Alpha Females and Submissive males!!!

Today’s posting will feature some Strong Women that are making a difference in Female perceptions, along with the males that are knowing their proper place in the New World Order.  As more Women accomplish, it seems that there are even more men and boys being Feminized…AWESOME!!!

First Up is a very athletic Women that is the Quarterback of one of the Women’s Pro Football teams.  She is also a former Marine..just and Awesome Woman!

Player Spotlight: Renee Langlais, QB, Atlanta Phoenix
April 4, 2018 WFA Staff
Name: Renee Langlais
Nickname: Quarterblack

Contact for Media Inquiry
Experience Playing: 7
Height: 5’8, Weight : 175
Age: 33
Birthday: 05/22/1984
Birthplace: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
High School: Lemon Bay High School
College: American Military University, Lincoln Trail and Kennesaw State University
Occupation: Retired US Marine Corps, 11 years
Favorite Players: Danny Amendola, Julio Jones, Aaron Rodgers
Hobbies: Lifting weights and customizing shoes
Passions: Helping animals
College Sports: Basketball and Softball
Other Sports: Soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, football, mountain biking and track
Girlfriend Amanda Braddy
Pets: 6 dogs, a ferret, two parakeets and a duck. Also, we have 3 foster dogs.
Follow Her on Social Media:
Instagram: @RenQB12
Facebook: Renee.Langlais.9

Two Truths & a LIE:
— I served in the Marine Corps for eleven years
— I don’t like animals
— I played football with the boys up until age 14

In Her Own Words:
I have always loved football as long as I can remember. I would always destroy most of the boys in Middle School and would be picked first most of the time. I played tackle football with the boys through my 8th grade year. I played quarterback and wide receiver and have loved football ever since. Always played flag and the second I found a women’s tackle team … it’s been a wrap since then.
I played sports since I was about 4-years-old. My father coached me and my brother.
I played with the boys up until age 14. I played soccer, basketball, softball, baseball and AAU basketball. When I entered high school I went down to one sport which was basketball. I was on the Varsity team as a Freshman and lettered all four years.
When the high school season was over it was right into AAU. I received a scholarship to play basketball in Illinois and ended up also walking onto the softball team. After a year in college, I got bored and was looking for something different. It was a few years after 9/11 and it was almost like I had a calling so I drove to Indiana and talked to a Marine Corps recruiter. I signed on the dot that day and two weeks later I was off to Parris Island for boot camp. I spent 11 years as an intelligence analyst and deployed four times — three times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. I spent time in Okinawa, Thailand, Iwo Jima and the Philippines. In 2014, after eleven years of service I was medically retired.

These Woman look Awesome, do they not?

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As these Woman set great examples for Girls, it is nice to see how some mothers are also influencing their kids, and going in the direction of Gender Role Reversal.

Some Advise to mothers from an Alpha Woman:

I have completely feminized my husband and sons and we all enjoy it and they love being girls. More mothers should try it with their sons, the world would be a better place. I love to take a young rebellious boy and help his mother or sisters feminize him. It usually works out rather well and I have seen the results in many cases.


Boys looks so much prettier in those cute little cheerleader skirts than yucky girls. Let the girls play football and let the boys be pretty cheerleaders.

Encouraging Womenless Beauty Pageants, Role Reversal Days in Schools, and Boy’s Pageants is making a huge difference in reversing the Power structure between the sexes!

What a Delight seeing Women and Girls competing, while boys are prancing around in dresses, stockings and high heels!


Explore womenincommand's photos on Flickr. womenincommand has uploaded 128 photos to Flickr.

I'm Solange Sissy and I'm Solange Tiffanye

boy runner up

One of the Fantastic Changes gong on is that of Woman and Girls Competing in Sports.  Groups of Women, Team mates, working together and doing what was once a “Male Dominated” activity, while men are now getting together to go out together for “Gurl’s Nights out”…dressed to impress!

From an Alpha Female’s Point of View:

A feminized man is the best option available to girls today. try feminizing him down some, they are usually much better behaved and lots of them really love it. You don’t have to cut anything off. Just get him started on some panties, maybe a nightie or paying attention and playing with his hair. Most guys who try panties love them and don’t go back. I have completely feminized my husband and sons and it is great. They now wear the skirt and dresses too, and yes my husband has had guys try to look up his skirt, but only because they thought he was a girl. I have helped others feminize their males and am currently helping a friend set up her 3 sons and her husband will follow. Many men and boys love it. Note not GAY guys, leave them alone, I am talking about straight guys or young boys. They usually love it but it sometimes takes a plan and some convincing. My guys look great and we all love it.

In this photo, is it not a delight seeing all four men in pretty dress, dainty nylons and each is well made up!!

Gurls of the Swiss Gwhf, a nice trio, Daniela,Regina and..

The Truth is that many Women are now Feminizing their males, and the results are spectacular!

sissydonna: “siscuc: “ white wives for BBC its only fair ” Where Boys Will Be Girls ”

Feminine Husbands


This is my new life and I love it.

Strong Woman are embracing their Strength & Status!

Here is some advise from one Alpha Woman to another that is just getting started:


Many males can be made to dress this way and many actually love it. Young boys love soft silky nighties and soft panties and will not want to go back to the dull male stuff. Also many older males would like to give it a try but are just to afraid to get it started. suggest to your husband or Boyfriend that he try some panties or such and see what happens. he might surprise you, many would like to try it, but it may be necessary to suggest it more than just once. many a male would like for his mate to control him in some way and this is a great way to try it out. feminization of males leads to a greater outlook on the relationship and a much better understanding between the sexes. Try it, please, if you do not give it a try, you will probably regret it later. My husband loves it and he now has the total look of a beautiful blonde women, he can pass for one anywhere and no one would suspect any difference. My three sons now look like 3 pretty little girls and we all get along just great. I have also helped mothers use it on their sons who were giving them trouble and always causing problems. You take a young boy 7- 13 or so, let him grow his hair out some and give him a girl makeover, you will be surprised my his total change in attitude and behavior. Some need to be started off slowly but it usually works. It gives many of them a total fresh start at things, that may have been causing them problems in their previous lifestyle and many do all right with feminization. I believe it is the way of the future. Plus many boys and young males actually make better looking girls then many real girls do. there really are a lot more of them out there then you realize.

Great Britain Squad Announced | News | British American Football Association Birmingham Lions Women's American Football Team provide 16 players for First official National Squad

Women's Gridiron

Callie Brownson - DC Divas of the Women's Football Alliance. www.wfafootball.com http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nflfemale

And these Women will need Sweet males to be at their sides….The Training has started for the next Generation of Alpha Females!

Women are encouraging what needs to happen!

Brad 2:Brad said he'd do anything to win the pageant this year. My sister the beautician volunteered to make him over. I said glam him up, over the top girly. I was in shock when she finished up with the head scarf it gave this very beautiful girl a very girly look. Brad was ecstatic whe he saw himself .His personality changed. He walked and talked like a girl. His mannerisms everything was girly.I couldnt believe she is my son. He won the pageant but was sad it was sad it was over.

In the future, there will be no more football for boys!

womanless pageant

Pageant Dresses Instead Of Sports Cleats

Pageant Transformation

His mother had been secretly feeding him estrogen every night with his meal. It would only be a matter of time and he would soon be the girl she'd always dreamed of having.

Mom made son into a daughter and stay as daughter!


Beauty Pageants for boys




The New World is Here, and Growing!

Today’s posting is mostly going to consist of Pictures talking for themselves.  In many situations, men and boys are becoming more feminine and submissive, while more Women and Girls are becoming Stronger and Dominant!  The New World that is unfolding is quite different, and more delightful to see, for those of us that believe in Female Empowerment and male feminization and docility!

The New Age Female is STRONG!

Michele Maroldo

The New Age Male is Physically Weak and Pretty!

Women are realizing that Power is what Rules!

Alina Popa

Males are now realizing that they need to be Pretty to attract a Strong Woman!

Woman are not only becoming the Breadwinners, but also the “Protectors” in relationships!

Christal Cornick

Men are learning that they need to keep their bodies slim and attractive for the Females Pleasure!

Women know what they Want!

Shannon Courtney

Men are starting to know their Proper Place and New Role!

Many Women today are wearing Pants ONLY!!

Model: Betty Baboo

Many men and boys are now realizing that they belong in skirts and dresses, and that they are the ones that need to be pretty and submissive for the New Age Females!

Keeping your man in Corsets and Shapewear is a Great way to exert control, and to keep his figure shapely for your Enjoyment!

Having your man exercise in a leotard and tights is a great way to exert control, especially if you invite your friends over to see your Sissy Male!

Keeping your man in either skirts or dresses, insisting that he shows off his shaved legs that should always be encased in nylons is a super way to destroy his male ego…So Delightful!!!

Insisting that he wear skin tight clothing is necessary in exerting Total Control of your Pretty Boy!

Males need to realize that their existence is now for the pleasure of Women!

Getting men and boys into leotards and tights is a great way to take him from maco male to Prissy boy Princess!

More Women need male maids!

What a Cute Man! So Adorable!

So Who’s the Weaker Sex Now???

What do you think these Women would answer?

“ jaypiejay:
“Stunning shoulders - Theresa Ivancik
Ok, I am braced!
What a Woman! Love that Strength and Power!


Womankind Advancing!

Today’s posting is siting a Link that I received from Chris, the Radical Feminist.  I always appreciate when she send me something showing either the Empowerment of Girls and Women, or the Feminization of men and boys.  Today’s posting really shows just how Strong and competitive some Girls are becoming!


