Items from the Past!

I was reminded of a Story I wrote about 20 years ago, and that has me looking back on old Groups to pull some of the Letters and Articles out that some people today have maybe never seen.  This Posting is about that, with New stuff mixed it as well.

It is ALWAYS nice to see a Woman Feminize her husband!

art by Juan Puyal, dialogue by me

Here is a Posting from one of my Yahoo Groups from about 16 years ago!

Dear Bobbie,
Your recent letter from the mother of twins struck such a chord with me that I just had to write to share my own story with you and your readers. I have four children: three girls and a boy. The boy and one of my daughters are twins, and are the youngest in the family. My husband travels a great deal, and as a result, ours is usually a very female-oriented household. That may be one factor that has contributed to my son’s feelings. I don’t know for sure. I suspect that having a twin sister has much more to do with it. In any case, a few months ago, my son was helping me with some little chore (we ask all the children to help with the chores) — I think it was the laundry as a matter of fact — when out of the blue he asked my why his sister got to wear skirts and dresses but he didn’t! I was quite surprised, and my first inclination was to just say to him “because you’re a boy and boys don’t wear those kinds of clothes.” But I didn’t say that (and I’m glad — and I think he’s glad — I didn’t). Instead, I just paused for a moment, then asked him why he was asking. He said that he didn’t think it was fair, that she got to wear dresses and he didn’t — that all his sisters got to wear dresses, and I wore dresses, and we all talked a lot about looking pretty, and I always told his twin sister how pretty she looked when she was dressed in a nice dress or skirt, but I never said anything like that to him. Well, at that moment I realized he was right. He was kind of left out of a lot of things because the rest of us were females and he was the only boy. And I did often favor his sister I guess, just because she’s a girl. Certainly in terms of taking her shopping and getting her pretty clothes and complimenting her on her appearance.
So what’s a mother to do? I gave him a hug, told him I loved him as much as his twin sister, and then we went up to her room together and I got our some of her clothes and helped him try them on. And I told him that if he wanted to wear panties and a skirt and blouse or dress that it was fine with me.

Well, since then, he has spent a lot of time dressed as a girl. I’ve even bought him his own panties, and when we go shopping for something for his sister now, I usually get a matching item for him. His father isn’t pleased with this, but he’s not around much, and in any case, I’ve just told him that our son is just exploring all sides to himself and there is nothing wrong with a boy exploring what it is like to be feminine. Which I really think is true. And the girls all really like having a new “sister.” The older two have been very supportive and encouraging, and they tell my son all the time how pretty he is and how much they like him when he’s dressed up and how much nicer it is to be a girl than a boy — that kind of stuff. Certainly, he looks adorable when he’s dressed up, and he now gets a lot more attention and more compliments from me too. This picture of the two of them was taken about a month ago. Isn’t he cute! I had it taken at a photo studio and I think it’s my favorite picture of the two of them. It was pretty funny, actually. I could see that the photographer wasn’t sure if my son was a boy or a girl, and then when I talked to my son and called him by his name, the photographer did a real double take, but he didn’t say anything and just went on taking the pictures.


lauren sur Instagram : my beautiful little boy was recently in a few of the national newspapers because he decided that boys should be allowed to wear skirts and…

Dear Bobbie,
I have found the many letters and discussions on your site concerned with petticoat discipline quite interesting. I have two sons myself, and reading about ways in which other mothers discipline their sons successfully is always useful. My own situation with respect to putting my sons in dresses and skirts is different however. I certainly do put my boys into girls clothes sometimes. They each have lots of experience spending time in panties, pantyhose, tights, skirts, blouses, dresses, girls sweaters, nightgowns, knee socks, mary jane shoes — the whole gamut of pretty girls clothes. However, this is not something I do as punishment. I do it because I like to see them looking pretty.
Maybe if I had a daughter I’d feel differently. Maybe if my sons had a sister, she would serve as the focus of my interest in having a child in frilly pretty clothes. But all I have is the two boys. Even when they were infants I would sometimes like to put them into pink baby girl outfits with pretty bows in their hair. Of course, people would think they were girls, and I liked that. I loved picking out sweet baby girl clothes for them, and I never saw any reason not to dress them as girls sometimes. As each of them has gotten older (they’re now 8 and 6) I’ve simply continued buying them outfits that I think are pretty and putting them into their frillies a few times each week.

Both of them certainly know that they are boys, but they also know that it makes mom happy to have them spend time as girls. So partly they do it to please me. They want to be good boys, they want to do what I want them to do, and they know that part of that is to sometimes dress as girls. But it isn’t only that — I don’t think there’s any question that the time they spend as sisters is time that they enjoy. I’ve attached a recent portrait I had taken of them. Now tell me — do they look like boys who are unhappy about being in skirts? Not at all! There are a few people who know about what I do who have questioned it — including my own sister. She says I’m turnig my sons into sissies and that someday they’ll be angry with me. My answer to her is — I don’t think so! Certainly not the being angry with me part. I think what I’m doing is good for them. They are both very nice, very sweet, very thoughtful, and very mature for their ages. They do well in school, have lots of friends, and I think part of the reason is that they are complete. By that I mean that they accept that they have both a masculine and a feminine side (or, as they put it, a boy part and a girl part).

Ironically, it is my sister’s two boys who have problems. They are mean and unpleasant and have problems in school. If my sister were smarter, instead of criticizing me, she’d be putting her own sons into panties. They could really benefit from petticoat punishment. But my own boys don’t need petticoat punishment — they just need some time each week to be my little girls!

Maureen L.


Dear Bobbie,
I suspect I’m not typical of mostvisitors to your site. I am a middle-age woman, the mother of threechildren (two girls and a boy). I’ve been divorced for about sevenyears, and work full time now as a portraitphotographer.
So – what brings me to your site,and why am I writing to you? I have, for a long time, had aninterest in cases in which women, I guess you might call it, petticoattheir sons. Not as punishment, mind you. Just out of aninterest in seeing what they might look like asgirls.

My own son is very good looking,and when he was young I found myself having to very frequently fight theurge to put him into a skirt or dress. I would look at his sweetface, and often think how pretty he would have been had he been agirl. And I would look at his longish blonde hair, and have to holdmyself back from taking him to my room to put it into braids orpigtails.

It bothered me that I felt thatway, and so I rarely acted on my feelings. Certainly he did notspend much time in panties. On the other hand, from time to time asituation would arise that would permit me feminize his appearance withoutfeeling it was inappropriate. For example, when my oldestdaughter got some make-up for her 10th birthday, I helped her put some onwhile her sister and brother (he was 6 at the time) were watching. Iglanced over, and without even thinking asked them if they’d like me toput some on them. My younger daughter (age 8) of course saidyes. My son said no, but both his sisters then began to urge him totry it. He said that boys don’t do that, but his sisters kept urginghim on, telling him it was only for fun, until he finally agreed. Isuspect he really like the idea, quite honestly, but needed to be toldthat it was OK for a boy to do it. Well, pretty soon both girls andmy son had on lipstick, mascara, eye liner, rouge, and fingernailpolish. And I just loved putting the make-up on my son and seeinghow pretty he looked with it on.

Another time, the three of themwere playing some kind of game where the winner could tell the loser to dosomething and the loser had to do it. It was mostly silly stuff likeacting like an animal or spinning until you get dizzy. But then oneof my daughters (I’m not sure which one) won and told my son he had to puton an outfit of her clothes (I assure you that girls definintely do findit amusing to make boys dress like girls). I think he was eight atthe time, and he decided he didn’t want to play if that was what he wantedto do. And so they all started to fight. I was in anotherroom, and had no idea what was going on until the yelling got so loud thatI had to go investigate. When I walked in the room, I was presentedby quite a site. My two daughters were holding my son face down onthe bed with his hands behind his back. They had managed to removehis pants and his underpants, had put a pair of panties on him, and werein the process of working a skirt up his legs. He was struggling andcrying, and when I came in the room, he called to me to make themstop.

I calmed everyone down, then madethem each tell me “their” side of the story. After hearing them out,I told my son that it sounded to me like he’d agreed to play the game, andsince he’d lost, and since what he was being made to do wasn’t going tohurt him at all, it seemed to me that his sisters had every right to makehim do it. I remember also telling him that, in any case, I thoughthe actually look quite pretty in his sister’s clothes, and that lots ofboys actually liked to try on girls’ clothes sometimes and that there wasnothing wrong with doing it – that girls wore boys’ clothes all the time,so why not see what he looked like in girls’clothes.

At that point he gave upprotesting, and did what his sisters wanted, and in just a couple ofminutes he was dressed in panties, a skirt, blouse, girl’s sweater, frillyanklets, and girls’ shoes (I think they were those kind with the straps – Mary Jane’s I think they’re called), and with my help, his hair wasbrushed into a pony tail tied with a pink ribbon. He lookedadorable! He was so pretty it just melted myheart.

For a long time I never mentionedthis, or other similar incidents, to any of my friends, but over the pastfew years (now that our kids are mostly grown), as my friends and I havereminisced, I have been surprised at how many of them have similar storiesto tell – of wanting to put their boys into dresses and of how much fun itwas when they had some opportunity to do so. For example, my friendJulie said that when her son was seven she encouraged him to try out for aChristmas play at their local library. The play only had acouple of parts for boys, and Julie knew that those had already beencast. Unbeknownst to her son, she had spoken with the womanorganizing the production about selecting her son to play one of thegirl’s parts – to be a sugarplum fairy. When he got that role, hewas reluctant at first, but after a lot of encouragement from his mother(who kept emphasizing how much fun it would be, how it didn’t matterbecause it was only a play, how disappointed she would be in him if hedidn’t accept the part) he finally agreed. Julie said that it was awonderful experience. He had to wear a pretty little ballerinaoutfit – complete with tights, slippers, pink tutu etc. And althoughhe put it on at the library, his mother convinced him that for the rideover to the library it would be better if he wore a dress or skirt andblouse. That way, she said, everyone would think he really was agirl and he wouldn’t get teased! And except for her friend thedirector of the play, no one did know that Julie’s daughter was really herson.

As my friends and I have admittedthese things to each other, we’ve also each mentioned how guilty we feltabout some of the things we’d done, although talking about it with eachother has been very therapeutic in making us realize what we’ve done issomething most women like to do, and since there’s no real harm, why feelguilty – right!

The reason for writing to youknow, Bobbie, is that in my job as a photographer, something I’ve beenasked to do several times quite recently has been to take mother-daughterportraits – in cases where I know that the “daughter’ in the picture isreally a boy! I’m attaching two of those pictures with this note foryou to see. When you look at them, it can be hard to think aboutthese pretty children as boys — but I assure you that in each case, justone day before the portrait was taken, these boys were dressed in jeansand shirts, with their hair wild and probably all dirty from roughhousingoutdoors with other boys.
In bothof these particular cases, I’ve take other pictures of the family, so ofcourse I knew that the child was a boy not a girl. But when thesemothers came in for these pictures, they were obviously not ashamed orguilty at all about having put their boys into girl’s clothes. Theirattitude was basically – why not? They think their sons arepretty. They think they look cute in girl’s clothes. They evenclaim that it is really good for their boys to experience life as a girl abit, so that they’ll be more understanding and less sexist as they growup. The moms have also told me that they simply think it’s fun tohave a once-per-week or once-per-month time when their sons spend time astheir daughters, and that those are wonderful times for building up a niceclose relationship with their child. In fact, when you look at thepictures, you can just see how pleased the moms are with how pretty they’dmade their sons, and even the boys look perfectly happy with being able tohave this special mother-daughter time. One of the moms (Teresa, whois the one posing in the matching mother-daughter outfits) told me thatshe and her son are part of a play-group with four other mothers ofsimilar-aged boys. The group meets two afternoons per week, duringwhich the boys get to play while the moms chat over coffee. She toldme that one week of each month, the have “girl” play group. The boysare dressed in girls clothes, they are called by girlish versions of theirnames, and all of the play activities and outings are girl-related. Teresa said that all the boys are comfortable with this and enjoy theopportunity to play with dolls, to be soft and pretty, and so on. Instead of fighting and playing soldier, they have pretend tea parties,play hopscotch, they dress up their dolls and brush their dolls’ hair,they walk around holding hands and giggle a lot (especially, Teresa said,when they see each other’s panties). Teresa said that all theboys seem to particularly like it when they get to be in matchingmother-daughter outfits, like in the picture I took of Teresa and herson.
I have to admit I really admirethese women. Things really do seem to have changed since my boyswere little. Not in terms of women wanting to put their boys intodresses, but in terms of whether they feel guilty about it. Theyoung mothers I meet today who do this feel quite comfortable with whatthey are doing. I wish I’d been able to feel that way.


Nice to see the Changes in boys!

