Macho Men need to understand the New Reality!

I got a reply from what was apparently a macho man the other day.  He thinks I am “Sick” and “whatever”.  I guess the truth is that he cannot accept what is happening.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, and that is why I use pictures to get my point across.  There is no denying that many women and girls are becoming strong and “mas culine”, while many, many men and boys are becoming Prissy and Feminine.     I guess the “New Age” is very frightening for some men.  It is delightful to know that many men and boys are being put into skirts and dresses, and the macho guys are just going to have to get use to it.   Hopefully they will find a great woman that will end up feminizing them, then they will understand that women are Taking Control!

Do you think that this Female Football player is maybe checking out a pretty male cheerleader???


You Bet!   What is going through her mind?  He has Great Legs, and I Love the ribbon in his hair.  So Glad that we women are in control, and men are being Pretty for our entertainment!


And what is going on in his mind…..I hope I don’t have a run in my pantyhose.  She is so “Hot”….Is my lipstick smudged?


These girls are wondering why they do not have Boys Cheering them on, afterall, some boys really want to be Cheerleaders!


It is surely becoming apparent that football is too “Rough” for many boys.  Many boys need to be encouraged to be pretty, and take up ballet and cheerleading!



Many women that detest wearing dresses are glad to see men that want to be feminine.  Many feminine women are also enjoying men that are feminine.  The World is indeed changing!



Boys, such as Kelly above, are even making videos that encourage other Teenage boys to get in touch with their femininity.  As Kelly says, he loves wearing skirts and being “Girly”.  Girly Boys need to be encouraged to be prissy and feminine!


The Girls in Sweden, pictured above, with the boys in tutus and tights, are learning that gender role reversal is Best.  In these schools, boys sports have been eliminated, and it is just girls playing sports.  The event above was staged with all the girls wearing jeans, while all the boys were in tutus and tights!


I think it must have been so cute, the boys worrying about running their tights, while the girls were confident and in Control!


Look at the Pure Joy on this woman’s face as she watches her son compete in the Womanless Pageant!  Does anyone believe that this young man is now wearing skirts and dresses?


So delightful to see men in skirts and nylons, while women are in pants!


Women do enjoy the feel of a man’s legs encased in nylons!


And the women do like more than the pretty male legs!!


FEMALE will make the Changes that they want.  Do Women Want to be in Control, with Feminine Men at their beck and call?



Women Need to Continue Encouraging Male Feminization!

It is now a “Woman’s World”!   Men and Boys need to know their Rightful place in the New Age!!  Many of these Strong Women like the thought of having a Feminine man in their lives!

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Many woman are encouraging their husbands, sons and boyfriends to get in touch with their femininity.  There are numerous threads on forums where this is happening.  For Women to take control of society, the feminization of men and boys could be a crucial element, and women need to seize the opportunity to reverse the Gender Roles.  Here are a few examples of what some women are doing:



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Posted July 5, 2014
For as much as I hate shopping, it really should be loathe, I love to shop for my wife. I enjoy buying him girly, frilly things and super feminine shoes. In an odd way, I almost feel like I can live vicariously through him – which is odd because I am the farthest thing from feminine. At first I thought the body hair shaving would be off putting to me, but I love feeling how soft his skin is and now I prefer that he shaves. So glad your wife is accepting and embracing who you are!


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Posted July 2, 2014
When I started shaving my chest and southern region, my wife said no shaving of legs, arms or pits.
Well, she changed it to no arms or pits. I used my beard trimmer to shorten the hair then waited a a couple days. Once the wife got used to that, I used my brand new lady foil shaver which worked extremely well, today. Waiting to see if she even notices when she gets home from work today.
Also, she showered me with many gifts upon my return from Asia yesterday. More undies and a long sun-dress sort of thing and leggings and cami and a couple pretty tops.
I can’t even convey how this is making me feel……



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Posted September 26, 2015
My step mom thought of me very well,bought me a nice handbag and it’s not a cheap one.Ordered a nice Dooney & Bourke handbag from QVC that I would fall in love with.She has one and is a very good one.I loved it on the spot and told her thank you.This was my gift from her saying thank you for supporting her,she beat 1st stage breast cancer last month getting the news she is 100% cancer free.Saw I had the cheap handbags I always replaced once a year.This one is going to hold up for a long time and no more cheap handbags for me.

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Posted October 2, 2015
I went over to my new job where I start at on Monday and met some of my new co workers. I was nervous at first saying I am a fulltime crossdresser. Took it well and told me that I looked gorgeous, they work in in the office area. Said they want to know me more and that is going to happen.  Luckily they understand I am a normal man that loves dress as a woman 24/7.Told them I have been crossdressing since I was 4 or 5 years old and decided to go fulltime in March.  I am so relieved this happened and it looks good


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Posted October 2, 2015
Two of them, Maria and Alexi say I have great legs too. Good thing is this shop I am going to work at is GLBT and crossdresser friendly.



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Posted April 12, 2015
Well, as promised, here’s the story of this weekend.
Back-story: Over the last few years, my sex drive has decreased to the point having no real desire to have sex. And without the help of a $50 pill, ‘it’ doesn’t work too well anyway. My wife and I have had sex far less frequent the last few months due to my current cervical vertebrae problem which causes me constant pain and the severity is directly related to my physical exertion level as well as stress. It also increases throughout the day in general. Whenever my wife has brought up the lack of action, I guess I was afraid to tell her the truth and the conversation always degenerated into an argument.
Friday, my wife was snooping around in my FB private messages and found a message from a female friend and while it was innocent enough, due to her sexual frustration, it set her off. We ended up having a terrible Friday night that included her stating that she’s been considering being celibate so that she no longer ‘gets her hopes up’. This has been brought up before and it really hurts me that she feels this way, and it kills me that I can’t make my wife happy. Yes, we’ve tried other forms of ‘sex’ as well as toys, but toys really don’t ‘do it’ for her and even if I get her to climax, she’s not satisfied unless we’ve actually had sex.
Saturday morning, after my shower and shaving nearly my whole body (which I do every day) I began to dress. Pretty panties, black lacy bra and my favorite breast enhancers. I grabbed a size 3X T-shirt which tends to hide my ‘breasts’ pretty well (my ‘breasts’ are pretty prominent when wearing enhancers due to my own natural breast tissue enlarging due to a medical reason that I can explain later if any is interested) and when I looked down, I realized my ‘breasts’ barely showed, as is fairly typical. At that moment I said “NO!” I changed to a smaller shirt, only one size down but small enough that there is absolutely no way that my ‘breasts’ can be missed.
I went to my gender therapy appointment at 08:00 and today I spent the hour downloading the above sexual problem backstory and the most recent as well as past related arguments. We talked and my therapist tried to explain and convince me that it’s not my fault. However, I feel that whether it’s my ‘decision’ or not, it’s still my fault that I can’t make my wife as happy as she deserves. I left the appointment in a pretty decent ‘place’.
As per our weekly tradition, my wife and I went to breakfast and I gave her a brief synopsis of my therapy this day. We ate and talked and then finally left for our local farmers market where we met our daughter and bought a few things. We then headed to a shopping center where we hit a few stores and took our time and were ’just being together’. The rest of the day was basically a ‘girls day shopping’. We hit some stores looking to get me a couple pair of (women’s) shoes (I only really have sandals and flip-flops and such). I grabbed a pair of pink/purple sneakers that would match my workout outfit. I stared at them then said ‘scre.w it’, I took off one of my shoes and tried on this size 11 and found that I would need at least an 11 ½ or maybe 12. We found that this store limited women’s shoes to size 11 and nothing above L. We continued our shopping, looking for new girly clothing for each of us and didn’t find too much that ‘tickled’ us, plus we’re kind of waiting for next weekend as we have a lot of Haute Cash to spend at Torrid! Our favorite place to shop! We had lunch then came home.
I got ‘dressed’ and she asked me to wear HER favorite breast forms (I have several but she has her favorite J ). We piddled around the house and then finally laid in bed talking. We ended up ‘being together’ and had the most wonderful time we’ve probably ever had. Afterward, we talked, really talked, like we haven’t really done in a very long time. Some of the things we talked about were of issues relating to my lack of sex drive and ED having nothing to do with her. It’s simply my body no longer working properly. We talked about my feminine feelings and I elaborated in more detail than before without being ‘on guard’ or overly apprehensive/nervous about our talk. We talked about various personal things and afterward we realized that we’re feeling so much closer. My wife has also been noticing that my arm pit hair has been steadily getting shorter and shorter (teehee). After she made a cute little comment about it I told her that I can’t promise that I won’t be shaving them soon. We laughed……..
Sunday morning we were supposed to do chores around the house but I told my wife I just didn’t feel like it and she said she’d like to go to Macys and see if the new line of Flip-Flops were out. I showered shaved and dressed as above, with one difference, I shaved my arm pits! J We left and unfortunately the new line of flip flops isn’t out.
We began meandering through the mall and she kind of quickly pulled over to Sephora (women’s cosmetics) where she buys most of her cosmetics. I followed her in like I generally do and looked around. Any time we’re in Sephora I always look at the pretty shades and types of cosmetics and just kinda dream. I had brought up the possibility of my wearing cosmetics some months ago and she wasn’t ready for that.
Well, we walked up to the Kat Von D makeup, the powered foundation she always buys and she looked around and grabbed some shades. She then grabbed my hand and started rubbing different shades onto my hand/wrist. I started glowing inside J. Ultimately she selected a powdered foundation, a couple shades of eye shadow, lipstick eyeliner etc. I simply cannot even begin to describe the feeling that I’m having at that moment! We made our purchase and hit a few more shops looking for shoes and to buy some of my own cosmetic brushes. HOLY CRAP! Based on the prices, you’d think quality cosmetics brushes were made from gold!! Also, after hitting few more places it seems clear that most stores don’t stock women’s shoes above size 11 L Before heading home we stopped at a beauty supply place to get some ‘nail jewelry’ for when we do our toes tonight.
Got home, I got dressed in a pretty pink top and a pair of denim shorts and my MK flip-flops. We laid in bed relaxing and then finally I went and retrieved our purchases and a small bin to store my new cosmetics. She grabbed the makeup and began to apply the powdered foundation, mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. I’m giddy as a school girl **squeeeeeee**
She finished my ‘makeover’ and got a tear in her eye and said “you’re so beautiful”, it was a wonderful moment. We laid there chatting when she looked at me with a very serious look on her face and said “I think we need to start researching wigs”. At this point I’m almost in tears. She further explained that she wants to finish my ‘dressing repertoire’ so that we can get dressed up all beautiful and have a nice dinner and have a really beautiful date night. I feel like the happiest and luckiest girl in the world…….


