing my focus now the right next step. What has made this possible is the power of the internet and the tireless sacrifice by the amazing women (especially mothers) who I have the pleasure of calling friends. A few years ago the demand for my services was out of control and there was no way to keep up, thanks to awesome moms I helped we formed the first mommy council from that a dozen more mommy councils have formed and more are coming. The goal of the mommy councils is to inform and assist mothers raising strong warrior girls and prissy princess sons. The council vary with size; some are small with only 3 or 4 mothers others have close to 50 members. We have councils all across the world now and several in the US. During this period of time I have become friends with dozen other women like myself who are champions of petticoating. Over the years I have made time when possible to mentor high school and college age young women. This has been a passion of mine even as a child to help open the eyes of other women. Over the summer I started working with amazing young warrior named Kendal who reminds me of a young radical feminist ready to take on the world. Thanks to this experience we are creating the Warrior Girl Organization, think girl scouts for radical feminist (Sorry no cookies sales) instead our focus will be on building the true female leaders of tomorrow. Kendal has already recruited 2 female classmates for the group and we are working on getting others involved with plans to start meeting soon. The best part is each mommy council will be working on forming their own Warrior Girls. The future is female!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

The perfect babysitter!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

An adorable pretty boy!

Related image


Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football


“ tockthewatchdog:
“america please import this concept
they are not “androgynous girls”
they are nonbinary. they self-identify as genderless. their fans refer to them as meishaonian, or “handsome youths.”
the band is called FFC-Acrush,...

“The Future Looks Beautiful!
Strong Women need to Feminize the males in their lives!



The Women are Winning AND Taking Control!

It is a shame when some people do not understand what you tell them.  We witness this over and over again as we continue to document different situations of men and boys being  Feminine and pretty, and then I get E-Mails asking if it is Real???   I also get E-Mails from people that are “Offended” that I point out Feminine males, and they are telling me that they are females.  Now I do not want to get anyone upset, however, the purpose of this Blog is to show off and document different instances of Gender Role Reversal.  That is why I point out the Strong, Athletic and Independent Women, as well as the Soft, docile and feminine men.  If all these males that are submissive and feminine were to be Females, would that not destroy the purpose of this Blog?  I have advocated most of my life for Women to be Strong and Powerful, not Weak and Submissive.  On the otherhand, I have indeed advocated and encouraged males to be pretty and sweet, docile and submissive for the purpose of Serving the Stronger Female Sex.  That, in a “Nutshell” is what this Blog is about.  I hope that is what our Followers are looking for.  I Welcome ALL STRONG Women and Girls that want the same, and I encourage them to Comment on the Postings.  I also ask the same of the Feminine and Sweet men to do as well.  I hope you all understand the purpose of the Blog.

I THANK All the Followers of the Blog, and I hope the postings that I do are both Informative And Entertaining!

I really want to Focus today on Women that have Taken Control of their men through Pegging.  I will have excerpts from other Forums from Women that are engaged in this Lifestyle, and how they have used that in feminizing their husbands and boyfriends!

This is a Thread from PDQ’s Forum.  The first posting is from Chris, the Radical Feminist:

Her look tells me that She will be wearing the pants….I Hope she encourages men and boys to look pretty in dresses and skirts for her pleasure!
Love the picture. But is it really equal rights when the strapon is much bigger than any male could ever hope to be. Maybe its more female empowerment showing the helpless male what he could never achieve. As a strong empowered female nothing is better than pegging, it’s a super fucking high to take a virgin male pussy.


Then that is followed by a male’s response:

tanjatherusticgirl: “ Take a look at my archive here: https://tanjatherusticgirl.tumblr.com/archive ” So nice to know that this is what husbands and fathers are now looking like!

Oh Mz RadFem… You are SO right in that the pegging with such ostentatious size of strap-on impresses upon the male girl just how inferior their once bragged about male anatomy is in comparison to Woman’s now well-endowed empowerment. Soon all males shall generally come to accept their physical attributes as ‘puny’ and this will also carry over to all aspects of inferior male girl self-image.

Than another male response:

tanjatherusticgirl: “ Take a look at my archive here: https://tanjatherusticgirl.tumblr.com/archive ” No more Macho!!! LOL

As usual you’re correct RF, loving the term ‘male pussy’ (blush).

What male wouldn’t be humiliated, intimidated and secretly excited when having his member (no matter what size) compared to the Females!
Naked and compared even the most old fashioned type of’ macho’ would be totally humbled.