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Sophie’s Sissy Stories 29
The Handbag
By: A Happy Wife
My boyfriend began carrying a handbag a few years ago. Actually it wasn’t a handbag; it was just a day-timer then it became a man’s bag eventually evolving to a unisex bag. He had heard all the teasing from the colleagues at work. He had heard his bag called a handbag, listened to all the comments about matching shoes and room for makeup. He was a good sport and even enjoyed the good-natured kidding; he bristled inside at some of the meaner and nastier stuff. The bag was very practical and handy for a busy man who had to have lots of things readily at hand it paid off. The bag carried his wallet, his phone, hair brush, deodorant, and some pens. If He had tried to cram all that into his pants pockets he would have been uncomfortable and lumpy. The bag had become a given with my boyfriend and he always had it with him.
I’m Bethany and had been dating my boyfriend for about nine months; and even I had teased him about his handbag and had often asked him to carry my lipstick from time to time if my bag was too full or deliberately too small. He didn’t seem to mind, and didn’t seem to even notice the looks he sometimes got from others when I asked him for my lipstick. I did notice the looks and glances and liked the approving nod I got from other women when my handbag carrying man retrieved lipstick from his handbag and dutifully handed it to me and then returned it to his bag when I was finished. I thought the Handbag thing was just a little bit over the top and certainly did nothing to reinforce the masculine image of my boyfriend, it was reinforcing quite the opposite image. I liked my boyfriend and accepted his not being overly masculine. We hadn’t slept together and I had no plans to even though I could tell that he would jump at the chance.
We often double dated with a married couple once in a while. Hayley and Simon were nice to go out with. Simon was somewhat shy and quiet. Hayley was the boss in that relationship and Simon did not seem to mind the subservient role. My boyfriend had no idea how under the thumb of Hayley Simon was, nor how much I admired Hayley for her assertiveness in the relationship.
I had talked to Hayley about my boyfriend, and Hayley wanted to know how serious I was about him. I confessed to her that I thought he was really cute, nice and smart but was a bit of a wimp. I was used to more macho guys and he was just not like that. Hayley laughed and said you mean he is too much like Simon? I just nodded, embarrassed at the conversation. Hayley said don’t worry about hurting my feelings I know Simon is a total wimp, I like it that way, and if you were to work it right you could have it all your own way and have your boyfriend in the palm of your hand. I didn’t know for sure what Hayley meant but wanted to know more. Hayley said he already carries a Handbag let’s start there. I said OK and would let Hayley lead.
Hayley, Simon and I did a little gift shopping for my boyfriend. I was surprised at Simon’s appearance but didn’t say anything. I just looked him over and realised he was dressed in women’s clothing. Felicity, as Hayley was calling him wore his gold small hoop earrings, light foundation, blush and pink tint lip-gloss. Felicity had on brown plain patent leather shoes with a small heel. Felicity wore natural tan tights and back-zip tan slacks with a narrow belt that matched his shoes. He had a silk blouse tucked into the slacks, a gold chain and pendent. He had on a very feminine wedding and engagement ring set and gold ladies watch.
I couldn’t help but smile at the brown patent leather bag he had tucked under his arm with its short shoulder strap. Felicity looked like a girl or a very sissy boy. Whatever, it was cute and really showed the world that Hayley was in charge, and this sissy she had on her arm would kiss her arse in public and thank her for the privilege. Is this the plan Hayley has for my boyfriend? Oh well I think I can get used to it, I thought. Felicity was about the same size as my boyfriend and I knew just about all his sizes. Felicity was able to convert men’s sizes into women’s sizes so getting things that fit was pretty easy. I expressed alarm at the femininity of some of the things they were getting for my poor partner. Hayley told me not to worry. With Felicity and her there at the present opening and subsequent trying on he would in effect be ambushed. Hayley assured me he was a sissy just waiting to be developed.
Later, at my house, I just watched as Hayley pointed and Felicity dropped to his knees and removed Hayley’s court shoes and began to massage her feet. When Felicity was finished he turned to me and offered to do mine, I accepted his offer and I thought to myself, my partner will be doing lots of this. Felicity wrapped the presents for him.
He was getting some nice lingerie, bras, knickers and various shades of tan tights, a few more handbags and matching shoes, slacks and blouses along with moderate priced jewellery. I was worried about his reaction to all these feminine gifts, Hayley assured me it would be fine, Felicity didn’t say much. Hayley suggested that I give him the hand-bags and matching shoes first saving the red flats and cute red Handbag till he was ready. Hayley reasoned that if he would accept the handbag and shoes, the blouses, tights and pants would be easy. With Felicity and Hayley both there offering encouragement to him and telling him how cute he would look, he would be a pushover. Hayley told me in private that I might have to promise to sleep with him to convince him to wear this stuff. I laughed at this and said I had already considered that.
The presents were for my boyfriend’s birthday and the small party was at Bethany’s home. Bethany could tell Felicity was uncomfortable and embarrassed about his costume. Bethany thought it was hilarious and made the poor boy do a little runway show for her and Hayley. Felicity was decked out in what Hayley referred to as serving attire. It was somewhere between a six year old girls dress and a French maid’s uniform.
The dress was pink, its skirt was short stopping well above the knees the two full petticoats made the already short skirt stand almost straight out from the humiliated sissy’s waist. The ruffled white panties were clearly visible when the unfortunate sissy moved or bent forward. Bethany could just about detect the outline of a steel chastity cage. Felicity wore nude sheer to the waist tights and white one strap Mary Jane shoes. The dresses sleeves were short and puffed, and the sissy wore a frilly white tea apron over this humiliating outfit. Felicity was made up and on his head was a lovely strawberry blonde wig. Felicity was adorable and Bethany gushed over how cute he was much to the poor sissy’s humiliation. he was told he would become best friends with Bethany’s boyfriend, who would be called Sophie from now on.
Felicity just hated this kind of embarrassment and dreaded the moment that Sophie saw him. It was little consolation to Felicity that the girls had the same path planned for Sophie. Felicity would be out of sight when Sophie arrived and he breathed a sigh of relief at that. Felicity stood before the two women and as told lifted his pretties and dropped his panties. Felicity heard the sharp intake of breath as Bethany saw the chastity device that Felicity was forced to wear. Bethany started to giggle at the sight of Felicity’s little penis all wrapped up in its steel cage. Bethany knew that no man enjoyed having two women laughing at his penis. Words like tiny, darling, and adorable were not words men liked to have used to describe their manhood. Bethany just couldn’t help but use feminine sounding adjectives to describe Felicity’s little penis. The cage was small and held in place tightly round poor Felicity’s’ penis had reduced the diameter down to about the size of a finger. The locked cage obviously eliminated any chance of an erection, which added to the poor sissy’s humiliation.
Felicity was shaved and the penis and the testicles appeared childlike and ever so small, almost girlish. Felicity stood there and held his skirt and petticoats up as the ladies heaped scorn and ridicule on his symbols of masculinity. Bethany felt bad about Felicity’s’ suffering but it was just too funny and the power the women had over this silly sissy was intoxicating to her and she wanted more of it. Bethany had never seen Sophie’s penis and testicles and didn’t know how they compared to Simon’s but Bethany thought that with his own cage on, Sophie’s manhood could be reduced to girlhood. Bethany had become hungry for this kind of power. She took Felicity’s penis in her hand and could feel the heat coming from it and she just knew the desire poor Felicity felt and she also knew the humiliation his forced impotence had on the little sissified man. Hayley said to Bethany, got any ideas? Bethany just smiled and nodded her head yes.
Sophie arrived right on time and greeted Bethany and Hayley, he asked about Simon and was told he would be along later. He was in a bedroom sulking from his latest humiliation at the hands of the two women. He sat on the bed, his hands were drawn behind his back and held in place with a pair of finger cuffs, in his mouth was a ball and gag. He had instruction to keep it in or suffer the consequences, he didn’t know what they might be but didn’t want to suffer them. He could hear the party begin to start up and heard Bethany go and get some gifts for the unsuspecting Sophie.
The first gift Sophie opened was a black Handbag with a short shoulder strap and a gold clasp. It had a holder for a cell phone and a mirror inside. It was shiny black not patent but had a very waxed look. It was obviously a women’s bag and Sophie knew it. Bethany began pointing out the advantages of this bag and Sophie could see that she was correct. He was worried about the feminine appearance of this Handbag. To make matters worse the girls called the bag a Handbag and wanted to see him carry it. Terms like so cute and very pretty were flying around. Sophie thought he could carry it when he was with Bethany.
The next gift was the matching shoes. Sophie was somewhat taken aback by them. These were girl’s shoes! They were the same shiny black leather as the Handbag. They had a thin hard sole with a covered heel about two inches tall. The vamp was high and the shoes had an elastic gore for a good fit. These things were court shoes and Sophie knew it. He looked at Bethany and Hayley with disbelief. Bethany handed him a pair of sheer Sahara tights and said try them on! Both Bethany and Hayley stood before Sophie and it was clear to Sophie that he had best try on the stupid shoes. He untied his wing tips and slipped off his socks.
Bethany said if you’re going to wear tights you should be wearing knickers too, and Hayley handed Sophie a pair of full white knickers with a design of pink flowers on them. Sophie went beetroot red and looked at both women, only to see they were deadly serious. He had best change into the tights and knickers. He turned his back and slid his underpants down and then holding the knickers for what seemed like an eternity, Sophie slowly pulled the soft garment up his legs. By the time the knickers were round his waist he had begun to swell, which both women noticed much to their amusement. Hayley then showed Sophie how to put on the tights and Sophie slid on the little court shoes. By this time, he had huge tent pole erection trying to force its way through his tights and knickers.
Bethany told him with a smile that the shoes were pant shoes and he would look nice in them. After all she reasoned, he was secure enough in his manhood to apply a little femininity if it made her happy. When dressed as a girl it made sense that he be called a female name. Bethany decided that Sophie suited him, and he would answer to that whenever he was dressed like a girl. Bethany assured him it would make her very happy as she lightly ran her fingers over his bulge. Sophie was modelling the shoes, tights and handbag for the girls when Felicity made his, or her, appearance.
Sophie was totally embarrassed to be seen in these women’s shoes, tan tights and carrying the Handbag but he could only imagine how embarrassed Simon must feel. Sophie wondered how Hayley had gotten Simon to ever agree to this. Simon gave each woman a small curtsy and then looked down to avoid Sophie’s eyes. Instead he saw the shiny toes of his white patent girl’s shoes and his nylon covered shaved girly legs extending from the skirt of his juvenile dress.
Embarrassed by his own attire and sissy appearance Felicity shifted his gaze to Sophie’s shoes. Felicity was further humiliated at his thoughts. Felicity had looked at Sophie’s shoes and thought how pretty his feet were and how stylish Sophie’s legs looked in those cute court shoes and sexy tights. Sophie was having his own problems as he had become aware of how cute a girl Simon made and how attracted Sophie was to him. Not only was Sophie attracted to Simon but Sophie couldn’t help but wonder how he might look in an outfit like Simon was wearing and how it must feel to stand there in front of these two women and wear it.
The rest of the evening was a blur for Sophie. He remembered receiving many presents and being embarrassed about the femininity of them. Sophie remembered promising Bethany he would wear them. He had made a deal to dress for her as she wished and she had made a deal to have sex with him. He was so hungry for sex with Bethany that he would have promised her his manhood, and he just about did.
The sex that night was amazing. Sophie was on his back and Bethany slid her pussy up to his face and settled her over his mouth. Sophie had never performed oral sex in his life. Bethany was not shy about letting him know her preferences. She batted his head and slapped him to get him in position and get his tongue speed where she wanted it. After she had over four orgasms she mounted Sophie and still in the superior position road him until he reached a quick and draining climax. When she pulled off she remarked that he certainly didn’t have much staying power. She then said men with a small penis often have that problem. She smiled and said it is a good thing there is nothing quick or small about your tongue.
Sophie was given one of her nighties to wear and she went to sleep. Sophie wondered what had happened he had a ladies clothing selection, been ridiculed about penis size, how long his erection lasted, been ridden like a woman and now had on a nightie. Sophie remembered the subjugated little Felicity and couldn’t help but think he would be taken down that road and he would be wearing pretty shoes and tights when he made the walk.
Sophie stood naked on the small stool Bethany had provided; his penis was at about eye level to the slightly bent over Felicity. Hayley stood beside Sophie with a ruler in her hand. Sophie had his hands on his hips and had been told not to move them. Bethany sat in a comfortable chair and watched the events before her with undisguised amusement. The women were dressed for a warm Saturday in shorts, sandals and cool crisp tops. They had on little makeup and their hair was loose and comfortable. Both looked cute and athletic for a summer day. Felicity looked cute too and this fact was troubling to Sophie. Felicity was clad in shorts, light tights, sandals and a cute top also his lightly made-up face looked surprisingly pretty even without a wig. Sophie was bothered by his attraction to this sissy. The attraction had not gone unnoticed by the women and the teasing was unmerciful.
Felicity was shaving Sophie. The sissy had shaved Sophie’s body, legs, arms, and arm-pits and was now denuding Sophie’s balls and clitty. Every few minutes Sophie would start to become erect and Hayley would smack the offending clitty with the ruler. Sophie would say thank you after each swat and that would be met with giggles from Bethany.
Sophie and Felicity had been told that they would from now on be assisting each other with their shaving needs. They were told that each would be responsible for the other; they would become very close and know each other’s cracks and crevices very well. In addition to this indignity they would give each other manicures and pedicures. Sophie had already had a pedicure from Felicity and his embarrassingly red toenails were on display right now. Sophie eyed the little pink chastity device with its tiny little lock lying on a table. Sophie had seen Felicity’s device and knew he was about to be put into one himself. Sophie knew that once locked in place any hope of an erection was gone. Bethany would be the one controlling his clitty. He would be in effect a sissy gelding and would suffer all the humiliation that entailed.
Felicity and Hayley guided Sophie into the bathtub and Felicity showered off any shaving cream. Sophie was bent forward and had his rear cheeks spread by Felicity and any stray hairs were taken care of. Felicity carefully looked over all Sophie’s private places and at least three more smacks were required to keep Sophie presentable. Bethany had told Sophie that his sexual performance was poor and a period of time in chastity would help his premature problem. Besides, she still had the use of that wonderful tongue, and she said with a smile that if she just had to have a penis she knew she could find one.
Bethany had the honour of putting the chastity device on Sophie. There was a ring his testicles slipped through and the plastic device wrapped around Sophie’s clitty. There was lace at both ends and it laced up the top like a little corset. A portion of the head stuck out beyond the lace. The little lock prevented Sophie from untying the whole thing. Sophie knew he could cut the thing off but dreaded the consequences if he did. The penis could be drawn back and attached to a short chain on the testicle ring or a leash could be attached so that his penis could lead Sophie around. Sophie was allowed to dress. He was dressed in shorts like the others. His were pink with white flowers on them. His sandals were white with a high wedge heel and dainty straps. The top he wore was white and sleeveless his bra straps were visible. His tights were Cindy sheer Natural tights. Hayley helped him with makeup and jewellery. When Sophie saw himself in the mirror he looked at himself and thought there was no doubt he was a sissy. Sophie picked up the white Handbag and held it by the little handle. Hayley and Bethany stood back and took it in. Bethany turned to Hayley and said I like my males to carry a Handbag.
A Happy Wife

The Woman that Encourage the Femininization of men and boys!

LOVE Strong Women!

Female POWER!


“Girls are just so hot like what do u expect of me 😐 (at Beverly Hills, California) https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw8aC5Ml8XA/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=sl1lar33bfx8
Nice to see Strong Women Taking Charge…wearing the...

Do you think she is laughing at the pretty men in their cute skirts?

Learning the New World Order!

Many Women are learing the Great Benefits of having Feminine men and boys in their lives.  At the same time, many men and boys are realizing that they really Enjoy being Pretty, Sweet and submissive to a Strong Woman!

Today we will look at this Trend that is happening.

Comment from another Boards from an enlightened man:;

Charlie says
28th May 2019 at 3:45 pm

Lady Alexa, your blog is very much a reason why my marriage is so much better. My wife and I were on the verge of divorce. We both have dominant personalities and fought a lot. She wanted me to help around r he house, help with laundry, dishes, etc. I considered that woman’s work and resented her for wanting me to do that. As i read more about the effects of feminization I started wearing her panties to see if there is any real change. Holy heck it was crazy. MG attitude changed immediately. I started doing the laundry, vacuuming, never left a single item in the sink and started rubbing her feet nightly. Instead of fighting we became intimate again. It is amazing what a simple article of clothing can do. She wants me in panties full time but I still have moments of shame and patriarchal pride which I hate but it’s so ingrained in me. In many ways I do need forced feminization to become the man I should be. Thank you and all the woman out there that are taking control and making their men better.

Gorgeous @maturetrannywives​

Another Comment from an enlightened man!

Jennifer says
29th May 2019 at 3:26 pm

Cathy I enjoyed you post very much, FLR’s and feminized males go hand in hand for both to be successful. It is a natural combination especially when a woman is better at making important decisions concerning finances and such and leaving the male to do the mundane household chores that women hate doing. Showing that we can happily take on chores that most men feel is beneath them serves two purposes, it gives my wife lots of free time to pursue other interests making her happier and gives me more of an insight into what is generally expected of a wife. Of course for me there is a fun side in that I can do some of it in my maid’s dress but I am just as happy doing it in anything feminine.




Here is an article from Lady Alexa, a very Strong Advocate for male Feminization.  Many Women are realizing the Great Benefits of having their man be Pretty and Feminine!

10 Reasons to Feminise your Husband
Posted on March 2, 2017
by Lady Alexa

Why a wife should feminise her husband
For many heterosexual women living in the usual Western social construct this question would seem absurd. Surely you are attracted to the opposite sex, someone who looks and acts manly and masculine? If you wanted someone who looks and acts female why not find a female?
Well let’s dissect these statements. Who decided that the biological male of our species has to act in a so-called masculine way? In reality that’s nothing more than a social convention invented by some males to justify, maintain and promote an unequal position in their favour. Scratch the surface and we find it’s just an illusion.
There are overwhelming reasons for all women to challenge this artificial construction and feminize their husbands and partners, and even their male friends and colleagues if they have the time.
I believe there are ten clear reasons for all women to feminize their husbands (and any other male for that matter) based on my own experience and in no particular order except for reason no. 10:

Reason 1. Feminization makes males more gentle
Firstly, by putting your husband in feminine clothes, such as a short dress and high heels, he will become more aware of how to sit and stand in a delicate way. It will remove any attempt to ‘man-spread’ for example: spreading his legs wide when sitting. He will have to sit slowly and keep his legs together. Secondly, the mere act of wearing soft feminine items of clothes has a profound affect on his manner. Psychologically clothes affect our behaviors. Think of the police officer who becomes assertive and officious, think of the businessman in an expensive suit and tie that makes him feel powerful. The man with a shaven head who is aggressive. By changing his clothing to something feminine, your husband will take on a gentle and submissive manner. Put him in a pink mini skirt for example and make him have long hair with a pink bow.
Reason 2. Feminization improves a male’s hygiene.
Introducing a regime of female hygiene works wonders for any male’s personal hygiene and grooming. Many men today, such as my own husband, were not too bad in the hygiene area but never as good as a proper woman. Shaving of body hair, especially round their genitals results in smooth nice smelling clean hygienic skin. One of the most important hygienic aspects of feminisation is making him sit down to pee. You’ve instantly stopped those disgusting splashes around the toilet bowl that men make when standing to pee.
Reason 3. Feminization ensures that a husband remains faithful.
The opportunity for your husband to have an affair or even a one night stand is virtually eliminated. What (so-called) man would ever allow any other woman to see that his wife has put him in female lingerie? Even if he made a feeble excuse about preferring the feel of women’s underwear, how would he explain the bra and smooth genitals with a cute little triangle of pubic hair? You’ve eliminated any risk of him ever straying. You have control.
Reason 4. Feminization makes him respect his wife’s authority
A wife needs to do a little more than dress him in female clothing to immediately make him more submissive. I would suggest you go further of course and make that clothing extremely feminine and revealing. I insist on Alice wearing miniskirts, pleats, pinks, pretty dresses and so on. Husbands need to be made to feel girly and exposed. Accentuate this by ensuring your own clothing whilst also feminine, consists of skirts to the knee and fully covered tops. This shows the relationship level is not equal. He has to expose flesh for my pleasure and I don’t.
Reason 5. Feminization ensures he does the household chores
You can turn him into your personal maid or just the housewife. You’ll never have to do boring household chores ever again, unless you feel like it. This frees up your time for more interesting activities, such as reading and going out with friends. Really ladies, no more ironing is a reason alone for forced feminization. Of course, you also save the cost of a cleaner as you have a free one at home.
Reason 6. Feminization increases the sexual energy in the home.
Let’s not forget that feminization is a turn-on for the wife and importantly, also for the husband. I say importantly as the intense excitement he will feel through cross-dressing and being feminized generally gives the wife a powerful tool for manipulation. In any relationship you will become used to your partner. Feminization increases the excitement and for me, remains just as exciting even four of five years after having first feminized Alice.
Reason 7. Feminization increases his understanding of real women
By making your husband or man undergo the beauty routines and household tasks, you have introduced him to the reality of being a girl. He will see women differently and appreciate what we’ve traditionally had to do. No more as husbands are now the new housewives.

Reason 8. Feminization makes him more attractive
Being a heterosexual woman doesn’t necessarily mean I want to see a large rough hairy-bodied man in jeans and tee shirt and shaved head. Women are so much more fragrant and making your husband smooth and fragrant too with pretty clothing and colors makes him more attractive. As he takes more care of himself as a feminized male, then his looks and appearance improve exponentially.
Reason 9. Feminization reduces a male’s aggression and bad habits
Why is it that men fight, drive too fast and think it acceptable to talk over women? All these problems are eliminated through feminization. Testosterone is often unfairly blamed, in my opinion, for aggression. It’s needed, in my opinion, to be able to perform and I wouldn’t want my Alice to not perform would I? But any aggressive tendencies she did have were washed away through becoming a pretty girl in a short skirt with high heels.
Reason 10. Feminization is better for him too
Last and least, feminization benefits your man too. Expectations of him fall following his feminization and there is no longer the need for him to fulfill the role of provider, strongman and fixer of everything. This is often a stressful situation for many men as they try to do things that they are just not cut out to do; lead, make decisions, solve problems and so on. Now they can relax and follow their wives’ decisions and undertake work that doesn’t require them to use strength or thought. Housework, ironing, washing, cleaning and cooking are examples of ideal work for them. I also get Alice to make repairs to my clothing and so on. Now this doesn’t mean that will be absolved of any work in the home that is typically thought of men’s work. They should be made to continue to do the gardening, decorating and household repairs. The point is that all housework is more fulfilling for them as they don’t need to stress their brains or take responsibility. They don’t have to make any decisions as you, as the wife and head of the house, decide what they will do and set their work schedule.

Summing it all up
Feminization of any man is the solution to many of the world’s problems. Closer to home, it’s the perfect answer for household harmony. Life becomes so much better for the lady of the house. There is hard work ahead for any wife undergoing a force feminization program as she needs to maintain control and push the feminization and work schedules onto her husband, sometimes in the face of resistance. I believe that the effort is repaid a hundred times or more as the outcome will always be a better life for both of you. Albeit in different ways.
It’s important to note that a Female Led Relationship of this type should not be abusive nor should the husband suffer. The relationship remains loving with the wife in total control. Every relationship is different and the extent of the husband’s feminization will be different for every couple. At the minimum he should be given a girl’s name, referred to with female pronouns and wear only female clothing and products whenever possible.


Don’t you Agree, that these men look much better in their skirts and dresses?

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Enough Said?

Strong Women Converting Their men!

Today’s Posting will Focus on what many Women are doing in creating a Better man.  A Cute, Submissive and Pretty “Helper” for Today’s Breadwinning and Dominant Female!

Can’t you just hear this Woman saying to her Pretty husband…Lift that skirt a bit Sweetie, my Friends want to see your panties!

musclecrush: “https://beautifulfitphysiques.tumblr.com/post/184602541754 ” Do you think she is laughing at the pretty men in their cute skirts?

Ladies, what method would you use to feminize your man?

Keeping husbands in skirts and dresses is the Future for Womankind!

Girl’s Behavior

My wife of 22 years mentioned during the heat of some kinky passionate sex, that she would love feminizing me! Over a period of 4 months she had changed all my under things to feminine! I enjoyed wearing these articles very much actually! Then after the 2nd month, I noticed after I showered that my chest itched quite a bit and by the 3rd I noticed my nipples were getting larger and protruded! By the end of the fourth month I had obvious boobs! My wife took me to Macy’s and as she was looking at bras, the sales lady who was in her late 20’s asked what she was looking for in particular? My wife came right out and said she was looking for a sheer bra for my husband! The sales lady was very eager to help and did. I know now that she has been giving me hormones via cool drinks! Ladies I am on the way to becoming a woman somewhat unexpectedly however, intend to see it through since I enjoy it very much! How would you choose to feminize your man for real? How do you feel about men being feminized? Tell me your story!

Hello every one My Name is Anne-Marie

Yes FORCE FEMINISATION it s becoming more commun although still in the closet. The Reasons are mutiple, the wife realizes that her hubby is a woman inside any way (sissy, Crossdresser, etc…) or there in BDSM and to show her dominance over the new feMALE she totally feminizes HEr. (Clothing. Sexual, etc…)

And in addition it take the guilt away of the new feMALES id sHE is being transformed instead doing it HErself, There are aways people that wish all some things all there life but never have the guts to do them. Some times they just need a little push to help them. Therefore some are very greatful for the little push that help them accomplish there dream or fantasy or what ever you want to call it.

onlymonica: “Not exactly the most glamorous honeymoon pose, but you get the point. ” As a man should be on his Wedding Day!

ForcedtoFeminize 1 Xper Age: 50 mho 0%

1 y ago
My wife out me on Transfemme estrogen breast cream, Bountiful Breast Cream made with volufiline and bio-bustyl and Transfemme MTF breast pills. I have steadily been growing and feminizing following this regimen. My testosterone has dropped and my estrogen is up. The truth is I always wanted to be a woman, I was in the closet and I am really a transgender. I had to lie about it as its not something one can easily just go out and do. Luckily I have a wife who is understanding and now enjoys this, so I will live my life feminized without getting SRS surgery.