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Posted December 18, 2014
Shopping and choosing clothing, lingerie. Sharing outfits with my GF. I love looking down at my toenails. The feel, smell, taste of lipstick. I was in Victorias this afternoon and sprayed on a nice mist, smelling and feeling pretty. Panties, silk or cotton, I wear them most all the time now. The “feel” of panties and pantie hose. The warmth of panty hose while on a deer stand and my hunting buddies have no clue (feel and naughtiness both I guess) Wearing pretty stockings, fishnets, patterns, the feel of them on my legs. A mid thigh length skirt, the openness, the breeze, the freedom. Trying on brassieres openly in the aisle at kohls. Picking myself out a pretty purse with my GF. Looking at myself in the mirror with wig and makeup. Seeing pics the GF took of me, one especially in exercise tights, a camo hoodie, wig, taken from behind while feeding my mule. Being told I am pretty. Being comfortable and accepting what I am. Wearing nice scents and not worrying about a feminine smell because they really do smell better. Looking at, appreciating and wearing the clothing I always wanted to but didn’t always realize, hey, it’s OK! Looking in my closets and drawers mixed with pretty things. The smiles that just come naturally to me while dressed. I have support, I am happier, I feel good, I feel pretty. Hard day? Dress as Destiny and it’s gone. Destiny Lynn


Guest Roni Jones

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Posted May 8, 2014
About eighteen months ago my wife helped me shave my legs and she polished my toes and I’ve kept them shaved ever since because it feels heavenly having her stroke my bare legs while we’re reading or watching television. About a month ago she invited me to go with her for a pedicure the next time she went. I’m extremely self-conscious about people seeing my bare legs so I started letting the hair grow back. The evening before our pedicures as I was removing my red nail polish she talked me into shaving my legs again- not that it took much convincing. I can’t begin to describe my anxiety as the only guy in a nail salon wearing short pants. While my feet soaked in hot water the pedicurist rubbed oils and lotions into my freshly shaved legs before wrapping them with hot moist towels and giving me a foot massage. It was a wonderful experience, I enjoyed spending time with my wife and no one mentioned my shaved legs. I didn’t ask for polish, the pedicurist didn’t offer and I would have declined. I’m hoping next time I’m more relaxed and I can enjoy the pedicure experience even more.

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Posted March 21, 2014
Hm… seems like I’ve been starting threads all over the place here lately… >_>
Anyway, this morning on the way to school, I ended up asking my mom if she would be mom if she would be okay with seeing pictures of me dressed up, and she said yes! I ended up showing her, and she was super supportive, she even ended up being kind of jealous of my wig~ (I don’t think she was really jealous, but still, the comment about my choice of hair was nice ^-^)
I’m kind of disappointed with all of the acceptance going around though, it kind of leaves me thinking, why did I waste so much time? If I had known that my mom/sister were going to be so accepting, then I would have done this ages ago!
I really want the next target on my coming-out hit-list (as I have fondly dubbed it) to be my Aunt, since she owns a salon and hence, is amazing when it comes to make-up. Well, her and my dad, but my dad I’m pretty sure is going to be a bit more tough to confront. :


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Posted March 7, 2014
Hi everyone,
I’m here not for myself but for my husband. My husband is pretty openly bi, it is not something he hides but it is also not something he announces. I am much more open about my bi-sexuality but I understand that we all approach it differently. Over the past few months, he has made subtle hints here and there about other things. I’m not the world’s most girly girl… by a long shot. It is rare that I do anything beyond throwing on eye shadow, mascara, jeans and a t-shirt. In the past, he has made comments about how he can rock a pair of heels better than I can. I always took it as friendly banter since I almost never wear heels. He has slowly “tested the waters” by introducing little things, like his g-strings and making jokes about dressing as a woman.
Within the last two to three weeks we’ve had a lot of heart to heart talks about a lot of different topics. One of the big ones has been his sexuality, which he is still working through (he hasn’t been out for more than 2 years). That day I had come home from work to find that he had shaved a majority of his body hair off, which is not abnormal except for this time he had also shaved his leg hair. That was the first time it had ever happened. He mentioned that he liked the way it made his legs feel. The topic of cross-dressing came up very, very carefully from him. I’ve always told him that I will accept him for whoever he is and however he chooses to express that. He and I are different sizes, so I don’t have anything that fits him. He mentioned that he wanted a kilt so he could wear a “man-skirt” and it “wouldn’t be weird for a man to wear”. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon and I found a kilt for him in a local store. I took it home, gave it to him after work and he immediately put it on. He spent the rest of the day wearing that and it was never awkward or weird for either of us. That single act seemed to open up the doors and we talked a lot more about it. I’ve always identified myself as a woman but always felt like a man stuck in a woman’s body. For him, life has been a very similar experience. He has always identified more with the feminine side of things.
He and I wear different size clothes, so there isn’t much that I own that he can fit in or that would satisfy his need to express his feminine side. I think I own one skirt and a handful of gowns, none of which he will fit in. I wanted to make him feel comfortable, especially considering that I am the only person he has ever told about the cross dressing, so I went out that night and picked out a couple of skirts and tops for him. He has become so much different (in a good way). He seems like he can breathe finally, like he is comfortable in his own skin. He has worn the skirts and tops every day since I bought them, along with some of my undergarments that will fit him, and slept in one of my maternity nighties every night as well. He laid out an outfit before he left for work that he plans on putting on as soon as he gets home from work.
The transition has been much easier than I anticipated. I was worried what my reaction might be the first time I saw him in a skirt but he is so happy, relaxed, and at ease that it makes me feel the same way. The point of this gigantic post (sorry, I tend to be a talker) is to find out how else I can help him with this journey of exploring himself. Are there things I should do? Things I shouldn’t do? I just want to make sure that he feels comfortable while going through this discovery, exploration and transition (however far he chooses to take it). I’d love to hear experiences from anyone willing to share them…

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Posted March 11, 2014
Hello again,
Sorry its taken me so long to respond. We have been talking a lot more about the process, journey, mindsets, etc and I think we are doing pretty well with making progress. It has been a lot of lengthy discussions about gender roles, gender identity, assigned gender vs actual gender. I am trying to explain how I came to be comfortable with accepting that for the most part, I feel like a man in a woman’s body, in hopes that my explanation of my process helps him with discovering himself. I’m not an expert with any of this stuff, all I know is what it was like when I was exploring and identifying who I was. I imagine that the process from FTM is much easier socially, mentally, and emotionally than it is for the MTF process. Just based on social norms, expectations, gender roles, and stereotypes that are put on men, it blows my mind. I am trying to take baby steps because I imagine it is a scary, overwhelming, vulnerable position to be in. I appreciate the fact that there is a place where we can both go to talk about it and talk with other members of our community. This site was a pleasant surprise for me and I’m looking forward to being more active as time goes on.


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Posted April 24, 2013
I surprised my son that is the crossdresser on Saturday.  My son Parker whom goes by Nikki was excited. I had my friend Stu whom does drag and is a make up artist by day teach Nikki about make up application. I watched the whole thing and Nikki never complained. So far Nikki has learned about the make up application and starting to get it down pat. My friend Stu said yes after I asked him, I do anything for him and he does anything for me.


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Posted June 6, 2013
My son Parker did it yesterday, came out to a couple of his female friends Angel and Kimber telling them there is a female side of him. He talked to me at first and then talked to an employee of mine that is a crossdresser for advice. I was proud of him, Angel and Kimber had this look on their face when he came out dressed as his female side Nikki. They were great about it and I see more time with them knowing Nikki more. Said Nikki looks like one of the girls. Angel and Kimber know my son very well, knows he likes to wear girl’s jeans and underwear in male mode and dress as a girl once a while.