Then a response by the radical Feminist:

Women with short hair, wearing pants and being Tough are the future!

Yes there is nothing better than virgin male pussy. The look on the helpless male face just curious enough to try it but scared out of their mind. Making them suck on telling them to get it nice or wet or it will hurt more. Teasing their pussy taking things nice and slow and then punishing them – destroying their masculinity with ever thrust.

Female Empowerment Rocks!

Another male response:

With the Rise of Gentlewomen’s clubs, male pole dancers will be in demand!

That is so powerful what you say there RF.

You can almost imagine the poor unwitting male wondering to himself how he got himself into this situation as the Female gently pulls aside his panties and he feels her first light probing he must have such mixed feelings at this point (please excuse the pun).

I love how you make him take it in his mouth under the pretense that it’ll make it easier if it’s wet (and what virgin wouldn’t accept that), I can see just how powerful an image of dominance it would be as he does this.

I never realized just how useful a tool the Strap-On is for a Female!

You really do have much to teach RF, I honestly hope other Females read this and take note!

Another male response:

tanjatherusticgirl: “You can find another pics of me here: https://tanjatherusticgirl.tumblr.com/archive ” Dresses, nylons and heels will keep your man in line!

Ms RadicalFeminist

Have you seen the reactions of Female Masters when they put on their Femineses. They do helicopters, they practice thrust and generally feel empowered by the femines.

(Femines=female power penis)

Being penetrated, made to simulate a BJ on your knees whilst the Female Master towers above you. What more could signify the end of the patriarchy than that. The main stream shows this as the Female Master in the generic stocking and garter belt and a naked sissy. I have always thought this wrong. Female Masters in what ever they like, if that’s jeans and a shirt, fine. The sissy is the one in the sexy lingerie and make up waiting to succumb to their fate as a mere toy.

A response from another Dominant Woman:

bicepquadgirls: “ https://instagram.com/sheila_sue/ Sheila Barden ” Confident and In Charge Woman!

Yes I definitely love the strapon! The look on my slaves face always looks scared and adorable. I love to make eye contact with him while he’s sucking on it! Such a power rush!

Then an Approval from the Radical Feminist:

djscpa524: “ thecrossfit: “More about she emmtall 😍 Follow on Instagram 👍 ” Unbelievable amazing body ” The New Age of Woman!

Powerful rush indeed its the best drug there is – female empowerment rules.


Yes, using a strapon is quite powerful. My close friend Lisa and I begin using them in college tricking many unexpected college boys back to our room for a huge surprise. Its a very powerful device, Lisa is really into this life style and has completely transformed her male toy into a helpless sissy. Its funny you mentioned teaching other females. Lisa has held pegging parties for other women, I got to attend and participate there is something magically about watching other women celebrate putting a male in his place.


Another male response:

Feminine and Submissive, as men should be!

Oh Mz Rad Fem…. the scenes of such total sex role-reversal You have seen, initiated and taught to Women must have thrilled and awakened their journey into Female Masterdom beyond imagination! What a stark realization for the male girl sex to be put into such retraining., seeing and knowing Females via ‘pegging’ are far more adept and accomplished at using the male than its pitiful sub-sex ever performed with its inadequate sexual equipment. No male could ever again possibly see itself as adept as a strap-on wielding Female. This is the final straw that destroys all false notion of male girl importance, power and sexual potency.

Another response from the Radical Feminist:

The New Age Woman!

Nicely put, yes this is female empowerment at its best. Most of the women in the room had never pegged a male before and brought along their very unexpecting husbands and boyfriends. Lisa and I had the pleasure of instructing these women on how to properly use a male. We gave each other high fives as the women assumed the female master role and took their male’s pussy for the first time.


Another male response:

He would be so Awesome as a male waitress in a Gentlewoman’s Club!

Wow, Madam! Please tell us more about the pegging parties that your friend Lisa organizes. Do the males resist or run away or do they all submit to the pegging? How do the women react during and after the pegging? How many women attend these parties?


A response from the Radical Feminist:

She Calls the Shots!