The Dominant sex!

Anonymous (18-24)

1 y ago
Hey, I want to feminize and domesticate my boyfriend. I already dominate him physically and have shaved off is body hair and given him nice skirts to wear. Anything else I can do?


Missy on April 30, 2014 at 11:47 am said:
I am a male that has been feminized
she sent all my male clothes to Goodwill
I was put on a diet and now in a size 6–
hair colored blond at a beauty shop
wear nylon panties & a bra
do housework and submissive to females
her friends think it is wonderful to have a feminized man
she has shown my panties to her girlfriends.
she is their hero.
feminized males make the best husbands and do not cheat


Jasee on October 30, 2014 at 10:03 am said:
I am so turned on by the thought of being sissified by a confident women I just feel I have all this penned up sensuality I have to release all at once I want to know what it feels like to be instructed by a women to bathe as one completely dress as one in lingerie and make up and to take over complete character as a woman bringing toys into the picture and being totally emasculated by the controlling woman I feel I need this experience.


Ian Elliott on May 20, 2016 at 4:16 am said:
Men who enjoy being feminized by a woman are often stereotyped as homosexual. This is quite often the furthest from the truth. The pleasure of being taken into a woman’s sexual identity (at least in appearance) is linked with a rejection of masculinity, in oneself as well as others. Statistically, there are more heterosexual trans males than homosexual. But 90% or so of sites online assume otherwise.


elisa on May 23, 2017 at 2:33 am said:
I was watching this film recently called, “friends with money” and it’s about four women who are good friends for a long time, and one of them is married to a very feminized type of guy, who loves to dress well, and is very metrosexual, and the other women think he is so gay. but in all honesty he’s just very attentive, feminized in a way that’s so caring, nurturing, loving, and weirdly he chose a woman who is more butch, but not masculine. it was the case of opposite attracts! her occupation was designing clothes so he loved that about her too! he truly loved her a lot. I thought it was the sweetest type of man who is not gay, but loves his wife dearly even through troubles.
I would rather prefer that type of man than a super alpha that is scary!


Q. Elise, you have discussed the topic of Forced Feminization from the submissive male point of view as far as why he has these desires. However, why do women like to force feminize a man? I find that I love to force feminize my husband and have my way with him. I have read forums on the Net from other women who like to FF their men as well. Could you give us some insight on why Dominant women like FF?
A. I think it is because deep inside women love seeing the feminine conqueror the masculine. Feminizing a man is the ultimate symbol of the feminine defeating the masculine. That is a rare feat in our society. We are so use to seeing the masculine having his way with the feminine. That is why it can be such a rush for a woman to feminize a man. It causes a woman’s dominant energy to really flow out of her as she does this. She loves to humiliate and degrade her man and she loves the social statement it makes at the same time.
Forced feminization allows a woman to be more aggressive. FF causes a man to become very weak and submissive. His ability to resist and object go by the way side and he is very vulnerable. Women love this because now they can do whatever they want with their helpless victim. Now the woman can be the aggressor and she can have her way with the man. The man is not threatening to her and she no longer fears his strength or masculinity. Women have told me that they have a very strong desire to take a man very forcefully with a strap-on dildo when he is feminized. The desire to rape the feminized man becomes very real to the aggressive female and the actual act becomes very satisfying to her. Again, it sends such a message to the man and society. It says that the woman is the aggressor and the giver and the man is the weaker sex and the receiver.
FF may become very attractive to a woman who has been abused by a man before. Some women fear men due to being mistreated and abused and feminizing a man causes the man not to be intimidating to her. Now she can have her way with him because he is just a little sissy boy. Like so many things about this lifestyle, it is hard to pinpoint for sure why we love to feminize a man but this we do know. There is something inside of a woman that is excited by the thought and activity of making the masculine submit to the feminine through forced feminization.
Q. I have a couple of questions for you, Elise. I am a dominant woman. I am a big woman as I am a body builder. I have a very feminine and pretty face but my body is muscular and powerful. I have won competitions in weight lifting and in body building. My best feature is my powerful legs and thighs as I can squat more weight then most men.
Over the years, I have attracted mostly mousy type men. Do you think it is because of my physique and my sport that has drawn these kind of men to me over the years? I have dated a lot of them and they all have been submissive, which I love but most have been too mousy for me. These men were all passive in bed and they wanted me to do all the work. That is my first question.
I finally found a submissive man that I liked and I married him two years ago. He was not mousy at all when we dated. He was also a body builder and he was very masculine. We got involved in the D&S community and I became the Dom in our relationship. That was natural to me and I love dominating. We are members of a D&S group that is pan-sexual and I dominate both men and women at our play parties. My big thing is dildo and strap-on play. I love to strap-on a dildo and take men up their asses and women in their pussies. My husband’s favorite thing in the whole world is to watch me fuck another woman with my strap-on. Because I am so muscular and fit, I have both men and women lining up for my attention at our play parties. They all want me to use my strap-on and dildoes on them and I enjoy this as well.
My other question to you involves my husband. Lately, he is becoming a mouse and a wimp of a man around me. He wants me to de-masculine him and sissify him. All he ever wants is for me to use my strap-on when we have sex. He also loves to orally service me and for me to crush his head with my thighs but he wants me to forbid intercourse. He does not want to have intercourse with me any more because he wants me to strip him of his masculinity. My husband is average to large in the penis size department, so this surprises me. We always enjoyed intercourse with each other. Most of the mousy men I dated before my husband had puny dicks and I understood why they wanted me to deny them orgasms and intercourse but my husband is not like these other men. Yet, he now is starting to act just like them. There must be something about me that causes men to act this way and to desire to be treated this way. Do you have any idea? I am more than willing to feminize my husband and make him into a sissy if that is what he needs but I was just wondering what are the psychological reasons for this.
A. One of the biggest misconceptions out there about orgasm denial and even cuckolding, is that only men with small and inadequate penises desire these things. I check out a lot of web sites because people are always sending the addresses to me to get my opinion. I chuckle when I see different sites and discussion boards trying to explain what cuckolding is or why a man wants to be denied orgasms. While it is true that a man with a small penis may be more open to these things because he has suffered some humiliation in the past and over time this humiliation has become a fetish or a submissive desire.
However, a lot of average sized and even well endowed men also want to have their orgasms controlled by a Dominant Female. Men with average to large size penises also desire to be forced feminized, cuckolded and denied. That is because a man’s submission is a part of his nature and it is mental and it is not all about sex or the physical.
A man wants to be ruled and controlled by a dominant woman. He wants to be forbidden sexual pleasure while his Wife or Mistress enjoys as much pleasure as she desires. It is all about a power exchange and it is a mind game. The domination of a man is primarily about the domination of the man’s mind. Forced feminization, orgasm denial and cuckolding are about submission. They are about a man submitting his all to his Queen. He wants to be stripped of his masculinity because he wants the Feminine to overpower the masculine. That is what a lot of Dominant women want as well. That is why women write to me to tell me how much they love to feminize their husbands.
There are many Psychological and Sociological reasons why more and more men are having these desires. As women gain in power and authority, men’s submissive natures are becoming stronger. You have invaded and conquered a man’s world by being a successful weight lifter and bodybuilder. While you probably only compete against other women, the fact still remains that you have succeeded in what was formerly a male’s sport. You are strong and you are muscular, but you also maintain your feminine look and beauty at the same time. Thus, you set off a powerful aura and message and when men see you, their submissive natures stir. The so-called mousy male is so overtaken by your powerful image that he is drawn to you and he wants to serve you. Those men may not be mousy in their other relationships but you represented a powerful woman to them and they didn’t want to be your equal.
Your husband may have been at a different place in his submissive nature but he was still a submissive man. Why do you think he was drawn to you? He could have dated weaker women but he wanted you, a powerful woman. Just because he has a great body and looks masculine, does not mean that he isn’t submissive. You cannot judge a book by its cover. Most submissive men do not look submissive on the outside. Many submissive men give a very masculine appearance. Likewise, some mousy looking males have a Napoleon complex and can be very abusive in a relationship. They bully people emotionally to over compensate for their smaller bodies or a small penis. Have you ever noticed how many short and bald men are very successful in the business world? That is not an accident. These men were probably rejected by women most of their young lives. So they tackled and conquered the business world and got the beautiful woman through their money and position.
Regardless what a man looks like on the outside, if he is confronted with a powerful woman (be she physically powerful, intellectually powerful or sexually powerful) his submission is stirred and he becomes weak in her presence. Now that your husband has lived with you for a couple of years and has watched your dominance and power over other men and women, his submissive nature has grown to the place where he no longer sees himself as being capable of being your equal. He now wants your feminine power to overpower his masculinity and strip him completely of it. He wants you to conqueror him. He wants to yield all control over to you. At this point, you really have no choice but to accept his submission and to take the power from him.
Explore his desire to be your sissy. The two of you are married so you have the security of your marriage and your home to safely explore this desire within him. I think you will enjoy this as much, if not more, than he does. This will be different from those other men because they presented no challenge to you. Your husband is a true conquest of yours. You have taken him to this place with your dominance. Now it is time for you to enjoy his submission and for the both of you to continue to experience growth as a Dominant Female and a submissive male.


(From Madame)
Contributed by Saffron
Dear Miss Candida,
I was very pleased to see in your excellent magazine how many wives are bringing their men under proper control and how quite a few have found the merits of petticoating. I too have found it to be an infallible method. Men will endure anything rather than be exposed to the derision of women. It crushes their ego as nothing else can. My husband has many times implored me to give him the cane rather than face the ordeal of my girl friends. But I really enjoy watching a petticoated male cringing under the ridicule of laughter of women. He is soon reduced to a spineless jelly, ready to obey my every wish. I am sure there must be many ladies amongst your readers who would welcome some guidance in finding and training a submissive. Look around for the shy ones who never push themselves forward. “Mother” him a bit and make him feel wanted and secure, and utterly dependent on you. Once you have him in this state he is already in invisible chains. Whatever indignities or service are imposed, he finds it impossible to face the alternatives of separation, and accepts his humble position. Many submissives have hidden TV tendencies which makes petticoating that much easier. However, it is wise to break him in slowly. I began by inviting my husband to dinner, and afterwards he helped with the washing up, and was soon adorned in one of my aprons. I let him get used to that, then on one occasion I spilled soup over his suit. I had a large sized dress ready which I said was my mother’s and persuaded him to wear it. Soon he was completely hooked and I brought the subject around to marriage. I own two dress shops and am kept quite busy. I needed a husband who would stay at home and do the housework. So I insisted he gave up his job and place his savings in a joint account. He didn’t like it, but he was much too far gone to be able to break away from me. Shortly after the marriage, I took all his suits with me to the shop, leaving him only dresses to wear. Thus he was confined to the house without money and no will to escape. He soon began to enjoy his domestic role.
Most men are really only little boys and prefer a woman to dominate and control them. I have never been addicted to the cane although I do use it when quick, sharp discipline is called for. I prefer more subtle means and decided to use humiliation. I arranged a coffee morning and invited several of my girlfriends, My husband wore his usual black dress with white lace collar, to which I added a particularly frilly apron. I was careful to leave his head and face normal so that he was obviously a petticoated male and looked even more ridiculous. I shall never forget the first time I pushed him, protesting, carrying a tray of coffee into the living room. He seemed to freeze and shrink under the laughter of the women. His face went scarlet and if I hadn’t been behind him he would have run for his life! As it was there was no escape and we kept him running about, fetching and carrying like a maid. I enjoyed it all and, as a refinement to his torment, I made him curtsey every time a lady gave him an order. This caused further convulsions of laughter, and afterwards we all agreed that taunting and teasing a helpless, petticoated male was the most satisfying sport any woman could imagine. My friends insisted on coming again and hubby goes through hell quite regularly, which is, I am sure, good for his soul. Recently it was his birthday and one of the girls made him a sweet, pink, baby girl dress and bonnet. So we decided to dress him up and have some more fun with him. I didn’t tell him but simply dressed him, then tied his legs to a chair. I stood back to admire my handiwork and spent a few minutes making fun of him. Imagine his panic when he heard the girls coming up the front path. I enjoyed every second of his desperate pleading not to let them see him like this. As the door bell rang, I silenced him with a dummy, secured with elastic so that he couldn’t eject it. The women had the time of their lives that day. After the initial teasing and laughter had died down someone christened him “Mandy” and produced a doll she had brought. Of course, while we all had tea he had to nurse it and suck his dummy. All he got for his tea was a baby bottle and a few rusks!
After tea I got out my camera. He looks funniest when he is crying with shame, so while we all watched, Carol and Anne began to tease and pinch him. They soon had him in a terrible state and I was ready with the camera. We have all had so much fun with him I am enclosing the photo so that other wives, especially Mrs. J.S. (London), can enjoy the sight of a man in baby clothes. Perhaps if enough dominant ladies take up this sport, we may be able to hold a “baby” show one day! I enjoy your magazine immensely and look forward to accounts of other petticoated males. Yours sincerely,
Mrs. M.B., Birmingham.

From the wonderful work 'Lipstick Discipline', illustrations by 'Daphne'.


bfgfswap: “When I turned my bf into my gf ” Women in Pants with men in dresses…as it should be!
A Mother’s Answer
To sum it up, it would seem that your lady writers use petticoat discipline, both sissy wear and actual wearing of petticoats, to augment corporal discipline to bring unruly and objectionable boys, and even youths, to heel. Its purpose is to control, to subdue, to train, to inculcate manners opposite to those already in the boy. In other words, to try to turn a boisterous, rude boy into a dainty and well-mannered miss.
If I were writing about just another case of such petticoating, my letter would be redundant, but I write because I think the experience I have with my son is different. Some mothers who wrote do hint that they had wanted a daughter, and had been disappointed when a son came along, and that they petticoated their son for that reason, having to apply corporal punishment and other stern measures to get their boy to co-operate.
I confess that I too petticoated my son to take the place of the daughter who did not materialize, and because I lost my husband shortly after the birth of my son. I pondered the situation for a few years, then when the longing for a daughter did not decrease, I made the decision to have my son become my darling daughter. My closest friends helped me that Paul was far too lovely a child to be wasted in nasty trousers, and as he was fair of complexion, and small of stature for his age, I turned him into a cute little girl.
He is fourteen years old now, and yet when dressed up in his pretties, he looks just like a darling little six year old girl, and he has adapted to that status and role. I was so charmed when I saw him leaning out of the window recently. In leaning, his short little girl frock not quite covering his bottom, showing his little petticoat and sweet little lace-frilled rhumba panties.
Yes, I am truly the mother of a boy-girl, and I have never had to use corporal punishment once in all that time. Never has he rebelled, but has sweetly aquiesed to petticoating. It is not that he does not know that he is a boy, but he considers my wishes first. What pleasure we have discussing all his dainty clothes: what undies he shall wear, whether he needs a new frock. Can he have a new dolly, and so on. Mindful of his status as a little six year old miss, he has a suitably early bedtime, wears adorable little nighties, and often sleeps with me in my bed. Like any six year old, he likes to help about the house, folding his own undies and even the nappies which he wears to bed. I am so lucky to have such a sweet little boy-girl.
‘Proud Mother’

With their Egos “Crushed”, and their male belongings in the Garbage…Women will have their men and boys in their Proper Role!

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Im proud of you, your a male and you show how you are and thats Very important and very cool

hgillmore: “ Well Dressed Crossdressers and Transgendered Women: I do ask those of you reblogging my content to please refrain from making sexual comments in the reblog also please try to use the appropriate pronouns and promote positive awareness....

Feminized men in the kitchen are Awesome

Oh thanks Nancy, my wife just brought it home, what do you think of your X, now? Joe you look so very pretty, and I know you have a girdle on , don't you sweetie?

And while the men are at home in their Cute Dresses taking care of the house…Look what Women are doing!

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The Changes that are Happening!

A Quote from Lady Alexa, a Wonderful Dominant Woman that has Feminized her husband, and helps other Women feminize their husbands!

We have all adopted different methods to feminize our husbands. Some have found it easier than others. It’s interesting to note that none of us have considered forced feminization as a punishment but as a way to improve our partners. We have all showed love and care for them in their journeys. This reality is quite different from the fantasy around the topic of male feminization. So how to force feminize your husband?

We have all adopted different methods to feminise our husbands. Some have found it easier than others. It’s interesting to note that none of us have considered forced feminization as a punishment but as a way to improve our partners. We have all showed love and care for them in their journeys. This reality is quite different from the fantasy around the topic of male feminization. So how to force feminise your husband?

The following Note was from a Founding member of a Private Organization.  From the best of my knowledge, there are numerous Organizations like this throughout the world.  Yes, the Time are a Changing!

Hello Patti;

Once again I am contacting you at the behest of my daughter in law, Marsha. As I am one of the founding members of L.A.S.S., she thought I might be better able to tell you as much as I can about us without compromising our group.

In 1969, we were a group of fifteen pregnant single young women who had been raped, and were pregnant. We were in group therapy conducted by Dr. Michales, who was a lesbian, and a female supremest. She convinced us to form a group where our daughters would become strong, independent women, and our sons would never be able to ever rape a woman. With her help we set up the rules under which we would operate.

1) To prevent any sons born of the rapes from ever becoming rapists, they would be totally feminized, castrated, and raised as girls.

2) Any girls born of the rapes would be raised to be strong, independent women who would have control of their families.

3) When our children are old enough to marry, our daughters will choose their wives from among the feminized sons.

4) Our daughters will never have intercourse with men. Since their wives will not be able to produce sperm, impregnation will be by artificial insemination. This will also serve to prevent children born out of incest. Lesbian relationships between our daughters, and using of wives for a woman’s oral pleasure is permitted.

5) Membership would be limited to the original fifteen women, and their children. All future children born of members would become members at birth.

6) The group shall be a matriarchy. The oldest woman from each family shall be on the governing board, and the oldest board member the leader.

It must be noted that seven of us had sons, the rest had daughters. None of us ever married, but some used artificial insemination to have more children. With the birth of a girl last month we are now in the fourth generation.

We meet once a week with all family members in attendance from the oldest to the youngest. Except for one meeting each month the meetings are for business, and an informal party. Once a month we hold a formal ball. This is so our daughters can get to know their future wives.

I might add that last year we obtained a charter from the Girl Scouts to have a troop where both our daughters, and feminized sons participate.

Getting all touchy feeling with the woman who dressed him :)

The following is a posting from 1987 in Letters Magazine.  Male Feminization has been going on for a long time, but it is now accelerating!