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Posted May 12, 2013
I decided to have my son Parker’s ears pierced on Friday. I had a talk with him about it, was wearing clip on earrings and felt they were uncomfortable to wear. Was glad to have the talk, asked me if it was going to hurt. Told him it is going to hurt a little bit, feel a sting at first and understood. He was nervous and I held his left hand. Sat there without moving at all. wearing a stud on each ear that is not noticable. I did sign the paper saying he could have it done with my permission.Bought him a pair of small hoop earrings and dangling earrings that are pierced earrings for his two first pairs of earrings.


Took my son shopping Aaron shopping and he was dressed as Alley. Took him to a girl’s clothing store and picked out a few nice tops and jeans. Luckily the owner was good to him and never said a mean thing at all. Also bought him his first pairs of pantyhose,3 pairs of tan,3 pairs of Brown,3 pairs of Off Black and 3 pairs of Jet black. Happy with his new pieces in his wardrobe. I even took him to my friend Erica to have his ears pierced, Saw I went through it and told him it stings a little bit. Believed me and has studs in no one will not notice. It was fun and saw him happy.


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Posted October 25, 2011
I saw my son smile dressed as Alley tonight. My good friend Melanie brought over a couple dresses and skirts over and I know my son loves dresses and skirts. Alley just lit with a huge smile when Melanie layed them on the couch and tried them on. All of them fit with no problems. Melanie found them in an abandoned storage locker she bought on Monday and thought of Alley very well. I told her thank you including Alley and she proudly said your welcome. I am glad to have a friend that cares and is also supportive of my son’s crossdressing.



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Posted October 25, 2011
I truely love my son and I show it, this is his way of expressing himself. His closet including his dresser is half and half. He does not know it yet, I plan on buying his first pair of heels and this will be on Sunday.


My oldest son Danny is following in my shoes ,into crossdressing now. He is 11 now and started 3 weeks ago, he picked Danielle as his female side’s name. My wife and I are open minded letting him do this. Took him shopping for girl’s clothing at first and that was fun for him. The worst part was getting him to get used to wearing a bra, He is getting used to that now. He has two wigs right now so far. Danielle is consider a second daughter for my wife and I, next plan is to get the ears pierced which will be on Saturday. Told my son it hurts for a little bit, wears clip on earrings right now. Getting the make up down pat too, learning from his female friends. My youngest son is getting used to this, Danielle is a second sister to him and he is the masculine one











Female Football is Growing!

More and more women and girls are playing the once traditionally male sport of football.  Women’s and girl’s leagues are popping up all over!  An excerpt:


Continuing a trend since the mid-1980s, football is by far the most favorite sport in the United States. According to the Harris Poll, when you couple both NCAA and NFL football, it is considered the top sport by 46 percent of all fans 18 and over.  So it would make sense, then, that girls would want to get in on all the excitement. And not just by watching and cheering.  But by starting their own girls’ youth football leagues.
Women’s football teams have existed in various forms since the mid-1900s. Eventually girls started to play on their boys’ high school and college teams, often as kickers. If a football outlet didn’t exist, some girls who wanted to be football players took their athleticism elsewhere and became stars in other sports. (Hint: The WNBA.)
That isn’t necessary anymore. Now girls’ football leagues are popping up. And girls are playing with greater frequency on boys’ teams.
And now a high school in Ottawa, Canada has a co-ed football team.  You read that correctly: the coach actively recruited girls to play football.
We applaud the efforts of the adults and kids who have started these leagues. If you are interested in starting a girls’ league in your area, please contact us and we’ll help you get in touch with someone who can give you encouragement and a roadmap to success.
If you already have a league and we don’t have you listed, please let us know you are out there!
In the meanwhile, check out these leagues and look through our lineup of articles covering news and trends in girls’ youth football.
Utah Girls Tackle Football
Georgia Girls Tackle Football
Indiana Girls Tackle Football League


Your inaugural girls football state champions: Herriman Mustangs
Jun 22, 2017 09:50AM ● Published by Greg James
The girls football team for Herriman High School gets ready for its state championship contest. (Greg James/City Journals)

By Greg James |  gregj@mycityjournals.com

The state of Utah has its first-ever high school girls football state champion.

On May 27, the Herriman Mustangs completed a 14-0 victory over Bingham to capture the state title. The Utah Girls Tackle Football League also crowned champions in its junior high division and fifth- and sixth-grade divisions. In both younger divisions Canyons area teams defeated West Jordan.

“We have 210 girls signed up this season,” league President Crystal Sacco said. “We more than doubled our numbers. The first year we only had about 60. Our volunteers talked it up and we recruited. The league is still learning, and we have had some things to change, but it has been so successful.”

The UGTFL high school division included teams from West Jordan/Copper Hills, Riverton, Canyons, West Granite, Herriman and Bingham.

In the championship game, Herriman dominated offensively, moving the ball down the field with relative ease, but Bingham came up with key stops when it needed to. Despite its tenacious defense, the Miners were unable to stop the Mustang tailback Sam Gordon when it counted. She followed the blocking of an offensive line made up of three sisters; Kalo, Laso and Vea Latu.

“It is my first time to play,” Herriman senior Laso Latu said. “I love my team and how they give me confidence.”.

Herriman scored two first-half touchdowns. Gordon scampered 25 yards for the first score and later followed a block on the left side for a 6-yard score. The Mustangs held on for a victory.

“It feels fantastic to be the first-ever state champion,” Mustangs head coach Brent Gordon said. “We had a really talented group of girls. We started out teaching fundamentals, and the girls from day one were making the big hits and good blocks. It was our strategy to follow those big blockers. The whole season they were solid.”

The league leadership realizes this is new to most players. They decided early on to make the league more basic.

“Unlike the boys teams that practice six days a week for hours each day, we only do two hours twice a week,” Brent Gordon said. “We try to keep it simple. Football provides opportunity for all the girls. Skill players can play and so can bigger girls that can shine. It gives self-confidence for all of the girls.”

Many girls have had the opportunity to compete against the boys, but Sacco said as the boys get older they become naturally stronger.

“This league gives the girls a chance to play,” Sacco said. “Some of these girls are tough. I do not think they realize it until they get the chance.”

League officials plan to expand the league. Sacco said next year they intend on opening teams in other areas. They have a connection with local women’s professional teams like the Falconz and Blitz. With sponsorship money, the league has given opportunities to girls who could not afford to play.

“The league as a whole is young,” Brent Gordon said. “It started three years ago, and those fifth- and sixth-graders then are now heading into high school now. I have parents tell me they are football families and all of the boys play. Now the girls are not left out. Brothers are cheering and teaching the game to their sisters. At the dinner table they can break it down, and the girl’s status in her family has elevated.”

Look at these tough football playing girls!





While girls are playing football, more and more mothers are encouraging their sons to express their femininity in Womanless Pageants and other “Girly” Activities….AWESOME!!!!!

Look at these Lovely boys…way too delicate to be playing a rough sport like football!!!  What is really amazing, is that several of these boys did play football until their mother’s decided boys needed to be pretty and sweet!  What a great service these mothers are doing to promote male femininity!





Did u=you notice that not only are these boys dressed in the most dainty of dresses, but they are all also wearing delicate nylons with dainty shoes.  It is becoming more and more apparent who the “Weaker” sex actually is!

This is the “Mission” for TRUE Feminist Women…Female Accomplishment accompanied with Male Feminization, which will result into Female Control!





The New World!

I really love what I see with more and more girls and women playing sports.  It is awesome to see women and girls competing and being strong.  What is even better, is the number of men and boys that are feminizing themselves!   I think the women need to give the males a push toward even more feminization.  The posts today are going to contrast the two sexes, and I hope the trends I present will continue!


The following is once again, a woman and a man!


Here is a posting from a Modern man out to eat with his wife.   This needs to become more common!

Out to eat..My Short Mini Dress
Tuesday, Both our birthday. I promised a night out, it was both our birthdays ( yeah, the same day ). Red Lobster the destination. I Took a lot of time getting ready, I wanted to be perfect. The new multi blade razor had my skin super smooth, Liquid make up, lashes, all in perfection, I had gotten one of those mag mirrors. Choosing a new mini dress that came half down my thighs, even no panties. Two inch heels and hair just touching my shoulders. Bracelets on my wrists and one nice ring. I was ready for last night. She never dressed a lot, but tonight was for me she said.. Waiting till about 9 pm, I started the car, absolutely comfortable. We arrived and soon at a table in the rear. I had a couple of beers before leaving and the need for a restroom called. She said “go ahead”, so alone I found my way. That finished, I primped by the mirror and returned to the table. I ordered lobster and steak ( medium )… In a soft voice, not distinct. Everything went perfect, I added I was so comfortable I was up for anything. I had no problem and felt good in my mini and strappy heels. This one evening she was worried about getting older, a bummer, so home was our next destination. I backed in the drive and the “super light” came on, I was still relaxed so that did not matter. This morning I am again dressed nice, on the swing of the front porch, I chose a skimpy flared shirt and crop top. I feel great, still relaxed. It has been a long time getting to this level. Evening walks past cars and people helped I guess. Now getting worth it. I have other things ordered to express myself, some just barely there. That is not the way to dress if you want to blend in, but night walking would be powerful. When I walk down the street it is knowing its a long walk back and I am far away that gets me. After all nothing can be done … Wow… I encourage all you girls to relax and feel the breeze…. Wow again…
Love, ….. Brenda…

The following sets of photos will have the Women on top, then the man.  It is so nice to see the New World Order unfolding!

