No, they’re not boys. But Madison soccer team endures criticism because players have short hair

Maddie Koss, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Published 5:28 p.m. CT Aug. 5, 2017 | Updated 3:38 p.m. CT Dec. 27, 201


SportsPulse: Players on a U-11 girl’s soccer team faced criticism for having girls with short hair on their team. Their response on and off the field has been flawless. USA TODAY Sports


(Photo: Courtesy of Kenneth LaBarre)





When Mira Wilde was 8 years old, she wanted to cut her hair like one of her idols, Ellen DeGeneres. So she did.
Fast forward two years, Mira, now 10, still has short hair — though now she’s mimicking a new idol, Abby Wambach, the 2015 World Cup soccer champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist.
About a year and a half ago, Stella Blau cut her hair short, too. Stella, now 11, also wanted to look like Wambach, as well as another idol, U.S. women’s national team midfielder Megan Rapinoe.
Adah Lacocque, now 10, was only four when she cut hers, mostly because she didn’t want to get yogurt in it or deal with the tangles. Now, it’s part of her identity.
All three play soccer on a Madison girls U-11 club team, the 56ers. What has taken the girls, their parents, even their coach by surprise is the impact of that style choice.
They’ve been ridiculed by opposing parents, coaches, even referees, all of whom refused to accept that they were not boys. At tournaments, they have been asked to prove their gender, and were told they didn’t deserve medals.

But instead of giving in and growing their hair out, the girls, with the help of their parents, coach and soccer club, are sticking with each other — and with their look. After a summer hiatus, they’re preparing for a new season beginning in September.
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Molly Duffy, coach of the team the last two years, remembers holding a meeting at which parents voiced concern about people commenting on their short-haired daughters. She took it with a grain of salt.
“I thought this honestly can’t really happen,” Duffy said. “I didn’t take their warning as serious as I probably should have.”

Stella Blau has a corner kick for the Madison 56ers.

Stella Blau has a corner kick for the Madison 56ers. (Photo: Courtesy of Heather McKay)

One opposing parent went up to some of the girls and asked their names.
“My daughter responded with ‘Stella’ and the parent didn’t believe her,” said Tom Blau. “My daughter came back to my wife and just cried.”
Blau said it’s not uncommon for opposing coaches and parents to scold them for having boys on the team. They tell the girls the only reason they win is by cheating.
“People have said they’re afraid their daughter is going to get hurt playing against boys,” Blau said. “(Our girls) are just physical and are playing the sport the way it’s supposed to be played. When we tell a parent on the other team that they’re girls they just say, ‘Yeah right.'”
Once, the team went up to receive medals at a tournament, but didn’t get the congratulations that they thought they deserved. A referee told the girls they didn’t deserve to get medals because they played with boys on the team.
“They say, ‘They’re too good. They move like boys,'” Julie Minikel-Lacocque, Adah’s mom said. “All these players have experienced the same discrimination, and I really would call it that. From teams demanding passports and accusations of cheating. It’s incredibly damaging to the girls.”

Madison 56ers coach, Molly Duffy, talking to her team.

Madison 56ers coach, Molly Duffy, talking to her team. (Photo: Courtesy of Heather McKay)

Duffy said that before a player can be put on a roster or participate in a tournament, the parent needs to turn in a birth certificate to verify not only their age, but also their gender.
Yet at a tournament in the fall season, an opposing coach came up to Duffy and said it looked like she had boys playing for her team. Duffy provided the other coach with the playing cards of the girls, but after that incident, Duffy went to the parents and asked how they wanted her to handle the situation going forward.
Ever since then, she and the parents have made it part of their protocol to go up to parents, coaches and referees before every game to let them know that the team is made up of all girls.
Now, if the girls hear complaints, Duffy said, they often just shrug it off.
“For the lack of better words, my girls are bad ass,” Duffy said. “They’re faced with this kind of situation and they take on the attitude of: ‘You know what, we got this.’ They are confident in what they do.”

Mira Wilde running during a Madison 56ers soccer game.

Mira Wilde running during a Madison 56ers soccer game. (Photo: Courtesy of Heather McKay)

In June, the 56ers were touched by the story of a Nebraska girl whose youth soccer team claimed it was disqualified from a tournament because organizers thought she was a boy. The girl, Mili Hernandez, just wanted to have short hair like Wambach.
The incident caught national media attention, including Wambach’s and former USWNT soccer star Mia Hamm’s, who both spoke out publicly on the matter.
The 56ers sent letters to Hernandez with “be you” written all over.
“The girls all wrote letters with underlying tones of just be you,” Duffy said. “They let her know they had her back and said ‘Hey, you be you. We support you from Wisconsin.”
The team took it one step further and created “Sixer Strong” T- shirts to remind everyone that “power doesn’t come from a haircut, but from a passion for the game as well as the freedom to be who you are.” The front of the shirts says “Try and keep up,” with a reference to the Title IX ban on discrimination.

Adah Lacocque ​(second from left) and Stella Blau (second

Adah Lacocque ​(second from left) and Stella Blau (second from right), with their parents and two older siblings, show off their Sixer Strong T-shirts. (Photo: Courtesy of Dawn Blau)

Other coaches heard about the shirts and wanted them for their teams. Eventually, about 700 were ordered across the different teams under the 56ers umbrella.
“I hope at the very least it makes people pause and think, ‘Hmm, maybe I should reflect on my bias views. Maybe I should think about what I just said or what I just did,'” Minikel-Lacocque said. “‘Or even better, ‘Maybe I should pause and not even go over there and say something.'”
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Photos: Best pictures of 2017


So Delightful seeing these Girls achieve at such a high level!

And now for the boys!!!


And while Girls are achieving, here is a letter from the 80’s about a Family and the encouragement of Male Feminization:

A Letter from the November 1983 Edition of Nugget

Feb 21, 2003

Even though this letter was unsigned, if it is true, wouldn’t it be
a more “Peaceful” world if there were families and friends like this?
Entitled – “All In The Family” – Dear Nugget, I’ve read some
letters in Nugget about lesbian mothers who’ve feminized their sons,
and feel inclined to let your readers know a similar story. I’m a
transvestite, age 35, and am married to a wonderful woman who
accepts and actively participates in my crossdressing. Amy and I
have always wondered how our son, Doug, would deal with
transvestism. He really never seemed to have a problem with it and
actually became quite used to seeing other TVs at our house during
TV “sorority” meetings.
Doug had recently turned 14, and along with all the usual questions
about puberty, he asked about TVs. I explained that crossdressing
was something that gave his mother and I a great deal of pleasure
and that I liked wearing women’s clothes. He asked me how I got
started as a TV and I told him of a teenage boy like himself who
experimented with his sister’s bras and panties…that teenager was
me. After we talked awhile, it seemed that the subject was closed.
Little did we know that a few days later Doug asked us if he could
try dressing as a girl. Needless to say, I was delighted.
The next day, while Doug was in school, Amy and I went shopping
for Doug’s feminine wardrobe. Amy bought some dresses and skirts
for Doug. Since I’ve got a bit of an underwear fetish, Amy said
that I could buy his bras and panties. I imagined that I was a
teenager again, and bought some beautiful bras and panties for him.
I topped it all off with a pair of A-cup falsies.
When Doug got home from school, he found a stack of gift wrapped
presents stacked on his bed. Amy told him to take a nice warm
bubble bath and helped him to shave the disgusting hair off of his
legs, chest and underarms. There wasn’t much of it, but when she
was finished with him, he was as smooth as any pubescent teenage
girl. He walked into his bedroom with a towel wrapped around him
high to cover his breasts. I stood there awaiting him, dressed in
bra, bikini panties, garterbelt, and nylons. He ran up to me and
kissed me and said, “I do want to be a girl, please make me your
daughter.” I handed him a pair of bikini panties that were pink
with a print of “Strawberry Shortcake” on them and a bow above
his “pussy”. He slipped them on and did something surprising, he
slipped his cock up between his legs so that his crotch looked more
like a girl.
Now, with much ceremony, I said, “I present to my son, the symbol of
his new found femininity, his first bra, and a pair of falsies to
help out Mother Nature”. Again, he surprised me by having no
problem at all putting on his bra. It was a beautiful lacy teenage
bra. The box said that it was designed especially for teenage girls
like him.
My wife Amy and I both cried tears of joy as Doug opened up the
boxes of dresses, skirts and blouses, and delighted in all of it.
After he hung up all of his new wardrobe in his closet, he sat on
the end of his bed, still dressed in his bra and panties, and told
us that he had something to show us. He then removed the back of
one of the speakers of his stereo, and revealed a dozen pair of
bikini panties and five teenage bras. My wife and I hugged and
kissed him as he explained that he didn’t know if we would
understand. He had been wearing girl’s underwear every chance that
he got for a couple of months. That explained why he had no trouble
putting on his bra or his panties. Later, he showed us that he was
excellent at putting on his own makeup.
Later that evening we ceromoniously burned all of Doug’s male
underwear. He got a great delight out of dipping his jockstrap in
gasoline and burning it. Never again would he have to wear such
ugly things.
Today Doug wears only girl’s underwear. He always has a bra and
bikini panties on under his boy’s clothes when he goes to school.
He goes out wearing a dress or skirt and gets a special thrill out
of wearing a garterbelt and nylons. At home, he always has on a
dress or skirt, and never wears pants. At night, he looks so pretty
in his baby doll nightie. I guess that when he graduates from junior
high this spring, he’ll be the only boy wearing a bra and panties
under his graduation gown.
Recently my wife Amy decided that it was time that Doug learned
about feminine hygiene. Now every month or so he inserts a tampon
in his anus and wears a panty shield in his panties.
Needless to say, we are one happy family with a lot of love based on
our common femininity. Doug was readily accepted into the
TV “sorority” and the members are more than happy to help him to be
a girl. As a matter of fact, the son of another member has recently
discovered the fun of being a girl, and he and Doug have a great
time doing each other’s nails and going shopping. Doug is a more
peaceful person than if he would have become a macho brute. This is
something more parents should hope for.