Hmm, curious sissies want to know? Lisa has had 3 or maybe 4 of these parties. I was only able to attend the first one and the one she recently had. The first one was quite memorable. Three Women in addition to Lisa and myself attended. The one woman had previously pegged her husband a few times. He ended up being the most reluctant, mostly because he was taken in front of people and cried quite a bit. He kind of refused at first so she lit into him and told him assume the position sissy boy. He wore male clothes to the party but had sexy panties underneath. The other two were virgin males and we gave them a little sedative to keep them calm, both were a bit confused at first and when the first woman started pegging her sissy they become alarmed. We helped the other two get their males ready and watched joyfully as they become female masters. Both women were a bit uneasy at first Lisa instructed them how to do it right when going slow is the right approach and when force and fast needs to be done. By the time the party was over they were very much enjoying experiences and have returned for the follow up parties.

Another male response:

Love when men are so Dainty and Vulnerable!

Gosh Ms RadicalFeminist, yourself and your other Female Master Lisa are truly showing the way.

Not only are these birth defectives taken to a Female Masters discussion, they are then stripped and demeaned in the most sexual role reversal possible.

I and many sissies reading this thread admire you both considerably and hope these parties will expand and catch on!

Another gushing male response:

“ dwon6:
Take a look at my archive here:
The Submissive and dainty male is the Future!

Incredible account of established and knowledgeable Female Masters spreading and enlightening novice Females in assuming Their proper future position of Supremacy over the truly weaker male girl sex!

Another response from the Radical Feminist:

One Tough Woman!

Thanks for the praise. I strongly believe most women would find pleasure in assuming the strong female master role. Too many women even today fall for the traditional weak women role. Whenever possible I love helping these kind of women empower themselves and joyfully watch as their inner master take over. Lisa, is already planning more parties and trying to get more first time women to attend so we can spread the word far and wide.

The best part of these parties is seeing the changes in the women and their sissies from party to party. At the first party the women were timed and the males were your typical guys drinking bear, legs spread wide without a care in the world. Now flash forward to the latest party and the dynamics are completely changed. The women are dressed in comfortable clothes and clearly in charge. The two males who were first pegged were in complete fem, their outfits clearly showing the style and control their wives have now. The first male (G) was wearing a very tight short mini dress and 6 inch heels. His legs were amazing and completely hairless, his wife bragged about him spending hours getting them waxed. His hair and makeup were done at a salon. The other male (F) was decked out in a tight hobble skirt and 6 inch heels, his wife has recently put him into corsets and changed his diet. No more meat or manly food allowed, he is now kept on a nice fem vegan diet, not allowed to go to the gym or workout any more. Both males still work as men with their paychecks going to their wives account. With no access to money they no longer allowed to waste time drinking beer and hanging out with their buddies. The female are in complete control and the males no they have no choice accept obey.

Another male response:

“Better pucker, sucker…
Monica is the epitome of Male Femininity! He is perhaps the most beautiful man around! I just adore his femininity!

Yes, it does take a bit of getting used to. It seems invasive the first time (it did for me). But by my second experience I was howling like a little girl and my partner at the time (a much older woman) had a glow that made me feel, for the first time, like I was emotionally complementing and completing someone. I felt an ultimate form of satisfaction, and was so grateful for being exposed to this wonderful sensation. Pegging is about truly letting go of any predispositions and putting yourself in the hands of someone else.

It helps to be really glam – garters, stockings, heels, a wig, opera gloves – whatever makes you feel like you want to be looked at and made the object of an aggressive desire.

Check out some videos – Mistress Cybil Troy, Lady Asmondrea, among others – so you know what to expect before you try it for the first time.

Another male response:

“Proud of the changes she made to the sign outside..
The Changes are happening. So nice to see the Feminization of males accelerating!

Amazing unfolding of sex-role reversal events…. that such incredible turnabout was adopted from but one single demonstration of the proper relationship between the sexes would seem to prove Females’ ultimate superiority and destroys the millennia of male myth. Once examples like these are made aware to the general population of Women, more and more shall initiate similar change until unstoppable Female predominance will be by far the established norm. Please keep us alerted to the continuing changes in the budding Female Masters You’ve aided creating.

Oh to hear the further adventures of such proud accomplished Women You’ve enlightened leading commanding fulfilled lives over previously ‘beer drinking, leg spread wide’ false macho buffoons now femininely skirted and laced daintily and timidly serving the proud strong Women who in great satisfaction and amusement order them about as is the due of their FEMALE MASTERS….

Accepted definitely… an addiction very likely and it may also come one believes a ‘tipping point’ in the future where the Female Sex finding the amusement and satisfaction of the power it offers an increasing activity considered a norm in Female-male sexual relations…. when that occurs the feminization of the male girl sex shall accelerate as never known before and sex-roles will reverse never to return to the false ones endured over the last few millennia.