Would love to hear the thoughts of women and men on this New World Order of Female Control and male feminization!



The New Age Male is becoming more common!

I LOVE seeing all the Male Femininity that is happening almost everywhere!   Seeing more and more men becoming househusbands, while their wives are the Breadwinners is awesome.  Watching more and more young girls playing football is delightful, although we surely need the feminist mothers to push their sons into becoming cheerleaders!!!   Here is a quote from a Feale Magazine rom the UK on Male Femininity:


From: Observer Woman Magazine (UK)
My comments: when I mentor a male like him, I will expect she will shave her legs and wear stockings. With a dress like this, legs have to be smooth and encased in fine stockings, preferably seamed and fully fashioned. Male-Femininity should be elegant where a detail is never just only a detail.


Here is another posting from a woman on the subject of male feminization:


Interesting observation for a lady with the intention to feminize her male “en-Femme”
“It’s surprising how little reluctance I get from women when during counseling I suggest enforced male chastity. Obviously, the prospects of rekindling sensual kissing and ramping up cunnilingus are pretty intriguing for women.
And most women do fine without penile penetration, for that’s widely associated with gooey male messes and little male stamina.
In fact, if there’s also a “size issue” about the spouse’s penis many women will ask me about permanent male chastity.”
This observation consensus with my opinion about feminization of a male: her penis should be treated as an obsolete thing. For her health, a twice-monthly prostate milking will be the only attention given to it. It’s an aspect included in my curriculum for feminization of a mentee in a bespoke education and training program.

Women that have feminized their males are enjoying a wonderful life.  The day of the macho male is over.  Males need to be looking pretty and being docile for the women in their lives!


Couple Play Outdoors
Isn’t it wonderful seeing this loving couple sharing playful her male-Femininity … yes, it’s her on the left, so refined “en-Femme”.
It’s a fine example how my mentoring can guide a couple into stylish Feminization and enjoy a much richer and varied spectrum of opportunities in their relationship. Once you have experienced the delights of a Feminized Male, your life will have changed forever – and there will be no way back.


As this New Age Grows, Masculine women will have a larger and larger demand for feminine men and boys.  Women like the one pictured below will want a pretty little male wife to have on her arm!



More women are taking on a stronger profile!



Males such as the following will be in increasing demand in the Female Controlled World that is growing!


Don’t you just LOVE how docile and submissive he is in that Mini dress, and his dainty legs encased in his pantyhose and open toed high heels!!!


And this lovely man in his dainty lingerie…as a man should be for his Female Master!


I really love seeing a young man like this, no bra, showing his complete male femininity, in his pretty short dress and the ever present dainty nylons!


Any photo of the Lovely Britney Smith is a delight.  His mother has done such a wonderful job with him by encouraging his femininity from and early age.  I am sure that he is going to make some strong women a Great Male Wife!   What a delightful Role Model!


And what a fantastic reality to see so many older males getting in touch with their femininity.  My hope is that more wives and girlfriends will encourage their men to give up their masculine ways and get in touch with their femininity.  As this man surely shows in in pretty dress and heels just how pretty men can be.  The dainty nylons once again are an important part in getting a man to be dainty and docile……..more women need to take advantage of this fact and feminize their males!

Girls are Playing Football, while boys are Looking Pretty!

Here is an article from Dick’s Sporting Good Newsletter about how Girl’s Football is growing:

All-Girls Tackle Football Is Officially A Trend
The third league of its kind launches this year
by Tosten Burks
Share February 1, 2017


Image via Utah Girls Football league
Sam Gordon, the internet’s most famous female football player, still remembers the reactions at her first practice. The Utah eighth grader tried out for the boys tackle league in Salt Lake City when she was nine years old.
“I was first in every single speed and agility drill. The coaches would look at their timer and they’d be like, ‘Oh Sam, you need to run this again. I think we clicked it wrong,’” Gordon, now 13, recounts over the phone. “There were, you know, a couple boys who would start chanting, ‘Beat the girl. Beat the girl.’ Sometimes a parent would come onto the field after I tackled him, or they got trucked, and they’d grab their kid by the face mask and be like, ‘Don’t get beat by a girl!’”
A few weeks later, on the first snap of her first scrimmage, Gordon, starting at quarterback, ran the length of the field for a touchdown. On the first play of her team’s next possession, she ran for another score. On the next possession, she ran for a third touchdown. Gordon finished her first game with five touchdowns on eight carries.
Gordon’s father Brent, a personal injury lawyer, captured the action on a handheld camera. He hired a professional company to film the rest of the season. In November, Brent posted Sam’s highlight reel on YouTube.
“Three hours later, Ellen was calling,” Brent says. The video had gone viral. “My phone just started blowing up. Three days later, it was almost 5 million views.”

Over the next couple months, Gordon appeared on Good Morning America, SportsCenter, and Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game Awards show. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell invited her to watch Super Bowl XLVII in his suite. She met members of the U.S. women’s national soccer team and the San Francisco 49ers.
Then in 2015, a family friend invited Gordon to speak at an assembly at a local middle school. Near the end of her speech, Gordon asked how many girls in the audience would want to play tackle football. She says almost every hand in the room went up.
“I had this idea,” Gordon says. “If this many girls from this one middle school would want to play tackle football, imagine how many there are just in Utah, or in the nation?”

Around the same time, Crystal Sacco had a similar idea. Sacco owns an aquatic therapy school in Salt Lake City. She also played three seasons of tackle football for the Utah Falconz, formerly the Utah Jynx, which competes in the Independent Women’s Football League. After hanging up her pads, she started coaching a team in the local boys tackle league, until she was approached one day by a group of girls watching their brothers play.
“These girls came up to us and said, ‘Hey, if you start a girls league, then our parents will let us us play. But they won’t let us play with the boys,’” Sacco says. “That’s when I reached out to Sam Gordon.”
If this many girls from this one middle school would want to play tackle football, imagine how many there are just in Utah, or in the nation?

American football has historically excluded women from playing, though not entirely. During the 1920s, NFL teams fielded women’s teams as halftime entertainment, and the first all-women leagues emerged during the ’30s and ’40s, featuring professional fast-pitch softball players. Several other short-lived leagues popped up during the 20th century, and today three different leagues field full-contact, 11-on-11 competition in North America: the IWFL, the Women’s Football Alliance, and the United States Women’s Football League. This past weekend, Orlando, Florida, hosted the third annual Women’s World Football Games, pitting national teams from around the world.

Players in the first all-women tackle football league (Image via Click Magazine)
On the youth side, the NFL launched a varsity girls flag football program in 2008—it’s now sanctioned and managed by USA Football. Meanwhile, the number of girls playing on high school boys teams has been rising for years: 1,964 girls at 576 schools played tackle football during the 2015-2016 school year, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations.
But in Utah, Sacco wanted to create the first ever full-contact league exclusively for girls, so parents would be more willing to let their daughters play, and girls wouldn’t get pigeonholed at certain positions. After witnessing Sam’s middle school assembly, her father agreed to help fund and organize the league.
Sacco also connected with Samantha Rapoport, the founder of the NFL’s girls flag program and then-USA Football’s director of football development, who provided Sacco with an equipment grant and agreed to serve on the league’s board. The Utah Girls Tackle Football league launched two summers ago with 50 fifth and sixth graders across four teams, competing in 8-on-8, full-contact football, without special teams.
“I didn’t know girls were allowed to play football, and soon as I found, I was like, yeah, I want to give it a shot,” Laura Goetz, a seventh grader at Elk Ridge Middle School in South Jordan, Utah, says. “My friends were like, ‘Are you sure you want to play this?’ … I didn’t care what they thought or not. I was still going to play.”

This summer, the league grew to two age divisions—fifth and sixth graders and seventh through ninth graders—with four teams each. The spots filled less than a week after registration opened. Goetz says the sport has taught her and her friends courage that can’t be taught in other activities.
“In football, you have to do all these awkward positions and stuff and it’s uncomfortable,” Goetz says. “As you break down things that are scary to you, you can bring them into the actual world with friends and school, and they’re no longer as scary, and you have a wide variety of things you’re not scared of anymore.”

In the fall, the Utah league transformed from a phenomenon into a trend starter, when the second girls tackle league launched in Mooresville, a tiny town in central Indiana, population around 10,000.
It started with a family fight. Emily Zimmerman asked her mother and stepfather Chad Oldham, a construction manager, whether she could play tackle football in the local boys league—to no avail.
“Seeing how upset she got kinda broke my heart,” Oldham says. “How many other girls out there are in Emily’s shoes? How many girls get told, ‘No,’ because they’re mommy’s princess or daddy’s princess, and they don’t want them to get hurt? But the girls, that may be what they want to do!”
Oldham, who serves as the president of Mooresville’s youth boys league, announced an all-girls league in April. The inaugural season started in August, with fifth through seventh grade and eighth-through-tenth grade divisions featuring two teams each, following the rule book developed by Sacco and Rapoport in Utah.
How many girls get told, ‘No,’ because they’re mommy’s princess or daddy’s princess, and they don’t want them to get hurt?