Trans Feminist Princess

Front and back view of a beautiful rockabilly girl, can't wait to dress Wavy up for school like this.

281534200021 | by The Radical Feminist

281534200005 | by The Radical Feminist

And while Girls are achieving on the Sports Fields, it is nice to see what boys are doing in the Dance Studio!!!!

EvansBalleriaBoys013 | by The Radical Feminist

[Image: 34267305965_198a1db008_b.jpg]

Here is a perfect example of gender role reversal. School switches roles between girls and boys for ballet recital. The girls are clearly in charge and proudly wearing the pants and spinning the boys around. The best part is the boys had to spend months practicing in pretty tutus and tights, each day surrounded by girls wearing pants and taking the lead “boy” role will have a lasting impact on these little princesses.

[Image: 33425652024_de95deff9a_b.jpg]

[Image: 33425653154_805a70704e_b.jpg]

[Image: 33808085004_b71a888c10_b.jpg]

Who’s in Charge Now???



Strong – Feminist Women shaping the “New Age” Man!

Today’s posting will focus on the great progress some women are making in transforming their males into the “Non-Violent” version of the New Age Male.  It is starting to be a common belief amongst some women that feminine men are truly the perfect spouses!  Today’s posting will highlights some of these thoughts and changes!

A Mew Age man, properly made up, with proper jewelry and hair adornments, dressed in a cute top and mini skirt, accented with nylons and high heels makes a great spouse!  As demonstrated below.  Isn’t he adorable?

Such a Pretty man to be the wife of a dominant and strong Woman!

The New Age of Womankind!


Here is a posting from a friend of mine that I had lost contact with.  She was talking here about her “male wife”.  She knows of other women that like their males feminine and sweet!

When I met my wife, we were in college and she had begun her transition. We quickly went from lab partners, to friends, to lovers, to marriage and have been married for over 15 wonderful years. She has been a woman for quite sometime now.
We have a few friends in similar relationships. One met her future male wife through his sister, as they belonged to the same women’s group.
Another is a doctor whose male wife was once a nurse.

Someone told me, do not know for sure, that there was a fem looking guy who used to hang around women’s adult sporting events, softball, basketball and soccer and is now married to one of these athletes.

What I would not do is run some kind of personal ad. You are much more likely to find someone who just wants to take advantage of you or humiliate you, than find someone who would actually care for and love the feminine you.

Some people are envisioning a completely different future, as posted here:

“New Gender Roles” emerge in society of the near future. In the 2020s society finally reached gender parity, as styles become fully androgynous and interchangeable for females and males. Unfortunately the new equilibrium was short-lived as the fashion pendulum continued to swing and young people once again began adopting different styles by gender. Boys increasing became obsessed with their appearance, hoping to attract the attention of the girls. Girls meanwhile, adopted a look of nonchalance, attempting to highlight their own personal security by dressing down. Consequently, boys tended to grow out and style their hair, while most girls cut theirs short.

When boys began to wear skirts more or less exclusively, the average girl discarded them from her wardrobe, so as not to appear too “boyish.” The trends continued to escalate until most boys wore only the skimpiest outfits. Showing off so much flesh created a mania among the boys for dipilation — no boy could imagine being caught dead with a stray hair below the eyebrows.

Although male fashion became more and more exploitative, a new standard of sexual purity emerged among boys. Boys who slept around were denigrated as “sluts” and “whores.” While enticing the girls sexually with his looks and dress, a good boy was supposed to keep himself completely pure and “undefiled.” To prove their status as intact virgins, boys quickly adopted wearing chastity protectors 24/7. By the 2030s, these were so standard that most boys were fitted with their first protector at the onset of puberty in a “coming of age” moment that mirrored girls getting their first training bra.

By the time Evelyn and her boyfriend Tristan met up in the halls of their school, both genders had settled into their new roles. As Tristan’s protector, Evelyn controlled his virginity symbolically and literally. Following the new custom, Evelyn had asked Tristan’s mother if she could date him and when they began to go “steady” was awarded with his keys. Whenever they were together in public, like most girls Evelyn would show off her ownership of Tristan, pulling him along by a leash attached to his protector.

Tristan was in heaven! Of course, he was constantly horny and frequently leaked pre-cum uncontrollably, but all boys were like that. And he had snagged the perfect woman to be his protector

“ Big Sophie


This quote, from another board is from a Visionary Woman.  This woman has feminized her husband, and she is in total control!

It is the necessary course of action needed to correct the course of the world that males and their rampant testosterone has taken us down. We all know that a male in skirts, heels and stockings, and proper manicure is not in any mood for all this fighting and warring and such that is carrying on. Really hard to have a pissing contest when you have your panties at your knees and you are sitting like a good sissy to pee……. The future will see a time when males are vaccinated at birth to suppress testosterone until and only if at a later date a superior female selects them as their mate. They may be given the anti vaccine for a period of time to allow for procreation and then when the female decides, sterilized and re vaccinated or perhaps castration.. It is lady’s choice of course…

As a man should be!

Here is an observation from a Radical Feminist Woman that is a good friend of mine.  This is what is happening is Sweden.

When it comes to breaking down traditional gender roles Sweden is well ahead of the game. Many of the school systems are now run by smart empowered feminist. Who are hell bent on destroying toxic masculinity and not afraid to share their agenda with others. It has now become common place for schools to openly support gender fluid (Hens is the term used in Sweden) children, male hens far outnumber female ones and it’s no secret that mothers are accoutering this behavior in their sons.

Over the course of more than a year, I have been talking to 3 different mothers with hens (former boys). The first two mothers are amazing loving women who decided to raise their children gender neutral and by age 3 both of boys were very gender fluid and have been Hens in school right from the start, always wear dresses play with dolls and have very feminine mannerism. At the start of 2nd grade the mothers decide to start having a play group for Hens, the group includes a total of 5 boy hens and two girl hens. The boys are very feminine in nature and the girls are more typical tomboys, the school found out about the play group and encourage the mothers to invite others to join. 2 other embolden mothers did join the group at first their sons still dressed like boys and mostly hang out with the girls taking about hockey and things. Over the course of several months the boys started wearing more and more feminine clothing which made the girls ignore them. Thanks to encouragement from the other mothers the boys were soon wearing dresses and playing with the other hens. Right after the start of the new year both boys starting attending school full time as hens. This has really changed the dynamic of the 2nd grade class, the teacher comment to all the mothers that its common for a few boys to often play with the hens, this has resulted with a lot of teasing by the other boys in class. The girls are very protective of the hens and not afraid to bully the boys back. There is no doubt the pecking order is well defined in the class with the girls on top, followed by the hens and then the boys are the lowest status which leave them unhinged and scared of the girls.

“ Wholesome Crossdressers - SHINee…girlz….
All Korean Idol Boys seem to be too pretty for boys. Maybe, that’s why they decided to crossdress… So yeah, crossdressing is now a hit on many of our oh-too-pretty K-idols.

The above photo is of Japanese boys.  All of them are wearing skirts!   As more women encourage and then insist that men and boys wear skirts and dresses, it will happen.  Aren’t these boys adorable?

This next photo shows a very pretty man in a very delicate dress, his pretty legs encased in shiny nylons, and his shoes are ultra dainty!   Keeping a man attired like this wipes away all aggression, and makes him easy for the Woman to control!

Many women are indeed insisting that the husbands don maid uniforms and become useful around the house.  It is very important that these women keep their men in skirts and delicate nylons, and then impede their stride with high heels!

“I know Felicity doesn’t need any help fastening her stockings to her suspender belt, but I offer to help her anyway.

“ Service with a smile…Mistress loves to entertain

“Demure Submissive Domestic Bliss
The Proper Place for a Male…Under Female Control!

Here is a posting from PennySue about here family.  She has successfully feminized her husband and their three sons!

My husband of 10 years has been completely feminized by me, he now passes and dress as a women full time. he has the look, the hair and the style of a female because that is the way i wanted him to be. He as also now feminized our 3 sons, who now at 5-7 are taking the roles of 3 pretty little girls. They all wear women’s and girls clothing full time and all pass for female without question everyday. The boys seem to just love it and I can’t imagine them ever even wishing to go back to the boring boy styles. They love the hair and the soft feminine feel of the panties, skirts and nightgowns. They love it when there hair is being brushed and styled, the oldest thinks it is just great every time someone says what such a cute girl he is. He loves ribbons in his hair and berets and ornamentation. Plus he likes to wear his pantyhose tights even under slacks. His favorite color is pink and wears it almost every day. He is waiting for his hair to grow even longer so he can have more things done with it. They have been doing it now for just over two years and still almost everyday he is just so excited about being a girl that he just beams with delight every day over it. he loves to go to the store with dad and pick out some new girl stuff every chance he gets. He sleeps in the cutest little baby doll Pink nightgown and does not want to get out of it in the morning.


“ …practicing their number for the school talent show…

“ “You shouldn’t have made that bet with your sister. now you’ll just have to follow it through.” ”

As Women are taking Charge, more and more are insisting on their men having “Figure Control”, and dressing them in skintight outfits so that they are very aware of their figures.  Reducing the men’s weight and muscle mass weakens the male, and it is now preferable for many women that they be physically stronger than their men!

This husband is also a former Army soldier!   Isn’t he a Cutie!!!

Don’t you think a Strong woman like this deserves a Pretty male wife?

“ jl9233:
“ femalefitness777:
“ Female muscle
#RespectTheMuscle #awesome body #girlswithmuscle #lovethemuscles
#sexy muscles #BodyOfArt

Maybe a Cute boy like this?

New Age Men are so Submissive to Stronf Women!

Or maybe a Sweetie like this.

“ Nearly swimsuit weather again….

I think we know for sure that Women like this will Not be submitting to men!

I would hope a Woman like this would want a pretty man like this!