This letter came from the December 1987 Edition of “Letters”. I
like it because it has the Wife taking control, and gradually
transforming her husband!
“My Pretty Husband” – I am writing to say how much I enjoy your
magazine and especially your articles on female domination and
enforced petticoating. I would like to share my story with your
I have always been intrigued by letters from women telling how
they coerced their men into trying something feminine. I must say,
I got a couple of ideas from them and finally got an opportunity to
put them to use.
A few months ago, I came home with a new pair of shoes I had just
bought. They were comfortable tie oxfords, and when I showed them
to Rick, my husband, he said they were ugly and he couldn’t
understand why I would wear such ugly shoes. He said that women
were lucky to have such a large selection of pretty and sexy
footwear, but seem to usually choose unattractive, mannish styles.
Then he put his foot in his mouth and said if he were a woman, he
would never wear shoes that weren’t pretty. I then said, “I suppose
you would wear high heels all the time,” He replied that he
probably would, because they even make a woman wearing jeans look
classy. I told him how uncomfortable they are after a full day of
walking in them, but he said he was sure that a person could get
used to them. The discussion led to an argument that kept me fuming
the rest of the evening.
The next day I had my regular appointment at the beauty salon.
During my shampoo and set, I told Kathy, my best friend and
beautician, about the argument the night before. She said she would
like to hear what Rick had to say after spending a day in high
heels. “Besides,” she added, “I’ll bet he would look cute in a dress
and heels.” Well we both giggled at the thought , and then an idea
struck me. Some of the letters from women had told of how they had
tricked their men into posing for pictures while dressed in
something feminine. Then they used the photos as leverage to get
them under control. As I though about my husband prancing around in
heels, I noticed a mischievous grin in the mirror and a sparkle in my
eye. Kathy noticed my look and asked me what I was thinking about.
When I told her, she laughed and said maybe I should teach Rick a
For the next half hour we formed a plan to get my darling Ricky
into something a little more stylish and less comfortable. Kathy
even suggested that if I succeeded in getting some pictures, we
could give him the full treatment later.
That night, after supper, I got out my shoe catalog and asked
Rick to help me pick out a couple pairs of more stylish shoes. I
told him to shop for the ones he really liked. Well he picked out a
few pairs from the catalog that he liked. Next, I asked him to pick
the colors, and he chose a black, red and bright blue.
Later, when we went to bed, Rick found me already excited and
we had a good time before going to sleep. What he didn’t know was
that I was excited at the thought of what was in store for him.
The next morning I headed for the shoe store and bought three
pairs of shoes. One was a pair of black patent leather heels with
ankle straps, a pair of bright blue pumps, and a pair of shiny red T-
straps. They all had three-inch heels. The size was too large for
me, but just right for Ricky. Next, I stopped at the lingerie
department and bought a couple pairs of knee-highs and pantyhose. I
mean, you can’t wear socks with pretty shoes, can you? Finally, I
got some film and I was set.
On the way home, I stopped by the salon and showed Kathy my
purchases. She said the shoes were cute and that Rick had really
good taste. It was Friday, and I told her I would call her on
Saturday and let her know how things were going.
That night, I fixed Rick his favorite meal, and after supper I
cleared the table and went into the den to show Rick my purchases.
When he saw the new shoes, he said, “Now that’s more like it.” I
asked if he really liked them, and he said, “Yes, very much,
especially the red ones.” With that, I told him I was glad because
they were his. He asked, “What do you mean?” I stroked his hair
and said, “Try them on, Ricky baby, I bought them just for you.” He
laughed and asked, “Are you serious?” I told him I most certainly
was and he should see how they fit him.
Finally, after much talking and pleading, Rick stood before me
wobbling in his new, red high heels. I had made a bet with him that
if he wore the shoes until Sunday night, I would throw away my
oxfords and get some prettier shoes for around the house. I had to
bite my lip to keep from laughing a couple of times that evening as
Rick nearly fell off hid high heels. I had to admit though, he did
look awfully cute. I went into the bedroom and found a red shirt
for him to wear with his jeans and red shoes. Then I playfully tied
his longish hair back in a ponytail with a red scarf. Then I
giggled and said I had to have a picture of it. Sure enough, I soon
had him posing in some very girlish shots. It was working better
than I had hoped for. We had a great time the rest of the evening
and I was really wet and excited when we went to bed that night.
Sex that night was better than it had been in a long time.
The next morning, after Rick had showered, I talked him into
letting me set his hair in rollers. Then he put on a nice shirt and
jeans and his new blue pumps. He has always helped me with the
vacuuming and I got more snapshots of him in his curlers and heels
doing the sweeping. He looked so cute that I couldn’t help myself.
I kept playing with his butt whenever I passed him. I kept telling
him how sweet he looked. He said how much his feet were hurting,
but I noticed he was taking every chance he got to sit down. Just
before lunch I sat him down and took the curlers out of his hair and
combed it out. I teased his hair and said he should get a perm for
more body. By the time I was finished, he had a cute and perky
hairstyle. Again, I took more pictures
While he was eating lunch, I slipped into the other room and
called Kathy. I told her about how easy it had been to persuade
Rick to let me do his hair and wear the heels. She giggled and said
she would love to see him. I told her to drop by on Sunday
afternoon. For the rest of the day we just stayed around the
house. I kept flirting with Rick and telling him how cute he
looked. I knew that all the playful attention was making him feel
more at ease about his new look. By the time we went to bed that
night, Ricky was able to walk pretty well in his new shoes. I am
sure he was glad to take off his heels and rest his feet for the
night. Ricky fell asleep before me and I suddenly got the urge to
pull another girlish prank. By the time I was finished, Ricky had
shiny red toenails.
Sunday morning, when we woke up, I fixed breakfast for us while
Ricky read the morning paper. He hadn’t gotten dressed for the day
yet, and so he had not noticed my handiwork from the night before.
Finally, we headed for the bedroom to get dressed. I told Ricky how
much I had enjoyed setting his hair the day before, and talked him
into letting me do it again. I was busy rolling his hair up with
hot rollers when he noticed his toenails. I wish I could have
gotten a picture of the expression on his face when he saw them. I
calmed him down and told him that he only had one more day to go,
unless he wanted to give in and let me win the bet. That was the
one thing he wouldn’t let happen, now that he had gone this far.
After I had finished setting his hair, I went into the bedroom to
find something for him to wear. I laid out a nice pair of black
slacks, a white ruffled shirt and his black patent heels. As he was
buckling the straps on the shoes, I got a few more shots for my now
growing collection. Then, I brushed out his set and stepped back to
admire my work. He was really turning into a doll. I found a black
satin ribbon and tied a loose bow around his neck. Ricky was
looking really good, if more than a little feminine.. I had to
admit, his shiny black heels really did make him look classy, and I
told him so.
A little after one o’ clock, the doorbell rang. Ricky was so
used yo his outfit, he just went to the door and opened it without
thinking. There stood Kathy. When she saw Ricky, she laughed out
loud. Rick turned beet red and started stammering when he realized
what he must look like. Kathy giggled and said, “Oh Rick, you look
really nice and those shoes are just darling.”
Kathy and I had a great time the rest of the afternoon,
playfully teasing Ricky about his pretty shoes and how well he was
walking in them. I had Ricky model all three pairs of his new shoes
for Kathy. As he was changing shoes, Kathy noticed his red toenails
and teased, “Oh my, Ricky, I never would have guessed.” Rick was
thoroughly humiliated by now. I am sure when the day was over, Rick
was glad to return to his regular shoes. But I had a surprise in
store for him.
The next day I took all of my film to the photo shop. Then
Kathy and I went to lunch. We talked about future plans for Rick.
She said that once I got the pictures back and showed them to Rick,
I should be able to get him to do anything I wanted.
Well, that was a couple of months ago. Since then Ricky has
had to wear heels every weekend. Today, i had a great time at the
beauty salon watching Kathy work on Ricky. She gave him a unisex
cut and perm. Then she had his nails done and did his makeup. I
added some more pictures to my collection. When she was finished,
Ricky was a living doll. I had gotten him a new red and white dress
to wear with his favorite heels.
Kathy and I have decided to take a short trip to Las Vegas with
our new girlfriend, Ricky. It should really be fun to spend a few
days in Las Vegas with Ricky dressed as a woman the entire time.
Kathy and I are considering piercing Ricky’s ears so he can wear
long, drop earrings. While we are there, we are going to see a
female impersonator show at one of the casinos. That should make
Ricky squirm in his panties. I may inquire about getting him a job
with the show, just to embarrass him a littl.
Well, I guess I will end this long letter. By the way, I have
started wearing prettier shoes around the house to pay off my bet,
but most of my shoes have lower heels than Ricky’s. Also, I would
like to say that setting Ricky’s hair was as much fun for me as it
was humiliating for Rick. I have also gotten Ricky a cute Freanch
Maid’s uniform for those occasions when Kathy or I want to be
especially pampered.
Mrs. P.H. Alabama


Here is a correspondence I had years ago from a nice Woman named Suzie, it is wonderful to see what Women are doing to their men.

Hi Patti,

I saw your post on the feminization of husbands. You mentioned that you have a blog but it doesn’t say how to link to it. After being in an on and off lesbian relationship for the last couple of years, I find myself dating a really sweet guy. He is as far from being macho that I think you can go. I am a hair stylist and have been cutting his hair for the last 3 years. This last week I talked him into letting me highlight and color his hair and I cut it in a unisex style with feminine leanings. I would like to go further with him and see what happens. I think that he will be easy to convince to do what I would like him to do but, I don’t want to scare him off right off the bat.

Could you please send me the link to your blog, I would love to follow it.



Hi Patti,
Thank you for the link to your blog spot. It is very interesting and well thought out.

Donnie and I have been dating for about 4 months now, though I have known him much longer. He is 20 and I am 22. We first met when his Mom, Donna, “dragged” him into the salon I was working in. He had long stringy hair and she was tired of it looking so bad. I gave him the first hair cut he had had in 5 years, except when he got a friend to trim his split ends. Donna was so happy with how his hair turned out she brought him in once a month for a trim. I also got him on a good shampoo and conditioner. After a year Donnie started coming in on his own. Over the last couple of years I have made suggestions on how to improve his look, nothing drastic but every time he was more than happy to let me do what I wanted to do.

About 6 months ago, I finally broke up with a woman that I had been with, on and off, for the previous 2 years. It was then that I thought that maybe I would give guys a try again. I started thinking of what guys I might be interested in. Every time, my thoughts went back to Donnie. I thought that in many ways he would be the perfect guy for me. Over the years I had got to know him fairly well. I think the biggest decision that he ever made, on his own, was when he decided to come here on his own and not being drug in by his Mom. So right before Christmas, Donnie came in for his standing monthly appointment. We started talking.I told him how I had just broken up with my girlfriend and wanted to try dating guys again, hoping that he would ask me out. True to form he didn’t say a word so, I asked him out. He couldn’t say yes fast enough. We went to dinner for our first date and basically spent hours talking. After the evening ended, I knew that I could make him into anyone I wanted him to be.

I have spent the last 4 months getting him “addicted” to me and sex. It didn’t take very long before I had him wrapped around my little finger. About a month ago we were at the mall and we had gone into Claire’s because I was looking for some new earrings. I noticed Donnie looking at them too and I thought, what the heck. I didn’t ask him, I just took him over to the sales lady and said that my boyfriend is shy but wanted to get his ears pierced. Donnie looked at me with a strange look but never said a word and 5 minutes later he was sporting a gold stud in each ear lobe.

Everything that I suspected about Donnie was verified there in Claire’s. That night, I rewarded him with some of the best sex we ever had. Last week,he came in for his standing appointment. Except this time I told him that I wanted to make a few changes with his hair. Again, he expressed no objections. He had a very cool mousy gray blonde hair. So I highlighted his hair with bleach and foils and colored the rest of his hair to a warm medium blonde. After his hair had processed I toned his blonde highlights with a lighter warm blonde shade. The color turned out fantastic and really brightened up his face. I then cut his hair in layers and gave him sweep bangs. Donnie could stop looking at himself in the mirror and was very happy with the results. Donna called me a couple of days later saying what a good job I did and that I should have done it years ago.
How far to take him? I am not even really sure how far I want to take him. But, tonight he lost the hair, on his body, from the neck down and got his first pair of panties to wear. That actually went well and now we have to where that leads us too. BTW, I think that Donna will be more than happy to help me with what ever I decide to do.


Hello Again Suzie!

I don’t know if Donna told you, but she did contact me, and we have exchanged a few E-Mails. It is WONDERFL that you have found not only such a Cute Feminine Boy, but also a Great Woman that is more than Willing to help with the Feminization of her son! this is such a Delight to see….I am so Happy for you and Donnie!!!

Donna told me that Donnie is Training to be a nurse…that is Wonderful. Having him in a more traditional Female Profession where he will probably be working “Under” Women is Fantastic. I am convinced that you will be able to mold him into a delightful, Submissive and Docile Sissy Gurl…and you will have a terrific relationship with him!!!

Here is a story from my archives that I wanted to share with you…you can see that women have been Feminizing males for a long time…it is just time for the practice to accelerate! I hope you enjoy!

Here’s a letter from Nugget Magazine, either from the 80’s or early 90’s, I don’t have the exact date of the Issue. It has to do with the raising of boys, and how to deal with an “Unruly” Boy. Just thought some of you might enjoy reading it. If you have comments, please post them on the message Board.
The Letter is entitled, “Petticoating Unruly Boys”:
Dear Nugget,
As I am writing this letter my hair has just been rolled and my fingernails have been manicured by my lovely 14 year old son. I say lovely, because he is wearing a pretty short pink dress with puff sleeves and lots of lace trim, pink lace trimmed anklets and black patent leather little girl shoes, makeup, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and rouge. His hair is up in curlers. At this moment he is rolling his 16 year old sister’s hair. All this is part of his petticoat discipline every Thursday night.
I want to tell your readers that petticoat discipline is the most effective and enjoyable solution to unruly boys. My husband travels on business most of the time and raising Andy (Annie) was becoming more and more difficult. He would hardly ever mind me. Then my husband and I decided to try what we had read in Nugget letters, and it has certainly been a success.
My sister and my daughter Lisa helped me plan Andy’s introduction to his new punishment. From Lisa’s old clothes, we gathered a bra, several pairs of panties, a full slip, pantyhose, a girdle, a skirt, some blouses and two party dresses. On that fateful initiation night a year ago we took Andy into my bedroom and told him that his misbehavior and refusal to do any chores had finally gone too far, and as punishment and to force him into better behavior he was going to be required to dress and act like a girl as long and whenever Lisa or I thought it necessary.
He was naturally angry and tried to leave the room, but the three of us forced him onto the bed. We removed his pants, got him face down on the bed and began spanking him severely with a ping pong paddle. Andy was soon begging us to stop. I told him that he must ask to be dressed in girl’s clothes, but he refused, so we spanked him for a few more minutes. His frustration and embarrassment having driven him to tears, he began begging us to let him wear girl’s clothes. With his pride broken he obediently removed the rest of his clothes. After Lisa had rubbed lotion into his firey red ass she helped him into panties and a bra which was padded with tissue. My sister put the pink full slip on him and I put a pink party dress, pink anklets and black patent leather shoes on him. Andy was completely subdued as Lisa used a curling iron to curl his shoulder length hair. We explained to him that any misbehavior or failure to do his chores would bring this petticoat punishment. Then we sent him off the wash the dishes.
That night he slept in a cute little baby-doll nightie and in the morning Lisa woke him and told him to hurry up and get into his pretty girl clothes and come learn how to prepare breakfast. Since then she’s taught him a lot about cooking and he is required to cook about half the meals. Of course he has to do a lot of the housework too.
His behavior gets him into his punishment clothes about every other day and really, Lisa and I much prefer him in this feminine role. Then he is a sweet, quiet child and easier to be around. This summer when we visit another sister of mine and her two daughters we plan to have Andy take only his girl clothes. For the entire month he will dress and live as a girl and he will continue to be as he is here, a housecleaner and our personal helper.
Strangely enough, Annie – as we call him – seems to enjoy cleaning and cooking when he is made to wear his feminine apparel. He also enjoys being a personal helper to Lisa and me. He washes and rolls our hair quite well and he does our nails every two or three days. When he visits his aunt and cousins I’m quite sure Annie will be kept very busy washing and rolling five girls’ hair, caring for their fingernails and toenails, cleaning house and cooking. But I know he is looking forward to it, actually.
I hope your readers will find this letter both interesting and useful.

– Mrs C.M., Tennessee

Hi Patti,

Thanks for writing and sharing the article with me. Yes Donna is proving to be a great ally and asset with my project. Donnie is starting to realize that that if I ask him to do something, he can’t run home to Mommie. He is accepting the changes faster and with less resistance than I had suspected. In fact I sent him home tonight with his hair in rollers, telling him to come into the salon in the morning before his classes and I would comb him out. I have set his hair before in rollers but, this is the first time I sent him home to sleep in them. Donna is expecting this and can’t wait to see him. I used large rollers on him when I comb him out he just has more body. Maybe next time I will use smaller rollers and give him some curl.

Sunday, I took him to Victoria Secret I didn’t try and trick him, I told him that was where we were going and that he was going to pick out his own panties. He just gave me a look that told me that he has resigned himself to doing what I want. When we walked into the store the saleslady came up and asked if she could help us. I didn’t say a word and Donnie asked her where the panties were. He looked a bit embarrassed but quickly got over it. We looked around and he was having a hard time deciding what to buy. Finally he picked up a pair of boy short briefs. He looked at me and I just shook my head no. He put those down and then picked up a pair of their Lace Cheeky Panties, showed them to me and I nodded my head yes. It was like finding the first pair of panties broke the ice. He started showing more self confidence and more interest in the panties. In the end he picked out 2 pairs of the Lace Cheeky Panties, 2 pairs of the Lacie Hiphuggers, 2 pairs of the Dream Angels Lace Shortie Panties and 4 pairs of the Glamour Satin and Lace bikini panties. He was very pleased with his selection and I must admit I think his tastes are very good.

That went so well that I thought I would push him a bit more. We went over and looked at the camisoles and picked out one of their seamless camisoles, the essential tank top and the lace v-neck tank top. I told him that if he was going to start spending the night with me that he needed his own sleepwear. On his own, Donnie picked out 3 baby dolls with matching panties or v-strings. Just as were were getting ready to check out, I see him looking at their Dream Angels Lace-trim Cheekini satin romper. I remembered your suggestion about a body suit and asked him if he liked that? At first he had a bit of an embarrassed looking on his face but, he said yes. The teddy came in two colors a peach/nude and a black/ivory. He couldn’t make up his mind which he liked the best, so I told him to buy both, which he did.

Donnie loves to sleep in his baby doll sleepwear and is now wearing his panties and one of his camis or teddy everyday. It has almost become automatic for him to shave his own legs and armpits. I told him to stop shaving because on Saturday, I am going to start waxing him. Again no resistance. Tonight, I showed him how to polish my toe nails then had him do his own. He did a bright red on me and a soft pink on his. He actually did a fairly good job. Well practice will make perfect.

I am not sure yet what the next step will be. Right now I am going a lot faster than I thought I would but, I was expecting some resistance and having to back pedal. But, that just hasn’t happened. I am beginning to think that he actually wants these changes. I talked with him about this and he admitted that he enjoyed our time together and that he liked doing things that pleased me. I was looking for a challenge and so far the challenge has been about the same as trying to get a hungry dog to eat his food. There is no doubt, in my mind, that I can turn Donnie into anything that I want him to be. The question that I have to ask myself is what do I want him to be? There is also no doubt that, if we stay together, that Donnie will become a feminized house husband. Sometimes I can imagine that he goes all of the way and becomes a woman, but that is way in the future.

Donna and I are taking Donnie San Francisco shopping on Sunday, if it isn’t raining too hard. The only thing I know for sure is that I will be getting him his first real pair of earrings. His ears are healed and it’s time for the studs to go.

Anyway it is way past my bedtime. Thanks for being a friend. I will send you a picture of Donnie before his haircut and after if you promise that you won’t put them on your blog, or anywhere else.