“It was like what real football is known for,” Elise Scaggs, a 16-year-old running back, says. There were team sleepovers, rainy practices, and group outings to boys games while decked out in their jerseys. “Instead of brothers, they were my sisters out there.”

The Scaggs sisters’ undefeated team
Elise’s team, which also featured her actual sisters, Faith, 15 (quarterback), and Kate, 14 (slot receiver), went undefeated, despite an end-of-season scare. During the third-to-last game, Elise tackled an opposing player, then took a knee to the head from a teammate running into the scrum. After the game, she was diagnosed with a concussion and forced to sit out the championship, leaving the team without its only sophomore. With Elise sidelined for the “Super Bowl,” Faith stepped up, tallying three touchdowns and over ten tackles, her best game all year.
“I had to be there for them and let them know that it’s not just me on this team. It’s them,” Elise says. “All of us are one. It was hard, but they did it and they pulled through. I was super proud of them.”
Despite the happy ending, the incident confronted Mooresville with the head safety risks that have troubled youth football for years, and have prompted its declining participation. All the parents GOOD interviewed for this story said they believed these risks were overblown by the media, and Sacco and Oldham both stated their confidence in Heads Up Football certification, the sometimes-criticized safety coaching instructions regulated by USA Football. To the girls, it seems a moot point. They expressed the desire to dish out, and be subjected to, the same dangers as the boys.
“In the beginning, we didn’t really know if we were (tackling) correctly,” Elise says. After a late-season game, two referees, who also officiate the boys league, approached her and her sisters to say that they hit harder than most boys. “For them to say that we were hitting harder than the guys, it made me personally feel like I accomplished what I’ve always wanted to accomplish. It was like a dream come true.”
This year the Utah league is expanding into high school, and Oldham expects the Indiana league to grow too. Meanwhile, a third league for 11-to-14-year-old girls is taking registrations in Georgia, with plans to launch this spring.
Rapoport, who returned to the NFL last summer as the league’s director of football development tasked with developing and promoting women for coaching, scouting, and administrative roles, calls these leagues a key part of the movement to build sustainable pipelines for women in football.
“When it’s no longer news that we have a female coach, or a female scout, or a female official,” Rapoport says, “When that normalizes, I’ll feel like I have succeeded.”


It is so awesome to see these young girls playing football!   Competing in what was once a male dominated activity.  What is even better is the fact that many mothers are encouraging their sons to participate in Womanless Beauty Pageants!  This is so delightful to see girls competing and being Strong, while boys are dressing up in pretty dresses and wearing makeup and getting their hair done!   What a desirable turn of events!  The following photo speaks for itself…..wouldn’t it be even better if two Girl football players were standing next to these lovely Pretty boys??


They were caught fighting girls in their class, the mother allowed the girls 2 choose their punishment. The girls decided 2 have them enter a pageant that was just 4 girls. The organization allowed it, since it was a punishment. They took photos 2 post online…


Here are some Pretty Boys looking so cute in the Pageant Dresses.  Wouldn’t the world be better off with more boys running around in dainty dresses, looking pretty for girls?






Hopefully mothers will continue to encourage their sons to participate in beauty pageants, and in general diminish their “masculine’ activities.  Creating a society with pretty, docile and obedient boys will pave the way for Female dominance, and a better society!




The Future looks Brighter and Brighter!


Women are Taking their Rightful Place in Sports and Leadership!


Strong women like the three pictured above are making great strides for womankind.  Hopefully, there will be some pretty, feminine men that will be at their side supporting them!



Women are making such a great difference.  Many men and boys want to be pretty and feminine, while more and more women want to take on the traditionally male activities!


It is high time that women put men and boys into their proper NEW 21st Century Role!!!

Afterall……Boys are so Pretty…aren’t they?



Here is a great story from the latest Petticoat Discipline Quarterly.  What a delight to see more and more women taking control of their husbands, and also to see that Female Doctors are very intrigued with male feminization!  It is high time that society understands that most men and boys need to be feminized, and become helpers to Women and girls!   Here is Wendy’s story:

from Wendy


Dear Helga,

I would just like to share that the progress made with my sissy maid has been way beyond my wildest expectations. Aside from the total service I get from her here at home, we have become a more loving couple outside the home as well. She is so considerate when we are out that my friends constantly say that they only wish they were in my shoes. I really enjoy having the perfect husband, and my latest story will tell another benefit I have taken advantage of.

I have to be about the most fertile woman there is, resulting in two unplanned pregnancies, one in college while on the pill and another while married a couple years ago. I terminated both pregnancies early and I’ve always in the back of my mind, regardless of birth control methods, short of having my tubes tied left me always wondering when the next accident will happen.

For years I have asked, begged, and bribed my husband ( now my sissy maid ) to no avail to have a vasectomy, he has always said there is no way and there will never be way for her to be cut on there. My gynecologist had recommended the procedure and I have shared with her that was not an option. While at my checkup, I mentioned that I now believe she might be ready for her vasectomy, and she said wow what do you think might have changed her mind. I didn’t say a word about her now being petticoated, but I just felt it was time now. She then said she has a good friend in the building that is a urologist and she is excellent with reluctant husbands. She said let me give her a call. She then called her and she said sure have her come up now and she would schedule the procedure. I thanked her and headed for the elevator.

When I arrived, I was shown into her office after a couple of minutes sat down to schedule an appointment. She immediately put me at ease when she said she and her nurse were very good at handling a nervous husband and explained that even the most reluctant man on their protocol are never a problem. I asked her what was her protocol that made it so easy. She explained that the procedure is best done first thing Friday morning and husbands usually miss only one day of work, and after eight ejaculations a sample is returned to check if there is a sperm count.

To help the patient relax she would give me two Valium tablets, one at bed time, and one at 5am for the 7am procedure. The patient will be very relaxed when they arrive and once in the chair he would be given a twilight medication drip, and once on the drip all your worries are over, the patient won’t be changing their mind. The procedure would only take about a half an hour to 45 minutes, and once off the drip they are ready to go home in no time. Also wear a jock strap or underwear that offers support. When the patient gets home sit with some ice on their lap and if there is any discomfort give them some Advil. She then asked if I would like to schedule a time for the procedure to which I said absolutely and scheduled the appointment for Friday next week. She then said he will have to sign the forms as well, and gave me the paperwork and a packet with 2 Valium tablets. I then told her that I would have him shaved and well prepared, and she said I’ll see you next Friday.

Sunday is always such a good sissymaid day with her dressed in one of her French sissymaid outfits, and after being served breakfast in bed, drawing my bath and helping with my dressing, I was reading the paper while she was straightening up and making the bed. I rang the summoning bell and she walked into the room, bowed her head, curtsied, and said yes mommy, how may I help you? I then said missy make arrangements to be off work or do some work from home next Friday, I’ve made you an appointment for you to have a vasectomy at 7am. There are permission forms on my desk I would like you to sign them right away. She bowed her head, curtsied, and said yes mommy right away, and walked straight to my office and signed the forms. I almost dropped the newspaper I was reading, my sissy didn’t hesitate for a second.

I didn’t even mention her appointment until Wednesday when I said started to wonder if she might be having second thoughts and I said oh by the way don’t forget about your appointment Friday, and she said I’m sorry I forgot to mention that I’ve already made arrangements to be off work Friday. I then said missy I’m so happy you are doing this for me, you won’t be sorry, you will be rewarded in the bedroom, and she said so am I, I love being your sissy and serving you. Well, the feeling of empowerment and control has made my life and her new life so enjoyable.

Thursday night at bed time I gave her her first Valium tablet to start her relaxing protocol, and at 5am had her a bubble bath waiting and gave her the next Valium tablet. After shaving her legs, armpits, pubic area, and her long bubble bath she was becoming quite relaxed as she dried off. I laid out a tee shirt, a pair of her pink lace bikini panties and a pair of loose fitting shorts. When she saw the panties she asked do I have to wear these? I then told her you wear them every day and you are going to the doctor and no one will know about the panties except the doctor and her nurse, and besides they are perfect for the support you need.

We arrived at the doctor’s office a little before 7am turned in the forms and she was immediately taken back and they asked if he had taken the Valium and I said oh yes he’s nice and relaxed. It was just a few minutes later the nurse came out and said he’s on his drip and the doctor will soon have him all taken care of. After about 40 minutes the nurse came out and said the doctor will see you now in her office. I went into her office and she said, well your wish has come true everything went very well, and he will be ready to go home as soon as the twilight medication wears off.

She then reminded me that I could still very easily become pregnant until he has at least 8 ejaculations and and be sure to use protection and even offered some Plan B packages. I said I didn’t need the Plan B, but I did ask if I could prostate milk him. She then asked if knew how to milk a prostate, to which I said oh yes, he gets milked regularly. She then said however you want to do it is fine, through sex or milking, just get us the eighth specimen to be sure. The nurse then came in and said he’s all set ready to go home, and by the way I loved his pink lace panties, what a great idea to put him in panties for support instead of boxers.