“ #sissy
You are beautiful!

Woman are Strong and are looking for Pretty spouses!

“Stunning shoulders - Theresa Ivancik
Ok, I am braced!

Women that are keeping their men in shapewear and under Figure Control are creating very satisfying lives!

I thought you would….


FEMALE Control is happening.  Take away the Male Ego and dress him in feminine clothing and the Future will be Delightful!

Changes that are Necessary!

Today’s postings will focus on some thoughts from Women, and it addresses the problem with Testosterone!   As we know, that is what seems to drive a lot of male violence.  Some women do have solutions…some men and boys voluntarily want to be submissive and feminine, but what to do with the violent males??

Date Posted: 10:49:57 04/29/16 Fri

Boys begin to develop their contempt for the opposite sex at an early age. Certain aspects of this process have been documented in “Boys and Girls: Superheroes in the Doll Corner” by Vivian Gussin Paley, a vivid account of relations between the sexes in one kindergarten class.
Kindergarten, it turns out, is a crucial time in which the boys separate themselves from the girls and define themselves as the opposite of female. The mother of Charlotte, one of the girls in the class, tells Paley: “They used to play so nicely in the doll corner, in nursery school, the boys and girls together. Now Charlotte tells me the boys are always fighting.”
Paley herself observes: “Like Charlotte’s mother, the girls remember when boys were more at ease in female surroundings.” According to Paley, this process of separation first began at the age of four: “The four-year-old boy is less comfortable in the doll corner than he was the year before; he may occasionally dress up in women’s clothes or agree to be Daddy, but the superhero clique has formed and the doll corner is becoming a women’s room.” The process is then completed by the age of five or six: “A boy in a frilly bedjacket expects to be laughed at,” whereas only a year or two earlier that same boy would have had no qualms about wearing feminine clothing.
Boys separate themselves from girls because they are taught that they are superior to girls. They pick up this attitude from their fathers and from older boys. This is why it is the boys who form a clique that excludes the girls long before the girls develop any clique of their own: “Boys set the tone and girls follow on parallel paths.”
Boys achieve their separate identity by defining themselves as what girls are not: “‘Here’s what I think,’ Charlotte states definitively. ‘They don’t want to be fancy because girls do. They just like to be not the same as us.'”
The boys who adhere to this male supremacist separation from femininity then pressure the remaining boys to fall into line. The children in Paley’s class take turns telling stories. Here is Teddy’s first story: “Once upon a time there was this little boy and his name was Pretty. They called him Pretty because he was so pretty. His name was really Hansel. There was this sister. He didn’t know he had a sister. The mother and father told him and then they had candy and then they went for a walk.”
Paley relates that the response of the other boys was “immediate and strong”:
Andrew, Jonathan, and Paul explode with laughter. “He calls him Pretty!” “Ugh!” “Pre-e-tty!”
“He can call him that if he wants,” Charlotte says.
“No he can’t!” shouts Andrew. “Not if he’s a boy he can’t.”
“It’s Teddy’s story,” I add. “He didn’t tell you what to say.”
Teddy is not insulted, only curious. He smiles at the boys, who continue to make faces. Teddy’s use of “pretty” crosses over into female territory, a subject he will learn about from boys, who care more about boundary lines than do the girls.
The boys care more about boundary lines than do the girls because the myths of male superiority are dependent on them. Boys must define themselves as different from girls before they can define themselves as superior.
If girls are good, then boys feel that they must be something other than good, just as they must be something other than fancy or pretty: “The children see girls as good and find it difficult to characterize boys”:
Karen: Girls are nicer than boys.
Janie: Boys are bad. Some boys are.
Paul: Not bad. Pretend bad, like bad guys.
Karen: My brother is really bad.
Teacher: Aren’t girls ever bad?
Paul: I don’t think so. Not very much.
Teacher: Why not?
Paul: Because they like to color so much. That’s one thing I know. Boys have to practice running.
Karen: And they practice being silly.
This same flight from the feminine came up again in connection with the doll known as Strawberry Shortcake:
Andrew: All the girls love Strawberry Shortcake now.
Teacher: I wonder why that is.
Andrew: They think she has a nice smell.
Teacher: Do you like that smell?
Andrew: Boys don’t like smells.
Teacher: Don’t like smells?
Andrew: I mean boys like bad smells. I mean dangerous smells. Like volcano smells.
Jonathan: Vampire smells.
Teacher: Well, Strawberry Shortcake doesn’t have to worry about volcanoes or vampires. The girls never put those things in their stories.
Teddy: Because vampires aren’t pretty. We like stuff that isn’t pretty, but not girls. They like only pretty things.
This is the same Teddy who earlier told the story about a boy named Pretty. Here he renounces that which is pretty, and we can see that the other boys have won him over.
The boys reinforce each other in their negative, anti-feminine behavior. This comes out clearly whenever the girls try to get boys to play house with them: “All the boys, even Andrew, will agree to a brief stint as father if they are alone when asked.
“The girls understand what turns a guest into an intruder: The magic number is 3. If one boy is summoned into the doll corner, he is likely to cooperate; two, in certain combinations, might still be manageable; three, never. Three boys form a superhero clique and disrupt play.”
When girls play house, they are playing at responsible, adult roles. When boys disrupt such play by wrecking things in the doll corner or running off with them, they are rejecting the role of responsible husband and father as something that is not for a real male. The girls are playing at being responsible, mature adults, and the boys are reacting by defining themselves as irresponsible.
Still, these young boys play at this destructive behavior only because they are with other boys. There is hope. If boys can be separated from each other and induced to play with girls, such negative behavior can be avoided.
This fact highlights the significance of the home as an educational institution over against the school. For in school it is not feasible to break up the superhero cliques and absorb the boys individually into girlish games, but something on this order can be done in the home.
This contrast between school and home comes out again in Paley’s description of the “near riot conditions” that emerged when Jonathan brought his Star Wars album to class for the Friday afternoon rhythm period: “Customarily a new record needs a brief introduction before we move with the music. Star Wars needs none; as soon as it is played, everyone immediately imitates a flying machine. Arms out, heads pressed forward, the children fly around the room. Suddenly the boys turn on one another, leaping and screaming, “You’re dead!” “I killed you first!” Robots run into spaceships, rockets destroy TIE fighters, storm troopers shoot at everyone. Each boy is fighting every other boy. Even Teddy is pulling someone down.”
Paley had the boys sit for a while and watch how the girls danced. But then when they rejoined the group, they started in just as before. The teacher finally gave up, had everyone lie down and read to them from Charlotte’s Web.
This is how the Star Wars album played at school, but at home it was a different story: “When I describe the scene later to Jonathan’s mother, she is surprised. ‘He’s so quiet at home when he listens to it.’ Of course, he doesn’t have twelve other boys at home.”
It is the presence of the other boys that makes it so difficult to control this sort of unacceptable behavior and limits the usefulness of the school for the socialization of young boys. Only the home can perform this function in an adequate way. If a boy thinks that he should be bad because girls are good, then the home is the place to work on changing his attitude. If a boy thinks that he should do poorly in school because girls do well, then it is in the home that he should be taught otherwise.
Cliques of boys encourage their members to engage in bad behavior. These cliques need to be broken up and the individual boys made to play with girls. They should be made to play the wholesome games that girls prefer, not the violent games that groups of boys go in for. Whatever games the girls want to play, the boys should be made to join them.
Boys can be made to spend more time with females in other ways too. They can spend time with their mothers and older sisters, going shopping together and learning something about fashion. A boy who is attached to his mother often gets put down as being a “mama’s boy,” but the fact is that mama’s boys are better behaved—they are more moral—than other boys. This is a good thing, and not (as the male supremacists try to tell us) a bad thing.
Boys in cliques grow up to be men in cliques, and these too need to be broken up. These cliques are hotbeds of negative attitudes toward women. The “night out with the boys” needs to be ended. Nor should husbands be allowed to stop off with their buddies at a bar after work. Husbands should do what their wives want them to, whether it be going dancing, joining a bridge club, or whatever. They could be with other men at these events, but that will be all right as long as married men’s social activities are completely under the control of women.

Date Posted: 17:03:08 05/01/16 Sun
In reply to: Julie Wilson ‘s message, “Why All Boys Need to be Petticoated” on 10:49:57 04/29/16 Fri

For every 20 criminals in our society, 19 are men while only one is a woman. There are some female criminals, but they are few and far between. Crime is overwhelmingly a male activity. This is the theme of an important new book, Men Are Not Cost-Effective, by June Stephenson.

Dr. Stephenson, who has a Ph.D. in psychology, marshals the evidence that shows how criminally destructive men can get. Of course, most men are not criminals, but crime costs some $300 billion per year, while women are far more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators.

Most of Dr. Stephenson’s 469-page book is taken up with the basic facts about male crime. She documents the rapid growth of male criminal activity and makes it clear that this growth has itself made the threat of prison a less effective deterrent because prison overcrowding has led to shorter sentences and early releases. Then these early releases lead to more crime, which exacerbates the problem of overcrowding.

Dr. Stephenson devotes her last chapter to a discussion of proposals for reducing male crime. Some of her proposals are for various reforms which have been suggested many times before, but she also has a few new twists based on her analysis of crime as a predominantly male phenomenon. One is a proposal designed to educate men about the male nature of the problem; she calls this “gender equity in taxation.”

“Many women pay for male crime with their lives,” she writes, “but all women taxpayers pay for male crime with their tax dollars.” Her proposal is that there be a substantial income tax deduction for being female; in this way women would not have to foot the tax bill for male crime. Such a policy would certainly be more fair than the present system, and just proposing gender tax equity would serve to educate men about the fundamentally male character of the crime problem. Of course, a lot of men are not going to like it, but bringing up the topic of tax equity for women should help men to come to see that women tend to be more emotionally mature and self-disciplined than they are and that it was time to start doing something about male immaturity.