Hi Patti,

I couldn’t be happier on how things are going. You said that, “I think you will have him in an easter Dress!!! LOL”. Well I think you hit the nail on the head. I think my biggest challenge will be to get him to wait that long. Saturday afternoon I had him come into the salon to get his roots touched up. I told him to wear a pair of shorts, sandals and a tank top because I was going to wax his legs and underarms. To my surprise he showed up wearing one of his new camitops and wearing a pair of my shorts, one of my pink shirt tops and sandals. He looked so cute. While his hair was processing, I brought out my wax pot and started on his legs. After I finished, he took off the shirt and I did his arm pits. When I finished, he sheepishly asked if I could do his eye brows too. I told him that if I did them, they would be very thin and he said ok. I took out my scissors, trimmed them and then waxed the unwanted hair into two nicely arched eyebrows. That really opened up his eyes and he smiled when he saw the results.

Donnie sleeps over with me on Friday and Saturday nights now, which is how he got my clothes to wear. He loves wearing the babydoll nighties and took a pair home to sleep in when he isn’t here. When we got home, I told him that I was so happy with him showing up wearing my clothes and sandals. I gave him some very positive reinforcement, sex. to show him my pleasure with him. Yesterday we were getting ready to go to San Francisco. Donnie was dressed but he was just standing looking into the mirror with a blank look on his face. I asked him what was the matter? He said that his clothes just didn’t look right with his new look. I agreed, grinning from ear to ear, and told him take his pants, shirt shoes and socks off. I went and got a pair of my jeans, a scoop necked top with 3/4 sleeves and the sandals he wore on Saturday. When I got back, he was standing there just wearing his teddy, he looked so cute. I gave him the clothes to wear and he looked back into the mirror and said that he liked what he saw. To me, it seemed like he needed more so I had him sit down while I put a little eyeshadow and liner, blush on his cheeks and a bit of lip gloss. He looked adorable.

We picked up Donna at 9 and she gleed, like a school girl, with delight when she saw Donnie. Our first stop was Union Square and Westfield San Francisco. Our first task was to find a nice pair of earrings for Donnie. We looked at several stores before we settled on a very nice pair of small gold hoops and a pair of crystal, “diamond”, studs. We had lunch and continued shopping. By the time we left at 6, Donnie was sick of trying on clothes. But, we did purchase 2 pairs of pants, 2 tops, another teddy, he loves to wear his, a pair of his own sandals and a pair of flats. As the afternoon progressed, I pointed out to Donna how Donnie was starting to act more and more like a girl. In fact, he used the women’s bathroom without blinking an eye. He touched up his own makeup with some expertise, I think I have been sandbagged…lol.

On our way home Donnie, sitting in the back, asked Donna if it would be alright if during these trips, if he could start using the name Debbie again. Donna, and me, were a little surprised but she said that she thought it would be a wonderful idea.

So like I said, having to wait until Easter to give Donnie..errr…Debbie her first dress may be a challenge. Donna called me this morning and said that Debbie wore her new pants and top this morning to school. She also said that Debbie asked her to borrow some makeup.

Anyway, I have to run. I have attached some photos for you. But, please again promise me that you won’t publish them.



As males get older and lose testosterone, it is a Great Time for Women to Feminize them!

Women are Taking Control and Feminizing their males!   This is the New Age of Female Rule!

Reinventing men. A magazine cover at the time.

A beatiful moment

Just Too Cute for Words…he needs to be waitressing at the Gentlewomen’s Club!

Modern Women like this like Pretty men!

Women are now wearing the Pants!


Handsome Woman!

Strong and In Charge….Female!

And these Women deserve to have Pretty boys doing their best to be presentable to them!

Change your man for the Better!  Make sure he now knows who is wearing the Pants!

Pre party

Great to see supportive females with crossdressed guys.

An inspirational cd couple

Role Reversal

Miss Vera's

Role Reversal and Xdress

Women Taking the Leadership Role

Can you not imagine these Women gazing at the feminine boys in their cute outfits?

More and more Women are taking over their relationships with men and boys, and more and more males are finding out what it is like to wear cute skirts and dresses!  As these changes increase , we are starting to see more and more evidence of the Role Reversed World that many Feminists have longed for.

A feminised male is a submissive male.

Some Strong Women are actively encouraging Girls to be Strong and Competitive, while encouraging boys to be sweet and pretty!

Confident and in Control!

The Dominant sex!

07-17-2016, 06:18 PM
It’s my personal life mission to see a female led society be created where gender roles are 100% reversed. In order for this to happen we need to inspire and empower mothers to raise strong athletic daughters and prissy sons. My dream would be to see a world where girls are raised to be strong, play sports only wear pants, have crew cuts and rough house around. Boys would be raised to be docile little ladies, only allowed to wear dresses, kept in pigtails or curls, made to play with dolls, take ballet, have tea parties and compete in beauty pageants.

Who else agrees with my vision, any mothers out there that want to make this happen message me.

The Radical Feminist

07-19-2016, 09:27 AM
can I say I do agree with you your views fully both my own
mother and my late wife undertook doing as you suggest not only with me but with others as well

07-22-2016, 02:15 AM
Yes I had a gf that swayed my beliefs to this.

Smart women, did she turn you into a sissy?

Yes it was back in high school when we were together. We would hang out after school and of course we would do normal things bf/gfs would do. Well one day after we were done having relations I saw a pair of her panties on the floor and thought I would be funny and put them on. Well I learned that was a mistake and she got the idea I should wear them more. Eventually she had me wearing them all the time. Even under my boy clothes when at school. After school time it started to become more about me starting to just serve her needs and also dressing fully as a girl instead of us having a “normal” boy/girl relationship. We eventually broke up as most high school relationships end. I eventually reverted back to being a boy but being feminized is powerful thing a girl can do to a boy. The thoughts of it never fully leave my head. I try to run from them but they always come back strong now to the point that I’m on a petticoated sight having to talk about them

Yes, once in skirts and panties, there is no going back. I assist moms who use petticoating and seen many once macho boys surrender to their inner princess after spending time in frilly dresses and petticoats. Do you dress today, if not its time to get some skirts and panties and become the sissy you were born to be.

Yeah I finally come to terms that I can not resist it anymore. I believe you, that there is truly no going back. I’ve tried to resist it but it’s not possible. I think about it everyday. I haven’t dressed really since then, but now I find my self on the verge of doing as you say and going to the store to get panties and skirts and start wearing them just as she made me wear them.

Good, now go buy yourself the pretty panties and skirts you long for. Show the world the sissy you are no more hiding embrace it.


08-17-2016, 03:53 PM
As a young boy, I was what my mother described as “hell on wheels” until I was slipped into my first pair of silk panties. Panties forced on by a strong woman is a “wake-up” call for a bad boy because it reinforces two things: The woman is in control and in panties reduce his manhood. After leaving home for college, I forgot those lessons and again slipped back into being that hell raiser because I didn’t believe that there were other women out there who could panty me again. Now I know better! Thank you for what you do.

08-19-2016, 01:26 AM
My you are a bad little sissy. Mommy raised you right and then you go off and become a nasty male again. No surprise pants give males to much freedom and with that comes attitude. Being kept in dresses and panties forces the male to submit to his female master and eliminate those nasty male ideas. Did you resist when a new women put you back into panties?

Yes! But only because I was surprised that this beautiful younger woman knew the secret of taming a problem like me. I was always basically dominated by older women as the younger ones were more playmates and equals as a boy. Now here was this strong young woman holding out a pair of silk panties and ordering me into them or else…………. Once back into panties my old training and feelings came back and I melted at her feet. Conditioning is hard to overcome even after a few years. All women rule.

09-04-2016, 07:16 PM
Its like riding a bike, once in panties a sissy can never go back again. He can pretend to be a male and try to hide the truth. Its always there nagging at him to give in, the only solution is fully embracing it, become the sissy you were born to be.

09-06-2016, 02:21 PM
Yes, it is true that once the panties go on that the woman has won that fight. Right now I am sitting here in pretty pink panties with a matching bra in my nightgown getting ready to be the wife’s sissy secretary this morning. Left me a bunch of orders and I am taking a short break before getting back to her letters. Women rule!


I would love to work for a female boss as her secretary and personal assistant, wearing a skirt suit, stockings and high heels. I would enjoy serving her coffee and doing her bidding.


The world will be a better place when all males think like you.

Its never too late to turn husbands into the house wife either. you would be surprised how many would jump at the chance.

No, its never to late. With more women becoming the breadwinners and traditional male jobs starting to die off or replaced by machines or robots, males are going to have less choice and need to accept the more traditional feminine role of home maker. Once he has to rely on his wife for any money she has real power over him. Adopting skirts and heels is just the next logical step as males become good little male housewives.

I agree. More and more traditional male jobs are outsourced or replaced by machines and robots and thus males will have to look for other jobs, including the traditional feminine jobs of housewives, secretaries, maids ect. And once a man is dependent on his wife financially, she can easily turn him into an obedient and submissive male housewife in panties, bra, dress, high heels and a pinafore.


You are so right! I’ve tried several times to completely get rid of my collection of panties, bras, etc…., but I keep coming back to them. I’ve thrown them out, just to find myself back in the local stores buying more. It’s a feeling that I just can’t deny. Wearing panties is a part of who I am, and I need to find a way to fully accept it.

10-07-2016, 02:52 PM
Mothers and wives need to start making the changes. Buy dresses and skirts for all the males in the household along with proper underthings.

06-03-2017, 10:37 PM
I think the world is changing, perhaps not soon enough for most of us here. Society needed many strong alphas to build this modern world in which we live. But now information drives society, and we are learning the value of the superior female mind – and we crave their leadership and control. Contributions of feminized males are now recognized as valuable, and the idea that we each have unique gifts – sissies too, has come into vogue. So, we can all do our part by being the best sissies we can be, and change our own little corner of the world.

06-04-2017, 02:15 PM (This post was last modified: 06-04-2017, 02:17 PM by Maid Jennifer.)
It is true that feminized males are becoming more common place in society and the more high profile they are the more they are paving the path for the rest of us to be comfortable knowing that what we have become is acceptable. I’m not quite sure it has come into vogue yet but it is at the point that it is getting more and more socially wrong to criticize those of us who have embraced our femininity. We have a long way to go before it is common place for women to have a male maid but I like to think it is a natural evolution that is taking place and one day this will be the norm. Just think if women ruled, men have proven they are incapable of reason and compassion and all these horrible things that are happening around the world would end.

this is happening now and much sooner than we thought as girls get more bolder and stronger, in fact I see many girls who are tougher than most boys..female supremacy is here to stay..

I had no idea that I wanted this lifestyle until a few short months ago when my girlfriend and I moved in together. She forced her beliefs upon me and now I am a 21 year old female supremacist who loves my chastity belt and putting on Disney princess panties before I go to bed. I think that to create this society you just need to get women on board and the men will follow!

06-15-2018, 08:41 PM
I am all for the complete gender role reversal to happen faster. Males have been screwing society up for a very long time. They need to be sissified at a very young age and kept in silks and satins. Lots and lots of lace. Being completely hairless and made to paint their nails. Using only feminine smelling soaps and deodorants. Being made to submit to women. Suck the macho and masculine right out of them. Replace it with only feminine silky items and dresses. No pants for them. They sure can’t handle things anymore.

More mothers are raising their sons as princesses. This is still a small percent of mothers but they are growing more and more each day. It will probably take another 20 or so years, but the idea of petticoating will become main stream and seeing brats wearing dresses and playing with dolls will be the norm.


Knowing that you have been helping women achieve their goals of feminizing their sons and raising their daughters to be strong and independent, the proof being of the beauty pageant photos you have posted it brings to mind a question. These women who so passionately and publicly have dressed their sons as girls, are they dominant in their relationship with their husbands? It seems to me they are strong enough to resist any complaints or resistance from their husbands who are likely to be submissive anyway and if this is the case it sets a good example for both son and daughter on how to behave.

Most of the mothers I work with are single or in lesbian relationships. The few that do still have husbands are very dominate over them and some do make their husbands live full time as sissies. More and more women are fed up with males and no longer afraid to seek out female lovers. I believe we may someday see the lesbian couple as the normal family and males being more used as maids or sperm donors.


06-17-2018, 04:11 PM
It is understandable that women who are simply fed up with men or have had bad or abusive marriages sometimes turn to other women. But many women, some of whom are strong to begin with learn early on that submissive men are more compatible and tend not to get caught up in relationships they find hard to get out of. When it comes to feminization there are two schools of thought, some women may be seeking revenge on men for past abuses and others like my wife find submissiveness a playful way to test how far she can take me. What’s interesting about women who prefer sissies is that they too sometimes seek out women and that is something I feared a long time ago but never happened.

I have completely reversed a relationship with a former boss to slave, as a big gal who played sports when we dated he got very disrespectful to me and a fight started I beat him up in a fistfight until he was begging for me to stop punching him, he now cleans my condo once a week in a maids outfit and I top him in all areas. Heidi

Awesome its always nice to hear about women putting males in their proper place. Love to hear more details of how you turned your former boss into a maid. Does he only clean for you or does he work as a maid full time? At work are you now the boss or did you/him work somewhere else now.


He was my boss and I his admin, he was pestering for a date, many hints bordering on sex harassment, we went out, he played the macho asshole I was quiet because I knew I could take him as a big gal, I’m also a lesbian into bringing down men. We went back to his place he was all over me and I defended myself as a tomboy I had many fights and won most. I punched him out in a fight as I was quicker to the punch, fast forward 3 years later he wears nightgowns to bed as I walk around with boxers on. He does all the things a wife does and has nice legs with hose and garters and I put him on display for my lez friends when they come over, even used a strapon in front of them, he has no pride anymore. I know it might be a little harsh for this site but once the female becomes stronger the last power over them is gone and we are seeing it in society now, yo go girls!

Oh forgot to answer you, he works elsewhere as I’m in a position similar to his but anytime I snap my fingers he comes, funny story when we started we were at the mall and I wanted to get him some feminine clothes he was starting to complain, I said in a voice loud enough for people to hear ” do you want me to kick your ass right now?” he was scared I would too and never complains anymore.

08-12-2018, 04:12 PM
My mom believed boys could and should wear dresses. She started me at 11 years of age. I too believe moms should put their boys in dresses and skirts at very young age, say around 9 or 10. It is at this age when boys attempt to dominate girls and it grows well into their adulthood, which is wrong.

09-04-2018, 01:24 PM
Do you think all boys secretly wish they could wear panties? I’m not so sure.

I’ve seen boys sobbing like a baby when their mother holds out a pair of panties for them to put on. I’m not sure how many of them grew to love panties, like I did.

Don’t be fool those tears are because they are hiding their inner sissy. It scares them especially once they get their first taste of femininity wearing panties and skirts. Being petticoated forces a brat to face his biggest fear that he is really a sissy and loves all those ruffles and lace. I helped too many mothers turn so called sports loving alpha brats into complete prissy princesses who have no choice but to love all those frills.


More from Heidi:

We call him Matilda now and its not liked but too bad and when I ordered him into panties and dresses a few years back much vocal complaint but I said “get your dress on”, he cried and pleaded but put the dress on where its been ever since. Now it is second nature and no turning back so ladies be stern and insist upon your rules being followed as men are mentally inferior to us and our will, I know from experience.

Not in the same office but in the same field, there are other close female managers who know about our relationship and I’ve demonstrated strapon on his manpussy, made him masterbate in front of three of them, but explained about discretion. The were excited and do want the same lifestyle but its hard to find a sub to change into a femboi as I have.

I’m much younger and he’ll retire soon as all his money will be deposited in my account, will be kept as a gurl 24/7 and kept in a cock cage so no accidents or release unless under my supervision. It didn’t happen overnight, I have been doing it for 3 years from him to her, took a lot of reading on my part and why I enjoy this site as I learn from others experiences.

How truly exciting and empowering it must feel to have reduced Your male to such subordinate and feminized status!
For many centuries it was acceptable for females to be a 2nd class citizen and thought to be less than a man, how wrong that was and now with a female led society the genie’s out of the bottle…we are smarter, stronger, and better leaders and men know it but try to ignore or nervously laugh off the war of the sexes they can’t win as nature is all about female…if these younger girls will accept their true destiny in just a few years the visible changes in society will be so overpowering.

For the sake of our planet and the future of humanity, this needs to happen. Males have been running the show for millennia and where has it got us? War after war, with millions of casualties and misery for the survivors, the subjugation and exploitation of the so-called “weaker sex” and the gradual destruction of the beautiful world we were given.

Well, the “weaker sex” are starting to come into their own. They are now better educated than men, better equipped to operate in a rapidly changing employment market where co-operation, good customer service skills and collaboration are the key to success rather than ruthless competition, and earning more than their male spouses as a result. There will be more women executives and managers and more male secretaries. Many men will be displaced from the labor market altogether, and they will become full-time house-husbands and parents taking on the traditional “house-wife” role that women had been relegated to for centuries.

I predict that some decades from now, most workers will be women and most housewives will be men. Having relegated men to housewives, it will be a simple step to force them into skirts and dresses, high heels and make up. Boys will be brought up as girls once were, put into ultra-frilly dresses and knickers, their hair long and tied with bows, and made to play with dolls and take part in beauty pageants and take up ballet and domestic skills, while their sisters become the leaders of the future in sports, business and politics, having eschewed the humiliation of the skirt forever!


From Heidi:

03-06-2019, 04:12 PM
I can attest and witnessed the gender swapping effects of pegging, for the last four years its changed our roles 180 degrees from a cocky boyfriend into a servant wife and I a femdaddy. In addition to the introduction of wearing panties he’s now dressed as a 50’s housewife with earrings, makeup, hose and heels when he’s not working in the vanilla world. All of this conquest and journey is the result of pegging him and the power of suggestion. No more the emotional angry male now a submissive lady who quietly does her chores and does hint when she needs to get laid. There is no more penetration of me but I do use my strapon on him progressing from fingers to a fat 10″ cock which he takes with ease and desire. I love when he’s wearing lingerie, a sub in garters and stockings bending over awaiting in anticipation is a sight to see. Yes ladies the benefits of his change in behavior is real and with using the superior female mind an inferior male gave up his gender, pants and role to me and I have to say it is as it should be.

03-07-2019, 02:55 PM
Oh Heidi…. glorious and amazing narration of the overall story of Your Female Mastery over Your male girl. Was this always Your goal? Please if You might fill in and/or reiterate more details of Your journey and if You’ve spread such Female Led ideas to other Women.

Men are to be “Objectified”, and are for the “Pleasure” of Women!



“How many squats!
Keeping his legs shaved, and having him in nylons makes it hard for him to be “manly”!

“Ok Jane, I have it all on..what do you have for me up here?
Throw away ALL of his male possessions, he will no longer need them!


“Hey…I’d like that back, if you please!
Make sure that he maintains his slim figure, for your pleasure!

He is ready for the beach!

In The New Age of Female Rule, men will be the sex Objects!

Hoe New Age Women what their men to be!



So Nice to see who is wearing the Skirts and Dresses these Days!   As Radical Feminist says, once the males are in skirts and dresses, there they will stay!


FEMALE Power is Awesome!





Progress being made!

Today’s focus will be on some of the Great progress in the Feminization of men and boys.  Many Women are now strongly encouraging their males to be Sweet and Feminine.  The World is certainly changing!