We went home, she put on a skirt, a bra, and a top and I got her some ice to put on her lap and I went to work. I called her a few times and everything had gone so smooth after the years of trying to get this done. When I got home she was as if there was wasn’t even a procedure done, in fact she was even in heels. We had a light dinner, and I told her that this weekend she was going to be milked every morning and evening starting tonight. She never objects to being milked and I now have a nice milking toy that I use on her that she rather enjoys. I have not as of yet, but she is more than ready to accept a strapon dildo whenever I want to start her on one.

The weekend went quite well with her being milked Friday night, Saturday morning and night, Sunday morning and night, Monday morning and night, and Tuesday morning I got a good sample to take to be checked. When I went into the doctors office to have the specimen checked, both the doctor and the nurse said my you’ve been a busy girl, is this really the eighth ejaculation so soon? To which I said yes it is. I gave the specimen to the nurse and the doctor invited me into her office while the nurse checked the specimen. She commented that how unusual to have a specimen back so soon and how this happened so quickly. I then asked is this a doctor patient conversation, to which she said absolutely it is.

I then asked if she was familiar with petticoating or feminizing a boyfriend or spouse to which she said she had heard of petticoating but wasn’t familiar with it. I then explained how I have made my husband my sissymaid and he serves me at home in a most feminine way. She couldn’t ask enough questions about our relationship saying your husband seems so masculine, to which I said he is outside the house and of course in the bedroom as well. He runs marathons, shoots in the 80s in golf, plays cards with his buddies outside the house. At home it is all FEM all the time, in fact I can’t remember the last time he wasn’t in a skirt or dress at home, along with a bra and panties. Outside the house the only fem clothing he wears is his panties, in fact the pink panties on vasectomy day were his not mine, and I do not embarrass him ever. We have the most loving ideal relationship and she loves serving me as my sissymaid, and without the petticoating there would have never been the vasectomy. She did say that he smelled very good and it was nice to do the procedure and see his legs shaved. At that point the nurse came back in and gave us the good news that my sissy is now sterile, and I was about to be late for work and her patients were backing up, so I thanked her and left her office.

Helga, our lives have become so complete since my sissy has been evolving in such a feminine way. He serves me so well, and you made so much of this possible.

Very Truly Yours

Thank you for your letter Wendy. Great to hear how much progress you’ve made with your sissy, congratulations on finally correcting that issue, really well done. I can sympathize with the need for proper birth control and this solves that once and for all.

Thank you as well for including the description of the procedure and conversation with the doctor, she seems a very charming and confident person, used to taking matters into her own hands, dominating her male patients into submission. Kudos to her.

I’m not sure how much I might have had to do with this but whatever small amount, it was my pleasure. I know many readers share your concern for maintaining their family structure without the worry of unintended pregnancies as well as preferring a sissy husband.






And here is another great example of what needs to happen in relationships between men and women.  Women need to take the control and tell the men and boys what they will be wearing!


From Mary Beth

Dear Susan,
We have been corresponding for so long, and I have enjoyed our exchanges of letters so much, that I would like to take the opportunity to tell all your readers about my family, its petticoating traditions, and the loving and successful disciplining of our grandson, Donald (or Dawn, which is his girl’s name).
Some may consider me an opinionated old woman irrevocable set in her ways, and if so, then so be it. Here is the story of my involvement in turning my teenage grandson into a compliant sissy, his relationship with the family, and, more importantly, with his girlfriend Heather.
First, a short history of my dedication to the practice of petticoating. I married into a family of Scottish decent who actively engaged in petticoating all male members of the family. I quite willing continued the practice with my husband and our three sons. I have been successfully in influencing my children to continue the practice with both their sons and daughters. Girls in this day and age require petticoating as much as their brothers, if they are to grow up to be proper young ladies.
The core of our family traditions is the ideal that the wife is both the mother responsible for the training of the children, and the keeper of the hearth whose duty is to enforce those traditions. Thus she is the undisputed head of the household. The husband also has duel responsibilities: first he must provide the means to ensure the family well-being, but more importantly he must provide total support for and obedience to his wife both in word and action.
Central to this is a strict dress code followed by young and old alike. When wearing traditional male attire at school or work, the male will wear a girl’s vest and panties at all times. For church or social gatherings the males of the family will wear formal Scottish attire. In addition to the panties and vest, a short slip or petticoat should be worn. At home they will wear either a girl’s kilt or some other style of skirt, together with a blouse or sweater. A full length slip will ensure an accidental bare midriff never occurs Girls will be similarly dressed, except they are expected to wear a dress for evening meals, and other suitable occasions. When in dresses they will wear nylons. Depending on age a bra will be worn at all times. A personal quirk of mine is, if possible, to dress the children in old fashioned bloomers. So much for my background.
In the summer of 2000 we lost our son, Donald’s father, in an accident. Prior to that time Donald, and his sisters Ann and Jill, were raised in the family tradition. Shortly after our loss Donald started to change, and by mid November he had completely rebelled, rejecting all tradition, and showing disrespect for his mother and sisters as well as any adult in a position of authority. He ran with an rowdy gang of peers, exhibiting all their values. Grace, his mother, called me and pleaded for me to intervene before it was too late. I agreed so long as they would move in with us for at least a year. I was also to be given complete control over my three grandchildren, with Grace fully supporting all my actions. She agreed. I needed some time to prepare and arranged for them to arrive about a week before Christmas.
I obtained the service of Mrs. Keith via my oldest son. She was completely experienced in our ways, having been with us when her mother was our children’s nanny and governess. As I have already mentioned, petticoating isn’t used as punishment – instead a strict form of diaper discipline is employed when necessary. Coming from a Scottish heritage we never throw anything of value away, but rather put things in storage for future need. I maintain a nursery for use by our younger grandchildren when visiting. We retrieved a youth sized crib and highchair from storage for Donald. I still had some toddler styled clothes from when our children needed disciplining which would fit Donald, so all that was required was replacing some elastic. On Mrs. Keith suggestion I had a soft flannel baby cuddle bag made, but it differed from the usual in that we added side zippers to the sleeves and sides, allowing us to immobilize his arms.
A week before Christmas Grace and family arrived. Donald was in fine form: not only did he ridicule some of his cousins who were present, but he openly challenged me by stating no one could force him to wear sissy girls’ clothes, and tradition be damned. That was all it took for Mrs. Keith to get involved. She took a very surprised young lad by the ear and marched him to the nursery. Grace and his sisters followed.
When he refused to undress as told, Mrs. Keith held him while his mother and sisters stripped him. He was carried over to the change table where I had a heavy baby print double diaper ready. With a little effort I pinned him into his diapers and pulled up a pair of pink vinyl bloomers. Between Mrs. Keith and I we got him into his sleeping bag. After tying the bottom and fastening the restraining zippers he was put in his crib. Mrs. Keith requested the rest of us to leave so she could come to an understanding with Donald. Several hours later, a slightly subdued Donald was brought down to dinner with the other young folks. Once in his high chair we made the mistake of releasing his arms, and he knocked the divided baby dish off the high chair tray.
That did it. I called his grandfather, my husband John. After restraining his arms John carried Donald back to his crib while Mrs. Keith cleaned up the mess and prepared a baby bottle of warm milk. Grace and I accompanied her while his sisters were invited to join us when they finished their dinner. Mrs. Keith sat down in a rocker John put Donald in her arms and she started to feed him. After a short battle of wills Donald gave up and started to nurse. He had finished his first bottle when his sisters arrived. While still holding him she had his sisters take turns feeding him a second bottle of warm milk. Donald offered even less resistance. When he was finished Mrs. Keith checked his diapers, and he needed changing.
She had the girls watch closely while she diapered him telling them she expected them to help take care of him in the future. Donald was in tears by the time he was put to bed. He was not permitted to leave the nursery for the next three days. His sisters took great pleasure in being allowed to feed and change their brother. When the time came for Donald to rejoin the family he experienced another surprise. In addition to his diapers and bloomers he was dressed in a little girls’ training bra, ruffled tights, and a romper play suit. He tried to hide, and I put a walking harness and leash on him. With every step he took the little bells attached to harness tinkled, calling attention to him. When we joined the others, except for telling him how cute he looked no one paid attention to him, which was how they had been instructed, under threat of joining him in the nursery. The remainder of the week was uneventful. Donald either wore rompers or cute little girls’ dresses with matching bloomers.
I later learned that Donald’s unexpectedly meek attitude was in part do to his expectation of returning home after the Christmas vacation. We broke his bubble New Year’s Day when we told the children they were staying, and would be enrolled in the same school their father had attended. We gave them their uniforms, Donald expressed some relief because he would be wearing pants again. Then he almost had another crying spell when he learned he would be required to wear little girl-style training panties, vinyl lined rumba panties, and an onesie under his uniform. We had arranged for him to be excused from gym for this period: combining it with lunch time permitted him to return home at noon for lunch and changing if necessary. After school he resumed his diaper discipline. Much to my surprise he adjusted to his new state rather easily.
Starting a month after school began, we started his transition back into the family. We started by allowing him to join us for church wearing his regular kilts, but he still had to wear his school underwear. On returning home, he was permitted to wear his kilt, forgo a nap, and eat with the rest of the family instead of in his high chair. At bedtime he returned to the nursery. At two week intervals an additional day in big boys’ clothes was added, with the understanding that continued good behavior was expected, unless he wanted start all over again. By the time school ended he no longer needed to wear baby rompers or little girls’ dresses. I had found an old pattern for a one piece vest and bloomer combination. I had several made for Donald to wear instead of his training panties after school, when not wearing baby clothes. He was still required to remain in the nursery at night as a constant reminder.
We all went on a two month train and auto cross country trip for our vacation. As a final challenge Donald was to go as a young girl, Dawn, Jill was to be his twin sister, while Ann was the big sister. If he successfully completed the vacation as Dawn he would be free of the nursery. As a reminder he would still be required to wear a disposable diaper at night. Ann and Jill had also ended up wearing combo bloomers, as a result of teasing Donald about wearing them.
We made the first of many shopping trips with the three ‘girls’. In addition to buying them several pretty dresses to wear, we bought some casual play outfits. Mostly short tennis dresses, or tennis skirts and blouses. Ann wanted a couple of shortalls, and we bough two each. I am sure Ann later regretted her choice when we added elastic to the cuffs turning them into rompers. We finished the shopping trip with a visit to the beauty shop where all three had their hair styled appropriate to their assumed ages. Donald looked darling in bangs and a short pony tail.
With the exception of one slip when Donald tried to emerge, Dawn remained in complete control. The girls adopted John as their personal tour guide and confidant. Dawn started off rather shyly, but by the end of the vacation she had emerged as a charming outgoing young lady.
One notable event occurred while we were attending some Scottish games in Pennsylvania. We met a young couple who thought as we do, and practiced petticoating with their three active young children; two boys and a girl. All were wearing white cotton bloomers under their kilts. Grace made friends with them and learned the source of the children’s bloomers. The next day she ordered several pair for each of her children to be delivered at home in time for the new school year. Ann was quite unhappy at first, but a day in a disposable diaper changed her mind. Dawn and Jill willing accepted their mother’s decision.
On returning home the children started school wearing their new cotton bloomers. Ann and Jill experienced some teasing, which soon let up. One girl in Ann’s gym class, Heather Kelly, was quite supportive and they became good friends. Donald was quite pleased to wear bloomers instead of the training panties he wore last semester.
We soon noticed that he was spending all his time at home dressed as Dawn, so we restricted his time in dresses to three days a week, the other three days were spent dressed as Donald in skirts and blouses, although he was allowed to wear an unpadded training bra. The question of his attending extracurricular activities came up in early November.
John suggested we buy him some regular boys’ clothes, as he would need to wear them when he went away to college anyway. Grace agreed, so long as he as he wore a complete set of girls’ lingerie under his boys’ wear. John took him shopping for a suit, and two sports jacket and slacks. Grace and I then took ‘Dawn’ shopping for lingerie. We really went all out, whenever possible everything was white nylon, the exceptions were a long-legged panty girdle and nylon stockings. Later I specially ordered two pair of white long-legged nylon sateen bloomers. When he was all dressed up you would never guess what he was wearing unless he took off his jacket, but if he did the outline of his bra and mini slip were unmistakable, which is exactly what Grace wanted.
Dating wasn’t an option until Christmas when Heather (she was in three of his classes as well as Ann’s gym class), invited him and Ann to a party at her house. After much coaxing from Ann, Donald agreed, but at a price. If he had to wear a panty girdle so should she. Grace wasn’t sure, but upon the good advice of a friend, you Susan, Grace took Ann shopping for two panty girdles, and one more for Donald. We met Heather before the party as her family attends the same church. She seemed like a charming girl, but a bit shy.
From what little we saw when we picked them up after the party, Heather was anything but shy. She took possession of Donald from the time he arrived, and she never left his side the entire evening, on several occasions taking advantage of the mistletoe to kiss him. As we departed Heather asked her mother if Donald and Ann could go with them to a play. She agreed if Grace did. Everyone agreed! Heather asked Donald if he would wear the kilts he wore to church, and he shyly said he would if she wanted him to. On the way home Grace reminded him that he would have to wear all the same lingerie he had on, even if he wore kilts. He didn’t offer any objection. I would have felt better if I knew Heather was dressed the same as Ann and Donald.
The week following Christmas Donald and Heather had several dates. On all but one occasion Donald wore kilts, always on Heather’s request, and she was a little put out on the one time he didn’t. Things were moving a little too fast for my comfort. I wanted a way to introduce the concept of petticoating to Patty Kelly, Heather’s mother. As luck would have it, she was as concerned as I was.
Patty, Grace, John and I had a long talk. I not only introduced her to the idea of petticoating, but ended up telling her about Donald/Dawn. As a result Heather is now required to wear bloomers all the time. She is also required to wear a panty girdle any time she and Donald go out on a date. Patty stayed for dinner, and had the opportunity to meet Dawn, and she was impressed, but agreed that was not the right time for Heather to get to know Dawn. Several weeks ago Heather was allowed to find out that in addition to skirts and sweaters Donald also wore nylons and a bra. Her response was simple – she wants Donald to wear them all the time. Donald couldn’t been more pleased, as it was another reason for him to dress the way he has now learned to like best.
I have included Heather in the children’s sewing classes, The present project is a jumper with a full circle skirt. Each will decorate their skirt with a favored animal, Heather a unicorn, and Donald the winged horse, Pegasus. They needed some accessories to go with them. We went shopping, and Heather insisted Donald wear a fully padded bra with his skirt and sweater. That confident young lady has certainly taken over, and I thoroughly approve. We went to a shop specializing in square dance costumes. They all selected their own peasant blouses, full petticoats, and multi-layered ruffled bloomers. I really wasn’t surprised that Donald’s and Heather’s were identical.
This last weekend Heather had a birthday dinner and slumber party for the four of them. Heather got to meet Dawn for the first time, and her reaction could have been predicted. She wants to see more of Dawn so she can get to know her better. When it comes to her and Donald, I don’t think anything would faze her.
When it came to sleeping over, we tried to throw road blocks in their way to no avail, short of forbidding it if nothing else worked. We come up with the following conditions that would ensure their good behavior: under their long nightgowns they would each wear a thick double diaper, pink vinyl bloomers, and a second pair of sissy bloomers we had made for each of them. We even embroidered their names on the diapers and sissy bloomers. They survived the night with their modesty intact, and are now planning their next sleep over.
I am looking forward to the future when Heather truly becomes a part of the family I have no doubt that she will continue our family tradition, to the benefit of both Donald and any children they may have.
My very best wishes,