The best thing to do about male immaturity is for men to accept the moral guidance of women in their lives. But Dr. Stephenson doesn’t propose that they do this. This is because she prefers to believe that there are no innate differences between men and women. If that were the case, then the only differences between the sexes would be due to differences in social conditioning.

A lot of feminists believe that there are no innate gender differences. In fact, this view is so widespread that it deserves to be called “the official party line.” These feminists have a reason for taking this position: they are afraid that if they admit that there are any innate differences between men and women, then the male supremacists will twist the facts around to try to prove that women should be kept in their traditional subordinate role. So these feminists just ignore the evidence for innate differences between the sexes.

The problem with this tactic is that most people are very much aware that there are such innate differences. So when feminists deny their existence, they end up looking more than a little silly. Well intentioned as it is, the tactic of pretending that all gender differences are merely cultural is not going to work in the long run.

On the other hand, writers like Dr. Stephenson are perfectly right when they say that a lot of the differences in behavior between men and women are due to cultural conditioning. Boys and girls are raised differently; they are given different role models, and this explains much of why men commit so many more crimes than women. So what does she propose to do about it?

Here her basic concept is androgyny. This means that every person has both a masculine side and a feminine side to their personality. Dr. Stephenson’s proposal is that we help boys to develop their feminine side: “We’re talking here about helping boys value and develop the feminine side of their personalities.” Since girls seldom grow up to engage in the destructive behavior that so many boys do, teaching boys to act like girls should cut down on the amount of crime. To the extent that male crime is due to social conditioning and does not derive from innate factors, the best thing we could do for boys would be to help them develop their potential for femininity.

Of course there will be resistance to such a proposal. As long as our society continues to view women as inferior to men, any effort to teach boys to be feminine will be condemned as degrading boys to the level of girls. Such efforts will be criticized as making “sissies” out of the boys. But here Dr. Stephenson asks: “aren’t ‘sissies’ better than murderers?”

The fact is that many parents tolerate a great deal in the way of potentially antisocial character traits in their sons because they believe that girls are inferior to boys and that therefore it is better to run the risk of the boys growing up to be criminals than to give them lessons in femininity. The results of these parents’ attitudes are reflected in the shocking crime statistics in Dr. Stephenson’s book.

June Stephenson has written an important and timely book. Our prisons are overcrowded, and the cost of law enforcement in this country continues to skyrocket. As the back cover of Dr. Stephenson’s book observes, “Men Are Bankrupting Our Country!”

Men Are Not Cost-Effective: Male Crime In America by June Stephenson, Ph.D. Diemer, Smith Publishing Company, Inc. 3377 Solano Avenue, Napa, California 94558. $18.00.

n reply to: Julie Wilson ‘s message, “Re: Why All Boys Need to be Petticoated” on 17:03:08 05/01/16 Sun

Ms. Wilson, I have to tell you that you are a very intelligent and insightful woman. You express your views clearly and distinctly and your opinions are beyond reproach in timeliness and common sense. I commend you for articulating what so many of us feel and believe to be the truth but have not been able to find the words or the courage to say it out loud. Thank you.

The feminizing of boys in the educational and domestic environment is a necessity for society to progress and even survive. I couldn’t agree with you more on this.

I have read an article, but am unable to provide you the source, that one of the ways to improve society and protect it from over aggressive males, is to use the tax system, as you or your author suggested. But the woman who wrote the article proposes that great reductions in taxation, at least temporarily, be offered to adult males who are no longer intact. It is the preponderance of testosterone which causes so much trouble for society. Reducing the amount of testosterone among males would be a great leap forward. She suggested that surgical castration no longer be demonized, but encouraged and even rewarded. It is a fairly simple and quick procedure, only slightly more complicated than a vasectomy, when carried out by qualified medical practitioners. Veterinarians perform successful castrations daily on a routine basis. Chemical castration, however, doesn’t work as well in reducing male violence because the medication can always be stopped and it would cost way too much to administer and monitor every male who was supposed to be receiving it. Surgery is the only sure way to permanently reduce violence by males. This would save so much money in police, prisons, courts, etc. and most of all save lives and make people safe, mainly women and children.

Rather than use the unpopular word ‘castration’, the procedure could be called ‘calming’, and as such promote a more positive connotation. It would be completely voluntary. She argued that many men would welcome the relief from the oppressive tension and frustration of excessive testosterone. A male requires no more testosterone to stay healthy that than the amount women have in their bodies. The money that would be saved by reducing male crime and violence could go to reward males that opted to have the procedure done. There would be funds available to create castration (or calming) clinics for men in numerous neighborhoods, much like abortion clinics for women. Not only could there be tax refunds, but also monitory gifts given by government and charitable organizations promoting such a program. There could be public advertising campaigns funded by government agencies, much along the lines of the ‘stop smoking’ campaigns. There would be many non-profit groups and societies, organized by supporting feminists and other concerned citizens, that would eagerly help the campaign. Volunteers would send out social media notices, make thousands of phone-calls, and set up information kiosks in every mall and public place to get the word out about how beneficial this program will be for everyone…man, woman, and child. Mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, work colleagues, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, neighbors will all begin to encourage the males in their influence to take this wonderful step for a better society. Men who volunteer to visit their friendly calming clinic will be supported and admired by appreciative family and friends. The nurses or receptionists at the clinic might even have a pin or button to give to every male completing the procedure to proudly wear for all to see, declaring something like:

I DID IT …and you can too!
Visit your nearest Calming Clinic and ask how.

Feminization would then be easy to invoke for the women of most of these males. Oh, what a wonderful world it would be!

Boy Wear Dress Petticoat Story

In reply to: Richard ‘s message, “Re: Why All Boys Need to be Petticoated” on 13:48:31 05/02/16 Mon

While it certainly IS a dramatic step, and has side effects that need to be dealt with, castration does offer a few advantages, too. Neutered males become much more compliant, biddable, docile and obedient, as well as more amenable to feminization. If it were a convenient option, perhaps more women would choose it for their husbands, especially later in life, once the child-bearing years were past.

It should be a more acceptable option in today’s world. As more and more women become physicians, it will become more available.

After his/ her weekly feminization hypnosis therapy, former baseball all Star Zachary,loves his new evening dress

Nice Transformation!

Image result for teen mtf

797 Me gusta, 20 comentarios - Jamie O Herlihy (@jamieoherlihy) en Instagram: "You only have one shot at life .. live it for you not anyone else . ❤ #transgender #transgirl…"

Now that we have the Changes happening in Males…..Let’s keep supporting the GREAT things that Woman are Accomplishing!

Bliss Love from the Croydon Rangers. Canon EOS-1D X, EF 400mm f2.8L IS II USM, 1/1000 sec. f/3.2 ISO 400

Gridiron Victoria:  Richelle Cranston

Gridiron Victoria: Bliss Love

Gridiron Victoria: Sam Kelly

Gridiron Victoria

Gridiron Victoria Madeline Kop tackling Jordan Di Mizio

Gridiron Victoria: SPC

Gridiron Victoria: Kelly Dauria - John Torcasio

Danielle Sidell

#Crossfit Athlete: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet At the 2013 Crossfit Games - love her!

Nicole Capurso by @photobyjurassic

Lynn Blachman Caron

one beast of a woman. respect the hardwork behind this sculpture before saying derogatory stuff about femininity!!!

And while Women like this are developing Strength…..More and more men are being skirted and feminized!

Following | Tumblr

69f489186cc69b72009c904b27a28951.jpg (430×600)


Mickey Tv

Mandy Smith

And as Women Take Control, and insist on men being Pretty…they will also need to put them to use!!!   Isn’t it Great seeing how Strong Women are becoming, and how Submissive males are being?

The New Reality!

A lot of photos on this post!   A Picture is worth a thousand words.   You make the judgement.  Who is becoming Stronger, and who is becoming Weaker!

Determined Woman!

Submissive Man!

cd porn sites at:https://amateur-crossdressers.tumblr.com/

The “Weaker” Female….LOL

The “Stronger” male….That is so Funny!!!

NEWEST Tia Tizzianni TRANSFORMATION - 19yo Luze Please comment and let us know what you think. If you love her maybe you should BE her. Why shouldn’t you be transformed and trained to be ultra...

Female Power!

“Helena Falk http://tiny.cc/ugbwpy

Male Submissiveness!

Some Thoughts from PennySue:

Posted in Girls Crossdressing Guys on 2004-12-08 04:32:14
Girls, every man or boy should have the chance to dress up as woman for at least a few days or more. Or they should be forced to. Women would not believe how this has an effect on them and many will like it and want to do it again and again. Fact that many females are finding out. Feminizing men or boys, at least partially is the way to go to have a serious relationship that should last with you able to call a lot of the shots. Even better completely feminized males usually make commitment and better lovers and companions. Sissie boys are the way of the future and will help make things better worldwide. My husband and sons are and it is not only fascinating but they all enjoy it and we are very happy.

Posted in The Perfect Boy (girls only, please) on 2004-12-07 06:22:14
The perfect boy is a Feminine boy. All three of my sons and husband have become completely feminized and live and look the part of female all of the time. The boys are much better temperment now that they have been living the role of girls for over two years now. They in fact enjoy it and the oldest one does not want anything to do with his old guys clothing and hairstyles. They love their dad who has now became a Beautiful Blonde bombshell from just the pantie wearing man when I first met him as he was Shortly before we were married.

Posted in Boys dress up on 2004-12-07 06:14:56

My husband and three sons are completely feminized and live and look the part of female all the time. More mothers should feminize their sons and try to with their husbands. it would give the world a better feeling of what is really happening in this world. My husband made the transformation from just a pantie wearing man to a full fledged Blond beauty and regularly gets hit on by men who want to pick him up. He is the one who wanted to feminize the boys and it has been working out just great. They are all great and I love having 4 sissies, with me in control of everything.