Who 60 years ago would have even entertained this question – perhaps 2-5$…a handful at best. And most would have thought only of the comedic aspects. Today in schools if questioned, most of both sexes would agree on the superiority of the Female. Now, that idea alone spurs many more of both sexes to contemplate that yesteryear’s ‘femininity’ – things like, weakness, meekness, submissiveness – are aspects of the sex inferior… and is that NOT the male. Now as to the delicate and girlish attitude spreading to the actual dress and appearance of the subordinate male, we see it more everyday. It is an inevitable swing in society that shall NOT reverse again. Be aware of far greater changes of the male to demure, dainty, docile and domesticated in all aspects INCLUDING ATTIRE, while Females develop and never relinquish power, assertiveness, confidence, demands etc They have eternally stripped from males. You’ve lost males… your only path is to OBEY and hope your girlish manners and attire are pleasing to your new and proper MASTERS – the Female Sex!

Ascendant Female May 12 2014 9:30am



My wife wants to fully feminize me!


In my everyday life I have a very stressful job where I am in charge of over 50 people and I am also firing and hiring people. I also have to be in charge of most of the household finances etc. Over the past few months my wife has brought up during passionate times, about feminizing me. She feels it would be a worthwhile distraction! A few weeks ago, she sat down with me and had me read some articles about feminization. I wasn’t sure she was that serious! Now I must admit that I get turned on over the thought! She now wants to fully feminize me which consists of corset training to create a permanent feminine figure and growing real feminine breasts along with laser hair removal and eventually feminine facial surgery! She said I could basically transfer from my job to another location where people are far more tolerant about my new role. I researched it for a few long nights after work on the net. She was right about the location and what a great location too! She also felt she would become in charge and I could experience a new and rewarding life. As a woman! I spent almost a solid two weeks dwelling on this and every time I delve into the idea, I get very turned on! My question to the ladies here is…If you, as a woman were to convince your hubby to do this, would you find it a turn on and enjoy his new role as a Her? What would you feel is the biggest advantage for the both of you as a couple? Thanks! I wanted feedback because if I actually feel good about this (As I somewhat do) It all begins in a few days!


If you really love her, than obey her wishes. You have said that she has decided you should have your own breast, then obey her. You said she wants to corset train you, then obey her.

I really don’t see the dilemma here.


I agree with Keely – Obey her wishes on this. Her decision has been made – you WILL be Feminized and grow cute breasts for Her. Clearly, Feminization is Her desire and you need to go along. If you’re having a problem with the extent of the Feminization She will be putting you through – then think of it as ‘Forced Feminization’. That way it’s no longer your decision to make – you are freed of the responsibilities and consequences. There really isn’t a dilemma any more – She has taken Control!


That’s wonderful. You don’t need to go all the way publicly unless you want to though. Just delve into it and see what it brings to you. The fact that your wife is interested in it opens up a wonderful opportunity for you. There is a book on Amazon called, “Feminizing Men – A Guide for males to achieve maximum feminization.” Some wives evidently have given it to their husbands to make their feminization easier and more complete. It’s short, but requires the feminizing male to be diligent and do many things which will truly help them project a more feminine appearance and attitude. Good luck on your journey you lucky gurl!


I was raised by a single mom. She raised me to be gentle and docile. I began wearing panties as soon as I was diaper trained. My hair was kept long and I often wore it in pigtails or a ponytail. I wore girls play sets every day and sandals with painted toes. Growing up most people mistook me for a girl. I lived with Mom until I was 22. She arranged my marriage to a lovely lady of 27 who was a up and coming attorney, Gwen After our marriage she took over my life and expanded my feminization to include hormones and the permanent removal of my light beard and body hair. Much to my mothers delight I now live totally as a woman, work half days in Gwen’s law office as a receptionist and the rest of the time I take on the roll of housewife. For me my life is wonderful. Gwen provides me with love, security, a beautiful home, gorgeous clothes, and all the comforts of life. I thank my mother for preparing me for this life.

Susan LynnMay 15 2014 6:33am



My girl friend feminized me over the years. It started out me having to wear panties if I wanted sex from her. It just escalated from there to wearing stocking, garter belts, bra and high heels. As I started to wear more girly clothing the more submissive I came and the more controlling my wife became. She started to dress me more and more until I wear girly undies 24/7 and women clothes at home. She got me some red stripper heels for my birthday and talked me into just taking a few photos of me with my birthday heels. Sounded harmless, but was a big mistake. Uses the photos to control and humiliate me. She now owns me. Watch out for women, they are smart and ruthless.

pantyboy monikaJul 23 2014 11:59am


I am a feminized and sissified gurl/wife for my Dominant Spouse and Her Female friends. Now, I am a full domestic taking care of all the housework, cooking, baking, shopping and laundry. My Spouse keeps me locked in chastity 24/7, always in skirts/blouses or dresses and schedules me for monthly visits to the salon for hairdressing, manicure and pedicure. Although I look feminine, I am still flat chested because my Spouse feels that I must fully accept my role as a sissy before She considers implants or HRT for me. She feels that as of now, I do not deserve real female parts.

Noreen AllisonMay 12 2014 9:39am


My wife is definitely the boss in our relationship. I was the bride and she the groom at our wedding. She dominates me completely and keeps me dressed in the most feminine outfits imaginable. She wear the pants (literally) and we both love it. She leads when we dance. We love to square dance and I have many lovely petticoats with matching ruffled panties. I feel so deliciously feminine when dressed-up. My wife dominates me in every way and I give myself to her completely. IShe takes my on her lap and holds and caresses me. I love it when she feels and tickles my legs. She calls me her ‘baby girlie”, which I certainly have become.

AnonymousApr 18 2013 2:45pm

Sebastián Elvira

The bad news for men is that all of the techniques used to keep women in a submissive role are already being redesigned to be used to keep men in a submissive posture. In the future, when men with body hair are thought to be extremely unattractive, males will be begging for total body permanent hair removal. In the future, women will be free to appear topless in public just as males are today. Men, on the other hand will be forced into restrictive garments that limit their mobility. In the future, women will design fashionable restrictive devices that enclose and control male genitals. In the future, men will be reduced to wearing hobble skirts that are pencil thin and the have the effect of requiring that men take only tiny steps. In the future, wives will be held responsible for any aggressive behavior exhibited by their male partners. If a husband is rude or discourteous to a female in public the wife may be fined. The husband will have to answer to his wife in private. In the future, the most attractive males will be those who submit the most peacefully to their wives’ desire to dress them up. Female clothing will become drab, comfortable and easy to wear. Male clothing will become delicate, colorful and exceptionally uncomfortable and impractical.

BrendaFeb 02 2011 1:27pm


Throw away ALL their male clothing!  Men are to be Pretty, Sweet and Submissive to Women!

Ali Monterrosas



裕竹赫映 Kaguya Hirotake

Thereza Brown



More and More Athletic Women want their men Feminine and Pretty, and ALWAYS in Dresses or Skirts!

Women that are Feminizing their Husbands!

It is becoming more and more common, that Women are actively feminizing their husbands.  This is something that has been a growing Trend, and it seems to be picking up momentum.  Today we will focus on some of the Women that are in the process of making their lives better, by feminizing their men!  Afterall, feminine make do indeed make the best husbands!

“It’s already been demonstrated that young men simply can’t compete with their superior female counterparts. Young women dominate the boys in school and in the workforce. Now, men are losing their last and only relative advantage,...
It’s already been demonstrated that young men simply can’t compete with their superior female counterparts. Young women dominate the boys in school and in the workforce. Now, men are losing their last and only relative advantage, physical strength. Just how much weaker will men become?

Smart men will become advocates and enablers for Female Rule. It is inevitable that Women will take over the workforce, government/politics and all aspects of life. males are better off surrendering quickly so that they may negotiate better terms like being able to vote and hold property in a Female Led State. With the way that men have treated Women for centuries, there is no guarantee that Females will be merciful. i, for one, will gladly betray my inferior gender to do what i can to help with a peaceful transition of power to Women. The battle of the sexes is over and Women have unquestionably won. #Female Supremacy Forever #Smash the Patriarchy


So what are assertive Women like this looking for?

A No Nonsense Woman! I Hope she likes her men in dresses!

Katrina says
26th February 2019 at 3:00 pm
Hi Lady Alexa! It’s been quite awhile since I commented on your blog…life has been hectic since I returned to work in October after my accident and recovery. Although I haven’t increased Selina’s feminization much since then, we are firmly entrenched in our FLR lifestyle and Selina continues to live fulltime as a feminized male. It’s been 10 months since we started this journey and it’s been wonderful having an obedient, submissive husband! Two things that really helped in feminizing Selina were the voice lessons I had her take and waist training with a corset. Although she doesn’t pass completely these two things help her blend really well. The next step, and something I have thought long and hard about is implants. She will be getting them in April and they will be proportionate to her body.
I have found at times that Selina’s male ego will sneak back and try to assert itself, but I have been able to put a stop to it. As you have stated many times Lady A, once you make progress or reach a new level with your feminized hubby, never regress back! A dose of public humiliation or exposure to women always helps to keep that nasty male ego in check.
I do have a surprise in store for Selina in a few weeks. My cousin who we haven’t seen in over 12 years will be on a business trip near us. She is a lesbian and Selina used to give her a hard time and say nasty things to her. Rachel and her partner Erica are going to spend a couple nights at our house and Selina will be on full display for them! I will fill you in on how it goes.
My friend Jackie is making slow but steady progress in feminizing her husband. She has taken him out in public dressed a few times when they’ve been out of town. I am proud of her for all the progress she’s made. My friend Donna, who is divorced, has had a boyfriend for a few months and has quickly feminized him. Donna is really into sissification and has really gone all in on making him ultra feminine. The three of us are planning an overnight with our feminized men which will be fun!
One of the women I work with has shown great interest in our FLR, so I told her the details of our marriage and she wants to take charge in her marriage and feminize her husband. I will be helping her and she has started reading your blog and other FLR materials. It’s exciting knowing I’m helping to change how some women approach their marriage!
Thanks Lady A for your blog and all you’ve done to help me change my marriage for the better! Life with a feminized, submissive, obedient husband is wonderful!

And the Results can be Truly Amazing!

“In the coming Gynocracy, Feminized males will be forced to enroll inhome economics courses to learn how to handle household duties like cooking, cleaning, laundry, sewing, taking care of babies that Female Superiors have with Their...

More and more men are finding themselves in the kitchen in their dresses!

While more and more men are getting weak and soft, lost in their video games and fantasy worlds and avoiding college, women have been moving past them, working hard in the real world (school, workplace, gym), displacing men, and slowly taking over....

While more and more men are getting weak and soft, lost in their video games and fantasy worlds and avoiding college, women have been moving past them, working hard in the real world (school, workplace, gym), displacing men, and slowly taking over. Everything. Everywhere.

Pass the stethoscope boys. It’s finally time to put the old stereotype about male doctors and female nurses away for good. Female students now outnumber male students in med school and enrollment trends show this gap widening. As women continue to...

Pass the stethoscope boys. It’s finally time to put the old stereotype about male doctors and female nurses away for good. Female students now outnumber male students in med school and enrollment trends show this gap widening. As women continue to outlearn and outpace men, expect more men to become our nurses.

Now as this happens, Female Doctors need to insist on a New Mandated Uniform for the male nurses, as in the photos below:

“As your nurse I recommend!
Male nurses need to be pretty!




What one mom and wife have been able to accomplish:

Posted by enon on 2004-12-28 16:11:39
After seeing my dear mom, feminize my trouble causing brother some when we were growing up, I have successfully feminized my own 3 sons. My husband although reluctantly agreed at times, believes they are all much better as girls then before. All 3 dress as girls full time. The oldest now 17 has since 10, although I started him out gradually he has learned to enjoy it and become a much better student and person as a feminized male. Although most know he is indeed a boy, he completely looks like a girl and most accept him as one all of the time. The 2 younger ones started when they were 4 and 5 and it was very easy to get them to go along with it and today at 11 and 12, they look, dress and even wear skirts or dresses to school. The teachers know they are boys, but it has not caused many problems and all just accepted them as girls. Most people just think we are raising 4 daughters and it has not been a problem with others or neighbors. I would have liked for my husband too to become more feminine, but he has only agreed to a few minor things, but has on occasion dressed up for me and does wear his hair in a longer style which we both like.

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-29 13:58:30

Enon, You go girl. You sound like a great mother, I too have feminized my 3 sons along with my husband who all live as females. You should have been more demanding with your husband, if he agreed to part of the feminizing he probably deep down would like to do it more, but may need just a more demanding role on your part to go farther with it. If all 3 sons are feminized, I would continue on him and make him more also. My husband is and it was at my firm demands and guidance, that he has become as female as most girls. It is very exhilerating and we both love it now and it has been the most for our on personal relationship. I would love to meet you and your 3 sons, so my own sons could see even more males like themselves. I know a lot of mothers who have feminized their males but would always love to meet more.

Posted by luv4 on 2004-12-17 17:45:58
Patti I am a mother of 4, 2 boys and 2 girls. I have let my sons choose what kind of clothing and styles they liked best. My 2 oldest are girls now 18 & 20 and the boys are now 14 & 16. Jessie and Billie have been wearing both boys and girls stuff since they were pre-school. When they were just toddlers, their older sisters used to play dress up with them all of the time. I would often find them completely dressed as girls playing with their sisters in the back yard or in their rooms. They made such cute looking little girls that I actually let the girls do with them what they would like to. The girls would dress them curl their hair and put them in dresses or their old dancing uniforms. They really looked cute and everyone always said how cute they looked when dressed up. When the boys were little and I was going to take them out and have their hair cut, it was getting long. Both sisters objected and said that they wanted to keep it long so they could continue to dress them up. The boys once seeing their sisters complaining about haircuts cried that they did not want to get their hair cut short and wanted it to grow longer like their sisters. I decided to compromise and told them we would go out and just get their hair trimmed up and shaped so it would not be so uncontrollable. When I took them in to the girl who was going to cut their hair, she did not believe that they were boys at first and thought they were both girls. I told her about them not wanting their haircut so she agreed to shape it up. Jessie has natural wavy curly hair and Billie has fully blonde hair with just a lot of body to it with just a hint of wave. When the girl got done trimming them up, their was a lot of hair laying on the floor but both of them still had below shoulder length hair and really looked more like little girls then before. Jessies was just a mass of long layered curls and Billie looked like Doll with bangs and long blond hair. Their sisters loved their hair when they got home and all went of to play. I thought my husband would complain about their haircuts but he said they looked good and not to worry about it, it was fine. He said he wished his looked so good. Shortly after that the boys were wearing more and more of the girls old clothing everyday and enjoyed dressing as girls, even though they had boys clothes in the rooms, they always picked the girls shorts, slacks and t-shirts. My husband said it was fine and said to let them wear what they wanted to, plus he said we could save on money for clothes if they wore some of their sisters hand me downs. He said when he was growing up he was always jealous of what the girls were allowed to wear but boys clothing was just dull. We were out shopping for some clothes one day and he said to just go ahead and buy them the girls items, because that is what they liked best. He even suggested that I buy them all girls underwear too, because many time they were still wearing Boys jockeys and might as well just get them girls panties too. Said he always wanted to try women’s panties, but was afraid to, so I bought him some to. All of the Boys loved them, My husband did not wear another pair of men’s underwear since that day and even hinted to me that he often fantasized about dressing up as my servant slave and being a women for me. I started him of doing that at home and we both really enjoy it. He now wears both men’s and women’s styles when ever he wants to, but mostly men’s. He let his hair grow out to a unisex longer style and we started to enjoy dressing up at home and even have when we were out on vacation and on a cruise. When we are out, even when he is not dressed up he is often mistaken for a women at the stores or checkouts because of his long hair. He has worn it in many styles, permed, waved, colored or often just pulled back into a long ponytail. But today wears it in a very common everyday women’s cut that is about 4 inches long at the back and layered up to a side part with lightly permed and highlighted. I sometimes put makeup on him before we go out and he loves to go out and pass as a women. My boys both have nice girlfriends who they go out with regularly and Billie has gone out to the mall with her and had his ears pierced and nails done along with her and they often dress in very similar styles. The kids at school all know that they are boys but no one really even bothers them to much about being girlish because all of the girls just love them and their looks. The people who do not know them just assume they are girls. My neighbor friend who has admired my family for the past few years has spoke to me about feminizing her 2 sons ( Now 5 and 13) because the oldest has been in a lot of trouble lately and she thinks maybe if she could feminize him some it would help his temperment. He gets along with my 14 yr old son and seems interested in Girls clothing and styles, so we are going to try working on him. The 5 year old is already wearing girls underwear and outfits regularly and the older brother seems to be interested in trying new hair style and would like to have both ears pierced. So we are going to buy him a nice girls slack, shirt and underwear outfit and take him out and see what we can convince him of trying. He just knows about the hair cut, he does not know about the outfit that we are planning on him wearing when we take him out for a CHANGE. I have one other friend who has started dressing her 4 year old as a girl full time and that too seems to be working out fine. This is indeed much more common then many people think, it is a becoming trend. My guys all love it and we would like other to give it a try.

Posted by Patti602003 on 2004-12-18 04:12:00
Thank you for sharing your story with us! it seems as time moves on, we are receiving more and more testimonials of Mothers AND Fathers having a hand in the Feminization of their sons. It is also interesting to note, as I would have suspected from my own feelings, the Majority of these Boys Enjoy and Want to be Feminine! We really need to continue sharing these stories so that more and more people Realize that Gender Role Reversal and Male Feminization is a truly “Productive” alternative to Traditional Societal Norms. The Feminized boys and men, as stated now in a number of correspondences are much more well behaved, and happier, The married men that are Feminine are involved in happy marriages, and I am assuming more “Faithful” marriages. I really don’t know what anyone can legitimately find wrong with Gender Role Reversal AND the Feminization of Men and Boys???

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-27 17:13:19
Last week we took out my friends 13 year old and gave him a complete girl makeover. He has been in a lot of trouble at school and with other things so his mother wanted to tone him down some. He had been warned about his mother insisting they try this but he had been very scared that she would actually go through with it. With the help of his older sister and the fact that he was about to be sent to Juvenile Hall because of all the trouble he had been in lately unless his attitude about life improves, he reluctantly went along with it. Thinking that his mother would only make him do it for a short time and then everything would go back to his way. She had no intention of this being just a trial thing, she had all of his boys stuffed removed when we got back home with him. She plans on him going back to school next week in al girls jeans, slacks, shirts, blouses and such. He had shoulder length dirty blond hair, which she had cut and styled like a teenage girl. It is now styled like his 14 year old sisters with a spiral perm, bangs and lite highlighting. He had to go to the stylist with us in a pair of girls slacks, blouse, complete with training bra, panties and girls sneakers. He hardly said a word the whole time at the saloon and the stylist did not even know at first that he was a boy until we confided what we were doing to him and that we wanted him to look very much like agirl when she was done. He looked great and his mother took him out and bought him complete girls wardrobe, mostly pants and jeans, but did buy a dress and a couple of skirts. He is terrified about having to go to school next week with the hair the way it is and has begged to have it changed. Although his sister has informed us that he liked the hair but was afraid of what the kids at school will say about it. She made him dress as a girl and go to the mall with her with skirt, blouse, pantyhose and lite makeup on. She had his ears pierced, plus had his nails done, (which he does not have to wear to school next week, unless he causes to much fuss over what she wants him to do. She told him that if he complains to much, she was going to take him downtown where his buddies hang out dressed in a pink dress and full makeup and parade him around to see what they think of it. So he has become compliant because he knows if he complains it will be worse or Juvenile detention will be the next step. His sister and his 13 year old girlfriend are taking pretty good care of encouraging him and his girlfriend thinks it is great that he now looks like this. With her acceptance of this, he seems to be getting along with it and I think this will help him get along better with his new look. They are planning on taking him out a few places this week to get him to realize that, no one who does not know him will ever suspect that he is indeed not a girl. His mothers sister seems very interested in this and has even considered maybe trying this with her own son, who now at 9 has been very uncontrollable and is considering to lightly feminizing him to see if it will help his temperment. She wants to just start him on some items like girls PJs, shirts, jeans and white underwear and just have his short hair shaped up a little like a young girls. This is not the only time I have helped a mother with a disobedient son, One I helped is now 15 and along with his 11 year old brother, they both dress as girls most of the time, have long straight hair, wear girls jeans, slacks, shirts, shoes, underwear almost all times but do not wear dresses or skirts. They have both become better behaved and more friendly and have now become almost model students and although still do many boy things look very much like girls almost all of the time.