Mary Beth
It really is a pleasure to have a letter from Mary Beth telling of the training of her grand-son, and his courting by Heather, who sounds like an ideal addition to a family where the petticoating and submission of the male members is a long-standing tradition. This is not as strange as it may appear to my readers, as traditions of feminine authority, and the petticoat training of male children especially, do certainly occur – most commonly in the United States for some reason, and particularly in the older families of New England and the South.
Mary Beth and her husband John have made some outstanding contributions to ‘Petticoat Discipline Monthly’ over a long period of time.

Women are In Control.  Male Feminization is gaining in popularity!  The future is Bright for Womankind!!






Changes are happening Indeed!

tumblr_ouy5e5p3LZ1wyrvh0o1_1280It is so encouraging to see some of the changes that are happening in terms of Gender Role Reversals.  Many of these changes are happening because women are taking the initiative to create better relationships with the males in their lives by feminizing them.    Feminine men are the best husbands in the respect that they are more compliant, and easier for a woman to control.  Women need to have the experience of being in control and having their men become the spouses that will support them.

Strong Women are the Future!!





Here is a comment from a man that has had the great opportunity of having a girlfriend that has feminized him:

Bianca says:
19th August 2017 at 7:08 am
Forced Feminization can also be a sign of love and harmony. My girlfriend also is in the way to feminize me and she always declare why i have to dress in that skirt or that shoes. I am allowed to wear pants only to work but underneath only female underwear as panties stockings and garterbelt. Sometimes a bra or corset too depends on her mood. At home or on weekends or vacation i have to dress only in skirts or dresses. If i respect a short skirt for the shopping trip without blaiming it is also a sign of respect obedience and love for her. If you get used to the interested looks and maybe giggles of the public it becomes easier to dress completely female. It can turn that you be wearing your dress proud in public for your wife. The latest idea of my girlfriend is to dress me in a sissy maids dress for going to the supermarket. Now there is a new goal.

Bianca says:
20th August 2017 at 12:40 pm
As you say Lady Alexa my girlfriend also smiles at me and shows a face full of love if i wear my skirts and dresses for her also in public and is disapointed if i prefer pants sometimes. But if i want to wear pants because of many people she force me to wear thight corset under shirt and pants.
Where i can show you the pix of sissy maid dress in supermarket or public places?



Here is a comment from a wife that has feminized her husband:

Della says:
19th August 2017 at 4:59 pm
My girl has pierced ears. There was great reluctance even bordering on resistance initially. Ours is also a loving encouraged feminization relationship. I persuaded Susie by making her see reason (logic is soo masculine!). I sat her down; at my feet and asked her if she did not want to please me and get her ears pierced. She too was mainly worried about public perception. I patiently explained to her that she spends most of her time cat home as my wife. Our outings are few . On many occasions we go where she is not known or meet a few close friends who know of her feminization. I then made her aware that her pierced ears may embarrass her only a few times a year amongst family or other friends. Even here she accepted that the novelty of her pierced ears will quickly wear off and eventually forgotten or accepted as normal. Susie agreed and I asked her if it was right for her to deny my desire for her to wear proper ear rings all the time just for her momentary embarrassment. I am happy to report that she son agreed and is now regularly wearing ear rings and any other adornment I choose for her. Susie is proud at having overcome her silly fears.
I do believe that proper communication can help resolve a partners fears. I have rarely forced her feminization. It is more a regular but relentless cajoling, convincing that I use.
Just my two bits , although I do admire how far you have travelled with Alice.