A Man like this will not be abusing Women!

We need more Male Beauty Pageants with Girls in pants escorting the Pretty Boys in their cute dresses!

1616878031693945 | by The Radical Feminist

You see who wears the pants in this relationship

Role Reversal Days in Schools are Great!

I'd carry his books for him!

With over 4 month's of male blockers and female hormones,this former Skater boy,just doesn't have the energy he used to have to skate board, and since his tiny micropenis has been locked in a pretty Penis chastity,he doesn't mind wearing a skirt. His sissy boyfriend has only been on " the vitamins" for 3 months, so he still thinks he's a good Skater boy.little does he know

Pink is not my fav color, but his looks cute. looks like a boy who the girls will have fun with!

Style Guide — agenderootd: Laurin ae/aer

Moms with their sons!

3 pictures of Wes.

This one has his sister with him as well, he is the cheerleader, his sister has on the football jersey!

Proud mom with her gender swapping children from a womanless pageant. The boy is so darling that she probably considered a more permanent swap for him, no?

There's nothing more proud than a mom who's talked her little boy into putting on lipstick and a dress. Just look at those smiles!

Sister helped his brother to look beautiful for the contest.

A proud mother of her beautiful son.

The New Age Boy!

Boy In Girls Dress – Review 2017

EvansBalleriaBoys002 | by The Radical Feminist

https://flic.kr/p/SVHduy | School Gender Switch 01 - Tutus for Boys - Jeans for Girls.

Girls in pants carrying the pretty boys dressed in their tutus and tights!!!

https://flic.kr/p/TvvgPj | Carrying Pretty Boys | Docile Little Ballerina Boys being carried by the stronger girls wearing pants. The girls made sure to lift the boys so their pretty panties are put on display.  Whether Society is Ready Or Not, This is the Future that coming soon!


While Boys are Looking Pretty and Feminine….More and more Girls are Competing!!

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image





Some of the Challenges!

Just wanted to point out in today’s posting why I have advocated for Gender Role Reversal, and the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  These are just some of the statistics that are available that confirm what many of us already know.  The premise of my advocacy has always been based on the fact that over the centuries, women were treated as second class citizens, by men.  Many people today do not even realize that in the U.S. women have had the right to vote for less than 100 years.  Many laws prior to the 19th century, allowed men to “beat” their wives, as well as have woman as “property”.  On top of all this is the fact that men even today, think Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer and others, have treated women in the most “unfavorable” of ways.

Consider these statistics from the FBI:  73.1 percent of all arrests in the U.S. during 2015 were of men.  only 26.9 percent were women.  We know that over 90% of violent crimes are committed by males.  Listen to this excerpt from a recent magazine: “The essence of corrupted maleness is the self-aggrandizing effort to subdue and control and exploit women for its own private desires.”   For men, it often means relying on their physical size and strength.  Around the world, men on average are nearly 5 inches taller than the women, and in a 1985 study found that men had an average of 40 percent more upper body muscle and 33 percent more lower body muscle than women.

So, how would we address these concerns, if someone TRULY wanted to help women?   Would it not be that women and girls be encouraged to be Stronger?   at the same time, would it not benefit women if boys and men were to be more feminine?  This is why I advocate for what I advocate for.  It is also why I post photos of strong women, and the evidence of many men being feminine, sweet and submissive.  Run away testosterone is the problem.  However, if Macho men and boys are encouraged to be feminine, it will help women not be Victims of Unruly male behavior.  Better yet, if a woman or girls is strong, and the male is not confident that he can overpower the female, it will end the problem instantly, because as we all know, most males a cowards when confronted with a formidable opponent!

A Male like this is surely Non-Threatening:

And encouraging boys to be in ballet and other Non-Competitive activities will help ensure less violence.  Doesn’t Brittney look Cute in his Dance Outfit?

Dressed In Sisters Dance Recital Outfit - Britney Smith

In the meantime, women and girls need to be more assertive, and “Take Charge”.  This is how women not only help prevent violence, but also Take Control of the culture.

I'm coming for you Holly & Misha watch out..

Women doing what was Once “Male Only” Occupations:


Carey Lohrenz female fighter pilot

IDF ladiesSave those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind  No more leaving the last round out because it is too hard to get in. And you will load them faster and easier, to maximize your shooting enjoyment.  loader does it all easily, painlessly, and perfectly reliably


Non-Threatening males in skirts and stockings are what many women are now realizing is a Good Thing!

Central Saint Martins - Dazed & Confused

Thin and “Weak” Males are the Future!

Manu Villasante by Juanchy García

Now this young man needs to realize that the holes in his pantyhose is Not what a woman wants to see!  LOL

As Men become more Feminine, they will also become “Eye Candy” for the Stronger Females!

Naughty and Nice – Vaunt Magazine

Naughty and Nice – Vaunt Magazine


It is nice when women keep their husbands pantied and pretty.  It makes for a Great marriage, as in the case of Elizabeth and Mary Jane (former soldier)  he is the one in the dress.

An inspirational cd couple

Starting Gender Role Reversal Early, in Schools with a Gender Switch Day is a Great way to get the Movement rolling Faster!

Kids are great at busting gender norms!

Women need to Encourage More and More Womanless Beauty Pageants!


How many are really loving being a gurl? Most of them is my guess.

19264577_10211543425094774_5228370757541328959_o | by The Radical Feminist

Frame from a YouTube video.


As Women take control of their men, some are now renewing their vows with their males appropriately attired!

Transvestite sissy bride

Male-Bride - A Glimpse of the Future … What Men will be Looking Like on their Wedding Day. As More Women Take Control, and More Men Desire to be the Feminine Male Wife….This will Become More & More...

The dream of many

As a Man should be!


Are Women ready to Embrace their Newfound Power?   Less Violence, More Female Control…Is the World ready?


The New Age World of Modern Women!

Today’s posting will focus on thoughts of strong women, and also some observations made by our followers on the accelerating rate of men and boys being feminized.  Many women are indeed taking the lead and putting their males in skirts and dresses, as well as conditioning their minds to accept docility and submissiveness as their natural state!  The New Age that is developing is quite “counter” to the traditional gender roles.  How far this movement progresses will be dependent upon what women want.

Here is a thread from a women that I had contact with years ago, and her thoughts on what the future holds:

From Victoria:

Males have ruled the world for centuries, very true. Now look at the mess of a world you have created, you should lose whatever right you had to rule!

Now look at what is happening in schools everywhere. Women are gaining over 60% of the college degrees and over 50% of the advanced degrees and their percentage has been increasing every year. Women are no longer majoring in the so called feminine areas, but instead there are more women in med school or getting a MBA, than men. In my area, engineering, women were about 15% of my graduating class about 15 years ago, now in the same school, women are 40%.
What all of this means that now and in the future, the majority of qualified candidates for high level positions, will be women.
At the same time, the nation is losing tons of manufacturing jobs, jobs that are generally male.

As a female executive, I feel I have absolutely no need for a husband but love my soft feminine wife. My wife may have been born male but ours is the exception amongst my friends. Most of these women are married to men, who are for all appearances “normal” looking guys, but they all take a subordinate position within the household of these women executives.

The dynamics of society are quickly changing. The “sissy” male may never be prevalent, but the man who accepts the fact that his mate is better educated and better prepared to lead their family in the future, may be the real man of the future.

In this same thread, here is what Lynn has done with her male wife, Harriet:


I am a male that has been out of work for almost 2 years. I used to make good money selling real estate, but now my wife, a banking VP, supports us.

At first I looked for a job selling, then for any job, and then got depressed. When I was depressed, my wife Lynn started making decisions without consulting me — just telling me what she decided. After being patient for a while, she decided one reason I was depressed was I was sitting around all day doing nothing. I’m not very handy (she is the one that fixes things) so she assigned me home making chores. Soon I was taking care of all the wifely duties: house cleaning, laundry, shopping and cooking.

As I got better at these things, Lynn began to tell me in a joking way what a good wife I was becoming. It was light hearted, but I could see she was becoming pleased with me again — as shown in the romance department which had become pretty non-existent. So, I began taking pride in my role as a good wife.

At first I just blushed when she said I was a good wife, then I said, “thank you,” and finally I began to say “I try to be.” I as I was changing my attitude, Lynn started treating me more like a loved wife. Sometimes she would give me a box of candy “for being such a good wife.” Then she would give me flowers at unexpected times and I started looking forward to these signs of appreciation. Last Valentines day she got me a very feminine wife’s card. I cried.

She said, “I think we both know that you like being my wife more than you ever liked being a husband. Being a wife suits you, but being masculine was always a strain on you, wasn’t it dear?” I blushed and said “yes, you’re right.” She said, “I got you a present to show you how much I love you as a wife.” She handed me some boxes with Valentine’s paper and red ribbon.

The first had black satin control panties. She told me to put them on and tuck myself back. I said “I’m not sure I want to be that kind of wife.” She said, “I did not ask you! I want you to start looking more like what you are. Now put them on!” I was taken aback by her forcefulness. I knew if I put them on I would she her what a complete sissy I am. Still, I felt that I had to do as she said, as I am her wife and she is the decision maker.

Next was black tights, a back satin camisole, a red silk blouse with a sissy bow at the neck, black crape slacks and black pumps with a 2″ heal. When I had all that on, she parted my hair in the middle, put barrettes on either side and told me that from now on I was the lady of the house, and would spend the next week learning to dress and act like one.

I looked at her. Inside I was all confused, but I could see that she was happy with how I was dressed. She took me over to the mirror on our closet door. I was dressed in a very soft feminine way, and she still had on her power suit from work. “Who is the lady of the house?” “I am.” “Good. I do not want you cross dressing as a man anymore.” She took me over to the vanity and made me up. “This is what I want to see when I come home from now on. Understand, Harriet?” “Yes dear.”