Insist on His Feminization!

Male Feminization needs to start early!

Whatever it takes to start the boys off into dresses!

“No matter how well a sissy is capable of passing as a girl, there are occasions when he feels the need to strip away aspects of his feminine facade and openly display the reality of his emasculated, femininized state ..

“ daddy-for-sissies:
“I just love this girly boy.
An image that so delightfully captures the essence of a sissy .. feminized, effeminate .. male, yes, but in no manner what anyone might consider a man ..
Role Model for what boys are...

Did you realize that Youth Football participation is Down over 7%?  At the same time, the number of Girls on Youth Football Teams is at an All Time High!   It makes sense that in the future, boys will be Cheerleading while the Girls are the Players!

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Related image

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Related image


Can’t you just hear these Girls whistling at the Prissy Boys??

The Role Model for all New Age boys!

“This flower girl is transgender activist Jazz Jennings, then five years old.
So nice when boys are Flower Girls!

Seems like this might be one of the boys that dropped out of football, and now competes in Beauty Pageants!

Pageant Makeover. He won.

Mommy loves frills and wants to ensure her little brat never forget he is a prissy princess now.

He makes a good girl.

C5-7NOcWUAAOcFv | by womenincommand

proud mother and son


Brat To Beauty Queen. Bad boy to good girl.




Women that Enjoy Feminine Men!

Many more Women today are Enjoying having Feminine men and boys in their lives. Some of these Women are Radical Feminists, others are just Women that prefer having a Feminine male instead of a macho male in their lives.  Nevertheless, more and more Women are preferring Feminine men!

A Woman such as this “Female Elvis” would look Great with a Delicate and Feminine man on her arm!

lesbianherstorian: “leigh crow aka elvis herselvis, the female elvis presley impersonator, published in family: a portrait of gay and lesbian america by nancy andrews, june 1994 ”

Maybe like this beautiful man…..

onlymonica: “ After recital celebration. This is a dress I altered from a long gown. I added the satin bodice for some accent. ” Just so Lovely!

Do woman enjoy feminizing or feminine men?

If so where can I find them, because the stupid dating sites I have found concerning this, do not produce results worth a crap.

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Best Answer: oh I do, very much so! As this is not a question of why, I will not explain the glee pulsing through my veins right now at the thought of effeminate boys. Right now I am assuming you are a female seeking a male as that is the advice I have experienced with (and also b/c gay effeminate men are easier to find). I’ve dated several very effeminate men, one even crossdressed occasionally and I loved him for it. One of them was an ironic relationship as we met at a gay pride parade (we loved, as a straight couple, telling people this story). The others I’ve met the old-fashioned way by just meeting them in real life. Unfortunately, very few dating sites will filter through the personalities to give you more effeminate men, so you kind of have to do the sifting yourself.  It’s usually something you can establish in the communication phase so you don’t have to mess with dating people who won’t work out. Usually the more effeminate guys will have one of two personalities. The first is that they’re very open about being effeminate and will proudly tell you that such is their personality.  However, many males in this society view such traits as being “sissy” or even associate it with being “gay” when they’re clearly just effeminate. Unfortunately, this makes these kinds of people hard to find.  I have found that bisexual males tend to be fairly effeminate, but bi guys turn some chicks off, so that’s up to you.  I’ve also met some rather effeminate but not gay guys in cliche “gay activities” like theater, chorus, craft places (like I met this one guy in a knitting class). they’re harder to find, but they’re out there. just keep lookin’ =)

Laidy · 1 decade ago

You could surely picture Tough Women like this with a Feminine man…couldn’t you?


Of course, she will want her pretty boy in a Cute Dress and sexy nylons and heels!

hgillmore: “ Well Dressed Crossdressers and Transgendered Women: I do ask those of you reblogging this content to please refrain from making sexual comments in the reblog. Also please try to use the appropriate pronouns and promote positive...

Many Women are Enjoying Life with their Feminized husbands!

Cathy Peterson says
26th January 2019 at 2:34 pm
I love your thoughtful reflection, Alexa, on how we women think about and approach our own style-touches on the FLR that fits us and our spouse best. For me, coming up on 7 years (next month) of our empty-nest FLR privacy and freedom, I really enjoy having this very feminine, relaxed, kind, quiet, demure, and passive-submissive husband who’s image to me is entirely female in every way. Mikey/Mary works for his longtime employer 20 hours a week remotely from our home – and wouldn’t the firm be surprised to know that all those contracts and research reports are completed by a very feminine businesswoman?! who fills the rest of her/his week doing laundry, cleaning our home, gardening, and making most of my meals. And “passing” has become so good the last 3-4 years that we go out a LOT each week as two gal-friends. I would like to attach a photo of my dear sweetie shopping at Macy’s – is there a way to add a photo to my comment, Alexa? Can Alice add that feature? FLR is simply the best way to live these middle-age years on our own.

surrenderedhusband: “Increasing Women’s Power And Glory Is The True Path Of Humanity. ” Women in pants…men in dresses!

your Weekend Plans Are To Do As She Says



You can see how some of these Women are Enjoying men being “Objectified”!  Oh how the Tomes have Changed!

butchstudsubmit: “I’m J! I’m a 22 y/o grad student in Michigan and I love Old Navy button downs, cats, and making new friends @theusefulbutch ”

You can almost hear he saying…Lift your skirt a little more Sweetie!  LOL

And can’t you just hear this Women saying to her “sissy”…Hey Bitch, get me a beer!

One Tough Woman!

And then seeing him dutifully obey, teetering on his heels!  LOL

A man that knows his Proper Role!

Women are Creating the New Future, and many men are just Accepting their Fate!

02-03-2019, 03:41 PM
(02-02-2019, 08:23 AM)
Lottie Wrote:
Yes, after centuries of forcing women to accept an inferior status to men, and to adopt attire that reinforces that inferior status, it is a delicious irony that it is the male who is now being revealed as the inferior sex. Women are now better educated than men and more likely to hold a degree and get graduate level jobs and earn more money than men. Men are becoming more and more useless and redundant. More of them are becoming househusbands. There is a backlash against traditional male behaviors (#metoo) and a realization that more women and fewer men in power is the best thing that can happen to the world. The trend is the empowerment of women, who will discard the traditional trappings of femininity, and the feminization of men, who will and should be made to adopt those trappings. Boys will be brought up as girls once were, in frilly dresses, petticoats and hair-ribbons, learning to be good wives or maid to their mistress. I reckon this trend will accelerate in the coming decades as women gain more and more power. The future is bright.

What a beautiful world this will be. Myself and many other like radical feminist are working hard to make this a reality. You are right we are only a few decades away from making this a reality. Plenty of mothers are all reality making this a reality in their home. The daughters will grow up to the be the leaders who take us to the promise land.


Confident Women!

80s90sthrowback: “Winona Ryder, 1994. ” Confident Woman!

Female Bonding at it’s Best! Wonder if they like Pretty men???

So nice to see who’s wearing the pants now!

busterstroker: “Chloe Sherman, 1994, Two Big Guys: Flip and Tantrum ” Can’t you just hear these Strong Women saying to the Femme male…put on something pretty sweetie!!!

“Seattle Majestics: https://theseattlemajestics.com, http://www.iwflsports.com
Don’t you get the impression that these Women would Love seeing some cute male cheerleaders bouncing around in their mini-skirts and shaking their...

Pretty men!

“I posted this once with my driving licence on it
What a nice outfit this will be for the male waitresses at the New Age Gentlewomen’s clubs!


Men that keep their bodies smooth, and keep their weight down make the Best male wives for Independent Women!

Women are making the Decision to Feminize their men!  Here is an excerpt of some such Women:

Titiana Babushenko says
6th December 2016 at 9:06 pm
Dear Lady A,
Eternal vigilance is a must when you are demonizing a male, even when it is more of encouraged and planned feminization than by force. Males are by nature lazy, forgetful and take the easy way out. Women are more dutiful and diligent. My own Betty used to forget or omit her Bra or other essentials like nail polish or make up. Like many women I don’t like to use corporal punishment. I prefer to use humiliation or make Betty do something from my bucket list. I have a long list of things, situations I want her to do or expose her. I choose to reinforce her behavior by making her perform one of the tasks . Recently she talked back to me asking me to wait a few minutes when i had summoned her . I have told her that this weekend she is going to serve me and my friends at home when I invite them for a meal. She will be dressed in a maids uniform, complete with heels and corset , breastforms to accentuate her figure. She is extremely nervous and squirming at this idea, but knows she has to submit. Although she does not know it yet, these are out of town friend who do not know her as an ex male, but i do not intend to tell her before or after the event. She will always be afraid of being recognized by one of them outside. I reassure her that she can avoid that by agreeing to dress and live full time as a girl. She is not yet ready but surely we will get there.

Lady A says
8th December 2016 at 2:08 pm
Thank you for this account of how you deal with your girly partner Titiana. I really hope you get Betty to become a girl full time. It’s my dream for Alice too

Titiana Babushenko says
12th December 2016 at 2:33 pm
I quite agree with you Lady A. Being a bully is not something I too will recommend. Any program of feminization works best when it is slow, steady and as far as possible encouraged and participatory. I become firm with Betty only when there is any tendency o regress or backtrack. I will say that not wearing or forgetting her Bra is such an incident. In such cases the rule has to be reinforced but again not necessarily by force. I try and express my disappointment and add a dose of humiliation. Betty too feels guilty and tries to be extra careful going forward.
Feminization is best progressed when the male is mentally conditioned. The platform is laid by frequent and regular conversations on what is expected of and for the feminize partner. Before Betty got her ears pierced I used to make her wear clip on ear rings regularly. I often spoke to her about how nice it would be if she had pierced ears and even went and bought nice ear rings for her well in advance.we discussed the public reaction and how we could manage it. I kept encouraging her saying she will find a good way to explain to friends and family and index she did and was proud of it. Even now we frequently converse about future plans including electrolysis or laser for hair removal, breast enlargement and shaping her lips. All these are well in the future but each time we discuss the future Betty knows the direction and some milestones in our journey. Ideas that used to shock her , like breast enlargement are now discussed normally. She is being conditioned to accept this as a natural step forward. I don’t press the issue, but certainly set the direction and agenda for her transformation. As I said, it is important to introduce an element of normality into Betty behaving, thinking and becoming a girl in every aspect and all the time.
Sorry if I ramble, but want to convey that force is not the best way.

Lady A says
13th December 2016 at 2:49 pm
I totally agree with your comments Titiana and thank you for articulating this so well. You certainly didn’t ramble. My whole approach has been towards mental conditioning of Alice. Like you I discuss everything with her. I do like to be firm but equally I prefer to be kind, we are after all a happily married couple, I just want to guide Alice into femininity and to gain her acceptance of that. Lady A x


The men of the New world Order!

Taking away the male’s “Ego” is the “Key” to Control! Make him Pretty and Submissive!

“hot crossdressers porn at:https://new-crossdresser-xxx.tumblr.com/



This was an odd photo shoot from a couple years ago but I like how this one turned out!

Putting on and wearing stockings is fun and always makes me feel sexy… It’s too bad I can’t wear them all the time! :) Photo by Chrystal Starr Photography!


I think it is so Delightful that in the New Age women can look up the skirts of men, and see the panty portion of a man’s pantyhose! What a Great Reversal of fortunes!

“Jaqui Super Busy Two
Looking pretty for his woman!

“ Service with a smile…Mistress loves to entertain

Such a Pretty Man! Ready to submit to his Woman

“ 👗 will that be all sir 💋

So it is Clear…..Women are Taking Control, men and boys are becoming Weaker and Docile.  Women are putting the males in skirts and dresses, and Taking Control through Feminization!  The NEW WORLD ORDER is Progressing!

An Update from Joanne, and more Progress!

Today’s Posting features an update from Joanne Wagner.  Some of you had contacted me asking if there were updates on there family, so I contacted Joanne, and this is what he sent me.


Hi Patti,

I am sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner but with kids, one who was sick with a cold, and life, I haven’t had a chance until now but, will make it brief.

I think I mentioned that in some ways I was envious of Amy because she had started to transition much younger than I did. But, in some ways I progressed faster that Amy. I was raising two girls by the time Amy and Christine had their first. For my girls, I had to bottle feed them. Amy, on the other hand, worked with her endocrinologist to increase her hormone levels to mimic that of a pregnant woman. She wore different bellies to simulate being pregnant. By the time her Susan was born her breasts were swollen with milk to feed her. I was there for the delivery and when I saw them hand the baby to Amy and she started breast feeding, I became envious again. But, I am very happy for both of them. Sarah told them that she was having no more kids and if they, Amy and Christine, wanted more, then either they would have to find another surrogate or Christine would have to become pregnant, which isn’t going to happen. Amy has taken to being a Mother like a duck to water. Our girls love having a new cousin and are already planning play dates.

My sister Denise is married to Amy’s sister Jennifer. While both are, and always have been, supportive of male feminization, they aren’t active doing this any longer. Both Amy and I are products of their earlier endeavors, but they aren’t pursuing anything right now.

Sarah and Kathleen have become close friends. She is married to a male body builder and they both compete on a local level. Kathleen supports me in my journey and has helped train me to work on those areas which would give me a more feminine body. But, she isn’t into male feminization at all.

I mentioned before that Sarah started to “soften” her image during the pregnancy. It is now 3 months since little Susan was born and Sarah continues to wear the occasional dress, jewelry and make up. She is growing her hair back out and is starting to shave her legs and pits again. But, she is working as hard as ever to get her old, per-pregnancy, body back and she is getting close.

As I mentioned before, both Amy and I were told that we would never have GRS. This was because Sarah and Christine wanted us to remember where we came from. But being that we both have kids now, for Christmas, we were both given permission to have a modified GRS. We will not be getting a vagina but, our urethras will be relocated to the same location of a cis female, we will have a clitoris and hood, and lips for a vulva. Though it’s a moot point, we will have to sit down to pee. Unless you look very close, you won’t be able to tell that we weren’t born female. Both Amy agree that this was one of the best Christmas presents we could have got.


So as you can see, the Women have changed their men in a positive way, and both Amy & Joanne are quite happy being Feminine and Sweet homemakers!

Now, Let’s look at some Progress by Women and Girls!

See the source image

Slovenia appoints NATO’s only female armed forces chief of staff

Slovenia appointed Major General Alenka Ermenc as chief of staff, becoming the only NATO country whose armed forces are headed by a woman.

Ermenc was promoted to major general on November 23, and will on Wednesday, November 28 replace outgoing Major General Alan Geder, who has been in the top post since February.

“Major General Ermenc’s appointment was proposed based on her experience as a commander of Slovenian army units, for her contribution for establishing a professional army force and her civil and military education,” the government said in a release.

The defense ministry said she is first woman appointed as chief of staff of the armed forces not only in Slovenia but also in NATO, Slovenian news agency STA reported.

Promoted to brigadier in 2011, Ermenc has been serving as deputy chief of the general staff of the Slovenian armed forces since March, then the highest military position held by a woman in NATO.

Ermenc, 55, graduated from the Royal College of Defence Studies in London and went on to complete a Master’s degree in International Studies at London’s King’s College University.

She started her military career as a member of the Territorial Forces that played a key role in winning Slovenia’s independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

President Borut Pahor, Slovenia’s commander-in-chief, welcomed Ermenc’s appointment and said he expected her to start improving the army’s current poor state, blamed largely on underfunding.

A Slovenian army brigade earlier this year failed NATO’s combat readiness test being assessed as “not combat ready.” The note was improved after additional training and new tests were carried out.


So nice to see while men are becoming cute housewives, Women are heading the Armed Forces!   GREAT Progress for Women and the World!

We know of some Great Progress is Sweden.  Below is a photo of boys in their ballet class, and under that, are photos of the U14 Girls Hockey Team in Sweden.  Nice to see the Changes that are happening in Sweden!

Girls playing Hockey in Sweden!


Many boys are Embracing the new Reality!

Many men are being Changed by Women for the Better!

Cross-dressing, going off the rails but loving it!

Mature Tranny Wives

Men are the new bitches!


Empowered/Independent Women Looking to Make men and boys more Feminine

Modern Women that could use a Feminine man!

That's a macho li'l girl <3

Hey guys, hows’it. I never formally did this, so here we are: My name is Ascher Lucas Hays, and I am FtM Transgender. I’ve been sure of this for quite some time now, but I felt the need to announce this publicly for myself. I’m recently open to my parents, and I’ve been open to all of my friends for a while. There are still some folks at school and from High school even who are oblivious, but they wont be after I post this. I am a boy, and even though I don’t have the body to show for it righ...

Terms to Know Trans: an inclusive term that includes all who are transgender, non-binary, or otherwise gender-nonconforming Cis/Cisgender: someone who is not trans AMAB: Assigned male at birth &#82…

Sissymale Servant Training
December 6, 2018 By Female Led Relationships Editor 5 Comments

Submissive Male Feminization Training

Many dominant woman don’t enjoy the bother and fuss of teaching submissive men the basics of becoming a sissy servant. Hence the Girls School for Boys.
As soon as the novice submissive sissy arrives at the institution male clothing is stripped off and burnt. Each sissy boy is given a maid’s outfit to put on. All of the clothing is identical and uniform: no sissy male is allowed individuality.
The sissy male students are taught:
Use of cosmetics
Haute Cuisine
Waitress skills
The sissy cooks eat only food that they themselves have prepared. This is considered a real stimulus to accomplishment in the kitchen.
Much of the sissy male student’s time is spent learning feminine deportment and behavior. This include knowing when to curtsy, keep her head bowed and respectful protocols for addressing the slave’s Mistress or Owner.
For two hours every night the sissy slaves kneel while women teach them women’s history and the politics, sociology and philosophy of female superiority. This grounds the sissy males in their perpetual status as inferiors of women.
To enhances their skills as household servants the sissies clean the entire school every day: mopping, sweeping, polishing. Their busy schedule leaves them only six hours a night for sleep. There is no leisure or playtime for sub sissies.
Each sissy graduates the school ready to begin its lifetime as the humble feminized servant of women.

Eric Stanton cover art.
Would you like to attend the Girls School for Boys?


  1. susan9316 says

    Sounds like a wonderful school. As a sissy who fully loves my feminization and believes in the natural supremacy of genetic women it sounds fabulous,

  2. maurice says

    i would like to know where to find a real school that does feminization of men. i am very interested in being feminized and serve a dominant woman.
    humbly yours in submission maurice

  3. maurice says

    i would love to attend the girls school for boys and learn how to be a good sissy slave. i would like after graduating have a Mistress accept me and serve her as her owned property
    humbly yours in submission maurice

  4. SissCandi says

    This school is a dream for me to keep learning and being trained as a sissy 🙂 my goal is to be a real sissy girl although I accept I can never become truly female as women are and will always be my superiors.