Here is what women have been doing since the 60’s.  The New Age of Male Femininity



This is a true story. I have been counseling with the couple and have their permission to use it. I have only changed the names to protect their identity.

Terry and Donna got married in 1965, Donna had always been a very dominate woman and met Terry in their freshman year of high school. Terry was some what of a loner and had often been bullied in school. About the second week of the new year of school some of the boys had Terry in the back of the school and not only pushing him around but calling him names like sissy and one guy said that maybe they needed to take his clothes off and see if he was a girl for real. About that time Donna and a couple of her friends who were also dominant came around the corner to see what was going on. The girls told the guys maybe they need to be striped and see what they had down there. One guy said that they needed to mind their own girl business and if they did not they would get their asses kicked along with this sissy boy. Before they could say another word Donna and her friends had them crying after kicking them between the legs and running them away. Donna came to Terry and ask if he was okay? Terry said yes and thanked her and her friends.

A few days later Donna was walking home from school and came upon Terry standing in his yard. She stopped to talk to him and not too many days later they were dating and everyone knew they were a couple. One day after school Donna invited Terry to come to her house so they could do home work together. With his mother at work and his dad long gone years ago, Terry said sure.

When they got to Donna’s house Terry ask if her Mom were home and she told him her Dad and Mom owned a coffee shop and worked late. After a few hours of doing home work Terry and Donna got to talking. One of the things Terry felt Donna needed to know was that he was not much of a guy because he was raised by his Mom and her sister. He looked down at the floor and asked if she remembered that day behind the school, she said yes. Terry said if they would have took off his pants they would have seen he was wearing girls underwear. He then said if you don’t want to date me any more i understand but I wanted you to know I am some what of a sissy.

He went on to tell her that his mom and aunt had always treated him like a girl and that they seemed to get enjoyment of making him do the house work and also humiliate him. Donna just listened as he told her these things. When he was done she kissed him hard on his lips and said you are just the right guy for me and my friends. She explained that they like to control boys. She exposed that all of her girl friends had boys who they make wear panties and do things for them and she was going to keep him as her sissy if he wanted. He did not even think about it for a minute and said I want to be your sissy.

The next week she told him to come to Karen’s house and gave him the address. When he got there he saw five girls and four boys dresses as little girls. He looked at Donna and asked what was going on. She said today you will be come my pledged sissy. She told him to just do as she and the others said. After awhile he was wearing pink satin panties and a full petticoat and a little girl petticoat with socks that were white with lace around the top and a pair of Mary Jane shoes. His hair was adorned bows and ribbons. He was holding a bunch of flowers and one of the girls asked him if he would always be Donna’s sissy slave and would he do every thing she tells him to do no matter what it was? He answered yes. They then said he must get the normal over the lap spanking by each of the real girls and then he was to go to each of the sissies and thank them for being his sisters for life. He was laid over Donna’s lap first because she was his Mistress. Each girl after that spanked him. With his panties down to his knees he was then to walk to each sissy and tell them thanks for being his sisters. Then Dana said I now pronounce you Sissy Cindy Slave of Mistress Donna.

That was 49 years ago they both finished High School and then went to the same college and were in their Freshman year of college. As Donna put it they were made for each other. They own a Accounting Firm in the city where they live. Three of the other couples live in the same gated community that Cindy and Donna live in and they still meet every week for the purpose of dealing with any things that the slaves might have done wrong and also to just have girls night out as they call it.

All of the women love humiliating the sissies with verbal and corporal punishment as needed. I know there are some sissies out there that would love to be in a group like this and Donna would like to read there letters if they have the courage to write them.





and Female Control continues to grow!



Still here! Loving all the Male Feminizing going on!

Hello everyone.   I apologize for being gone for so long.  I have had a lot going on in my life.  I do follow the Great work of Chris, the Radical Feminist and others and am delighted in the great progress in male feminization and the empowerment of women and girls.  Seeing women Take Charge and feminize the males in their lives is a wonderful sight!  In the photo below of this woman now on her school’s football team is a delight to see.  She is opening the doors for younger girls to follow in her footsteps.




Just a shame that there are still males on the team!!!  LOL

Maybe by the time this young girl is in high school, the team will be dominated by girls, and there will be boys on the cheerleading squad!


We all know that the transition to Female Control needs to happen, and males Must be feminized!  The future is indeed FEMALE!!!!



As boys learn their New Role, Moms and girls need to encourage their feminization!  Ballet is a Good start for boys!


Boys do indeed look Cute in leotards and tights!

Skirts need to follow!



Mothers need to enroll their sons into Boy Beauty Pageants as well!




There needs to be No Doubt who will be wearing the Pants, and who will be in Skirts AND Submissive!!!!





Male Dominance is OVER!!!  Female Control Must happen and be Encouraged in every way!


In this Video, Anya is a man that knows how the future will be.  I Love seeing him in his nylons and heels…vulnerable, as a man should be!


In this video, Elise knows how to show off his body in a nice swimsuit for the strong women that enjoy feminine male beauty!


Men buying pantyhose and shopping while wearing dresses is becoming more and more common!   What a wonderful turn of events!


Men need to be showing off their bodies and wearing feminine and revealing clothing for the pleasure of women.  It is very Important that men and boys adhere to strict diets to be pretty and sweet for women!


Alex is definitely a New Age Man that will make a lovely male wife to a strong and independent woman!

Women surely have the momentum!   Male Submission and feminization is at hand.  The New Age will be Incredible!


What a Wonderful New World!

It is such a delight to see so many men and boys embracing their Femininity and being pretty in skirts and dresses!  At the same time, I just Adore the women that are playing what were formerly “Male Only” sports!  The reversal in activities is so precious, and I hope we see more and more of it in the future!





While these women are battling it out on the field, it is nice to see men and boys doing their best to be pretty and sweet!

Responses from males such as the following gives me great hope that our future will be quite different from the past.  This man is responding to a photo that a woman had of her husband…

Dani says:

I love the picture. It’s very cute. My Mistress prefers me to be smooth but the triangle is very nice, good job. My Mistress takes me to the mall and gas my eyebrows ” threaded ” it doesn’t take long and lasts a long time. Being a 40 something feminized husband I have shoulder length strawberry blonde hair wig ( as you seen from the wedding picture I sent you). Anyway keep up the good work on Alice it took me awhile to accept what I am but now I absolutely love a girls night in on the weekends. Curtsey!


Women that Take Control are so Awesome!!


Mothers that encourage their sons to embrace femininity are the Leaders of tomorrow!


Such a delight when mothers direct their sons into being pretty and feminine.  Someday they will marry a strong women that will keep him as her pretty wife!




Boys that are kept in ultra short skirts and pantyhose are so well behaved and docile, just what a strong women needs to have on her arm!


Can you just imagine, at this wedding a tomboy catching the garter and putting on his pantyhosed encased legs?   Wouldn’t that be so delicious to see/  Woman in pants lifting the boys skirts so all her friends can see his legs and maybe a glimpse of his panties?


Men are experiencing femininity more and more.  What a welcome sight!






And here is a posting from a man on what he does to be more feminine.  What a delight that men are striving for Femininity!

Here are a few things I’ve done. Some may already have been mentioned, but others have not.

I have long hair. I get it colored to get rid of the grey. I will sometimes be lazy and just wear it down. I often wear it in a ponytail. I often use a colored hair tie. I occasionally put it in a high ponytail, particularly if it is a very hot day. I used to put it in a bun when showering at the gym (I now mostly shower at home). I may even have panties or a thong on when changing at the gym.

I sometimes wear women’s trouser socks. I also sometimes wear a woman’s unisex (or almost unisex; you can tell if you look closely) top. Like Amber said about the yoga pants, I’ve occasionally worn a woman’s tank top as well.

Once I wore a denim jacket. Yes, it was a woman’s jacket. I have worn women’s boots with heels too (usually with long pants) if the weather was for snow or heavy rains.

Speaking of shoes, I regularly wear a shoe with a 2 inch block heel to Sabbath services. And it’s not like I can hide, I’m almost always called up to the pulpit to help with part of the service. I’m usually wearing unisex shoes. Sometimes I found them in the men’s section, but sometimes in the woman’s section.

I get myself waxed regularly. Despite being hairless (or lightly haired if I’m approaching my next waxing session), I’m in short sleeve shirts much of the year, shorts in the warmer months, and in shorts and short sleeve shirt all year at the gym. I also trim and thin out my eyebrows to a more unisex look.

In the cooler months, I’ve worn tights under my pants in lieu of socks.

I try to keep my nails long for a guy. I have worn clear nail polish. In the winter my nails get brittle. In two different years my nail split so far that I had to go to the nail salon and have a gel nail put on to protect my broken nail.