I was crying. I am not sure why. Partly I was confused. Partly I was crying about my lost manhood. Partly I was happy that Lynn was making me be her wife in a far more complete way. Partly I was excited and scared about my new look. I did look like a woman. Not a real pretty one, but definitely female except for my flat chest.

“In two weeks, we are going out to dinner at Rive Gauche. Tomorrow you will shave all over. You will get on line and order yourself more clothes including a nice dress for dinner. You will also learn how to pass as a woman. I do not want you embarrassing me by looking like a man in a dress. Is that clear?”

I was in shock.

After that things got better. She told me in a very loving way that she knew this was a bit of a shock, but it was the best thing for me as I obviously made a better wife than a husband. She kissed me and took me to bed to show me how much she loved the new me.

The next morning I was still in bed in baby dolls when she kissed me good bye for work. “Get up!. You have a busy day! Oh and bundle up all those things you used to cross dress in and give them to the Goodwill.” I looked puzzled. “Your men’s clothes. Bye!”

So, she just left me with the job of feminizing myself. I had to pick our everything and order it, as well as learning what to learn – make up, voice, body language and so on as well as my usual homemaking.

My feelings were confused. Did I want to be a doting wife. Part of me did. Part of me thought I should put a stop to this and be a man. Was Lynn right that this is who I really was. That I had been cross dressing as a man before, and now I was being myself. As I looked for clothes on line, I realized that I liked some styles and could see myself in them — they were the real me — but other styles just were not ME. How could that be if I was a man? Also, when my make up came, I started experimenting for hours with various “looks,” and found that I liked some more than others.

Well, I can go on, but you get it. I came to see that Lynn was right. I am a wife and need to dress and look like one.


Here is a posting from a man in a Role Reversed relationship;

Does anybody else know this feeling,
I know this feeling very well. Actually 30 years ago when I got married women’s lib had just started. I loved wearing dresses and doing household chores, while my wife was intellectually and by all her interests on the masculine side. I was fond of languages and social studies. She liked math and physics and she was definitely not a housewife. She was faster than me with her studies and started working for money. She knew that I liked the idea of a role reversal and she tolerated, if not supported it. So I became her housewife. Besides my studies it did all the household chores and the shopping. When she came home dinner was ready. I made sure that I had taken off my house dress and apron and wore a denim skirt, a nice top, tights and three inch heels instead. If you have not done it yourself, you can’t imagine the feeling of embracing a pretty long-haired woman beaming of self-confidence and power, wearing blue jeans, a leather jacket and boots while being yourself clad in a skirt and blouse.

2 Brolita's in Luv

Naughty and Nice – Vaunt Magazine



And here is a posting from a woman that owns a hair salon, and her observations from back in 2010!

Hello, this is a very interesting forum. I have been the owner of a hair salon in California for over 20 years. Throughout the years I have seen many trends and a few things that used to shock me. Today it’s almost seems like a lot of this is going mainstream. Five years ago I get a few boys a year whose mother want something a little more girly. Recently, I seemed like I getting asked at least once a week. Over the last six months I helped probably close to 20 boys get ready for womanless beauty pageants. Most just get some basic makeup and their nails down, but a few I done a complete makeover. I even put hair extensions into 4 boys at the request of their mothers. It’s interesting hearing the mothers go on about picking out the right outfit and how much fun they have preparing for the pageant. Most of the boys seem nervous and unsure about the whole thing. While, some seem to love every minute of it and I suspect they have done this kind of thing before. What do others on the forum thing? Do you thing this has or will go mainstream anytime soon?


The Future is coming!!!

Baseball Star Turned into Pageant Queen | http://truepetticoating.blogspot.com/ | Flickr

Screw you, gender roles.


Continuing with Male Feminization!

Today’s posting will focus on what many men are doing to feminize themselves, and also what woman are doing to feminize the males in their lives.  As male femininity grows, more Women need to “Take the bull by the horns”, and get their males into pretty skirts and dresses, in order for Womankind to prosper!

Fitness Motivation : Stunning vascularity - Natalia Yariz  https://veritymag.com/fitness-motivation-stunning-vascularity-natalia-yariz/

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The Future for men and boys is to be Pretty and Sweet for their Strong Female Protectors!


Mock 'Petticoat' magazine cover... created to accompany one of my stories.

Here is a posting and exchange about males being taken to the salon:

have you ever taken your sissy to the salon?
by Loves2submit 2 months ago
was wondering does anyone take their sissy or feminized male to nail salon for acrylics or matching medi-pedis? Along with that do you have them grow their hair out? If so have taken them to a hair salon & picked out a feminine hairstyle for them? If so what ?
I’ve always dreamed of being sat down not knowing what is picked out for my fate!
Currently have been growing my hair out & getting different bob styles. Now going for a long bob! Once to me shoulders I’ll be able to have the real fun of layers or rollers etc .
This was me from last salon day, what color should i go to ? Was thinking of a chestnut or rich chocolate brunette but can’t make up my mind.. I’ve always loved the look of highlights , especially chunky 😉


My Mistress used to take me every other week. And yes I did not get my hair cut in three years other to take off some split ends and even it up a little. This included several permanents and a few changes in color.


I’ve been taken to the nail salon by Mistress whenever we are on vacation. My nail colors are suggested for me most of the time but sometimes I’m given the choice. I have toenails polished all the time and unfortunately can’t have fingernails polished with my work so limit that to vacations only. After 1.5 years of painted toenails, it’s weird seeing them without polish when I’m changing colors.


yes, both in male clothes and fully en femme.
2 months ago Reply more


i meant to add that i was the one taken to salons for nails, both accompanied a Mistressnn, and alone, under orders from a Mistress. In both accompanied and unaccompanied situations were done in both male clothes and fully en Femme.


@Loves2submit no hair style – i wear wigs. i have been taken to salons for a makeover and nails – long painted nails, usually pink, and matching pedicure. i even had a makeover when dressed as a male, very humiliating. When made over while dressed as a male i had no wig, but a corset, panties and stockings under my pants. No socks so my stockings and ankle bracelet showed, and i had to use a rest room to remove my stockings and then again to put them back on. I also had to put on long dangling earings and perfume after a being fully made-up.

Being “made” to wear hair curlers, get a facial, sit under the dryer and get a mani pedi would be amazing, especially if it was side by side with another sissy getting femmed up, or the hairdresser is a more experienced sissy
about 1 month ago Reply more


When I was younger one of my girlfriends took me to a salon to get my nails done before a planned 3-day weekend of being dressed fem — manicure and pedicure. She had already made the arrangements before we arrived with her favorite person and all three of the ladies working in the salon knew the plan and kept asking me embarrassing questions about what I was going to be wearing, doing, etc.

mymmmmasquerade: “fedomsissy: “ http://fedomsissy.tumblr.com/archive ” well tonight I thought… ”


EJ Johnson and Morgan Stewart from #RKOBH


And here is a posting about Women and Girls taking part in feminizing boys:


How a Daughter Could Help
by Sissy_Renee_DC about 1 year ago
I was wondering about the family dynamic when a boy is being feminized and there’s a female sibling in the home. Could the boy be a living dolly for his sister? Imagine how popular she might be, inviting her friends over to dress him up in diapers and pink onesies, babydoll outfits and such, feeding him with a bottle and spooning baby food into him. This practice could teach the real girls control and responsibility while the little sissy learns dependence and submission.


I know from much fiction that that is a popular narrative, especially if it’s a younger sister getting to feminize her once older brother. Plus, it’s good for girls to interact with others their age. They can play dress up, but also hopefully she’ll eventually be considered “one of the girls”.
about 1 year ago Reply more


Mommy in law to dommy in law and an aunty or two who get panties on you? A step sister who becomes a sissy sitter or a daughter in law along with her girl scout troop, having a show and tell about a sissy fairy tale? Womanless pageants, mom’s beauty shop and helping an aunt with her Avon or Mary Kay cosmetics tea parties along with a daughters girl scout troop make over are all situations a sissy may find herself being feminized by a group of girls and women. When women help girls feminize a sissy, perhaps mother daughter tag teams may be formed along with aunts, cousins, cheer leaders, sororities with a pledge of pantywaists or a group of giggling girl scouts baby sitters. Having a group of females facilitate the feminization may address a social convention.

I know a mother who really wanted a daughter when she was pregnant.Like most people both her and her husband were waiting until birth to find out the sex of the baby since there are truly no real surprises in life.So she used to dress her baby in girls clothes and she only wore pink colors.Would push her girl around in a stroller.When the baby became old enough to know the difference she sadly started dressing her her young child as a boy.
About the age of 5 she looked into her room and say him looking into her panty drawer.She said to her young boy that’s just fine.The next day she had a present for him.It was girls cotton white panties that didn’t look that much different than his boys briefs.
8 months ago Reply more


When my father and brothers where gone . She would dress me up in her clothes teach me about makeup hair how to walk and talk. Love to talk about
6 months ago Reply more


Sounds like Paradise to me. Or at least the way things should be. Can I sign up?

It is surely time that women Pretty up their boys!    Keeping men and boys in cute skirts and dresses, with makeup, and an emphasis on being docile and pretty will pave the road for Female Control, and the advancement of Womankind!

Hair Raising! | by Mystical Becky

Hanes Alive Pantyhose

Jeroy Balmores.

Our GOAL!!!

Mothers Need to continue for Boy’s Beauty Pageants!

And while the men and boys are being encouraged to be Pretty and Sweet……Girls and Women need to be developing their strength, and being the “Strong Leaders and Protectors!

Gridiron Victoria Madeline Kop tackling Jordan Di Mizio

Gridiron Victoria: Temikka Beeston

Bliss Love

Gridiron Victoria

Can’t you just hear these women saying…..Look at the cute Cheerleaders!   I LOVE seeing boys in shorts skirts jumping up and down waving their cute pompoms!!!!