Guía completa.

TV-Erziehung & Feminisierung: Magazine Covers


Males are being Conquered!

Christmas present

The Changes that are Here in 2019!

Today’s Posting will highlight what is happening in Sweden, where Feminist Women have been able to Take Control of much of the Education system, and other parts of the government.  This could possibly be the first country that we will see what Total Gender Role Reversal will look like.  The start of it is very Promising for those that Advocate for Gender Role Reversal and Female Empowerment.

Here is a photo from a Prestigious Swedish School that is now run by Feminist Women.  YES, these are boys!   So Cute in their pretty ballet tutu’s and tights with dainty slippers!

[Image: 4243b8bb48a50a7034b5ada6ad3d40c7.jpg]

While boys are Required to take ballet and Etiquette classes, the Girls are excelling in Sports, being in Sweden, Hockey!

Image result for Girls playing Ice Hockey

Image result for Girls playing Ice Hockey

Image result for Girls playing Ice Hockey

Here are some of the Details about the Swedish situation:

Radical Feminist: (Chris)

Since we have a number of new members it would be a good time to share my experiences and views on female empowerment and petticoating. For the last 25+ years I have worked with some of the best and most amazing mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other advocates of Gynarchy. My family has a long history dating back more than a century of encouraging the empowerment of women and supporting mothers who are raising strong warrior girls and docile prissy princess (boys).

These brave mothers are pioneers changing the world and setting the course for a truly Gynarchy society. I personally help mentored a number of amazing young warrior girls who will be the leaders of this new world order. These tough hardnosed women clearly see the faults of the past patriarchal based society and the need to destroy the remnants of it. Each day I speak to more and more women (especially mothers) who see the true evil of toxic masculinity. For too long we accept boys will be boys, and girls need to be soft and pretty.

Today more mothers realize they are the key to really changing things. A growing movement led by these mothers and empowered women running governments and schools are taking action. There is a growing gender neutral/fluid agenda. Where girls are now the ones raised to be strong leaders focus on education, more schools are dropping boy sports programs and investigating the money into sports and education program for girls only. This movement has been growing strong for the last several decades focused on empowering girls, now the focus is on raising more docile feminine boys. What was once unimaginable just a few years ago has gone mainstream. Schools holding annual boy beauty pageants, mandatory ballet classes for boys and even feminine etiquette where boys learn to be proper little princesses and chastised for even the smallest unlady like behaviors.
Radical Feminist Run Schools Taking Action

This picture is from a prestigious private school in Sweden. The school used to have a world class boy sports program and all male governance board. A few years ago two radical feminist join the board. First pushing for the elimination of the strict dress code for girls and then lifting the ban on girl sports. Within a few short years the feminist gained more power until they have complete control of the board. They quickly activated eliminating all boy sports program replacing them with mandatory ballet classes, this year they were bolder adding a feminine etiquette class. This school in Sweden is not unique all over the world female empowerment is happening.

Yet another Great Step to the New World Order.  These boys look delightful in their pretty tutus and tights…so Delicate, as boys should be.   It is Wonderful to hear that the Girl’s Sports Teams are excelling and winning!!!  Just think how Empowering this must be for the Girl’s, only several year’s ago they were having to adhere to what was probably a very restrictive dress code with them in skirts probably all the time, and now look where they are!!!   They get to see boys running around in skirts, and get to perhaps flip those skirts….Wouldn’t that be so Satisfying for the Radical Feminist Women?   it is so Delightful when the shoe is now on the other foot!

FEMALE POWER is Awesome and Growing.  Men and boys belong in skirts and looking Pretty for the Strong Females!!

Thanks Patti, its always nice to chat with a like minded soul. Yes, the shoe (or ballet slipper) is really on the other foot. The etiquette classes are really hitting home, they are using the same material the girls used to follow. This includes learning proper feminine mannerisms, sewing dresses, knitting and ironing. One of my favorite comments has been how the girls love that the boys now have to knit patches onto the girl’s hockey jersey for each goal scored.



Thank you for sharing that last piece of information about the boys having to knit patches onto the Girl’s hockey jerseys!  That is so Impressive to have the boys put into that subservient position, and especially at a young age.
I know you and I had chatted about two years ago about the Swedish schools, and at that time weren’t the boys required to wear a skirt once a month?   Maybe is Mis-remember that…..but I thought that was the case.  If so, is that still the situation that the boys and Girls have Reversed Roles days once a month?
The reason I think that is significant is because that would mean that the boys would be required to wear a skirt a minimum of 9 times a year, yet a Warrior Girl that does not like wearing skirts would Never be required to wear a skirt….just another example of how Radical Feminist are dealing out a “Payback” to the once Dominant males!

I LOVE seeing Women and Girls being Empowered while men and boys are having their Egos CRUSHED, and they become Docile Pansies!

What do others think….If this is indeed the situation?


One of Our Loyal Blog Supporters: WhyGuys

Wonderfully insightful comments – as are so many of yours from your own site –  “NEW AGE LIFESTYLE”!

Particularly like that you picked up on the young males who who would have previously been the ones to get athletic accolades are now merely restricted and mandated to perform such feminine activities as craft skills to make awards for young Female Masters’ athletic prowess impressing upon the young male girl their only means of worth is to hone the feminine skills they once forced so unnaturally upon the superior Female Sex…

Yes, Patti we have talked in the past about similar Swedish schools. Those schools were for younger elementary age kids. The one school adopted a pilot program requiring the boys to do feminine activities and dress once a month, since then the program has expanded to include required feminine classes twice a week. The boys are not specifically required to wear skirts, thou its highly encouraged and many boys do wear them often. The other school is heavily influenced by mothers raising their sons as hens (gender creative/fluid). In the beginning it was just two mothers who were determined to convince others. Though play dates and other group activities they convince other mothers to raise their sons as hens. The mothers are super strict making the hens play with dolls, do ballet and only wear dresses even to school. It is my understanding that the hen movement is very popular and it common for each school to have at least a few hen pupils. Most Swedish schools have some kind of gender neutral programs where both genders are treated the same and encouraged to do cross gender activities.

The school with the ballerina boys is equivalent to a US middle school. When time permits I have examples of other schools all over the world with similar programs, there are a lot more boys learning ballet in tutus and tights then you can imagine. Few more fun details about this school, the boys’ sports program were only canceled two years ago, most of the ballerina boys were members of those teams and several were specifically recruited to the school because of their sports ability. The boy’s program was mismanaged and almost bankrupted the school. Once the all female board took over it was clear the boy’s program had to be dropped. There was a huge uproar over this and some of the boys left for other schools, most end up staying with no idea the agenda the new board had planned. Between the ballet and etiquette classes the boys are required to wear tutus or skirts at least 2 hours each day. The rules for the etiquette classes is the same out dated ones the girls used to follow. The board made sure the boys have to change in the gym area and then walk back past the girls’ sports teams for their ballet or etiquette classes.

Alexvyaz, another Loyal flower of our Blog:
I wonder what rules are for the etiquette classes?
The etiquette classes are quire strict and the girls used to hate them. The rules in a nutshell are first skirts are required for class. At the start of class all boys are required to kneel and wait for the teacher. She would then measure each boy’s skirt length, in the past for the girls this was to ensure the skirts were long enough this is now flipped to ensure the boy’s skirts a several inches above the knee. After the measurements the boys are required to curtsy. During the class they are not permitted to speak unless directed by the teacher. The activities for the class including sewing, knitting, cooking, ironing and playing feminine games. All mannerism during the class from sitting, talking softly must be feminine, they have tea parties were the brats must serve each other and the teachers and daintily held the tea cups other activities including proper posture while sitting, walking around with a book on their head and table manners for proper young ladies.


Alex… great work in isolating these passages!   Especially the last quote about the male girls having to pass by the young Women’s Sports Teams.   Oh how enervating to the male ego and EMPOWERING to the Females image of the true complete and eternal correction of sex roles, behaviour and fashion in the Coming Age of Female Supremacy!
  The Etiquette Class rules are awesome.  Especially knowing that the changes have occurred recently, and that some of these boys were enrolled in this school for their athletic abilities.  What a wonderful reversal of Fortunes!!!  Knowing how so many athletic males are so “Macho” and “Arrogant”, the reality now being that they are dressed in these short skirts and having to act so docile is a Dream for those of us that have advocated so long for Gender Role Reversal!
I know in an earlier posting, you stated that the boys were required to walk past the Girls when they were on their way to Etiquette Class or was that for their ballet classes?  No matter, the fact that they are required to wear skirts for etiquette class, and tutu’s for ballet really Drives the point home for these Girls, that I am imagining are very athletic, that they are the ones that are Indeed not only Wearing the Pants, but also being In Charge!  They must be realizing, even though they are Middle School age, that they are the ones that will be In Control, and the boys will be required to be Pretty for the Girl’s amusement!

What a Wonderful School!

These Women need to a applauded for what they are doing to Advance Female Empowerment!


Do you know how many inches above the knee must the boy skirt be?
Are boys required to curtsy together or by one?
Usually two to three inches. Yes the boys are required at the begging and end of classes. Usually they curtsy together as in the picture they are all about to curtsy in their pretty tutus and tights. Through out the classes the boys are tested on curtsying and their other feminine mannerisms. These tests are done as individuals and held every few months. While not required, many of the boys are wearing skirts full time even at home. This is particularly true with the younger boys enrolled the last few years.


No question the girls fully understand the are the superior ones now. The school kind of drills this home with leadership classes for the girls. They are being taught that males can’t be trusted and it up to them to fix their mistakes and run things now. On the flip side some of the boys thought this was kind of joke at first and didn’t really understand until they were standing in front of the whole school in tutus and tights.


What a great way to allow boys to explore their feminine side, there are so many positives here, it’s only a shame that you cannot really see any of the Girls reactions to this sight!

It really must be so empowering for the Girls to witness this, especially as the group of boys is of a mixed age range, it’s one thing for boys to be seen wearing skirts to school as it can be seen as an actual leveller but for boys to be seen in something (and please excuse the phrase) as ‘girlie’ as a tutu would be a total game changer. You can only imagine the effect it would have on the younger girls at the school to come across not only boys of their own age but also older boys dressed like this and for the first time realizing that all males can be vulnerable.
The whole idea of a group of younger girls teasing the older boys is truly amusing, I mean how can any male dressed in only tights and a a frilly tutu have any authority left in the eyes of any Girl, this would be a truly empowering moment for them all.

What a great step forward in empowering Girls and also for boys to be released from having to act ‘macho’ and for them to get to enjoy wearing  pretty things without guilt.

Saz, you hit the nail on the head. This is the point of the program to establish the new order of things with the girls on top and the boys expected to be soft and pretty. All the girls very much enjoy seeing the boys in skirts and tutus. This is especially true for sisters/brothers who attend the school, they have literally been completely gender switched with the girls once having to wear the hated tutus now getting to see their brothers turned into ballerinas.

The pictures are from the boys first ballet recital which was attended by the entire school staff, female board and the students’ parents. One mother who I have been chatting with said the experienced of seeing her oldest in a tutu fundamentally changed her views on petticoating. She very much enjoyed seeing her husband’s reaction saying all the color went out of his face as he watched his once athletic son prance around in a tutu and curtsy. After the recital on the car ride home she proudly announced to her husband and two younger sons, that since they would be enrolled in the school in a few years that she had decided to enroll them into ballet classes immediately. At first this didn’t go over to well with the father or two younger boys, the women laid down the hammer and a few days later both boys were wearing pink tutus attending their first ballet class.

The world is changing before our eyes, still much work to do but we are winning the war!


What do you mean “out the classes”? Who testing the boys?
They want to wear skirts full time or their mothers made them do it?
As I mentioned in the other responds some mothers have been inspired by the experience dressing their sons at home and even starting the younger ones on the path to femininity. No petticoats are required for school at home thou the mothers are expanding their sons wardrobe to include frilly dresses and petticoats.

The testing is done at class thou the boys are encourage to practice at home. The mother I mentioned in the other post who put her two younger sons into ballet too. Is working on having feminine etiquette setup in the younger boy school.


Mistress Tiffany:
A new milestone achieved…
Wow i am so happy to see the bright future of us women and to see boys learning to be docile and sensitive creatures…gone r d days wen men were in and bread winners….

Future is female definetly

Yes a great milestone. As I stated many times before we are at a key tipping point as a society. The walls of patriarchal society are falling apart and our job is to destroy them to the point they can never be build again. More than ever we need to stay focus and double (or more likely triple) are efforts.


What a great start for the family, would love to have seen the boys faces when they went shopping for their pink tutu’s, lol.
It’s really satisfying to know that the Girls in the school are getting the upper hand over the boys, percentage wise some of those boys must have tormented a Girl at some point and what better way for payback than for them to see their former tormentors prancing and dancing around with their pink tutu’s bouncing up and down to reveal their little leotard clad bottoms. There is no come back from this and future wives of these boys will no doubt get to see the pictures of their husbands in their finest ballet clothes, how much easier for them to then continue dressing up their man!  Big Grin the future is certainly bright over there!
Saz, yes the tutu and ballet slippers are really on the other foot now. The sister/brother groups have definitively change dynamics with the girls now being the sports stars and their brother turned into ballerinas.

The family mentioned is not unique in Sweden in many ways they are turning into a model for the 21 century female run world. The interesting thing is the mother never thought about petticoating until last year. At first she was a little skeptical and thought it was just funny to see her oldest in a tutu. Over time she talked to other parents and school administration and become a huge advocate for the program. She has told me many times that the program opened her and the other moms eyes to new world where boys are boys no longer has to exists. All three of her sons played on travel hockey teams which were very expense and required a lot of personal time taking the kids to practice and traveling to games. Now she finds talking them to their ballet classes to be the most pleasant thing. Her two younger sons were not happy at all about shopping for tutus and dresses. They first few months were rough which just convince the mother more she was doing the right thing. At the start of this school year she only brought all three sons skirts and dresses for school and purged all their boy clothes. She even signed the two younger ones up for figure skating classes. Jokingly telling me I paid a lot of money to teach them to skate so were going to put their skating skills to good use.


  As a Frugal person, I think this mother is Very Smart….not letting the money spent on learning how to skate go to waste by having her boys now in Figure Skating, and I am assuming as Feminine Figure Skaters, not “traditional male” Figure Skaters.  The only problem moneywise is that the cute Skater dresses can be expensive, and they will go through a lot of pairs of tights!!  LOL…Wonderful!
Were you able to get some perspective from the mothers of the Girls that are on the hockey teams, and I would be assuming perhaps basketball and wrestling teams?  It is so Delightful to hear about the mother’s perspective on their now feminine and pretty sons, but it would also be enlightening to hear from both the mothers of the “Warrior” Girls , and if possible, some comments from the Warrior Girls themselves with what is happening.

This is such a Bright Spot for Gender Role Reversal and the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  It will be interesting to know if these schools have proms or dances, and how the boys and Girls are attired for those events.  Back in the day, Girls were Required to wear dresses  and skirts to certain events…would be nice to see how the Feminist Led School is addressing these events.


Yes, the mother has the two younger brats wearing traditional feminine skating dresses. She has really taken a focus on the two younger ones (3rd and 5th grades). The older son has always been more passive while the younger ones were more arrogant and aggressive. The mother keeps telling me how a whole new world has open to her that she wished she know about before; instead of having to put up with the years of male arrogance in her house. Now she has taken complete control, her husband tried to protest things early on, but she put her foot down especially when he was not positive about the two younger ones quitting hockey and signing up for figure skating.

Yes, the mother is quite frugal, most of the dresses and skating outfits have been purchased second hand. She is really into the petticoating and has organized playdates with other mothers. Even with the cost of the skate dresses and tights she is actually spending half the money as before. The hockey equipment and travel expense was outrageous.

Not sure about school dances, will have to ask about that. In the other response I mentioned the conversations I had with one of the girl hockey mothers.

Algoriano (Another Loyal follower of our Blog)
Hello Chris:
Can I know what was the reaction of the girls classmates of those boys to see them come to school with their skirts and dresses? Happy year of gender reversion
Because of the language barrier I only had regular communication with the one mother mentioned before and via a proxy native speaker one of the mothers who has a girl hockey player who is slowly starting to petticoat her son.

The Mother has told me the boys have gotten complements when out about how pretty they look this is from both women and girls. A few times when she taken the two younger one’s figure skating some girls there have laughed and pointed at them. Couple even stopped by and ask if they were boys and didn’t they used to play on the hockey team? The mother was not shy explaining why they were dressed and making the boys curtsy to the girls. The girls laughed saying well they certainly look too cute to play hockey anymore.

Via the proxy, I only had a couple emails exchanges with the other mother/daughter. The daughter is a super tomboy and already played hockey and not into girly stuff at all. The boy used to be very arrogant and naughty. The mother attended the school ballet recital with her son who is only in 2nd grade. Seeing the other boys in tutus open her eyes and with daughter’s encouragement is thinking about petticoating. So far she only made him wear dresses at home and still on the fence about petticoating Via the proxy I made arrangement for both mothers to meet which is planned soon. No doubt once these two mother become friends she will fully embrace petticoating.


Has the school noticed a decrease in bullying, suspensions, fighting, etc. since the board became all female? Hopefully the existing programs are just the start.
Good question, I know the school has a pretty strict no fighting policy. The fact they got a bunch of 12 to 15 year old boys into tutus and skirts means they are not afraid to use effective discipline. I doubt too many boys test the females in charge.


 I love how the boys are made to curtsy to the Girls as it should be, and how (not sure if humiliating is the correct word here) humiliating it must be for the boys to be told that they look cute especially if the girls were younger, lol.
Please keep up the good work and keeping everybody informed, the more open we are about things like this the better  Wink
So, More Girls are Wearing Pants!
And they are enjoying seeing the boys being Sweet and Pretty!
“ Fembois · Sissybois · Girlyboys · Traps → here
Such a Vulnerable boy!
Who is Wearing the Pants now?
Who is Required to be Pretty and Feminine now?
Proud mom with her gender swapping children from a womanless pageant. The boy is so darling that she probably considered a more permanent swap for him, no?
Gender Role Reversal Examples
Young boy's dreams: being a cheerleader for a Girls/Women Sports Team
51557f2d682809f838d5c6dcecb0d198 | by Chris Radical Feminist
certain males/husbands, especially in marriage, are increasingly being considered ideal for fulfilling a more appropriate role to Women of today and future
What Women want in a man!
“ Mothers Know Best
I went to a formal occasion a month ago and wanted to wear a full skirt formal gown with a hoop petticoat underneath. My mom asked ‘Monica, is it outside?’ (yep…). ‘Did you check the weather forecast?’ I said ‘yeah,...
He’s Adorable!
It started as harmless fun, dressing in my wife's clothes, but then she kept adding more and more on to our little game and now, here I am, married to her brother.
feminization: “ I like this dress! She could do my household today! ;-) ”
Women like this Appreciate the Pretty men.  It is nice for them to see a pretty man prancing around for their (Woman’s) pleasure!
Push-ups and pull-ups have saved my mass and strength.. real talk. Life has only allowed me 3ish days a week in the gym so beginning my workouts with those two have become a staple. I’m telling y’all.. DONT neglect the basics ☝️ oh and planks for them abs too 😉