FEMINIZING Men is a Trend that is gaining momentum.  One of the Trailblazers for this Movement was PennySue.  The following are a couple of her thoughts.  Great advice for Women today:

Men have to start to realize that there are a lot of women out there who would like to feminize them. Many guys would love this and are only afraid that they might be labeled as gay if they wear women’s items. just because you like to wear a dress or panties does not mean your gay. Just like it does not mean a woman is gay because she wears pants. Girly men are the best, they make the best companions and lovers. The world needs more feminine men and it will be a better place to be. Girls try to feminize your guys, at least partially, you won’t regret it.

Yes it is alright, there are many men and boys out there who would love to wear girls items but are afraid of what others will say. the feminization of males is what this world needs today. Many a straight man would wear them if they were not afraid of being labeled as gay. A feminine man is not usually a gay man there is a difference. My husband and sons all dress as girl and I love it.

Sorry I do not know anyone in your area at the current time. I am in Pennsylvania and know of many people who are interested in this but nothing close to your area. In response to your questions. I have no desire to ever become masculine, I am a tall well educated women who loves to be all female and dress always in nice clothes and have long styled hair. Although I am no longer the sleek figured woman I was in college, I have put on some weight since giving birth to my sons but most of it is in my chest and thighs. I really carry the extra weight rather well on my 5″11″ frame and still look good in a 2 piece swimsuit and really like the more voluptous look and don’t really think most men care for the skinny women that are put out in the media. You asked about my husband, our docter says she does not think he will lose the use of his male member, she believes that if he would have lost function it would have already happened when he was on high doses of hormones. Now he is only on a maintenence dose and although he does not get arroused easily, it is still functioning and fun to have arround. Their is a possibility that he could lose all function of his manhood, his testicles are probably 1/3 their original size but the other part is still about the same although it does appear to be smaller due to the redistribution of fat to his hips and thighs and rounding of his figure. However even if he did lose the use of his member, I would never want him to have it changed or removed. I am interested in feminine men and feminizing men not making them sex changed. He is my best friend, lover and soul mate and we will be together forever. Now a couple questions for you, are you single? and what have you done to feminize yourself or have you done anything to start?? It may be easier to find a women to help you along if you are already starting the process by yourself. There are many choices out there, you can buy female hormones from overseas companies without a prescription and they will definitely change your body. It is not a quick easy method or inexpensive but it does work. You would need a testesterone suppressing drug and then the female hormones along with them. Many have success with them others are only partly satisfied with results. However you don’t need drugs to be feminized, a lot of it is in the way you apply yourself or feel. Start dressing with feminine items, plus hair, nails, accessories. Go to a saloon and tell them you would like a nice practical women’s cut, they won’t mind and they might even help you find someone to give you a hand in feminization. If you are indeed a straight man, tell them that you are tell them that you just want to be more feminine looking. Good luck, but please have a plan and get started with it, you will not regret it.

Strong Women are realizing the Benefits of Feminine men and boys!

WOMEN are Making a Statement:

Well Said!

Love seeing a Strong Woman intimidate a male!

Men are now the ones that are being “Objectified”, and they Need to be Pretty, Feminine and Obedient to WOMEN!

Pay-Back for the Cruel and Unfair Male Behaviors of the Past in their treatment of Woman is now coming due.  Just a “Peak” at the Changes that are happening:

“Months Of Chastity, Petticoatting, and Corporal Punishment Are Just The Beginning Of his Training!
Throw away ALL his male clothing, then put him in dresses!

“No bloomers…
Men are indeed learning their place!

“Maid to Lounge, or…?
He knows his place!

“Pink Punters LGBT Venue
Encouraging Sissies to go out in their prettiest outfits reinforces Female Dominance!

Starting them off young will assure a Female Led Future!

Encouraging boys to wear tights and look nice is very important!

New Age mothers are dressing their sons in very cute clothing! It is a delight to see boys being Pretty!

“ A lovely Gurly BoyGirl preparing for a Miss Crossdresser ‘Womanless’ Beauty Pageant
It’s a wonderful way to bring out femininity with boys at a young age
Mothers enrolling their sons into Womanless Pageants is essential in...

“Celebration of male-Femininity: a Crossdresser ‘Womanless’ Beauty Pageant
The #1 New Age Male Activity!

The Role Model for all New Age boys!

Strong Women like this need to put men and boys in their proper roles, dressed in the daintiest of skirts and dresses, submissive to the Strong Women that will then protect them!