MVP #95 Richelle Cranston Geelong Bucs celebrates 20-12 win vs undefeated Northern Lady Raiders in VicBowl 2015 Oct 31'15

The Future is Coming!



Who the Weaker Sex?

Today’s posting will focus a lot on Pictures.  As they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 Words!   Well, we will compare some Modern Women with some Modern Men.  Just keep in mind, Women in America have had the Right to vote for less than 100 years, they got the Right in 1920.  Now that women are achieving and not being kept in their place by men, how are they doing?  Any Feminist woman out there looking to now keep men in their place???

Modern Woman:

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Modern Man:  Ready to Love, Honor and OBEY!!!

Any Male want to try to Control this Woman?

Fuck Small Embrace The Size

Or is it now the Duty of the Male to look Pretty for his Woman?

The following is from Petticoat Discipline Quarterly, a testament of what woman can do!

(From ‘Search Vol 5 No 6)

Dear Search,
I was thrilled by the letter from J B of Bath, in your Vol. 4, No. 12, in which she describes the ordeals of her petticoated husband; I can well imagine the torments he must suffer. I have long been an advocate of petticoat discipline for boys and can vouch for its effectiveness. Last year my sister came to visit me, bringing her eleven year old son. I soon saw what an unruly monster he was and suggested petticoating. My sister was shocked at first, but admitted she was at her wit’s end, and finally agreed.
My two daughters eagerly sorted through the baby girl clothes I had made some years ago to discipline their brother, and even now he is sometimes put into a lace-trimmed pinafore and made to help with the housework. His sisters and their friends tease and laugh at him of course, and this soon deflates his arrogant ego.
The following day we laid tea in the garden, and my daughters brought some of their school friends to join in the fun. While they had tea, my sister and I got my nephew ready. We are both teachers and know how to handle small boys. Although he struggled at first, a good sharp slapping from me soon cured all that. He begged and began to cry as I put him in a pair of frilly baby pants, but he didn’t risk another slapping. Next came a white organdie slip trimmed with lace, and little bows around the hem. Over this went a pink baby dress with sweet little puff sleeves edged with lace. While I tied a huge ribbon in his hair my sister strapped him into a baby harness which had small bells which jingled as he moved. The final touch was a baby’s dummy, pinned to his dress by a length of ribbon. I had purposely left on his heavy boy’s shoes and socks, and the contrast between these and his babified condition made him look absolutely ridiculous.
The girls had finished tea and were playing a game in the garden. He could see them through the window, and when we said we were going to take him outside to show them what a pretty baby he was he nearly had a fit. Even so, he had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the garden. Naturally the game stopped immediately as the girls stared at the struggling wretch. Several had never seen a boy in frocks before, but when they saw me holding him firmly by the baby reins they eagerly gathered round, lifting his skirts and giggling at his frilly underclothes.
Each time my scarlet-faced nephew dropped his dummy to protest, it was jammed back in place by one of the laughing girls, who were by now thoroughly enjoying themselves. They stood in a circle and began to chant, ‘Baby, baby, bunting – Baby, baby, bunting,’ until he flew into a rage, but I held him firmly by the reins, just out of reach of his tormentors.
Seeing him helpless in my firm grip gave them confidence. Two would mock and laugh at him while a third would creep up and pinch his bottom, or trip him up. After half an hour of this we were all a bit out of breath, so we sat him in a chair, and while his mother held him I produced a baby’s feeding bottle, and amid squeals of girlish laughter they all took turns feeding him. He rebelled at first at this new indignity, so I put him across my knees, turned his dress back, and gave him the spanking of his life.
I realize it must have been a terrible experience to be made to cry like a baby in front of a circle of jeering girls, but later my sister said it had worked wonders. The mere threat of being brought back to me was enough to make him as docile as a lamb.
Yours truly,
(Mrs) M. C. Leicestershire.

Of course, with Women this strong, what choice would a male have?


Of course, the man can make himself Pretty and Desirable!

Man in pantyhose, Femenine Boy, Man in dresses, Femenine Boy, Boys in Lingerie, Drag queen, crossdresser, Crossdresser Makeup

Female Power continues to Grow!

Gotta give much respect to Dana Linn Bailey!

While Cute man look their best for their Woman!

More Pics Here: http://cutecrossdresserstac.tumblr.com/

The World is Changing…Woman are looking for Control and Strength!

Simone Sousa

Men are embracing their femininity!

Hold that thought. #Crossdressing, #Crossdresser, #Sissy, #Transvestite

As Women become the “Aggressors”…..

Gina Davis

Men are becoming the “hunted”…Submissives!!!

The Taming of the Males!

From Lesley
Dear Susan,

No more news of my ‘petticoatee’, Penelope, this month, he is still awaiting fearfully the unveiling of his new winter outfit in the Autumn.

My petticoating of Penelope has awakened a general interest in me regarding the subject of enforced petticoating of men, either as a punishment or simply for the amusement of the superior sex, and has found interesting accounts in a number of different walks of life. One area which seemed to me to be particularly promising was that of petticoat discipline in the work-place. There would surely be no better way for a female workforce to show a man his true status in the factory or office than to get him into petticoats, but having trawled through the back-numbers on your site I can find no references at all to this area.

My interest in this was first aroused at the first place I worked, when I was a junior in the accounts department of a factory making cosmetics.The stories of the activities of the factory girls in carrying out initiations or punishments of male victims was the stuff of legend. Being separated from the main factory I never saw anything myself, but heard a reliable account from a colleague who was doing some work in one of the factory offices of a young man, I believe a summer temp. on leave from college, who had offended the women in some way, being tearfully paraded round the factory wearing a baby-doll nightie, and heavily made up in the company’s complete range of cosmetics! With this group of tough and sexually-aggressive women around there was no doubt which was the dominant sex in that plant.

I was reminded of this incident when I read a letter in an issue of ‘Madame’ magazine about similar treatment meted out to hapless male victim. Headed ‘Clive’s Comeuppance’, the letter told of the fate of a young man, promoted to a supervisory position in a factory producing ladies’ undies, who came to regret his high-handed attitude to the girls! A group of them warned him that unless he stopped his harrassment they would take the law into their own hands and ‘teach him a lesson’. His fate was sealed when he laughingly told them they ‘couldn’t touch him!’ They decided (and how I agree!), that a thorough petticoating was the best way to put him in his place, and planned accordingly, using their skills and the factory’s equipment to produce a suitably humiliating

Waiting for a day when the senior management were all away at a meeting, they used a girl the unfortunate Clive was known to fancy to lure him to a quiet part of the factory to meet his fate. Finding himself in a room with about 50 women he was soon overpowered and stripped. He was then forced to stand on a low table, hands on his head, whilst the young girl who had lured him there in the first place made a very nice job of shaving him. His biggest surprise was yet to come, I will quote from the letter, which I have kept as part of my collection of ‘petticoating classics’ :-
‘He soon realised what was about to happen to him, and I will never forget the look of real fear on his face as
the girls flounced the mass of frillies in front of him and told him that he was to be our little girl for the evening’.
He is then forced to put on a frilly pair of bloomers, and then come the highlight of the story to me, his petticoating:
‘Clive was in tears by this time, as Susan told him that he was to be put into petticoats and a party dress as
his punishment. The girl who had produced the petticoats had gone for very full can-can type, and she laughingly
flounced each separate tier and skirt in front of him, making sure each petticoat, he was to wear two, was fully
flounced, making sure that his party dress would be properly ‘skirted’ over them, ensuring maximum fullness
for the dress, and maximum shame to Clive! The first petti was pulled up over his panties, and adjusted for
length, the second one had to be passed over his head and again adjusted. The two petticoats gave a
tremendous fullness, but had been deliberately made just short enough to leave the frilly legs of his bloomers on
show. I guessed he must have had at least eight three-tiered skirts in his petticoats, which were made of
stiffened paper nylon material that rustled delightfully as he walked! Two ribbons were then pinned to the waist
bands and passed over his shoulders to prevent the heavy petticoats from slipping down and spoiling the look.
As we stepped back to admire this fantastic creation Clive was a broken man- tear streaming down his face as
he bowed his head into his chest, all fight gone from him – I realised then we could do whatever we liked from
now on, this was the end of Clive’s rule!’
I’ll bet it was! The letter goes on to describe in superb detail, his party frock, and elaborate pinnie, how he was paraded round the factory, and his eventual change into overall and turban to help the cleaners, before being thrown out into the street to make his own way home thus attired!
This must surely be the finest way possible for any group of women to turn the tables on a ‘Jack the Lad’, and I would love to hear from any readers with similar experiences. Did it work? I can do no better than refer back to the end of the letter:
‘Poor Clive never lived down being turned into pretty, frilly Shirley ( the name the girls called him). Not a day
passed without him being asked if he wanted his dress on again, or being told to be careful his petticoats
weren’t showing! His enforced dressing in such ultra-frilly clothing had totally crushed him, along with our
imaginative humiliations, and he would never be a nuisance to women again. He was in no doubt that if he ever
stepped out of line again he would get more of the same and we often showed him his party outfit hanging in the
locker room just as a reminder!’

More power to the petticoat,

Female POWER!

Gina Davis

And now…”Eyecandy” for our Superior, Female Feminists!

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Sissy transvestite

Encouraging young men like Britney will create a better world for the Strong Feminist Women that are becoming the New Leaders!

You'd think it was HIS birthday!

It is now a Woman’s World!

note - this is only true if you are married to a white sissy with a tiny cock. Women who are married to black men -real man never have to worry about this

Poo Bear Knows To Obey No Matter How Humiliated he Feels!
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Joy And Surrender To Submissive Males!
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